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Vol. 3 Issue 12 Folly Beach’s Newspaper April 1, 2011 w FREE

By Blake Bunch

Wangs “Best at the Beach” Store

he corporate offices of the Wangs
Beach Apparel chain, located in
Myrtle Beach, SC, announced last
week that they would be breaking ground
for a new building on Folly Beach by
to Open on Folly Beach
mid-summer. The date for this momentous
occasion is yet to be selected, due largely
in part to the efforts of a growing local
resistance group.
"We figured the middle of summer
would be the best time to open,” said
spokesman Jim Trinket. “The masses of
people walking about and slow, heavy
traffic are ideal knick-knack market
conditions, and we decided that we
needed to make our move this summer, or
lose Folly Beach forever. However, we are
trying everything in our power to ease the
mass hysteria of the local tribesmen who
have been uncooperative, at best.”
The land was initially inquired about
in the summer of 2009, which was a
notoriously confusing time for Folly
Beach. The infamous Fourth of July
trashing of the beach had just taken place
and the economy plummeting.
“Of all the beaches in the area, Folly
seemed to be the best suit,” says Trinket.
“From Kiawah to Isle of Palms, everywhere
else was too expensive, even if there was an An artist's rendering of the proposed new beach souvenir store, tentatively located at the old Folly Beach Inn location on East Arctic.
open lot or building to lease.” Furthermore,
the success of a similar beach goods store golden 1966 Bentley S3 Continental Flying mistaken identity. On seeing the arrival of original plan. According to the original
on Folly Road helped prove Folly’s ability Spur, one of 87 found on the planet, flying the gold Bentley, the group had assumed blueprints, the store was initially planned
to support a market for snow globes, a white flag from the antenna. On seeing that the head of the Wangs representatives, in a lot adjacent to the recently 'preserved'
alligator heads, and keychains. the strange car, a congregation of year- Greg Shellinjar, was the reincarnation of clam farm near Bowen's Island. However,
round Folly residents, led by Ambassador the island’s long lost deity, “Gershwin”. after careful consideration, Wangs decided
The Wangs Beach apparel store, or
Joel Flores, arrived at the Folly River Park Gershwin was also a visitor to Folly Beach that the old Folly Beach Inn location
“Best at the Beach,” has nearly fifteen
to greet the strange visitors. The Wangs in the late 1930s. However, during the would fit them well for its proximity to
locations in the State of South Carolina.
expedition crew was amazed at how well summer of 1939, Gershwin vanished Center Street's restaurants. The store will
They boast 30 stores nationally, with
they were received. They were given prime without a trace. Shellinjar had the same sell everything from t-shirts to children’s
one office located on Broadway in New
oceanfront rooms at the then Holiday Inn, build and mannerisms as Gershwin, who water diapers, flippers to flimsy masks, and
York City where public beaches access is
free dinners at Planet Follywood, and all had a habit of riding a gold bicycle around other things of that nature. One item they
extremely limited. The company is well
of the aloha shirts and cheap cigars they the island (a luxury still to this day). On will have some trouble selling, however, is
versed in dealing with unruly locals, but
would ever need. discovering their mistake, the natives the soul of Folly Beach. Having already
they weren’t quite sure what they had
The Wangs crew, however, felt that decided that it was time to lead their now burned the locals once, tricking them into
gotten themselves into when they chose
there was something a little “off” about unwanted visitors out of town peacefully. believing Shellinjar was Gershwin, they
this over-and-above welcoming. Despite their removal from the island,
On their initial scouting trip to the Beach Store continued on page 2
As it turned out, it was a case of Wangs decided to go ahead with their
island, the Wangs contingent arrived in a

E Local Movie Premiere page 6 New Wave Pool page 11 Surfing the Runway page 12
2 April 1, 2011
Folly Beach City Council - March 22, 2011
By Stratton Lawrence Beach Services at The Tides, asked for a thanked the mayor, council, and parks 11 at length, governing the permit
renewed variance allowing him to operate for allowing him to keep his equipment process for homeowners seeking repairs
“The traffic and beachgoers are here,” his jet ski rental operation adjacent to on the beach on a trailer during his to their property. To comply with the
said Mayor Goodwin at the start of the the pier, as he has in previous summers. experiment. state law, Folly requested and received
meeting. “We found them last Saturday. Councilmember Paul Hume questioned Susan Breslin of 1115 E. Arctic asked a variance allowing the specific repairs
We need to adjust our schedules him about a boy who appeared as young council to look closely at the PILOT "floor covering, painting, caulking,
accordingly, like we do every year.” as 12 driving an ATV through a crowded (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) surcharge wallpapering, drywall reparis, replacing
The work session was cancelled after beach last summer. Pracht acknowledged that collects an additional 15 percent on screens, screen doors, pressure washing
presenter Bill Taylor of the Municipal that it was a friend’s son, aged 15, who water and sewer fees, asserting that some and routine interior and exterior
Association of South Carolina called has proved to be a good employee. Mayor of this money was going toward employee cleaning" to be exempt from permit
in sick, and Council, with all members Goodwin asked if Pracht’s insurance salaries. With water and sewer fees likely requirements when conducted by the
presented, hustled through a relatively covered the boy, who was underage to to soon increase, Breslin pointed out that homeowners themselves.
quick meeting at 7 p.m. drive last summer. “I should look into the surcharge would increase, as well. Councilman Pennell Clamp expressed
Two items pertaining to land transfers that,” said Pracht. His request was then She suggested that cutting the rate would concern about over regulation. “If I want
to the SC Department of Transportation unanimously approved. mitigate some of the pain of the coming to replace the boards on my deck, and
were postponed since “DOT can’t seem Jamie Wilson of 714 East Erie water and sewer increases, urging council I get a retired carpenter to come there
to get the wording right,” explained requested a temporary sign variance for to look into it and accept responsibility with a load of boards from Lowes, and he
Goodwin. her “kid’s activity booth” next to the for it. sets up his saw to replace those boards,
Black Magic Coffee Shop on West Erie. Nancy Smith of 1207 Tabby Drive then I have to first go to City Hall and
Citizens Comments and Personal Her sign will read “Fun Stuff for Kids,” thanked council for reinstating the Beach get a permit?” asked Clamp. Goodwin
Appearances offering crafts and other activities. “I’m Management Patrol, emphasizing its explained that yes, he did, but if it was
Andy Pracht, owner of Sun and Ski glad to see that we’ve got more things for value to Folly Beach. a buddy helping him “for a few beers” it
kids,” said councilmember Hume. Her Elton Culpepper of 1208 East Arctic wouldn’t cost anything for the permit. “I
Letter from the Editor: request was unanimously approved. spoke about the traffic problems the have a problem with that,” said Clamp.
Marcus Rankin of Charleston previous weekend, when temperatures Goodwin cited an example of a
Wow. So much has happened in announced that he would be removing in the 80s prompted the first major neighbor who built a staircase without a
two weeks that it’s almost impossible his experimental wind turbine from the beach weekend of the year. He asked permit, and then had to go back and fix it
to report it all. We’ve done our best beach due to rapid erosion in his test about manipulation of the stoplight, a because the spacing didn’t meet code and
to cover all the big news, from the area. He explained that he’d learned tactic that has helped in the past. Mayor was a potential danger to children.
new beachfront trinket shop to the a lot in the few weeks he’d had it on Goodwin said that had been done, but Clamp asked if he’d need a permit
the beach, and that he’s excited about a three-car pileup on Saturday morning to change out an A/C unit that was
perfect game bowled on Center Street
the blade technology he’s developing entering the island resulted in congestion broken. Goodwin said yes. “What we are
to the wave pool planned next to the talking about is a bunch of government
that allows the windmill to turn more all day long.
pier. Enjoy, and don’t take any of this powerfully and faster in low winds. He Culpepper asked that the new police intervention,” said Clamp.
too seriously. The council notes are chief continue the policy of removing “We’re talking about trying to keep the
legitimate (except for the section on small accidents from the right of way as beach up to code,” said Goodwin.
items to be discussed at the next council Beach Store from cover quickly as possible. “All that advertising “There is a point where you get to over
meeting), as is the surf movie story, but we did in January and February regulating a thing,” said Clamp.
all others are part of our celebration of are taking a bold move. worked, because they were all here,” said Councilmember Laura Beck asked
this practical joke holiday*. The design of the building, planned Culpepper. about replacing a rotten board. Building
Make sure you come out to as an 18,000 square foot pseudo-cottage official Eric Lutz said that would be a
Surf Bar on April 2 - you’ll be very painted a bright fleshy pink color, will New and Old Business case by case determination, explaining
impressed with the work of the Thomas include a giant shark mouth entrance; Jane Word was approved for a seat on the
a plan which already has the law offices Design and Review Board.
Brothers and the world-class level of Council continued on page 5
next to City Hall up in arms. Council discussed Ordinance 06-
surfing taking place on Folly Beach.
Happy April 1, and stay tuned for our While the Wangs franchise is still in
next issue, full of real, hard news. the early stages of a building contract Folly Beach Annual DHEC Rabies Clinic
with the City government, concerned
Stratton Lawrence citizens are encouraged to speak out
at upcoming council meetings. In the April 2nd, from 9am-12 noon at Folly Beach Fire Department
*Just to be sure that you know which meantime, a mass migration of hermit
articles are fake news for April Fools, crabs with “Sullivan’s Island or Bust”
written on their shells has been spotted
$5.00 Each
the practical joke articles have been
shaded in light orange. swimming across Charleston Harbor.
Happy April Fools! Please have your pet contained, leashed, and under control.
April 1, 2011 3

Letter from the Mayor... Letter to the editor...

Dear Friends and Neighbors, version will be in effect on July 1, 2011. Lynn Pierotti
You may pick up a copy from City Hall Dear Editor: publisher
Beginning July 1, yard debris cannot or download it from the web site. Also
be placed in plastic bags due to a directive adopted was a new ordinance pertaining On a recent visit to Folly Beach
from Charleston County. Charleston to individuals or organizations who wish to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 80th Kristin Hackler
County is prohibiting the use due to to use public property such as the beach, birthday, I was welcomed on the island managing editor
County personnel having to remove streets, parks, and/or community center, by one of your police officers who stopped
the plastic manually from composted or any other public building for special me at 9:30 on a Sunday night and gave Stratton Lawrence
yard waste, and the process is very labor events, i.e., festivals, parties, parades, etc. me a ticket for $150 for having my high editor
intensive. The City is looking at several The ordinance states the process which beams on. Now, as you who live there
options and when we find an option that must be followed in order for an event to know, Ashley Road is not a well-lit road
is best for our community, I will let you be approved by City Council. and I was navigating to Summer Place Swan Richards
know. With 80 degree weather returning, at the end of the road. Not having been senior graphic designer
Our new Director of Public Safety’s first the beach crowd is beginning it trek to there before, I was driving slowly; there
day is Tuesday, March 29. We are excited Folly. Public Safety will have one of the was little to no oncoming traffic. The Blake Bunch
about his acceptance and are looking PSOs or someone trained to operate the officer who pulled me over was  rude, reporter
forward to the Chief joining our team. red light out controlling the traffic and detained me for 30 minutes, and sent
As I stated in my prior letter, the city will hopefully it will help as much as it did last me on my way, informing me he was
have a “Meet and Greet” for the public to year. We continue to look for individuals doing his job to keep Folly Beach safe Lori Dalton
and asking if he had been helpful! His sales manager
meet the new Chief. Be on the lookout for who would like to be a part of the civilian
the date and time, we will make sure the beach patrol to assist with picking up trash sarcasm was not appreciated by this
notice is put in several places so you won’t from the beach and educating our visitors. visitor. Richard Brendel
miss it. If you are interested in either volunteering I am sure you have your share of advertising
I also talked about Ordinance No. or working part-time, please pick up an hooligans on the island who do pose 843-478-0896
06-11 in my last letter, which caused application from City Hall or go to the a threat to safety. I do not think a
city’s web site,, 60-year-old retired school administrator •
quite a bit of consternation for owners
of rental property. The prior ordinance and download an application. driving at the speed limit is a threat, 
Lindsey Graham
read that owners of rental properties and I do not think a ticket of $150 is Jud Pushkar
could not pull a permit or perform work Remember, our community is what we a just consequence for high beams on a Fay A.
on said properties; it had to be done by make it so let’s do our part and make it all it dimly lit road. Heather Johnson
Residential Specialty Contractors, even can be. If you have any concerns or questions, I hope that this officer will be David Crawford
work of a non-structural nature. However, please call me at 513-1835 or e-mail me at reprimanded for his rude behavior FAB
there is light at the end of the tunnel. and that the town of Folly Beach will
Becky Sparks
Our Building Official, Eric Lutz, had a consider other sources of revenue from Megan Carroll
teleconference which lasted over an hour Sincerely, tourists.  Unwarranted traffic tickets Gamil Awad
with one of the officials from the South Tim Goodwin do not make visitors to the island feel Vince Perna
Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing Mayor welcome and certainly deter from our Pet Helpers
and Regulations (LLR). After going over ability to contribute to the economy of
the ordinance and telling the gentleman Folly Beach in a more positive manner. Published by
Lucky Dog Publishing
from LLR what issues he had encountered of South Carolina, LLC
with members of the public, the Building Alida Woods P.O. Box 837
Official was advised he could have some Asheville, North Carolina Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
discretion administering this section of 843-886-NEWS
the code. With that being said, Ordinance
No. 06-11 has now been amended to April 15 Paper Deadline:
allow owners of rental properties to pull February 6 for submissions.
permits and conduct the following work The Folly Current, a wholly owned
as an exception to Title 40, Chapter 59, subsidiary of Lucky Dog Publishing of
Section 40-59-260 of the Code of Laws South Carolina LLC, is a free, indepen-
of South Carolina: 1)Floor Covering, 2) dent newspaper published every two
weeks and is for and about Folly Beach.
Painting/Caulking & Wall Papering, 3) Copies are mailed free of charge to ev-
Drywall Repairs, 4)Replacing Screens/ ery active mailbox in our coverage area
Screen Doors, 5)Pressure Washing and 6) and are also available at area business-
Routine Interior and Exterior Cleaning. es and by subscription to non-islanders.
Subscriptions are $39 per year for non-
If you have any questions, call Eric Lutz residents and are available by sending
at 513-1838 or contact him via email at a check to Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC, . P.O. Box 837, Sullivan’s Island, SC
29482. Our editorial content is primar-
The City Council and I adopted ily dedicated to the area of distribution;
amended rules and regulations for Folly ad space is open to all businesses who
River Park on March 22. The prior rules want to reach the Folly Beach market.
were adopted several years ago and were Complete ad creation is $50, however,
changes of up to 30% of the original ad
seriously outdated. The new amended are included at no extra cost. All adver-
tising rates are listed at www.islandey-
FOLLY ANIMAL SERVICE: under “advertising”.
Please report all Lost or Found pets on Folly Beach
immediately. Call 588-2433 and ask for Folly
Animal Service or a police officer. All resident
animals must be registered with the City of Folly
Beach annually and tags must be attached to the
pet’s collar. Tag cost $3 and may be purchased at
Folly Beach Public Safety, located at City Hall.
Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC
Publishers of The Folly Current, The Island
Eye News and the Island Connection.
4 April 1, 2011

News in Brief
By David Crawford
Census Data Suggests 42% of Folly Consortium of Town Mayors to in response to the recent developments: not continue due to Newman’s long
Beach Residents Will Be Missing File Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against Joe “Win an election.” standing fear that the company would
Teeth by 2020 Riley For Monopoly on Charleston go on to exploit his name. His Estate
Mayoral Seat Local Phish Fan Still Sleeping in North filed a suit claiming blatant disregard
FOLLY BEACH, SC---Get out Charleston Coliseum Parking Lot for the actor’s final wishes. Production
those mouth guards, beach dwellers. CHARLESTON, SC---A group of of all Newman’s Own products have
Information collected during the recent local mayors in the cities and townships NORTH CHARLESTON, SC ---A ceased as of this morning, and existing
2010 United States Census suggests surrounding Charleston, SC, have local fan of the jam-based rock band stocks of marinara and salad dressing
that nearly half of all Folly Beach, SC, joined forces in protesting Joe Riley’s Phish was found sleeping in the parking were put on sale at Bert’s Market.
residents will have missing teeth by decades-long hold on the Holy City’s lot of North Charleston Coliseum
2020. These statistics bring to light an Mayoral seat. The coalition, which this morning, nearly five months after God Reminds Catholics that Former
epidemic which has been growing at an includes Folly Mayor Tim Goodwin, the band’s two night performance Pope John Paul II Only Needs One
exponential rate. Scientists warn Folly formed at the start of the new year and last October. The fan said he was More Miracle For Sainthood
citizens to beware of a barely audible cites monopoly laws in its filing of an comfortable in the lot during the band’s
yet headache-inducing whistle as words anti-trust lawsuit against the beloved stay there, and that he liked it better THE HEAVENS---In an interview
with the letter ‘s’ are spoken over the Democrat. A spokesman for Mayor than his grungy shared apartment conducted with the Almighty Creator
next decade. Riley released the following statement on Folly Beach. A work crew found of the Universe, God hinted at the
the man while repainting the lot in possibility of an impending miracle
preparation for the upcoming concert when he reminded Catholics that
season. No missing persons report had Former Pope John Paul II needs only
been filed. one more miracle to be eligible for
proper sainthood.
Paul Newman’s Will Stipulates “It could go to anybody, so do
‘Newman’s Own’ To Cease Charitable whatever it is you think you need
Work Immediately to do to get it,” God said in his
characteristically vague fashion. “And
LOS ANGELES, CA---The Estate if you’ll allow me to use my own name
of legendary Hollywood actor Paul in vain, God only knows I might just
Newman released a statement today grant the miracle to your obnoxious
stating the screen icon’s intentions for neighbor whilst rolling a tsunami over
his ‘Newman’s Own’ charity to cease an entire unsuspecting island nation.
production immediately following his Or maybe not…you never know. All
death. According to Newman’s will, you do know is that I have a grand plan
the charity, which currently benefits and that, my friends, is one of the perks
hundreds of charities worldwide, should of being God.”
April 1, 2011 5

Council continued from page 2 Laissez les bons temps rouler!

that he had leeway about what requires a permit. Beck asked about writing the
2 0 th a n n u a l L o w c o u n t r y C a j u n F e s t i va l
‘leeway’ into the variance. Goodwin advised against changing it since the law comes
from the state and Folly had been granted wiggle room and it might cause problems
at J a m e s I s l a n d C o u n t y Pa r k

to go back asking for an allowance for ‘discretion’ to be written into a law.
he 20th annual Lowcountry throughout the day will keep your hips
Clamp and Eddie Ellis voted against the ordinance, which passed 5-2.
Among a series of bills approved together, council gave $1,000 to the Charleston Cajun Festival heats up James swingin’ and toes tappin’. Featured bands
Waterkeeper non-profit. Island County Park on Sunday, include JJ Caillier & the Zydeco Knockouts
Council went into executive session to discuss employee and permit issues. April 3, 2011 from 12 – 6 p.m.! Bringing and Lil Pookie & the Zydeco Sensations.
City administrator Toni Connor-Rooks announced that the PARD grant had Louisiana to the Lowcountry, Cajun Fest Other festivities include a crafter market,
been received, and would be matched by Folly, to resurface the basketball and tennis is a full-day of Zydeco music, Cajun and mechanical rides, inflatables and games
courts. Creole foods, children’s activities and all for kids. Check for
Councilmember DJ Rich said he’d been in a great mood all day doing spring around ragin’ Cajun entertainment! a current entertainment schedule.
cleaning and writing summer drink menus, happy to have survived another winter. Full-bellied fun is what this festival And while you are enjoying all the
Clamp said he had no comment and everything was fine. Ellis said he had no is all about as local and full-bellied fun, your
comment but he did not think everything was fine. regional chefs cook up Charleston County
Hume encouraged everyone to remember the positive changes made the previous
a variety of mouth- Parks will be working
summer, “making sure that the day trippers treated our beach like they would their
watering foods.  Savor hard to make this
grandmother’s back yard. It was because we were all nice and kind and polite and
carried extra garbage bags.” Charlie McCarty said it was 8:15 and getting late. the tastes of authentic year’s festival more
Finally, Mayor Goodwin acknowledged that when blue recycling bins are left out Cajun and Creole eco-friendly by
over the weekend, they would be picked up by the trash. Surfrider volunteers sort the fare and enjoy jambalaya, partnering with the
garbage, but it’s important to watch what is put in the recycling. alligator, etouffe, andouille Carolina Green Fair to
“Hopefully people put in the right stuff instead of dirty baby diapers and chicken sausage and of course, support conservation
boxes,” said Goodwin. He then urged people to stay tuned about a new policy after crawfish!   Lowcountry efforts through waste
the county stops accepting yard waste in plastic bags on July 1. favorites like seafood and collection.  
Southern barbecue will
April 12 City Council Preview: also be available. For those Festival admission is $10. 
At its next meeting, council will consider ordinances concerning the following: who prefer a tamer menu, This event is free for ages
• Sale of advertising rights on the water tower to Red Bull for one million dollars we’ll serve up ample portions 12 and under with paying
annually. of festival foods like hot dogs, sno cones, adult.  Gold pass holders are
• The proposed ban on bicycles between 3rd block east and 2nd block west. admitted FREE to this event as well.  Food
funnel cakes and more.
• The state’s recent letter regarding the potential condemnation of the Folly Pier. vendors operate on a ticket basis.  No coolers
• A possible restriction on bare feet and sandals on the beach due to a recent rises For crawfish connoisseurs, the annual
or outside alcohol permitted.  Pets are not
in E. coli levels in the water. Crawfish-Eating contest at 2:30 p.m. is
permitted to this event.  James Island County
• The suggested leash law for children under the age of 10 on the beach. the perfect opportunity to show off your
Park is located at 871 Riverland Drive.  For
• Approval of the new Pluff Mud Day Spa facility construction over the marsh. unique talent!     
more information, call 795-4386 or visit
Non-stop Zydeco music performed live
6 April 1, 2011

Only on Folly
Police Blotter
By Blake Bunch causing an estimated $1,000 in damage. damage. A staff member and bar patron realized she had left her bag. When she
The vandals also stole the money box then chased the subject to a white Honda returned to the restaurant, the bag was
Still bitter containing an unknown amount of automobile on E. Cooper where he gone. The value of the purse itself was
On March 14, an officer responded currency. They were unsure whether fled the scene. They took down the SC $350, and it contained several credit
to the Charleston County Park on any food items were actually taken, license plate, which came back as another cards, two pairs of prescription eyeglasses
W. Ashley regarding an abandoned excluding the cash receptacle. There are vehicle. (total value of $650), a camera (valued
vehicle. The reporting officer then no suspects or substantial evidence at this at $300), $300 in cash, and various
found a blue BMW BGW 700 with time. Police are on the lookout for an Out of my cold, dead hands miscellaneous small personal items. No
the front windshield smashed out. The orange trail of Cheetos residue. Earlier in the day on March 18, two unusual activity was reported on her
complainant arrived on the scene shortly officers responded to West Mariners cards, so no further action was taken.
after the officer began inspecting the This is why we don’t have nice Cay in reference to a dispute between
damage. The complainant explained to things…. two neighbors. One of the neighbors
the officer that he had attended a party On St. Patty’s Day, a complainant allegedly threatened violence with the
in the park on Saturday night, reporting noticed that two 42-inch flat screens TVs use of a firearm. When officers spoke
that the vehicle was fine when he left it. (valued at $1,000 each), as well as a DVD with the complainants, they stated that
The suspect apparently used a 4x4 post player (valued at $100) were missing they were working outside when an
located in a nearby storage shed, smashed from their property. The complainant enraged neighbor told them to stop using
out the windshield, and then reached said the apartment was “unsecured,” and their saw. He then allegedly threatened
into the glove compartment. Nothing that she had no idea who would have to stop them with a gun. The subject
was taken from the vehicle, and the taken the items. informed officers that he forgot what he
approximate damage was $300. had said, but that he “wasn’t happy” with
Last call means last call his neighbors. The subjects were unsure
Gingivitis is the number one cause of The following evening, an officer was if they wanted to press charges, but
all tooth decay dispatched to Loggerhead’s in response to the option is still on the table. Stupid
On March 15, an officer responded to a an unruly patron. The staff informed the Flanders.
vandalism call involving a snack machine officer that they had asked a customer
at The Tides. The complainant showed to leave at last call, in response to which Once again….
the officer where the vandal pried open he turned around and threw a piece of On March 20, a victim
a Coin Co. snack vending machine, asphalt at the window, causing $100 reported that she had dinner
on the outside patio at Rita’s

Waves in Our Pocket

around 8 p.m. the previous night.
While there, she had slung her shoulder
bag over one of the chair arms and went
L o c a l s P r o d u c e S t r i c t ly- F o l ly S u r f F i l m she went to leave around 10 p.m., she

By Blake Bunch

rian Eichelman, manager of
McKevlin’s Surf Shop, and team
rider Bryant Thomas are putting
Folly Beach surfing back on the map.
arrived back home they began filming
and five months later, the boys lucked
out. The hurricane swell that came
through mid-summer glued Thomas to
Over the past year, the two have been his camera for hours, not allowing him to
hard at work filming and editing footage surf the swell he was dying to get in. “He
taken during last year’s hurricane season got footage of people pulling out crazy
swell on Folly. The end product is a stuff – pulling out of barrels and huge
completely local surf film and includes airs,” says Eichelman. “The word got out
the several key spots that make Folly that he was out there, and people would
Beach unique to other Southeastern stay calm in the shop, but head directly
beach breaks. to the line up, tending to show-off when
“It all started after Bryant was they got out there. It definitely paid
uploading these viral videos on the off.”
Internet. He is one of our team riders, Thomas did most of the filming and
and it was getting to the point that he editing, but he also received help from
was uploading them everyday, with his two brothers, Robert and Ellison,
us following,” says Eichelman. This who assisted in some of the filming and
included the viral video “May Day,” marketing aspects of the production.
which piqued owner Tim McKevlin’s Heading up the music for the film is
interest in Thomas’ videos. Chad Davis, a go-to surf flick music
With the purchase of a new camera, producer who has worked on a lot of
their project was soon underway. Taylor Steele’s movies. Matt Helen,
McKevlin’s was a key element in this another Taylor Steele veteran, worked
film’s creation, but support was given on the duplication and packaging of the
by local business Surf Bar, and media film.
outlets Eastern Surf Magazine and the
Waves in Our Pocket premiered at
City Paper. Nationally, surf companies
the American Theater Downtown on
Analog and O’Neill have already
March 26. There will be a free screening
endorsed Waves in Our Pocket.
tomorrow, April 2, off of W. Cooper St.
To start their project, the boys set out
and Surf Bar starting at 7 p.m. Tickets to
to some of the premiere surf spots along
the event are free, and can be picked up at
the Southeast, primarily around North
the Surf Bar or McKevlin’s Surf Shop.
Carolina’s Outer Banks. When they Level: Very Easy Solution on page 11
April 1, 2011 7

No More Boozin’ on the Beach

Alcohol ban moves ahead on Public Beach
by Heather Johnson

or the past few years, a battle has instead instituted the plastic cup rule. trash cans, and educating beach goers restaurants on the island that offer such
been waging on Folly over the issue In many peoples’ minds this was a on the importance of keeping the island a view.
of dealing with the large amounts step in the wrong direction since it clean. It was their job to insure that It’s the end of an era on Folly, and at
of trash constantly left on the beach. essentially forced people to Folly always looked its best. least for this writer, it’s a bit sad. Folly
How do we as a community win the war create extra trash. Not When the 2010 has been the “cool” beach for decades,
against all of the litterbugs? At the most to mention, from a Fourth of July came and it kills me to think that one of the
recent City Council meeting, our elected drinker’s point of around, there was other islands in the Lowcountry may
officials finally come to a decision. “No view, it was very a line of people claim that title. Secondly, I hate to
more drinking on the beach.” inconvenient. in traffic think that reminding a tourist to clean
It’s important to understand the Beer gets stretching up after themselves, or even picking up
events that led City Council to make warm much from “Folly the trash ourselves, was too much to ask
their decision. After the 2009 Fourth faster in a Phosphate” for. Now, like children, we have lost the
of July fiasco, Folly Beach and Morris plastic cup, and past privilege entirely.
Island were deemed a “litter-pocalypse” and the wide the light at Most tragically, my beach picnic
by a few local publications. According top makes Camp and coolers had approached the level of an
to clean up volunteers, a large majority it is nearly Folly roads art form and had become legendary
of the trash - some say in excess of 99% - impossible to to enjoy our among my friends as they always had all
was alcohol related and included bottles, keep sand from little slice of of the food and drink groups represented
cans, boxes, cups, Styrofoam coolers, destroying the heaven. We and packed up thoughtfully.
liquor and mixer bottles. After this last few swallows. managed to do a In the 14 months that the Beach
particular holiday, literally tons of trash Residents of Folly bit better at keeping Management Patrol worked the sands,
was removed from the beach, as well as Beach were outraged and the island clean, although they removed just over 20 tons of trash.
multiple boatloads from Morris Island. even disgusted about the way environmentally speaking the Maybe the answer to the pollution
Because of this debacle, a drinking their island was treated and abandoned, tons of trash left on the island could still problem was not restricting one of the
ban was proposed on Folly for the ragged and disheveled, like a prom be considered a travesty. biggest draws to the island, but instead
first time. Originally, there was talk date the next morning. They rallied Now, here we are kicking off the finding the money necessary to fund
of banning alcohol only on the major together and many even got out on the summer of 2011 and it seems that many the program that could help solve the
drinking holidays when Folly is often sand to help with the clean up. This on the island have said, “Enough is problem. But alas, we have made our
flooded with upwards of 40,000 visitors in turn led to the creation of the Beach enough.” From now on, if you want messy bed and now I suppose we have no
who are not instilled with a “this is my Management Patrol, a group of guys who to enjoy a cocktail while peering at choice but to lie in it … sober.
home” sense of pride. This idea fell to worked full time roving the beach for the ocean, you will have to do it from Editor's Note: Don't let this come true.
the wayside for a while, and council trash, handing out trash bags, emptying one of a handful of decks attached to Be responsible!
Folly Current Calendar
April 1 - April 16
Friday, April 1 Island County Park. Fee: $10. Call 795-4386 Folly Library Play Time Wednesday, April 13
or visit for more info. Come to the library and make a bookworm
April Fools Day bookmark! From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Folly College Day at the Climbing Wall
Friday, April 8 Beach library, located at 55 Center Street. For Come check out the climbing wall every
Movie Night at the Folly Library more info, call 588-2001. Wednesday and enjoy a special student
Starting at 5 p.m., drop by the library for Folly Beach County Park Bird Walk discount with a valid college ID. No Pre-
Movie Night at the Beach featuring Freaky This walk focuses on the southern shoreline Sunday, April 10 registration required. 12 p.m.- 5 p.m. at James
Friday (PG, 97 minutes). Munch on some of Folly Beach. We hope to see a variety of Island County Park. Fee: $10. Call 795-4386
popcorn and enjoy a story on film with your shorebirds as well as many seabirds including Auditions for Sylvia  or visit for more info.
friends! 55 Center St. For more info, call 588- gannets and oystercatchers. The program is Sylvia, A comedy by A.R. Gurney,  is part of
2001. free, however pre-registration is required. 8:30 the Piccolo Spoleto Theatre Series at the new Friday, April 15
to 10:30 a.m. at Folly Beach County Park. Charleston Acting Studio  on James Island
Saturday, April 2 Course # 24793. 795-4386 or www.ccprc. - located behind Walgreens at Folly and Camp East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival
com. Roads. Auditions are at 7:30 p.m. tonight and (ECCKF)
Folly Beach Annual DHEC Rabies Clinic Monday, April 11 at the same time. Females This 21st annual event is a family-friendly full
From 9 a.m. - 12 noon at the Folly Beach Fire Rent-a-chick in 20s to early 50s needed, and two adult male weekend immersion in the history, technique,
Department. $5 each. Please have your pet Legare Farms is offering a pair of baby chicks roles. For more info, call Mary Cimino at 821- hands-on experience, and FUN of canoeing,
contained, leashed, and under control. For for two weeks for just $25. The chicks come 3527 or 709-5434. Performance is May 27 to kayaking and stand up paddleboarding at
more info, call Folly Beach Public Safety at with their own box, two weeks worth of food, June 11. James Island County Park. Visit www.ccprc.
588-7003. a watering device, and instructions on how to com/ecckf for details or call 795-4386. Fri-
take care of them. Call the farm at 559-0788 Friends of the Library cart sale Sun, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Waves in Our Pocket free movie screening or e-mail to reserve Library discards will be available for sale for
The first Folly surf movie by Brian Eichelman your chicks. $1 each at the Main Branch, 68 Calhoun Catfish Fry at OLGC
and Bryant Thomas will be shown outside off of Street in downtown Charleston, at the The Our Lady of Good Counsel Men’s Club
W. Cooper St. and Surf Bar starting at 7 p.m. Movie Night at the Folly Library Information Desk from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Every will hold a Catfish Fry from 4 until 7 p.m. in
Tickets to the event are free, and can be picked Starting at 5 p.m., drop by the library for second Sunday. Check Fr. Kelly Hall at 105 West Hudson Avenue,
up at the Surf Bar or McKevlin’s Surf Shop. Movie Night at the Beach featuring The Little ChasLibraryPals for daily updates. Folly Beach.  The menu will feature Deep
Mermaid II (Rated G, 75 minutes). Munch Fried Catfish, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Hush
Sunday, April 3 on some popcorn and enjoy a story on film Monday, April 11 Puppies, and Iced Tea.  Admission is $10 in
with your friends! 55 Center St. For more info, advance or $12 at the door. Tickets available
Lowcountry Cajun Festival Folly Library Story Time after the 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 5 p.m. Masses or
Bringing Louisiana to the Lowcountry, Cajun call 588-2001.
Family story time starting at 10:30 a.m. at from a Men’s Club member. 
Fest is a full-day of foot-stompin’ Zydeco the Folly Beach library, located at 55 Center
music, Cajun and Creole foods, children’s Saturday, April 9
Street. For more info, call 588-2001. Movie Night at the Folly Library
activities and all around ragin’ Cajun The Island Crafters Guild 2nd Annual Starting at 5 p.m., drop by the library for Movie
entertainment at James Island County Park! Spring Arts and Crafts Show Tuesday, April 12 Night at the Beach featuring Free Willy 3
12 to 6 p.m. Call 795-4386 for more info. Approximately 25 local artisans will have (Rated PG, 85 min). Munch on some popcorn
Tickets: $10. Free for kids 12 and under. their handmade items for sale at the James Civil War 1st Shot Water Tour
and enjoy a story on film with your friends! 55
Island Masonic Lodge at 1614 Ft. Johnson At 6:45 a.m., the Town of James Island and
Center St. For more info, call 588-2001.
Monday, April 4 Road, James Island.  Lunch will be available.  the South Carolina Department of Natural
Resources will host a commemorative
Folly Library Story Time Parking and admission are free. Event takes
ceremony to mark the 150th anniversary of
Saturday, April 16
Family story time starting at 10:30 a.m. at place today from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Sunday,
April 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  the first shot of the Civil War by firing an 21st annual Folly Beach Sea and Sand Festival
the Folly Beach library, located at 55 Center authentic 1840 10-inch seacoast mortar from To be held the weekend of April 16 to 17,
Street. For more info, call 588-2001. Fort Johnson. Tideline Tours is offering a enjoy music by The Landsharks, James
Third Annual Tri-County Lawn Mower
Exchange trip to observe this momentous shot, and Justin & Co., Mac Leaphart & My Ragged
Wednesday, April 6 will leave from Sunset Cay Marina at 6 a.m. Company, Bret Mosley, Emily Hearn, Gaslight
At the Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront
College Day at the Climbing Wall Park from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Open to all The tour will last two hours and will travel Street, and Sarah Cole & The Hawkes. 11 a.m.
Come check out the climbing wall every residents of the tri-county area. For more info, to Morris Island and back. For reservations, to 5:30 p.m. on Center Street, Folly Beach.
Wednesday and enjoy a special student contact Randy Cook, event coordinator, at call Anton Dumars at 813-2497 or visit www. Sandcastle building competition and surfing
discount with a valid college ID. No Pre- 953-0150, or visit competition starting at 11 a.m. at the Tides on
registration required. 12 p.m.- 5 p.m. at James Sunday.
10 April 1, 2011
Juicy's heard on Folly
Quotes from a Quotable Island
By becky 'Ju-c' Sparks

f you’re a Folly Beach local or have February 17, 2011: “He’s gonna come Week this week, but it was discovered that party and saw him with a head full of hair
spent a lot of time on the island, you’ve into town and Bailey a few girls…” Garrick dyes his hair and beard. It must dye. She remembers him shrieking, “Get
probably heard some interesting be the growing trendiness of Ginger-dom out! Get out! It’s conditioner!!”
things. And if you enjoy the nightlife March 3, 2011: “And then I went to, that pushed him to such extremes. Garrick later approached Kate,
on Folly, it’s a certainty that a random what do you call it … home.” Folly local Liz Anderson witnessed begging her not to come forward with
imbiber has blurted out inproprieties that Garrick buying eggs, puppy food, and a the information. He offered her a cash
made you laugh uncontrollably, confused October 25, 2010: “Cause there’s case each of Just For Men hair and beard reward of $47.26 to keep quiet. After
you terribly, or made you cringe. I’ve nothing like being sober and beating dying kits at the Folly Road Walgreens. seven years of mascarading as a Ginger on
overheard a lot of things on this island and drunk dudes with a baseball bat.” No, Garrick is not graying, he’s just hard Folly Beach, it looks like Garrick’s gotten
I’d like to share some with you. If you’d up for 'Ginger Status.' sloppy. His recent shaving of his beard
like to share some of the crazy things Pick up line of the week: “If I were a Upon seeing Garrick buying dying leads me to speculate that he did it to ease
you’ve heard, email juicyhearddat@gmail. drum, would you bang me?” kits, Liz says, “I was shocked. I wanted the strain of his tedious dying processes.
com or join the group “Heard on Folly” to shout out, ‘Oh my God, Garrick’s not Sorry, wanna-be Gingers, you have to
on Facebook. Ginger of the Week: a Ginger!’ but I didn’t want to embarrass come by it naturally to be a Ginger of the
Celebrating an Endangered Breed him in the middle of the store. Juicy is
January 7, 2011: “It’s apparent, Dad, a friend of mine and I knew that she
that the beer doesn’t fall far from the gin·ger- (noun) had just interviewed
keg.” Garrick for her
1. a person with red hair, pale skin and Ginger of the Week
freckles column. I couldn’t
January 22, 2011: “We’re already on the
-a Ginger’s natural hair color can let her publish false
floor and sweaty, and I don’t
range from a rich auburn, pale information. There
know about you, but I wet
reddish brown (strawberry are already too many
blonde), firey red or bright lies in the media.”
January 30, 2011: “A orange Kate Sampson also
wet nap is a sex dream uncovered evidence
that you wake up early I regret to inform the of Garrick’s dyed hair
from.” Ginger fans of Folly Beach when she casually
that there is no Ginger of the entered his house
Week. Garrick Waller was thinking she was
meant to be the Ginger of the walking into an after
April 1, 2011 11

surf music
City of Folly Beach Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning
to Build Wave Pool
By Becky Sparks

hough Old Crow Medicine Show’s ‘Wagon Wheel,’ my spring break would have
By Jud Bushkar song “Wagon Wheel” was released been ruined. Seriously, I would have packed
in 2004, the southeastern population my bags for Johnson City - I know they can

rea surfers rejoiced upon learning that a large wave pool will be of the United States still can’t get enough of play ‘Wagon Wheel’ in Tennessee. Who does
built on front beach, north of the Folly pier. The technological it. This is especially evident when visiting that song again? Oh yeah, it’s Mumford and
marvel, coming in at a cost of $5.8 million, will provide beautiful Folly Beach bars. While watching a local Sons, right?”
four-foot waves from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. 250 days a year. Each wave band perform, you will probably hear several On speaking with Deborah Simmons,
will be identical will offer riders the chance to ride to the left or right. people screaming requests for the song. the administrator of the Old Crow Medicine
Under current management plans, up to ninety customers per day will be Vince “Blood Chopper” Harland of the Show fan club, I asked if she ever got tired
allowed to ride for up to one hour each at a cost of $18 per hour. Brockton, Massachusetts, metal band Tramp of the song or thought that it was over
Several citizen groups expressed outrage over the construction project’s Stamp says, “I sat in with the band Sex Bruise? played. Deborah answered, “You can’t be an
price tag, but Councilman Randy Boggs said, “The City of Folly Beach at The Drop In Deli and OCMS fan if you’ve
will build this wave pool entirely with funds supplied by the Federal Bar and was astounded grown tired of ‘Wagon
stimulus.” A controversy still exists as several outspoken citizens feel that by the amount of Wheel.’ It’s their
$5.8 million should not be spent in such a manner. Many had questioned people demanding it. signature song.”
former Governor Mark Sanford’s reluctant acceptance of Federal aid for I politely let the bar Jeff Levin describes
the project, but when it came to a wave pool, the Governor simply could patrons know that I the song as having “the
not say “no”. The man might be a fiscal conservative, but his surfing roots didn’t know how to perfect mix of melody,
run deeper. play the song. This words and grace,” in
Advocacy groups have also voiced concerns over the location and only seemed to anger his review. “Listening
size of the project. The wave park, which will be known as the Folly the patrons and a riot to ‘Wagon Wheel’
Beach Municipal Surf Park, will cover approximately four acres of front was narrowly avoided. Members of Old Crow will play Folly in April reminds me of sitting
beach. It will be built between the Folly Pier and a proposed Wings beach They were very nearly on my front porch in
store. Residents have also voiced concerns about increased demands for wild animals.” North Carolina. Willie Watson’s playing is
parking on the island. Council has responded with a proposal that would Linda Radcliffe of Slippery Nacho had a so fantastic it’s as if nature created it.”
increase residential right of way parking from ten to twenty feet along any similar experience when she played at the Deborah also hinted that members of the
state maintained roadway within City limits. This will allow visitors to Crab Shack Raw Bar. “Fortunately, I was Old Crow Medicine Show will be playing
park perpendicular to the roadway, accommodating over twice as many able to figure out the chords before there was a small show at The Drop In on Thursday,
visitors. an uprising. It was like they were on a drug April 21, as an acoustic trio. The show is
Councilman Boggs said, “This wave pool has become the single most and that drug was called ‘Wagon Wheel’,” unadvertised due to the small venue and lack
important thing that Folly Beach can or will ever be able to do for the says Linda. of a cover charge.
Lowcountry. If our residents have to give up yard space, or in some cases Tiff “Bow Head” Jenkins of the University Fan or not, “Wagon Wheel” and Old
demolish part of their homes, so be it. Progress is a locomotive running of Georgia Tri-Delta Sorority attended Crow Medicine Show are here to stay. In
down a line called truth and I will not stand in its way.” the Slippery Nacho performance and was fact, “Wagon Wheel” will probably continue
Many Folly Beach residents will be pleased to learn that they may voice admittedly one of the spring breakers to grow in popularity; just hope that the next
their concerns at the first council meeting in April. screaming for the song to be played. It’s her time you catch this bar band in concert that
favorite song, she explains. “If that band they aren’t drunkenly berated into playing it
had not been able to figure out how to play twice.

Sudoku -solution Folly Beac h Tide Char t

Date High Tide Low Tide

Apr 1 7:44am/7:58pm 1:13am/1:24pm
Apr 2 8:23am/8:36pm 1:54am/2:01pm
Apr 3 9:01am/9:11pm 2:33am/2:36pm
Apr 4 9:36am/9:45pm 3:10am/3:09pm
Apr 5 10:10am/10:17pm 3:45am/3:43pm
Apr 6 10:43am/10:50 4:21am/4:18pm
Apr 7 11:16am/11:26pm 4:58am/4:55pm
Apr 8 11:52am 5:38am/5:38pm
Apr 9 12:08am/12:37pm 6:24am/6:27pm
Apr 10 12:58am/1:32pm 7:16am/7:24pm
Apr 11 1:57am/2:36pm 8:15am/8:29 pm
Apr 12 3:02am/3:45pm 9:18am/9:38pm
Apr 13 4:09am/4:52pm 10:19am/10:46pm
Apr 14 5:13am/5:54pm 11:18am/11:49pm

Storms, hurricanes, etc., are NOT included in the predictions.

Tidal current direction changes and tide time predictions can
be very different. Tide predictions are PREDICTIONS; they
can be wrong so use common sense.
Solution from page 6 Source:
photos by Gamil awad
Surfing the Runway
M a r c h 2 0 , 2 0 11
14 April 1, 2011

Name: LeLe

Breed: Yorkiepoo (4 pounds)

Likes: I am half yorkie and half

poodle. I love my toys and have a
toy basket filled with a selection of
squeky toys and stuffed animals.
My favorite toy is a squeaky
woodchuck :) I lovesto play with
my real life kitty brother named Scooter. I love to
cuddle and sleep with you!

Dislikes: I don't like to

get a bath, but feels so
much better afterwards.

Why I am a Lucky
I am a lucky dog
because my humans love
me very much and give
me lots of love, food,
Do you recognize this image? It was taken somewhere on Folly Beach. If you toys, and a nice home to
know what it is, let us know at and you could win a free live in. I am so lucky
medium, one-topping pizza from Woody’s! Natalie Staropoli guessed last issue's to have found a loving
"What the Folly?" It was the flowerpot at the Black Magic Coffee Shop. family:)

The Lucky Dog Club is sponsored by

Lost Dog Cafe
Brought to you by Woody’s Pizza and
Mary Ohl.

If you have a Lucky Dog please send their information and picture to:

April 1, 2011 15
Dating Follies
Champagne, Solar Systems,
and Scumbags
By Fay A.

few weeks ago, I attended the bachelorette party trying to peg just what kind of guy this person could be.
of a very good friend of mine. Getting all the girls We came up with a few theories. Maybe he was the
back together for an evening of eating, drinking, creepiest, dirtiest OB/GYN in town. The thought of this
and strippers can only lead to all kinds of misbehavior was too gross for us to elaborate on, so we told ourselves
and some of the funniest stories I have heard in a while. it wasn’t true and moved on. Maybe he was just a sad,
As someone who has been writing a column about the attention seeking, slightly pathetic although still creepy
interactions between men and women, I quickly decided man going through mid-life crisis with no couth. Or,
that my next glass would be water, and I got a pen and then again, maybe he thought he was “the Situation”
paper from my back pocket to insure that no particularly from Jersey Shore.
hilarious tidbits got lost in the champagne bubbles and Either way, it got me thinking. Men and women really
dollar bills flying around the beach house. do seem to be from different planets. There is only a brief
The next morning, as I went through the random time where the difference between being male and female
phrases I had scribbled onto a Jameson-soaked napkin, is a minute one and that has to do with being dressed in So I ask you, are men from Mars, and women from
seven letters caught my eye. I began laughing all over either pink or blue. Then comes that magical day when Venus? I suppose it is a very viable explanation. I think
again at one of the stories told by a girlfriend the night little boys discover their extra bits, and little girls look what’s more likely is that men have come to us from some
before: down to find that they have no extra parts to flick, twirl, planet in a galaxy far, far away where things like reason,
She is on her way home from work, coming over or tug upon. From this moment, nothing is ever the same sports, fast cars, video games, and sex are the determining
the Cooper River Bridge, when she spots a little red again. In grade school, little girls will draw hearts on their factors for big decisions. Women, in contrast, hail from
convertible bobbing and weaving through rush hour notebooks and little boys will throw dirt at them and pull a land that survives within a giant, pink, plushy bubble
traffic. She is already giggling at the fact that this car their hair. Adolescence is its own mess with its very own where reality and rationale take a backseat to things like
seems to be going nowhere fast in a hurry when finally set of problems, and adulthood isn’t that much better. feelings, fairytales, sparkles, and PMS. So how, then, do
she gets close enough for the bigger picture to come into Men and women spend years trying to decipher each we co-exist on this third planet from the sun? I suppose
focus. Inside, there is a middle-aged man jamming out other and once they reach middle age, they seem to make we stick to the basics. Men, continue to nod your heads
to some Billboard top-40 hit. In an attempt to protect a break for it and run in completely opposite directions. while saying things like, “yes, dear,” and “that looks great
this guy’s anonymity, we will say he had a license plate Women get the delight of experiencing “the change”, on you,” and women, continue to bat your eyelashes, lick
that read “P*SYPHD”. (I will let you guess the vowel). and men start to wash the gray out of their hair, buy your lips, and wear short skirts. And for God’s sake, even
Upon hearing this, the girls were instantly cackling and little red convertibles, and begin to chase after 20-year- if you do fancy yourself “Dr. Vag,” wait until you get us
olds while they refer to home to prove it instead of proclaiming it to the world via
Chill & Grill themselves as things like your license plate.
Thursdays – The Healing
4/1 – Elise Testone & the Freeloaders Folly music the “P*SYPHD”.
4/2 – Top Jimmy
Drop In Deli
Mondays – the Hawkes
Wednesdays – Trivia & Dave Grunstra Sand Dollar
4/1 –Jessica Heat 4/1 & 2 – Kurly Wolf
4/2 – Fairy Godmuthas
4/7 – Reid Stone Surf Bar
4/14 - Yellowknife Wednesdays – Guilt Ridden Troubadour
4/3 – Dangermuffin
Folly Beach Brewing Company 4/8 – Henry’s Attic
4/1 – Mark Jackson 4/9 – Geoff Norwood
4/8 – Eric Penrod 4/10 – Gaslight Street
4/15 – SC Broadcaters
Folly Beach Crab Shack Tuesdays – Jerry Cooper
Sundays – The Bill Show 4/4 – Hank the Pirate
Mondays – Open Mic w/ Dave Grunstra
Tuesdays – Trivia Sea & Sand Festival
Thursdays – Island Duo Saturday, April 16:
Fridays – Live Local Music Main Stage:
Saturdays – Sara Smile 4:00 - 5:15 p.m. James Justin & Co.
2:30 - 3:40 p.m. Sarah Cole & The
Loggerheads Hawkes
Tuesdays – Open Mic w/ Eric Penrod 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Elise Testone, Bobby
Wednesdays – Karaoke w/ Vincent Hogg, and Stratton Lawrence
Thursdays – The Hawkes
4/1 – Yellowknife Chill & Grill/Snapper Jack’s
4/2 – North By South Rooftop Stage:
4/8 – Tidal Jive 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. Mac Leaphart & My
4/9 – Top Jimmy Ragged Company
4/15 – Jamisun – 6:00 2:20 - 3:30 p.m. Gaslight Street
4/15 – Elise Testone – 9:00 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. Bret Mosley
11:30 - 12:30 p.m. TBA
Planet Follywood
4/1 – Dan Clamp Sunday, April 17:
4/2 – Nathan Calhoun 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. The Landsharks @ Blu
4/8 – Jef Wilson (The Tides Folly Beach)
4/14 – Karaoke
4/15 – Dave Grunstra
Vince Perna is a Folly Beach real estate expert who also loves music. If you want to know if
you can live on Folly, you can find him at 31 Center Street or by calling 588-3800.
16 April 1, 2011

Local Man Bowls

300 on Cell Phone It was such a great party, it killed; but who’s responsible for the
By David Crawford dead body in the middle of the foyer? Was it you?

rea Folly Beach resident Alex in a free game on his cell phone called
his April 30, you’re invited to bootleggers, politicians, flappers and
Hunter made waves on the island ‘Lanes End Championship Bowling’.
Our Lady of Good Council on gangsters dressed to the nines for a night
recently after bowling a perfect He found it accidentally while trying
Folly Beach to help solve a murder of fun and mayhem.  Dress in costume is
‘300’ on his cell phone. This historical to text someone late at night. When
mystery, but first you must step back in requested but certainly not required.  Beer
moment, achieved after Hunter bowled asked if he thanked that person for
time to the 1920s and visit Fr. Kelly Hall and wine will be available or BYOB.
only strikes in each of the game’s ten indirectly leading him to his crowning
in its “former” persona as JP’s Warehouse, The menu will be determined by Chef
frames, occurred around 7:30 p.m. at achievement, he replied, “What’s it
a popular hangout for Chicago gangsters. Kevin Bruntz of La Tabella in Charleston,
the Sand Dollar Social Club on Center matter to you who I’m textin’?”
To prevent a massive melee, mobsters and and Chef Steve Martin of Myrtle Beach,
Street, as opposed to in an actual bowling Although not recognized by the their companions must work together to President of the American
alley. Nonetheless, Hunter insists that it PBA or any other trophy-giving groups, try and figure out whodunit before the fatal Culinary Federation.
still counts as a perfect game. Hunter insists the sheer pride gained flames between these two organizations
“Oh it counts…I’ve put in the time. from his accomplishment via talent and are rekindled.
I bowled every Wednesday for years at hard work is enough.
Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., and
the lanes in West Ashley, but quit when “I earned this…I deserve it. I dare ya the event begins at 7:30 p.m.  Step back
they stopped letting us smoke indoors. to write otherwise.” into the days of Prohibition and   Admission
I mean, a bowling alley
spend an evening with is $25.  Tickets are
with no smoke?!?” Hunter
socialites, actors, available at Our Lady of
stated while ashing his
cigarette at the site of the Good Counsel Church after the
‘300’. “I started coming 9 and 11 a.m., and 5 p.m. Masses,
to the Dollar on League or through a Women’s Guild member. Each
Night, instead. Before ticket will include a password for
long I realized something entry. ($1 fine without the password.)  If
wasn’t right. I still had
you would like to be a character, please call
the itch.”
509-1431. Fr. Kelly Hall is located at 105
Over the years, Hunter’s
“itch” has festered into West Hudson, Folly Beach.
an obsession epitomized

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