Professor Dr.

Muhaya Mohamad
Professor Dr. Muhaya Mohamad currently serves as Consultant Eye Surgeon and Director of PCMC Eye and Lasik Centre Prince Court Medical Centre, Professor of Ophthalmology of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and Adjunct Professor to International Islamic University of Malaysia. Currently, she is the Chairperson of Malaysian Medical Association Ophthalmological Society. Besides that, she does motivational speeches to UKM, PCMC staff and students, professionals and on TV and currently she¶s also the Director of Personal Development of ACMS. Prof Muhaya graduated from medical school in 1985, obtained a Fellowship in Uveitis at Moorfields Eye Hospital, United Kingdom in 1998, which culminated in a PhD from University of London in Ocular Immunology. She was the first Malaysian to sub-specialise in Uveitis and started the first Uveitis Service and immunosuppressive therapy in autoimmune eye diseases in the country To date, she is the point of reference in the management of Uveitis cases since 1998 and has provided training for local ophthalmologists and residents in the field of Uveitis. In 2005, Prof Muhaya was awarded with Special Distinguished Service Award by the Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) at the 20th Congress of APAO, Kuala Lumpur. Prof Muhaya is also the first Malaysian to have a formal training in the use and interpretation of Optical Coherence Tomography which is the latest state of the art diagnostic instrument, crucial in the management of retina and glaucoma cases. In 2006 she organised the first OCT symposium in Malaysia.

And to date. Professor Muhaya uses the holistic approach in dealing with her patients by stressing the importance of being grateful at every moment in their life. Her latest invitation on motivation is on Hot at One Motivation on TV1 on 2nd January 2009 and 16th February 2009 on topic ³Self Esteem´. What I love most about her is she always insert Islamic value in her daily life. Apart from Ophthalmology her other passion is personal development and motivation and she is a regular speaker in the ACMS and PCMC orientation week talking about personal effectiveness and a regular speaker for motivation talks to medical students in UKM. medical retina and neuro-ophthalmology. She is my role model. She was instrumental in starting the personal and professional development module to be incorporated in UKM medical faculty curriculum. As a Professor in Ophthalmology. she has also recorded her new show on astro prima coming out this year. She always advice her patients to pray five times in daily . Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia and Cyberjaya University College of Medicine. Until today she appears on IKIM. she has been giving lectures to undergraduates and postgraduates of UKM in general ophthalmology. She is frequently invited to local mass media to speak about eye diseases and has a regular column on eye care in the Utusan Malaysia. I adore her very much. Her ability to incorporate Islamic values into everyday life and her professional practice makes her a much sought after speaker in personal and professional development talk and eye surgeon in Malaysia. TV1 and TV2 frequently. Universiti Malaya. Uveitis. International Islamic University.Her latest achievement is being the first ophthalmologist in South East Asia to perform bladeless femtosecond LASIK using the Visumax system which is the latest bladeless LASIK system. I am very impressed with her as she always gives support to her patients mentally and physically.

The interesting part about her that I remember is she put the first criteria to work with her is prayer five times a Dr. Muhaya Mohamad always give words of wisdom in her social network. If someone not obey the the law of God. Facebook. it is not difficult to practice Islam as a way of life. Muhaya as an example. if you help someone with the intention of pleasing Allah. I also always read her blog as she update about her daily life with patient. Professor Dr. . what you sow is what you reap. how can that someone could obey laws that was made by her. I hope one day I will gain benefits from my knowledge so that I can contribute to the society as well as to my religion because Islam is already in my blood. Muhaya is an example to me that even in my career as student. Furthermore. someone else will help you when you are in need. In a nutshell. in my future career as a teacher also I should take Dr.

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