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Know When it's Too Low...

or High
How will you know that you know? Simple bi-directional measuring
Fluid levels can make or break a machine… • SensaLevel is simple to install and wire
or an entire operation. (see diagrams on reverse).
SensaLevel™ Ultra™ gives you accurate, • Low-Level: Wire it one way, SensaLevel
early warning about critical fluid levels. You triggers an indicator when liquid level falls
get digital reliability and simplicity because below the sensor.
SensaLevel has none of the problems of • High-Level: Triggers when level rises
other sensors: above the sensor.
• NO moving parts Unlimited water-based applications
• NO exposure to corrosive liquid SensaLevel detects any aqueous solution in
• NO probes to get clogged or coated plastic tanks up to 9mm thick:
• NO effect from humidity or vibration • Marine / RV water or waste
And best of all — no tank intrusion • Industrial and farm liquids, fertilizer, bulk
beverage, or dairy
Patented SensaLevel attaches to exterior of
• Any water–based solution — fresh or
the tank and uses an electrical field effect
to detect fluids. What's this mean? Simple: waste water, sewage, ground water,
coolants, pesticides, fertilizer, etc. For
• NO need to drill or pierce the tank questions about your application,
• NO sealants to leak or thru-wall fittings to contact TouchSensor, LLC (see reverse).
weaken the tank.
Price-competitive, priceless reliability
If measuring SensaLevel is priced competitively with
aqueous fluid in conventional systems. Yet no other system
a plastic tank, can compare with SensaLevel's digital
SensaLevel™ is reliability, low current-draw, and simplicity.
the only sensor
to use.
If you need to know, you need
SensaLevel Ultra.
Capacities and Dimensions Ratings and Compliance
• Senses aqueous solutions through plastic • RoHS compliant
walled tanks up to 9mm thick.
• Sensor size: 50.5mm x 38.75mm x 6.75mm
2-Wire Model
• Wire leads: 914mm (36 inch) long
• 12 to 24 vdc normal operating voltage
• Connects in series with Indicator load
• Max. recommended 30 vdc; minimum 6 vdc.
• Draws 12.75mA un-activated; 22.75mA
• No damage if wired with reverse polarity
Automatic "Slosh" Filtering 3-Wire Model
• 8 seconds fluid sensing before activation (for
• Wire leads: 305mm (12 inch) long
either low– or high-level sensing)
• Red and white wires power a separate load
• 4 seconds without momentary activation
(such as Indicator Panel below). Or connect
before switching "off"
to user-supplied indicator such as audio
Industrial Adhesive anchors sensor to tank buzzer or relay to remote signaling device
• 3M® 5925 VHB double-sided foam tape • Self-resetting 1.1Adc internal fuse on output.
• Unaffected by moisture or vibration 0.250mA maximum continuous load current.
Micro-current draw, always-on reliability Actual carry current dependent on ambient
• Easily operates off solar cell amperage for and fluid temperature. Fuse is UL, CSA, and
remote locations. TUV rated.
• Sensor draws 0.120mA unactivated;
< 0.5mA activated

Model Number Description

Z16011TSZ Sensor only, 3-Wire Bi-Directional

100600442-01 Complete Kit: 3-Wire Sensor, Display Panel with LED Indicator Light

Z16010TSZ Sensor only, 2-Wire Bi-Stable

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