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Graphic Identity Manual

westminster college graphic identity 2


The Westminster Graphic Identity Standards Manual was created

to provide all Westminster employees and associates with the ability
to maintain the college’s visual identity through an easy-to-follow
set of guidelines.

The success of the Westminster Graphic Identity depends on

the consistent use of these standards by everyone involved in the
creation of Westminster communications. This includes external
suppliers such as advertising and design agencies and printers, as
well as internal Westminster communications and IS professionals.
The Office of Communications staff will answer any questions
related to the system and provide art and production assistance
whenever needed.

westminster college graphic identity 3

the shield the logo

The basis of the Westminster Graphic Identity is the logo.

The logo is made up of two components; the shield and the
wordmark. Within the shield are Converse Hall, the historic
home of Westminster, the Wasatch Mountains and the date
of the founding of Westminster, 1875. The wordmark consists
of two parts, “Westminster” and “Salt Lake City • Utah”. “Salt Lake
City • Utah” is part of the preferred logo but in many instances
it is removed. The typeface used for the wordmark has been
customized and is unique. Do not attempt to recreate the
wordmark using a standard typeface; art can be obtained
from the Office of Communications.

the wordmark

converse hall

wasatch mountains

date of founding
westminster college graphic identity 4


Fig. A Fig. B
appropriate use
colors The Westminster logo may only be used to identify the
College’s identity, its programs, and its services (See figure A).
The development and use of any other logo, mark and/or symbol
is prohibited. The Westminster logo may not be combined with

WESTMINSTER any other feature — including, but not limited to other logos,
words, graphics or symbols. The shape, proportion or color of
the Westminster logo may not be altered in any way. The logo
may not be redrawn or altered (See figure B).
incorrect wordmark
The Westminster logo should never be printed using any other colors
than Westminster Purple, Gold, black or white (See figures B, C and D).

fig. c fig. d

westminster purple (pms 267)

westminster college graphic identity 5

1.5 inches

fig. E

size and proportion

To ensure legibility, the Westminster logo should never be

reproduced at sizes smaller than 1.5 inches wide (See figure E).
fig. F The Westminster logo’s proportions should never be altered.
Do not condense or extend the logo (See figure F).
fig. G westminster college graphic identity 6

alternative logos

The Westminster Graphic Identity is flexible. Three variations

fig. H
of the logo have been created to fulfill almost any need.

alternative 1: logo without salt lake city

Westminster logo without “Salt Lake City • Utah” (figure G).
To be used only for on-campus purposes and on letterhead.

alternative 2: Horizontal
The Westminster logo in a horizontal format (figure H) should
only be used in situations where there is insufficient space for
fig. i
use of the vertical logo at its mininum standard size.

alternative 3: stand alone shield

The “stand alone” shield (figure I) is to be used primarily for
merchandising purposes such as decals, key chains, tee-shirts
and other similar paraphernalia. Please consult with the
Office of Communications before using this version.

INAppropriate alternatives
FIG. j The wordmark is not to be used by itself (figure J). It must always be
accompanied by the shield. The wordmark should never be paired
with the “stand alone shield”.
westminster college graphic identity 7

Fig. K

pms* 267 pms 874

westminster purple and gold

Purple and Gold are the Westminster colors. Through the years,
many versions of purple and gold have been used. To create
consistency a specific purple and gold have been selected for
the use as the Westminster Purple and the Westminster Gold:
pms 874 PMS 267* and PMS 874 respectively (figure K).

Since Westminster Purple and Gold are an integral part of the

Fig.L Westminster Graphic Identity it is important to have the logo appear
in these colors as often as possible, given the production methods
available. When the production method will not permit the use
C: 100 C: 0
of the custom colors, an allowable alternative has been provided.
M: 100 M: 40
Y: 0 Y: 70 A process color equivalent has been assigned for each of the PMS*
K: 0 K: 35 colors for use when printing in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and
Black, the four colors used in process printing): PMS 267 (CMYK:
100C 100M 0Y 0K) and PMS 874 (CMYK: 0C 40M 70Y 35K) (figure L).
C: 0
M: 40 Since PMS 874 is a metallic ink (metallic inks have flakes of metal
Y: 70 imbedded in the ink to create a sheen similar to metal) it is difficult
K: 35
to match the color precisely when using CMYK. PMS 874 ink should
be used when printing four-color process and there is the availability
* PMS stands for Pantone Matching of an additional ink. PMS 267 should be made using a screen build
System. Pantone Color Standards in these situations.
is the system of ink colors used by
printers worldwide to guarantee NOTE: The colors shown on this page and throughout the guidelines are
color consistency. representations of the Pantone Color Standards. Only PMS inks can match the
PMS 267 PMS 874 Pantone Color Standards. Pantone® is a registered trademark of Pantone, Inc.
westminster college graphic identity 8


Additional colors have been selected for use with Westminster

Purple and Gold. These selected colors are meant to complement
PMS 653 PMS 555 PMS 267 PMS 874 PMS 208 PMS 179 or accent Westminster Purple and Gold. It is preferred that
Westminster Purple, Gold or black be used on all communication
materials, however, their use is not mandatory.

As purple is a strong and vibrant color it should be used carefully.

An athletic brochure with purple as the dominant color is an
PMS 7454 PMS 625 PMS 5483 PMS 5125 PMS 228 PMS 7412 appropriate use of purple. Using purple as an accent color and not
as the dominant color would be appropriate for a literary magazine.

NOTE: The colors shown on this page and throughout the guidelines are
representations of the Pantone Color Standards. Only PMS inks can match the
Pantone Color Standards. Pantone® is a registered trademark of Pantone, Inc.

PMS 5425 PMS 549 PMS 7496 PMS 7435 PMS 703 PMS 7414

Please note that the colors depicted are only representational of the actual
PMS colors, please refer to a PMS color guide for accurate color.
westminster college graphic identity 9


control area

To be visually effective, the Westminster logo requires an open area

edge of logo
around it.

This open area is called “the control area” in this manual. No other
visual elements may appear in the control area. The control area is
x a box of empty space around the logo. The space is determined by
a distance from the edges of the logo that is equal to the height (x)
of the letter W in the Westminster wordmark (figure M).

Photographs and illustrations can be used behind the logo, though

care should be taken to ensure the logo is free from clutter and is
easy to read (figure N).
westminster college graphic identity 10
Fig. o


Clarity and readability are key to the overall strength of the

Westminster logo. Do not place the logo on patterned backgrounds
that impair the readability of the mark. Colored backgrounds are
acceptable, however, it is important to use care in selecting the
correct version of the logo to use in these situations (figure. O).

In situations where the logo is used on a color of similar value to any

of the PMS colors, the logo should be reversed (white) from the color
or if there is enough contrast, printed in black.
Fig. p westminster college graphic identity 11

Fig. Q

tag line

Westminster College has developed a phrase, called the tag line,

Fig. R Fig. s
that describes the Westminster experience. The tag line is
“A Unique Environment for Learning.”

Like the logo, special art for the tag line has been created (figure P).
Do not attempt to re-create the tag line. The tag line art may
be obtained from the Office of Communications.

Fig. T The tag line is printed in Westminster Purple and Gold. However,
if the situation does not allow the use of Westminster Purple and
Gold, the tag line may be printed in Westminster Purple, black,
white or Westminster Gold and white (figure Q). The tag line may
logo not appear in any other colors than those listed above (figure R).

The tag line should always appear on all communication materials.

It is preferred that the tag line not be placed adjacent to the
Publication Title logo (figure S) and it should never replace “Salt Lake City • Utah”.
Generally, the tag line should appear in an opposite position to
the logo (figure T). If the Logo is at the top right side of the page,
the tag line should be positioned at the bottom right of the page.
Conversely, if the logo is at the bottom of the page the tag line will
be at the top of the page.

westminster college graphic identity 12
Group One garamond (true type)

The typefaces selected for this group ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS

complement the typography used in
TUVWXYZabcdef ghijklmno
the logo and are available on most PCs.
If your PC does not have these typefaces, pqrstuvwxyz 1234567890&
contact the IS Office and they will provide
you with the typefaces. The serif face Lucida grande (true type)
selected is Garamond and the sans serif
face is Lucida Grande. These are TrueType ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR
fonts and while TrueType fonts are ideal STUVWXYZabcdefghijk tYPOGRAPHY
for desktop purposes they are not for use lmnopqrstuvwxyz 123
in commercial printing.
4567890& A consistent approach to typography reinforces the effectiveness
of the Westminster Graphic Identity. With consistent use, these
typefaces, also known as fonts, will create a strong and recognizable
identity for Westminster.
Group Two itc giovanni (serif)
To provide flexibility and complement the Westminster logo,
The typefaces selected for this group are for use ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR
by communication and IS professionals. These two groups of typefaces have been selected for the use in the
typefaces are Postscript typefaces and are ideal Westminster Graphic Identity. Group One is for documents such
for use in commercial printing. Unlike TrueType, nopqrstuvwxyz 12345678
as memos, letters and flyers created by the general population
Postscript fonts require different fonts for italic, 90&
bold and other variations and are provided
of Westminster College. Group Two is for use in documents that are
complete in the type family. The serif type family adobe garamond pro (alternate serif) being created by communication and IS professionals such as offset
selected is ITC Giovanni and the sans serif type printed brochures or posters and the college’s website. A serif and
family is The Sans. Adobe Garamond Pro is an ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS a sans serif typeface have been selected for each grouping.
alternative serif font and should be used only TUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnop
when ITC Giovanni is not available.
qrstuvwxyz 1234567890&
the sans (sans serif)

stuvwxyz 1234567890&
westminster college graphic identity 13

Fig. W business card shown actual size (4.125 in. x 9.25 in.)


Stationery is the most visible and prominent representation of

Westminster. Stationery includes business cards, envelopes and
letterhead. (See figures W, X and Y). As part of the objectives of
the Westminster Graphic Identity, all stationery must have the
same appearance. The look of the Westminster stationery is based
on a system of color, typefaces, type positions and margins. The
College has contracted with a local vendor to produce stationery
items using templates outlined in this manual. Contact the Office of
Communications (x2680) for information about ordering stationery
and business cards.

NOTE: No tag lines, slogans, promotional information, or other images

or wording not addressed in these standards should be included on
Standard Logo any stationery item.
westminster college graphic identity 14

Fig. x #10 general envelope shown actual size (4.125 in. x 9.25 in.)

1840 South 1300 East

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

ALTERNATive logo 1
Tag line
westminster college graphic identity 15

Fig. y general letterhead top & bottom shown only (actual size is 8.5 in. x 11 in.)


1840 South 1300 East

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

Tag line
westminster college graphic identity 16

DIGITAL templates

Word® templates for letterhead, memo and fax are available from
the Office of Communications.

Standard Logo
Fig. z option 1 8.5 x 11, four color brochure westminster college graphic identity 17

the stripe WESTMINSTER_4c_WH.EPS


The Westminster Graphic Identity should also be consistently

reflected in the basic “look and feel” of any publication that
is intended for distribution to one of our off-campus constituencies
(prospective students, alumni, parents, friends, and members
of our neighboring communities).

To that end, we have developed guidelines for producing publications

with the “look and feel” of our graphic identity. If these designs do
not meet your needs, Westminster communications professionals
can help you to adapt them as necessary. Please consult with the
Office of Communications before you develop any new publication.
A member of the staff can work with you to ensure that the final
product matches our graphic identity, fulfills your goals and fits
your budget.

The “stripe” is one of the unifying elements to the Westminster
publications’ design (figure Z). The stripe is a Westminster Purple and
Gold bar that runs either vertically or horizontally on a page. It has
a proportion of three parts purple to one part gold. The purple
portion of the stripe
always is on the edge x = width of gold stripe

of the page and the 3x = width of purple stripe

gold portion always
faces into the page. edge of page

Fig. AA option 2 8.5 x 11, four color brochure westminster college graphic identity 18

the stripe


Upper & LOWER CASE Title of Publication

Pms 874

cmyk screen build

based on Pms 267
(100 C, 100 M, 0 Y, 0 K )

cmyk screen build

based on Pms 5125
(65 C, 86 M, 49 Y, 0 K )

Fig. bb option 3 8.5 x 11, two color (pms 267 + black) brochure westminster college graphic identity 19

black stripe replaces
purple and gold stripe


Upper & LOWER CASE Title of Publication

pms 267

Fig. cc option 4 8.5 x 11, two color (pms 5425 + black) brochure westminster college graphic identity 20

black stripe replaces
purple and gold stripe

80% screen of black


Upper & LOWER CASE Title of Publication

pms 5425

Fig. dd option 5 4 x 9, four color brochures westminster college graphic identity 21

the stripe

Publication Title 28 point adobe

garamond pro

Pms 874

cmyk screen build

based on Pms 267
(100 C, 100 M, 0 Y, 0 K )

cmyk screen build

based on Pms 653
(65 C, 86 M, 49 Y, 0 K )

westminster_tag.eps option 5 4 x 9, two color brochures westminster college graphic identity 22

the stripe

Publication Title 28 point adobe

garamond pro

20% Screen of black

pms 267

pms 555

Fig.ff option 5 4 x 9, non-bleed four and two color brochures westminster college graphic identity 23
Primarily for use in desktop publishing

the stripe:
pms 267 RGB build
(73 R, 47 G, 146 B);
pms 874 RGB build
(188 R, 155 G, 106 B)

pms 5125 RGB build

(120 R, 73 G, 106 B)

28 point
Publication Title Publication Title 28 point

pms 7414 rgb build

(223 R, 140 G, 25B)

the stripe
westminster college graphic identity 24

vision statement

The Westminster vision statement should be included on all

publications and collateral materials that will be distributed to
external audiences. Limited exceptions can be made when space
limitations are such that the inclusion of the vision will detract
from the overall communication.

The vision should always be be presented with the preferred college

logo, including Salt Lake City • Utah, and the line breaks should not
We will be nationally recognized be altered. This will ensure a consistent presentation of the vision,
as an exemplary community of so that it becomes a recognized element of the Westminster brand.
learners, distinguished by our On most publications (brochures, magazines) the vision should be
distinctive educational programs, included on the back cover. For self mailers, the vision is included on

our record of preparing graduates the mailing side. The Office of Communications can provide
the vision statement as a graphic element.
for success in a rapidly changing
world, and our commitment to
continuous improvement,
effectiveness, and value.