March 2011

God Loves Kids
Over half of Uganda's population is under 15 years of age.

The Lord placed the desire to go to Africa in my heart when I was 15 years old.  I didn't know then that it would be almost 13 years before this dream became a reality. There were times when I thought that it would never happen, but now I stand in awe of how God provided and had been preparing me for this trip. It's hard to pick the one thing that touched my heart the most while in Africa. The people that I met in Africa are so kind and so gracious and loving.  It would be hard not to totally fall in love with them. They welcome you into their country as if welcoming family back home. Visiting the schools is an overwhelming experience as the kids shower you with love and affection. One day as we were finishing taking pictures of the children at Harvest School in Kibilira, it began raining. We quickly ran for cover into one of the school buildings, but not before the chairs that we were sitting in got wet from the rainwater.  One little boy, who couldn't have been more than 10 years old, saw that my chair was wet, so he came over, took his shirt sleeve, wiped the chair dry and motioned for me to sit down. It was one of the sweetest acts of kindness that still moves me to tears when I think about it!

One of the things that I loved the most
I think one of the things that I loved the most is to hear the children, and the adults for that matter, worship our wonderful Savior. They sing and dance with such passion and honesty. 

Emily gets a special hug from a GLK grandkid. Her father, Pastor Godfrey was an orphan helped by GLK but she is growing up in a loving home.

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I looked at the faces of those who have seen atrocities that I have a hard time even imagining, those who have lost friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings and parents to war and disease.
I looked at children whose clothes are worn and threadbare and whose shoes had seen better days (if they even had shoes at all).  And I saw that regardless of their current conditions or circumstances, they were worshiping the Father with pure adoration. They didn't let the hardships of this life steal away the joy and the hope of what Christ's sacrifice brings us.  How this must touch the Father's heart to find true worshipers!

Sometimes, the Lord gives you a very precious gift of being passionate about something for which devoting your life to is worth.  I want to encourage all of you, who are supporters of God Loves Kid, that what you do matters! You really and truly make a difference in these children's lives!  As we were visiting a school in Uganda, some children from the community, who were not fortunate enough to attend school, came up to see what was going on. I believe they were the poorest children I have ever laid my eyes on. Their clothes were literally rags and the smallest one of the group had flies all over her face.  We gave them some small toys that we had and some candy. They acted as if they didn't even know what to do with the candy. When we motioned for them that they could eat it, they stuck it in their mouths wrappers and all.  Please know that when you give of yourself and you sponsor a child, you are giving them hope for a brighter future and a chance to possibly escape poverty. Most importantly, you are giving them the hope that you only get through knowing Jesus, and this hope will last for generations to come.

Now that I am home
Now that I am home, I am faced with the question of what the Lord would have me do with all that I have experienced and seen.  You see, for me this wasn't just something to check off of my "bucket list," or even a trip that I will simply look back on with fond memories.

Emily Barnes

God Loves Kids is now on Facebook!
God Loves Kids has gone social but we have always been relational. Please accept this invitation to join us on Facebook. "Like" our Facebook Page and join in our efforts to keep you informed and introduce new friends to the ministry of God Loves Kids.  God Loves Kids has always been a relational ministry. We have been able to invest in the children an incredibly high percentage of every dollar that has been given to the ministry for decades because we have not paid to do TV ads or big promotions on the radio. Instead we have relied on relationships built over the years and having friends of the ministry introduce us to new friends. Facebook makes this friend to friend approach easier today then ever. So come write on our wall and tell us about your experiences with God Loves Kids.

This wasn’t just something to check off my “bucket List”

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 During our time spent in Uganda and Rwanda last year we were with hundreds of children each day who were enthusiastic about being in school. Their lives were being changed and they knew it. The classrooms were a place of hope and joy and the school was a place where both spiritual and physical needs of 2,500 children were being met every day. Yet we were confronted by so many needs the children still had that we came home determined to do more in 2011. As we have started a new year the biggest challenge God Loves Kids faces is very practical. We desperately need to completely replace our computer system & other equipment in the office.  Due to budgetary constraints and the starting of many new projects such as the High School in Nagaland, we have made do with computers and servers that are now completely out of date and worn out. We will need a total of $15,000 to replace our computer system and we need additional funds to replenish our general fund account. We are asking you to prayerfully consider sending a gift of $100.00 or more this month.

Sponsoring a Child Changes a Life

God Loves Kids touches children in Rwanda, Uganda, Liberia, India, Nagaland, and Nepal.
Many would not make it to adulthood without that touch. So your gift toward our new computer system and the general fund will help us to continue the success we have had over the last 37 years. In addition, your gift will have a significant affect on our ability to keep you our sponsors better connected to your children. Thank you again for being a true partner in our efforts to have an impact on children who would be otherwise lost, forgotten or abused. For The Children

P.S. Help change a child's life today and have an impact on generations to come.
That is what happens when you sponsor a child through God Loves Kids.  For those of us who sponsor a child many times we wish there was something more we could do. The most effective thing you can do beyond sponsorship and praying for the children is to actively share with your friends the outreach of God Loves Kids. One of the easiest ways of doing that is to forward the information you receive each month to someone new who has never heard of God Loves Kids. Your influence can be used to answer the prayers of a child who will go to bed tonight praying that God will give him or her a sponsor.  

What we do in the office of God Loves Kids sets the stage for everything else to take place.
We are asking that you prayerfully consider helping us meet our goal of new equipment in the office and a replenished general fund account so that God Loves Kids can touch the lives of thousands of children every day.

Phil Phillips

Let Us Pray for You.
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She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. Proverbs 31:20

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New Computer System

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