Mike Preshman

85 Bishops Forest Drive • Waltham, MA 02452 • (617) 653-6638 • mpresh@gmail.com Objective As a software engineer with over 9 years of experience, a masters in Software engineering from Harvard University (GPA 3.7) and a Computer Science degree from Northeastern University (GPA 3.82), I am looking to find a challenging software engineering and leadership opportunity where I can apply my solid technical, communication and leadership skills. Technology Experience Languages: Operating Systems: IDE/editors: Databases: Gui Design/Development: Servers: Frameworks: Enterprise Technologies: Modeling and Design: XML Technologies: Software: Python Technologies: Protocols: Versioning Software: Work Experience Python, Perl, Java, Ruby, C/C++, Cuda, HTML/CSS, JSP, PHP, JScript, SQL, Bash, Lisp/Scheme Linux (many flavors), OS X, UNIX Emacs, Eclipse, vi, VS.NET MySQL, Berkley DB, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Oracle, JDBC/ODBC PyGTK/Glade, Tkinter, wxPython, JFC (Swing/AWT) Apache, IIS, Geronimo, Tomcat, WebSphere, Content Discovery Server (iPhrase enterprise search) Twisted, RoR, Hadoop, LAMP, J2EE, .NET, Cocoon, Mod_Python, AJAX Web Services, Ant, WSDL, RMI, JNDI, LDAP, Axis UML, Poseidon Case Tool, Rational Rose XML, SOAP, XSLT, XPATH, XSLFO, XML Schemas, DTDs, DOM, XHTML, SVG, RSS, WML Microstrategy, MS Office, IBM RAD, Charles, R-statistics, Matlab IPython, Twisted, Pyglet, PyGame, PyPy, Django, PyCUDA HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, FTP, DNS, RPC, ARP, RIP, ICMP, SSL, RTP, Ethernet, OSPF, SMTP SVN, GIT, CVS

ITA, Cambridge MA
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Senior Software Operations Engineer (team lead)

2006 to 2009

Developed Python and Perl programs to integrate airline data into a running QPX airline search engine. Developed a language configurable to define and execute Airline Reservation Deployments. Developed a Simulation engine to test deployments before pushing to production. Used TTD for development. Wrote a diff tool to display difference between deployments. Varying levels of semantic strictness were obeyed. Designed and architected new ways to make the loading of fares more efficient into the runtime process. Developed real time MQ client to provide an asynchronous data feed into QPX airline search engine. Organized and lectured at a weekly brown bag presentation meeting.

IBM, Lexington MA

Software Engineer

2004 to 2006

• Customized search engine behavior and features using python hooks code. Wrote utilities to diagnose and solve problems. • Problem solved and troubleshot search problems involving website data scraping, connectivity to information systems including Oracle, MS SQL, and MySql. • Resolved network topology issues in Fortune 500 client production environments. • Assisted in customizing and troubleshooting JSP, JAVA API, and SOAP communication in front end development. • Wrote XSLT transformation to render XML search results into XHTML for production front end environments. • Consulted customers on search indexing issues helping search engine yield the desired results.

MyPunchbowl, Needham MA (contract)
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Web Developer


Scraped and parsed party store data utilizing Ruby regular expressions. Inserted data into a MySQL database. Developed Web 2.0 pages using Google maps API to display party stores within a given radius. Heavily utilized JavaScript and the Ruby on Rails framework to extend mypunchbowl.com functionality.

Editshare, Brighton MA (contract)
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Software Developer

2004 - 2005

Developed a Python GUI applications. Extensively utilized the Twisted framework. Developed Java applications using Swing and JDBC to have different views into a MySQL DB of customer records. Put together scripts and tools to scrape and parse html data into MySQL. Deal with forms, authentication, and Jscript.

Steeprock Inc., Warren CT (contract)

Software Developer


• Developed Python programs to scrape data from internet sources. Extensively utilized advanced regular expression libraries, HTML, and http expertise. Parsed, filtered, formatted and imported data into MySQL. Wrote scripts to integrate data into client systems. Automated data importation procedure using the Linux Cron utility. • Developed a Python system and researched a scientific solution to deduplicate entities in db using Active Learning. • Developed a Python utility that provides a reliable stock quote feed. Utility scrapes and parses 4 internet sources.

A. • Study and utilize open source software. • Tested programs. .NET. Develop coding projects for myself to advance technical skills and learn new programming concepts. excel.A. image. using SQL.P. Data mining.P.P. word.82 Graduate Courses taken as an undergraduate: Advanced Algorithms. AI.2004 Northeastern University. Compiler Design. Algorithms. Leveraged advanced Regular Expressions to parse streams of data. wrote code. • The algorithm finds all straight line segments and encodes them into a format that enables indexing and searching diagram elements. C#. and validate incoming heterogeneous data feeds (HTML. social network analysis. VB. • Developed Python and Shell scripts to troubleshoot anomalies such as Unicode conversion. “VB. and Python books. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Honors Program) G. College of Computer and Information Science (Magna Cum Laude) 2.) for persistence in MS-SQL Server 2000 database.artfact. Cambridge MA (6 month co-op) Software Developer 2003 • Content Management System: Designed and implemented in Linux a Python subsystem to fetch. Northeastern University Research Assistant/Java Developer 2002 . Special Skills and Interests • Python Lecturer at Cambridge Adult Education • Nominated Candidate for President of Harvard Graduate School and member of Harvard Graduate Council • President of MIT Toastmasters club and MIT Area Governor of Toastmasters • Entrepreneur (co-founded two companies) • Computer Science Research/Academic: Machine Learning. 3. chapter questions. Probability/statistics. mobile frameworks and development.Net. Sudbury MA (6 month co-op) Software Developer 2001 • Developed VB. and Networking. Masters in Software Engineering • • G. • Participated in the development of a Java Swing GUI tool to display the results of running the algorithm.Love Chess. 3. • Manipulated db tables via ODBC.75 Minor in Math/Electrical Computer Engineering/Economics Major G. • The subsystem eliminated manual gathering. • Programmed Web Services using SOAP and C#. This is analogous to indexing and searching for a text phrase on Google. and executing of jobs on incoming data. 0130293636.com. etc. rated at 1600 . Education Harvard University. How to Program” ISB#.2003 • Designed and implemented an algorithm (using Java in the UNIX environment) to convert a JPEG diagram (in raster format) into an object representation. real time search • Fluent in Russian .Avid basketball player . Responsible for loading data into production db at www. Utilized UNIX utilities. Deitel & Associates. Boston.A.NET environment. 3. I am listed in the acknowledgements for the book. Used JBuilder IDE and CVS for Java development.Follow the stock market. Computational finance.7 2000 .ACK Software. tracking. text. error reporting. Faculty of Arts and Sciences 2005 to 2009 1. Cambridge. The programs are used as code examples for the textbook.NET programs in the Visual Studio. parse. XML. and PowerPoint slides for Java. Research Lab.