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Ch. Barkat Ali Ghayyur was born on 1st January, 1940 in Jhalandar, India.

He belonged
to Rajput family. His father name was Noor Muhammad who was the son of Mayer
(Nazim) Sultan Khan. His parents were religious and were true follower of Islam.
Therefore, they sent their child in a Madrasa for Hafiz e Quran. They were quite rich and
notable family of their village having main occupation of agriculture. His parents
migrated during partition of Indian and Pakistan (1947) and settled in Chak Johal (Faisal
abad). Their financial circumstances were not supportive there and therefore, His father
Noor Muhammad took his decision to shift the family to Nankana Sahib (birth place of
Baba Guru Nanak) in 1951 on the request of his friend Noor Muhammad Rehmani.
Ghayyur had only one sister. Ghayyur was a very intelligent and diligent child who loved
to study. He was good orator, presenter, and writer. He started writing different children
poems and stories in early 1950 that were published in different national newspapers of
Pakistan like Roznama Amroz and other magazines. He started his career as journalist in
1957 from Roznama Amroz. He is also known as Baba e Sahafat in Nankana Press Club.
He always supported truth and wrote against cruel rulers of Nankana Sahib.
He completed his graduation from Punjab University and took admission in Law College,
Punjab University and gained his L.L. B degree in 1972. He started his practice since
getting degree of Law. He was the lawyer of poor people (the people who could not bear
expenses of getting justice from courts). He took more than 70% cases of his life in
courts without taking any fee from such kind of people.
He joined Pakistan Peoples’ Party since its inception in 1967 and become first General
Secretary of PPP of Tehsil Nankana Sahib. He was a political worker of the party. He
was former Member of Provincial Assembly of Punjab during regime of Former Prime
Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He was a successful lawyer, journalist, poet, writer,
columnist, social and religious worker in Nankana Sahib. He wrote a book titled "Jurm
Jail or Police" published by Jang Group of Publishers. He was the president of "Tanveer e
Bazme Adab since 1983 to till his death on 28th December, 2005. He also remained
president of Tehsil Bar Nankana and first election Commissioner of District Bar Nankana
Sahib. He was also Vice-President of Pakistan People Party District Nankana Sahib. He
was loyal, committed, dead honest and lovely person. Citizens of Nankana Sahib can
never forget his services for the development of Nankana Sahib.
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