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America's favorite principal is here George Feeny steps in as university president

Stuart Minkus ods of becoming personally and now he’s coming to Suf- the student representative after interviewing both can-
Journal Staff involved with his students’ folk,” said Matthews scratch- on the presidential search didates, the committee de-
lives, to help them committee, said termined that Mr. Feeny is
Suffolk’s Presidential make achievements choosing Feeny, actually America’s favorite
Search Committee named both academically and who was voted in principal,” said Zalatoris.
George Feeny, a well known personally. “I think unanimously, was When Feeny was hired,
professor from Pennbrook it’s important to un- an easy decision. he was offered $3 million
University in Philadelphia, as derstand and nurture “As a student including salary and bo-
David Sargent’s successor as my students and I rel- here at Suffolk, nuses, but he opted to take
the university’s president, ac- ish the opportunity Feeny just put me at a pay cut and redistribute
cording to an email sent to the to do that at Suffolk,” ease,” he said. “He the money to the students.
Suffolk community yesterday. said Feeny in an inter- seems so warm and “That money could be bet-
“We are pleased to an- view with the Journal. neighborly. I can ter used to help students battle
nounce that George Feeny, a Chants of “FEEN- just imagine walk- the outrageous costs of college
beloved educator truly devot- AY! FEE-HEE-HEE ing into my back- tuition,” said Feeny, who add-
ed to his students, will mark FEENAY,” echoed yard and getting ed that he will make it a prior-
the beginning of a new chap- from the Common life advice from ity to be visible on campus and
ter at Suffolk,” Acting Presi- and could be heard him as he’s tend- maintain an open door policy.
dent and Provost Barry Brown for miles as students ing to his garden.” “I believe connecting with
is reported to have said. gathered to celebrate Among the the students is the most impor-
Feeny began his ca- the announcement. other candidates tant part of my job,” he said.
reer as an English teach- Psychology profes- was Richard Beld- “Nothing we do here means
er at John Adams High sor Cory Matthews is ing, principal of anything unless it’s in the
School in Philadelphia, and a former student and Bayside High best interest of the students,
then principal in 1994. In neighbor of Feeny. “He School in Los An- so I welcome any feedback
1998, he became an Eng- was my sixth grade geles, who visited from the Suffolk community.”
lish Professor at Pennbrook. English teacher, then he was ing his head. “Come to think Suffolk in 2009 and was titled
Over the years, Feeny has my high school principal, then of it, that’s kind of weird.” “America’s favorite principal.”
grown notable for his meth- he was my college professor, Junior Scott Zalatoris, “We chose Feeny because

nside Sargent, Dumbledore? Power Ranger’s mentor to

address graduating class

Cynthia Fig Newton “That being said, the one at

Journal Staff hand, Harry Potter, seemed Farkas Bulkmeier don of Eltar, a wise sage and
to have a strong hold on him. mentor to the Power Rangers,
Eugene Skullovich
News Since the end of October,
when the abrupt resignation
A little too strong, maybe.”
An unknown Suffolk
Journal Staff agreed to deliver the com-
mencement speech to the
"Vieira loses powers, leaves student was able to take a
of Suffolk’s long-standing Everyone’s favorite Class of 2011. “It’s really a
city in hands of new hero' president of 21 years, David snapshot of Sargent at the inter-dimensional, ethe- deep honor to have Zordon
pg. 3 Sargent, sent shockwaves midnight premiere of Harry real floating head will ad- impart his vast wisdom upon
Potter and the Deathly Hallows:
throughout campus, stu- dress the departing senior our graduates,” said Gatlin.
dents have been eager for a Part 1 at the AMC Theatre on class on graduation day. Zordon, who has led
"Times are tough for Tom crucial answer to the most Tremont Street in November. According to university
from MySpace" pg. 6 important question: why? In the photo, Sargent is seen spokesman Greg Gatlin, Zor- see ZORDON page 2
On Friday, the thirst was in an uncanny representation
Arts & quenched. The Office of the
Provost, after the viral release
of the character Dumbledore,
holding a “magic wand” and
Entertainment of a photograph showing Sar- whispering incantations to the
"Faculty member goes gent donning a long robe, a sil- screen. This was on November
'Gaga' " pg. 5 ver beard and a magic wand in 19- less than three weeks after
hand, decided to come clean. Sargent’s abrupt resignation.

Sports “David Sargent is appar- “He was being pulled in

ently not immune to cultural another direction. He started
"Sheen to join Indians; trends- even those of a young- to talk in a British accent, and
promises lots of 'winning'" er generation,” said Acting requesting something called
pg. 7 president and provost Barry
Brown, acting President. see SARGENT page 2
PAGE 2 March 30, 2011

Sargent spotting noon, a completely random

Zordon of Eltar honored to speak
from ZORDON page 1 igot of the planet Liaria, where the graduation will
from SARGENT page 1 freed Zordon from his time be held. The project is esti-
sum of $2.8 million was
butterbeer. He ordered given to Suffolk’s quidditch many teams of young war- warp and sent him back to mated at nearly $ 2.8 trillion,
magic sets and jellybeans. team, as an anonymous gift. riors over the millennia, will his home world, Eltar. Zor- but the university declined
Some higher power was “Yes, these instances are speak about the inner hero in don was captured months to comment on the cost.
calling to him, and his time connected… to each other, as all of us and how with cour- later by the Grand Monarch “2.8 trillion is ridicu-
here was through. The si- well as Sargent,” said Brown. age, integrity and teamwork, of Evil, Dark Specter, who be- lous,” said SGA senator and
ren song, however, was While the average demo- anyone can save the world gan to drain Zordon’s power. former Suffolk GOP Presi-
something that none of us graphic of a Harry Pothead from the forces of evil, accord- During the great galactic dent Karl Hoffman. “Suf-
expected,” said Brown. is of a much younger genera- ing to Zordon’s spokesman battle of 1998, Zordon instruct- folk has spent far less money
As the photograph made tion, this seemingly obsessive and trusted assistant Alpha 5. ed the red ranger to shatter his on great commencement
its rounds throughout the fandom at the hands of a Pres- “I can’t believe Zordon energy tube, unleashing his speakers, like Gary Busey
student body, students be- ident is something that stu- is speaking at my gradua- good energy across the uni- and Billy D. Williams!”
gan to connect previous dents, and administration, are tion,” said senior T.J. John- verse and eradicating all evil, Rumors are circulating
strange occurrences that left to digest in their own way. son. “Ever since I was a kid I and killing him in the process. that the true purpose of Zor-
made their way onto Suf- “I am asking those of you wanted to be a Power Rang- Zordon was recently don’s visit is to observe and
folk’s campus weeks earlier. who are drawing Dark Marks er, and this is the guy that brought back to life through select a new team of Power
On a certain Monday throughout the campus to was there from the begin- efforts of Alpha and Billy Rangers to fight evil. John-
morning in early October, please stop,” said Brown. ning and taught the Power Cranston, and revealed him- son said he hopes the rumors
dozens of snowy owls were “That goes for the Mud- Rangers! This is the guy who self as the original blue ranger. are true. “T.J. Johnson, Red
released in Sargent Hall with blood graffiti as well. What gave the ultimate sacrifice “Using an inter-dimen- Ranger. Has a nice ring to it.”
no explanation. They perched does that even mean any- to rid the universe of evil.” sional particle detector, I was Zordon denied the ru-
themselves onto the banisters, way? And what’s a Hagrid?” Zordon led the fight able to locate Zordon’s energy mors in an interview with
amidst the happy confusion of For now, things have against evil 10,000 years ago particles spread throughout the Journal through the Com-
the students, while John Wil- calmed down. Brown is now before he was trapped in a the universe, collect them, mand Center’s viewing globe.
liams’ conductions swirled the university’s “headmas- time warp by Rita Repulsa, and rematerialize them, in- “Earth is safe from the forces
through the loudspeakers. ter” and none of the stair- who was later trapped in a side a new energy tube,” of evil for the time being,” he
“Where are we, on a Harry cases are moving. Portraits space dumpster with her min- said Cranston, who rebuilt said. “I’m just coming because
Potter set?” joked one student. on the walls are not com- ions. Repulsa returned and the Command Center in I truly believe in the power of
The next morning, the ing to life, and there are no attacked the City of Angel the deserts of Angel Grove. young people to change the
words “Dumbledore’s Army” three-headed dogs hidden Grove, Calif., in 1993, lead- For Zordon to speak world. If circumstances ever
were etched into the marble behind closed doors. Suffolk ing Zordon to “recruit a team at graduation, Suffolk will do arise where I need to as-
pavilion on the Boston Com- University is now, for the of teenagers with attitude.” have to build an energy semble a new team—may
mon. Later on in the after- time being, full of muggles. In 1997, the wizard Lar- tube at Westin Copley Place, the power protect them.”

This year, Suffolk is participating in
the National Survey of Student
Satisfaction (NSSE), a survey

do you
about the experiences of college
students, and we want your
opinion! We will use our results as
a guide to help us make changes

think? in policies, curriculum, and


Tell us your opinions!

You could WIN
an iPAD!!
In March, many freshmen and seniors
will be sent an important invitation to
participate in the survey.
Your feedback is important, so Complete the survey
please respond! and you will be entered
If you miss the invitation, watch for a into a drawing for a
follow-up email or letter!
32GB iPad!
10 $25 gift cards for
local restaurants will
also be awarded!
Questions: Email Megan Daley For more information about NSSE, visit
PAGE 3 March 30, 2011

Vieira loses powers, leaves city in hands of new hero

Colin Batty stopped patrolling the streets have mentioned someone avenger circulated quickly guy is thinking or doing, but
Chief Executor of Awesome at night, it doesn’t mean making quite the ruckus with Vieira’s public resigna- he seems to be doing a good
that crime can run free yet around the neighborhood. tion to the crime fighting life. job,” said Officer Paul Paul-
Suffolk SGA President again. Vieira hinted to a fu- “I swear I saw some- “I saw him in the streets son of the Suffolk Police.
Mitch Vieira was alleg- ture vigilante who very well one running on the rooftops once. He had curly hair and But even with this new
edly debunked last year as may already be in action. the other night,” said local glasses that he wore over his crime fighter patrolling
a masked vigilante, who “I made sure to leave the George Turner. “I was walk- mask,” said freshman Tom the nights, is the area safe
fought to bring justice to job in good hands,” Vieira ing my dog and someone tried Thompson. “Honestly, he without the retired Vieira?
Temple Street and the rest of said with could be Vieira seems to think so.
the Beacon Hill area. Alas,
the area’s potential hero may
a smile.
“I can’t "I know my facial hair is anyone.”
T h e
“I wouldn’t retire unless I
thought things were going to
have met the end of his career
with a recently broken leg.
much, what held the magic powers, vigilante
be okay,” responded Vieira.
“I’ve had my fun and served
“It ruined my night-life but let’s
but how can a guy keep the a recent my time. I remember when

street clean when he can't

career, that’s for sure,” said j u s t robbery I got into this business. Past
Vieira after returning to the say the of the Te- SGA president Brian LeFort
university from the injury.
Finally admitting to his mid-
will stay walk around?" d e s c h i ’s
at the end
had been wrongly frozen in
carbonite… I had to do some-
night masked adventures, clean. of Temple thing. But now, someone
Vieira continued, “I know Someone with even stron- to steal my wallet. But before Street just two weeks ago. The else is stepping up. It’s kind
my facial hair is what held ger powers than I can I turned around to face my at- robber was questioned, but of nice to be able to relax.”
the magic powers, but how keep up with it all.” tacker, the thief was knocked refused to talk. The only thing Although Vieira’s re-
can a guy keep the street Unfortunately, Vieira re- out cold by a rock with a fact the suspect had to show was tirement is sudden, so are
clean when he can’t walk fused to give the Journal any- about the Democratic party his jacket, which had the ini- the resumed duties by a
around? Sadly, it’s impos- thing more than that regarding on it. I was perplexed but tials “D. M.” cut into the back. new vigilante. The Journal,
sible. My crime-fighting ca- his successor. Not completely appreciated the saving…” Authorities are still working along with the rest of the
reer has met an abrupt end.” in the dark, however, some Other sightings around out who the avenger could be. public, can only watch for
Although Vieira has students, faculty and locals campus of a new masked “I don’t know what this the new recruit and wait.

Paranormal club endorses Christine O'Donnell

Dr. Peter Venkman Stantz when asked about intense she really was with O’Donnell, full time prac-
Journal Staff O’Donnell’s legitimacy. her witchcraft,” said Stantz. ticing witch, please leave
“Even I thought she was a “I was even more blown a message after the beep.”
Although Christine show-boater on television. away by how well she hid it.” Stantz said that he spoke
O’Donnell’s loss in her run for It seemed like a joke. But we After speaking with mul- with O’Donnell person-
Senate in 2010 was a harsh one, did some serious vetting be- tiple members of the organi- ally and that she signed a
the crazed Republican hasn’t fore endorsing her and decid- zation, the general consensus contract stating she would
completely gone off the grid. ed it was definitely worth it.” was the O’Donnell would help the organization.
Suffolk’s new Paranor- “We think she may
mal Club has recently still be trying to avoid
decided to endorse the public recognition
O’Donnell, but not in of witchcraft. Her old
the area of politics. interview with Bill
“Christine’s su- Maher really screwed
preme interest in things up with her
witchcraft really in- political life. I can
trigued us,” said Dr. see why she’d want
Raymond Stantz, a to keep a lid on her
member of the Para- powers,” said mem-
normal Club. “We ber Dr. Egon Spengler.
figured she would re- When Stantz was
ally be in tune with confronted about
what happens af- O’Donnell’s scrutiny
ter death. What bet- for embezzlement
ter way to study the charges regarding the
paranormal than to last three years of cam-
work with someone paigns, he laughed
who has truly experi- and waved the issue
enced all of it before?” off. “O’Donnell isn’t
The club has been being paid with mon-
interested in inves- ey, so she can’t really
tigating allegedly haunted Looking back through help contact spirits of the un- steal anything from us besides
parts of Boston as well as her old records, the Para- dead and convince them to our time. We’re compensating
exploring the world beyond normal Club discovered appear in front of an audience. Christine with Runic scrolls
the living. With the addi- that O’Donnell had been ly- O’Donnell was contacted we received from a local
tion of O’Donnell to the ing when she said that she for interview, but declined pawnshop. I’m definitely not
team, the club says they are never joined a coven. In fact, to comment on the situation. concerned about her past. I’m
excited to see more results. she had and was respected The Journal was only given really just hoping this is a step
“Obviously we were for her heavy involvement. her voicemail, which relayed into a new future for her.”
skeptical at first,” said “I was blown away by how “You have reached Christine
PAGE 4 March 30, 2011

Sacrificin g Ra mmy
The inside story of Suffolk's former mascot, replaced and self-sabotaged
Kane Abel versity mascot Rammy the one of the most notoriously marijuana, which many of recent weeks, had been seen
Journal Staff Ram, who was recently re- rowdy streets in Allston, it the students at the Univer- leaving Rammy’s house many
placed by a much younger seemed as if his life was start- sity seemed to use to calm times by neighbor Danny
On Wednesday, March Ram. According to police, ing on a downward spiral. their nerves. It worked Tanner. Tanner, who changed
23 around 8 p.m., Boston Rammy was unresponsive “It all began in 2009, when wonders for me, and pret- his name in honor of the great
Police were called out to an and seemed to be in a drug- I was captured by a group of ty soon I was recovering.” TV dad, commented that he
apartment located on Pratt induced haze. The apart- terrorists based at Emerson But his recovery was first noticed Sheen around
Street in the Boston neighbor- ment smelled like cannabis College,” said Rammy, refer- too late. Within the first few
Valentine’s Day. “I was just
hood of Allston in response smoke and furniture was scat- encing an incident two years weeks of last semester, the like, isn’t that the guy who re-
to an open-container com- tered throughout the rooms. ago which left him trauma- school not only announced placed Marty McFly on Fam-
plaint received. When they Last semester, Rammy tized. The terrorist group, a new logo, but they an- ily Ties?” said Tanner. “Nev-
entered the doors, accord- received word that he was to known as the Tightpants nounced his replacement. ertheless, things like this just
ing to the report, the officers be put into forced-retirement Underground, was no threat “I hated it. I had to move
prove why I hate Allston.”
heard smashing in a back- as the school had found a to security, and has since o u t to the trashiest Rammy has now been
room, complimented by Dio’s much more nimble successor. stopped all activity. However, neighborhood given the choice of either
Holy Diver being blasted in Since then, he was evicted their sole pur- pose at in the city, and
jailtime for possession of
unison on every speaker in from his Beacon Hill apart- that point I soon fell into
controlled substances, or a
the apartment. When they ment because he couldn’t the maelstrommonth-long trip to rehab.
reached the back room, they pay rent. Moving to of drugs in the “I chose rehab because
found former Suffolk Uni- same way that I’ve made it my mission to get
actors past their prime back on top. I hear that there’s
have,” Rammy said. “That’s a middle school out in Mon-
actually how I met Charlie, tana that’s been looking for
was to shake up Suffolk’s mas-
a new Ram
cot, and they suc-
mascot, and I
ceeded. Rammy
think I’m just
started to attend
their guy,”
happy hour at
Rammy said.
the Red Hat
The life
almost every
of sex and
day, which
drugs may
seemed like a
be over for
good move to
Rammy, but
his fans who
we here at the
also frequent
Journal hope
the bar. With-
that one day
in two years,
Photo by Yesit Issugar he’ll be able
Rammy was
to once again
but a shadow of the once
through my cocaine dealer.” Rock-and-roll on the court.
spirited mascot Ridgeway’s
C h a r -
gymnasium once knew.
lie Sheen,
“I guess you could say
w h o ’s
that I changed from school
spirit to alcoholic spirits,”
life has
Rammy said. “After
hit the
that shakeup,
I also
light in
to in-
i n
PAGE 5 March 30, 2011

Ba nksy reve a ls t r ue ident it y staff

Meestur Braynewash
Journal Staff
ager. After attending college
at the University of Bristol
face to remain unidentified
while becoming secluded,
mentary and political activ-
ism with satire on modern
and graduating with a de- only known to a few people pop culture and dark hu-
Over the years there has gree in which he majored in inside his personal circle. mor. His inspiration comes
been much speculation as to Art History and minored in Banksy’s parents and siblings from the strong relation-
who Banksy really is. The illu- Politics, Roy began to focus continued to be in touch with ship between music and art
sive street artist is famous for on his street art, which slowly him, although they were un- in the Bristol Underground
his anonymity, and although started to gain popularity and der the impression that he scene and the education he
many people have claimed to recognition. He soon start- was still a successful designer. received on art and politics
know who he is, it isn’t un- ed to go by the street name For close to a decade now, when he attended university.
til just recently that his true Banksy, as a modification of no one has spoken a word Some of his famous
identity has been revealed. his last name, to stay under as to Banksy’s true identity, pieces include the image of
Thanks to a Brit who was the radar from authorities. except for the fact that he’s a Guantanamo prisoner at The Beatles
once part of Banksy’s close Before becoming wide- British and wishes to remain Disneyland in California, the "Penny Lane"
inner circle and was willing ly known in England and anonymous. Although many sculpture of the murdered Why would anyone ever
to be paid off in exchange around the world, Banksy reports have come out claim- telephone booth, numerous wear a Mac in the pouring
for answers, all the details of took a design job at the House ing who he really is, those rat stencils, and the notable rain? Very strange.
the famous graffiti artist have of Commons in Parliament to who supposedly work for drawings on the barrier of the
been exposed. Born in Bristol, make a living, while continu- him or deal with the public West Bank. He has also been -Steve Jobs
England in 1974, Roy Banks ing to do graffiti art on the aspects of his career have al- known for replacing famous
is the son of Daniel and Me- side. His art took a turn for ways denied it. Banksy has works in some of the most
linda Banks and has been un- the better when he became somehow always eluded re- prestigious museums with
covered to be the true Banksy. aware of how much easier it porters and officials around his own work without being
Youngest of 3 siblings, Roy was to use stenciling instead the world, even through noticed for days at a time.
grew up in a middle class of freehand in his work. His his latest project, a film he Although Banksy will no
family, his father a carpen- work that started popping up made called Exit Through the doubt go into hiding or be-
ter and his mother a nurse. all over southern England. Gift Shop, which was nomi- gin denying this identity af-
Banksy is 6’ tall with dark Roy soon quit his job and nated this year for an Acad- ter reports start to reveal his
brown hair, slim build and began doing street art full- emy Award. Throughout the true identity, the insider as-
has tattoos on both his arms. time, leaving his birth name film, he is only shown on sures people that this is ulti-
Various Artists
Roy, who grew up during the behind and becoming more camera with his face blurred mately who he really is and
"The Big Chill Soundtrack"
Bristol Underground Scene, secretive about his true iden- out and voice distorted. plans to provide documented
Makes me feel like the good
began doing graffiti art in tity. He began doing his art Banksy’s street art com- information and photos to
old days, huntin' bears and
the early nineties as a teen- solely at night and hiding his bines the use of social com- prove it in the coming days.
taking neighborhood strolls

Facult y member goe s 'Ga ga' to Russia.

-Sarah Palin

Lucious Merriweather Corpone it hot, showing them what I Silveria compared the in- ously, but also would not
Journal Staff got,” Silveria said upon be- cident to a “bad romance,” stop taking pictures – which
ing kicked out of the con- claiming that he received was forbidden at the show.
Take a guess at who was cert. “I had my poker face the ugly from the TD Gar- “It’s like the guy thought
spotted decked out in Gaga on for a while, but then Lady den security team. Security he was paparazzi; just dis-
gear at Lady turbing” said
Gaga’s concert Barney Stub-
on March 8 at ble, who works
the TD Gar- security and
den. If you came down
guessed John on Silveria
Silveria, then for his actions Bruce Willis
you guessed and apparel. "The Return of Bruno"
right! The as- Regardless of This is a real album.
sistant dean the trouble
of students at he got into, -Ethan Long
Suffolk was Silveria said
found amongst that he has
thousands of only one re-
screaming fans, gret about the
but nobody entire night:
screamed loud- “My big-
er than Silveria, gest disap-
who was even- pointment was
tually escorted that I couldn’t
out of the show just dance da
for shouting da doo-doo-
too loudly mmm,” con-
Michael Buble
and dress- Photo by Charlie Sheen cluded Sil-
"Let it Snow!"
ing too risqué veria. “I just
I love snow!
for fourth grade girls to Gaga came on the stage and begged to differ, stating that wish I could shut my play-
handle, a la Gaga style. I began to weep hysteri- Silveria was not only scream- boy mouth, oh oh oh-oh.”
-Charlie Sheen
“I was just trying to make cally. I just couldn’t help it.” ing and dressed scandal-
PAGE 6 March 30, 2011

Times are tough for

St a f f Editoria l
Lorem ipsum dolor sit lorem. Donec fermentum, egestas justo velit a lectus.
Tom from Myspace
Lucious Merriweather Cornpone pedophile. And pedophilia is
amet, consectetur adipiscing lorem vel volutpat tristique, Vestibulum nulla diam, dic-
elit. Proin pretium odio ac lectus dui tristique metus, ut tum sed egestas vel, semper Journal Staff not cool – unless you're John
Wayne Gacy – because clown
elit adipiscing volutpat. porttitor nisl lectus in diam. sed neque. Fusce scelerisque
In a sad turn of events, costumes are totally rad.
Maecenas ut dictum magna. What a clever group! Nul- diam vitae neque commodo
Tom from has In an effort to find new
Praesent et quam vel nisl lam in justo ut libero tempor eleifend. I pity the fool who
lost all of his friends, and comrades who don't hate him
consequat tincidunt. The molestie. Ut sodales mattis doesn't regularly read The I cannot even fathom how for forcing friendship upon
Journal staff is awesome. purus, sed vestibulum arcu Suffolk Journal.Curabitur this happened! The Myspace them, Tom has joined the
Maecenas gravida dapibus bibendum sit amet. Fusce congue lacus id ipsum phare-
founder – who has forced Facebook network under the
bibendum. Sed nulla ipsum, euismod ante at elit interdum tra pellentesque. Nulla porta
every member of the site to alias Mark Suckerburger. He
gravida et sollicitudin vitae, ac ultrices neque vehicula. magna nec risus consequat ac
be his friend – has been un- has yet to receive a friend, the
adipiscing congue nisl. Ev- Sed ac dolor nibh, sit amet commodo erat suscipit. Class
friended by every single per- poor soul! So far, "Mark Suck-
eryone should be proud pellentesque orci. The New aptent taciti sociosqu ad lito-
son in the community in an erburger" aka "Tom the Mo-
of us. Nunc gravida turpis York Times should hire ra torquent per conubia nos-
uprising that is comparable to ron" has made friend requests
sit amet felis iaculis viverra. all of us. Aliquam quis plac- tra, per inceptos himenaeos.
that of Libya. to everybody and their moth-
Donec justo turpis, blandit id erat odio. Suspendisse sed Seriously, how funny is A massive Internet pro- er – literally, because moms
iaculis nec, ultrices vel nisl. odio a nibh venenatis ullam- this issue? Integer a libero test erupted earlier this week, dig Facebook these days.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, corper quis sit amet lorem. metus. Nulla condimentum
as many members of the Nobody knows what the
consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam tempor enim in leo sapien vel lectus congue vitae
Myspace community decided future holds for Tom or pro-
Fusce vel eros lorem, at pel- egestas ornare. We work ultrices urna condimentum.
that enough was enough. Who spective friendships, which is
lentesque est. Did I men-hard for no pay to bring Morbi arcu dolor, sodales
is this guy to just decide that somewhat unfortunate. I say
tion we won second place you news each week! Sed molestie pulvinar at, lacin-
he is friends with millions of somewhat because Tom used
at the ACP conference in vel nulla eget ligula sem- ia non orci. Happy April
people? He was friends with the same profile photo from
L.A.? Maecenas venenatis per volutpat. Duis eu lacinia Fool's folks! Pellentesque everybody – even eighth his Myspace for Facebook,
metus ac erat egestas non diam. Aenean congue, augue egestas, nibh ac ullamcorper
grade kids – which is quite and anyone can recognize
euismod mauris luctus. Prae- id vehicula iaculis, nisi lig- posuere, mi nisl sodales elit,
creepy if you ask me. In fact, that photo. I'm a recluse and
sent et ante eros, nec posuere ula ultrices massa, feugiat ut auctor arcu tellus ut orci.
I think Tom might even be a even I know it. What a jerk.
PAGE 7 March 30, 2011

Sports briefs Sheen joins Cleveland Indians;

promises lots of 'winning'
Favre speaks on family values
Willy Hayes said Sheen. “If [Head Coach] “I was watching Major
Manny Acta wants, I can League the other night with
Brett Favre may be done playing quarterback in the Journal Staff
NFL, but he’s not shy when it comes to grabbing head- pitch every game. For any the goddesses, and it got me
lines. According to multiple sources, Favre and his beau- Although the dust is mortal that would be a ridicu- thinking about dusting off the
tiful wife, Deanna, made a surprise appearance at a rec- still settling on his recent lous statement, but Adonis old No. 99 jersey one more
ognition ceremony for retired players in New York City departure from Two and a DNA is more than capable time,” he said. “When you
over the weekend. Favre even got a chance to speak to the Half Men, Charlie Sheen of handling the work load.” have the god-given talent to
crowd at one point, and waxed poetic about his strong has now found himself a This move has been throw 150 mph fastballs, then
marriage, impressive final season with Minnesota, and new job: as starting pitcher criticized by many in Major it’d be a waste not to bring
charitable work he has planned for the future. For many, for the Cleveland Indians. League Baseball as a simple your skills to a team in need
Favre’s final season on the big stage was the perfect end- “This city has needed a gimmick to increase stadium like the Cleveland Indians.”
ing to a remarkable career. Although many in the Wiscon- superstar of my caliber ever revenue, with New York Yan- With veteran Fausto Car-
sin area would have preferred him to play his final games since Lebron [James] left kees’ co-owner Hank Stein- mona returning to his usual
as a member of the Green Bay Packers, you would be hard town,” said spot as
pressed to find a Cheese Head who isn’t happy for him Sheen in a the second
and his family, who seem to be the picture of tranquility. recent inter- starter in
view with the rota-
Tebow spotted at brothel in Florida the Journal. tion and
“What bet- y o u n g
What happened to Tim Tebow? The Broncos’ quarter- ter way to hurlers
back, who just finished an impressive rookie season with replace a like Mitch
the team, is now fully entrenched in a very ugly, unseem- king than Ta l b o t
ly controversy. Tebow, according to multiple sources, was with a Vati- and Justin
spotted outside of a brothel last Saturday night in Mi- can assassin.” Masterson
ami, Florida, stumbling toward his car with at least two P l a y - now en-
women in tow. When probed by a few reporters who had ing in the trenched
seen him leaving the building, Tebow yelled and pushed big leagues in a rota-
them away. This comes as a surprise to many who have is one thing tion that
followed him during his college days in Florida. Tebow Sheen said he now in-
has always been known as a religious man, and spoke would love to cludes a
openly about his belief in saving himself for marriage. do someday, veteran in
and what bet- winning
Heat 'Big Three' cheered in New York ter time than like Sheen,
the present. the Indi-
The Big Three of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Photo courtesy of the Angela George/Wikicommons
The self-pro- ans hope
Chris Bosh have not only found success on their home court
claimed war- to im-
in their first season together with the Heat, but off of it as
lock is a noted fan of baseball brenner calling the signing prove upon their disappoint-
well. It’s not often you go to another team’s domain and hear
and was one of the top play- “A ridiculous attempt to try ing campaign last season.
chants of “Go Heat!” and “LeBron for MVP,” but that’s ex-
ers on his high school team in and make people waste their This move is one that Cleve-
actly what was emanating from the Madison Square Garden
Santa Monica, California. The time watching a talentless ball land management hopes will
crowd last week. For a collection of people often associated
actor played shortstop and club in a rundown stadium.” increase attendance at Pro-
with derisive chants and hostile environments, it was a shock
was arguably the team’s top In his exclusive in- gressive Field, hoping to im-
to many to hear them embrace this new collection of stars.
pitcher during his four years terview with the Journal, prove upon their abysmal sta-
Even Spike Lee, the most celebrated Knicks fan in the world
at Santa Monica High School. Sheen explained his rea- dium revenue over the past
and known rabble-rouser (see: Reggie Miller, circa ’94), was
“Not only will I be the soning for returning to few years. If nothing else it
seen laughing and joking good-naturedly with LeBron. We
Indians’ best pitcher, but I baseball after so many will be one hell of a spectacle.
can only hope the find a way to cheer for their own team.
can be the No. 1 pitcher,” years away from the sport.

Report: Rams to battle Mighty Ducks in upcoming Disney Classic

lineup, minus one big-bodied the two have not been getting Rams. Aside from Banks and ments when he spoke with the
Wolf Stansson
goalie: Greg Goldberg. Ac- along, and that Conway is Conway, Bombay has at his Boston contingent on Mon-
Journal Staff
cording to reports Goldberg still upset with the way Banks disposal an array of talented day. One reporter even joked
Gordon Bombay and the got into a minor scuffle with handled the situation at the goal scorers. The speedy Luis about the bars in downtown
District 5 “Mighty Ducks” rising star, Julie “The Cat” Goodwill Games in Min- Mendoza is a classic mis- Boston, and if he was going
will be making a guest ap- Gaffney, at practice the other nesota. Most people know match for the Rams’ defen- to be taking a cab around the
pearance in Boston next day. Bombay, who has han- that Conway, upon hearing semen, who are known for city. (Bombay vehemently ex-
week. No, they’re not coming dled this eclectic assortment that Banks was healthy and their physical, in-your-face plained his prior drunk driv-
to sign autographs or drop of players with great aplomb cleared to play in the cham- style of play. Suffolk players ing case is a thing of the past,
the puck for the local Bruins. over the years, has stated that pionship game against Ice- have already said they will and that he no longer drinks.)
Instead, Bombay’s rambunc- Goldberg may have to sit land, removed himself from not be afraid to play physi- The coach wouldn’t di-
tious group of underdogs out the entire game. It is not the roster so Banks could cal with him and Ken Wu, vulge any plans he has for
will be taking on the Suffolk known how much this change rejoin the team. This self- who are known for avoiding attacking Suffolk’s potent
Rams in the opening round will affect the morale of the less act cemented Conway contact. Russ Tyler and his defense (he laughed when
of the Disney Classic. The team, seeing as Goldberg was as the face of the Ducks, famed “knuckle puck” will be asked if the “flying V” would
game will be held at Walter the team’s original goalie. but Banks’ haughty person- a source of concern as well, be dusted off for the game),
Brown Arena, and tickets are We’ve also been told to ality has driven a wedge seeing as he can score from but one thing is for sure:
expected to sell out within keep an eye on the team’s two between the two of them. almost anywhere on the ice. This team usually finds a
minutes of going on sale. stars: Charlie Conway and On the ice, the Ducks Bombay, known for his way to win tough games. Af-
The Ducks will be go- Adam Banks. Sources have seem to present a multitude vitriolic distaste for the me- ter all, ducks do fly together.
ing with their usual starting confirmed to the Journal that of match up problems for the dia, had a few funny mo-
PAGE 8 March 30, 2011

Celtics to play at Ridgeway Gym this Sunday

Rick Pitino “We did hear various re-
Journal Staff ports of the Ridgeway eleva-
tors always being trapped and
Exciting news has sur- then never getting repaired, so
faced on the Suffolk Univer- we will be advising all play-
sity campus, as the Celtics ers to take the stairs down to
will indeed be playing their the gymnasium,” said Rivers.
next home game against the Another issue the Celtics
Detroit Pistons this Sunday in are concerned about is locker
the Suffolk Ridgeway Gym- room space. Ridgeway’s lock-
nasium. A problem with the er room is a very confined
TD Garden parquet floor and area, and there are also not
the downtown location of enough showers for players to
the gym prompted the pow- use after the game. Therefore,
ers that be to work in con- students living in the nearby
junction with the university. Miller Hall are encouraged
The Celtics assured a to let players use their room
press gathering recently the for showering and changing.
problem would be resolved Students and players
after Sunday, but they do would still have to abide
have many concerns about by all resident life poli-
playing at Suffolk. To be- cies, including signing in
gin with, many Celtics play- only two guests at a time. Photo courtesy of Ryan Boyle
ers are concerned about The Ridgeway basketball
using the Ridgeway eleva- court, located four floors be- Suffolk installed a state of the game, which will still be start- seating for spectators. To
tors, which are notoriously low street level, is used by art lighting system that will ing at 6 p.m. People who had enhance season ticket hold-
known for not working. visiting NBA teams for pre- address any concerns of the individual tickets to the event ers’ experience at the game,
“I hope I don’t get stuck game practice when they are players not being able to see. got their money refunded and some of Sodexo’s high qual-
in an elevator,” said one Celt- in town playing the Celt- Approximately three percent the Celtics also generously ity food will be served.
ics player. “I heard one per- ics. Many NBA players and of next year's tuition increase gave them each a coupon for Rammy the Mascot will
son got trapped in there and coaches have complained has been allocated to this im- a medium French fry at Mc- be cheering on the Celt-
didn’t get out for a few days.” about using the gym, includ- provement, and we can all Donalds and season tickets ics, alongside “Lucky,” who
Celtics Coach Doc Riv- ing Michael Jordan, who once agree that this was the most Suffolk’s men’s and women’s is the Celtics’ cheerleader.
er is warning all players complained that the gym was wise and justifiable upgrade. basketball games next year. Hopefully playing at Suf-
to take the stairs down to “cramped and poorly lit.” Since there is very limit- Chairs and desks from folk will bring the Celt-
the gymnasium, so players Because of the negative ed seating in Ridgeway, only Ridgeway’s classrooms will ics some luck and get them
don’t get trapped on the el- comments received in the season ticket holders will be also be moved down to the the much-needed victory.
evator and miss the game. past by former star athletes, allowed to attend Sunday’s gym to accommodate more

Suffolk Quidditch team qualifies for World Cup

Rita Skeeter the elusive golden snitch. Suffolk by the estate of Albus “This is definitely the best live music and a magic show
Journal Staff The positions that the players Dumbledore) and managed to moment in the prestigious his- cosponsored by the Suffolk
play are chaser, beat- University Paranormal Club,
The Suffolk University er, keeper, and seek- and SUMA (Suffolk Univer-
Quidditch team has some- er. Whichever sity Muggles Association).
how managed to qualify for seeker catches the Suffolk acting headmaster
the Quidditch World Cup. golden snitch first Sir Barry Brown also echoed
The Snidgets beat their rivals scores 150 points for Weasley’s excitement, calling
from Emerson College on Sat- their team and es- the Snidgets world cup berth
urday night in front of a sold sentially wins the “Unfreakingbelievable." The
out crowd on the Boston Com- game for them. Ul- Snidgets also received a large
mons to advance to the pres- timately, it’s a whole monetary sum as a reward
tigious event. Team captain lot of nonsense. for making the World Cup,
Jenn Losco explained “this is The game against a reward that Brown said he
huge,” and the rest of the team Emerson was basical- will “take care of” and “put
immediately responded back ly the sport of Quid- to good use." Brown then
with: “That’s what she said." ditch at its finest, immediately got into his
For all you non-Harry as the Snidgets dis- solid gold BMW and drove
Potter experts out there, played some of their off into the Boston night.
Quidditch is a sport played best broomwork in The Snidgets’ first round
on broomsticks while oppos- keeping Emerson at Photo courtesy of the Omar9od/Wikicommons game will be on April 12
ing players use three types bay. Losco was deter- against Hufflepuff. No word
of balls to score points for mined to find the snitch, and snag the snitch. The team im- tory of the Suffolk Snidgets,” yet on the status of Hufflepuff
their respective team. The spotted it flying around about mediately flew into a raucous Weasley said emphatically. star, Cedric Diggory. His sta-
three different types of balls 20 minutes in. She soared celebration, and dumped a The team celebrated their tus will have a huge impact
in play are the quaffle, vari- over on her Firebolt (all jug of butterbeer onto coach victory inside the Great Hall on the outcome out the match.
ous bludgers, and, of course, broomsticks were donated to Ronald Weasley Jr.’s head. with a feast, complete with
PAGE 8 March 30, 2011
Baseball team has keeper in Assistant Coach
Del Prete looking to make improvements as year goes on
Alex Hall one that can continue to im-
Journal Staff prove throughout the year.
“We have a pretty deep
The weather is chang- staff this year lead by Senior
ing, April is approaching, Alex Torres. Junior Tim Be-
and that could only mean langer and Sophomore Matt
two things: spring and Sliney have been added com-
baseball are finally here. pliments to our rotation and
The Suffolk University Junior Brian Svensson and
baseball team started the Senior Charles Kilgore have
early portion of the season done a nice job out of the bull-
with a record of 7-6. More pen so far this season,” he said.
importantly, many play- “We are only going to go
ers seem to have improved as far as our pitching takes us
their game from last season. and it’s important these guys
One of the reasons for this come ready to go every day.”
growth among the players, The Rams are going to
especially the pitching staff, need their pitching staff to
is due to the hard work of be on top of their game at the
Assistant Coach, Anthony beginning of April when the
Del Prete. He has put many team has its first taste of con-
hours into working with the Photo courtesy of the Suffolk Ahtletics dept.
ference play against the likes of
Rams’ pitchers, and it seems Rivier and Emerson College.
The men's baseball team has started the season 7-6, and will look to continue their
like it is beginning to pay off. “One of our goals is to
Coach Del Prete is a impressive start against upcoming conference oponents Rivier and Emerson. finish as one of the top two
former pitcher for Suffolk, a Melville Brave. “Most of the championship in 2006, and hard offseason program. teams in the GNAC stand-
having played for the team teams were made up of Aus- it was the second season I Now, the Rams are off to an ings so we avoid that play-in
during his time at the uni- tralian players who were in was out there,” he said. “We impressive start and will game in the first round of the
versity before graduating in the farm systems of [Major ended up playing some- look to sustain that success league playoffs,” the coach
2004. Since then, Del Prete League Baseball] teams play- thing like 104 games in 110 throughout the long season. explained. “Next weekend
has spent his post-college ing winter ball or guys who days during that season.” “We’ve got a lot of depth will be a big weekend for us
years playing with several just like playing the sport.” Del Prete would even- offensively, both in our lineup to get off on the right foot and
different baseball clubs, in- Although his time with tually return to Boston and and off the bench,” said Del show we’re one of the teams
cluding a stint with the Mel- the Braves would prove to his alma mater and gain his Prete. “So far this season to beat within the GNAC.”
ville Braves in Australia. be an interesting experience, current title with the team, we’ve done a good job bat- With a pitching staff tu-
“Playing in Australia it was not his most memo- specializing in working with tling in our at bats, working tored by someone the cali-
was a good experience, but rable. Del Prete explained the team’s pitching staff. high pitch counts and forcing ber of Del Prete, and a high
the baseball over there was a that his favorite team to be a “After I finished playing, pitchers into hitter’s counts.” scoring offense to boot, the
lot different than baseball in member of since his time at coaching is what I wanted to do The Suffolk alumnus also Rams look primed to accom-
America, [especially] on how Suffolk was the Evansville Ot- to stay involved in the game.” explained that he feels that plish their goal of reaching
people treated the game,” ters of the Frontier League. This season, the coach the team has an impressive the top of their conference.
Del Prete said of his time as “We won the league has seen the rewards of a pitching staff on the roster,
Freshman, sophomore earn weekly GNAC honors
Matt West 11-7 victory over Curry Col- on April 2. Having played
Journal Staff lege on March 17 Jones hit the all their games against non-
go-ahead grand slam in the conference teams so far, their
The men’s baseball team sixth inning. He also drove in 8-5 record is very respectable.
made their annual trip to Win- eight runs and totaled 13 hits. With that said, the team’s up-
ter Haven, Florida, to kick off In addition, sophomore coming four games in two
the new season on March 11, Matt Sliney was named to days against Rivier and Em-
and in the process won five of the GNAC Weekly Honor erson will certainly give the
their first eight games. With Roll. Sliney, a left-handed team a better idea of where
their impressive first week pitcher for the Rams, picked they stand in the GNAC.
of games also came some up a win and a save during With the season stretching all
accolades from the Great the team’s opening stretch the way until May 8, the team
Northeast Athletic Confer- of games. During the Rams’ has plenty of time to create
ence. Freshman Devan Jones 13-7 win over Stevens Insti- an identity for itself. Now is
was named GNAC Rookie tute on March 13 he pitched the time to win the important
of the Week for his mon- five innings while giving up games, and get a leg up on the
Photo courtesy of the Suffolk Ahtletics dept. strous eight-game stretch to three runs. In the Curry win rest of the teams in their very
Jones (left) and Sliney (right) have played extremely start the 2011 campaign. The he came out of the bullpen to tough conference. Regardless,
rookie infielder hit .382 dur- record his first career save. the team has to be happy with
well in the early portion of the season for the Rams,
ing the team’s southern trip, The team opens up an the early returns, and will look
and will look to sustain that throughout the season.
leading the team with five important stretch of games to expand on that success.
extra base hits. In the Rams' against conference opponents
PAGE 7 March 30, 2011
Men's tennis kick
off 2011 season
Matt West named GNAC Player of the
Journal Staff Week, after winning his sin-
gles and doubles matches in Men's baseball
The men’s tennis team the opening match. Cromback March 30 at Brandeis, 3 p.m. Women's softball
comes into the 2011 sea- also received recognition, March 31 vs. Bridgewater St., 3:30 p.m. March 30 at Becker (double header)
son with very high expec- having been named GNAC April 2 at Rivier (double header), TBA 3 p.m., 5 p.m.
tations. Just last season the Rookie of the Week. The April 3 at Rivier (double header), 3 p.m, 5 p.m. April 1 at Albertus Magnus (double
team went 11-0, winning freshman also won his singles April 5 at MIT, 3:30 p.m. header), 5 p.m., 7 p.m.
the GNAC handily. Hav- and doubles matches in the April 2 vs. Johnson & Wales (RI),
ing not lost a single match team’s win over Norwich. Men's tennis (double header), 12 p.m., 2 p.m.
last season, one would ex- Ultimately, this is a veter- April 2 at Emerson, 1 p.m.
pect the team’s confidence an-laden team (seven of the April 5 at Rhode Island Col., 3:30 p.m.
level to be extremely high. team’s 15 members are upper
In addition, they were classmen) that will be com-
once again tabbed as the pre- peting in a tough conference.
Team standings
season favorites, and began Last season, the team went
their season on March 26 with unimpeded through the regu-
Men's baseball Softball Men's Tennis
a 9-0 victory over Norwich lar season and into the title (GNAC)
University. Junior Chris Stal-
Overall (GNAC) 1. Suffolk 1-0
game. Winning all 11 of their
ey put the finishing touches matches is no easy feat, and 2. Albertus Magnus 0-0
1. Lasell 9-5 1. Emerson 4-0 3. Johnson & Wales (RI) 0-0
on the win with a 7-6 tiebreak last season should be remem- 2. Suffolk 7-6 2. Simmons 4-0 4. Emerson 0-0
victory in the second singles bered as one of the team’s 3. St. Joseph's (Me.) 6-7 3. Pine Manor 2-0 5. Norwich 1-0
slot for the team. Junior John best. However, with a fresh 4. Johnson & Wales (RI) 7-9 4. Rivier 3-1 6. Anna Maria 0-3
Samander and freshman Hu- slate of games comes a new 5. Emerson 5-10 5. Emmanuel 1-1
bert Cromback earned two challenge. If the first game is 6. Albertus Magnus 3-9 6. St. Joseph (Conn.) 2-2
victories in singles play, with any indication, this team ap- 7. Norwich 0-7 7. Norwich 2-2
senior Justin Ayou and soph- pears primed to make anoth- 8. Rivier 0-7 8. Lasell 2-2
omore Dachuan Zhu earn- er run at the GNAC crown, 9. Johnson & Wales (RI) 1-3
ing the other two victories. and make the next step to the 10. Suffolk 1-3
To augment a great open- NCAA tournament, where 11. St. Joseph's (Me.) 0-2
ing win for the team, the they could compete against 12. Mount Ida 0-2
GNAC announced that two the best in the entire country. 13. Albertus Magnus 0-4
Rams earned weekly con-
ference honors. Staley was
PAGE 6 March 30, 2011
MBTA proposes "Red-Blue Connector"
to link blue and red lines at Charles/MGH
August Blake Dig. However, such a proj- the Red and Blue lines. This of emissions resulting from more likely than “No Build,”
Journal Contributor ect does come at a cost, and puts a great deal of stress on the Red-Blue Connector is the still faces a stiff arm from the
that cost is Bowdoin Station. the system between the four reason for this project, and Mass EOT. This alternative
BOWDOIN STATION, Bowdoin Station is locat- downtown transfer stations, other MBTA projects, being calls for the relocation of Bow-
last stop on the Blue Line in- ed in Bowdoin Square, where and reduces capacity overall, legally mandated in turn for doin Station, approximately
bound – only if you’re rid- Cambridge, Bowdoin, and especially in these choking Big Dig funds. After the MBTA 500 feet west of the current
ing on a weekday between New Sudbury Streets meet, points. On top of this, there sat on the project for more station, and at the center
5:15 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., that about 1,000 feet from Govern- are a few dedicated passen- than a decade, a court rul- point between Government
is, and if you catch it before ment Center, and just a 950- gers who actually make the ing in 2006 finally forced the Center and Charles/MGH sta-
the proposed Blue Line ex- foot walk from the Sawyer trek to Charles/MGH Station MBTA to begin the planning tions. Considering the walk-
tension to the Red Line at Business School – making it and Massachusetts General process for the project. Since ing distance between the two
Charles/MGH Station: a proj- the shortest walk to the build- Hospital from Bowdoin on 2007, numerous studies have aforementioned stations is
ect dubbed “the Red-Blue ing from any other station en- foot every commute. For those been under way to determine 3,000 feet – compared to 2,300
Connector.” I believe this ex- trance in the system. The pro- with a monthly pass, making the best method to lay out the feet from Government Cen-
tension should be placed as a posed connector would make the connection by foot mere- new tracks. Today there are ter to State Street to Aquar-
priority to the MBTA’s other a connection to the Red Line ly means lost calories, but three primary alternatives on ium – the station is clearly
service extension proposals. at Charles/MGH, about 2,000 for anyone else, it certainly the table; those alternatives justified and well needed.
The Red-Blue Connec- feet to the west. Every day, means lost dollars. In addi- are “No Build,” “Alterna- The residents, business-
tor, which would connect the passengers try to find a way tion to the convenience and tive 1,” and “Alternative 2.” es, and commuters of the area
only two rapid transit lines in to bridge this 2,000-foot gap. increased system capacity, the “No Build” involves uti- would directly benefit from
the MBTA which do not meet, An estimated 10,000 pas- Red-Blue Connector is expect- lization of all existing infra- this placement – which lands
is a project which the MBTA sengers per day who would ed to convert 1,500 vehicle structure, including about 500 roughly between Staniford,
is legally mandated to com- use the connector are cur- trips to transit trips, reducing feet of tail tracks west of Bow- Temple and Hancock streets –
plete as environmental miti- rently using the Orange and auto emissions in the region. doin Station. The new tunnel even more so than the current
gation to the infamous Big Green lines to get between The expected reduction would begin where these tail location. The service to the
tracks leave off, and then pro- Suffolk CAS campus would
ceed under Cambridge Street undoubtedly improve while
to Charles/MGH Station. still being the closest sta-
Although Bowdoin would tion to the Sawyer Business
be preserved for now under School, albeit then equaled
such an alternative, the sharp by Government Center. At
curves following Bowdoin nearly any given time dur-
create a great deal of wear on ing Bowdoin’s operations,
the trains – and that means one is likely to find a Suffolk
more maintenance and higher student exiting or waiting for
long-term costs. It should also a train. Bowdoin is a gem to
be noted that currently only the area, and should certainly
four of each trains’ six cars not be lost, especially with-
can pick up passengers on the out the great support it sure-
eastbound platform, which ly deserves. The Red-Blue
certainly carries concerns re- Connector is a project which
lated to future operations. must go forward, but not at
Alternative 1 is the pre- the expense of our station.
ferred alternative by the Mas- Alternative 2 is the best
sachusetts Executive Office of option, and in the event that
Transportation (Mass EOT) it passes, the current Bow-
and would mean the com- doin Station should remain as
plete closure and demolition a place for storing Blue Line
of Bowdoin Station, with no trains overnight or for taking
plans for replacement or re- disabled trains off the line.
location. Although the sta- Alternative 1 is detrimental
tion does face low ridership, to the system and the neigh-
much of this may be contrib- borhood, with the elimina-
uted to its limited hours, poor tion of already existing in-
location, and close proximity frastructure which I find to
to Government Center Sta- still be useful as the system
tion. Alternative 1 would ac- changes shape. I find that Al-
tually be a very poor choice, ternative 2 would best satisfy
and means less service for the needs of the city as well
those in or commuting to as the MBTA’s commuters.
the West End, Beacon Hill,
Government Center, and our
very own Suffolk University.
Alternative 2, although
PAGE 5 March 30, 2011
Will we ever lea rn to swim?
Derek Anderson Language brought their A- tained notes, the music blends With songs about heart band’s presence definitely
Journal Staff game both performance-wise into one entity that becomes break and hitting bottom, wasn’t. Between the bass-
as well as musically. The per- the song. All of it seems a the lyrics create an interest- ist, Nick Sanborn, stepping
Once in a blue moon, a formance up on the amp and groov-
band comes around that is was near ing with the drummer, Jor-
difficult to classify. The genre i d e n t i - dan McLamb, who was us-
escapes the mind when lis- cal to their ing a maraca for a drumstick
tening to them, but yet it’s recorded and the powerful vocals of
sonically and aesthetically tracks, ex- McLamb, the stage was alive.
pleasing. Enter the Love Lan- cept with a There is something about
guage. Between their mix of few planned the classic, simple feel to the
folk-ish feel, along with pop alterca- Love Language’s music that
and a sprinkling of ambient, tions made. makes it so easy to listen to
the musical group is stamped T h e y and so accessible. The lyrics
with the label “Indie rock.” p l a y e d are relatable and the chords
With lo-fi recordings and a mix of are basic, but the combina-
soothing layers of instru- songs from tion of instruments, voices
ments and mass delay and their first, and layers of sound turn the
reverb, the Love Language, self-titled band’s music into something
out of Raleigh, North Caro- album and much more. The group is be-
lina, flooded T.T. the Bears their newer yond talented and it definitely
Photo by Ethan Long
with music on March 8. album Li- showed on the small, wooden
The band rocked Central braries. Tracks like “Heart to little unorthodox for what ing contrast to some of the stage at T.T. the Bears. The
Square in Cambridge, bring- Tell,” “Two Rabbits,” “This the Love Language creates. more upbeat melodies used. setting was cramped, but in-
ing quite a stage presence Blood is Our Own” and In an interview with “Lalita/ Don't you hate timate and the music was all
with them. Opening with the “Pedals” all got the crowd Merge Records, the band’s la- these kisses?/ I know that that mattered. It was captivat-
track “Blue Angel,” the group cheering as the small venue bel company, Stuart McLamb, we're not in/ But we're in ing, something that couldn’t
built up the introduction with was filled with melodies. the vocalist/lyricist and back love with everyone that is/ be shut off, but you don’t
a melding of noise and de- What is perhaps the most up guitarist said, “The Love We're talking/ Tiny conversa- want to shut off anyway. In
lay before breaking into the interesting about the band’s Language was never intended tions/ Like they're harmless/ the end, it comes down to
track. From there on out, the musicality is their use of ped- to be a band. Those songs were But you know that ain't what this: “What’s the point of be-
audience knew what kind of als and effects. Between the never intended to be for any- you sell…” sang McLamb ing free… these days in love?”
performance they were in for. guitarist, BJ Burton’s, use of one except my ex-girlfriend. to the audience as the band
Playing with headlining reverb and fuzz, and the key- That was my outlet, and at played their track “Lalita.”
band Telekinesis!, the Love boardist, Missy Thangs’, sus- one point, it caught fire.” Although a little sad, the
PAGE 4 March 30, 2011
A play based on Tom a nd Ray
Chelsea Szmania The NPR program Car Suffolk University. There will strictly Boston,” said Began. anyone dealing with a new
Journal Staff Talk, which the musical was be dream sequences featur- However, the real enter- location. “There are some
ultimately inspired by, fea- ing extravagant ballet pieces tainment comes from the mu- challenges because when you
This weekend, the The- tures hilarious auto mechan- and wise-crack humor by sic, which covers everything are doing something that is
atre Department will put on ics and brothers Tom and recordings of Ray and Tom, from show tunes to the blues, brand new, there are going
Car Talk: The Musical, which Ray Magliozzi, who give ad- dealing with everyone’s car with an added dose of quirki- to be changes,” said Nacer.
is guaranteed to be lots ness. There will even be This musical will be dif-
of laughs and a good parodies of other, clas- ferent from the department’s
time. An original play sic Broadway musicals, past productions because of
written and directed such as Annie, Cats, and its upbeat nature. There will
by Wesley Savick, the the Sound of Music. “There be plenty of humorous dia-
show also features an are a lot of big spectacular logue, as well as a charming
original musical score things happening. Mostly Broadway vibe. Fans of the
by Michael Wartofsky. people will just laugh and NPR radio show will enjoy
Based off of the NPR have a good time,” said Nael watching it brought to life
radio show Car Talk, the Nacer, a Suffolk Alumni who on the stage. “It’s very light-
musical centers around will be starring in the show. hearted and humorous,” said
Rusty Fenders, a bald- Nacer described coming Began, “It’s a lot of laughs.”
ing loser who’s ’93 KIA back to act in the show as a The musical is set to pre-
is giving him troubles. great experience, especially miere at the new Modern The-
However, he meets Mia- with the new addition of the atre from March 31 through
ta C. LaChassis, who takes Modern Theatre. “They’ve April 3 with showings at 2
him to the Emerald Garage vice to various car owners done a great job at keeping and 8 p.m. People will be able
where he finds the Wizard by providing a diagnosis for problems. The show deals up the spirit of the old the- to purchase tickets at modern-
of “Cahs.” From his mid-life their Dodges, Fords, etc. The with issues such as aging and atre. You can tell you are in or brownpaper-
crisis, to Shiela the wom- musical has the same “self- learning to value what has a great theatre.” However, Prices are $10.00
an Hybrid, to finding love, deprecating humor” in mind, always been right in front they did encounter some ob- for the Suffolk Community
and car repairs, this show is according to Assistant Direc- of you. “They really wanted stacles, such as working on and $25.00 for the public.
sure to be a winner. tor Ryan Began, a senior at to find something that was the sets, that’s common for
A nd you t hought you had issues
Jeana Sullivan to uncover debatable topics recent comic issues, making in both American and Inter- ons, the shows works as
Journal Staff in any given graphic novel. reference to older editions national graphic novels, have a bridge between comic
“I am a big believer that and the historical represen- been portrayed in writing and book artists everywhere.
Meet your friendly comic books are a form of tations of the characters. illustration over the years. “We have the balance of
neighborhood comic book communication that needs to Though Lyons’s choice of “I love comics. I grew local artists trying to get at-
experts with We Got Issues, be examined,” said Lyons. “I commentators vary with each up with them and, as a tention, and then we have
a new, hard-hitting critical think how these characters episode, the high energy and woman, I think it’s impor- these artists who have al-
web show in which Suffolk think and live is definitely a constant flow of conversa- tant because this is such a ready gotten attention [in
University senior Paul Davis reflection of our time and our tion always keeps the show male dominated industry,” the industry],” he said.
Lyons, and his team of side- political views and society.” moving at a steady pace. noted Angela Outlaw, a fel- So far, there have been
kicks use their verbal super The charismatic host of The most intriguing as- low employee at Comicopia. seven episodes filmed in Stu-
powers to untangle the issues We Got Issues, concieved the pect of We Got Issues is the “If I ever have an opportu- dio 73 on Tremont St., and a
of race, gender, sex, and vio- show on a whim after spend- commentary from its two fe- nity to talk about it, I will.” series of interviews with writ-
lence in the world of comics. ing every Wednesday night male guests, Angela Outlaw In one of the earlier epi- ers, artists and illustrators
In an effort to fight the at Comicopia, a comic book and Maggie Curtis. Break- sodes, the show invited local in the comic book industry,
stigmas that Hollywood store on Commonwealth ing through the stereotype of artist Dirk Tiede to talk about both locally and nation-wide.
blockbusters have instilled Avenue. His weekly trip comic books having a male his web based paranormal All of this can be viewed on
in mainstream comic book brought together a dynamic dominated fan base, Outlaw graphic novel, Paradigm Shift. the show’s YouTube channel,
knowledge, Lyons cre- group of people, conversa- and Curtis provide strong and In October 2010, Lyons username: wegotcomicissues.
ated We Got Issues, an on- tionally driven by the writ- valid insights in to the gender traveled to New York City’s Saving the world one
line talk show concerning ing and illustration in comics. roles in comic book characters. annual New York Comic round table at a time, Ly-
comic book oriented topics. “It was like an episode of “It’s not often that you Con, where Lyons walked ons has successfully con-
Reading into the show Cheers. We were all just hang- have a bunch of chicks talk- around to interview some ducted a fast moving comic
like a comic book series, its ing out at the store talking ing about comics,” said Mag- of the comic book industry’s book talk-show that is both
protagonist is tall and thin, about what was going on in gie Curtis, an employee at most acclaimed contributors. informative and entertain-
frequently seen in a charcoal comics.” Lyons said. “I just Comicopia. “I think what These included David Finch, ing. Using a multi-media
leather jacket and with dirty suddenly said, ‘You know we’re doing is unique, having Adam Hughes and Dwight approach in reaching out to
blonde spiked hair. A very what, this could be a really a web show about comics. It’s Jon Zimmerman, who talked his viewers, the protagonist
approachable, slightly quirky kick-ass show.’ As far as I new to the Boston area, espe- about their efforts in DC and won’t sleep until his mission
character, Lyons makes a knew, no one was really dis- cially with women involved.” Marvel, and provided raw is known: “there is a comic
dynamic leading man, with cussing these kinds of issues.” They provide quick-wit- insight into the business. book out there for everyone.”
the eloquence and the drive We Got Issues analyzes ted criticism on how women, According to Ly-
PAGE 3 March 30, 2011
PAGE 2 March 30, 2011
Rain linked to Japan Changes for new semester
Jenn Orr as a result of these find- from SGA page 1 well as their follow-up. ment of student funds, but
Journal Staff ings, and state and federal tion and standard- “In the past, we’ve never the ability to be a person that
health officials emphasized ize how we handle stu- communicated this back to the the student body feels com-
Strange and seemingly that there are no anticipat- dent complaints.” students but I plan to change fortable to approach for help.
frightening, the U.S. Envi- ed public health concerns.” Executive reliabil- that. As soon as we hear “My hopes for the position
ronmental Protection Agency also noted that ity to the student body is something, they will too.” is to take care of the student’s
(EPA) recently identified min- any I-131 concentrations something that Robaina Sophomore Samienta money, spend it very wisely
iscule amounts of radiation found in rainwater samples is determined to enhance. Pierre-Vil was elected SGA and be sure to fund things
in rainwater in 12 states, one are much higher than any- “It ensures that members secretary. Pierre-Vil, inter- that benefit the students,”
of which is Massachusetts. thing detected in a lake or are actually serving the stu- ested in the promotion of Finley said. “People can count
Detailed filter analyses pond, mainly because any- dents who elected them,” he SGA awareness, has planned on me to be around whenever
from 12 Radiation Network thing falling with precipita- said. “Unfortunately, we’ve to attend various Suffolk they need me. I’m honored to
(RadNet) air monitor loca- tion would be significantly di- seen some great pieces of club meetings and events be on the E-board of SGA and
tions throughout the coun- luted once in the surface body legislation fall through the in order to exhibit the in- I want students to know that
try found that the radioac- of water. lic cracks after being passed, volvement of the Executive Turmoil consumes Libya
tive isotopes were consistent Continue online such as the SGA Freedom of Board. This reliability and
Ryan Powell, Journal Contributor
with that of the Fukushima Information Act. It called for presence is something that
nuclear plant occurrence the recording and publishing is imperative in her goals.
in Japan, but the EPA is as- of our meetings online, which Freshman Connor Finley,
suring American citizens we have yet to do. This is just in an unchallenged race, was
that they need not worry one example of what needs to elected as Treasurer. Fin-
about any safety threats. be enforced, but it’s one of the ley, 19, of Durham, CT, is a
According to the state first ones I want to correct.” public relations major with
website,, “There Robaina’s also hopes a minor in political science.
is no health impact to state to address student- Finley’s goals involve not
drinking water supplies plaints and comments, as only the competent manage-
New art major, illustration SGA VP DiZoglio resigns
Derek Anderson
Gianna Carchia edge to practice for occupa- clude a lot of the fine art de-
Journal Staff
Journal Staff tional success. Those study- partment’s figure drawing
ing illustration at NESAD classes,” she said. “Some ex- The Student Govern-
The New England School may continue to careers like tra painting classes will be ment Association recently
of Art and Design (NESAD) at graphic novelists, animators required for Illustration ma- announced the next E-Board
Suffolk has decided to join oth- or children’s book authors. jors, as well as some graphic for the upcoming year at
er art schools in Boston by of- “Mainly it’s for students design typography course their weekly meeting, Thurs-
fering a new illustration major. who are thinking about work, like hand-lettering day, March 10, but not with-
“We created our major graphic design, thinking type and things like that.” out some shocking news.
in response to a demand for about fine arts, and not find- Daniela Wong-Chiulli, a Senior Nick DiZoglio
people wanting to study il- ing a good fit in either one of Suffolk alumnus and current wrote a letter to the SGA stat-
lustration,” says Nichole those programs,” said Vatch- graphic design professor at ing his resignation from his
Vatcher, assistant director er. “Illustration is kind of NESAD, will be one of the il- position as vice president.
of academic and instruc- the middle ground between lustrators teaching the classes SGA President Mitch Vieira
tional services at NESAD. those two fields because it in- required for the new major. Photo courtesy of Nick DiZoglio
read his letter of resignation
The major, scheduled corporates design and more Vatcher said it is required at the meeting, which stated:
to start this fall, is an ap- traditional studio practices.” of the staff to be illustrators fellow E-Board members.”
“Dear Student Gov-
proved 124-credit Bachelor Vatcher highlighted that, themselves. She is excited to DiZoglio did not, how-
ernment Association,
of Fine Arts program, and it apart from other forms of art, pull from Boston’s wide range ever, know that his res-
Mike Murdock once stat-
will receive full accreditation illustration is about using vi- of professionals to teach ignation letter would be
ed leaders make decisions to
once NESAD has graduated suals as narratives rather than various electives and the read to the entire SGA.
create the futures they desire.
someone from the program. visuals as a statement about courses related to business. “Recently, I was not noti-
Due to my decisions, along
The curriculum for the your ideas, as in fine arts. Vatcher foresees a high de- fied that the letter was going
to obligations and priorities
major will be rolled out ac- She believes this allows stu- gree of interest in the program to be shared today. I asked
outside the SGA that need my
cording to the grade level of dents to assimilate their art for the coming year. She does over and over and over and I
absolute attention, effective
incoming freshmen, meaning work into the business world. recruiting for her department was ignored,” said DiZoglio.
as of today at 12 noon I will
junior level classes for the pro- “For illustration, it’s defi- at NESAD, and gained early “Four years of dedication to
be resigning as vice president
gram will not be offered until nitely for someone who still insight by asking students the organization and four
of the SGA. For the rest of my
those freshmen are juniors. wants to remain artistic and what their interest would be years of countless hours…
life, I will regret this decision
“The bottom line is, any- independent with their art- in an Illustration major. She I was very upset and I’m ac-
and the factors behind it. I
one wanting an illustration istry, but also who wants to said they already have a pile tually very hurt by what has
thank you for the dedication
major is welcome to do so, but get a gig somewhere and of applications for next year’s happened. The truth is there
and continued support. Best
they won’t be able to gradu- then makes some money at incoming freshman, and is more truth to the lies that
of luck with the remainder of
ate from the program un- the end of the day,” she said. that current students have were told. I won’t get into
the semester, and congratula-
til spring of 2015,” she said. The major will progress been buzzing about a switch. detail, but there were a lot
tions to next year’s board.”
But she doesn’t want this to like most of the art majors “We’re finding a lot of of lies told. The truth wasn’t
DiZoglio was not at the
discourage anybody who is at NESAD. Vatcher said af- students feel it’s really excit- out there and I didn’t get
meeting, but shed some light
interested in a change of ma- ter the basics are covered, ing to be part of our inaugu- a chance to tell the truth.”
on the situation in an interview.
jor, saying that she would students will begin to take ral class of Illustration ma- To replace DiZoglio’s
“This all got involved
be more than happy to as- more intricate ollustration jors,” said Vatcher. “We’ve vacancy at the SGA meet-
somehow in Suffolk. It wasn’t
sist any student who wishes classes. Students will be- been selling it and doing a ing, the decision was made
a Suffolk matter, it was a
to go over the possibility. gin by learning to do ev- good job so we’ll see what to have Tomas Robaina, the
personal matter,” reiterated
The illustration major erything by hand, and will numbers come out in the SGA vice president-elect, to
DiZoglio. “I felt obligated
covers the basics of design, then move on to computers. fall, but we’re very optimis- take over the position for the
resign. I’m very disappoint-
and then putting that knowl- “The program will in- tic that it will be successful.” remainder of the semester.
ed that I was dodged by my
Tuition increase announced
Jeff Fish and that there would be no
SGA presents new E-board
Journal Staff increase in housing costs. Sarina Tracy absence of Greek life from
“Most importantly, the Journal Staff the residence halls is some-
Suffolk announced last tuition increase is primarily thing that Caron feels should
Friday that undergraduate directed at increasing funds On March 11, Suffolk be addressed and modified,
tuition will be raised by 4.8 to be made available to our proudly presented its new- as well as the opportunity
percent, bringing the cost to students for financial aid. ly-elected Student Govern- for gender-neutral housing.
$29,778, but said the increase Approximately 70 percent of ment Association (SGA) for “This will also create
would be the lowest in 35 years. next year’s tuition increase the 2011-2012 school year, more of a community here at
Some Suffolk students will be used to fund financial after extensive campaigning Suffolk, given that our unique
balked at the idea of their aid,” said Brown in the email. and debate by all candidates. campus provides a few bumps
already high tuition be- “I just don’t understand The election for president in the road in trying to achieve
ing raised. “Our tuition is why [there’s an increase],” came to a head with Megan a solid sense of community.”
high as it is. I don’t know said sophomore Jeff Numero. Caron beating out her fel- However, Caron’s first
why they’re raising it,” said “I feel like students are paying low junior Scott Zalatoris priority is to extend library
freshman Teresa Rodriguez. a lot even with financial aid.” with 267 votes over his 164. hours. “This is something
In a campus-wide email, “It’s getting tougher and Caron, 20, of Nashua, NH that I feel needs to be done
Acting President and Provost tougher with the economy,” is a government major with and will improve academ-
Barry Brown explained, “we added senior Bobby Keough. a women’s studies minor. ic success as well as stu-
remain mindful of the financial Brown said the Board of “I’d like to change the dent satisfaction,” she said.
burden that rising education Trustees “has maintained its negative perception of SGA,” Tommy Robaina, in the Photo courtesy of Megan Caron
costs place on students and principal of keeping our tu- said Caron. “I’m ready to race for vice president, re-
Megan Caron (above) is the
their parents,” but said the in- ition level well below com- work with my board and ceived 233 votes over sopho-
new SGA President-Elect
crease was necessary “in order parable institutions. Of the truly serve the students, more Martha Alvarado’s 191.
to maintain the standards of fifty-six private colleges and bringing them the tangi- Due to the resignation of
excellence that meet our stu- universities in Massachu- ble results that they want.” former vice president Nick “Suffolk can count on me
dent’s highest expectations.” setts, thirty-nine have under- Caron’s goals include DiZoglio, Robaina was ap- to ensure SGA is doing their
Brown went on to say in graduate tuition rates higher bridging the gap between the pointed interim vice presi- best to represent the student
the email that the same in- than Suffolk University.” fourth floor of Donahue and dent for the remainder of body,” he said. “Through-
crease will apply to gradu- Keough said it was the rest of the campus, along the 2010-2011 school year. out the campaign I kept it
ate programs in the College good to hear that the tu- with working towards com- Robaina, 21 of Miami, is a simple: enforce SGA legisla
of Arts and Sciences and ition increase was lower, muter and residence equal- marketing major with a minor
the Sawyer Business School “but it’s still in an increase.” ity. As for residence life, the in Business Law and Ethics. see SGA page 2
nside Students break to help national issues

Gianna Carchia to focusing on issues like on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and things than what you wear,
ournal Journal Staff poverty relief, environmen- transsexual (LGBT) issues, or where you come from.’”
tal justice and equal rights. working with the Triangle Students were also able to
Six separate Alternative Four of the trips worked Foundation to eliminate dis- achieve personal goals. Caba
News Spring Break (ASB) trips were with Habitat for Humanity crimination and promote described her previous uncer-
"SGA VP DiZoglio resigns' offered by Suffolk Univer- to help those living in under- equality. There was also one tainties about using a saw and
pg. 2 sity and the S.O.U.L.S. office resourced communities im- trip with an environmental climbing a ladder, two fears
this past month for students prove their housing situa- focus, allowing students to that she overcame during var-
willing to dedicate their time tions. Another trip focused help protect ecologically im- ious ASB trips. She said the
Opinion portant features of nature. people she traveled with were
"MBTA proposes 'Red-Blue For those who went on also very supportive. Alison
Connector'" pg. 6 the trips, however, it was not Surozenski, a sophomore who
only about the work they also traveled to Wichita Falls,
set out to complete. Many had a different kind of goal.
Arts & of them learned invaluable
Continue online
Entertainment lessons that caused them to
"And you thought you had reflect on their own lives.
“There’s more to learn
issues" pg. 4
than how to nail something
down,” said Roxette Caba, a
Suffolk senior who attend-
Sports ed the Wichita Falls, Texas
"Baseball team has keeper trip. “It gives you an im-
in Assistant Coach" pg. 8 portant outlook like ‘wow,
Photo courtesy of Alex Mellion there are more important

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