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 History.
 Mission - vision–values.
 Our environment.
 Our pharmaceutical plant.
 Productivity.
 R & D.
 Human resources.
 System.
 Business operation.
 Our market share.
 Achievements & growth.
 G.M word.
 Contact information.

As in 1955,when Ultra Medica started its ascent in the world of

pharmaceutical industry in Syria (Sednaya) founded with emphasis
activities and enthusiasm for the manufacturing and developing of
life science industry.
Now it is recognized to be one of the most leading fast-growing
pharmaceutical companies incorporating latest technologies in the
Syrian market which match up to the requirements of international
regulatory authorities (GMP/ ISO certificates ).
with its variable divisions:
• Industry facility
• Marketing
• Sales networks & business operations
All together process into having targets and making possible the
creation of appropriate and sustainable functionalities.
-Developing different formulations
treating disease and serving patients to
overwhelm symptoms.
-Enhance customers satisfaction and gain
their confidence.
-Become the top ranking pharmaceutical
company in the region with respect to our
investments and being the best-value
provider of pharmaceuticals .
-Represent a trust-worthy and reputed
reliable firm to work with .

The business world is rapidly transforming into big conglomerates,

hence we have been giving important attention and focus to the
international development of our company. With our domestic and
universal expansions we shall be able to continue our quest to
fulfilling our ambition into becoming an internationally recognized
name, in serving the life science industry.

• Attention to Detail and result

• High standard and quality.
• Competitive pricing.
Our Environment:

Our facility …………Located in a fresh provincial area

( Sednaya), keeping pace with the technology breadth,
this diversified factory begun to shape its business
scope into different industrial lines from solid ,to semi
solid ,to liquid, to injectable products with over than
62 in-house drugs tailored to grasp osteoporosis,
anxiety, depression, pains, diabetics, schizophrenia,
cardiac and other therapies.
Our Pharmaceutical Plant:

The plant of Ultra Medica pharmaceutical industries is based in

Sednaya district in the vicinity of Damascus city established on a
land area of /11.000/ square meter.
The company produce high quality pharmaceutical preparations in
order to satisfy all customers whether locally or internationally.
Ultra Medica implant include:
1-Modern building in harmony with (GMP).
2-Most advanced machines and equipment
3-Quality Control laboratories, Chemical laboratory,
Physical laboratory and Bacteriological laboratory
equipped with the most up-to-date equipment,
instruments and supplies in service of the production
4-Provision of the necessary high quality resources in
addition to the scientific and administrative staff.
5-The plant has acquired ISO Certifications:
• ISO 9001 : 2000
• ISO 14001 : 1996
• OHSAS 18001 : 1999

Today Ultra Medica operates seven production lines backed by more

than 281 employees, ready to endure any burden of work and to
create a path of development and progress.
we produce complying with GMP regulations, European standard and
MOH rules a total forms of tablets/syrups/capsules/suppositories/
ointments & creams/ampoules & vials /suspension/Prefilled syringes
which invade the local and international markets.
This process considers design, development, production, and service
to establish objectives and processes required to deliver the desired
results, then Implement the process developed to further proceed into
monitoring and evaluating the implemented process by testing the
results against the predetermined objectives and apply actions
necessary for improvement if the results require changes in the most
comprehensive way, with the highest standards of our technicians .
R & D:

Strong foundation offering a broad range of collateral

strategies and tools to develop the quality of life science.
Through extended research , our team has accomplished a
great deal of success into improving and developing
different formulations treating diseases and serving patients
to overwhelm symptoms .
Human Resources:

Ultramedica's group dedicated and experienced care team is comprised

of highly trained pharmacists, fully committed to provide our division
with technical support, through their significant knowledge and
expertise in dealing with sophisticated networks.

What do they do?

Our eyes …….QC/QA system

Based on GMP requirements, we ensure

continuous improvement in our operations
by a mature system that incorporates and
manages the environmental aspects of our
business exposure. It provides a complete
and comprehensive approach to quality
Assurance and Control from clinical to
commercial development with a regulatory
Our sleepless eyes ………R&D section
Our R&D strategy and goal are to discover drugs and conduct early
stage clinical studies to show the value of those drugs, evaluate their
safety and determine how they work.
The R&D group is well positioned and central to the process by
• they take molecules from API
• turn them into drugs that can be used by patients
• achieve how to make an actual dosage form
(tablet, capsule and injection),
and finally how to test it for purity and ensure safe and effective
drug levels deliver BY
• capturing
• analyzing
• leveraging
• tracking
• identifying
Business Operations:
Our keys…………in the market
Supported by pioneer physicians and technicians, our Marketing &
Sales network of experienced senior management team and staff
incite business operations in hospitals, medical centers and
pharmacies in an appropriate and sustainable functionalities.
Every year, Ultra Medica Sponsors seminars, doctors Reunion ,open
discussions and forums to widen knowledge and perception and
promote its new products.
Our market share:
The marketing division outstands for its future focused criteria
and competitive techniques that lead our sales to grow rapidly
and to acquire a remarkable market share .
Keeping our eye on external markets, our products in a very
short period registrated and launched into other markets in
MENA region along with other auspicious future market in
which we are working on with complete power and enthusiasm.
Growth and achievements:

The growing in our productivity and our sales in the domestic market
is between 15-20% annually .
Within the past three years our productivity manufactured lines now
• Tablets
• Syrups
• Capsules
• Suppositories
• Ointments
• Ampoules
• Prefilled syringe
• Suspensions
• Vials
• Creams
“I would like to thank our team for their drastic
effort to drive this vehicle into perfection and
professionalism of pharmaceutical industry”

Feras Adam
General Manager
Contact Information:

Tel : 00963-11-5955339/5953329
Fax: 00963-11-5975174
P.O.Box: 10215 Damascus -Syria
E-mail : :