Explain the Concept Housing For All and Slum Free India with refrence to housing supply in urban areas.

Housing for All

In the year 2007 it announced that its main motto is to promote private-public partnerships in order to realize the emphasis of 'Affordable Housing for All'. This policy keeps in mind the changing socio economic conditions of the society. This is because of the ever escalating prices of flats or apartments which does not fit in the pockets of low income group people. The Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission also focuses on the provision of affordable housing and other basic necessities for a section of the society. shelter and other facilities to all the people of a community. senior citizens. The housing sector in India is already facing challenges of providing affordable shelter to all its citizens. The emphasis here lies on bringing about housing solutions to all. The word "All" mentioned here includes seniors. This figure was measure 10th Five Year Plan. This in turn causes building up of slums for their dwelling in the form of affordable housing. Affordable housing is a precious resource for the entire community. After the constant efforts carried out by the central as well as the state government it is assumed that there is a shortage of about 25 million houses which in turns affects around 67 million households. Housing for Low Income Families Owning a house has always been a problem for the lower income families.7 million units. disabled. single mothers. disabled. In West Bengal. This plan is specially made for the slum dwellors in India and is undertaken by the government of India and various other NG Os. This policy acts as an action plan set up by the Central Government. low inco me families and all the others falling in the low income group. National Urban Housing & Habitat Policy was set up spec ially to take care of giving out affordable housing. the elderly. The states who have already adopted this policy are required to submit a 15-20 year plan of the city's development. It is estimated that the housing shortage in urban areas is at about 24. This policy also focuses on the empowerment of women apart from focusing on the other sections like single mother.5% on all central taxes. seniors and other people belonging to low income families. Its main aim is to provide adequate land. It would in turn act like a shelter fund for its slum free approach. This would be made possible by imposing a cess of 0. The government has announced a plan to ensure that India is made a slum free country by the year 2020 by providing affordable housing for low income families.The main motto of providing housing for all is to make available low cost flats and low budget apartments for all income group people. Most of the people fall in to the low income group. a number of joint sector firms are . It motivates the state governments to also start such policies in their respective states. the elderly people.

. The recent economic crisis has been one of the biggest reasons deterring prospective buyers from buying a house. But with the start of low budget h ouses and low cost flats or apartments many of them will be able to turn their dream in to reality. This Yojna will also make sure that it gives equal proper rights to the slum dwellers.40 lakh houses to be built. Unitech does not want to focus only on the elite class but also wants to spread its reach amongst the middle le vel income groups as well.. This policy also focuses on the areas. The builder should also keep in mind that though flat is being made available at a comparitive lesser price. though it is not mandatory. Such programs are dedicated to all those who only dream of owning a house. One such initiative carried out by the government is the Indira Was Yojna (IAY) which has a target of 2. . gardens for old age people etc should also be tried and included in the budget. India's population is filled with the middle level income groups than the elite classes. Land cost must be comparitively low for the builder to start construction immediately.formed who provide low budget housing for the lower income group people. Affordable Housing Plans Affordable housing plans are basically planned out meticulously in order to provide low cost housing to all those who are thinking of buying a house of their own. Affordable housing policy has recognized the need of owning a house and thus has formulated this policy. Other facilities like parking. Therefore. it should not lack in quality. after targeting the middle level income group people it will not only be the leader in the housing segment but will be quite succ essful in providing low budget houses. Thus. It is not only a luxury but also a necessity. Such affordable housing plans and schemes will surely bring about an aura of change in the housing sector. Affordable homes or affordable housing is set to encompass the low budget houses by providing flats and apartments at a low cost. Affordable Housing Policy Home is where the heart is and owning a house is a basic human right. A variety of affordable housing policies make considerate planning on th e housing sector. parks for children. it acts as an advisor to the builders and helps them in giving an insight in to the minds of the customers which in return increases sales. all the builders should cater to all the needs of a community. According to this policy. where the flats are getting constructed.

such affordable housing programs are plans or projects that offer low budget houses to those looking out for a lost cost flat or apartment. MHADA: Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority was established in 1977 and it aims in solving all the problems related to the housing sector. Auran gabad. Delhi or Bangalore seems to be out of reach. It is a fact that proper ty rates are on its rise and are predicted to increase with the passing of each day. DDA. Its flats are named HIG. Some of the projects undertaken by the government are HUDA. A number of schemes are developed to fit in the budget of the people who want to own a house. Flats are available anywhere between 25 to 40 lakhs depending on the area in Ghaziabad and its connectivity to Delhi.Affordable Housing Program The state government along with the central government are putting in constant efforts to give out affordable housing with the help of their Affordable Housing Program. The HUDA authorities require around 10 acres of land in the high potential zone and around 5 acres of land in the low or medium potential zone. Thus. GDA and so on. DDA: Delhi Development Authority is a Delhi government initiative in providing low budget flats or apartments that suits the income of different income group people. The flats available in Mumbai would be little bit expensive as compared to other places of Maharashtra like Nashik. GDA: Ghaziabad Development Authority is an initiative taken by the Ghaziabad project plan to build affordable houses near to the capital. To own a house in places like Mumbai. But a number of . Affordable Housing Scheme The term affordable housing scheme means making available low budget housing or low cost flats and apartments to the middle income group. MHADA. MIG and LIG flats depending on the income group you belong to. Nagpur and so on. MHADA Ever since its establishment MHADA has been engaged in providing low cost housing and affordable homes to its customers. The objective of this program is to provide affordable housing to all those people who belong to the middle income group category. HUDA: Haryana Urban Development Authority is a program which is designed specifically to promote the building up of low cost houses and affordable homes. Flats in these places would be available from as low as Rs 15 lakhs thus fitting in to the budget of low cost house buyers.

"It would provide basic amenities such as water supply. Kumari Selja. National Building Construction Corporation is the first initiative taken out by the Government of India in order to provide affordable housing in India . these problems are short lived. The union minister said the scheme will focus on according property rights to slum dwellers and the urban poor by the states and union territories. Union Minister for Housing and Poverty Alleviation. No place remains a barren land for life.builders have now started working towards this problem faced by most of us. said here today. drainage. This scheme also offers three to four bedroom flats in the range of Rs 25 lakhs to Rs 40 lakhs. There will not be any hidden charges above the rates mentioned. Although. The entire process of acquiring a land. adding. the NBCC affordable housing scheme plans to extend a helping hand to its future customers. House specifications will not be compromised and they will be take care of all the other benefits offered by private builders. street lighting and social infrastructure facilities in slums and low income settlements adopting a 'whole city' approac h." she said. Cochin and Patna. The builders plan out a plant layout in the outskirts of the main city. Rajiv Awas Yojana to aim at slum-free India The Rajiv Awas Yojana. there will be around 1300 houses in the first phase of NCR Nodia Ghaziabad and Gurgaon. the place becomes as busy as other streets in the city. After establishing itself in the region of NCR. But inspite of the economic melt -down. building up low cost houses and then handing it over to the prospective customers will be transparent. The second phase of places include cities like Kolkata. Twelve countries are taking part in the conclave which is co -sponsored by UN Habitat and China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce. . Under this scheme. announced in the budget. "The government has announced a new scheme Rajiv Awas Yojana for the slum dwellers and the urban poor in an effort to promote a slum -free India in five years." Selja said in her inaugural address at the Habitat Business Forum meet on urban challenges and s olutions. aims at promoting a slum -free India in five years and would focus on according property rights to slum dwellers. the occupants may face initial problems like transport or availability of basic aminities. sewerage. internal and approach roads. As developers start there development. it would also provide subsidized credit. The recent economic crisis has hit almost all the sectors and one of the sector to get badly affected is the real estate sector. it will then be spread to the rest of the country.

Selja said the energy of urban growth can be harnessed as a "positive force for human development to create sustainable. "Focus will be on imparting quality training and skill certification through reputed institutions or skills training providers so that the urban poor youth will be enabled to enhance their income and improve their living conditions.000 youths over the next five years and starting with 200.000 under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) for creation of financially sustainable inclusive cities. The housing scheme will offer a ray of hope to slumdwellers and other urban poor to access a decent and dignified living environment and affordable home.Describing urbanisation as "a great historical opportunity". sewerage. municipalities. Rajiv Awas Yojana. "The legal framework will co ver the provision of security of tenure to the urban poor and also make land available for affordable housing. street lighting an d social infrastructure facilities in slums and low income settlements. "The scheme will provide basic amenities such as water supply. According to the Registrar General of India. the ministry will support an Inclusive City Campaign involving all stakeholders to alter the existing city planning model and prepare inclusive Master Plans/City Development Plans that adequately address the concerns of the urban poor for affordable housing. A skill development programme for employment promotion for the urban poor is also on the 100-day agenda of the ministry." she said. drainage." "The scheme will focus on according property rights to slumdwellers and the urban poor with the help of the state government. private developers and the state governmen t to create affordable homes. was announced today promising to improve their lives and aiming to make the country "slum free" in the next five years. and peaceful cities" A new housing scheme. there are about 81 million urban poor in India. At least 30 percent of the trainees shall be women." she said. equitable." Selja said. The ministry is also planning to include cities with a population of 500. Selja said the ministry will explore partnerships between the urban poor. internal and approach roads. Announcing her ministry's 100 -day plan. The ministry is planning to impart training to 1000.000 in 2009 -10." Selja said. Housing and Urban Poverty Allev iation Minister Kumari Selja said: "Rajiv Awas Yojana on the lines of the Indira Awas Yojana is being formulated to promote a slum free India in five years.(IANS) . According to Selja.

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