AS Media Studies Foundation Portfolio - Title Sequences

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The Evaluation is worth 20% of your coursework marks It is an individual assignment You need to answer 8 questions – but in a creative and imaginative way (ie: not just writing!) Make sure you exploit the bog format to its full potential – put in still image, moving image, links, prezis, wordles, talking heads, clips from youtube etc Answer each question on your blog – clearly label the post ‘EVALUATION’ and type in the question to define each section clearly Keep a back up of your evaluation ‘just in case’ DO NOT post any planning blogs while you are blogging your evaluation. It is too late, and your blog becomes incoherent and out of order.

Evaluation Questions
Here are the 8 questions, each with a suggested task. However, if you think of another creative way of tackling the question you are free to do so, but check with your teacher first! 1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? TASK: Compare 9 shots from a title sequence for a Thriller opening on with 9 stills from your own title sequence to show how your opening uses, develops or challenges the forms and conventions of real media products. 2) How does your media product represent particular social groups? TASK: Choose one or two stills of characters from your own movie opening and compare how they are represented (similarities/differences) to one or two stills from characters in a real movie opening which has inspired you. 3) Who would be the audience for your media product? TASK: Create a montage of images depicting the contents of the handbag/manbag belonging to the typical target audience member for your movie. Write up a little lifestyle summary like this: “Kenny, 27, an aspirer working in an advertising agency, loves going to the cinema, shops in H&M…..” etc You may realise that your original target audience is not actually suitable for the film you have produced – so you may show how this has been adapted. 4&5) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience? TASK: either: Find an example of some student work on the internet that has had quite a large number of hits and embed it onto your blog. Discuss how the internet has been used to launch this movie to a wider audience, then explain how you have followed a similar model yourself. ( context – this response would be realistic about a student film release. Your film, for example, is a low budget student video which will be released over the internet on vimeo, embedded onto a blog and may find its way onto youtube. It has an independent, low budget production company (ie you!) It will get a cinematic screening and shared screenings amongst your peers and maybe your family. It will get a DVD release of 200 copies. The internet

could be used to further distribute and market your movie should you wish, and potentially reach a global audience) Or: You can place your thriller film into the real world of general cinematic release, discussing whether is would get a mainstream or independent type of release (think Avatar and Looking for Eric – and the different audiences they target). Screen grab pictures of the type of cinemas at which it would be shown, and find examples of the style of marketing campaign you would envisage for your movie. Also find examples of the type of media which would promote your movie, from magazines and newspapers to potential sponsors and synergy tie-ins. 6) Audience feedback and comment (do 2 of the following tasks) TASK: this could be…a film of a discussion about your title sequence………..a mash up of soundbites ………a podcast of voxpops from the cinema show ……….. a ‘word cloud’ made on wordle from typed up feedback ( ) ……….. a documentary about the cinema show……. something else you think of! A developed and intelligent response would also show some thought about whether the audience responding to your film is the actual target audience for your film… 7) What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product? (Hint: the best responses will explore how technologies worked together in the creation of the product) TASK: either: Make an animatic movie (using found still images or still screen grabs) with a voiceover about your own journey through the maze of technology you have encountered on the course (eg: from using google and youtube to research movies, the JVC digital tapeless cameras, FCP to edit and create animatics, Livetype, Soundtrack Pro – and how they can be imported into FCP, Blogger) Or: Screengrab stills from the various programmes or websites you have used and explain how they have worked together in the creation of your sequence 8) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product? TASK: Export some short clips from your preliminary task and compare them with some clips from your final production to demonstrate how you and your skills have progressed.
Mark scheme descriptors: • “understanding of issues around audience, institution, technology, representation, forms and conventions in relation to production” • “ability to refer to choices made and outcomes” • “understanding of their development from preliminary to full task” (Q8) • “ skill in the use of digital technology or ICT in the evaluation” • “ability to communicate” • “evidence of audience feedback” Your responses are judged against the above criteria according to the following 4 levels: MINIMAL; BASIC; PROFICIENT; EXCELLENT

KEY DATES: Evaluation Deadline: 8th April 2011 – must be posted by 3pm. The password will be changed after the deadline time. Cinema show: Tuesday 5th April at 12.45pm. It’s at the Screen on the Green cinema on Upper Street – opposite the Essex Road turn off. No entry to latecomers.