John Lennon 1940 1980 John Lennon was murdered just before 11 pm on the 8th December 1980 outside

his home in Dakota Apartment Building in New York City. He had just got out of a car, and was walking to entrance when voice called Mr Lennon , Lennon turned, and was shot five times. The killer threw his gun down, and stood there smilling, Do you know wat you just did? shouted the doorman, I just shot John Lennon , the killer replied. After that, Lennon was rushed to hopistal in police patrol car, but it was too late, The killer was 25 year-old Mark Chapman form Haiwaii. Earlier the same evening he had asked John Lennon for his autograph. In fact, he had been hanging around outside the apartment building for several days, Chapman was a fan of the Beatles and Lennon, and had tried to iminate him many ways. It s said that he even believed that he was John Lennon. Biographical notes: 1940: Born Liverpool. 1942: Lennon family deserted by father. Mother leaves. John brought up by aunt. 1956: Form pop group at school. 1957: Student at Liverpool College of Art. 1958: Mother killed in road accident. 1960: Goes professional as one of The Beatles (John Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Best, Sutcliffe). Playing in Hamburg, Germany. 1961: Plays in Hamburg and Liverpool, Sutcliffe, the Lennon s best friend dies of a brain tumour. Brain Epstein begins to manage the Beatles. 1963: Ringo Starr replace Pete Best drumper. Married Cynthia Powell, an art student. The Beatles first record Love me do . First TV appearance. 1963: Three record Number One in British top 20. Incredible popularity, son, Julian, born. 1964: First hit record in USA I want to hold your hand . Two USA tour. In April, Beatles record at number 1,2,3,4 and 5 in US Top 20. First film A Hard Day s Night . First book. 1965: Help! Beatles second film. Beatlemania at its height. US tour. Huge audience in football stadiums. Beatles receive MBE (special honorary award) from Queen Elizabeth. 1966: Lennon in the film How I won the war artist. not musical. Meets Yoko Ono, Japenese avant-garde

1967: Segeant Pepper Beatles most famous LP. All the Beatles interested in meditation. Manager brian Epstein found dead form sleeping-pill overdose.

1968: In India with Beatles for meditation. Beatles company Apple founded. Lennon art exhibition You are hee . Lennon divoreed by wife. 1969: Beatles film Let it be . Rummours of quarrels about money. Talk of Beatles break up, Beatles s last performance on roof of Apple Building. Lennon and Yoko Ono marry. He 29. She 36. Lennon still recording with Beatles but some work solo. 1970: McCartney leaves the Beatles. Others start solo careers. 1971: Lennon LP Imagine apartment. most successful LP. Lennon and Yoko Ono in New York one-room

1972: Lennon and Yoko separate. Lennon ordered to leave USA protests and appeals. 1974: Drink problem one and half bottles of spiritsc a day. Still fighting deportation. 1975: Lennon and Yoko together again in New York. Permission to stay in USA. Son Sean born October 9th (Lennon s birthday). 1976: Full time father. Very close relationship with son. Owns seven apartment in same block-one as a cold-store for fur coats. 1980: First record for six years. LP Double Fantasy . Simple Staring Over . Good reviews from critics. Many said it was a new beginning . Dec 8th Lennon murdered. Massive media coverage. TV and radio programmes interrupted to give news. Record companies on overtime to produce records. 1981: In January and February three records at Number 1 in British Top 20: (Just Like) Staring Over . Imagine and Woman .