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ECM 2011-001

General Assembly and Election of Board of Trustees

Saturday, 14 May 2011, 8:30AM
VENUE: McKinley Hill Information Center
McKinley Hill, Taguig City

1. Election Rules and Guidelines

1.1 What are the two (2) main parts of the election process?
a. the pre-election part/period prior to the election proper
b. the election proper/day of election

For the purpose of ensuring the orderly conduct of the election proceedings, the Chief
Operating Officer shall create the Election Committee and COMELEC. The members of the
Election Committee for the May 14, 2011 elections are:

Head: Board of Trustee - Attorney Himerio Jose Garcia
Members: Management Committee Member - Belinda de la Paz
Membership Officer - Nikki del Castillo
Head, Administrative Unit - Yasmin Ponce
Executive Assistant - Laurinette Gonzales

It is required that the Election Committee representative from the Board of Trustees is not a
candidate for re-election and the representative from the Management Committee is not the
Chief Operating Officer who is an Ex-Oficio member of the Board. The Election committee shall
be the de facto COMELEC. However, they may choose to assign other members to the
COMELEC who will administer the elections. The Committee may also choose to set-up a
Secretariat to assist in their tasks.

Functions of the Election Committee:

a. Determine members eligible to vote
b. Review and prepare guidelines for the conduct of elections
c. Prepare recommendations for the proper, effective and efficient conduct of elections to
the BOT
d. Send out notices to members eligible to vote
e. Prepare venue, supplies, equipment, etc. needed for the conduct of the election proper
f. Respond to queries regarding the election
g. Open the proceedings of the meeting of members on May 14, 2011 before the election
h. Document the election proceedings
i. Undertake other similar or related work.

Functions of the COMELEC:

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A final list of members eligible to vote. Who is Eligible to Vote? Only those classified as Regular. 4.ECM 2011-001 a. Facsimile. 5. the qualified members to vote are those who are current in the payment of their annual membership fee as of 30 March 2011 provided that the annual membership fees were paid on or before 30 March 2011. Oversee the actual casting of votes c. 2. For the 14 May 2011 elections. certified by the Treasurer. 6. The candidates (in number equal to the number of Trustees to be elected) who have received the highest number of votes shall be declared elected. 3. Canvass ballots/tally the number of votes d. Undertake other similar or related work. c. What are the Valid Forms of Voting? a. or Electronic Mail/Other Written Form – Page 2 of 3 . Holders of proxies may be allowed to vote before 14 May 2011. f. Announce the duly-elected members of the Board of Trustees. Open and accept nominations of candidates to the Board of Trustees b. Family and Lifetime members who are 19 years old and above are entitled to vote in regular or special meetings of the Foundation. will be provided stating that all candidates and nominees are members in good standing with annual dues paid by 30 March 2011. the two (2) adults are eligible to vote. Personal – Completion of the ballot at the designated time and place of the election by the member b. Who can be nominated as a Candidate to the Board of Trustees? Any member eligible to vote can be nominated as a candidate to the Board of Trustees. How many are to be elected to the Board of Trustees? Six members are to be elected to the Board of Trustees on 14 May 2011 and will serve for three (3) years from 2011-2014. Proxy – The proxy must be executed in writing by a member in favor of another member(s) and must be filed with the Secretary of the Foundation or the duly-authorized representative at least 24 hours before the hour set for the meeting. For Family members. Mail. Resolve protests and other controversies e. Voting Procedure Each voting member may vote for as many as there are Trustees to be elected. Members are considered eligible to vote if they are current in the payment of their membership fee at least 45 days prior to the elections.

scanned proxy/ballot form sent through electronic mail with electronic signature or by a member present at the meeting. 7. facsimile and electronic mail shall be considered in determining the quorum. shall be considered in determining the quorum. electronic mail ballot form. Votes using the mail.ECM 2011-001 A member may vote directly by mail. Page 3 of 3 . scanned proxy/ballot form sent through electronic mail with electronic signature shall be considered nominations provided that they are duly seconded at the meeting either by another direct vote by mail or facsimile. Ballots that will come in on 14 May 2011 shall be considered. facsimile. Votes cast by mail or facsimile. Such vote shall be registered with the Secretary of the Foundation. facsimile. a quorum is not reached. and whose designated proxy is present during the Election Day. If during the Election Day. cast by registered mail. scanned proxy/ballot form sent through electronic mail with electronic signature or other written form provided such direct vote is filed according to the rules and regulations as may be established from time to time by the Board of Trustees. registered and filed with the Secretary of the Foundation. elections shall be postponed and rescheduled. What is the Quorum for a Valid Election? The quorum is the majority of the total number of members entitled to vote (half of total number of members’ eligible to vote plus one or 50% + 1). Only proxy forms duly-executed. courier.