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Get to the Point 1

March-April 2011 Volume XVII Issue 4

Get to the Point: The NCCC News

An NCCC Atlantic Region Publication

Atlantic Region Perry Point

Get to the Point 2
Upper left clockwise: Moose1’s Jaquan Johnakin showing the proper tool use. Morgan D. Morris & Brandon
Wilfrom dig up things in Camden. Members of Raven 7 scrub wood flooring clean. While Sophia Neil craves out
concert while working with Habitat. And Raven 5’s Matt Malech uses power tools to get the job done right. Center:
Buffalo 6 making the A look good in the light of the Chesapeake Bay
(want your photos to be on the cover page– start posting to Picasa!...who knows your team could be next…)

Strengthen communities
and develop leaders through The Quicker Stick-er Picker Up-ers: Raven 1
direct, team-based national By: Tristan Fowler
and community service Hey Class 17, We’re just writing to let you know that we did a great job with
picking up the sticks in Delaware. The state is now stick free! Some were thrown
Inside this Issue: over a hill; some were thrown into the woods; some were burned; and some were
Raven 1 Update 2 sent off in a dump truck to a mysterious site. But the coolest sticks we picked up
were from a tree that literally exploded from a strike of lighting. We heard the
Alumni Spotlight 3 explosion three miles away, and sounded like either the apocalypse or aliens.
During the clean-up, we found 15 pound branches over 300 feet away. The debris
CAP & Media 4
looked like spaghetti splayed across the field.
Bursting the 5
The team’s favorite project on Round 1 so far was removing the cattails
AmeriBubble from Cattail Pond. A few of us got to wear waders and dig around in the muck, and
Specialty Role 6 the rest of us used our rakes, pitchforks and even hands to throw it away. We also
Hulk’s PT 6 had a major run in with a Canadian goose named Goo-Goo. Tasha defended us all.
But most of all, we bonded. It was the first day back for Maddy and Tristan from
AmeriCount 6
their Phoenix training. It was a change of pace from picking up sticks. And it was
one of those completely ridiculous tasks that all we could do was laugh at
The “A” 7 ourselves. Also, we came up with sweet dinosaur nicknames for each other, but
New Unit Leader 8 we’ll tell you about that some other time.
Rod’s 9
Back at the lodge, we had frequent slumber parties among the stink bugs
and played a few games of hot seat to get to know each other better. Khalid, a.k.a
Dernard’s 10 “Red,” returned to us on Tuesday, having spent the previous week at home. If you
Vehicle Tips hadn’t heard, he had a bad accident while playing football and needed to have
AmeriMeals 10 surgery on his face. Now he’s our team’s cyborg, with a titanium plate in his face.
Shout Outs 11 In other news, Eric is beginning to teach us ASL, and Ryan and Ellen are leading us
in yoga. Tasha has been eating her vegetables, and our fearful leader (spiders, ticks
and hugs) KJ hasn’t been eating McDonald’s. And just call Marcus “Paul Bunyan”
I’m a member of the National Civilian from now on because with one mighty swing of his axe logs will split in two.
Community Corps, an AmeriCorps
program. N-triple-C members are 18 to
24 years old and spend 10 months
So that should wrap it up for us. For the next four weeks we’ll be back home
getting things done for America while in Perry Point, probably picking up more sticks and chillaxing with the Veterans.
developing their own leadership skills.
We serve on teams to help communities
We’ll keep a light on for ya, and can’t wait to see you back at The Point soon!
prepare for and respond to disasters,
build homes, and help the environment. - Raven One: Done
Get to the Point 3

Alumni Spotlight: Jamie Casterton

Jamie Casterton, served as a Corps Member in Class 16 at the Atlantic Region-
Recently, we caught up with Jamie Casterton to find out her impressions on her
service year and what she is doing currently. Jamie served as a Corps Member on
the Badger 1 & Phoenix 3 team in Class XVI.

How did you find out about AmeriCorps NCCC? I found

out about AmeriCorps NCCC by word of mouth. A member of
my college service organization mentioned she might apply
after graduation. I plan to have a career in service, so when I
started looking for opportunities after college, NCCC seemed
Jamie Casterton, Badger 1 & Phoenix 3, Class XVI
like the logical next step in my journey.

What was the best part of your year? It is hard to pinpoint my

favorite part of my AmeriCorps experience. My favorite times mostly
revolve around spending time with other Corps Members (dance
parties, long talks, long runs, reflection, etc). I had the fortune of being
on 4 different teams throughout my service year; Badger 1, Mississippi
Disaster (tornado disaster relief in Mississippi), the Phoenix 3 fire
team, and the conference team. This not only gave
me the opportunity to form quality relationships with corps members I
Jamie is featured here (left) with her team:Badger 1
otherwise may not have from different units, but also offered a very
diverse service experience in regards to types of projects.

What are your current plans? In my LAA in the Twin Cities, I continue a
lifestyle of service as a volunteer tutor for Adult Basic Education and English
as a Second Language, and by volunteering two days a week at my local
United Way (a pretty cool gig that I got due to my AmeriCorps experience
with United Way Rhode Island). Both of these
opportunities will help me prepare for my next step - Peace Corps.
On June 1st I board a plane to Mali, Africa to spend 27
months training and working as an Education and Jamie is photographed-
Literacy volunteer. Peace Corps is a great next step Left: with her composite
disaster team (RI)
after AmeriCorps and many Class XVI alumnus
are nominated or have received invitations to Right: Jamie with a few
serve with Peace Corps. After my service I plan of her teammates while
at a food bank
to get more involved in Disaster Response, a
passion uncovered during NCCC.

I’ve checked out the first few GTTP’s, and Class XVII is looking good! I am so excited for you all to
create memories and have a blast this year. You’re in an incredibly unique position to make a BIG positive
change on the communities in which you serve. Believe in yourself, believe in your teammates, be proud of
what you’re doing, and most importantly, enjoy the ride!
Get to the Point 4

Getting things DONE … for… CAP & Media

Upcoming Events:

Raven 1, Moose 7, Buffalo 5 & Moose 1–Freestate Challenge Academy on April 4th!
Raven 5– Pittsburgh Project on April 13th, Awesome work Raven 5!
Raven 7- Making the connections in Vermont!- April 13th Green Mountain College
Tons of Teams are heading with Laura CRSTL to Baltimore Job Corps’ Career Fair! Should be
fun! April 14th!
Moose 5– has two upcoming events within the Camden and Philly area! Nice work guys!
Buffalo 3- Are heading to Positive Outcomes! Keep it up Buffalo 3!


Raven 4 for their recent media hit!

Moose 6 for being the first and only team to have engaged an alum!

Raven 5 & Raven 6 for completing your first CAP Event, with positive responses! Nice!


Special Thanks:

Regional Coordinators– you folks are such a great help, thank you for all you have been doing
so far in the position, keep the work up!

CAP- When you are planning at CAP Event (which you need a minimum of 3) please communicate your plans
to your Team Leader and to your Regional Coordinator. Teams should coordinate their dates & times
before reaching out to a recruitment partner!- Job Corps, Youth Build, Youth ChalleNGe Academy, Foster
Care & Covenant House

Media– Send out the approved hometown and project releases as soon as possible!

•Please follow up on releases to ensure they were received

•Search online to see if the releases were published. Whenever coverage is received a media coverage
form should be completed within 48 hours which is found on the portal.

There is a report due to Headquarters on April 8th about all our Media hits. Thus far we have
about 9 media hits this round which is good. The goal by the end of the round is over 40 media hits so
sending, following up and searching for media hits is very important. Reminder: Any information the project
sponsor puts out about the team such as a newsletter, website, etc also counts as a media hit.
Get to the Point 5

Bursting the AmeriBubble

•Libyan rebels continued their westward advance Sunday, taking operational
control of two key cities, Ras Lanuf and Brega. It's believed NATO launched
another round of airstrikes against the capital and also on targets in Sirte, Libyan
leader Moammar Gadhafi's hometown. In eastern Libya, anti-Gadhafi rebels were
consolidating their gains after retaking the strategic towns. (
Libyans hold pictures of Gadhafi

•OMG! It is no longer a just a teenage expression, but officially a word found in the dictionary.—"FYI" (for
your information), "LOL" (laughing out loud) and "OMG" (oh my god) are all now formally recognized by the
Oxford English Dictionary, one of the world's principal English-language dictionaries. (

•Federal agents busted a suspected gunrunning ring that allegedly includes the mayor, police chief and a city
councilman of Columbus, N.M. The government alleges the officials used the power and privileges of office to
buy weapons destined for a Mexican drug cartel. Federal agents swooped down on this remote border
outpost and arrested Mayor Eddie Espinoza, Police Chief Angelo Vega, village trustee Blas Gutierrez and
seven others. They've all been indicted for conspiracy to smuggle guns and making false statements to obtain
firearms. (

•Elizabeth Taylor, the English-American actress who became a star at age 10 and an icon by the time she was
30, died. Taylor died of congestive heart failure at a Los Angeles hospital. She was 79. (

•Charlotte County Sheriff's deputies arrested 22-year-old Robert Tuttle for allegedly attacking
his 60-year-old mother with an ax, threatening to kill her, and forcing her to stay in his
bedroom and watch movies with him for several hours. (
Watch this!

•Mounting problems, including badly miscalculated radiation figures and

inadequate storage tanks for huge amounts of contaminated water,
stymied emergency workers Sunday as they struggled to nudge Japan's
stricken nuclear complex back from the edge of disaster. Workers are
attempting to remove the radioactive water from the tsunami-ravaged
nuclear compound and restart the regular cooling systems for the Evacuees where the troubled nuclear power plant is
dangerously hot fuel. (Associated Press)

•Reese Witherspoon is legally married. She tied the knot to entertainment agent Jim Toth. (

•A poisonous cobra has vanished from an enclosure outside public view at the Bronx Zoo, and its Reptile
House remained closed Sunday as a precaution while zoo workers searched for the missing reptile. Once the
snake gets hungry or thirsty enough to leave its hiding place, workers will have their best opportunity to
recover it. In the meantime, the Reptile House remained closed indefinitely. (

•Here’s your bracket update:

Kentucky #4 VCU #11


Connecticut #3 Butler #8
Get to the Point 6

Specialty Role Updates

The 3rd week Service Learning Summary is due to Glenn and Melissa by Friday, April 1st.

You do not need to have all 3 formal service learning events completed but please fill out the sections
for the number of events that you have completed.

For Project Outreach Liaison the Day of Service Snapshot were due last week.

In the Corner with The Hulk: Physical Training

Hulk Move of the Week:
BROADJUMP HOP (Fork Yukon Young People and Walsh)
Materials- One short pointed stick for each player.
Players- Any number.

Procedures- Each player grabs a stick. Starting from a line or other marker, each player jumps landing on
both feet (as far as possible). They then jump again landing on one foot. Keeping the foot up (foot must
not touch the ground). They hop again landing on the same foot. After this second one foot jump they
reach as far forward as possible and stab the stick into the ground. During this reach balance can not be
lost and the raised foot cannot touch the ground. The stick is taken out and the series of three jumps
continues. Make sure to determine the end line. Rather than ever person playing individually you can
split the team in half and set the activity up like sprints with other activities.

The AmeriCount- Countdown

23 24 31 232
Days Until Days Until Days Until Days Until
Return to the Point Spring Break Round 2 Deploy Graduation
Get to the Point 7

The “A” & What It Stands For:

As adapted from Timothy Stowell, Alumni Reflection Induction March 11, 2011
The “A” stands for a more than AmeriCorps; it stands for the principles you demonstrate as a person

and as a team member.

1. The “A” stands for Ability, the skills and motivation to handle any task given to you. You will
be given a large number of tasks that far exceed what you think you’re capable of, but you and your
team will accomplish it all, and fast! That kind of work will assist people far beyond your short term
involvement with them, so you really have the capability to change someone’s life.

2. The “A” stands for Awareness, the understanding of your surroundings and desire to reach out.
Approach everything AmeriCorps throws at you with an open mind. When out in the community,
make sure to ask questions of the people you’re helping and working with to really get a sense of the
impact you’re making. Service learning is crucial to making the most of your experience, but
awareness also refers to being conscious of your team. They can your best friends or you might
not hit it off as well as you hoped, but you all have at least one thing in common, and that’s the fact
you’re dedicating 10 months of your time to service. Consider the feelings of those around you and
enjoy your time with them while it lasts.

3. Finally, the “A” represents Ambition, your willingness to help others and persevere in the face
of adversity. Without this, AmeriCorps wouldn’t have appealed to you, but the fact that you’re here
means you’re devoted to this cause and will carry the lessons learned in this program with you for
the rest of you lives. Always keep service as a passion in your lives and you will be very successful.
Even if you don’t end up working for a non-profit, you can always be active in your communities
and your efforts will be greatly appreciated. You only wear the “A” for your time with AmeriCorps,
but keep the principles of the “A” close to your heart to face any challenge ahead of you.

I’m a member of the National Civilian Community Corps, an AmeriCorps Program. N-triple-C
members are 18 to 24 years old and spend 10 months getting things done for America while
developing their own leadership skills. We serve on teams to help communities to prepare for and
respond to disasters, build homes, and help the environment.
Get to the Point 8

Meet the New Unit Leader; The Ranger...She’s home…

...home, home..home...on the Range...

Sharon Kellogg, from everywhere (Military Family, but considers

Maryland her home) joins the Buffalo Unit as their fearless leader.
She is familiar with the aspects of AmeriCorps NCCC Atlantic Region,
since she has worked with the VA-Maryland Healthcare System which
allowed her to train at Perry Point, where she was able to observe
members throughout the years. She is excited to be able to be
involved in the corps life, and to be able to use her leadership skills.
Unit Leader Sharon Kellogg stated, “ My leadership skills have been
developed to better the American community and those who serve it!”
We are excited to have her join and spread this passion and
development. Kellogg, has been working as an Emergency Response
Manager at the University of Maryland Medical Center using her
masters degree in Emergency of Disaster Management.

When asked about the Buffalo, since that is the unit name she inherited, she spoke of the representation of
the buffalo and the ideal AmeriCorps member; “In Chinese astrology the Buffalo represents the world’s
hardest workers. Those born under that sign are not complainers and they can withstand considerable
pressure.” Go Buffalo!

We sat down with Sharon Kellogg to ask her some very important questions.
Laura CRSTL: What type of food or food item do you consider to be your comfort food?
Sharon Kellogg: There are so many, probably my sister says chocolate fixes everything,
and I totally agree.
Laura CRSTL: Shark vs. Octopus… Who would win?
Sharon Kellogg: Octopus
Laura CRSTL: Snickers vs. Reese… Which would you pick?
Sharon Kellogg: Snickers, but I do like both
Laura CRSTL: A Buffalo, Raven and Moose are stranded on a deserted island…What skills would a
Buffalo bring for their survival?
Sharon Kellogg: Buffalo of various types are used around the world to build and sustain communities
through their great strength and persistence so the Buffalo would provide shelter and food. Their free
spirit would allow them to enjoy the solitude.
Get to the Point 9

Rod’s Ruminations: Awkward Circumstances

Today I want to talk to you about the most awkward social circumstance human
beings face on a day to day basis. I’m sure you all have experienced this situation,
considering how many people you live with currently. I’m talking about the
uncomfortable exchange that occurs when one person is using the bathroom and
another person knocks on the door.

Let’s look at this from both sides. From one perspective, you have the knocker, who approaches the
bathroom needing to use it. The door is closed (or at least I would hope it is), so they assume the room is
in use. However, there is that small and deranged demographic of people who close the bathroom door
after they leave. So, in the back of the knocker’s mind, there is that seed of doubt saying “Maybe it is
actually empty?”

This seed of doubt inevitably forces the person to knock, precipitating the most awkward five
seconds known to man. The person using the bathroom is taken by surprise by this interruption. What
should they say? At this point sheer reflex takes over and one of several phrases is muttered: There’s the
ubiquitous “Hello?” or the blatantly obvious “I’m in here,” and my personal favorite, a simplistic “Yo!”
Whichever one is chosen, the person in the bathroom is left feeling rushed and startled, while the knocker
is left feeling intrusive and foolish. In the end, we all lose here.

I’m sure sociologists and other “academics” have pondered solutions to this dilemma for eons. I
bet cavemen had an even worse time with it. I mean, they couldn’t even build doors, let alone operate
them correctly. So there was probably a lot of barging in on people and vicious club beatings as a result.
However, my second grade teacher Mr. Hitchcock solved this problem years ago, and he did it without a
fancy “liberal arts” degree. He simply hung a big round cardboard circle on our classroom’s bathroom
door and painted one side red and the other side green. The system was brilliant in its simplicity: you
flipped the circle to red when you went into the bathroom, and back to green when you left. This signified
whether the room was open for business or closed for…well…business. The scheme ended all awkward
bathroom encounters, freeing all of us eight year olds from crippling embarrassment and stunted social

I encourage you all to consider adopting old Mr. Hitchcock’s brilliant bathroom management
system on your team. I think it promotes a sense of social harmony and will enable you to enjoy your own
rumination time, free from intrusion.
Get to the Point 10

Dernard’s Doggone Too Easy Vehicle Tips:

Brake fluid Reservoir Should Also Be At An Optimum Level
Reservoir should be at optimum level with the fluid type.

• flashing brake warning light

• squealing, chirping or grinding noises
• pulsations in the brake pedal
• shaky steering wheel
• increased stopping distance
• car pulls to one side when you stop
... your brakes may require servicing...

AmeriGourmet: The Cooking Corner

5 Cheese Pasta

1 pound Rigatoni, fusilli or small shells, dried

2 cup heavy cream

1 teaspoon Basil, dried

1 cup Crushed tomatoes in heavy puree

1 package Italian blend cheese (8 ounces divided -

mozzarella, mild cheddar, provolone, and asiago)
1/4 cup gorgonzola cheese, crumbled

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Spray a 9-by-13-inch casserole dish with cooking spray.

Boil pasta two minutes less than the package directs in plenty of well-salted water and set aside.
Meanwhile, in a large bowl, mix together the cream, crushed tomatoes, basil, 1 1/2 cups of Italian cheese
blend, and gorgonzola cheese.

Add cooked pasta to the cream and cheese mixture. Stir to combine. Pour into prepared casserole dish
and top with remaining 1/2 cup of Italian cheese blend. Bake for 30 minutes, or until top is browned
slightly and pasta is bubbling hot.

Serve immediately. Severing yields about 6-8

Get to the Point 11

Go Ahead, Make My Day...Give me a Shout Out

BUFFALO 1- Sunday night we did a Family night with Buffalo 6 and it was awesome. We played a
question game, Never have I ever, Water Pong, and just spent the night together as a family. It
was successful and a way for the two teams to bond without alcohol.

Sledge hammer to the thigh, no problem.
Intense soccer leaving the surviving limping to the showers, too easy.
30 minute fire hydrants, ridiculous, but no sweat.
B3!B3!!B3!B3!B3!B3!..... and so on

BUFFALO 4-Fresh off a 70+ hour week, Buffalo 4 is returning to Baltimore for some much needed time outside.
What’s cooler than being served three hot meals a day? How about getting to work at a robotics competition in DC
for four days! Also Tom Hanks called, he wants his voice back.
Shout out to Nate! The team (especially Joe) has been screaming out your name randomly (even John’s missing
you but he’s too proud to admit it). Hope the fires are good and hot!

BUFFALO 5- Somebody once asked could I spare some change for gas, I need to get myself away from this
pla-ace. I said, yep, what a concept, I could use a little fuel myself and we could all use a little

BUFFALO 6-B1 and B6 played an intense battle of water pong on family night… we challenge any team to a battle royal

Buffalo 2, you make our dreams come true.

Shout out to B7. We doin’ it big up in NY. ~Derwin

Hey Justin, good job on winning with the ISPs. You’re welcome. ~Agent Copper

What up, Patrick!

MOOSE 1-Moose 1 had a blast demolishing buildings at the camp this week! Moose 1 LOVES tearing down buildings!

MOOSE 2-Man on the corner selling hats and drank…Michael’s team…

MOOSE 3-*We would like to give a shout out to Terrell (Star) Price. We miss your
smooth R&B vocals and your attractive Dougie moves.
*Rachel on Phoenix 1 keep doing well in the community – Mark
*Steve Kerr I miss your curly locks – Bethany
*Green Team…Miss you like woah! Hope you are all having a great first round!

MOOSE 4- Moose 4 is loving NOLA! 

MOOSE 6-Much love to Moose 1 for their most excellent card full of Moose-worthy love! Moose 6 is
currently preparing our response, and we believe you will enjoy!

(Continued on page 12)

Get to the Point 12

MOOSE 7- Team Work, Makes the Dream Work.

RAVEN1-Raven One just finished getting it done in Delaware. Now it’s time to get it done at the VA. Who’s bad?
What kinda work? TEAMWORK!

~Laura Mack- I’m not dead, so thanks for checking in on me! I miss you and love ya beautiful J
~Griff & Julian- It’s about to go down!!!!
~Amelia- I miss you so much roomie! And I love ya like a fat kid loves cake, haha!!!
~Leeann & Hunter- I miss you pretty ladies! Hope all is well J
~To all of the Green Team- Have a wonderful week and with whatever you do, please never forget to…. EHHHH, PUT IT ON THE PIZZA!!!
~Dania (Raven 6)- That’s what she said!!!
~”I would blow my sphincter out my backside like one of those unrolling paper streamers you get at children’s parties-I daresay it would even
give a merry toot-and bleed to a messy death in my sleeping bag.” ~A Walk In The Woods~ (Raven Unit Book Club)

RAVEN 3-Raven 3 worked with a group of students from the University of Illinois and a church group
from North Carolina on the construction site. While the members of Raven 3 could be found leading
the charge towards the construction of a new home, the church group, comprised of (12) 70+ year
old members, constantly put to shame the college students doing the same job. It provided Raven 3
with extreme admiration towards the senior citizen community and gave them something to aspire
to in their later years.

RAVEN4-50 baby chickens arrived in the mail this week. We’ve been busy attending to their needs. We also sleep like mummies in our tents during the
freezing cold nights.
A Haiku:
Fifty baby chicks
One day you will be dinner
Yum yum yum yum yum

RAVEN6-The team had a great impact at the Food Bank of Delaware during their rainy day work.

RAVEN7-Raven 7 has been working with the lovely and talented Ms. Vaughn Pinkett this week. Martha Stewart ain’t got
nothin on her but jail time, baby.

Little known facts about Raven 7…Carl hates when Stringer and Avon are wrongly identified. Sophia always has her
sassy pants on. Nicki loves the way her AmeriSweatshirt looks. Colin May is traveled. Dominique creates an interesting
smell with his cologne and flatulence. Kitty sleepdrinks from the water fountain. Gillian defends like a beast and has a
powerful warrior cry. Rob can drink more Muscle Milk than you. Zac hates gloves. Ariel is a professional Ultimate
Frisbee player. Julian laughs like a 50 year old woman, just so you know. You are now more acquainted with Raven 7.

STLS– eh...put it on the pizza just isn’t the same without the whole green team around. Melissa is wandering
around the village aimlessly looking for anyone in a green shirt to talk to...often times these wanderings seem
more like pacing, for her sake we are all hoping green team comes home soon. Laura has taken to leaving
her to fend for herself...Laura and her hotbox/white lighting/white terd (aka her mini-van) have become best
friends and hold long conversations about the amazing creation that is goldfish… I mean honestly IT’S THE
We miss everyone– seriously please come back!

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