Here are our top 10 alpha male traits these alpha male characteristics are common to all natural

leaders, and naturally confident men. If you want to follow in their footsteps then see which of these traits you lack and adjust your behaviour accordingly; The Alpha Male: Never Qualifies Himself: The alpha male makes no apologies, he doesn t explain his behavior. he is completely comfortable in his own skin so he doesn t need to. They don t boast about their success or try and prove anything again they don t need to; they assume you will like them simply because other people do, but they don t care if you don t they won t chase after you for your validation, they don t care. Talks Slow: Notice when you talk to someone you look up to you will talk faster Talking fast is a way to qualify yourself to someone essentially you are scared they will stop listening or find some more interesting stimulous, so you get your point out quick so they will listen it actually has the opposite effect, and it shows your lower status. Doesn t Look Around: He is the party and the focus of attention people are doing. he is unconcerned with what other

Is The Focus of Attention: He is centrally positioned in the group, everyones body language faces him and is positive towards him you can tell the alpha male of the group just by looking at them. Expect to be the focus and position yourself to be so, step up within your group and you will start to take on this dominant role. Take The Glory: When you tell a funny joke they take it one further and steal the laugh, when you do something cool they congratualte you for it and give you their approval. When you have an idea they acknowledge it and add to it giving their approval and tweaking the idea it becomes the ir own, and they get the credit for it. Are Never Impressed: They can be self centered and unimpressed with the achievements of others. They are high achievers themselves and strive for success so they have seen it all before it takes a lot, or a really high value to impress them they have high standards on every level. Enjoy a Challenge: They enjoy making friends with beta males, but with another alpha guy they often become enemies . The alpha male needs to be the alpha at all times and will compete w ith another male for the dominant position if he is really the alpha male he will enjoy this opportunity. Don t Answer Questions: They often give a non-sensical or a basic response to questions you ask them where you are trying for conversation, trying to find common ground, or trying for report by asking you to guess they are controling the frame and leading the interaction and keeping their alpha male status. Don t Care About You: they are self focused, you are there to entertain them, but they are above you he believes world evolves around him and everyone is there to help him, entertain him or sleep with him as he chooses. Can Show A Nicer Side and Get Away With It: This goes back to not caring what people think. he can be nice / genuine / down to earth if he wants to and on the occasions that he is he gets even more credit for it he isn t a geek trying to be nice for validation, he is a cool guy who has a down to earth side sometimes. Is Comfortable In His Own Skin: Ultimately he is comfortable within his own skin, this is one of the the main alpha male characteristics, and if you can be comfortable in your own skin then everything else will follow. He doesn t care what people think, he is assertive enough to give his own opinion, and he is ha ppy and confident in any situation.

the ability to laugh at himself. which can only destroy a man. Sees the big picture The Alpha Man has the vision to see beyond the ordinary. as ego is nothing but a self-created monolith. enriches himself everyday. He develops himself in every possible way. he never risks more than he can afford to lose. 7. 9. He also knows his vulnerabilitie s and the probable pitfall areas well and practices self-discipline to dodge them and keep his mind and body needs under check. Works hard at his pre-set goals with grit and determination. Learn to lose faster.What makes an alpha male truly alpha. women to the A lpha Man comes second in his priority of things. Never gets distracted by instant-gratification modules of money and women. They concentrate o n learning more and developing themselves further. you haven't tried. More essential characteristis of the alpha men. 4. Values rationality He normally works with the right side of his brain. Right now. He is gifted with excellent sense of humor which naturally draws people to him. You are then "killing" yourself. Thoroughly knows his strengths and weaknesses and puts them to rightful use to live a better life glowing in success. which dominates the mind. 3. Self-confident individuals do not have to do any such mundane activity. He is naturally gifted with one of the biggest talents . Aims for the sky The Alpha Man knows that to stay ahead of his pack he can not relax and let life pass him by. for the Alpha Man is too short to be taken seriously. Life is not to be taken too seriously Life. Logical and rational. knows how to keep his upsurge of passion under control. They are to be treated as perks in an otherwise eventful life. Believes failures are pillars of success The Alpha Man is fully aware that if you don't lose. Has his eyes fixed on long term benefits rather than feel happy with short term gains. 8. Women and sex are necessary evils in the evolution of the human race. 5. 1. work. 2. . so that you taste success faster too. and he does that often. Alpha Men are aware of the danger of being led by the mirage of self-pride. Strikes a perfect balance of the risk and benefit and makes an internal checklist of the expected return of any venture. Never do anything to "kill" time. Extremely knowledgeable about ego Only insecure men flutter and flap their wings to protect their false images. reads books. He weighs the benefits of postponing short term happiness for something bigger that might be coming his way. work and work. Marking every step. 6. steered through cautiously. every risk that he takes in life. More than money. A calculated risk-taker The Alpha does not bet blindly. Relax? Plenty of it when you die. Time & Tide wait for none The Alpha Man val ues time as his biggest asset. Women? Comes next to everything Never his primary objective. Because you don't want to run after money till you reach your deathbed and lament that now there is no time to spend all that wealth. This part will be covered later in greater detail.

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