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I-'nnLed III Hong K'")llg, C:hiT!~


!i!om1J' rI(..:.rmgrB.~,< ( 'd~,)logj,lg in 1""!l:,II{"(l/iv~ J~l[1i Richards ..Tud C. ;\ ",.• . inleruhange: l::"Il_l!;h:-;h t~)[ Im.crna:iol1:il cOllUllUnil''''l;':.'D : ~ ~r'4(J<1tiL',,: 0-IJk I,. Juck C. Richerds with Jonarhau Hull and Susun Proctur. b p, em. F C\', ed. 0[: Ia:,sdl<1lllJt : E-ngLislJ fi)r inrcrnariorml cOlllmUllil'l,lil'JJ : srudcnt's 0.0, k"~, L95) t
ISBN 0-521-C,lXf:.2-i<

l. 1·:llgl;",h bllgll!IEC - Tc::>:thooks tor ~f.!~'1~("'"lli_ 2. (:iJmmllllki.ltln~, Illo.::m~tl'}J1:;E- r roblems, exercises, ett. L 1hlL!, J unathan, Ii. l-roctnr. ~11~ u Ill.. Richards, },lc·k C. ln 1.~:n<J.n;r~. J V. T ulc,
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Ii Video

AL'li~'ity Bodk 2.

52J ('ZRS(" '] Teacher}. 1·'Jl;Io. (I 52 i. 62;:;!5"5.5 'I"~blf;<

Edition ~ MllIma 1 2.

(15:;1 62845"8 Video Teacher's,

nilide '1

r.rn~(J <;2; 91':"1.~! 7 Vidoi'O Sampler
l!:in~· .52 J 65.'1')4 .1 (D,iROM iPC

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511Kl"'nr~ i\l'IU.i;l C<i.~~::-IIi: 2A
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052] 713792. Lab Guide 1 7737& 4· Lab
C.l~_.:eLL~~ :2 H~i5 7:1 9 Teacher-

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Ilouse, lac'l( arul Judhh Dc( ir~ffellrjrd:. Randy Jones, Sm<lfl
·TI)'-'JJJhl:I[I.. SdID

Milrk Kaufman,

,>p;,n~1d iJl_g, Bill

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<;.ylv !.8



THE NEW EDITION Nei» In terchaNgf! i~kl revision of I nterchang»


ene of the world's most, successful and popular Englixh courses. Neu: Interchange ineorporatcs many improvements l'Iug-gcsted by teachers and ~tudcnt!3 from aUILlJ1d the world. 8mne major changes include many "I1C"W Conversatians, Snapshots, and ReadiT'lg's~ more extensive Grammar Focus models and acti vi ties; n greater variety and amount of listening mater-ials; extensive changes to the Teacher's Ed.ition and. WOil"kboo.k~ and additions to the Vldeo,

::-;plit. editioncontains approximately :::1·5 to 60hour~ of classroom material. The Student's Book, Workbook, and Student's Audio Ca! or CDs are .v railable in split, editions,





New Inlerehange is a rnulti-levcl course in English as a ~eelmd or fnrelgn 1an guuge for young adultsand adults. The COL.ITse covers the
skills of Iistening, speaking", rending, and writing, 'i:;J well as impr-oving pronunciation and building .... ncabulary. Particular emphasis is placed on listening and speaki!rl_g, The primary goal of the COUF,se is to teach cornmunieati ve competence, Hu~t is, the ability to communicate in English a.c~(lrding to the situation, purpose, and Toles of1.he participants. TIle language used in Neui Interchange is American ..E:ngli8h; however, the {;ourse reflects nH~ fact. that Enghsh is the rnajnr Ianguage of international communication and! h; not limited to any one country, region, 0Ir culture. This Ieve] is for intermediate students and takes them from the lowintermediate up to the intermediata level.

The Student~s Bookcontains 16 six-page units, each divided into two topicabfunctional "cycles," us well as Iour reviow units. AI. the back of the book are 16 communication tasks, called "Interchange Activities," and. summaries of grammar and VO(:l;l hula!"), taught in each unit, The rull-color'reachers Edition rea.tu.r~~!":1 r1eb;rilcd teaching ~in8trU( ..ions directly aerO!5S t from the Student's Book 'pages, along, ..... audio it.h scripts, cultural H(}j"el'l, answer keys, and optional activities. At the back ofthe Teacher's Edition areinstructiuns for Interchange Activities an Optional Activities Index, a Workbook AnSW(H' Key, aTld four photocopiahle Achievement Tests with audio scripts and answer keys, The Workh-onk provides a vari ety of reading, writing, and spelling sxerelses 1:.0 reinforce the grammar and vocabulary i;Jil..l.ghtin the Student's Rook Each six-page unit follows the same teaching sequence as U1e Student's Book; some exercises recycle teaching points from previous units ill the context of the new topic, The Workbook can be used for elasswork or homework, TIw Class Audio Program, available on caHt',etw or CDt iAinLeillded for clasaronm lISC, The Conversations, Crummar Focus models, Pronunciation exercises, and Ldstening activities in the Student's D{lok are all recorded naturally ..vi1.h a 'Variety of native and some nonnative accents, Recorded exercises are indicated wil;h UH~ symbol

Thi 8 level builds nn the founds tinns fo,... accurate ami fluent. communication already established in prior' levels by extending grammatical, lexical, am] functional skills. Bocauss e the syllabus cov(H"{~din this Studen.t'~ Book reviews language features taught at the prior level, students who have not previously used New In.[{!rdWlll{e can successfully s:1.udy at this level.

E aeh full level of Neu: Interehang« (~)Tl tains between 70 and 120 hours of class instruction time, For clnsses where more time ls available, the Teacher's Edition givas detailed suggestions for Optional Acti vitics to extend each unit. Where less time if': available, the amount of time spent on Interchango Acti\'ities, Reading, Writing, Optional Activities, and the Workbook can be reduced.


The Student's Audio Ilrogram provides opportunities for self-study. It c.•ntains recordr ings of all Student's Book exercises marked with the 8ymt)Ol~~, except lot the Listening tasks, which areintended only for classrcom use, These tasks appearcxchisivejy on bhe Class Audio 1Tografri and are Indicated by the symbol ;..~ •.


Intrcduction 'The Video offers entertaining dramatic or - seen as un essential component of second and t'nJ'('li h'Tllanguage pm r.c i ency and competence -i~ <J Iways presented communicarively, with. eonm-ollcd accuracy-bailed activities leading HI n uency-based cornm LJ.nw<ttivG practice. I In th i,:<.. way, there is a link bet W~·~~ ji.,rrammatical -n form am] communicative function. 'rho svllabus is carefully grad(~rI, with a gradual progression (If teaching ih,tn~, .Enjoyable and Useful Learning Adivitios A variety of ini.ere~:;:1:ing- and enjoyable acti ... zitics provides thoro ugl rindi vidual student p,nt.ctl co and enables lnarllCrs to apply the 'Iangllag-e they learn. The cnu:nUJ also makes extensive usc of ' information-gaptasks; role plays; and pair. group, and whole class activities. Task-based anti. information-sharing activsties provide a maximum amount (If student-generutod communieai i on, • WHAT EACH UNIT CONTAINS

dueumeutnry sequences that review and extend
1~mgDUJ..,reJearned i.n each unit. of the Student's Hook. ThE' Video Activity Book contains

comprehension, con \if'.r!'.:~UOll, and language

Guide provides

activitiea, and tho Video. Tea,che,r's in~I,l'Uc.t;(Jnal support, 8.l1H\'>'(;r )<OY5, and photocopiahle transcripts of the vi den sequences.

The CD-ROM, apprcpriate

for home-or offers a weal t.h c)f additional practice.Each of the 16 units is based on a. sequence from the Video. Four tests help students monitor their pmgn:!'8S.

The Placement

1'est helps determine the urnst appropriate level of New Interchange for incoming students. A,hooklet contains the four-skills test on photLH;npl~ll)lf:! pages, 8.5 wall a!:i in stru ctions for te s t admin i stra tion and 'scoriog. A cassette accompanies I.h(,~, l;8t.t~llIIlg section of

nH~ test.

The Lab Cassettes provide self-study activities in thr- areas of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, and functional use M F:nglish. T11e Lab Guide C{'Tllt.aj:nS photocopiahle -pagt.<sthat guide studenta through the activlties.

Snapshot Tile Hnupshots graphlcally present interesting t>eal-WOTld information'l'l.introduces
the top ic of-rl unit or cycle, and ahm develop vocabulary', Follow-up questions encou:.r:age discussion

ofthe Snap"lwt material and personalizu the topic.
Conversarion The Conversations introduce the new grammar (If each cycle in a eommunieative context. and preserrt functional and convursutional expressions, Grammar Focus T'I:H_~ new grammar uf each unit is presented in color boxes and i.<.:. fhlhn\.'cd by Clout-rolled ,rmJ freer communtcati lie practice activities. Th(~SC freer aetlvities ,on;-t~'IlI have students use the grammar in a. person,nl context. Fluency Exercise These pair, group. whole class, Of' rnle-pluy activities provide mOT{: personal practice of the new teaching poi'llt.~ and increase the opportunity for individual

'The Tea,cher.TrainingVid0.o
6"111 rb.n

ce for teaching eat: h seeti 011 of the St:I;Lch,mt:'s Book and profesaiortnl development activities appropriate lor individual or group

offers cleat'


APPROACH AND METHODOLOGY to use Englrsh for evel"yd.IY situations and pur'"JH)-",eS related to achool, :,;O(~ial fe, work, and Ieisure. h The underlying ph i.lo~nphy is that learning a second 01' foreign hwguuge is 111.0re rewarding, meaningful, and effedi ve when the language is, used for authentic cnmmurrieation. Throughout Neui In terch a ngtJ, students ,tT'C presented with natural and U:-!f.fl] 1Iunguage. 111 addition, students have the opportunity to 'personalize the language they laarrr, make use oftheir own knowledge and experiences, and express their ideas and opinions.

New Interchange teaches students

srudent practice.
Pronunciation These exercises focua rm important features of spoken English. including stress, rhythm. intonaLiO!ll, reductions, and blending, Listentng The T.istcning actlvitiesdevelop a wide variety uf 11 sten in g skills, including ln~tening- for gist, .Listening fur details, and i.oi'er-I"in,t;:' meaning ITM.'J) cOJllex'!".Chnrts or graph ics ,oft,.en accompany these task-basedexercises to lend support to students.


KEY FEATURES Adult and Internati,unal Content Neu: Interchange deals with eonrcmporary topics that arc of high interest and relc ..'ant to both students and teachers. The iopne~ have been selected fm'
their interest to hnj,h homogeneous geneom; classes. and hetero-

Word Power


SyllabLL'I Neu.! lniercluuig« has a n in teg:rated, m uli i-s kills s:y Ila bur; that 1in k,,,_ ~~)PiiC8. ommunicative c functions. and grammar,

The Word Power activities develop students' .... ncabularv through a variety of interesting iask:i, .'>m~hs word. maps ami. a collocation exercises. "I1{nrd Power activities arc usually followed by or-a] or written practice that. help.';; students undersr.artd how to use the vocabulary in context,

Introduction \VriLing The \\'liting exercises include practical writi ng I,H,,:,-ks that extend and reinforce the teaching pount~ 'in the unit and help develop student's cOfnpo;.;it.iional skills. The Teacher's Edrtion demonstrates how to use the models and exercises 1;0 focus on the pt'lwe,;<,!': of writing,

Unit Summar-ies Unit, Summaries are locatl~d at the back of the Student's Book. They cnntain lists of the key vocabulary and functional expressions, as "Vf~11as grammar extenairms for each uni t,
• FROM THE AUTHORS that you will like using Neu: Inierchonne and fun. OL111' goal has been to prnvide teachers and students with activities that make the English class a Lime to look forward to and, at thl~ SEJID-etime, provide students with the i?iki11:5 they need to use English outside the claasronm. Please let us know hny,... you enjoy it and g(~od Iuckl 'V!-.,'e ope h

Reading The reading pli::'i~a4('suse various tJpel'o of texts adapted from authentic sources. The Readinh'S develop 8L variety of reading skills,
jIH'~ll.lding reading for details, skimming, scanning, anrl making inferences. Also included are pre-reading and post-reading questions that

and find it useful, interesting,

use the tcwic ofthe reading as a sprirurboard to d.i scul~~i n, o
Interc:h.ang(~ Activities The Interchange Activities arc pair work, group work. or whole class activities involving informutiun sharing and role pl ayinj; to encourage real communication. These exercises are a central part nf the course and &1.10\,., atuderrts to extend and pel.T;:\~HHllize what they hklve practiced and Iaarned in each unit.

-Iack C. Richards

Jonathan HuU
Susan Proctor

A gre~L number of' people contributed

to thp.

development of New Interchanqe. P!1rtieulac thanks flJ'€ 0 ~""'IHI w t.he to llowing:
The rcviowe:rfi uuinaIhe first edition of Interchange in the Iollov v ing schools nnd institutes tho insights. and ~uggest.iorlb uft.hese tnachcrs and their students have helped. dcfina the cuntenl and format of the new edition: ,Tnrge Haber Resque, Centro CIJ.dtural. Brnsil-Estados Linido,o; {CCBEU), Deh:;m, Brazil; Lynne Hoccklain, Gifu Unhrersity, -Iapan; l\;Tr!lI'y 01heira and J.1onts.r:rrat M, Djmal, Lnscifutn BrasU-EiStados UnidQS (IBEtD. Hio de -Ianairo, Brazil; Li liann Baltra, In!!ltituto ChHano NorteAmericano, Sarrtingu de Chile; Blanca Al'a:;oj and the tcnchars, at Instituto Cultural A...l'ge.ntino Norteam.ericano {lCANA), Buenos Aims, Argentinaj Mika Millin and Keltny Seymour .. James

College, Hiroshima, Japan; :\Olir.hfll:·l arnes, B TOkyl.t Be Seminar, -Iapan; Claude Arnaud and Paul Chr19 I\-IcVay, 1'oyn Women's College, Tokyu, Japan; Maria EmilJa Hey Silva, UCBE"U, Sau Paulo, Broxil; Lilia Ortega Sepulveda, Unidad

LnmoaHeemosa, Mexico n,F,; Eric Bray, Kyoto YIUCA ."~l1g1ishSehool, Kyoto, .J;:qHH1; John Puk, Yokohama YMCA English Sehoul, Yokohnma, .Japan; and tho many te-aclu,rs around tho world who rnspondsd to the Interebang» questionnaire, The e.ditorial and producti!onw~un,; Suzette Andre, Sylvia P. Bloch, .Iohn Borrelli, Mary Carson, Knron Davy, Snrnunln Fckstuc, Randee Fnlk, ;\n ru'€ 'I'{ Gitzv Christa Hansen, Pauline Ireland, Stephanie Knrnl.~. Penny Laporte, Kathv Niemczyk, Knr,l1leen S·chultz,

St1imp, ami Mary V aughn,

.\rid Cambridge Lnivm·,slt.y Pres", st.aff and advis(lrs:
Carlos Barbisan. Kathleen Corlsy, M(.e Cary-Wright; Riitta da Costa, Peter Davison, Peter Donovan, Rohert: Gallo, Ceci lin G6nw~, Colin Hayes, Tharns Ke€I1?o8, .Jin:o.o(lk Ki:Lll, Koen Van LanrleglwDl, Alex Martinez, Carine Mitchell, Chuanpit Phalavadhana, Sabina Sahni. Helen Snndiford, Dan Schulte, Ia91 Sutherland, Chris 'ili.'hite .•Ianake Williams, and Ellen Zlotnick.

EngUsh School, Santiagu

JHpfm; Matilde Legorreta and Center,

)"lanucl Hidalgo, Ill'allos, S.A de C;V,. Mexico D_1"_; Png Donner, Ril::i:f Doren, and Andrew Sachar, Rancho

CoUcgc Centenruall:ducation

Santa An.fl..California, USA; .Iamas Hale, Sundai H:I~S,-Iapan; Chl;!'lwpll("":i' Lynch, Sunshine, Tokyo, .Iapan; Valerie Benson. Su.zugamine Women's



Introducing yourself talking about
veurself exchangmg

Pa:;;i tense; ll.<:e:d'W: actimlS


tnformeticn, remembering your ~h.iId 1J ood; VlBking abo ll.t..aomeone's childhood

.C.aught "ill tile rufin l)-an$'P~rta t{fin':tt~~por~atiQn p:t:';;:. city ·stJrvi(f% .. .

Talking about transportation and l.ransporta tinn pro bl ems; evaluating city services; asking for and giving information

~~aHnM,.u1 ta.~J~: {ll.ltl.=:;~"'tQ"~,~h.'l", .. 'f!
:if!~s~' in~ti~.ct::.que~"Qon$ £tcim
WJ?-rillo!i;fio.lj'f:] .

Ad"'B~d:i"s' Df;qti'a:ndzy-··.v;ri th ·.Coi¢tabI~

w~!1.n-U(~;~, .~.~i:-~12·cjfJ._g~.~1I'fQJ:"€;··k!j>~t


ff)1' :6


l)esC1;bing positive and negative

I-Iou's<!f!ana'<ipartmi~i:lt.;j.; ltti}styllS


v;.'!il3h.e s'


features; making eomparisone;
tnlking about Iifestvle changes; expressing wi 8has

';E>i;'al uati¢.:i1's.

,~~:~(d'"~15Vj;~"t.~ : . e.rI;?U,f:it .. tq~:~ iot ~
a.~ -. ..

antI .qoirt p,ari:i.p~"i"" ilb

'r."f _,I~_. ;~11I" ~,

. uun·"·-· .. '.. .. .' i.-,,;
. • ;',

iu~ 'I:(ltn'p'~~ii~'Q'~;;; 'no;uns\ ~o( ..,;1th ·:e~w.ugh.,. " a&)~'Q<~Y", .'·qSi i~'Viih
'Sinrpls' p.ast

a~.. : .as;. ·;E:v(ilu;atlont>,

_ ;.-:;;~.

"'''-\!P''''''S 20.:_~_ ".. _~c

I've neve» heard of tba-t~

rn"cip-a~ ;..ln~tn1.dti.~Ll~~. ~ookln:g

Talking about food; CX]Jressing likes and dislikes; describing a fa vorite snack; givl:ng.;'::It..rUJ.CU.1..m~

pr[~'s~nti:e-Tfcim.; {

.sd:q1J.¥b<l~ ~·~\'"~~·£j:::ii~r.he1J:. •.J rl;#e:t 'tltqtJftrir:l Wy'

'U'IIWlnlil1j'"jl_.&_·lIiId ;fil· 1iiIf.•• ._ ...

Guing' pln1;lti.Q: rrr~yel;.v.a:c1;ttfonsj.·plims.
I" I


Describing vacation plans; giving travel advice; planning a vacation

·~.ut.","r~~i~h·l;k g9+11ft ttl ~1la "!.-L'<U{; mO-ds(ls ;fOr n.e~Q.'?~f1itr· ,a~d

::;;uygL';!s.ttqn~.&iort't)hilve to; rmi~';Il~ -, n.~{!i()~· ~i:!tA:~roujjn,tto~ ·8hiJu.1.~t i\;r{),p~'b"v~~Q~~ :i#lf')it:·:re$MTt~iftg U -,
t'o. req"l-i,:~:zlt~.;.,req1i~~t~. v,'tJfm0'd~!:1 .a nd l~TQ~ll~'YQuiiJJ-hfJ< ' . - '[

, .; UNIT 6 '.
~,,,,, ~. _ _rl'l I I I I

• I I '. I.' I

... -.--;.I.PAGES 34-3!1 _ ,'I", .11 _

·"a,p()lo.:p.e~ . ;'. u 1m .r',· .. - .': .... .. :~:'P; lGES 4Dh45

~u,r~. N Q p~b~.em~:· Gompla-i.n:t'$;· hoti,whold"chilFes;

Making requests; accopfing'and refusing requests; complaining: apologizing: giving excuses

whn fs this fat:? T~chilO 10ID'; £iw:tru.c ~6'1\B
',"-,-U'i1iT B' .... • ~~IIJ~'



technology; gi'ioing giving: advice


.. :' : .": .:··,1?PiIlES is-51 .•
'.' I. ~.)I' _


"R,alidays; J~~ti,,~al~;·~·Wl WI,'nEf;.

Describing holiday!'"~festivals, eustnm«, and special events

Re'],ati\~eclaq$rd·s.'c!'f..ti:q-H:~; ·~,dv'\:).rhIDl
ela:1;I.8.~s 'i}f

lirnfol r neti1re;',f.{,tM:-n, ,,-after :

Listening to dcscrlprions of .tatk about. Ci\1n Come Tl'Ue''..i.UUU". excuses.ahout a.~..f'ng about-people ". UNIf ]..f':'~1 ..:'ltirig 'Rhn. listening for lacorrect information. and apologies StresS" .i. '... dt::<~· .d.'It '~j ":·R¢ .!)u QueRtinn intonation in Who qU8Rti0)1 sand Indirect questions Writi. ~1) :ro..n:bout a 'li~Jrd. CU$1hIYiS·".:. ..~ad irig a beut 'io.en~al .ii~~e:4La'irtJ-ort:.e.D<l~.d·the-ir :ho '.ing· mtw:. Iistening Reduced f111rns of' did yo« and harH~.s.jth two-part verbs L .. UNIl2 ~Llggeating Llstsning to a description ora transportation system.. "Once In <:t Mae moon": Finding out how classmates celebrate special days Strbs. 'I "Clas s profile": F:i.!it'n ail:." ".an .peuple describe how to hGUU(] advice": Wtili"ng a~iOC~. ~Wi. Wrir.r+ad.he ."oulll information Reduced form of wrod to Writingl/Reading F'AGE IC·2)·" Writ1 rig an ~.1i~:q YOll ": YOtlli Lite':' IN f:.(.advice e 1 a..e future of s-peci. '" . listening to travel advice Reduced forms of ought io and hau« to Listeningto .t!'a.:' I : UNIT 3. liaterring to complaints.Jual. ~. . classmates HEVIEW (I~ UNI~ !-4 Listeni ng for descriptions of vaea hOon F lans.itj~.d:h~ ::a~pu~t" ]~ ·t'o/s~rv.\1\1J.~"li{~k ili.lL. ' . '1. l.iug' ~Pollt..requeats.u~I:fulltcm .'>:R~1:u]ing E ho\.. i~"[i "Making' the y-ity better'.~t . listening!I~~ ~ :f~l"11~rgY.: I.l eastoms vii ..~..rgf!:m~n'W '{Tn ll~ ?~r "That's no excuse!": .classmates' JTimhn'g out wishes Writipg a ~.[ir f'c8t.' Ufe.. .ii . ·l...~ .c-r·: ~ . ~ an "f: PAGE ..' Syll ahle !> tress Giving' advice t.s to. J:9?d ~~~"tS"physip. ways to improve aci~y do.l Y~r.aapn rr "G~tohng n{(~w_'_fIJI'~~~<".~l fur rent..ty]e ehangss Sentence stress Listening to descriptions to recipes [)Hoods. l . listening to comparisons.}. t<Il:d~$eript.listening I Pro nun c latl on Listening to people ..l.f.Jn)J."1010n:~y': o.!?.2DfW~:Rearting a'b9Rt ljf~"in' ['i~teJlmg to deaertptiuns daysand customs W~l"ting ·.Apologizing.1 ~ "Rifl"lt. ..~~:PA~E IC-:W.iQJi'ill listening to people talk about llfes.J:t·a vv:t. uto~iogr.n·tii~y.1M~t?.'l sm atea '"4"\:'..) th.h(ni~.~JjChtln~':.!rui'W>riatio:ti '!l>llr">'iM'S' <. eading R actress's carees a.:a'wlsb ~"..y businesa": Collecting personal Infcrmatlon [rum. " I... .: W"t. theil' past.RLli)i.. listening fur Pt~r.ii:llen:ing to people ask for infor:mat:.:Uses --------------------------------------------------~--~----~~--Listcning to ..ndjng out abou t a classmate's chi IdJlOOd ':. chang.Eld:pe "E.Lmd . useteehnology.1.s arid rhythm p(lUdS:ys an..::hftll thinking": abcut. . . ~'P~ri~ ~.. '..making (~J.

ri.W\..i!I. !hfollJ1!1tion .~cl f :~r~~e'c4".1~QiIl'!i(n:id.*IIiI'lw:.l. si~~B' .. ..:.""..W V:ik .~.g on wc(>. r. ami skills. comparing Grammar de·Bcrib1ngfrlt)::!sihiJ. gi~stW'e8 and rncanirtgs. and.<t.inu.$l:lwu t.aJ'b~i l~Frr'JwPs~ ... ~ .at·iV(l talking abulJt actors and actreases. .(:Iwledge .dth.'.. ¢tIli' _ Describing movies and books.past't:-~'e[lts..1QlliJ. explaining' proverbs: asking <1bm.t re::.r."ible movie!" E~nte:~-f.}'. _ .p:a.:l'ihing emntions.itje~ Time... . 'iiflIWiniljiii"fIE'''iI!ilill.eers It's really:wortb !!ee:ffi.~.. Irl5jilluWitl§t_16 q.y traits Gef. "d..:): (}).:.a:n(bheail~~. uB1>:l.~ .iliii.· p'~:rim~b>~iuIl. lll{ghJ.:'/.Y..:.. and dlj1. talking about job 'r~iMd€\e_ ~ith · What's YQIll' p.:trlili ts: 1 Describing abilitlt1l'..'I.!!. per~[)nlil. I'Iwy.t$t..recent experiences :Pa."Lmds: ahU.::.arid proh...h"ititl!'f"mgcpnclu~i ons - . [JfIIIF 15'.::iV~~ 'w~t:h by 'pasMVG' with._~.' .eq ~Ji~~cl. p... . ' reactions arid opin1o. describing.~.¥iIiIl~I. "'{.. giving ad-vice and !.\oJ.xcu:sil1 Bequeets.!oiI Functions 'fllllwlg about.. if.d ~t. emr.itf~nbf. discuesing fad."11:.s.cribing countries.9'l-1I71l1 ~.Ij.m(mt.:J PM.'1'''. hopaii':. ~·tise..'{"~lm'plff '~~:ea~tii) ~p.i.p..m~al..kondst iIJjilities"a:ud'·. aspects of'·adjollctive...l. deecribiug a predicamen L.1 t.qvi"l'!sand))o@kf:l. .cotl'lras"tl!.'.lf~dau~{<~s .a} signs and meanings Speculating' about past and .lnUf1tr:l'~s:world "'l'I Talking ahout Iandmarks monuments. _.. r{~l.perfect 'CoutUl ll.. making requeats. I~f'l!-.. time. C)bHg~thjJl...""...g! Lan.ii~ $"0 thapl!iJ ". ..:..with because c:ur.king for..:rt:'quf::~~~"ur1f)'·b.llGGo8tionl7- Nun""Ill::rhal D[)r'..::.1. .itiQnal 1 dnn~t iik~ wQrldl1.. ~~kiug about ::.1I_ UNIT SUMMAFiIES AFtfJElIllllX flilGES S2-S17 . cxp~Rlinil1ggestures and ille~ningB. Wh'"a't wo uld yn'n 001· MOl1Lryr. u the future t lMp ill the past. j.[]inuD:ie~d:t al'~'" d 111oAA1llt'oni:..':. l?r·j)\.. present.:.l.l~meond~ past.t- V!!iln:ple' pa&.f. X'@t!ul."bf.cond. making invitations and eXCU3e~ J{e:IJ9.. ..ctl~. oouJsequ:encf.t:om.(] h pld~~.djeanJ P. ~.'_' pr..."ci~e(l)leS.' ~~" .. Moda:j'S·<ll1d·(l:dverbs.... ' '.~)._--------------------'.. .!n:t ..lsl Participles clauses ..Q.I\~~'i<Il:PIlGES ~ ..iiIiilM . fLLLlLIfilj Ch==¥ng~B and conti:'ast.TirtlefTop'ics ·Bad~..'.jt."it: P~:Sf. a:.cutufl!: evnn U3.:.... n1...::.l.l'pon~ei>~ auses eI .1:DN.J.o. :.. ..~ but a teT1._ ~ . and giving reactions and opinions Interpreting bod)' language. A terri. exctLcSes~ iaHitatiflIl:3t ~white Hes" Reporting what people: say. gentefle&s:v.m.. c' describing pt:ctionaliit.(l9k. change.p~s¥lnqHn18 ~ V j.ntfO.ibeen' a :J~)ng (ime:~. spucn tatl0n ~ .m m..::.periods.

ttrr-ee movie reviews' "At the movies": AB1tin.IM Interchange Activity "Consider !he consequences": .'.o~y Iangunge Listening Lu people talk about predicaments: listening to advice and .. "Exc uses..suggestions Reduced form of hmN'.-..g'classmates' opinions aboin movies and actors Listening tn penple interpret meanings..'" PAIl I C-15>."" '.lgies. a bDuL-"white lie~~" .:..' .1'Ffnd the job that'scigb:t f(l.Bpfth.. mould. \Vrit:. '.a biij~aphy cqnqtJ::iT Wond·~l'.:.their interests.n.n in g I Prolllu nciation Listening to people talk ahout changes.-- (IF UNITS 13-16 UNIT SlJMMARIES lix .· Reamng abo'ut .s fbr infermation about scmeone's Contrastive .' "..~~ Writj~llg a moviereview i·'Stflr.te. recci ving telephone messag-es Roduced forms of had.tighl." ".IllOaern wonders of i. movie review Word and Bente:ul"€ stI'e....' Reading' about . .ga letter asking fm:. b.lis.(~b Final t in not..l hdng i~I:(n. oderi~ M "ES ..INIJ11 WQrlcr~ Reading about the: . f__'__.. a pFover:b "\\11at's going orr?": Interpreting body langu ago "'Bod.he sigI'].0 possible sol uti on f7..~. "l1:at 1J\f)~f... Agreeing and disagreeing with classmates "!ocre Y()U in Love. of Pitch Listening for job requirements. listen..e' "Traveler's profile": Finding out about claaarnatcs' travel 'habits to people talk about events in their recent. ..abnut how t~li..': child pro{j...ii:lg": Reading.'lJ. t-o Q problem Writi ngJRead'nn .. listening to personality trait.iu...':. !..people talk a00 ut. the meanings of signs t:mpha tic stress Writing ali.". iI'l'tet"pl'{lblt~on of .. :1.he worM' \VY']ting. . Iisten i ng.-~~ . listening' ill people talk about. n 'Say?": Reading :1?ni. Iistening 1.stress '''C~1Jd Prodigi~s.tele:phone 1D.Ask Ahc~~":Roadi.':~:" . arl~ c.'VBrf:l~: Reailipg. don!l.eHSagcR "The.rit"ing~ p(·n~(inalit~r·desC'dpt1i)p ~IJrcam job": Hiring an employee . listening to a.~drug...Y Languege.. Iistening tor information abnut a country Linked sounds Listening W6ting ahr..'" .. .lt. thing!": Deeidi n gw ha t to doin a difficult situation Listening [01' excuses.-\bout Lj.. and can't: Listening to dC!'lcri ption s of monumencs.r' yf}1I~~'~ R~. "Life is like a game!": Finding out about classmates' lives : REVIEW OF UNITS 9-1 ~ Listening for epinions. '. Truth . past CElreers. "Do the .ng an advice co'l~:ID_I)" a ~Seya(:l. and the f perfect J.. " . ~.. excuses": Making lip excuses RnlEW ---------------'''-----''--.

. ) I .(' " I' ..L .L '.51: 'fed: Ana: Ted: Ana: Listen to tho rest of the conversatton. J am. it's my [irs: time."? I'm 'fine.f'lt fzy: h:tern~tioiiaL i::conomi(. when .o S'NAPSHOT Talk about these questions. you learn to Hollcrblade? Here in the park... are you from South America? Yes... Can you give rne MUle lessons? Sure. have so many immigrt:1JitS? Are there 8f7Y immJ"gf~nts in 'your Source: UN DepilJltrrH.. And 1'0'11 Ana.:~.t.tie~r:.. Ana: Ted: Ana: Ted: Listen and practice.. 'Well.. I'm 'r'~ally sorry" Are you Oh. -Iust follow me. I was born fn Argentina.. B~ C/II'". And where did. hut my family moved here eight years ago..:-~~.1 'was in high school.J Ii (II 2 I II . Neither am I. t ~ . Say.i.. What-ore two more things youlearn about 'j['f~d? --.. But I'm not very good at this. D1d you gTOW up there? Yes. By the way" my name is Ted. Nice fa meet you. .. "" 1_. originally. and' Sm:ial Aifairs city? Where are they' from originally? CONVERSATION A~ Tho: Ana: Ted. Why do you think these c. AD . I did. This is only my second time.I ~I I . Ob.

... 2.. ..sctJoOI? No.J.dild if jl) COlle·g[' ~jr.. S~!p1'i ArI.'_.l you . A'.. .'fiefitCl~ NO. _ \ (. Then practice with H partner. '" ...\' old .... ~:~. .. ."" W .. '~.. B Pair work 1....'..."' ·V~·~ ". . r. I. B 10hOQt • W1J9r~ d-td.•..!.s United States. . born in South Korea. LISTEN·. A: Where .. '.1 wasn't.. a child'? R... Complete the chart..-:.. I d·le!.\"')"'.... ~. • "" Wete you horo ir.'. I diidlTl. ...? 13. .M:igh. . part A. up in Canada.. I . Give your own information II ~AM"~ ~::."._.u.lid! YOl... A: Could you ten me a Iittle about yourself? Where . J. eleven years old... .J'5iV~. to high school? B: 1 ...ypu g~W *uP?· Wbl1e1J ~'I'~" m ove inere:r~ 1'100 .."...: No."" ..... with two immigran1. bcm'l in.~I_'...6-:..e1~cQnfOl~n:ill?' " Yes...".) . "'a A Complete these conversations.~. '1•• you study l£ngliRh when you _._ vou .r .".~~ ! . _..·t A~ l'. . . I A: 1Io...I ~r I • ~ O ...•• ' . when'l VillS' ·inbiib . ..t WeI"" tp col'le"g:e"ih ~c:rAllgele:S..NG Listen to interviews.. l'lr:ew QP./ ~ 1I"t . to high school in Ecuador..' ....d . - A time to remember D GRAMMAR FOCUS W~:eiJ'e· fJltEl YOW !lorna.. grow up the~re. . .. . lin BueniIJiS' Aires .1'I '.. . you when you began to study English? B: I .flearh SpoIl1sll(in. you born?" R I . ycs~ .. r• w • UNaS. tslu.-:-'(~'~~ .]·B·!a~ilJ.C'./: .ake turns asking the questions in when answering..".. ))J-:...Yo~JoJPflOUi:!g.Pi:d'..:?:i....1.• 1rn(G\'~d~~erelght ·y~Cl rs GrgU.. -Iwas' bern in Atgefltifla. ~I 1O the 3 1..~I......

. work Ask questions TO . . "~ J" ......'" Pair work Choose throe words f'rum the word map and use them . .. j •••• I '-<. . Where did you go to high schncl? Did you study When did you V\"hfm did you Row old were any foreign languages? first study English? graduate? you 'when yon moved t.-r..~-:"<... 0..'._ .j ( "" cellect comics- dog paint play chess I. _".o .. you go to elementary. Nice to meet 'yOU..:?i£ '....Unit 1 B GETTING A Pai.~.. "~~".' _... " ••..1 ." WORD POWER A Complete When I was a child . B: How well dkt vou play? A: I w aspretty g01jU.~O~'.·. 'I'hen compare with a partner. ~ .. notes and ln truduca your pa rtner "I'd like to introduce Angela" She was hom in Mexico..y.. Could you tell me a little about yourself? j B.... . i ~ ' .:.··.'-1..Aj)~.. ../jl ' )...-. '" ..-L.. 4 ~~·=···.:~f . Add one more word to each category... I ~I • soccer ball earup tree house 0 ~'~~ -::' ~:.-.1 "i I.. Start like this: A: Hi! My name's . --... .~J'l .. Class activity U:3!e your to the.'W.:. I'm .'\~"/..:...ell... I ..J/. ~ IJ . 1.._." '.J _. Sure" What d." .._~~~~:.:.'..W. . " .0 know? A.. in elementary school.." " .I1t. 1r rabbit s-crapbook 8UTIUner ... ':..rPf1. Good to meet YOU too.. besch bicycle c~t .. I •. .. B: Reno.. A:.1.SOEntof' your chi Id hoo d memori es.'~·r~ k'? !-:i.1' 'I l '. class.·...._··:.r "I" ..LU' "~"""\A'¥.. " }. 1J:1('word map."" •. A: I played chess when I "\'H1:l B ./.. . ."\-0 J..=r~~~· '" 2:. Start like this.'I"~~'\. like the ones below and take notes. Y:20-L{~"""'" t ./Y-i~~'.~.\.1 Lr:7..... California.......-~ .: /. ? B. wherewere you born'? Whete were you born'! Did you grow up there? Whetoe did. ~. but sh€ grew up in a small town near Monterey..". :~-- P. \V.. .Lx U.....KNOW YOU Interview a classmate you don't know very well. '~'. .'" I.~ .. " .o you W"3.... '.. .o:l. : .. •.to descri be ..:r 4: ..'/ !r'_ I I I L »v. .

Who~ gQh. Then L In elementary scho-ol.I\5S_ Aumo ONL.'"p!Q'(-ch~.. When I was a kid.. When lwas a kid.. I had a great '~~A-~~~"_-" ~.-.j'n". That's me in front of my unnle's beach house.. too. 2_ I used to be .!(d:id· you: I}se 'Ii) pIQV?" l... ~ Wff used to'stQ:y (1~'my uncle's boooh·.. \Ve always had a great limo.o A time to remember CONVERSATION A~ Listen and practice. 3... Hey I used to culled shells..e!IJ"ta.'... But my parents threw them out! ... _-. I think it's still up in the auicl . a partner.. "i. Every day \'il€ used to get up car ly . J~ff: Hey~ Are these pictures of you when you were a kid? Kim: Yeah.l.. kid..-. Do you and your partner have anything in common? B 5 . w~. Jeff: \.c"!A. . b()H1lt1:&~ell:S. .s{j.ho)Jse" " ..l&.Ei'a hob:bvt Y. ._..-.u.I J [ A Complete these sentences. L--" ~ Cl..".i:md walk along the beach.. 01 GRAMMAR )\!h~·nl ~ FOCUS ~~~~~t. but I'm not anymore.. Pair work Write five more sentences about yourself using' used to.d<S. bet that was fun! I Kim: Yeah. 1 used to . In fad. compa re Vi' i 0.Y I Listen to the rest ofthe conversation.-.scl"kid. I used to play" ." ~~. we used to spend two weeks there ever)' SUIIlIllCT.. .. .e(k) h6v. my best friend and I used to . 4_ After school..~shen collection.1 u!iiQd to. ..Did y~u .Jeff:. when I was a. ' ~.. What is Jeff's favorite childhood memory'? B '... W11at sports or games did you use to play whera you were younger? 3.1- We_b~CJ4_QJJ_QMjWQ_-1t(?1XJ'QM~W. Did you use to have a nickname'? 4.uummer. I -.. ' ··-t. I used to p1ay the violin. . Did.t~ljlf]d I used to rzhx lot~J!:[g_qjYI~I_io.S A Pair work Add three questions to this list. J used to have a nickname. K B Class activity 1'eU the class two interesti ag' t. '%eI'P. Practice the sentences you wrote in Exercise 8 again_ Pay attention to the pronunciation of used to. I used to have a pet. . .nd~.~ .Unn 1 1m PRONUNCIATION .you ever have a part-timejcb? 6. . child._~ 'fake turns reading your eompositions Answer any questions from the .C·lassprofile Find out about your classmates.:..ed to_flW. /I!y_fJ1rr!iJ.t~q~.segi~.~dQqrJJt!me J~l1UJirif::_a. B Pair work II!lMEMORIE.~h/.. tn ~b. _l' J_ ~ L 'illhat's yOUI' favorite childhood memory? 2.o did you use to spend your vacations'! 5. Then take turns asking and answering the questions.. When I was aclrild.4 ~f!I._f.!1!X-favorit€Jltl.abo» t yOU_I partner.. 7.hings . Usc some of your ideas from Exercise 10. Write about the things you used to do as a. in[m~~n~~ 1· .a_Xard {VJ.t. I used to play hide-and-seek._Q.~'1·oup_ B Group work m WRITING A ~r _l. Whe~ I VC(K[q~L.n~~]f£ to OreGJolt.A ~1 Used to Listen and practice.d4flJW]tJ.J~fgllfst:. Notice the pronunciation of used to. Tum to page IC-2.. _ It W(A'S bolh IvntJ.ry.getbKr:_ _ .

ou llot.and was on her way to gctlttlg out of school. Hollywood agents that she was an actress in Ch ina. .bm she Vi/lit" happy about this chance. Joan joined them when she was 20 and went to college there. 'Iives. Why is it sometimes difficult for people whomove to another country to keep doing the sam e 'work? 7 .il:y~ a man in a cal" noticedher. Joan Chen was born in Shanghai iii 1961. the article. she starred in B crnardo Bertolucci 's The hut EmperOr. Joan had to start all over again.aurentiis. and in the United.. Her parents hoped she would study medicine. A Read. She j ".. tho film's producer. who were' doctors. One dHY Joan went to speak to a director who was making a movie called Tat-Pan: The interview didn't go well. she discovered that she really liked acting. The manwas Dino Del.'hin . but mainly she liked the idea of only got some small parts in TV shows. however. where she. 19705. As she walked aW. she majored in film and later looked for In thelate worldwide fame. part in a TV show B Group work Talk about Lhl~8C question.s Joan become a famous actress in two countries? U's. [low did J oan Chen is f. At age 18. When shewas 14 some people from H film studio carne to her sch 00 I and chose her 10 study at the studio. Then put the events in Joan Chen's life into the correct order (1-8). China's top film award. A year 1ater. Joan's parents. won the Golden Rooster appeared in Tai-Pan left school and studied at a film studio starred in The Last Emperor studied film in college . moved to the United States. Instead.1. moved to the United States . Soon.'>.m READING A tim e to remember China.. L Do parents and children often have d ifferent ideas about careers? How art' their ideas different? 2. as an actress. she won (he Golden Rooster. She told. 'Io ork work in the United States. an interesting story. was born in China in 1961 " "got her first. where she grew up.-<:Im.. lle immediately offered her a leading part.

There aren't enough buses Oil this route.. Tl1CI'eshould be Inure public transportation in gene!":::!. '\o\That else is wrong 'with the transportation system in their city? 8 . r ClASS.3. But look. too.there never a bus when you want one? Sam: Good question. wrrtlng a letter to the paper. ~LY B ~ Listen to the rest of Ute conversation. \Ve can talk about this Ietter' I'm going to write. Lynn: Say. L. no! Let's go and get acup of coffee. You should say that we ne-ed more subway lines. I Sam: And fewer earsl There's too much traffic.. It'foI fun! Lynn: Oh... Lynn: Vlhy is .can you telephone train makebegi nning with these words? police Ell CONVERSATION A~ Listen and practice.0C B Pair work How many compound nouns .o WORD POWER Compound nouns A Match the nouns in columns A and R to make compound nouns. ray + entrance B = subway entrance entrance stop light traffic bus bicycle stop parking street station sign lane stand! Jam news taxi . (More tha» one answer iF! pussihle. Sp...'" AUOIO.) subway A subv. Lynn: Sometimes T feel ]il . it is.'vnn: Yeah. c Sam: Good idea. is that our bus coming? Sam: Yes.

... . that you marked false...". We need more sUbway tlnes. ..g... 3. _ LISTENING I!JLASSa..... The government needs to build . \Ve should have .. .--.. 3. _ ' ... There are _. " .... 2... \Ve don't have enough... There shoul(J be iewlr qms... _. There's too much... OW\5S. .. _ 6. .. There ahould be less...For the statements the correct informatinn. ThareanHO. norse.. We have too many' _. 5. po·IMiofi. how Singapore has tried to solve its traffic problems. ._. A1£~~..' Listen Ltg-ain. B Group work Complete these statements about the city you are living in.. write C Class activity Could the solutions adopted in Singapore work in your ci ty7 Why or why 110t'f 9 . L The city needs to provide more . A::L~"" IB ~ •. Check (~) True or False for each statement... We ne~d more public 'tra... A ~' ~ Listen to someone talk about.Caught in the tush B 'GRAMMAR FOCUS WiM' countable o{JUtlSwmJ um. 1. ... ..l'lfS There cHetifT enough! euses.. 8.. public parki rlg garage. 7~ There is air pollution ill the cit.ation problems . There should bellS!.cars in the city... Then compare with a partner. .. 6. highways.. 2..y. .::.. police officers.. _ _ 'l'her~ is too much trofHc.-. .O Inalil'f com._ .... There should be Ie . 4." J A Complete these statements about transport. There are .... er 5. cars parked OIl the streets..nsporiotron . '1'I1ere should be . There IS public transportation. There isn1 enoug:h parkin.. There should be _.. (More than one answer may be possible..ouot:abJB lJ~I.. 4... __ __ .· .. . Then compare with others.

L. page IC3.t $x~tfrr1 lliJ'rafFr:"----.E! A Group work How would you rate the transportation services.0. Uhl:D l'n]lilio Berll Q. B YOU BE THE JUDG._Q it.=_ tr.idri vera should be more pchte. "We gave taxi service a rating of 4.k~l]g..{bli. Germany Talk'abo.h bfJur: H_C!_~e_'(~!r_we JJf.d in m_y__ qfY.t]p:.Unit 2. ..J5.dt1sPQ(ta.elr .city needs more taxis and cheaper '\Ve 'think'Cenough pJJ. Suggest ways to improve a c~y.IQrt? pilq}ic par.el1erd ku.t~l.Atso. Tum to. VenieiP Ir(Jlr J Have you used any of these kinds of transportation? Are there any unustlal forms of transportation in your What kinds of transportation do you usually Lise? city or country? . Th~tJ _. _fi.1. WRITING Write a paragraph about trausportatton inyour city.~ion 10 99P. in your city? Complete the chart. tQ_ti:nd a 5p-._YYLh(lY~ an t:(c.~_d ~'!. r. to 50 1 '= terrific 2 == good 3= average ~OK) 4 = needsim provement 5 = terrible B Class activity Explain your ratings to the class.. qlWiJF tak~~ ioo m!-JCQ tijpr. SNAPSHO'T mlilltl~ lell1~a. ~x(_(l?t q~ item a rating from 1.." Making the c~rvben.ut these qaestio'fiS.jgYr. t...tlto~T.__ (I1QW~_:qui(k/y. Giv~·e..sp()_(.rking ..

What time do the banks open? B Pair work Take turns asking the Give your owninformation questions you wrote in part A_ when Where' is: tihEl~bank?' Whe:r~ is Ule lttx i st-cmd? GQUId YQIJ te~ mecvrnere f.n? 00 VQu'~now . practice. How often do the buses come? 5. Erica: Good."Vritc indirect questions using these Wh-questions. 11 . A: Do YO[1 know how oft-en the buses come? B: Eve ry half hour.wb~..~I1QW wher·e 11:Ie 'ulxi SUlnq iis.Do you know where th e nearest restroom is? Man: Right behind YOll. 4.:'·T.1. the nearest cash machine? 3.uses J·e<lve th. And can you tell me 'how often the buses lea VC lor the eity? Man: You need to check at the transportation counter.bu~S loo'ite for t>he_€ity? Can you teU m~ how . Could vou tell me where the hank is? Man: There's one upstairs I across from the duty-free shop. And just one more thing . Where can you get a good hamburger?' 6. How much doe s a newspa per cost? 2. See that sign? Erica: Oh. Erica: OK. thanks.Caught in the rush CONVERSATION A~ Listen and.quesUDns willi do 01 did indirect questions How often do the. ~ B·~ n n the cost of a taxi to the city the location of the taxi stand C the location of a cash machjne n the location of a restaurant II GRAMMAR FOCUS Indirect quSStlofls VIh-4rueS!iCIIJ wiJb .E. Erica: Excuse me.? Wb. Where i.oftelillheb. do~s:the ·du1y"f(e~ shO'p ope.ASs "'_UIllO Or4LV '<¥ Listen to the rest of the conversation. Then romp are with a partner. c:!l. It's right down the hall.566 alT'ive? _ ~ Do VOLIk_n(1w WhenFHgl1t 5L66 arrived? W~ a1'Mile.'hankg a lot.3.lor Whe'na'rd'ftig. How late do the nightclubs stay open? fhUlllllY~1re~ SlhOP_ ~eMi? __j I A .. Erica: 011. Check ("I) the information that Erica asks tor. It opens at B:OO... ma'am. Do you know what time it opens? Man: It should be open now.he b_onk is? I Do you: .e·ci1~ ..

ln¢~T " . . Oh. I don't 119l0W. f •..nexHo . yes!" . . Where is Adam Street. A: Can you tell me where the Golden Pavilion :is'? B: Let me think.!O!%6 to.. yes.-# Can you tell me what time the duty-free shop opens? Do you know where the taxi stand is? B Practice these questions. and other services in your city.. o'n the cerner . o 12 . . your's .YOUT ci'ty ask about? Think (If six questions about transportation. Pay attention to question intonation. '" ftls .' B Group work Take turns asking and answering but I think . sightseeing._ _____.Unit 2 lEI PRONUNCIATION A Ques·tion intonation Listen andpractice... Where i~ the taxi stand? ~ r::f_.. It's. store opons? m TOUR'ISTS A Pair work \o\'hat would a tourist visiting .. Letme fm think Oh. Indirect questions usually have rising intonation. It~~C. .. What tt rue does thH duty-free "hop open? -. .'? Gould you tell me where Adam Street il'l? W ~lat ti me does th € delia rtmen I:. accommodations. Wh-questions usually have fan. Sorry.... · not really sure. stOI'O open? Do you know what time the department. I1g intnnation.

e. So. 'exercise in a fitness center .4. buy a diamond _. rcl:t~in. lrnagine your flight is del ayed. '[be airpor~ :at Henolulu hag peac. The art is so interesting m<l!t some: people fly to EI. though .."is great: that j.1lgin the worldl In m Paso! Texas.Airports aJ!!:"f IDllJfh bett~r places these daY5thantllost people reaJiJ._ . [(you]OflS have nnc . • Rea.. PiftslY~lrgh bla. " Reality: . or relax? Anythhlg' el se? 13 . visit one of the world's best shopping places B Group work Talk about these questions. What would you pr-efer to do: eat. 5.~ir dedtd~ IJutlel'fl) worsc.s Singapore Honolulu Pittsburgh El Paso 1.:t(~d!OIl tbc walls. f_ A a..-'\fldyou . c.efuJ gardens.e. .h otels at the airports in Los il. buy an interesting painting .Jhlmfrt.Caught in t'he Il'itJsh [fJ READING )Ia:ny !people an' 1!Jp:§!et.o to ·cb. Which airport mentioned walt in? Why? in the article would you prefer to 2. L meditate surrounded by music and clouds a. you can buy antique knhes or regio. 1. in Lom:l!on to Korean barbecue in cansmck up 0:11~>(}Jnetbilng to have tor la¢er- H01W]uhl- for t~"Xamp]et cheese and faviar in Paris. 2.apore's airpon is. • JleaUtr. • HeUef: Shoppinginaillwn. knewn fur Some oj[the best ".k~ l}(~opk: ~mcornf{lirtablicand tense.gmusic comes on and pic mres of cloudsare projec..1l%J. d.1sitthe airpou gallery..Sj ifyoill need a 'l-shfrt. In which airport can you do the following? Write the letter ofthe correct place. Amstcrdum Dulla.. the next time you'r(> stuck io an airport! have some fuD~ Read the article. Belief: Airpor~ .buppi. • hJie~f: AJi:rPQrt ood lti bad f as bad ~ISairplane feed.Paso just to .ot onJy d. shop. they haee to :waitin an ajrport1There~ 'RO need to be upset.ght h: delayed.m1gCl tb.. And Sing.'i a mOOtla~On. you can buy anything from perfume ill d]1UUOllds.! Dallas. b.lit}': In Amsterdmn. ilUemdtiuna£ odS-inc . and lillifly other dries fl2ilVe fitness centers that anyone em use. H. lfOCl1TJ~ \VheT:1 ynu w-alk in. Crt t Korcan barbecue .N. wbentheir tkey h~l\v~ seaJOOd.l1geles.

05 something else to ShOW"mL Cl.Dean: Let's flee if the real estate agent 1103. Apartment hunting Mr.lS~ ALJfilu OI>JtV . However. Dean: Wen. it's in a safe neighborhood and irs very private. about another apartment.What does Jenny Iiks about it? 'Vhat doesn't she like? 14 . Dean: But that apartment was dark and. dingy And it was in a dangerous neighborhood. Jeri fly: But the bedrooms are too small.. And the living room is huge. Mr. Dean: \Vhat do you think? Mrs. it has just as many bedrooms as th. Dean: And it's not as cheap as the last apartment we saw." CONVERSATION A~ Listenand practice.D WORD POWER A Houses and apartme·nts These adjectives are used to describe houses and apartments. "My apartment is very dark ana a Iittte cramped..i'l:. Mr .€!last apartment. And there isn't enough closet space for my clothes. B ~I Listen to the Deans talk. Mrs. Which words are positive? Which are negative? Writ() P or N next to eacb word. B Pair work Tell your partner two positive and two negative features about your house or apartment.

i'ate. (not enough) 7. . (not enough) B Write comparisons of the apartments Then compare with a partner.. "as. but an apartment is too small for 8 large family. Which would you prefer to live in? A: A house is not ~"I. It isn't quiet enough. IOr. It's not. smell. Spaclous. modern apartment $BOO pw month." Apartment 2 ---------~ (t-oo) Older.'TI me for a chall1ge! EJ GRAMMAR FOCUS fv. Comparisons with nmms A Read the opinions about these apartments.19 the lest apartment It's almost 0)5 oi1eThlP (QS the :lost aportmeJl1).5 mailY bedroo~msas th. (too) 8.e~ost apartment.&'nouglll bedrooms" There lisn'1 lliIou:gh closet space. !by the commUiterirain. It's too old. It's not bright enough... Apartment 2 big expensive bedrooms bathrooms modern C Pair work Compare Hying i. (not enough) 2. There's on Iy one parking space. 5. Apartment 1 L There are only a few windows. Apurtment 1 bright using the 'words below and as ."!op' 1. 11larking space: SHOOper month . It's not spacious enough. :2 bedrooms.llreliff . (too) 3 It has only one bathroom. 15 .S expensive as an apartment.n. rna E'{a/uQF.ffie~!I dowmtwl'n. small 81p'alimsnrt I 2: bmlm(]lmsr 2: billflrooms. an apartment to living in a house. located outslde the city. very Ilfill. 1 bathroom. B: YeR.ons wltll nOlJns l1herEl. ~thas lust ·tIIS many bedr'Q. (not enough) 4. (too) "l'here aren't enough YV'indO'lNB. The IMrfiQ room is 'too. 2-car glOlrage.r/iuation5 with adjer:lIyes kirChel'l 'iSA"t big . thelest apartment). ComparlsoRS with adjectives It's nOt as ch!.'Ugh. J~ doesn't have (11. Then rephrase the opinions using the words in parentheses. convenient enough.mTIs {as..

-. A of'Exercise 3. light.prove my personality move to a 'new go back t.or Why not? ~l IB 9Y ml SNAPSHOT to"... 'There ~ren't enoughcl~sets.~ Listento three people call about apartment advertisements. sentence that .. DQ you think each caller is going to rent the apartment? Wh."':::uts~~:i:rrJ:. What other things would you like to change about your life'? Why? "6 .. RVCS5 the words in the most important information..~~~ Listen again. life more get a dIFfer. 1'hcre Isn'tenough YUU .. Talk about these questions. .neioh. ~ B Pair work Practice the sentences to sentence stress..~HiI". art Pay attentfon LISTENING CI. Cheek (V") the words that best describe each apartment.::£.Unit3 PRO'NUNCIATI. add more hours to every day change my appearance im.o school place enio.ON A Sentence stress :::h r:ifj . The kftchen is too cramped.O t big enough .J eu'. ~ . A~ r. ' -1 .A.I'be apartment Hl. .Ss A. make new friends Which of tiies« things would you {ike to do? Give some exemptes.}. C1:U'ry- Listen and practice..SS A~e:. wrote in p. free time. ThlTY'! Terry: 0 h. he.are~t~~ ~ I wJslJt f!'ived. 'I'WIsh it'weren" so difficliJ:lt...- B ~ I Lixten lo the rest of the conversation. I I F ~ Write a response using wish for each statement. My class is bor'lng. Brian: I know what yOu mean.. she.ah~~COtll:l:lfind (J b~1t~. I don't want to work at all anymore. I'm 8ti 11at the bank. Time for a change! Making wishes Brian: So where are you worki-ng now. and n. t l "I I ~iv~W[U\ rfll. 1 don't like my job either. g. [ don't like it. though" Brian: That's too bad. l I -wish I wOrked 5<omewh~reehiie. 8.. and it doesn't pay very well.V.Y p. I don't have . ~ ~m'V QW~ apartrtlent ' 'I wis. Brian: Hmm. I wish I could find 8l better job.rob. _'P"""'_'~. (More than one answer is possiblo. I'm not in good shape.t ecsler. 2. 11 . twenty -six._itll d'ldlilf1 [iV9 with my parents. 6. I'm single.o CONVERSATION A~ Listen and practice.1:. ~~~. I have to take the bus to work every day.~rellj it's boring. I WJSll ~t¥reJe. ~Ati8rwislt 'were 1$ used with l. I wish I had a lot of money so I could reUr'€ now. how old are you.Ul'£tiJj:m~mt1I . <.n'f Il~e 'I'IlY~Of). Why not? Terry: .) 5. I have too much homework. I don't have enough money. FOCUS ~w:mrurr'i·n"Dmat. Terry? Te rry: UII. ONL. Then compare with a partner. \'Vhat other ~. Terry: Actually. t 1 i . Hff~ "I Wish {tn. OUT apartment is too small. changes would Briar and Terry like to make'? III GRAMMAR FQ~ I d'Cl. 7.

3S Unit :3 LISTENING A~ Listen to foul' people talk about things they wish theycould Check (. B: Really? A Yes.n the e\(g(!i(l4.~imf. mus ici an.At.Ul{l._r1t:Qu . I could take guitar lessons. A Write about one of your wishes from Exercise 10. have q_p_qrr. your appearance your family your school or job your home your skills your free time B GfO up work Choose two of yOl1ll' wishes from part A. I'd like to be a. Then compare with a partner.. -- A. _t wiSh l hgQ_mQff{ .~:t~~ diJ change..king the change" 18 . band. Wishful th inking Fi nd out about your CU\SS AUOUO ONLY B ~' ..._j_lqke_ . Iurn to page IC~'4.. C: A musicianfWow! A: I'd like to play the guitar in a ruck..t.iSf..j_a_ like to haye more time to read and_go end wt't6 mJ!_fr_L~nJi-. the.Qftlt~ j ~end_ __ j t1lt iiJrlt_Ak/dying_Q ( dqjng..-" Listen agai n.l) the topic each person is talking about.=..i? r..L __ tbQ. person like to make'( Why'? IE TIME FOR A CHANGE A \iVllat·do you wish wer.sSC.. b OI. ~ Topic - - . Givo your partner ~ilJg-ge$tiong for m.'€ different about these situations? Write down your wishes.aod. .m ClJ1.tJ1.$.free· tim_e. And then . Take turns talking about your wishes and how you would make the necessary changes .. day.. What change would each classmates' wishes. B Pair work Take turns reading your com positions witha partner.. A: Lwish 1 could change my job..

haw? .- B Group work Talk about these questions. What do these people do now? Whflit IS one difficulty with their new lifestyles? What is on. What are some reaso-ns people . Would you like to be one of the Neales' children? Why or why not? 3.. 2. 1_ Who do you think made the more difficult cha nge in Iitesty 1 Tom e. Would you like to change your ~i Iestyle? lf so.Read the article.e rewa rd? Complete the chart" ---- A What they do now Difnmlty -- Rewam -= - --. Bloch 0]" the Neales? Explain your answer.change their lifestyles? 4. the article SInd others .those in.

FOflor's SouUi<. Raw seafood mannated in lim~ juice and chili peppers.I SNAPSHOT A.Iohn: I thi n k [ 11have the fried brains.0 Have you ever tried any of these ·dishes? Which ones would you iike try".snails v vith garlic! Have you ever" eaten snails? John: No. What other ethnic food can yO!) try in your city? What are three popular dishes in your country? SaUnJHS: Fodor 'f. \Vaitre8s. sir? . this sounds good . Kathy: Oh.A~ Kathy: flUDIO ONLY Listen to the rest of the conversation. Kathy: Fried brains? Nov v that. please. them last time.O!:st ASia.'aitref.::. else did be order? B~ 20 ..~c.? D CONVERSATION A ~' n Listen and practice. Have YOu decided on an appetizer yet? Kathy: Yes. garUa~ sptces. How did rJUhIl Iike the. really sounds strange I ~l. and pork. thanks. WDrid &ook Encyclopedia (. Like to try some? John: No. tradi tional dish made oi'biack beans. South A me. I'll have the snails. Talk about these ques'tions. with ~hrintp and ehleken Crl~pyfried noodles Chicken soup ~\ith pork-filled dumplings. They bound. \\. fried brains? What. strange.ll. they're del icionsl I had.!: And you. Dcy. I haven't.

The food .ost Did you Ht snails at fhe n:~s1C1urc:lnt last i"Ilg:nt? N!o. (have) breakfast this B: Yes.) 1.. [5.. (try) " {go) out for dinner . snalls. Did you go. A: Have you eve!'. QW for. 4...... 1 have. I . (See the appendix [:01'" help with verb forms. Have you ever "ten Yes...V<:l:-5 delicious' B Pair work Take turns asking and answering the questions in pa rt A Give your own information.CQmp/etef1 evenr. I hay. 1_ breakfast...PRONUNCIATION Reduced forms ~ Listen and practice. Pay attention to the pronunciation of rltd you and have you.. suaht? . k .." (cat) a huge Have you ever _ (eat) at a Mexican restaurant? B: Yes. Did you skip breakfast this morning? Did you cook your own d i nncr last night? Have you e ver tried. Notice how did YOu and have you are pronounced in these questions.. but....did. I went 1'0 liloJeo'i') res-1iiJUfOll1t l!::Ist week...2.. 21 . It was fun' . I did. A: Have you B: No. . p. Then practice w ith a partner.en't. . .l . I . night'? B:.? No. time j'll FOCUS Present perfect...d·inner on Sa!tm:lo-y? 'Yes'l I. A: Did you . 3. .. 1 . Indian food'? Have you ever eaten snails? D GRAMMAR at a dennU. t l ~ a l I A Complete these conversations.n't. A: Did you mrrrning? : (have) dinner at horne last ... . I..I . Hav:e you be&n to o Frenctl restcllHont? Simple jJBst.. .. (be) to a picnic at the beach? B: Yes... I'd like to.I've never heard of that! EI . events within a rime period up 10 Ihe pre~eq. I the. . No.

. Tum to pag~e IG·S. ~_]coffee _I the meat 5... did you make? B: I made scrambled eggs. Did-you .: ~ restaurant.A!.'! Check (.I") the methods. breakfast thismorning 11 go out for dinner last week eat a big lunch yesterday A: Did you make your own breakfast tried frog\:s legs been on a diet cooked a large dinner for some friends this morning? B: Yes. Listen to six people ask questions. Then ask follow-up questions. L soup L pasta 4.Un.'''!.i~ lIg~~ d.it4 B LISTENING C.. Check 1.l. 22 . about food and drink in a (. I cake I s.U" favorite way to cook the foods in part A? A: I UBU. o WORD POWER Risky business Cooking methods Find out some interesting facts about your A How do you cook. I prefer to bake it.! Iy like to steam fish. A: 'VVb. L the check coffee l_j the menu BUSYBODIES Pair work.I') the item that each person 11'1 talking about. Then compare 'with a partner. these foods.... Ask your partner these questions and ef'your own. make your 0\'1. '1 C(lnt~l'! -'1 the meal 3. B What's ym. B. fOUJ' more ? ? R{Jl)e you em!r . I did. I water I bread 2. that are most common in your country.

pi. Kate: 'Wll.II've never hea rd of that! 01 CONVERSATION A ~' Listen and practice.... to your partner. Look at the plcturee and number the sentences from 1 to 5...' take the kebobs off the barbecue and enjoy] "" . cut up some meat and vegetables and put them in a bowl with your favorite barbecue marinade..r hone.J.. 'put tn. Aft. sequence adverb to each step . " ""'. I_I I 1 1. banana'inlo small p~e~s~ ..e QtJ'l. pOUT some honey over the bananas and put the other slice of bread on top.1 .lt ch 3 rcoal in the barbecue and. Pl. Yuml Kate: Yuckl It sounds awful ~ B ~ Listen to the rest of the conversation. you take two slices of bread and spread peanut butter on -Iirn: Ob.. Finally." . firat..Nextz ~u~me .. light it with lighter l"ot.. flnalfy.ersnca o:f bread b.:po!. Marinate for 20 minutes.n top.elilClJfo..Jbn: \Vell. and a banana. Explain each step of therecipe 23 . the kebobs on the barbecue and cook for 10 to 15 minutes.. put the meatand vegetables on tll€ skewers.'" .. ..nQ onens sliC8' of brood..:. it's a sandwich with peanut butter.. put. Then add 8. B Pair work Cover the recipe and look only at the pictures. Then cut a banana into small pieces and put them on one of the slices of broad.y Over ~he Mnanas.eoos(if tano.. A Here's a recipe for barbecued'. your favorite SI1L~..llutIbulfer on two slices of bJead.-" -. spreed pe:a. .." . boney. What is Kate's favorite snack? Would you like to try it? \¥hy or' why not? 1m GRAMMAR FOCUS F~f$l. turning them over from time to time.. It's really delicicusl Kate: Ugh! I've never heard of that! How do you make 'it? . .. .. Th. . .

B Group work Exchange recipes and read tbern. m WRITING Recipes A\Vrite a recipe for an interesting dish. C: What ingredients do you need to make it? B: You need .. Take turns delScri.: Well.Unit 4 1m CLA~ TEMPTING SNACKS A~ Listen to people explain how to make these snacks.. Then . Then describe how to make the dish. C Group work. you. Then ten the cl8.blng how snack. WhiGh snack are they talking about'! Numher the phutns (1-4)... first. A.. __. . First. _ After that.. .. ~Z~-. A How do you make it? _11. \VflaC·s YOUt favorite snack? B: It's _.SS to make your favorite about the most interesting one...: a B Pair work Choose one of' the recipes you heard about in part A. Next.J lst the ingredients you need. Can you remem bor how to make it'? Comparo with yourpartner. Is there a recipe Y·OU would like to try'? '~"1lY'? . .. 1 .. .

Eat enoug'll food. .&:. Protelo and fat are Iound in fonds like mllk. I.Achacclate bar ·~. ~likqm'e aware that l:ood affec~ performance . arefonnd in fru.. uecau.. in simple cl.. first lIigb . \Vhat do you eat in a typical day? Is your diet balanced? What do you need to eat more of? less of? 8. 4! 'U ~ollm iM f~ij.U'bobydrate~".i'( bread . cheese.~ig' t. 1hd~1ci.Fruit:S:1Jnd '\l'sget.ofeiflchJ)'pe of'food.'j. write the correct information.a. . ' .~~ .l..'tf:Ult. .iate. and .af'C but then it will leave you feeling GV~l1luorelireit much fa~ 'hQWeve.t -you. HeR are some tips.Mve..S!:.tor pi'olein. :Ii.and:Viegetahlc&.. think of a time when eating (nr not eating) affected your performance'? What happened? 25 . Then check (..h.a.ri~seach day. eff~ct:. Your body needs a certai n number of!:and . IDyat.. .fgtst and.liea6ily.l1dfat.nergy. A'loid eating foods.a :Dumtlorust'. tried .have to be an athlete re notice this.~(lr. is. 1.A Eat a baJan~ed did.' B Group work Talk about these questions.don~t.jldltt eOdools.~t L~ absorb the vitamins in<inQOmRIm: i. fish. Too carbohydrates _PFC}\lideilie body with ~~fiiet' I They . ~ 'Thllt'_~.llus~lbs~ and Itu~e.en. The lJody nses ptotein to 'b!!ijd1. of the tips in the article do you already follow? 2. ..f) True or False.Ites' on=' -0 gllp'~sQl\fl1ler of prQ:t$iil1 ~ ·3. I fycrq"re ..arbohydmt~·. one thalt ineludes cumplex eal"ltt@h~~~":ate. Y(lU~n often reet ti'£.rrliex be harmful .~ef~~(:. - Many pvotession~ sports.l. A Read the article and look at the food pyramid. • .1<.!lJ's. I .i]1 givo you energy.c~):to get sick ~Read the laools' 0il ft)'udploducts..G~rbQAydtbt€s. and eggs.H.e"l~l.. - - - True False - I < cru. For the statements that you markedfalse.rgwnbilliol1 .ecl and you'll be' more tik. te'am$h~ve:rec. ~ug. Apeman should 'iat more .READING 'a new member tp.:itfb1ete!ji.about -~ . Which..r.ot. Can you.other foods food for·e. This information w111tell you how nutritious the Jn~Od'. tbe. Use the rood pyr~ntidt~ help you decide-how mucato eat.~th"g. then. rice.s.tlY' added ea[fng -to Jnctease JOIll" physicalperformance. t:beiir'p. VQ~sR~!.adeTr0m:grajns.k. Ifyoll'vc-e¥er skipped brea. yo~kndw tba.

how tamily life has in the last. 26 ..!'sn your country. make the city bettor for young people? B~ WeH. coiner ofMain and loth. fifty ye:. the morning. was better in the old days? Why or why not? B C/"ss activity 1 CITY PLANNERS A Pair work How would yournake your-city Or town a better place for young people? Make suggestions. B Group work Compare yOW" ideas. 1_ On the corner or Orange .'J:. I H'.~nd Dewey. inthe Hotel on Main Street Yes. there should he more free concerts in the summer.. Fairmont __j It's in the shopping center OIl King Street. A: You're right. Check (. \Vhich suggestions do you think are best? D LISTENING (. L By bUB. 1 do.u. it doses at three. Do you think me.A Group work changed Talk about.ntU two' o'clock. 1 Yes. era families fi ft. i Ask and answer questions like these: How big . 5. in. 6... ten minutes.s JUBt around the corner" =:_j Yes. 2. _I At ni ne o'clock "in. I =-1 :::\lot. 4.o HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED! .~'. . _I On the..t) the correct response.atkinds ofjobs did men use to have? And what about women? Bow were schools different? HQ\o\.· much did peep Ie use to earn? \Vlmt kinds of machines and appliances did people use'? Compare answers.LA~5" '1i~~. I_I Yes~ it due-s. Listen to people ask for information. 1. A: How would YOLI. And there aren't enough parks. ~" __£-.. L The next one If.y year's ago? v vVl1at kinds of homes did people live ]11 then? ~Nh.

food. _. . Give at least one reason for each wish. Ask and answer follow-up questions.eaten is The worst food I have ever tried is ... Th'en .. To rnake it. k I've never tried Rus-sian food. A dish I have never tried but would like to try is . The most unusual thing I have ever . as" Which computer would buy? "Computer 2 isn't as old as computer 1.IMPROVE..... food. 2. A: I wish J had a bigger bedroom. Next. 4. 27 . Gomplete the sentences with information about food.'" o HOME . .. B: I know what you mean. 6.. It's delicious.. rirsl yon. .LKING ABOUT FOOD A 1. " . I have. .. I have tried .. B Pair work Compare sentences with a partner. 1have never tried . m TA. A \Vhat is at common Russlan dish? C Pair work Describe how to make a food that you like to cook. B Pair work Compare SOUt~i8'b:. .. Make using as .MENTS A Make a list of five things you wish you eould change about your house or apartment. I have often cooked . . . _. but I don't really IIJkeit. I WiL8h . 5.. .Review of Units 1-4 D COMPUTER comparisons SHOPPING )'OlJ Pair work Look at these ads for computers. It's too small fur all my things. B: 011... "I like to cook . 3. .....

S. Nancy: Do you me an it? I"d love tol activity Have you ever taken a vacation at the beach? What kinds of things cat:l you do there? _j take langua'ge.or fishing 'I relax a l the beach Take an exciting'trip I~ vi a. Maybe PI] catch up on my reading. Nf2w. fon~iIT:l1country D wave1 through own ccumry. r. Nancy: Sounds great! Julia... hikinq.ioy na. Then compere with a partner. why don't you come with. Class 28 .. ) o CONVERSATION A~ Listen and practice -lulia: I'm so (ixcited] We have two weeks om What are you going to do? Nan'GY: I'm not Hille.~ .ture :=J go campm.00 World Report and Amoric.arJ Demographics Complete these parents have rented a condominium in Florida." I'm going to take long walks along the 'beach every day and do lots of swimming.• SNAPSHOT D:ii~vover something . . Mak€!' a list of other activities you like 'to do on vacation. us? We OJ~ train their car St.. Which of the activities above do you like todo on vacation? Check tne activities. Say.. .9'. cooking.\Vhat ahout you? Any plans? Julia: V\rell.ay home catch up on reading __j fix up or redecorate Lhehouse n s~soo on inforrn<loonfrom il. or sailing lessons _j join an archasoloqical.. I guess FIIj!Jst slay home.. plenty ofroorn. dig £I\.

A: .. Maybe I" go hiking and do some fishing. I need some time alone.. (If you already have plans.. '_' _.... . ...ereO'rE! yOU" g.....5~ayhome. goO with anyone'? B: No. ~lm nat .I've decided on one thi~l)gI .ng 1'0 010to ~hti beadll.. go? B: I haven't thought about that yet...... ·vhen are you leaving? . I only have five days of'vacation...... .. travel by myself... I . A: And. you.... go camping.... "_-~ -.I thiln:k I'll go cmnping. When are you going to take your vacation? ~1..rt's too expensive. 'Vhtlt are YDU going' to do'? 5. . rent a camper? B: I'm n ot sure.. Is anyone going to travel with you? B _l. be away for a week.o... I proha bly. A Complete the conversation with appropriate forms of be going to or will..Doling 10 tat'l ill V(]catl'on.. Useths information you wrote in part B.."VeIl....' Have you thought about 'your next vacation? Write answers to these questions... _ C Group work Take turns telling the group about your vacation plans. I'm not sure...GOiing p~aces GRAMMAR FOCUS WIn.0 .wlmmnng.How long are you going to be on vacation? 4. A: That's great~ Fur bu.. Actually..... .. ... r' _ Tm.. B: I'm not ::Jure.. not sure.. I guess 1 . do I: guess 11'11 . . A: That sounds like fun..1qA~ my n_g_xt VOf'2ti9f/ .. .imgto 100? I'm g:oi........'m Bqif1_g_lQ_...... 29 . you.. A: Have you made any vacation plans? B: . If you don't have fixed plans... A: So. ." long" B: I. you .) L How are you goi ng tu spend your next vacation? Are you going to go anywhere'? 2.._ 0...where ... What are you going mo.. Maybe I'll catch up on my reading. I prolballl!y' WOitl't 'rlllke a vcocflen Ilia year. rent a camper .Jow. go to one of the national parks..... . A: ..... probably leave around the end of :May. use he going to .. . . use uiili. _. . S: Yeah.. jU5~ I don't kr. Maybe 1'1t_.. '_ ~_. [ .de? I'm gQllng T>o lots Qf s. Then compare with a partner.

(.• Paul. v.. EI LISTENING c: I\SS ilUOIO ow y A Listen to Judv.. r..)LjtJ_ Cmtwl __ ...1/t. "I' .lf. J erred ._8. ''':''''' "'I"" . .§ ill the 'dodd_ ~Al?d lyeW .1 "-"':(7 ./) the toned piece of inform ation abou t each perso n's plans. ... •• 1 •• .i&gcest te_r]~p..\:Tlite about the trip you...".eJ?.I ••• ... III ••••••• - •••• . What is the main reason fin' each person's choice? iii WORDPOWER A backpack ca~h credit card firs t-aid kit hi king boots medication Travel to Complete the chart.. B 30 Pair work What are the five most important items Y01} (wed for these vacations: expedition? a trip I.-'..Q[9bD.() a foreign country'? a rafting trip'! a mountain-climbing .dJ. .ch category shorts suitcase traveler's checks vaccina tim. \'18<.tCNYJily.fJ{ tb. Next 5umnl~ J'm goinB to trow} tr In.and Brenda describe their summer plans.. ...if.::f. planned m Exeretse 3 or another trip you are g'oingto take.Unit 5· IJ WR~'TING Itine·raries \..!J1ng-tQ ~1~.<n~ g.11 Iilane ticket wind breaker 11 ... :.lav« /(s_Pllf.doJ]§_:fiij]with rr~y ..el(cr4i... ·•. s.Qther temples [!earhy. 1- •••••• --'' 1 .. A35 A:t~~ B ~-/ ~ Listen again. Then add one more word overnight bag pasf>port ea.pr9bC!bIy_Y!~it...

" 1. Mom. Lucy: I already did. get traveler's checks. . a vacation abroad. GllIllTg suggeslioas You"d bcener talk to your mth..~ oftaking --. carry Jots of cash. . . . passport. 10. take 3.~ . check the weather. " . you don'1 hove t. CONVERSATION A~ Listen and practice. 6. . I want to backpack around Europe this summer.!) get a pOISSl)ort You mU$f get a vis(I for some countries.. 11. 8. He thinks it's a li'P"eaL .o get any vaccinations. I've thought of that: Mom: And you'd better talk to your father first. . ''You must get . 12 take identification with you.1. . Yes. lot ofluggage. Ya. 7.u IU30ell to take money.dn't go by yoms.. He wants to come with me~ B Class activity Europe? \-Vo1l11d you like to backpack. . :Forsome countries. . get a passport. .Goingl places 0. . 4 muke hotel reservations. B Group work Give four more pieces of advice. You shoUlI." 1 ''Yon shouldn't pack too many clothes. .. . You ougtllt to go wi~h someone. 9. around would you Like to visit? Why? Vilhich countries GRAMMAR FOe'US De5CritJi~gnecessity You hav·e f. gd a vaccination.elt ~-----..-- A GiV·L~advice to someone who is thinking Thencompare with a partner.. 2 B pack too many clothe-so buy 1. . round-trip plane ticket. !l.sUS. Lucy: Hey. carry your wallet in your back pocket. Lucy. What do you drink? Morn: Backpack around Europe? That sounds dangerous! You shouldn't go by yourself You aught to go with someone. You should ~"(]k9'warm clothes. check on ·V1.. . 31 . .

.. Then practice thorn 'with a partner. to and two sentences using have to. N otice the pron unci ation of ough You Qu.What.. W:r]1. there? How much morley do we have to lake? ·What do we need to take with us? Compare yuur plans.. 'Y{)U have tu get a t to ta ke a. Which trip sounds the most exciting? A Pair work B Group work '" CLASS~ AU[]Ir.CATION You won some money in fI lottery. ~ A spokesperson from the New York City Visitors and Convention Bureau is gl.. Discuss these questions and others of your own. Student A turns to page 1e-6. YOIJ Ought to and have to too r¥fi) Li sten and practice. are four things people should do to make theirvisit to New Y()rk City safe and pleasant? F:un VQlc.. Make notes.tween two vacations. B Pair work Pay attention to pronunciation. Student B tums to page IC-B. You h ave to get a passport.e two sentences using ought. ought to go i r1 J advice to visitors.I LISTENING Touristtips ~ ON. DREAM VA.Unit 5 PRONUNCIATION A and have to in the~fl sentences. credit card ..gli'OIllS Decide be. Where are we going to start from? "/"bat time oft-he year should we travel? How are we going to teaver? What. countries a nd cities should we visit? How long should we spend in each place? Where are we going to stay? What are we planning to do and sse.. Plan an interesting trip around the world. 32 .

has the world's largest rail system.or even less if the company needs someone at the last minute. hostels don't have any age requirements. you can buy non-refundable plane tickets two or three months before your trip.for people under the age of25_ Nowadays.% of thenormal fare 2. Th. SliIe decided that nexl thne she would t'1nd outlllow totrasel for less. a lighthouse in California. Buying a single pass gives youunlimited travel for a period of time. and stores would you recommend'? 33 .2 (l. to over 30. a train pass will save you money..Hostels are often in uueresting places ~ a castle in Germany.. You .•' younger than 25 $17 or less Talk about these questions. laura paid tbe fullfuEe of $45[. and in Europe.800 8_ more than 30. To fly for less money.ewoman. Laul"'awas chatting happily with die wotmm in the "e~1 seat . Hive reasons for your answers. in Japan. a regular ticket cost am und S 1. The cheapest way to ity is. $100 instead of $1.jng places 1m READING GeH~ngmo e less you avel on a . want to travel as an air courier'! take a long train trip? stay ]n a hostel? 2.000 cities. a courier flew round trip from Los Angeles to Tokyo for $100. Train passes can be especially useful in India. In. you get a plane ticket that costs as. where trains are fast and convenient.000 cities 4. restate phrases below.ulltil the runversatiofl tumell iI:o fares. means of transportation. ~I). Hostels. where trains go. little as one-quarter of the regular f1ITe .lJIcccntf1Igbt. Here are some wa:ys to travel for less: Cheap airplane tickets. as a courier. some uf the information from the article using the "Ply as a courier. A In your own words. If you're going to do a lot of traveling by train. Hostels used to provide cheap accommodations -in dnrmitories . They're not only cheap ($8-S 17 a night) but a great way to meet people . \Vhat advice would you give someone who wants to travel for less in your country? Which hotels.800_ Train passes. 1. pwd $109. return for delivering a package for a courier company.Go. who bought her ticket two months iinadvanee. a one-mom schoolhouse in the wilderness of Australia. And! sometimes hostels have luxuries like swi rnming pools. B Pair work 1. . Would you. which. Recently. restaurants.ecm buy yo ur pla ne ticket lor one-quarter of the normal tare.

What complaints do .. No problem) 'Mrs. ~ Grffj~izi~'~~ ~p'~ara. (~ [dress badl:. ..._..P'~M. ~ -~ Ib. Field: I...:. aP-aMijitell me.:\1r. ield: Jason __ . Field: Goodness! Were we like this when we were kids'? Mr_I"idd: Definitely! CLA5S AUDIO ON~Y Listen to the rest of the conversation. .....1 ever had any complaints like theSBfiJ. -Jasonl Turn down tho TV F a Iittle...lIomewoit.. Lisa: Sure.. c> hawe sb. "'bit..-rIllil ~ lIopli m." . 0=' wal£b 100 much 111: . 1\1101n... Thanks. Have you eV_e!'r heard perents or children mek« these compleiots? Hav(t' yol. They're all over the living room Jloor.s.Jason and. 1\11'. fIln.omplaints of famil....~=-~ __ Which ones? TfJlkabout these ques'rion. • Jason: OK I'll tUTU it down.. Field: Thafs better. ~J . I'm on the phone Mrs. please pick up your things..1 Listen and practice .ies msgmCS~·~~'-~ 0':> don' help .bout family tnemoere? 0 CONVERSATION 1 Making requests A. but this is my favorite program! MI'..mge friBnds. _illlld buvel . •Iason: Oh.B soon as you hang up. ~ . . n~gJI~Dut: :l. pnvsc¥ (t. arents? ~! B . Lisa have about their p.eboose.n~~.)sa.: .r:iP. ... Mrs.p~rel1ts .•.. 0=" !fon"! stu.o SNAPSHOT' Common c. Field: 1 know. pi ease . . l¥[. Lisa: In a minute.nil _~~.. . Field: OK But do it H.dy enougll ..l1l'(1u!1d te'enagers willi My Idlls ••• ugly balrstyles. .hm.> d'n'llisten to 011advice...g? db)l'~li~~'ini~end~.. But it's very'i'IJlapurto rq IIphlibns _. \V:.

. ". please.. requests with these words.k up .. OK 1'111tum it dJown .. _ away. . Please put _. .. . .I... Pick up you r th in gs. .urn . Please put _. Plea5€ take out . pease . 10. B 'Write four more requests using the verbs in Exercise 3Then practice with a partner. . d· the 10. : own. Turn on .Pick yom fthings up. . Hang :_ _. _ 2.. A: Pick.. Please take off'. the yard the trash your cigarette ~f}. oIl. 9. please. Turn .._ 5.. _ _ . Respond with pronouns... .. .PRONUNCIATION A~ °1 t.. I'll pick them up. Pick them UIP. I'll pick them up .JW$ .. please.. Ploos@ tum down the music._!'" It d' .C Sires» with two-pert verbs Listen and practice.n it dOWlil With nouns Requests and resporu:e. I Pl. 35 . . Pkk them\i'p. ra . . 4. .-MJ' <~I Ii .nJ the books the toys your coat the 'IV your boots 1. Pick up your clothes. ·'k tJne magazmes up. please. D ..e..._ .. B Pair work Take turns making the requests above.Sl!Ire. please. .. up.1_ Clea-n. up the toys. d' .. please . No problem! 1]1 GRAMMAR TUrn down the TV" 1\Irn the TV dQ'WlI.s. Then compare with El partner. Sure...teaS:PUl'n .. _._ .Sun'. B. A Complete the. _ _ up. .. 6. 8. . . FOCUS With PfOlJouns lIJr.. . Please turn down _ _ out. . .. Both words in a two-part verb receive equal stress. Pay attention to stress... please.... u. Pic. own . 7...

ch verb? the eat the dry clenning the garbage the counter the mess: the faucet tho newspapers the oven the grnce des the towels BWIHlt requests can you make in 8HCh of these places? Write. the kitchen the bathroom the living.~ . please dean up your mess in the kitchen. Excuses. ~at excuse does each person. :B: I can't dean it up right now 1 have to take the cat out for a walk. I .e. think of one more phrase fur ea. Number the r=-tJ pictures from 1 to 5.. Respond by giving an unusual eXCU8. fbur requests and four unusual GXCU5e. Match each conversation with the bed room C Pair work Take turns making the requests you wrote in Pf.:I..!\SS A..J't B. excuses! CLASS A~L~ A~ Listen to parents ask theirchildren to do things. one verb.e picture it describes.-.I Listen ag9in.__ - =: [LU" J-r= I -1_ -__' __ - ql. g.. (Some phrases go with more than. L.~ 36 B .) Can you.. A: Mark.Use two-part verbs.:~--'~- '""1-..ive? ..~z:.UnitS o WORD PO'WER Household chores A Find a phrase in the list that is usually paired with each verb. ~. rrt.-. o D r('rlt~ __I)__ C ~- ~.ISTENIN'(.s.

Ill _j I . is there a good Italian restaurant in the neighborhoud? George: Yeah. I didn't recllze.sure. by the way. George: Well. gaw· BUllae." Ildmita mlismke "I forgot I left it on. hr eKa&1 . . _. There's a gr-eat one a couple of blocks from here. George Rivera. let me know ifyml do" Urn." make Q IPlromise"rn make sure to k~iP flle volume down. I'm Stephanie Lee.ogize. . Stephanie: Oh. " 3. George: So•. situation you? What did you do? like the one in part A ever happened to I!I APOLOGIES apol. ._ _ •• I •• II I j I " I • _. It's delicious! B Pair work Has 8. and made a pro IS8. _._----- ::J :J L U I -. " - ._j c:: . No problem! II CONVERSATION A~ Listen and practice.. ". George: Hi. I'm your new neighbor.. so the sound goes right through to my apartment.8. a promise [_ 2. Oh. I'll make sure to keep the volume down." moike'lm offer "11'111turn it down right now. Ex cb1l7. right now But thanks.0 mis-1akfil lIilake' (. hi.. Try their Iasagna.. What are they complainmg about? How does the other person apologize? (More than one answer is pcssible. Stephania: Oh.) B riifj! Listen g:iYe (lin e'xeus'! . would you mind turning your stereo down? Thewalls are really thin.- I 0 37 . J live next door. ald .xcuse "l'm sorry. I I I admit . I'm sorry' I didn'trealize that.'" Peo:ple"ntil t(lfllog'il~ In lII"lIlhan one 'Winr.. by the way. to three people complaining. . -_. A Class activity How diD people usually apologize in your country? What do you usually do when you apologize? ~:N _. girvEI Glnl.. Gtllllhi!tlitil iIIp!lIDg~d. just moved in? Do you need anything? Stephanie: Not. "'.offer make.

f.QQO' to. TJI€: only_probfem to bJ)r a cqr. practice them.1lI . c. \Ve''N sorry.: apartment . gerorul Would you mind .Y.8'. Explain why you n~edl it.• tomorrow? . help me move into my 111. W()i!M.. t'm_p-Idnnin.. 'hlocking my driveway .1... d..nejp )Ylf . Would you mind p. reply to your partner's request.d_ftndiDB_m_f..(].of verb OCInYOU! 1urn ~he stereo down'? Could you I!emvethe door open.. I'll do it right away. by. C Class activity Thtnk of five unusual requests. no problem.9c~:. $1. . S01"ry..') L Could you lend me twenty dollars? . (Muro than one answer may he possible." asking him or her to lend you some money.. but I'm busy.. Arc you kidding"? I'm totally broke) e. back as soon as J. : .s. a partner..hars no excuse! How good are you _ to drivt! across the u. 2. b. is. ... A B Pair work Take turns making the requests in part A. iP'leose? WouJd you mind Ik&e'p. 5.. Oh. _mio. by car w. I'm !5urry.. ajor. the appropriate responses. B 38 Pair work Exchange letters with. I didn't realize thiS! was the non-smoking section . Would you please move your CEll"? It's.. " 4. \Ve'll talk more q u ietJy..\'. 'Wri te <1 ...Y_Qr1et. the mJ-iS€down? Modal t simple frJrm .ner. . 6. I'd be glad to. Th is time give your own responses.. please? Wo.g T.unus II GRAMMAR FOCUS Woul d y... Would yuu mind not talking so loud? a. Dear Unci!Jofm./Q_[!. How many peopl e accepted and how rnany refused? "I'm lotaHy broker' WRITING A VVr'he a IOLLerto a "rich relative._..ickiflg up a sandwich forme? . rth Then compare vs. I'm really sorry.:._J __ f'Lp_(J. Go around the class and make your requests.l'loise down? Match the requests . ~-J. Can you.'L.uld you please keep 1he. ..ith a partner and. Would you mind not smoking here? . and when you will pay it back.(fo[q at apologi2Jing? Turn to page IC-7..uu mln.l_graduote.ulrnin'D the stereo down? Would you mind not c:lo!lling the'doer.

for A Read the article.hh1g:schildren do at camp? 4. The children are [rom 6 to 12 years old when they make their first visit.but O'L\\'Oddaway..Ifllrnc:r C<m1P that's only an. How would you answer these que stions? 1. Are the camps far from Ne'Y York City'! 3. often college students from around the United. for a second :year? B Pair work Talk. and. and of course. 1L11JJJ go hiking. over ten "Here" is a :$l. Give reasons for your answer's. Can a 7-year-old live with a host family? 7.2.hour from thousand children. about these questions.. The fund pays tor all expenses.t are some t.children Call learn about the SUIIS. If you were a child in Nsw York City. Some fi.lld you like to he a counselor at.m Sure. fishing. Imagine you work lor the Fresh Air Fund._Does the Fresh Air Fund run only summer camps? rL Can a '{·year-old go to camp'? 6. No problerrsl READING "Before I came here. They go with the family onpicnics. to ~~t: pool or beach. They also learn a Jot H'CM:n counselors. 1. see deer and 00'>"5 and other animals. The visiting children become part of the fallli~y. would you rather go to a camp or live with a host family? 2.tC:IIY at a camp.Vha. At camp. [he.\~rou. The children learn responsibility by h~llpi[1g ou~ with chores like making beds and Wij:iLing ontables." one child! said. =""fnuyof these families have their own children. and most arc invited back Some {If the children and families become rri~"11~b life. children? host families? 39 . Is the Fresh Air Fund program new? . participate in the program. others live 'with J host family. ~l1ilt are some things children do with host farnjlies? 8.. from other couutnes. This camp and! four others nearby are run by (he Fresh Air Fund. [Ilnd has hdp·ed poor children from N e\V York City spend summers in thecountry. "~ thought swimmiugwasrnnning through. Since IWn.. A mother wants to send her child and calls to ask for information. swimming.3. States F-loS1 families from thirteen states and Canada volunteer to have children spend the summer with them. who an. ages 6 to lis. and OIl trips. Can a child who lives with a host family go back. ES!cJl Fund camp'? . How does the Freah Air Fund benefit. an open hydrant" nrc t:\ New York City. a Fresh A. ~. The camps are for 8-~) 15-ycar-oldt:.

Whatel::. Daniel: Maybe 1 wilt It sounds like fun..SNAPSHOT Advances In science and tecbnOlogy 101 the seccmd han of Ibe twentieth century artificial 1:5). movies. Wby don't you get on the Internet?' It's not really expensive.e Web 1'989 Ta.~I '~.' on astronomy Hmm. AUDIO ONLY ? ~ .62 industrial Mbot ~satellite 1972 vJtleo game disc (CD) &: CD-ROM COJlliPilct 1984 "ifingerp:!'lntln!lf' 1986 DNA World Wid.' . Daniel: So you can btuon-line and all that? Andrea: Yes'.lk aboutfhese questions. . Sports? Cars? Uh-huh. I belong to. CU\SS.'YY''''' B~ .J. too. . a "chat group. And I tan exchange information with people.57 19.e does Andrea use her computer for'?' ~~ . Daniel.-. Gan you explain the signific_ance of each of these adva.o .TION A~ Listen and practice.Tt's used to connect the computer to the phone line. so I can send faxes and access the Internet. Listen-to the rest of the conve-rsation.nces? Which do you think is the most Important? the least important? Which have aHectedyourlife? Whicll have not? CONVERSA. Hey! Nice computerl What's this for'? Andrea: That's a modem.. 1just use mycomputer to wrfte letters an d reports. ~.And I use the World Wide Web Daniel: Andrea: Daniel: Andr-ea: for finding information on astronomy. UFOs-just about anything.

) A 1. (More than one answer is possjble. I can l[J80ethe.. 'tQ phones.Hlndllog infor!1llofion. perform dan gerons tasks read thelatest weather' report transmit telephone calls make a photocopy iden tify criminals make travel reservations transmit television programs store BIll encyclopedia i _Sat~ait~s art! U5~q for tra_ns((Iitting_ telephone cails: Sat~Nites (Ire usgj_ to tran~mitreffJ2_hone cal/s.World Wide Web to tlin)d· ij:"J. B Group work Tale turns completing the phrases in column A with your own information. . People lllse the Internet __" 5" DNA fingerprmtiug is used _ 6. Then listen and check.ltudy the world's weather You can use a fax machine _ 4.etl'ers. o. . It's used for connKfiingcQmptiters. " 2.A. Satellites are used . CD-li:OM is sometimes used .lentioll to syllablestress. They're oneil used ·for Wriling! !I.What's this '·oct? IJ GRAMMAR FOCUS lnJinitf'lfes . ~can use iUo·. _ B f. Then compare with a partner. tele vision programs travel reservations weather report r:ifiJ Where is the stress-in these words and compound nouns? fingerprinting photneopy fax machine Internet telophune calls B Pair wOlk Practice the statements you wrote in Exercise 3. Robots are sometimes used _. Pay aj. AW"hat do yon know about this technology? Complete the phrases in column A with informaticn from column B. D PRONUNCIATION A Syllable stress Mark the stressed syllable.. modamls used! to connec~ oompl!Jiters to phones. Comlp'lJters ore often u5ed: 10 wTlre letiers.Wrma~i(Jo.

. . Talk about the different uses fur H~ helps people change their behaviors . eornmunicatc with people create the menu make b'... Then add two more USeS for each place... computers to pay household bills .. 1~ • ~ ••••• B Group work Compare your Iists with classmates. Were your guesses correct? 42 .A. She analyzes crime patterns... ••• ••••••• R I I I 1. Janet Brown is a professor..Uniit'7 m WO'RD POWER The world of computers A What are three uses fur computer-IS at hOH1e?at school? in a factory? in a restaurant? Complete the chart.1X Hunt is a psychotherapist. Listen to interviews with the people in part ... •• :. LISTENING A Pair work How do you th'ink these people use computers in their work? Make two guesses . " _ . A: At horne. Mi.t!:lonis' a police officer.. t be mach i nes In a factory - - In a restaurant • I •.. people lISO B: My mother uses ours for making budgets.1dgetf:l pay the workers keep the attendance pay ho usehold bills process credit eards At. people on the Internet. She teaches at a medical Elcho I I I ••.1 J:<U'l55 AUDIO ONLY IB ~. Randy \Vtl.. ~ =:. C: [lise mine to communicate wi..home research At school papers create-work schedules make report cards place orders run..

It's fragile . ... Don't spin dri nks on it _ ..First of all... Mat'e $Jure to rechmge tf... R_ Don't exposeit to extreme heat nr cold . And try not. Don't put metal in it _.all? Pretty much. "'l. . ..::. 2.. 1. not to Be sure not to . . stlll not sure how to use my cellular phone. Don't forget to Remember to . Which ones refer to a microwa v€ oven (M)? a hair dryer (HJ? a laptop computer CL)'?(More than one answer is possihle..o WhaVs this for? CONVERSATION A~ -Iennlter: Richard: Jennifer: Richard: ..FOCUS Donrt fOlget to.le bctteries. Re!member .'. Good advice.. but I'm.J$. to drop it.."i -'oV . don't forget to tUT'n it on. cellular phone'? B Class activjty o GRAMMAR .. 43 . (-). turn it on. Use these phrases. Got W Then dial the number..:.0 press th.. . And one' more thing: Be sure to pay the phone bill every mon th) can you • Jenni ['er: Richard: How mnny advantages think of for owning a. Unplug it after you use it. . -Iust make ~UTe to recharge the batteric S CVEWY few weeks. 18 Pair work Take turns giving advice for using the items ahove. 3" Hecharga the batteries often.~ l .. " " . 'Fbat..ot to d rup it Be Slue 10 pay the phone bllill ev-ery mon1h. !:.Jennifer: Richard~ Listen and practice. Try to Tty . it's pretty f!a~y. Actually..- . Keep it away from water .. A 5. I !'":':1.. Save your work often _. . And remember to press the "send" button. I read the instructions..e ":send( bllttQrl. Make l!1ure to. --.------ _j Look at these pieces of advice. . _ 4..) Then think of another piece of advice for each thing. 7_ Don't hea t closed containers in J t. Iry n.

Unit 7 FREE AD'VICE cLASS "IJ.C:Qr-r..tfp~ ONLY B ~ Listenegatn. () fax machine motorbike camcorder in-line skates A'f~r card personal watercraft '.L'YIJ'~f.e.P(ug v £t inJQ an ~t~ftr.J2_i. Student B illrns tel page IG-l 0..grL. Imagine you're goingtolend it to afriend: Write a paragraph giving advice 011 how to lise it" tJ..rx1~e._ t0cedowt'!.f.'1J.L 44 . t ~.ijiJJ~.c_..~ fax machine." "I~t~ " ff~i-~-~~ _ .r~. f)f5t.e (}P?i tYm _~t.12f. " . 0. T'nen ~icdthe_p_eU2. Write down the name ofeach item. " .B_(f'('~[!l t'Q.~r.9. C Group work What do you know about the other items-in the pictures? What advicewould you give to someone about thorn? to put the document facedown.Y_tp' i):K. ...hjfJI2:.g fin..itth~Jip._()I." Good advice Do you give good advice? Student A tiims to page 10.i'(qLQuJJftJ[J_! fJ_. remember IE WRITING Choose a useful item that you own. Then compare answers with classmates..b ITt 1. .fl_P~PrJ.jmhe..OIO QtJoLY A~ =cY Listen to people give advice about three of the things below. ~Y' advice 1"01" Complete the chart with a piece of each item. "With..rTI.u..

What follows Is not SCielJlCf: fiidion. IH'$ how experts seethe future.d yOll order ton. when you'" have a movie transmitted. arrived. work 50.Which of the changes sounds the most interesting and useful? Are there any changes that you.y needs. Afttr lunch. but that's OK. don't like? 2.(j loessfat. Wllich opens to the ou!side to accept d'eliveri8S. Describe the machine. your car "knows" now to get you nome safely" You're hungry.You halle lt on automati c pilot. W_hat'sfor lunch? In tne ol.d days..!w Vears. and wittl its high-tech computers and cameras.aving the money subtracted from YQur bank ac(x)lIllt Nobody uses cash anymore. be Uk'e in a fil.. You're daydreaming behind fl'i& wheel ofYOllr car.ehildr_en wOlilld Ii.What's this for? OWl! P eoPlte used to know more or less how their' . you th~nlkabout hlter.. food 3.ur bod. l. 4. Your kitchen has a two-way refrigerator. ten about a change each of these areas.w whatuur lives will. communications 6.ght? A Class activity 1. yOIU usee to stop off to blUYa 'hamburger or pizza N ow you use y{lu~ diagnostic machine to find out which foods yc. YQu''rIe alreadv prud for the food by h.i. You find out you need more \feget~blE!s an. entcrtal nment IB Pair work Talk about these questions. would make life easier and better. Now things are changin:g so qUII. What movie snQul. an urgent message from a co-worker in Brazil" You set the screen to tums1late Portuguese into El:lglish. so YOll head for the Kiitchen as soon as )'ou get home. and that by now tne~'ve. Thanks te your informatiolll scresn and your rl!ew computer. you almost never go into the offtce anymore.:kJy that we den't even kno.! you l1ave everything you need fuT doi!ilg your work. The information screen show. money In YUl. 45 .U" ill mentioned in the reading own words. Your food-preparation machine makes YDUa salad. Imagine you could invent a machine that. As you waH. Give reasons foJ' your answers. YOll go dowl1 the hall m your home othce. You ordered groceri es by COltlpllter an hour ago. transportation 2. Hell.

..• - ••• ' • .... : I ••• i :. ~. + I. ~.'(i(:fm larniHes o. . .o ..d's: your tesorite holiday or fest/va)? EJ WORD POWER Celebrations Pair work Complete the word map..v Bo}~' nay) jlf. .. In honor of thelrch ilfh'Cu. person m:.....".I~lT'i'rroasG..~ ..r.. 'Chi1)e. • I •I •_•" • • .e:adGr'j.~.• Ii T I I I .~.. .' .~· (furmcd._ ••• .:. . . {.. Add two more words tu each category... I ....R. j"......ry or: .1lf1. up colm"f.aIatge meal.. ctl(Jc. _ • •• • I . I ~ •••• ~ ••• ". They IISUallY :. Do you have holidays similar to tties« in your cOl..' I • I •• • •• I t. : . .~i' ."chlldi-e..W uf file lJ..lWYear· Jan....$e: Nj..... . a partner anni versary take cardS! . • .l'fer th(Jd t(!J th-e ln Octl}b~l~ viuadi In and hi Novemberm I~ Cnitsd Sl:aiJl>S! peoph ell lnese people celeb.l"Jl. * '~ ' .ruan--e~ I(~'j1r~parln..... • ~.brnte the ... ( ••• ..ii._ ••••• .ei«l ~Vo!!mnber2 Me._..._. ' I presents roa s t.. Japanese Em)il i es put..~..... I I I I • '.:1J 5 D... '.rI. _'o' _. I • ' .•• .. ~ •• " champagne dancing fi reworks flower's parade party ·~~···r "0. Source... a meal In a ~~N!'iIctory. _.. ••" . ~:de.. turkey wedding . • _~ .. Fefmul1"Jj Vruen~illejsJ}~ Feht'U4rtl 14 People in many eountriss ~'e . .:d streamers shaped like's.:' ~. : _ : .~ ~ " •'ry?' What otner 'epecie! da. • • •• • .. Then compare with. I • I •I •• I I ( I . '. I .do you have? Wh1.L . _i .to •• _ .~. " : . r" _ .~ 1'1i!' ':t. I • _. I ••• ~ •• ~:." . • ":.j~wt~l~r to tim Lh~l}'love. •• _ ••• ' . I I I_ I • I . :..Di.. _ •• _• I• I •I I • i . OigE?s! Book ol F Talk about these questions...ys. dead and then have.....nukey. .l"dJi: l\'ith firecraekers and lion dances. ...

_. Sounds interesting.B CONVERSATION A r:i{j Listen and practice.... Slcnes on.• Ju.._ . f_ people give presents to the ones they love..(JCalil!ttd\1Ies... seas~m whe~" peopfe Jo ibe UnUed._~_...... A A How much do you know about these days and months? Complete the sentences in cohnnn A with informat. Valentine's Day is a day when .. . people in many countries honor workers. B Complete these sentences with information of your own. Svring is a time of the year. 1..orate 1h... What are Leo and. ~ D GRAMMAR .... L \VlT1t. c.. A wedding anniversary is a tl me . holiday fill Hussia. Then com pare with a partne r... 47 . Would you like to go? Natasha: Sllre. FOCUS .. I'd love to.... 4.19.: not [ust lor kids.~ __ __.$ks iOml oostu mes.'hen . Lots of people have costume parties.. Thp. B a.__ . Halloween is!o da. j ... .ion from column B. New Year's Eve is a night when .. d..gnk$glvinig. Hey" .ly 14 is tho day when .. ~ .. 3. 2. April Fools' Day if:! a day "..l:!se!"Ve the Day of the Dead.... h. _ 5. Listen to the rest ofthe kids.. Lou: ~rell" it's a day when kids dress up in masks and costumes.. Mother's Day is the day .-. NoveTnbeJi2·i~ ... . ..1ar.. 6_ Fehn.. -"'-II"'I'It . 2. Then compare with a partner.......y knock on people's doors and ask for candy by saying the words "Trick or tread" Xatasha: Hmm.. file roll. _. IS is a season .tqy when Me'xicon~'o. .... ""'_ . 3. Leo: But ]11/.. fn 1h e' United' SiIT'es dress· up In mo.-t ... Leo: Did you know next 'week is Halloween? res on October 3 L Nat<lsha: So what do you do on Halloween? 'We don't have that.. A birthday is a day .... May Day is a day when 4. Natasha going to wear to the Halloween party? e.. 5.... my friend Pete is ha ving a party. -.)· is the month when .. people play tricks on friends ._..V' whB.. eBrazilians celebrate Carnival people like to "party '" the French celebrate their revolution.

ith ft'f!l1bf. answering these questions and others of your own.Pair work Read your partner's eumpcsttion.f?n k~ina~_l(l the United 5 tate 1 _F/ about an interesting holiday or festival. 'lIa.A:5:::._ IB .__.ISTENING Mike has just returned from Brazil. tUTUS A Pair work !I'a._ its a/'rLlJJ_'S th e . Do you have any questions? 48 .~fY_t_ it w.puf..e_ cQq~_q 5.[!'/ s.! nO_Y!if~W.9£fA. WRITING Write about your favorite ....}::.' L.Y_er14_i.J}(e:O/9}le in tpY-. IWDlO ONLY ~ WhAt is Carnival'? How long does it last? \V'h_en LI:l it? \\"ha.? B Class activity Give a shcrb.e.__.__ farge_.t.k E'! \\llat's·the most interesting holiday or festival ill your country? \\"hen is it? How do people celebrate it'? Do you eat any special food'! What do you like most about it? \Vhat else do people do. Answer any questions your classmates may have. Listen to him talk ahout Carnival.l~n?i{Y. the best part about it? What is the sam ba't II ONCE A YEAR asking and._.Unit B OJ 0I.._.t is.g_gg~bsr a~ fl!.holiday or festival. fourth TIwrsday in Nov_€_ra_1l.ut do you usually do? A (0_.'h. :II' u".t~l~phfiay1 Th_.J0'rke.y f'qvor-i. What usually happens? V\.ke notes to answer these questions..

'Hh' vnenwomen Af~~ ter 'L 'dd" 'l "nr'" 'I~' tile we Jng ce'~m(lrlY" t~)e'y _I' 'C!uiilllgeinlo "estern cot h aes. ~ . '. the bride usually changes into a Western bridal dress during the reception..I I Who attended th. 49 . June 1S a month when many young people like to get married.a' ." On Thanksgiving Day.t h f'. Listen and. get m.J£'S "'U~IO ONLY Listen to the rest Q'J"' the conversation. \'rInere was Marrs wedding held? B -. The words with the most important in a sentence are usually stres sed. Then after the wedding ceremony. many of them do. Jill: You look beautiful in that kimono.Let's ce~ebr8ite'l CONVERSATIO'N A ~Listell ana practice.. Mari. 'Take notes to answer these questions. theyusually get presents from friends. check. .lapan. Halloween is a day when children go "triclc-or-treating. Then practice the sentences. Y "" B~ Pair work Mark the stress in these serrtences.r . it. Americans eat turkey and cranberry sauce. When people have birthdays.y 'UI'lU8. Japanese women wear kimonos when they get married? Mari: 'feR. Jim: Do most.1'1 weazxrmonos. Is this your wedding photo? Marl: Yes. eH. it Is.arrl€~. Jill: OhI didn't know that... ki . '. m o.€: wedding ceremony? W"hat happened at the reception? I \ \ I I ' \ I I 1m PRONUNCIATION A~ information Stress and rhythm Listen and practice.

s do people usually give? Where do couples like to go on th ei r honeymoon? How Irmg 1. Match the clauses In column A with information from column R A L Before a man and a woman get married. white wedding dress. column A.r·f.Th Tile h. fl. there's usually a. others of your own. . tb~y move into the i r Qwn home. 4.. .''D:100n.':5 the honeymoon? 5. people get married. m MARRIAGE CUSTOMS Group work Talk about marriage eustoms in your country Ask these questions and.....0 . wedding reception...turri. 2.. frilf. Whtrirl~ey get iilgflieb~t~ey u~lt{lllYwea.. ~~ __ ~p ~~~ s __ Read this information about marriages in North America. r.:j·mooos.: :m'Qirf:~dithey send wedid:i'llig at{rH:lUT'oom ents.l:..Wllcen the woman gf'l:..e.. 6. B Pair work What happens ".r. . . .CUS ~ < ____ B~~o:h:l'. information to the . J!lpames:!:l.. they usually date each other for 8 year or so... married? Is there an engagement period? How long is it? Who pa:~'~for the wedding? Who l~ invited? Once in a blue moon How do you r classmates celebrate special events? Tum to page 1G-11. How old are 'people usually when they get. Afterthe couple gets married. her female friends often give her a bridal shower. A B the newlyweds usually live on their own..QJJpl:e' fie. WheI'~~is the wedding ceremony usually held'? What happens during the ceremony? 'What do the bride and groom usually wear? 16 there a reception fifh~T'tho ceremony? What typeof food L~served at the reception? \~lhat ki nds of r. 'When the woman gets engaged.a.clauses vn in. 'v . After the'v r. married. d. r~ayattentionto rhythm and stress. 3. a. Before the man gets married.rift.. hen in your country? Add YOLlt O. b. big male friends often give him a bachelor party e. .UnitS GRAMMAR FO. . c. she usually wears a.onevmoon. Allerthey return from their hOne).

. cotton. celebrate the end of winter. when people honor tneir·.khi.m Let's celebirate! READING Q lalNm-y 17 is.during the festival of . is eaten. During Rakh: .fatrjil'id_. 0011 August IS' of the lunar calendar.--~-~ . Milke from each column..shrines. shouting "Good luck in ~ 31.'!' a time -to celebrate the end ofwinter and the beginning of spring" . in mo. Also en ChUROk.'erSaL1d ribbons.. people in Japanese families take {me dried bean for each year of'their' age .prin<:~~s.'·een 'u them.:s~.. using an item A fo'r . :farmJies geuQgether and have 'a big meal. B Pair work 51 .. bring their animals to church. On theevening of Decernber February 3. On February 3. ' t the gra ves of thei r ancestors.who needed hetp1>ent"her silk'braoeler to an emperor. But before the ailimals g~ into the c hurch •.pcop 1e usually dress them up in Ho"".. Of i . Us a day Ra. .. fi ve correct sentences B On J anuary 1'7. At midnight...the ."~SetSllbun. ]Jl'in..tes~ . n~en.of • One of the biggest celebrations in Argentina is New '\'e:af'~s. a 'big meal with moon-shaped rice cakes. ~\S 'sign (If the JOY2l1ty l~etv.. Afte! he helped tbc.'l~. On New Year's Eve..ancesto'[s by going to ·their graves to fake them food and wine and clean the gravesites.and throw the beans around their humes and .~rra5. promise loyalty to their women. people in Japan people in Argentina men in India people in Mexico people in Korea c ..promise to be -loya 1to their women in cxcha~nge'. Is there a holiday or custom in 'your country that is similar to one descrl bed here? Describe the holiday or custom. thread!" () On the evening. ~vhkh 'Ias! until tlie .rhe emperor kept t the bracelet. On Chusok. o L01'):gago it'! India.ate Chusokto givethanks tor: tile harvest. Koreans 'celehr. Evil spirits ontl" Thisis knt:iv.-_.goid.. Toou:j' in tndia.'ntbony's.or "a br~t~Fet ~f silk.mijlg . stay up all night.. the article. fireworks explode every-wher-e [lid continue tbroughou: th\::~li:ght. Friends ami _.. DIiY' res a d~y when"lleQpl!infsk Lot: protection for the.(JuriInal~_' They bring their anirnals to oJlIurc~...Ew.

must. Apologize and make suitable important call. You are trying to study." "1'1'1. Your partner is pla. "I'm going to take dancing Iessuns. oughl. in your group... You need to make . Compare your suggestions around ROLE PLAY I'm sor~ I'll ..11: You'd better check the tires on your cat. an hom'.ancil1lg lessons. 52 . B.I a • A B Class activity Tel I the interesting or unusual plans class aho ut t11e most.ylng a CD loudly. . HI ON THE ROAD A Group work Your frieml . Change roles :and try tho role :play again. to. What plans do tlley need to rnake" How many suggestions can you think of? Use had better..o RESOLUTIONS Group work \Yhat are you planning. A: Bob is going to take d. . should. You ought to check the oil. And he thinks he'll go on a diet. Your partner bas been using the telephone for almost. B Class activity the class.s ate planning a long car trip Ior their next vacation. and sh()uldn' do or thinking about doing during the next year? TeU your group about at least three btl ) ygtt on a dict. Student A: Complainco your partner about these things: Your partner has not returned your tennis racquet. C. A: You should take Rome mad maps . too. . Student B:Listeo to your partner's complaints.

.e. '.:ln·POf.. 1~. ~~lhi~.. .5S ~:i~ B r=:>CI ~Y Listen again..:. a friemfDr'reiativ~ g ~efao~. _ : .~ McUaysj:Q~t:lt~ye~1iOOQ'ku '.a. ._.g'l1Jffmor~edin mc. • - "- ... them like this: 01' customs do you know good luck? Take turns "'\Vhen a boy courts a girlin some parts oft-he Philippines._..I:n~:ia.'---I..Q..f"~ f.ifTIIJrl. Vill1.j Oiorned.. 1._.t:&..'.rl. ._. For the statements that you marked false..!:::h ses do you think are.f".e w. write the correct information. he stands outside her house at night and sings ttl her../) True or False fur each statement. - ~~ A ~. Think of as many possible uses for this item as 'yO~L can.wtater_..Cl·:ino~. 4:. Che-ck (.. marriages.9 pOIJr~..~_rJlh. '). the seasons. B: It's used to .tl:.~ 0 'TJ r t ·.fl~·P~-:.1jl. True - Fa:lse - . .:.~_. (HnHJnJ.1.._~ . rj~ th~ day :befe. .:qnd~(J-wom. __ CLII.... Whel'lqWo wornel} o. wont "0 man'll fhei"s~. Why does he do that'! Is it just a village custom? Is it cummon? B Class activity Which was the most interesting custom you talked about in your group? Tell the dH~S! about it.. '8 Class act"ivify Tell the class your ideas.:"_.tfwQ"rnt1f.I . ~. .Uabi" ~lefar..Review of Units 5-8 D WONDER GADGET A 'Group work Imagine that this 'is a popular' new gadget...~e.' ..get !T'o'r... n :.i.· . - - "tbe. . 53 .ane.mm1. m QI.w~en. 'c • ~.~~.y"pu1 on bOXIng glollss"Otld :fighf it 'Out .oguoy ' .'l.L...Nio~ li6v~jn:fri1I'1e' · wh)re :q(r..-. • W . 2. r=f::: -- Marriage customs ~ ~ . A Group work f()j" What interesting births." Others ask questions. the must interesting? u o THAT'S AN INTERESTING CUSTOM. A: You can use this gadget for . talking about..3o<Jn.'..: .e'!r1~' '..~(f.. '.re ...~ y v..(l :c..~91. ~n....rrfle.lI$S LISTENING Listen to some information about unusual marriaga ...eo:d~~g...

. l. growing fast. Grandpa? Mr.and high-fisc apartments.ONVERSATION A ~I Listen and practice.. Karen: Hey. Class activity How i. In. Karen: These days. there Ii\' ill be j ust malls . Lee: The neighborhood sure has changed! Karon: What was this place like before. It was P'I'eUy quiet.(1'0 (19"5) Source: New 'furl< Public.5 your town or city changing? List three i mportunt changes that are La king place. Mr.J these old buildings soon. Lee: Nu.. Which of these past and present dfiv~[opments are the most important? ~lIhy? Do you thio« any of the future developments wi'll happen in your tiietirne? How will tomorrow's cities be diffftflfmf? Suggest three dNfer0flces. but ru miss the old days. that doesn't sound too bad! Mr. B.500.i. Mr.. there used to be a grocery store right here on this corner. Lee: Wen. 54 . Hmm. a few years. Not many people lived b ere thea.I SNAPSHO'T Tokyo: 28. the population i. Lee: 'ieah_ J bet they'll tear down 31.'1raf1j ook of Chro'm/uy B TiJlk about these ques tionS'.0. D C..

. e . pscpls live ----.'. g.--. In many citie s nowadays. ... Before there were supermarkets.. Soon"" . ~ I PRONUNCIATION A~ of these sentences... Toooy. there might be a computer in every home.. 6... " " .there will be a lot ot h~gh·r'ise apa rtments.. 'lbday. Nowadays.'~ -~--~~-----~ . pollution ia beeoming a serious problem. . people shop (It s upermerkets. Next year! I'm going to. d. . 111 most offices today. FUfUte SOQn.. Read YOUJ' statements to a partner._ an the time. " . . people use computers ~ -----.. 7. L Before tho automobile. Nowadays. Intonation Listen and practice.. Add your OWD information to the phrases in colurnn A of Exercise 8 . As a ehild..s.-. '"'~ lin the' fu1ure...! computer. ' .. . Fifty years ago.. Then compare with a partner. I used to " .. Five yearf. B a. . 1'& liV'e even longer. About five hundred yearE? ago... 8. h.. Sometime in the future.2. .. . . '" . not many people Ilived hare. 4.lBad~ the future to GRAMMAR' . People used to sh10p at groc.y years ago. ". . Then compare with a partner. .ery stores.!ago1 r . very few people used computers .sem These daY5" the population Is growing fast. years. they might find a cure for the common cold. A A Match the phrases in column A with the appropriate information from column B.. people used to shop at small stores... ... e.FOCUS II n P:(Jst the post. In ten years r I'll . most people a}'ego"ng to work at home. .. pscpls art.. people work more than forty hours a week. Pay attention to intonation.B Complete these sentences with your own information. 5. .. poop le I~ved to around sirly. ~ In the future. B 55 .--__. .. b. there will probably he cities in space.---to albow seventy-five.--. f.. people didn't travel as much from city to city. 1 ... " . In the next hundred. Notice theintonation Thirt. ...e. P. In twenty years" people mighr buy glmcerie... people played the first game of go'l f...

A r n trnSiiq[.y years ago._- CHANGING TIMES Group work How have things changed? Choose two aj['these topics or topics of your own.. I ~I . '. o -----------------_... •.lotion _j er:rviromnerit _j •• L.sten to people discuss changes.:. B: People used to 1isten to the radio.'_ - •- I - •• - • '. ._.l. - .t. _ . I.§--$h!. {jJjJg ::12e~(f_P.-" 61 WRITING Pair work Interview your partner and write a paragruph about his or her hopes for the future .. J.. "_.y years. . B 56 Class activity Pass your paragraphsaround the class.. I ~I -{ I I- I" •• ~ I • _': • ~ .2 ~' Ag~L~ L. ..sjl:fuLon N...'$ cities . . Can you guess who it is about? .: •• I I I I I I I I I •• I I II- r ~'I L -. Wl. •••• - I -2. I I I I ~I I •• I I • I I . Road one of the paragraphs.f-Q. ago)? l What is it like today? What will it be like in (fifty years)? A: Flfl.e~5L~I.LISTENING d. . Check (. _ . What was 11:ike (fift..~ .'!~.:fr1. :::J 'amiili 9. -:::J tm'risJ)prtatiO:IlI 3.1) the topic each i person talks about... mswie.Unit 9 0 c:LAIi:!i 1 .qJ. ..-fM[ in. C: Nowadays. Don't write your partner's name on the paper.' ':_ .•• _...- ryj/f.'" ~I .a .•. there were \Tery few TV:s.w_j.fl._ 'lLb. I - ~ shopping •.t!§. . Then choose 1:1 period of time and discuss the questions below.J.. ~ change hili! each person noticed? Are things better or worse than they were? '. _ ••.'_' •••• -.~.f.. •• _ •• _ ••• I .

you won't be able to stay awake f n class . you can ahvOlys .qllence (with future modo/swill. b. ifI quit.ith the appropriate r from column _B." /9 offen used wrrtr Coose. Jody: Oh. e. B information . .h~ I feel awful. I: might gain weight' Luis: A lot of people do.rJJlLWu. ..lfyou don't get married." B Add your own information to the clauses in eolum n A. d. g I won"' be able 10" fit into mY'clothes. Listen to the test of the conversation.her modols: will won't be able ro. . If I gain weight. . "If you eat less sugar. Jody: LJg. ~-. . you may' beol:>le 10* -save some rnonev.g'O on a diet.. . a.m.lfyou walk to work every day.e situation (with present tense forms) If I qul1srno~ing. . I1l have ainl weight.'!ti Passibl.:G!wmti!¥!fflrMIiWl'{DWmllDm!!J·lrrNr!I. Then practice with a partner'. "Be able ." 0' GRAMMAR FOCUS rm~·tlfi1'Wl. Then compare with a partner. L Ifyou eat less sugar. you may feel more relaxed. Of ". you'll stay in shape withoutjoining a gym. 57 . might be abie fa. I'm terrible at losing weight om diets. may ~e able to.. .. ormight) I . you'll have more money EO spend on y()'urself. .Back to the future D CO'NVERSATION A~ Listen and practice. Luis: Listen.5. you'll lose weight. [ won't be able to fit into any of my clothes! Luis: 'Wen. A A Match the clauses in column A v. __ . I really have to stop smoking.. If my cl10thes don't fit If you g€t a p{1irt~tili'l1ejob. you might leel healthier. . Luis: So why don't you quit'! Jody: Well. but ...o buy new o:IlfHlL I'llhave to get a part-time job.. hut it's not that hard. So if' my clothes don't fit. " Jody: And if I gain weight.' . ~1_f you don't get enough sleep. no. "II have to buy new ones. and . 00 YUU Virant to know how I did it? CLAB5~ oItLJllICl ON!. it is hard to quit. " I 4_ If you own u pet. What advice does Luis give -Iody? How does Judy respond'! B~ "I really have to stop smoking..!!. c... mgy.

you'll probably have 1. •• . 1 I ' ..1'" •••••••• .. I ••• I ••••• '. __ i ••• 1.0 sen it .... . i'l I ••••• : ••• -. 1(you have an accident. : _ ••• I ••• ".ng 1 •• 0.... If you go to the hospital. roo ••• ' j "'.. might have an accident. .. R" t . _ . • ' . •• .. . few ". Suggest "at least fi ve consequences..oup work Call you think of one more consequence for each even t? UNEXPECTED CONS. you'll have to take it out for walks every day.B Class activity for each event? 58 .. • 1 1 11 : • 1 I I 1 I _' 1 . If you aren't able to take C'aI'(~ of your dog. 'r.mfly have to go to the bo~pit8]. The next student adds a new consequence.L out. ' ~ 'R I I j I"" :lIr.Unit 9 1m WORD POWER Consequences A Pair work Can you find t. V{ho has the most "interesting consequences ... '..12. R. ~. "" .:- ' " . II I tell in love go on II'die" I •• _1 ••••••••• ..Iove :rG a foreign ~~nU'y qtliJ sm&ki. you won't be able totako care ofyour dog. consequences Consider the S: C: D: A: Give your opinion about eome issues.. ' • I ' .. One student completes an event with a consequence... take i. YO\JT'stM feel hungry a lot feel jealous someti mcs feel .. H you. R . ...EQUENCES A Group work Choose three possible events from Exercise 10. ... Tum to 1-\: if you buy a large dog.-i. possible event? beable to buy expensive clothes feel better about. I " 00 •• 1 1I I I I I "0 0 . i ••••• • • • •• •• • •• ~ " I I I" • • •• • • •• I I I I •• ~ • • •• •- • • inhedf ~ lot 01· mO. """. .. page 1:C. consequences foreach o Com plctc the chart with information from the list. l •• !R.lilev I- •• I I • - ~ •••• _> ••• I • I I 1 1 . you. B Gr.. .geclog •• ~ • I . I ".' ~" •• 0 ••••• II I I ••••• ~ . ~ • !_0 . you .' ' .." 0 0 _.I 1 •• 1 ••••• •••• . . M ~ •••••••• R ~.1 ••••••••• " I ill":'" •• __ • • • •• "'. alks every day.mor'l' energetic fee 1 Balin' in your home have to give up your favorite snack get requests for loans from friends have to learn a new language have to tako it out for walks lose tOLIC"h with old friends galn weight buy a lar...-..

Just a. (<!When [.Back to the futl!:lre 1m READ'ING Are You in Love? ou think you're falling in love. Y01:J1rereally attracted to a certain 'Person" But this happened before. and stayin.. . that you're still in love? If you stay in love. more difficult? 59 . can be totally honest. The article Iists several signs of being in love. How ean you tell. but often there's not. week:') you might sudde nly be interested in things you used. 1. . your relationship will change.g in love is another. What happens when )"011 fall in love compared v•then you stay in Jove? Cheek (/) the correct boxes.) you'll find yourself bringirlg this person into every conversation. But falling in love is one thing.n trust him 0." OK. '""hen you first fen in love. and it was .Vhen I was in Mexico . love is even better than falling in love? Is ij. Falling in love is great-> staying in love is even betterl • • said a TV sports announcer. you 'll lind yourself talking 'to or telephoning the person for no reason. But this person will nevertheless become more and more important in your Iife. "crush.'ve in love.'3. B Pair work Talk about these questions.) A 'W Read the article. ("... You'll find that you can be ynurselfwith this person.' Hew can you tell. You 'C.t woman asks me to tel] her all about football. You might not talk as much about the person you.readers said: If YOU.. ~iy boyfriend made ElL great Mexican dinner last. to avoid. I 'know she's fallen in love. are in love with. Can you think of other signs? 2. you were probably afraid to admit eertain things about yourself But now you. if it's rea] this time'? Here's what our. You interrupt with. as time passes. (You migh:tg't'etend there's a reason. . You might not always call rom or her 00 often. so you'vefallen in love..~"a friend begins. DQ you agree that stay' ng in.:( her to accept you just M you are.

Hmm . Let's see. You need to have a driver's license .questions and oomplete the task. 80 do 1. Does a~y of this information surprise you? Why? What job« do YOLI think' are "hoi" in your country? Ale they the same as the jobs above? Rank the jobs from the most interesting (1) ro the leas} interesting (1 oJ CONVERSATION A rI/j) Listen and practice. And I enjoy driving. That 8QI. But you have to work Saturdays and Sundays..what's tho phone number'? Brad: Sue: It'~ 798-3455.e Com pufer analyst driver Truck St:II::iul worker Lawyer Flncllc:tal manoger Computer' slig-ineer ACC(lpnton Source: Time Mag.xecufiv. Yeah. Hmm.::: ~"'WI Listen to Brad call about the job.jelling children's books to bookstores. So. Brad: Any interesting jobs listed on the Internet today? Sue: Weil.1l~ds interesting.. Oh. J don't mind working evenings during the week.. here's a job in sales.And you have to work some even ings. CLA!:i!'i' A~:I:_~ B =-'. Talk about these . there are a lot of retail jobs .selling Brad: Sue: Brad: Sue: clothes and stuff. I hate working on weekends. What else does the job require? 60 .SNAPSHOT 1I'eacher N!!rs. E. It's a job [".

Scam I. Agfee Sodol. . I'm not very good at ... Disagree Oh. 61 .I don't likeworkiflQI on weekends! B GRAMMAR FOCUS .. 1. b. I don't like . solving problema. h. can. Notice how the final t in not.rhere would 'yOU like to work? A: Maybe in Mexico or C h He. making coffee for my boss. meetings.. . A: I don't like commuting :B: Neither do L to work f. c.:. ather v. and can' Listen and practice. don't. don't. I'm good (IIf using computers.. be ints'r. . don't like doing sales. ~. to work.. . B 1. I don't ~eany? I Iike it Gee. II'm not.. work. So do I.l(vu!. Oh. I can't stand 6. I'm not gGtd til wlitilOg reports. . g. organizing my timo. B Group w:ork Write five more statements about yourself like the ones above._ .rkling evenin. I don't mind. 3. Pay attention to tho Ted uetion of the t. Disagree Welt IIdo. 2.'Is with gerunds 1 liike drivj·ng. I'm good at . lea rni ng languages. and not good at. Neither am I. Pair work A A. Agree Neither do I.. B: Really? .. 1 liIame worki ng 01'1 weekencEs. . and can't is not released. a.. I hate . B Pair work Write three sentences using don't like. d. talking on the phone.... I'm not good at filing and typi ng. Mutch the phrases in columns A and B to make statements about YOUl'Sel£ 'Then take turns reading your sentences and giving short responses.erbs or ph!iJSfJ5: lollowed by gerunds love enjoy Negallve sf01emems with g8l11nds I don1 mindMl. 1 enjoy" .ested in lam! Neitns'r can I. ... 4. Then practice the sentences.. I don't mind. e. 10 PRONU·NCIATION A~ Not.'t . Other students ask for more information. A: I'm interested in work: ng abroad. 7.Affl..\. Then talk about your statements.. sitting in.rmrlflve smrem6. commuting D. I'm interested 1con'lstolildi making mistaKes .. 1 can't stand working from nine to Iive.. working wi th a team..

What about you. Are Y01[l good at . -Iuan? D: Oh.'mbdel" """ no~hitecf .~~'~"_:.. I . and job preferences. a Ilttle shy. 'Maria? A: D're9m job Decide who to hke for a job: Student A tu rna to page IC-1-3. How about you.solving problems? making. So I think you should pe an executive.t) the job th. Student B turns to page 1014. "'to people. What did each person say that made you chcose the [obs you did? Listen B~ m JOB PR:OFIL.E A Group work Wh()t nre your skills and job preferences? Take turns aski ng q uestions n ke these and others of your own.I .. B .~._'rite down your name. sure. 0 . again. .. tra vcling? comm u ti fig! working evenings'? A: Are you good at communicating with people. 1 don't. communicating with people? rem emberin g n ames? .'. . Group wOfk Prepare a personal job profile. Make suggestions for possible jobs. would be best for each person. 1 enjoy' tal k i. Listen to pe-ople talk about the kind ofwork they are lookingfor. Check (. "'You like solving problems. Then compare profiles with your-classmates._:. . meeting deadlines? Do you .. I'm.::. have-any special sktllx" have any experience? hm r e any special certificates or-diplomas? s peak any foreign languages? DO you lik. Su Hee'? c Oh.Unit 10 LISTENING CLASS Job hunting ~e~ A ~. .e .~1 ~. - ~ Best job :l~ 6' ftXd ~Itt~ b~~ogjst. skills. decisions quickly? .

... I wouldn't want to be a teacher.. . . Check (. . .ss... don't know what classes to take this.. B Li ste n to Tim and Brenda discus s two more jobs. I'm too impatient. Brenda? Brenda: Yes.. Tim: I..:< l moodY".....hl: .rdJOIO QNI.. .I don't Ilike. ..~ ..... . p·otient . semester... ~LJ..'..And I like working wit]: kids. working on weekeAds! DWORD POWER A Personality traits each wont Do you know any people witb bad-tern pered creative critiool dtsorg. Brenda: Oh. Brenda: What's that? Tim: I could never be a stockbroker because I'm not good at making decisions quickly. thorn? ~! ··1 63 ." ..... about it... Tim: Maybe I could he a teacher because I'm very creative .. . What are the jobs? \\11Y wouldn't the)' he good at. .... _ hol'dwor~ing imiPa~ient Ievell·tle-adedl moody lPunctu. _ ..C:ietit Are these adjectives positrve or negative'? Write P or N next to ~htl8C personality traits? .'_ ...q ni1!ed e'ffi.. I can't decide what 1 want to do with my life. •••••• _. .. .._ ...Y B ~ Listen to four <conversations about these people... - . . D... lorgetful generous . .. I···· . ~. " .._ . : Best description -- disorganized 3. "" I "My neighbor is relicb:le srrlct " .I) the adjective that best describes each person. I have.. . _"J l tll:lIxlworkt~g B CONVERSATION A ~' Listen and practice. Have you thought. .... CLJISS .. I think I'd make 13: good journalist bec3uHe I love writing.. Tim: I know one thing I could never do. . : . (U'~chtil' .. ~L~.... L ..

t.l0u.rJ-i.t1L7&_ p§/2p-Je. Do you agree ViI.. woUId nIt wan~ to bsc teaaherbeoa use.J p. ...cmee. th -your p.. 2.anl't. B 'Group work Class activity Choose some statements made by-members of your group. 3. because .Ji1 ...mQJ~. I couldnever b-ea .. because I'm terrible at math....<1··"··-1· 'Why or why 'not'? "I think I'd make it good fltg hi attan d a nt" B Pair work 64 . I'd. . .g' could never do.L4_flj~~bJ. . because 1 don't like hospitals. A A Complete thesentencesin 'Col run A 'with appro . because .. ·"s-e I_ I"'lUi ·wffng " y""" _U_.:ing. I wouldn't want to be an accountant . 1..eturns discussing them with your . makea good . 'Then ('JOmp]ete these statements. '_ (m.. .uJli> ..pria teiri fonn at~Of! u from column 13. ( C lID WRITING AWt! te either a hout a joh you wnul d be good at for your choiee. _ ... a novelist . _.could never he a HUrtle 4.1 I ·'.Also.o'Ou. I ceuld be (1 t€(Jcherbeoo US" t'm very erea1ive.!d.dtJ. !.. Thik.rm too impaUen._) -10 ve to tJir...j1USe' _.because Trn very creative. to.. c. 'Think.Unit 10 1'... d.. because .. I could he a flight attendant . .. i could never be Q:stCl~~b roker 'beOO9S! ~'m m:Dt good m making decisions quietly. QJ' a job ..j!_ttJnd.U2:f!. that . (1. _ Exchange papers. CHvp at least three reasons Uhiaicl ~dm_a_t'Lq_?J9.. I wouldn't mind working as ~... .C !oO~ . Share them withthe ~rest~)f he class. beeause Lreally Iike t:rHvol.._t._ . ~ u mqr. .r (.~ndJ..- ij .t_(@r5C!J7 tlf1_d__j__g. I d like. 1 would make a bad waiter 5._0 \!_(c.. b. g. Then compare with a partner. . aboutyourperscna] qnalities and skills. .nel.. . e..r:.ujq._.. _. because I'm very forgetful.

.~rstijat. type is pr~cti9aJ and likes 'working wlth maehi nes t Tt. -.:rlsj.r.eialrv-1'Ie} is. took €. are each typ.with. six .types of personalities.tiev. Artistic 2.:. '---_.L' is goou ex. a:naly~e ~ituatio. Nobody i~justQ11e type.hHdr. makes you'happy? According to workers have .:.·~OVl. iU- psy~holdgist John H (J lland.l' I L' ~.ul(i > .en's TV shows _:'And loves it. Sociol dootor nUr5€ c::: writer C teacher B Pair work TBJk. Instead. "Which personality type are youmost similar to? What kinds of jobs do you think: would fit your personality? .-j8 : outg·oing and likes ro' 1 peffluade-or l~a.iH~ type. 'Tne (~o·m"enti9nal tyPe is . carpent-er _I p~cho·logisl ~ researcher "I 'facfmywolker .. Investigative 5.eper C co mptJter progmmmer :l photogropher SOil gwriter o inveritor =1 0 seoretory o n :model L detecii'l1'e I.certain ioh~ tbut Iliigh. about these questions.2. wrong. itienill. COhven·tiol!la. 1. 3. Liz studied !rouda0s'a:nd ~ep ttack film.u>In.SQ.The-.a:s a'_~hool counselor g. -don't rush-to too} '.restiga'fh'et)%le through th~ ads'in the is curious and likes to learn.pape.caildren. sit down and thiIik-about .p6rson.~!there are ' YQu.rprising I pajnter L mOl\lager IJQUticion ~ solesperson 4.y '. t The Ellterp. l_!robabJy. Ente. Can you think of someone who has the wrong job for' his or her perscnality? Explain why 65 . 801 ve'pf(~blems.=! mechtmic '1 reporter o L 6. Mer'taJking to a career.thi(1k ~ibdu~who you are.and likes to follow she's an Artistlc type. Ftll' .' 1:' iz '" 'J. thry arc. she wanted to do gDmreth1ir1g for f people. \. . Artistic we I IS imagUlanv~ andlikes I express to jI1. a'lmvycr .ng 1)'£'fudre the r-iglu~jobdecision_ . YOu! I f you early 50% of al1 f The Re'.me realized the pt{llil.em was that careful.1 What. check (oI) the job you feel would not be a good choice 10t each personality type. She.traitlj~'gOtbe' people.dis.crUllselmg andIaweourses=-arrd haled them. cOlllnseiO:r~ .Idol1'! like wo!rking 01111 weekends! ED READING -N' wailt to: tInd th~ right Job. 1.lZ 1. She thougHt s~~' could he'lp chllditeri .a1l1J')e.tic and to ols. him&111Mleri>elf'by ~and like'SheLpi~g or .n't' happy. there are. Then explain your' answers to a partner'.j\lb$. but mostp~ople· are yoJil. ne\vs. creating art. 'W1tat kind of .yoursel f. .c_. J A Based em the information in the article. Don't ler tbis happen to.Qodler . Real~9Uc C aC1Qr ~ accountant U bo<okka. and she now-produces ~fd~tai1s. 0' The.t be righr and t)tb.

h~CIJIU. the famous Sta..8q. 'What is the Statue of Liberty made of? Hov . has we Icernc dvisitors 'to New York Harbor since 18... Andrew: W(DW~ Look at it. -James: Incredible. y(l:r~ 'Wa... But it's JUSt 142 steps' r:LA~ o"I.U[liO ONLY by the people of France.e French sculptor Bartholdi. lston and practice. Stal W:fof Liberty 11I'i\tw The Gr-eat Wall oj' Cltina was begun III '2'J 4: B. ft is I tie.SSClUU in Rame was opened III 80 A.y> w hieh. B ~ Listen to what d8D the. Talk about the'se questions. in HIS!). gift from th-e Ile{lpl~.statue €vcry year? 66 .WltSll to Alll1enC-OltlS. Do we get to go inside? James: Of course. Have you ever Seen . of From::e .many people visit the.o S'NAPSHOT Famous Landmarks '['tit'.I)...::l/Jy of these landmarks? Do you know anyone who has? What else do you know ebout these pieces? What are the three most temoue tandma'l'ks Inyour 'oountry? B CONVERSATION A~ I. U was sometimes tined with watflf for shill batt] i"oft 'file T"4i Jilahal iTi lml:ia was httiJlt between Ifj. largeat structure ever built.'~rsal')' [)f the Fr!>ncftEl:evoJmion. isn't it'! Guide: The statue was goi vcn to the United States It was designed by th. 'l'h(l EliffEl[ Towf::I' in Paris was sea completed in 18BR It \"~M 'hUiJt lor the 100tli anhi'I. of an Indian prince.J1Lle of Ll n~ tt. Andrew: Stairs? Thet"'l~"'sno elevator? .James: Not to the lop. Andrew: It's really huge.'i T.C. [1.:iOand 1 It is! a tomb f<rr: ~huwi1t'~ opened. Sightseeing Guide: Vile are now approachi savs. We can climb the stairs all the way up to U-H:~crown..

. Gabriel Garda Marquez wrote One Hundred. .Lee developed Ow World Wide Web ln 198B. Active The Statue o:f Ube:rly W·IlS . The opera Ln .uve the statue to the U. The Freneh . was. They should give the correct information for the false statements. Three statements should be true and two should be false. The film E.The Extra-Terrestrial 5. in lSS6. en _b.d"eS"igned hy BartM. 2.nghil'd . was painted hy Leonardo da Vmci.. recorded by Michael Jackson..S.'Woo Paik produced the first digital HDTV (h~gh·dcfrrrition television) in 1991. Thomas Edison invented the phonograph inlB77..S. was directed by Ste . The album Thriller B Pair work Change these sentences into passive sentences with by_ Then take turns reading them aloud.ldi. ng I II GRAM'MARFOCUS Bartiholdli designed the Statue ot Uberty.S. A L The l"fona Lisa. by the french in 18136. 3. 4. Class activity Read your statements to the class.The novel Zb Kill Q. A' The cartoon character Mickey Mouse was created by Steven Spielberg.. e. 4. was written hy Harper Lee. Spielberg. 3. Years of Solitude in 1971. Then compare wlth a partner. Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney- B 67 .en to the. The :statue woos giv. Your classmates say if they aloe true or false.. Passive A Do you know who created these popular works'? Match the phrases in column A with the appropriate information from column B. Boheme . Marie Curie discovered radium in 1898. was composed by Giacomo Puccini. . T . 2. c. Yocki". d.g. Tim Berners. II False. II 'TRUE OR FALSE? A Pair work Write five statements like the ones in' part A of'Excrcise.It's reaUy wO rth see. . '1. 5._ B a. . U...

. invented.... advance in engineering.. a pa:rnwr.. LISTENIN. ... -..:::_~..... 68 .it'? D WORD P..lilt.Nhnh !..::.OWER A Complete the chart heef Buddhists mining peso ehristians Muslims dollar electronics tourism cheese pound wheat Features of coun tries with words from the list.. Then compare 'With.... .......Uriit 11 Ii PRONUNCIATION A Linked sounds sounds ate often Listen and practice.. The light bulb was. The Colosseum in: Rome was opened in 80 ~..r rif5 A-D... "There are many <:NluslimRi n Indonesia ... Then practice the sentences..... ~a Listen to three tour guides describe some very . The Eiffel1bwer was an important Listen and check. Edison. .. below. them'? Wny were they built? 'When was: it begun? "'hen was it discovered? Why was it 'built? HoW' long is.. B Pair work Think of a C0l1I1try for each of the items listed above..G Ancient monuments ~...... CLAss . by Thomas . ... Final consonant linked to the vowel sounds that follow them. B ~ Mark the linked sounds in these sentences. The Tad Mahal is a tomb for the wife of an Indian Take notes to answer the questions [:J old monuments....

·Wel1. 3.Iohn: In Japan..'" " ..1:l in JCIPQrl.. Then compere with a partner. Linda: I'm not sure. aren't you? Linda: What? A travel agent? This is Linda's Hair Salon. hello. Both cars and computers. Kimonos " . Posslve The y~n i~s~s8d 'i n JapOII1.' .. -Iohn: Oh.l)w (J lot of coffee in Bmzil. The b aht is. 7. 2.. o. 'rite sentences. grow make up manufhctu'r'€ speak teach use wear Both French and English .. Bothl Spanish and Pol1uglJ ese al'e spoken : in latin Amerlcal. inda: Hello? L John: Oh. "" '" .y is used in . or the right? Linda: I think the left. A lot (if (:(lffee .owl1l in Brazil. A great deal of wheat in Russia.. \\7bat CUITBIi!t. in elementary school in Singapore. sometimes in -Iaparr. 6. about your country. Mexico . Use the passive of the verbs in part A to ". Use the passive of these verbs.. Complete the sentences. .. in Argentina. asking and answering about a country other than Japan. worth seei ng! B CONVERSATION A ~I Listen and practice .. \Vl+ong number! B Pair work Act out {he conversation again. . 1m GRAMMAR· Aetiv8 FOC:US They "se the y9'. Thailand.. in Canada. . but I'm not sore. 4. K A 'lot of beef .. B ..the currency that . A eat 1... . yes." of 31 states and a federal district. what about credit cards'? A1:e American Express cards. And do they drive on the left.Japan? Linda: Where? .is gr. John: Oh. English" '" ". ".. in. in South Korea. I need some information. surry... . Isn't it the yen? -Iohn: Oh.It's rea II. They English spoken much there'? Linda: I really have no idea. John: Huh? \Vell.. ihey·speak both Spanish and P<lrluglUese in LatIn Ame~lca.. you're a travel agent. accepted there? Linda: How would r know'? John: Wen....

Unit 11 IE WHAT'D'O YOU KNOW? A Pair work See {Tow JIi.'nrld'swheat produced? 4. questions like OJ C'I.OOCL_ . ~PiJken.nSingapore?' 3. This smal! wunttti located in kia.-.~5 /lUDJO ONI 'f LIS'TEN'ING """{7 ~iListen ____.~OOQ.. grid T~un!i are. The P9pu/rft.q. Complete the ch art. Chi·r.~nuntri.Jfflg.1lOElt of the {'i. Can you name three countries that are governed by a prime minister? B Class activity the ones rn part A_ V'llrite three rrroreworid-knowledge Then ask them "around the class.heq:e questinns can you answer? the appendix for the answers. VI/hat languages are spoken :i.' t!t 70 ._ /v1_alqy. Wher"€! is 1. ere 18 Emador 10ca1l:OO? h 2. spoken? !3.. ~.s name. but don't include the. toa short talk about Colombia.Can you name four countries where French is..9"(!d {""1im.nyof j. How many countries can you name where English is spoken as a second Ianguage? 5.E{lg!I~h.I Ta2{S!?1 Chris!iqflS.jus. 1_ V". It hal a populaiio» ·of around__.__. IE WRITING A Make art information chart like the one in Exercise 11 about a country you know Then WTi~B a short eempoaition about it./o_r} is mat!q_ JAy Bljd{1h(~_t~L (Vl~'?/lmJ.

110me . and tl]orleJ... lL is the\. Theil" between 192.:a\l ami fongh waves.order. 1. was abo a ch~Lc1]g{': for workers: San Prancisco Bay b:':LS '!o'er}.e Worlfl. . 2. two great victories over geography. AmazmglJ~ tIlls 102 -M. :3La structure constructed very quickly.lJI..hUILnd" is a remarkable Q(Jn\'(~Jli ence: eM'S..~ jOM1S the Atlantic aod l)aciik oceans.e. 3.1994. Travelers profile What kind of traveler are you ?Tu rn to B Pair work Talk about these questions. Then cover H and try to name .'S across the Paa-arui R~~'cr t the Bl1l.i Id:ig~ til New York City. was \:lfletlJ~loocl!~d bvthe \ol"tb " Sea and by 1iverf).over geogmphy. What other kinds of things could he described as "modern wonders"? 71 .e R. a structure that joins two bodies of water. pagie IG·15 . the Channel Tunnel joins rranceand England. Hrlgi. I:. A Read thearticle.. for 40 yesrs after it was coraplered In 1931~ the Empire Smr."ilIllsn't finished untll 191..he world's tallest free-standieg l. a structure that is the tallest of its kind . trucks areall car:n1oo tlm)lIgh the by train. comolered in :~9841gO(.li.---- It's lreally wOrth seeil1g!' I I I be·aOl!lienl Greeks spll'ke of ~he S"IIE!DWon~lers of tll.eng:iinoers came: up with this Iist of the sellen wonders .lj]-P. ']\l/et1~vvears. 4. two structures that are in Europe.of our 8'!Qdern world: TheP:anWDa Canal."Com pleted in 1976. wasihe tallest building in the world. 1. Which of these wonders would you most like to s:ee'!Why'( 2.g has enough]j1]g~.8J5 feet. lhe NelbethLnds. It The Golden Gate Brldlg. buses. in 1'l)ronto. tile Lowe]' IS llsed[or TV and rAdio bmadcasllng .Cr.d~s. It WT~ ntL'V ~'f'()'ul'td theworld three timeS". 6. dams and canals were bnllt to comrol the rivers . The Nethe:rI~JJlds:iQ'rth Sea f~roneetiQn Works j~ another victory .to 1. compleied In .~d5built 10 sblJt out the sea.aF<iguay a eonstruciedln jU5t 410 days.l~rg-e$l hydroelectric plant.JJl ~13$ :I victory otlnnnaus over geo~m"phy: W{ldt~T"S dug huge amounts of land ood mamed rivers . Rementlv. At 1.~whichts below sea level.ltcI'S descrlhe the C'.!)t1"Hn.. c(lI:mpickdln1937.'i.m: READING . 'two structures that join two separate areas of land.i and '~9321 a dWllJVJ.: The ltaipil Dalu."'{)ri. 'rh~ "C..O]'}' huilding \'. C::madiaJ is nne oh. Tile Golden Gate is :->Lm the wndd's tall~st bridge. begun in the 1880s. the C\ '1bwer.

Btacy? Stacy: 'VeIl.!)f fbes€: people? Name three successful people from your country. Wha. when I graduated from drama school. Richard: \VO\!li. a customer offered me somework 36 a model. A:!1d. Lwas modeling fun time. ] was going to auditions every day.r. Witbin a few weeks. you do? Stacy: I got a job as a 'waitress in a seafood restaurant. of the conversation.While r WaB working there. Richard. get. about these questions. S01 what did. I moved to Los 'Angeles 00 look for work as an actress. How did you. what CLASS AUOIO nIIlLY H lucky break' -:a.] was running out of money.o SNAPSHOT 'Ta. What have they accomplished? EJ CONVERSATION A~ Listen and practice. What is tn« most imp~ssive accomplishment of each. but I never got any parts.t did Richard do after he graduated/Wha] does he do now? B ~ 1:2 . into modeling.~I Llsten to the rest.

. (have} . '" Hive) in a tiny apartment . Last year. .. B: Oh.. 2. _ (live) with my grnndparents (enter) . ".. 1... 6....Oh. .. . really? Whatwere they doing there? A: My father was working for a mining company: B: _" 73 .' 7.. problems with math.. .. We '" . (ring. Why were yo u/did y. ED WAGn I go~ {l~ as :a wa irtress. (go) out." (have) to find a tutor. . .lit's been j!J. I. (make) dinner last night when the phone 4_ Tracy and... . "" "'.ou .. _" " " 5..1I.I7(101J5: !aran ad/an In I W(!sgolrtO' to'(H~d~ti()ns: Vlilf"l{ day. . work Take turns reading your sentences from part R. Then ask and answer follow-up questions> useful expressions .. During my childhood. . .V. . lon9 time!: DI GRAMMAR FOCUS ptogre5S In the past Pas' comi.high school . ] met my best friend while.._ . ..rong side of the road. 3. . . ._ (ice-skate) when he _ .. . "':if* A Complete these sentences.... . . .reai[ly? That's in1er'e$t~ng.. Eric ... r ... . C Pai. I " . .. ..' . 8. my family was living' in Chile._ _ _ (workl in H restaurant in VEI.. . (he) born..ICOlUVer when they 5.. .. . .. .... Then compare with a partner... . .. (broakl his arm. ago.. " '" 2. .. ''''hen I was g'uirng to elementary school.SUi.'. . I wQs ~n:IInn out of monsy. Job o C!t:is'tomer aler&d me o fob as 0 mod~l. L .hen our first child "" . .. (watcb) TV when the power . I'ng WmWe I wU. on the w.. B Complete these seritenceswifh I'll tere sting information about yourself Use the simple past 01' the past eo(I ti nuous.. e S/mpJs past: tor a oomple.. ~ (meet).. . . (drive) in England whenI suddenly (realize) I 'i.. 1. so I . Several years ago..._ . 4_ Two yean:. ..iHvorling. ot me restcurcnt... My brother . I when 1 3.. ? Wow! That's tncredible! A: During my childhood.. '''' ...ted ection but I never glOhlr:JY parts..

n. I've beerrstudying jour-nafism.flssactivity 76 .on.oh ~see..dea. you been studying it? Have you met a nyone interesting lately? Who i. A: Has your brother been studying journalism? B: No.. Playa board game.l.. C/.. it's been two years. friend? How did you meet? Where were you 1iving ten years ago? Did you like it there? \Vhat do you remember about :it? Have you been !:l. and have you been going tu school? A: B: A: B: A: Ute is Uke' 13 go'me! Turn to paqe 1'C-16.ring 'lip to buy anything special? How long have YDU been saving up fur it? . B Pair work Practice this conversat . No. I've been gaining weight.. it been a year since I last saw you? No. i Pay attention to contrastive stress.in9. Contrastive stress A ~" Listen and practice. Hat. EEl REALLY? HOW INTERESTING! A Group work What interesting things. A: Have you been ssudying i iterature? H: No. YOu can change the mean ingof a sentence ~y stressing different words. R(:i!a.i' . I've been studyi rig journal ism. Tell the class the rnost interesting thing you learned. ---- --. of your own. Have you been losing' weight? Weill actually. call you find out about your classmates? Ask these questions and othe . Oh.j. I've 'beE.ll'y?' ~ 9 i dfi·'t know'that l ---~---- let I me···more. l had 'no. ..!Jlteaching school. about someone in your . rnormal stress) A: Ha vc )lJU been teaching journalism? H: NOt I've been studyingjorrrna. G wow~· . ee. I've boon studyi ng journa lism. B:.l.Unit 12 D PRONUNCIATION I've been studying" 8. A: Are you going to study journalism? B: No. "I've been going skydil/.a...i:\ your besl.' "'.bJ'I'OUp. s Have you been doing anything exciting' recently? Are you studying anything right now'] Hnw long have.

ami a hook of her paint:in. AI. When ALEXANDRA NBCHITA CHl. show they were prodigies? 'lIVha1thas each nne accomplished? Complete the chart. in New York City..t?Why? 77 . Tfyou were a prodigy. Which ofthe thr-ee prodigies do you thi n k 1S the most amazing? \\'1.l1S 4 months old • Michael could _!. what would you like to be really good a. She has been on TV. 1.'ay far years_ On Sacah's fourth birthday.parents.questions.ARAH CHANG is described by other musicians HI:> "the I1l0~1 wonderful. By 8.YOll:'!. was 2. A Read. her parents gave her some and coloring hooks._g:s are often comparedto those of Picasso and other great artisrs. she was has.m it~sbeen a long time! READING S.. ~ .0OO. B Pair work T'81k about these .• and by the time she was 7.2. her father gave her a violin. she was accepted at famous Juilliard School nl Music. U::I'paintill. lie's been proving them wrong ever since: By thetime he W'. and people have been describing her this v. months. They have sold for as much !ItS S80. By age 5.r( . She has also recorded many'l-vas published. oil paints. Michael completed four gnide levels each year_ At 5.. Since then. Alexandra had her first art exhibltien.. he entered high schoo. was WCHAEL KEARNEY born.1:. Mom?" Bv 10 f . he went to graduate school.. "What's for dirmer. watercolors •. Sarah the world. in one year.jayun sentences like.and finished. the doctors warned his paI'CrM:S that he might have learning difficulties. performedsrccnd Before t]1C performing us a violin soloist with major orchestras.. By 10. perfect vlolinist" they've ever heardWhat makes this praise especially surprising is Sarah's age: She's only a teenager... he graduated from college withhonors . Flow did thesethree young people r'ir·!~n:. AI 8.1. Akx:andra was soon working in inks. he could read words. "1. tho article. Studying at home with hit..I·.

':1t three poselble consequences fOT each event." "The. __ A.r· works.WHAT/F . _ If people work only three days a wce~. albums. _n or other popl!lla. .g Then that student says the name of someone else in the group who responds and makes. (. WHO IS THIS BY? A Pair work List ten novels.'i. I hate doing rny laundry.. 'Let It Be! was first sung by the Beaflos.lse~ nam(~) B: S'o de It I can't whistle.enjoy doing or don't e'njo:y doing hate . B: And they might'spend mare time with their friends.. songs.... (~uys. . another ~t. EJ M~.. Smndhing you" . DUBS everyone agree that each sentence is true? "The novel 'R4r and Peace was written by Leo Tolstoy...~..Eeace .doin.-. tll"Yet ~r aod.atement...V_ t song: 't-It..8e' __ B Group work Exchange lists witl1: another pair. are good at doing m' not good at doing can dowel i Of can't du well like or don't like .._- . n' __ .d to drive cars in the city.:O:)'S' someone e._'. ? Pair work How win life change If these things happen? 'Think ofat le.: If people stop watching television.s(}m. they-might read more books.yit:. TOO! Group work One' student makes a statement ebout one 0 f these things.." 78 I mo.. .J1. "~...t'one elrw"s narne) C: Neither can I.. A. If people 8tOP watching television. If people aren't aUowe. movies. Tl3:k€ turns saying a true statement about each item on the list.

gym. . DMEMORYCHECK Pair work 'fake turns. _ ? eat lunch with yesterday talk to on the phone laat night last 'iN1' ite a let-tel' to'? m TELL ME AB. . A: Rea!!y? What kind ef exercise do you do there? B: I usually take aerobics classes.. Have you been .. hut aometimes I swim. . I've been going to a. ••• '.~ I:!NLY'" D LISTENING '9!Y' Listen to people on a TV game show answer questions about Spain.: Yes.Review of Units9-1_2 =. asking and answering these questions. lately? working out Iearnmg a new hobby working long hours tski ng driving lessons reading any interesting books do! l[g anyth ing unusual traveling dating someone new A: Have YDU be-en working (Jut lately? B. . •• " : •: • ~ •• - • r .rk Take-turns asking these questions andfour more of your own. . ? yesterday two days. Then ask for further Informaticn.OUT IT Group wo. I have. What mere you uiearing . 79 . •- •••• - •• -:. Cummcy Dtiving- PQPlJJartion C~ptt{11. What are the answers? Complete the chart.. ago on Saturday night W'ho did you.

happens next? 'Vhat do they decide to do? 'a. How many of these movies have you seen? Which is your favorite'? W1W? What are the three bes: movies you have seen in the lest few-years? D CONVERSATION A~ Listen .(. Jurassic Park was boring. I've never Sel'TI him in a romance. ' B ~ \\'lu.\ Talk about these questions. The book by Michael Crichton. Paul: Do you want to s(~e a movie ton ig.:3:]1. . .u:k.oYie! lox offiar$ (i.was fascinating. and -Iurassic Pr.l. and I.. It's [l romance. but-the mOVLeW<:l!.t .1:rn.hL'? Carol: Hrnmv Maybe.nm~llI:(tn9).. Carol: Now that sounds good. Carol: Who's Steven Spielberg? Paul: You know. it~R been playing for about a month.l. What's playing? Lynn: How ahout tho new Steven Spielherg film'! I hear it's really exciting.S terrihlel Lynn: Well. Carol: Oh.think he's a wonderful actor! CLAgg.e of the "VITorld·s D10@rt 8nCCe&s£u.1 practice.. He directed Jaw8"j E. I'm. interested in that new Johnny Depp movie.o SNAPSHOT Son. ~U!.l11J ONL'I' Listen to the rest of the conversation. 2..

. Complete these sentences . It's _ they don't make ('rUIny westerns these days. _. (surprise: II WORD POWER A abs-uTd hiza. I loved Winona. I find nature films " ..J!Jw5s1.v JQ~npy«Depp movi.. I thought Jurassic Park was an book.~ ~$. _._ that it. (amaze) 6...1 t lih~ <bool't:wG's.Then compare with a partner. 1 . (interest) 4_ I'm .A terrific book. Denzel Washington is R.._ _withwatching television...::. Ryder's latest movie...-----_. but a terrible movie! B GRAMMAR FOCUS . . I'... ... ... didn't do better. ' Tbe !fl)Clvrs... e'. actor.~und$hl1ermhlg.. __ _ .. very ..vas .~~~ I WO$ f'lIscrlltlltfil by the: beak. Pasl participles . Does your partner agree? 81 B . . (inW:r'csL) .. or novels.rre disgusting Reactions' marvelous Complete the chart with synonyms from the list .. actors...o"P":lI:k was bc:n~ng•. 1'1'1:1 _ _ by Michael Crichton's novels.- '_.. (fascinate) 8. I'm not _. dreadful dumb fabulous fantastic horrible silly terrible odd o u tsta n cling ridiculous unusual weird \Vrite six sentences like the ones in Exercise 3 about movies.~.2.....m intlJasledi in~ 'Fiew:J6hnnt D~pp m6:vi the I was IiGred by JUnJssia Pork. (excite) 7._._.' ~ Present participles· ._... ¥"'_.. (fascinate) 3..• Th@Am. 1.._.::.. Chore) o. Then compare with a partner.fDSc:inatint.. 111 horror movies.. 0 ._ _...

I rldlculous.. What kinds of movies are you interested in?' Why? What kinds of movies do you find boring? Who are your favorite actors and actresses? \\'"h3r'? Are there any actors j''OU don't Iike? Whafs one of the most excitingmovies Y9U havu C\'eT seen? What did.l... n!. 'What. I thought Jurassic Park W~f.each ef' thcse words? Mark the stress.. -11'] ~).. LET'S GO TO THE MOVIES! .B: Thev're excitin .. . . Ta ke turns asking and answering' these questions and other'S of your own. t? .ork Compare ~'ou:r information. ur .]nuis W<At5 anexciting movie with rnanyfrightening scenes. 18 tadr " ~.. absurd amazing fantastic fabulous outstandin g fascinating ~ucce ssful ridiculous terrible surprising unusual terrific B~ Listen and practice these sentences.:~ ~ oJ m PRONUNCIATION Word and sentence stress A ~'l ''Which syllable is stressedIn..Y. Pay.. ~~~r.)' '~ :w. ] prefer . you Iike about it? What are your three favorite movies ill English? \Vhy? Are there aill!y outstanding movies playing nov.'? A: "That kinds of movies are you interested in? B: I love action movies. I:)~ A Pair work A'· •.. about you? J ~! A:[ think action movies are kind of silly. 'but a terrible movie. Then Iisten and check.attention to stress.1) the adjective that best describes whatthey say about each one. . but it was very successful.. 82 . Check (. It was a teITific book.Unit 13 1:1 CLASS" LISTENING Listen to people talk about books and movies. Practice the words with a partner. -L'Iot:"a.r B Group w.

-ry__. . He's made some of the most successful movies of all time....--. -~... o GRAMMAR FOCUS ~ ~"WhO 'IfS (l bou.. is that the movie that stars Tom Cruise? Alan': Yeah..3. it is._. SOI1g~_ 3... It'f': about a guy who joins a corrupt...hili guV.t·O .. A: Have you heard or We!::i.. 83 . 1_ Tom Cruise is an actor . It was hard to put down. ~ Use whlclt or toot to/things. A: Who was George Garshwin? R' He was an American composer.'3 is a movie .:-.. Marilyn Monroe W2:? an actress .. A: What's the mnvie Schindler's List about? B: It's about an Austrian man.yffp. A: Did you enjoy reading Stephen King's latest novel? B: Yes! It was a great.~E!!io·i'rr:!. W~.tSide Story'! B~ Yes. 'Nina: Oh. . . . Alan: Ob.fars..who helps him out of the mess. Then practice with a partner. . You don't mind seeing it again? Alan: Not at all You rent the video. G t. COmp8!T8your information around the CIE:L~S.lii\rhy don't we rent the video? Nina.. and I'll bring the popcorn... He wrote lots of Iant a stic music... Luckily he has a..-::.. brave ". 2_ Sf. • . 5.__~~_ "ortbut to'-:people.r. j. Man: 'WeB.lts@. Nina: Hmm.!l~~OU.. bUlt a terri!bl·e movie!' D CONVERSATION ~ Listen and practice. B Pair work Complete these sentences with relative clauses.r... 4.:. it's a musical..0. Its a th. 5.. Maybe I'll read it. -. t1H~movie is even better. .H:t corrup~ IQw tl:~m..' It's..i}inr$ .tly W_g~ _.- - ~_ ..hrll:ler.. i. law tirm and then can't leave. .. hook..rfner wliliGhd~bat sta rs Tom Cn.rd uf' Oz US a musical _ .. It has somewonderful 2. A: Who is Steven Spielberg? B: He's a movie director.. Then write three mute sentences of your own.nCmise. The Wiza.. 4. - "j".ctr Wa.A terrific" A Rewrite B's answers using' relative clauses. He saved the lives of many pcopledur-irigWnrldWar II. \Valt Disney was a famous movie director" " ..'It s. Nina: This John Grisham novel looks interesting..L... Cl C{) ' rru pt la~fi rm. 1.

!s.tP_[S_ BW who g_~l? lost irU.- 84 . {t'LQ.y I$L-<. .~ __ B ~ Look at tile chart. What do they like like about it'? Rate each item in the chart from 1 to 3..I__jq_rge: The." part A.* fair *** very good **** excellent Tum to pa. =-. new movie.JJ ·(Oi(lf( 1G-17.I'S each critic gave the-movie.It. Where does the story take place? Whoare the main characters? What are Ute main events? HoV\' does the story end? B Class activity T~ll the class about your story.Yugrcc with your review?' t rc.: J mY~H it? What did you like or not Hk~ about it? Howwould you rate it? Read YOll'· reviev . Make brief note s..Y!r.oaUffects.:. ~! Ai:~~ A d:: Listen Of not L 1". There are two main character-s.5... qidn't il"ike. to the class. Then Iistentn the erttics give their ratings" * poor AII~he movies What do you ~QW about movies and' moviestars? *. both have seenrecently and discuss it..I'ikad it wry·muoh . fiml")Y : '.. You have towrite £1' new script for a TV detecti I/C shew or mYB tery."ln. was tho movie about? Dld yOli en.QPut B Class activity ctg. ..~ J?f!'Q ..Unit 13 1m SCRIPT WRITERS A Group work Yi:HJ arc script writers nil' a television studio. PI an an interasti ng story. WIUH..t i 2= OK :3 :... 4 . movie ha_sgood sp-ec. IE WRITING Movie reviews A Pair work Choose a movie you. Then each person writes a review of it.1l)9t~.I.iV_'_..--!_Jt4t~. Guess how In.l._..(XattJL~e:. \"110 else has seen the movie? On t.. "Our' story is about two secret agents who are chasing after aliens: from another planet. " m CLl'I5S LISTENING to twocritics talk about a.h~. ' _.

and.ew exactly how he felt. sort of.effects.What ratirlg' would each critic give Star W(lrs? Circle the words in each review that helped YOu decide 011 the critics' ratings. He also knows how to Star Wars is bsc~ and better than ·ever .·. Expla i n your answers. but :it's also louder. A Read the reviews.' . I expected this to be so much better. f\'laybe George Lucas. there are some new characters.A te·rrifi c book.. When Luke sees the olel spaceship.ic i. Bur Lucas isn't just a tcehnicn] genius. Yes.. spectacular' Skyw. What movie did you see .".ll especially like the exciting chase !>Cl't1CS. Them are new scenes. -W.G I Don't believe people who say 'ron can't improve a g(Jm. hen you were a child that is · Ii! till 8 pecial to yo u today? 3.l11J1 Darlh Vader. the soundtrack is dearer..Lucas spend his money and.t.. time on a tired old movie? Thel'e is a. but the old ones seem a little silly no'. and good against evil. some robots. Everyone will love this science-fiction adventure story abo LJl growing LlJL .'> a hit buck ill 1911. "Wha:t a piece of junk!" I kn.N. What makes a movie great? terrlblo? 85 . the hero. should have made an entire~ new movie.alker. L DQ you read movie revlews Or watch movie critics on TV? Do they help you decide which movies you want to see'? 2.. This mo: .l thing. * B pOOT' ** fair *** very good . scene where Luke Iricndship. and I liked it the nfst time I saw it.'..e. Everl though u's a fun movie. he exclaims.vhich W<. \. Audiences \. ... hy did George win our hearrs. i.L..**** excel lent Pail' work Talk about these questions. a pieee of jullk.. is rushing to the spaceship that win take h4n on his pr-lnoess.. and made it evert better. Yes. and an improved soundtrack. . on yes~ the universe. incredi hie special. Director Gt:OI1::-'c Lucas has taken Still' Wws. but a terribl e movle~ IE] READI.. .a. This movie is j ust th. slrootouts. . who is one of the greatest movie villains of all time.' .

Maybe it means he doesn't understand YOu" No. . Do people in your country use these ge.atLlr€s? Do you? What other ges. 86 . AO that'S! what it means! Ron: (:L.I don't.tures do YOLI use to communicete these meanings? What are three othe. ~ Listen and practice. Ron: Wen. Actually. What does he find unusual about the way 'people in North America communicate? ~I B r.r gesWres you sometimes use? What do they mean? CONVERSATION A.I i lie this. he seems really nice. the student from India? Laura: No. Or it could me fin he doesn't agree with you. . people from India sometimes move their heads frorn side to side 'when they agree with what yeu'rc saying.o SNAPSHO'T Talk abo ut theSe question$. I haven't. think 80. 04. Ron: Have you met Raj. there's one thing I noticed. but.A5S AUDIO ONLV Listen to Raj t~tking to his friend. You knm\'.iHe moves Iris head from side to side Laura: Ron: Laura: Pater: when you talk to hirn.

~ -c '. Can the group b"Ll£SS what you are trying to comrnun icat... Then take turns acting out your gestures. Modals. . B Group work Think of gestures that communicate these meanings.frdl:!rS1an~ry..smnayau" - .!I~~ Mdvill ~ilmeons:'he. could mean.' .e? Go away I give up.doefit'l':.. . 87 .g...i1f€~''With..N' That PI:OJKI.1.. or it. That's -.. .. it mea ns! D GRAMMAR FOCUS Alvei" ~. partner.':..GI:tJe.bE!~Qgffl~a.withclJQk:C . please.y(n.bly ll:'Ieans:.t u. That's perfect: I'm angryl I'm scared.oll.ings He1Jo~ ]3e quiet.. Come here. A Pair work Mean. __What do .. ~ oh' W N.:£"oN If co:uld meonWie.Yo think? 0 A: Ye(ih. »/rt·ml~JbT/mQ1mE.l mean ~ni~hagreeS'wifiil 191.~ .-.So thall's wh. Pay attentlon.:. ___"""".. We won! 'That sounds crazy] I can'thear h€~d·oos'raLlf1d(r. ~~f:haips'it~means:~edllf}€S1n). What do YOll think these gestures mean? Make a statement about each gesture using the meanings from the list Then compare with't·Qgree·~itb I~ hrUiS'. I'm hungry. '. Be careful A: What do you think number one means? B: That probablymeans .. .

. "That's amazing!" g'ueAR what your o PLAYA GAME A Charades Thi11k nf two. annoyed c..Unit 14 II WORD POWER A Emotions with Wha] emotioDs do you think this person i~ communicating his facial expressions? Nlat. . amezed b. TheJ1 take turnsreading your statements. __ .. that's close. '\-Vord1:> expressing strong stressed and have higher pitch. II PRONUNCIATION A Emphatic stress emotions are often Listen and practice. disgusted each picturewith the emotion.'1[0 slips yuu can communicatewitb gestures or expressions. nnt exactly... interexted h.. confused d..stry J n!:]'toeornmunicate? Use.H: YeA. Can others in the class gues::. shocked B Pair work Take tUTD~ acting out theemotions above. Each student takes 6. other meanings th. what you are trying to communicate? A! Maybe that I!lcHnA _. e. embarrassed excited g. II: NQ. c: It might mean .. Wr+te yourmeanings em slips otpaper. That was amaztngl You really frJghten~d me! B Pair work \. '. ts{i) /:-> ·ing adjective ..t"rritetour sentences using. Take turns actli. ffHe looks. Pay attention to emphatic stress in the sentences. Can you partner i.1g out the meanings.these words. a. embarrassed shocking exciting disgusted S8 . B Class activity Put all the papers in one pile. . .

erbh be(~1J. .. are true~"other (2P"=!p-Ie mqy thr'nk_pre. I think ~~ sign up ahead means. One person's meat is another one's poison.!]i. -John: Hmm.Insj...tPRQdt_Qt_L.. Wb at it think... VioThich picture shows the highway they were driving on? Which sign is the police officer talking about? 89 .tmth.A Group work Here are some common proverbs in English. What. I wonder what that Vickie: It may meanyou've in this Jane .5e . . It's going too slow" Now.ofs going on? page~C·'1S.. John: No. a_' you think they mean? Every cloud has a silver 'lining. Don't burn your bridges behind you.{t. TeE]them to your group in English. ..~--------------- D WRITING lntsrpret people's body language. "\'hat do they mean? B Think or three ~I" . I'm going to pass this car in front of us. A penny saved is a penny earned. do these lines on the road mean? Vickie: They rnust mean YOt1 aren't allowed to pass here.sorng_p~op-f~ B Class activity Read your paragraph to the class.hQUhe_thlDe~ thal.u..a_ jJ J li&Lth..r. ITl. ----___. "That could mean.p_tb." interesting proverbs from your country.ou. Tum to A Write about one of your favorite proverbs.[it§_p-roveLk_~ is "Th. t9s~. What....wL$ldli: Q{ th..ry_whL~h are . • John: Or maybe it 'means you want to. got to take a left you can turn left if I'll just go straight. .. but the road signs are pretty confusing.!tqi. A stitch in time saves nine.t~141f5 Ort_imflQriQ.'~p[Gy. . IB ~ Listen to the rest of'the conversation. Vickie: You know. mean? Why do you like it? One QUY!Y fal/C!. --- Wh.£ mQ..fLfL4._ t. Don't count your chickens before they . What does it.L~_tr4Jh~· a.. m CONVERSATION A r:::f:" 9d! Listen and practice. these highwaysare really great.i. I don't think so...

2 . ..~. '.' . 1.__.. LISTENING What's in a Sign? A ~ Listen to people talk about the meantngofthese Number the signs they discuss from 1 to 5.... Then compare in b'TOUp8.reln~ta"'J... _ m ~~.. . . these international .fl~H5ey'w.omove ~"oUI'shoes.d' . 5" ...." ... ::... ...R.... You can't. Do not touch... Group work Draw a sign Qr.... Drinking water ... g..:""" ._ tl'U$_S@tJ.. ... \\'b._.... \Vho has thp best sign or symbol fOf" each one? .. "" . . YO}J're 'oflo:well1'o passnere·.. "_.rJfJ.. .at do you think. .. No playing ball. go offthe path. '......._.. .. Yo~jve :gotto pass: herce. Recyclable.JIi ·a.fl:!Jr!n:ldjJg~ed ta. .. Unit 14 1m GRAMMAR FOCUS PermIssion IClnl t~lrlil 'left''I~fe. :-: ~_ " •. ..' " ''-.... Children are allowed 11)enter . symbol to express these meanings.::...-----------. No bicycles. h.. . .. d... LI • . \~tea-rhard hats. . e. . B -1· Numbe. -.."'. ". You A signs meal)'! Match each sign with the correct meaning.. __ . B Don't litter. 7.. 90 ..... I(l_jl gjft §hrp... 4.. lou .tGWb s. . _ 3.:~l1?~thi... Swimming allowed. ::.~... ." YoUMve·to turn le(th~re...' . Say where you wight see each one.. Oblfgrrllc._._ .. Nb~aning8 a. 'No dogs ~11(jwed. Then compare withothers.. f _Fasten seat belts.. ProhlbinflD V(lU cCl~" JumJeft· here. . f ..... Write sentences about the meaning of each sign... =.r:e. Then compare with a partner. 6. signs. b.. .' 8. F'ishi ng is all owed. _ rPu On< }negns S~f mlqnJ ~... . .. ) : e . __ .

1. . facial expressions. is interested in what you're saying. look at the person but not for too long. A personwho doesn't look a:VI~dyis expressing a challenge. or gestures? 4.I\.. Interpretations may diffef Kate Lisa a bit in other cultures. gesmres. he or she 1':. and. But the one who '8~JJkj:lJ:g)and then look away and meet yours againl.To get either impatient or nervous.people's posture. Then. should: c. notice thei~ eyes.VOl! a. and interest. Who appears to. PrielldUncss and tnterest are expressed when a A Read the article. Hut repeated nnovernc:n~s. be Lisa. B Pair work Tallk about these questions. Ilaad gestme~ can mean a personis interested in the conversation. Jf y'OlIJf posture ls straight but relaxed.. thiscould mean that you are sad or lack confidence. c. While you're talking to yourbess.. your bead.. This might he a sign that your boss: a... Kate. a. b. look aW<:l. lit Say1' ·M· . ds communicated not through words hut through body language This includes our posture. continue to look at the person without stopping. ¥lhat do you notice most . 'LOO. the person. Why do people sometimes <Gxpressmore through hody language than through words'! 91 . .m So that's what It means! READING What Does. c. LLoQkat the picture above. Because body language is so important. tapping a foot. circle the letter of the correct answer. meaning. Both Kate and Lisa. ore than h3Jf of what we communicate .2:. Aperson who doesn 't look at yo \1 is expressing lack of interest Of is shy. b.'( from. facial expressions. 2.. IS impatient with what you're 'saying.•. feels he or she is superior to you. Slay away from someone who poinls at you while talking with yuu: 111at person mighr he angrji aLyou or fet:l supcrior to ]'O~. Here are some examples of hndy language and tappiog a pencil or tillpphlg a foot . is down. you'n want to know what yours is sa}~ngand how to in tcrprct other peoples. another due from people's faces. If you want to show someone that you'rei nterested.often mcan the person is persom's eyes meet yours (especallywhen you're people someumes smite just to be polite . w ha t don't yon agree with? . Do you agree with all the interpretations given in the article'? If not. How aware are you 0 f people's buds language? 3. you aft expressing con fidence and frlendliness. .) ]f your posm re Js slumped and. (Note: These meanings are for Norrb America. be confident? a.'smile ls a Signor friendliness.

tiQns? People who reuun lost things sometimes get a reward.flsty pays "1.'30 fast.ver"s WiJdd Cup Gold Me4al and SSD. Lou: Why? 'Wliat would you do? Kate: Well.3 point there. 1 could double the money in a day and keep $750.ns.000 for myself Lou: You might also lose it all In 3 day.0001' I wouldn't return it . Have you ever found anything valuable? What did you do? CONVERSATION A~ Listen and practice __ Lou: Look at this.ODOand SDuv·en irs lBlk' about these questio. And then you could go to [ai l.~.o SNAPSHOT lali DriYetr Returns Pla. Some glljl found $750. Veg'3_5 and try luck in the casinos. illy CLASS" .. Kate: You're kiddjng~ HI Iound $~750."J . Listen tu the rest of the conversation .a. You've got .000! He returned. is rewarded with What would you do in these sitr.I'd go straight to Las. it and the owner thanked him with a phoneeall. te fhat th? rneaninrr of the saying "Hon. Kate: Hmm.OOO: Braziliian Soccer S 1.. What would Lou do if he found some money? 92 .~:i~-" B- r=£.


WhaJt would

you do?


ImOl1tnBt'i situation .fw~t~ simple fJQS1',If1.rm~J In'tO.und alSO,OtlQ,



Jtnaginory ccnsequenCB (With modalS wou rd" mi g ht, Q1f e.oIl1d) Iwouldn't return af so fast. « I iI'O to La~'\leg,as," I,could liIoliIIl:!l it in .0 ecsl 110, e' I,wouldJ1'd go straight to the pofice .




Match the clauses in column A with information Irom column B. (;.\'[orethan one answer may be pnasihle.) Then compare with a partner, B a, I'd break a window to get in. b. I could think of ways to invest ito Co I might not tell anybody . ..d. I'd probably l!UU the police. e. I gUC8i:5 I might spend it, f. '~ might tell a salesclerk g. r d run to my neigh bors for help, b.. I Gould get a get of k:e'y~from my friend.

10 IfI found a. burglar in. my home, .. :.. , , 20 IfI saw someone shoplifting, .' . 30 IfI found $75;000 on the street, .
,4. IfUII;' teacher ga\'e me an A on a test. by fni.S take. . ......

5. [f 1 locked' myself out. of my house, ... 6. If.I won u million dollarsin a lottery,


B Pair work Add your own information to the clauses in column A. Then take turns reading your sentences aloud.

C Group work

Think of three more situations like the ones in part A. Then ask another pair of students what they would do.


~:~~ A ~" ....

Listen to three people talking about predicaments. Summarize each predicament and write it in the chart.
Ptedicament _--







Best suggestion






B ~ Listen again. \~rbatdo you think the best suggestion was for each predicament? Complete the chart. Then compare answers with classmates.

Unit 1:5·

A Group work
\¥hat do you thinkyou would do

or might do in these situations?
'. you. found a: valuable piece of jewelry in a park • you were 011 vacation overseas and lost your money

and credit cards


... you saw two people fighting in the streot .. you discovered your friend has a dririking problem .. someone stole yourelcthes while you were swimming at the beach • a friend borrowed money from you and didn't return 'it A: \'Vhat would you do if .. _ ? B: Trn not sure. I think I'd .. ' __ C: 1 might .' ...

B Class activity Choose three of the best suggestions and t(!Hthe claseabout them .


A Find nine pairs of oppoaltes
l'non compare with a partner, ill this list. Complete the chart.

.. ,
refuse .fdenj; kmd save disagree

Do the rigbt thing!

What would you dO',in some dnticUI~tsituations? Tum to page IC-20.


remember spend







Pair work Choose four. pairs of opposites. Write a sentence using eaeh pair,


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