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Action Plan

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1) Selection of project 1,2,3,4

2) Checking its feasibility 5,6,7

3) Design of circuit 8,9

4) List of Components 10

5) Preparing Synopsis 11


a tracking system is needed. For e. For example in the recent bomb blasts the cars stolen from Navi Mumbai were used for carrying out their missions. which are very precious and we cannot afford to lose them. Other than vehicles. You must have observed the indicators on the railway platforms.g. a few features supporting the application of anti-car theft can be added. For such objects. our project can be used by trekkers to carry it with them and in case of emergency. Thus our project can be used as an anti car theft system which is just one application out of many. If necessary. briefcases etc. The input and output in this tracking system are the SMSes exchanged between the tracking device and the cell phone. Our project can give the current location of the bus.Project Summary There are many valuable entities such as cars. . The Car theft industry is a great support to terrorism. This is how the idea for our project developed. Apart from tracking.: • Automatic Car Lock • Engine Status • Auto-braking and others. the rescue operation will be easier by immediately tracking them. But it’s a fact that such a system is not present in case of the BEST Bus Service in Mumbai. a user-friendly interface can be installed on bus stops through which the process of tracking can be carried out with the help of SMSes.

there are GSM giants such as • Vodafone • Airtel • Idea • Dolphin • BPL • BSNL The ratio of people having GSM mobile phones in India is huge. In this way. our project can be used with a common GSM mobile phone. In India.INTRODUCTION In the market. This is a unique feature that the communication channel used is the GSM network through the land-based cells. . there are many vehicle tracking systems offered by well- established companies such as Godrej. but they are very expensive and they use the Global Positioning System. The biggest disadvantage of this system is that the satellites which are the backbone of this system may at anytime be rendered useless to us as they are a property and control of the US Government. It is observed that there are GSM cell towers in every kilometer in urban areas and in 10 km in rural areas. GSM network is well established and time tested around the globe. we have offered a GSM-based Object Tracking System. Thus. Airtel etc. Hence. GSM coverage is established nationwide.

The user has to send an SMS from his cellular phone to the tracking device to know its current location. GSM based Tracking Unit Communication Channel Cellular Phone GSM Microcontroller module Network Cell Towers . On reception of the enquiring SMS the tracking device generates a reply sms such that it will contain the name of the nearest cell tower.Basic principle and block diagram The Basic principle behind the working of this project is quite simple. This data is sent back to the cell phone through which enquiry was made.

specifications. After multiple field tests. It is divided into a number of sections and these are each covered in separate articles. and services. Throughout the evolution of cellular telecommunications. Overview This tutorial provides an introduction to basic GSM concepts. This presented many problems directly related to compatibility. various systems have been developed without the benefit of standardized specifications.The next task was to decide between a narrow or broadband solution. From 1982 to 1985 discussions were held to decide between building an analog or digital system. networks. the narrowband time division multiple access (TDMA) solution was chosen. a digital system was adopted for GSM. A short history of network evolution is provided in order set the context for understanding GSM. The GSM standard is intended to address these problems. It is estimated that many countries outside of Europe will join the GSM partnership. especially with the development of digital radio technology.Technology used The technology used in this project is the GSM based Communication system. Definition Global system for mobile communication (GSM) is a globally accepted standard for digital cellular communication. GSM is the name of a standardization group established in 1982 to create a common European mobile telephone standard that would formulate specifications for a pan-European mobile cellular radio system operating at 900 MHz. . Network structure The structure of a GSM network The network behind the GSM system seen by the customer is large and complicated in order to provide all of the services which are required. In May 1987.

• The Network and Switching Subsystem (the part of the network most similar to a fixed network). The controller will gather the SMSes received from GSM module. filter them and find the . • The GPRS Core Network (the optional part which allows packet based Internet connections). This is sometimes also just called the core network. • All of the elements in the system combine to produce many GSM services such as voice calls and SMS. • The Base Station Subsystem (the base stations and their controllers). Working The instrument controller is connected to the GSM module through RS232 port and interfaces this module through AT command set.

Authorized SMS instruction will be in process of implementation. DSR. RTS. remote monitoring. RI) • High performance on low price Integrated SIM card reader designed for industrial applications in the field of telemetry and telematics. security systems. In vehicle applications. lightweight and easy to integrate • Low power consumption • Full ETSI / R&TTE type approval • Internal SIM card reader and option for external SIM card reader • Full RS232 on CMOS level with flow control (RX. CTS. machine to machine or user to machine and remote data communications in all vertical market applications. remote vending. For every authorized SMS instrument will respond through reply SMS. . fleet management. In this project a GSM module is used and following is the description of the same: GSM Module with RS232 for GSM 900 / 1800 GSM module characteristics Full Type Approved Dual Band Embedded GSM Module (GSM 900 / 1800) like the GPRS module with AT command set. The position of the vehicle can be decided by the sending back the mobile cell information and the other network cells nearby. After implementation it will send the status in reply SMS. TX. DTR. remote control. ... CTS.authentication. The GSM module offers the advantages as below • Small. GSM wireless data module is the ready solution for remote wireless applications. DCD. teleservice. but without support of GPRS and RS232 interface on CMOS level.

4 V .9 x 43. RI).8 V • Power consumption: Idle mode: <3. GPRS and manufacturer supplementary) • Supply Voltage range: 3.8 V (One RS232 (2.8 V • Internal / External SIM 3 / 5V • Analog audio for microphone.2 V.9 and weight (g): 20 (including shielding) Interfaces • Power supply nominal 3. DCD.115.57. CTS. nominal: 3.4.8V) with flow control (RX. CTS.200 bps. RTS.DRX) . baud rate 300 . DTR.8 V • 7 general purposes I/O ports and serial bi-directional bus on CMOS 2.600 bps • 50 Ohm antenna connector (900 and 1800 MHz) SMS SMS Mobile Originated (MO).Pin to Pin upgrade policy to save your developing investments High level technical support to help you in the integration of your solution • Exhaustive product documentation • Evaluation kit and reference design • Quick technical assistance by dedicated e-mail services • Deep technical assistance by dedicated engineering support • RD support and certification lab for all your needs Product Features • E-GSM 900/1800 MHz with GSM Phase 2 / 2+ • Output Power Class 4 (2W) at GSM 900 MHz and Class 1 (1W) at GSM • 1800MHz • Control via AT commands (ITU. Mobile Terminated (MT) and Cell Broadcast (CB . speaker and hands free set • RS232 on CMOS 2. speech mode: 250 mA (average) • Dimensions (mm): 6 x 43. DSR. GSM. autobauding 1200 . TX.5 mA.

Plant & Machinery Requirement Machinery/Equipment for R&D • Keithley 2303: 4 sets • Universal spring hammer 0.2j: 1 set • Climatic test chamber GDJS-50L: 2 sets • Electronic balance TD2002: 2 sets • Oscillograph TDS-1012B: 4 sets • Oscillograph TDS-3032B: 4 sets • Angilent E5515C: 3 sets • R&S CMU200: 2 sets .

As GSM module is the core element in this project the positioning of the industry should be near these industries. . However if we plan to manufacture the GSM module then we would need to compromise the positioning of the manufacturing plant in order to balance the manufacturing cost.Location & Infrastructure According to the market survey a lot of companies manufacturing the GSM module are present in the Mumbai and thane regions.

MD CEO Non manufacturing Manufacturing Department Department Online Inspection Assembly Line Department Non Manufacturing Unit .

MR GM GM GM Store Inspection Accounts marketing Purchase HR Personal Accounts Marketing Purchase Department Excise Raw material WIP Finished department Store Goods .

programming etc. 4) Unskilled labour for dispatch as well as material handling .so the company is required to employ more skilled as compared to the unskilled labour used. more productivity as well as company will use them for multiple operational projects.Man Power – Skill & Unskilled As the company as to perform a number of skilled operations such as assembly. Probably ITI with experience. It will be helpful for the company to achieve zero defect product. The company will thus be recruit its staff in the following categories:- 1) Junior Supervisor 2) Skilled operators/Inspector 3)Skilled labour for assembly and programming operations.

Raw Materials The following are the components required in our project:- • GSM Module • RS232 port • AT command set • Interfacing buses • Microcontroller 8051 • SIM Card to be used in the GSM Module > Also a battery will be included .

The following are the certificates that the company plans to take:- . the product quality can be made reliable to the market as it is a present requirement for establishing reputation in the market. land and infrastructure for this project the approximate cost is 15 crore.Working Capital Requirement According to the cost of the machinery. By applying for certain industry certifications.

TS 16949 2.000. .Certification Cost` ISO 9002 1 lakh This certification will applied for in the first financial year. Cost of Project The approximate cost of the project considering all the raw materials and the manufacturing cost is Rs 7.5 lakh This certification will applied for in the third financial year.

.Conclusion This has been an experience to understand the concept of entrepreneurship. infrastructure of companies and the manufacturing process with respect to our project.