Director of Legislative Affairs

Responsibilities: The Director of Legislative Affairs (DLA) will serve as a representative of ASWSUV in the local, state, and national political scene via lobbying efforts. The DLA will live on a predetermined stipend in Olympia during the legislative season in an internship capacity. The DLA shall have and exercise the following duties and powers:


A. Perform duties in accordance with the ASWSUV Constitution and By-Laws B. Help create ASWSUV’s legislative agenda with the President, The Cougar Coalition, and other interested parties C. Coordinate campus visits by State Representatives and Senators from the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 49th districts by the end of the fall semester D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. P. Q. R. Coordinate for student voter registration on campus Develop a politically aware and active atmosphere on the WSU Vancouver campus. Coordinate living arrangements for the legislative session Coordinate internship details for the legislative session Live in Olympia during the state legislative session and lobby for WSU, WSU Vancouver, and The Cougar Coalition Frequently communicate with the ASWSUV President and The Cougar Coalition during the legislative session Communicate frequently with the Directors of Legislative Affairs for ASWSU Pullman, ASWSUC Tri-Cities, ASWSU Spokane, and GPSA to coordinate unified lobbying efforts Help to develop the DLA positions on the Tri-Cities and Spokane campuses as well as for WSU Online to coordinate unified lobbying efforts Continually research and maintain knowledge of student interests on campus, statewide, and nationwide levels Inform students of current legislative interests via the Public Relations Director as necessary Help to coordinate an end-of-session forum for students explaining the results of the legislative session Communicate and manage itemized expenditures of the DLA and DLA Travel budget with the ASWSUV President Work alongside WSU Administrators in Vancouver and Pullman with the goal of furthering WSU interests in the state legislature Provide reports to the Student Government Council when appropriate Provide an oral and written report at each Senate meeting 1. 2. 3. 4. Retreats Executive Staff meetings All-Student Government meetings One-on-one meetings with the President

S. Attend all mandatory ASWSUV meetings including, but not limited to:


Perform any duties assigned by the ASWSUV President The Director of Legislative Affairs must be a member of ASWSUV and be enrolled in at least six (6) credits per semester during the regular academic year. He/she must be in good academic standing, maintaining no less than a 2.0 GPA. Self-motivated and goal-oriented Strong communication skills Professional demeanor Functional knowledge of the state legislative process Functional knowledge of lobbying procedures and strategies Frequent interruptions, noise, fast-paced, high workload The DLA will hold office from commencement to commencement or until their duly elected successors take office. In accordance with ASWSUV By-Law (330.02), the salary for the Director of Legislative Affairs will be fifty percent (50%) of the President’s salary, thus eight thousand dollars ($8000) for the entire year. During the legislative session in the spring, the DLA will contribute at least twenty-five (25) hours a week to his/her duties. At all other times, the Director of Legislative Affairs will contribute at least eight (8) hours a week to his/her duties. Workloads may require additional hours and individuals must be prepared to fulfill them. During the spring semester the Director of Legislative affairs will be housed in Olympia living on a predetermined stipend and receiving credits based on the internship.


Desired Qualities:

Work Conditions: Term: Salary:



Application for Executive Staff
Please type question responses on a separate sheet, and attach Resume. Full Name:______________________________Email:_________________________________ Phone Number: ____________________________ Day/Evening/Mobile? Address:________________________________________City:__________________________ State:____ Zip Code:________ Check one: Freshman □ Sophomore □ Jr. □ Sr. □ Grad □ Major:___________________ Minor: ___________ Are you currently taking 6+ graded semester hours for the rest of the academic year? Yes CUM GPA 2.0 or above? Yes No Can you attend two Senate meetings a month and hold fifteen office hours weekly? Yes No No Is your

Why do you want to become an ASWSUV Executive Staff member? Please be general and specific to the position.

What are your previous experiences related to Student Government or other leadership experiences? What would you like to see ASWSUV accomplish in the upcoming academic year? Please list any legislative or lobbying experience. **You may type your responses and attach. **Return completed application to Audrey Miller or Narek Daniyelyan’s mail box in OSI by 5:00pm April 8th, 2011. Direct questions to or

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