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Department: All Engineering Business Unit/Office: EDS
Status: Exempt Band/Level: TC4

Creates components through: receive study, challenge, and tests and accept customer,
industry, governmental or Yazaki requirements and specification, combines that information
with other customer provided information to create a design (drawing). Reads drawings,
communicate effectively with others. Works independently as well as with a team and
obtain design information from multiple supporting functional groups. Engineer needs to be
willing to learn and advance in their level of knowledge.


Review, implement, and revise work instructions, processes and procedures
Put together parts of the 3D engineering guidelines manual. Created bundle diameter
estimation tool along with associated instructions. Technical reports including Bundle
diameter study and Synergy Pilot report.

Effectively communicate with customers, management, other engineers, sales,

manufacturing, quality, and program management.
Do this on a daily basis as a resident engineer at Yazaki. Performance can be verified
through customer references.

Review and interpret specifications and requirements

Daily task. System Design Specifications (SDS) is strictly followed at Ford Motor Company.

Evaluate information provided by the customer (Device Transmittals) for completeness and

Daily task. Device transmittals are used extensively in my current position for packaging
and wire cavity information primarily.

Review and modify schematics

Reviewed schematics extensively for wire information in order for me to cross reference
wire spec information and estimate the correct bundle diameter.

Interpret information provided by the customer as applied to the product/project

Since I am a resident engineer working directly with the customer, this is a daily task.

Design component products to specifications and requirements

I have only designed "rough sketches" of components on a professional level. However, I

am certified in CATIA V5 (HFCC) and have learned how to use component design tools
within CATIA V5. A thorough evaluation of specifications will be required as I delve deeper
into component design.

Verify (test) and validate (customer use) designs and properly communicate findings

As a design engineer responsible for packaging, I put together many proposals on a daily
basis for this exact reason.

Review, interpret , check, and be responsible for, drawings

This is a part of my daily task as 2D engineers take direction from the 3D based engineers
in regards to updating their drawings.

Apply changes to existing products

Did this extensively in a change controlled setting and also in pre-development where
change was not controlled.

Keep records and timing for the information provided, designs and changes

Direct part of my current position. Currently, this is mostly managed with the help of

Provide forecast for the delivery of the designs to the proper level

This is something I have not been responsible for in my current position. However, I do
communicate effectively and will be able to grasp this information.

Work independently, with some assistance from more experienced associates and
directions from direct management.

This is apart of my character. I am always willing to hear what another has to say in order to
learn and consider his perspective. This is especially true when learning from more
experienced people. I also do not have a problem asking for help when necessary.

Technical diagnostic and forensic study and reporting.

I have done some of this by aiding in door swing studies as well as trials within assembly

Understand Mechanical and some electrical properties and packaging

Academically, I am a mechanical engineer and have taken extensive mechanical courses

including materials, mechanics of materials, statics and dynamics as well as many other
topics. I have also taken several electrical engineering courses.

Professionally, electrical properties are often a direct concern for how something must be
mechanically packaged.

Understand HV Component (contactors, fuses) specifications and performance

I have an understanding of the HV components I have worked with so far. I can not say that
I have delved so far to actually review specifications but none-the-less I have experience
with HV components.

Understand, create and implement DVP&Rs, DFMEAs and other quality related documents
and processes

I have considered many quality methodologies within design. I have also carried out studies
and helped write an 8D. I have a good academic knowledge of the various quality methods
and I know where to look in order to find the information to fill in the gaps in my knowledge.

Resolve issues by applying creative thinking, think and act logically

I do this on a daily basis when packaging wire harness in a dynamic environment. This is
especially necessary when packing within the engine compartment – which is where much
of my experience lies.

Trace issues and problems to root cause

Part of my daily duties and tasks. An extreme example of this is my bundle diameter
algorithm report.

Issues related to designs and effectively communicate/report to customer

Relay design direction and interact with multiple support groups

As a resident engineer, this is a daily part of work.

Minimum requirements (3-5 core skills needed to be successful in position):

• Mechanical Engineering BS Degree

Attained and working on a masters degree.

• 3-5 years of mechanical engineering work experience, doing actual Power distribution
system / junction blocks

I have this experience as HV wire harness design directly effects power distribution.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

I possess these skills. My written skills can be verified by review of technical documentation
I have written.

• Organization and time management skills

An integral part of my character. I have studied these skills extensively including the
attendance of seminars to help polish these skills.

• 3D conceptual skills

Have an academic and professional knowledge of this.

• Must have UG NX3, Teamcenter experience

UGNX experience is limited but I am an expert on Teamcenter engineering. Since I have

effectively mastered CATIA V5 and IDEAS, as well as other 3D tools – I do not believe
learning UGNX will be any cause for concern.

Specific duties to be performed:

• Engineer and design power distribution boxes / bus bar interconnect modules
Do not have direct experience with this.

• Communication and contact with internal and external customers and suppliers
Part of daily duties as resident engineer.

• Create 3D models and 2D drawings in CATIA / Solidworks / UG/IMAN and complete TS

Certified in CATIA and Teamcenter.

• Investigate requirements and specifications

Part of daily tasks.

• Problem identification and resolution

Part of daily tasks.

Special skills or abilities required:

• Computer skills (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)

• 3D modeling and 2D drafting skills (CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, NX3 – UG/IMAN)

CATIA V5, Vismockup, Teamcenter

• Mechanical engineering skills

Used extensively in academia and industry.

• Problem solving skills

Used extensively in academia and industry.

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