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0 Introduction to Business Communication Business communication is performed by relaying information to people throughout the organization in many different ways. and in person. and people involved are aware of what is going on and there is no confusion. clients. things do not work properly and can be mixed up. When you can communicate properly in a business then things run smoothly and there is no confusion. Some of these methods include the phone. Without communication. and even holding old fashioned meetings. Communication is a process by which meanings are exchanged among people through the use of words. staff. technology has allowed for many outlets and highways of communication to take place through the use of cell phones. Communication is one of the most important factors in any organization or relationship. email. Cell phones are one of the most common forms of business communication today. suppliers etc. Most companies provide cell phones for their employees and they require them to carry 3 . pagers. investors. email. The definition of business communication includes all departments. Business communication is a process of transmitting information and thoughts between various parts of an organization and also to people outside the organization such as customers. Today. The main function of the business communication is to convey your message or thoughts effectively to the reader.2. All methods have different factors to whether or not they are effective.

considering that it eliminates the interpreation of body language. For example. It is best if you never delete an email from a client or other staff members. This is because you can use it later to refer back to if you need to. email is required to backed up for a business for up to 7 years for legality purposes. When it comes to updating the definition of business communication. it is best it is not done over the phone. If you have an agreement through email it can hold up in court. Speaking to someone in person is the best method of business communication. An email is a conveyed message that allows interpretations if it is not clearly stated.them on and off the job. This form of communication is good to be able to get in touch with someone but when you have an important topic to discuss. This allows people to be available when they are off the clock if there is an emergency and they need to be called in. Email provides a copy and proof that something was said to you. email communication would be a standard item to be added. There are certain rules about business communication through email that you must learn also. Email has become one of the most common forms of business communication. Also. At the same time an email is an official document that can be saved and used pro or against you. One thing to keep in mind is that if you need to speak to someone about something that is serious it is not always best to use email. many people follow these guidelines for email. tone and gestures. using capital letters in a sentence can be construed as you screaming at the other person. Technology has allowed you to communicate with people around the world through other 4 . Although you may not mean anything of the sort. There's a set of norms and ethics that come with email communication.

when you speak to someone in person it is more certain that there will not be any misunderstanding when you walk away from the conversation. you can set up a web conference if you want to meet with someone in person on the other side of the world. The definition of business communication has many forms and many different methods with a company. The goal is to relay a message to another person successfully without there being any confusion about what you mean. 5 .methods to save company money. This still allows you to have face-to-face meetings without being in the same room. Today. It is important to be aware of issues that might arise with attitudes and the way messages need to be conveyed. However. Misunderstandings occur all of the time and some people are easily offended.

Curriculum vitae are a written description of your work experience.e. educational background.3. Curriculum vitae are also used by someone looking for an academic job. a resume is normally updated only when one changes jobs or completes some form of training or education.0 Meaning of Curriculum Vitae Curriculum Vitae means "course of life" in Latin. In Europe. it is more detailed than a resume and is commonly used by those looking for work outside the U.S. and thus should be updated frequently. In the United States. in a college or university. the curriculum vitae are used almost exclusively by those pursuing an academic or medical career. and is an overview of your professional accomplishments. A curriculum vitae is a typically a "living document" which will reflect the developments in a professional's career. and skills. A Curriculum Vita is also called a CV or vita. 6 . Also called a CV. In contrast. or simply vitae. i. and Australia. the curriculum vitae are much more common than a resume.

Orchard Avenue 8. 798998. 1986 Nationality: Malaysian Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Objective To contribute my skills. Singapore.1 Curriculum Vitae Benedict Cham Department Manager 1. abilities and experience as an office manager in a progressive organization 7 .3. (123) 456789 PERSONA Date of Birth: July 27.

Successfully completed many deal with variety of processional and clients. US Course Diploma in Business Management Advanced Dip. Malay and Japanese.Education Date 2005 2006 2007 2010 School/College Queensfield Business School Queensfield Business School United Business Institute California University. Knowledge of typing and word processing. Outstanding communication skill both in oral and written. Ability to take decisions and achieve long term objective. Can speak English. Mandarin. In Business Management Bachelor in Business Management Master in Business Administration [MBA] Qualification       5 years experience in administrative field. 8 .

 Responsible for the yearly marketing budget. Singapore 2007-present  Led company to a 600% increase in revenue in under four years.  Coordinate with the sales and marketing department for the implementation and supervision of the marketing plans and procedures. 9 .  Coordinate presentation of the book and responsible for the supervision of market assistance.  Responsibilities include development and management of the marketing plans and strategies. schedule and production of all the materials of sales and marketing. Devised new operating procedures. renegotiated contracts and motivated personnel to embrace a spirit of customer service and quality.Working Experience Department Manager ABC Soda Factory.  Prepare reports of the biannual sales and present it in the conference.

keeping records of meeting. US  Managed the activity which includes typing.  Ensure the budget and schedule of the manuscript conformity. CA 2004-2007  Responsible for the management of the manuscripts and answer the queries and problems of authors.  Provide supervision and training of editorial assistance.  Give specific emphasis on the electronics and technical manuscripts preparations. Hanford. legislators and the employees who were interested. attending incoming calls.Administrator: Professional Division of Soda Department Caroline Association. Administrative Assistant Huge Association.  Made arrangement for releasing of information to press. 10 . California. and maintenance of office supply.

ABC Soda Factory. CA) California University 3/75 Ellice Road.CO. Birkenhead California.Referees 1. Dr Mike He (Professor in California University. Pro.US Date: Dec 2010 11 . Chris Ellis (Operations Manager. United State Email: Mike@SouthSeas.CO. Singapore) Email: Cellis@TVNZ.SG 2.

Job interview letter is preferred to phone call just because the formality of the former is far greater than that of the latter. Only small operational companies can perform such a task without doubt.0 Meaning of Interview Letter The job interview letter represents different things to different people. Let us start with the definition of the job interview letter. job interview letter is prepared and compiled by company managers and posted to the applicant. the after job interview letter is a simple chance to say thanks for the interview. For some people. 12 . For other people. For these people. The letter is formally written according to some criteria. Job interview letter is an important tool for the entire job application process. this letter is a quick piece of writing. A written sequence of statements aiming at an invitation to a job applicant for an interview session is called job interview letter. Its unique features and use are going to be examined in the upcoming paragraphs. which they can send out as an email or letter whenever they get back from a job interview. the post job interview letter is a strategic piece of communication. Companies tend to execute their relationships in a formal way so it is not acceptable for a company to invite an applicant via phone. It an opportunity to follow up on a strong interview performance with an equally strong job interview letter which makes it even more clear exactly why that candidate is perfect for the position in question.4. As can be understood from its definition. based on a template already in their computer.

Date and time of the job interview is explicitly stated in this section and the evaluation period is also denoted in order for the job applicant to prepare him/herself for the entire process. 13 . the reasons why the job applicant is qualified to get the job interview letter are explained.Job interview letter consists of some information about the job interview session and general standing of the company. Only the company secretary¶s name is signed in invitation section of the job interview letter. The part of the job interview letter containing information related to interview session is written as an outline rather than a formal invitation mail. Several templates of job interview letters are accessible and one conforming to company¶s own style is chosen at the end. In the conclusion. Sometimes. the job applicant is thanked for his/her patience and the letter finishes. job interview letter constructs a relationship between the company staff and the job applicant. An interesting feature in this section is that company managers do not have signs under their names just to identify that the job interview letter is only an introduction to the communication between the job applicant and the company. a thankful expression is used and a general invitation is stated. namely introduction. In the introductory part of the letter. an attachment can be sent so as to express more information about the company policy. It also encourages the job applicant to expect a positive result from the ongoing job interview. invitation and conclusion. Job interview letter is composed of mainly three parts. In conclusion. The main method used to construct such job interview letters is to formalize all the statements in the letter. In the invitation part.

com. If this appointment is inconvenient please telephone my secretary to make alternative arrangements. 798998. Singapore Dear Cham SENIOR MANAGER Thank you for your recent letter applying for the above post. Singapore 799899 Tel: 02-91188119 Email: Fax: 91177119 Website: XYZsoda.30 am on Tuesday 7 2 Dec 2010 Mr. I hope you can attend an interview at 10.1 Invitation to Interview XYZ SODA FACTORY Tampines Street. Yours Sincerely Celine Dion (Mrs.4. Orchard Avenue 8. Benedict Cham 1.) Human Resource Manager 14 .

15 . any benefits and holiday entitlement and any other conditions that apply. The letter should confirm the details of the offer of employment including what salary the role offers. salary. the date at which you will formally commence your employment. benefits. Used to confirm the offer of employment and the conditions of the offer. It may also refer to letters of acceptance of amendments to this Constitution.e. These letters are as binding as the text of the Constitution itself. Letters of acceptance or rejection are sent to college applicants after a review of academic records.. For example. etc.5. It is always a good idea to get the entire offer in writing.0 Meaning of Letter of Acceptance A letter of acceptance is a formal indication of a successful application or offer for something. starting employment date. i. You would send a Letter of Acceptance upon receipt of a formal job offer.

I am writing to confirm my acceptance of your employment offer of April 20 and to tell you how delighted I am to be joining Data International in Northbrook. 798998. I feel confident that I can make a significant contribution to the corporation. Singapore 25 Dec 2010 Mrs. Yours sincerely Benedict Cham (Mr. I look forward to working with you and your fine team. I appreciate your confidence in me and am very happy to be joining your staff.5. Celine Dion Human Resource Manager XYZ Soda Factory Tampines Street. I shall complete all employment and insurance forms for the new employee orientation.) 16 . and I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me. Orchard Avenue 8. As we discussed. Singapore 799899 Dear Mrs. Celine Dion SENIOR MANAGER Thank you for your letter of 21 Dec 2010.1 Letter of Acceptance 1. I will report to work at 8:00 a. Additionally.m. The work is exactly what I have prepared to perform and hoped to do. on July 1 and will have completed the medical examination and drug testing by the start date.

Such a letter will often take legal effect to terminate an appointment or employment.6. 17 . Nevertheless. as notice under the relevant terms of the position. such as an earlier effective date. Letter of resignation is a letter written by an employee to announce his/her intent to leave a position or office of employment currently held. the effective date or time of termination may be directly or indirectly fixed on delivery of a written letter or email. Even where an oral notice would be effective. in practice. Many appointments and contractual employments are terminable by unilateral notice or advance notice of a specified period of time. some resignations can be effective immediately. It should normally delivered in advance to the appropriate supervisor or superior. or otherwise. In response. many appointments and contractual employments are terminable by unilateral notice. with or without further conditions. for the sake of clarity and record. A letter of resignation will often take legal effect of a notice required under the relevant terms of the position before quitting a job. A letter of resignation can be treated as evidence or record as to the date or time of the resignation of an employee. impliedly by the pay interval.0 Meaning of Letter of Resignation A letter of resignation is written to announce the author's intent to leave a position currently held. employment or commission. such as an office. A period of notice may be required expressly by contract. and contain such information as the intended last day at work. or advance notice of a specified period of time. or improved terms and conditions of appointment upon withdrawal of the letter. different arrangements may be made or agreed.

Some resignations may be effective immediately. A letter of resignation may thank the employer for the opportunities and experience gained thereby. The recipient of the letter of resignation may record upon it the time of receipt of the letter. 18 .Letter of resignation should be delivered in advance to the appropriate superior. and must contain information such as the intended last day at work.

) 19 .1 Letter of Resignation 1. I regret to inform you that I wish to give one month¶s notice of my resignation from the company. Yours sincerely Benedict Cham (Mr. I have been very happy working here and found my work very varied and enjoyable. Singapore 799899 Dear Mrs. Kelly Further to our discussion today. Kelly Clarkson General Manager XYZ Soda Factory Tampines Street. 23 March 2015 Mrs. I have gained a lot of experience in many areas which I am sure I shall find useful in future employment. Orchard Avenue 8. 798998. My last day of work will be Friday 30 April.6. Thank you for your help and guidance. Singapore.

by our own. But developing communication is not a day work. 3. A neat appearance is half done verbal communication. by practising from trainers. Thus here the importance of cross cultural communication plays a vital role.7. There are seveal way to get trained in excelling business communication such 1. by books 20 . it needs constant yearly practice. Since each and every nations has their own meaning for each and every non verbal actions. The way we appear speaks a lot about us in business communication. 4. Essentially due to globalization the world has become a Global village.0 CONCLUSION Business communication is somewhat different and unique rather from other type of communication since the purpose of business is to get profit. Everyone knows that in the present day trends the knowledge alone won't be a fruitful one to have sustainable development. 2. by internet contents. By knowing the importance of communication many organizations started training their employees in betterment of Communication techniques. Thus to make good way for profit the communicator should develop good communication skills.

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