2011 Midwest Conference of the

Society of Christian Philosophers

Values and Virtues

Hope College, February 24-26, 2011

Morehead State University Comments: Michael Bergmann. Baylor University Comments: Paul Reasoner. DePauw University Etheridge/Fifth Third Room Reception to follow Wielenberg’s talk For all paid registrants 8:30pm Friday. UNC Chapel Hill . Columbia University “On the Alleged Queerness. Fordham University Comments: Mike Bertrand. Asbury 11:00am “Kierkegaard and Love’s Necessity” Erik Hanson. Colorado Springs Comments: Jeff Courtright. Thursday. Purdue University 9:00am 10:00am “The Supremacy of Love” Eric Silverman. of Morality” Daniel Farmer. Whitworth University “Why Not Nonnaturalism?” Joseph Long. Chicago “The Significance of Doubt” Scott O’Leary. University of Louisville “Good Memory” John Spano. February 24 5:00-7:00pm 7:00pm Registration .All events held at Haworth Inn and Conference Center except where noted. University of Colorado. and God and morality Passions (Fifth Third) (Trans-Matic/Gentex) “Pseudo-passions [in Aquinas]: Needless Categorization or Insightful Distinction?” Len Ferry. Christopher Newport University Comments: Keith Wyma. Bethel University “God and Intrinsic Value” Scott Davison. Marquette University Comments: Joseph Okello. and the Alleged Depth. Vices. February 25 Topic Love (Bil Mar) Only two sessions for 9:00am Virtues. Florida State University Comments: Nicholas Engel.Skylight Room Plenary address: “Divine Deception” Erik Wielenberg. University of Toronto Comments: John Dryden. Loyola University.

Friday. Tulane University Comments: Jeff Dueck. St. Tabor College “The Example of the False Promise” David Diener. University of Toronto Comments: Alexander Bozzo. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Comments: Kevin McDonnell. The Stony Brook School Comments: Nick Perovich. University of Missouri.reservations required Haworth Inn and Conference Center Donnelly Room 6:30pm Saturday's intriguing papers are listed on the back! . February 25. Louis Comments: David Faber. Mary’s College “The Value Problem of Moral Action” Michael Neal. Hope College 2:00pm 3:00pm “The Meaning of Right and Wrong in Virtue Ethics” Steven Brown. Grove City College 4:00pm Plenary address: “Emotions in the Sense of Duty” Robert C. Nyack College Topics for afternoon Virtue ethics Moral theory (Trans-Matic/Gentex) (Fifth Third) “Consequentialist Virtue” Luke Gelinas. The Ohio State University Comments: David DiQuattro. St. Marquette University “The Unity of Virtue Ethics and Aquinas’s Alleged Incorporation” Justin Anderson. Baylor University Etheridge/Fifth Third Room Banquet . Roberts. continued 12:00pm Lunch Break (on your own) Please see insert for lunch suggestions Conference papers resume at 2:00pm Right and wrong (Bil Mar) “On Teleological Ethics” Todd Meredith.

Aquinas College “Did Hitler Have a Meaningful Life?” Iddo Landau. Bowling Green State University 9:00am “An Introduction to Divine Attitude Theory” Matt Jordan. and Intellectual Virtues” Matt Hoberg. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Comments: Daniel Herrick. Georgetown College Comments: Shawn Graves. Purdue University Comments: Greg Bassett. University of Bristol. Huntington University and Tony Bryson. February 26 Topics for morning Divine commands (Bil Mar) Virtues. Cedarville University 11:00am “Divine Commands and Reasonable Non-believers” Travis Gilmore. Hope College “Reflective Theological Equilibrium and the Dilemma of Partnered Homosexuality” James Gould. Rights. Furman University “Applied Virtue Ethics” Jonathan Sands Wise. University of California Berkeley Comments: Mike McFall. Obligations. Israel Comments: Andrew Dell’Olio. South Central College Comments: Joe LaPorte. Hope College “Justice. and Religion Department . Hope College’s Philosophy Department. and Jay Howell. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Comments: Erik Anderson. and Applied Topics Passions (Fifth Third) (Trans-Matic/Gentex) “Aristotle’s Ambivalence Toward Wit” Sean McAleer. Calvin College “Double-Effect. Auburn University at Montgomery Comments: Erik Baldwin. Dean for Arts and Humanities. Vices.Saturday. Haifa University. Hope College This conference was made possible by the generous support of the Society of Christian Philosophers. Closeness. and Forgiveness: a Kierkegaardian response to Wolterstorff” Ben Arbour. Purdue Uniersity 10:00am “Divine Command Theory and the Intensionality Problem” David Alexander. McHenry County College Comments: Jack Mulder. Office of the Provost.

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