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Judges ban
Luzerne County has been trying to sell Hazleton property since ’09

Banking on new home for police

bath salts
in Scranton
Officials file injunction
against six city businesses as
a “stopgap” measure.

SCRANTON – Three Lacka-
wanna County judges approved
an injunction against six city
businesses Wednesday morn-
ing banning the sale of synthet-
ic drugs disguised as bath salts.
The court or-
der comes after
weeks of inci-
dents surround-
ing the synthetic
For the full drugs and a day
text of the after Scranton
City Council first
By JENNIFER LEARN-ANDES www.times announced a fu- ture ordinance in-

fter years of unsuccessfully tended to ban the
trying to sell a downtown sale and posses-
Hazleton building, Lu- sion of the product. Wilkes-
zerne County commissioners are Barre also is working on a simi- move through the state Legis-
planning to put the property in lar ordinance. lature.
the city’s hands for a police sta- Lackawanna County District “This is the first step in a
tion. Attorney Andy Jarbola, the process in which we want to
County Commissioner Ste- plaintiff in the order, called the prevent these products from
phen A. Ur- injunction a “stopgap mea-
ban revealed sure” until proposed statutes See SALTS, Page 14A
First reported at the surprise
10:42 plan to Ha-

DUI arrest may be a first;

a.m. zleton area business
leaders dur-
ing a Greater
Hazleton Chamber of Commerce
case seen as legal challenge
breakfast Wednesday. By EDWARD LEWIS defense lawyer believes there is
Hazleton Mayor Joe Yannuzzi, a good chance it may end soon-
who was in the audience, said he WILKES-BARRE – The arrest er than later.
was waiting to announce the plan of a Throop woman on evidence City police charged Pace as
until he secured necessary ap- of driving under the influence of the driver of a Chevrolet that
provals. bath salts is believed to be the was pursued from the busy
The current county adminis- first in the region and possibly intersection of Kidder and Scott
tration has been trying to sell the the state. streets to George Avenue on
former bank building at an ap- As the case against Michele Monday. Police alleged Pace
praised asking price of $625,000 Pace, 39, begins a slow process
through the court system, a See CASE, Page 14A

Kulick gets time served; INSIDE

A NEWS: Local 3A
Rogers’ watchword is service
he aided case-fixing probe
Obituaries 2A, 8A
Editorial 13A
B SPORTS: Scoreboard 2B The Harveys Lake lawyer is JENNIFER ROGERS
Business 8B looking for a spot on the
Area businessman’s original federal appel- Age: 44
late court, C LIFE: Birthdays 4C Luzerne County bench. Education: University of Dela-
37-month sentence on gun TV/Movies 6C ware, bachelor or arts in English/
which ruled
charge had been overturned. Munley had im- Crossword 7C journalism; Widener University
Funnies 8C School of Law
properly con- By SHEENA DELAZIO
Law experience: Has spent sever-
sidered other D CLASSIFIED al years as a part-time solicitor
By TERRIE MORGAN-BESECKER conduct when WILKES-BARRE – Jennifer for Luzerne County Children and Kulick imposing the Rogers says part of her would Youth; and previously as a senior
SCRANTON – An area busi- sentence. WEATHER miss being an attorney if she is associate attorney at Hourigan,
nessman who played a role in ex- The case stemmed from an in- elected to serve as a Luzerne Kluger and Quinn.
Olivia Astolfi Community affiliations: Board of
posing alleged case-fixing in Lu- cident in December 2005 in Light rain, snow. County judge. directors, Music Box Repertory
zerne County Court was released which Kulick brandished a hand- High 42. Low 32. But being a Company; past board member of
from federal prison 20 months gun and threatened an employee Details, Page 10B judge would allow the Northeastern Pennsylvania
early on Wednes- he suspected of stealing. Kulick the Kingston attor- Boy Scouts of America; North-
day, based, in part, was forbidden from possessing ney to serve the eastern Pennsylvania Junior CLARK VAN ORDEN/THE TIMES LEADER
on an appellate any firearms due to a previously residents of the Achievement and Big Brothers Jennifer Rogers is running for
Big Sisters. She is also a graduate
court ruling that ne- conviction on federal tax charge. county in a fair of the 2002 class of Leadership
Luzerne County judge.
gated his original The Third Circuit Court of Ap- and honest manner, Rogers told Wilkes-Barre.
sentence. peals ruled Munley had impro- The Times Leader’s endorse- Family: Single; daughter of Ro- law, recently resigned her posi-
Robert Kulick, perly considered Kulick’s extor- ment board. nald and Madge; brother, Douglas, tion as a part-time solicitor for
62, of Bear Creek tion of the employee when calcu- Rogers, 43, of Harveys Lake, Boston; nephew Dylan and niece Luzerne County Children and
Township, was released after U.S. lating the sentencing guideline is one of 16 candidates vying Kaitlyn Youth Services that she held for
District Judge James Munley re- range on the gun charge. It sent for one of six open seats on the three years.
duced his sentence to match the the case back to Munley for re- Court of Common Pleas. “In 2009 I knew I was going “It was too much to juggle,”
17 months Kulick had already sentencing. She said her experience qual- to run again,” Rogers said. “I Rogers said of a job she said
served on a charge of illegally The U.S. Attorney’s Office had ified her for the position in don’t think things (in Luzerne she loved and continued to do
possessing firearms. asked Munley to sentence Kulick 2009 when she ran for judge, County) have changed much for some time after her step-
Kulick was originally sen- within the new guideline range, and that experience has only since (then).” ping down in September 2010.
tenced to 37 months in prison in which was 24 to 30 increased in the past two years, Rogers, who has worked as a Rogers obtained a bachelor of
September 2009. The sentence as well as her personal charac- private attorney since 2006, pri-
6 09815 10011
was overturned in December by a See KULICK, Page 14A teristics. marily concentrating on family See ROGERS, Page 14A


Retirement health costs could decline DETAILS

Health insurance reform is delity Investments. projections for a Under the new law, March 2010. Although health care services, and more di-
That’s down 8 percent from the couple of 65-year- the gap will be grad- its focus is expanding agnostic tests.
expected to reduce costs of BIG FOUR 6-5-1-7
$250,000 projection the Boston- olds retiring this health care access to That’s why Fidelity expects its
prescriptions, study says. based financial services company year with Medicare ually eliminated by people under age 65, calculation will eventually re- QUINTO 7-9-0-4-9
made a year ago. That’s notable coverage. The esti- 2020. When the the law also will bene- sume its historic pattern of an- TREASURE HUNT
because the total had risen each mate factors in the changes are com- fit many retirees by nual increases. 02-16-18-25-29
By MARK JEWELL year since Fidelity made its initial federal program’s plete, seniors will gradually closing "We expect that trend to con-
AP Personal Finance Writer calculation of $160,000 in 2002. premiums, co-pay- what’s known as the tinue when we look to 2012 and NIGHTLY DRAWING
BOSTON — Rising health care Annual increases have averaged 6 ments and deducti- just pay the regular ‘doughnut hole’ cover- beyond," said Sunit Patel, a se- DAILY NUMBER 0-5-9
costs are a given. But for the first percent. bles, as well as out- 25 percent cost age gap in the Medi- nior vice president for benefits
time in 10 years, the outlook is Fidelity attributes its optimism of-pocket prescrip- sharing for all their care drug benefit. consulting at Fidelity. BIG FOUR 5-1-5-0
improving for new retirees won- to President Obama’s year-old tion costs. The Fidelity says that’s Fidelity’s estimate is a projec- QUINTO 8-2-5-3-7
dering whether they’ll be able to health care overhaul, which will study assumes no
medications. the key reason why its tion of what an average couple CASH FIVE
pay their medical bills through- reduce many seniors’ out-of- employer provided projection is down this would need. Actual costs will var- 02-05-06-07-37
out their retirements. pocket expenses for prescription insurance in retirement, and a life year. But that effect will run its y widely, depending on a couple’s POWERBALL
A 65-year-old couple retiring drugs. expectancy of 85 for women and course. Longer-term, retirees’ medical needs and how long they
this year will need $230,000, on The projections are part of Fi- 82 for men. cost savings aren’t expected to live. The projection also doesn’t
average, to cover medical expens- delity’s business helping employ- The calculation was complicat- offset other factors driving ex- factor in most dental services, or POWERBALL 37
es in retirement, according to a ers design workplace benefits ed this year by the health care bill penses up, such as new medical long-term care, such as costs POWER PLAY 4
study to be released today by Fi- programs. The study is based on that Obama signed into law in technologies, greater use of from living in a nursing home.
HARRISBURG — Thursday’s
“Pennsylvania Cash 5” jack-

NASA craft photographs Mercury’s battle scars

pot will be worth at least
$225,000 because no player
matched the five winning
numbers drawn in Wednes-
day’s game.
The planet, visited by the closer to the gravitational pull of Lottery officials said 82
the sun so they smack Mercury players matched four num-
Messenger spacecraft, is bers and won $183 each;
harder, causing the soil to bounce
covered in craters. higher and make bigger second- 3,073 players matched three
ary craters. The fact that Mercury, numbers and won $8 each;
unlike the moon, is shrinking and and 32,948 players matched
By SETH BORENSTEIN has a magnetic field could be an- two numbers and won $1
AP Science Writer other factor. each.
NEW YORK — Think the Mercury is also darker and ap-
moon has many craters? New pho- pears more weather-beaten than
tos from the first spacecraft to or- the moon, because of “the con- OBITUARIES
bit Mercury show the tiny inner stant bombardment of the surface
planet has far more impressive by dust particles and small meteo- Brennan, John Sr.
pockmarks from regular high- roids,” Solomon said. Brigido, Americo
speed peltings by space rocks. Messenger has been circling Burcicki, Joseph
NASA’s Messenger spacecraft, Mercury only since March 17. In Cirillo, Angelina
which began orbiting the planet its first day of photo transmission, Concert, Angelo
less than two weeks ago, reveals a the space probe sent back 224 pic-
planet full of craters from pieces of tures, Solomon said. By the end of
Duran, Albert
asteroids and comets. this week, NASA will have re- Gregory, Edgar
“Mercury has had an exposed ceived more than 15,000 pictures Hendershot, Gerald
surface for at least 3.5 to 4 billion from the $446 million spacecraft. Kolesar, Victoria
years and some of those surfaces The first imaged offered a McGahee, Leslie
are extremely cratered to the glimpse of the planet’s dark, frigid
point where there are so many cra- south pole, where scientists think
McGlynn, Owen Jr.
ters they start to obscure one an- there may be ice. But the photo McGuire, Miriam
other,” said mission chief scientist isn’t close enough to tell if radar Petrock, Anna
Sean Solomon. images from Earth that hint at ice Rash, Margaret
He said it was surprising how AP PHOTO are correct, Solomon said. Photos Reggie, Paul
many secondary craters there are. This photograph from the spacecraft Messenger, the first ever to take images while in orbit around of the poles are scheduled for later Roskos, Freda
Those are craters created by the Mercury, shows a never-before-seen area of the planet’s surface. Messenger will spend at least a in the mission.
falling soil kicked up from space year circling Mercury and start mapping the planet on Monday. Messenger will spend at least a
Tomasura, Margaret
rock collisions. year circling Mercury and start Page 2A, 8A
Those initial space rock crashes The new images show scatterings zon and casts long shadows. much as 15 miles wide, much mapping the planet on Monday,
“throw out a lot of material in the of secondary craters, almost like a “It’s heavily cratered,” Solomon larger than secondary craters on eventually crashing into the plan-
explosive process,” Solomon said. loaded pizza, but not the primary said Wednesday. “It may have hap- the moon, Solomon said. et when the mission is over.
One area of the far north of Mer- crater that was first carved out. pened on a particularly bad day.” He said that could be because Mercury and Messenger are WHO TO CONTACT
cury had never been seen by previ- The region is also so far north that The secondary craters usually the chunks of asteroids and come- about 66 million miles from
Missed Paper ........................829-5000
ous spacecraft on mere fly-bys. the sun barely gets above the hori- are 6 miles wide but can be as ts are moving faster as they get Earth.
Obituaries ..............................829-7224
Classified Ads.........................829-7130

LOCAL BRIEFS other Monday beginning

April 4. Yard waste does not POLICE BLOTTER for a retail theft reported by
the clerk who said a man
shaggy hair.
He was wearing a green Jets
Newsroom ..............................829-7242
Vice President/Executive Editor
include grass clippings, dirt entered the store and stole a hooded sweatshirt, a tan Yan- Joe Butkiewicz ...............................970-7249
LUZERNE – Borough or rocks. PLAINS TWP. -- Township 500 mg container of Loco kees baseball hat and black Asst. Managing Editor
residents are reminded the Yard waste should be police are investigating the Motion bath salts worth windpants with a white stripe Anne Woelfel...................................970-7232
yard waste program is only placed in an open container reported theft of bath salts $36.03. down the sides. Editorial Page Editor
for the residents who have a not to exceed 30 pounds. Monday night from the Suno- The man fled the store on The clerk told police the Mark Jones .....................................970-7305
current garbage sticker. Brush must be tied in bun- co/Plains Food Mart on North foot. bath salts were stored behind Features Editor
Small amounts of yard dles no longer than 3 feet. River Street. He is white, early 20s, thin the counter and when he Sandra Snyder................................970-7383
waste will be collected by the Yard waste should be placed Police said they responded build, approximately 6 feet, 1 placed it on the counter, the Community News .........................970-7245
Street Department every curbside by 6 a.m. at 6:08 p.m. to the business inch tall with brown/blond man stole it and fled.
News tips:
Community News:

W-B city closes apartment unit

Margaret B. Tomasura
March 29, 2011
M argaret B. Tomasura, 92, of Ed-
wardsville, died Tuesday,
Larksville; and numerous nieces TRUST
and nephews. By JERRY LYNOTT “The ordinance states that the Cohen of Bergenfield, N.J. The
March 29, 2011, in Timber Ridge Private funeral services will be
Health Care Center, Plains Town- unit would remain closed for up company could not be reached The Times Leader strives to
held at the convenience of the fam- WILKES-BARRE – The city to six months until the reasons for comment.
ship. correct errors, clarify stories
ily from the Kopicki Funeral Home, for the closure are remedied,”
She was born in Edwardsville, a Wednesday said it shut down an In order for the apartment to and update them promptly.
daughter of the late Joseph and 263 Zerbey Ave., Kingston. A Mass said Drew McLaughlin, a spokes-
of Christian Burial will be held at
apartment at 13 E. Chestnut St. be reopened it would have to pass Corrections will appear in this
Catherine Patsenka Tomasura. She under its “three strikes” ordi- man for the city. inspections by the city’s health
9:30 a.m. Saturday in St. Ignatius spot. If you have information
was a member of St. Ignatius
nance applying to nuisance rent- It was labeled a nuisance be- and code departments, said
Church, Kingston. Church, Kingston. Interment will to help us correct an inaccu-
al units. cause of arrests in the apartment McLaughlin.
Margaret is survived by her be in SS. Cyril & Methodius Ceme- racy or cover an issue more
and other issues such as disorder-
brother, Joseph Tomasura, Ed- tery, Pringle. There will be no pub- The city’s community action In a prepared statement, May- thoroughly, call the newsroom
ly conduct and assault, he added.
wardsville; sister, Ellen Homza, lic calling hours. team closed unit No. 3 in the It also was declared unlivable or Tom Leighton said the city is at 829-7242.
building and suspended the rent- due to unsanitary conditions, committed to protecting the in-
al license of the unit for up to six said McLaughlin. The apart- tegrity of its neighborhoods. A PAGE 3A story about
months. “Tenants who violated the law
Owen B. McGlynn Jr. The team used a city ordinance
ment’s tenants were gone as of
Wednesday, he said. and landlords who rent to them
storm water management
ordinances in Monday’s paper
March 27, 2011 that calls for immediate closure McLaughlin identified the will face penalties for disturbing should have stated that the
of rental units by the code en- building owner as Repacom LLC, the peace of our city,” said Leight- state Department of Envi-
forcement office. whose contact was listed as Allan on.
O wen B. McGlynn Jr., of Rock-
ville, Md., and formerly of
Wilkes-Barre, died Sunday, March
friends, Glenn W. and Christine For-
ester, their daughter, Kate Forester
ronmental Protection ap-
proved Luzerne County’s
of South Riding, Va.; godson, Glenn ordinance on Oct. 4, 2010.
27, 2011, at the age of 76.

HASB offers administrators early-retirement window

M. Forester of Alexandria, Va., and
Born April 21, 1934, in Wilkes- Jason Forester of Halifax, Nova Sco-
Barre, he was a son of the late Owen tia; and cousins, Charles Roos, Mary
B. and Carolyn Roos McGlynn. Coughlin, Joan Roos, Babe and Rus-
Mac began his career with the Na- ty Kunkle, Jim Roos, Kathy Roos
vy Gun Factory in 1953. From 1956 and Jim O’Hara. By JIM MORRISSEY the incentive. The board went into executive
until 1958, he served a tour of duty +(ISSN No. 0896-4084)
Celebration of Mac’s Life Times Leader Correspondent The board also decided admin- session to discuss the district’s in-
in the U.S. Army. In 1959, he accept- USPS 499-710
will be held from 10 to 11 a.m. HAZLE TWP. – Hazleton Area istrators will receive a two-year surance coverage after Joseph J.
ed an appointment to the Naval Sur-
face Warfare Center (known as the Friday at McLaughlin’s Family Fu- wage freeze for the 2011-2012 and Issue No. 2011-089
neral Service, 142 S. Washington
School Board agreed Wednesday Joyce Jr. of the Joyce Insurance
Naval Ordinance Lab) as an engi- evening to offer an early-retire- the 2012-2013 fiscal years. Group in Pittston told the board Advertising Newsroom
neering draftsman in 1959. On July St., Wilkes-Barre. Interment will be 829-7293 829-7242
in Saint Mary’s Cemetery in Hanov- ment incentive window for qual- District Business Manager To- it should rescind the contract
14, 1993, Mr. McGlynn retired from ny Ryba said the reason for the Circulation
the Navy Department. er Township. ified administrators. awarded to the Dryfoos Group of Jim McCabe – 829-5000
During his more than 40 years of Donations are preferred and may This incentive, effective March wage freeze is in the event the dis- Hazleton last week and award it

service, Mac received numerous be made In Memory of Owen B. trict is not in the same position it Published daily by:
25 through April 27, provides to his firm because Joyce’s bid
Special Act awards. In addition, he McGlynn to Georgetown University is this year.
Hospital Foundation, Office of Phi- $75,000 in health care benefits to was actually lower with the same Wilkes-Barre Publishing Company
worked on numerous projects, Ryba also stated there would 15 N. Main St.
which included Advanced Sea lanthropy, Georgetown University the retirees. To qualify for the in- be no other retirement incentives coverage and deductible. He said Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711
Mines, MK 48 Torpedo, CAPTOR Hospital, Hospital Administration, centive, the retiree must have at available. the blanket coverage and the de- Periodicals postage paid at
Wilkes-Barre, PA and additional mailing offices
Mine MK 60, Surface Ship Torpedo 3800 Reservoir Road, Washington, least 25 years of service and be at ductible amounts in the bid were
The board tabled a recommen- Postmaster: Send address changes
Defense, Submarine Launch Mobile DC 20007. least 50 years old. clear and simple typos.
Mines and the layout of the AEGIS Permanent messages and memo- dation to hire Edwin J. Gunshore, to Times Leader, 15 N. Main St.,

ries can be shared at www.celebrate-

The board authorized attorney Jr. as construction project man- The board adjourned and offi- Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711
Mac will be missed by his lifelong Carl Beard to draft a memoran- ager for the McAdoo Elementary cials stated Ryba and solicitor Delivery Monday–Sunday $3.50 per week
Mailed Subscriptions Monday–Sunday
dum of understanding with the construction project at a cost of Chris Slusser would resolve the $4.35 per week in PA
More Obituaries, Page 8A Administrators Association for $5,000 per month. issue today with both companies. $4.75 per week outside PA


Little League problem resolved
Wilkes-Barre will help North End Mayor Tom Leighton on Wednesday Advertising signs are
said city officials did not know the build- stored in the North
build a new clubhouse because the
old one was sold in a package deal.
ing in question was utilized by the
league when the property was sold in
End Little League
clubhouse. Wilkes- MARK GUYDISH
November to Rick Lombardo for Barre officials discov-
ered the building, used OPINION
for storage by the

NEPA’s version
By TERRIE MORGAN-BESECKER Once it became aware, the city of- fered to provide material for the new league, was part of a
sale of a former fire-
WILKES-BARRE – The city has clubhouse, which will be built with vol-
house nearby. So the
agreed to help the North End Little unteer labor. The cost of the material,

of ‘Do 2 wrongs
city has agreed to help
League build a new clubhouse after it which was not immediately available, the league replace the
was discovered that a structure utilized will be paid out of a special recreation building.
by the league for storage was included fund, not the general fund, Leighton
in the sale of the defunct No. 9 fire-
Joe Kowalski, an official with the Lit-
The issue has stirred a political con-
troversy between Leighton and Char-

knew what was included in the property that. He said the city did know the sec-
make a right?’
tle League, said members were initially lotte Raup, who is one of two Demo- before finalizing the sale. ond structure was included in the sale.

upset to learn that the building, which is crats who is challenging Leighton in the “Evidently, the mayor and city coun- It just didn’t realize it was being used by he old saying runs something
located behind the firehouse, was sold. May primary. cil never looked or asked about the deed the Little League. like this: If you do the crime, be
The matter was quickly resolved, how- Raup and Jim Hayward, a former city to the property or what they were sell- He said city officials met with the Lit- ready to serve the time.
ever, after city officials offered to assist administrator who supports Raup’s can- ing,” Hayward wrote in a post on his In- tle League on March 3 and were able to In light of some of the punishment
with the construction of a new struc- didacy, said they believe the city should ternet blog, “Stop Corruption Now.” meted out during this, Our Age of
ture. have done more research to ensure it Leighton on Wednesday disputed See CLUBHOUSE, Page 4A Endless Corruption, the adage needs an
asterisk and a footnote, something like:
If you do the crime, be ready to serve

County eyes
the time.*
REMEMBERING THEIR FRIEND *Or be sure that, during the commis-
sion of the crime, you can gather
enough dirt on other crooks to dime

way to close
them out in exchange for a reduced
The two most recent examples: Har-
ry “Jersey Boy” Cardoni and Robert

$4.4M gap
“The Rat” Kulick.
Cardoni is the shyster lawyer who
got former Luzerne County Judge
Michael Toole to fix an insurance ar-
“Monetization” would allow county bitration case. In exchange, Toole got
repeated free use of a New Jersey beach
to make up for money lost when sale
house Cardoni owns as a rental proper-
of Valley Crest fell through. ty.
Kulick is a crooked businessman
convicted of tax evasion years ago who
By JENNIFER LEARN-ANDES more recently faced charges of bran- dishing a firearm – forbidden under his
Luzerne County Commissioners are tax evasion conviction. He finked on
exploring a plan that could compensate case-fixing done by former county
for $4.4 million lost from cancellation of judges Michael “Cocky” Conahan and
the former Valley Crest Nursing Home Mark “Shameless” Ciavarella, going so
sale. far as to tie Conahan to reputed mob
The plan, known as “monetization,” boss Billy D’Elia.
would sell the right to claim 2010 back So far, Cardoni’s biggest punishment
taxes owed to the county in exchange for AIMEE DILGER/THE TIMES LEADER has been the suspension of his license
up-front cash.
An outside collection agency reviews
the amount of money owed in back taxes
M eyers High School students stand in front of the school on Carey Avenue in Wilkes-Barre as the
hearse carrying the body of Megan Horst passes by Wednesday. The students released balloons,
some of them containing messages to their former classmate, a junior, who died Saturday.
to practice law. While feds haven’t
promised he won’t face charges, Cardo-
ni said under oath he’s hoping to avoid
and offers the county a percentage, usu-
that problem through his testimony
ally 90 to 93 percent, up front. The agen-
against Toole.
cy then receives the full amount collect-
Kulick, on the other hand, was sen-

Feds take W-B bus co. off road

ed by the county for these properties, as-
suming the risk that some money may tenced to 37 months on the firearm
never be collected. charge, but appealed and got the case
The county has been monetizing its sent back for re-sentencing. He had
back-tax debt for several years. served 17 months before the re-sentenc-
The county is owed an estimated $8 ing took place yesterday. At that hear-
million in back taxes for 2010, said coun- ing, the judge changed the prison term
ty Commissioner Stephen A. Urban, Super Luxury Tours has lost its tration has taken away permission for Hanover Township, said he had no to “time served.” So Kulick did the
who briefly discussed the monetization Super Luxury Tours Inc. to operate. knowledge of the bus company operat- crime and served the time, but he
right to operate after a March 14
plans during a Greater Hazleton Cham- A bus operated by the company ing out of that address. served 20 months less than originally
ber of Commerce legis- fatal crash on the N.J. Turnpike. crashed on the New Jersey Turnpike as The other location was in an office at ordered.
The plan, lative update breakfast it traveled from New York City’s China- 17 E. Market St.
known as Wednesday. town to Philadelphia on March 14, kill- A sign posted in the street-level office What are we telling business people?
Commissioners From staff and wire reports ing the 50-year-old driver and a passen- saidthecompanywilloccupythespace. There are those who think this is
“monetiza- won’t know the A Wilkes-Barre bus company in- ger and injuring several other passen- But the office door was locked and the outright unjust. A crook is a crook,
tion,” would amount of up-front volved in a crash that killed the driver gers. lights were out Wednesday afternoon. after all, and honest people tend to get
sell the right money being offered and a passenger in New Jersey has been The cause of the crash remains under The company has been paying rent more satisfaction from the judicial
until they process pub- taken off the road by federal transporta- investigation. since November but has not yet moved system when all crooks are punished
to claim 2010 licly sought proposals tion officials. The company had two addresses in in, said landlord Nicholas Tsioles. equally. But we all know what’s going
back taxes from outside compa- The U.S. Department of Transporta- Wilkes-Barre, according to reports on Earlier this month Tsioles said the on. As I’ve said here previously, feds
owed to the nies, Urban said. tion announced Wednesday that the file. It listed115 N. Meade St. But one of company will soon open its office in his seem to be swapping lighter sentences
The county is also
county in working with its finan-
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Adminis- the building’s owners, James Davis of building. for a few crooks in exchange for catch-
exchange for cial advisor, Public Fi- ing a lot more crooks.
As I’ve also pointed out before, feder-
up-front cash. nancial Management,

Remembering horror, but learning great truth

al sentencing guidelines recommend
to try to secure a credit
rating needed to pur- stiffer sentences for public officials than
sue refinancing of county debt at lower for private individuals. The theory is
interest rates, Urban said. simple and easy to accept. Private
The county owes about $464 million – Students of United Hebrew business people who offer bribes or
almost half a billion – in debt, including kickbacks are schmucks without scru-
Institute build a model of one of
interest, which won’t be repaid until ples who betray the people they deal
2027 at the current schedule. history’s most infamous sites. with; public officials who take bribes or
This year, the county is paying $21.89 kickbacks are schmucks without scru-
million toward debt – $9.5 million in ples who betray all of us.
principal and $12.3 million in interest. By JERRY LYNOTT If the choice is between sending
Some county bond repayments have 8 Cardoni to jail or getting Toole off the
percent interest rates, and refinancing WILKES-BARRE – When children bench and in prison, that logic says we
could lower them to 4 percent to save take on the most serious of subjects the should give Cardoni a break in order to
money, he said. little things tell the story. nail Toole. Fair enough, I guess. And if
The county’s employee pension fund Students at United shortening Kulick’s jail time nets us
was also discussed by Urban and Com-
missioner Thomas Cooney during the
“I’m proud Hebrew Institute cre- more charges against more public offi-
ated a miniature dis- cials, maybe that’s for the best, too.
breakfast because the gap between fund of our stu- play of the Auschwitz But after so many arrests of public
assets and future liabilities is projected
at around $50.7 million.
dents. concentration camp officials who took bribes, and so little
in Poland to com- jail time (so far) for the private busi-
County taxpayers will likely have to They put memorate the Holo- ness people who paid them, one won-
continue pumping millions of dollars in-
to the fund annually for at least the next
so much caust. ders if the message is being skewed.
They strove for re- Are we telling all business people it
decade to keep the fund stable. into their alism from the coiled doesn’t pay to pay off politicians?
This year’s taxpayer subsidy: $9.5 mil-
lion. displays.” wire atop the fence S. JOHN WILKIN/THE TIMES LEADER Or are we telling them to be sure
Urban said the fund paid around $4 around the camp, to Mikey Kaplan, left, and Andrew Sarnevitz stand with a replica of a concen- they have enough evidence to sink the
million to county retirees when he be- Himelstein the boxcars carrying tration camp they created for the United Hebrew Institute’s Learning Fair. politicians in case they get caught.
came a commissioner in 2000, and the Administrator people to it and down A note to readers: My editors want
tab is now around $18 million. to the German night at the Jewish Community Center, grader, and Mikey Kaplan, 14, an me to devote my time to reporting
Commissioners are powerless be- phrase “Arbeit where other student projects were on eighth-grader, worked with six other news stories. My column will be pub-
cause state law establishes the type of Macht Frei” or “Work display. It will be presented next month students on the project. lished occasionally on the editorial
pension that must be provided to county Brings Freedom,” shaped by hand in during a local remembrance of the Hol- “We wanted to do this just to show page.
workers, Urban said, noting that pension bright red letters hanging above the ocaust of the 1940s in which millions of they kept studying the Torah in the
plans won’t change under the county’s main gate. Jews were killed during WWII. Call Mark Guydish at 829-7161 or e-mail
switch to home rule government. The camp sat atop a table Wednesday Andrew Sarnevitz, 11, a seventh- See HOLOCAUST, Page 4A


Area man acquitted of rape

Daniel Drury Sr. testified false
allegation he assaulted girl
was result of charge he filed.

WILKES-BARRE – After near-
ly seven hours of deliberations, a
Luzerne County jury acquitted a
Nanticoke man of raping an 11-
year-old girl in 2002.
The jury of 11 men and one
woman found Daniel Drury Sr.,
not guilty of five related charges,
including rape of a child.
“I’m not guilty,” Drury, 46, said
while leaving
“It’s all the Bernard C.
because of courthouse
allega- building
tions…that Wednesday
evening. “It’s all
someone because of alle-
has to go gations…that
through go through this Daniel Drury Sr. leaves the Brominski Building on Wednesday
because of a after being found not guilty of raping an 11 year-old girl in 2002.
this be- bad divorce. It’s
cause of a a shame…” Cometa said the delay in re- through with his plans.
bad di- Drury’s attor- porting the incident could be one He said he moved to Florida in
ney, Thomas factor the jury weighed in its ver- late 2008, not because he wanted
vorce. …” Cometa, said dict. to flee Nanticoke to avoid getting
Daniel Drury Sr. he is happy the Luzerne County Senior Judge arrested, but because he wanted
of Nanticoke jury listened to Joseph Augello, who presided to start a new life away from his
evidence and over the trial, said Drury will be ex-wife and his drinking problem.
gave the case released from the county prison He said he had no idea charges
great thought before delivering pending any detainers. were being filed against him. He
its verdict of not guilty on charg- Drury testified Tuesday he be- said he knew Luzerne County
es of rape of a person under 13 lieved the alleged rape story was Children and Youth Services had
years old, aggravated indecent as- fabricated against him in retalia- conducted an investigation on
sault, incest, indecent assault tion for filing harassment charges him, but he added that he
and corruption of minors. against his ex-wife. thought that investigation was
Prosecutors alleged Drury He testified that in 2008 he fil- closed.
raped the girl shortly after her ed harassment charges against Drury also said he did speak
11th birthday in 2002. The now his ex-wife, Gail, and that at a with Nanticoke police about the
19-year-old woman did not report hearing before a district judge alleged incident, but the police
the incident until 2008 when she both were found not guilty of ha- never told him they were filing
began having vivid nightmares, rassment. charges against him and never
she testified Monday. He said he had a drinking prob- told him not to leave Nanticoke.
The woman cried while the lem at the time, and rather than Nanticoke police, Drury said,
verdict was read Wednesday eve- "getting drunk and doing some- never said they didn’t believe him
ning, while members of Drury’s thing stupid," he had been plan- when he denied the allegations,
family hugged and gave Drury ning for some time to move to and said they would call him if
the thumbs-up. Florida and decided to follow they needed him.

Continued from Page 3A

most horrible situation,” said Sar-

They showed resilience despite
how badly they were treated, and
with some outside assistance
were able to practice their faith,
said Kaplan. “They smuggled in
prayer books,” he said.
The other displays throughout
a large room on the first floor of
the center showed children’s tou-
“This is the Learning Fair S. JOHN WILKIN/THE TIMES LEADER
which is held annually,” said Rab- The sign over the model of the Auschwitz concentration camp
bi Raphael Nemetsky, who is also translates as ‘Work brings freedom.’
the school principal. All different
areas of the curriculum are cov- used cutouts, toy animals and pated in the fair.
ered. handmade replicas of the biblical “I’m proud of our students.
The Book of Genesis was pre- characters to tell the story. They put so much into their dis-
sented from beginning to end by The school’s 52 students from plays,” said Sandra Himelstein,
second- and third-graders who pre-school to eighth grade partici- school administrator.

City officials met with officials ed with the sale.
from the Little League,” Leight- Raup said the monument is
on said. “We came to a solution the focal point of the annual Me-
that we would assist them with morial Day parade. She is con-
Continued from Page 3A
the construction of a building cerned the public will no longer
amicably resolve the matter. He there.” have access to it.
accused Raup and Hayward, Raup said the storage facility Leighton said the city includ-
who contacted the media regard- is only part of the issue, however. ed a stipulation in the sales
ing complaints about the sale, of She’s also concerned about the agreement with Lombardo that
trying to politicize the issue de- fate of a veterans monument ensures the public will continue
spite the fact that the Little consisting of an engraved head- to have access to the monument.
League is happy with the resolu- stone and flag pole located in The stipulation is binding upon
tion. front of the firehouse. The monu- any future buyers of the property
“There was never an issue. ment is on land that was includ- as well, he said.

Prosecutors can seek witness ID in ‘Melrose’ star crash

The Associated Press identity of a person who claimed of Hopewell, was driving drunk
SOMERVILLE, N.J. — A judge on a newspaper website that he at the time of the crash. They say
has ruled that prosecutors in a was a witness and that author- her sport utility vehicle hit a se-
case stemming from a fatal car ities were "lying about the facts." dan driven by a Montgomery
crash involving a former "Mel- Prosecutors say TV and movie man who was turning into his dri-
rose Place" actress can seek the actress Amy Locane-Bovenizer, veway, killing the man’s wife.

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Limits on
N B R I E F L I B YA N C O N F L I C T Foreign minister apparently defects, but government denies story

Gadhafi’s troops advancing public union

By RYAN LUCAS Even as it advanced militar-
Associated Press
Moammar Gadhafi’s ground

ily, Gadhafi’s regime suffered
a blow to its inner circle with
the apparent defection of For-
in Ohio nears
forces recaptured a strategic eign Minister Moussa Kous-
oil town Wednesday and sa. Koussa flew from Tunisia Law would allow negotiation
moved within striking dis- to an airport outside London
for wages but not health care,
tance of another major east- and announced he was resign-
ern city, nearly reversing the ing from his post, according to sick time or pension benefits.
AP PHOTO gains rebels made since inter- a statement from the British
Vietnam veterans pause to remember national airstrikes began. government.
Veterans George Webb, left, and Gus Rebels pleaded for more Moussa Ibrahim, a Libyan By ANN SANNER
Puleo stand during a moment of si- help, while a U.S. official said government spokesman in Associated Press
lence Wednesday during the Vietnam government forces are mak- Tripoli, denied the foreign COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Re-
Veterans Day at the Vietnam Veterans ing themselves harder to tar- minister has defected saying AP PHOTO publican-led Ohio House has voted
Memorial in Dover, Del. The veterans get by using civilian “battle he was in London on a “diplo- Libyan rebels ride in the back of an armed pickup truck and to severely limit the collective bar-
were paying a special tribute to the wagons” with makeshift ar- matic mission.” brave a sand storm in eastern Libya on Wednesday. gaining rights of 350,000 public
late John Wheeler, who was the driv- maments instead of tanks. It was not immediately pos- workers, sending a bill that’s
ing force in the Vietnam Wall in Wash- Western powers kept up the sible to confirm either state- campaign began. is hardening a U.S. view that sparked weeks of pro-labor protests
ington, D.C. pressure to force Gadhafi out ment with Koussa or people Airstrikes have neutralized the poorly equipped opposi- back to the state Senate.
with new airstrikes in other close to him. Gadhafi’s air force and pound- tion is probably incapable of The full House approved the
parts of Libya, hints that they Gadhafi’s justice and interi- ed his army, but his ground prevailing without decisive measure Wednesday on a 53-44
may arm the opposition and or ministers resigned shortly forces remain far better Western intervention — ei- vote.
Assad blames ‘conspiracy’ intense negotiations behind
the scenes to find a country to
after the uprising began last
month, but Koussa would be
armed, trained and organized
than the opposition.
ther an all-out U.S.-led mili-
tary assault on regime forces
A vote in the GOP-controlled
Senate could come later Wednes-

S yria’s president dashed expectations

that he would announce sweeping
reforms Wednesday and instead took a
give haven to Libya’s leader of
more than 40 years.
the first high-profile resigna-
tion since the international air
The shift in momentum
back to the government’s side
or a decision to arm the re-
day. That chamber narrowly
passed a previous version of it.
The measure affects safety work-
tough line, blaming two weeks of pop- ers, teachers, nurses and a host of
ular fury on a foreign conspiracy.
Bashar Assad’s own officials billed
JA PA N N U C L E A R P L A N T D I S A S T E R other government personnel. It al-
lows unions to negotiate wages but
his speech as an introduction of major not health care, sick time or pen-
change and the turnaround infuriated sion benefits. It also does away with
protesters who vowed to keep up with automatic pay increases in favor of
their extraordinary cries for reform. merit raises.
The conflicting messages also raised Gov. John Kasich said his $55.5
questions about a possible rift in one of billion state budget counts on un-
the Middle East’s most rigid regimes, specified savings
where Assad and a tight coterie of from lifting Contentious
family and security services hold all union protec- debates over
the reins power. tions to fill an $8
“Syria is being subjected to a major billion hole.
conspiracy,” Assad said in his first collective
public comments since the turmoil
have vowed to bargaining
began, touched off by the arrest of
pursue a ballot have popped
several teenagers who scrawled anti-
government graffiti on a wall. Human
The vote up in state-
rights groups say more than 60 people
comes a day after houses across
have been killed since March 18 as
security forces cracked down on the a legislative com- the country,
mittee approved
demonstrations. most notably
changes to make
WASHINGTON the bill even in Wisconsin,
tougher for where the
Cancer drug to be covered unions. Met with governor
chants of
Medicare officials said Wednesday "Shame on you!"
signed into
that the program will pay the $93,000 from nearby pro- law this
cost of prostate cancer drug Provenge, testers, the GOP- month a bill
an innovative therapy that gives men backed revisions eliminating
suffering from the disease an extra four AP PHOTO greased the mea-
sure for what most of state
months to live, on average.
Japan’s Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko listen to an evacuee Wednesday at a shelter in Tokyo. The emperor and
The Centers for Medicare and Med-
empress visited the shelter to encourage about 300 evacuees from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. was expected to workers’ col-
icaid said the biotech drug made by
be smooth pas- lective bar-

Fears of contaminated seafood spread

Dendreon Corp. is a “reasonable and
sage in the
necessary” medicine. The decision gaining rights.
ensures that thousands of men will be
The Senate, al-
able to receive the drug through the
federal government. The agency will so controlled by
take comments on the decision for 90 Republicans, narrowly passed the
days before making it final. Officials again assure populace that Setbacks at the Fukushima Tests showed of radiation has become more bill on a 17-16 vote this month. It
Dai-ichi nuclear complex waters 300 complicated in recent days since would have to agree to the revisions
Medicare is legally prohibited from radiation in the waters off Japan’s
considering price when deciding mounted Wednesday, as the the discovery that radioactive before Kasich could sign it into law.
whether to pay for a new treatment.
crippled facility pose no hazard. plant’s operator, Tokyo Power yards from water is pooling in the plant, re- Kasich, a first-term Republican,
The Food and Drug Administration Electric Co., announced its pres- the plant stricting the areas in which supports the proposal and is com-
approved Provenge last April and in ident was hospitalized. Masata- contained crews can work. It also puts fortable with the changes, his
most cases Medicare automatically By MARI YAMAGUCHI ka Shimizu has not been seen emergency crews in the uncom- spokesman said.
and SHINO YUASA since a news conference two
3,355 times fortable position of having to Contentious debates over re-
covers drugs cleared by the agency.
Associated Press days after the March 11 quake the legal limit pump in more water to continue stricting collective bargaining have
WASHINGTON TOKYO — Fears about contaminated that spawned the destructive for radio- cooling the reactor while pump- popped up in statehouses across
seafood spread Wednesday despite reas- wave. His absence fueled specu- active iodine. ing out contaminated water. the country, most notably in Wis-
Bullet, hole found in plane surances that radiation in the waters off lation he had suffered a break- That contamination has also consin, where the governor signed
Japan’s troubled atomic plant pose no down. begun to seep into the ocean, into law this month a bill eliminat-
Investigators have found a bullet
health risk, as the country’s respected Spokesman Naoki Tsunoda said Shi- and tests Wednesday showed waters 300 ing most of state workers’ collective
aboard a US Airways plane that was
emperor consoled evacuees from the tsu- mizu, 66, was admitted to a Tokyo hospi- yards outside the plant contained 3,355 bargaining rights. That measure ex-
grounded in Charlotte, N.C., after a
nami and nuclear emergency zone. tal Tuesday after suffering dizziness and times the legal limit for the amount of ra- empts police officers and firefight-
pilot making a pre-flight inspection
found a hole in the fuselage, a law While experts say radioactive particles high blood pressure. dioactive iodine. ers; Ohio’s does not.
enforcement official said Wednesday. are unlikely to build up significantly in The official death toll from the earth- It’s the highest rate yet, but Nuclear The Ohio bill would apply to
The official said there is no evidence fish, the seafood concerns in the country quake and tsunami stood at 11,362 late and Industrial Safety Agency official public workers across the state,
so far that there was an intent to target that gave the world sushi are yet another Wednesday, with the final toll likely sur- Hidehiko Nishiyama said it did not pose such as police officers, firefighters,
the plane. blemish for Brand Japan. It has already passing 18,000. any threat to human health because the teachers and state employees.
FBI agents were interviewing ground been hit by contamination of milk, vege- Japan’s Emperor Akihito and Empress iodine rarely stays in fish. There is no Workers would also be banned
crew members at both ends of the tables and water, plus shortages of auto Michiko visited disaster evacuees at a fishing in the area. from striking.
plane’s flight Monday from Philadel- and tech parts after a massive quake and center in Tokyo on Wednesday. Radioactive iodine is short-lived, with Much of the legislation remained
phia to Charlotte. Agents also have tsunami disabled a coastal nuclear power At the Fukushima plant, the fight to a half-life of just eight days. It does not intact even with the committee’s
interviewed passengers. plant. cool the reactors and stem their release tend to accumulate in shellfish. more than a dozen changes.
The location of the hole found above
a window toward the rear of the Boe-
ing 737 suggests that a bullet came in
from above, not from below, said the
A purr-fect storm; super-loud cat heads for record books Smokey,
a gray-
tabby cat
WASHINGTON A college in England confirms that, measured the sound said it peaked at 16 ON THE WEB: with a
times louder than that of the average
GOP seeks probe of AARP yes, Smokey can out-purr any
other feline.
cat. By some estimates, that is about as Smokey’s website:
very loud
AARP lobbied for the new health noisy as busy traffic, a hair dryer or a prepares
care law and now it stands to profit, vacuum cleaner. to receive
Republican lawmakers charged The 12-year-old, ordinary-size feline world-record application. Last week, a treat
By RAPHAEL G. SATTER first came to national attention last the college dispatched a team with spe- from
Wednesday as they called for the IRS
Associated Press month when her owner, Ruth Adams, cialized sound equipment to record owner
to investigate whether the powerful
LONDON — No need to bell this cat: decided to run a local competition for Smokey purring in the comfort of the Ruth
interest group deserves to keep its
A gray-and-white tabby by the name of the most powerful purr. family home in the village of Pitsford, Adams in
federal tax exemption.
Smokey has cat-apulted to fame with Hoping to see Smokey recognized as about 70 miles northwest of London. North-
Three veteran GOP representatives ampton,
released a report that estimates the purring so loud it has been recorded at a top cat, Adams asked Northampton The recording has been submitted to
potentially record-setting 73 decibels. College in central England to provide Guinness World Records, the college England.
seniors lobby could make an additional
$1 billion over 10 years on health insur- The British community college that the equipment needed to submit a said. AP PHOTO

ance plans whose sales are expected to

pick up under the new law. They also
questioned seven-figure compensation Look in THE TIMES LEADER for today’s valuable inserts from these advertisers:
for some AARP executives.
"Based on the available evidence,
substantial questions remain about
whether AARP should maintain its
tax-exempt status," said the report,
released by Reps. Wally Herger of Cali-
fornia, Charles Boustany of Louisiana

Some inserts, at the advertisers’ request, only appear in selected neighborhoods. If you would like to receive an insert that you do not currently receive, please call the advertiser.
and Dave Reichert of Washington.


Yudichak has high hopes

for tax on gas extraction
Inmate gets more jail in forgery
Chad B. Dickson tells charge of forgery by Luzerne According to court papers, in “come clean” and said he created
The Luzerne County Democrat ance tax will
investigators he made County Judge Tina Polachek November 2007 investigators six counterfeit checks while in-
benefit those Gartley. were monitoring Dickson’s mail carcerated and produced the
claims bipartisan support in counterfeit checks in prison.
communi- Dickson had been scheduled and noticed checks being mailed checks on his personal typewrit-
the state Senate. ties.” to stand trial on several forgery to friends and family members of er and on the typewriter in the
Yudichak’s charges beginning Tuesday, but Dickson’s with orders on how prison’s library.
plan would By SHEENA DELAZIO motions hearings delayed the and where to cash the checks. Polachek Gartley also ordered
By MATT HUGHES impose a tax process,andDicksonenteredthe Several checks were made out for Dickson to serve 12 months pro- Yudichak of 2 percent of WILKES-BARRE – A state no-contest plea Wednesday. totals of between $50 and $5,000. bation and to complete 25 hours
State Sen. John T. Yudichak, the gross val- prison inmate charged with mak- Dickson is housed at the pris- InvestigatorssaidDicksonhad of community service as part of
D-Plymouth Township, said ue of natural gas severed at the ing counterfeit checks within the on after receiving a 6- to 16-year previously manufactured coun- his sentence.
Wednesday the natural gas wellhead during the first three prison pleaded no contest sentence on similar forgery terfeit checks while housed at The judge also said that Dick-
severance tax he is proposing years of a well’s production, in- Wednesday to a related charge charges. SCI-Cresson and SCI-Green- son’s use of typewriters is re-
could generate more than $126 creasing to 5 percent after and was sentenced to at least 10 Polachek Gartley ordered berg, and that’s why they were stricted to only the prison li-
million in its first year and three years. months in jail. Dickson to serve the 10- to 20- monitoring his mail. brary’s typewriter and to pay
more than $406 The tax rate would revert to Chad B. Dickson, 36, who is month sentence he received After an investigation and $722 in restitution to the Penn-
million by 2016. 2 percent if a well’s rate of pro- now housed at the SCI-Retreat Wednesday concurrently to the questioning, Dickson eventually sylvania State Police for hand-
Yudichak an- duction fell below 150 million prison, was sentenced on a six-year sentence. told investigators he wanted to writing analysis.
nounced the pro- cubic feet of natural gas per
posed tax on nat- day and to zero if it fell below
ural gas extrac-
tion at a press
60 million cubic feet per day.
If implemented, the tax POLICE BLOTTER Elizabeth Stackhouse, of Lans-
ford, reported someone
drunkenness and disorderly
conduct after he was allegedly
• Jennifer Smith, 27, of
conference in would take effect July 1. smashed the windshield on her found intoxicated on Diamond Lockhart Street, said Wednes-
Harrisburg on A severance tax bill passed HAZLE TWP. – No injuries vehicle with a large chunk of Avenue at 7:15 a.m. Wednesday. day a global positioning system
Wednesday, the day after he the state House last year un- were reported in a two-vehicle ice in the parking lot of Ama- unit was stolen from her vehi-
introduced the bill in the state der then Gov. Ed Rendell, a crash on Hazle Township Bou- zon in the Humboldt Industrial WILKES-BARRE – City cle.
Senate. proponent of the tax on gas levard on Tuesday night, state Park sometime Tuesday night police reported the following: • Sherry Carmelengo, 46, of
The estimated tax revenues production, but the tax died in police at Hazleton said. into Wednesday morning. • Police said Marek Wysz- Elder Street, said Wednesday
are based on the number of gas the Republican-controlled State police said Jesus J. nynski, 31, of South Main that Pennsylvania license plate
Paulino-Reynoso, 21, of West WEST HAZLETON – Gris DMW-3982 was stolen from her
wells currently in operation in Senate. Gov. Tom Corbett op- Street, will be cited with ha-
Hazleton, lost control of his Delbado, of North Third Street, vehicle.
the state and additional wells poses a severance tax. rassment after Ramon Martin
2000 Mitsubishi Galant that reported Wednesday someone • Carl Wilcox of Hillman
expected to be permitted in Yudichak said his tax is dif- struck a 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe, stole a television and a laptop alleged he pushed him in the Street said Wednesday that
2011, Yudichak said. ferent from last year’s effort driven by John Shelley, 37, of computer during a burglary at area of 198 S. Main St. on Mon- Pennsylvania license plate
Revenue from the tax would both in its terms and in that it West Hazleton, at about 6:20 his residence, state police at day. XHZ02 was taken from his 1982
be shared equally by three pro- claims bipartisan support. a.m. Hazleton said. • Police said Michael Walter, Suzuki motorcycle.
gram areas: The bill is co-sponsored by Paulino-Reynoso was cited 40, of Hazle Avenue, was cited • Conny Sasseron, 21, of
• The Commonwealth Fi- Republican Sen. Edwin Erick- for illegally changing lanes, HANOVER TWP. – Town- with public drunkenness when Kingston, said Wednesday her
nancing Authority for water son, R-Delaware County, and state police said. ship police said they cited he was allegedly found intox- vehicle was entered while it
supply, wastewater treatment, Yudichak said it has at least Robert Kowaleski, 24, of Dia- icated in the area of Hickory was parked on Stanley Street
storm water and flood control three Republican supporters. HAZLE TWP. – Kimberly mond Avenue, with public and Lehigh streets at 2:50 p.m. and a bag was taken.
projects; “The fact that this bill has
• The Environmental Stew- bipartisan support shows the
ardship Fund (Growing Green-
need for this tax goes beyond
partisan politics,” Erickson COURT BRIEFS State police gaming enforce-
ment unit charged Chmil with
wife outside Mohegan Sun at
Pocono Downs casino pleaded
Township police withdrew
charges of simple assault, un-
• Local governments in ar- said Wednesday. “I believe stealing a cell phone from a guilty Tuesday during a prelimi- lawful restraint and terroristic
eas of Pennsylvania that expe- this bill invests the tax reve- PLAINS TWP. – Charges of patron inside the Mohegan Sun nary hearing before District threats against Whyte.
rience direct effects of natural nues in a responsible way for theft and receiving stolen proper- at Pocono Downs casino on Jan. Judge Diana Malast. Police accused Whyte of as-
gas drilling. the protection of our environ- ty against Phaedra Gail Chmil, 9. Mark William Whyte, 38, of saulting his estranged wife, Kris-
“In areas where there is ment and the communities di- 29, of Scranton, were dismissed Scranton, pleaded guilty to ha- tine Ruth Whyte, in the casino’s
drilling activity, local govern- rectly affected by the expand- during a preliminary hearing on PLAINS TWP. – A man ac- rassment and disorderly conduct. parking lot on Jan. 11, according
ments are faced with a number ing natural gas industry.” Tuesday. cused of harassing his estranged He was fined $198.50. to the criminal complaint.
of difficult issues,” Yudichak
said. “Revenue from a sever-

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693-3069 • CALL TODAY!
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Pa. liquor store backers plead case

By BILL O’BOYLE “There’s no question regard- work if the system was sold. He five years, the state’s liquor sys- ing the impact on society,” he said his research has shown that tem has contributed about $2.3
SCRANTON – Proponents of said. in other states where privatiza- billion to the treasury. Murphy,
keeping the state’s liquor store Young told the panel that the tion exists, the stores that get li- who formerly served as a liquor
system intact offered testimony push to privatize the liquor sys- quor licenses use their existing store examiner in the state Audi-
Wednesday before the House tem would destroy a valuable employees to stock the shelves. tor General’s Office, used to au-
Democratic Policy Committee, public asset. Young also testified prices will dit the state’s liquor system. He
and one witness said privatizing “It makes sense only if you’re not go down under a private sys- said he knows the system is self-
the system would not favor tax- an investment speculator look- tem. Other states have shown his sufficient and contributes about
payers. ing to turn a quick profit by in- statement to be true, he said. $500 million annually to the bud- BILL TARUTIS/FOR THE TIMES LEADER
vesting in and then flipping li- State Rep. Michael Sturla, get.
“There’s no question, the math State Rep. Kevin Murphy, right, comments at a public hearing on
censes,” he said. “It makes sense chairman of the policy commit- Murphy said all expenses are
doesn’t work,” said Wendell only if you’re a chainstore retailer tee, said Wednesday’s hearing, paid – leases, salaries, benefits privatization of state liquor stores Wednesday. At left is state
Young, president of the United Rep. Mike Sturla, committee chairman.
looking to clear some shelf space held in Redington Hall at the and inventory – by the sale of
Food Workers Local 1776 and and you want your untrained and University of Scranton, was the wine and spirits.
chairman of the United Food and minimum-wage clerks selling fourth hearing on the issue. He “The proposal’s numbers don’t R-Bradford Woods, proposed the “To get $2 billion, licenses
Commercial Workers PA Wine this product.” said hearings were held in Phila- add up, and it is ludicrous to sell idea of selling off the liquor sys- would have to sell for an average
and Spirits Council. Privatizing the system won’t delphia, Erie and Allegheny off a state asset that returns mil- tem, he said the state would real- of $2.3 million each,” Young said.
Young said the state system create any new jobs, Young said, counties. Rep. Kevin Murphy, D- lions annually in revenue back to ize about $2 billion in revenue. “That just doesn’t happen in our
does a better job managing the and it won’t create jobs for the Scranton, hosted the Scranton the taxpayers for a one-time in- Young and other witnesses and country. The average sale price
sale of wine and spirits than the 5,700 current state liquor system hearing. jection of revenue,” Murphy said. committee members rebutted for a liquor license will be about
private sector. employees who would be out of Murphy said that over the past When state Rep. Mike Turzai, that claim. $200,000.”

342-4115 • • 587-5155

State rep.: Nasser
privatization REAL ESTATE INC.
Since 1950

bill on way
SCRANTON – State Rep. Mike
Turzai said he will propose legis-
lation aimed at privatizing the
state’s liquor system, ending
what he called the state’s “whole-
sale and retail monopoly” on li-
quor sales.
Turzai, of Bradford Woods,
said his legislation will be based
on House Bill 2350, which he in- TAYLOR $279,900
troduced last year.
New construction with up- OLD FORGE $120,000
He provided a summary of This 3 bedroom raised ranch,
House Bill 2350 to explain his po- grades galore! This 4 bedroom
sition on privatization, which he home offers central air, a mas- set on a corner lot, features a
said would move Pennsylvania
ter suite with jacuzzi, fireplace 2 car garage, 2 baths, stainless
into the 21st century.
and professional landscaping. appliances plus rear deck.
“This approach will result in
better selection, cheaper prices MLS #10-3654 MLS #10-6072

and more convenience for con-

sumers,” Turzai said. “In addi-
tion, this proposal will have the

beneficial effect of filling state
coffers to help us meet the loom-
ing fiscal crisis in front of us. We

can do this while actually streng-
thening law enforcement and do-
ing better at curbing irresponsib-
le drinking.

“It is a proposal whose time has
Turzai said he plans to intro-
duce his legislation in May. Ste- OF THE SEASON!
phen Miskin, a spokesman for
has commissioned a study of FREE SHIPPING AT MACYS.COM with $99 online purchase ($8 flat-fee shipping with purchases under $99). No promo code needed; exclusions apply.
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famous available in select juniors by
Sturla said he was told the new styles; prices may vary.
makers. Celebrity Pink.
legislation will be House Bill 11.
“I find it interesting that we SPECIAL SPECIAL 17.99
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we don’t know what’s in it,” Stur- MEN’S DRESS PANTS Reg. $42-$66, after
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The study by Pennsylvania Fi- special 69.99. Lauren, Jackets, tops, pants
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completed in mid-July, said Cor-  WebID 141430 prices slightly higher.
bett’s press secretary Kevin Har-
ley. PFM, which had ties to for-
mer Democratic Gov. Ed Ren- SPECIAL SPECIAL 59.99 SPECIAL 37.99 SPECIAL
dell, was still under contract with 21.99 BOSTONIAN
Reg. $80 & 89.99, after
After special $48. All diamond-accent**
Rendell’s administration. Corbett TASSO ELBA DIAMOND-ACCENT
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The cost of the contract wasn’t Only at Macy’s. from top: Cass priced at $120.  WebID 464412 In-and-out oval hoops
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should be completed by summer. polos. S-XXL.  WebID or white ( WebID 202877) gold.
 WebID 350673 396701
Regarding testimony offered at
Wednesday’s hearing in Scranton
and at other Democratic Policy SPECIAL 68.99 SPECIAL 40% OFF SPECIAL $199 SPECIAL $1179
Committee hearings, Turzai said, Reg. 149.99, Special 17.99-155.99. Reg. $600, Reg. $2700, after
“Unions are just protecting their after special 99.99. Reg. 29.99-259.99, after special $336. special $1512.
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 WebID 294790 Black & Decker  WebID 171294 329845) or white
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their skill levels.”  WebID 372374 gold.
“The notion that the state’s
general fund gets this massive an- SPECIAL 37.99 SPECIAL 97.99 SPECIAL 47.99 SPECIAL
nual infusion of money from the 12-PC. SET
Reg. $100, after
Reg. $400-$450, after
4-PC. LUGGAGE SET 40%-65%
LCB itself is a myth,” Turzai said. Reg. $160, after
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MARGARET RASH, 92, of Victoria Mudzik Kolesar Angelo Concert Miriam Thomas
Mountain Top, formerly of the But-
tonwood section of Hanover March 29, 2011 March 27, 2011 McGuire
Township, passed away Wednes-
March 29, 2011
day, March 30, 2011, at Mercy Spe-
cial Care Hospital, Nanticoke.
Funeral arrangements are
V ictoria Mudzik Kolesar, 97, of
West Wyoming, passed away
peacefully late Tuesday evening,
A ngelo Concert, 73, of Lake
Township, passed away sur-
rounded by his family Sunday, M iriam Thomas McGuire, 82, a
former longtime resident of A-
pending from the Charles V. Sher- March 29, 2011, at her residence. March 27, 2011, at the Veterans Ad- cademy Street in Wilkes-Barre, died
bin Funeral Home, Hanover Town- Her beloved husband was the late ministration Medical Center, New Tuesday, March 29, 2011, at the
ship. Michael Kolesar, who passed away York, N.Y., following a brief battle
on September 25, 1973. Together, Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. Over
with cancer.
Michael and Victoria shared 43 the last 2½ years, she lived at the Tif-
ANNA PETROCK, of Denver, Mr. Concert was born in Jenkins
years of marriage. Township, and was a son of the late fany Court Assisted Living Resi-
Colo., and formerly of Luzerne, Born on December 24, 1913, in dence, where she was described by
Angelo and Sadie Olenscuk Con-
passed away Sunday, March 20, Lopez, Pa., Victoria was a daughter cert. her peers and the staff as being a self-
2011, in Denver. Anna was born of the late Demetrius and Euphemia He served in the U.S. Navy from less, loving, and caring friend to all.
June 17, 1920, in Luzerne. Her hus- “Josephine” (Melnick) Mudzik. December 30, 1958, to December Born September 29, 1928, in
band, George, passed away last Prior to her retirement, Victoria 14, 1962.
was employed by the former Pome- Wilkes-Barre, she was a daughter of
September. The two grew up and Semi-retired, Angelo was em- the late Joseph and Rose Koury Tho-
lived in the Wilkes-Barre area for a roy’s Department Store, Wyoming. ployed by the Lake View Terrace
A woman of great faith, Victoria mas.
good portion of their lives. She cur- Water Association as a maintenance
was a member of Saint Michael the his wife, Pat, of Maine, N.Y.; and Mi- technician. He was formerly em- Sue, Diana Traver and Christopher A graduate of GAR Memorial High
rently resided in Denver, where Archangel Byzantine Catholic chael Kolesar, of Trucksville, and ployed by Emmanuel Bus Lines, the Concert; sisters, Rose Concert of Ft. School, Miriam was well liked and
her son, Jack, lives. Surviving are Church, Pittston, where she held his companion, Diana McCabe, of T.C. Lloyd Construction Co., and Myers, Fla.; Patricia Buscemi of known for her larger-than-life person-
son Jack (Ginny); grandchildren, membership with her parish’s Altar Avoca; daughter Victoria Kolesar General Motors Co. He was an avid Kingston; Ann Marie Bealla of Ply- ality. Miriam remained connected to
Scott (Paula) and Jennifer Mi- and Rosary Society. Victoria was a Meckalavage of Exeter; 13 grand- CB radio operator, known as “Black mouth and Sally Emanuel of Dallas; her classmates through her organiza-
rande; and great-grandchildren, member of the Wyoming-West children; 16 great-grandchildren; 13 grandchildren; four great-grand-
Wyoming Senior Citizens Club. Cat” by many. tion and leadership in several class re-
Madison and Paige.
An avid and gifted quilter, Victo-
five great-great-grandchildren; as Angelo was a member of the Al- children; four daughters and sons- union gatherings over the years.
Interment will be held in the
ria took much pride in creating nu-
well as many nieces, nephews and derson United Methodist Church, in-law; as well as 20 nieces and ne- Miriam was diversely involved in a
Fort Logan National Cemetery, friends. Harveys Lake. phews.
merous quilts for her family and The family wishes to extend their Funeral will be held at noon variety of employment environments
Denver, Colo. friends. Victoria was an exceptional In addition to his parents, he was
heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Friday from the Curtis L. throughout her life. She worked in a
cook who enjoyed preparing many preceded in death by siblings, Do- Swanson Funeral Home Inc., corner
nurses and staff of both the Caregiv- minick and Edward Concert, Regi- of routes 29 and 118, Pikes Creek, hospital gift shop, as an elevator oper-
LESLIE LITTLE MCGAHEE, meals for her family throughout the ers of America and Heartland Hos-
years. na Chojnacki and Irene Lapotta; and with retired pastor Rev. W. William ator, made radio announcements,
56, of Scranton, died Friday, March pice for the gentle and compassion-
Victoria was blessed with having sons, Jeffery and Christian Concert. Kennard officiating. Interment, ac- showed living spaces at the former
25, 2011, at her residence. Born in ate care they bestowed upon Victo-
many great friends who were always He is survived by his wife of near- companied by military honors, will Wilkeswood Apartments, greeted
Scranton, she was a daughter of ria during her time of illness. The
there for her. She enjoyed visiting family would like to extend a special ly 29 years, the former Nancy Lerch; be at the Mount Greenwood Ceme- people at the cash register of a local
Leonard and Charlotte Vaivada. various places with her friends, es- children, Debbie Bennet, Dollie tery, Shavertown. Friends may call
thank you to Noelita Sonny and Lin- retail store, and worked as a bank tell-
Surviving are husband, Roman pecially the Mohegan Sun Casino. Hinton, Thomas Concert, Steven from 11 a.m. to noon at the funeral
da Bravo from Caregivers of Amer- er for many years. She liked being a
McGahee; mother, Charlotte Vai- Family always came first to Victo- ica for their exceptional care and Concert, Angelo Concert Jr., Donna home prior to the service on Friday.
jack-of-all-trades, which allowed her
vada; brother, sister, sons and ria throughout her life, and she trea- kindness toward Victoria.
sured each moment she had with to thrive being surrounded by peo-
daughter. Relatives and Friends are re-
Funeral services will be con- her loving family. Victoria truly was ple.
spectfully invited to attend the Fu-
ducted at 9 a.m. Saturday from the matriarch of her family, always
making sure that her family’s needs
neral Service with Panachida which
will be conducted at 9:15 a.m. Sat-
John C. Brennan Sr. Miriam participated in the Wom-
en’s Auxiliary of the Wilkes-Barre
Yeosock Funeral Home, 40 S. Main
were taken care of before her own. urday from the Wroblewski Funeral March 30, 2011 Post Office. She was an avid and vora-
St., Plains Township, with Pastor Victoria will forever be remem- Home Inc., 1442 Wyoming Ave., cious reader. She loved spending
Adam McGahee as celebrant. In- bered as a dedicated and caring Forty Fort, followed by an Office of time with her husband, children, and
terment will follow in Maple Hill mother, grandmother, great-grand- John C. mile in1minute 58.8 seconds. The re-
Christian Burial with Divine Litur- friends. Many described her as a won-
Cemetery, Hanover Township. mother, great-great-grandmother, Brennan Sr., a cord stood for more than 40 years. He
gy to be celebrated at 10 a.m. in
Friends may call 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. aunt and friend. Her beautiful spirit Saint Michael the Archangel Byzan- resident of the went on to box in the Army, and after derful and open-minded listener. Mi-
Friday. will forever live on in the hearts of tine Catholic Church, 205 N. Main Gino J. Merli his honorable discharge became a riam was an amazing cook of both tra-
those who knew and loved her. St., Pittston, with the Rev. Joseph Veterans Cen- professional boxer. ditional meals and Lebanese food.
In addition to her parents, Deme- Bertha, Ph.D, her Pastor, officiating. ter, died early He was preceded in death by a son, She may just have fed all of Wilkes-
GERALD (JERRY) HENDER- trius and Euphemia Mudzik; and Interment with the Rite of Commit- Wednesday John C. Brennan Jr.; two brothers,
SHOT, 55, of Buck Township, morning, Neal and James; and a sister, Nancy. Barre over the years at her dining
her husband, Michael, Victoria was tal will follow in Mount Olivet Cem-
passed away unexpectedly Tues- March 30, Surviving are children, Nancy room table on Academy Street.
also preceded in death by her son etery, Carverton. Family and
day, March 29, 2011. He was a son John M. Kolesar, who passed away 2011, after an illness. His wife, the Koester of Scranton; Mary Pepon and Her husband and dancing partner
Friends may call from 2 to 4 p.m.
of the late Russell and Joyce Bla- on September 3, 1998; daughter and 7 to 9 p.m. Friday at the funeral former Dorothy Nardi, died in her husband, Daniel, of Nanticoke; of almost 50 years, Eugene J.
keslee Hendershot. He worked for Dianne Marie Kolesar, who passed home. Parastas Services will be con- 1993. Margaret Bermel and her husband, McGuire, died August 30, 2008. Five
away on February 5, 2008; son-in- ducted at 7:45 p.m. Friday, with the Born in Bayonne, N.J., he was a Tom, of Long Island, N.Y.; Joseph brothers, Tony, John, Eddie, Harry,
Anthracite Marble and Tile as a la-
Law, Ray Meckalavage; daughter-in- Rev. Joseph Bertha, Ph.D, officiat- 1943 graduate of Grand Army Re- Brennan of Scranton; and Michael and George; and three sisters, Alice,
borer, Cooks Cab as a mechanic, public (GAR) High School and Brennan of Boston, Mass.; five grand-
law Doris Kolesar; grandsons, Da- ing. Sadie, and Peg, also preceded her in
and Power Builders as a carpenter. vid Meckalavage, John Kolesar Jr., earned certifications in electronics children; and two great-grandchil-
For additional information, or to death.
He had a passion for rebuilding and Robert Szymanski; great-grand- send the family of Mrs. Victoria Ko- from New York Institute of Tech- dren. He was married previously to
motorcycles and working on cars. daughter Kaylynn M. Kolesar; lesar an online message of condo- nology. Mary McCall of Scranton. She will be missed by her children,
Jerry is survived by his brother, brothers, John Mudzik and Nicho- lence, you may visit the funeral Prior to retirement, he had Everyone attending the funer- Molly and her husband, Jerry Spanar-
Barry, and wife Wendy; sister las Mudzik; and sisters, Helen Ris- home website www.wroblewskifun- worked for over 20 years for chan- al is asked to go directly to the kel, of Belmar, N.J., and Gene and his
Brenda Jabara and husband John; ko, Eva Arbeeny, Anna Mudzik, Ma- nel WDAU as an electronics tech- church on Saturday morning. Mass of wife, Kim, and their children, Shea,
sister Heidi Blakeslee and hus- ry Drahus and Olga Phillips. Memorial Contributions may be nician, for the State of Pennsylva- Christian Burial will be celebrated at Allison, Drew and Chase McGuire, of
band Guy; as well as nieces and ne- Victoria is survived by her sons, made in Victoria’s Memory to nia in its Unemployment Agency, 11 a.m. Saturday in the Immaculate Lawrenceville, N.J.; sister, Thelma
George Kolesar and his wife, Nancy, Heartland Hospice, 38 N. Main St., was the top salesman in the coun- Conception Church, 801 Taylor Ave.,
phews. and her husband, Jerry King, of Ben-
of Richboro, Pa.; Daniel Kolesar and Pittston, PA 18640. try for Bell + Howell, was the own- Scranton. Friends may call from 4 to
A Memorial Service will be er of Brennan’s Travel Agency in salem, Pa.; as well as cousins, nieces,
7 p.m. Friday in the Vanston and
held at the Beaumont Free Metho- Mt. Pocono, and he was also a real James Funeral Home, 1401 Ash St., nephews and many dear friends.
dist Church, Route 115, Buck estate salesperson in the Poconos. Scranton. Interment will be held in Celebration of Miriam’s Life will
Township at 11 a.m. Saturday, with
the Rev. Gandia officiating. Ar- Paul J. Reggie He was a U.S. Army veteran
earning the rank of sergeant.
St. Mary’s Cemetery, Hanover Town-
be held at 5 p.m. Friday at McLaugh-
lin’s Family Funeral Service, 142 S.
rangements are by the Yeosock Fu- March 29, 2011 John was a well-known athlete. Memorial contributions may be Washington St., Wilkes-Barre. Visita-
neral Home, 40 S. Main St., Plains He was most proud of holding the made to the Lackawanna Branch
Wilkes-Barre area record while at tion will be held at McLaughlin’s
Township. Pennsylvania Association for the
P aul J. Reggie, 66, of Scranton,
passed away Tuesday, March 29,
2011, at VNA Hospice Care, CMC
GAR for the record-setting 2-mile
team relay, where he ran the half
Blind, 228 Adams Ave., Scranton, PA
from 3 to 5 p.m. Friday.
Permanent messages and memo-
EDGAR BRUCE GREGORY, ries can be shared with Miriam’s fam-
68, of Fayetteville, Pa., passed Hospital, Scranton.
ily at
away Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Formerly of Pittston, he was a res-
ident of the Gino Merli Veterans
Funeral services will be held at
noon Saturday in the Chapel of
Center, Scranton. He was a son of Joseph A. Burcicki
the late Anthony J. Reggie and Jen-
Thomas L. Geisel Funeral Home nie (Zaffuto) Reggie of Pittston. He March 29, 2011 OBITUARY POLICY
and Cremation Center, 333 Falling was a member of Saint Rocco’s
Spring Road, Chambersburg, Pa. Church, Pittston. Joseph A. Flying Club and the Liberty Pigeon The Times Leader publish-
The Rev. Wayne Lowe Jr. will offi- He proudly served four years in Burcicki, 79, of Flying Club, Wilkes-Barre. es free obituaries, which
ciate. Interment will follow in Lin- the U.S. Navy in the Vietnam War. Caffrey Street, Joseph was an avid fisherman who have a 27-line limit, and paid
coln Cemetery. The family will re- Paul was a well-known hair stylist in Wilkes-Barre, enjoyed tending to his vegetable gar-
the Scranton area for over 40 years. obituaries, which can run
ceive friends from 11 a.m. until passed away den, and he enjoyed traveling
He was the owner/operator of De- Tuesday, with a photograph. A funeral
noon. Condolences may be ex- throughout the United States.
pressed at www.geiselfuneral- signs Studio Hair Salon until his re- March 29, He was preceded in death by a home representative can call tirement in 2009. He won several years, Joseph Ventura of Scranton. 2011, at Geisin- brother, Leo Burcicki. the obituary desk at (570)
awards for outstanding hair styling Our family would like to extend ger Wyoming Surviving are his sons, Jim Bur- 829-7224, send a fax to (570)
and was proud to have done hair our great appreciation to Joseph Valley Medical Center, Plains cicki, Archbald, Pa.; Thomas Bur-
ANGELINA CIRILLO, 87. of styles for such celebrities as Peggy 829-5537 or e-mail to tlo-
Ventura and his family for their con- Township. cicki, Hanover Township; Matthew
Third Avenue, Kingston, died Cass, David Cassidy and Carol Bur- tinued love and support and for be- He was born on March 16, 1932, If you
Wednesday, March 30, 2011, at the Burcicki, Carlisle, Iowa; and David
nett. ing a very significant part of Paul’s in the Georgetown section of fax or e-mail, please call to
Laurels Health and Rehabilitation Paul was also an outstanding art- Burcicki, at home; grandchildren, Da-
life throughout the years. Wilkes-Barre Township. He was a vid, Janelle and Alicia; a brother, Mi- confirm. Obituaries must be
Center, Kingston, where she was a ist and some of his earlier paintings We would also like to extend our son of the late Pauline Orzechow-
chael Burcicki, Plymouth; a nephew; submitted by 9 p.m. Sunday
guest. are currently displayed at the Gino heartfelt gratitude to the staff and ski Burcicki.
Merli Veterans Center. In the late as well as his companion, Theresa through Thursday and 7:30
Funeral arrangements are en- Paul’s friends at the Gino Merli Vet- Joseph was a graduate of Mary-
’60s, Paul was lead singer for the erans Center for having made his mount High School and was a U.S. Drozdowski, Hanover Township. p.m. Friday and Saturday.
trusted and pending from the
Hugh B. Hughes & Son Inc. Funer- musical group Salt and Pepper stay there such a nice experience for Army veteran of the Korean War. Funeral services will be held Obituaries must be sent by a
al Home, 1044 Wyoming Ave., For- along with his brother, Richard. The him. To his dear friend, Maura, He was employed as a ware- at 9 a.m. Saturday from the Ge-
funeral home or crematory,
ty Fort. band went on to record for Scepter words cannot express our thanks for house supervisor for Pepsi-Cola orge A. Strish Inc. Funeral Home, 105
Records in New York City, N.Y., N. Main St., Ashley. A Mass of Chris- or must name who is hand-
the friendship, fun and freedom he Bottling Co., Wilkes-Barre, until
owned by Burt Bacharach and experienced with you. He loved all his retirement in 1994. tian Burial is at 9:30 a.m. in St. An- ling arrangements, with
AMERICO A. “TONY” BRIGI- Dionne Warwick. of you very much. Joseph was a member of the drew Parish, with the Rev. James address and phone number.
DO, 88, of Hagerstown, Md., died He was an avid photographer and Funeral services will be han- Teamsters Local No. 401, Wilkes- McGahagan officiating. Interment We discourage handwritten
Tuesday, March 29, 2011, at the videographer, and his love of music dled by Graziano Funeral Barre, and a member of St. Andrew will follow in St. Mary’s Cemetery, notices; they incur a $15
Loyalton Assisted Living Center. and art will continue to be enjoyed Home Inc., Pittston Township. Call- Parish, Wilkes-Barre. Hanover Township. Family and
Born in Old Forge August 20, 1922, by his family and friends for years to ing hours will be held at the funeral friends may call from 6 to 8 p.m. Fri- typing fee.
He was also a member of the
he was a son of the late Peter and come. His dog, Christan, was a huge home from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday. A Wilkes-Barre Sportsman Pigeon day and from 8 to 9 a.m. Saturday.
Rose Gabello Brigido. Surviving part of his life and the love they Mass of Christian Burial will be held
are children, Stephen Brigido and shared was immeasurable. at 9:30 a.m. Saturday at St. Rocco’s
Diane McClellan; brother Phillip Paul is survived by his brother Jo- R.C. Church in Pittston, 9 a.m. from
KUBIAK – Anthony Sr., funeral 9:30 Parish, West Grace and Lawrence
Brigido; sisters Edith Stassi and seph, Young Harris, Ga.; brother Ri- the funeral home. Interment will fol- a.m. today from the Mark V. Streets, Old Forge.
Marie Cardillo; grandson, Dr. Ste- chard and sister-in-law MaryAnn, low at St. Rocco’s R.C. Cemetery, Yanaitis Funeral Home, 55 Stark STUTZ – Susanne Sr., Mass of Christian
phen Brigido; granddaughter, Drums; sister, Toni, Pittston; dear Pittston Township. St., Plains Township. Mass of Burial 10:30 a.m. today in the Blessed
friend, Kelly Hicks, Pittston; aunts, In lieu of flowers, donations in BARBERIO – Clare, funeral 1:30 p.m. Christian Burial at 10 a.m. in Ss. Sacrament Chapel at Mercy Center.
Adrianne Brigido Van Scoyoc; Peter & Paul Church, Plains TRUSKOWSKI – Ruth, funeral 10 a.m.
Josephine Halat and Theresa Zaffu- Paul’s name may be made to the Gi- today in Little Flower Manor
great-granddaughter, Lilly Isabelle Chapel, 200 S. Meade St., Wilkes- Township. Friends may call 8:30 today from the Anthony Recupero
to, both of Pittston; and several cou- no J. Merli Veterans Center, 401 a.m. until the time of services Funeral Home, 406 Susquehanna
Brigido; and nieces and nephews. sins, nieces, nephews, great-nieces Penn Ave., Scranton, PA 18503; or Barre. Family and friends may call
12:30 p.m. until time of service today. Ave., West Pittston. Mass of Christian
Predeceasing him were wife, for- and nephews. He is also survived by The VNA Hospice Care Center of KUDRAKO – William Sr., funeral 10 Burial at 11:30 a.m. in St. Maria Goretti
mer Janet Reese Brigido; brothers today. Church.
his best friend of more than 40 Lackawanna County. CIONZYNSKI – Louis, funeral 11 a.m. a.m. Saturday from the Gubbiotti
Carl, Guy and Tucker Brigido; and Funeral Home, 1030 Wyoming WEIDOW – Theresa, celebration of life 11
Friday from Davis-Dinelli Funeral Ave., Exeter. Relatives and friends a.m. Saturday at St Jude’s Church,
sisters Etha Tagliaterra, Mattie Home, 170 E. Broad St., Nanticoke. Mountain Top.
Concelebrated Mass of Christian may call 5 to 8 p.m. Friday at the
Monelli and Ann Brigido. funeral home. WEISKERGER – Barbara, funeral 9:30
Funeral services will be held at
11 a.m. Saturday in the Thomas P.
Albert J. Duran Burial at 11:30 a.m. in St. Faustina
Kowalska Parish / Holy Trinity
LEVY – Daniel, a memorial service
6 to 8 p.m. today at Kearney
a.m. Friday from the Gubbiotti Funer-
al Home, 1030 Wyoming Ave., Exeter.
Church, 520 S. Hanover St., Funeral Home Inc., 173 E. Green Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. at
Kearney Funeral Home Inc., Old March 29, 2011 Nanticoke. Visitation 2 to 4 p.m. St., Nanticoke. the Trinity Episcopal Church, corner
Forge. Relatives and friends may and 6 to 8 p.m. today at the PACZKOWSKI – Paul Jr., Memorial of Spring St. and Montgomery Ave.,
pay their respects from 10 a.m. un- funeral home. Mass 10 a.m. Saturday in Holy West Pittston. Friends may call 5 to 8
til service time. Interment will be
in Old Forge Cemetery.
A lbert J. Duran, 79, of Elverson,
Pa., passed away Tuesday,
March 29, 2011, at his home sur-
is survived by his children, Darlene
M. Snyder and her husband, Ste-
FRANCHELLI – Placido, funeral
9:30 a.m. today from the Corco-
ran Funeral Home Inc., 20 S. Main
Rosary Church, Duryea.
PANETSKI – Helen, Mass of Chris-
p.m. today at the funeral home.
YEUST – Bernadine, funeral 10 a.m.
today from the Richard H. Disque
phen, of Mechanicsburg, Pa.; An- tian Burial 10:30 a.m. Friday in
rounded by his loving family. St. Plains Township. Holy Rosary Church, Duryea. Funeral Home Inc., 672 Memorial
thony J. Duran and his wife, Mi- FREY – Brett, memorial service 11 Highway, Dallas, and 11 a.m. from Our
He was the beloved husband of Friends may call 6 to 8 p.m.
FREDA S. ROSKOS, 95, of King- chelle, of Phoenixville, Pa.; and Lo- a.m. Saturday in the chapel at the Thursday at the Bernard J. Pion- Lady of Sorrows Church, West Wyom-
Marjorie Guerrera Duran, with rene M. Wales and her husband, Da- Memorial Shrine Cemetery, ing. Friends may call 9 a.m. until time
ston, died Wednesday, March 30, tek Funeral Home Inc., 204 Main
whom he shared 55 years of mar- rin, of Virginia Beach, Va.; as well as Carverton. St., Duryea. of service.
2011, in the Heritage House, riage. Born in Penasco, N.M., he GARRISON – Helen, funeral 11 a.m. ZIELINSKI – Chester, funeral 10 a.m.
eight grandchildren and one great- POINTEK – Florence, funeral 9 a.m.
Wilkes-Barre. was a son of the late Dionicio and today from the Springville Baptist today from the Kopicki Funeral today from the Bednarski & Thomas
Funeral services will be held at grandchild. Church. Home, 263 Zerbey Ave., Kingston. Funeral Home, 27 Park Ave., Wilkes-
Bersabe Ortiz Duran. Albert re- GLOMB – Helen, funeral with Pa- Barre. Mass of Christian Burial at
11 a.m. Saturday in the Dorrance- ceived his bachelor’s degree in busi- A Memorial Mass will be held Mass of Christian Burial at 9:30
at 11 a.m. Friday, April 29, at nachida 9 a.m. today from the a.m. in St. Ignatius Church. 10:30 a.m. in Our Lady of Hope Par-
ton United Methodist Church, 549 ness administration from the Uni- John V. Morris Funeral Home, PROSKI – Celestine, funeral 10 a.m. ish.
versity of Denver. St. Peter Church, 2835 Manor Road, 625 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre. Friday from the Kielty-Moran
Wyoming Ave., Kingston. Friends
He proudly served our country in West Brandywine, Pa., where family Office of Christian Burial at 9:30 Funeral Home Inc., 87 Washing-
may call from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday at a.m. in Holy Assumption of Saint More Obituaries, Page 2A
the U.S. Air Force during the Korean and friends may call from 10 to 11 ton Ave., Plymouth. Mass of
the Harold C. Snowdon Funeral a.m. Interment will be private. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church. Christian Burial at 10:30 a.m. in
Home Inc., 140 N. Main St., Sha- War, achieving the rank of airman KELLOW – Wayne, memorial service All Saints Parish, Willow Street,
second class and earning the Ko- Memorial contributions may be 11 a.m. Friday from the Stairville Plymouth. Friends may call 4 to 8
vertown. Friends may call from made to Quest Therapeutic Servic- United Methodist Church, Stair-
rean Service, United Nations Ser- p.m. today.
10:30 a.m. until service time at the vice and Air medals. For over 35 es, 461 Cann Road, West Chester, ville Road, Wapwallopen. SKUTACK – Ida, funeral 9:30 a.m.
Dorranceton United Methodist years, Albert was employed as the PA 19382. Funeral arrangements are KINDRED – Chester, funeral 10 a.m. today from the Victor M. Ferri
Church, Kingston. A full obituary Friday from the Kopicki Funeral Funeral Home, 522 Fallon St., Old
vice president for PNC Bank in being handled by the James J. Terry Home, 263 Zerbey Ave., Kingston. Forge. Mass of Christian Burial at
notice will appear in Friday’s edi- Wilkes-Barre, retiring in 1997. Funeral Home, Downingtown, Pa. Friends may call 5 to 8 p.m. 10 a.m. in St. Mary of the Assump-
tion of The Times Leader. In addition to his wife, Mr. Duran today. tion Church at Prince of Peace



3-D will rule films,
director Lucas says
Fellow movie bigwigs James generally have resulted when
studios took movies shot in on-
Cameron, Jeffrey Katzenberg
2. ly two dimensions and did
totally agree. hasty conversions to give them
the illusion of depth so they
could charge the extra few dol-
By DAVID GERMAIN lars that 3-D tickets cost.
AP Movie Writer “You disappoint our audienc-
LAS VEGAS — “Star Wars” es once, OK, great, we fooled
creator George Lucas predicts them. Do it twice, shame on
3-D filmmaking eventually will us,” said Katzenberg, who de-
take over at the movies the way cided years ago that all Dream-
3. color replaced black-and-white. Works Animation movies, such
But Lucas and fellow technol- as last year’s “How to Train
ogy pioneers James Cameron, Your Dragon” and this sum-
the maker of “Avatar,” and mer’s “Kung Fu Panda 2,”
DreamWorks Animation boss would be in 3-D.
Jeffrey Katzenberg Cameron, who shot
said Wednesday that “Avatar” in 3-D and
digital filmmaking is plans to do its two se-
only in its infancy and quels that way also, is
will bring vast im- converting his block-
provements to how buster “Titanic” to 3-D
1. 4. movies are made and for release next year.
seen. Lucas is doing the
Digital technology in “So now same with all six of his
1. Arlene Komnath, general is revolutioniz- “Star Wars” films.
ing filmmaking the way when Done properly, 2-D
Ellen Petyo, and sound did in the 1920s, you’re movies converted to
Jane Komnath Lucas said. The new 3-D can look fantastic,
2. Molly Schlude and digital 3-D craze has watching a Cameron and Lucas
had hits and misses but movie and said.
Theresa Rallo should one day become Lucas drew hearty
3. Mary Beth Kom- the big-screen standard
it’s not in applause several times
over 2-D presentation, 3-D, it’s from theater owners
nath and Mary Feher
he said. like watch- when he told them
4. Carmen Ratchford “So now when you’re that home systems or
and Linda Ritter watching a movie and ing in portable video devices
it’s not in 3-D, it’s like black-and- will never replace the
5. Kim Ellis and watching in black-and- moviehouse as the
Chrissy Gozick white,” Lucas told a white.” best place to see films.
6. Danielle O’Don- crowd of theater own- George Lucas “I am betting a lot of
ers at their CinemaCon people will go see a
nell, Christine Mor- convention. “It’s a bet- movie they have seen
reale, and Elaine ter way of looking at a film. ... I on television a million times
Haines totally believe now that 3-D will and they have the video at
completely take over just like home, and they will go and see
color did.” it because they want to see it in
Lucas spoke at a digital-film the theater in a social experi-
panel alongside Cameron and ence,” Lucas said.
Katzenberg. The hour-long dis- Cameron waited years to
cussion touched on new film- make “Avatar” until digital tech-
making tools, enhancements to nology caught up to the ideas in
theater sound, and how badly his head for the sci-fi epic.
presented 3-D movies can sour “We’re really at a point where
5. 6. audiences on digital 3-D films in if we can imagine it, we can cre-
general. ate it,” Cameron said. “There
NIKO KALLIANIOTIS PHOTOS/FOR THE TIMES LEADER Such bad 3-D experiences are no limitations now.”

Attention WE
& % #(  #"'  & !




$ 25,000
Each Sunday, we’ll run a photo with the
person’s name, hometown, branch,nch, rank,
 $ "! & $ &  " years served and if applicable, the war or
'  #"'  &  $ ' battle fought. Submit your 200 dpi digital
photo by uploading it on
    Click on “Send your photos and d news”
under the NEWS drop down. Or yyou can
orm below.
mail your photo to us with the form

" &!  " '!" WE Drop off or return this completed form with your photo to: The Times Leader, We Salute
SALUTE You, 15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711. Please include name on back of photo. Any

'     !#"  

photo wishing to be returned must be picked up at The Times Leader office.
Name: ______________________________________________ Phone:___________________________
*All applications will be numbered and processed on a first come first serve basis.
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Sorry, No Exceptions
City: __________________________________________________ State: _______ Zip:______________
Branch : _____________________________________ Rank: __________________________________
War or battle fought (if applicable): _________________________________________________________
Years Served: __________________________________
E-mail Address: __________________________________

Information Call: 1-877-917-8844
Call: 1-866-465-4620 Old or current photos will be accepted. Color or black and white ONE
photos will be accepted. The Times Leader reserves the right to
use or not use any submitted photos. One photo per week will be
selected. Photos without names and branch will not be considered. IN LUZERNE COUNTY
contractor #: PA001581




Drug fighter considers ‘shooter’ video danger

At issue is a game portraying ministrators to be aware that it is professionals to take a formal Virginia Tech killer Seung-Hui
under development and may be stand against the game’s release. Cho, among others, and turn
people who have shot others
available soon. “We feel this is a serious threat them loose inside school-themed
inside schools. “We know there are links be- to the health and safety of stu- levels.
tween crime and drugs and alco- dents and campuses,” Ambrosi- “The possibilities are endless,
hol,” Ambrosino said. “Kids are no said. “Acts of violence and sui- you are free to do whatever you
By MATT HUGHES impressionable; they’re vulnera- cide are linked to alcohol and sub- want. As long as it involves shoot- ble; they’re here-and-now orient- stance use… BDAP advocates for ing people,” the game’s website
A video game that casts players ed; they’re fixated and fascinated stronger prevention policies, and states.
in the roles of the masterminds of on these sorts of topics.” this would include supporting ef- At the end of the game, players
the Columbine and Virginia Tech Ambrosino said he has notified forts to prevent this harmful and will have the option of commit-
massacres has caught the ire of the superintendents of area dangerous video game from be- ting suicide, the game descrip- DON CAREY/THE TIMES LEADER
an area drug-and-alcohol coun- schools and federal and state leg- ing released.” tion adds. Drug-and-alcohol counselor Carmen Ambrosino shows a video
selor. islators representing the area as The game itself is actually a The website, copyrighted previewing the School Shooter: North American Tour 2012 game.
Carmen F. Ambrosino, CEO of well as major retailers such as modification of the first-person 2010, says the game is still in de-
Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Kmart, Walmart and Target shooter Half Life 2. According to velopment, with no release date game such as School Shooter tion has never spoken out about
Drug Services, said the game, ti- about the game. the website of developer Check- set. An e-mail seeking comment may not be dangerous in and of violence in video games before,
tled School Shooter: North He issued the notice at the re- erboarded, it will outfit players from the Checkerboarded Stu- itself, Ambrosino said, in the but that the game’s content
American Tour 2012, crosses the quest of the state Bureau of Drug with weapons used by Colum- dios was not returned Wednes- hands of an at-risk teen, it could “seems to be so far outside the
line of good taste, and he wants and Alcohol Programs, which is bine High School shooters Eric day. have adverse effects. boundaries of what is decent and
parents, teachers and school ad- urging treatment and prevention Harris and Dylan Klebold and While research indicates a Ambrosino said his organiza- acceptable,” he had to speak up.

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Charge of false reports forwarded New arraignment set

Officer says woman said she
lied when she said boyfriend
mestic dispute involving Cool-
baugh and Sims at their Poplar
Street home.
“I heard Sims
say to Ms.
rilla, Crawford
Hakim, asked Crawford if he
knew what Coolbaugh and
Sims were talking about when
for Munchak, Cordaro
Times Leader staff
threatened her with knife. Coolbaugh was standing out- Coolbaugh, Coolbaugh he eavesdropped on their pri- SCRANTON – Lackawanna
side holding an infant wrapped ‘You shouldn’t telling Sims vate conversation. County Commissioner A.J.
in a jacket and not wearing any lie to police.’ she lied about “I have to believe they were Munchak and former Commis-
By EDWARD LEWIS pants. And she re- the knife. telling the truth because they sioner Robert Cordaro are She said Sims held a knife to “I heard did not realize I was behind scheduled to be arraigned to-
WILKES-BARRE – A woman her throat, threatened her and plied, ‘Yeah, I Sims say to them,” Crawford said. “I was be- day on a superseding indict-
who city police allege lied refused to let her and the infant know,’” Offi- Ms. Cool- hind them. She said I just want- ment filed against them Tues- Munchak Cordaro
about being threatened by her back into the house. cer Paul Jo- baugh, ‘You ed him to leave the house.” day.
boyfriend with a knife will face Sims was charged with sim- shouldn’t lie to Hakim said Crawford possi- A federal judge scheduled men used their positions as
a charge in Luzerne County ple assault and terroristic
seph Crawford police.’ And bly misunderstood what Cool- the arraignment for 11 a.m. be- county commissioners to ex-
Court. threats. testified. she replied, baugh and Sims were discuss- fore U.S. District Magistrate tort money from companies
Officer Paul Joseph Crawford Those charges were dismis- ‘Yeah, I ing. Judge Thomas Blewitt at the that did business with the
charged Megan Coolbaugh with sed at a preliminary hearing in know,’” Craw- Barilla determined Crawford federal courthouse in Scran- county.
false reports to law enforce- Wilkes-Barre Central Court on ford testified. established a case against Cool- ton. Munchak and Cordaro were
ment after he allegedly over- Jan. 25 when Coolbaugh re- Crawford said a 911 recording baugh, sending a single count Munchak and Cordaro are originally indicted by a federal
heard her say she lied about the fused to testify. of the Jan. 13 phone call by of false reports to law enforce- facing a 41-count indictment grand jury last year.
knife during a domestic dispute On Wednesday during Cool- Coolbaugh has her saying Sims ment to county court. that charges them with racke- The new indictment, filed
with John Sims on Jan. 13. baugh’s preliminary hearing be- threatened her with a knife. She remains free without teering, money laundering, Tuesday, makes a number of
Crawford investigated a do- fore District Judge Andrew Ba- Coolbaugh’s attorney, John bail. honest services fraud, bribery, technical changes to the charg-
extortion and other offenses. es, which requires that they be
Federal prosecutors say the arraigned again.

Court tosses out couple’s suit over old W-B bakery SPECIAL RATE
Tyler and Antonia Hammond nia Hammond did not constitute Know request they had filed re- to show the alleged improper ac-
a legally recognizable claim un- garding the property. tions of the city officials were so WEDNESDAY AND
claimed the shuttered
der due process protections with- They claimed that action was egregious they would “shock the THURSDAY ONLY
building went to an insider. in the U.S. Constitution. taken with an improper motive, conscience.” Country Club
3/30/11 and 3/31/11
The Hammonds filed suit which violated their right to due “Here, the plaintiffs allege that • Driving Range
against the city in 2009 relating process by depriving them of the defendants exercised their • Restaurant & Bar 18 Holes For 18 $
By TERRIE MORGAN-BESECKER to the decision to remove the Old their right to purchase the prop- discretion to remove a property • Leagues, Outings Includes Cart River Road Bakery from a tax sale erty. from the tax sale list so that an in-
SCRANTON – A federal judge list one day before the sale. The In dismissing the complaint, sider might buy it. While this sug- Route 309 570-788-5845 Drums, PA
has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a suit alleged the action was taken Caputo said the Hammonds had gests an improper motive involv- TL
couple who claimed Wilkes- to pave the way for the sale of the failed to state how the allegedly ing a clear conflict of interest,
Barre city officials thwarted their building to a person who was a false information had harmed there is no requirement that the
efforts to buy the Old River Road
Bakery so that it could be sold to
private client of Leighton’s real
estate business and Vinsko’s law
The judge also noted that in or-
property must be sold at tax sale,
and this conduct does not rise to Property Insurance Claim?
a crony of Mayor Tom Leighton firm. der to state a claim under federal a level that could be termed ‘con-
and city attorney William Vinsko. The main claim within the suit law, the Hammonds would have science shocking,’ ” Caputo said.
U.S. District Judge A. Richard rested on allegations that city of- Representing your Interest
Caputo on Wednesday said alle-
gations raised by Tyler and Anto-
ficials provided false information
to the Hammonds in a Right to
For Maximum Recovery.
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Wyoming span
served us well
T WAS A shaky span of er flow of traffic.
steel that, to the casual ob- But the old bridge deserves ac-
server, seemed to connect knowledgment by dint of dura-
no place special to no place tion alone. Consider that the ed-
special. At the age of 111, it had ifice was built when Luzerne
clearly outlived its utility by dec- County’s population stood at
ades, becoming the neglected less than 260,000, about 20 per-
stepchild while attention was cent smaller than today. Beef
lavished on bigger, more visible cost 10 cents a pound. William
relatives. McKinley was our 25th presi-
Anyone who traversed the dent. The Wright Brothers were
Eighth Street Bridge joining still little more than bicycle re-
Wyoming and Jen- pairmen tinkering
kins Township in the with wings and
last 30 years knows The old bridge motors.
the quaint steel tres- might not be The bridge’s
tle over the Susque- “historical,” but it original creosote-
hanna River had long was part of our treated wood sur-
been inadequate for face was clearly
its task. It suffered history. not meant for cars.
from multiple ail- Rudolf Diesel in-
ments: Too narrow troduced his first
for modern vehicles, no shoulder engine in Paris the year Eighth
or walkway for bikes or pedestri- Street opened; Henry Ford
ans, decades of steady structural wouldn’t debut his Model T for
decline. seven more years.
The bridge had to be replaced. Eighth Street saw coal rise to
The question for daily users like- be king, then be deposed. The
ly has been: Why did it take so bridge is just a short stretch
long? downstream from the site of the
So there is scant reason to Knox Mine Disaster, the tragedy
Middle Road problems SEND US YOUR OPINION
highly flammable chemical called mercap-
This type of industrial atmosphere has
mourn its imminent demise. A that sealed the fate of under-
replacement just a few feet ground mining locally. should be fixed now Letters to the editor must include the
writer’s name, address and daytime
phone number for verification. Letters
no place in our community so close to
residential areas, and especially so close to
downriver – more than two years The bridge weathered floods

ecently, yet another South Valley Park- should be no more than 250 words. We our school campus. It could pose great
in the making – officially opened such as those in 1902, 1936 and, way meeting was held and, again, reserve the right to edit and limit writers risks to our health, safety and property
Tuesday night. We are grateful of course, 1972. another plan for road changes and to one published letter every 30 days. values.
for the overdue project, and trust The old bridge might not be • E-mail:
funding was presented by the representa- • Fax: 570-829-5537 I urge Dallas Township residents to
neighboring businesses will ben- “historical,” but it was part of our
tives of the various firms. • Mail: Mail Bag, The Times Leader, 15 contact the township supervisors and
efit from the end of the lengthy history. It might not merit pres-
The message was that 80 percent of the N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 1871 1 zoning members and to attend the zoning
inconvenience caused by con- ervation, but it merits recogni-
federal funding was in place and they were hearing on Monday to let them know this
struction, and from the smooth- tion.
waiting for the state to fund the other 20 is not the kind of industrial activity we


For the residents of Hanover Township’s Area’s elderly deserve want in our community.
Dede Speicher

proper care and respect

Askam section living on South Main Street Dallas Township

“I don’t think any amount of (Middle Road), it means at least five more
years of living with the traffic problems of
Greedy corporations
money would ever be enough, which every state and township elected
n Luzerne and Wyoming counties there
supposedly is the largest population of
because it’s not about that. It’s
about accountability …”
official is aware, as is the Pennsylvania
Department of Transportation.
elderly in the United States (other than
in Dade County, Fla.); however, there is no
bankrupting the planet
My question is this: What are these active gerontologist here to care for the

he government has been reconfigured
S. Daniel Carter representatives going to do for us now? I medical needs of seniors. from a government “by the people, for
The director of public policy for the nonprofit group Security On would like all of you to sit down with some The requirements of aging adults can the people,” to a government by the
Campus reflected on a $55,000 fine levied Tuesday against Virginia of the Askam residents and come up with include health issues such as diabetes,
Tech for its failures during an April 2007 shooting rampage. A gunman
corporation, for the corporation.
some constructive answers to our traffic coronary diseases, obesity and several One of the many negative results of this
killed 32 students and faculty, then killed himself.
problems. forms of dementia. The need is great, and manipulation has been the destruction of
This problem must be approached from our old ones are underserved. In certain the organism that sustains all life, the
a common-sense viewpoint and not one of cases, the instances of abuse within fam- planet Earth.
OTHER OPINION: FINANCE REFORM passing the problem back and forth. Penn- ilies are tragic. These neglected elderly This destruction has been driven by

Don’t delay cuts

DOT has to realize that its rules and regu- parents, spouses and grandparents are consumerism and fueled by the acquisition
lations for normal roads do not apply to unable to advocate for themselves. of wealth. We are taught at an early age to
this “horse-and-buggy road,” and special Our money is sent to underprivileged desire a multitude of goods and services,
countries around the world, yet the old in

in debit card fees

consideration is very much needed. and are supported in this effort by banks
Let’s get together and get something America are not given the respect and and credit card companies. Of course,
kindness they deserve. This situation must corporations are much larger than individ-
and can be addressed by our government uals and consequently have larger desires

Don Casterline and our communities. It is to our shame
HEN BIG BANKS gue with a straight face that a Hanover Township and a greater need for money or profit.
that it is true. The medical profession and They are supported in their efforts by the
and members of bill that reduces their allowed
the pharmaceutical industry have to find a governmental and legislative officials who
All government workers
Congress who do transaction profit from 1,100
better way to treat diseases such as dia- invent favorable tax breaks and ineffective
their bidding rail percent to 300 percent, as Dur- betes other than cutting off limbs.
against the evils of Wall Street bin’s legislation does, would corporate regulations.
reform, this is one of the things
they rail about: How can law-
send them to the poor house.
They’re arguing instead that al-
should tighten their belts Old people deserve our love and respect,
as they are given in other cultures. We are
worshipful of youth in this country, even
Banking, credit card, financial, gas-and-
oil corporations are major players in the

makers dare to say that banks lowing more competition in the believe anyone holding a taxpayer-paid process of bilking the public of billions of
though they haven’t contributed to society
no longer can charge 44 cents swipe-fee industry somehow position (local, county, state or federal) dollars in order to achieve their goals:
as their parents and grandparents have.
for an electronic transaction would damage smaller banks. should have to contribute the same huge profits and administrative bonuses.
Even the young will someday be old, and
that costs them four cents? Yes, big bankers are arguing amount as the next guy. The gas drilling operations under way in
they also will need care.
Such a provision was in last against competition, suggesting Example: How is it fair to tell the Penn- Pennsylvania are a good example of how
Toby Coleman this process works.
summer’s financial regulation that Wall Street reform some- sylvania state corrections employees that Dallas
overhaul. Now some senators – how impedes the free market. they have to concede to huge increases in Gas drilling corporations, through their
carrying water for the big banks Wrap your mind around that lobbyists and lawyers, attempt to control
Dallas Twp. resident
medical and pension contributions, and
– are working to delay it. An one. maybe even a salary freeze, yet the state’s officials of local, state and federal govern-
amendment last summer spon- The argument is especially elected leaders do not? ments by means of campaign contributions
sored by U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin,
D-Ill., reduced the debit card
galling when you consider that
small banks were exempted
Why doesn’t the governor himself have
co-pays and contributions in the same
against industrial activity or play-day junkets. Once a government
official accepts money to satisfy his/her
fees – called swipe or inter- from the legislation. greed, the corporation receives political

amount as the corrections department, or fter looking for a house in the Dallas
change fees – that banks can That big banks are pushing so area for a long time, I finally found the capital from that official.
any other tax-paid state job for that mat-
charge merchants each time a hard right now to overturn the perfect one and was happy to be living The large number of laws and regu-
ter? lations protecting the gas industry is a
consumer uses a debit card. legislation before the new rules here.
Wake up, governor. Times are tough for testament to what money can buy.
Those transaction fees have would take effect in July is fur- I wanted to move to Dallas because I felt
everyone, but instead of whacking hard- The real victim in this corporate horror
become a huge cost of doing ther evidence that Wall Street it was a nice, clean, safe environment in
business for retail businesses, has failed to learn from its mis- working, taxpaying people, or whacking show is the planet. Earth is experiencing
which to raise a family and it had a very
and the costs are being passed takes. Medicaid, Social Security and other low- good school district. In one fell swoop all changes to its very structure: polluted air,
on to consumers. income help lines, whack yourself first. of that seems about to change. radioactive water, topsoil erosion, sub-
St. Louis Post-Dispatch You, Mr. Governor, and your political
Banks, of course, cannot ar- Industrialization of Dallas Township is surface geological change, ice cap melting,
cronies should be the first to take that pay about to occur if we don’t stand up and try ozone depletion, extinction of ecosystems
EDITORIAL BOARD cut, benefit increase and such before push- to stop it. There are three natural gas me- and changing weather patterns.
ing it off onto others! I am ashamed to say tering stations being proposed in the area If this decimation continues, its ability
Editor and Publisher I voted for you. surrounding the school district campus, to sustain human life will be compromised.
Editorial Page Editor
JOSEPH BUTKIEWICZ PRASHANT SHITUT L.M. West and that is only the beginning. Included in Bill Burns
Vice President/Executive Editor President/Wilkes-Barre Publishing Co. Plymouth Township these stations would be 14,000 gallons of a Shavertown




State College leads in recycling with compost program

The borough’s food waste state Department of En- "It’s just a really nice ough public services manager.
vironmental Protection, "It’s just a way to cut back on our "There are nine commercial/in-
recycling effort was the first
with a borough match of trash bill," she said. "It’s stitutional participants in the
effort east of the Mississippi. about $80,000, helped really nice so outrageously expen- program, plus 561 residences
fund last year’s pilot pro- way to cut sive. If you’re cutting that have collection equipment."
gram, which the borough pineapple, it’s heavy." Of those, 474 residences par-
By JESSICA VANDERKOLK continues. It will report back on For The Autoport, ticipated at least once, and more
Centre Daily Times on the program to the our trash where the philosophy than 20 percent placed collection
STATE COLLEGE — Every DEP in May. includes buying local carts at the curb three-quarters of
napkin placed on a table at The Using results of a sur-
bill." and serving fresh foods, the time.
Autoport restaurant, every pine- vey, the borough chose Lynda Mussi composting fits right in. The average collection cart
apple stem discarded and every to collect in the Green- Autoport owner "It became very natu- held just less than 14 pounds of
batch of used coffee grounds now tree, Orchard Park and ral," she said. "Everybo- food waste last year, though that
go into a collection bin that joins South Hills neighbor- dy just did it." increased to almost 17 pounds
food waste from across the bor- hoods. The borough’s goal, by next during the last quarter, when the
ough to create compost. In mid-February 2010, several year, is to reduce landfill materi- AP PHOTO borough added green waste to
The first program of its kind businesses and schools in the als to 35 percent of the total Organic waste in this truck in State College is part of a borough- the food waste collection.
east of the Mississippi River, the State College Area School Dis- waste stream. Last year, leaves, wide effort to reduce the trash stream. The program will expand this
borough began curbside pickup trict entered the program. grass, brush, other green waste year, and Holmes said he expects
of food waste in January 2010 Autoport owner Lynda Mussi and food waste totaled about 37 1131⁄2 tons of material through the "While our diversion rate from to add more downtown business-
from some residential areas and, said the restaurant plans to re- percent of the 14,667 tons of land- food composting program last food waste alone was modest, the es within the month. He doesn’t
later, from businesses. main with the program, saying it fill waste. year, less than 1 percent of waste pilot is showing some encourag- plan to add more residences at
A $280,000 grant from the has gone "great." The borough diverted about sent to the landfill. ing results," said Ed Holmes, bor- this point.

Commissioners would have to be will- benefit the county and city. section of the city that has been plagued The seller – Val-Mar Holdings – had
ing to forego the difference between the “The city would get a building that it with several violent crimes, Yannuzzi paid $330,000 to buy the property in De-
$290,000 and the appraised value, Urban needs, and the county would not have a said. cember 2005, about two years before the
said. building that it has to heat and main- It would also provide needed space for county acquired it. Val-Mar had done lit-
Continued from Page 1A
The county plans to appraise the tain,” Urban said. the police department, which is current- tle, if any, work on the structure.
since the beginning of 2009, with no of- building again after an addition to the The county could recoup the ly housed in cramped quarters at City The company was owned at least in
fers. original bank building is demolished, $290,000 when it is permitted to sell the Hall on Church Street, the mayor said. part by former county planning commis-
Former county commissioners Todd Urban said. He expects the appraisal to Broad Street Exchange in 2015, Urban The county’s purchase of the bank sion member Frank DeGaetano.
Vonderheid and Greg Skrepenak had be lower than $625,000 because that said. building was controversial from the start The purchase stemmed from the
voted to purchase the building for amount was based on the increased State Department of Community and because Vonderheid and Skrepenak had county’s decision to evacuate its nearby
$700,000 to house a southern county an- square footage provided by the addition. Economic Development approval is re- originally planned to lease the building rented annex on Broad Street in Septem-
nex that never materialized. Commissioners decided to use com- quired for the plan because state funding for $2.58 million over 10 years. After a ber 2005 due to a suspicion of toxic mold
If the new arrangement goes as munity development funding to demol- was involved in the $290,000 owed to public outcry, they voted to pay that was later deemed unfounded
planned, the city would forgive $290,000 ish the addition because it is in poor con- the city, Yannuzzi said. $605,000 to purchase the property The county will soon be seeking bids
it is owed for the nearby county-owned dition and would create space for park- The move would put the city police through eminent domain, but a court to demolish the bank building addition,
Broad Street Exchange if the county ing. department in a more visible location, panel later ordered the county to pay Urban said. The demolition should be
gives the bank building to the city. Urban said the arrangement would which may help residents feel safer in a $700,000. complete by the summer, he said.

It directs the defendants to Duffy. That detail continued cording to court documents. to craft the injunction and rep- these very, very dangerous sub-
pay separate civil penalties of past 3 p.m., and reports on the Disguising the products as resented Jarbola in the order, stances or cause the death of
$1,000 for “each instance of a receipt of the orders were not household items also violates lauded the court’s decision. someone else.”
willful violation of the order expected before today. Jarbola the state Unfair Practices and “I don’t think there’s another Jarbola said he intended to
Continued from Page 1A
enjoining their conduct.” said those businesses and their Consumer Protection Law. county court in the United deliver copies of the order to
being sold, not only in the city, Wednesday’s complaint says respective owners could face Lackawanna County Presi- States of America that has each of the county’s chiefs of
but throughout Lackawanna that so-called bath salts are an criminal charges should they dent Judge Tom Munley and banned bath salts,” O’Malley police at a meeting Thursday,
County as well,” Jarbola said. “emerging menace” that com- choose to ignore the injunc- judges Michael Barrasse and said. March 31.
The injunction calls for the monly causes hallucinations, tion. Margaret Bisignani Moyle “It makes me very proud that “I’m going to ask them to go
immediate end to the sale of paranoia, suicidal thoughts, The threat to public welfare granted the preliminary injunc- this court saw the wisdom be- out into their communities and
products containing the com- seizures, irritability and more. through the sale of such prod- tion after hearing arguments in cause it was very clear through put the vendors on notice
pounds of methylene, mephe- The Scranton Police Depart- ucts makes it a public nuisance court Wednesday morning. the affidavits that we present- throughout Lackawanna Coun-
drone and methylenedioxypro- ment tried to deliver the court and could also bring second- Attorney Todd O’Malley, ed them that one of our young ty that if they don’t take these
valerone, or MDPV, commonly orders to businesses Wednes- degree misdemeanor charges who has worked closely with people in this community is go- products off the market, this is
found in bath salts. day afternoon, said Chief Dan for reckless endangerment, ac- the District Attorney’s Office ing to die as a result of using what could happen,” he said.

highly euphoric, aggressive and “It is going to be a tough sell influence of a prescription to rewrite the controlled sub- used to manufacture bath salts.
agitated. They were unable to for prosecutors,” Hakim said. medication. stance statute to include what- Municipalities such as
control simple body move- “Police can certainly charge “There is the difference; a ever active ingredients are in Wilkes-Barre and Nanticoke are
ments, and when answering somebody, but the question is: prescription medication is a bath salts, or to rewrite the contemplating ordinances that
Continued from Page 1A
questions, both were flailing Will the charge stick?” drug. Bath salts are not,” Ha- illegal solvents statute to classi- would ban the sale of bath
was swerving in traffic and and talking quickly,” the com- Hakim said there is a section kim said. fy it as an illegal solvent. As it salts.
nearly struck a utility pole and plaint says. of the DUI statute that allows Chemical compounds mephe- is classified right now, it is not Pace was further charged
other vehicles before being Pace was charged with driv- police to charge a driver if the drone and MDPV are the main an illegal substance.” with reckless endangerment,
boxed in a driveway by a detec- ing under the influence of bath driver is under the influence of ingredients that make up bath The state House of Repre- reckless driving and failing to
tive and another officer, accord- salts. a drug that impairs the ability salts, which mirror cocaine and sentatives is scheduled to vote have children restrained in
ing to charges filed. A legal search of state court to safely operate a vehicle. methamphetamine. The com- April 4 to ban the sale and safety seats. Zilla, the mother
Police said in the criminal records failed to turn up any Hakim said the DUI law pounds are not listed under the possession of bath salts before of the children, was charged
complaint that Pace and a similar charges involving bath raises another question about state’s controlled substance act, the legislation is moved to the with child endangerment, reck-
passenger, Donna Zilla, 40, of salts. bath salts. which means anyone, including state Senate. less endangerment and posses-
Dunmore, were under the influ- Attorney John Hakim of “Are bath salts a drug? juveniles, can legally take the U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D- sion of drug paraphernalia.
ence of bath salts. Two chil- Kingston said he believes po- They’re currently not illegal,” substance without fear of being Scranton, issued a statement Preliminary hearings for the
dren in the vehicle were not lice will have a difficult time he said. arrested. Tuesday urging the U.S. Drug two women are scheduled on
injured, police said. prosecuting Pace on the DUI Hakim noted a driver can be “What is going to need to Enforcement Administration to April 5 in Wilkes-Barre Central
Pace and Zilla “appeared charge. charged with driving under the happen is lawmakers will have immediately ban chemicals Court.

something Rogers wanted to do, Two years ago, Roger said, she including Twitter, to get her mess- Rogers said that if elected she
and in 1996, she graduated from spent just more than $20,000 on her age out there, in addition to meet- would like to institute a family court
Widener University School of Law. judicial campaign, and she went to ing people and knocking on doors. similar to the Lackawanna County
Since then, she has worked in sev- every event she could to meet vot- “Billboards are not a substitute model, including a Kids First pro-
Continued from Page 1A Video of candi-
eral areas of law, including as a law ers. She placed sixth on the Repub- for meeting people, though,” she gram that helps children cope with
date interviews
arts degree in journalism from the clerk for a U.S. magistrate judge and lican ticket and eighth on the Demo- said. divorce and other family issues. will be available
University of Delaware and worked as a senior associate attorney with cratic ticket. Roger said she is accepting cam- She also said that the court en on timesleader-
for a short time for the Wyoming Hourigan, Kluger and Quinn, work- This time around, Rogers said, paign contributions from family, banc meetings currently being held .com when all
Valley Healthcare System in public ing in areas including commercial she’ll spend about $40,000 to friends and colleagues. Any attor- make sense and that transparency endorsement
relations. litigation, employment law and $50,000 on the primary election, ney who donates to her will not be and accountability are the most im- interviews are
Being an attorney was always bankruptcy. and is utilizing social media sites, subject to a quid pro quo. portant things. complete

berger and Lawrence Moran, been life-changing for me,” Kul- tax evasion. led the state Supreme Court to ruption probe.
noted Kulick, who has had a life- ick told Munley. “I realized how “It’s hard to understand the overturn a $3.5 million verdict Kulick, who was an associate
long problem with alcohol, vol- much I love my sobriety, how criminal aspect of your life,” in a defamation case filed by lo- of reputed mobster William
untarily enrolled in an intensive much I love my family and how Munley said. “I hope the time cal businessman Thomas Jo- D’Elia, had testified that D’Elia
Continued from Page 1A
treatment program in prison. much I am loved by my family.” you spent in prison has made a seph. told him that Conahan had
months. Munley opted for a The attorneys said he had also Munley acknowledged Kul- big impression.” The court ordered a new trial promised a “positive outcome”
lesser sentence, citing signifi- volunteered to tutor other in- ick’s strong family support, tell- Kulick’s request for leniency based on evidence the case had for Joseph.
cant rehabilitation efforts Kulick mates and had participated in a ing Kulick he was “lucky” his had also been supported by at- been improperly steered to The retrial in the Joseph case
has made since he was incarcer- gardening program while incar- family has stood by him, despite torneys for The Citizens’ Voice Mark Ciavarella by Michael Co- is scheduled to begin in June.
ated. cerated. several criminal convictions for newspaper, who credited him nahan, two county judges who Kulick is expected to be called
Kulick’s attorneys, Peter Gold- “The last 17 months have other crimes, including income for being the key witness that were charged in the county cor- as a witness.

Movin’ on up BLOGS: VIDEO:

The Hazleton Police Department may Former F1 World leaders
move into Luzerne County’s vacant
annex building on Broad Street, offi- champ aims discuss Libya
cials said during a Greater Hazleton for NASCAR options
Chamber of Commerce breakfast.






Opening day arrives with a chill

AP Baseball Writer Today’s Games Ex-player: Bonds trainer PAUL SOKOLOSKI
Grab the parka, ski cap, mittens and National League

sold, helped inject HGH

Atlanta at Washington, 1:05 p.m.
galoshes. It’s time for baseball.
Milwaukee at Cincinnati, 2:10 p.m.

A bittersweet
From Dodger Stadium to Yankee Sta-
San Diego at St. Louis , 4:15 p.m.*
dium, there was a flurry of activity as San Francisco at L.A. Dodgers, 8 p.m.*
teams got ready for opening day. At American League
By PAUL ELIAS est athlete to testify
Great American Ball Park, meanwhile, Associated Press about his desire to

start for a few

Detroit at N.Y. Yankees, 1:05 p.m.**
actual flurries. L.A. Angels at Kansas City, 4:10 p.m. SAN FRANCISCO — Former New work with Anderson
Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder and the * - on ESPN ** - on ESPN and YES York Yankee Randy Velarde testified because of his con-
Milwaukee Brewers worked out as Wednesday that he purchased human nection to Bonds.

SWB Yankees
snowflakes fell Wednesday, a day before downright chilly in Cincinnati. growth hormone from Barry Bonds’ Like other players, he
they were to play Cincinnati. The condi- “If you’re playing golf and it’s 33 and personal trainer throughout the 2002 saw that the home-
tions were better suited for snowballs windy, you take it into the clubhouse season, making him the fourth major Bonds run king experienced
than baseballs when they took the field. and play cards. Unfortunately we have leaguer to admit drug use during a surge in hitting pow-

“I love it. I love the weather,” Reds to keep playing,” Yankees star Mark Bonds’ perjury trial. er after he teamed up with the trainer. hey say they are OK with start-
second baseman Brandon Phillips dead- Teixeira said, set to face Detroit in the Velarde said the HGH gave him more Bonds owns the major league records ing a season in the minors, that a
panned. “The weather is beautiful.” Bronx’s first March game. “It’s not easy “endurance and strength” and that per- for home runs in a career (762) and a little more seasoning can only
The forecast for the six openers playing in the cold but the good thing is sonal trainer Greg Anderson would season (73). help them, that they can still make the
Thursday wasn’t much better, either. both teams have to do it.” help him inject the performance-en- None of the players directly testified most of missed opportunity.
Rain with temperatures in the 40s in hancing drug. But they will miss being in New York
Washington, New York and Kansas City, See OPENING DAY, Page 3B The 48-year-old Velarde was the lat- See BONDS, Page 3B today.
That’s where guys like Ramiro Pena,
Greg Golson, Kevin Russo and especial-
H.S. GIRLS SOCCER I N T E R N AT I O N A L L E A G U E ly Jesus Montero figured the 2011 sea-

Immediate returns
son would begin for them – at new
Yankee Stadium this afternoon against
the Detroit Tigers in the major-league
Not in Triple-A wearing a Scranton/
Wilkes-Barre uniform against Lehigh
Valley next week.
“That’s fine,” Montero said.
Is it really?
More likely, that’s what these would-
be New York Yankees have convinced
themselves – that Scranton/Wilkes-
Barre is a pretty good place to be.
Except, it’s not the place they REAL-
LY want to be.
“It’s obviously a painful situation,”
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre relief pitcher
Andy Sisco said candidly. “It’s not
something that makes me happy.”
His pain was once more physical
than mental.
Sisco spent the entire 2005 season
DON CAREY/THE TIMES LEADER with Kansas City, and pitched in 151
Holy Redeemer celebrates after a goal by big league games over with the Royals
Kiera Stachowiak (14) during the first half of and Chicago White Sox from 2005-07.
Wednesday’s game against Crestwood. Then came Tommy John elbow surgery
that shut him down for two years.

Royals triumph
He came back last year with Dou-
ble-A Richmond, then signed with the
Yankees as a minor-league free agent
this winter believing he had a shot get

in frigid opener
back to the big leagues.
Despite a solid spring training per-
formance where Sisco compiled a 2.70
ERA through four appearances, the
By JOHN ERZAR parent Yankees quickly shipped him to the minor leagues.
WRIGHT TWP. — That second goal brought He blames himself more than the
more relief than jubilation to Holy Redeemer for organization, though.
two reasons. “I was a little disappointed I didn’t

First, it meant the Royals had
finally increased a precarious
pitch better when I was with the big
league camp,” Sisco said.
one-goal lead. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre’s lineup is
And secondly, it meant the filled with guys trying to recover and
0 chances of spending any more
CRESTWOOD time playing soccer on a frigid
Golson, Pena and Russo all played
Wednesday night dropped sig- well during stints with New York last
nificantly. season, achieving varying levels of
Junior Hallie Rexer provided the goal, smok- success.
ing in a 15-yard grounder with her left foot with But this spring they didn’t make the
See SOCCER, Page 4B Then there’s Montero, who worked
his way out of New York’s plans for this
year by hitting .222 in big league camp.
AHL His shot at the parent club’s starting
catching job became shaky when the

Penguins captain
PETE G. WILCOX/THE TIMES LEADER Yankees acquired former All-Star Rus-
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre pitcher Andy Sisco throws in Wednesday’s Triple-A exhibition baseball game against sell Martin. But Montero, the orga-
the Indianapolis Indians in Bradenton, Fla. Sisco worked a perfect sixth inning in the Yankees’ 11-6 loss. nization’s top prospect, was still pro-

helps top Norfolk Montero shines in exhibition defeat

jected as a backup catcher with a part-
time role in New York this season.
Until the swing that got him 21
homers, 75 RBI and a .289 batting
By JIM HODGES By PAUL SOKOLOSKI after he failed in ing constantly through Pirate average with the Scranton/Wilkes-
For The Times Leader his bid to open City. Barre Yankees last season disappeared,
NORFOLK, Va. — Goalie Dustin Tokarski saw BRADENTON, Fla. — Just in the season as the “That’s my approach,” Montero forcing New York to send him to Tri-
more of Ryan Craig that he used to on the Nor- case anyone forgot, Jesus Monte- backup catcher said. “That’s the way I like to hit.” ple-A on Monday for some more sea-
folk team bus. ro ordered up a strong shot to for the parent He hit just .222 in big-league soning.

Craig, the Admirals’ captain a
year ago and Wilkes-Barre/
show why he’s so heavily hyped.
In fact, make that a double.
New York Yan-
spring camp after entering it as
the odds-on favorite to win a back-
“Whatever they decide is fine with
me,” Montero insisted. “I’m going to
Scranton’s leader now, hassled Montero made his return to Montero “Just trying to up job with New York. Montero, Triple-A to keep working hard.”
Tokarski all night long, playing Scranton/Wilkes-Barre’s lineup a get going,” Mon- who hit .289 with 21 homers and Still, it has to be hard on the psyche
a part in all four first-period
goals in the Penguins’ 4-3 win
smooth one Wednesday, rocket-
ing a hard single and a scorching
tero said. 75 RBI in an All-Star season with
Looks like he’s going the oppo- Scranton/Wilkes-Barre last year,
of these guys who envisioned big plans
for today.
Wednesday at Scope Arena. RBI double during an 11-6 loss to site way. was returned to Triple-A Monday The first pitch of New York’s season
The Penguins captain was in Tokarski’s face on Indianapolis, Pittsburgh’s Tri- Both hits by the right-handed for more seasoning. comes at 1 p.m. today. That’s when the
two power-play goals by Brett Sterling and an- ple-A team. hitting slugger were blistering “Whatever they decide is fine guys left behind at the minor league
The display cast aside any blows to right field, cutting complex in Florida will feel a million
See PENGUINS, Page 4B doubts about Montero’s mindset through a strong crosswind blow- See YANKEES, Page 4B miles away.


L O C A L W H A T ’ S O N T V BULLETIN BOARD years old by Aug. 1. Players do not

C A L E N D A R AMERICA’S LINE need to reside in Bear Creek Town-
GOLF ship. For more information, please
Thursday, March 31 11 a.m. contact Bryan at bryan-
TGC — European PGA Tour, Trophee Hassan II,
first round, at Agadir, Morocco
By ROXY ROXBOROUGH The Silver Streak Wrestling Club is or Billie Jo at bmon-
(4:15 p.m.)
Noon currently holding a Threestyle
Berwick at MMI
Pittston Area at Holy Redeemer TGC — LPGA, Kraft Nabisco Championship, first CIRCULAR REPORT: On the NBA board, the Spurs - Celtics circle is for San (Freestyle, Greco and Folkstyle) Wyoming Valley Youth Soccer
round, part I, at Rancho Mirage, Calif.
Tunkhannock at Hazleton Area
3 p.m. Antonio center Tim Duncan (out), guard Tony Parker (probable) and guard Manu offseason wrestling program and Association will have a spring
Wyoming Area at GAR
Wyoming Seminary at Meyers TGC — PGA Tour, Houston Open, first round, at Ginobili (doubtful).
will continue until August. The soccer league, beginning in May
Humble, Texas
Wyoming Valley West at Dallas
6:30 p.m.
BOXING REPORT: In the WBO welterweight title fight on May 7 in Las Vegas,
program is open to any athletes in for teams in the U-7 through U-16
Coughlin at Crestwood
TGC — LPGA, Kraft Nabisco Championship, first Nevada, Manny Pacquiao is -$750 vs. at Shane Mosley +$550. age groups. Team applications and
round, part II, at Rancho Mirage, Calif. grades K-12 that are interested in
(5:45 p.m.)
improving their wrestling skills and information can be found at
Meyers at Lake-Lehman MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL NIT Tournament Registration
Coughlin at Tunkhannock BASEBALL having fun. Practices will be held in
Delaware Valley at Holy Redeemer 1 p.m.
Favorite Odds Underdog (Madison Square Garden) a new state-of-the-art facility in deadline is April 1.
Hanover Area at Pittston Area YES, ESPN — Detroit at N.Y. Yankees
West Side Tech at Wyoming Valley West 4 p.m. American League Wichita St 1.5 Alabama Drums. For more information,
H.S. GIRLS SOCCER ESPN — San Diego at St. Louis
NHL contact Cassidy Shuts at 582- UPCOMING EVENTS
(4:15 p.m.) 8 p.m. YANKEES ( 8.0 ) Tigers
Pittston Area at Honesdale ESPN — San Francisco at L.A. Dodgers Angels ( 8.5 ) ROYALS Favorite Odds Underdog 0852 or, or
Wyoming Area at Meyers
contact Chris Shaud at 233-4855 “Do it for the Kids” 5K Run and
COLLEGE GOLF MEN'S COLLEGE National League CAPITALS -$230/ Blue Jackets
Kids Fun Run will be held at 6 p.m.
King’s at Moravian Spring Invitational, 12:30 p.m. BASKETBALL +$190 or
COLLEGE SOFTBALL Braves ( 8.5 ) NATIONALS April 27 in Wilkes-Barre. he race
FLYERS -$240/ Thrashers
(3 p.m.) 7 p.m.
REDS ( 8.0 ) Brewers +$200 GOLF begins at The RiverCommon
King’s at Ithaca ESPN2 — NIT, championship game, Wichita State
Wilkes at Lebanon Valley vs. Alabama, at New York CARDS ( 7.0 ) Padres Rangers -$130/ ISLANDERS
Millennium Circle and runs through
COLLEGE MENS TENNIS 9 p.m. +$110 A charity golf tournament to benefit Kirby Park. The fun run will go
PSU Berks at Wilkes, 3:30 p.m. ESPN2 — Exhibition, Slam Dunk and 3-Point DODGERS ( 6.5 ) Giants
Championships, at Houston (same-day tape) BRUINS -$210/ Maple Leafs Blue Chip Farm no kill animal between the Portals on the River-
Friday, April 1 NBA
Common. Cash awards will be
NBA Favorite Points Underdog
+$175 refuge will be held 1 p.m. on April
PANTHERS -$135/ Senators 29 at the Blue Ridge Trail Golf given to overall male, female, male
WVC Girls Senior All-Star Game, 6:30 p.m., Holy 8 p.m. Celtics 3 SPURS
Redeemer H.S. TNT — Boston at San Antonio +$115
Course in Mountain Top. The masters and female masters. Age
WVC Boys Senior All-Star Game, 8 p.m., Holy Re- 10:30 p.m. LAKERS 6 Mavericks
LIGHTNING -$130/ Penguins format will be captain and crew groups medals will be awarded for
deemer H.S. TNT — Dallas at L.A. Lakers
College Basketball +$110
with a shotgun start. The cost is first, second and third places. A
(4:15 p.m.)
NHL Favorite Points Underdog WILD -$210/ Oilers Post-Race Bash and Happy Hour
Dallas at Wyoming Valley West $85 per player and includes 18
Tunkhannock at Wyoming Area
7 p.m. Saturday NCAA Tournament +$175
holes, cart, beverages, dinner. will be held at Rodano’s for race
VERSUS — Columbus at Washington
Crestwood at Coughlin Final Four Predators -$160/ AVALANCHE participants and supporters and
Nanticoke at Holy Redeemer TENNIS +$140 friends of WVCA from 7 to 9 pm.
Pittston Area at Hazleton Area 1 p.m.
(Houston, TX) MEETINGS
H.S. GIRLS SOCCER ESPN2 — ATP/WTA Tour, Sony Ericsson Open,
CANUCKS -$175/ Kings Cost for the happy hour is $20 per
Butler 2.5 Virginia Comm +$155
Berwick at Coughlin 4:15 p.m. women’s semifinal and men’s quarterfinal, at Key
Back Mountain Baseball and Soft- person and $15 for race participa-
H.S. SOFTBALL Biscayne, Fla. Kentucky 2 Connecticut
(4:15 p.m.)
SHARKS -$200/ Stars
ball will hold a board meeting at 7 nts. The annual Walk-a-thon is
11 p.m. +$170
Dallas at Wyoming Valley West ESPN2 — ATP/WTA Tour, Sony Ericsson Open, p.m. on Monday at the Daddow- scheduled 10 a.m. on April 30 at
Tunkhannock at Wyoming Area Home Teams in Capital Letters
Crestwood at Coughlin
women’s semifinal, at Key Biscayne, Fla. (same-
Isaacs American Legion located on the WVCA building in Forty Fort.
day tape)
Nanticoke at Holy Redeemer
the Route 415 in Dallas. General Awards will be given for individuals
Pittston Area at Hazleton Area
and teams raising the most
(3:30 p.m.)
COLLEGE BASEBALL P O C O N O National Basketball H O C K E Y meeting, open to the public, will be
amount in pledges. For more
King’s at Misericordia D O W N S Association held at 8 p.m.
information, visit www.wvca-
DeSales at Wilkes
All Times EDT National Hockey League Hanover Area Boys Basketball
Cabrini at King’s, 4 p.m. Results EASTERN CONFERENCE All Times EDT Booster Club will be accepting
Atlantic Division EASTERN CONFERENCE nominations for officers at the
Saturday, April 2 Wednesday Mar 30, 2011
W L Pct GB Atlantic Division Hanover Area baseball will hold
First - $8,500 Pace 1:54.0 y-Boston ....................... 51 22 .699 — April 11 meeting at Major League
H.S. GIRLS SOCCER 6-Cammi Place (La Stalbaum) 4.20 2.80 2.20 Philadelphia ................. 39 36 .520 13 GP W L OT Pts GF GA
anyone interested please attend. “Nite at the Races” on Saturday at
East Stroudsburg South at Delaware Valley, 11 a.m. 4-It’s Ideal Hanover (Ma Kakaley) 9.00 5.00 x-Philadelphia............. 76 46 20 10 102 243 202
5-Hope Lane Hanover (Ja Bartlett) 2.60
New York ...................... 37 38 .493 15 x-Pittsburgh ................ 77 45 24 8 98 220 188 Wyoming Valley ASA Chapter of the Warrior Run Firehall. Doors
COLLEGE BASEBALL New Jersey .................. 23 51 .311 281⁄2
(1 p.m.) EXACTA (6-4) $43.60 Toronto ......................... 20 54 .270 311⁄2
N.Y. Rangers .............. 77 41 31 5 87 218 182
Umpires will meet at 7 p.m. Mon- open at 6 p.m. and races start at 7
TRIFECTA (6-4-5) $117.40 New Jersey ................. 76 35 36 5 75 158 191
Misericordia at King’s
SUPERFECTA (6-4-5-2) $210.40 Southeast Division N.Y. Islanders ............. 77 29 36 12 70 212 244 day at Konefal’s in Edwardsville. p.m. Admission is free with a
Wilkes at DeSales
COLLEGE SOFTBALL Second - $8,000 Pace 1:56.0 W L Pct GB Northeast Division purchase of a horse.
8-Blissmequick (Jo Pavia Jr) 4.20 3.20 2.10 x-Miami ......................... 52 23 .693 — GP W L OT Pts GF GA
(1 p.m.) x-Orlando ...................... 47 28 .627 5
Wilkes at King’s 7-Undeniable Hanover (An McCarthy) 8.00 3.20 x-Atlanta........................ 43 32 .573 9
x-Boston ...................... 76 43 23 10 96 229 178 REGISTRATIONS/TRYOUTS
Misericordia at DeSales 3-Studio Queen (Br Simpson) 2.10 Montreal....................... 78 41 30 7 89 205 203
Charlotte ....................... 32 42 .432 191⁄2 Buffalo.......................... 77 39 29 9 87 226 214
COLLEGE MENS LACROSSE 4-You’re Too Funny (Ra Schnittker) 2.10 Washington .................. 18 56 .243 331⁄2 Bulletin Board items will not be
King’s at Eastern, 1 p.m. EXACTA (8-7) $62.80 Toronto ........................ 77 35 32 10 80 205 235
Ottawa .......................... 77 29 38 10 68 177 238
Bear Creek Bobcats Youth Soccer
Misericordia at Widener, 7 p.m. TRIFECTA (8-7-3) $85.40 Central Division
Southeast Division will hold registration will be held accepted over the telephone. Items
TRIFECTA (8-7-4) $114.40 W L Pct GB
COLLEGE WOMENS LACROSSE y-Chicago....................... 54 20 .730 — GP W L OT Pts GF GA from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 10 at may be faxed to 831-7319, e-mailed to
(1 p.m.) SUPERFECTA (8-7-3-4) $222.00
SUPERFECTA (8-7-4-3) $387.60 Indiana............................ 34 42 .447 21 x-Washington.............. 77 44 22 11 99 207 185
Eastern at King’s
DAILY DOUBLE (6-8) $12.00 Milwaukee ...................... 30 44 .405 24 Tampa Bay................... 76 41 24 11 93 228 230 the Bear Creek Community Char- or dropped
Wilkes at Alvernia Carolina ....................... 77 37 30 10 84 220 228 ter School. Registration is open to
Widener at Misericordia Third - $8,500 Pace 1:53.3 Detroit ............................. 26 48 .351 28
Atlanta .......................... 76 32 32 12 76 211 249
off at The Times Leader or mailed to
Cleveland ....................... 15 59 .203 39
COLLEGE TENNIS 3-Eagle See (Jo Pavia Jr) 2.40 2.10 2.10 Florida .......................... 77 29 36 12 70 187 212 anyone born between Aug. 1, 1993, The Times Leader, c/o Sports, 15 N.
2-Market Dynamics (Ma Kakaley) 3.40 2.10 WESTERN CONFERENCE
Wilkes at King’s, 1 p.m.
7-Star Of India (An Napolitano) 3.00 Southwest Division
WESTERN CONFERENCE through July 3, 2007, and is 4 Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711-0250.
Misericordia at FDU-Florham, 11 a.m. Central Division
EXACTA (3-2) $5.40 W L Pct GB
Sunday, April 3 TRIFECTA (3-2-7) $19.40 x-San Antonio .............. 57 17 .770 — GP W L OT Pts GF GA
SUPERFECTA (3-2-7-8) $85.20 x-Dallas......................... 52 21 .712 41⁄2 Detroit .......................... 77 44 23 10 98 247 226
COLLEGE TENNIS Penguins 4, Norfolk 3
Alvernia at King’s, 1 p.m.
Fourth - $8,000 Pace 1:57.1
4-Busybeingfabulous (Ma Kakaley) 4.00 3.00 2.60
New Orleans ................ 42
Memphis ....................... 42
.568 15
.560 151⁄2
Nashville ...................... 77 41 26 10 92 203 182
Chicago........................ 76 41 27 8 90 242 209 Penguins.................................................. 4 0 0 — 4 N A S C A R
NYU at Wilkes, 12 p.m. 5-Lisjune Ann (Ja Bartlett) 7.00 7.00 Houston ........................ 39 36 .520 181⁄2 St. Louis....................... 77 35 32 10 80 224 225 Norfolk...................................................... 1 1 1 — 3
Ramapo at Misericordia, 1 p.m. Columbus .................... 76 34 31 11 79 203 232
3-Yes We Did (Ji Taggart Jr) 6.20 Northwest Division Northwest Division
First period—1. Penguins, Sterling 24 (Hutchin- Sprint Cup Series
EXACTA (4-5) $36.80 W L Pct GB son), 2:22 (PP). 2. Norfolk, Jones 21 (Ritola, Berry),
Wilkes at Marywood, 12 p.m. TRIFECTA (4-5-3) $286.60 GP W L OT Pts GF GA 8:43. 3. Penguins, Veilleux 9 (Walker, Potter), 2011 schedule
x-Oklahoma City ........... 49 24 .671 — Feb. 12 — x-Budweiser Shootout, Daytona Beach,
COLLEGE WOMENS LACROSSE SUPERFECTA (4-5-3-7) $692.40 Denver............................ 44 29 .603 5 z-Vancouver................ 77 51 17 9 111 250 176 14:44 (PP). 4. Penguins, Sterling 25 (Lerg, Hutchin-
Wilkes at Marywood, 2 p.m. Fifth - $6,000 Pace 1:55.4 Calgary ........................ 77 38 28 11 87 235 226 Fla. (Kurt Busch)
Portland .......................... 43 31 .581 61⁄2 Minnesota ................... 76 36 32 8 80 191 215 son), 18:53 (PP). 5. Penguins, Craig 19, 19:38. Pe- Feb. 17 — x-Gatorade Duel 1, Daytona Beach, Fla.
4-The Steelman (Mi Simons) 6.00 3.00 2.60 Utah ................................ 36 39 .480 14
7-Eyes On Kassa (An Napolitano) 2.60 2.40 Colorado...................... 75 28 39 8 64 211 267 nalties: Jones (NOR) tripping, 1:29; Berry (NOR) (Kurt Busch)
Minnesota ...................... 17 58 .227 33 Edmonton.................... 76 23 42 11 57 180 251 Feb. 17 — x-Gatorade Duel 2, Daytona Beach, Fla.
6-Artful Sky (Ma Kakaley) 4.60 tripping, 6:25; Wallace (WBS) fighting, 13:25; Gu-
T R A N S A C T I O N S EXACTA (4-7) $17.20 Pacific Division
W L Pct GB
Pacific Division
das (NOR) roughing, fighting, 13:25; Jones (NOR) (Jeff Burton)
Feb. 20 — Daytona 500, Daytona Beach, Fla. (Tre-
TRIFECTA (4-7-6) $93.60 hooking, 18:14.
SUPERFECTA (4-7-6-1) $366.40 y-L.A. Lakers................ 53 20 .726 — San Jose ...................... 76 44 23 9 97 224 199 vor Bayne)
Second period—6. Norfolk, Milam 14 (Ritola, Har-
BASEBALL PICK 3 (3-4-4) $33.80 Phoenix......................... 36 37
Golden State ................ 32 44
.493 17
.421 221⁄2
Phoenix........................ 78 42 25 11 95 221 213
ju), 8:26 (PP). Penalties: Hutchinson (WBS) fight-
Feb. 27 — Subway Fresh Fit 500, Avondale, Ariz.
(Jeff Gordon)
Scratched: Pembroke Lil Los Angeles ................ 76 44 26 6 94 209 181
American League L.A. Clippers................. 29 45 .392 241⁄2 Anaheim ...................... 76 43 28 5 91 219 221 ing, 2:28; Angelidis (NOR) fighting, 2:28; Veilleux March 6 — Kobalt Tools 400, Las Vegas (Carl Ed-
BALTIMORE ORIOLES—Announced RHP Rick Sixth - $8,500 Pace 1:53.4 Sacramento.................. 21 52 .288 32 Dallas ........................... 75 38 26 11 87 209 212 wards)
5-Witch Is Bettor (Br Simpson) 11.40 3.60 3.00 (WBS) fighting, 2:30; Berry (NOR) fighting, 2:30;
VandenHurk cleared waivers and was sent outright x-clinched playoff spot NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for overtime Sterling (WBS) roughing, 2:54; Giliati (NOR) rough- March 20 — Jeff Byrd 500, Bristol, Tenn. (Kyle
to Norfolk (IL). Selected the contract of RHP Josh 3-Island Terror (Jo Pavia Jr) 2.10 2.10 loss. Busch)
2-Mysteriosa Hanover (Ma Kakaley) 2.60 y-clinched division ing, 2:54; Boulerice (WBS) interference, 7:03;
Rupe from Norfolk (IL). Tuesday's Games x-clinched playoff spot March 27 — Auto Club 400, Fontana, Calif. (Kevin
CLEVELAND INDIANS—Selected the contracts of EXACTA (5-3) $42.00 z-clinched conference served by Marshall (WBS) bench minor - too many Harvick)
TRIFECTA (5-3-2) $101.40 Cleveland 102, Miami 90 men, 15:08; Potter (WBS) interference, 15:08; Ster-
RHP Justin Germano, INF Adam Everett, INF Jack Houston 112, New Jersey 87 Tuesday's Games April 3 — Goody’s Fast Relief 500, Martinsville, Va.
Hannahan and OF Travis Buck from Columbus (IL). SUPERFECTA (5-3-2-1) $403.40 ling (WBS) goaltender interference, 18:19; Berry April 9 — Samsung Mobile 500, Fort Worth, Texas
Scratched: Picked By An Angel Oklahoma City 115, Golden State 114, OT Carolina 3, Washington 2, SO
Placed INF Jason Donald and RHP Joe Smith on Sacramento 116, Phoenix 113 Columbus 3, Florida 2, SO (NOR) delay of game, 18:19. April 17 — Aaron’s 499, Talladega, Ala.
the 15-day DL, retroactive to March 22; and OF Gra- Seventh - $13,000 Pace 1:54.3 Minnesota 3, St. Louis 2, SO April 30 — Crown Royal 400, Richmond, Va.
7-Kate’s Joy (Ty Buter) 70.60 16.00 8.20 Wednesday's Games Third period—7. Norfolk, Ritola 3 (Roy, Pouliot),
dy Sizemore on the 15-day DL, retroactive to March Atlanta 85, Orlando 82 Phoenix 2, Dallas 1, SO 11:42. Penalties: Pouliot (NOR) interference1:19; May 7 — Showtime Southern 500, Darlington, S.C.
29. Placed OF Trevor Crowe on the 60-day DL. Re- 3-Eagle Way (Jo Pavia Jr) 5.80 3.80 Toronto 4, Buffalo 3 May 15 — Dover (Del.) 400
2-Tia Maria Hanover (Ho Parker) 6.40 Charlotte 98, Cleveland 97 Mihalik (NOR) boarding, 2:21.
called INF Jared Goedert from Columbus and Indiana 111, Detroit 101 Philadelphia 5, Pittsburgh 2 May 21 — x-Sprint Showdown, Concord, N.C.
placed him on the 60-day DL. Reassigned INF Jor- EXACTA (7-3) $417.80 Boston 3, Chicago 0 Shots on goal—Penguins 13-6-8-27. Norfolk May 21 — x-All-Star Challenge, Concord, N.C.
TRIFECTA (7-3-2) $2,268.60 Milwaukee 104, Toronto 98 11-14-9-34.
dan Brown, 1B Nick Johnson and OF Chad Huffman Philadelphia 108, Houston 97 Montreal 3, Atlanta 1 May 29 — Coca-Cola 600, Concord, N.C.
to Columbus (IL). SUPERFECTA (7-3-ALL-ALL) $851.80 Tampa Bay 5, Ottawa 2 Power-play opportunities—Penguins 3-6; Nor- June 5 — Kansas Speedway 400, Kansas City,
Scratched: Quicksilvercandy A Miami 123, Washington 107
DETROIT TIGERS—Selected the contract of RHP New York 120, New Jersey 116 Vancouver 3, Nashville 1 folk 1-3. Kan.
Enrique Gonzalez from Toledo (IL). Sent INF Audy Eighth - $13,000 Pace 1:54.0 Los Angeles 2, Edmonton 0 June 12 — Pocono 500, Long Pond, Pa.
4-Doubleshotascotch (Ty Buter) 6.00 2.80 2.10 Memphis 110, Golden State 91 Goalies—Penguins, Curry 21-13-0 (34 shots-31
Ciriaco outright to Erie (EL). Placed INF Carlos Chicago 108, Minnesota 91 Wednesday's Games June 19 — Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips 400,
Guillen and RHP Joel Zumaya on 15-day DL. 8-Art Two D Two (Jo Pavia Jr) 2.60 2.20 saves). Norfolk, Tokarski 21-18-4 (27 shots-23 Brooklyn, Mich.
Portland at New Orleans, (n) Buffalo 1, N.Y. Rangers 0 saves).
KANSAS CITY ROYALS—Placed C Jason Kendall 6-Indelible Hanover (An McCarthy) 2.40 New Jersey 3, N.Y. Islanders 2 June 26 — Toyota/Savemart 350, Sonoma, Calif.
EXACTA (4-8) $20.20 Sacramento at Denver, (n) Referees—Keith Kaval, Graham Skilliter. Lines-
on the 15-day DL, retroactive to March 22. Selected Oklahoma City at Phoenix, (n) Carolina 6, Montreal 2 July 2 — Coke Zero 400, Daytona Beach, Fla.
the contract of LHP Tim Collins from Omaha (PCL). TRIFECTA (4-8-6) $57.40 St. Louis 10, Detroit 3 men—Scott Pomento, Tom George. July 9 — Kentucky 400, Sparta, Ky.
SUPERFECTA (4-8-6-3) $115.60 Dallas at L.A. Clippers, (n)
Designated C Lucas May for assignment. Sent OF Anaheim at Calgary, (n) A—3,138 July 17 — LENOX Industrial Tools 301, Loudon,
Gregor Blanco outright to Omaha. Ninth - $15,000 Pace 1:54.2 Thursday's Games N.H.
Boston at San Antonio, 8 p.m. Thursday's Games
NEW YORK YANKEES—Selected the contracts of 6-Clear Character (Mi Simons) 10.60 5.00 4.60 Toronto at Boston, 7 p.m. July 31 — Brickyard 400, Indianapolis
RHP Luis Ayala, RHP Bartolo Colon, RHP Freddy 2-Royal Fortune (An McCarthy) 8.40 4.20 Dallas at L.A. Lakers, 10:30 p.m. Aug. 7 — Pennsylvania 500, Long Pond, Pa.
Friday's Games N.Y. Rangers at N.Y. Islanders, 7 p.m.
Garcia and C Gustavo Molina from Scranton/
Wilkes-Barre (IL). Optioned OF Chris Dickerson to
7-Natural Woman N (Ja Bartlett) 2.40
EXACTA (6-2) $72.80 Milwaukee at Indiana, 7 p.m. Atlanta at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. B A S E B A L L Aug. 14 — Helluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the
Glen, Watkins Glen, N.Y.
Charlotte at Orlando, 7 p.m. Columbus at Washington, 7 p.m.
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Placed LHP Pedro Felicia- TRIFECTA (6-2-7) $197.00 Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay, 7:30 p.m. Aug. 21 — CARFAX 400, Brooklyn, Mich.
New Jersey at Philadelphia, 7 p.m.
no and C Francisco Cervelli on the 15-day DL, retro-
active to March 22. Placed LHP Damaso Marte, INF
SUPERFECTA (6-2-7-ALL) $202.60
PICK 4 (5-7-4-6 (3 Out of 4)) $119.40 Cleveland at Washington, 7 p.m. Ottawa at Florida, 7:30 p.m. Major League Baseball Aug. 27 — Irwin Tools 500, Bristol, Tenn.
Sept. 4 — Labor Day Classic 500, Hampton, Ga.
Chicago at Detroit, 7:30 p.m. Edmonton at Minnesota, 8 p.m.
Reegie Corona and OF Colin Curtis on the 60-day Tenth - $16,000 Trot 1:54.4 Nashville at Colorado, 9 p.m. Spring Training Glance Sept. 10 — One Last Race to Make the Chase 400,
DL, retroactive to March 22. Designated RHP Ro- 7-Baby Boy Grin (La Stalbaum) 5.80 3.20 2.60 Miami at Minnesota, 8 p.m. All Times EDT Richmond, Va.
Memphis at New Orleans, 8 p.m. Los Angeles at Vancouver, 10 p.m.
mulo Sanchez for assignment. 2-Whybabywhy (Ty Buter) 4.40 3.00 Dallas at San Jose, 10:30 p.m. AMERICAN LEAGUE Sept. 18 — 400, Joliet, Ill.
National League 4-My Leap Of Faith (Mi Simons) 2.40 Boston at Atlanta, 8 p.m. Sept. 25 — SYLVANIA 300, Loudon, N.H.
San Antonio at Houston, 8:30 p.m. Friday's Games ....................................................................... W L Pct
ATLANTA BRAVES—Released LHP Billy Wagner. EXACTA (7-2) $24.60 Kansas City..................................................2010.667 Oct. 2 — AAA 400, Dover, Del.
L.A. Clippers at Phoenix, 10 p.m. Philadelphia at New Jersey, 7 p.m. Oct. 9 — Kansas 400, Kansas City, Kan.
Assigned OF Joe Mather outright to Gwinnett (IL). TRIFECTA (7-2-4) $91.80 Chicago at Columbus, 7 p.m. Minnesota ....................................................2012.625
CHICAGO CUBS—Sent C Max Ramirez outright to SUPERFECTA (7-2-4-9) $548.20 Oklahoma City at Portland, 10 p.m. Oct. 15 — Bank of America 500, Concord, N.C.
Denver at Sacramento, 10 p.m. Calgary at St. Louis, 8 p.m. Detroit ...........................................................2014.588 Oct. 23 — Talladega 500, Talladega, Ala.
Iowa (PCL). Eleventh - $9,000 Pace 1:56.2 Colorado at Phoenix, 10 p.m. Los Angeles.................................................1813.581
CINCINNATI REDS—Placed RHP Jared Burton on L.A. Lakers at Utah, 10:30 p.m. Oct. 30 — TUMS Fast Relief 500, Martinsville, Va.
3-Lucky Sniper (An McCarthy) 2.20 2.10 2.10 NHL Scoring Leaders Seattle...........................................................1612.571
the 15-day DL, retroactive to March 29; OF Fred Le- 6-Zipnthruthehall (Mi Simons) 4.20 3.20 NBA LEADERS Nov. 6 — AAA Texas 500, Fort Worth, Texas
Through March 29 Toronto .........................................................1614.533 Nov. 13 — Kobalt Tools 500, Avondale, Ariz.
wis on the 15-day DL, retroactive to March 27; RHP 5-Cories Artist (Ro Hammer) 3.60 THROUGH MARCH 29
Cleveland .....................................................1514.517 Nov. 20 — Ford 400, Homestead, Fla.
Jose Arredondo on the 15-day DL, retroactive to EXACTA (3-6) $8.20 Scoring GP G A PTS
March 25; RHP Homer Bailey on the 15-day DL, ret- Tampa Bay ...................................................1514.517 x-non-points race
TRIFECTA (3-6-5) $61.80 G FG FT PTS AVG Daniel Sedin, Van .................... 77 40 58 98 Baltimore ......................................................1515.500
roactive to March 24; and RHP Johnny Cueto on the SUPERFECTA (3-6-5-2) $135.60 Durant, OKC ............. 69 631 532 1925 27.9 Martin St. Louis, TB................. 76 29 62 91 2011 Driver Standings
15-day DL, retroactive to March 20. Recalled RHP New York .....................................................1315.464 1. Carl Edwards, 187.
Scratched: Tyler Hanover James, MIA............... 72 682 455 1905 26.5 Henrik Sedin, Van.................... 77 19 72 91 Texas............................................................1316.448
Jordan Smith from Louisville (IL). Twelfth - $13,000 Pace 1:51.3 2. Ryan Newman, 178.
FLORIDA MARLINS—Placed C John Baker on the Wade, MIA ................ 70 641 453 1796 25.7 Steven Stamkos, TB................ 76 44 44 88 Boston ..........................................................1319.406 3. Kurt Busch, 177.
8-Four Trumps A (La Stalbaum) 5.00 4.60 3.20 Oakland ........................................................1221.364
60-day DL. Selected the contracts of INF Donnie 7-Drive All Night (An Napolitano) 10.40 4.00 Stoudemire, NYK..... 73 705 445 1865 25.5 Corey Perry, Anh ..................... 76 44 42 86 4. Kyle Busch, 176.
Murphy and INF Greg Dobbs from New Orleans Alex Ovechkin, Was ................ 74 29 48 77 Chicago ........................................................1120.355 5. Jimmie Johnson, 173.
6-Rusty Tank (Mi Simons) 7.40 Anthony, NYK........... 70 612 475 1772 25.3
(PCL). EXACTA (8-7) $57.00 Henrik Zetterberg, Det ............ 76 23 53 76 NATIONAL LEAGUE 6. Tony Stewart, 170.
Bryant, LAL ............... 73 659 420 1838 25.2
HOUSTON ASTROS—Reassigned INF Tommy TRIFECTA (8-7-6) $146.20 ....................................................................... W L Pct 7. Paul Menard, 164.
Rose, CHI ................. 72 640 408 1800 25.0 Jarome Iginla, Cgy .................. 77 36 39 75 San Francisco..............................................2312.657
Manzella to Oklahoma City (PCL). Designatred SUPERFECTA (8-7-6-ALL) $274.40 8. Juan Pablo Montoya, 161.
LHP Ryan Rowland-Smith for assignment. Ellis, GOL.................. 75 686 321 1818 24.2 Jonathan Toews, Chi ............... 74 31 44 75 Colorado ......................................................2011.645 9. Kevin Harvick, 157.
PICK 3 (7-3-8) $36.20 Teemu Selanne, Anh............... 67 28 47 75
MILWAUKEE BREWERS—Placed OF Corey Hart PICK 3 (7-8-8) $36.20 Martin, HOU.............. 72 487 538 1670 23.2 Milwaukee ....................................................1911.633 (tie) Matt Kenseth, 157.
and C Jonathan Lucroy on the 15-day DL, retroac- Nowitzki, DAL........... 64 537 347 1484 23.2 Anze Kopitar, LA...................... 75 25 48 73 Philadelphia .................................................2114.600 (tie) Kasey Kahne, 157.
tive to March 22. Selected the contracts of INF/OF Thirteenth - $13,000 Trot 1:56.2 12. Dale Earnhardt Jr., 156.
1-No Doze (Ma Kakaley) 3.60 2.20 2.10 Howard, ORL............ 71 575 495 1645 23.2 Claude Giroux, Phi................... 76 25 46 71 Atlanta ..........................................................1713.567
Erick Almonte and OF Jeremy Reed from Nashville Brad Richards, Dal .................. 65 25 44 69 Cincinnati......................................................1714.548 13. Martin Truex Jr., 147.
(PCL). Assigned C Mike Rivera and RHP Mark Di- 2-The Windsurfer A (La Stalbaum) 2.80 2.20 Griffin, LAC ............... 74 622 406 1657 22.4 (tie) Mark Martin, 147.
6-Bigpepper (Dr Chellis) 4.60 Ryan Getzlaf, Anh.................... 61 18 51 69 New York .....................................................1715.531
Felice to their minor league camp. Westbrook, OKC...... 73 553 478 1615 22.1 Washington..................................................1514.517 15. A J Allmendinger, 137.
NEW YORK METS—Announced INF Nick Evans EXACTA (1-2) $11.80 Aldridge, POR .......... 74 640 336 1620 21.9 Ryan Kesler, Van ..................... 77 36 32 68 16. Jeff Gordon, 130.
TRIFECTA (1-2-6) $78.20 Florida ..........................................................1515.500
cleared waivers and was sent outright to Buffalo Bargnani, TOR.......... 64 517 283 1392 21.8 St. Louis .......................................................1416.467 17. Clint Bowyer, 122.
SUPERFECTA (1-2-6-7) $493.00
(IL). Announced INF Luis Hernandez cleared waiv-
Fourteenth - $4,500 Pace 1:56.3 Granger, IND ............ 73 495 365 1500 20.5 American Hockey League San Diego ....................................................1317.433 18. Bobby Labonte, 121.
ers. Williams, NJN ........... 61 405 336 1247 20.4 Chicago ........................................................1419.424 (tie) Marcos Ambrose, 121.
PITTSBURGH PIRATES—Optioned RHP Chris 7-Eve Freeluck (Br Simpson) 18.80 10.20 5.80 All Times EDT 20. Greg Biffle, 119.
5-Gangsta Lady (Lu Porfilio) 6.20 3.00 Love, MIN.................. 71 471 412 1442 20.3 Los Angeles.................................................1321.382
Leroux to Indianapolis (IL). Acquired C Carlos Pau- EASTERN CONFERENCE
lino from Florida for INF Jim Negrych. 3-Jk Diamondnpearls (Mi Merton) 7.00 Randolph, MEM ....... 69 549 274 1379 20.0 Atlantic Division
Pittsburgh.....................................................1221.364 Nationwide Series
EXACTA (7-5) $117.40 Arizona .........................................................1225.324
PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES—Released 2B Luis Lopez, NJN............... 73 553 335 1441 19.7 GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA Houston........................................................1123.324 2011 schedule
Castillo. TRIFECTA (7-5-3) $678.40 FG Percentage
SUPERFECTA (7-5-3-2) $1,705.00 x-Portland.............. 73 44 21 6 2 96 260 214 NOTE: Split-squad games count in the standings; Feb. 19 — DRIVE4COPD 300, Daytona Beach, Fla.
American Association FG FGA PCT x-Manchester........ 75 42 24 3 6 93 239 195 games against non-major league teams do not. (Tony Stewart)
AMARILLO SOX—Signed 1B Chris Nash. LATE DOUBLE (1-7) $54.00
Total Handle-$356,861 Hilario, DEN ................................ 366 588 .622 Connecticut........... 74 38 28 2 6 84 203 201 Tuesday's Games Feb. 26 — Bashas’ Supermarkets 200, Avondale,
GARY SOUTHSHORE RAILCATS—Traded RHP Worcester.............. 74 34 28 4 8 80 201 230 N.Y. Mets 8, Washington 2 Ariz. (Kyle Busch)
Andy Shipman to Kansas City for cash and a player Howard, ORL .............................. 575 958 .600 Providence............ 74 33 35 3 3 72 190 239 March 5 — Sam’s Town 300, Las Vegas (Mark Mar-
to be named. B A S K E T B A L L Okafor, NOR ............................... 272 469 .580 Springfield ............. 74 31 38 2 3 67 212 239 Toronto 7, Baltimore 4
Florida 4, St. Louis 2 tin)
LINCOLN SALTDOGS—Signed C Pat Trettel, INF A. Johnson, TOR ........................ 272 476 .571 Bridgeport ............. 74 26 37 4 7 63 197 248 March 19 — Scotts EZ Seed 300, Bristol, Tenn.
N.Y. Yankees 2, Detroit 1
Brandon Jones and INF Phil Hawke. Gortat, PHX ................................. 284 501 .567 East Division (Kyle Busch)
SIOUX CITY EXPLORERS—Signed INF Ryan NCAA Men Horford, ATL................................ 471 834 .565 GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA
Boston 1, Tampa Bay 1, tie
Cincinnati 8, Cleveland 3 March 26 — Royal Purple 300, Fontana, Calif. (Kyle
Priddy and OF Joe Wendte. NCAA Tournament Glance Ibaka, OKC.................................. 296 540 .548 y-Penguins .......... 74 53 20 0 1 107 237 168 Kansas City 3, Chicago White Sox 2 Busch)
WICHITA WINGNUTS—Signed RHP Jared Si- x-Hershey ............. 75 43 24 3 5 94 239 198 Milwaukee 8, San Diego 7 April 8 — O’Reilly Auto Parts 300, Fort Worth, Tex-
mon. Acquired INF Juan M. Richardson from Chico All Times EDT McGee, WAS .............................. 284 522 .544 Charlotte ............... 75 41 25 2 7 91 247 226 Arizona 15, Chicago Cubs 8 as
Outlaws (North American) for cash. FINAL FOUR Young, PHL................................. 399 740 .539 Norfolk................... 73 37 22 8 6 88 239 202 April 16 — Aaron’s 312, Talladega, Ala.
Seattle 7, Colorado 2
Can-Am League At Reliant Stadium Odom, LAL .................................. 420 780 .538 Binghamton .......... 74 40 27 3 4 87 239 203 Atlanta 4, Minnesota 2, 10 innings April 23 — Nashville 300, Lebanon, Tenn.
BROCKTON ROX—Signed OF Mike Kitt. Houston Rebounds Syracuse............... 74 31 36 3 4 69 194 229 April 29 — BUBBA burger 250, Richmond, Va.
Albany.................... 73 31 37 1 4 67 200 250 Philadelphia 8, Pittsburgh 5
NEWARK BEARS—Signed INF Brandon Javis. National Semifinals G OFF DEF TOT AVG San Francisco 4, Oakland 1 May 6 — Royal Purple 200, Darlington, S.C.
QUEBEC CAPITALES—Signed RHP Jeff Duda Adirondack ........... 73 26 37 4 6 62 170 233 May 14 — Dover 200, Dover, Del.
Saturday, April 2 Love, MIN............... 71 323 773 1096 15.4 L.A. Angels 5, L.A. Dodgers 1
and INF Michael L. Thompson. Traded RHP Bren- WESTERN CONFERENCE May 22 — Iowa 250, Newton, Iowa
Butler (27-9) vs. Virginia Commonwealth (28-11), Howard, ORL ......... 71 287 725 1012 14.3 Wednesday's Games
don Malkowski to Southern Illinois (Frontier) for a 6:09 p.m. North Division Minnesota 2, Atlanta 0 May 28 — Top Gear 300, Concord, N.C.
player to be named. Randolph, MEM..... 69 309 547 856 12.4 GP W L OL SL Pts GF GA June 4 — Chicagoland 300, Joliet, Ill.
Kentucky (29-8) vs. Connecticut (30-9), 40 minutes N.Y. Mets 6, Florida 3
Griffin, LAC ............ 74 246 643 889 12.0 Manitoba................ 74 41 27 1 5 88 205 188 June 18 — Michigan 250, Brooklyn, Mich.
FOOTBALL after first game
Humphries, NJN.... 73 220 537 757 10.4 Lake Erie ............... 74 40 26 3 5 88 207 192
San Francisco 2, Oakland 1
June 25 — Bucyrus 200, Elkhart Lake, Wis.
National Championship Pittsburgh 4, Philadelphia 1
Canadian Football League Gasol, LAL ............. 73 244 505 749 10.3 Hamilton ................ 74 39 26 2 7 87 208 184 Tampa Bay 5, Toronto 3 July 1 — Subway Jalapeno 250 Powered By Coca-
Monday, April 4 Toronto .................. 75 35 29 1 10 81 212 206 Cola, Daytona Beach, Fla.
WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS—Acquired a 2011 Semifinal winners Okafor, NOR .......... 64 201 419 620 9.7 Boston at Houston, (n)
first-round draft pick and a 2012 fourth-round draft Grand Rapids........ 74 35 29 2 8 80 220 234 July 8 — Kentucky 300, Sparta, Ky.
National Invitation Tournament Glance Jefferson, UTA ...... 75 217 509 726 9.7 Abbotsford ............ 73 34 29 4 6 78 173 199 Seattle at L.A. Dodgers, (n)
pick from Toronto for QB Steven Jyles. July 16 — New England 200, Loudon, N.H.
All Times EDT Lee, GOL................ 66 196 439 635 9.6 Rochester.............. 73 30 36 4 3 67 196 235 July 23 — Federated Auto Parts 300, Lebanon,
HOCKEY Semifinals Horford, ATL .......... 69 168 490 658 9.5 West Division Tenn.
July 30 — Kroger 200, Indianapolis
National Hockey League Tuesday, March 29 Assists
Milwaukee ............. 73 40 19 6 8 94 204 177 B O X I N G Aug. 6 — U.S. Cellular 250, Newton, Iowa
CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS—Signed F Jimmy At Madison Square Garden Aug. 13 — Zippo 200 at The Glen, Watkins Glen,
Nash, PHX..................................... 69 786 11.4 Houston ................. 76 44 26 1 5 94 223 198
Hayes to a three-year contract. New York N.Y.
NEW YORK ISLANDERS—Agreed to terms with D Wichita State 75, Washington State 44 Rondo, BOS .................................. 61 689 11.3
Texas ..................... 73 39 24 4 6 88 204 193
Peoria .................... 74 38 29 2 5 83 203 202
Fight Schedule Aug. 20 — NAPA Auto Parts 200, Montreal
Matt Donovan and assigned him to Bridgeport Alabama 62, Colorado 61 Williams, NJN ................................ 61 619 10.1 Chicago ................. 74 37 28 3 6 83 241 237 National TV in parentheses Aug. 26 — Food City 250, Bristol, Tenn.
(AHL). Championship Paul, NOR...................................... 72 704 9.8 Oklahoma City...... 75 36 28 2 9 83 224 226 Sep. 3 — Great Clips 300, Hampton, Ga.
TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING—Reassigned F Mattias April 1
Thursday, March 31 Calderon, TOR.............................. 66 588 8.9 San Antonio .......... 73 38 30 3 2 81 213 221 At Berlin, Bejamin Simon vs. Sam Soliman, 12, IBF Sep. 9 — Virginia 529 College Savings 250, Rich-
Ritola to Norfolk (AHL). Wichita State (28-8) vs. Alabama (25-11), 7 p.m. Rockford................ 74 33 32 4 5 75 194 227 mond, Va.
Wall, WAS...................................... 61 527 8.6 x-Clinched Playoff Berth middleweight eliminator;Alexander Petkovic vs.
American Hockey League Raymond Ochieng, 12, heavyweights. Sep. 17 — Dollar General 300 Powered By Coca-
BRIDGEPORT SOUND TIGERS—Signed D Matt Felton, DEN................................... 67 578 8.6 y-Clinched Divisional Title Cola, Joliet, Ill.
At Mashantucket, Conn. (ESPN2), Henry Lundy vs.
Campanale and F Chris Barton. NCAA Women Kidd, DAL....................................... 73 610 8.4 NOTE: Two points are awarded for a win, one point
for an overtime or shootout loss. Patrick Lopez, 12, lightweights;Vladine Biosse vs. Oct. 1 — Dover 200 (Fall), Dover, Del.
ECHL Westbrook, OKC........................... 73 606 8.3 Yasin Rashid, 10, junior middleweights. Oct. 8 — Kansas Lottery 300, Kansas City, Kan.
ELMIRA JACKALS—Announced D R.J. Anderson, NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament Wednesday's Games Oct. 14 — Dollar General 300, Concord, N.C.
Rose, CHI ...................................... 72 567 7.9 April 2
F Jason Bailey, F Corey Cowick and F Mike Hoff- All Times EDT Syracuse 4, Toronto 3 Nov. 5 — O’Reilly Auto Parts Challenge, Fort
Nets-Knicks, Box At Gdynia, Poland, Krzysztof Wlodarczyk vs. Fran-
man were assigned to the team from Binghamton PHILADELPHIA REGIONAL Bridgeport 2, Portland 1 Worth, Texas
NEW JERSEY (116) Rockford 3, Lake Erie 2 cisco Palacios, 12, for Wlodarczyk’s WBC cruiser-
(AHL). Regional Championship weight title. Nov. 12 — Wypall 200, Avondale, Ariz.
READING ROYALS—Signed D Jimmy Martin. Outlaw 1-6 2-2 4, Humphries 5-10 5-8 15, Lopez Hamilton 4, Abbotsford 1 Nov. 19 — Ford 300, Homestead, Fla.
Tuesday, March 29 11-19 4-5 26, D.Williams 7-19 6-6 22, Morrow 10-15 At Le Cannet, France, Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam vs.
Loaned F John Scrymgeour to Portland (AHL). Re- Connecticut 75, Duke 40 Penguins 4, Norfolk 3
6-7 30, Farmar 3-7 1-1 7, Petro 3-7 3-4 9, Vujacic 1-3 San Antonio at Milwaukee, (n) Giovanni Lorenzo, 12, for the interim WBA World
leased F Ian O’Connor. Signed D Mike Little.

DAYTON REGIONAL 0-0 3. Totals 41-86 27-33 116. Rochester at Manitoba, (n) middleweight title.
COLLEGE Monday, March 28 NEW YORK (120) Thursday's Games
At Halle, Germany, Marco Huck vs. Ran Nakash,
Notre Dame 73, Tennessee 59 Anthony 15-26 6-6 39, Stoudemire 10-15 3-6 23, 12, for Huck’s WBO cruiserweight title;Robert Hele-
BOSTON COLLEGE—Announced junior G Reggie Chicago at Houston, 8:05 p.m. nius vs. Samuel Peter, 12, for the WBO-WNA Inter-
Jackson has declared for the NBA draft. SPOKANE REGIONAL She.Williams 3-3 0-0 6, Billups 10-23 10-10 33,
Friday's Games Continental heavyweight titles.
FLAGLER—Announced the resignation men’s and Monday, March 28 Fields 1-2 0-0 2, Jeffries 0-1 0-0 0, Douglas 2-8 2-2
7, Sha.Williams 2-6 0-0 4, Walker 1-3 0-2 2, Carter Connecticut at Providence, 7:05 p.m. At London, Jurgen Brahmer vs. Nathan Cleverly, The Times Leader strives to
women’s cross country coach of Dave Williams. Stanford 83, Gonzaga 60 Charlotte at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, 7:05 p.m.
ILLINOIS STATE— Named Jim Schneiderhahn DALLAS REGIONAL 2-5 0-0 4. Totals 46-92 21-26 120.
Albany at Adirondack, 7:30 p.m.
12, for Brahmer’s WBO light heavyweight title.
At Panama City, Panama, Luis Concepcion vs. Her-
correct errors, clarify stories and
New Jersey ......................................36322424—116
women’s assistant soccer coach.
LOUISIANA TECH—Named Michael White men’s
Tuesday, March 29 New York..........................................30283329—120
Hershey at Norfolk, 7:30 p.m. nan Marquez, 12, for Concepcion’s WBA World fly- update them promptly. Sports
Texas A&M 58, Baylor 46 Manchester at Worcester, 7:30 p.m. weight title.
basketball coach. FINAL FOUR
3-Point Goals—New Jersey 7-17 (Morrow 4-5,
D.Williams 2-6, Vujacic 1-2, Farmar 0-2, Outlaw
Hamilton at Lake Erie, 7:30 p.m. At Mexicali, Mexico, Giovani Segura vs. Ivan Calde- corrections will appear in this
MARQUETTE—Signed men’s basketball coach Bridgeport at Springfield, 7:30 p.m. ron, 12, for Segura’s WBO junior flyweight titles;Ri-
Buzz Williams a new contract. Indianapolis 0-2), New York 7-23 (Anthony 3-4, Billups 3-9, Dou- Binghamton at Syracuse, 7:30 p.m. cardo Castillo vs. Joksan Hernández, 10, junior spot. If you have information to
MICHIGAN—Signed football coach Brady Hoke to National Semifinals glas 1-4, Walker 0-1, Carter 0-2, Sha.Williams 0-3). Manitoba at Rochester, 7:35 p.m.
a six-year contract. Sunday, April 3 Fouled Out—None. Rebounds—New Jersey 58 Peoria at San Antonio, 8 p.m.
lightweights. help us correct an inaccuracy or
(Humphries 14), New York 44 (Anthony 10). As- April 8
PURDUE—Agreed to terms with men’s basketball
coach Matt Painter on an eight-year contract
Stanford (33-2) vs. Texas A&M (31-5), 7 p.m.
Connecticut (36-1) vs. Notre Dame (30-7), 9 p.m. sists—New Jersey 16 (D.Williams 8), New York 24
Houston at Milwaukee, 8 p.m. At Hyogo, Japan, Hozumi Hasegawa vs. Johnny cover an issue more thoroughly,
Rockford at Oklahoma City, 8:05 p.m. Gonzalez, 12, for Hasegawa’s WBC featherweight
through the 2018-19 season. National Championship (Billups 6). Total Fouls—New Jersey 23, New York
25. A—19,763 (19,763).
Chicago at Texas, 8:30 p.m. title;Toshiaki Nishioka vs. Mauricio Munoz, 12, for call the sports department at
Tuesday, April 5 Grand Rapids at Abbotsford, 10 p.m.
Semifinal winners, TBA
Nishioka’s WBC junior featherweight title; 829-7143.


Yankees face unfamiliar territory in 2011

N.Y. could have uphill climb against Boston in AL East
By HOWIE RUMBERG the season. All 45 picked the Bos- “We’re facing one of the best will not be Jeter, who slumped to
AP Sports Writer UP NEXT ton Red Sox to win the AL East. pitchers in baseball Day 1,” first a .270 average last year and elim-
NEW YORK — Darth Vader’s Detroit Tigers at Rain and temperatures more baseman Mark Teixeira said. inated his stride from his much-
theme music blared from the New York Yankees typical of the postseason may put “We’ve got to be ready to go or it scrutinized swing. Girardi
speakers at Yankee Stadium 1:05 p.m., YES, ESPN a damper on the festivities that could be a long day for hitters.” tapped left-hitting Brett Gardner
while the team worked out under will be a little more subdued this Verlander spent his March pre- to lead off against righties.
sunny skies as if the Yankees ing the AL East. year after the Yankees failed to re- paring as if it were April, hoping “The job that he did against
needed a reminder that they are Baseball is coming to the peat as World Series champions to avoid the same type of start he right-handed pitching last sea-
indeed still the “Evil Empire” and Bronx for the first time in March last October, losing to Texas in had last year. The hard throwing son, he was second in on-base
not the underdogs that they have — weather permitting — when the AL championship series. right-hander was 1-2 with a 5.29 percentage against right-handers
been labeled. the Yankees open the season to- “It’s going to be perfect weath- ERA in opening month of the sea- ... his ability to disrupt defenses,
“As crazy as that sounds, no- day against Justin Verlander, Mi- er, 40s and rain. A good day to son. He finished the year 18-9 the pressure that he puts on
body seems to believe in us but guel Cabrera and the Detroit Ti- pitch,” Tigers starting catcher with a 3.37 ERA. pitching staffs, his ability to score
us,” opening-day starter CC Sa- gers, and New York is ready to Alex Avila said. “He figured out some things, runs we thought it was a good
bathia said Wednesday. prove its critics wrong. With Verlander on the mound some flaws that he had and some fit,” said Girardi, who will use Je-
Sabathia and New York will get “I think with the winter that for Detroit on a chilly day, Derek other ways to go about doing ter in the top spot against lefties.
an early chance to prove to the we’ve had, we’re all looking for- Jeter might have to wait until things that might help him,” Ti- Jeter is hitting .314 from the
rest of baseball that even though ward to this day,” manager Joe Game 2 Saturday to move closer gers manager Jim Leyland said. second hole and .313 in the lead- AP PHOTO
they lost out on free agent Cliff Girardi said. “I told the guys, our to his 3,000th hit. He starts the “His concentration level im- off spot for his career. Derek Jeter and the Yankees
Lee and have a suspect rotation, guys, be the best that we can be.” season 74 from becoming the proved on days that he doesn’t “It doesn’t make a difference,” open the season today when
the 2011 version of the Yankees is On, 45 baseball first player in pinstripes to reach have to pitch.” Jeter said. “I’ve hit second more they host the Detroit Tigers in
up to the challenge of recaptur- pundits offered predictions for the milestone. The first batter Verlander faces than I hit first, so who cares.” the Bronx – weather permitting.


At A Glance
All Times EDT
East Division
Continued from Page 1B W L Pct GB
Atlanta ............................... 0 0 .000 —
Florida ............................... 0 0 .000 —
Said Tigers catcher Alex Avila: New York ..........................

“It’s going to be perfect weather, Washington ...................... 0 0 .000 —
40s and rain. A good day to Central Division
W L Pct GB
pitch.” Chicago.............................
Cincinnati ..........................

At Nationals Park, Washington Houston............................. 0 0 .000 —
Milwaukee......................... 0 0 .000 —
players came out for practice in Pittsburgh ......................... 0 0 .000 —
St. Louis ............................ 0 0 .000 —
red-hooded sweatshirts. Their West Division
workout ended in the rain when Arizona..............................
0 0
Pct GB
.000 —
the grounds crew pulled out the Colorado ........................... 0 0 .000 —
Los Angeles ..................... 0 0 .000 —
tarp, and no telling if it’ll be any San Diego ......................... 0 0 .000 —
San Francisco .................. 0 0 .000 —
better today against Atlanta. Tuesday's Games
“We’ll show up ready to play. No games scheduled
Wednesday's Games
And if we don’t, we’ll play Friday. No games scheduled
Thursday's Games
We have that off-day leeway, so Atlanta (Lowe 0-0) at Washington (Hernandez 0-0),
that’s smart,” Nationals third 1:05 p.m.
Milwaukee (Gallardo 0-0) at Cincinnati (Volquez
baseman Ryan Zimmerman said. 0-0), 2:10 p.m.
San Diego (Stauffer 0-0) at St. Louis (Carpenter
“We knew it was going to be a lit- 0-0), 4:15 p.m.
San Francisco (Lincecum 0-0) at L.A. Dodgers (Ker-
tle chilly — coming from Florida, shaw 0-0), 8 p.m.
Friday's Games
we won’t be used to it. But we’ll Houston at Philadelphia, 1:05 p.m.
be so excited to play, I don’t think Pittsburgh at Chicago Cubs, 2:20 p.m.
Arizona at Colorado, 4:10 p.m.
it’ll matter.” N.Y. Mets at Florida, 7:10 p.m.
San Francisco at L.A. Dodgers, 10:10 p.m.
Sure is a change from last year.
There wasn’t a single rainout or A M E R I C A N
snowout for more than 21⁄2 weeks, L E A G U E
the longest any season had gone
At A Glance
from the start without a weather All Times EDT
postponement in 25 years. East Division
W L Pct GB
Either way, quite a change Baltimore...........................
Boston ...............................

from the sunny spring training New York ..........................
Tampa Bay........................

fields in Arizona and Florida. AP PHOTO Toronto.............................. 0 0 .000 —
“We came in from like 90 de- Pittsburgh third baseman Pedro Alvarez (right) is greeted by teammates in the dugout after hitting a two-run home run off of Central Division
W L Pct GB
grees. We flew back last night and Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels in the second inning of Wednesday’s exhibition game in Philadelphia. The Pirates won 4-1. Chicago.............................

there’s snow today. It’s kind of dif- Detroit................................ 0 0 .000 —

Morton sharp, Alvarez homers in Pirates win

Kansas City ...................... 0 0 .000 —
ferent,” said Edinson Volquez, Minnesota ......................... 0 0 .000 —
the Reds’ opening day starter. West Division
W L Pct GB
Leave it to LA to provide the Los Angeles .....................

perfect setting. Two-time Cy Seattle ............................... 0 0 .000 —
Texas................................. 0 0 .000 —
Young winner Tim Lincecum, Tuesday's Games
Rookie of the Year Buster Posey The Associated Press Kubel drove in Jason Repko No games scheduled
Wednesday's Games
and the World Series champion PHILADELPHIA — Charlie with a double, and Kubel No games scheduled
Thursday's Games
San Francisco Giants open at Morton allowed one hit in five scored on Brian Dinkelman’s Detroit (Verlander 0-0) at N.Y. Yankees (Sabathia
0-0), 1:05 p.m.
Dodger Stadium, with a forecast innings, Pedro Alvarez hit a single. L.A. Angels (Weaver 0-0) at Kansas City (Hochevar
of sun nearing 80 degrees. two-run homer and the Pitts- Baker gave up three hits 0-0), 4:10 p.m.
Friday's Games
Plus the Giants-Dodgers rival- burgh Pirates beat the Phila- with a walk in five innings. Chicago White Sox at Cleveland, 3:05 p.m.
Boston at Texas, 4:05 p.m.
ry, right from the get-go. delphia Phillies 4-1 Wednesday Minnesota at Toronto, 7:07 p.m.
“It’s going to be a little fire,” Gi- in the final exhibition game Rays 5, Blue Jays 3 Baltimore at Tampa Bay, 7:10 p.m.
L.A. Angels at Kansas City, 8:10 p.m.
Seattle at Oakland, 10:05 p.m.
ants center fielder Andres Torres for both teams. ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. —
said. “That’s part of it.” Morton, the Pirates’ No. 4 Evan Longoria homered and

So are familiar faces in new starter, allowed just a single to B.J. Upton snapped a seventh-
places. Angels outfielder Vernon Jimmy Rollins. The Phillies’ inning tie with a two-run sin-
Wells, Tigers slugger Victor Mar- only other hit came against gle to help the Tampa Bay
tinez, Nationals outfielder Jay- Pirates closer Joel Hanrahan. Rays finish their exhibition
Continued from Page 1B
son Werth and Braves second Alvarez connected off Cole schedule with a victory over
baseman Dan Uggla are among Hamels for his second home the Toronto Blue Jays. about Bonds. Instead, prosecu-
the stars set to make their debuts. run this spring. The Phillies’ Elliot Johnson also hit a tors had the players tell the jury
Old pros Chipper Jones, back lefty gave up four hits in three solo homer for the Rays. Jose how Anderson supplied them
from a knee injury that almost innings. Bautista had a RBI single and with performance-enhancing
finished his career, and Derek Je- Adam Lind drove in two runs drugs along with detailed instruc-
ter, coming off a down year, also Giants 2, Athletics 1 with a third-inning double for tions on how to use the substanc-
get fresh starts. SAN FRANCISCO — Dallas the Blue Jays. es. Further, Velarde and former
“There’s a twinkle in his eye, Braden pitched 52⁄3 scoreless San Francisco Giant Marvin Be-
there’s something there,” Braves innings for Oakland before the Mets 6, Marlins 3 nard testified that Anderson in-
manager Fredi Gonzalez said San Francisco Giants rallied PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — jected them with drugs.
about Jones. “Maybe it’s getting a for two runs in the ninth and Chris Young pitched five in- Velarde, who hit100 home runs
taste of the playoffs and a chance beat the Athletics 2-1 Wednes- nings and the New York Mets and batted .276 over a 16-year ca-
we can do it again this year.” day. AP PHOTO beat the Florida Marlins in the reer, spent less than15 minutes on
Also part of the scene: Mike Phillies catcher Erik Kratz (left) can’t reach a pop foul hit by final game of spring training the witness stand and testified
Mussina and Jim Edmonds, Twins 2, Braves 0 Pittsburgh’s Jason Jaramillo in the ninth inning on Wednesday for both teams. that he never took two designer
throwing out ceremonial first ATLANTA — Brandon Bea- in Philadelphia. It was the exhibition finale for both squads. The clubs meet Friday night steroids that prosecutors allege
balls. Mussina will do it at Yankee chy pitched four scoreless in Florida on opening day. Bonds knowingly used after get-
Stadium, Edmonds gets the hon- innings for Atlanta and Scott Beachy gave up five hits and pez for the fifth spot in the Young, set to be the Mets’ ting them from Anderson.
or in St. Louis before the Cardi- Baker was just as strong for no walks. He posted a 0.90 Braves’ rotation. fourth starter, gave up two Velarde, who played for the
nals host San Diego. the Minnesota Twins in their ERA for the spring to beat out The Twins scored two runs earned runs on three hits and Yankees, Angels, Athletics and
At Kauffman Stadium, where win over the Braves. Mike Minor and Rodrigo Lo- in the eighth off Lopez. Jason four walks. He struck out four. Rangers, followed Benard to the
the Royals host the Los Angeles witness stand Wednesday.
Angels, and other ballparks there Benard, a Bonds teammate

Bay may open season on DL with strained rib cage

will be a collection for the relief with the Giants, testified that An-
efforts in Japan after the earth- derson supplied him with the de-
quake and tsunami. signer steroids dubbed the
Stadium workers in Kansas “clear” and “cream.”
City bundled up as they got lo- The Associated Press scheduled to a.m. Thursday. If Bay goes on latest problem is related to the Prosecutors hope to use the
gos, banners and signs ready for PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — get back at the DL, the move could be back stiffness that shelved Bay players’ testimony to undercut
the opener. Despite the daunting Mets left fielder Jason Bay had night. backdated so that he’s eligible on Saturday and Sunday. Bonds’ position that Anderson
forecasts, there’s always a lot of tests on his strained rib cage The Mets to play on April 9. Nick Evans, who also would misled him into using steroids by
anticipation. Wednesday in New York, and open the regu- “We will make a decision on have been an option to replace telling the seven-time MVP they
“Even after all these years, the team planned to wait until lar season on whether he is disabled in the Bay, cleared waivers and has were legal supplements. Bonds is
there are still butterflies. Heck, he returned to camp to decide Friday night immediate future here,” gener- accepted the team’s decision to charged with three counts of lying
yeah,” Reds manager Dusty Bak- whether he will start the sea- Bay at Florida. al manager Sandy Alderson outright him to Triple-A Buffa- to a grand jury when he denied
er said. “No matter how long you son on the disabled list. The team told said. “I haven’t had a chance to lo. knowingly using performance-
do this. If you still have the same Bay felt discomfort on his outfielder Lucas Duda he will talk directly to Jason myself, so Infielder Luis Hernandez al- enhancing drugs. He also is
joy as you did as a kid, you re- left side Tuesday and was make the 25-man roster if Bay subject to that we can’t make so cleared waivers but has 72 charged with one count of lying to
member the opening day Little pulled from the lineup. He needs to go on the disabled an announcement of any sort hours to decide if he will ac- the grand jury when he said no
League parade. I do. It’s the best went to New York on Wednes- list. or reach a final decision.” cept an assignment to Buffalo one other than his doctor ever in-
game.” day morning for tests and was Rosters must be set by 11 It is still unclear whether the or become a free agent. jected him.



Warriors squads King’s beats Wilkes

defeat Grenadiers
The Times Leader staff GIRLS
in bottom of 12th
The Times Leader staff Chelsea Manes scored three
Ahmad Bowie placed first in WILKES-BARRE TWP. – Tim times and registered two assists
the 100 and the 200 to help Wyoming Area 94, GAR 46 Zaccone scored the game-win- for King’s, while Amanda Har-
Wyoming Area defeat GAR, Michelle Golden recorded ning run in the bottom of the ney also had three goals and
84-66 on Wednesday in a boys the fastest times in the 1600 12th inning as King’s outlasted Sarah O’Doherty notched two.
track and field meet. and 3200 events to carry Wilkes, 4-3 on Wednesday in a
The Warriors and Grenadiers Wyoming Area to a victory Freedom Conference match at MEN’S LACROSSE
exchanged the lead five times over GAR. The Warriors’ Sid- Lipo Field. Lycoming 8, King’s 7
until the Warriors pulled ahead ney Engleman won the discus In the final frame, Zaccone Lenny Fox led King’s with
towards the end. with a throw of 81 feet, 1 inch. and Ryan Skea drew back-to- three goals, but the team
Darrell Crawford placed first Quieterria and Quinniea back walks to lead off the inning couldn’t overcome an 8-3 deficit.
in the triple jump as well as the Gross each won multiple then advanced on a passed ball. Mike O’Brien added a goal
long jump for GAR. events for the Grenadiers. Anthony Rey then tapped a slow and assist for King’s, while
3200 RELAY -- 1. GAR (Welkey, Ogieski, 3200 RELAY -- 1. WA (Cruz, Kasmerick, ground ball to third base and King’s goalie Kevin Conzola was
Appley, Santiago), 9:06. 110 HURDLES -- 1. Golden, Radzwilka), 11:57; 110 HURDLES -- 1.
WA, Popovich, 16.1; 2. GAR Crawford; 3. GAR GAR Gross, 17.7; 2. WA Shamanski; 3. WA Zaccone took off from third in solid in net posting 11 saves.
Chinwala TRIPLE JUMP -- 1. GAR Crawford, Bardzel; TRIPLE JUMP -- 1. WA Shiner, 29’3; 2. an attempt to score. But the Lycoming held a slim 34-33
45’3.5; 2. WA Popowich; 3. GAR Soto. 100 -- 1. GAR Johnson; 100 -- 1. GAR Q. Gross, 13.6; 2.
WA Bowie 11.6; 2. GAR Benton; 3. WA Langdon. WA Shamanski; 3. GAR Johnson; 1600 -- 1. WA Colonels misplayed the ball, advantage in shots, while the
1600 -- 1. WA, Hromek, 5:15.2; 2. GAR Ogieski; Golden, 6:17; 2. WA Radwilka; SHOT PUT -- 1. allowing Zaccone to score the Monarchs grabbed 27 ground
3. WA Filipiak. SHOT PUT -- 1. GAR Soto, WA Gitkos, 30’; 2. WA Engleman; 3. GAR
40’3.5; 2. WA Payne; 3. WA Campenni. 400 -- 1. Hartman; 400 -- 1. WA Cruz, 1:04; 2. WA Shiner; winning run. balls to the Warriors 26.
GAR, Benton, 55.2; 2. WA Bowie; 3. WA Deron. 3. GAR Aka-Ezoa; 400 RELAY -- 1. GAR BILL TARUTIS/FOR THE TIMES LEADER Mike Fignar was the only
400 RELAY -- 1. WA (Harding, Popovich, (Johnson, Gross, Blades, Q. Gross), 52.0; 2.
Langdon, Schmidt), 48.6. 300 HURDLES -- 1. WA; 300 HURDLES -- 1. GAR Gross, 52.8; 2. Wyoming Area’s Cody Gates (right) goes up for a shot against King’s batter with multiple hits, Misericordia 9,
GAR, Dempsey, 45.1; 2. GAR Soto; 3. GAR WA Shamanski; 3. WA Barzell; POLE VAULT -- Berwick’s Scott Brown in a WVC boys volleyball match in Exe- going 3-for-4. Lebanon Valley 7
Centala. POLE VAULT -- 1. WA Eramo, 7’6; 2. 1. WA Argensio, 6’6; 2. WA Kazmerick, 6’6;
WA Anderson; 3. GAR Taylor. DISCUS -- 1. WA DISCUS -- 1.WA Engleman, 81’1; 2. WA Taylor; ter on Wednesday afternoon. Wyoming Area defeated Berwick Matt Ruch paced Wilkes by Kyle Calabro had four goals to
Payne, 115’1; 2. WA Somers; 3. WA Smith. 3. WA Macurie; LONG JUMP -- 1. WA Shiner, in three sets by scores of 25-9, 25-13, and 25-17. going 3-for-4 while Tay Sidler lead the Cougar attack, while
LONG JUMP -- 1. GAR Crawford, 20’10.5; 2. WA 15’.5; 2. GAR Johnson; 3. WA Melendez; 800 --
1. WA Radzwilka, 2:28.5; 2. WA Cruz; 200 – 1. and Eric Bidwell had two hits Zachary Buckley added two

Wyoming Area
Hromek; 3. GAR Maloney. 800 -- 1. GAR
GAR Q. Gross, 28.9; 2. WA Shamanski; 3. GAR
Santiago, 2:11.8; 2. WA Hromek; 3. GAR
Maloney. 200 -- 1. WA Bowie, 23.6; 2. WA Domzalski; 3200 -- 1. WA Golden, 12:22;
each. goals and an assist.
Langdon; 3. GAR Watt. 3200 -- 1. GAR Ogieski, JAVELIN -- 1. WA Gitkos, 71’6; 2. GAR Hartman; Joey Troxell picked up the Lee Blair chipped in two goals
3. WA Skirink; HIGH JUMP -- 1. Q. Gross, 4’4; 2.
11:49; 2. WA Filipiak; 3. WA Merrish. JAVELIN --
1. WA Trminski, 127’9; 2. WA Pacovsky; 3. WA GAR Gross; 3. WA Bandzel; 1600 RELAY -- 1.
win for the Monarchs in relief, and two assists for Misericordia,
Russick. 1600 RELAY -- 1. GAR (Santiago, WA (Shiner, Cruz, Radzwilka, Bellas), 5:02.1 allowing just one hit with six which held a 7-3 lead in the
Welkey, Soto, Burtin), 3:46.4; 2. WA. HIGH
strikeouts in 4 2/3 innings. third quarter and had to hold off

sweeps Berwick
JUMP -- 1. WA Hayley, 5’6; 2. WA Basta; 3. WA
Eramo. WVW 99, Berwick 51 Angelo Trento took the loss a Dutchmen rally.
Maura Anistranski placed for Wilkes in relief, allowing one
Berwick 83, WVW 66 first in the 400 as well as being unearned run on two walks and SOFTBALL
Adam Brobst placed first in part of the winning squads in two strikeouts. King’s, Manhattanville split
the 1600 and the 3200 as Ber- the 3200 relay and 1600 relay The Monarchs opened de-
wick defeated Wyoming Valley as the Spartans defeated Ber- Moravian 5, Misericordia 3 fense of its 2010 Freedom Con-
West. wick on Wednesday. Moravian rallied for the non- ference championship with a
Steve Matello won the 300 Crysta Hmelak won the long The Times Leader staff taineers with scores of 23-25, league win despite Ryan Cac- doubleheader split against Man-
Hurdles and the 110 Hurdles jump for Berwick. EXETER — Wyoming Area 25-7, 25-20 and 25-17. Zach chioli and Andrew Tressa both hattanville winning the first
for the Spartans.
3200 RELAY: 1. WVW (Plant, Anistanski, picked up its first win of the Ciaverello added nine kills and notching two hits to pace the game 5-2 and dropping the
Tyler, Mericle), 10:58. 110 HURDLES: 1. WVW
3200 RELAY: 1. BER(Hoch, Cope, Moore, Zabresky, 18.9; 2. BER Jessica Rehrig; 3. BER Wyoming Valley Conference seven service points while Nick Cougars offense. second 2-0.
McHenry), 9:20. 110 HURDLES: 1. WVW Ashley Kotarsky; 100: 1. WVW Derr, 2. BER boys volleyball season on Banos finished with 36 assists Pete Doggett allowed just one Annie Erndle was the winning
Matello, 17.2; 2. WVW Kilhenny; 3. BER Marc Crysta Hmelak; 3. WVW Tooley. 1600: 1. WVW
Goodson. 100: 1. BER Sean Ridall, 12.0; 2. Plant, 6:09; 2. BER Allie Palermo; 3. WVW
Wednesday, beating Berwick and 10 service points. hit and one run over five innings pitcher in Game 1, allowing two
WVW Dicton; 3. BER Tony Goodson. 1600: 1. Mericle. 400: 1. WVW Anistanski, 1:09.5; 2. 3-0 by scores of 25-9, 25-13, David Miller had 17 digs for on the mound for Misericordia. runs, one earned, on eight hits
BER Brobst, 5:14; 2. WVW Williams; 3. WVW
McDaniels. 400: 1. BER Hoch, 55.5; 2. BER T.
WVW Tooley, 3. BER Emily Leighow. 400
RELAY: 1. WVW (Morris, Tooley, Gott, Derr),
25-17. Dallas while Aaron Weir added with four strikeouts in seven
Goodson; 3. WVW Wren. 400 RELAY: 1. BER 56.9. 300 HURDLES: 1. WVW Narrins, 57.5; The Warriors got help from five kills and four blocks. Matt WOMEN’S LACROSSE
(Ridall, Cope, Mejia, T. Goodson), 48.0. 300 innings. Amanda Cardone led
2.(tie) BER Rehrig, 58.2; 2. (tie) BER Kotarsky, Tony Richards, who piled up 14 Regan had four kills and three King’s 14, Lycoming 12
HURDLES: 1.WVW Matello, 47.1; 2. BER Austin 58.2; 800: 1. WVW Tyler, 2:46; 2. BER Ally
assists, nine aces and four kills. blocks. Kevin Hine ended with King’s with a 3-for-3 effort while
Thomas; 3. BER M. Goodson. 800: 1. BER Beaver; 3. BER Palermo. 200: 1. WVW Sott; 2.
McHenry 2:14; 2. BER Hoch; 3. WVW But- WVW Dejevan; 3. WVW Tooley. 3200: 1. WVW Cody Gates had 11 kills and 13 digs and seven assists. Krystina Villarreal scored five Erndl and Tholen added two
kiewicz. 200: 1. WVW Ortiz; 2. WVW Bolliv; 3. Mericle, 13:22; 2. BER Abby Bull; 3. WVW
two aces for the winners. goals and assisted on another to hits each.
WVW Wren. 3200: 1. BER Brobst 11:26; 2.WVW Preszala. 1600 RELAY: 1. WVW (Sott, Lu-
Williams; 3. WVW Austin. 1600 RELAY: 1. BER kascavage, Tolley, Anistanski), 4:50. SHOT PUT: Berwick was led by Justin BOYS TENNIS lead King’s to its first MAC win In Game 2, Jen Harnischfeger
(Hoch, Cope, Mejia, Goodson), 3:50.9. SHOT
PUT: 1. WVW Ebettah 41’10; 2. BER Gavin
1. WVW Stanislow, 31; 2. WVW Monahan; 3.
Johnson (6 points, 1 kill, 3 Wyoming Area 3, in women’s lacrosse in three and Brittany Hildebrand had the
BER Delmis Machado, DISCUS: 1. WVW
Harter; 3. BER Whitebread. DISCUS: 1. BER- Stanislow, 74; 2. BER Machado; 3. BER blocks) and Devon Bowman (2 Pittston Area 2 years. only hits of the game for King’s.
Cardoni 111’4; 2. WVW Yeslowski; 3. BER
Whitebread. JAVELIN: 1. WVW Schappert
Alexandra Chapin. JAVELIN: 1. WVW Picola, kills, 2 points, 3 blocks). The Warriors earned a road
86-10; 2. WVW Stanislow; 3. BER Johnna Miller.
113’5; 2. WVW Himin; 3. BER Jake Morrison. LONG JUMP: 1. BER Hmelak; 2. BER Rehrig. win over the rival Patriots,

Nanticoke 3, Hazleton Area 0
LONG JUMP: 1. BER Ridall, 18’2; 2. WVW
Yashinki; 3. WVW Santee;. TRIPLE JUMP: 1.
TRIPLE JUMP: 1. BER Hmelak, 32-2 3/4; 2.
WVW Norris; 3. WVW Blannard. HIGH JUMP: 1.
John Pietrzyk recorded 28
winning at first singles and
first doubles while picking up a
“Whatever they decide
is fine with me. I’m go-
BER Ridall, 39’3; 2. WVW Yashinski; 3. WVW WVW Temarantz, 4-10; 2. BER Rachel Specht;
Shields. HIGH JUMP: 1. BER Jeff Steeber 5’2; 2. 3. BER Dejia Potts. Pole POLE VAULT: 1. BER assists and four kills to carry forfeit at No. 3 singles.
WVW Bollins; POLE VAULT: 1. BER Ed Curtin, Rachel Stout, 8-3; 2. WVW Blannard; 3. BER
Nanticoke to a victory over Davide Fanelli and the team
11’; 2. WVW Matello; 3. WVW Temaratz. Potts.
Hazleton Area by scores of of Trevor Alder and John Scro- Continued from Page 1B
ing to Triple-A to keep
25-11, 25-17, 25-10. Cael Evans bola won for Wyoming Area. with me,” said Montero, who working hard.”
notched 21 kills, two aces and a The Patriots recorded wins

PENGUINS dig for the Trojans, and Brian joined Scranton/Wilkes-Barre’s Jesus Montero
Playoff dates set by Trent Woodruff and the
Bevan had seven kills and minor league camp Wednesday. SWB Yankees catcher
The Penguins will open team of Justin Coe and Terry
three blocks. Briggs. “I’m going to Triple-A to keep
the 2011 East Division semi- SINGLES – 1. Davide Fanelli (WA) def. working hard.”
Continued from Page 1B finals on April 15 and April 16 Jeremy Homschek 6-2, 6-7 (7-2), 6-3; 2. Trent
Crestwood 3, Dallas 1 Woodruff (PA) def. Nick Szewczyk 6-4, 6-0; 3. That’s also the approach of
other by Keven Veilleux before at Mohegan Sun Arena. Face- Tyler Manganello (WA) won by forfeit
SWB Yankees reliever Andy Sis- cording a strikeout.
Jake Prohaska had 15 kills DOUBLES – 1. Trevor Alder/John Scrobola
adding an even-strength goal of off for both games is set for and 15 service points as the (WA) def. Tyler Woodruff/Suraj Pursnani 6-0, 6-4; co. “I have to keep things in per-
his own. 7:05 pm. Comets defeated the Moun-
2. Justin Coe/Terry Briggs (PA) def. Nick
Leon/Conner Mangan 6-3, 7-5 The towering 6-foot-10 right- spective and keep working
With the win, the Penguins’ The Penguins clinched hander pitched in 151 games for hard,” Sisco said.
magic number to clinch the their third East Division reg- the Kansas City Royals and Chi- It wasn’t overly difficult for
AHL’s best record is at three. ular-season title with an over- P S U AT H L E T I C S cago White Sox from 2005 either team to score runs dur-
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, time victory over the Her- through 2007 but was shut ing the middle of the final week
shey Bears on Sunday, guar-
mired in 21st place on the power
play, took advantage of Norfolk
penalty killers who had given up
anteeing that the Penguins
will host postseason action
Four Penn State athletes face charges down for two seasons to rehab
from Tommy John surgery.
He returned with Double-A
of minor league spring training.
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre got
two-run home runs from infiel-
man-advantage goals in seven of for at least the first two STATE COLLEGE (AP) — charged as Curtis Drake and Richmond last year, and will ders Jose Toussen and Brandon
their last nine games. rounds of the playoffs. Police have charged four Penn Derrick Thomas, both 20; and continue his bid for a major- Laird – who led New York’s mi-
The 3-for-6 performance with Individual tickets for the State athletes — two football Tre Bowman and Taran Buie, league comeback with Scran- nor leaguers with 25 dingers in
first two home playoff games players and two basketball play- both 19. Drake and Thomas play
the extra man was critical, as ton/Wilkes-Barre to start 2011. 2010. Montero provided the
will go on sale at 10 a.m. Fri- ers — with disorderly conduct football, while Bowman plays
Norfolk rallied to pull within a “I need to be proactive in team’s final two runs by dou-
day. in connection with a scuffle at basketball.
goal in the third period. making the moves I need to get bling home one and scoring the
“We wanted to make sure we an off-campus apartment build- Buie has been suspended back there,” Sisco said. last – on Daniel Brewer’s boom-
ing last month. from the basketball team since
had a good start tonight and we Veilleux fired one home from He certainly was aggressive ing double off the center field
State College police Lt. Keith late December for an unrelated
were able to capitalize on their the same spot as Sterling to on Wednesday against Indiana- wall in the fifth inning.
Robb said Wednesday they were and unspecified violation of
special teams,” Craig said. “It make it 2-1. And it was 3-1 when among seven suspects charged team rules. polis, the top minor-league af- SWB Yankees starter Adam
wasn’t the prettiest way to hang Sterling scored again with 1:07 with the summary offense fol- Also charged were Penn State filiate of the Pirates. Warren was victimized by four
onto the game, but we’ll take in the period. lowing the Feb. 26 fight. One student Christopher Felter, 21, In an exhibition game loaded Scranton/Wilkes-Barre errors
two points.” Just 45 seconds later, Craig person suffered “very minor in- of State College; and two non- with baserunners and fielding and four-run innings in both the
Already comfortably in the took advantage of defenseman juries” and did not require treat- students from Susquehanna, blunders, Sisco worked a per- second and fourth. He also sur-
playoffs, the Penguins faced a Mark Barberio, who turned it ment, Robb said. Bryan Price, 23, and Craig Price, fect sixth inning during his on- rendered a three-run homer in
team which was uncomfortably over on the forecheck. Police identified four of those 21. ly time on the mound while re- the fifth.
on the precipice of missing the Barberio left the puck flat on
postseason for a fourth straight the ice, practically teeing it up

year. But Wilkes-Barre/Scran- for Craig, who took two strides vorites to grab three of four Dis- “It’s early in the second, and I Wyoming Valley West................................... 0 0 — 0
Lake-Lehman.................................................. 2 4 — 6
ton twice unleashed board- and launched it over Tokarski’s trict 2 berths in Division 1-A. know the team I have is a way bet- First half: 1. LL, Sarah Bray (Jen O’Brien), 7th
thundering checks in the open- left shoulder to make it 4-1. That would leave those two fight- ter team than this,” Crestwood min; 2. LL, Bray (Shoshana Mahoney), 21st; Sec-
ond half: 3. LL, Emily Sutton (Mahoney), 56th; 2. LL,
ing minute to set the tone. “The puck was standing ing for the last spot. coach Pasquale Calabrese said. Bray (Kristy Komrowski), 60th; 3. LL, Mahoney (Kay-
Continued from Page 1B lee Hillard), 70th; 4. LL, Nikki Sutliff (Sutton), 74th.
And, perhaps, to send a mess- there, and I just had to make a “We still have some stuff to “There’s a little bit of frustration Shots: WVW 8, LL 15; Saves: WVW 5 (Lily She-
mo), LL 8 (Marissa Moosic, Ashley Jackson); Cor-
age for the future. The clubs move,” Craig said. “It made (To- 18 minutes to play to secure Re- work on,” Hughes said, “but the because the weather didn’t give ners: WVW 0, LL 5.
could meet in the first round of karski) freeze a bit, and it was deemer’s 2-0 victory over Crest- girls did a good job.” us a chance to go outside. I know
the playoffs after splitting their lucky enough to get a goal.” wood. Redeemer scored 19 minutes (the girls) have been practicing at Delaware Valley 1,
eight games this season. The game-winner, as it turned “Absolutely. It couldn’t have into the game when Kiera Stacho- the dome all winter, but this was Hazleton Area 0
Norfolk got goals from Blair out. come at a better time,” Redeemer wiak was able to poke in a deflec- the second time we went on the Aimy Ahlers scored the only
Jones, Troy Milam and Mattias The beneficiary was Penguins coach Bob Hughes said. “It tion of a corner kick past Crest- turf. The first time we were on goal of the game on a penalty to
Ritola, who assisted on the oth- goalie John Curry, who hadn’t wasn’t the prettiest win, but we’ll wood keeper Megan White. The the turf was last night for an hour put Delaware Valley over Hazle-
er two goals. received much scoring support take it. It was our first game, and Royals then withstood strong and a half, two hours.” ton Area.
Holy Redeemer ........................................... 1 1 — 2
“I know a lot of guys over in the past three games. we’ve only been out on a full field pressure by Crestwood that start- Crestwood .................................................... 0 0 — 0 Megan Baranko stopped eight
there, and I knew we weren’t in “He’s played really well for us maybe three days with the weath- ed late in the first half on a shot by First half: 1. HR, Kiera Stachowiak (Shaina Dough-
erty), 19th min; Second half: 2. HR, Hallie Rexer
shots on goal for Hazleton Area.
Hazleton Area................................................. 0 0 — 0
the clear until the final buzzer,” and we haven’t finished well for er. It’s probably the same for most Hannah Coffin. (Dougherty), 62nd.
Delaware Valley ............................................. 0 1 — 1
Shots: HR 16, CRE 12; Saves: HR 7 (Sarabeth
Craig said. “I mean, they’re him,” Penguins coach John schools.” The Comets continued the as- Kolodziej), CRE 6 (Megan White); Corners: CRE 4, Second half: 1. Aimy Ahlers (penalty kick) 62nd
HR 3.
pushing for a playoff spot over Hynes said. Speaking of weather, there was sault in the opening minutes of Shots: HAZ 6, DV 12; Saves: HAZ 8 (Megan Ba-
ranko), DV 5 (Paryn Ficken); Corners: HAZ 2, DV 2.
there.” The decision to play Curry for a variety Wednesday night – an the second half, with Coffin and Lake-Lehman 6,
The Admirals have lost three the fourth game in a row, even intermittent mix of rain, freezing Sarah Andrews taking a crack at Wyoming Valley West 0 Postponements
of their last four games, making after getting Brad Thiessen rain and snow. But when condi- Redeemer keeper Sarabeth Ko-
Sarah Bray netted a hat trick to The Coughlin at Dallas game
that quest even harder. back from Pittsburgh, wasn’t dif- tions eventually warm up, Re- lodziej. Erin Gruber also came up
lead Lake-Lehman to a shutout of was postponed Wednesday and
Sterling’s first goal came only ficult for the coach. deemer might view the season- big for the Royals by clearing a
Wyoming Valley West. not rescheduled.
2:22 into the opening period “We just got him back, and we opening victory as a key to the header from the goal.
Shoshana Mahoney added a Also, two games scheduled for
when he took a pass from An- want to get him re-acclimated season. Shortly after Gruber’s play and
goal and two assists for the Black today have been postponed.
drew Hutchinson and launched with everyone,” Hynes said. The Royals (1-0) and Crest- a stoppage for injury, Rexer found
Knights. North Pocono at Wyoming Semi-
a shot from between the faceoff “John played well, and we’re wood (0-1) are both in the Wyom- the net for a 2-0 advantage. Shai-
For Wyoming Valley West, nary will be played April 8, while
circles with Craig providing the looking forward to getting Brad ing Valley Conference’s toughest na Dougherty recorded her sec-
goalkeeper Lily Shemo made five Tunkhannock at MMI Prep
screen. back this weekend and do what grouping where Berwick, Cough- ond assist of the game on the
saves. hasn’t been rescheduled.
After Jones tied the game, he does for us.” lin and Dallas are preseason fa- score.


Butler’s new role: Painter inks new deal

Underdogs no more to stick with Boilers
By CLIFF BRUNT The 40-year-old Painter has
By MICHAEL MAROT AP Sports Writer been selected the Big Ten’s
AP Sports Writer UP NEXT INDIANAPOLIS — Purdue’s coach of the year three times
INDIANAPOLIS — Matt Ho- THE FINAL FOUR sales pitch to Matt Painter was and led the Boilermakers to
ward looked around Hinkle Field- Saturday good enough. Sweet 16 appearances in 2009
house in disbelief Wednesday af- VCU vs. Butler, 6:09 p.m. After talking with Missouri and 2010. Purdue (26-8) made it
Kentucky vs. UConn, 8:49 p.m.
ternoon. TV Coverage: CBS
about its coaching vacancy, to the third round of this year’s
Hundreds of fans lined the front Painter decided to stay at his al- NCAA tournament but was
hallway of Butler’s arena, with ma mater Wednesday and has knocked out by Final Four par-
dozens more outside. One even team hotel. Fans didn’t even both- agreed to an eight-year contract ticipant VCU.
brought her pet bulldog. er showing up, figuring they’d see through the 2018-19 season. Last year, Purdue rewarded
To the senior forward, it was a the players all weekend anyway. “I am extremely excited about Painter with a contract through
strange to see all these people in By the time the Bulldogs (27-9) continuing my career at Pur- the 2016-17 season. It included a
the daylight. Butler usually holds step off the plane in Houston late AP PHOTO due,” Painter said in a state- $1.3 million base salary and up
its impromptu pep rallies in the Wednesday, they’ll know how Butler forward Matt Howard signs an autograph for Angela Lovins ment. “I believe we have built to $1 million in incentives.
early morning hours. much has changed. before boarding the team’s bus at Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapo- something very special. At the “We are thrilled to announce
“It means a lot,” Howard said They’ve already turned over the lis on Wednesday. Butler will play Virginia Commonwealth in the same time, I feel we have much that Matt will continue his lead-
minutes before boarding the team title of NCAA tournament darling Final Four on Saturday in Houston. The Bulldogs are favored. more ahead of us to accomplish. ership of our men’s basketball
bus and heading to the Indianapo- to Virginia Commonwealth, their At the end of the day, my heart is program,” athletics director
lis airport. “I’ve never been part of foe in Saturday’s NCAA semifinal. see a Kentucky and Butler final. seven (championships).” at Purdue, and this is a place Morgan Burke said. “He has
a send-off quite like this. It’s a little And instead of being the under- “I was walking by and saw the People from toddlers to grand- where I want to win a national been at the helm of the winnin-
bit different.” dog, Butler is favored to beat the buses and decided to see what was parents, snapped pictures, asked championship.” gest four-year period in the sto-
Certainly different from last Rams and reach another title going on. I wasn’t sure if there was for autographs and traded high- Purdue officials spoke with ried history of Boilermaker bas-
year’s NCAA tourney run. Back game. an open practice or what,” he said. fives with players. The loudest Painter by telephone on Mon- ketball, and we pledge to work
then, the Bulldogs hopped on a Wilson Ethington, a sophomore “I’ll root for Kentucky unless they cheers were reserved for coach day, then he met with Missouri with him to win champion-
bus and drove six miles to the biology major at Butler wants to play Butler. They’ve already got Brad Stevens. officials on Tuesday. ships.”

Stanford still
searching for
national title
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Training Operations Accessories Accessories Accessories Unfurnished
Applications will be
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The Cardinal are making a fourth

accepted for the
following position: SUPERVISOR INDOOR US & floor 2 bedroom
apartment. Lami-
JV BOYS BASEBALL FOREIGN nate floors. Stove,
straight Final Four appearance. Salary as per con-
• Production COINS &
fridge, washer &
dryer. Lovely deck.
tractual agreement Living Hope Bible Full basement.
Church CURRENCY Parking in front.
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STANFORD, Calif. — From the mo- Team Walker requirements in shuffling resources 9am-3pm Sat., Apr. 2 & BETTER ITEMS 1/2 acre pond view. utilities, references
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ment last season ended in disappoint-
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district policy.
with as necessary.
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performance to
standards. fee & end tables,
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Shopping for a appliances, Christ- Complete move in Properties
without an NCAA championship. new apartment?
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They reiterated it Wednesday: An- Classified lets Applications will be
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March 30th,
Tuesday, April 12th,
• 3-5 year supervi-
sory experience Plus much more!
Turn to classified. Old Toys, Mining KINGSTON
preferred. Some vintage. Cash
415 Autos-Antique
• Experience in only. It’s a showroom in print! & Military Stuff, 166 W. Union St.
An Equal Opportuni- Avail. March 1.
Sunday & Classic ty Employer
Metal Working Classified’s got Old Crocks, Jugs 600 sq. ft of newly
Stanford vs. Texas A&M, 7 p.m. Industry skills the directions! & Bottles, Fine renovated office

UConn vs. Notre Dame, 9:30 p.m. China & Glass- space. Rent
Competitive Salary includes heat and
TV Coverage: ESPN and Benefits pack- ware, Local electric. Off street
Experience a must.
LOYALVILLE Advertising Nicely maintained
home. 3 bed-
parking available.
$800 per month.
Send resume to: c/o STAMPS
do for this star tandem in their final
shot at winning it all.
VOLKSWAGEN `71 Early Childhood
Education a plus.
The Times Leader
Box 2485
A professional
rooms, full bath
with shower, pri-
vate driveway with
Call 570-287-5090

The top-seeded Cardinal (33-2) SUPER BEETLE To inquire call Scott
at 570-655-1012.
15 N. Main St.
Wilkes-Barre, PA dealer for over
35 years
1 car garage,
Appliances A yard or garage sale
head off to their fourth straight Final Convertible. Runs 18711-0250 included in classified
great. Excellent 527 Food Services/ YOU WILL NOT $76,000
is the best way
Four today, riding a 27-game winning condition. Original
Hospitality 714 Bridal Items FIND BETTER Call 570-655-
streak and gearing up for an unexpect-
engine. Can be
9722 tocleanoutyourclosets!
seen by appoint- BRIDAL TOWEL
NO BS, JUST A You’re in bussiness
ed semifinal matchup Sunday in Indi- ment. Must Sell 1146 Loyalville 941 Apartments/
anapolis with No. 2 seed Texas A&M
(570) 455-8400
functional! Perfect Outlet Road
(Rt.118 to Loyalville
453 Owen Street
Saturday April 2nd
PROVEN FACT! Unfurnished with classified!
shower gift or Cen-
after its upset of Baylor. Auntie Anne’s Rd., go 2.2m to 9:00AM - 2:00PM 950 Half Doubles
“It’s incredible to make it to four 451 Trucks/ Pretzels is
terpieces! Custom
made! $50. Loyalville Outlet Rd. Some furniture, tvs, HERTIAGE PITTSTON
lamps, ceramics,
now hiring for: 570-241-6163 Turn right & go .7m
dishes, jewelry, holi- GALLERIES 3rd floor, 1 bed-
straight Final Fours, but at the same •Shift Managers to property on Left)
day decor, womens DALLAS, PA room, eat in
3 bedrooms, quiet
and crew for Sat., April 2, 9-3PM kitchen, stove &
time we’re not satisfied with that,” Pe- 742 Furnaces &
dersen said. “I think that determina-
84,000 miles. 4.0
new Wilkes-
Barre Walmart Heaters
Entire contents of
plumber’s storage
coats, wall decor &
much much more
Located Directly
across from the
fridge. Living room,
1 bath, coin-op
street, yard. Fresh
paint. $525/month
location. buildings. PVC fit- washer/dryer. + utilities, lease,
tion, that focus that we’re going to Liter engine. Rough STOVE: Antique 4 tings, copper fit- Dallas Agway on
Heat, water, sewer security. No pets.
body. $800. Call •Shift managers burner kerosene oil Call (570) 332-1216
bring this year and that experience (570)825-8141 for its Wyoming stove $25.
tings of all sizes, Rt. 415 included. $495/
or 570-592-1328
black pipe, pipe Look for our blue month + security
that we’ve lost a bunch of times in the Valley and 570-675-0920 insulation, duct & white signs and references
Final Four, is really going to motivate 507 Banking/Real Steamtown Mall board of varying 974 Wanted to Rent
Call 570-822-8671
us for one more game.” Estate/Mortgage 744 Furniture & sizes, wire spools,
Tues. thru Sat. Real Estate
Stanford hasn’t brought home the ti- Professionals Apply in person Accessories water main fittings,
commercial faucets
204 Gilligan St. 10 am to 5 pm SHEATOWN
at either mall
location. commercial parts, 570-674-2646 Beautiful 1st floor, 2
tle trophy since 1992 despite reaching
the NCAA final twice in the program’s VICE PRESIDENT etc...A great deal
for any contractor!
1/2 bedroom. Stove
and fridge. Large want to rent house
LINEUP Also leather club 796 Wanted to Buy kitchen, on-site with 2 baths, 3 bed-
past three trips to the Final Four. The
Cardinal lost the title to Tennessee in
chairs, large screen
TV, hutch, house
Merchandise laundry room. Off
street parking. $600
rooms in the follow-
ing School Districts,
Dallas & Mountain
P & G Federal Cred- hold items & many + utilities, security,
2008 and to Connecticut last year. it Union is seeking a INCLASSIFIED! KING,
KING Mediter-
ranean Style. All
primitive antiques. lease & background
check. Call
Top. 201-232-8469

Everybody involved insists it’s time Vice President of

Doyouneedmorespace? wood. Triple dress- Too Much To List,
to finally get over the hump, which
Operations who is
responsible for A yard or garage sale er with mirror, 2 All Prices To Sell! SATURDAY, APRIL 2 570-417-0088
for appointment

end tables, Armoire
likely will mean getting through two- assisting the Credit
in classified Selling Your 8:00-4:00
chest. $650. FULL,
Union CEO/Presi- Furniture? Directions: Off
time defending champion UConn for a dent in the overall is the best way all wood, bookcase
Do it here in the

style headboard, Hazle Street
second time this season. management of the
credit union. This
tocleanoutyourclosets! dresser with mirror, Classifieds! Entire contents of
“Is this team better prepared? Do I position has direct You’re in bussiness 5 drawer chest home including fur-

niture, beautiful oak
night table, $450.
have a sense of it? No,” coach Tara Van- responsibility for the with classified! Call 570-823-8036 kitchen set and oak
administration and bedroom sets
Derveer said of the Cardinal’s chances. 1 bedroom. Eat-in

supervision of front 542 Logistics/ including mahogany
end and branch kitchen. Washer/
Pohlen, the Pac-10 Player of the Year, activities within Transportation four poster, nice dryer hookup. Gas
curio cabinets, cut Old Shot Guns heat. $440/month.
and Pedersen already have done so established policies NANTICOKE
glass and other Water included.
much to leave their legacy, like that and guidelines. Par- South Valley
Valley glassware, china Rifles, Swords
ticipate in the Chamber of Security & no pets.
& Daggers,
school-record 63-game home winning strategic planning CDL Class A ASHLEY Commerce
sets, linens, nice
wall mirrors, t.v.'s Military Items
Call 570-760-5573

streak at Maples Pavilion. They never and the develop-

ment of credit union
Needed for a
paving company.
and other electron-
ics, brass decora- Vintage Sell it in The
lost on their home floor for their ca- policies, procedures
and goals. Develop,
Experience neces-
tive items, jewelry, Scopes
Old Toys
Times Leader
reers — a mark no other Stanford se- sary. 570-474-6329 holiday items, Toro
implement and
BAZAAR S-620 snowblower, Classified
nior class has accomplished. maintain operational
procedures to max- 548 Medical/Health Craftsman push PRIVATE COLLECTOR. WILKES-BARRE section.
It was Pohlen’s coast-to-coast drive imize efficiency. N. Main St.
lawnmower, lots
of lawn & garden 570-417-9200
3 bedroom, 1/2
for the winning layup against Xavier Oversee the devel- Saturday, April 2 and much more! double, 1.5 bath,
opment and moni- 10 am to 2 pm West Side Play- CREDIT CARDS
during last season’s special run that Wanna make a gas heat, off-street
sent Stanford back to the Final Four.
toring of perform-
ance standards. A AIDE
Full Time
Baked goods, jew-
elry, & flea tables.
ground. W. Grand
St. Saturday, April 9
Sale by Cook &
speedy sale? Place parking, fenced in
yard, excellent
minimum of five (5) Luncheon:
Luncheon Home- 8am - 2 pm Cook Estate
your ad today 570-
Now, it’s their final try on the biggest condition. $595/
years senior man-
agement experi- PHYSICAL THERAPIST
made soups &
baked ham sand-
$15 per space, set
up at 7am
month + utilities,
references &
ence with a financial wiches Take outs All vendors wel- cookestate 815 Dogs
“For Kayla and I and the other se- institution required. come. 735-6990
security. No pets.
available. Call 570-881-4078
niors, we’re very focused coming into Bachelor’s Degree
preferred. P & G Full Time
this Final Four,” Pohlen said. “It’s
tough making it that far and not com-
Credit Union offers
an outstanding ben-
Ser- Find the Mastiff Puppies
ICCF Registered.

efit package. Visit vicesCall between Sire over 200 lbs.
ing away with the national champion- our website at 8am-4pm Blue & blue fawn. FRANKLIN GARDENS
ship. I think it’s motivating us even
more and making us even more excit-
Interested candi-
570-287-4800 LUZERNE
OLD FORGE friend.
Vet Checked
570-617-4880 SENIOR LIVING
ed because we do know this is our last
dates should send
their resume along PHARMACY The Classified 840 Pet Services OPEN HOUSE
April 16th
chance at it. We’ve gone this far. We’re with salary require-

just going to give it all we have.”

ments on or before
April 15, 2011 to the
Part time position.
section at
1 & 2 bedrooms
following address or Laundry facility
Stanford ended the Huskies’ record email:
Previous retail phar- Stove, fridge
macy experience
90-game winning streak with a thrill- P & G Mehoopany necessary. Knowl- HUGE SALE Secure building
Employees Federal Community
ing 71-59 victory at Maples Pavilion edge of 3rd party 205 Main St. 1113 S. Main St. Spring Is Here
back on Dec. 30, holding UConn star
Credit Union
Attn: Kathy Stanziale
insurance billing a Thursday & Friday
March 31 & April 1
(Near Agostini’s Great time to
Train Your Dog!
Elevator Call 829-7130
Maya Moore to 14 points on 5-of-15 VP of Human
plus. Fax resume to:
Harrold’s Pharmacy 11am - 5pm
Sat. April 2, 8-5PM Puppy Basic Obedi- 2 fully handicap to place an ad.
Resources accessible apts.
570-824-8730 Saturday, April 2 Oak roll top desk, Call 829-7130 ence
shooting. That after UConn rallied P.O. Box 210 10am - 3pm antique hutch & to place your ad. Starting April 16 also available
Tunkhannock, PA Furniture, house- Recently
from a 20-12 halftime deficit against 18657 hold, antique, vin-
buffet, grandfather and April 17
Reasonable Rates renovated. ONL
D .
clock, cuckoo
Stanford to win the national title last tage and new clock, lawnmower,
D .
Call Mary at Call Christy
April — a result that still stings around Equal Opportunity dolls & much more. 570-332-4095 for more info.
Employer All Priced to Sell



Fiesta Bowl’s status up in air Big-hitter

Vegas back
A corruption scandal could internal report that uncovered port and by the actions of Mr. dick, Chaz Ramsey and Raven

at home
“excessive compensation, non- Junker,” board chairman Duane Gray told HBO for an episode
cost the event its spot in the
business and inappropriate Woods told reporters at the airing Wednesday night that
Bowl Championship Series. expenditures and inappropriate event’s headquarters in down- they received cash payments —
gifts” and fired longtime CEO town Scottsdale. in book bags, envelopes and
and President John Junker. “The Fiesta Bowl is greater even handshakes. Ramsey The Texas All-American
By BOB BAUM The BCS has set up a task than a few individuals, and the played at Auburn most recently,
The Associated Press launched his PGA career in
force to help determine if the lesson here really is that we in the 2007 season.
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The leaders of major college football placed too much trust in a “While HBO confirmed to us AP FILE PHOTO the 2003 Houston Open.
Fiesta Bowl ejected its chief want to continue doing busi- single individual,” he added. they have no proof that any of The Fiesta Bowl fired CEO
executive amid corruption ness with the Fiesta Bowl. It is Woods did not take questions. these claims are true, we con- John Junker for "an apparent
allegations and now faces a in the second year of a four-year The investigators said they tacted both the NCAA and scheme" to reimburse employ- By CHRIS DUNCAN
new challenge: convincing the deal to be part of the BCS. found the “apparent scheme” to Southeastern Conference as ees for political contributions. AP Sports Writer
BCS to let it stay in the lucra- The reimbursements, listed reimburse at least $46,539 for soon as these allegations sur- HUMBLE, Texas — Jhonattan
tive bowl system used to crown as at least $46,539, are an ap- employees’ political contribu- faced,” Athletic Director Jay coach during the recruitment of Vegas could barely speak English
a national champion. parent violation of state cam- tions. Jacobs said in a statement all four players, declined com- when he made his first appear-
If Fiesta Bowl officials can’t, paign finance laws and the released Wednesday night. “We ment Wednesday. He is now ance in a PGA Tour event, as an
BCS executive director Bill charter that allows the Fiesta Report: Ex-Auburn players have engaged outside counsel the head coach at Texas Tech. amateur at the 2003 Houston
Hancock says the organization Bowl its nonprofit status. Arizo- say they were paid to investigate this matter and McClover said he “felt totally Open.
has no problem booting them. na state prosecutors are also MONTGOMERY, Ala. — will spare no resources to find obligated” to play for the Tigers He was 18 then, and qualified
“We want to send a clear and conducting a probe. Auburn will investigate claims the truth.” after getting money — he less than a year after moving from
very strong signal to the public The Fiesta board unanimous- by four former football players, University President Jay wasn’t sure how much — in a his native Venezuela to Houston
about the standards and values ly fired Junker “for his improp- who have told HBO’s “Real Gogue said he is confident book bag. to fine-tune his game with Franci
(that) the conferences that er and inappropriate activities Sports with Bryant Gumbel” Jacobs and his department “I almost passed out. I litera- Betancourt, an instructor who
make up the BCS stand for,” documented” in the report. they received thousands of “will investigate these allega- lly almost passed out, I couldn’t had taught him as a boy.
Hancock told The Associated “The entire Fiesta Bowl fam- dollars while being recruited by tions thoroughly and complete- believe it was true,” the former Vegas missed the cut, but felt
Press on Wednesday. ily is angered and disappointed or playing for the Tigers. ly.” defensive end told HBO. “I felt secure enough to make the city
The Fiesta Bowl released an by what we’ve seen in the re- Stanley McClover, Troy Red- Tommy Tuberville, Auburn’s like I owed them.” his adopted hometown. He’s back
at Redstone for the Houston
Open this
fast-rising Up Next

Carmelo scores 39 Sabres stop

tour rookie SHELL
with a victory HOUSTON
already un- OPEN

hot Rangers
der his belt. TV Coverage

again in Knicks’ win

The big- Today
hitting Vegas 3 p.m., GOLF
is one of 33 Friday
3 p.m., GOLF
The Associated Press players in the
BUFFALO, N.Y. — Jhonas field who 3 p.m., NBC
The Associated Press games behind Indiana for the Enroth capably filled in for have already Sunday
NEW YORK — Carmelo final playoff spot in the East. injured Ryan Miller by stop- qualified for 3 p.m., NBC
Anthony scored 39 points for Andrea Bargnani scored 22 ping 23 shots for his first next week’s
the second straight game, points and DeMar DeRozan career shutout, leading the Masters. But a win in Houston
including the tiebreaking jump- had 20 for the Raptors, who Buffalo Sabres to a 1-0 victory would have additional meaning
er with 1:08 left, and the New lost their fifth straight. Lean- over the New York Rangers in to Vegas, a former University of
York Knicks rallied from a dro Barbosa had 18 points and a seventh-place showdown Texas star who now lives only 20
16-point deficit to beat the Jose Calderon scored 13, while Wednesday night. minutes from the course.
Tim Connolly scored 5:28
New Jersey Nets 120-116 on James Johnson added a career- “That first tour experience was
into the second period to help
Wednesday night. high 10 rebounds. this one here and since that time,
the Sabres (39-29-9) earn
Chauncey Billups added 33 their 87th point and move it’s great to be back,” Vegas said. “I
points, six rebounds and six Bobcats 98, Cavaliers 97 think just the whole state of Tex-
into tie with the Rangers
assists, and Amare Stoudemire CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Boris (41-31-5) for seventh in the as, I’ve been in a pretty ’home’
scored 23 points for the Diaw scored 26 points and hit Eastern Conference with 10 feeling. When I’m here, I feel real-
Knicks, who have won two in the tiebreaking free throw with days left in the season. Buffalo ly comfortable. I like everyone
a row after a six-game losing 14 seconds left to lead the also was able to maintain at around.”
streak and trimmed their mag- short-handed Charlotte Bob- least a three-point edge over Vegas earned his invitation to
ic number for clinching a play- cats to a victory over the grit- ninth-place Carolina, which Augusta when he won the Hope
off spot to three. ty Cleveland Cavaliers. was hosting Montreal. Classic in January in just his fifth
Anthony scored only two Diaw added 11 assists and The Rangers lost in regu- career start on the tour.
points in the fourth quarter seven rebounds in becoming lation for the first time in “I knew that I could win here —
after a 20-point third, but it Charlotte’s main scoring op- eight games (6-1-1) and drop- I didn’t know it was going to be
was the basket the Knicks tion after Stephen Jackson was ped to 8-2-1 in their past 11. that quick,” he said. “You never
needed in the first meeting sidelined with a troublesome know when things are going to
since they beat out the Nets in hamstring injury. Kwame Devils 3, Islanders 2 happen. That’s kind of what I do
the race to acquire the All-Star Brown had 16 points and eight NEWARK, N.J. — Andy and just try as hard as I can every
forward. rebounds for the Bobcats, who Greene’s goal with 4:56 left single time and hope for the best.”
Deron Williams had 22 won their fourth straight game snapped a tie and lifted the Lee Westwood, Phil Mickelson,
points, eight rebounds and to stay close with Indiana in AP PHOTO
Devils to a win over the New Ernie Els, Padraig Harrington
York Islanders that kept New
eight assists in his return from the race for the final Eastern Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire (1) scores in against New and Fred Couples are also in the
Jersey barely alive in the
a six-game absence with an Conference playoff spot. Jersey’s Kris Humphries during the first half of Wednesday’s field, using the tournament to
Eastern Conference playoff
injured wrist, but was short on A night after an emotional game at Madison Square Garden in New York. tune up for the season’s first ma-
a potential tying jumper in the home victory over Miami and jor. Anthony Kim is the defending
final seconds and appeared LeBron James, the Cavaliers playoff spot in the Eastern assists. Randolph had 13 re- Hurricanes 6, Canadiens 2 champion.
hurt again after going down almost secured their first two- Conference — one game ahead bounds and six assists as RALEIGH, N.C. — Jeff Organizers have embraced the
trying to chase down his miss. game winning streak in nearly of Charlotte. Memphis extended its hold on Skinner had two goals and an Houston Open’s distinction as the
five months. But Anthony Rodney Stuckey led the the final playoff spot in the assist, fellow rookie Jamie run-up to the Masters, setting up
76ers 108, Rockets 97 Parker missed a runner at the Pistons with 24 points on Western Conference. McBain also scored twice and the Tournament Course with con-
PHILADELPHIA — Jrue buzzer. 10-of-20 shooting. Richard Cam Ward made 38 saves for ditions similar to those at Augus-
Holiday had 24 points and 12 Hamilton added 19, Tayshaun Bulls 108, Timberwolves 91 Carolina. ta. The fairways are wide and
assists, and Thaddeus Young Hawks 85, Magic 82 Prince and Greg Monroe 14 MINNEAPOLIS — Derrick mowed toward the tees, the
scored 22 points to lead the ATLANTA — Joe Johnson’s each and Chris Wilcox 10. Rose had 23 points and 10 Blues 10, Red Wings 3 rough is light, the greenside
Philadelphia 76ers to win over floating one-hander in the lane Detroit, 11th in the confer- assists in three quarters and DETROIT — Cam Janssen mounds are shaved and the
the Houston Rockets. put Atlanta ahead with 55.4 ence, slipped to 26-48 with its the Chicago Bulls blew out the and Chris Porter scored for greens themselves are lightning-
Andre Iguodala had 10 as- seconds remaining and Orlan- fourth loss in five games. The Minnesota Timberwolves. the first time this season, fast.
sists and the Sixers had 30 of do’s Jameer Nelson missed only win was a 100-88 victory Carlos Boozer had 24 points helping the St. Louis Blues Two-time U.S. Open champion
them on 46 baskets. Spencer two chances to tie it, allowing over the Pacers on Saturday. and 14 rebounds and the Bulls beat the Detroit Red Wings. Retief Goosen is playing the
Hawes and Jodie Meeks each the Hawks to escape with a recorded 31 assists on 41 field The Red Wings gave up course for the first time after hear-
scored 12 points. victory in a likely playoff pre- Heat 123, Wizards 107 goals to stay 21⁄2 games ahead eight goals in the first two ing positive feedback about it.
Kyle Lowry led the Rockets view. WASHINGTON — LeBron of Boston and Miami in the periods of a game for the first
with 19 points and Kevin Mar- Josh Smith led the Hawks James, Dwyane Wade and the race for the top seed in the time since 1986 and 10 in a
game for the first time since
tin had 18. Luis Scola scored with 26 points, and Johnson Miami Heat had a surprisingly Eastern Conference.
17 and Chase Budinger 15. added 18. tough time against the lowly Kevin Love had 16 points
Joey MacDonald, playing
The Rockets cruised in a Nelson paced Orlando with Wizards — even after No. 1 and nine rebounds, but was for the injured Jimmy Ho-
112-87 win over New Jersey on 20 points, but he missed a draft pick John Wall was eject- limited to 27 minutes in his ward, was chased after giving
Tuesday night, moving them jumper with 38 seconds re- ed for a second-quarter scuffle. first game back from a strained up five goals midway through
within two games of eighth- maining, then badly on a drive James finished with 35 left groin. The Timberwolves the second period. MacDo-
place Memphis in the West, with 6 seconds left. points, eight rebounds and (17-58) lost their eighth nald was back in net for the
but their playoff push took a Jason Collins hit one free eight assists, Wade had 33 straight game and have sunk third period after Thomas
hit down I-95. throw, giving the Magic one points and nine assists, and to the bottom of the West. McCollum allowed three
The Sixers put this one last chance to send the game Chris Bosh scored 26, helping goals on eight shots in the
away with a 10-2 run early in to overtime. But Atlanta Miami get past Washington Hornets 95, Trail Blazers 91 second.
the fourth. played tight defense, and the and avoid what would have NEW ORLEANS — Carl
The Rockets made 21 of 22 best Orlando could do was a been a second consecutive Landry scored 21 points and
free throws; the 76ers 11 of 12. long 3-point attempt by Hedo embarrassing loss. the New Orleans Hornets ALL JUNK CARS &
Turkoglu that didn’t come jumped ahead of Portland for TRUCKS WANTED
Bucks 104, Raptors 98 close. Grizzlies 110, Warriors 91 sixth place in the Western Highest Prices Paid In Cash.
Free Pickup. Call Anytime.
TORONTO — Brandon Atlanta won its third in a MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tony Conference with a 91 victory
Jennings scored 25 points, row and took the season series Allen scored 21 points and over the Trail Blazers. VITO & GINO
Andrew Bogut and Drew 3-1. helped reverse Memphis’ lacka- Chris Paul had 11 points and 288-8995 • Forty Fort
Gooden both had double- daisical first-half effort in the 12 assists, and Emeka Okafor
doubles and the Milwaukee Pacers 111, Pistons 101 Grizzlies’ victory over the had 15 points and 10 rebounds
Bucks beat the Toronto Rap- INDIANAPOLIS — Darren Golden State Warriors. before fouling out with 1:38 “COURSE OPEN”
tors. Collison scored 20 points, Allen added eight rebounds left. Willie Green added 12 SPRING RATES
Gooden had 22 points and Danny Granger added 17 and and four assists as Memphis points, 10 in the fourth quar- * WEEKENDS $$34 BEFORE 1:00
11 rebounds and Bogut had 17 the Indiana Pacers used a 31-12 not only won its fifth straight ter. Country Club 29 AFTER 1:00
points and 10 rebounds for the run in the second quarter to at home, but assured the Griz- LaMarcus Aldridge had 24 • Driving Range * WEEKDAYS $
29 18 + CART
Bucks, who had lost three of help lead them to a victory zlies (42-33) of their first win- points and 15 rebounds for • Restaurant & Bar
• Leagues, Outings* SENIORS (55+) $22 18 + CART
their previous four games. over Detroit. ning season since 2005-06, the Portland (43-32), which is tied
Carlos Delfino added 14 points Josh McRoberts added 15 last time the team made the with New Orleans in the SENIORS - 18 HOLES + CART AND LUNCH
for Milwaukee.
Michael Redd scored five
points and Roy Hibbert 12 for
the Pacers, who are 34-42 with
points in eight minutes for the six games remaining. Indiana
playoffs. standings, but has lost the
Mike Conley and Zach Ran- season tiebreaker with the
dolph scored 20 apiece, with Hornets having won three of
27 00
Weekdays Only • Starting April 1st
Must Present Coupon
Route 309 Drums, PA
Bucks, who entered three maintained its hold on the last Conley also recording seven four meetings. TL



March 31–April 10
Channels 301-314

Early bird special $179 for the season

Call by April 10 (regular $199)
Less than $1 per game
Includes up to
30 NY Yankee games per month


A preview of the ISM report Unemployment report First-time claims for Factory orders Factory order growth
The Chicago Purchasing Manag- The Labor Department’s unemployment benefits The Commerce Department is
ers report will give investors a first report on how many people expected to report that orders
look at how manufacturing in the
Midwest did during March. Inves-
applied for unemployment
benefits last week is expected 382k 380k to the nation’s factories slowed
during February. That’s not
tors see the report as a preview of to show a small drop from the estimate surprising after orders for
(-0.5%) durable goods fell just under 1

the national assessment of manu- previous week. That indicates

facturing from the Institute for that the rate of layoffs contin- percent for the month. Durable
Supply Management. That comes ues to slow. Investors always goods are those expected to
out Friday. Economists expect the anxiously await the report, but last for three years or more.
The factory orders report is
Chicago group’s index of manufac- this week’s is of particular
turing activity to dip to 70 from 71.2 interest because it comes a broader, and includes goods
in February. That would mean day before the department Week ended Week ended such as food, paper and
manufacturing is growing, but at a releases its report on employ- March 19 March 26 chemicals that are consumed January February
slightly slower pace. ment for March. Source: FactSet faster than durable goods. Source: FactSet





German firms in gender bind Economist:
News both
+71.60 +19.90 +8.82

By MELISSA EDDY pany-specific personnel development, as ry little to show for it a decade later.

good, bad
Associated Press well as adequate representation of women The companies are arguing that it is im-
BERLIN—Germany’sleadingindustrial in leadership positions, particularly in top- portant to recruit younger women into low-
companies pledged Wednesday to recruit level management,” the companies said. er level jobs and groom them to move up,
I N B R I E F andpromotemorewomen,especiallyintop Chancellor Angela Merkel’s minister for while the government insists that more
management jobs, but remained at odds families, Kristina Schroeder, released the women in upper management positions By EILEEN GODIN
Trucking firm hiring locally with the government over how best to do it.
The 30 companies listed on Frankfurt’s
outline of a government program aimed at
pressuring the private sector to better pro-
will have a trickle-down effect.
Given the technology-heavy emphasis of
Times Leader Correspondent
PLAINS TWP. — Sharing his wis-
Spurred by recent growth, Lowell, DAX index of blue chip stocks pledged after mote qualified women, especially to in- many of the DAX companies, including
dom and knowledge of global eco-
Ark.-based J.B. Hunt trucking is cre- a meeting with ministers to set company- crease female representation on their man- BMW, BASF, Daimler Siemens and Volks-
nomics, Jay Bryson, managing direc-
ating new positions within the Pittston specific goals to promote more female man- agement boards by 30 percent by 2013. wagen, they say they face a legitimate chal-
tor and global economist with Wells
driving fleet. The company is holding a agers. In 2001, German companies agreed to lenge of finding enough women qualified to
job fair today from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at “Our goal is to reach a sustainable, com- voluntarily promote more women, with ve- work for them at any level.
the Home Depot distribution center of Commerce on Wednesday after-
located at 300 Enterprise Way in the
CenterPoint Trade and Commerce Park
At the group’s luncheon in The
in Pittston Township.
Woodlands Inn & Resort, Bryson
The company is seeking 12 experi-
enced truck drivers to fill local, dedi- analyzed the global economic out-
cated positions. Experienced drivers look and gave the full banquet room
who live within 45 miles of Pittston are somegoodnewsandsomebadnews
eligible to apply for driving jobs. For about the country’s financial future.
more information about truck-driving Startingonapositivenote,hesaid
employment at J.B. Hunt, visit the U.S. economy
www.JBHunt.Jobs/Pittston. isinanexpansion,
with consumer

Murdoch’s son promoted spending and the

business sector
News Corp. has named James Mur- picking up.
doch, the son of Chairman and CEO “Consumers
Rupert Murdoch, to the newly created are spending the
post of deputy chief operating officer old-fashion way,”
and chairman and CEO of international he said. “They are spending what
operations. they earn.”
James Murdoch is considered to be What this means, Bryson ex-
the front runner to take over the media plained,isthattheeconomyisshow-
empire. ing a slow growth at around 2 per-
News Corp. said Wednesday that cent. To give an idea of consumer
James Murdoch will work closely with spending between 2003 and 2007
Rupert Murdoch. He will continue to the growth rate was about 3 ½ per-
report to Chase Carey, the company’s cent, he said.
deputy chairman, president and chief “One thing that helped us in
operating officer. 2003 to 2007 was many consumers
James Murdoch, 38, has served in were using their homes as an ATM
senior roles at News Corp. for 15 years. and that is no longer happening
He has been the chairman and CEO of right now, which will cause growth
the company’s European and Asian to be a bit slower,” said Bryson,
operations since 2007. He will move to Jane Evans works in her new Mountain Top office of Bookkeeping Express, which provides services for small businesses.
based in Charlotte, N.C.

Inspired by adversity
New York from London in his new role.
cession until now, there have been
Firms to boost hiring 1.4 million jobs created in the pri-
vate sector, he said.
A majority of America’s largest com- “If we create jobs at the same
panies are ready to step up hiring this paceaswedidinthelastexpansion,
year and more than 90 percent expect By MATT HUGHES OPEN FOR BUSINESS Wilkes University, said she has the right 2003 through 2007, on average we
sales to improve, a new survey found. idea. created about 150,000 jobs per

The Business Roundtable said hen Jane Evans’ job was out- •BookKeeping Express opens today at “A business like that coming into this ar- month,itwilltakeaboutfourtofive
Wednesday that 52 percent of its mem- sourced last year, she didn’t dwell 369 S. Mountain Blvd., Suite B1 in Moun-
ea, as long as they are priced affordably, will
tain Top. yearstogettheunemploymentrate
bers plan to increase hiring in the next on her own tragedy; she saw an be instrumental for a lot of small business-
six months. That’s the largest propor- •For more information, contact owner back down to zero,” Bryson said.
opportunity. Jane Evans at 474-0400 es,” Pierce said. “The thing is, these jobs require
tion for the group since it began sur- Evans is the owner of a new local fran- He added that the service can fill what is
or, training and education.”
veying its members nine years ago. The
chise of national bookkeeping firm Book- or visit “definitely a void for a lot of small business- In Pennsylvania, he said, the un-
trade group represents CEOs from
Keeping Express, which opens its doors to- es; I think one of the number one problems employment rate reached a high of
roughly 200 of the nation’s largest
companies. day in Mountain Top. that they have is finding an affordable book- 10percent.That’s“alittlehigherthan
More than 60 percent also plan to Evans decided to open the business after counts and ledgers, monthly data entry, keeping service.” the national average, but comparing
spend more on long-lasting manu- being laid off from her previous employer in processing and managing accounts payable Bookkeeping services eliminate the the state economy to the nation, we
factured goods, such as computers and September. The management firm she and accounts receivable, producing month- need for businesses to employ an in-house are doing slightly better,” he said.
machinery, according to the survey of worked for decided to outsource its back- ly reports and tax reporting. bookkeeper, Pierce said, which can be a As jobs are created, and people
142 executives taken in early March. office functions to a third-party company Evans, a 1994 graduate of Wilkes Universi- large strain on very small businesses. get back to work, the $1.3 trillion
The group’s members are more opti- like BookKeeping Express. Evans said she ty, said she thinks the business will fill a need Evans added that being part of a larger U.S. deficit will be whittled away.
mistic than at any point since the sur- thought that smaller businesses could also ofmanysmallbusinessesinthearea,andthat national organization provides extra re- Bryson said the deficit was due to
vey began in 2002. Its CEO economic benefit from bookkeeping services. now is the perfect time to open the franchise. sources for her company, and extra security unpaid taxes caused by people los-
outlook index rose to 113, up from 101 “If the larger companies are doing it, then “I want to help smaller businesses because for clients. BookKeeping Express offers da- ing their jobs over two fiscal years,
in the previous quarterly survey. The it makes even greater sense that the smaller it’s so critical right now with everyone trying ta security and backup systems, data entry causing the downward spiral.
index plummeted to -5, its lowest level, businesses should look at it as a way to cut to recover from the bad economy and to find services and legal advice, Evans said. Localandstatespendinghasbeen
in the January-March quarter of 2009. their expenses,” Evans, 50, of Mountain ways to cut costs,” Evans said, adding, “and I “With BookKeeping Express, you’ve got negative, he said. Tough permanent
Top, said. love to find ways to cut costs.” this huge support system behind you that cuts will be made, he added.
Japan flights suspended BookKeeping Express handles account-
ing responsibilities including charting ac-
Chuck Pierce, a business consultant with
the Small Business Development Center at
can give your clients that additional sense
of security,” she said.
“We are all in this together,” he
American Airlines is suspending two
of its six daily flights to Japan next

Virtual worlds bring about ‘e’conomy, but where is it all headed?

week due to a slump in traffic since the
big earthquake and tsunami.
American said Wednesday it will
suspend the flights on April 6 and
resume them on April 25. One goes YOU’LL NEVER get alent of money) for their efforts. They A high-school student and his moth-
from New York to Tokyo’s Haneda
Airport, the other flies between Dallas
anywhere in life if
you sit at home and
TECH TALK can actually use this ISK to pay for
their monthly subscription — and
er earned nearly $40,000 during the
course of one year — in the same
and Tokyo’s Narita airport.
play games. NICK DELORENZO what’s more, sufficiently advanced game — by building and selling weap-
The move by AMR Corp.’s American
Airlines follows Delta Air Lines Inc.’s So the wisdom players can actually automate these ons ... all while playing for just three
decision last week to suspend service goes. achievements, processes so they pay nothing at all. hours a day.
to Haneda, although Delta continues Unless, of course, badges, and Furthermore, it’s possible to transfer Keep in mind — this is real money
flying to Narita. you’re really good at rewards. ISK to other players — so I can give exchanged for essentially intangible
it — and you happen to be playing in These games you $100 real-world dollars for 1 mil- goods.
the brave new online world. also feature an- lion ISK. I get a headache trying to think
The younger generation can tell you other aspect: a As an extreme example, we can look about the economics of this — and
all about World of Warcraft, EVE On- virtual economy. at Entropia, an online virtual universe economists can chime in here: What
line, and the like — the so called Mas- Players can that’s been around since 2003. happens when this becomes wide-
sively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing buy, sell, trade, work, and even build Entropia has found its way into the spread, and money is exchanged for
$3.58 $3.32 $2.80 Games — or MMORPG for short. new objects and mine for various Guinness Book of World Records — what is effectively non-existent work?
People play these games obsessively metals — and these activities can several times. A player bought a loca- Scanning the QR Code in this story
— spending hours or even an entire sometimes have tangible real-world tion in the game for $100,000 — real- will take you to the Entropia portal.
$4.06 day immersed in a virtual world where benefits. world dollars — and then recouped
they fight demons, pilot spaceships, For example, in EVE Online, a game that investment by selling virtual Nick DeLorenzo is director of Interactive
embark on quests, and perform other that’s set in space, a player can be property and charging players for use and New Media for The Times Leader. Write
arcane tasks, all in pursuit of a bevy of rewarded “ISK” (the in-game equiv- of that location. him at


S&P 500
p +8.82 NASDAQ
p +19.90 DOW
p +71.60 6-MO T-BILLS
n ... 10-YR T-NOTE
q -.04 GOLD
Stocks of Local Interest
+7.60 EURO
p +.0033 CRUDE OIL
q -.52

1,360 S&P 500 2,800 Nasdaq composite 52-WEEK YTD 52-WEEK YTD
1,300 Close: 1,328.26 2,700 Close: 2,776.79 HIGH LOW NAME TKR DIV LAST CHG %CHG HIGH LOW NAME TKR DIV LAST CHG %CHG
Change: 8.82 (0.7%) Change: 19.90 (0.7%) 95.00 64.13 AirProd APD 2.32 90.19 +.49 -.8 96.15 72.03 M&T Bk MTB 2.80 88.51 +.99 +1.7
1,240 10 DAYS 2,600 10 DAYS 28.29 19.41 AmWtrWks AWK .88 27.95 +.28 +10.5 80.94 65.31 McDnlds MCD 2.44 75.81 +.44 -1.2
51.50 35.00 Amerigas APU 2.82 47.56 +.37 -2.6 25.96 19.27 NBT Bcp NBTB .80 22.56 +.16 -6.6
23.79 16.52 AquaAm WTR .62 22.74 -.01 +1.2 8.43 3.64 NexstarB NXST ... 8.62 +.41 +43.9
1,350 2,900 38.02 24.22 ArchDan ADM .64 35.94 +.22 +19.5
277.50 171.65 AutoZone AZO ... 273.94 +.50 +.5 70.45 49.43 PNC PNC .40 62.93 +.90 +3.6
2,800 19.86 10.91 BkofAm BAC .04 13.45 +.10 +.8 28.80 23.75 PPL Corp PPL 1.40 25.14 +.34 -4.5
1,300 32.65 23.78 BkNYMel BK .52 29.67 +.34 -1.8 15.43 11.75 PennMill PMIC ... 14.22 +.21 +7.5
18.63 6.08 BonTon BONT .20 15.61 +.20 +23.3 17.35 10.03 PenRE PEI .60 14.08 +.21 -3.1
2,700 44.20 29.12 CIGNA CI .04 43.52 +.76 +18.7 68.11 60.32 PepsiCo PEP 1.92 65.05 +.89 -.4
1,250 37.82 26.84 CVS Care CVS .50 33.64 -.16 -3.2 65.62 42.94 PhilipMor PM 2.56 65.70 +.44 +12.3
2,600 65.88 49.47 CocaCola KO 1.88 66.04 +.32 +.4 66.95 39.37 ProctGam PG 1.93 61.97 +.69 -3.7
25.91 16.30 Comcast CMCSA .45 24.70 +.18 +12.9
1,200 28.95 21.33 CmtyBkSy CBU .96 24.16 +.41 -13.0 67.52 48.56 Prudentl PRU 1.15 61.03 +.43 +4.0
2,500 42.50 25.63 CmtyHlt CYH ... 40.32 +.23 +7.9 15.52 9.85 SLM Cp SLM ... 15.49 -.02 +23.0
37.19 25.61 CoreMark CORE ... 33.46 +.07 -6.0 54.19 32.41 SLM pfB SLMpB 4.63 53.25 +.25 +21.5
1,150 2,400 16.00 4.97 Entercom ETM ... 10.74 +.31 -7.3 29.24 20.00 SoUnCo SUG .60 28.56 +.36 +18.7
19.80 7.71 FairchldS FCS ... 18.18 -.13 +16.5 17.47 7.06 Supvalu SVU .35 8.97 -.05 -6.9
9.84 6.96 FrontierCm FTR .75 7.92 +.04 -18.6 51.11 39.56 TJX TJX .60 50.09 +.61 +12.8
1,100 2,300 18.71 13.09 Genpact G .18 14.39 +.10 -5.3
O N D J F M O N D J F M 15.84 9.60 HarteHnk HHS .32 11.95 -.04 -6.4
33.34 24.30 UGI Corp UGI 1.00 32.54 +.40 +3.0
50.77 40.00 Heinz HNZ 1.80 48.74 -.12 -1.5 38.42 25.79 VerizonCm VZ 1.95 38.46 +.17 +7.5
54.81 42.37 Hershey HSY 1.38 54.69 -.10 +16.0 57.90 47.77 WalMart WMT 1.46 52.36 +.10 -2.9

StocksRecap DOW
s s
32.67 27.49
28.54 19.35


DOW Util.
Combined Stocks
Vol. (in mil.) 3,885 1,779 NYSE Comp. 8432.17 8345.38 8416.69 +71.31 +0.85% s s s +5.68% Name Last Chg %YTD Name Last Chg %YTD Name Last Chg %YTD Name Last Chg %YTD Name Last Chg %YTD Name Last Chg %YTD
Pvs. Volume 3,532 1,610 AMEX Index 2380.65 2364.06 2374.01 +28.95 +1.23% s t s +7.50% ABB Ltd 24.03 +.30 +7.0 ChinaIntEn 2.55 -.12 -65.2 GoldStr g 2.98 +.09 -35.1 MedcoHlth 55.32 +.10 -9.7 PrUShQQQ rs51.11 -.54 -12.1 Sysco 27.71 +.01 -5.7
Advanced 2220 1831 AEP Ind 30.09 +.93 +16.0 ChinaShen 4.98 +.06 -40.7 GoldmanS 159.07 +.60 -5.4 Medtrnic 39.37 +.14 +6.1 ProUltSP 53.40 +.66 +11.1 TCF Fncl 15.74 +.46 +6.3
NASDAQ 2779.95 2763.77 2776.79 +19.90 +0.72% s s s +4.67% AES Corp 13.07 +.23 +7.3 ChurchDwt 80.00 -.49 +15.9 Goodyear 14.95 +.21 +26.2 MelcoCrwn 7.66 ... +20.4 ProUShL20 37.34 -.55 +.8 TCW Strat 5.42 -.04 +3.8
Declined 824 786 S&P 500 1331.74 1321.89 1328.26 +8.82 +0.67% s s s +5.62% AFLAC 52.52 +.37 -6.9 CIBER 6.69 +.16 +42.9 Gramrcy 4.16 +.09 +80.1 MentorGr 14.72 +.05 +22.7 ProUSSP50015.87 -.33 -18.2 TD Ameritr 20.79 +.11 +9.5
New Highs 263 191 Wilshire 5000 14140.06 14003.19 14114.06 +110.87 +0.79% s s s +5.64% AGL Res 39.70 +.49 +10.7 CienaCorp 25.58 +1.24 +21.5 GreenbCos 27.67 -.53 +31.8 Merck 33.30 +.52 -7.6 ProgrssEn 46.36 +.40 +6.6 TE Connect34.65 +.05 -2.1
New Lows 11 23 AK Steel 16.28 -.14 -.5 Cisco 17.33 -.11 -14.3 Greif A 64.63 +.29 +4.4 Meritage 24.29 +.02 +9.4 ProgsvCp 21.15 +.07 +6.4 TECO 18.74 +.27 +5.3
Russell 2000 840.76 832.76 840.37 +10.88 +1.31% s s s +7.24% AMR 6.85 +.27 -12.1 Citigrp 4.45 ... -5.9 GpoTMM 2.43 +.02 -2.8 Mesab 41.60 +.50 +8.1 ProLogis 15.90 +.41 +10.1 THQ 4.68 -.12 -22.8

Still betting on the bull

ASM Intl 39.88 +1.12 +13.9 CitrixSys 72.24 +2.20 +5.6 HCA Hld n 34.24 +.35 +10.4 MetLife 44.85 +.45 +.9 ProUSR2K rs42.06-1.13 -16.3 TaiwSemi 12.11 +.05 -3.4
AT&T Inc 30.71 +.66 +4.5 CleanEngy 16.40 +1.47 +18.5 HCP Inc 37.80 +.79 +2.7 MetroPCS 16.32 +.51 +29.2 ProvFnH 8.23 -.02 +13.7 TakeTwo 15.41 -.52 +25.6
AbtLab 48.96 +.58 +2.2 Clearwire h 5.56 +.06 +8.0 HSBC 52.64 +.37 +3.1 MicronT 11.58 -.18 +44.4 Prudentl 61.03 +.43 +4.0 Talbots 6.20 +.14 -27.2
AberFitc 58.09 +1.38 +.8 CliffsNRs 98.18 +1.02 +25.9 Hallibrtn 49.50 +.50 +21.2 Microsoft 25.61 +.12 -8.2 PSEG 31.69 +.38 -.4 Target 50.26 +1.10 -16.4
AcadiaRlt 18.80 +.21 +3.1 Clorox 70.03 +.03 +10.7 HanJS 14.05 +.10 -7.0 MdsxWatr 18.16 +.09 -1.0 PubStrg 110.30 +1.24 +8.8 TastyBak 1.70 +.12 -73.2
Accenture 54.79 +.52 +13.0 Coeur 34.97 +.88 +28.0 HarleyD 42.30 +.93 +22.0 MitsuUFJ 4.54 -.07 -16.1 PulteGrp 7.44 -.21 -1.1 Teleflex 57.47 +.45 +6.8
Achillion 7.14 +.09 +72.0 ColgPal 81.21 +.79 +1.0 HarmonyG 15.26 +.54 +21.7 MizuhoFn 3.37 -.05 -10.1 PPrIT 6.43 +.02 +2.4 TelefEsp s 25.29 +.13 +10.9
ActionSemi 2.55 +.04 +18.6 Comc spcl 23.18 +.11 +11.9 HarrisCorp 49.34 +.21 +8.9 MobileTel s 21.54 +.52 +3.2 Qihoo360 n 34.00 ... 0.0 TelMexL 17.79 +.16 +10.2
ActivePwr 2.86 -.06 +16.3 Comerica 36.75 +.31 -13.0 Harsco 35.73 +.65 +26.2 Molycorp n 59.33 -.32 +18.9 Qlogic 18.43 +.35 +8.3 Tellabs 5.32 +.14 -21.5
Nick Thakore has earned the eryone is aware of the debt chal- ActivsBliz 10.97 +.01 -11.8 CmtyHlt 40.32 +.23 +7.9 HartfdFn 26.81 +.06 +1.2 Monsanto 70.79 +.29 +1.7 Qualcom 54.51 +.60 +10.1 TempleInld 23.19 +.31 +9.2
Acxiom 13.50 -3.96 -21.3 ConAgra 23.85 +.14 +5.6 HawaiiEl 24.59 +.23 +7.9 MonstrWw 16.06 +.39 -32.0 QntmDSS 2.52 -.02 -32.3 TmpDrgn 30.56 +.58 -.6
title of turnaround king. lenges the government faces. And AdamsEx 11.36 +.05 +5.8 ConnWtrSv 26.48 +.53 -5.0 HltMgmt 10.94 +.08 +14.7 Moodys 34.45 +.90 +29.8 QstDiag 57.35 +.39 +6.3 TenetHlth 7.51 +.22 +12.3
AdobeSy 32.95 +.33 +7.1 ConocPhil 80.69 +1.88 +18.5 HeclaM 9.05 +.18 -19.6 Moog A 44.95 +.02 +12.9 QksilvRes 14.18 +.01 -3.8 Tenneco 42.96 +.65 +4.4
In November 2008, Thakore people look around, and say, ‘Well, AdvBattery 2.01 -1.50 -47.8 ConsolEngy53.31 +.56 +9.4 HercOffsh 6.32 +.42 +81.6 Moog B 44.75 ... +12.4 Quidel 11.87 -.19 -17.9 Teradyn 17.96 ... +27.9
took over Putnam Voyager, a mu- unemployment is high, growth is AMD 8.79 +.11 +7.5 ConEd 50.72 +.10 +2.3 Hertz 15.67 +.27 +8.1 MorgStan 27.23 ... +.1 QwestCm 6.93 +.04 -8.9 Terex 36.48 -.25 +17.5
AEterna g 2.00 +.11 +16.2 ConsolWtr 11.00 -.35 +20.0 HewlettP 41.30 +.19 -1.9 Mosaic 80.45 +1.60 +5.4 RAIT Fin 2.48 +.07 +13.2 Tesoro 27.76 +.63 +49.7
tual fund that focused on large-cap slow, why would I be bullish?’ Fo- Aetna 37.60 +.59 +23.2 ConstellEn 31.41 +.59 +2.5 HomeDp 37.57 -.13 +7.2 MotrlaSol n 44.56 +.44 +17.1 RCM 5.07 -.03 +9.5 TevaPhrm 50.02 +.02 -4.0
growth companies. Voyager trailed cusing on those areas makes them Agilent 45.09 +.53 +8.8 CooperTire 25.99 +.35 +10.2 HonwllIntl 59.59 -.01 +12.1 MotrlaMo n 24.65 -.80 -15.3 RF MicD 6.59 +.01 -10.3 TexInst 34.74 -.22 +6.9
AlcatelLuc 5.72 -.06 +93.2 CornPdts 51.21 +1.35 +11.3 HorizLns 1.27 -.35 -70.9 MuellerWat 4.48 +.07 +7.4 RPM 23.65 +.20 +7.0 ThermoFis 54.91 +.28 -.8
most of its peers from 2003-07 as miss what really matters. And as
they recovered from the dot-com
minutes challenged as the consumer and
17.64 +.15 +14.6
165.69 +.02 +1.4
Corning 20.80
Covidien 52.11
-.31 +7.7
... +14.1
Hospira 55.05
HostHotls 17.53
+.52 -1.1
+.03 -1.9
Mylan 22.78 +.33
NCR Corp 18.90 +.15
RXi Phrm 1.50 +.24 -41.9
Rackspace 43.01 +3.30 +36.9
3M Co 92.47
TibcoSft 26.74
bust and 2001 recession. But last with government are, the story of corpo-
AlignTech 20.37 -.81 +4.2
Allergan 71.11 +.52 +3.6
Cree Inc 46.72
CreXus 11.52
+.18 -29.1
+.12 -12.1
HudsCity 9.72
HuntBnk 6.75
... -23.7
+.11 -1.7
NGAS Rs h .69 +.05
NRG Egy 21.84 +.24
RadianGrp 6.94 -.08 -14.0
RadientPh .46 +.08 -54.7
THorton g 45.66
TimeWarn 35.61
AlliBInco 7.70 ... -2.9 CrwnCstle 42.19 +1.05 -3.7 HuntIng wi 38.20 +.70 +1.9 NV Energy 14.89 +.19 +6.0 RadioShk 15.38 +.26 -16.8
month, Lipper honored Voyager for rate America is spectacular.” AlliantEgy 39.47 +.52 +7.3 CrownHold 38.75 +.71 +16.1 Huntsmn 17.26 -.13 +10.6 NXP Sem n 31.38 +.09 +49.9 RangeRs 57.55 +1.60 +27.9
TiVo Inc 8.95 +.25 +3.7
TorDBk g 88.94 +1.89 +21.3
having the top record among Allstate 31.85 +.22 -.1 Cummins 109.57 +1.94 -.4 Hydrognc 5.95 +.90 +58.2
nearly 740 large-cap growth funds
NICK THAKORE The biggest threats to further
AlphaNRs 59.59 +.21 -.7
AlteraCp lf 43.80 -.07 +23.1
CybrOpt 8.40
CypSharp 12.68
+.01 -1.6
-.07 -1.8
Hyperdyn 5.05
ICICI Bk 50.03
-.11 +1.8
+.62 -1.2
Nabors 30.07 +.23
NBkGreece 1.79 -.03
RareEle g 13.37 -.03 -16.7
Raytheon 50.44 -.26 +9.7
Toyota 80.96
TrCda g 40.32
NatFuGas 73.43 +2.45 +11.9 RegionsFn 7.23 +.08 +3.3 Transocn 78.95 -1.10 +13.6
for the three years that ended Dec. market gains? Altria 26.11 +.14 +6.1 DCT Indl 5.45 +.14 +2.6 INGPrRTr 6.07 -.02 +6.7 NatGrid 48.12 +.31 +8.4 ReneSola 10.18 +.09 +16.5 Travelers 59.39 +.13 +6.6
AmBev s 28.17 +.97 -9.2 DNP Selct 9.53 -.02 +4.3 iShGold s 13.89 +.03 -.1 NOilVarco 79.90 -2.36 +18.8 RepFBcp 2.69 -.06 +10.2 TriValley .56 +.06 -1.8
31. Lipper cited the fund’s returns record, and the market is nowhere “First, oil prices. We’ve got a de- Amazon 179.42 +4.80 -.3 DR Horton 11.73 -.22 -1.7 iSAstla 26.54 +.38 +4.3 NatSemi 14.54 +.11 +5.7 RepubSvc 30.14 +.15 +.9 TrimbleN 50.00 +.09 +25.2
Ameren 28.25 +.41 +.2 DTE 48.99 +.89 +8.1 iShBraz 76.72 +1.49 -.9 NetApp 48.01 -.26 -12.6 RschMotn 57.03 -.02 -1.9
and the level of risk Thakore took near its record.” The S&P 500 is 15 veloping economic recovery, and AMovilL 57.40 +.76 +.1 DanaHldg 17.81 +.59 +3.5 iSCan 33.54 +.47 +8.2 Netflix 237.95 +.57 +35.4 Revlon 15.87 +1.00 +61.3
TrinaSolar 29.64 +1.17 +26.6
TriQuint 13.06 -.04 +11.7
to achieve them. Other funds had percent below its peak of 1,565.15, the biggest thing that could trip it up AMovilA 57.11 +.76 -.1 Darden 48.52 +1.14 +4.5 iShGer 25.80 +.42 +7.8 Netlist 2.67 +.25 +4.3 ReynAm s 35.97 +.32 +10.3 TycoIntl 44.89 +.15 +8.3
ACapAgy 28.70 -.10 -.1 DeanFds 10.07 -.08 +13.9 iSh HK 18.90 +.38 -.1 NewAmHi 10.27 +.02 +3.1 RioTinto s 71.56 +1.44 -.1
higher returns but took on more reached in October 2007. And is a sustained spike in oil prices.” AmCapLtd 9.76 +.19 +29.1 Deere 94.45 +.50 +13.7 iShJapn 10.45 +.16 -4.2 NwGold g 11.65 +.36 +19.4 RiteAid 1.08 ... +22.3
Tyson 19.71 +.11 +14.5
AEagleOut 16.14 +.56 +10.3 Dell Inc 14.64 -.13 +8.0 iSh Kor 63.99 +1.21 +4.6 UBS AG 18.27 +.04 +10.9
risk. For the three years that ended stock prices are cheap compared But prices would have to go much AEP 35.50 +.40 -1.3 DeltaAir 9.94 +.15 -21.1 iSMalas 14.70 +.13 +2.2
NJ Rscs 42.89 +.47 -.5 Riverbed s 37.78 -.06 +7.4 UDR 24.01 +.28 +2.1
NY CmtyB 17.16 -.21 -9.0 Rowan 42.89 -.57 +22.9 US Airwy 8.97 +.10 -10.4
Tuesday, Voyager had an average to earnings. Earnings per share for higher and stay high for a long time AmExp 45.91 +.26 +7.0 DenburyR 24.56 +.38 +28.7 iShSing 13.64 +.19 -1.5 NY Times 9.59 +.19 -2.1 RoyDShllA 72.80 +.50 +9.0
AmSupr 25.07 +.37 -12.3 Dndreon 35.54 -.34 +1.8 iSTaiwn 14.75 +.06 -5.6 USEC 4.42 -.02 -26.6
yearly return of 14 percent, 10 per- the S&P 500 are expected to be to significantly hurt stocks. AmTower 51.74 +1.23 +.2 DenisnM g 2.43 -.09 -28.9 iShSilver 36.53 +.36 +21.0
Newcastle 6.09 +.13 -9.1 SAIC 16.83 -.13 +6.1 UltraPt g 49.04 +1.68 +2.7
NewmtM 54.12 +.63 -11.9 SpdrDJIA 123.21 +.70 +6.6 UniSrcEn 36.21 +.61 +1.0
centage points more than the aver- nearly $100 this year. The index’s “I also worry about government AmWtrWks 27.95 +.28 +10.5 DeutschBk 59.28 +.78 +13.9 iShChina25 44.40 +.68 +3.0 NewsCpA 17.51 +.25 +20.3 SpdrGold 138.67 +.46 0.0 UnilevNV 31.28 +.10 -.4
Ameriprise 61.40 +.20 +6.7 DevelDiv 14.09 +.17 0.0 iSSP500 133.20 +.87 +5.5 Nexen g 24.98 +.38 +9.1 S&P500ETF132.77 +.91 +5.6
age large-growth fund. It has $5 bil- price-to-earnings ratio is nearly 16, debt in the U.S. and in Europe. The Ametek s 43.30 +.38 +10.3 DevonE 91.59 -.11 +16.7 iShEMkts 48.25 +.61 +1.3 NextEraEn 54.98 +.30 +5.8 SpdrKbwBk 25.90 +.21 0.0
UnionPac 97.87 -.94 +5.6
Amgen 53.90 +.47 -1.8 Diageo 75.70 +1.01 +1.8 iShB20 T 92.32 +.73 -1.9 Unisys 31.83 +.10 +22.9
lion in assets. which suggests the index should European situation is touch-and- NiSource 19.22 +.23 +9.1 SpdrLehHY 40.52 +.10 +2.0 UtdContl 23.84 +.97 +.1
Anadarko 82.41 -.76 +8.2 Diebold 35.40 +.12 +10.5 iS Eafe 60.37 +.71 +3.7 NikeB 76.75 +.39 -10.1 SpdrRetl 51.13 +.94 +5.7
The Associated Press asked be at 1,600. The fact that it’s not go, but I think they’ll probably come Ann Inc 28.92 +.97 +5.6 DirecTV A 46.38 +.05 +16.2 iSR1KG 60.48 +.40 +5.6 NobleCorp 46.12 +.65 +28.9 SpdrOGEx 64.44 +1.18 +22.2
UtdMicro 2.73 ... -13.6
Annaly 17.51 +.07 -2.3 DrSCBr rs 35.48 -1.44 -24.2 iShR2K 83.88 +1.07 +7.2 UPS B 74.50 +.65 +2.6
Thakore for his take on the market. there yet “suggests there’s still a lot out of it. As for the U.S., I don’t A123 Sys 6.95 +.18 -27.1 DirFnBr rs 39.98 -1.14 -15.4 iShREst 58.96 +.68 +5.4
NokiaCp 8.62 -.06 -16.5 SpdrMetM 73.99 +.56 +7.6 US Bancrp 26.68 +.03 -1.1
NorflkSo 68.99 -.57 +9.8 SPX Cp 79.28 +.22 +10.9
He says he’s confident investors of money to be made.” think that the deficit is likely to be- Apache 130.43 +2.49 +9.4 DrxEMBll s 40.26 +1.55 -2.5 iShBasM 81.61 +.84 +5.4 NA Pall g 6.43 +.23 -7.3 Safeway 23.56 +.39 +4.8
US NGs rs 11.47 +.27 -4.3
ApolloGM n 18.20 ... 0.0 DrxFBull s 30.47 +.80 +9.4 ITT Corp 59.64 +1.12 +14.5 US OilFd 41.66 -.17 +6.8
can still expect more gains two come a big problem while interest NoestUt 34.77 +.52 +9.1 StJoe 25.06 -.28 +14.7
ApolloGrp 41.40 +.85 +4.8 DirxSCBull 87.21 +3.22 +20.4 ITW 53.55 -.86 +.3 USSteel 56.31 -.47 -3.6
NorthropG 68.59 +.38 +5.9 Saks 11.29 +.12 +5.5
years into this bull market. What’s holding the market back rates stay low. You have to worry Apple Inc 348.63 -2.33 +8.1 Discover 24.98 +.49 +34.8 Illumina 69.92 +2.06 +10.4 UtdTech 84.23 +.11 +7.0
NwstNG 46.07 +.03 -.9 Salesforce 134.49 +7.09 +1.9
ApldMatl 15.73 +.03 +12.0 Disney 43.35 +.41 +15.6 Informat 51.25 +.46 +16.4 UtdhlthGp 45.40 +.92 +25.7
“People have had a hard time em- more when rates really rise fast. I NovaGld g 12.85 +.11 -10.0 SanDisk 45.41 -.45 -8.9
Arbitron 39.38 +.36 -5.2 DomRescs 45.17 +.62 +5.7 InglesMkts 19.95 +.38 +3.9 UnumGrp 26.61 +.32 +9.9
Novartis 54.46 +.02 -7.6 SandRdge 12.38 +.18 +69.1
ArchCoal 35.77 +.67 +2.0 Dover 65.04 +.11 +11.3 Intel 20.46 +.18 -2.7 UranmRs 2.12 +.12 -37.6
Why stocks will keep rising bracing being bullish. First, they don’t think we’re getting to that AriadP 7.58 +.09 +48.6 DowChm 37.27 +.03 +9.2 InterDig 47.97 +4.46 +15.2
Novell 5.96 -.01 +.7 Sanofi 35.13 +.47 +9.0
UrbanOut 30.55 +.65 -14.7
NuanceCm 19.55 +1.29 +7.5 SaraLee 17.70 -.22 +1.1
“Earnings are headed to an all-time lost their shirts last decade. ... Ev- point yet.” ArmHld 27.53 +.56 +32.7 DrPepSnap 37.41 -.14 +6.4 IBM 163.60 +.72 +11.5 Nucor 46.63 +.01 +6.4 Satcon h 3.85 +.12 -14.4 Vale SA 32.92 -.05 -4.8
AstraZen 46.58 +.65 +.8 DryShips 4.93 -.03 -10.2 Intl Coal 11.06 +.06 +42.9 NustarEn 67.63 +.19 -2.7 SaulCntr 43.86 +.42 -7.4 Vale SA pf 29.11 +.19 -3.7
Atmel 13.41 -.13 +8.8 DuPont 55.37 +.78 +11.0 IntlGame 16.49 +.28 -6.8 NuvFloat 12.45 -.04 +5.4 Schlmbrg 93.65 -.71 +12.2 ValeantPh 50.08 +5.69 +77.0
EXPENSE SALES ASSETS MINIMUM ANNUALIZED RETURNS ATMOS 33.85 +.35 +8.5 DukeEngy 18.17 +.12 +2.0 IntPap 29.74 +.84 +9.2 ValenceT h 1.57 -.02 -6.7
NvMAd 13.15 -.12 +.5 SchoolSp 14.34 -.45 +2.9
RATIO CHARGE (billions) INVESTMENT 3 YRS 5 YRS 10 YRS 15 YRS AutoData 51.15 +.51 +10.5 Dycom 17.50 -.01 +18.6 Interpublic 12.38 +.28 +16.6 NvPA 13.17 -.15 -1.2 Schwab 18.32 +.45 +7.1 ValeroE 30.73 +.29 +32.9
AvalRare n 7.83 -.32 +25.5 Dynegy rs 5.63 -.21 +.2 Intersil 12.37 +.09 -19.0 Nvidia 18.45 -.72 +19.8 SeagateT 14.71 +.43 -2.1 ValpeyFsh 3.81 -.05 +12.4
Putnam Voyager (PVOYX) 1.26% 5.75 $5.1 $500 14% 7% 3% 6% AvanirPhm 3.99 +.17 -2.2 ECDang n 21.87 -.63 -19.2 Invesco 25.59 +.13 +6.4 OcciPet 103.76 -.03 +5.8 SearsHldgs 83.29 +3.04 +12.9 ValVis A 6.08 -.78 -.5
AveryD 42.12 +1.09 -.5 ETrade rs 15.45 +.01 -3.4 IridiumCm 8.13 -.59 -1.5 OfficeDpt 4.70 -.04 -13.0 SemiHTr 34.75 +.01 +6.8 VangEmg 48.57 +.59 +.9
Avon 27.80 +.53 -4.3 eBay 31.63 +.55 +13.7 ItauUnibH 23.20 +.68 -2.9 OfficeMax 13.14 +.33 -25.8 SempraEn 53.75 +.98 +2.4 VeriFone 56.84 +.34 +47.4
SOURCE: Morningstar Data through March 29. Mark Jewell, Elizabeth Gramling • AP BB&T Cp 27.70 +.04 +5.4 EMC Cp 26.93 -.35 +17.6 JAlexandr 6.10 +.19 +16.2 Verigy 14.12 -.07 +8.4
OilSvHT 165.06 -.94 +17.5 ServiceCp 11.03 +.26 +33.7
BHP BillLt 94.40 +1.61 +1.6 ENI 49.22 +.27 +12.5 J&J Snack 46.69 +.36 -3.2 OmniVisn h 36.19 +.12 +22.2 ShawGrp 35.69 +.34 +4.3 VertxPh 48.48 -.42 +38.4
BJs Whls 48.67 -.03 +1.6 EOG Res 119.19 -.48 +30.4 JA Solar 7.08 +.07 +2.3 VestinRMII 1.59 +.05 +9.7
Mutual Funds BP PLC 44.58 -.20 +.9
BP Pru 118.38 +.72 -6.4
Eastgrp 43.57
EKodak 3.47
+.64 +3.0
+.07 -35.3
JDS Uniph 19.86
JPMorgCh 46.45
+.15 +37.2
+.43 +9.5
OnSmcnd 9.87 -.06
OplinkC 20.11 -.08
Oracle 33.05 -.11
SiderNac s 16.65 +.04 -.1
Siemens 135.70 +2.63 +9.2
Slcnware 5.99 ... +.7
ViacomA 53.11
ViacomB 47.00
Baidu s 136.38 +.38 +41.3 EdisonInt 36.61 +.21 -5.2 Jabil 21.19 -.18 +5.5 VirgnMda h 27.65 +.08 +1.5
YTD YTD YTD YTD YTD YTD OwensIll 30.21 -.06 -1.6 SilvWhtn g 44.01 +1.11 +12.7
BakrHu 73.90 -.26 +29.3 ElPasoCp 17.90 +.31 +30.1 JpnSmCap 9.23 +.19 +2.9 VirnetX 20.52 +1.23 +38.2
PECO pfA 72.55 ... +3.6 SilvrcpM g 14.46 +.50 +12.7
Name NAV Chg %Rtn Name NAV Chg %Rtn Name NAV Chg %Rtn Name NAV Chg %Rtn Name NAV Chg %Rtn Name NAV Chg %Rtn BallardPw 2.35 -.07 +56.7 EldorGld g 16.24 +.45 -12.5 JetBlue 6.30 -.06 -4.7 Visa 74.23 +2.03 +5.5
PICO Hld 29.48 +.42 -7.3 Sina 108.12 +.47 +57.1
BallyTech 37.33 +.82 -11.5 ElectArts 19.68 +.02 +20.1 JohnJn 59.38 +.16 -4.0 Vivus 6.24 -.06 -33.4
Alliance Bernstein Income 13.26 +.02 +1.3 Income C m 2.28 +.01 +5.1 TotRetA m 14.58 +.08 +3.8 PremierInv d 22.27 +.26 +9.4 ITrsyAdml 11.25 +.03 -0.1 PMI Grp 2.80 -.09 -15.2 SiriusXM 1.72 -.01 +5.2
BcoBrades 20.16 +.63 -.6 Emcore lf 2.56 +.18+135.9 JohnsnCtl 41.60 -.33 +8.9 VMware 82.48 +2.30 -7.2
BalShrB m 14.63 +.08 +5.7 IntlStk 36.75 +.35 +2.9 IncomeAdv 2.24 +.01 +4.9 ValueA m 24.13 +.16 +6.1 TotRetInv d 13.92 +.14 +5.9 InfPrtAdm x 25.84 -.08 +1.8 PPG 95.93 +5.34 +14.1 SkywksSol 32.65 +.06 +14.0
BcoSantSA 11.89 ... +11.6 EmersonEl 57.41 +.30 +.4 JnprNtwk 41.86 +1.10 +13.4 Vodafone 29.20 -.02 +10.4
CoreOppA m 12.52 +.08 +8.8 Stock 114.13 +.63 +6.3 NY TF A m 11.09 -.02 -0.2 ValueI 24.24 +.17 +6.2 ValPlSvc m 14.27 +.17 +6.3 PPL Corp 25.14 +.34 -4.5 SmithfF 24.49 -.15 +18.7
InfPrtI x 10.52 -.04 +1.8 BcoSBrasil 12.12 +.38 -10.9 EnbrEPtrs 64.26 +.35 +3.0 KB Home 12.62 -.32 -6.4 Vonage 4.37 +.10 +95.1
American Beacon Dreyfus US Gov A m 6.72 +.01 +0.4 MainStay Schwab Paccar 51.89 +1.58 -9.5 Smucker 71.26 -.55 +8.5
InflaPro x 13.16 -.04 +1.8 BkHawaii 47.71 +.39 +1.1 EnCana g 34.70 +.52 +19.2 KKR n 16.82 -.59 +18.5 Vornado 86.85 +1.60 +4.2
LgCpVlInv 19.55 +.15 +5.5 EmgLead ... ... +6.9 FrankTemp-Mutual HiYldCorA x 5.96 -.04 +3.0 1000Inv d 39.51 +.29 +6.3 BkIrelnd 1.75 -.08 -34.0 Pacholder 8.64 +.03 +2.3 SnapOn 60.20 +.47 +6.4
EndoPhrm 37.94 +3.21 +6.2 KV PhmA 5.65 -1.46+121.6 WalMart 52.36 +.10 -2.9
LgCpVlIs 20.59 +.16 +5.6 TechGrA f 33.57 +.17 +3.3 Beacon Z 12.96 +.09 +5.3 S&P500Sel d 20.76 +.14 +6.1 InstIdxI x 121.50 +.29 +6.1 BkAtl A h .90 -.01 -21.7 Ener1 3.06 -.09 -19.3 Kaydon 38.55 +.18 -5.3 PacEth h .61 +.01 -15.0 Somaxon 2.87 +.08 -8.9
Manning & Napier PacSunwr 3.54 +.08 -34.7 SouthnCo 38.12 +.42 -.3 Walgrn 40.00 +.07 +2.7
American Cent Eaton Vance Discov A m 30.36 +.23 +4.0 WrldOppA 9.05 +.09 +5.1 Scout InstPlus x 121.50 +.28 +6.1 Barclay 18.45 -.04 +11.7 Energen 62.62 +.65 +29.8 Kellogg 53.90 +.02 +5.5 WalterEn 135.19 +3.05 +5.7
Discov Z 30.74 +.23 +4.1 Bar iPVix rs 29.45 -.54 -21.7 Energizer 70.56 +1.20 -3.2 KeyEngy 15.41 -.16 +18.7 PallCorp 56.79 -.21 +14.5 SthnCopper40.25 -.18 -17.4
EqIncInv 7.44 +.04 +3.6 HiIncOppA m 4.46 +.01 +3.8 Matthews Asian Interntl d 33.45 +.35 +3.3 InstTStPl x 30.26 +.11 +6.5 ParkDrl 6.99 +.08 +53.0 SwstAirl 12.81 +.30 -1.3 WarnerCh s23.70 +.36 +5.1
GrowthInv 27.37 +.19 +5.9 HiIncOppB m 4.46 ... +3.3 QuestZ 18.46 +.14 +4.4 GrInc d 18.08 +.22 +0.2 Selected IntlExpIn d 17.08 +.22 +2.5 BarnesNob 9.75 +.03 -31.1 EngyConv 2.41 +.13 -47.6 Keycorp 8.93 +.19 +.9 WeathfIntl 22.14 -.01 -2.9
Shares A m 21.72 +.16 +5.2 BarrickG 51.55 +.86 -3.1 EngyTsfr 51.51 +.82 -.6 Kimco 18.17 +.26 +.7 PatriotCoal 25.50 +.21 +31.6 SwstnEngy 43.24 +.74 +15.5
IncGroA m 25.35 +.23 +6.0 LrgCpValA m 18.78 +.13 +3.3 PacTiger d 23.06 +.23 -1.6 AmerShS b 43.34 +.29 +4.6 IntlGr d 20.01 +.23 +3.5 PattUTI 28.91 +.71 +34.2 SpectraEn 27.27 +.33 +9.1 WtWatch 67.00 +3.30 +78.7
UltraInv 23.96 +.13 +5.8 NatlMuniA m 8.65 -.03 -1.5 Shares Z 21.89 +.15 +5.3 American D 43.34 +.28 +4.7 Baxter 53.04 -.08 +4.8 ENSCO 58.44 -.26 +9.5 KindME 74.29 +.82 +5.7 WellsFargo 31.91 +.32 +3.0
Merger IntlGrAdm d 63.69 +.75 +3.5 BerkHa A 128103 +1093 +6.4 Entergy 68.00 +.67 -4.0 Kinross g 15.78 +.44 -16.8 Paychex 31.31 +.15 +1.3 SprintNex 4.56 -.06 +7.8
American Funds NatlMuniB m 8.65 -.03 -1.7 FrankTemp-Templeton Merger m 16.16 +.02 +2.4 Sequoia PeabdyE 72.28 +.51 +13.0 SP Matls 39.87 +.41 +3.8 WendyArby 5.02 +.03 +8.7
AMCAPA m 19.85 +.10 +5.4 PAMuniA m 8.49 -.02 +0.4 Fgn A m 7.46 +.05 +6.9 IntlStkIdxAdm d27.19+.32 +3.2 BerkH B 85.46 +.75 +6.7 EntPrPt 43.12 +.23 +3.6 KodiakO g 6.76 ... +2.4 WernerEnt 26.01 +.79 +15.1
Metropolitan West Sequoia 143.25+3.18 +10.8 BestBuy 29.21 +.13 -14.8 EntropCom 8.39 +.09 -30.5 Kohls 53.09 +.05 -2.3 PennVaRs 27.70 +.09 -2.2 SP HlthC 33.09 +.24 +5.0
BalA m 18.67 +.09 +4.7 FMI GlBond A m 13.69 +.05 +1.9 IntlStkIdxI d 108.79+1.29 +3.2 Penney 36.64 +.46 +13.4 SP CnSt 29.98 +.16 +2.3 WestellT 3.50 +.05 +7.0
GlBond C m 13.72 +.05 +1.8 TotRetBdI 10.40 +.01 +1.4 T Rowe Price BigLots 43.59 +.50 +43.1 EnzoBio 4.12 +.09 -22.0 KrispKrm 6.83 +.13 -2.1
BondA m 12.18 +.02 +0.7 LgCap 16.36 +.08 +4.8 TotRtBd b 10.40 +.01 +1.3 BlChpGr 40.34 +.23 +5.8 IntlVal d 32.90 +.37 +2.3 PeopUtdF 12.57 -.03 -10.3 SP Consum39.19 +.42 +4.8 WDigital 37.71 +.66 +11.2
CapIncBuA m 51.14 +.38 +3.4 GlBondAdv 13.65 +.04 +1.9 BioRadA 119.58 +.32 +15.1 EricsnTel 12.75 -.08 +10.6 Kroger 24.29 +.10 +8.6 WstnRefin 17.08 +.03 +61.4
FPA Morgan Stanley Instl CapApprec 21.25 +.08 +4.6 LTGradeAd 9.24 +.04 +0.3 BlackRock 198.84+12.34 +4.3 EvergE rs 3.09 +.36+375.4 Kulicke 9.30 -.06 +29.2 PepcoHold 18.78 +.26 +2.9 SP Engy 80.01 +.55 +17.2
CapWldBdA m20.55 +.02 +1.5 Cres d 27.97 +.05 +4.4 Growth A m 18.95 +.15 +6.5 PeregrineP 2.36 +.03 +2.6 SPDR Fncl 16.45 +.13 +3.1 WstnUnion 21.12 -.07 +13.7
World A m 15.69 +.10 +5.7 IntlEqI d 14.17 +.17 +4.1 DivGrow 24.20 +.15 +6.1 LTInvGr 9.24 +.04 +0.3 Blackstone 18.10 -.30 +27.9 Exelon 41.46 +.69 -.4 LDK Solar 12.28 +.20 +21.3
CpWldGrIA m 36.97 +.31 +3.9 NewInc m 10.94 ... +0.8 DivrSmCap d 17.56 +.22 +11.0 Petrohawk 24.11 +1.33 +32.1 SP Inds 37.52 +.15 +7.6 WstptInn g 21.76 +2.47 +17.5
EurPacGrA m 42.85 +.54 +3.6 Franklin Templeton MdCpGrI 40.35 +.33 +8.0 LifeCon x 16.74 +.01 +2.8 BlockHR 16.76 -.04 +40.7 Expedia 22.83 +.84 -9.0 LSI Corp 6.98 +.05 +16.5 WetSeal 4.18 +.11 +13.0
Fairholme Funds EmMktStk d 35.28 +.42 0.0 Boeing 73.80 +.18 +13.1 ExpScrip s 54.91 -.46 +1.6 LancastrC 60.30 +.52 +5.4 PetrbrsA 35.41 +.37 +3.6 SP Tech 26.11 +.11 +3.7
FnInvA m 39.00 +.22 +6.6 FndAllA m 11.04 +.07 +5.5 Natixis LifeGro 23.09 +.18 +4.7 Petrobras 40.41 +.26 +6.8 SP Util 31.95 +.37 +1.9 Weyerh 24.62 -.01 +30.1
Fairhome 34.89 +.13 -1.9 EqIndex d 35.78 +.24 +6.1 Boise Inc 9.16 +.14 +15.5 ExxonMbl 84.49 +1.24 +15.5 LVSands 43.47 +.95 -5.4
GrthAmA m 32.06 +.20 +5.3 GE InvBndY 12.29 +.03 +2.2 PetRes 30.72 +.18 +13.7 StanBlkDk 76.80 +.03 +14.8 WhitingPt s 74.40 +2.30 +27.0
Federated EqtyInc 25.02 +.17 +6.0 LifeMod 20.29 +.13 +3.7 Boise wt 1.69 +.14+119.5 F5 Netwks100.70 +3.30 -22.6 LeapWirlss 15.31 -.34 +24.9
HiIncA m 11.51 +.01 +3.8 S&SProg 42.62 +.30 +5.9 StratIncA m 15.11 +.06 +3.6 Pfizer 20.34 -.04 +16.2 Staples 19.75 +.18 -13.3 WmsCos 31.45 +.70 +27.2
KaufmanR m 5.60 +.06 +1.8 StratIncC m 15.19 +.06 +3.4 FinSer 14.76 +.12 +4.2 MidCapGr 20.55 +.22 +8.2 BostonSci 7.41 +.10 -2.1 Fastenal 64.49 +.52 +7.6 LennarA 18.27 -.80 -2.6
IncAmerA m 17.23 +.10 +5.1 GMO GrowStk 33.84 +.22 +5.3 PhilipMor 65.70 +.44 +12.3 StarScient 4.19 +.26+114.9 Windstrm 12.83 +.07 -8.0
IntBdAmA m 13.39 +.02 +0.3 Fidelity Neuberger Berman MidCp 21.94 +.21 +8.0 BrMySq 26.47 -.04 0.0 FelCor 6.04 +.22 -14.2 LeucNatl 37.41 -.20 +28.2
EmgMktsVI d 15.12 +.19 +3.6 HealthSci 33.96 +.59 +12.2 Broadcom 40.37 -.15 -7.3 FifthThird 13.81 -.06 -5.9 Level3 1.46 +.01 +48.8 PimcoHiI 14.00 +.01 +10.1 Starbucks 36.72 -.14 +14.3 WiscEn s 30.50 +.39 +3.6
IntlGrInA m 32.54 +.35 +4.7 AstMgr20 12.98 +.03 +1.7 GenesisIs 49.99 +.47 +8.8 MidCpAdml 99.63 +.95 +8.1 Worthgtn 20.41 +.42 +10.9
IntCEqVI 30.19 +.35 +4.1 HiYield d 6.92 +.01 +3.8 Broadwind 1.36 -.01 -41.1 Finisar 22.92 +.45 -22.8 LibtyMIntA 16.18 +.29 +2.6 PimcoMuni 13.29 -.01 +5.4 StarwdHtl 58.33 +.82 -4.0
InvCoAmA m 29.34 +.16 +4.7 AstMgr50 15.90 +.08 +3.1 GenesisTr 51.78 +.49 +8.7 Wyndham 32.13 +.84 +7.2
IntItVlIV 22.88 +.24 +4.8 IntlBnd d 10.07 +.01 +1.8 MidCpIst 22.01 +.21 +8.1 BrcdeCm 6.17 -.05 +16.6 FstHorizon 11.15 +.10 -5.3 LillyEli 35.18 +.50 +.4 PinWst 42.81 +.61 +3.3 StateStr 45.07 +1.16 -2.7
MutualA m 26.43 +.15 +5.0 Bal 19.01 +.11 +4.3 SmCpGrInv 19.80 +.37 +10.7 XL Grp 23.65 -.19 +8.4
QuIII 20.85 +.10 +3.7 IntlDisc d 44.75 +.45 +1.9 Morg 19.12 +.13 +6.0 Buckeye 63.32 +.60 -5.3 FstNiagara 13.69 -.07 -2.1 Limited 33.23 +.68 +8.1 PitnyBw 25.55 +.32 +5.7 Statoil ASA 27.41 +.17 +15.3
NewEconA m 26.48 +.17 +4.5 BlChGrow 47.93 +.32 +5.7 XcelEngy 23.93 +.30 +1.6
QuVI 20.86 +.10 +3.7 Northern IntlGrInc d 14.03 +.15 +5.4 CA Inc 23.86 ... -2.4 FirstEngy 37.12 +.67 +.3 LincNat 30.51 +.32 +9.7 PlumCrk 43.14 ... +15.2 StlDynam 19.23 +.08 +5.1
NewPerspA m29.84 +.31 +4.3 Canada d 62.26 +.97 +7.1 MuHYAdml 9.98 -.02 0.0 Xerox 10.66 +.01 -7.5
Goldman Sachs HYFixInc d 7.44 ... +3.7 IntlStk d 14.58 +.17 +2.5 CB REllis 27.02 -.59 +31.9 Flextrn 7.61 +.18 -3.1 LizClaib 5.49 +.05 -23.3 Polycom 51.59 +1.08 +32.3 Stryker 60.76 -.33 +13.1
NwWrldA m 55.00 +.66 +0.8 CapApr 26.61 +.22 +5.0 MuInt 13.23 -.03 +0.6 Xilinx 32.82 -.18 +13.2
HiYieldIs d 7.40 ... +3.4 MMIntlEq d 10.04 ... +1.0 IntlStkAd m 14.53 +.17 +2.5 CBS B 26.12 +.81 +37.1 Fluor 75.15 +2.39 +13.4 LloydBkg 3.74 -.09 -9.0 Popular 2.99 +.07 -4.8 SubPpne 55.88 +.51 -.4
SmCpWldA m39.84 +.42 +2.5 CapInc d 9.79 +.02 +4.7 MuIntAdml 13.23 -.03 +0.7 Yahoo 16.74 -.01 +.7
MidCapVaA m37.87 +.21 +5.5 Oakmark LatinAm d 55.20+1.01 -2.7 CH Engy 50.31 +.83 +2.9 FocusMda 30.41 +.48 +38.7 LockhdM 79.76 -.59 +14.1 Potash s 58.18 +1.03 +12.7 Suncor gs 44.63 +.35 +16.6
TaxEBdAmA m11.73 -.01 +0.3 Contra 70.99 +.59 +4.9 Yamana g 12.34 +.20 -3.6
MidCpVaIs 38.17 +.21 +5.6 EqIncI 29.00 +.20 +4.5 MediaTele 55.43 +.52 +7.2 MuLTAdml 10.59 -.02 +0.3 CMS Eng 19.78 +.33 +6.3 Fonar 1.75 +.02 +34.6 Lowes 26.97 +.04 +7.5 Power-One 8.93 +.24 -12.5 Sunoco 46.13 +.29 +14.4
USGovSecA m13.84 +.03 0.0 DiscEq 24.09 +.29 +6.9 YingliGrn 12.81 -.08 +29.7
Intl I d 19.95 +.22 +2.8 MidCapVa 25.07 +.26 +5.7 MuLtdAdml 10.99 -.01 +0.5 CSS Inds 18.70 +.07 -9.3 FootLockr 19.72 +.22 +.5 lululemn g 89.84 +.67 +31.3 PwShs QQQ57.35 +.27 +5.3 SunPowerA 17.09 +.31 +33.2
WAMutInvA m28.81 +.16 +6.5 DivGrow 30.24 +.26 +6.4 Harbor
Oakmark I d 43.51 +.25 +5.4 MidCpGr 63.54 +.83 +8.6 CSX 77.57 -2.44 +20.1 FordM 14.86 +.02 -11.5 LyonBas A 39.68 -.46 +15.3 Powrwav 4.59 +.09 +80.7 Suntech 9.76 +.29 +21.8 YumBrnds 51.73 +.43 +5.5
Artio Global DivrIntl d 31.15 +.33 +3.3 Bond x 12.13 -.08 +1.0 MuShtAdml 15.86 -.01 +0.3
Old Westbury NewAmGro 35.05 +.29 +6.2 CabotO&G 53.39 +2.67 +41.1 ForestLab 32.48 +1.35 +1.6 MELA Sci 3.76 +.59 +12.2 Praxair 101.02 +.10 +5.8 SunTrst 29.21 -.11 -1.0 Zalicus 2.33 -.12 +47.5
IntlEqA b 29.95 +.39 +1.8 EmgMkt d 26.54 +.39 +0.7 CapApInst 38.44 +.30 +4.7 PrecMtls d 26.43 +.51 -1.0
GlbSmMdCp 16.24 +.16 +5.0 NewAsia d 18.88 +.18 -1.6 CalaStrTR 9.70 +.04 +4.8 FortuneBr 61.20 +.91 +1.6 MEMC 12.98 +.06 +15.3 PrinFncl 31.79 +.09 -2.4 Supvalu 8.97 -.05 -6.9 Zimmer 60.95 -.01 +13.5
IntlEqI 30.71 +.40 +1.9 EqInc 47.28 +.41 +6.8 IntlInstl d 63.17 +.81 +4.3
NewEra 57.43 +.47 +10.1 Prmcp d 69.16 +.37 +5.1 Calpine 16.00 -.08 +19.9 FMCG s 55.24 +.94 -8.0 MF Global 8.19 +.13 -2.0 ProShtS&P 41.11 -.29 -6.2 SwiftTrns n 14.40 -.02 +15.1 ZollMed 44.29 +1.29 +19.0
IntlEqIII 12.70 +.18 +1.9 EqInc II 19.48 +.16 +6.7 IntlInv m 62.54 +.80 +4.2 Oppenheimer
ExpMulNat d 22.93 +.22 +5.1 NewHoriz 36.82 +.43 +9.9 PrmcpAdml d 71.77 +.38 +5.1 Cameco g 29.90 +.19 -26.0 FDelMnt 26.31 +.30 +5.5 MFA Fncl 8.18 -.02 +.2 PrUShS&P 20.86 -.28 -12.2 Symantec 18.05 -.16 +7.8 Zweig 3.55 +.07 +6.0
Artisan Hartford CapApA m 45.48 +.31 +4.4 ProUltQQQ 89.70 +.87 +10.2 Synovus 2.40 ... -9.1 ZweigTl 3.47 +.01 -2.5
FF2015 11.74 +.06 +3.5 NewIncome 9.46 +.02 +0.5 PrmcpCorI d 14.49 +.09 +5.2 Cameron 57.84 -1.11 +14.0 FrontierCm 7.92 +.04 -18.6 MMT 6.75 +.02 -2.2
Intl d 22.57 +.32 +4.0 AdvHLSIA 20.18 +.10 +4.4 CapApB m 40.10 +.27 +4.2
FF2035 12.03 +.09 +4.9 R2015 12.39 +.07 +4.2 CampSp 33.27 +.05 -4.3 FuelCell 2.22 +.07 -3.9 MGIC 9.22 -.05 -9.5
IntlVal d 27.84 +.21 +2.7 CapAprA m 35.54 +.26 +2.6 DevMktA m 35.89 +.43 -1.6 REITIdx d 19.28 +.26 +5.6
R2025 12.64 +.10 +5.0 CapOne 52.11 +.10 +22.4 FultonFncl 11.04 +.20 +6.8 MGM Rsts 13.17 +.30 -11.3
22.09 +.16 +10.0
36.06 +.29 +7.2
8.41 +.06
34.49 +.23
FltRtHiIn d 9.87 ...
CapAprI 35.57 +.27 +2.7
CpApHLSIA 44.47 +.36 +5.0
GlobA m
35.53 +.43 -1.5
63.89 +.62 +5.8
GoldMinA m 48.04 +.73 -3.6
12.90 +.10
15.92 +.09
REITIdxAd d 82.25+1.11
STBond 10.51 +.01
CapitlSrce 7.04 +.02 -.8