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Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Pengerusi Tetap,
Yang Berbahagia Saudara Timbalan Pengerusi Tetap,
Representatives of the Supreme Council
Yang Berhormat Dato’ Naib Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia
Executive committee members of UMNO Youth Malaysia
Leaders of UMNO Youth at state levels

1. Alhamdulillah, all praise be to Allah The Most Merciful and The Most Benificient, for it is through His
grace and will we are gathered in this historic hall, the Dewan Merdeka, on this morning for our
Annual General Assembly, in line with the main pillars of our party’s democracy, constitution and

2. We assemble once again to assess and debate not only our achievements and those of our party at
large, but also the direction and guidelines of our cause from this moment on. With that in mind, let us
hope that Allah SWT sees all our endeavours as ibadah and may He grant us success and guidance.

3. As a political organization centred on performance and achievement, UMNO Youth needs to be
assessed by a number of performance indicators. The Deputy President in his officiating speech last
year outlined this approach. Specifically, among the performance indicators to measure our
effectiveness are the number of new members and the level of support from young voters towards
UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

4. It is with pleasure that I announce, UMNO Youth, since the beginning of the current term, leads all
other party wings and the main body on this front, with an additional 41,663 new members, which
accounts for 43 percent of all new party members. Though collectively we have good reason to be
proud of this trend, I hope the efforts of all UMNO Youth divisions and branches to court new
members will continue to grow. I say this because at present there are certain divisions that appear
content merely with nominal additions. Every division must shoulder the responsibility of increasing
the number of new members and to further register them as voters.

5. As a mass-based party, we require extensive participation from teenagers and youths at grassroots
level. I want there to be no more cases of young people wishing to join UMNO but having to wait for
years owing to bureaucratic reasons or political sabotage by those who feel threatened by new blood
and new talent. I fought hard to ensure that UMNO Youth Leaders at the branch level can now sign
off on membership forms to ease the entry of young people into UMNO. We should take advantage of
this recent amendment to the constitution by making sure there is a comprehensive, continuous and
serious effort to add to the numbers of new members.

6. On the matter of young voters support, we observed signs of the tide turning in our favour during a
series of by-elections. In Manek Urai, Bagan Pinang and Hulu Selangor, voting patterns in young
voter streams revealed a shift in the acceptance among young voters to UMNO and Barisan Nasional.
In Hulu Selangor for instance, we won 30 young voter streams in the by-election compared to just 11
in 2008. There are of course a number of factors contributing to this change. Nonetheless, these
results show resurgence in the support for UMNO and Barisan Nasional, a development made
possible by UMNO Youth’s efforts to win them over.

7. We should recognise that come the next General Elections, it is estimated that young voters will
account for 80 percent or almost 3 million of new voters, and that the proportion of their votes will
increase from 41 percent in the 12th General Election to 49 percent in the 13th General Election. This
is in line with our research, which found that 75 percent of young people qualified to vote do plan to
exercise that right in the coming election. At the same time, our research also showed that 62 percent
of these young voters are fence sitters who will cast their votes based on the party and candidate they
feel is best.

This is the Youth movement that represents. We must accept the fact that young voters today are able to distinguish between mere rhetoric and genuine service. The new era also demands we shape a youth leadership that is more open and progressive. Alhamdulillah. Third: Commitment on the part of Government towards a minimum wage via the creation of the National Wage Consultation Council. more than 6 million young workers will experience an elevation in their status with more appropriate wages. 9. demonstrations. Skim Rumah Pertamaku gives hope and opportunities to many young people who previously may not have been able to afford to buy their own homes. instead of actually referring to the target group for their views and ideas. we want to avoid widespread despair caused by unemployment. the minimum wage. The rise of the youth vote demands a new approach and direction. acting in his capacity as Minister of Finance recognized the voice of young people in the country – brought to the fore by BN Youth – by inserting into the Budget a number of key proposals from the BN Youth Lab:- First: Skim Rumah Pertamaku to assist young people who have recently entered the workforce earning less than RM3 thousand a month to own their first home more affordably. 10. I am also pleased to announce that the next wave of UMNO Youth activity is geared towards overcoming the problem of unemployment amongst the younger generation. Moreover. commercial loans and prices of goods. although such politics may still be appropriate in certain contexts. This is something we very much appreciate. systematic and thorough engagement exercise at a level previously unseen in UMNO Youth. Young people no longer appreciate politics reliant on rhetoric. a BN youth initiative was mentioned and accorded recognition in the budget speech. we have helped many young people through the implementation of these policies. I have also been flooded with hundreds of messages of gratitude over UMNO Youth and BN Youth’s efforts. which succeeded in bringing together 15. we must further affirm the fight against unemployment with various initiatives encompassing the push for a youth unemployment insurance scheme for those who are made . Contemporary politics do not permit us to indulge in political guesstimates where strategies are based on biases and personal assumptions. which have presented them with something special. On the issue of the minimum wage. for the first time in history. Fourth: The allocation of funds of RM474 million to increase skills through various training institutes for non-graduates such as school leavers. PLEASE CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY EMBARGOED UNTIL DELIVERY 8. At a time when we are heading towards a status of a high-income country. We have also begun a series of Jelajah 1Malaysia programs. For that. respected by all levels of society. Various policy proposals were borne of the Youth Lab covering various aspects such as housing. lodging police reports and urging the government to arrest anyone who does not share our political beliefs. In all likelihood. and champions the aspirations of all Malaysians. speaks for. across race and religion. and Fifth: The widening of the scope for current tax breaks for expenditure incurred in sending parents to daycare centres as well as the costs that their care incurs.000 young Malaysians of all races. PTPTN loans. On the other hand. 12. education. Second: The creation of the 1Malaysia Youth Fund for the purpose of youth development and the implementation of programs characterizing the spirit of 1Malaysia with an allocation of RM20 million. the Prime Minister. we also organised the Rally 1Malaysia. between elaborate pretensions and sincere efforts. such politics will only serve to drive them further away from us. during the Budget 2011 presentation. We are also going to tour the entire country to repair thousand of homes of poor families. BN Youth Lab was spawned as the brainchild of the President himself – established by Barisan Nasional Youth to better understand the aspirations and concerns of young Malaysians. Apart from the above. This new approach I speak of has been manifested in an organized. which combines the participation of youths with unity-based programs. child and parental care. This is also consistent with the moderate brand of politics or siyasah wasatiyyah practiced by the UMNO President himself. 11. More importantly.

17. 15. 19. disaster may befall us for in our obsession with winning the battle we may just end up losing the war. Undoubtedly. constantly reminded to feel precisely that sense of gratitude to UMNO and Barisan Nasional. That is what was meant by “government knows best”. While the younger generation should be reminded of dark moments in our history such as the May 13 riots. As such. 18. of which 84 percent are 35 years old or younger. In this new arena. PLEASE CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY EMBARGOED UNTIL DELIVERY redundant. the era of “government knows best” is over. the President mentioned the pressure applied by those who still hold on to old tactics in dealing with statements or actions regarded as sensitive or racially charged. Their response to dealing with most anything of that nature is to arrest those involved using whatever means possible. 14. that world is a cyber-world. Like it or not. those who challenge our political ideology must be defeated through the sharpness of our intellect and the superiority of our arguments. Their thoughts are not shaped by statements or comments by ministers in Buletin Utama or Warta Perdana but by excerpts from YouTube that cannot be controlled or influenced. We might be able to arrest one or two. that attempts to coerce them into anything do not bode well and are likely to invite rebellion. It is in the nature of the young. Try doing that today. Young people today increasingly relish political choices that appeal to their cognitive abilities. and no longer a top down political culture. The spread of information through social media such as Facebook and Twitter is now a choice over traditional mass media. There are close to 8. a battle of ideas. What is required today is a politics based on thoughts and ideas. but they will not stand for scare tactics or political blackmailing in the form of telling them that any deviation from the Government’s wishes would lead to another May 13 episode. . the way to winning them over is to include them directly in the process of nation building. but what of the hundreds of thousands of their supporters? In the end. In the past we may have asked young people to be thankful for all the development brought about by UMNO and Barisan Nasional. we cannot hope to win merely by use of force. 16. 7 days a week. I am grateful for the President’s open minded-ness in agreeing to consider this proposal. a focus on training to increase skills and the organizing of career expos to ‘matchmake’ employers with job-seekers. As the President said. It is not that young people today are not grateful to previous generations or that they do not understand history. 20. there is a time and place for force and authority to be applied especially when national security is at risk from terrorists and extremists. He spoke of a new political milieu or political environment. For example.5 million Facebook users in Malaysia. I recall my days as a university student. But for us to act with force upon every statement that tests the limits of our patience will certainly not solve the problem. UMNO Youth does not only wish to give adequate space for the best minds to contribute through politics but more than that. but they do not wish to be held hostage to it. A slew of government policies were laid before us with little room for input and feedback – everything was already determined for us. we also propose that the University and University Colleges Act 1971 be amended to allow university students to be actively involved in politics. not by relying on executive power. we want to acknowledge and elevate this group who are most definitely looking to us for leadership. this formula employing a logic of political gratitude as means of garnering support from young people will most assuredly be rejected. but a competiton of minds. The world of young people is incredibly different – today. What is the point of us trumpeting that young people are important assets and future leaders if their wish to involve themselves politics is denied and met with scorn? Once again. engagement with them must take into account a more critical thought process and perspective compared to before. We must practice an inclusive culture that appreciates participation of youths and teenagers. We can no longer shove lopsided propaganda down their throats. This subject was touched on by the President in his speech during the BN Youth Lab townhall session. a world filled with information and interaction 24 hours a day. 13. In being committed and steadfast in understanding and championing aspirations of the youth. Young people have a sense of idealism and of their own opinions. The current political sphere is no longer entirely about the struggle for power.

Young people in general very much hope for UMNO to be more open towards its younger members. Allah SWT reminded us of that in Surah Ali Imran: 159 : It is part of the Mercy of Allah that thou dost deal gently with them. As it is. there have been voices asserting that UMNO no longer protects the interests of Malays and Bumiputeras. It is clear that the President’s openness represents a ray of hope for young people that they too have rights and a role in shaping the country’s future. In my maiden policy address as UMNO Youth Leader.B.U. Afford us opportunities and your trust. the younger generation are happy with the UMNO President’s leadership which is inclusive and allows the space for views of youths to be heard. and ask for ((Allah)`s) forgiveness for them and consult them in affairs (of moment). For Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him). In the midst of such concerns. defenders of the land. Of late. Educate and guide us. Pasang lilin jalan ke taman Hari malam gelap gelita Pemuda bukan tamak jawatan Kami pejuang nusa dan bangsa Buah kurma berlambak-lambak Orang memesan sini dan sana Keris bertempur disapu minyak Pokok ditanam ditabur baja 25.H with regards to his followers. the space to empower young people in UMNO is still limited. 24. 26. they would have broken away from about thee: so pass over (Their faults). I stand before you today to stress in no uncertain terms that the Malay and Bumiputera agenda will never ever be separated from UMNO and most certainly not from the UMNO Youth movement. That same openness however. as a leader he never displayed arrogance that precluded him from hearing the views of others. loyal knights. power or projects but we are the bearers of hope. Many still hesitate and fear to widen the participative sphere for young people. PLEASE CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY EMBARGOED UNTIL DELIVERY 21. empower us to shoulder bigger responsibilities because I believe UMNO Youth today is not a Youth movement whose members are motivated by positions. They allege that a preoccupation with national concerns has caused the Malay agenda to be sidelined. Embrace them in the manner of the Prophet Muhammad P. 22. when thou hast taken a decision put thy trust in Allah. The fact remains that UMNO was formed to struggle for the rights and voice . Although he was chosen by Allah SWT as His Messenger. Overall. who do not have to strike a balance between communal aspirations and national interest seek to capitalise by positioning themselves as heroes of the Malays. 23. See us as representing hope. is not shared by everyone. teach us and share your wisdom so we may avoid missteps. Then. Wert thou severe or harsh- hearted. catalysts of spirit and courage. not as threats. Other groups. I touched on the future of Malays and Bumiputeras.

PLEASE CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY EMBARGOED UNTIL DELIVERY of the Malays. Let it not be that simply wanting to reexamine an approach or the manhaj of the agenda for Malays invites the charge of being a traitor. 32. any policy needs reexamination after implementation over a lengthy period of time so as to take into consideration and reflect changes over time. The efforts of restructuring society through the NEP has produced a commercial and industrial society as well as a class of Bumiputera professionals. people and country. As such. then we must be bold enough to acknowledge whatever weaknesses there are in our approach. alongside restructuring society to eliminate the divide based on an identification of race with economic activity. even if just to the manhaj and not the maqasid if the methods have proven successful for the Bumiputeras? Why fix something that is not broken? 30. does the manhaj require changing? Is this not the approach that brought about all the successes we enjoy today? Specifically speaking. 33. 28. If all we are is defensive and all we are able to do is proclaim words seemingly to defend this or that. we need to be honest and not let emotions get the better of us. The question of whether UMNO is the one true platform to fight for the future of Malays should not even arise. What needs to be changed is the manhaj or the way things have been done thus far. but at a time when economic growth was at its greatest in the 1990s when was ample space for . When the New Economic Model was announced. If we are sincere and truly want to achieve the maqasid – the objective. 29. I view the achievements of the NEP as something to be proud of. to the extent that a well- meaning exercise to reexamine the implementation of policies was viewed with suspicion and seen as another attempt to chip away at the rights and special position of the Bumiputeras. The goal of elevating the Malays will never be forgotten much less cast aside.e. i. The question that arises should not be about the aim of our struggle. the aim – of our struggle. now and forever UMNO is the haven. Apart from the economic progress. Without being emotional. leads to Malays being incited that the Barisan Nasional government apparently no longer cares about the Malay agenda. many expressed concern that the Malay agenda had seemingly disappeared as an obsolete notion that has no place in a borderless world. These successes cannot be denied. NEP reduced the incidence of hardcore poverty in the country from 50 percent in the 1970s to 4 percent currently. will the Bumiputeras continue to progress? Do Malays become special only by virtue of shouting about the Malay special position? Are we to believe that simply warning certain pressure groups against playing with fire. the shield and UMNO is the party that will continue the struggle for religion. 34. while the figure for Bumiputeras fell from 65 precent to 5 percent. Personally. the Bumiputeras will suddenly succeed? Or in reality have we been led by our emotions to the point where we lost sight of the principal issue? 35. a Bumiputera community that attains progress and success through its own strengths and endeavour. is it not the New Economic Policy that is the main source of Malay progress and Malaysia’s political stability today? Why should we seek for change. We must understand the difference between the maqasid or objectives of a struggle and the manhaj or the approach employed to that end. Bumiputera equity has risen compared to the pre-NEP era. our principal struggle and heart of our politics still beat the same rhythm as our forebearers. Moreover. Let it not be that wanting to improve the efficacy of the policy or identify weaknesses in the implementation of NEP. 31. as it were. What we must do is acknowledge the weaknesses that exist and build a new concept that can elevate the status of Bumiputeras to a level we can be proud of. disappear off the face of the earth simply because the manhaj or approach to our struggle is modified for better achievements. to date national harmony has been preserved due to the effectiveness of the NEP in alleviating poverty for all Malaysians irrespective of race. Neither should young Malays today be scared into thinking that Malays will. On this issue. Malays felt threatened and immediately assumed we were under siege. Then. 27. we must be bold enough to separate between purpose and method. The transformation needed does not concern the maqasid. But for any policy – even that which has been so instrumental to the Malays like the NEP – there will be weaknesses. even with the passage of time and a changing political landscape. The NEP has certainly brought many successes but it does have its failings. Some may question.

42. we have to admit that none of these have been achieved. but what have I ever received from the NEP?” Their incomes are below the poverty line. These are but some of the leakages and problems that weakened the impementation of the NEP. the most knowledgeable of professors and the most competent of contractors are provided with all the encouragement necessary without barriers in the form of political interests or the lack political connections. We further witnessed the increase in the ratio of Bumiputera to ethnic Chinese incomes from RM1. Why should we be afraid of an economic agenda based on merit? Why should we be concerned when those who have the capabilities. As UMNO Youth Leader. talent and high potential will be discovered. the most diligent of traders. the Malays should already be able to stand on our own two feet and pass the 30 percent equity target. due to the voracity that blinded them and preceded their responsibility towards their people. By right. the young wife more becoming of their newfound status. who are genuine. the Mercedes.6 percent in 1995 to 19. During that period. The new manhaj must be guided by merit and needs. 36. were in the end hoarded to became theirs alone. the old manhaj. The income gap. 37. the Malays will be better equipped to compete on the world stage.1 percent in 1999. What it does is update the implementation methods to overcome the weaknesses of the NEP. Bumiputera equity fell from 20. assisted along the way and given ample room to succeed. Their perception is that the NEP only enriches a few elite Bumiputeras with strong political links. was left unfulfilled. must be reduced. I meet many young Malays from all levels of society. with the inculcation of these new values and culture in the manhaj of empowerment for our people. There is no point in us talking about a high income nation if the rich get richer and the poor remain in despair. without the need for ‘crutches’ anymore. whether between or within any given race. with all the power and policies on our side. Merit stresses on staying power and competitiveness. The New Economic Model guided by the principle of need will ensure all left behind by the old approach will be represented this time. The immense greed that took over made them forget the greater good. The gifts given in trust. Bumiputeras. This is yet another example of leakages where the NEP. PLEASE CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY EMBARGOED UNTIL DELIVERY redistribution of that newfound wealth. The principle of need means that the poorest citizens with no hope of having their welfare met except by the government. Unfortunately. 41. 38. the shares allocated to Bumiputeras to increase the community’s equity position were sold because some wanted a quick buck. For after so long. 39. they could not remain grounded. clawing one another down? 40. Merit also demands a level playing field so that the most innovative of farmers. many of them have migrated to cities where the cost of living rises faster than what they earn. they retort: “Pardon me. For young people who feel they have not received the fruits of the NEP thus far. With the sudden riches that fell on their lap. is about methods and goals. the New Economic Model must raise their status. God-willing. When I speak of the NEP and the Malay struggle. achieving income levels at par with other ethnic communities as well as successfully exploring high value economic sectors.74 to ethnic Chinese for every RM1 to ethnic Malays in 1990 to RM1. are given the opportunity to move forward? Are we so poisonously envious of our own people who work hard and are talented that we are willing to deny them of success? Are we like crabs in a pot. Unfortunately. Merit means the Malay who has the ability. we saw many Malay millionaires given great opportunities and brought to the fore through privatisation programs and ownership of shares via ‘pink forms’. are never left behind. UMNO Youth is the hope of our people – then. forever. What it all boils down to. ended up being seen as an elitist policy resulting in many Malays sidelined and not looked after. But what we hope for our people is real success and genuine advancement. For these youths.81 in 1995. This reality demands that we make changes. We want to . that were supposed to be the means of assisting the rest of the community who had yet to benefit in any way. the luxurious bungalow. which was rooted on the notion of prosperity for all. These are Malays. the Malays should not have to speak about the question of quotas today. but they have never enjoyed the fruits of the NEP. The NEP’s aim to create many more successful Malay corporate tycoons following the success of the chosen ones. We must be clear that the New Economic Model does not sideline the Malay agenda. now. the 30 percent equity target does not mean anything because most of them never have and never will be able to purchase shares.

the Malay political split is such that 50 percent are on one side and 50 percent on the other. What we need to emphasize is how Bumiputeras can be empowered. I have no quarrel with a political unity of all Malays. Such is the reality.U. save for the opposition to the Malayan Union and the fight for Independence. 47. Those who hold to such beliefs recommend that Malays unite to ensure that power remains in the hands of the Bumiputeras. If we still subscribe to the illusion that we can win without their support. PAS is willing to rebuff the hand we sincerely extend to them due to their preoccupation with power – to the point that the haram becomes halal. There is no Malay party – be it UMNO or PAS – that can secure a hundred percent of Malay votes. including PAS. If there is no concerted effort to practise an inclusive and moderate leadership. 45. We want to produce more entrepreneurs. through the renewal of a Malay agenda that is more fresh and relevant. dignity and wisdom was not only recognised by the Quraisy themselves but also opened the path to the dakwah that ultimately proved to be the key to the victory of the Muslims in opening up the city of Mecca.B. 50. are independent. In fact. 48. We should revisit a chapter in Islamic history which explains the vision and intellectual sharpness of Rasulullah P. 43. Even with opposition from his companions especially Saidina Umar Al-Khattab and Saidina Ali bin Abi Talib. more progressive approach will also result in a new political orientation. To be sure. in creating the manhaj for the spread of Islam in the Treaty of Hudaibiyyah.B. In many areas. But what is certain now is that his humility. we must accept the reality that today the Malay vote is split. stand on their own strengths. Though this does not mean I reject the possibility of us reuniting. even on the core issues of religion and race. position and privileges. must win with the support of all Malaysians. but can flourish and succeed on the global stage. This awareness is all the more relevant now that we see other parties. In modern history. and what is bad becomes good. At that time. If we hope to rely on the Malay vote alone. UMNO Youth once welcomed the muzakarah proposed between UMNO and PAS. regardless of race and religion. then 50 seats currently held by BN are in grave danger.H. This means that any side wanting to win. Today. a manhaj or approach takes root not without challenges from within. as Rasulullah or the Prophet of God in the treaty. We are not a subsidy race but a people with pride and self-worth. the Prophet agreed to the name Muhammad bin Abdullah.H. . we push aside the old manhaj that has not produced comprehensive success and embrace a new approach grounded on merit and need that will build Malay capability and capacity without impinging on the nation’s economic vibrancy. There are those who opine that Malays will lose their political power due to the rise of non-Bumiputeras as the deciding force in elections. UMNO’s Malay leadership will disappear come the next election. The Prophet’s companions were ill at ease with his decision. This new narrative is not limited to the Malay economic agenda. He also made the decision to postpone the journey to Mecca and accepted a number of conditions which gave the impression that he was conceding and capitulating to the Quraisy’s wishes to halt the Mukminin or Believers. PLEASE CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY EMBARGOED UNTIL DELIVERY introduce a new narrative for Malays that is not only focusesd on defending rights. The community’s worries of late touches on the question of political power. we should be mindful that there are only 73 Parliamentary seats with a dominant Malay majority of 70 percent and above. Suhail bin Amir. 49. We need a bolder narrative to achieve unfulfilled success. rejected the proposal to refer to the Muhammad P. 44.U. In fact. We want to internationalise our abilities so we are not limited by reliance on privileges and quotas within our borders. A new. But I am also aware of the historical fact that Malays have hardly ever been united. respond cynically everytime the suggestion of this unity is raised. Therefore. We must learn from the results of the last General Elections where we almost relinquished power due to the loss of support from non-Malays. technocrats and professionals with self-reliance and who do not depend assistance and goodwill from the government. the Malays are often divided especially by political beliefs and ideology. 46. representing the Quraisy. let us acknoweldge and recognise that the new narrative does not in any way change our purpose. At times a new manhaj is questioned and takes a long time to be accepted.

who cannot be held to their word. surely the Bumiputera special position too should be protected and supported by all Malaysians. What of the feelings of the poor non-Malay student denied government scholarship despite achieving outstanding results? We often hear of grouses about how the government administration is dominated by Malays. there is not one Malay CEO leading a non-Bumiputera owned company of this group. in fact that of their parents and grandparents. that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Whatever weaknesses they have must be overcome immediately and the responsibilities entrusted upon them must be vigorously carried out. Are we to believe there is not a single Malay who qualifies on this front when there are many who succeed in managing internationally-renowned companies like Petronas and CIMB? 57. Thus. what of their feelings? This too is their country. If there are calls for the existence of vernacular schools be preserved. are we in any way less Malay if our struggle cuts across race and religion. This is the call and guide for hablun minannas or relations among humans as promoted by Islam. 52. the aims of creating a united and harmonious country will not be achieved. justice and fairness. the sensitivities of the Bumiputeras must also be recognized and respected. without sacrificing basic principles of our cause? Are we heretics for condemning attacks perpetrated by certain parties on people of other faiths? Are we traitors for disagreeing when non-Bumiputeras are labeled as settlers and squatters? The answer is a resolute no! 56. 53. Article 153 of the Federal Constitution and the 30 percent equity target must be respected as the pillars and aspirations of Bumiputeras. The promises made to Malays one day are blatantly reneged the next when speaking to non-Malays. What of the feelings of Malays who find it so difficult to gain employment in private companies because they cannot speak Mandarin. We do not wish to become political chameleons such as those in the opposition. we must also empathise with the feelings of the non-Malays – when they are referred to as pendatang or told to return to China or India. This is their country of birth. a criteria advertised as a requirement by so many companies? Or look only at the 50 companies with the largest market capital in Bursa Malaysia. The politics of moderation or siyasah wasatiyyah must be our creed as the harmony amongst Malaysians is the key to collective peace and prosperity. Most assuredly the main responsibility of winning over support from non-Malays lies on the shoulders of certain component parties. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). Allah SWT said in Surah Al Hujurat: 13: O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female. The recent insult to Islam in a clip on YouTube is a case of how our patience and resolve are tested. 55. At the same time. and made you into nations and tribes. we should not take this inclusive approach on the moderate and wasatiyyah path to only be an instrument of winning elections. Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. In the midst of us calling for Malays to be big-hearted and embrace the politics of moderation. . If it is simply a political tactic. But in the current state of politics – moreoever with the concept of 1Malaysia being our collective compass – Malaysians want to see a BN that can practise the values of camaraderie. It tells us that differences between people hold blessings and wisdom and it is our responsibility as vicegerents on Allah’s earth to preserve harmony and good relations between one and all. At the same time. 54. PLEASE CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY EMBARGOED UNTIL DELIVERY 51. which neither threaten nor take from the rights and belongings of other races.

Young Malaysians live within the confines of their own ethnic communities. 62. all that will result from these are chaos and disorder. deception and misuse. whether we fail or succeed. PLEASE CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY EMBARGOED UNTIL DELIVERY Are we to believe that there are but a few non-Malays qualified to hold senior positions in the civil service? 58. For each and everyone of us. Chinese. the aspirations. This is precisely the Barisan Nasional tradition that has for so long succeeded in uniting us all. The politics of blaming BN is actually a cheap tactic to mask their deficiencies. 61. the Malaysian spirit and passion must be our priority. the Pakatan Government in Selangor even had the nerve to ask the Federal Government to solve the problem. PAS. that rhythm of promises is beginning to go flat. Look at the issue of support letters. Whatever differences there may be must not become obstacles to a life of mutual respect. We should not hastily pointing fingers at each other in the face of any issue. pledged to deal . striving together. this is where we forge our destiny. 65. cheap and adequate supply of water. assume we swap places. understanding. on the other hand. Malaysians need to give and take between one another and this by no means entails one side only taking and the other only giving. Lim Kit Siang boldly urged that the practice of issuing support letters be ceased entirely but lo and behold. switch fortunes. The 1Malaysia concept needs to be held as a shared aspiration amongst all races. But more than 30 months since the 12th General Elections. a Middle Eastern university and watches Malay programs on Astro Ria is alien to the young Chinese attending a vernacular school. We only need to look at how fervently they denied the existence of such a problem during the initial period after news of the scandal broke. estates or kampungs – for all Malaysians. The opposition does not walk its own talk. When we fail to understand and appreciate the feelings of other races. 59. The young Malay who attends religious school. in new villages. We all need to imagine ourselves in each other’s shoes. national interest and collective harmony. we live under the same laws. this is our homeland. society. Let the fate and future of this country. be determined together by us all. Though these identities are important and cannot be separated from us. 60. What we have been witnessing is that their only uniting asset is the politics of blame or a politics that faults everything that BN does. Kadazan. this is our country. However. as citizens of this blessed land. the barriers that separate us become higher and thicker. Indian. a Taiwanese university and entertained by Wah Lai Toi. It is now clear that the opposition only talks a good talk but cannot deliver on those pledges. be it in this hall or out there. only after UMNO had exposed them on many fronts did they finally concede that the sand theft was real. we pledge allegiance to the same King. Our perspectives – Malay. 64. we defend the same Constitution. the sand theft scandal not only harmed the earth and the people’s trust. As such. We must convince the people of Malaysia that only Barisan Nasional can keep these promises. Are we to suppose that we will experience economic growth through this politics of blame? Will the people be united by the slurs and smears directed at BN? Is this country to be transformed only by slamming BN? Of course not. the national interest. the support letters culture is evidently more chronic on their side as it is tainted with elements of triads. DAP made umpteen promises that the party would ensure safe. economics and unity – all are to do with BN. but also laid bare severe weaknesses in the state administration. only then can we appreciate the universal truth that our shared humanity unites us more than it divides. we hold to the same values. The beat of the opposition’s drum begins with mountains of lofty promises. We need to understand the feelings of other people if we want them to understand ours. pinning everything bad and wrong on BN. In Selangor. In the last General Election manifesto. 63. this is where we make our home and family. Each perpetuates mutual prejudices because of these barriers that exist. in the rural or urban areas. big or small. united in spirit. ambitions. It is our responsibility to tear down the walls and barriers that divide us. the collective interest we share as Malaysian citizens should always be foremost. The people are also getting fed up with the excuses and ploys. Iban or any other ethnic group – are still influenced by communal and religious identities. Irrespective of our differences. The problems pertaining to religion. Community life in a multi-ethnic country certainly demands much patience and courtesy from everyone. Not only did they admit only after being caught trying to wiggle their way out of a tricky situation. many races and religions but each of us Malaysian.

they are not fit to govern. in the midst of Muslims celebrating Aidilfitri. who succeeded in radiating the torch and spirit of our cause for the sake of our common future. This is the moment for us to stand united. they will bite each other and tumble down. For BN. based on a manhaj for our times and demonstrate our strength as UMNO members who can look any challenge in the eye and brave all trials and tribulations. we should guard against following in their footsteps by failing to boost our strengths and relying merely on the weaknesses of our opponents.I. What is crystal clear is that the maqasid of our struggle hs never been diminished by the passage of time. UMNO members from every corner of the country will rise up to the challenge to fulfil the charge and responsibility we bear together. Pakatan caliph. 68. we give. The reality is. the other to walk. We cannot stand idly and hope that the people’s support will come rolling in. it endures as a trust passed on from one generation of champions to another. phantom voters even appear on the voters list and democracy is killed as the highest positions go to one family uncontested. I ask you now. Imagine how difficult it must be to have the misfortune of being a body to such a chimera – one head wishes to eat. The maqasid will never cease. Then there is PKR who continues to be rocked by internal crisis due to their lust for power – chairs are flung. an A. That said. The same as when UMNO’s flag – the Sang Saka Bangsa – was first waved. Any semblance of unity within the opposition coalition is nothing more than an act to ensure that the fragile bonds between them do not break. DAP. 71. Such monstrous politics is taking form. 66. if we were to ask PAS Youth. With all that we have. We must work hard and strive in our jihad to save our country from the destruction of Cerberus. continues to be rejected by Malays who cannot accept their chauvinistic dreams of bringing down the pillars and fundamentals of this nation’s existence. are you ready to be with me to fulfil the trust we inherited for the sake of future generations? If you are ready. Simply put. We will never retreat. before it devastates our country. 73. they remain unwavering to this struggle. My fellow brothers in arms. we strive. The opposition coalition is in crisis and it is fraying. in Batu Sapi. we are at a crossroads that will determine the future of our cause. DAP will never share the same ultimate aspirations as PAS. the three-headed hound found in Roman mythology. UMNO Youth warriors will chase Cerberus to the ends of the universe. Come what may. it remains as it always has been. Hidup UMNO! Hidup UMNO! Hidup UMNO! . Wait until the three heads clash. Although some PAS leaders may say that the formation of the Islamic state is not a priority to please DAP. 67. they lack ability in governing the states they control.Lim Guan Eng presented a ‘festive gift’ by way of increasing water prices. 70. in the upcoming elections that this generation of UMNO Youth is resolute in mind and body. our shared concept is clear. stand with me and we will prove in Galas. recognize that UMNO’s strength comes from each of its members. 72. PLEASE CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY EMBARGOED UNTIL DELIVERY with the issue of rising living costs and prices of goods. The same gift was also presented to the people of Kedah. another to sleep. spirit and labour – we work hard. the same as when the sacrosanct UMNO song was first sung and the same as when our forefathers first fought to uphold the agenda of the Malay struggle. that is 1Malaysia. But one look at the opposition conjures up the image of Cerberus. But have they kept their promises and pledges? Clearly not. History has shown that whatever tribulations appear. let history remember us as the bearers of our struggle’s maqasid. 69. that the stench of the rot within does not reach anyone. The fundamental differences between Barisan Nasional and the opposition coalition are stark. chaos will surely ensue. the three-headed chimera. to defeat these destroyers of the people and this country. Today. on the other hand.