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The following is a basic script of how I presented it to my children. 1. "We hold the crucifix while we pray the Apostles Creed. You can point to the crucifix with your crayon." 2. "On the first large bead we pray the first Our Father. Color it as we pray." 3. "On the next three beads we pray Hail Mary's asking Mary to pray to God for us to increase in the theological virtues of faith, hope and love. Only God can increase these virtues in us and so we ask Him every time we pray a Rosary for more of these virtues. When you hear "Hail Mary," at the start of each Hail Mary, you color a bead. When you hold a Rosary, you move your fingers to those beads." 4. "Now we will pray a Glory Be and an O My Jesus (Fatima Prayer). Then, we will start our first mystery and prayer an Our Father. We pray all three prayers on this one big bead so we will color three circles. When we pray the Glory Be, color the inner circle, then we pray the O My Jesus, color the next circle and when we prayer the Our Father color the outside circle. 5. Remember, when you hear "Hail Mary" a new Hail Mary is beginning and you color the next bead. If you were holding your Rosary, you would move your fingers to the next bead. I repeated the instructions as necessary, which was about the first 2 decades, and at the end when there is not a large bead but only the medal. When we finished the Rosary, I had them hold a real Rosary and we prayed another decade together, having them practice moving their fingers.

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