[luay the peat €! and. blessings of.

AUah he upon him),"


i: bi (assn Muba.mmed At'Tirmid.'hi.


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~ ~'I' ~1J!l1"I'i)£, i: J ~ ",'~ ~



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Table. of coutents



him ) '.,.... ;'.'."' ",,,'_,,,,,..,_., ...'.'" __ ,. ..,_~.,'_,_~ _, ~ __ ,_,._,_.,_+_,' ,_+" •• 45' '. Chapter fO'IL~r (011 the 'way in, "'ifhici:ID the

Ihltrodue1ion (1116 sci:enoo' ofHacHth},. _.'_~_._ ", ~,O ..'.,,_,'_ Chapter one ( On the no ble features of the M,essel1ger of Allah (1Vlay peace and blessu~, be tq;:JOI'll, him , .',.",'_'"__ ,' '."_ 34Clmptt.er two (On the seal of Prophet hco d )41 'Chapter Three ( On. '[bell'air of the Messenger 0. _' A~! :,W (nlay p~ace a~ndlblessings be U,PCl1], ~
I" .'; _.,., _,. ,. _" ,,' ,,' ." •• ".,' '., •• ".,. ", ... " ••

Me ssenger of AJ.~;a.h (Tht1ay peace and blessings be upon him ) combed his hair ..., 4.8 ., Chapter Five (Oll1 the 'appearance of white hail' on the Me:ssenger of ,A1 (peace mud lab btlessings of J\Uab be upon him).'.",....,._ 50 . ..'. '. Chapter six (On The Me,RS6][JJg,er of j\Uah [peace and blessings of Allah be: uponhim) using: Sl, dye) .."."" ..".,,"", ",;.,,". ";'.;.", ,:')3 '. Chapter seven (iOU the Knhl (eollyruim) of the Messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be 'upon h'm),.."""""""'.""".;"~'T'; .54 iii Chapter eiglrt "Om 'tile dressing of the Messenger of Allah (peace and bles sings of Allah be upon 'him).", .,',.,' ..,,",.,.".,.", ... ",.".. "";.",,;,56, '. C,1lJ.'p'te:'r nhil,e (Olil, the beard I (Jlf 'fh e M:es:s'efl1ilge:rmf AUah (p1ca,ce and ~bl,ess~n,gs, of i\Jbth be upon hi'lin) "."',.,.,.'""';",.,..".,. ''''"".'.61 iii Chapter Tell (On. 'the Khuf (leather socks ) ~f the Messenzer of Allah (peace and o "e, ',,', bleissings, of ,A11all be. upon hnn), " ",.;.."...; 2 ... . 6
,,;",0; ""';,,, .. ,'






Chap!tef' eleven (On the SJ10-es of 'title Mess enger of Allah (p eaee and blessings of All.I,b, be upon hun) "..... "... ,6,3, Chapter Twelve (Ian The tmg err tbe M'esse~ngler of tUlah (peace and hles sings of Allah.l16 Up01l. huu) 67 .' Ch apter Thirteen (On staltiug that the M.essell.g!e1·of Allah (peilce andblessings of AJhl; be upon hun) 'won~ a ring ..".,..." ..,_.." ~;n. • Chapter Fourteen I(Olltbe sword of Tire Messenger of Allah (peace ~ndb~e~simIJ~s of .AJU:illti. be upon him),...... _,._ __ ....._ ,...." .. 74_ .. .... .. •... , .. , .' Chaptea 'fifteen [On 'title arm or of rile Mcsseager of' AUab, (peace and blessings of .}\Jlab he upon. 'hwln) ' ,;.76


!" •••••••



·H .. -.,·;




,·.· ••


1' •••••••••


= e-s e s .••. ,. ,._






(On the helmet of the
a _ •.• ' ,
a, _. ", .

:M.essen.ge:r of .A1!I;~h ,.,.,._,,..." .._ ,.,..•.• ..

•' Chapter seventeen (On the Turban of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings o f


Allahbe tlpOD him) ..... 78 Chapter eighteen (IOn tile lUmJgi .~ lzziM·:t.·waistWtl/J.1JI) of the Messenger of All ah (peace and. bles sings of .o;~Uab. ~lpO]]j. him) ".'" ".".. """ 8{~ be .. ChJaplter nineteen (Om the walk of the Messenger of Allah {pea,Ge and 'blessimgs of
"!'" .,,'"•.• ~•.••".


s ,".

! .•


'~"";1l-...... _._ ru..~..m).... Gl Al-,~~jlmbif:: tlpOll - rn.WJI'], . •.•. ". ".... ",.". ",.; .",.". "".,." .Q._= _ Chap~~r twenty (Oil the qinaa (']) of the 'N-f:essellBler of Allah (peace and blessings 'Of


ll a!U-G up 0U.. uID1 '1 b ill.')



1[13 rQ,-

Chapter tWleut)' one (On 'the .ivtk=msellger· of All ah ~s (peao~ and blessings of Allah 'be u:pon bun)' 'way of s:iJt[ug , 83
.! •••••• , , "




.. Chapter twenty two (On the pillow of the M:esseng:er of Allah (peace and blessmgs, of ,AUaJh uponhim] "..'.';.' ' be " ,'., 0.85 .' Chapter twenty tlrree (On the Mes senger 0 f ,A11a.h~ leaning 011. something other than a s

pill ()W)., .~. __.,._,',',.,',.,_.,,_•. _.,.,.~"., •





Chapter twen [y' fo LU' (On the d,escriptrn,on of how Ole Messeegerof ,AJj lah (pe ace 31:l d

blessings of Allah he upon hint) ~t,e..,.....,."JUl:


Gilapter twenty five (OD, the beard of the Messenger ofAllah (peace and blessings of AJhdli be upon lhiThilJ), ...... . _,',_•.. '.. '.' .. '•.... ', .. '. ;. .... 89' Chapter twenty six (On the description of

the 'vinegar of the Messenger of Allah (peace
and blessings ofAllah be; upon 111im) 92 .' Chapter twenty seven (On the Messenger of

ablution at the time of eating) ' ''" '".",.'. ".' "'.' ,.,.'.'''. :106 .' Chapter twenty eight (On the words ~h,at the Messenger of AHal1 (peace and bleasings of A]-l U,.,., . uttered befo and aftter , __ '['11 ]_... ~ upon him) !~,n ~u' !U eating, ".. 107 .' Chapter twenty nine (On the. cup of tbe Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Anath be upon him), ..,." , " __ ]1:0 ,. '. Chapter Thirty (On jhe fruits eaten by 'the :M essenger of Allah [peace and bl essings o f.

Allahs performiug


V~ ,i, ,;....,

II.'!! ' .... ,

"",,~,! "l"'j1!i! ,_g, '....














, _""'










Allah be upcm. him] _.-.,-II


~.,J ~O

Cbapter thirty QI1,e (O'DUlie~" descri~p.-uon !l:r ,t 11 ttrdm gSl t~h;u' the M essen g,e:I" of AU;a,h e

I_peaee ,9nd b~lessi,Dg8 0.£ AJlah be 11m pon ~hu)'
dran,I'i .' '
u •• " •••••••••••••••• ,. ,., ••• ,.' _.

_<. " ••

[l ,]

.. Chapter thirty two (On the manner of' how the Messenger of A]'~,ab (p,~:aDeand, 'blessings ,arM bih be' U:P on him) drank ... ,.".... ,..... ,] 14 '. Chapter 'j'ffi'l";if"hl' three ('.,,'.,If.Ii' ,j,'I],I;!:iI, M,', ',O'f'l,?a,;FLI- t'ly"'~j-I' of ~J' v.. U ,v Allah (peace and blessings of Antill be upen
~ _ . ~~ Ib_!I1.IJ.I·
IIJr."JlI ,Q'••







him) uIDsilllg (i~r)perfu]_ntL ",.._ '..... TO""""'.] .. ~ '7 Chapter thirty four (0,1.1.'the, speech of the Messenger of ,AUah (peace and blessings of AUab be uponJ bir.n) " ,_.'~2.0 Chapter thirty five (On the Laughter of the
Messenger of ,AUah [peace and, blessings
A-I'I- ~- bee "a~JL,
'M" _."~


--- - -- 1-~---)' ~.""., 1iI[[]]"



•• _._.

~.,"_"~ '~I 2" w, '2"' "","-


'.' Chapter ~hirlYsix
'0' f
A. ',' _

'1'1,~~I_W rp."",·sqt., l.'U _'lYr.1kf

(01'],the 'w;ay in wlneb the



b;m~i!lil'!~I-'I!(trP' ," ,~;'~~'lJl:IL ,I'l!ijr~
,j .j, :~,



,AUah be ].IDlloni'ruim) j oked 27 '. Chapter ~hirty s even (0'11 'the description of E10W the Messenger of Amiah, (peace and.
!'.". ,.' '. _, ••• ".',.',. _

", I,.Q ~,~I~l!i"~""

of AJu'alj be
- ,Iu_.~,
~,cji ,I,'-


i,. ••

poetry ,. ",...,...,...."',....,.,,,.,.,' .....'.".".". _ ,,' . ..",.,,. . C···-l iII1'*l;J;'l' thirtv """ 1Iiit(On the ,f!/"'~'rv' ''~""l-]-l~iIt'JI'g- ,.r'-' L,.J """~!(J' J iPI'e . u, "u"

recited 1,3]

, ,'U



the M'~8seng;~r of Allah (peace and blessings of ,Allali:ru,'be upon h:~ at :might ,..,."_ _".,' "_ ] 3,fi ITl) ,', .,,_ ,_ Chapter dtirqf 11] ne (Om, the sleeping' ,0 f the Messinger of Allah (p eaee ;aL1]d s:smngs, ble

,of ,AUUI be

h[]l1) .'.'.' ...."",-.'. '.__..'.._139 ....,.' '.'. "'.' Chapter Forty (On the: worship and devotions
ri • ", ••••• ".

of the Messenger of PJ~aJl(pe~l,Oe and
55 prayer
! '~,

hi essings ,ofAl1 ah he upon biro) . 'I: 2 4 .' Cbapter forty one 1(0n. the Salaat duha (the
foreneon pra,yer)ii,.". i.. ," •..,,'i.i .,',-",',..." ".•.,,. .. . ,
I,. ".,,,. " ••• ,.


Cltm;}p116'1" f'ody twn (0]1 the voluntary in the House , _i,-,"-'-- ,",_.,.,." __ i"'" i '] 58


Ch apter 'Eormy three (On. the :f'Bsbng of the :~I'esse:n,gier ofA[]ah (peace ~n!cl blessings of
- 1-" ) ,A'I'!il-. b _ Up'Otl. '.1ID:nl, ,l(J,JJlI,e

.,''', .....,...,.,,.. ,..''''..,,., . ,.. ,..... . ". . ,




:fo~~y 'Four !(011 the recital ofthe Messenger of AUall (p eace and blessings of Allah be upon him)' 1.('5'7 '. Chapter forty· five: (0'11 the weeping of the M:,esse:ng,e:1fofAl ,~lL1(p eace and blessings of ,All all: 'be 'upion him) :1.1]. .. Chapter fOfty six (O~ the tind ()If bed. of the Jv.[ essenger of ,AHtlI!hpeace and 'blessings ( ofAllah be ~lpCt1. hun), "" .,,,.,,.,.""."..''':........ ~'74 "" ,. . '. .. ell alPl~erlorl)t seven (On that which has been narrated O[]I the '1ll1~mility of the 'M essenger Jof .AJhlh (pe ace ~I~d b~le S,S:il1gS of
"'!' ., •.• . , • , .••.• , •. "." •.• ~ .•• ""." ••••• !.•. ,.

'. Chapter


;.• ;;

•. ,._.,.,

;.;.;_ .• ,...

An,alb be upon. him) ., ~;".,., ;" , ..,.;"
h, I

"" ~75

" Chapter forty eight (On the n oble character 1 PJIj]-]- d ~',!!jj'b(]·I··~ .., ,I~~~. _.' LiZ) of the Messenzer of t""\J ,e~1i -£ "'.1'1...... (peace aud blessings of Allah be upon '~'dnl) ..;.... 1. ,84.' Chapter for.ty nine' (On the Modesty ofthe Mess enger ofAJI ~ali. (peac e and] blessings of Al~;ahbe u:pon him) ";.,.,;..,,, ,., ,.,.,";..,. :192 • Chapter fifty (On the Hajaaraah (Cupping ... Centering ) of the Messenger of Allah (p eace and blessings of AJJah be upon ~lIlin_1)..•..• 192 .' Chapter fl.fty· one (Om. the names of the Messenger of AI bill. (peace and b lessings of AH.ab be [I:pon him) .. ,."",.",.,.,.,.,." ....,.".,.,, 195 '. Chapter fi fly two' {O~1a e ~i,rj g of the fh n Messenger of Al lah (peace at]d 'Illes si ngs <0 f ']'jl 'I' nt;;. A l~a h upon ~., j.,..••-•• ;.- . _-- ; _.•. ",e ~lIrLln ,.•,.... jlllIJ







,jJI ~.~




.• ;._ ><

_ ,.

'1'1 ...


Chapter fifty tmeel:On 'the age of the Mless;n,g~rof AUa]1, (peace and blessings of AJllah 'be upon hilll) '"'''''''''''''''''''''''.''''''''!''''''' 20:], • Chapter fitly four (On 'the death of the Messenger of AmJall (peacy and blessings of Allah be u.pou. him ).,., .,., " 205 '. Chapter ·fifty five (1011. the legacy of the •
! • .•.•.• .•.•


of .MlruJi (peace

~:tlld b~Ie.S,S:i~ILl.gs, of'

.21 IS Cbapt!e:r fifty six (On seeing the Messenger of Allah. (peace and blessings of Allah be
'''''''! •. •••~'.,., ,

Anah be upum. him) "


him) in a dream ......!., •• , •."

,; .•, " ......


• ,.•. "



Allah ann, milch peace mm] :ma'lly '~~es;$ing~ be llil,pon the' :Mes.senger of .A'~lah bis fam:i'ly this eo.mpall1ol'llS blis 'fO&h::llll!I'e~"'S, :utd those whO' dlss eminate b1S caU untll the: Dg,y (I ~~ llJc1Jgm~[]jt.
J t.

,1\ [] Prats e ls due

nne: of 'the al ms 0 f D:aI" AI;;;IVI:UIJar,alr~ is to e~1\p:~ainIslam J~nd its message mo '[he' peoples of the 'wor]e![;,as ~Blam ,~sthe flnal message 0 . ,A,I Iall romankind. Tots message 'was bTiot~ght over by .aU tne Prophets and Messengers, It ~s a belief and a slPec:~lIJwa:y0 f :~if~ 'be emulated m by [h~ ind '~vidiUmi~a nd I:]le whole rommunity.

Wtj W{D'IJJ:ld mke [00 [h~[1jk 'Bah,aa, Addi,in :U;uiahilm, ,A'~m~d! Sh~_I!aIO,y for his ,en:on:s in trans Ia[i~,g and revis'ing, tlld:s Wi[; r:k, G rea E, :a'plplreci~tiJo,n is due also to Se:lin,j), Conk,! eu r respected edtmr, under whose gu hlance and super-vis ion r'lhe s ubjf:ct rnaner touk pmpeiD' fo rm,

DmlJr' A l·iiM;;JJ1J31"a1. l)"k'\ee1i~r

M', 'Umman


'Til_ He· .!u:.~ence m1-'. ~__In1- ~ - ,. ,;th , ,. Ie. A sayiug of'riJl1i:e Prophet (peace and. 'b~esBli:n,gs 0" A.nab be urpon hfm )is bnsed 00. ,""'0 thin,g,s , l1am.ely [smadl,=lIod .:1 "n.t3:n.~'Th.esie ]';efer' to 3:01 'llmbro:kco clulin of' :f'eJl!u:rter~ -. ,,_I , """"b'll.1'0 -. - ,'f O"t- - ~ l 'rr" ,~. aillu ~"d:"" In_ .IISI:Uh,~.~ "'0'1"d'"IIl1lilb o:" _1_ Jii 'lleXI( ,~t'-" reporl_tr ,11):,: a s.:ilyin,.g of tihle: :Prophet must f·cla.-te du~ slayi.Dlg· iu a 'i~ecjjse mann er dj rec,tly orr' th.f1O'lJg" a IMUlnbc'l" of d-t.-·.,"'-. -1-"-'-111 11(0UJI,e -P'-rOp~lll:ell J.ILllI1S!e -If.' '--T'-I - '1,;1.'1,.;" 'L';j, m.,."'-IfiI.l,cr.me._,13U.es J'~lCIii!. ::I'~ I._le· las'l,
,. _ --!li-' _ "' _ ,-' . '.
I ""











eo relate tbe s,9:;YLng ",yUh. i:ts first r·e]p,ijiFte-;r '\",hill' ,:!dun1l1d eenflrm d]~artbeb:i I:l'ls,e:1 h ea rid, tbe: P:I'op,:b,et' speak en tile su.bj eet f and 'repiea,'l the P·.':eeis e lvo'r'd,s: ·,¥il).~c:ll1, IIe heard. fro m the: Pl,lfio-liio'Ii..a;",- e' IIJi'llIi'~' rl""'I1-.;·.',E'i'JI"~illi";r;Jj,·ngJ:llmli:li.·n;;j:, ,~,~ ealleel I'" -.lijid~ Its .b'_ ~ ~ _- Il.. ~~ _'~IJ.J~,O.!l~L"
I~\e:p(I reer bas t'Fu!Jr(~.s'i\liODSib!Uiltyto If"

'CIIUfllnect 3'Ulj)


I •. ,11. '.. '






1I~1l. _~





.. ~lIll,

"I'lIliiilll' .r'I,JI .. ~,I.. ertan
._ _ _





Ii:!' .~

0-' '_.

b'l;' 11"' A'II'L'!
__ ", I'!JII _. ~
. _

""11__ ,W ;'11 ~

thes-e ~
II,-_''''''I!i ",-,~"


n.i"ii; u

- ,- ;f,L':1 IliIie~1lJI


Ie.'uei.d'·.ate fo'r, , 'ir:F.II the :p.'b~aD.en. of sueh "-:-]l·o-...J clear' r~_ "'I!w- _ ~ 1lJI. en t a,·li·I~,a:o:glem.eJIl;'tj ::I.IIm.yo-ne 'CilJuJd :3 ttribu te a;n.Y'~hil1g to nle P'['(J'lpl~et (p,eace and Idessings of A llah be UJlUll.U bIl1f1)~ It· j:s ,3 s [agula :rlly nntabie. virtue. of Islam thllt til e pll~o,tecti.il).rn.. of ilts ll:o:~y :O:ook,'the Q.I"~:an, w'ldch :is, vo nch_saffed by' Alla II Himself, i.t~ff)U(n-ver;s have em IlloytJd (f~;!leF,Y' UDI:o:n means iP!1l1Sfble '1'0 ,BUlS ure tha.t h s the ~a.:Ji:n.gs f)f II&e·i r , 'Pr1o'phe!t :aJ:r-e p.... eserved ~D 't'llei:I' •. , "N h -1-'" :prl,s.t1.Re' pu rtry , l_ '0 Oit,, er JP'~(I'IP,.II: ~1.I:,·e !II... .e 'f.~~;ou:g; [h" 111 ~ 1.t uen
~~ _ _,I __ d ~....
'ill U,

j;'!'~·I-_'I~IIIi~;jf· ,.:I'li .. , .... I~, "

iii. _ ~~lI.. __


~1i :f)'~ed to t-C''DI

Il1J 1)!(Ji;,cIJO[aU(!e lIIiC'h S

a r~go



wi It~lI .l"lell.:lt'd .

\\11 us ~iHIlS II ave :1l,oV',eOJ ad e an ~:fflor rs 'fO

i:o, the sayi,mgim.clJ. d'!Ol nig~1m" rbeh'.'es "ecdve _IU"!lJP:I~:efg.~. 0 n the ill th eli' l~.~:n.d ·c~ be elai med ·nlJn lit 11 t

the s:a.y~ ngs; of rhe p.ropbet beyon(l douJblt t:brou:g;h 'the Bp.pJication of isn ad, The s:y,~rh~ln has b,e~1I. Iiievel op'ed bilit.o ~l sep~u",3 te d.1Js,ci.p,.I:i:m,e;:i.n :~t_SleU~ ,rind: n.a·m,ed AS:oul,.,;ur.,.Rjj"a.1 (NalulI!.s of' dlle rn~g.:p~le)! J t d eals ,\r~ ,th .life~ ,11 lIl'Y, eh aracter and i5.rb)

r~ ut

qIIHJli:lji,e,rs, 'If\d:th I~all''(iclillal' l'le;"f;e-I~'e:l]j,ce '~:O 'nlc:mul'y~ sense o,f d i.s'cipl~:iJn (~e];F·~cOIIi1:h'i(d ) ~,D,dtil mnda td of' :I':i:gbttollls:mteSs, e


(TU!q?!l'3 ) of' III,e,ersGns, w.ho .b:ave repoi,rmd to IlB, tb,e s,a,yings rof the Prophet (,ea:ce I:Dd 'b,lessil!l,gs of ,Allah, be Ollon llLim). T~b,eDl!ml:1b'e]i olli" St!,u,:lbJH~rso:ns Is '88 biglll, as ' .50.,000 (ti,fty, thousand )~ N Olt' cOlllR:'JlIrt1't'itb. this Iahour of' :hJJvlefj ,an!l)'ther di!cdincl discipline was iliJ,'h'"'i!il,d,uc.ei8 t6 cri,tieally fcxa,:.iMe 'diJJ,emed,ts Illif teill!cb and eVf.ry (J!ne ~f' the :Sllt,OOID ,rept(J,r"te,:l ;5, ",This ~s !lmfi'iV.d,a~:,j~:r'~l:h T:a~,.n[.eet iiJ,Rvery' :re~l~ ortee had to I~:as~dU'oug;ba, ~v'eJ"Y']Jen,eualdn,g ,Iod C\I;01I ,reDlen;shre nnal.,:sis ,Wid s evc1:"ejudgeDl ent p '\V,j.,Ollt fear O]~'fav,omrll Q1Je\!;tj'~lfD;S! and counter q,ulestiom ',\,,,ere Ir,am,ed, and posed: a,'gainst eaeh P o~sih le aD~,wer' aUDa jj'us ti~j cati.lo.l1 ,¥ere'. also ofiel."',edl.Gil their b,elud.'f~ Tile two dis,c]"plin.es, mentieaed IIb nve secure and ,s,t.ren,:~~h,en. 'the histerical s rams of Hadifh, '1"0 ,ad ditisn, an!l;ilther bran.ch of S &1e'lJ1 Cle'was 'ftllund.ledULDdea" 'the n:a,m't of is,talmat -'1llJl-li.adi,tb~. :I'£' is enneemed wi th the text of ,die Had j-,lt and iIs pUrp'!Il1S e, is 'to ,classiiY a,udcate,go,rize Hst:Uth in to (liffere'D"~ grades tku.o'\VIl as ,ma,rfollilt m urttasU (~,gJ~\oo.) munqatah or munfasstl "emItoff), :m:anfl:oo ~ f (.nOlt d,glbl't '{l,p to the Pro{p:~et)1 with. fun ,ar,gulue:n f:g £O,I~' tbe ,ropolsed c~ass:i.fi,ca'ti:Ill!D ~ It' m akes the [Illosi,Uon an d ,'lIrljl'liSr@] 'ilf ,3 :s,aymg clear in the r h' 0'_f' ,9 camp leee hlIS'.iOlr'y III,f·"l~S narrannn :aD... ,3, t d ugl 'rri enetra ~ JJ .!'ll- - 'm' ' ,dUilil!:::i' -min~~ - n ....11" :i'ILiS con!l!e:II:~~ ,; ..... *' it... e '""I, Ad n" .fiJDg, IL ,u_ .,!LDiOIi'~~ iff lili'llj.O: .. 0',1.' .Th e a 11BDrve system of narration 'Ilf I: s-o,aIdj, (It.'efe:t1e:l1.'ces ,) amd S;CfUlfi:u'Y lOf :M.a.'btul. (text ) m ay be SUl1l11n red up as 'rblc emuID.'ef"ada. Ill" Si(JiUJ:.·'Ce&, and cngniisancc of the :re~d, Rleanin:g and ~dgD1iifica'ilICe of ~o,parti.cu~.al" g,3,)1ng" The :1'\L!feren,ce' tm, sources ,s,d:PP.Y amI pIDissiLble: and relevaat
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'ill~f{[l:r',nlatio:D r~lg,al'din.g tb.e :r"ell!(u·ters of 3. s,ayiBg a:n,£j th e

e,~gnisanct sheds ligld an all possible an g~es allilJiI,:asIPiect'! 0,' a s,a.yi,ng'., The attu1r~u;,y lfirf' :1:"eferell,C;f'5; :is a, matter of' lI:uem,o:ry. The, s tI."o.n.ge.~ die :rne:m,OI"Y" t'~.e ;stl~'IfJDg!e.r tb'e'
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'C'" --Ub-- ..' ~11f'..II. .... 'nOlliltl'~'''1Im' ':.:. .'_,'

Ic'e'y'" ,':I;Do'I'..end UL[ .

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~iiI'fii,t"A~~lfi''''',," ~~III~L~11

~,I[iI!iMdlef's'blnhi,ng,'!1 criUdJi IU, edneatien d d

,and the :;;dJ,:ili,~' to p enetrate into the dep t'b of' I:betex t 'til ~.sfel·'taiIJJ iJs m eani 11g and S::igll ificanee, By the gr,=Iu:e olF' ,AlUa&~,fhe be:giu.Dling of l:sl:nR1.is len:l,bedd ed Jn the 'lluE,f'r~ninDs, ef

'he no ble com,:pI3Ji1J:i,oll1s, uf the Prophet M,u baDI Diutd, (peace and :blessblgN of AUa,k be upon hlm ) not (Jlfdy narrated the :ay_gs llii -t:be ;Pro'I):b.lQit hut abo A C(IJ. . 'J' - - - 'f:il~leD1, - """ ,n til e,r,Sj" 'I' t, :~~ '0"0', im A,: 'I'~ 1-1 that 't'JI..'I~y ,-w- I A _ mtY"ev!e,dl -, ,v_ - ""' ~"" - -, ~'"" ilil" ' ~ I, ,,0 :" '"' b~less,ed.'witll,s"tI"o.n= retentive memories. :..'oreo';ier there 'was. .n1(lJ'dl~Bg' 'Jlil'es'eul' hi f.~u~jJ" idst as, to iD'b~r'f~l'\e\¥itJLi m tbeiir wo I:';k;~ tha tis, life 31mI'll, sl(!i,c'iely 'wel"e sim ple, f]j'ee' of~ is tress amid: 8'tr',a.in~ In, s bOi~·,ft" tb.e.r;e e'x1~sted a nOln u.di,t ,and 'unl't. tnl's:hr,e is tyl e -of li.'"riug'i There were b,ard ~y ,any WUI'dles, to detlt:JI,cl' f.ib ehi' 'Iui.rld S"; T'bey used 'fo ~'is,'telili til) d\le .salJ~'n'g;siwj~h, theh" fpl~ a'Ue'IJ'tion, and ~'Dlbille m tleb' hearts an d minds du~ Iessons 'f.b.el~eo"f' hey conl:m.i,ttei!l. to luemory 'wh:~d'they :I~!ei:ilrdCl!:I'sa',~',~ III adldlltio-Dt 'Hu~; lUII,rity, 'I,ftbeil," hearts an,d d,evortioa o:f ~lh,e,ii.r'S[lilld~s,COWI-S !!Ui~ 1l"CIJ '~lnd was 111resll!Il t i(J! f iC:II\'~;' It(lnrD pflild onsbJi p lvi.'clll 't.be
~fi O'!j;-"I !!W
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,P''f'o'ph1el' ,an.d

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e'l1n,solid3'te' their: experienees 'i 01, IUlrtan t th i.nlll auyth i.d,g ehle, 'ft'ttS 1:h.eii,l" ,,, i1.1 '~Il' aet :inBibll:llitlV aind '\rithoo.f. q1llllIc~fi(Ul ,on tlu~ ~'U5truleti:o:nBi a,md
te'a:cbj,Dr~' eOD,la,iin,ed in tbe s:a,yiBgs of tbe Messen,gel"

preserve ,~,l1d Ia fh@ truest sen:5l'e~,"··-,l!)re'





AJlab (11 eate and blessings o All ah :b@ urpom him )~ So '1~.ey not OBI),' ]'eo'l,en.Jl:beredwh:l'ttbey hea,rc1i bu.t 1il1l:adle :i.'t a 'pa.rt of tll. eb," U'llfe,au.ld.(lssimiJated,it "h·ml.Y~ Hence '~lle,l~ 'we:.'\eso ulany fa.c;tor~ to e])l:b~etbe conl]J:an:i,(Iim.S 'l-o, remeu1bert tbeir obser\rl:t]o:D.S lilul reJ~(lIr't "tlJ,enIl cerreerly, As s t~lled. a heve, I):a dJi rh b.ald beeome m 'I.O.'ct a

lUI rt uf theh" ~iiv'~:t be-nee d11,e;I.'~ wals no, 'quBstim'.O 0" 'tlu,d:f' ,m ito-n,g t,o- renlcn1J.il'el' it., This partieu I"U 'p el']lod, \V,OS th e m

'I ., 1,[...,

:pe:.':iIfJ1d of remembering ·Iadi.tb b1y b.1ea.l't,~A(bdJ.in Hls gI'!ea.1 M er!c)," bad chosen a elass Q f I)i(,,~ople:'O be dIe t com=l:u.i.ons ,of nisi .P'J"Ollb.e't whese wntelrity, h.01l1 esty, ,cb,asti.ty and DiJJ.'[J11'IL~ity were beyond: f).DUb-t. Tbeylea.rut the doctrine olf Islatn f~:;;onl tb~ 1Prn phet ·hhDs·e·~f and IC()"[JjVIE.'IVl~dl I it is how t'llooe svstem of na r:ratiuD ifF,~1.mtd ie.: ~ J' ~ stl:'1eng'l. .' Compa mri.fJlJiI s narmted Hadirh frum tIllle P 1'\llP het and the fnllewers of ·th.lf! co'.,p,an ~olnlmanded. 'it down to UI.Ds'e"."b.o came a iter til eml ~."fDO! ·w.bat was 'n rs[ ,ensllbr:tined ~n nile ben rts 11)11" "th,e :pe)OI.p,h~'\-"11,15 tIIt'"1 tl",ID~,for med and. preserved .in boobs", .This :~)oerj'ld ".-vas the I'!erio d pfl'ta.bJ:iing tOI IcoU'cc"ti:o,:n and ICIDldificaro.on of Had iill :i:m boek fo rm, This age pro d IIeed iUnstli ons sc:hol~lr's; 18ud. ]nlmms whe eomplled books o.f lladlith 'lvlIi:ch,wet'IB suh... dhthlcd in-r£o ·diffen.!Dt :klnd's~1 DSIDe'ly (Icom'blini.ng all: '&be 1l!Il[l.,tel~SJ rMa!~Ulneed )~omta:i;nin.g all 'the (I SEIad), 3,ud p 3:rb~",Smce that time it has beeom e compulsory to ·cite .r:efeFelll.ce~ 'fF(Ji:m bOO~i:8a;n.ld nnt to quete rhem from m.em.Ol'y· beeauae ~,fte1;" tbe cO·H1.:piblitiou '1.. ""...:11 '1 lessened . ;aD. ~"t d''0.fIt... uOOu~ IlJlclu!n( eaee [Jin, memory iessene __ t(j!D~~q.ue'Drt.ly 'felll into dbuIIJsc; sleclIIlifiidly.; illiil the presence ,of ~,UliDllm, c:itanoDS, fir"om memnry would be of' 11tOe :m.erit, it· is now J.eft to DrS; to "foUo:w ,\,,"bat is, .Iiven in the Itl '~lks, o;amely ~t.o P)'I,ctis'e ea qleed because tt :i s not o tnilled H~,djth, or can \~~I~m't.rod.tJ1'C(! extraneeus Miath~:rs n :info i.t. .As e':i~.rpll~. j,Bed to: the lu!g,in.n imlg:" tl11G ,art of :fl,31,;.·,ati.on stems f•. !on1 .Dl.elliluu'Y a:lld when :m. el1.1.ory became ',,,eat,en.edi hecause OIf less and less d·epend ence on it, '110 ba.'ve· to a,ecepe: an d fono"v w'll at ean be had 11'10 111 boo ks, The second IUII![ of' tile f01lll]il,d.ation. 'o,r li.ad.1i.-t:b is the un d.erstandin~g Iflif Ibe flu I~ ·1l1].efa~n~lI;gof HE 'text in a.l~ :i'ts IHls~l~llleSI(lec ts, IIE' :requ:i.l'fS :3 great am ount of patience a





Ito fa,thlo.(ll

fi :rs t, the ~11'fJeuia,n and, t11en to elab orat~ and r

elurcid,~'de rh e rea Uiues a.ud kill tbs; 'bleWdnd tlb,at lukIlItioilll;; 1'0 I'i:nd O'lJJ't~tile PI!U"pos1e'fO:I" 'wlbrihell a Hadlth eam einm re:;dsten.ee~ LIter 't,tl' o'bsel'v,e tbe "irNJeS tb,e.reof, 'tll!s:t is fb e rea] 1Pur'p,ms:~' 'Df tlUl Hadith, This, rt'l sk b:as, ,I,ed to hundreds of' exeretses fn molters mf iD.'t:erpretnrtioD" :indJuerlon 3Dltdl dedJu,cf.i:o~, of' :bIII!l1f:l1,e.·iii! b~e DUlltf.el'~ &0:.11 Ila.'dHIilI", .The ~u~t of a'p'pl~iilcado:1J of' :priul~:iIl'lleB' of liud.ie'h to the p:I';CJ,lb~crm,sIll· toe ~s; ,tl.UJI, :1iI1 lh:t:iba,d D,d is rt,ii,:D'i lb'at,!, ' :a,s
\Vlljlc]b a,re' "iter:Qls ~.n :F:ilql:ah~,

liV'D:r'ks~1 I~ is dot s,wlw.etJiJil1g ,su]llcr:61cbd lbut ma~;lIin~'~ tt~l~d rb,l!! d:is,llHll:e: of:a tltiin.; lUlidiJe.s, ~'I: d.Holnisb nod '~kle'rl~\equ0m'l luse rO'f' 3 tblm,g: bt'"i.lIIlgs: ilt te 'the :forc:'[I'ont., It liS bU,lt 1Il11Ja tueal 'thlat m,ow '\-v,e sl1,oili!lL~d \\"hfdJy IDd, s'ib~~y' d.c'pendl 0:0 the

The rsecrlctsand, realiueB b'ebi,nd 1] Ha.dith is :8, d~flelr"'icDteeter '''hie_' i~ known IS i\:SJ~ s ar-Id ..DeeD orthe , ·cf~les ,to ,tile' ,;\1:1Y 0'( reli:g;iollJ,. TiL1.e: eJi,eir'ciiH~le-s .m.dut:tiolo ::]nd d,~duetiolil fI,iIi!It:II11,.t~be~ in • e:ami'llISJ of' H::a.ld.i ~rere SIi)' extensive as ,'V,e;U as '~lhi io.'lmsive that tile reDll {Jt~'.~rtpo~~d bi~l.hiresithat ICilJ!ll\I~d be: "'1'Ii,II!'II'u .~b" t 'Y',t; 'n O"iI~ _ n:.t" eon ~,~; ""u, ,..Ii lIT" 1IfiI,lii';I!ii;lll "'1°,.;11 '1"'.'0- '1f;1i1\i 11".,~llllil- ~ ",il Lo'lilli "II,II'~H,"' . iOf' itJe _'e~udngs 0" H:adith ~ I"thas givlcu u:s fiqah witb the ~u~lp, f'rVl1ich. nfe h;a,\'~ beg, able 10 eunduet ,aU~ o I(UU· ;;dJa'i rS~1mundaIne as ,\"lIlil as $pirhlla~ and s:ha,n c(lI,ntinue ,to do ~!lll 'in [be "uhll~e 'l'O~~~ a~ ,A~ 1lI. P II~' ned 'l\V,i;ti1l n a 'I·"I·:IIJ It i0, ns s111i111iaa:IiJl 1]J!l1:Hi} rn:meo.'QO Ii, e ea 1II1lei:mtn eiJ:.hd~eiliilee ; Ill, t; ogro,;z:1[ice tb:;!l,t is, t1lliI(i: less andl less use '(}If tJlle 'm'O, , Im3:d,e them '~ITI! g~,v!e w~ay10 the need to '(on ow' m,o:f'le ~IDd n1.O:I~f' 'Unite "I;,i,if.1iern, word ;8n.d bll' seek '.' . "'d,,--,l' ,gu~__ -, 'f"om " ~118,'t DU),s'tcrs IIJ1ul, tlheir .stllill'~11~n:d,on1S lallCe 1_ .. --llr - --, - - -_.
1I.._.~,!l)! _

'!I;;o . '!Iior

.l,;rn;;j'SI...iI "-II!-! ,:i3iILU,,!I;.,.,~



ill 'I!lJI

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an ~I 'ftforl\S of t'be' 'fjl,i,d mil:ast'er..s; tQI find out the soJuti OlD 'bll' uur ,p.~flIlblle: s~As \1-;- e have s::ld OIl 'tl1:ey :I'eft no •.
'\r'YOrds l-'Ii'

SlU.·bject lI1JII1.d.elr the ~:u.IIlII, 'rrollil th.eir

eemprehensive land co:mnu:~.l1dl,a.·b~e survey and exercise, It is sometbiag ~D 'Ih'e nature oftbiQ,gl~ and U~el·',eis nIDI D eeotl: to he ap o~o:g,eti,c
:dJ;OiUli.'t~ As, d~s cuss ed ab OV'f, .reU:g iIlD j:s '1JJ1:sed


and (COgnlz3UCf!)

of Hadith,

.As fa r as :n.a]·'r.atiQu Is

trel ~·gJhlJ'D. is .IJie·f'~fect,~S Ilutbin.g· 1:v11 ;,ell COli lid tJ e requtred iN \'~",al1l ting" Shlfm nar~ Y' t:h.anks to the ti reless ,e.ilffiJtiS 0 f th.e .sch.oblll:S of t.he g:lor.io'Us. epnehs 'IDrf th e 'pas,t, r 't no I~'eligi.ollls l)r!l).b~le:nlll, LIas been 1'0ff' out 0;£ cOlmlisidenllci:o:n


and :0.0 solutions ,are '1t,~lntinl'~'We h,Bive to aiP'~lly our m i·nds ,dtiUg,en.dy 'btl dlt: b{l,ollj; to in te r- reblJ't:e 'tbe q ues dOlO S iHt· h and, ~!iUld 'Irace d~le ,8nSW£I'SII, P I'~'et"v:ati o:m of H;~l,(Hfb~ .11a.d.ith .in 'the: .I·e·~i.gious, sense stands for the report of actlons or approval ,m,rdisa'p'JKI'oval I(lf tbe PJ~ilipbet (peace ,9 nd blessin gs, of Alb-til be u:po:n bi:mi ) has ah,rays been ,f~ su bject of' keen ~:D:feJ.·e'st fOir the Muslin] s sinlC!fi ,the time of' the ~Prnpbe:t (peilJlce and blessi Dgs of A~bl II be u·I)'o.n bim )~ is tum.ll3.ninDS '1V H b.o "~,el~e m (l,stly A.I".f~. s, had ,\VIi)I] derful nilem (jIJ':i,es~, 'COy~d b retain whatever tltlcy saw Ii) riJ e:a.:rd &~("m the ·P'ro:p.Jbc,t., Iml vi,ew' (Iii: the hasic i:mpolr'tulOcc of Allaib1!s, .M:e:s:!u~]):g!err's ,D:c:fs' an II d teed S~I his ,CODUll ~;UU:l.$'1' pro:hi h it~.mn aad S "1 ea'ln.iD'!!fuJ sllen CeS\\"fl:n:: lt~ecOr'ded by S iJj·lhll:-· 0;1: tile. Muslhns during bIsllfetiR1l.C', .. _ '.·bdull.ab bin .A·DJlI: bfmll alAs· (Allab be pleased '~wJth 111il11 ) reenrd ed th.QU,SfB,uds of the P,j\Oll'h.,e'fs, say:ings hI, S8.h1.f'i9 ,: hj,cib, g:Oie8 dawn. ~.n his ~ory ,a~ S ahi.fa. as-Sadiqa .. A:~:i AUa hi be please d \'vi.th ; ( .him,) had a1m.o,t.her' Snh:ifa lv:tJJ:ich ·CJoutah~.ed ct!iJ"ta.iu laws, ,AI Q,a;~aya J'ab:i.r bin AbdluUalil ('AUa.h be pleased with h I'm ) had 3'Dotber Sahi.fs later litdfU"red: to b,
I~' , ...




A bduIL-lh.

ilJm Abbas u


h~,~dUiillllS, im, :mor~' 't.:IITt~JI!!I, one

b ~ Ilk.,

'm [bave co~lec!md, .A,galn the S:a:hifa of

H"a:m.wa.u] bli.[tl MUlUI b b~iu~s :1:ecOlljlJ:~. as being 'b'l,sed on: tJU! "'Tirnng1i' of Abu l 'ru_raiI'ab (AliI fib be pleased ,,~j,th. .IIi_I )~, Then 'ttle:n! ",\r:ere CoU~{!ti,oms oif ,Aba,di:tb of :ll:dj 'bi D KlbJadij, Sa,mn ra bil~1j [IlIud a b :andl A b dnlU~dllb,blJ Masud (Albd, be pll~3's,ed '~ri:th, ~hem)~ ~r.l1J.lese' a.I'e the .,I,ess!ed no • es of some lif rtlbll,e ,C,I,:nl:lla:liJJimiQ.5 ""i~J;O :k:e;1l it t reeerd of ltih,e Propbet.~'s, 51.yiD.~s ;an:d. d:i!iu:~oEII~:-ses\t ji udi:g.mJe:llts '~lmd ·"el'd~.Itts, diffe:r'Cllilt :il~L. aes lie nons and dlieed~, 'In. all, sets etreumstaaees. The ,s'tIJ.ldy 10,' t1~e record.s 'If olladi,i~k an d "he' ~it:e hts tOlr)~' l!lJifthese \¥,ho :li11ainhlJ]u,ed, th'~m,- proves beylmndl any ~b~d(irw (JI,~r dou'bt: t~bl,t '~Iu~preservaticn 01' Ilt~l!~Uith "'''IS !Dllli 3D after --..thou:~lJrt;, ,tIiilD.C!elVBiI! long ,:!I,fre'lf' fbe d.eadill of 'tile' Prephet [Peace uul bl ess1JJl s Illl Allah be g U JI on b.bl~l). T he 1P'r'ac'tli,c-e o:r J.'~C(!J~nng r a.ba:d.Ub 'V:I-~ s,laried, ~n earnest I.urj:nl 'the ~i~etim,e,of the Prophet (I~(!'9,CC aDd blles~ings. o'f.A.la:b be 0110 D Ildm)l and fbJiista~s:k, \VI;S d,o:n,e. by lds DO bl,e com lO(~lnjIns, lwi tb. ,a, :keern sense '(}i'f d.~votion~ A ICJert'~-dn __alfk flJ'DldWs \~rife were 'vel';f d,~out ,Madhdb~ ,M·us~i.msl~ Om. tbe:a.rl'~va:1 [lif TheP'r'illIJiI1lm1et' (peace and llIU[e!s,s;.:g:~ (11" i\LUa:b [be 'Ill" OlD. ,b iRI. ) 'ill tbe]r rbJ'~/n th.ie:y ,o,ffel,~d tbelr y'Dung' son Ana,s~,~, to be II IJelrs(lima:~SerV,ilIllt 'fur lIlIjiLllit" ,P" r alttu)s;t ,a,diec:adc'j' An a s ~~hled fI,a,), D,Dd ni'gbl: "fir.b him~'i' The bm!," was Vfl.'y i.DlteUi.gen:t, and bad als l1lI' le~l'lrDl :r,ea,dilog: :an.ifliIlwl"i ti,ng" 'tll:1111cs, p:rn lila b~y to the b ~l,tilteof ,Ba!~;bi,vhe:D.ill,e; I~lio:l)bet· (lleJatll') and '~II'~SSi:D:gSof ,Alhil,hbeu'(1lol:l] '11li:m ) asked fhe p~-',i;SOnel''5, 0,' ,- ,3 If' ro :rl,n SOIilJ1 itiU!lI:(" pCJ:'!N1U1S 'by service, n:amreJy 'teachi.n:1 'ten boy~ lea:c~l to read IJlld wr:ite .





.Any:hl!lJw~, A:na~ 16

(AUah he ple.as,ed ,,,,il,I~, him ) ,says:Evle~ new and Eben :1' tOlOl, d,olm:i n ,[IUUJb,~;r:m m'ti~:!l"esti.g' '1Udllh from ,,~',bart :1'0 the Prephet (peail)e and ible~s:in:g'~ iiJ fAll :1),0,be l!,11(il1 on him)s a id ilJl hls d:i::,U:O:UI:;ses; ,ud otbe:m! o,ttasi,oBs of'

,c',oD.verS,adoD and: I 11sed, 'f-ftl"'ea,d t''ihesie nates ""~tb the P'rO'ph,et (p eace and .,~,es~d:ngs f Allalil Ibe, upon h:iim,) o whlel;levtl" m found hh111 at Ielsure, a:ltlda,ft~r be had eorreeted ti,en1:'j' I' made ill fair lCO'Pl1 'illl;f '[bern, fb,r 'illY' 1i)1Vn. reeerds. En (la,ct be ,a,'CCUll]lTinl~;a ted II I,~ loge l"(.dl {lrf such :notes; and in. bis, ,~;atei"life b,e'ued to ~bm\v it to his, CD ri ou:s ',upi,1s,;"fbm t1:I!c:ked to listen, tn '~bc' H~uJitb '(r 0Oll
'b" ,~ lD1l,r,.

A'bduU:ah ~b'n Am'l! :ibn ftl-_A'5li (A~lah'be, pleased w,:i'th b:im.) '~UI;S, anadtJ~J'i,~rn,stane'(! Ita! '£ell, w:l1~;~,~' i bn,ppeu'M, tID' bilm,: 01l.e, Iday I said to,Ulie, ,pl'(}l~llbet (pe:;u.'.:e: .. fUl:d. ble.S!5~i.ll'r.s,
,10'"'" ,,:', .'

A' II,iiIi-.J.Hl '_ 01!I111..

'~f' Iil!I; llJ.......

D'm 'lI.-

Ii1'I 'I'JIj W!.!llli.

'lLll~'ilflljllli )"" ~O'I-~I'. I~_'_ JIl.tI.l.II ',"!l ..
iii' ..

'M'" 1iIlIoC<0lliifilf-'ii
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',yl. A" li1TI"f-~ :_.

'1 ~'~'lII JI_ ,ilILli. , '.y' :111'U > '_


'Il!! ~lllll.,~_


'w:nny nice, thiDg~, 'ill y~lUI~ :se.I~1DllnS" ~butw:itb. 'I~,.e13111se of i~jme I~ 'fo'r'g'ei lllJan;y of 'rhClr de:ta:ih~ ...The 'P'roJlket (peace and blessings Df ARab. be up €J;:n,bi:m l' 1'C;ljdied, ~

'Talk.e be~p '1:',(iU1i1: YDiR1i"Figtl,t ita:mfIJd", :ml!eaillilcing that ,~. should ''''l',i,ic~ I dared Dot tn,ke nOMS of the U::a.d:itli: bef;ol'~, brut evciI'" S,:i.[IIU~e' ~Ihave t:rled. to IrecII'l"d all 'dI3,'t
il' ' , ',_

.'- le'I·':~·i~' ~n t -- [I'd'

' m'li!li '.n~:-~·n'I'Ir-I1
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t',,~ -11








, ' __'

d ,Y,_~I'ia,!b!II- - f- '__ rrli .~In'I'nol'




:,'r[i']jl,h"et This ieil1lm:pil,l,tim:D. w:as, .,aIDed, by the a,uli!or as S:31ut~£H S::J!lItiq:a 3D,dl it was pla.:ssl~don ;),8 ,3 \1'.. I03 hle leg;acy 3

from tbe antes tOt~t([J idlf.!~:I:'des[e:ndaD.'t:s~ This and,severa:1 ofhJel'" insta 11ees I"efe'r 'to tun" the :Hadjth ''ft'',ere :n~rcord,led, in the, 'very '~jfe'ltime of the :Pr'l1ll~he,'£' (peace aJlldJ 'bliet~siug;s Illf Anmlb 'he: mpon 'liJliJcm) :by fhe ,1~en:I)~'e who IllIJud, 'urs.'F: ~b9:udl :bow~;ed,:ge~ , ,he.r'e i~, anol1ther e:I'tegory liD 'wh~cb we '60:(1" fil·s:t=.h.a:nd t,e,s;tim,o:nIY ~ and this tis "r.h'l¥1l ike (;;[!I,m,'lln:n~!O.D:s: o,f the ,lP.I;~(J<p,h,et "\~Ii'il'£ ur dic'ta:t tb.eir meDllorilte's, :~lnel," h.~s de=1ith,

'~ 7

(peaee and. b~es~dqgs '~If AURbl!H~; upon )]i'm);, \vben. a:p:pa~leufl.y there 'Wa..5; IJIi1;'ncfleatdng demand 'Frn:t" neh s

b·"~:V' tb 'm~- ,0;-'1- .n'~lI'iC '0',." A" ~ ,,~1Ii_1~ ',,~' ·w~oife' of' 't'b,1P; '~Iit1:11\. Th-'u' _.I: ", .. J.dlJ',:_-. "~ .~ :Prtllp,l),ec)~ Ahd.tdla,h, ,~blil .M,aSDd.~ Ibn Abbas, Ibn. ,[Im,D,r, Abu Hurairah (AUab he p.je;u~ied ''fvi.til 'tbCJD )" mod m's.ny 'I'thers~ There are eases when the DI:emol'i.es, 1m" ,dii,f£e;remt !1D1ll'mpaniulIs were' 11T1,pafed under t1k@'aus "iees of tbe
,~l ~

~'i.b~~f'a, n!u"e'.

·1.'iirB '!P'J I..!J

_~I '."

,B 1Ii.i-.

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( ..



The e.fficurts RI~ad'e;a.t the time ,of the Prophet (peaee ;8Jnd lidessfn gs 'frlf AUroh be' illpOO, k~.m) a,nd ~his companions were compennded by l'm~,m I bn Hanbal '~;
Imam Buluu:i~, Imam ·Mus1i.m eet T.hus; fth:t]::e is .D,O mis sing linL mn. the ·t:ra.diti.ml'ls [oftbe Prophet (peace and blessings, 'be U.p~)D.lum) he warned

,3:ga,inst t'eprll)!fting forged trad iliollills, He said tb at WhOiSH!lJeV,e.r ;~I'ttrjlbu:tes tOI him ,aruythiDl'g which w:as Dot said '~y bim, his resliRDg' place shall be in Hen. The Prephet (rU!8'CC lind b~ess~ings, Of',A~Jilhbe Ul,pno him )s,atd, Be: on your guard! ab'oml' tlltsd,iti.o:RS :fro'. 'me; e'X:iDept wb~t YiflU know for he wha tells :3 ~~ie about me ,d,e~ibelfa.te·lywi.U cerU!thlLly eeme to .b:is. iabud.e in ,Jle.IL Of course the' iD'teUectual Ic;a,pacUles 'oif Id~edi fJ:errenf ~om.rJH;l ions of' the Prophet (peace and blessmgs 0" n .AUah be Up,DO. ldm), the cb (;llIms ranees and the COD'text of dill"e~e:D.t tlraditi.IUS: and .any o-fher

f.a,c·liu.·\S a:I;'ie o:fglreat s eien tiiJiiJc im.p (Urt~nICC'~, fo 1"' 'til em but we Illa,vc. a special scj,en·r.e ·cloJled Usul :IPladitll 'W3l .Rij~al,

IJ..··· \-VOiF,r"I and d lee"drr .. ~. th .ie Pi::..1.-0(), . e . l!Dr. . '_ i(h. ~.. . :- nh _·t· 'f~ J~:nrrgt¢1P\~1.r ""f-' t,',,!!Ie ",(II.. .S, ,aD!." is,
'II,.; " .
,;i. Ii

whleJill, gl 'H;~S'ful~gni(htllClem 'thjs,res';pect . 'W,e' arc: not eoneerned ',wirth h - .lel·e."~b9.t we want is to s:110'w that a . ,.








Islam (pe:i.lee,

~llD.d, blesisimgs

of' .Allah be

UJIUYD hhDIil). Wier!,

not reeorded, as ~s &om:etinu!s sup fu:~ell, several ce:ntu:ri'e8, afte:rilis, d,eali. hut d1!lrjn~g: bis ,(J,lVD, 6'[:etime ,and by- those 'w'.bm bad 'l1.rst =b:9n.d:kDorrvmed:ge 'f.rf the related fa.ctB\~ Tllesefi:r.s,t ~I:l,an r:.ec'Ol"ds b;ave ,cOWie d,
d:illIWll 1'0 'DrSi,lI. a


l1.1 amllH.er ~

No du'n bit " the II er,somal,eJem,c:n't in olral transm issi,o-:n. bas Its O'WD im'l1o'I'"tamce and. merl-t; a "tru.s:i1vorth:y BDd '-I ,.. I· '1-1 y ties,u:ll,lll1I1!g ..Ii'Ib' '(I, sa"" 11111115, "jf",~ Ji..,' ,ea.tlile!JjwlmesspersoHa~ 11lt1.~t Iilr that )h as an, nod enwabl:y f~u~ su perri,or and. '~ftjgh.'tiier reas lip ~o be beUc:v'ed. til an an;y' wrllt.eu record "l"lli eh 'is, obvl eu sty SU hj ~:t to 'fab:i i'cB'Unn D'Dd ether less re,pre'b,e:ns,i,b~e: mo di'filca ti'Il'iD,s:and, mistakes ~'D ,tilt llart o,f the cOiPyist., Had ,t'lle, l~damic tr,g,d:iti!on remaiBledl !(July 01';9I1y tr,anslni Ued,i:t 'wo'lU.ld. "lilt in tl1 e least' ~lI\rc dfm iusbed its ered ibiillily ~ H~'wieveli',~,a is ','~ebDve S,BM" the tr":Hdi.tiiJODS 0" 'tb~ P'r,o[plll,f!'t of' Islam h)~~'u.,:,e;an.d blessmgs lo.f ,AUall, be 'II:PO:O 'him.) :hove been den Illy 'ftJ'l'"tnn:9te:~ in Ilh~l't~hcy have been recorded 'to R blrl;~'ge,ex~e:Dt h1 bla:ck ilnd, ',,".hite, by wim esses 'Waf) ba,d, ,I 6i:rsl't-:hr.and ,~mO'wl,ed:g,e IOf 'die, :re~a,iled 'fa,cb, ,c;omli,j,ned ,;vid], pe-rsonal elements i.u the: ,m"anD,er of trans mjss.ioltll ·wbi,cb have 'been. based on
T;~le'C.ri'teri a. 'fID'r' Accepnmg,fh~ V'e:ralc:i'ty of aH ~dtt:h Side by side with tile ,c'OUoe'olon, oof ab.adi,tb was

tbf([l'" criti,cal s£'ljlOuiiny, so: 'tila,t.the :gc;l'.iul1Jne tr,adl'fri.ons :1:0 a'y' Ilrl'esj,fted from the :ra:lse ones 10' ,Mr,~ :M:nham.mad A!uu.t, .1, I"'e:no'\vrn:ed M,usl~ji:m Se:hol;;'fr ,illf:li' bls 'f..O..,.lI:~ .tio,r-,-t"";iIhiIi ed , u.1l\. ~D .1,;l)lI!e
, , . __ _ • AI_ ~ ~~ll!. _lOlk:!l


T·!L.._ ,1::' et" ''''b-,a,t t'·... ere we],e tl D nu'b' ,,'Itess ,Si,IJU IIOUS .. ,- ',-sne rae ,e'"f a!JI!(Uth ,Ud. D~):t' i~n,the, IJe;as't fH5calpe the 1,'tte~rtJob, D'! dI,e , , If· "'''-'41 ''''',I' ,~,'''' ,f· 1~1'''d-'·'''"'l., M'·I'I· ,""jL·;II'·'~hl un,' as' l!..uXope:a.IO, Ct,hu::a, se.leDce 0_ c a Jlul ,Ill,Ul)tlItilL
I~ ·,1i;I: ~ ,Jj ",' , , ", .', ,. '
-",~,c. " i
i ---,-C,-r-,


::lI,t 'tlilt' c:r''OS'8:I'''OI~UJs



__ !!Ll.. J. I

itilmtetl by 'tbe nefJ~sirt.y 0:£ dlsce:I'Il~.IlI·In:hveen. IlfJe au tl:u~n.ti~c and the t)purioll:s; aad tIBIC 'very I'm all] S Bu.kh,a.'IIr.i, and ,lYlusn,Dll,~n[i!1 ~() :me.utioIiJ tb,e ~ess er it adi rti.O!m.i~ are direct products uf this erjtiea I, ,3.'tti tude, f.s, The exlsten.ce" ~b erefore, [If fail:sc'aha di till, d;Clll es uo,t;p:rov'e ,anything :l1gaiu,st the s:",OO01 'O·f had itb flS:11 wh (d,e ('1.) L,.; ,-, '" 1..;'1 .. .~i,~! M 1II111ll3.m.m.'il.il!u A":;SD'd' ")', I· ' • ,'. "Ii isrsm '. ·t', .ii'l..li; Cl'OSSI.'",n'lIS :!i .~'~.11 a. 1l,ljl~ --.." 'ii' .' ..!I'.~"" .".11: "7" I' ''''8'1 ~ '. :letTaJI!ll.I tIlo.olsls t f-r"b aD.~1 I~de J urts n·, 'b ave .. fornud:atedJ seund Ilf'in.c:i.IlI,.I.e!1 ·In.~the' n:g;bt of 'wlili,cb fl1f~' genufness ,~f tb e H ~l,d:i:fh. lean be 'fully' es'ta.hUsbed~ These pr:in.ei.p,l:es rc),a.·t"e ·to lihllitll, ·}\Jla.r.'t.s; ()'f the. [i:ad.i.th: lsnad I 'J!... ~ ,.) .. .. ')" \enam €Ji:r-;jj., d~,a:nJl,miss~I.OU anu:1 'Mata (t'e:x't •." T' IU~ ' ':. ... rtrush\forfhin9~ o·f ill (Jic:e,' . . [l!ll'\O f 'P[b' whe ~Jii..;jjjjj: 1-1-·,,,,,{III·I" _.J ~~Ul 'I[:I~ I" ulIl1.s.mitt'Cd ii~e~ Isnad eau ~lH~:I~li.a.b.lyju.dg:ed wit.lh, the be·IJ.l1 0" .Asfila 31' -R.ij;,oI ~ I, ~Ie:h~iflt.ew~u.cll c:r:iticaUy sc .... ,g'II1'~'''I!'A~ ,i.L.1 n u ~Il'II'ril:' v of ''''h~ n 'd"'1II'··t'L.· T~'11m ~ om ·.i!li-,,',lIlIu ah ... rL·n !I~'~
WIHS ill
j.; .. , .~ .. ! "j~' '..
1 _ _ _ _ _ !'r.




i1 lli




mTii UoI.1lIilI,.






'IJ,!I '_ ,ll.,j!l.,;;~"I!

i:Ii; 1l;~JI~

"''Ji!'O!it>Ai _. ,I::-..I.! LI',~II.~IIJj! _ k,'I!

;j'ij; HI" "





ull'lde:rst~od this ''Ii"rO'IF''k showed ·p.a.F ~~:",,·t UiIIlI, P ::1.1 ~,,~;L1.,lJ IJD . ~., -, ,',- .,.111.-',: -I.":·h;r ",' , '" , _ __ __ ",._~","I'_ ~_= ...,.[L"",n,,," _",1'.1.1'::,... •. .:, nrdi . t~····· ul,·,t "I·.· 0.,.. rneir 'I:l!, I'. 'c~ -I'~I,' ~-L'" ~,1,- ",. wei. e .... ·f',,,,;....,·· UV~'i' iOllimilllh:l.l, y .113fWSl .IF'eco.l. ._In..I'~,~·le C.·lUILS

also fra:med. 'to test [be gernIine:nHiS, Off tex~ ('m.l,'biI,)~ The 'rellii b]~'1 '1'li"U i!/J!!'_ lIiliiif n !I'i<i4t'OI' m""'~ -b' If- - I·. .' .. t',f:;rU,i1.1i _' .•I!lI,~ .. "',,' ,lb.JIB lL.a~,,:eD,.S. 3 ,ex: 'I' evidence fl11i!r estnblisbin;g the 9utbe;oti",ity of' 3. Hi~d.~tlI. A hadJe'b. \v.bldllwi; thl,rt~lD.'ds, t.ms ·tltorou:gh search in~"d seru tiny and is lU'(lrve·D. rtm 1tJ e. auth en ric,!! ~is l'Ull!"t and ,. - - ".~ - r Con" - ~ .' - - JU.ns a11.d lJ". d " ,.,""". 010. a. E, I", ~"I-: ,)' .. '~ ,"' -,.,' .pa I.'C tl. a,run ". e II]J ,tUil.C ri , '..i1tID, .. ~ilII.g U~: level': to




R .. '..














fol]~lV~ The Dl,nbleDrlslu;~d clIia,r,a,cf.cf' 0'1' d1J13:n:a:I''r',alID(I' (.a~I··~ 'Rallri)is '9 e on did ID'D 'to tll.c:aeeeptsaee Illrf a tJl·',adJ i.·t'ilo as n :gen.nj;JIle'~ .F O~; lilis PU:rI:Ul\S,0, (H:;:cu.p,a'ti.ilJl.n, :brn:n.es·ty· an.d
1I'1ii!i'!lifii'1~;....,..~,11""'ii'11't1, :It" itl.ll 1l!ll'L!I!II.~.irU. .:..r ~

'1'flU.'1b ' 1...··13;,

-iii..... ",I

~,~I!!i ,I.,oi,;j· b"U' ~w
..II;I!I •.. ' .

'of" his .ILI.I em ....... ' '... .u;:;l' --.' ullrY'

-h ~ -";1 ..__ '.'y

",. L~ !~,'(t Il_}'~'

stlldJ edi' N'D'~ lonly ShOldd D, me:lllilu1rybe gil (l,clIbmt .i.t· must ha~:e the powel' of' :r~la:do. 'wIDiicb, iJlll:plies ~dso dl!at he sbould h BY'C' ~)r(l'p err-lry JiJ:ea:r(Jthe w{u"ld,!3, of' the '~'-I·-iill~,:',,]1 ",,,\,";II,"'.d is P ~anel"""'d'-::""~'~I' I: SII:'U .'cl ;l!1r-;;;·'.'--;-·'·~·n; " uru !I!! 01 ~,I!IIeJlrmea D1U!:;, ,3D.u .fell. (J WI uce, them ·with acc'UI~IlI.'ey ,at 'tlIlie 'limte: of n.a,rr~l,tio~li),,,He should


be a waD. uf Iearni ng, ~ shou~d .111])'1 ho.ve eo.ml (tlCcd lfe a.n.y !Cr'i:RilJle,tol.~ld Iie ;gj:,,?cn fa·ls-c·evidJe.ncc·" and. .s·bl1uld. :n.[I!t· !I h e pU.ty· of carelessness or in·di'ffier\en,ce~, . lis: :I~EI~~!I'U~: 'beU:efs a.ud, b!3.r.n.;:lIlg s hml~u be UlI.l1ll erstood, b~~ piety~l Id 'hn,al1iD~ ~lmd ltrurldi.'daes5 oolDidmul, bein-e 9 C!ce'pdag'

.. fit·, ·it·· ", :11113

!~!iiTi;,--'~' ""r~'f\i"in] e."Mamin-O'Ii'lilfi"'fIl o'f:' ('Ile' of ~"",JII!J!!__- . ,_ a.utko:I'i.ties is knewn as !, Jal'h, ,v:at-:ta," di l, '-, J 1.I·h is the p!Ii!jJ) eSiS by which Ii wUllle'ss is d.ecl:a.red. unrel ii:a.'b'h!:'wl,Ue C ta."" iiU ~s tl'ile~l ~tOiCI~g;S: y wb:i,cb. :bte is d:lecl:al'ed rel i.lfillde., d b 'Tb.(JiiU:S,ands II)'f b~a.d'i,ti~om;ists (I\fhdjjad.d:itmn. ) speut
~-'~""fily. ..S --: 1II1I:£ Stl,1:

~This Ii .ul>ll!





._ __ ~ __ , __

tbei.I' lives 1'0 ga,lllI,el'jD.'g~"fe~ d!,etaiJ 'l]'f tJle ~ives: th,e transmitters fJf' t'radJHol18 a,b@ut t'be Prophet (peaee and lJll,es.slD;g~; (If ,AUab be U,!llIII. him, ).,ule.tm tbeh." p"a:i.ns:r,.J}j,ldllg researehes the SCi~~:Dce ,Asm,a, ar- .Rijal of developed 'tIl' saeh an exten t tha t· throu:gk itt, one can 1'f:31;'n abou rtbe U'ves:of at ~,e;as' ] UO"~000 persons iliilvlc:dved i

~Lrm~di!thll' SOltlll.e;rh1l es dale Cl~Jil:i.11 of :Iu:tblln"i:ties UiIL3:y- be C\'H"lI,(JI,etc and yet 00. :a.f;C;OI)lnt ,of 'O:o!1D,-.s:a'~[sfa.lc:tiiji'mJ [l1'f 'the ,eond.i t:i.n:n, ~:aid.d:,o,wn '~IDI'1IiiI::arl:",r'a:l'ors th e tT,I,dj'idiom: may be :re,j ect,ed ~A, tradi tiOJD,wibil'c.b is com,:tlji:mJd.ilc'bllflj1tJl)lhe b~-x't oftbl'e: Qu:r" au, 01." virda.rti1lIil,g a, ,veJ.~,JLmo~vm tl"adi'thl'n ~ lor ~s ... ,S,o:FI1 e-tl:iim.g .1:"e!l)lud,i.a,:t\ed fury 'the CQ;nl,p:ID'i'IIUil,s~1 :not be. acce"pb!'1!1.. There :is anntbe:r vc;,ry im 'porta nt tes,I' 'w]TIu,~:relb:y the ::lJutbell;tidty (llr :3 "I=I,ud-in~ lnay b!eJ IIlldlged~, and litis the tes t ",,11 el!C ,tbe a",,;llklrt1oiD \\lns ,c,o:m:man.d.ed by '1l1lJle ~P':rolptl,et '(pea ee and b!~es~ings IIl:f' A U;dl: b e 'B~1l10D b:i.Dl.)bi:nll,sjell~ '~~T'~h,e'n,~ be, Bftr,l~a'lill)r,s:~'n th:e PI:',jJpl1.e.t 'w10
l I


IQu.';"',a,n:if a report

(:llIiea.ce a.ud' bless,i,U:ISJ of ,A~b1.h II~ U, IlIMilI:hbll)i~ n~l~ ~':ried eo have said, ,,' •.1eJliO)~ti.D.g h :li,di,t'~, fl~,o,m.1l11f1ei! so J ud'gc :ID,the

agrees widl tbe Qu',' a:n·t ace,ept


o 'tllooe'nriS,C'; r,ej'ec:I' i:t." A~s,a~rel,dy stated, ha!di'th i~ an but e'ql'I:::1u:I:~di!o:u and i11 1r.:e:l",p.I~let~l.fioD,!flf ih,e IQnr ~',an, ,IB;d: hence

the Qru·:·:3.n must have precedence ever
.. , .. ' -I·. exanqne,
"1 .'




-p. ;,.uU;li! ,M· "1,,' . 'd'- .. ,,·,.t~·b·

I ~n.g



- I'~'" can 1.11-1 - .iiIf,. ~1a.,{e ,




U-. Ina.1 (A".',lid' I:~. -., .•, .' 1,'IIt...


Hadith ,.,~For
~i" '.

It.. '.. -),.. l~Wl .."aI.

.'''''',' "tUB'an

.0,1.01 e


"d- ' 'If'""', ., IJI,.:" t" J} a.1~;~-m :um., a

.It ..,aJ51,

'Hma,l (AUa.h b~estSjed wi tb him ") 'th.a.t 'w)1JJen bier busbun-d divnr\eedlller.~;Tbe P.io:pJhe:t (peace and biessin'gsl of' A.lbdITII be IIII,pon hiJJJlll) !lid not Jte~~: hhn to provide her _:;dllteu;~uu:e ~.U,m~"aHce.. .Umar (.AIIl:9,b IH! plesed ,,,itt.




IL," c. -1--:"" ~- .•.. ~~II ,- .' SHI:I.mJ.~. ,.··e c,a.l1tD.D'lt, I ea,ve 01 ) .. ~,.lI.

·W'. .:,

,';'1;' -


-b 00,k,'. e,· A'" U,····I'"' a.n.d' ,. t, e .- ef .. ~' ehe J:iI

SU'~iJDa~h lo'f'tbe Pr,(jl:pbet (plea:ce ~llld Id~~S~Dg~ef AUah be UplOD "'''Ii:i.h binI)- (jin the repent 'Of:3 'w'O.m,a,n a,:bou't whom 'We c:lOI'Ul t k.lIO',"' W helth~il" 5:be rem em:1J ered 'Oir !for'gmt. Ag3iR~, .~.~In.eaI'i~m.g: 1~1 ~ trad i'ulOu rleit1(uJ"ted on t.jlilJe :~l,Utm;ority of ibn I·ma.r {AUa·:b. he Iph~I,s,ed with. him)'!i A.':is,b:3 (Allab -·d ,tl., ~-. r ....~d' "~.' _,.. ~ .11... ,...III .1. . , .' .111." - , , ue P!~ifUIS,~. l\\i'1.111 ne "-, )d ]1 , no," aeeep t, ." SOu, ....,,e_nlF'lH..e d ," Yeu Or' YOUir 'tT~a.nsmitlcl·S do net "len lies, ,but ,so:me'D.lI:Iles
.•.. . ,~' 0: ','~r
,j.' ,


l!lue 111 isuntlie:J.'~rfand.s,. , ~

Classl ficadolls 0'1' H~ad jj UJJ: -~h, !.'. 'b lil1ul :l!,l!!JIJ~ml 111~a.Ve c.~,a:S:S,l.lifill.Jl ".-.1111,-. ,:1t 1 'I.D to t'1nl~ .~ "1-..iI1 11:..1 d-" 'I T :'e' M' 'tiIlm:;J ..!I1..,11·,;,IL.·' 'L. 'FI)"i[o\\ri:ng ,ca;'tegio·r~es in ,ord'er to esblbli,!ditIJ t,be rank and
i, '.

d~gree Illif rena iiUirt;y of 'l]b,etradiUiIDIQ, ~ Had ith .inN·a.brv~.:A ,sli.m.,le sl~lymg'II;f the Prophet (pltiJiC!e ,nn d b:IIe5IS~D:~S; of AUab be lliI; porm: him) Ylltlicb mlm;I' be horne iB miRd as Dot.i,lI.g· but i,os:pi'redl, co.mmelilc'~n.g withthe 'wof',ds: (be'M: es,s,elllger orf J\I~'la'b{"M:a,p,ea.ce anld

Allaih 'be UP(lU 111m}~,~ddl:

:U.adi.tb .~I=1Qud s~:· A. tiaying oJ'tbe' P ropllllet (})e:ace an.d b,lessi'D.gs o-f AllI,ab h'e upon hi m. ) .baving ·.'",eferen,c>e bn Divin.e d·i rec timllll, ,S·t:,n~dng wHb the 'word.s ( Alla h tilie, et:!:aleed ~iaid ): The FiIlJ'.II,o,,,m:g bad.i til 'h'ans:nrd,tte'lri 00: the :91l1t~I~lo;ri'ly Abu Dharl"" Ghifn'lrii (.A·llab 'be ~l.i.eased",ri"th of bi 01 ) .bwl,111'icB AUah" s M:esse[l!lllg~'r (p·eacc.' alod 'b:~es5illlg,g

~J'fA:IIab, be, upo,n h:iLm ) ,c(n:rveys the messag;e I~'f Albd:J. in His '\f'ery R,9m'e~ :is ,an. e:xatu,p~e of fI,.d'ith IQudsi: {O°; My servantsl '( have :uuIJd,le c)'P'p:.~lecs;:siio.nmlla,'v·fl!Jj] for 1\'Ji'yself an d have 'I~o I~hidldl this 1t)'P,'f'CSid.OD. {Olf you en als€J\..Tbere,'ftnre,. dOQ"t appress line auotb.er"Y'o~u an ~o as i:rn:y, excel) tope who:m, ,f direetbl' dlle: r.igllrt ,Il:atb He-nee beg guidance f"romMe only,. (,' ...nslbll ). : 'O:mIJthe bas iiii Ql"f inv'Cs'tiig:atiol1, the H adith lhas,b~e'm elassl Died,under t'he 'rb Iblr,,~ing three R1.;a:iJu eategnries: ~~".sabih (5!ouud)::: somnd. Ol" mest ~nlll't;bendc:, tradi.fhnm: in wll:i.cbtb.t~rle iis '1110 weakness eii'th,cr jn reg;a:rd to rtill,e, Ch~li1J1iJ, of transarisston (Isnad ) 'or in l'cg,ard t'Othe text (m,oto. ). The E.sn dJ 0 r a utile'f,i:ties sblndd. 'be carried, 3 uninrerruptedlyte i~be' ompanlen mr Iho' Prephet OH!8,ee' c and blessings of ,AJlta.h b C:l!iI,P R, hiM.) bl ease 0" a Sa-hUI, O I{~uUth~ If must be remerubel'ed in:this OOUilltChC1HJ tLudtbe au til en 'deity ofSahil~l :a~had;iJil. bas been fu Uy es ta,bJisbe.d t by :~tu~ scholars of l[m,ad'irl1 as rego]'ds 'tbe purity of text' (mu[[n) and tile soun dln,c;sso.f" tbe ,cb,am oft.r,a,lIls1Dissiom (Isnad), The eld scholars have: standardized aU ,of'the:'mn ~1nd:11,ay',e ,pelf'for med ,d.js work w,itb SIlCJI preeisiaa n L:'.~.;;:4!~,~f;i~ 'gn.u 'sllr~~11"'h' ,jJii,'I~ ;,<t' 1'", d 'im n!U ~ i'm,ll'fl'O€LVA D. 1II!i,~'1:l Ir--,AI ,"",i1yiUI i!J1U;J eC"I:""I~;" oN' !!1!J' _,~, v -_.... _ it. We can 'Pow ,s,afel.," depe-nd, upon them 10'(" glliddanct ,iu, all f mportan t ;matters of ~ife., ,2... U.asao, (approved): Sound 'lbru.t , littl,E; less authenric ~ 'chan ~:llefi_l:'st c3rf egolll y. It d_i[fel!',s f.'lo,m a SalTIll.il1 ll,adIJ:i:th ill, tb.'c Sebise that some of its, n_a,rl~a(to()rs! a re 'be~i.e'ved. '0 h 301ft ha.d. 3, 'we~l.k f!iI,eillOl Y, as cemp ared ,t-o th a t, (1,-( o;a]~',f.':lI,t(JI:I.·:S, SallLi,b Hadith, of :t'Da ~j,e (weaJ.() :::,A, t:n!tdH:io:n ;:lmi.w,1],i,c:b thes-e Is, is Irnne (iefiect re"i'TlLle I." in. t~h c bari II. of bi,I.IIlSDltissi'OIl, ur in p!rtJ'pre'l~ e












1IlDderstalD.d~'Ug O!f the trallS,m:il.tter",


conteults are


perfect a.greemieo,t w~tl~, slamle iH!U,ef'S .nnd IJraerlces, It !i8! In f3Ct all 'b:i:1dItim1d.S (lif ;;ve~,k Ollt b~HSS reHa'ble :au.tmo,liOi,ty,. "jll''VCVIW~' 3111. tt·a:~ntiOD.s. called da' if are 11 t· 1;'iI!,i,!ci)ed, •.These wbi.,ell. lexblF~ 'pto'pl"e ,to do ~o[J,d tJ· or \,~I~:i'cb:~u:r,l.re Incidents 'm"ay be queted, Abu Dawud n qHib! ,()ft,c:mused dl,9,~if t:ra.di:'fr.iO:DlS when be coul,d find D,otJilling betfiel" 'iV!l)1,~~mu1Sl,tJ'a,~e ~1(Jibit with '\vWd,cb he 'v:~ts, 'the d,ea~:ing;. Acto 1·,.lng ~o' tl1e 'cba i.1i
'lll,iF u ~l,lrra.torEi,;

Rot in

ehe Had ieh Is

c~a,s:sif1cdas :!:
Mu.tts.sU or Mausu] (Condgu~O'lis ):: ,i t nd~e[r5 '~O a, FI,acU,tb .'bi,c'b, lla.s:llaJ.·I~aj't,or; '\\vi,tlm,(J!ot any in'teJ'I'uptiO:E1:!i 'irrespective of' the fa(!t\\"hetb(~r ~.ttan Iie traced (]I il"ect~y tm! tbe Prophet (~H!a,Ce au1ld bl~cssin gs of A 1,~,aJlbe 'llJpIO.D bbn )1 'ei ~rto' nne ,of his ICCl'111:1]lUi(Jillll.S • IV('I!lIJla,,,v;atir (Conli nuou $): A fra,diHliIl. rt:plfJi;rted by ,8 ~I;a.('gle 11l1UIliD ber of' 'ieo'))~C'in di'ffcl"'ell'd' 'fib:}) es, .s,Das te D1;3 ke it in) ])ossi,b~etill" ,Bny 'fa~sebood ID Cf',eep :i:n,to~t~ WI'alsbb:of (well )moNm'): ,A 'tr:adJlti.oD, ',,,,.h:iicb :i5, lfll,;nd£d d O-Yr'Il by ,aI' least Ulil;\~ diffe'I,'f!'Dt Ire UtabJ e ,a,I,lIII[luurh.iefho If" ~i"CiCJIJI1"\d tug '0 tluoflitie·:r·'v i.eH~-i a 'f,lta.cii n.on, willli,cb. aJ.thon:gb wld ely fiji ssemin a:tcd" ~:twas IO'Ii",i,gbll,aDy tral1l S,ID itted WI:" one 'perslIl'lo, 'fr'~Ul1ldll!e fh·~tgeme:r:S'ii.on " 'G.hnr,~b (pecul:i~1.11·', obscu.re;):' It refers to ,a. F,hld~tb in. 'rvb1ch 'the ch aiM of t['IJl'II.s,mi;s;id 11.0. a, D.11lW ~r' 1([1" lIa:r"~,a'to rs b is redueed m (J!I:1U! B'£' an,Y s'ta~g:e~ Im:a,Bl ,Al T'Lrmi!:ill'bi 'Elsled two special terms in :regA.I.'d to basH,and, :g:llJj~]:lr:iIb ~duu:l:i for fu f"tl1ler' fb

cat'egoriza,'D'j!!Jrn ,of'these::

S~ddh 1~1 a;S;~,D ,Sr~lb&bG'.o

l~illJ ~
,"1I'.A ,~'

Hasa u s a,hi.b :h,n,di!th isnne whic;h ,a,ceor'd.img to :1 JD;tnm ,A t, T1r'HJ,idlbi: S ta,'[ti1Jds ~1{ 3, bi,gberr' I"ev'el, th=1:O mere hasan ~ bat I, t ,I, bit lOiwertb an g,9 bib H~lS,1 S:ab.i,b i~ at tlm es quallfied lily tbe '\\'0 rd gba .... , n ib 'wileD, diI,elink of tJi:a:ns,lIild~~i:[JiDis j OiIR,ed] 'in :tDlo,th,f'l:" at 3, ,ce'I,~'t~i1Eil'I~,~,int 1J1I.'et1l'iltlSmittfl" 'OIm,y•• ,Obv,l,ously it is by hasan i;n 'rleg~,rd, to Its soandness, and gha;l'"itJ, tlDI regard in its chain of tlfalills,m.~Si!rion" MlfaUaq (Sus:pend,e;{O: if the fOol~p:lnio.Ds, of the '" t :Uj,e:eg;nun.rn.g 'b. r- " ih'<i' 'i, '. :IUi,r:t ;3rt'llts,a' , ... b ~ ~'i '(]I', a 'illra;d'. 1r.' on a,J·em~lIJs8IRg,~,
II i


Prophet found 11:1'i ssin:g from the chain of tr'an5,m~i.ssi€JI.u, and ,3 'l'ab~"\:i (Sulc,ces~.tH'i the i£)£u:npardon " t[',~ln.snlh:s it form (I,r ,AU:an ~s Mes:s,cm,g;er (pe~u~e and bles8~llll,$ 'Illf ,AU,al) be IU]l'OD. blm, )" suell, a, l1~:diid~l s caUed. ,(I\iJlursal ). ~ rvbuJaU:ai3S (lIid.d.en):~W}~,el'e one Or' ml'[Jre narrators
.lii;'i;;'~ 1~1.l.l'~ i3

(F oJ,'W;ardl ed): :l':ftbe co:m,:pa:n:i,(Jus of 'the (peace Bad ldessing,f) of AUab b,e 'U))(llfj :bim, ) are

'''''U1Fiiift'rliili.e", _ rllll':"li. ,""i.JIlI"3'~.



(Dtsj'iQitlCd)~, A t:r.3,d:i,h,'(UI~D 'wbich. ci,tber' ,9 link, in 'the chain 0," trl,ns,mtssio~D i:s~bun.d. mi.siiS'.ing oir ,an .JI· ~ '. I .i,O"DS un 'I,m!O,'~nnOFr.'lll'" ;. IillUnu. to, J OLD tIe; ,I" I, IS,'.,i MIl'" addal [1]erlllJ,le~ing)~ 'Where: 't\vo successive ,Dlarira to :rs are lu.i}ss,inrin b,etwee:I1l~, M,Audu (lFo)iged"fa b r.i,ca:ted)=' I t 'refers (101 .so,m,e;tblrn,g' fa]s,ely ;;rttT.~buled to tile Pl'OplTIl,ct ("pea1c,e and 'b'lessln,g.s of ,.4.11.1,1],be upsm h:im ) It 'is, tOle' llJ,!l"o.,sib~ of S:abii:k. :MAtru.:k (D:i$carded)~ 'W~bjle'f'ie narrarors a:l'e accused of fa,~scblliJJ!d, :mRtiLaHeliS odl,e:r 'tJl3n fll,m; D.3,rra:tion. of' the

tradi ntJu"
:"l U'u k~j,:r Di sa:p Ilr'illved):: A itra.diti!on in ",,,,hi,cb (

transndtt.er of ah,adj.: m:lllp()S,C,811 '(!Inc who [5 autlu~nhC and reliable as ~ narf',atol'of ~,adiith~ :M',a~'rruf (celebrated):' This :i5, o:p':posirfe ,mfI\flunkl:r,;

weak q'Ir~'ite,

Sh;adll1 (isola.ted):' A trad·~tjo'D•. whleh a M:m.pa:rarively less a.utbend,c .lD.9J:.rato.r' of hadith oppeses one whese aeeeunt I.S more 8r1!.dile:I[IJ,ti c 'than hls, I..S.Ma:rfu (tra.r-ed direcdy]: A kaldition \vbich can be traeed baek to the Propl1 et (peace snd b.~essln.g.,~f 0 AUab IJe 'u:p on h.hm.) dJr,ectiy" without an.y d.lefecd.ve tl'amsm.isslo:n '• .M:M'auqluf (Delayed):. It refers to a Hadith lu which 'tlJhe repor'tiHg companion d.·oes not male: h expJi.dtly clear (ha.~ be Is n.:IJ·ratiml 'fJ'o~~lIAllah t s Messenger (peace and b.~es:s.lDgs of AU:ab be u:'IQU .I:dn~)"fO'f exaDl.p,le the narrator sa,:y,sthan Ilmar bin Khattab sai,dj ithis and
thi$u MM~ultTI (~,e\l,el.'ed)~: ,· refe'J.'S 1'0 a Ifaditb: iu wldch the I chain. of transmissimu eannet :be traeed lJev,mn.iI. the

of tbe companioas, M.Mottatlq alaAl (A;grt~d U.POfi) ~ T.'adittioDS aeeepted and. ,a.:gr@cd. n by both Imams Bukhar] and M:UlSli:I11, o ~ .. o are univerrsd~y ,9.cllmowJed.ged,a~ dJJ,re •. 6S t t.ru:tli:fuJ Tabi'n or


cempilers of IIa!dith. MM.az()oia (decellti'V'e): ltr'efe:rs



Haditb in which

the :IiIfl.l!"lf'atOf' dnes :not gi've the n:"UII·eof his teacher ,. an.d il:u:s.tead gi.ves the nam e of' 4UU~: who is nne step .higher tb:B1il ~hi;S. teacher, using 'the 'wmrds (frm,~ so' and se )~. he T fact ef hiding the name of tlie 'eacher' is called Tadlees,
(Dece:p,uOD )~, lO, •.~l arfu l\i.u:tt~s;il = It :r',eI~Ir'sto a. Ua!dlidl, ·w.i.th. its. n.aj'I~:a:ti!n·si 0.1) to t1he Pruphee [peace and bl.essin:g.,' im f Allah be Ul)).on Il.im)~ .1:1. M.lulraj (,insel"t etl.1.inter,'ols.ted): A tr:a.ditioD, in w.hidl. tbe narrasor has, su.bstitn:t1ed some of kis O'ft!11


WOl'ds,iro .'e,orting:a sa,yin.g {'rum tl1c Prapher (peace an (1 blesslngs of .A.Uab be urpoD him), .1]", Aziz' (.R.es.pected),::: It :re'e~r5 Iml ,3 ([I,d"tll scp:n.~9h!!~y rl~:'pO'rtedby more· l.ha.n one 11nlr~rato 1'. ,13 .•Aluul :: '1',[·refers to a H~u:U'tb , itb ,one natTaint" O'Dly~,
CaDlrnni.cal Books !(!if '8:ad.ith ~uul Brief ~:ife ...... ske:t,·c·hes uf
~ie cum, pi lers:

ea teg.o r iea: 1.The fi'I'S,~ (tUde i,lU;lu d·es~ S:lIl1JliLb;d UU.khar] .M.HSU D1, fiend 'MD,\va'tta o'f" I:m 3DlII. :M a~n{.j


1."TI:1Jeslecond one Includes 8.'1 Jam~ TiruddJhi, 8UQaru .A.u 'Oa,yud ~' M:usaad Imam A.h.marcl b ~:H:",aJllll,ba I, and
N.ls~,~'i 3,..The tbIrd] ca:~egol'Y COElrsisa orf 'those ah.adi,tb, f wrililcb :in.e·~:ude. all. tYPleIj, of '\vemlk .'t.ra.diti.lllnils~Tb,erir' ehams -· ,. .. .i, , h "." ~I:l: '11. -~ ..0b o f ~,!I'aliISm.!I!SSIUJ:D i .' ave some .lm.ssiUJg .1.muM m. mem.e.g _ IWJU,Slilia.d of U t:i;ull.:an 'Iilrim,.Abi. Sh:afba ~ M.lllsn~ul of' 'Tayi9I~~~li, M' usn~uJ of'.A b~uUah bin ]V[u:h.ann'l1 ad bi n ~ .A.b:i.'..im:ai h',I.~ .Onlv ,nlJe ~!~a,rn!edsehelsrs c,au der~"'e benefit frlill. ,~1
tll,e.,,, OU."l or'f ·dle ,;)bOlle ic.l1l.'tegor.~.es'!i ·tbe _,Imr: ,JI.u·tb~r:i.ta:dve books ou h;(I,(U'tb.n' e Sahib of 'Dukil ar~ (] 9,4-1:5IG Ali:") and the Sahill Imf Mus~im (lOl ..1161A,;;II)1I II!I,:~.ddi,t'il;n to ·
'tllJle'S,e., atie f~ut




.~,~s,(j)' r-ec!m glm:iiZled .3.S

au'fhi(!Jri.tallve: (o([llmldc'tiog "The AutluUlltic Sj:X~ft books of' h a.ilhh ,~jbamlJsit:tah ). These are kn own as, '~h~' unau of' s Abu Dawad 1(201~27Si\,.H.) Jaml Alt T~r'mjldb~ (,279Al.H),

Sunan of Nasa,' l (,],1. 5-,303',A~H) and[ S~IlIDa.D

(209-... 7JA.,H)'i 2

0,' ibn


arE!,:hori t~dive blufy ~ :3~ DO saeh body Ie:.,,jsts, in l~13Im,~ t .Tbey wiere 'c'ij}Ue-cted 0'0 the lnHia,~iv,e 'llJf theindividua com:pi,l,ers~,~acll, one uf' tll,e.. had ,to be C1",itjlcJdI~y examin ed, and aCicep ted by the eo,UJrm,uni;ty" Ibe'[Ul"e bein.g l"ecogWiled as an au:tmori,ta"ti,ve, 'lv,url!L Tbis applled 'tOI the w'l'rk_s ef B1.lkbal~'i and Musli:nl, Jliurt as it did to the ethers, Here we :gi've b:l~ilef'1:i:re=sI~etclles o·f som e ',"v,ell) .., ,
l:w,fi!"'\\<'U, ~:;;ti':n1rl['l'ille,I"~ = '~l~,oJ!'i.~i o:f LI!J lII't..':S .... F' II -'
'!.!!' . _ , _ ""'..

It, is im,PQrta»tto note tba,'i' )),l{ID,e ·of the, hoo'ks. of'ba.d:·'dJ, ~D:Clud:iRI"Sih,ah SittallID'" 'wer'e cilJJ]JrmJiss,i'oned II, all;V .aT

'I!.!! 'l.!'

hf':' " H'~.;Ilc:~f. 'U' ifl.l!I.I. ull,.

11 1[' ...n ,1].lllIi'l

l~ ••





I~T·iI1itnli,iliin' :lI'~i -=-_LI tIll~.


,i'l T--lii. 'I.:". J z-' & ~'I' 'I~, ~ He ',",SiS -Iik. N ~, U :1b;:IDblll _·IlI,ih'lIt Il)D ,tJllb;uH aJ= JtmIJ,~,J.. ;, bern :iu Basra in, 8(J! A.JE-III and. IlLli,em,~Ill .,B.31),1I.Id,adIn, 1501 A." 'I ,~ His

The full, name 'fif lu~am Abu Hani fa ,b;A bu Hanifa



._ " Tb3.Il)'i,~i ''Ya~iC!:3. cll:'!'iU{ _ _ "n _..... __"'~.

de ..... II~ U ""iiU. ....~

'~FrH .IIllI!II!

,~l!..!,~ .. 1i,.!L("", ~1l",J A£' 'r,! n'~d ,""",.,-..] 'U I: 1.,,-III1;dl, ie.I.Du


:ii' is: s:l~d

that :IIls g!l'afilIldfa'~11u.~r, Zaufi'ba~ was: a nati.ve Imf

KalbuJ ,~
Imam Abo. _'Ianifa I'earn.ed jUl~jsprucienee 1Ifr,fllm, Imam A b'D Jhllt far of B,a,:glul:d. Ilis, U)ub~~£. lec'lllfle5 'in Kufa ;S01lITl'D g;ave .tum. the D~a:m'e of a ,Ir,ea t, scb.obut', :aJ~ld p'eopIe 'I1{!l1cI~,'erJ dlai~y to ilelllll"biim IUlld to q:U~tiOD, hi.m Olil! t\he ,Ij"itu~IOf'VOII"S'hip ,:md, ,tbe ,bww',!, MW;fUn. A,b. lIanifa had hVD l'>entDWIJH!d stlld,en:tts, Imam M'IlIlam,m:a:d, [Uld Lmam, Abu v'ii~''''-uf' w:. . ho \'ii1'et'\e: the ~lin <lIiii,~ ,I" !I!J'..uR.lJI,I~~Ci.3 ~IIC i'iolp'r·"':"-"-iiJi,1if-~' ,LU. I. ~:S . _,~ __ =_ ..._ ~ UI
J'? _


hls 1IlI1tv;. is, mlo8dy~'btdr It

Vj.e1V.S the p~a:t 'Eif.'

'h~~:chlu;g tma;£' DOW i.l~'Om, 'tllie :bai!ids, of' the fla'ruf:il. ScIlH),(j,l of' r~bfn~,gld~1nI R:Ol. Abu '..·'usuf' baa, JJ:re-S1e'rvedrID]" 'IlS :im, his Ki-tab al-Kbara, 'tl'lC ·chief VlewB of Ids master, Imam ,Abu: ' ~"ani"a W'8S, a Vf:I'Y Jli.O'US and god,..'feariitn'g mam. 'When !C'aJlp:k AI,-MI.'llsur o ffel" ed, blm. the ,'os,:t of :28

2~IRul,m , :~alik ,ilJ,:O!An,BS lnulm A, bu ,AJj)d,IWlJab :MaJ:U, ibu Anas 'W"llS bm,rn ...!I:' " o~. '.,n.,1 ,"t; L A. D' _[lll:e '11·'.~iii .U). the same I'Jil h ID ,[,-J!aIIJliI11t3 10,;:;",'1" A ,.IIcO,.......iJ,., llfliveu
~ 'I\,{I! []Ii .(.
,i .

"hlce and

.",er.:eh',cd 1l1i~, ear'lies't bu,res;s,ioIU!I, of' Islam ft'o,m Sa,h I ihn Sa' [I, [I ue of' 'tb'i! s1I,ni.'vitll.:!l: ,com :plili"o.ns of file Prophet (pe:I,'ce aDd b~,ess:ings of Anno be upon. him), ,13:!e 'w,a's cODtride'I,·'edi Iro, b,e the m)(!l5it learned man ,of bigtti:.,e:; iafod his ~1~I,r-d,e~[}jbd :Q,bsb:n.CDcle were sueh arud lila t be 'Usu;all,y :fasted: 'four days :i,D, ,I, 'week., .He e;D_ji()1!e~ tbe ,a:dv9D:tlll;~' 111),-1: I; l::i rsollud ,ale, wain.~,a1l!u'!\e ¥t'ith, ,th,e e Imam Abu Hanifa ~altbDTlg. d:~:Hel",in.g''\"if~llhim Illil1. liW::a:n.:y ill1PO:l 'bU'li 'l1Jj,ues,t.io:nsregardjiftgt'he: ,auth(ll,:rit:y of file

T'I,"a.driti:on~. His JU'ide, h;O'W,ev,e~',\,"f,DS; '


Ieast e1J1uaJ 'to b~s

IUerary ,mdawmellb~ As In.~imlofoftbi,s, ilt i.s I:;,e~a ed of' ~ hinl tba;t \\f;he-o. tb.'e £~I'!ea'tC~diiph fl:ll"uru .... Ras,'hid came 'to visi.t the 8bl :i!ue of the ,'l'tJF,hlt (pC3!CIC ,and 'ld~siD:g~, o:f' ,A~lab be 0]10:0 him), Ma,lillt, ,,'e'ft't 'to meet him and 't1lie C'3J~.:pb;a.d,dressed biim:: 0" '_"J'slnd 'W sk you, for a 11,\,011:1" a '~hat yO'll ',~lU ceme to lIl~i[le e e:IJt ([ay and my 1fc\1V(l1 SOJ:l~'" Amin and 1\1: ,111]UU1 and hl;S'tm;'lct 9 UB, hi tl:",~~:d~ti.'(l(ilUd 'I' I'lS' cienee 1m _wge.. 'Th·"·· In' .. _.. Jill\ C, ,Ulla rqlnaJlj 1...• ---1;.,,,;:"1-y~:::'_. . ,a. 1J,~Ll..,,·" n:lu,g~;111lI - - 0"" lis 0',;), d;:ii:gl'ldfi,ed ma.t1U Ire ,a:nd! _,st,ead of ,going't{J1 ,I,lIli,Y rU~:l"som,It reg,mires 'l~h:9:f,all should eome '~O it~ TIle SbDIJi"y fo ~"~J~ler' eonrinnes tbiat 'thlt, CaUp]l:s'e'Jlt both ,bis 8!I1.o$, to




... .,1




d' 'UJ'''';;' II!..-',,,, m.luQ ",as 8m lfIUlU;':_l H,IO,SOlme 'd~ ~,--:,1i]I,'~ III,~,.;I! -,d ,,-'I'" I" ,,~Ilt,., , 11111 '1.., • • f ,-!~'-vm,ae ""1_,., ,(), ,1;h,h"I!~UlieS ,anUJper:leir;:nOIl~, 't:- .11' £," b hJle l.m,:m,em,sU:y t,: He Iosr slilgb:tef liU more in;s:i,glld.ficaDt obj'll!cn ~Heaee be. gliiJdu:mill,y 1,ilhtd.:r'M1" hll:m:s elf 'ff:'~)iIFtiIi '(be i¥O:!i,111ll11 and b eca:_ein II~ffe:ren i fo UIil 'COrDCe:r-n and. afrer S'~:Hll!le rs yea ,of com pl,ele l"etil:eilll"~D.f.' 'Ibe d!.h~d in M:adin a in. 1,79 A_"H (7"',5:A~D). One iof dm DUJ8t 11:M,1ilomimhe lboolcs ([If 'T.radi:tioD land SUIIlIIah was cijJ:m,p!,iJ~ed by b:iDili~,His p~'inc~p81 'pupiU ~,e'~~ was"A- L '8]- J11L~hllll. &:!!llU"'-_ In ,'I:I~"" '[;:''In~II' 111" 11 ......... l li;lIi

-c -re ,-

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>f, -



':l 1Ii ''''~''lIl '''''HiiIi, 1D :A,~

A"sh ="'i:,jl.lllio ~ill I: ~'1Il..1i1i -', ~ Imam M'uh.ammJI,d


Id.~.iillS As;R,-Sbafi~"~'was


'1I!"IU , .f-tillj.1I._~_ 1I .. ·,mJ. .::t..!-:"bollio~IO':0, ...

"Ir-g"- !N.J_I,!lb~.;'IlI(.I_I~UI.~ '"I'__- , ,')- :~,ii)f' 'P'~llI,~D~'iIflIliIliI' U W

,,'I~I_IlHl' '~ ill ~

'If'!II~\IiJIi;P' "!If!l! IA~

Im,f' ,~I.L.·'"'Il!:...._,n U! Itlll1l1J~ ~-~IIlILllLllJ~

as, 'the Pru:plu!'~' (peaee DDd b~e,\i;-s,~g~ of .AUaJJ. be 91);{)':0 lriml)~uild:.is,dis'ti:l1I[(.uisb,edJ by the :9,p,,'ld'l_ad,oD wi allII!IIJII-Mul'tbdibi er Qura1sb Mott.al1ibi because of h~s descent from 'th.r! PnIJllI,.het~'S! '11'3Iu:l:falther .A,brd.fIlIl~ .Mutt~;Jd~lJ~Hie Ilimvfl Ii hi s p9t~I'nYln1e .AJll~Shafi.·-i. "ro'm Ids, gwromdfati1,e1" !!!nIlI:fi~'il ib,n '3si'"'Sa,""ib. .liti, 'fanJI'il'y WEI'S I:'t ms'f ,~.II.ll0ng 'tlte IIl[I,Os;t 'in:vete:I·-a.b~· orf dl.c Pruphet's enemies • .IHs £~lle{l.i',", ca:r.lltv.i:m:o tbe s'f-addnrd. 0" the tri be of Hashlm a:( die lbll:tt'l e of B;a.l'I~,~v,as, take-iii! mlfiso,ne:r by 'tbe \ ,M p SJUms~ but releas ed. lIn I'Bosom :_.d. :'l{f~e:n.va_rds, became a, convert i~, Is\l!a,.I~.,As.b;..ShI,t'i.:~:i ils :1:"!ep'ilYl-'lietill hi,,. :10uslfm seh elars to be 'die 'OJ m;s,t aCCU(',3,te of' aU '~Iil!e 'b",3m.'i.i,mlIi~st-s:,,;an. :if ttite;~.r ,a,cC'Qun.il were ,,'ell f01lll1Dded, nature had iudeed. lend oW'ed h bu 'with e.xtrao'['ldinsl'Y' ,talents for ,e~ceOOli.RI:in 't·&.a broRcJI o'f'Ili'te:l'atIU'!i -It is 1! saiid that at seven ,ea~s mf :a~ he had com lD:i ttedl to m emo'ry' rhe whele of tJu~ IQur:~an, is t 'tiel} :b,~ k___n.ew ~Iy






the AI,- ..Iuwatta of Imam l\'bdi.k 13Jnd at :f.ifooen IU~1 obt::llocd, the 'I',unlt of '~I:h~ftt I-I.epassed the eal~~ier P3'I.;ot of HHs li~fe Gaza" In Palestine, There bile completed h~s ill. ed llIt'ut~ou, and afE!erW8'f'f.!i S moved to lVla,k ka, He came to. ]J,ag11dad in :195 J.,\,,;,I-]~, where :lrJegave lectuees on the t~~,iiUiI,:i'ft jOl:ls and ICOln posed his, U'tni:t "fork. entitled ~,I-Us ul !ur(F'u nda men ta Is)".F,['(un Bia_hdsd hel'¥fnl. on pi ~:g:rillilage 'to Makkah and r:f"Onl theuee ror~r;arrds, passed brtu '~g~p1t, where he met I,fna,ull\f[~,lji,k~ II. does not appear that he ever r,etJurncd f."'o'rn ihat CI()UI:!i:trJ', but spent UU~ rernahrder of' 'h:i:s' ~tffl1t(~I'le' In the CJ('Jlmp()~~:tiornl his )::iltell'"' t of' works, He died ht Calro :jiu 2tQ4 .l\..~'""., He ls sfI,j'd to bOYle been IIIe rirs'twbo reduced th.e !s!CI.€11CC' ,jul~is:prudenee. td' to a regu hH,~systenl', and nuul.e ,3.systenl~21,U.IC coUee:ti.IOll, !oif' tradiUjJU1S", Imam Ahmad Ib» Hanhal remarks that until th.c '~~'[neof A;i IJ}-Stulli'" i men d i,d not knn" bfnv to d.:bddn.gu.:isbb et,v,eelJ11 the ttla.dii,l.l1ous d13 t 'were i~n (u.I"lce I.ud those U~lat were eaneelfed. His .lirst work was 350 men rio ned betore, al-U 51!) ,I or i( FlIInd l"m!eml:lds) COD'hdlfil!'~n,g, a.1ll the ~l,rhu;i:plles, .of the Mu~Unl,ci:v~.11 nd. a eanon law, Hls n' )x:( iUb~'1'HI~'¥ lIJirndu,c't.i'lll11~' \Ivtrr\f 'the



1Vlus:n,ad, \:~lhj:C'h VVCI",e both\vol':ks 011 tradnlenal la.\v, '\¥~dchare I~e:~d, ld:gb esteem am.(uiJlg In. the Musllms, His tj()lrnb can s:tUJ seen in ,Ca,!f\(), '"vllete the ,iJ'an1 .i"a··· Imll, iI ...'~~n, :.?>.''''iII'r'''~''w-9r,,,,1I~ ~5:.:,8.1.:'A •.·'1.,,1~,1l'~1, ·_u















:~o'llodied a Icoll'ege for the pl'eselr¥,~IUoml of hls works a~}:d. U~,epltulp~lgmLh.nl]o~:'hls dnerrlne. The _"hnrqueat Hlrah \',;1IS, lLlu nt by 81]] ibutl 'GhJyas: udDin :tor t he same purpose. Imam Isih, Sha::ffr'i :is' said tohave been a ~F'SO]l uf' 3~lJd:e d~"enm1al~ and ,agr~blJe conversatlon. r 'i.. mauners were n:lli;lldand fl:"i.end.ly a,nd hereprobared ~n, iIllllJl]leCC15.a:'f'Yserlousne ,s ,9nd ~:eve'm:";.fjf in a teach er ~ 1:It W~l:S It ",'lJ;:i,ng, n~· b:ii$ that whoever :A1dv~~~;j.ied b.rOUJIICr' 'his 31

'tclld!er',ly ,and in .lll.'h,l",a:rte 'dlidl :hi 111 ,I s:c'm"Vice;bu t cLuJt ,pu:b~ic ,repJ~m c(Yu~d ,[lui::, opera.le :DS, :3O'!i rle]!~'roach. His of ,p,l.'iu,cipa1 ,pu"i~s were 1.~llm,A.hmad ibn I~IaDb:1i1.and Az... Zu~b;:J.if'i. 4l"lm ~,!m A.~,'mad llb,n fl aBba!. Imam ~~h,g: bd.tII~lll;ah AJilHD1:fEd ibn !llanba] 'W:lS A bOJ'l'l1 in :B,a.g~~dad iu 1,',4 A,~H~wkere, he received b.is edOOIllcatJ!!lli1l 11nder Vaz.~,d: ~':n il~larr;un9.0(1 "V'add ibn. S,a.'~'id.~ i ,~ ben ,A:sb~S:ka t1~i. ca,m,e h::. Ua:g;lidad. in 1$lISAlIl-l., :rh~D W '1~(;a'U ,a.ttendied tillit,e~flc'tul,I'm d.efiv:ered tb:erc' by tha~' ibId ;1, 1m, alDd wa5 instrueted by bim in the biadidoll1~,. m ,A'ft-ersm'.e Hme~he' ,acqulr~d a IbigUlieplLtblJ'tioD_ ibec3111se ,mf hi,s iprofoun.d, koln, i'Bid;g,et urf bO'th civil a:ndl S:IJwi:tua] law, and ,,~u~d!c:u.la:dy the 'cx'tcn,:I' of his e~rll!ltditionv:ri"b 'or' res fleet fnr the :pl~eeep:ts;1 of t~leP:rol)~l,e:t (p eaee .and 'blessings O'f' A na.h be: up il:I'U hfm ] ofwbich:i t Is s:dd. thar he COD ld f'JIl'pea't MII(U:lf '1'1'18 a :od.lli.on.lHl:e was 3, nUMrD of 'II'CO.t p,j e'ly' ,a.o.d unCO,I1l:ll11 OB1:is:ing O:p,ili1~iO:IJS and: lAt9S tb.erefb:re iRI'pl'"isoned 'by Cali,IP,:I.l AJ-IVJuta,sim, because be ad.hered.fio ,1~liiis wn "'liew~; om. icel~t'airll 'poin~s of' d hr'jnity o and refu:sedt.OI S'D bSH~:fU.:n.~to .be IlJp,ini,Ci,DS finding, 'fa"vouF 9 t tbe con ft. ,F(1fT. dlli.s 'WIllI,coa :pl.iomls.ing alii tu.d.e', :a:rte.l·\,~'af'd~s he :fiClc'e;i:ved SOD1.e sa ti.s·f~u;::ll!ion 'u;'cnn a:I-, M:ufaw',akkil:jl the SiO'D of M' u' tas:im, ,\,.hD uIllon sUICiceedin..g to the '~knl"'e:, settb,e I~ eJli"5iec:u:t0d, Imam ist· liberlty and recleived. :b~m at biJ:S1iCJmUI~t \v:ifh tb,c IDIU)StbODlourable I] " I m ar k Orr 01'$ti-mctlo:n. :0;0.d 0,'f:.t' ..:S r ,~'ere( ~.I~ml 'CDDlrp,emS9'Uvf.y present otl I n~}IO IJo:i,e;ces o·{ !lold" 'wbh:Ii." bDWeVeJ~ he refused '~Q 3CiC!t"rt. ,A'fb~l:" :tJIJ:llving ,~'ttai ed, the .r,a:ul.\.. of n I .am, :heI'c:'b:r,e.d:frj~ttl, the ''''~ r~d and Ied a l'ec~.U5;hre' l~fe 'fO,t"" ,s(av'GraJ y'leaF;s,~ He 4) b·tai:ned Sn llfUgo. a t0plUltation fb f' s:a.netity thl.'t llis £ufte;,'a:1 '\\v,as·:~J'Ue[l;ded h,J" 8{!H1J!,0 (lH)' men and 60~;OOO '''\(U:11.e:o; an.d, it iJ; asserted as: ,I, :kind! illf






1:0 iraele



tbe ,£I aJ of Ids dem ise; no fe:wer than

2;0,000 jews and Chrlstlans emlJ'ra,ced Islam, The Hanbal] School of I_bought had a s·tron.g feUowing :i.ll J: r'.aq andI Syria uno ~ the Ottmma'~, ton(luest.. The 'Ylefl-, knewamysrle and sufl Sh andl Abdul Q'adir al ~Jj 1.3FliJ of .Bagbdadbei~ol1:ge·d to the Han b·,ali seheol of tbought. In tbeUlth, century it was revived (Under the name of Vtraha btslD ) .~mcen tfa~. and N orthe:ru Ara,b:ia and :i1il, n jll",' rhe d,onldua:n~ scbO(iJ:~ilH 'that country. The. Wabab.~s are supposed to foUow (to' some extent) the teacbi.ngs of Imam Ahm.fld. ibn. Hanbal His Musnad con.. ta~ns about 30,.,0010, uadi tions sel feted. from 7 50,;0 OO~His enllec tiJ)'R of Abaitll'ith is nut arranged a.c(;o)-dii:ug blJ' :su'bjec't -ma'tt@f hut lIII.ndertbe Danae ofdu~ eompa ...ion ,t~ wb@Jm a 'Uad'i~ll i:s ultimately rraced, He had several eminent pup~~s'!!parti.cu Ia.... Ismail al ~·BM.klh:ariand :Muslim ~.bn Jy



Cha.p,t,e'lf' on U1C~noble


of Hu~ Messc'll'I,g,'(!'F.' of Annh

('May U~e;peace and ,blesi!!i,itll'gS: of A,~la,h he I~"on :I'lJitn)

:1).. All F:mJ~lil',1lI Abi h!l,Sj,:Uli M wh:mnufIi,ed Inn lasaa u,Jn :S~u",~lh A~ Tjrnddhi Sa,'id: Abu Ra,jbm, ,Kul'aiba,ilh. Sa,~hJI lle,po.rI'C;d fl'O 111 M a I'tl, b, Anas fro:nr~ R.~, ,j ~l biin .A bu A bd til" b
I~,~llbUlan fro:11l

that he


Anas, bi:n (ml,llIi,~ A,lblh be ~dea!~cd '\vi,th 'ih,e~l:Ii) him ,~H'i.l'hilg ::

The Me'sse'ngcr ijf A~119~~In,ay Peace I r~d b:h~~s:s:jn:gSl A~~ah ( or be llII1J10n h :i:nll) was n eilth ;c'r' ~:a'1 nnr s bo rt, He was ,u,lls ij 1 rneiU1Jieir darl, nor ,!ah!'", His hlir was nC'i;ffber' c'~rrly EUH" ~tI':a,i:g ht, .A 'Iba,1:1(t he Exalted a nd AJol ,igl. ty ,) a p pioittl:cd Iiiin] as H is pro ph,et at 'n~ a.ge of Erw'l,y", I~I ,s.t=iycd in M a kk,n II e e
~(n' ~:en yc,a r!h a :nd hil, M ,o.(iJ::i II ten YC';JI,rs" nil .A Ua,h (Uu~, K!\~dt.ed and AhlUilght.y) eaused Idli11 fin (U'!! ~t~ ~he' a.~'C sbIJ:y! There we're IUJ IfI{Ui~ rh3n 'I."~'e.n~y ~fl~H:'e111~1h's ji.n, his


hair a nd bread,
'I,ll ~,was na.rnJied by A I Bukhat i In Jhe. book of the merit» and virll~r'(z·'il613j48.~cmi(jin the book f!l c{olhil1g{ I O/j90(J }rnul Al}u!J:lim hv the bOQ"! fJl merits

1411I'J/1824J!, l~;taNkin AI' Muwanal211ltJ'}'9j
2) .'. Frulln A[l3,S bin M,;di:k (May AJblh ,pte:ms'ed wUb Irhlfl,)

repo rted :

the' Me'5senig:er of AJ~,ah (M';ay pll.a,ce and b~r~s5i'rngsof A.~llah
be h'iD'~) ,v,as 0'£ a, rl1,ed~uml1b~I~ldand W't'IS 1~!Cill1el· bill nor short. H!!!: was "ery h:H.. dsome of 11ll,e:!lUUm,I_n~:ild and his. n

h'air' ''''\las neither \rel~'Y clJlr:ly UOf v'{:r,Y ~h",a~glid bu~: was sUgldly 'wavy~ His com pl,mxjID'M'\~as: tb,e color o:f' w'he:lt, W'h,!C'D ht, w.alk.,d Im,!l!~ leaned s~:i:ghUty forw,liI,rd.


-It was narrated by Ai' Bukhar; in the book of the merits /6135477 tvlusUm~ in the. book of vmues !41.18i9/At-, ...J'/~' .: - h-~' .: 'I' :I'J~,.., - t, ;;;:1/",' .' tt rnUur,i,f, tn tne UlOOk- l!' cunmng' ,"iI'it' I)' 7-,.,..~,an,,~ - mam Ahmad in Al lVlusnatlll1240jAbu Iassa said ," it is hadUh hasan ghanb.
, .s :







3) ~" FI'ID:m Al Bara (May Allah be p!~ea!!H~dw-i-th. him) ,vbm reported, tllJa~:AJ~a]~'s MC5!!U~;nger OViay peace and blessings 'be' IliI,PIlUi him] was of ~nedllJfn he'i:ght, having Iliroad sh@u~dle]r'S,t with his ha,i:1f b~,J:1Jging dowa pass rhe lobes of his en I'S" ,[H e 'WO.'II! f.i, red ma,I'tlet and I ,Iul";l'e never seen .anyone more handsome than i\J]:ah.'~sA..}osUe (M'~ly peaee
be upon h'iim:)~




by al Bukhari
in the book

16/3551 jJVhJsJirn

Abu Dowud

in the book ql cl'()thi~1g 1213599jcwud imam Ahmad in Al MMsnad{ 4/28 JJ

virtues{419.J /18.18 land in the bonk of clothing [4/4072)_. ibn .Ivlqjah


in the book




4) .. Frem Al Bara (M~IY AI:I:ah. be' IJI,ea,sled with. him) who repnr ted : never did I see ,a,n)~~OI D10 re ha ndsorn e -UU),n, e Anm,liI,, is .Apostlle (M,m,y peace and IlJ.lecBsi.llltgsbe 11110FJ.hi 11l1) i'liI, tbe red ma,ntl e. I-Us, liutir was JUlngi n g do,vn ()n'~o Iiiis shoulders and 111$ ,s,holl~lders were b road a nd he was FJ.,e1:thev,ery taU 110 r sh (I r~ in sta ture, r



·It 'W'QS narrated by M:uslin1: i.n the book of merits [41921181:'8] and Abu Dav ud in tne book of combing {414183}t At-urmidh: ir} .lhe book of clothing [4/172-~!and
in the hook oj' ~ne}',~i;',~[j/3635_landaid that this hadith is s hasan sahi 11 and An Nisa ( in the book of adornmem


5) From AU bin Abu Ta:lli b (miay A1hl.h be pIcas etJ wi th hh:n) wh{) reported the Mes~en,get of Anah (lUI,)" peace and

r[±"I L _,

b~:essings be lIJ,lO:1 IIhll) was, ne~tlTIieli",~ry' bdlnor short, The soles of both fuet'W,el"e fl\l~l~tfl,esh,ed. :U,le had a '13 :rge head~

linrf' __ ,e

j oints ef his
11..,,:"--, I) _~!!:;)U,r


~rm[J1 ~I~:S

were ,:lIb;1 ~ar,ge.., There 'w'a s a 'thi:llI, ,'I'" t" , to ~"'~, nave,~ W"':I- .,- fh'~~ n p05;(,0 .., CilleS, ,0 111IS ,1 ..··-1 ',', ~leJl__ t1l ,ii,' ','-'.' "[

of ,Alla,h \-'V~,II{"ed", it appeared as if he was d~s[ce;l,d~i fro m llI,g a hi'g1~ place, Ali SiDJid ~ :~ did, net see, :U:1YOIJ,e like bbn. ~nei'the .. be::rore :I!ii'i:m"nor' n:lier' :hJinll",

narrated ~J!,At" Ti.w:m.fdJ1i in the book oj' virtues [5/363 7] and said : # is hadUf1 hasa.~' sahih and Ai hakirn in At Mtts[(Jldrak fflid Adhahabi agreed wuh him: The cha,h, C!f the, f~'Q17i.~n~,ttio~~y (isr'Jad] af the compiler is do if {week] bu: t he ,h'adith has of her correct


and some' parts of the nadUnl1t1er-e t; .iii I' ,iD' .'.l .h' ,P':' .f. ,.1" i-' ,:t., _, .,',,) svsu] .n narratead ,oy t"~, tsuenan ""in te tlOOK 0-1 C',;otnln;g {-}" "'!... It) 7

charac teristics,

6)... ],t~is, rel ated 'fif'uim Ib r;a,1ilim b lin M uha n1ltU~d (rol,Y' AJ lah 'be pleased with hlnll) W"tiHI Is fnnmllbe SfU1.S, (:g'l"andsilIins) of ,A~; bi n A,b~ Tl'I,n b (may A nan be pl~,eased,w'ilth hhiil"~ tb~lt

w'ben ,4 U (:rna,yPe~u!)e' be

'r~a~II'II!S, of t



d eserfbed



t:tiU! M'esSieJ1g,er of i\Jhdl (ma,,)' pe4UN! ,and 'bles~ings of Allah be UplD Idm), ti,e ISied! to Iny':;1 tile Mess'engel' 00' i\U,ah (may Pea ere and 1lJ,~!ess:jjng~, III ~}rIDn hi In) 'be'

was neither

of il, m'edjj'llm, st:lftuie ~ni1i,~ng pea]l'~e.,H i:s bait W'3S n(!;itbi(l;r 'veJty ,cur~y nnr 'v'e:IrY stra,~gltt, ,Iud his face was !.diigbt~y mund, T!hre, icomp,l~li on, of 'E;he :M,es,s!efl.,ger of A:I~,rn.b(lflay peace and blessings of AU:a,b be upon bi nil) wu s w hite 'wi t~&,a .sU:g~,lt redness ,llIbo'!!II t ilt. TI1iH~' e)"'es (If '~tle Messe:n,gel.· ,of ,AUall (m,ay pea.,ce ,m,nd b.I'es!d,ngs 'be LiI'flun h;j,lLn) ',:\f.er1e lertJ"eluely bl nett. IEli~,Illy,e=ims bes 'we:l:ie lo:ng,,, The [elnts ~'f hi s bo ely were la.r:e;e,i Ukew ise the po rUon
betwe€1 h~s

ve ry tall nur s,hurt"bw,t



bnu~d nne! 'ndl"


The: I n~oun:f

of Iud r en h.is b~dly' w,a,s: 1,0 me re t,ha n usua t, He had. a Ud (I, Ij ne of bab!' ru,nlldng fi'llJd :his, c11 {i;ist~ I~'is, t€J navel, The ba nds a ad I:'et:f {If t~be M'es$,eng,e't of An ah r( m,ay

peace a.od blessJm gs of ,AUa,h 'be upon :him) were 'idly ftfJhed~ 'W'Il,e,n 'liIewul ked he I.liftoo. h; s I.egs, ,vitb 'vigc;rr' :1 S if lu~, were desoend:ililg to a,' I:ow-'Iy:in:g place, WbenlJrJe, isddres:s,ed, fl persen, be tu:r,n.ed ids 'whole, body trn'w;ardsit&at pers(Jlll~ The seal illf .Pr"o;p:beth ned ,v,as, situated '11 etween his s,h.(n.lld,ers~ He 'W3:5, '~he, h:';Sijl oil ,a,~ pmphets, and be, was: the I m'Qstg:e:~u~'r()u:sa I1Id ~be P1.il)iiit 't~rutlhl,n~1 He was the mest .kind ~ hearted PClfSIDJl rand c~nne 'ff'om ulblle famUy~,Any .perSll!ll who !!Hl\iV hi III would ~Hevihd:lllybe iilned viith awe, A lynne w'ho C<lJme '~,ndos!e CJO:n:ta,tl 'w~tl1l. h;:m., aad :Im,ew 'Ids. excel Ifni eh~U':'8.,cte:f was s:Jtd't~.en ,vi:ch love 'for-hils exeeu,ioot ,9.ttrn'mte~ •. t\.llylone ''V'ho deserihed llIis noble fea.ul'\e'S ciIn!(]d 10:111 Iy sS:Y:: I have :out seen an·YIlI.e Uketh,e ~les seDge,);' of .AII,a.h (IJUIJY peace and 'blessimgs, of .A:lIah be U (lOR him) nei~het· bef!D rei nor :afte'l" lid m!

b t ! 'was narratea."j' ,'y



vtrht:es(J/3 63 8}cmd said gbarib" Its is:nad is not '~~UUCl;Sil or mausul {Co.H:tiguO'UliJ. It 1,PQIS' also narrated ,bJt Ibn Sa 'd tn Al Tabaqaa: (114111412}arJd Ai' Bayhaqi:(J.l26J)Y270) fro~1~ Ulnar bin .:1 l"~ 1~ ~. :til' 1~~.:r.1t :,~ . ...1' il"):' Anauuan l' tJ';~'e ssave q(; G'.·li'b,l'"l!JtJ l:I;".dJ. is aa '(i ~ . ji'" ~ as l,tJe'IQ:~)'
)I' ,11'.. T

~~r l:..... b l' compeer ,oi tnlg.OOk J.. 0'" that the hadilh: lfi1~~' hasctn
oj' .

Ha}ith Ibn H:ajar da'i]',


tha: the' isnad of the hadifh is
wj till

') ~",II'ajs~n :b(i:m .. lii ·(n.ll.my Ana h 11e p"leased A reported:


1: :ifnquiired fnun ,my m:atel:·I11~1.1 ·umc.h~\; llind bin Ab~ '11'aablb " may A Ua.b 1)~. pleased wifh bim) :1bent Ul'c; noble fea:tn res ~f d~,e ~'Jl~s ~r:i.ger €j" Allah (~,frY lle~lE~' and blessings, be
upon ~lJim).,EIeh,ad
Jili1i ,_.1IijJI _,~~

(t11e.rndeserl bed hls noble features, hI detall, I feU tlil,at I s:hluu~dbear 'fr.oml ;him perscnally some ~; fl.I!_!I .. _: iI1 'b}'£I; .re·'I1I..t~·I''II''',iIJJ_P, ,(Irf'II·l!iiliJ. l~.l~ l'i1'.e l\·Jf·'J!:I.'s'E'!iIJJ;It:~,(JlOi!lir· uf A-L-lllli(!O,l!- \~~~~~~ l il ~ e a.1;'I1·~1 I:!_~I •. ~,J. ~~~U bl,essrinp, be 'lipan him) so tlUtl, I enuld make :his des criJlition :9 ptOOf and testi.mony for ,nly5a'!.~f and m:e'nllo,riz'e th.0:ln and
!U,hllli...~ '_'

Ii _ ~




,'1Ii1il!lO:n ",a,


th.elil U" P ossi ble It ry to, !El!llul.ate m.nd :;t.doJllil them.!, .. y '~:uu:;'lc deseri bed his no bI,e features by ,'my:ing~: He had .gre-It II ~I UUes In d ,8tt:.'lblJl'les :i n ld.rn., (lIth ers also :l1,eld h~01 in hig:l~ a esteem, His faee shone ~l:k'e~Uu~ t~ m nen "Re 1\",3S: S Ili:gh'£.1iy fu taller than ;1 plel!~ If m,ed~um heie;ll't, biut was Sbo]' fer on tba..1 a ta III, person, I[is ,lfiH~ad'was. m:odielide~y hu~e. IIis, ha j r was 8,mgb tty ~\7avy Jfllis 'Il~li pi~rterit JUt tura] I, in die I' mi ddl e, 11 J eft, ~t s 0, otlJ.@r{,t~~ d idn ~ m a ke an effo;r't ,to e :h~ 'f :p"a,:r~'hiis 'lrIah~in the ~1I1id[ne., 'Tille' :M,tSlsenger of Anab (n:uI:Y peace and blessJng,~, Off' Allah be liIpo,n Id:m) bad I yery
~ 'til ~II,~ I

~'il"''1I11J;1]- ,nIl11i!:!' 1


eom '1-' ;IlI.V; ifi,n In]
1 ~I'!Lull

UI ~,I.liI

,iii n..;l



'~'!I~"i;, ..lla '~T ~U'""

foreh ead ·~IUI,
UJI',. !I,o~'. I,

I, ;:;!I'

'I;,.,J 'L. .. ' J 1,II"n '!ill


B.odl (!y~llllFmv,s! ere separate :lId dli d w n(lt meet e~UI: ether ill the m'idd ~Ie, There WI S :111 vein It between, tlil em! ',vhitb, used tm," ,e~,a ell and '\,.iu~[li 1li1,e; mI became .nI"I'iIi,m"rctJ D--- "I e rn '\j~ P rem 'm", BIi"O'[ IiiI d·' h !I'I"A 'I us tre about _' iit ~U v. When one tllrst [I[J o't'ed ~t[ llim'l it se' -oIled IS if 1i e ha d a ,~~lg:elrll.rns'f; b lit 110 oki I,g: mere r ca reful f,y :i't was the 1111stire ,f.~~,;iI;,;i,. a til ~ ;;,t· '1,rn""Iy: -1,q"-r-01i'!!-....t· e ·r\~r:j ',III ltse 1f ]-~ nase .. m II~ IJ .c" b~' ~ was n~Jt hu"ge.Hlis bea:rd 1!\W:lJJS 'fmn' ,a.nd dense, The ptl,pils ,of b is eyes\ve:re b liack, "is cheeks were !;;mnt(loth land full of flesb., The: :m,(i'llilth of the MeSSenL:i,er nil' Allah (olay peace and blessings uf ,1\ m,all be tI Pom bim) 'Wlll,S maderately wide" :11is 'teeH] VVe:lie 'lh1n ,and! 10 I'~ght'! His 'f.·rnn~:eeth lu--~"da ~Iigh t t space bet,"~,eell.t hem, There \vas; a Ib in Iine (If hal r, from h ~s ehest ,to h,~s navel. :Hh~ neclt ',,,,'ilS be:m,utjfu:1 and 'Udw1 Inu~ 'the neck. (Jf a statlllie.l"hle:h had been shaved Iclh~,I.r11,s,I~.h:dil1g and beautifu ~ 11'1 s'i:h~,er',., Allthe parts. of ,hIs body we'tle. of' a, tie, mo,der9'te size and foUl' 'Deshed" His IbIDdJy had :~alrg,e Joints.

were den se and n:n,e,.




ii'iI.!I!,"!!, lJ_lIV~~

iJI C! _1'r"_'_~1

,_ 'lUI




ili I~ __ .·









, I"I!~



II ll.1I!c_









''If ~{iJ! ~


' __ .


__ '

~IC!. : '__ .-JI


'_ ~ ~


IEUs ehest ,9i!iiid. ,stOl'W,lc'tiI were iin lIne, ,;uiI,d, b.j- Ii:~h,e.st. 'W,~I~ bI"ma a rid w:iide., The spate, bet'l~e{Hl 'll1ii~ shnu 1d:er,s was, d wi de~ The banes, of hi s j oi Its w'e'rfi Ia,rge~!denotii:n.g S'frengUli. 'When hie IrelUOVied hi'r~lilot~ ililg,tll1!S, brod)/' Ioioked 'br:igh:~ a:lIld

had a :I.ustn:=beh·verelil Ids ellest and. his 1111 ova I, where there was :ill Ud 111 ~ hi.!e off' hai r, Be.s:id~.s'this Illne~nei'ftbet' h'iis!

chest 'd.ID,r his stemach h:adl ;any ~ther hail r, ~B{Jlth sides" ~he shoulders a nd the Il1p'pe'r po:rliiolilJ of 'Ids ehest ha,d 11 air", His ihrearmls; were Ioo,g and his pahns welte wide, H Is, p~dms! and botfl feet 'were, fmUy "n,le:s,bed. His 'tin,ger~ ,and ~:OeB 'were ruodera:te']y l€Jmg:. The soles of bi's· ,foot wert, smooth 'because
tlil.le1:1i clean Unes'i t:he:l" were S~ !i.n~.D(lth. tb:a.t"V:Q'tli'!'r flowed, a.way qu]ddy off Ul"eO([iIIWhe:n he 'V~',alked; he ,~ii'fted h ls legs with vi,gor'~ ~Iea.n,ied sUghtfyfinw,a:rd and :p'~aced lbi;9

foot :sofly on Ithe ground.. He w'ul'ked at ii, qui:ck, pace amd wok. fil.'tlb:er ,h:u:1J,g :dep,$. 'He" did,m:I;~lt talk sm~~U steps, 'Wb0tl be 'w,a,~k,~dI, seemed as Jf be 'WIS des'ceindlil1,~: '~O I, h.l'~v',e'F"place." i;i Willen he ~oolied, at S0:t1netldng, 'hie turued hiswlude bcu:l,Y' 'f:ow:i,rdls i:t~ He aJrw m,yns, ,loo.:llood: own.~ .Hl~ sight was focused d mOI:-e to the :ground i~ban tn,v,ards du~ ,~dty~ Wildie, w'aUd.llig~ be :a,S;1lmd II is ceCum ions (m ay AUah be pleased w'ith thifLm) P;111 t{Jw:alk iii front and 'he hbnself 'walked: bidldnd. H e ,ga,vt
sa b.Ulm.s (greeted) iii r!3'tw:tiluev'er :liJJe met,

'. It was narrated by Ibn Sa'd in Al laberCj,cuJt{1!4221423} and Al bayhaqi {l/286}i~ isnad is verJi weak because of Ab: Abdullah .A t tamim~: 'who is r"agnul {u:nkH01tlm}011d
JMmay'~\Vho is da'ij; as' the scholaF8' qfhl1dith stated

»It was flqrrat:ed by M~lslirn. .il~' the booe of


;(419 il'1 820}A nd .A ,t-'Tlpmir1"hi {5/3ti46/464 7}and said il is hadi th hCt,'J'C1n sa}-dn,.

'''I! 'was narrated by At-.'flrm'idhi in tl1e book (51281 J}anif "iIf"(JJid is hadiih nCfh'(Jn gharib! it



1 0) .,~Abu IS-:JlI,aak I'ma:y Allah he plleasoo wi,dl, 1~1 says, : A m] pel'sorn once asked ,AI Ba,nul j bm, ,1\~~11;'iJb ~m ay ,A,Ua:ll 'be' pleased 'w,itbbi:m l::: W IS, the fa ce ,of '[lIre' J\o'les:senger of Ana:h sh~.ning Uk-e, a 5,'Wtud? He replli ed ::N (i"but liJlce, a full.. 'M100l11 \1Iii.th its r!lund ness,
11./ l 1~1aynarrated

hy AII i3ll:khari in the; book of vi rtees (6/3552j, Ar=Tit~lidhi (5/3636j, ami Imcm~'A,nrnea iN A!
'l1lf~y Allah be p~e,;uHUI '''vit~ bi01I)

Ivl'tls,m[ld{ 4128 J)..
ll)\.,~ From Abu Uur,alr:ah

who sald ~ tbe Mes:sen,gel' of' ,AUm,h ( lmll:'y '~fu!e pea ce a:llId If]es~inlJS of ,AUah be UI)(l11 b~m) was very w'hite as lf hiis l bodl,y was covered and mo tl !ded In silver ~ Hls hr~df' ',v,as 81igbtly curled,

Bukhari in' ,the' book of vb'iu,es{6135J2} and .A t=Tirn:lidhi {513.(36).and' said .u W,'CW,S .hadUh: nasal'/; S'{Ji1th .It 'WQ;S; 41so" narrated by Inu21'i'J:

-It was narrated

by At

Ahmad ItJAL }!l1usnctd{4l28.lj.
l2) .... :F':rIDm jabiir 'bim A,bdiuUatiri. (Inay ~~J~I,b be pb~a;sed wilth
hhn) who r:ep~)[['b!d~ '~he Mess~ilg,~it'~,f AU:a,tiii, (may

~um,dbh!s\S,ings ,of AUm,h be U:PO,1l ,htm)t., Said: There ,arIl1pea,red, before me 'tbe a:p~~dl a,fld :M,DSes ''tv,as ,a:m,olng' Uil,le: O1.oo! es He ](U:dIll!d Uke lOne of 'the pe(J'ple of s:t:iaurua and I saw .Jesus, :li:le son IlJlf' Mal·,t (p~ace be U,PlOf[I Idml). A:lull I sa'w t~ul'l nea rest In i"l!SlUiniIMa nH~e\vith. l11m 11l'nS, 'U,rwa billl ,M,m,Sr-1Lnil,. And I S;9W' l:brahlm (bl es;s~ O1fAn~lLll be upom bi FU) :Juud :1 1lI~,

com:planiion m ueh :in, IrHemb~:m,nce'\vi'to l11m,~i~le~ :hls lPe:rSOrUIiU:ty, altd :1: s,aw Jiibree:l (peaee be M,p~nlh intJ) :9ud '11' il:Wl~1U 'D."'LY<lIi'_ nearest in rOiili:!e',:~nbla,lnc:e tn him,• .111. ~, 'n , ••U'J' ,'
A~' ","II;IL......, _. __


,,]tWClS Jflarnlle'a

vtrtues {S/3'649jand

by )WM.'di:J7'1 i,ro't.n(1 book Imaan {faith} (Il')' 71liS Jjul'ul II t~ Tlrm'idhi: tn tl18 b(){Jl~ of meru« and

said it


,ha;Gil1:h osan sClhl11. ,g_~~ri.b h .

Imam Ahnflac/ in I1llvb;l~~'ngd (31334J,


,~7a'rrated bJI ,Mt(sUm' tn the' book of l}'i~·tu~'e!s {'1/9 fJl.l 8,2 O} and A I .BCl~haiqi ((jISt) 1) Ibl1 SCI~d irJ' A I Taba{llJC11 {}/418}..



"14)1 ~. :n~.I, Abbass (In~y ,A;ma.h, be pi~lea~ed. w:ith him) lay,s,:
Tb,e :fr~nd.teeth 'Of the :Ptl,essen.:g,er jJf' AI ~:a,h(m,ay peace and bh~ssiI:gs IDIt" ,r\]~ iii be upon bi:m) were a b:it '\viJde (s,~)t13e~,d a ,m,d). 'They were ~P!~lil:.:edwdwere I net clloiSe. 'h;1giet:h,er. W hJeP 'IlU! spf)ke~ :1, U:gh't (N", R,) ""00 ~d. be .seen: emlt~im.g flilmlIl1llids





w,mr narrated by Ad darmi in ihe tmroducuon

;{ 158}and .Alba#)aqJ {J/1'.l5}.. lis bn~:ad I~S 1ll1JY w,e,t'lk J because .A btl .Azi:~' b A bi thaabt ts da ~,if' and mat puk {discarded} .
C~ a.:p,tleJl' 2

Clrm aIP:ter'~n 'tbe seal (tf' rr~p&etll oncil:

15) '.~ ,As~a ~ i'b bin 'V,az~d :fI1l,aI;;l'ah~d: M''y aunt mok ,me' h) fln.,e:MJes;s:eng,er' o·f ,AJ[all fMa;y the peace ::1ndltJ!~,e~Mdng.s orf AUftll be upon tilbl1) and snld: 0, Aoillah~ The Ap(J~de, :m3' ,IU~:p,.tl,e'w nt Til e Prophet' (m11Y the peaee and bl esslngB ;~s of A'I ~,a]l be 'llI'pon him] 'wi,ped :hbJ. head and hl,voked ,A [[alrl '~.s b.resshm,g~fo,r me, Thien he peliiJl'nle,J(j abhJltiJ£I,O, and 1 d,r3JI11~.,
froml tbe iremaiiin:i;:nglv~liiel·..lrs.QGdllJebin.d~:lJis..back.and.s.aw t]~e seal of p ruphetheod between his, shIlJI.[I,lders; and l~ was

~il.{e (z~ - al - tij lah)( I) the r {l} Itmeans :ftltebrn:ttmn of' a sm,a~lt;ent, bld soure said ~[ke,tbe egg of a IJ9 ~1ridgei
jl, '~\'a8





by Al Bukharf in: the book qf' in the book oj me.J;Us{6/5J4 J}I In the

book oj iUn/!jj,\"t JfJ/5670} and in ilw book of 'he { invocasions. (.J .116352] It WtlS also narrated by At Tirmtdh! in the honk of '~irt~le}i;'{5!364J)~ ,ami Mu;sliFn In the book of the excell ent quali ttes of the' Prophe I (l1~'QJ' IPse,~ anei' b!t~yj_ng;qj'Al.ltah' be' upon hfm)~ (4/ J 1111 8.23) 'I~,~. JI,abir' bi n So lilU ra l:"'~pl!Jrttd: l S]:lI:W '~he seal between lhe two shoulders of the "MesS(fngler !l)'r AII;iiiJl (m,m:y peace ,anll bless.hi!g~ ef Albdl be upon hhll) '~:Vb "~V1tB: ,Hke a red ~ch

tumol,r (protrudi,.Ilg nlesl~,) :liS U'U' we-re a 1lIig:e(~n',s. egg,1I

Ti'r:midht In' the. booc 0/ J'fU!f'i.t~·{5!364.Jl and virtue,'i and Imam .A hmad{51§)tli951§)18/l 04/10 7}.

narrated by ,Muslim in the book of excellen; virtues and men» of the holy proph(l,l{4:J99/Jlj.2~}. IIl

wlth her) s:HJid: I ,b.le~~ the .M:ess'~11Igel·' of AU ah (may I)ea,ce: and lde.~8ings of ..d A Ua.h be upon ihi.m) g,11Idl1:g' ~'bfnJ.t: Sll~ d bl,1l, Mu, ~,9'th rnn the d ''''W (I'" hi ~ ·d';i!Ji;m't'~~ the ~"'I;ifAn 0 ef ..,."'t ,G·:i rael shn ~u ~lIl:l,
] 7)~,. Rum3y't:h~h
I - I~,

A~I:aJli bel pleased

,II.. Jj~









1.111 Ui.l!'.




fiLlili,II!I' g ~~HJI'I~~~I



'1 8) ~. llj'I'a.hi m bij,n M'IJd'uno:meril, (M ~y ,An,ah be pleased wi:tl~ ,hJm) 'wbo is UU~ ,gralld~ilJl1I f AU ( j\1'a.~~ o Allah be p~eJlsed "A¥]ith, :I~'~'l!in) s:dd~' ,"~h,e'm. ,Ali us'sd '10' describe ,tIITJ.:e noble ,m,ttri bates (If nlie M'e.iis011,ger 100£ .~I~I,h ,(m l1ype4!lce and bllessin.gs of ,;\Uah be ~1,pOJru :1ItI,i '1111) , be 'used 't!l]! :I1.1emtium Ute 'COim,pl,ete 11Id~th. H e I'~SO used lID say that the seal ~f P'l"olllbetliood was between Idsbvo s 11oulders and that the ~\:"'~!f!i:5tnger ,AU~lh was the seal of ,the pt'mp~,lI!etSI~ of ~lf. wo.. narrated oJ' AI Tim'1idhi and Ad Darcl1'ni in the s int'~vducf.ion:;,tts isnad is da jif{W~Clk}. 19):.", Ilabaa bIn AI~'lJ1n~',A~ 'Yasl~:kUI',i: says that Abu ,ZayidAmr bin AJ{futm,b i\J An~~lar:i: (m,ayAU~lb be pleased 'W:iith. hi:m)'. sai!~, tOl"l. mei• 'TlI~llIjJlI,~S' enser Fif" A- ~1:;o,1!.. ('M="li'llJ ,t--'If..~ peace _ __ _ __ !oil __... . _ "'" 1'11_ ,noll" _U~ :t Il1Id 'bl,e~s,sllITl:gs of ,AUa,h be l[I'pon h; m) omee asked me to




his, back. I III gan m,a:5s;I,gi rI~,~:his e lb~,clk, a,FJd accidendy qy ':ftn.gelf'St~]lIdled, "the seal of' p ("(1)1' beUlij()d,~

Il baa says~' I ;[ssk,ed A.I!n r (ma,y ,A.IIIh be pl~eased wU]11 l1'hll) "i~at. was 'Un~seal afp'rophetlii,ood?' :F~e.repll:i!ed,: It was a
c-olh~ct..iCl'naf a few ,h,~,ltS\l

iU Haku« in Allnusladrak tl 6rJ.6}ibn Hibo» in his s,r:lhih (8/72), its tSf1't1d is sahin uii.~'h tilt! condition stinulated bv ,Mu,sli~~i1. r:



nl/1 voted

by J~'n(Jn"l A/1rl1acl in his Mu~~n'Cwd


don:'t eat Sada'lll,alh~:n:'cm@vE U~ frem me, O:m Ulle 'Ile:Nt d,ay~ 'thh~1 bO!pipelilled ;a:gai n, S\:dmnan bl"O~lgh.t a 'b·,a.y' of fresh dates i~:nd :ii:li\I,a1rllils"re:ri I,g: ,(!d' till e !rI)U~tillJ:lf!l 101 th e :" 'es~enger'f AlI,ah, he 're'p,~:i:ed:::' 0 " 'l\t~,e'SlSel1,ger' l'f ,AJlah~ j:t is: ,9. :p,re.s ent 'for ''U''O-:-;·Il Tl-I1ii!fi!' 'I. : '1!i;~'~'ii'i.n,or]il!"I·'","If I 'III-m,h 'mr M ia~ 1iJ~ IJ-· .tIl. ~ &(~~\---~-~.1 neace ilII.m.d t1Ii1!iiit'!'!<"i,D. -b~ ~J...il; 1iJ_1!i.41I~ U:IP'O>III, '~il1n)said t~ hi:s c'on~'p;fjmIIUlJs ( M,m:y AI1:a.b he :p;lleased, "rilrEh dlJl~m.): :H€~P~~OI rselves, llle dl'en s:llnvf.he seal 0" p,rop:hethliD iii, '(lUI (:l::',e baldt. i[lf 'tille Mlle~iSe:n:gel" oJ' Allah arli1d tlil,'e.~ta,net ,em,ibll[M:.cd ]slmm., ,At th~Ij'~ tlme, Sa:ilmi~U1Ln was 'the
ILI,II! -I!~ ~i.::.ll~~_ 1 __ -_ g ''''' · Ilr~ ... ._... __'1];1

,20).,~ Bur9lydah b~'1 )i:~uHleb (,1lh1,Y AII,ab be pleased 'W~'lh hhn) ~~ep~:lits:::'W'be:m, 'tl1Jf M,ess;eIlige'li" '~f A,i:lla,h (may peaee and !lld1essiills of AI ~Ih be 'U f,1'o'l hilm) esme ,to M'~ulliiiaJlli~ i Sf~~'I;ll~~;an :F,31",fj,i (nlay AUah, be pl;cased, wi't]~ hIm) ]b'l'oug'ld :0 tra,)," wh;:c:;'~, had fT:les:tirI dates IDA i'I, and presented It '~m the ,',I!essenger filf ,i\,~I::),h (n~,a.y the Jl !!3LC!! :and b.1,!H;S:i mgs, of AJ hd1 he upo:n bi"El,:Jj) wh 11 a8k~d;: 0 SiIIIUI~ ~l'lTIl,,'v',hat da~es are ~!'lie;['e'~'He 'l"\D:nliod~ TL.i~ ~II'! .,~_~I'1~''';Ji~)!!~':;' ;(.'!.1i;r,n-ie unl:g gJycn '~n i"IO'-lliJilfllnl'-11.. .. nt-II.;' -J!_I:~_~' ,~IL~ I." ~~" chlri:~y',~'mil" )"IOU and :YII),UI' IcoD1l,pani:mns~ The :t\tJ,~senger of .A,IIah (M,aY' peace ,a:ndlbl~~~dnm:s IrH;~ upon hi 0ITi) 1'4!lp!ired:~ \If e
,_,1~ ~"';" _,,,,,':_~ _ 'ir-_ i' __

slave M 'a Je\'¥'i > U! , HS'I!Dge'fj" Illf ,AUah (m,al~ peace and ib~esshlgs ,of' AUa:lfJ, be U]}~lilJ billl) purchased hi'm ,a,nd ~aiid maflly D~.rb:uIillJS 'f(w' 'hint and :1I,g,I'0I!d tha't be: (Sa~'m,aa.n) .shollldpll:alfl!t some dutt pa IfiilSrrnl" the Jm~ ~ "fhe:l\fI'r!-ss~1lii'ge,r of' AI ~,a,h (nl31Y p!eace ,and b'lles~i lTII~gs, be u:POI1l, h i111) 'pbl.nbl!d di:e pa!:llmtrees '""i ~h ,t\ds, ,~u~nd!s:te%ce,ll:t one, ,AU 'UJe I)~ihnt r'ees, bare ~f~'1Ui,t, UU~~\3UU~:y!ea,f", IiJ;ltII:t 'the 11J:lnlle: palm tree tbat he in di,dn"t phUI,t, i(rdn.~t: rlu!ar :rruj't~ U,P~Ull linrvesU,ga;t'iing" it 'w:a.s, filundl tlii,at. 'Hm ar (nITIay All ah be' pleas ed w ~'~h.hii,nl) had,
pl:a:mi.ted ,th_is, 'tJl"ee. The M~lesse11Jgellr I[lif A:I'hd~, (lrna,y' pc;=~,c:'C ,and, :1i1:~es;siB,g..s be l!IIiJIDn 'I~'illlln)l n~"'p'l~lll~'ted :1., f bare frui, 'file same yea,:r,.


AI 1.£1:11, be ph~asedl '~riltll hi:m) reperted: I asked Abu Sa ~'ieejjl I, Khudr'i (ma,y AUah be plem,sed, ,\v~;th, ~im) I bmut the seal of p rop,beUu[uJd '~f 'UrH~ h M~senger o:f' l\,Ua:b (ftJJay peace and bh~ss;i'm:g,sbe WpIn
:2 I )"ii ,A bi Nadll',aJl A~ i\v.rf:ee:(may
It.. __ -)



;11"", ~iIlIi:U].'


-I- 'JIlin' lit,


,~~ ~~,



m:;;ol!ii.r>,i!!jj :~'~~11;,4.iiI'Io'f' .H1;m",;19Ii tl!.. ~,~ ~
I ,~,~""""

,1,_llb~~ It

'lIO!lfrir1Ii'iIl" 'T~ ~I~'



t, ;,~ll.."'II"",II!J. .lh~ II};;Ji'!I!;n ,1iu"

..,The C'omp.ilfJt is the; oRly one whO' menuoned it 1 Jts tsnad is good. 11 \1~a8 nOI rated also by Irnarn Ahrnad N~ his MI'19n;ad{3I69), '12).,,,FI;IDm, ,Abdul:hll,h bj'l S;;u~ji's, ,vhf] I'epo,rted~ I Cllime '~O tl~e [ ,Me~je'mg;e:r If' ,All ah (n111,)" '~he pea~,e and b~,ess~np .f\~,bdl, of

hi'WJ) wbll ~ th~rl~ 'V01~C'p~!llPh! ~~dtti.ng;ill in his Icom,p:~.n'y • I tbelll ''v e Illt an:iel~ hi IiII ,~lllilidl'£be: M,e-ss~e~n,g:e.'of AI lah unde:rstfJod w'h.a,t I was tlyin,g' 'tD dID~ He rem nved tbe sheet fib od.y 'wraiPi) fnJlLt il,1J~s ack 11Ild I S1I1V tllie place imf 'Ibe b seal 'oF' J.)r~l)'pbthood betweern :1115,nvo .shlOulde:rs~ .,f;t ',~as. Uk_£ a eluster surreu nded 'by :tnO;~es. m came b elbfle' the Mt-s.selii,g1f!:I:" IDif A.II:a,b ,aliid a:aii:d to l~irifl1l: rnI31' Allluh fmlJ"gi,~e 'yuu)~ He replied; M"ay ,.A~,1111, u'rghfe ,rOIJ. 'to 11. The peeple SQ'id 'liD' n]lf~'~: 1f U'" d ~. _ '111" t! t 1:..~") ' ~~L_ A· ~JI_,S A'~'Is·_e \uillay pe'':lU:~e' ufl: lllunl 11:llm, :!!H~e'Iit. fo,rgiveli1,e-ss, f(J.I:' yn'IIl'1 ,11,e si£dd: 'Ve!il, and f~).r' yOU,! Did he tbmn reehed "tlhi:s verses Cas~:{ f~:I:gi'v"eness, fior }''OIU:, ,and b.eU.'evi ng
'~!I!.!n'l'irlI.mn • 1-" U!l.IlII,!l.rILI.:~




nan -ated by




in $JU;!' book: a.{' lIi rtues .l824},and hna~7!1 Ahmlad in Ai Musnad Sa 'd in At: ..-TabaqaClI{J426}Clfui. .A:~1

a'ltlout the Ilali,r ~f' tJhe :, . e.ssem.g,el" of AJI'9ih (may peace :1lI,ndlb less logs 'be 'l1I,pm:1I1l bi.li1I)~ Cb,aptcr'

F'lfnl -~)_" AInl" as, ('- , ':' ,_ a,]I ,: e ,P e~ISft Wl'b1. ~1111lil, 'IV h__ m:ay A'-'II]' ' '[- be '-1' -- d ' - :'-'iL ~. ") II reported that the I:U1h' 'DIY ,Amah's, Messe-ng:er' (m,~,y peace an,d blessing,s, be' upon :hillll) reaehed to half nit" bi's;e:l'do,be~ 2,3)". ::"~

»It 'waL~:narrated bY' An Ntsa 't in the book qf ad:urrm~~nt {8159491).A1 Bagn-c/HJiln s harh asslJJ1J1ah{7/3 j 31/w;th .Ilte

word~ as thft c'(),n1p'lle,l!':lt']!IAtlS narrated

bJ1 Muslim'

in the book of virtue» {!Ji9'6!i8J9}and Abu Dawud in the

co.mbing the hail' {A I taraii1Jl} {4Hl.186}and Imam Ahmad in hts Musnad {311l3}. It is FIaGitilsahih., ,24)u ,F':r!lw A ~i's]],m (n1,m.y AU:a:h be :pl'Blsied wiith her] Wh0 sal d:: the ,,-,' ssenger (If A lbl,1il (may peace aliid :11:1 IIe$si:ll1igsl be e ul:ml1 h:i.:m) a lid I bathed ttiln:iJ one c~nf~'i ner, And. thehair of A J lah' sMe:S:S1enger' (pe,~"ceanrl b~,es:sings of A.lluh be upon :Ildmn) :Iirmng below :l1t8 shaulderssnel ,mlbGve the lobes, of Iilis

book of


2-5).., '1f1~OmlilAJ Bars (may A~I.m,hbe pleased w~th ,hirn) 'w:frJo r,ep-urted th,a't' 'Ibe ,~lesslnger- If AUah (IIUIY peace and b'le;s8ing5 of A:II1a'h,be upon him) was (If m,ediuUl, hei'~lt; :Iurv,iog bnuil,d, :ld~olhlhler,s,! lvhh I~:is In.,ail"' l~,~l,llgjngow'n over d t)u~:tobes of'h is ea 1'5. narrated by A! Bukhari in the bool~'f)f 'Nfirt~le'S {6/3 5 5.l} and In the- book of ciothtng {J (J158481590 J) and Muslim In the book .(?rvirtue:s {4191118.J8)and An Nisa ~i ~lt

in the book o(udorn.menf{815247j" J .

26)~. iF 1"0'"' Q,ltUilI,dlb bin Da,' aa :In::dll ,A,!,!,-Sadus:j wlriO relates: I asked A'mitS (111my ,AU,mb be p':llea~ed witb hhm): 'Mat ,svas the halr of' the 1\1ess el1lger ~f AU ah (m,ay peace ...I '. ,-, A, n ~~lI-a;?' ',Ii~"e 1.4"':1"1)-" n'dl- 'It 111)"a:l1u ~~'~, l!.illJjeSllng,~, atf ,:, 'III.,,11-11 llJIe' IIJ'PODI usnu d,I:i!IIG'.' !dl~' ],110,;',' ,~: ,
1 'Il;. -, ~ ~ - ')

was ,Iu!;~thel" rly lor .strai,gilt, and h~s hair [U drnwn Qv,el"'Id'g, e:f.t'I"llu bes


Sled tCii haug

book qf clothing {I (11905}a;:rJ IVlwllbn .in 11te bacik qf virlt«B.s {4!9'41J'f9..l !J}ard AnNisaY iJ~ ffrelxxJk o/«:iJmJ'Iw11 {8/J(}68}and Imam Ahmad

was ,r.~arro$'N1by Al Bukhar) in

in his Nlu.~1~"ld{3/13JJ"

:17)",. FrOID, U,ITnl~ :Illa,mI,l' (Anall be pl,eased ,'Nmtll, her) wlu~ 8aidUtJ:Jt AII~Ib'~sMessengeli (peac,t ,nnd. hle.s;5:imgs, ,of A:I1::dl
l..rn, 11J!Ii.,

U-iI1,~1i.1iI . I~ UI!I,

1k:~1'ii1-) ,IHIIl,IUI. ,"




M'.' "'IIII,~lc,''''':I'Ii,,~,~ILi_W,

i[]-illiillf!;lI!I; t"I"rif"e:""IlI.!Ii..~!Il~ I ~~. .Il ~

'11II:'I'IJ:;'II";>IIllk)" I_II, ,Il ~~ !_~ '.


and U



h:m fou r pl}aJ lts, d
nan !,rNe.d by Abu ,Damru-din t be book of" com bing "he hair. (4j.J 19 J} At. Tl'rmidh; in t 11~ book of ,doJ'hlng(4l17fJJli Ibn MaJan l1:~' the huok. of C.l(}th.illlg, (2/3631 land lfinam'A hmad in ,Ai AI1~J;~:'f1,a{1.13/135).

~ It

r'pnn _ ''1IJ..\t

rted til 01'" ·tll;o'li; - - --~-,~



'I.••i!ii ~ -.. ,li,.I.'· II 0'1.. ',"" if o'j;;i;l e; ,fi,- - - -.. (" -'-'·..:t UllIn- u!,1 ; n:~djl,~ "J':.I~~illi,~:n1gell, . ,ljIJ,.r;lJ

upmn h;i 01.) reached -h

A. ~ half (lri 11 lea rlebe is,

(may AUa~ be pleased




- - ",jp'e:3l,1ce

be _e

bonk of AU TtJf'CijJul{c[uubi,~g the hair} {f/4 lB5}Gnd An Nlsa 'i in itJ'(1 book of tf.donm:Nznt{815076}aI1d A! Ba:ghawi i~1sh,'Q.rh ,A.5'

narrated by Abu DIQl,vm'i in

sunl1ah{7/J'J3 3)" 1 is hadiih sahUi t

2.9)~" 'From 'Ibill, .A,bbass (n~ay ,Allab be p,h~:ul'l~d',,,rUb h~m,) 'w EiI,I) ssiid: The M:essfug:etl: ifj'f' Allah (~I~:ypil!acle ,a:nd 'bf.essii_Il.,gs 'be wp~:nbbn) used tn I~:n-l'e l:mis I],alron hls 'fofiehc3 d, 'The p(dytheiisrtls used 'EiO jll,rt 'thc~:r I!J mJr on tJ1teiI" ,ttU38ds, but tlhe people of the book (nd nnt, do ;su, The

M'e:ssenger nf A,lblilll (m,:];:), peace a:md bi'elsll.:g~ olf ,AJIII::111 be upo.m hi 1111)1 U~~ed ,coilllfll'm. .~d~l to :be:llIa:tiiou I to the peuplle !(Jill t]~e: ibonlt hi! m~l.l'ten~in. li\"ldclil, be t'"eceived 11(11 eom111:IlI.ndi 'fn:n~ ,Annb~ TlutD he b'e,~ nto pa'rt bjsh'ai r ,I.Rer' 1:llds~(1 J ·{l}TI:l,i~ :ils a e~ea.I··prOfJf' {I,f 'the' 'fil,c;t tha'~ ,/\nah ·~s,:.·1[ess;eng'er : {pea,ee and b~mlsing;B: of' " n;m,'h, heM plinl bInI) received 1:,eivell~llii(J,l1 flioni .AIIIall a:nd in add~tM mn he ,:u:;,tJedaccordiIW~G til '1tI1UIlt. ~s(ol1'ta.in,ed in, th.le Qurau, .30).i!~ I~o,m .. 'Imlm,i HmLn i I(may Allah Ibe p~!ea.seril wUh her) '\vb{l reperts; "I S9V\¥'thle Me-is!eng,e~~(If ~J\I (m ay pe~;~:e ,flJ[idJ hlh 'b~~ss:ings,be uJllon hirn) ~dlthfou"t IP~aii;ts bl ,ttds :lrIa~r" .~. At-Timridm in '~]x)ok snd 'fullillfli Alnnalin AI ~&;~ {61425}

~ mt was :~I,

of dotltimg (412 h)}

f tuso

t'I<O!"li'~' ~1.!.,~nJ.:~



iarrate« ~,'f.

.If y[:

on} J

1 A-·_: e,

Jj,:'u"",t:>l.n:rI'~iu~j'~~,.~,L"i . ~~j~fr!~~r.I' ~ ~'~If; r.tl,rIJ.


0, .' Jf~ ,:L.

~jtf VJ

.it. ,J l.' (I'{l/" f1i25)" ..tIlb ·,'Ctv~uU'A' "1. tne " ·-1, ooo«A. q~' Clo.l:rtlng..,,:viJ;t,-"', ..-:.,'U D' book of .f(J~tif~g. ,(211469} All Ni"~'t'i i.~1: the book of ~' II':J.~. .w-t _ J..' ,II'...... l:.~._~~ ~:r ~' p-~~~ra:rli(Jili.. II ~i1~I'Of .~tlJ1'JViCfla,-i. i~:l ~r~ ooo« oj pUt~lCct1t(m', 1!:lFd' '"


and in the book of

secluslo« and

t. tri:e


pstiJ1& (JIJ'i7lJ) Ad ,wrfni in ,the /nJf( of abulaJfon{ 11J 058}~ .}\IIaUkin #~'e'b.oo.k cfpunfioatto» 002,', lirufm' Ahmad' in

Ai'MusruKl (6-208).

,31J..,~ 'F~(lm, A'mas

·bi:m. MalU,. (ma,:y AUa.bbe :pi.l,eias,ed lvi'~h hl.m) 'tV ho s~id: Tille Mess:e'DltIr ef .AJ,~a (m:a.y IH~,I.ce i.l1id III lbl,essbilg~, 0,1 Allah be Up€JD bim) mrell. rubbed (llil 01. 'Ids bead, and also (dlelll eombed his Ilea. rd~. lIc iP'!!lIt a clloiB(jJv:e~.i 1111 head, 'wbkll b eea line' (llj ~y due to the is, frequent U!iU~ of ~d~~ lsnad is dl~:i:f' w,e~}lt} U~: {




by .AI' lj'alhaqi


ShZf ~,Cl(l'b



shaikh page

.J 48',.

33)\... . rum A' :~shm (I1UJ;Y .fo\Jt~lli:J. be pleased \vittI her) 'w:llo saId: The :M\ess!engel' 'Of .AlblJb (,m :iI.y peace a Ildb:~,es,s~!I]~~ of .AI~a.l1be UlliOI. Ihbn) I iked 'ie; s;ta.rt fl~(Ull "Ul.e' l'ig]TIlt ~i e w'her.~ d ·d!fil.ni.ng a:md ,vashlng bi·mseJf,. com·tJihfl:g 11is :hah'., ,:lInd. hilS, 1 ·lv1e.:.u;";l:ng Slues.

A.i1Jnad lin A l AIJ'liSJ1,ad{ 619411301 ) 47/ J88 .Y)2l210}
,34)", Fr()(f1n ., bdunah

~1t '~I~~,m' narrated by A l Bukhari in the book of .{;lhh,l ion {Jl1,(i8}i .NI1"jSJim In .riw: /xd{, ql.purijimfitJ1l: {1/:66/226AA bl~ Dawud in the book o~fr:lolhilcig {4/4140} and A1--1'ln1 I:idhi in J}u,!book of jd'.m'Cl"Clls{216()8}afJ'd said if is hadUh hasan JJi~ahil1. An Nisa' ii~ [he book oj' GhU;':ial{I j/Q.shing} 11419:)~ .Ibn .AIl'ajah tn the book o/·p~lriJlcauo.,~ (L40J}and Imam

hi n M.ug'h.mi'tial lvho ~ald:: The AIJCls:Ue of .Alhl h. (M.ay F)!eia.c1ea.nd 'b;~essl~:l'iI:gSf Id hl11 b e 'UJII(JO tid:Ill), a ftJ:rbade conib:~ng, the tud.t" '!btll't:m ~.llm,¥ed i.t: to! 'be' dlmne ocensiona Hy (fl~lO·mlthne. tnti m.e ) •

the book q[ ()rJ111bl.ftfg the; nC1:ir (4/4'159} A, rir~:nidh.i in the book,,' of c10lhi~1g (41.J '159), and sCi,~"l if is; hadlin i1a!J'tll7 sahth. An .iVI'SQ i.i 1.11 .the /)olok; of Ifd{n~m1u:n.t {(jlll2) Iind .l'~~11l1n·A hmad iii Ai

-It was narrated by A bu

lWll.s,,,ad (4186).1l::wl Hiba« in i~js sahih. It is hadUh l':Q!1;i.h GJf lhe 'sc.lu)I,(lJ~.s: oj' ha,ci,th stated.


3,5).", ,F:rOHr) ,FJulin,l,yd bin A'brllurr[thm,f'~L'Iil, who

a man fru:m 'the: COlnp1aniormn; of' 'the sajd: Thel\fJ,'Gssengel' ml' A~~all(peace: be 'u:pum :11m] cem bed his 'tuli r' oeeaslona i
..J ,~, b / Is . ~ ~ isnaad i aa i:U:'f, IS '~/I'weat:L_{ecause

relates 'rn)lll Apostl e of Aliiah, \v,flo :amId blessiu~gs, of ,A,~bdl Uy. 1,.(' .,,$ b OJ yaztabin- A ,it - tr;l1iCfJI:Cj" Abt M I '

ltwho has a large msmbe r of rnif~lake,f,; 'Ch,ar~teI"5

'Chia~lt'er on the l,ppe:!u:,[lU!oe l(air 'white hoiiir- (If the Me.ss:enger' of A~h1i.h(p(!:ac~and bles~dngs of AUaih be upon 'I!i;m). 3,6).~From QIS, taad ah (IO:m,y- A~ be pi eased lviitb hIm) whn lah
repo rts: ,I asked AIU1S (may A~~ah be pleased ,¥ith, him): U:id tlnie Prophet ('may du~ blessings and, peace of' All,ah be: UJlom hhlll) dye his haiir',' He s,m.id~ N'n;, fbrlherre were on'ly ,a, "~ew white Iud rs on bi.si temples, but A bu Ba'kr (M:a.y AI ~:m It be p':~le[,sled 'whh lilm} diy'ted his 'hall" ,;vith henna and Ka.tm ~] ,I a type (111--' gl"'i!JJS:S, 'wh:i:cllJ irS used for dyj ng ha iI' ~ and ~km.tiI1l.1~IS ~I typ.e' (if grass, lvhi'cb ,is also used for dlyhlg
'. natr, Il..



-It lVCfJ mlmtecl h:J; ,Ai Bukhan in Jhe book of' virtues' {8I5l 0 1}~ Imam ,A}mmd' in his Jnu~1"J'ad[311.92/25.1 jand Mus1im in ,ffl~ baoi.· of virmes and ments [4110.JIJ821jand Abu Duwuci in ihe hook of combing hair[al!arajjuij414209,
L '

A nas bin. Ma,l~k. (miRY Anahbep,~e~t!;ed witb 'fdm) who s,a~.d: I d.~d nol c-o'unt more t:fu;an Fourteen '\\l'hi:E,e halrs elD. th.e,tl}ead 31Wd beard of the Messenger (If Ai lah (may peace and bless,in:gs, of AI~lh be upon hlm],

37)u From

'was n-arrated by Imam .A hmad in h'is Musm7il {3/J65/and its tsnad is sahih.

3:9)iii~IF[['IIlDli. the ~,OIl1, trf Umar (ma,y AUah be pleased w;·tlh ·"'·:~I). ;,'ii!l.~.~ ,"'oli;~:d·:~ The iit·.'-m~IIJ,,",~ u. w'hlllie brn.~r'11! o-If .}-\n~lb~1 1.,Il;10.'..~f·· n 11,_ IldUll .,"~n,.~ , . .n"," M·es,se:rngel" (p esee and blessln gs, (If j;\J!lI.llJl bel!llJOn hbn) W',e:fiC about 'tw,enity.,
l'TU[J 111l1l,I, _
__~! __




narrated by' Ibn Adajah in cio.thing 25..3630j' ard .lmmn A.mnad (2.: 90)(3;108/206).11 is hadih' s,tthlh'.


book 0-/ Ai Musnad

40).~ '.:rom Un!] A'bbI3S (m,ayA Ibdl be' ]ldeased with him] '\vh,(j; s~lild: Abu 881(( (may AUmihlle pleased wi-tb hi·m) nnee ,said:



narrated by A i


in the book of Tqt~~ir.

St~J"ah(5 7/6)ant/ said it is hctdith. hasan ght]J·ib.l Jon sa 'd in a/taoaqa,(JJi {JitiS jJ~ A hu Na ~ in hiktih C'4!35 0}m2d 1m A! Hakim in Ai' rtlu.YladJ.ak[V344j. It j~~ hadt#1 ,~ahih,

4J ),!~ Frem Abuj(iul·a:ir.~l:h (may AUab bepleas~d ·,\lith ·Ilihn) '·d 0:-·M~' A~ h I \\' I.li(~ sa,y~. Th ie peop.e s~u" ., · ~s!e,t,]g;e.ro f~~ . ,3", w~ see, '" .;,~I
',:l." .






















Messe~nger ~,r AU alb (peat!e and 'blessings be u:pomh.b;n)1 ,tlCjp:mioo,: Surah Hud ,and sl m:iI,ar Su fa hB h ave made me

s lgns

If ~Id a,g!e' be,gi:n:m:ing t~ ~lu:vR~ (In ymu", The


t~ IS


.t.,'~""J:. ~,.,1;,.it. naaun sam». N"",an"a,€<u,.,l,ln At-unman: [.117«' otnei s, ' .. , I. u;/ A ,,', .a.st;«, ,.~1,.~1~;?~!

,42) Frnm ,Ab~ R'il1dh,a,b Taym~, (ula:y Ana,h be p leasedl,whh

L ", III:. ')' Id ,-

·w' " "

h' -

ii'Io, '!U'

i",l.~ il!!II'IhJ!,~

'iii ,!II

w'.i':in~h 'W I f~ '. _!'n
'\.<. ,I ,

''_'",] "'-P' S"l'1t'I -m'· " Iil!'!n

All ah (Inay JH~a and b~lessings, iOl' ce '\\rh en I s a:w h~Ill, I sald to njyse'~f' bis is the P,ro,l1,et: iof Alla:h, t {peace' and blessings 'be upon Idm). JJ:e was wear;:nguvlJ, pieces {If green, eelnred cJ.ltbing' over' Ids ,tiu~ii,r', [Ind there were S:~glil.S, 'f (dd age but bis halr was :red~ O

,'. .t;a'iZ'''''em CJe~~' of AUa][1i be upon h im) altd
:~('I; !J,IU'
.. __ "",,,,", __ .
,~! _' .. '



»It 'was narrated hy Ai Tirmh:lhi in the book of ge'l":u~ral be:hm1if)'y{lrltC1iJ Al Adab. (48). A bu Dawud in the book of cQlnbi.ng Jhe hair [4/42 ..6) and if} the book of ,eio1htng {414fJ'6jj.A110 Nisa;.i in the b',ook of (]don'U~~'erl:t[8. 204J and lma:m Ahmad 111' ,AI Musnad (2: 7'1712'.28) 111 4,:.l 63).11' is haaUh st1fiJ'th,
43}.~ Frolln .1a hi I~ hln Samurah (Iua,' AI lah be ,Jjl,iensed whb Ilim) 'who was askedl~'Wie]~e Urlil:~:I'ie, I:OY 'w:lilif~ ba,ir~ II 'the hend 0'£ '~[u;~M!es&enger i(J''f t\Uah. (Inl,Y peaee and bless.img5 mf' ,j\ ~~ be up on ldm)~, He re;pl j,ed:::He ba,d fj,n~yiii few 'w'bite a/h, ha~rs ln~be mid!(Ue [j,fr bbl 'h!eadi' When :h,e; oUed llis head I1imth;:n g W~lrS; seen ,m ma,rl{8 of ,(dd. ag,e" s


book' of the !eabJre.1i1 of the Prophe I {peace a'l'ld blessi'~gs be' upon hiW~. 1344).


by Mtl.ffJ/i1'n i'n


NLfJ,Ct '.fill thfit' book Q,f ,craoPllIne nl[B!.5.J.2'9j. J Imam Ahn'lad in al ,W}ulsnGVd {51104}


crba'ptei~ciifl'm the Messen.ger of A ~lla:rrl (peace and blessillg~ 'be IlIpOIii. tilI,in},) uSlin;g 3, dye:



~-')I ',-h'l '0 Sl:lhJ. ,_'III,:Y ,,". ,,~~I. ,).tT',' "'-'-i-, W' s.on and 'II Cl1nI1U~!Ito '{be '11l1.·-,-c,'Ik-~, ,(',-'-''" ,illlIl." ,I, U _e ,IE: Il"m!pll!3ll,:may a. ~ i ':" .... r ~g,~~ ,m d" b 1£;,,1:',"";:," C:iI. _~~~,~l~~:~" I' ' n'lll .111:lI. 11111) He ::' ,~~,,,,'II,,, .JI.. l;iii ;t]-II:il'I":~ 1""'U' .:-lJ s(Jn? I: replied ,:,Yes, he ~Sl llily SrOn; f!oU are a 'w"itoles;s 'm The l\1 ess:f,n:ger ef ,AJlla,h (~JelfCe and b.IC5:s:i:m:gs 'lli,e upon :~1dm,) s3i~d: The revelll"ge, of hilS crime (ji;n,A,ayah) i;s not IDn you, nmr Mr' 1/.il;iiU"'C'I"I' l1';IOI;, An 'l~inll- He said ~ lIT saw ,jlhe' ~:S, tl 1."", revenze ""et~5~1I!! J'V-'~ ,1_""""", ,,1 • II! !l__ ,_"
lIlii'io,i1Iii£io;i!io, 't1II .!I.~!.
I .'. (J'El1



'F- ,,. CU11I1 A',uU IR~"-,'fh'"IIL_ \ m,al' t,~ ~: 'b' , ,--:- , 'If- -, ' '~m Hi Ii, sh t', I ;t, ~~, .}I"", "..I"" :':,~ ~;;hl .~e ,I) ~,e;IUH'y, W~ Ib -1-' .1





_JI!!mJI I.








II.! .









,.,~"L ~1'iII'eI!~~:'I r' "",,.I~ __ .'1J,ii:'_I[~.
~I •

1('"1i c .. rIi!'~,rnl u . ~...:' ~ of '""'Id
"~~! ~ •.




'111 ~~'~IIL..



I ,""rnl.;:'I1]~· IluPulU:lI,~j~1


1i"1ifi...!I ~U-~I

'.il. '~v;as narrated by Abu Dmnl.d i.f}' Ihe book of crimes (ienaayah)(2) cf),Tn'bing the hair(IB)., An: Nisa't in the

book of (qasamah) {laking
JYI,~ ~

an oathl, Il)llMcyah
~;l-ill j! ~'

and' Ad Donni (25)in the hook of '·1 1 Ah,r~l~~1: ,,,:ril'iI)'j' .J.I'i"Il~ D~.Jf~.~J,!1i A' tso Imam ", '~~'n F.:,~~ M"'~ _,' ~'.~_·L.i~·~~~ " ~iCI,jri"""dl-!}j " ~':7'f~ ". {4,:'63)(j:B V-lT: is hadith stlhfh C1~ Ih(1 Jj1chohll'S of hc,;dttlJ stated.
,',li-"~I-,!'rf.iJ 1"1',

(26) bloodwtt {Kited: Al

Abu. Huralrah (m,ay A]h~tJ be ,p,leas/ed, 1fvUh hi m] 'who, was as'ked.:: Did 'the Messenger of A~[I h use a dye
45-) ...,PnJ'lnJ
1.;]1 'Il,

£""r- h--iI~ ,Ill;. 1:o,'a~r-~' H,fi;, tU





'",I l~ali :1. ir.li'''"'

46)1,,~F:nrtm, J:ah-dlulima,h, fmay A'11311il e pleased with bim),!1 b the 'wltie of Bashtr :Klil.a-s'mns:iyy',ah (n:lay ,AUa.h be 'pl,leISied "!'~t'h him) 8a:ld: I sa-w' t'I1i,(!, :Messengel-i' o.f A.n~dit (Imay pesee ,~nuJ b[,essinDS of Alla,1I be !lJrnlJIJ "I 'h~m).. comi,--,~ j' t 0 If the . ,- -.- .~" • , ,,--,F' . ' .. , .l.liil~, ffilill .~ house aft'0f' lU~i had tf~[\)e:11 a ba,th and he was :dI'IDkilITlg: ,liiii~i 'head", There were ,s'i:gns ~)r ,11:e:Ii1U a on his, head,

1·11 wa,~:narrated .I), Abu Dawud in the, bo o.k of ctJ1mIJing hair(/8) .A.hrnad in Allj.!r.:rsnrJd 24226/2'2 7) andin 4: 16.3).
4,7) .~ Frem ';'\,nas (DUly AUa,h Iile: p~,~,sed wlth h,i'ml who says,: I saw 'the hid I" of U1e :M',esseng:e:r uf A.111~lh (pca,ee bee UpOlll him] :mnd lt ,had bei€m dyed,
'1!~)Jl~/h'l'l1.id_hiis (;!im~'e i,~r,me.r1.fk:mi~7;g,.fhi~~' b;adith

It': lsnad



Chapt,er' 0:111'the use of K.u~hl(c,on~~trni:n'l) byt11e Messenger' of' AJlah (In~lJ,Y' :peg,ce and blle~sings of AJ bd.l be, 1lI,IlO'Ii h:i:nl)~ 48')"~.- 'F'.rl~Ifn Ibn _ A" :l'l,b,'" S:S: '(m my ,c'l,~"13 U e' ,P' ,e,;;lsellJl 'VI,~l ~JIll}'\ Ill" - , ~, ;i." ~liiliLknl _'.-, ,":11 ,,"t,iI,!!..·' -,,' ., " IIIJJ~ ,',' ~JI II. _ ,'Vho slidl:~ The Prophet .(m/ay peace and blesiSJIi1;gsof Alfall be Uplln him) sald: Useklil,h~ (a.s ~onyru;ml1) 'for iit bri,glltens the cy;e-si,g,h'i 81iJC!: ~makes'hail" :gl'OW. He also said~' The M:esl'eo,gel" ,j}f ,A11,aJil(pe~,oe .a:nd blessings be "p!IO ~~lJ'iim) f:uull a ~n~:n:U00'l:111IiIlUU' 'i III ,,.hiclil be ltep~' kuhl, aod fronll which he ;lFl'I!1!JIi,ed Kuh~ in lea, eli eve 'three' l~.1r times f'\r,efl' da,y~, ,~ It ~~ta~narratea by .Ab~x~ Dawud in the book of clo~hing(13) ant;/'in the book oj-,mrJdi(.iil le(J 4)., At Th'~~~'idhJ in yh(! book of ci'othlug (22',.:,2ij). A~'~'Nlsa'il in the book ad()'rnrne."I'f(28) 1bn :.Mctjcth in the book of rJu!diGf,)~/.e(2'5)! Ad Darm! i.n ~'h€':wok Qf~ifolstiflg(28J., Imam Ahm'Cld in Al f l'lllusnad in ,/:23 :47~, mil i1~ 3:467). e 4.9)~~Fmm Ibn A'bbass: (I1UIY Allah be p,leased, wi~h him) w11l@!i,aid: The Mess eng,er of' AUah used ro iap ply ClrnUyrui illS prepared w~j.tb Althn,lny(Kul1l ofllh,m id)ttilr~e: t ilr1}f{il1 in each eye before s'IICel)i'IlI:g.. :10 rrnother' na ~'~rRdiln frem Ibn AlThbalss, fram Y:m.zid bi 111. 1i~a,rlkll1l (DUly AUt.llI. be pleased 'Y'ith ,bhn)-w.ll0' :rellor~ed: 11:1(:,
!" I:
L Il0l1


Me--sst!nger (j'f Allah h:1l.d

a SEaU cmnta.inet fo;r ~_{reep,h~:g

,,.,1fdch he ap·pUed lin botllil I:Y'es, three th!n~ day befere sl e~pi:llg~

50),"~ Fifo m ,J.a.bhr(.A 111!a be pleased wl tlfJ hi Ill,),;vh 0 said; TIi1H: h Messengee IDf Allah (n:Jay peace and blesslngs of A,Uab ·be· upon. 11illill) s-aid~ You should net f~dl 'fro use antirn1JOEily(3~ ,collyrium) :8t the ti~n,e of go hI g. ·1;0 b0d~ beC~HJSe :it sharpens 'the ey·~.s:i:gbt~nd ma kes the .hm.i r grow ~ a

~The isnad oj" I he compiler is da 'tf (1'lreak) because of .~I/uhamnu!d Jan Ishoq said he is IN!luclah;" ISJna ~H Ibn Allu.slirn is da .r.if. But the hadtl'h ts N'{;ln"l1led by ibn Ado)
~'I!il I I

a sdhjh


51)~~ Frnm ·Ibn Abbass, (Dilay Allah be Illeased wlth hhn) ·W·tiii,6 s,aid : Tile M essenger of" .AIh~.h.(peace. and 01essi liI;g~bre upon him) saidr he best 'fnl}lu ~lliUo,:m.g: aU the kl1ltli'l ned 'by YIOU ~ilis the [Ine m:!i.ad!erro'lfn{ a ntinl@II1I~~ ith mid. It s ba I]) tell5 ).

the eye~sigh't and makes Ihe .ha.~r(theeye""~as!hes)gr'a\'~.
-1t li?aj 1i,tlf'}'(Jte·d ~)} Ab« Dawud in' the: boole of Alfr:clicin'tt {41387lJ1and in the book ofclothtng {414fJt6J}and Ibn

l~T(Jjahin the book of medicine {3497Il} and an Nisa i in (he book qj' adorrm:llel's:f [B/5 128) .Ibn Sa 'd in,' A l TaD{;u1aa'{

()/484) and Imam

had) In sahi h.

A hmad in his AdusrJQ,d{2047},.11 is

52)~~ Fro[1l i'\bd'~d lah b~11 U ]u~r"(m.ay A~13ilii be :~:d'eas,e:dI, ·,,,r'it.b. 'him) lvho said: 'y,(iI~lI should use 'Ku1itJ[ IJfila.d:e fl~l(j!m:ithwifi id., I'~ b~·tghtens '~"u~ ''V'~:s'i!l)nand 5tn;~IiI:~Jhens the 'gf\o,w'tb (If'lb'e eye,.. lias hes,

~h i.. .ncu:lillh S(jhiliJ but ,~h(l-isrttJd ofthe compiler is da 'i~l s lt ll)Q'S na.pratec;! by ibn lvl"jah in the boO'k of medicine {2:/3495j. AccQrdlng to t:lz zcnl~a'td tJ1fJ; isnaa (?l 'he hadllh transmitted by IbH Umar'"0'11telns COJ1fN)1/,e'!J'j' because Abu llati.m SGJ)8 abou: Uthman bin Abt;hd ;vlulll ~h.(Jf he is ,~I/unld}" ttl ,_ hadi 1ft ., Ibn ,~;fu lin/'lowC1f,e~.

says/hero is mention: htm



in him' '.While ibf~~Hatim

the ?ieliabl€ authorities of hadlih" The rest of .the authcwUles of the isn{Jd are relia-hl c.

C'ha",ter on th,e dress o,f 'the M~selUl,ger of Ana'&. (.lUlIY
.~ -d-L'II- I ,", , - - -f-' A--- 111-,' 'b' ,11m" ,I!,.JlleSSI.rngs, 0_ ' ,,~: a.
WII(;\o 1iII','uD



rn -, I.,," - - )'

5:3)il':)~4],.,~FrOLl1 U'm111, Sal~ull:a, ('May AUa.h be pleased 'wi"lh ,lu!rJ wbo s3'id: The garmenr most l.j~f1I, by Acl~'al1'8 I\'lless~'nger (m:=!iiy peace and :b!ess;i'n:g~, o1~AUa:h. be up{J,nh.i:m) "~ts the shirli (Q:amhs)"
.. t 'was narrated by Abu Dawud {4140'25}if1 the boo]: of I

dothin« and At=Tirnzidhi in the book of'-' cioihin!r! '0 {4/1762~}whv Jaid the: hadilh 'Was hr1san ghari'b. ,We' know U in this 'w:~y. 11 WillS' also narrated .by Ibn ,Majan in ,:,1" (?b'· ,-l~ rl J ,t 't.2- -/':oJ .. '- "7J:r, J'",fn,a1"J.l ",,)i'lJ~:tClu, ~n ,n~s ( '" 15·' I '": ~ ,,: - -, - - -,- A A." - ",,I; ,", A ,~,U;::OO'{I{. OJ Cf,Olifllng MUI'S11ad{6/31.7] and Al hakirn in Al 1'nltsladrlk{2/192) who said it ts sahih ,lil li~~n'(jd'and Adhahbi agre'ed with ];. ,~,., J",' ,t. ,nm:r 111 I'USJtlq}/I.'ng tnat the h ,..4" h- IS sanin. le r,aul:'1' t
'~ 11_'


:' -



;S5~.,. '(UlS :fuoon narrated f~onlU:nun IDt S,abl mah '~nlay Alla:h be~ pl.eased w:itb her }~h:alt tbe Messe:ng'0r of" ,AUa 1lI tnlay 'pea c;e:3md bl,eis,ings of ,A~llh.:li.be 'llIpn.u Idm} preferred 'wfuuiing"fro.FIi1 ,a,muliIg ,al~ dothing',~the qa'mis{tba,wb} .

sunnan 'with lh(f! previou» .n«aUh. 56)

•J~' is

hadith sfJh.ih._Narrated

by the "-~()n'$.pile:ni ctl' ·/b



bint Yazid_.(may AI,I.a.h be ph:aSJed:


her) who siaid:~ The sleeve fJf the shirt illIf tile Ap0st.le

,Allah (rnay peace ~uld blle~~dllg~ If AUa,ll be Up{liml hi.m) tame to tlt'e wrist.

was narrated .by Ain~ Dawud in the book of cl.'othip~g(414r),2i} ,ould At TI,'~:rn~dhiin the book of
-It t:lothin:g(2 7){4/~176S~ wh~ ,said if is hadith hasan ,gha,rib .An Nis« 't in Alku/J}'tJh ,(ji4B.2) !rvfn Jr/.1ClhrfJ. ,H'C~llllS'l-r(}lb is r'~:J!.u~s'Ol {jof'Vl~arded},(Js siald by flaJi"" ,tht~s U~'(! hadUh ts



Abu Dawud in ,the book. of cl'olhing {4l4fJt82}_J'/;rn lvlaja/1 {213578}lbn Hiban in his sahih {714fJl}aJ11J ,h~a", A.hmad in his At!1J..~:IWJd {i//o9} {5/35}Jbn'
'i,~as narrated

Sa ~,din ,AI Tab aqaat (l 14 (j()j. 1 is a J'T(l/1ihhah.ith, It

,~~U'l~" Fr():mAn~}s bi U ,MlaJi;_k (".' mayA.llla ~:l 'lIJeFi;I,c'a:s ed 'wj{h
.,. ~I("


reparted: IlLe M:esse:l1Igel" Illf AUa,h (:1111,]1' Ipea,lce and bl,ess:ings of A ~I lii 'be llI:pOll 'Id:m) ca:m e eut of his, hl1ll!lSe~ a

,~U::h,Ills, '3;SS[:S,rant Usamah Bhl ,Zayd {may Alla h be pfruu1e-d wi,tb bhD.'). He 'W'RS wrapped hi a. :yal1na:an i p,ri ut,ed sheer, :H~ camea:nu..:1 ~ dth •m ( I '..'.··.··1 "-1'1' mnuolIls . In. p t,aye L , ' "_"_ '____,_~~.,_, ,_eL_ .'"~ [jOmil _ .tJ€
'i, .. r'.

-) .. ,i "




• -.

59).,~ Fnun Abu Sa" id AJ Khudri (nu,)'f pie~U!)e: be '~Ipo:m, bbUi) said :'\-Vhen The ,AJH}SUe (If AJh:,h (.nay the, plea.'ce~]'f:ld bless illg-s: of Ana.II be UI)o:n him) put 010, :m,new gar'llil,eu~' he ,menJtioned U:by us me, 'hu' b\l~~, or sbi:l"'( and \\1',mw!d then say::: '0 AU~lh, "raise be, ti.l ,,"'ou t As, 1('0[1 !imve dloi~h,ed ,line' ,~iith :ilt, I ask You ft..m'" its goo d. :9nd t!he' ,gfU) d of t'i"U1il: 'for'

wh:ich i,t

and II seek, reful~' fn Vou 'fl'~nllits e:viil ' and. th,e evi I ,"' 'fha:~~ w':&dc'h, i'E \,:a S nJ,a:dc. fo.... ~h 'well" narrosed by Ab~;tDowud in ,~'h'(t book of ,[:{'{Jlh:ing' {4/4(J20jana .A I=ti rmidhi in the book of cla1.h ing {4jJ76i}and ir kwa-:s:' said lha't i~'is a .Imdilh hasaJ7 gfta:rib sahih.lbl1 ,Fnban {J 442) IClnd Imam Ahmad in his MtlsrJ'Ctd (3i/3'() /JO}., JJ is a sahih hadJ th,

W~U;, made,

,60),.. From

A:nas bin MaUk (O:l0Y ,Allah be pleased
:I"Cpi(lirted: thatthe



(mary :lPelu::e:

g:u'rrm (r1TIl.t mest lUte by Allab ~ s be 1iI',POI,hhl1) ''W,[I'S the :111,nUe fJf

ye:linen ,~
»It '~~f,as1Cirruted b,Y' AI' Bukhar'i (J 8)~ lkfu$liPl~(33)j A'b~, I Dawud (1 ,1)'1' ClOO A I .'lwrmidhi (43145) in the bo o.k: of clothi'ng. It ltl'Cl\S n'Clrr'aie,d also Ii), An' Nisa 'Ii in ltNi!: baok of adornmen; {94). Imatn Ah:m'Cld in A l ,Mu'sntJ~1 3/1'341184/25.1).
,6l)".Fr.f~m Abu, ,JI'UI'hiRyfull (m,ay' ,AJla,h, be Iphmsed wrtthlrri~,m) 'ffh.ClI s;a.ys: I saw' theMe-ss'e~:1!ge:1t af' i\llla:h (peace and 'b;II-.··-,. ,:'---,~.:- 0 I A"" '1-llI'ill L ~,~ 1Ii.II,V' '1!.':I' I), ''IJ.llI'e-?:ri n,,~ :m 'Iilliete ,of red .,I!es~,I,ngs -l' " ,11,r.il111 LlI>w lil III on ,13 ,I'" .'i,li iillOi"Ii I!J!'U IiIi III.

feet the M"~-S:!H.1Dger' of AII:ah I~Jea,ce a~md'b:~.'e~s.'singsbe upon :1I~m) b: ~dU before me, SUfy:Ulml( m,m:y ,AUah 'be ~pleaJ_sed 'with him) 'l¥hilll jtS· ;9 aarramr {IIf' tid,s, :11 adlth s::.ys: Accof'd,hlg: to 'K1Y' understandl Ililg: t~le'pie-ce (.of chrtb~I,:g) wa S,p'I'i nted red,
'~'!~aB n(J'~~r'iJt(,Jdbj!

I(eol.or'!edl) clothl n~" T11e IlIlS,'E:re

(I,' tile



{,lVIS} 8J.2}~ Muslim ,Ailzil;' Da~,j~,d {414 06(J} and A f,- T'ir.i11idhi in the' hook of cl:(Jthtng (41 J 787) and' it ~lla;5i said 1,,~'CJ:l It is a sethih ht:tdith hasai1 gha~·ib. An Nisa 'I in the book Of'lcgtllt'iI1.1eJVt; In1CJN~'.Ahll'W inmM'l:tJil£Td {3ill 4IJB412JJ!29 21, and Abi'l Sl1afkh pClge J 0.5.

Al Bukhcwi ,l~'l the book oj' clothing in $,hf! DfJoi of c! olhblg {3133l1648lJ,

bin Aazib (n:l~yAnah he pleas,elI ,yUh him) ",~'lu)g,ays: Never did I see ,a.nymru! m 0 re handso mue trim"mA]tab's Apostle (m,ay peace and blessings of AUa:1lI be upon hi,ml) in th.e red nUJjJ~ne~ His hair was h:IJlgilng d€)W'1il over his shoul ders,
6.2)~. From ~ was narrated by A l Bukhar! in the book of clothing It {I ()/59tJ.l }i' Muslit» in the book (Jj~ virtues [4/92 J818}J An Ntsa'i in the book of adommeni [8/133/ J 34) and Abu DcA1w in the' book if crm'lbing /nir {At Taroful} {41418 3} and At=Tinniclhi in the book qf clot hing (41J 72'4}and it 'was said that it is haditl» hasan ,'Hlhih. Also JnUJ~~l,' Ahmod in his Musnad(41295) and Abu Shaikh page [i'2()).,


A.blLl Rh:mt:hatl T.m,},1111 (,ITtI,a), peace and bl~.s.bl:gS of AUah be upon him) l~rl1JIO said t la~ the Messenger of A.llbdll [peace and bless,jm,g$ of Allah be upon binI) covered hh:nse1,~wilth two gr'elen co 10red sheets,


by A f.. irmk:lhi in the book of T A dab {good manners} .(5/2'8 J02)and it is said that if is hadith hasan gharih, An Nisa'i in the. b'oou (if feasts {3lJ j 71}, in The book of adommem {8I5d341, Ahmad in his Musand {7117}, Shaikh Ahmad Shakir said :lis isnad is sahih.
'~lwas t narrated - 164.)~., . rON Qay Is h bi nt M~1Idlrlu11l,a b (~lUIY AU h be pleased \vi,tbhn~:rJ ,vho says: I saw the essenger of' Alla b (may peace a n.d blessings of AU ah be upan hj Iliil) In such a static 'ijhat he was w€a ring, tW(!l old "ya:i:s, wrapp ers that had t been dyed ,3, s~lffroll eclour but ,fth.e[,le' was no si gn ,of sa fifron i,en on it" There is a, Iel1g'th,y ,S'~~)lr'y in this h a C:U also, Us, th isnad is da "if{,\-feaik}.

is liljr1'~led bJ; A ~:- if~'lwidhi In 'he book of Ad,d, T (512.8,14)~JJho said \1~eonly know the' hadilh iu this 'way., T'he sc ,wlar of hctiJltho said that A IJ'fJuUah bi~ Hasse» is accepted; as d~d Hafiz. Shaikh Ai Bani f1u;:u,il! it /1;(1.'10.11



65) ~. From Ibn A,'bba~s, (I:na;y' AUmil1 be' P1hllilsed: \v'ith h~,m) wll'B repmlrted:: T"be, messenger of AUah (m,my peace ,;)],011 bl essl lfl'g~ (lJf A h be: upon hi m] sa iid: Wea r you r' w~d'ie gl,fillerds", tbey shot1ld be' wo rn whUst l'ivi 111,=: ~, and shroud


you I' d tad in '~hlem; :fof"they a re am illllg you ["best g~,rnIHellts,! -It M'as narrated ,by Ab7J Dawud l'1 lhe book of clothing (414061}Ibn MajClh in the boo« of r:l'(}~hing {213566Ja,'/"1'{;i A 1-Ttnnidhi hi fhe book of .li~n'elnls f3!994} an,d,' it 'was said to be ha,-Wl~1 oe\"a'hih .cf~1dImam A hmad in hhf. lVJ11Snad {3036Y.342rfjl'whc said th.e nrldilh is s.ahih .

Sa,m:ura blm jJliludub (:Ill'IJf.i,,:Y Allah be pleased ,1't~;:th, hI m)r 'wllo ~:ep(tl"~ed tha t the Messie;l:ge~~of AU:mll (m,l.)' pe~I"ce and, blessing,s, of ,AJla'ii, be upeu hhn) s:dd~' Put on. ~'lhUe !811,rm eats 'belCa,tiII~~u,,the:y a II,'Ie· purer and, be~tel~' and sh rnw:CI,
voo"'" dead ;;
...::.. _"_ ~ .:._ ~~'._. I







»It 'was nanlf'ated by i]i~,n~rmfclhi in the book of A,dab (5/2lj 1{J) and said if i;~' hadnh hasan Jiahil~!Ar.! Nisa i in the booko] adornmem (81533 i)~Ibn ,mttjah in the book

of c1athlttg {21l j 61}oncl AUf aium in Al MusEadl~k; {lI154!3' 55/} 41185). in som« nar.ratiorts of the hmiil.h ,~ re is Ma ~,~'Ili€.nbin Abi sha.bib "who!is ,Atu{}'(Jlis and h~' the traces n back ,btd the ,l?aclfth has anothe» correa narratton from ibn AbiJ'£ISJr..and ,Adh jahabi and .hafiz 'who
;raia its isnad is ibtahH1.

67) .~ ,. to:mA lshah (m:ay A~bd~ fu e pleased with 'l~.er) n-rhm s~dd:: The .A,pOISUe (if' An~.d~(m:m,y peace and blessings of

o;~,.t one 'v~iu·,itlla,'ted:g:a,f'lnejlll of' black goat hal r; ,AU:m,h be








-It W'~'i' narrated by ,M~M:li,tn{3l3611649} 1"11 the book of ,l/~e. virtues qf the c0'f1~p'C¥rd.oniSf4!l1/188'3}j, ,. .Ab:u; Dawud tn the book of clothing {414032}anril At:..Tirmidh: in tne book of Adab {512813}lrf10 said U is hadi.ih hasan ,gharib Sah'Ul Also Imam AhJnoo in hi.s ,Mu:snad (61 J 621"





68.) ,...IF'roml MU,g)hl:r,ab b;m Sbllll':bah(n1a.y AUa,h be pleased ~4tb hhn) WllJiD' slid: The M:ess,e:llgel ,ofAU3hwf~Fe: a Run'd Jubbah (cliothing, made In Ro,m~) whh;h bad n:U:"fIlW sleeees,


! f

! ~ l




~ _~I_.I~

' ' ' ' ,'r9< ~
•• ill



the bread ,of'th,e MeskSelll:ger 9f ,Allah {may peace
'_',:, _~_' ~

and bl,ess,in;~ of A 11mb be 'n~,pDDlldm}:i 69!),.~ MlduIH1,m,@d,bn Sereen narrated i
l.:![~I.J.:iIi " '~1 ~ ,~I~LI~~~


_ ~!I,~

AJ1JIJI"llg 1'3i ra '\V:hib.~be was 'wea,:ri.llt,g tWjj) Uned ~g:a'rm,!e;w:g 1 !1;1:~'I2· In' ~,t1i, 'w' ']1"'11 'L,~]' 'Cr'" 111"1dved 1'1 He el '0' ~ '~lj'" ~ _ -!(--,-IJ.".t," re 1f11"~:'IIiIIV .. ~_I :t_ ~:s:m,yiRg :~Bnl,v'OIBr,m,vo!)\,blll" IIuralra is cl,e~lming :Ids, nose 'wjith :nllel] ]' There eame a 'tim:€::'w:I1'eD E 'would. fal I senseless 'between 'jIhe pld'p,i'f, 'M .Ana:h I~S ApnsUe C. may ,the b~eH'ing
a'~I'1'fIi ... 0




and peace of AI:~afll be upijDhim land A.'~ish,3,~.s, dwdUng 'wbe:reu:po!n ~) :p:il;!~;se:llby weald eome ,~U1Jd put his ft.,ot en lmy' neck ;'co'l1sidering n1le a mad man, billtill fact, I "9S not m ad, I sufifer,ed fi'{Ull 11,0tl-lug but b'tJ]llgel' ~ l
i:U wa-:s narrated by At Bukhari in 'he hook of holding to the 'QurC1J1and the' lradllionso/ the Prophet (peace blessings of AUah be upon him) (J317324), and 1lrl1Jidhi in the hook of a,w:,e:aC'i,~m{41 2367 jand it is [as: and


to be hadi t h hasan sal'llh gharib on .this account.
70)~,.,'f.n'nn Malik ibn Dinaar "l~rn said: The Mess'eng,er of' .:4..1 I,ah {p eace ~1 nd b ~ess,i,mI~gs,of" A11a, lfiI be UPO,[1 hi m) never ":11d his stomach l;vith 11H·~a.d jj) r nl eat exeept 001 ra re e
oeeasl ens,

, is lsna:: 1'-'~'( d






h· .L sa:, Jri



1;, l.... '-ht -











{successor of the companion) whO' iransmiued

U [rom


,IS Messenger

[peace and b,iessings be. 'Upon him}.

C'b a:p'f,e;r :1.1, Cha,ptcl' en the l(fulI,f (Irt%lthe~r socks) .of the Mes:sem,ger' of' An-ah (:Iil,:f~ypeace and b~es8in:g5 nf Allah be upon him)..,

b..", ,P ,ea s,e . -WJ'~'~lh·hhD) e -··,-I-·I·····d Ill, ~ __,'_'__.' who reported fn)l1iilhis Ea.tbe];~ that 'NI,jj,as,ili offered to the Pro,):"het (peace and blessings 0" AUla,h, be: uIJ10n hj,nl)a, gift of a pair of' p:~~d black leather Sfl eks UIJi,~1l he 'wm thtm., lit, re Aner that he performed abl rdii on ~nul iped over them, w
'100, 1 J.}I,tJll

.. .Ii rom·· I!~ 7'11) .'~. fron A' Li!iU

·"d ,Ill 1U', I'

t· -." A'II'-·h 1~)]1J,a!y .... ~,'~ .,


-This isnad is da~if . It was narrated by A.t~tirn'1,idhi in th,(~ book: of Adab (5!282{)}Jbn ,Maja'h tn the book q[ puriftcauon {liS 49j.'and in the book O;.{ clothing

Slll1lJbal1, 1(0111" i\UI,h be pleased wiUI 1'd.D)' who relates: n'ibyahKmJbil sent to theMlessie"ng~r of' ,Alhdll, (may peace and b.~~8~IJ,gs AUal1. be I,pom! him) ::lI of ,g~.ft of twrn :Kh,'uffs (lea:Mllev :soc1ks)", ,I'n. annthee narradon, .i:t is: st3'£!ed that "iitlil, the kiudY,s, Ulel'e 'was .alsO' ,9 j ubba til (lIng
''ill!,~Fl'\oni Mughir:ahbhl

coat )'dl,B,t,\l"IS S ent ((I the M,esseE1ge~r of ,A,II:ab (Mayple:m ce of Allah be UP,(JiH hbD,) We: di,d '.lot lnq UJ re itf '1:& e sIdn was fre --'1,,;:,;1, 'ubt e!1,'ell ,alliu,m:a,~:s:or IfUl t, .... ,~,un d,llio-' ',- -. - 'Til, .:3
1-,0, - ': ~ll,-' ",


{41J 7;69}; Abl\!~ Shaikh pagf}.' (141 {iJi' the book of }Bood ,----,- ',' "I""d,., ~n,. -1;',-,;: " ,_,_.J' ,11:.,' matmers , 0 sne rF(JP.r:f~f ipeace a~m 1]'!l~SSI.f1gJI b upon 'e -,--~,-""1-'"


narrated by Al~Tinliidl1.z in tIM book of clothing

him]. It..~isnad is seJlhih. The second pu~"'ti();j oj'the hadi t h. • ,-,J' 1. A"-' r,..,-.--- ~ ,J'L; .1', "[;,Jt T ,', "11l~ " _.Ji ('i 'id ~'8 narratea uy ,: 1~-,l trnuam atsa ,', flXlge ,~,,' i" Wlc;;!' LJ.a' 1""

Pil from Jablr jJ"01'1'f AJ~r~i'Ji" 'who menuoned it. Jab!:? is An ATahka '1111nll' is da ,rtf' (}'1~ak;) as hqfiz said in At Taqnb. In short the hadith is sahih excep t the second -PrJ rtion.
j ,

Chapter 1,1

:eba'pter on fbe: shaes of the Mes~eng:er of' Alhlh and :b]esshlgJ; (If A Ihdl bCMJl-I1,n 1lJJi'ml)~



'3),~~ 'F If\Qnil, Q',&ta.da h (m'rn,y AI Lab be p,I'ea $Ield, wi,tlt ~im.) wlho reports 'tha;t:' :1 its'ked Anos (to des eri be) the, shoes of the M,!!S;s en gel" of AII.aJ1 (M:a.y' peace ,1,IUI bl ess~ugs of .~Ua,h, 'be
upon hii:.n)~fie replied: TllC:Y bad nvo -t1:l0n~gs.~ '~.!t 1.(PQ5 narrated by Al B-ltkA'Qri in Owebook of ,:/otMi;n:g {JO/58J''?}.Abu DieJl>F;ud in ~he book of clothing {4141.J4}

and Ai-lirm'idht in ,Ine book of clo~'hing {4117721},773} and it is said 10 be hadUh h'C1SQf~' sa:hi/1. Also Ibn Majah in the' book of clothir~g {2/3615}~1 J:mtJtnAhfnad in his M~fsnad (3/ l.221203/2451269] ,and A bu Shaikh page {143}. A'bdlulla,h bin. Abbass (may Allah be p,~,easjed witlli, bi,m) ,\¥,~,O reported that til e sl.nd~:d;s of the Prophet (peaee and b~essi ngs of A,I~a,hbe I1p!llln lrdliti) bad two 'tlhongs and tIl ei r straps were dou b:lle~
74)..,. Frnm

-lt was narrated by Ibn At1ajah in the' -book of clothing .~. {2!36.J 4}~ and Hafiz narrated it in AI' Fat !h{101 325_/and
'..4" • ~J " . saia I Is tsnaa is strong.

'F"",I 75\ ).,., " I !!IJ!.Ill J',~:a,
-'1i"'I; ~ ~,~.

I-.,~ III n,

T,a,uma,l, who 't"" " ~ '_',' 'n _


n.(li,iii'i"iiiU:;U ~ A-' ,1iI,IS '0""" LIgl~ Il" ,;>1 ~ . - ,. ro " L,A
;1-, .... !I'.~~ I if.~ a:

out, to us twowo:lI',m out ,~eather shoes withoIJ,tbah- and 'w:i,th pieces af leather straps, Late r on Thabit A I Ban a ni tmld me tllat A:nas saidtbat they were the shoes of the Prophet
(nuli'Ythe bless il1:g~ and peace ,nil" ~ 'be upo n :fdm J~ A la:ll

-It wa~ narrated by A I Bukhari in the book of the obligation q{' OJ1';?flflhwar luop qf 1m 'MQiP~' .000'1.)) {6I3'611/}
and Abu S~~(iikh in th'f! good manne» of the Prophet

{peace' and blessings be upon him) page 145}
-76)",~From, :him) tbe

bsyd hili! Ju:r,ayi (mna:y Allah be pleased wlth him) wbo asked Ibn U mar (Inay ,Alblh be 1l.leased \vl~

reason, fot


wen rin~

shoes 'that have no ,Iutir,~

He ,sa.i:di:::1 SfJiW

the: Messenger

of Allah

(may peace and

ef ,AUal) be 'I) po," him)wea it' them and Po e'rfolnn a bluti on (wu(hi.l) wh:h shoes that didn "t have hai ~~{J n them., So I:like tlds type of shues,.

-It was narrated by AI Bukk-art tn the book of doth tng (J'O/5851 j, Abu Dawud (2 1) in the book of {U1J;(lrUl;rr;i It} the rites of J1q_jj {2/j 7i2} and Musl'iJin in the

. Lt'l
b OO,t{..0/ .n.q]J', i/.·2':./,O,.j ,i' .;,. ~.j' u ~ "":1' j- /.°4··4

l.,( t- '.~. ( ...~' .1waiitli/j.l..J,'."

,,/'ji'33!'i Imam '.' i~ ~lfW't~. '

£j ... ~il'"


hmad.. ..'~J:

in At


(2117) (66/11())1



in .At

tahaqa'Clt (1147 3}and

Aim .Shrtikh{page 144)

77J.i' FrUin ,A'bu :lf1!lralra~, ,(may ,AUah be pleased wlth him) who s,aid,: 'Ihe shoes of 'Ul,e, M:es,s e1I1ger' Imf ,AUah bad two thnngs.


narnued by Tabarani {1192} and. Ibn Majah in the book a'; clothine {2713rJ14~, A.ccord~ng to Az Zawar 'id; its isnad i~sahih flS 'authorit~s being rei table.

be pleased 'with 101' AJb\il,h (rn,~y peaee a lid blessings of AUa.h be: 'up DrIll :Itim) perform Salaah (prayer) with. S;hO:fS tllat bad In~,the:rl'ea.[her sole sewn.

'78;)~,.:Fnilrn Attn' bin Hura.ytb him) who rfilIDrts~ :I snwthe

(lllayAlI:a,b Messenger

luto them,
»It is hadlth sa'ht h It L~,na'Pmted by Imam Ahmad in his Mumad {'II ;t)'J /5/6}l' .Ibn' Sa'd in At tabaqaa; {11479}ond Ab ~l Shaikh in lHs bookof {he good manners of the Prophet (peace' and blessings be upon himJ {page J 43}.. J 11£ tsnad ('''O,nJainsa [tabl i) ~a. successor of the c\On1paf1ians~ whose name is UnK.n'Ol1lf1 but its narrators are reliable and the no-dull has other evidence as in Abu Si;ai.kf1 ,and Imam Ahmad from Ma ~'trq{btn Shi ~ khut' who narrated that ,a, nomod said ,,"1 have seen your Prophet "wearing hvo pairs of shoes that had anothe r learhe'r soie sewnoni:o I~m. Its tsnad is sahih and it has other correct evidence narrated to; A bu Shaj'kh{par':€ . ~ J44)Jn general it is a sahih hadUh.



79)1.. From Abu Hu ra lrah (may Anab be pleased 'with blitM) ',,+v:hlill IriUtn',ft'h~d:AII,ah~iili Apostle' (may peace and b~ess~l1giof' AUah. be upon him) Si9,id::' NOitrle of you should w,alk,







wea,ri.ng ene shoe €:ml,_y';he should IDIi t:f~ tlu~m off ,a~together. ke

,either put on both shoes

Ai Bu,khari in the book. of clothing (40){ JOJ5855}:i MUf!Ji'im' in the hook rtf dal111J'W, (68fi {3/68/J660) Ai l.~nniclhi {34} in ihe bod: qf clothing (4l1174j), ADN ,DaH~f(1in ,he JxxJk of d'oiNng (4J)14l4136}an;1 .lrnclffl A!wnod In hiR MusJ'lCrd.MalJqud delayed transmission from Abu Hurairah and {~nc~Jjii'J {t~ocr:ddiJm~' jvol: A~I ,Hl!tl~uh {3/283//40f)143,(}/4771497jJ' A4alik in Allvhnil~tla' {I2114/916 ! and .! JlJajah in the boot of clothing





J:a,abir (I~n:ay Ana'f~ be pleased ',,:ith Illmu) who said,: the M'e8sen ger' A,n~dl, (Illay pel,ee and,bl'essin,:g~ oi AUaih be Up011 'hi m) 'p'liD~l~bib~d ,eating 'v i.t h the left ha ndt or the we:lm"i Ilg ID,f Jlle is til I)~ on~y~ ~
81lJ)u Frum


»It was narrated by MusUrn (7,017.1),

and Abu Dawud (41) .t n ,t he book of dress tng: Malik in t/1;e book of the attributes of the: ProphrfJ,1 (Pf1:Q'Cf!.' and b.ieSS1f1gs be'

upon himJ (5) and

J~rJ.aI1'~ Ahmad

(2/80) (3I1tJ212'54)

8;1)~'i'From Abw, Hur,~,ii,ra,h(may A'~la:h be pleased w~"t.hhilll1) Wi,(iIJ3'rnl,t0d,:~: AUah';g Apastle (Inayth.'e pem::e and bles~dl:1ls ()f' A,I~aJIlbe I,pon him) sa id: If you w',al1 t to put on your' shces, put O'n the dghl't shoe lfirst and if you WEUi},t ((!J
take them, orH~,then tal~"e ,off '~be ~Ie.n O,IiI,!2; 'firs't Let '~h,er~,:gl~'t, shoe be ttlhe first to be put on and "t:h,e~:~ult be taken o.I:, ,to

-It 'was narrated by A! Btlkhari in the book oj· clothing
Abu Dawud in the book of" clothing {4!4119jand A l-,Tirmidhi in the book. of clothing {4/J 779}crnd il' is said to be haditl» sahih. Also lmam {IO! 5856}

~t: .

A,h'n~Jad in his Musl~rad (2Jr},791~ ir1~t:ml MaliJr, in AI'
lV1t{;watlU (1I25/9NJ) and:Al 11)..

kli in hj$,M/iW"rm(r11'35j.
'hler) ~.: I h

Fr~n'in ,A,t'isha. (m,ly ,A11,a'lJE p,~@a86d \vi'th be

I!].a:rr:ated= The PrE! pbet

of' AI ~Ih (WI,]!, ]llea~e an d b~:eS5~ngs m1r ,AJblb be u:POIt Iii m) lused 'to Ul~e·st~u1:i 'fl'um 'Ibe ri gll't" Ill.g IS '&1" :'U~ IJIss'i'blc: 'wlld~,e Ic~:m~ing Ids hab'1! P,'l\I'tUII;g: [J.:n hi~ 'Il.. , ,' - - ...£'- -.---"-- ~ -b'~ 'to',,, Snoe\S or ]Il el ,~m m:~ng,a, :~u, ~ , -~iQ\I~

narltr:#Jf!ti'by A I Bukhar! in lhe boolc of cl,(#hil1:g A ,n !iill~I' U',ll~ iUl...,-. Jf, .Ri11" ... ,...l.;"11'~"MIIJ;ULJltII;/ 1 ,1 ,r,;. ~,..." It? !',"'O)'~ .0 u,J Htl,I!!;;1'ul'Ij)"":b ' AhmJQd in Al j\d~lSP1'Cl'd (6:94)amJ At~-Ti:rJ1~~ldhitn' 111;~oo", b l?fl:JJ'a)le 1'(2'/608j. 1't is said to be hadUh l1;(.U(JUI s,c;hth,



hi 'Q'~


"",f~'iZ"n t'iw'hll".!l'




l:A!J'TiI'II~"! M~:"'IP,r.

83).. Frem A bill :]:ur,a:~:ralhl(1I1Iil.)" i\'l1 m.b 'Ib :pi'h!lUJJOO '\¥ith :1~:inll)1 e w.1l.'mS,3]1S: The shoes of ithe 'M'e.sseililger of t\~11 (null' peace 1.11' and bh~ssbtp 01' ,Allalii be IlIPOI. :Idm) had. 'two st r,a,ps iin file same Ili)_,iJ~'niiDi~'r I.tlUt shoes of AblLll Ba:tJr ,ar:uil Umar (may as AUa,b 'be' pleH!tH!d witH,theml) ,tut.d two straps on (heril" "tlnn:an 'ith, ,Ala.m. (n,llY Ana,h be: pl~,ea]:sed,'",fith b'ill'itl ),vas th.lB fi rst ,nne '\v:l!to b e.ga,n: 'tOI use one Itrap!~
ilib: U1_:.CJ - .' ,i," ,Q,".


A' ,j).., 1,..1"-· ,~till/~,~I~


1.I~CfyCij!"~ WnO


l.. -

IS J.v;l'a,l.rUK-lrJJ~ca/!UjeCi/i'



.. l'~iJ,··.



accused of /itlse]1oo( Q8 J:lqfiz; safd' tn Ai TaqrUb ond i:h',fl kolt:l! th h'CI'S Qltlt.e.r levid(UiI;Cr; ,'ml~I~~;ed b), ~hl;!' COl17.!?'Uer {ClUj "J'diJt'tra:ni, ullhis n'C1Pl"Qtimfl is also 'M~~ak~ h

IOn 'tbe! dog: 101[' tt\l,e Mu.senger pl~eJls~d ,;vl:tb hlm),

of AUah (rnay ,AU~1:1J1 be

84)~,!, F'rmm ,An~ls hi 11 lVla,lilk. who iaid:~ The riing of Ana b"s M,f!.ss)(l'm~ge,f(nuty IJl~a'~, ai1idl III ~s~:ings, of ,AUa:h. be upen hh'n) "J,as madte, fJlf' silver; 1:'b ~stOlne'W,alSl;fl~~:nn ,A,'byssbd a.•

{3l6 Jllli58}; AJ~·Ti:rmotdhi /11 the' book' of clothing {4! , J739} and U is .said to be hadU/l hasan .. rrtahih gha:rib and ..:..... I .. ·k···· I ···"·~l·': -;i'-l.!!Z . '{~. : '. A1,:.~I· D···,·>"A;.!I 111M'lr.:.~ l)QO. OJ 1>1~~'hf'lb '{'4.;u2'·1i{1·-~ A:"" Jtr'~"'nl; oumwuu I~ .in the bool: of' ,adDfJ.111Jl!Jnt {8/ 1'1]/511 }/; Imam Ahmad in ""I,L'" .~_ '1."!Il'II'.Il'd·'· . ~I l'JJ"":/ S<11"'n-~I~ti-] P"j';jIO'-"lII 1":j!7'~~ 1.1~~!.liM·,,·:;'·u.__~ l·~~:· I (.":Ji/ ~~,_-'. 3, ,.11I,q; .... [I,=,/1 .I,~ I"lr.J'£~'!trl ~; ·~~t5I~ ,:_..J!. f Il» n l'Vl efJan #7 lFie book ,rq. •.• ,.. ,•., ,. ;' f'I.···']!J:j1·'j··• '~,il';-~_, ,..,;.;. . oo« f .'';'''.j U''¥ ....'



narrated ,~y Mu.siim' in {he hook c_f clalhi'1g











85)~'i'Frem An:as, (m ay Ana.hi be 'p!leased 'wi'th hiim) wbo,
says: The .'mug !If the M.e.ssel'ger of Ana.h, (may IJeaC!e and .!;",liIlIIi,Ii!II1!;I1OLIi:! l1'li,1' A.' II"'~~ 'Il.IIP··'O-illil~-, '1i..·~I:·rn~'-·)··, ·1lJ~ li..o; _.' ,_.. , w· '~a~~ m - I~U,.· of ~~il'I\1l~ljjjJP H!I'!:i,..iIec, lJ,~~~~·

IIiJ! _'



,~_lI. I., l,:







used it as ;1 seal (fsta]!lrlip,) bu't d:id:n't ·wta.r U~
,111 was narrated by .lmQ1J1. Ahmad in his J1.4usnari and

mera toned a gold ring and lite. hadtth 'was narrated by Abtl; Shaikh 'pag~ (J38}j ·W.#hvt/l ,sLO'ing- lrWhe1.het is is go.la Of" .Eil1~'er;, tsnadts stJ11'ih', Its
86)~. :FfOHl A.nas· bin rvlalU, (may ,AUah be pleased witllJ hi,m) '\vhl iii arratedr Th e ri D,g of '~lle Prophet (may 'peace

a:tDd b ~es!Sings of .AUa.h be upmn bim) ;s,tone was s;ilver too.



a.n.d its

iiit 'vvos narrated by At .Bukhari(7'4) A I Tirmidhi (1.5) iM

the book alclothing: and it 'was said If) be hadfth ,hasaR xohih ghar'{b " Abu DClMJud in: the. of'the ring (1). {4/42'J?} A~~ Ntsa 'It in the' book of adommem (4.7) t8l 174/52} 3')' and Imam Ahrflt:td in A I Mi,lsI1ad' (3""266), Also Ibn Sa ~ ln d Tobaqaat {II 4 72} and Abu S11'C1i page 138J kh'

87)~~,Fmm Anas b.i:11 Mallk ('In.ay AJla II, he pl~eflseJl \lfiitlJ.
~ldnl) 'wI~o reported tb:!lt ·'\V·li1H~nAl[a.b~s messenger ,(m,ay peace a nd b~esslngs, 10f' .A~Ih be lII;pun hiim) decided fin "ri'f@ a .~eUtu·s, to non ..Ar.abs,h:e)!' (bb~ ,c!O!m:,ani@':ns) told, h~nl lh:ilt tb.ey wou:~d 11{Jt. read a letter u:n'~n it was sea.liedt The;l1, AI bdt'~s Messemger (nlay 'pe..'I,e,e and b~.,ess h.g~ !{Iff A.·llah be

upon :ftdm} :had: a L!dlver rin:g ~D:ade. (10'r bhnselfJ" {U~1i; pe slu•. is, .so 'Yi~~id in :tn, nl:iud: tbait lt is 3:8, if I see its bri:glltJles:sin tbe '11 ind of A nia.b '5 :rl1esse'llger (nuly I,el,ce be. np' om.111:hH). B
1·..It WQ.l·· norrosed by A! B~,kha:ri (JJ)~Mu.~'l.h~1 (58) in the. book clothing. Abu Dawud in thffJ boa/(, of the ring (l],

,/l~' Tinnid~'f

tn ihe. book of 'tJtd.r~gpre,tl'rnis:sion(2j)~ and Ab~; Sh(jikJ~ Page J.4'O biota}?)!. and Ibn Sa 'd tn AllCloaqalll {{Ii 41.J}.


:88),~ FJi01U

tielates: The Me.s~seng\el·' of AII;a.'ll~ (m ay peace and 1btess t11!gSI of ,AJlab be ,III p0'm. '1Ii"'m)' was f\.iuba,mmed {l1J1 j)ne Um,le A'IJO'Sth~ iu [I,noUler ',' .1 '," nl1:e ,and .AU~.h in 'the tli:i,lid lilrU,~~,

(nuly An~,h 'be pleased wlrh h~m) WhiD inseri pion engraved on the ring (iJfth,e
, _ ___, • __ _ __ _" _, __



bJ! Al Bukoori in t.he: book 0/' ,the f).blfgai:io:fl ()J~ fifth f613JlJ6), 011{t in th« book. of clolhing {J. 0..5878}u A~,-,Tir,nljdhi in',rw book of clothing (41 17 ¢ 7/174lJ]omd it' ltlQ:S said ta be l1adiIII hasa» sani.h gharib, Also Abu Shatkh' Pag,{! 141) 1t wa~ narrated

89).,~ FrtJnl .,4.'095 (DUlY ,AUab be plessed ·wUh. Idrn) who tlel,al[e Ulot t'h.e messenger of All all. (:l)l.ay peace all1d b]e~s:i'n!g,s, lof' Alla hllle UpfHil IIJi.im.) ·,,:rate (Ilettel"s) to Kisra., Qays:s:r(Ca.1eB·a.r) and 'Najaasbi (iiltrvi:tilllg: them tOI :Iccept 1I'I.2'~o.-m-'-I)· T'IJr.A. nennle '!i:!,"",li..jl·I~ 10," l'.J,~~~~ O '-' ,to U;:W![i" Iji"'ne'~''T''o!!ii Ik'e' 1l.:JI~ "I:lJ~ r ~ m:-' '-~ ;;)ir4l.!I,U.!!!, -' IlJl'.::o"'·~ii:!Iill(l11iA'r' ''_'ff" n,~~'-;~ _,_ taJ~' I ~l'" - I",~~ -' IJ u 1.1[J1f1 him] ~Ih'osepeopl,~ dn not accept ~,~tt0:rslwitbOl!l:t a ~eal en ii~S(I; (fm:r thIs :f.ieaSQilll )UiI'fl\ :M'GSSOOg'E'f O'f An ahhad a. starnp mn.d!e: of' sUver find h fu1 (.Muhm,m med the
~I '


11-- ;. ,- . -, -. ~ ~,.... ,:Les,scillgel "-f~ ,'~I.. 0 .. '1'['H'h' 1(' p~A.i!J,;0 engr,9.ved on i.t~,
til .

ii'i£. '};

,iJij--,..IIlI..lhSi'!!'i'Iili(j'1!> iLiI[l,U. 11J!_""' .... OJI!L~ail!1


110""11 --I;I!'!L!!--·

hioll 'hi __.__._}

narrated by lvh~:di:m in {h"e/}ook of clothing {3/58! 1657} andthe hadUh }!I,asnarrated tn other lVa;vS. !lliMtlS' mentioned in haaifn 87:.
~I.ltWQS (j9



M,II~'k (---. - A'·I-I·b-- b-" '.p_,eIlS,e_ ., ,.•,&. ... -II! 'I ",' ed Wlu:. 31111 ,DUlY·" la, ldlfl1l) ,,,,:}rill) sa.id,:::W'lru~~tb MesscElg~J of AUaD, (nut.)" peace ' a ntd bless.il1~gs. tJf A,III~. be 1I1,P:O.o b; m,l em'te red 'the p rivy. he
_F:-" .' . A'" ,,~, :rOnlnaS'ln.

b'~ -


would 'ta,ke ,o,ff'tll :ri.n.:g;. »It was narrated by .At T:lrrP'lidhi in the. bloat of cl.'(),~l1i1-g (1 '.' 4614}1 A hlJ.D'Q}IJ-ud' l'H' the book of pUJ~ificatf on (1) J 9j, Ibn' MrJjah tn the' book of.ptUri/i'cC1iioFl :.11 30 3j 1f.~7Nisa Jj in the' baok' of ada.~·IYln1elM(S3)~ 178'/ 5:22'8] and !nla:r'~1 .Ahmad In AIIVJ.~l·fn11d (2/:3'J J= :'~4). Also Aln:i" Dawud said
~ It. " -Ii Ii. .•...J, ~.;;/ 'ir cI'"" • • tm• naaun "It as: rll,tm~£a'.rpAli8app'fr)'YJ("f.i,·;:,.aCu.'Z0'l1', IJ~' JJ. cont1-ad~ct$ the l~J.taU -k.rcrl.T1l'I/n. v,ersion reponed by ~'el.ictbl(1 narrators. 0,11 the' ,Clut/1rJrity of' .A I1>CI3,r thr: l~t::.Il -Mol"n version SI'P"S .that /hI Proph. '~'P" OJp"J,a:CI . be upon him } had Q s five r ,ring made for hiln ,,~hen.11i!! cast it off. The J71I.sunclru·s zl1ndlng ~8. on the part of Hamma ',m l~/l a is a h J1m1ator of the: pn1c.i.()us lPCl,litim'1 memioned in the text], This is transmmed only b.y Hamma !1r1.

'91),.. 1"om,bl1l" mar (May'_U:a'h, 'be pleased with bi:m.) ·,,,ho Ilddl:: The' Jrtes'Bleuge~"of A.lilJli (m R,y peace aad bl!essings of Alla:h be 'Ipon bi,m:) had :B, ~dlver riD,1 made ftu" .I\d:lilself aud it \T,ali WQ:rn by bim onh:i' band,., . ·__,:fltnvardc$, ·i.'t '!filiI ,\forn Iilr. Abu Bakr, '~11'eu by ····DiUU· ,and then by 'Ut'llma:m. tiU U -fen in the: 'well m A.ris. On 'dnlt :m.g; was rellgml,rm= :M'pha,m:med;.~be .'-_~pIJs:~~erf-- naD" O

~lt' 'l,P'QS narrated by Ai' ./JUk/l(Jti' (4J){JOI 5873JI' .A-duslifJ1 (54 {31 J 66'.· Z. aflld Ab« IJtlw~,d tn 1he bo ok oJ'lhe ring (I). A,~ Ntsa 'i tn the book ofad(;n'~l'iU~rJ.'t (J'3J{8153.(J8}i and Imam Ahmad in Ai _.,'wtJ:ad (3' 34) who nan-meel it {)rut l;,I1ithoi~lt r,n;.eI1'1ionlng ,the n


IC!llapi~e:t 1,3

Chapter ,s;t',a,ting tllat the MeiSel:lge,'tJ" of ,AJI,ab frll!~y ,pe'al~,e and, bl'fiSings of AUI,h ,be upom hhlfl) Wi} re tIle: !~J11g: iU'it't)
::'I'~I~. I,,:i' th nm A'b ,i T- '-I'·'-b may A- 'II I. b p_easeu WI.' • 1,1, ,fUll (' ~_an _'ie, '1' !i1iJm) 'W'hID snys:: The Messtn~e:'r of ,Alhllh, (may peaee and bleBldngs of Alla,h be upon 'him) w,rnr,ehis riln:g'on his r;igh,t hand"

'F A' 'l~ ,,:rOlffIJ " ',1







It 'was narrated by Abu DClW$<!d tn ~he.book of lhe ring {IJl 422'-6}~ an Nisa'! .in the book of adornm'll~~'~' 175/ {81
i'iil' !J~J

521'8j', Ibn ,Hiban {(fiJi5) cmdAn' Nisa'! in Al K,1.llb.tah {in
,."l..D;~,r;h'''· ifF1:~ [,"V'V-/(.


:J"?'I'~4'1'd'j;,j~ .r~Ii!'.rJiy:rIl!.i

the conditioM' Muslim}"

{,·c/' d'!;"'i1,,1 n";j;"1,,n ~J:i!:I. ~·U.J. stipulated b" Sl7aikharJ



l-'~.,;;;'t'''''nd': h]l'{lI1wr.I.'·

[:'11" -ll'

IL"fll,dJ;i !i.J~~r,r.-,Il,'l

{'A} Bukhan ,(11"u1'



said Muhcm1.'KnedInn Ismat! i: e .A I' Bl,khil1~i' -who said' this is the mou valid hadith in this chapter. It w:as na; rated bJ' A n Nisa 'i in the; boo'" of (l'do;tnn'l;enl [8/ [4/ J 744}

was narrated by A t-1)'n'f,~tdlii in the' tXJO,k, ef c!.othirtg

J219}and also in AS' ,SII~nl,}'CJn At lCf,lb~~r1h 452/ 9527}, {51
Imam AhJ1~ad in hls Musnad {2!J04!IJJ271aFlc!: Abu Shaikh,page {J30 it ls hacl1th ;l·ahih.) 94.)\00; is related It


fil"o:m Abdull'ah bin Jofar «(JUlY Allah be ,\With h:l~n) frfniU another' source (,anrntll,e~r ch.alil ) of'

nll':raW'I'S; that

the messenger

of ,A 1hdll, (m,ay p'ea,ce and.

hl-,e.9:i __-;;8-€.If ·A-'·n '111 b u pmn Jl~ mI,}Ii :.- ~"i--' ' I ___ :hl" _ , a, _ -e hand"

",- i VI

o. e a n ng
i .'-, ,~ - ,.'



~,- :',.,

I,ltr 11_1_

·U ts lV{latch softil1 bu" the ilU~'{]d of thl~c()n~piler is l~.rt'(llJ ltllJ l'~ J''Jl~i., ,t book ~J ~l'llf!v.~;·lr;f.f··~,b" ,(.'11 1'~-as .r-r,· :·"r-[-,'f~.r,~ 0.7. ,_t~J.~,~;"'Vt!L~i~~r,~ ~JT~ ~.!,,,'~ If/U·V-"··' >'!i:~' C" ...ul.'J' ~!, '1.1 ·~II.·"j na rrated







364 !}an~d Ab~l

lb",p-a,l.;~I;'ili mun his .bei~g accused o.ffalsethc)(x/ in ,m'Qt;enl' othef

'shaikh. page .7.10.,. it.~ ,lllt7ad CD'nt.Q'ins J'.;.,"M fi'1I"P.-1'i --J;..". ts ~,...r.... '",c. -1, .:t",I" "-~.' ~,~l~H'" .,,l:1' in. !i.<litiU. !!fW ..J .,rlv.l [.!M ~l.fi; p..l&Cal (j.e'~1 '!'.ie'iCl~Mfe Q;, I
I· .



said byUa/ith hOl:iteVe1~' ,~'/'Le lalllh is ,,'i'(lnlh tl4th Win! ,if r1W!I~t'ifJJwtd ~.fil!'~~ qlte.rit asd


of" #1e' lradUinl1


!95)~1I FI.~om .Jaaber bin ,AfbdlUall w:~,() s:a:y,s,: The Mes~enger ~f A,I~ (In;ay peace and tdle8shl ri!l~ of AUah he' '1liI,IPoll ~in~)1 ~dl, ',',ure 'the, [jug [In hi S, :right b~~'ld-.
-Its isnad here is ~tmJ~ lrlve"ak lu:!oouse .11 b-duilah bin Nl(lh~~!unbin Darf!f.tdFlcrfUh said thaI .he isM'ati'·uk and MUrJiar, It -liil4~ narrated' b), A b'u Sivaikh wli#~ a w.~ak


isnail because H.araan bin Lhhman A,nsariR ali ih tIS' satd ~:n a1 IVllzen, tlmom A hmail sal" thal people left his lradiJ'im'lJt.Jrnal~'1 AsI1-.rr;hqfi'1 a~~rd' others said that narrctUng tl~dUlor7s .!i'om If araam is !cH'bi,dckn [Haram}. .. ln~'f thrt: !1.eu;li'th i.f cO,Ii.sicler:ea ~'fah'i bJ; "wna$:' h orecedes ;Ii'
I;r ~ ~j!;o~
l~ ~I

96)"" Sault bin A'bdu:U:I.:1lI says, tll:~'£:Ib:I, AbbaSI (m,ay AI~,a,h be pleased w'idl 11~m)Wll:re a dng en his, ,fi'ght band andas 'fa.ras I ,e::,iI rem,emnber he; usedto sarf that ,tbe Aposde' of i ,Al!lah (pea,ce ,and: b:lessi'ngs (i,f AJbdl 'be "fUU], bimu) also
wore ":t_ I o;I;n'hl~,rii,g"Il..:., h and, ~,e1~n__
!!J' ""
l1;li' ;;J _


__ •

",It' is hadith hasar: it
1: ..~'" !JC!i(J/It

lit' I' ,~!, + OJ C',O'lllfig

ll~as'1a~;orQled by Abu Dowud ttl l {..iI"~2·"li/'H I -11_; -.J_ ""I'14,,6.~J!, 'A' t.., In tne .il..~'

r" trmtan:


~,{' OJ'

ciotntng ('II ,1142'j~ .Ab®i ShaikJi page 12.91130) ,Clnd' ,JI1J'CmV Abu Esaa AI' B'u:k/~m~j8fJid .that haaUh M'Ukam'~fuld h.i"n

Is r,hcmaq sahUt


As Sali bin. ,A,bdtJdlah ibn iVlttjaJ is hasan

97)n' Frum Ibn Umar (may A,Uah. 'be' p\~,ea:sedwUh bil11) 'who ,", "'d'· T'hre Pro h ., ',', rop._c'-,iIl'iI,my peace am'd' ~"],,,"'" nf ";,,.dJu,e 'b"" saic ,;, IU ,1~Slli1.,gS ,0_ A'II~"I;.., upon tlbn) had ,~,s,ilvlel' ri:~g made ~o.. himself and be k~,t its, sitlOiUe tuwards: the Inside ij),r hij palm. Olll tl\tat rtugwas elilgta:v1ed l\1h':lli am mad, U1,(>l' Apos,t1e: of AUall. The ,peollile 'were JU'I(dil,ib'ited frnm 111 n:g this in5tr~:p;U(JI:n mn~heh" aki
1(" ", ,.""" ~,',



,.,:' ,: ,-1=('"N,as t"i!.." same nng,~ u:',J"1 ,"I~ on@. thewell ',fA""·:j};· .. '-,I'-h'" ~" '",\. ,I~,e ~el~, 'I, ne 't_ en (J_ ,1 ,IS"
'I' '"" ," ..

-It was narrated by Al Bukhari (45)J A/usUnt, (29Jand Ibn Ma.jcJlh' (41) in the book of i~I.lOlhi~~g;n l~fi1~~: also namned by ,)b~ Nisa'i jJ]! tlie book of adO"U7',WJ~1(47)u Abu Dawud in the' chapter of tbe rjng~ chapt er(J) and Imam Ahmad

in .Ill MU:!inad (1'//8/J4/68/96).

98)1~~ ,FI~(Uil,Jaafar 'bh1. 1\tubamll1ed~fl~olm bis father, '\V':~O narrated that Hasan a'ndHus::lYiI1 (liIla,:y 1\JII.11 be pl11eased willi. 'tlle:ln). \YO,I'e thel -I" ,rinas !')l) thet'i~Ie. It l13ndo; [c --' ~~ ( " -- - iIi::I " . ".
i, _"

~ It


11:C1.7"r:ated by At ... irm:idhi in the boo.k T

{till ?43~}, and it is said to be hadlth hasan and .it' wa,s" also narnued by Ab~l ,Shaikh page l3.3}. The]; h:adilh is ~~",Clhi.h.




9~') "..Ir b;, reJa:ted 'f.~(un Anas (Inay Alhdl be ,pl,ea,sed 'wUb bhn,) that the Messeng,er of AU:!:th (pet1loe~ and bl esshl:g~ .of Ana.' be UpOiU Idl11l) wore ,3, I:'ing' on ]lds I'lght hInd and SlU!HIf! people, :1lI;av'e: a.lso nd.;]:ted€ifimn, A:nas ,tliud the
M,essl~:lTIlger' AIII,I.1 ':Yore a ri 1iI.:g: on. his lien ba~ndj,hJ:lUlm of 'TI~~,D1i s;dd that di.'ese tw'o ha dithare ~'lf.leorreet, dhi

,,,,n is a sahil1litadith. It

u~a~' narrated by Im;ctJ71 AM' ,1:VlSa 't

in the book of clolhing {lOI 2f)8}~ and Abu .shaikh page page .13iJ /1 3 J and i.f.~kiruld' is sahih ,

U}O)",~. Frem I bn U _ C' AU 1, "tl .d,m:'1 ",m,ar':'fflOY .... Ib e P','Iease_d WLJ, L~' )" '.:1 \v:1lI sa~id The Messe:mge-r of AH;m,h (m,I,Y pea ce .and u = bless:~n'.g~ of AU'ah, b e npmnt1 i:m) .iJ;m,d .a r'~ng .lltI,ade I[)f ,go!d which he! wore on hiB riight ·h,:lnd. Then the 'Messenger {l'r AIII~ (pem,oe~Ind bl.,ess,ings of A~ lalilJ 'Il e UPO'II1, hiln) th:lr1e'lY .3l\Viay U~el,ol!d, f,ing and ~~,ld:: '] ·\"UI never wear H, ag.ain,whctIi be S,3~W peopl:eweari.ng gold r~ngll After illlc' did, thls d1JiI.~' (Jeo]1de tlilr·e'w· ,a.Wlly th.,f,ir gold r~nglil!O, It wQ:~ narrated by Ai Buid1ctri in the book of clothing (101 5865) Muslim in the' book of cknhing {31 J 65J)J Abu Dm~1Jd in the c'i1apter of th~: ring chapter (41 42' .l8) and At-'.Tir,midhj In the' chctptl~,r of (;i()thi~~gchapter{4/J 74.J)., II is satd to be; hadi ill hasan sah'lh

eh ap ter '14 Ch.apb~r.'en the :8"0 I'd and blessings of AU:dl be the Mes:s~lilg,~r IDfAJ Iah (peace UplDl1I hi mi)1I


l1l]I). ~ IFr'uDl j\:tUIS, (Ilay Ana-hb e p~.eas'ed \':~tb hIm) ,vho reports t~Utt the :Jmnullel of the sw~:u~dof' the AI)iI)S,tl't of AJI~d~ (Dliay peace and bless,illg$ of Alla~l be upon hiDil)waJ~ made of silver,

-/1 is hafiilh seth/,ll. lt was narrated by Abu Dawud in ~'hf'
book. of (AI Jihad) tlrehofyst/~uggle (64),{3/158'3}. A,~ .~!: l. s; J'. ;/' A ,~/J" ;tl,an_. I"I.i= ~,,-wtnn;;o'u n~ d A J . . :1.1' J visa l in tne boo« OJ aaommen: I~;ii
i'· _ .

tn ,illie. book Of Al JiftUlel(41 169 J}and It:' is said to be had~,11hasa» gha~~ih.,Also Abu Shaikh ptJgri 1j 1)
l(2),~~:F~'lOnl a" eed bin. ,A,bU Hasan S

Basr! (:m,ayA.llab b~

pleased '\\\?itb hiD1) "-fh,O related t~lesame h:u,d;lll1l,~
~.B'ts s!l.hil1,and it ts Mur.~'C1I.t HI'OoS' narrated bJ' .I:b~'Nisei' 'i I in lJi,e book of ,adat'h'inMJ [l/ :2 J 9} and 111fJ compi ier


book of Al Jihad{the Holy slr'/)~ggle}{4Ipage. I 74j'" Abu Dawud in A! Jihad chapter (3/258 4) ~ and Darami (2'12'458), The /i:cu;/ih is sahih b~' t what is men: toned bejore i t. referred




1OJ)~~ Fram Hu d, A bdu Ua,h bin S~I~,eed"frI011n his gra:rndf:ath.le:r whn sald: When the Messenger' lof ,A~lah (only peace and b less:in:gs of AUa,h be: UpOoIlil him] entered tvla,k__lkah

on thle: D~JJy of Conquest " hi,s swo rd had gcdd and sllver 0:0 :i.t. Tsal lb (one oftlhe na r:rators of this h:3di,th) sa,id: I asked hi.m: on whleh part If' the sword wa is the sU.v,~~r'? e replied
"'IIlle :11 Mll1le:1 of' the swo rd w',as, m ade ef si Ive.'. O

'~11 is had; th cia ~tl [weak}. J It i'was narrated by A lTirmidhi' in Al Jihad chqpier{4lJ69Q}and it is said to be hClduh hasan gharJb. Also Abu sh'eikh pag.e 1'50 and lb»
Abdalla mentioned if in the book of Esuaab 'and said its

tsrad is nat strong; and Dhahabi said it is da'if not has an; and Abu Hatim said it is MunAar. Thus the hadnh
is weak:
104).. bn Seereen s.ays::: I made m,y swmrd like the sword if Sam I,ra h bin .Iundnb (may A nah be pleased w,~thbim)

wlm,Q said that be bad his S\VO lid made in dlH~'sa me manner as tbe oae the messenger of' ,AII,ah [peace and b~'essi'l1g,of AII,a1llbe upon h i.Dl) had. The: sword was the type used by the tribe IDf Bana fI;a,nifa (1. )Ba:ni H aH!dfa was a. t,ri b in Arabia wh(l were famous fur nUHtlU.fa,ll!tul"ing :goog quality
narrated by At-Tirmidh! in the book of AI Jihad (the holy prophet}[41 .1683), and said it is baduh gnarib and its ii~n'Ctd cDfJt.ainsUllm~Oln ibn Sa 'eed Al Kalil; who Is da 'tf as Hofi h ibn Hajr said in A taqrii b ,



Cha:pter. ],S
Clli apter l'IS)!.,~ f)U the ;(J,:1!11UJlr of' th,e: ,i\clelssenger of' ,Ana.h (may

peaee and blessings of AUah be


bayr bmn AI ,Am¥,aa.m (ma,:y AJI,ab be pleased with bi,lll) 'wbo lrebdes, tl~'m:ttile; ,MjeSlStenger of A]Ja.h {mn,:y' 'pea,oo and Ibl:ells:ings If ,Allah ;be upu:n :ldm) w'O:r~lw'o ~u its of 1,11I],{J,rflO his bod:y i11 the ba:tUe of Uhud, The .. OoS'Ue nt' Ana III (peace flud b.!es8hl'~ of AJ I:a h be Ilpmu t\p 'bi:it1I) :iinl,endled to tllumb a fdiU bl1!t ht: ~Dull:d1i11't d,i(~,S(J'~ Hie tll,er'd'ore req uested T~dh[dt (M:;m.yAllah be pl,'G.8'liHldi wi.d~,
hinl) 'to s:it and "UIl ,h~~ ~dd climbed tb!l!:'lidl'liiU'e,_ ,AI ,ZlJba,y:r' (ma,y·llab be pleas,ed 'w~th him) said:!' lhe~ll'd tbe ,Me$sen:ge:r' m'f ,AJII':a:h (J e~tlce :i,ucl bl etiirrtgs of" AJJI ah be ltp!llD Idm) saying U bas bec~une ol1Iig,a~ory ,(W',aa,jlb) (P,;lI,IIl':I,diiB'f!; or the' ir:dJe\r,c@-ssimn)fof T'fl~halii'l!

B:r1Jhaqi in AsSu,nnC}]1;{2137(J/9146}anr;i 1/)11 Hiban . .AU are jiYJ",,' Z~tbayr birt Al Alll/\4~aam' with. correct ,isnac4s,(} ,tl1~'

book of l/~1e hvly s/,nlggle {41169.'J}and tn the book (~f \~irI1~MJS {51 .3 73[5} Q11d said i.t is hadith hasan ghartb. J In Ike second boolc he said it is haciJth sahth ghw'ib, l S1Clid if' '~~~ traced back by M~'l.htm;m~'(!liibn Is 1./f(Jaq whQ is' M,w:l(JllQs{hi"{j!eJ~}.1 ~;1lr;,1"Y! on~' '(JJ" more naT~rlJ.'lm'·s are : ;~~PJ)1~ssed,Bu~' it '~WQS flo}'rCl'le;d by Inl.a'l~i Ahma:cl in his ,Ml,tJ!il1ad {!417} and ,HrJthu in Al Mtl8latiNlk {1125} anct

'J~' va~

nQnYJ~;e(J' AI-rinJ~'idhi by


/'tadilh ts 80/1.;11",

~- • ..,--c c.\~, IllJ ]illiK\ , I.' 110m, ~,,""II.., Ilhdl')".


.y,"',,~tl:lut'-c-;.", <-, ;:-·...:1 ~m.i]y A-n,-I!!., 11-· --ml'''i'' . ,n,m,lll,eplle~~se

'd' 'W[ ,u :·;tlk.

- _ '1: :;U",liUO),
, ,. '1"

Idm) 'l\rho rep~)lt-ed '~\lat 'ih~111eSSIMle, .. of AUa.b (m,ay peace land! bl'iess~ings 'of .AU:l'l!iI be UPOIil bilJ:1)1 wore ,two suits o:f


- . ' - d -_ - , I on., 1'1Jle " ay. illf U"J' Ill..d'









i '(D':

-') -"_1 " . _ ,tt~ 4!lIue o-ve:r ft[U~ ov En .~ IIi .. - ,e. - - - _.
-: .. I' _'_ ! ... '; I:· _; 1'1






U 'was narrated by .Ai bu Dawuc:~ hi the book of the ,Prop,/-ut$ {31J 590} /nJJ?'I' Sa "1,0 ibn J!az'Ml.'jl;>orn' a rJ7,an'who he m'fj.M'~ione'd his name and in the; book of the holy stn'ggl(!;~ .lnull,1~1 A,h'l1l,'ad j n his ,M~fsn'f}ld {3J449}! and Ab:tt Shaikh 'p~ge 1J2 ,fron~ Sa'ib btn rru;id~ ,A:c-(."oJ't:ii,rJ:g 10 az-Zawa'id, its isnwi is .~'a"hih according to the Crondilit)~l~ dOHi!l~lb:y A! B~l1eh'(J,~·i.. laid
-lt is

rig;ll,l{i!OiIS .t:'l'oaiUon

C!b:m,p:b~I'ou dl€~ ti1U:iime,t

or the N;lessem.ge:1j" (Irf'A Ihdl (nil ary
be :pl eased WUIl (Illay pea,lce 3m,d,

pea/em::and. b,Jes:sinp, of ,AUah lOe upo:m bhll)~,

:M,a~IU{(n18,Y- A Ua'll, h~:m) wil.lo Fep@li~: The A,pMUe of Allah b:less:i11ilIS, ,If ,AUal, be I):PQiI:1 him) entered ,y'ie1~ of the 00111 uest ulf'M';dik~dll 'w'l&a,lrl:l!Ig' r q Ul')~. ,FrIQiIU
,AIl1:~UI bin

l\1]'~ddc;a,h in '~be a. bebnet (Uil, hi s

h,ead ~ Be '\Vas tfl~d tllll\t :11 Ak:hta.1 "''IS blil, &:1 'K I!.. 1 iI'III'if: ~;:lUy,;:: I~~II[ t~lIlinli' '"..ill ~, rne ' ,,~,a J", g 1!JI~1 HJII


ICu.I·'~a {If' in

norrated by A,I ,B~t,knt:l.I~i t:~t~'rhe book oj' jlshi1i.g {411846}i in the bODt of' the ,holy! 8u'u:ggle' {6IJfJ44}i AihJ:sl'in'l. in. ,~'!~rt!book ,of H'a}J(214jOlfJ8f)'=f)90}1 Ab» ,DCf1r.lt1ei,d in the /Jo(J,k' of the holy st r~lggl.e' {3/268'S}Cfl1tl ,./l 1-11nnJdhl


{4/.J69.3)and said II' is h'{Jdil~i hason SCl.h.~.f1 gharib and An lVl:ra'~ in. the boot aj"lhe ~ire.sofhqfj{Nlana~r;Ut}512lJ,67}(J~1;r;:J Ibn Malan in ,~hebook of the P.ropI1'fH {'2'1 ,2:805}! ,DtWiJ'~i in {M'fl boo& oJ'lll[cnfZCJsik {211 §J38})Jllalik iM' .At }VhnINJUa in the book cf hCljj(l1247142 Jland Im'GnT A,hrlu:td h'1 {,is ,tvJ,~i.~n"CId ()9Il64/224123 .112421240J. {Sll ls :11l:9,:IiI~:tdled 'fl'Oo:ll AIlII1S Itrbll, ,Ma~:n{ (ma,y ,Ana,h b~ pJeased ''lith hIm) who s~li.d::\Vben. '~he M'essenger of AlLab (peaee am,d blessings of ,AUail\l be upon :hhl1), 'e;nte'r~:n"g: MI,kJ,m,h ,9~ ,n Ctltfu:I1:ll~~'O ~Ile w'mll~e a ,~l,eilll:lleJtmn :Ids :II,eJII,d~ I', A'fit,er hie: '[oolt :i~ o,O~ 1:1 [1:1 an ca:me tQ!hi.m and sa,id~ 0
"£ 08}.~ It 71

:~neJisengell' of .AII.a.h" Ibn .AJdlraJ is ~il~~ngiu"g: r nea tlu:"~ Icu:lrlui.n. of the Kahah.He (SA W) s3i:d:~:Idll :t.dm I.bn S,ld haah 2mbl';, Sl~lys; I, have been infolnlu~d. th I't '~be ,MesSe:1 gel" of A,lln 1m (joe~lce lntdl b~elsi.lgs nf .AUn.h be '!lIpion him) 'VIS; n~t '.. : f 1"1 In 'nh·e stab! 0.. ...1fllurm" .

=lt i;~



tttldit~iQn' and



by the


sU~'J_PUJ~~ in

the books J7~.(Jnfioned pnt'lliDusiy

with th€ abov« had!' h..

Cha:pter Q'mI the Turban 10,1''~he RlIMSeElge:r .p,ea1ce and b·h!s.sings of Anata be, U fJ 0.111 h~.[lm)'!'

of AUm.1t (m;a.y

aillJg).'i,.F~:IQi.1U Jlb~r' {m,m.:}" ,AJlah be pl'ea:5H:~d 'with hill].) ''II~ho

sa~d: The ME4~~eJ1g,e'.~~f AUa1fl (rna:" plaice and bl,es,si gs of n .A.U,m:hbe 1:1.1)0.'1 hinl) 'ent:er',ed Malikah :~n 'tile :;1{}JU~' of the IC 0 rh11IiI est ·",,,bUe.he had a b!a elk turban OI:l. :hlm. 11 "M2~ f1arfWOO by lvbrfflim il1 t/rlr5 boak of pilign11~~ fJl45}/99()j~Abti f)mm"d .i~1Ine' ,oo()k; o/'clQ#lmg (4/4()7.6)' Gfld Al,.1'irfJI;idhi in Inl1' book of c.io!htng {tf!J 7j5Jcotd t~ts !'ifJfd to be hadJtt1' lrmcm sakih: AI1 .Nii'a: ,ri iJ~ [he book oj ~4ctJ1asik (i/2869J in ,Ire book {)f.(1dr)J11In~J11 {8lJlljl .ibn .Allajah in the boo/t aj:Al Jihad {21 2822} and in Ihe bodk .qf d..athit~g(21.35ID}ant:l Danmi i'~lim hook qf Alfwl(J.slk (V) f)19) aJr:l.lJ1:'{l}'l1, A/m,uld In his MUSI'1[ld {3l3631387} ,f1111.(:I'Ab~l Slwnik}il. p'(jJg~' 1'22q.

i :1 o')~. '~rom .J',~t~jf:~.. n Am r b, Hu r aith lictp,orlJed his, father bi sayillg: ~.Ihad seen the ·r\otl',ess:e:l1g,e.rof .Alblh (m.~y peace a.liJd 'b~essi:l:g.s (If Alla.1t be 'UI(l'uJn11 iru.)wci:1 i"li.ng a black till rhan,

by Ibn ,Mctjah' ,i1'1 the book ()J~At Jihad (2/21121} and IH the book of C.1{)ih~11g {2/3587}and the Iw,diIII 1M'Qi' narrated also by
·D is


tradiUon It

llra~' 1:C1fmu1'd 1



and A .. ' Nisa .I'i wuh lh~ words :,/7e{pe,Clce and m blessings ,of'Alkln be upon 17f.m)Qtidrfk'i:atd 'he prlo.ple O~1
the {)':l;dpit



mentioned i'~1Ih-e.follf)14/,111g hadi~'h.

l '1:I)~~IF:limm, ~Jiafar bln t\u1,r bjnll:unli ijll 'wh,{j reported In the· .a.U'tb~rU~y ilf his i";a.tliie'r· that AJla111';s _;~essellge.r (peace and b~usi,ngs ~'f AI tah be IIIpon IdulI) addressed Ule peopl:f. (om the pll!ll Jdt)! wem,ri:ng.:a b:luclt blrlJI~,tll1on his head.
lil,~is a righdfous ~~·~(Jdi~iGn. l,~'a~'ii lt 11Q'PM'iea

Ibn Alla}ah

tn the


of Imaamal« (J11.l04) ,m(i .i ~1' l he .btJok of

{2 13584} "lvtwdi.m in the. hook of JJajj (2,/4j21f)'9())'~ Abu .Dawud tn Jh,(: book. of clrNhtng (414(1i'7}and An Ntsa'! in the book oj',(JQ(J'n1meru.

l:ll)I.~ Freen .·brl Umer (may Allah be: p:~eased '~N:itb hlm) wbo' sa.id.:. 'Whentll,e .M!f'ssell.g.er or A11a11 (peace and b:~essiJilgs, (If AUa.h be ulpmm. hi:rU) 'fas'tened h~s 'turban:; be: used ~o putthe· hack .. end: pOI'doll ![Iir ·tllle turban betvve.el, his, shoulders ·fl.·onll the .ba.~k.,N'a.f~~a}r:: .1bid seen Abdull ab bln
.Am a r (may AI ta iii: ItI e plei'lsed ·\vj,tll. liliiOi.) ~weaI" ~:f'~n the :s:am.e·

UbayduUI.b,\\rbo iB Ute sl~tuleU't ~rN;;dl~s!m.ys,: I sa~f QflaJ!l,hn bhl, .M:llhannu;ul ,and S,aa.Un,. bito Atul.ulhJih de Ithe: manner; is a righleo~~s tradiuo» b~Ji the. t~inad the compHer of contains da jift~4:!(:jakness}, It Vilas nar1''(J$ed by l-b.. irmidhi T i~' the book: of clothir,g {II 173.6}(J}lJdAbu Sn'CItkh p~ge


1.23 ~rf,~h#1·f!; same tsnad .It cm~t.ains .Yayah Al Jari' 'd~h(J

sa1J~;:;1 and rtht1.haiU ih .lfjiQ~~oiner .U .~ahihas .8hatkh A'lbarni said.

is; true with

kll~ge- numbe» of lapse.If CiS HqfUh ibn: Hajr

rrect ~vi,,/I.e.l1c(1.' IhQ'~' mak«

IJ..l) "~ ·'I~om. I bn ,Abbass (m 9~! ,A.JiII,3j ~ beph~\a!S,ed. w~.tb .hbn) w:b.o sa id,:: The MeBie1ilge.... of AUa]). odd ressed the p eo-pIc lOin

Ulif~ ,1)UI',pU~, 'wts,l·in.g: !cdnt~) In 'hIs head,



blrn;ba,liI, (Of" an oiUy' sf:r:,m,p


-It is a !'~ghieO'r'I.s' tl'ClcIUtt)r~'. It 'WO'.s; ,narrated by b1.Ul~11' .rl ,t. ,-,- -:1' .', 1,(., ,; _J d"':Ji - ~-; .' 'f' .i; _., ,~.-~,::-I". ,i':~nma'J '7~,,,N.S ,J:V.IU,~~MU'.{"2~'07'-,j I' .ana tne en ;~gln - (~: l,'u? l"lau;lln ' ''WI ls in AI B~~khari h:rt, 1,'11'(1 book ~f ~~tnl4'(1j;{616328}afl,(1 in the
.,1; • -; ",dI

book qf'the 1?1:r!ri of ll~eA r/J1ar{713800j. is

C:liHIJ1)l,tc:l"" 01111 ~1lJ:II1IJ~.i'i 'j,Z:c"lJ ~U'. (lwaist W'I'f'pper, si~u'(nril:g) iQrf' nil e A:piosthe of AUI,h ('p1ea,ce' and b~!essi!ngs of Allah. be Ej,pon hhn)~

~~, ~'iIFrIDm Abu Bnrdah :1.4)

,'t\~ho Ill:rnl'ted

't:rrnm, Ids 'fm,thfl"

,that Atii:hia showed us a patehed sheet and
.:itII,.... !Ib

thick eoerse ~Ilnw', tben S1i1Jd: The spirit of' the ApfJstl e iJf AUa,b (m,ay 'me"'" r:., iii- .,. 'U..1 1 :i'rrilIO,Q A-, -h 'Ri.~ ta__ .Iii. . I~ ,I"" I,UI, u~,~ U1<1'1_ _ I........ unen 'h'll' m 1'~ n --,I,," !!. II"-,eil!ji "I' I~besje' clethes,
,r.;n, ~.I
rn;'! '-'






, __ '_'





»It was narrated by AI' lJ~/klu~,l iii the: bo(ik Df clotMing {JOJ S818}, iVh~slim {3t34/J'J/)'(J4fJ}i' A.bl\t Dawud {tl/ 4036} and .Af-1'irm,/:(J(.t'hl {41 .J "l33} and it is siaid 10 he CI t; ,.-,,~:,~~. L....... •... s: ·h.·· ;iII/,,1'1..", ~,..fff;iF.,J... {'I :J"~5- ti' ;I~ i'j,.,€ nay}~~~ ,r,f:CL~an j~fitJi: ,1~l~O ,U,Jn: ,i~~h,;~II,;d"f, ,"'{ ,.J..l ,I ~n_ I:..·', 1' 1 ~1;.' -- ~ ,-", I . '.-". ~ d r~", l",.·,Ahmad hj ,vOO[(;' OJ" aotnmg. l;cj W',Q",' ICl,SO narrase; LiJ} "mm~1, nmoa in
H _.

his Alhlsl~Cld {6/:3.2},ltn1' Sa 'd tn A tabaqaa! A bu Shaikh ,page J l ut Ilj.


:1.1.5)1.. ~F rom, b:in Sfll,celu who sa,id~' I bea rd! my ;[l,llIld: 'Iluu_.-'ra'ting !un Ulle: ,3111lihrn'dty of her' unc Ie U bayed, bIn Kbaalid l(n1,ay ,AI,lIJ~'1la 'p:~lIfiasedw:ith ,Idm) 'who ~imid'::' Whiil e be. 'II "ro-" ~", 'IlL,,::. . '~, tt- 0,I' ,_, ',:hd]],liI,.b _ t.. - 'M> .- )J,' -.[ ,111'","~ 1 'A ,I,,_'I'~ m li1ie''''~'o II. '~,['IIS, ,\,\1';3l:\JIill,g III _,lt1e ,s.J'ee_
,(50 i!i;<!Ii ... ,..




n'!llm behbu:l me say:: Tuck tfP heeause it mIv,oi s physi cal d '(N',aJals.mh)~ Whe;ll1; J turned' to


r ~owerga, rm ent (lz:a ar )i' and s p,i l-tu~d impuddes


'\\jho wa:s 't~d]:{lng:, I'


and ldess:~ngs of AUah 'be,upon him) and I sakl; 0 Messeng,e:r of A:~II:d~, this :is a shnple: lungi" hl,\I' can IDe be-come prlOill1ld? lie sald: wouldn't, y 1JI1li ~ H~eto' "oUow ~nll,d do 1.i:IIH~; n-u~?] SI,W tha,t I] is lungi rea ehed tn 111~d.f Ids shin,
fhat it was

dl,e; M eg;se!ng;eir (If ,Allla:lil, (peace

•J:~ ts a right,eous lradhio.n but the' isnad of'the compiler coma! 11$ da r{w,eClknes"~) J t 1rI~a~"': narrated by ijl1CWI'n' _ Ahmad in his m'u;'Cnad{5/3'64}r. .An. Nisa 'i in Al Kubrah {51 484} and .AI bu ,Shaikh page 1 J 2j.b.r.tejly. The .hadi til

has other evidence in ,AI Musnad Its isnod is ;,~ahih and'
the outharities .(!l"lhe isnad are reliable.

bin Al!(w,m. m,ay AUa,h he pleased with, him) ( who says.::: ,thmann (may Amah be :p,]eased with him) \Vl!ilre his iung~ (iza ~.) d,11tbem; ddl,e' (If 'tids shin a E1d said: This b~ '1r.rr"N ·m·y-· cnm· po nlen 'I'· i,."~FO'-.-, ...",,,,~, -:;-" IIv_n ~w .,.;.. ,tt.."",Anostle ~I A-· -I'ila .U,n· .. lre nl<l ~l!JIng)l,~ ~~,'''''. I~"~!!iiii!ll!'~·
ll6)~,~ Salamah
T_ , -,
!!JI' _


..t is a righuous traduion but i

is cIa"lf{MNJ;(1kl It was narrated Its isnad contains Musa ibn If bald whu is da ~,if[weakJas
A lnani

the isnad of the compiler by Abu Shaikh page J.J 2.

Hafh'l1 said but the hadifh has other evidence and Shaikh
j 1:_

].17)". Frem IiIu dhalfa (may AUab, he pleased wii.tllil him.) who reported th,:JI.t:,,A,~blh's, M'essenger (may 1U'!IU;!e a.llI .tdess;hl:gs of Anl,1t be 'Upon Iii im) CfUl!l:glit hold ~r fhe lower part (!If m:Y' s h il1I.cu,01ilis s:~ iII ,mnd then said: This: ~s tiU! pi aee of wearing, the lower'ga,rmerni, {I,p' to hailf \vay do-w:n the s.hin,l.lf you d(J.Iil"'~ do tha't" then keep it lowe'!' (tba:mi, the: s;1lI ) a nd if you stl II eannor 0 bserve itt keep, ,it '~(J!W'er and ln

'l'OI~;Iit.ICl' l,~'~''''',

g-'''1II'rm'ent '!biU.


:h'''''c~ 'miO'
'_ -

1i":·lDlI..t·i,-o·· ~":!:Iilll I,

.olio ,' 'th ,,",:3i.D, -

k~· ..', !~e, l't· Ui, no... ., • ' ~es, -"I'

permissible to t:r,ail it dil)wn tIr~ the a wkles. ·U is a righteous
by AITtrmidh: in the book qf clothing {4/J 783} and said it is

II was narrated







hadlth nason sahih.. Also Ibn Majtth iH' the: book of clo thing {31B5 72} lAn NiJ:Q' i i11 the book of adommem {85344} ondln1flJ'n Ahnw' in his n'IMsfud {5I382/39tiI3981--4lJiJ} "


Chapter' on th.ew:alk

of' the Messe.l1:gtM'· If .A];~fJih. (ula.y peace and blessings of A.~I~l·hbe upon :fidrn)",
(mna.yA.mJ~lh. be pleased wU~ h:il11) who sa.id: I did l1o·t see any ODie'm.ml'e handsome t~h~Ul

118)n Fro.1n Abu Hurslrah

tlli e l'rlesslen!l!er of AUa iii (may peace a iii d. bles:sing,s. of .A.I:!ih f be upotJ: :him). It was 9S if the bri.g&tness of ,the sun shone lfirom his face, I did not see ,8rl!yuw·e wa1k 'faster than blm as if the earth flooded. f'(rr hhn~ A few mnments a.. he w(udd g:o be here, and then there, We found It dum,cult (I keep pace ,~hen we wal ked w'ith hi nil and he was W:1dkirn:g at hils, normal paee,
~Jf is hadith hasan but the isnod of lhe compiler is da' ifrweak). It uJas narrated by A t- Tirn1-idhi in the book of virtues {51 3648} and said it is nadUh ghartb .J(, lV.aS also narrated .~y Imam Ahmad in his Musnad {2/350!380}!Aln~'sheikh pagle {270} andlb» Sa'd in At'abqaai{ 114J51 Its isnad contains I ibn Lohi'a HI.h.ose n~emlory became v eak in his oJd age after bUi"ning his books but the hadif.h has iJlthe.r evidence narrated by ibn Sa 'd and Bathaqi ·with. klJeak tsnad. The' hadUh with· us narrations reaches 10 the degree 0/ being f1cu:ilthhasan . .~19 F rem '(bra him. bin .Mlldi,:,t,lllm,ed w 1iI.'0 snys'~ '\Vh,en Ali (nuIY .A·m.a:h be pleased wlth hiln) described the Me-sscrige:1" ef .Aoll.ah (may peace and bles:sings of' .AU~dl be l1pontlim), he 'Used. bl S31l' th.a,t when dle Mess:e:li1ger of AUah. {SA'W) walked, he liitled fiI~sleg with ·vi,gor. He (Uti "I't· drag h:is feet 01 the ground like 'w{I,m,:::, do!" '\Vhen he ''\~a~ked, because of n
1 )".

U1e speed and for',ce of h ~s ~e,gs, i'l seem ed as if he was deseendi ng f~om a, ~'~ghplaee,

isnad is wei1k~ II



before in hadtth

'7~m~'ber6} qfih'is book. (Ash Shamaa 'tl}. {
i20)n From AU bi,n A,bl Ta,~i,b (.m,a:y AUi~J] be pleased wIth hhlil1) 'l\\'N:O s~dd::' '\'l'ben the Messenger (If AUal~ (m,IY peace and blessings of AIbth be upln bim) '\\'Ilked, he bent sUghUy forl:v::urd as if he was d:es,cendi ng 'from a h 19b pi alee .' It is f~ I';j:ghteous tra dii:Uofil iii nd the b,1 ad OfU1H!: tompi:ler- is wea k. It "vas men ti oned bef0 re hi fhi S, b(H)I( {As:b S'h,am:a~,';r~number -{ },. i 5
',' ' oa. filli.a'i" C,I~ PI,t"
.1)11; ",I!;",t ~ II;}




om the q:h"ula(I) IJf :th,e Messefl g,er of A:llhltiiJ (:lillay peace a ndb~e-s,s,i ngs of i\,i 13 11, be upon him) Itqill a a IS the

doth which tl~:e: essenger M

of A 11:i},hvll:fie, on h is head.] '

bin Malik (may AU:9,Jii be pleased ,"ri'th hinl) who says::: The l\t.,esseoger (If' Anah (In ay peace and b:~es;~dillgs Ana,1t be u pen him) often, ',"vo:t1e a c lo~h on ih is of head ~ H;s cloth, becaus e of :its, greasiness, Iom;lred, as if had, been elled,
J12~,) ,.,.F:n;;m, AI[as

-lts isnad is we,ale. It wa~ memioned before in this book numbe r 32.

Chapter" 21.
Chapter on '~he ,Messenge." of AU,a,h;s (pfflce and blessings, ,~)f A~Iah be IIJ pin him) "'f~Y of :dUi ngo

theICu~ulg~uer ,./" M',''- ~Im .,1,., ,-,ll.,,,,., akh ramah "-:!fc' 01 .. ""'mil ,-,-~,.JI sahli t'ha'l she saw dleJProp,het (In,ay peace and b,:~es!d]]gs of Allah be upon him) si.Uiiigwlth 11b,arms round hls ,Ie~s", :h'e sa,id: S
. ,"""

'1'1:2.)" __ Frem








-, ~

Whelil m saw the Apo,s"Ue of A.Ua,h (ma,y peace and bI1ess:i:m:gs mf .AJblh. be apon :1\I~:IirI,) ii:msuch a luulIIble i~dtthlg I)i!)sitiiom, I .



trem bled w:ith fear,

a hasan l1adilh, The tsnad of the comptter is da Ilweak).. It wa;~' narrated by Abu Dawud in the book of Aclab {'II 48'48} and At-Tirmfdhi {j/28.l4}and it is said


(hat we do not know this hadUh exceptfrom the hadith oj·
Abd:tlllah ibn Hassa .111 has olh'e.r evidence narrated by )th'u Shaikh page 2(9) .b'M its lsnad is weak The hadith with its narrattons reaches the' degree of being hadith

has an.


l.13)~,.Frnm dl,e uncle [Jf' Abbad bhl Tamim who narrated; I Sa W' .Anllh's, .A.posde (May The blessings and .p eace of Au h b..-· upon Idm -I,'," '0 In, hl , 1:.." .. ,il.·m "I!.. M-" ',,-,1 '.' ano II:I,a,e · _,YI"l3 ., _"IS !!J,a.tho, .,ne .. , osque ,,' ',":' -lutf.IIl'g'one lea oVler the nther, I , ,.~, --- --- -- ---'-'1--' . i,." .. )

,·It was narrated by A.i .B:ukha:ri em the book of Asking permission (62' 87), Muslim in' the' book clothing (J 6(2)
and At r,rmidhi in the book of A! Adab(276J).
said that it is a I~,(}undfi~fe traduion. AlS,o Abu in the book oj'A1Adab (4866) and At M-uw-aUa (87). 124)~. Frem

11 was


Abu Slid ill AI Khud ri (flfII3y ,Anah be pJ~a,sed ,yidm, him) w'hw said: "Ibm U~e Apos:Ue If .A.II~ h (m.ay peace f~ and blessi Illgs of ,~Uah be 'U p.ol h'im) sat, he had I:lis kn ees drawn up suppe rted by '1\1 IS, ha.nds~
'Ilt is a rtghleo,~'9traditton but
is 'lIe," )IIAeak 11 was


isnad ofthe compiler

narrated ,by Abu Dawud in the book of Adab {Gener.al. behcrvicHW} (4846)r A.i BaihOlqi in AsSUR;mm Al Kubra/1.{3/236}and Ibn Adia in Al
JGalnil {lll 74],

This is a very weak isnad .A b if Dawud

said about this hadith: Abduitat» ibn ,Shaikh is M1Amkarbut

and had his: knees draw« ,t'lp supported by .his hanas. {namued by .JvtusUnvJ'IS28/1Bj)- Also (he hadith o/Jabir i.l.n1. Sulailu who said: f.J'}u1;n I cam« to' the P""rl:p!1'(!.'t { peace and bless i Jigs oj" A,Uah be llj),()11 hiJ7l } ~ he' was sittmg' 'tvjfh his hQJ1'(il~" round his kn-eesk~,l,e'a'ring the cia ,,:k' and its !ling,e. 11(erS aver his feet. {U '~>1l'aS narrated by A bu Dawud {4/40'7 5}, ,Ai Baihrlqi (J'J23 6) and A hmad in his

the hodUh- Ifl1S other evidence that s,reugihe,n il' Js.~lC,h as ~/1£' haclith of ibn U"nat {~4aJl Allah be pleclJed ]~'ilh hi'm}who said .I ~~tflF Allah 's Messenger (peace and biessin~ of'A llah be, upon hin?J in the ca~,,·tyor,d of ,lhe' v '(J ' tnt! ,..- .,.'. , J.,.,., sd «a ib'" m': ,1&· liq-Wl.t.flng pmJIMUJn puumg' r1.1._ nana r (JUrl__ u__ii his legs like thi:i,[narrated ,by A I .BJ~lIdu;IJ;i: ,J /6272} jand {J the hcrdUh of tbn A bb(Js~fjf/vlay Ii II ah be blessed with hil1t }who said: The lWes:rr.enger- fffAlJ:ah prayed eleven rQ:ka~s
'<". --~--:,!. ~ -".~

musnad {51oj}
C h 8111'ttl" 2.1

the :pUIIi1lW Df 'thie 'M!cssenger pea,c'e and. bIHs:i:ngs, of Al bi,b 'be np1on. :I)lm,)~

of A~Uah (mcay

'(25).~ From J'f,b,il' b:iin Salrti1ul ah (n~~ay,A~I,ah be pleased w'ith bbl1) who ,$:IlI,ld: I saw tb! ProlJ!lllet (O},ay peace :and, ltdessings ntt" ,Alla.h be: UJ) on him) s~Uilll.g recU Idng on a p,im:~)W w:td,ch was on lds '~eft,side..
narrated ~y ,)U·,TiP'mfclhi bi #f(2 horde of A.dab (51 2770}ufJd it is said to be a hadilh hasan gha1'ib. Abu Shaikh page (J 70) arrd bnOl'12 Ahmad ';17 his -Musnad {5 0.8,(;;8 7}, 1tw-oo' ,CiJ:~·,(J 1~al~n:lte,d A b 'J.' Dawud in the by book of clo.ll1ing f 414l4'3}. A/s,o _fn),m Jabi r bin S~m:~ Mn.-rl1 Iik.e Ute nOl ran on q, , ,S,"'iJ\f'tQ1.tj!Q.Qii ,,1 -li'A'~' . t.- ~~l., u;







1l6)1!~Frnm Abu Ba.kr'a, (Wl,SY ,Allhdl, be :p,~!e~u!led ,flh hit») " 'from his, f:atb,er "ho, SJli.id~ The Messenger (ltf AUah ~f,~d:

L~ r ·s-- d:1100ul


i:l1.fol"m you ab01l1t the gre:1;test




answered; Yes, 0 Allah"s A,p~st~e. lIe ~H)id:T'(!Ijoin oth,e.rs ~:n '¥(ln~,hi,pblg Allah ~n1id to be und-I'Mild to (Bile'S parents. Thdl;rnphet -( aIypiea,oe and blessings of' Anah be '_~:Jmn m hh:m) sat U~I aftel' he had been red;nin,g (on a ,UIf,Jw) and said: And '~ l¥1 rn you ~Igains'~ ,~v-[ng false witness and he kept om sayi ng that 'v~u'n~ng tin 1ve thought he wiu.~d not step

(the' apostate to repent and those who ob.sUnately r:e.fu-se tIre $ruth [though the)1 know lhai if: is ,the' truth} and figh,ing ag(}jns!: such ,pt!op.l,(!}{12'l69} 9j, Also Mu};li:trl in tlice book ,qffaUh (J 1143191). A l~TIrm idhi {4_1J 90 Jj.cmd Imam Ahm'ad tn his Aliusnad (5136138); Al B'aihaqi in As Sunnan Ai' ,l(u!Jrah{JOlJ 2.J}.
]l7).~. F,rml1, ,A'bll Juhaifah ,"v:ho I'e,ported the Prophet (peace and blesslags ,O!f AUall be '1lI1)on hlm] sald:: But I do

narrated b)! A i Bu,khari in the book of the wi tnes ses (51265 4;' and in lhe' book 0/' Ada/) -{IOf j 9 76} and in, the book of obliging those who revert jj"O", Is lam

lu~teat 'w'llilerecU



»It is a sound f,~JOQdUim'fJ. h 'was narrated by A I Bu khar! in the book offoods ((1539815399), Abu Dawud {313769} and .A t- Tirmidhi (41183(J) and iI is scud to be; hadi lh basan sahih A l~oIhn ,Mcgah in the book q{ food {2/3261} and' iWl£fJll AI7J?UKl in hiSN!usnad {4/3 ()8? 3()9'[and At Balhaqi in AsS~nm'Cm' Al Kubrah (7149)"
],28]-.• F:t'1lun ,Abm J'ldullifa,h (tn.m.y .AUah 'be pleased ~fU~1hblll) vil~, said: The Messenger uf AUah ( Inay peace and

l~,ressiiI'g$ of ,A I~ah be upon him) sa id: I rlIi~ :filO~: eat a meal 1 while leani ng 3'g;;d nst ;1, eu~:lld{jn(twi,cc}-(Z)

~ll MIl'QlS narrated by 1b11 Ad.qjClli (3262J and Abu Dawud (3760). .11 is a SOl,U1d tradition like the previous Jwa'iih

12'9)~. From J[~i r 'bhl 8amu rah (ufl;ay .A.IIah b e~pJ:eased w i'tb b hbllJ) w:IiI.o sa ~d~ :1 5 a.\V the PI"O pillet (IRay peaee and 'b~esJ,:s:i.ngs ~:d~' AnalfJ. be: 'Ipc.:m. hint) .8mtti.og wlhU,e recUwll'i11:,g: mlila pUIO\¥'i' -It wa;.. narrated ~
{5/271 I}

Dj' Ai-.rirfufdl1.i

said mentioned b~fore in menber 1.:J.1..

book of Adab it i.'IF hr:l!d.tth ht1S{JIf~' s (J.'nt h.. It l:I!.W in


(m~y' ,AlJiah be plea~~M!d·"tv~llbhb:liil:) '~i~'I:l(li sa.id: Tjlie~less·elil~ger of AJbdl (peace a:rnd blessings ·of AJla.h be: up·Oin hi,ll1:) btcorme :iiU, so hie (ceme out) wi,th the Sll(il'.port or US)fLm,[~. ·ilbII. Zayd and led t1~:e~'collDllarlions (m;:ay A.~I,ilI,h' b lileased. '¥~.th them lin :rl·n·~.:yI!I·" '"~if!al ng: ;a, yUliu,aa.ni printed r sba\v ~ at Ul.aJt Ibm e,
131!)i)~. :F".rI1UDI

-It is a sound' tradition: lt lvas

~'Ulji'ta'ied OJ' l'nl£1.i'T:I. .A'hrt7Cl:Cr

in his Musnad {]'!257 1262.128J}!, Ibn ,Hiban in his ,s,a"hih l41J'8} and Abu ShaikhpagfJ.' 120.
l:;lI J~,..F~·ODilA.~ 'FHd'~b; n Abl~ass (Dl,ay Allhdl.be pleased wi'~h hi m) 'w'ho ,s:ahl: I ICID]ne 'EO 'fhe Mes;se.nger' of' .A.na:h. art

the thOOt,cof' his 1:9st i'~:IIDess be,fiure :ll.e~pa.ssed

I \V;I],y"

A. 'y1eUorw

~and was flst~n.ed. around.lldisbem,d~ I gr1e,eted: ld In :and a Her re~JI.yi:ng" be :Ils,ted me t~ fasaen "the band 't;,gl1.dy' a riO 11£11 h i~. l1I.em,d~ earri ed o!nt h:fS, re'ltlest~ 'The'n~~:fi) the I re
lVJ:esseogler of' AUah (peace

b~es~:ii:rng8(If AUah be 'upom

up, th en .stfllid up suppo rtlng .dlOlnildet and entered tbe MOSiql!l;e,.

hi 111)-


on my


ls a, de;ta.i:~ed'hJJddoolt


this 11 tb,~ adi

·11 is a weak tradili.on. It l'li'as- narrated by Abu Yalaa and A l Tabaran: in A I ,Kabi ir and A.kn!JSiQ'l,. A ccordi ng 10 Az "7 ' ch ,"" ,.'~.' /,' .iIIJ,;,. .I I '. ~m{lal·· id ita ceatn comasns ,t';i!:r!),~l,'iLl'aiaa staa b "" , _us~tm. om M<" .1,' .
r, r ~




Ibn Htban said that he is reliable while others said that

he is da ~if {weak}. The rest of the aumormes CIte reliable .. Hofith ibn Kathir said: There is strangeness in • . 1:"· '. d' r""12-' :j'j-) tts cnamana ns text. IJ!" J '"


Chapter 24eba pter {Jill, the desc rl p!tioo of how the Mes 5 enger of AUl1,b (1\1ay peace and blessiw gs ofAJ]I~d, be upon hi _) ate;
j(,32,)i. Fro.m :Ka',ab 'hi'll, Malik {may ,A'III~I.ti1i,llle,pleased with tdm) froimhisr faU!ller 'wbm s:aid:, Tile Messemger of AU all

(m,ay peace and blessings of Allah, be, Ill,p~n hlm] l,icl{led h,js fl nge:r thr.ice (afler ealing} ~A bu Easaa sJ[I,jjd,: M aha m med 'b~n Ba,s lin r 'Ilarr,ated Uli:s ,~:m.d!i,th nd sald: 'He (peace and a bless ings of Allah be u'p-o:n hi,m) I1.cked his '~h:ree'f ngers" -Its isnad is sahih

but it camradicts


narration of the

reliabte hadl th.
J.J3)~",'FrO'IlI, Ana! (may A~lah be, 1]~,eaSied with biml) w'ho sai d: The Mess,enger of AUah (may peace and bles sings of ;\1,'1 ab be upon him) IJ sled. 1m llek h,is three '6ngers :after

-It was narrated by ,Ut1~·Un1.n the book oj' dCf'inks I (3/13611607), AI Tinmdh: (J803/4)~ Ab» Dawud (384013)


the book of'foods

and Imam Ahmad in AI. Musnad

1,34)"," A b'uJ uhayfa IlIJ (m,ay ,AJ1:ah be pleased w:itb :ldDl:) s:a,ii,d:::The AplosUe o;F' Allah (,m,ay Ilea/ce' ,a'mdbl,essin:g,~, of

AUa,1} 'be Ii" • reeunmg,


'hiM.) sai,d::, B:llI~ ,I d~o lUll eat 3

meal 'w':bille



narrosea by AI. ,Bukhar{ in the; hook t)f

{9153981j'3'99}~Abrml ,DUH1W;i in the book offoods (313?(9)~ At-ll1;omidhJ {4!183,fJ}CtHd Majalitn the book. offoods lb~

'I!..." IdUl1 )

135)". Fro:m Ka'b bill, MaUlt. (,m,my AUlb 'be pleased ,vi:tb "dl t. f :,.1.. 'W~I0 s:a~j:: '1- was til 'lIU~ Ii.. Ib."t 0' 'I.@:,! M' essenger ua u:ll f -b ~,~Alii aLI~ peace and blessinssiI:Y"' nf,-41,tt.,1 _Ii.. I.l..;m; iilf!l;.n,-n b ;;;m'-') 'i.....ili''''·,:.t 'la- IJI Ilh. (:m,:lll'\)I' I, , l'.~:se three 'fimlg@rswb:i:I'st I~a:tirn'gand 'h.e alsa I~;ckeddIem",
'L,. '1;., _;;[ ... __ _ _ _ _'1!,..,;;:mL





narrated by-Mlls Ittn i.~: lhe book of drinks (31160 j), Ahu DrllIiPud tn the book offoods (313848) and

Imwn AhnuKI. in' Ai Alhisnad (314{)4J-,

bin Mank (may Ana hi be ]ll~easled wi.th
I.' 'I, ." )" )'

'dm) who s3!id: Da:te-s: 'W\f:re brought to the. Mes~~n,gel" of All ,_a'h I('mu!" p,l,ce and t.._ II - '. ~,- e" ", an !lHe8Slmgs, (JI ,t1;.I!,H-I' Ie b -. upon . ~um'ii' , -f' ..... 'I"L '. 1,,' .. 1_ . _ ,_~y III ;r;,\'iI' 'm.. im O'_!;·Ii"i;·'=,II4iID·~·t.'DDiI- -.., ~"'~'I!l,IIi,;Iij;II.·;I;;·nIJ h:~CI ba "';'k '[~"b"L)nIill!IL :3. WI,1'1, C m'om~' .-' illf ,- ,,' - ' , U "',.1 !ll.H.~. r (10 r s~:methinIJ.,

1_, '






'_.. \Q~_'


bread, ,of 'tb e A,postle of A:~bdlti (may peace and blessi:ngs of AU ah be UpOll him,).
Q'A 'tJlt




IJ7),u From s,mld:: The bi,e:ss ings, 0" W'i'UI ba rl ey

A 'bd~a (nrHly AUah be Idc'a.s1edwith her] 'who f~~l iIy m,f'ID bers of M uhammed (p eaee and m A,Uah be UIJ 0'1 I\d:r.n)didn '~It fill tlPleir su:n:nadl$ br'ead: £iU he passed: a,way.

»lt 'W'Qsnan'fJ'ted by Muslim (1.28.2), At Ttrmidh! in the book of Asceticism (2357)1 Ibn Majah (3'346)f Al ,B'~Jkha;f"i {in the book .of loads and A hn~ad in his Ml"srlcu:1 (12'8/156/255)"
t38),,,~,~ F"" i ,Alb, I, Urnm,"'~ ;Ai,n,,,, A") B· ah 1,1 ("iIjl']J- '!Ii'V A"',I'II'·"11 J!J e !i'li'iI11!i'liI't., a ~~ill lI.. " "rrunll, .Ii>!ll!,,' p,~eased w'it:1ll ~,i:ln) who $ai.d~ Bread m,ade of' b~n>'ely was
,c -\dd[,1 ,II. ,iL'I.,J" c

neve r

i'l tlle~'(lIlJSe IDf tbe' M,eg,s'en:ge r of' AUI,h (nulY peace and b~essl ngs 'Of AIlla,b lie U,O,I him)"
·.11 WtlS


narrated by

,1:1:1 Tili'i,Pnidh.i 2 3 5.f)~ and iI


said to

be hadi lh hasan sah! h glmr.ib. Also Imaam A hm'lrd in A! M~lsnCld 2'67; and Ibn S 'ad In At abaqaal {40 1}.


'Ibn Abhass (DUty ,AUldl be pleased wlth him.) who reported: AUa:h' s Mftss:mger (peace ,Iilll,d blerssirnrgs of' A11'Rlh be; ~lpO~.'him) used 't~ S,t~:d m,a.ny conseeutive nights '\Ti'tbout lea!'~iilllog: ;m,ll.uJ '!TIlls Ihous,e!h~iild ~:ndl1"t fl:ll,d I,ny Slipper and g;ener,any' Ul,eir' bread was t'tu.~ 'brtuul ml' bflrl~y"
sound tradition . It W,ttS' narrated by AiTir:midhi tn 1.. ,,,~r '.. 'd ,~ tne uOO~, oj' asce uctsm:(.11'/'13" ·(£0'1'_b CN:«.I.u IS sat. ... to vie ~I.& U . j' had!Uh hasan sahih.Also Ihn'Majfl,h in the book offoods {213347}, .lnU.JJ11 Ahmad ,~,~his M$~snQ;d {1125513731374}
,jJ l .it.
'ft,~ ",~.

13'9)~. From

»It is

ond Ibn Sa'd {1'1400j.


140)". From Abu 1I,~Liim.'who na n'i,'ted :i I asked Shal bin Sa,'ld : Did AUoh"s, A:po~de {mlay peaee and bl,eS's,i:ngrs of AUn h be npoD h:im) eVC!I"eat 'bllead of' \vbj ttl(fioe) i1:our ? He


answered ,: A~~ah~sjA[p()stle (peace and blessings of A~II,h be UP~)li1 ,11m) i never used 110 eat~rhi tJe lou r ,tltl ~)'~s i;;uJ,t days ..





The quati,IilUJcr' then :a,5ked: Di d yuu lise to sieve ftou r ,at 'll-h',e,- t,· -, ,of7 the 'M"'-"(' : ~ ,_II·,,"!.I'~; ' ." _I.m,e ,_', _ ,Ie " esSle:n,:g:er fie,"f" A' .u, '1..,' 'U_,Ie repJjI,e!.l~! ,N',,0-, I~'"'W'",als, ",', ~~a,lil ~ ': d" h ey 1],(11 fL serve,. Th e' "l [Jles,ti"' 01fU~r then ,ms,,' 0 d 'H' " len . k .: .01" was,o.f._ '~ bres,dpre:[Jilu",ed? Shal (lI:I3,Y ,Alla b be plle~u~ed with hIm) I"epi'ied: We used to b low' inti the Hau r and th e b:i.:g pa rticl:e~ ft.,e,v (Jut.,n'U! rest "vas made i:mto! dfUl,gh.































·1~ a rig:hteo us tradition II was narrated ;~y A I B'iJldJari is in the book of foods (9/j413)~ and AI-,Tfrrnidhl in the. boa" of ascetichnn {412364} and it is said to be hadtth f1.astll1' slC1hih. Jon ,Majah in the ,bovk q( foods {11333:5},. A: (...'C'D',rdi.Mg /'0 Az .zctl~"'aid:'hs chain. ~\' sahih and lile; authorit ies are reiiabl e. If 'was also narrmed by Imam A.hnlad in ,h.islV[u;sood (51332) andIbn Sa 'd {11408}. ]411).", From, Anas bhllMaJUt (may A.I:1ahbe ]!li:le.:.u;,ed 'with

kiln) 'vh€J said~; The'Messeo,ge:r of ,AI~lh -em,ay peace and blessings of ;\11:11.1 be' upnnhi,n:l) never ate 'food from ,I ta'b:liB:;. nor from small Jii~,atesnor WiiS chap:aa:ti (3 type' Elf 'bread) ever made fo:r til im. V IUllIlS it m,ay ,Jtdlla.h be, pleased with:

him) s3iid,: I asl"ed


then en 'w'liuat cUd tlU?y put,

aDd. eat 'Ihej r food? He :re,pl'ied~ 0

alea-~h er ta.b!le, doth ..

·1.,.is a rfghf1eaus fr1.7Jditior1', It was narrated by Al B~lkh,ari in lhe bopk ,of foods {9/j 38j} and A f=,Ti'rr.n;fdhi in the book. qfJbo~' {41J 788} and it is said to' be hctdtlh ha.'ian ghar'lb. Also in {412363}and agaitl' it is saidto be hadi.~h hasan sah-ih gnor.ib,lbnMeljafJ in th~ bQQ,/v: f the' f()i()d~ o
{21329213'1'93} andlj~1:h.I'J;;.Ahmad in h~'iiVluslfud (J!l io).

~,4,l)~,. ,IWrQ:m,M:a:s-rulQ_'w':b;o s:a:ys::JI[ w;~w'l '10 ,A,1i~dila, ('may A,Ua.l1, be plleased wi.tb 'III Who said: Sh e nrdered food (t..· me er) and, began saryi.hg~: :1: never' eat a 5'i:omla,cbfu~ but f'ee~ like c:rylng,Uien ] do ery, Masruq asked: 'W]'Y dD you -feel ,~:ilke cry:~ug1 She repU0d,~' I' riell11l.ember ithe oondlt.ioil '@f' dH~:

by. Allah that
. _.

Messenger If .AJ1!a.b.(ma.y peace ;lind b~fBsi.ngs (If ,AHah be upon bi m) on wIdell. he 1.left us ftl r ·,he. next W·Olrld.~ I !3,wem,:r

be aever tille-:ll hie! ·~t··oi'liima.·c···1;. '~.'iOO'~.~:A .• u __ ~ I~ li.u·n.""
_ ip' _. • __ ._

i:I. 'U'


,0:;, I_iil!


u.n~ Uit&Y

!• ....:Ifj.~ ..

lvi'th meat or b read,

narrated by A.i .Tt.rmidhi (2356)ln the book af ascetictsm and is said to be hasan j,ahi/1 bta tis isnad contains M1Jjalid ibn Sa 'eed wha ts na~'strong as HC¢#fl said and the' .hadi.t/~ has an orlgin in

~1~ a weak tradition, It is

lhe sClhinain {At Bukbar! and li4ll.dhl1}wilhout Jnentlon'ing

icrying, ~

-,,,.,-. -~·II.. .' ,·~tl:- br F'd-.--", ····f-' .--~' r :s,tom:ac.~~.\'.I.iil ,. I.fit. mliJJ'd-'if !D. b aorl.'e~y \ . .i~- - ~ ti I'~ I:... 11 '\1' uays. 10.1 .111f: 11,,;.!I'Iri.':!i<l~U1"1''''0;'

Anas who ~1.yS,:' The ;·=csse:m.gerof ,A.n-a11m. (m,ay peace and blessings, of ADa}l. be IJIPon h:im) never r.Ued his,


f~':"-' 11"",,10 ecnsecunve .., . 1.0. rii"-" '-'~-.-,. ,-.~:'.- .


]44).~ From Anas (Inay Al~3:hbe pl.ea'SloowitlJ him)whl sa:id = Till the lend td' his Ufe'i tll.e Messenle:r' ~lJr.AIIab never' a m,m.iI!ii ii n te a ......... ""'111"')~JIl"",IiI,'iJII, t' ~~, tA··· . ~,,:0";11 of "~li hJ U_~~~.' bread ..),._ 'Y;;I!!I!.!! ~,
lb ·'1, li1Iil IWi I


Chapter Ion the deJ'lcd:pdon of the Vi.liI!eg.~I·r' mf the M'I!lS,senger iI'iIf Aj'Tlab be anO'1lI-' ~- ,' ... f .il]l II . ",! .I::Y : - hn: {L l;" dl_1 (M" -. . :lJ)eil~;!b.e .dl]:d, J...11.r:r,;:;"iZ',iing 'll. l'l,_:' U'~~:.:JI:: y, -to·· Ilhn)'

145).", Frnnl A~ ha (11l1.ay .AJI ah be p leased with her) w hu is . " sail"'d ~ T'r Ie DiUJst e:xce; -~-I' (ID d" _ ..ent _tDleDt· .IS "In~~lr ~ _ .,
._ 'I! .-, . ~ -, ..
I ,: ~. ,", -






L '.~




. ,,-.



-It is ICW ri_ghte'ous haditho'. I11rMt1.1' narrated by.MusUm'in Ihe' book oj'drinkllJ -(3/l6'4/162J)., Ai 1irmfdbi in the ,book of foods {411'84.(Jjautj it is said to be hadUh has an' sahih ghurib.. A "so IbJ~'Majan (112049). .

14,6) ,.~ F:rOII'l Nun; aaa bi 11 :Ol1,sh ~r ('tnay A Illia,ll be '(;de:ued ''''dUn), bi m) ,,~ho S9]"S,: Do y'Otlllmo~~ ,e:llij'oy dl~~uxury',of lea:Uug aad d:rlnld:l1g:? "W:t~,er'S;;1tsm have ,~H~€11iIhe :"'1JJesseF.l,gel~ of AU~djj t ('IDI,yp ea ee rand blessings of AHa h, he '1,1OD :h irrn) Dot hm.'wiillill p '" a'. " ~. - _ ," Ilype, n~ ,,t.. LO uu urs ,,~., e"'!,!:1i1ll, !!It-d'_11IlUUJ' ;i,,- ",,:.J uates ,j>, ,r.:u 'bi" smma etJ :_._
j I~,

~~arrGied by Iilus!iI?~' in the. book 0/ QJic':eticism (22'{14) and IU Tirm:lelhl (1/..06)and it is: said to be hQ'(J/iln sa/7th" Also lm'tl,n Aiunad in Allttlusnat:i (268).


14'7)~!,Ftlml JI'flJbi:r b:ilti A,bdluUa'h who ,said: The ',~ ,~,!u~ng,er IDf' A,llah I(m:ay peaee and 'b~essi.lg~ of AUI.h 'be lupin hLm) wbo sldd~' 'WIUlt ,I 'wundierfl!llc",:f:lI{U!mernl'l vi liI,eg:a,r i,s,!

'~lwas nan-DIed

by M~Jd fn,l' in


{4/1839}~A"~l'Dawud .lPI An; ,NiStCl~i {7/38fJ'5}jDmwni {2I2{J48}~ ibn ,MqJe-rh {2I3317j and' J:manf Altrnoclin' hilS'Musmd {3/J.O J/3 041153/3 "l1140fJ). ~4S'\ Fr."mm 'Z"" hda " """] Ja,lfm,1nUll' ,t'lL IJhl ~,- r--I' f:fJ;seu ,c--·',~!J. ,r-_ ,:" ,(,-" ~~ Jl.1~' 'f". ue p~ " ' ' -' ' '~ Wll!.u ,I ~hl".am Ihhu) who sahib:W~'e were hil. nm,e,co:mpIRflly (Ilf ,Abu: Mu~a ill Asha,ri (u~ay Allah be pl:eased with him,)" a nd 'f()W~ me~1.t W~lS, ,~H'~'liVled fer in cut A, nJan fil'ClIlill ,mrtn(l,ng those presen t, im,o'V'ed badL,A,bu MUSH. asked him, the rea s.on(ftl r dO~'I!1I:gso)~ He repUed: I bave seeD, the fcrwl eat som,e1tlrd Ill,:g (di rly) SI!) ]
~. .e :_)~

in tiu!! book t)j' ,foad'fk ,~hebook of foods (3/38,2013lJ2.l}i

.the, book of driTl'};k:'J





.. ,,,.,' "',' l b 1191 . ..JI'" "' nen :swore," oa,,~~,j'l ~"I''" \'\iI' !lUI,i..;j] unt e:Jb ":',~ ",'A' ."',. ". ',III,LIcSI, ~:~Uy~, Tll--an t u uo ., 11,ll-" I,!I!U -~'I--.-, --'";' c~:n[nlleen ('a nd eat] far 'I _. ave seen t'he M',eSS·fliOer' , ea t' llg·iJtle , _', _ _, _..' _ .1 _. ,',_,.. ," . " ;~" .:ii., .11, ' .]. mrefd, ,of f~ 'fIDW~' t,e,., ch;,dl!e:l~"

~lt &1; a sour,a traditior/'. It 1'ItaS narrated by Al Bukha,ri in the booic of s.i(rughlerll~g (J5.lB),lvl'usUP}1 in the book of' .faith (l270)'iAi Ttrmidh! ill flu]' book~([Jod'JJ: (182'7) and A]1 Nlsa ~lin t.he boot: td'.hw'lting (206).

AHah (m,ay'pe~u~e und bb!ss:ting~ ~f AU:a,b be
,~~, ~

0'" f'

(.H"n'b' i'lil-rli'lllo')
.' ~ ,U,_
oj]; 0,(1


him) 'the






»It is a we~k iraditoft It wa« narrated' by.At Tirmidhi (411828) in .the book olfood and if Is ,~aid to be hadUl1,
g/1afib. [Is i~''1l1tl 'YJ.nJainy lbffll~.im' ,bmAlm' bi}?, 8q{ee1w.''w.11IID is ,da ttl' as Dora ,Q,f::l:lm said lij~C!J.11J ,&rkhctri. said .tl1a_t #$ i~m Ai roJ1:fa:ins: C01 unknawJ~ narrator; Ahu DcM'I~td in ,ih.:; book ot jixxIs{3/J797}. . 'I50)~'i'Zabdlun A1 ,Ja'r,I1:1:i I(~m,a'y' AUs:b be pl'eased '\',with bim)

'whos\oys:' w,3sfowl

Al A'~h:ari· 'mud' , _. ~ __ ,~_..


were present
't)o' n.~li _ . u!!JI
'~r<1liiitli iR!IJO

in the com,pany of' Abl' Muss
i,. I ,'iI. ~" -ll,. lil-l." ", 111m, lIiI, W~]jI.C~~,Ulere


'fi:r~!Il';tIIoi11i'I;Q.A1 ,I" ~""~I ,!!",lJi

.... ~ .... -

the t"'i:be, of Bauu Tnv·.m:i],~ah _ _ . _ ____ _ _ . -..- _n_ _ J


A:mOillg those present was
'~I1'~11i1l""i'iH:imI~, 'fT _!!Ill' 'n" .~~

per-soB ~f"ID,nl -A,.-'..I,..lf~ ~J- .-:- ~ A fi",,"u Ulillll! ,iI ,I0 c.tII'~(J 11" 3 flu

i' --,


seemed to be a '(reoo 81 ave." lie moved b~~d(and sat '(!Ii11 Ine: 51de, Abu M·ls.a. ,asked bi lin to ceme nea I~' (a nd pa rtake of "he ffHHJI) and related to ,~i:W, that the Messenger' of A~ifah [peace and blessinp be Up0D Idm) a~so ate the mea t of' fowl He exc.'lllIsed 'hhusel£ sa.yhllg:: I' bad seell ~,tea:ti:ng such a. tlll i:m.,g whi:,c;h :m:dms, me {Usliice e:Jlting it, For lhbJi :res(l~~ J swore In oath tllot 'I shall not eat U~,

15:1.)~~ rem ,Abu ..81,yd (m a;y' AU:m,b be p'~e3sed witt. hbl1) ' willi sa:id;:: TIle M'e8S,engc,T of AlLah (may peace and 'b.les~dnp, of ,A.llall be IIlIJI{lr1l :l1hn) saiid': u'U,se~ OUve 'Oil hll eating and, a noi nf you rselves "lVi:th i't because it is a blessed

-It was narrated by AI _Tirmidhi
(18:52) and it is said


the book {if foods

be ,£l had: til gharth OIl this account, bu: l~'ealso know it fronl ,the' hadUh of Sl{fyan frofn A b.dut.lah ibn Isaa, DtJrit'n i in the hook of j()I()d's{212{).51j and A i1n'ltid in A I }.4~;rsnad (497). The

hadJ 111 has oiher (!viden(;,~ bf2lng hasan
'II ~",). Jl,.J,.Ilii!



the degree


14>· was ~.mliil:tt~.n..jl: ,iI'~r'-n-m"-' U':r:n'iii. 'r' IUt]·"n- A,' I 1~.IU,uJI,IH· \. .. 1f.·' ·r:.{'l.'lI'."'iI\ilb (·-rn--·;Ci\j L ,,' . I: A,~:~a,h pleased wi,thhhn): The M'les.senger -of Alh,,~ (pealc·e be sud bllCSSli I.gs IIDf AJh!l.bbe up OlD :tdm) saId:: U se O:~hJ'le Oi:l! in
·Hi;!! III
~lIJ(,Il ~UJ


".. !IB.i.~Ii

11 1



coo'kilog: an,drubb.ilo:g:



the bocliy)- b eea use it 'is from a

,~~). - - lin M"iIt:lhllft. ., ~,jll . I ~ .~ F-··...I. nOI,S.. b·:'· '.'.. '1:'11. (.,may . A'" n a.~I: L '~:" . . ··d Wh~l U1DfI _'"~.~L v€' p:tease bim) ·wb.o sn~d: 1'ihe .Messell,g~I·' 1Of' Anaili, (may .pea1c:e. a IlJId ble~slngs (,f A,UaliJ be upmUl him) 1!Qlv~d gmurdi, O'n:c,~r90d waSi (JlteS,lud.ed '~O 1m ~ m err he a:tte:nded aD :im.vitrdb:m, whel~e
I ..

"~ece __ . • m . _' '. '.' .. ' "'~ .. '(1-'" '.. .1- ..ill I, 1..0 ;1 ..··". ~·t· 1)1.- _c _: 'fir- [L_ t'·'h.iegou.rU a,D pn~SiGl1h0u, . '"'' ~:U.m.

g()u~l1d'WI'S senecl!. .1 DOl' ·U~e.A:pIsUe uf' AJlah(peaee . .nutl 'blesgill!lI~ illIr A'~hdl be upon hi.m) Imved :ii'f~ I se;n~ehed ('Or a,

1:54).,.. F'ro:m! :Ib~lti.m bin JI.bi r- (m.ay AI hdJ be. pleased 'wi'~h hhlll) who .oar.rafted ~from, his fm.th.le:r t:h£J.t he .sad d.,:: I entered the bOLn~e,of ehe Prophet. (peaee and hlessl ng~ of Ana.b, be


him:) JlJli.d: It obse'nedl that he bad gou I'd ·w·.hich \\f3:S ;:0.10 pieces., I Isked W·ba.t :is, ~f?:' 1~lel"e,ned: We

'freq~ueID:i~ty ,augment au r food. w;,th lt,

»lt is a jtJiJnd tradition. It lva~ narrated by Ibn I'najah in ihe bCWK of faotiJ1' {2133{)4} and Illccoml'ng Az' Zawaid tts isnand ls sahih" and the .authorities are reltable. It 'l,1iaS also narrated ,by .Abu Shai.kh page 23} and An Ntsa't in Af ,Kubrah(4/ J.56}.,
him) \v.bo s;m,idi. A ta.ilo'r'

1. j5)~. from Anas bin Malik (m ay Aliab be ,pil'e'I $ ed with


the Messenge'li of'

,Ana.h (peace and 'blessin~g~of AUa,b be upon him) 3'nd I ,a~ls,oattended the invitatien 'wit I. him He served th e Messenger' of ,AUalli bread made 1m:£' ba dey,; gravy 'll\'Uh
meat ,and gEH!lrd

I~ iha.ve seen


M'e-ssenger' !fil,f ,AUab (may peac-e and (If Ana h be lip on kiM) loo,ldo"g fo:rpi;eces of g(liurd
FI'lO-Dl t]lIa:t


in iit~

fro m a] I sides of the pIate,
lire-g,a n to Itove gIDurd~,

time onwwl,rdls I alse

'. It: is a r~ghtruni:s: tradition. 1t was narrated bp Al 8'ukharl in the book of food (9/jJ79)~ M'J~~'linl' the book in of' drinking (31144//615)j A btl; Dawud (3/3 782) and A~' 'Tir:rnidhi (41J 850). tt is a .haclith hasan sahth",
I56)u' From ,A' ish a (may AI:~=d~ be plljeased with her) who sa'id~ The :~lesse'llger' of AU~l[IlI,~ved sweeq and llJ(lne:y~

-It was narrated by 11,1 Bukhari (915431)in. the book of food5- Muslim (3/37) 5}in the. hook ,of divorce, Abu Dawud in the book qf drmks {11l 715}~nd A t- Ti.rl1ddhi hi .book of foods (41183 J). B is said to be hadUh hasan ,sahih ghcwib. ibn Majah in the book of foods (2'120 75},r ~:~-~-~ A.'it..-:-r:."',if I:~~'f-"",~A' {;'l/j0 ~Ibn Sa 'd in A··.·! 1'}'fl.an~ , Tlm ...ru. il);j his 'Vl'I"IiJl ll,_ 7/ ~ . JI_. _ .• Tabaqaat {J/39 J} and Abu Shaikh pag~ 2;j9}.
If ~ ~,Ll! ..





15'7)~~, 'mm Salalma:h, (m,ay AI ~i,h,be plea sed with her] said:: U ] presented, a roasted .side po rUo:n of meat tl the Messenger If A.Uab (p1ea.ceaod blessings of Allah be u pOD

bi.• ,) ~ He ate i'~ and itlu!!r"tealilier 'witb~urtt :11 enorm,i D,g: ~Ilnlitio:n~

:pe:no 1iMied.

the pr,ay,et"

I. J.. ,';. .~ 'b. ·-1~' tAN" ·-I~ nason samn gt't'Clrr on tms account. . n .... -I n", tn:e lSQ' book of p~J>iflcation (1/83) 0]'/>(1 Ahmad in AI Musnad

-lt is a sound tradition'" It Jilla:~ narroted by AI. Ti.rl~y,idhi in I.n-€:hook oj' 10 ads (18.2914) and i1 is said to be hadl tn(307). .

~J It is a so und tradit ton. it 'was narrated by Ibn AI/ajah in '11- ,>DO C£; J t,e b - k: (J'if,·o'j"(J(J,-!i ~33 ;., J'mum. Aim' dI 111· A I M ~,snad'' -_~ ~ I) = __ .JQL ._ __ . (19()14) and Ibn Hiban (84/3). According to Az Zm[l1ai~, Us isnand comain» Ibn Lahi 'a l!IJ.hO ;s do ~:ij;lnllthe' h'Crciiln has oth«r correct (1lJidence in A I Ml1.Sn'Ctr/ and .1bn Hi ban Wi1;Jch w,e' ~fe I"1YJd to before. 'iI[;;"r-nlrU"-;'II'.rfiIlloib..']·'li'a' 'LL. 1I'1ii~lIiil S.:·'Il~'l!..!Ib·n:l!~ I(m' - ~,J A"' -I ~,,,,,h be~ t"~ICiiJiI,;)!Uu II ,,,11 lL,c:,rl!i)"'1 ,';):7.,~ ,II.", 1"·,II.;;-!I~U, ,~_II~, b~ ~I . ,,~!t_ '.' Ri,~~ '., .. .'.. 'wi,dl ~d")1 ,,, h. _ :S:SL!.h One Dlg)liu, 'iii' c.::--,,_. : __ __ _ m. '.. _0 Jd: .ne :'",oJ,;.4!o ,III. was ~- gueJ.l~-,t· I-··f- t:LL.,,: __ a : - o_,ne Messeol,e:I" of AU aib (peace ,andb~essing~t @f Ana,1ll be~mJll1nl bhn) ",A,t mlea,~d:ll ~ a rOf~s;~e.d si de por'M:(JIu of :mea,'t. wa~ e served, The Mcss;engtl!!;f' !{ilf' Allah (pefl ce and b:~ejljili};gSt tOf ,AI~,ah be 'lllp Olm,lil.hlilil) tutp:ieces fruKIJ U~ and gave' me some to ear, Du:r,i:mlg thi.s; :p,eriod"RU9a,~ ICIU11I,e;,a nd called mil the Ad:ti~;I!I,n (111I!nIDIJnceml.ent for' iP:tar,·er). 'The M'csseng'er of
. ~ .',', I' ., I" ,",.:'!
'!. ,,'








I, .,1'










,AUalh (peace I,nd 'Itdessln,gs ,(!If AUa,h be upon hi,m) said:~ M'1t!._y It... t'l1 ~ld 11.., ,II be ~.' d UiSll ·t· ~ "W'"b..-t ,mll1.due- II~Ulil, C~h out.' AI L' "" 'III .. .. unl ,_,_I!L_!:ll, l!lanC.as,e I,n '. -..... - , "l the !'iIidllrl:':'ln 1IilI,Il;W, - J.lIe tV" . d ~~. the lUI.,II!;;; ... "lnu \ .....~- -·t "if,I)r ,ill 1j,I111f: tIi'iIUlt-" ",-- - ,..L1 {-c,, ven_- I '.' =11_ _'!..II"r u '" !jl~~~''''
c '--.--



.. i)~=_

__ '!JI' _


·······,'iji.'_'i!., .. ".,:.,. ..lI '1..1,' g,' m!lUISI.\!9,Cne,('(~)iJI'I?rll 'TIi-.· Prnnhet ,-.-.'. ~ J ,~:lIe r fUp. ,e. ~peace ann !!)' e.sslngs ~.!i .Ana.b be upon :tii.'i:U,1)t saiid.:Ceme lelt me pu t :a. 'M iSWIJt k. ton i,t
,j r.
-t~ ....

(sa:lat)proafyer~, Mug:h~rab (may AJil::dl 'be pleased. \vi:U\J. hhifllJ sa.ys,: AnoUiI,01' 'thing 'UuJt happened waSt thae m-y

and tri'm it, (One of the narrater of the twosaid it.

are In doubt. as to wh ich

-It is a so unit l radinon. It Wt1JT nasrated by Abu Dawud (3//88) in the book of the p.uriji cal i on; Ahmad (3/152)
(2'55) and An Nisa ~iin Al K1lbrah 411.53), ( 'J.60)u From ,A,bu Hurayrah (m,ay Allah be p,:~ef~soo 'wjth hi m] who said: ]\1ea t W:9S sent to 't'h,e Messenger (if Allah (m,a.y peace and blessings uf' A11 ah be upon hbll1) from so mean e, The f(njleq'llJ,a,:rte~r 3 s preseneed to the M essen ~~r W of A:m,ith (peaee and bless i:ngs of Alla.h be 'I1,POO h ~:m).. H,e '1~~v~d,MiI,is: o'rtiolil. (~f the lineat ). Th e Messenger of AUah p t'lre the meat wi tit hIs teeth. and ate lit.

• It 'WftS narrated' by Al Bukhari in the book ofthe prophets (6/3340) lv/us lim in the book oj· faith (1132711841186).,. Tirmidh: in the book cf foods Al
(4/1837) and said:' it is hadith



b. ,_llll,s'l!Id~juy F~~om. Abdullah 'b" M,as'fld '(may A,nabb,~ ple:ased 'with 'hIm,) 'w:ho said:. The H'~.)~y 'Ju:'o~lJ '(m a.y pe:~e :alid bl es is in gs o fAUah be II 11IfCHI hinlJ) bet lr.1Ged th:e 'forehlg 'Wf'S p():iisiOlu~d ~'lJl.d h~thmngbt tlil,at tile jews til ad. po:iso ned 'it.
i,61)i'~' Abd'ulla]'Jj


\ I

it l1l¥;lfS narrated by Abu fuif'ud in the' book. of' foQ,d.f~ (31378013781) Ahmed in h'fiS MuJtnad (373'.313777) Abu Al Sheikh. (page' 2J6), Sheikh Ahmed Shalt J.YI.ia;' lts chain ,rtf the narrators is sahih. Sheikh A.l Bani said so too.

Abu Ufua,yd (n]J~ly ,A.n:ah be IIIeased, w:ith ll.im) w':h.1 sa:id: ,I conked, a PIt (food,) fer the _t,essenge.' of Anah (n~,ay peace and bl.!css"ings of Allaih be: U~~'1)111 hllm), because

the M'!!iSsmger of AU,all loved (dhi'Ii':U~), the forequarter of a goat mr sh eep) a lnt, I served :11 that portien, De then hi]


r- .

a;lil,o:tllhl~r (i![Jle~ I ~erv,ed, the slecmnd o:n,e" Aftern- '~'lliH,t I~!e d. mne ag/IiUD., 'J', repdriu: 10""[IIoill- - - -- ,-- I.!JII,~, ~-I 'Il.. (. Uluay . ~. .. - il' ....1- '. . ,U:'!',!II,e;ss,elll:I:'fHl'" j],ii" A' ,au, '. ' . (If\u,er'0 ~:.-~;-.- ..e --'-:-~,- i-) rh e "loa'l!. h,a,Cl urdv two dlliil"a tfOfie;le~f!,}''-. peace be U[Il!UD .h-:13.!:::!I""" .~;;:,-Cr;:oiSen.g·er ",,~. ,I ,11~~''!J;>jj~ !II -.rl _.. ' t.,ne "M'~' -.--~-- .. HI A'tl,-]--·t'lk,;:;.'iffij ,~,",,;i.,l. I' O'Ule!lll[f ,mill oa.dl bv the na,ml!!:of' 't'h:d. Be~nginw,liJlosle 'l1I,ands h; mlY ~,ife, if~ y~nj had kept ',Ub!E" y··mu ,couhl :h,B'Vle ilier-ved me e,\"erythn,e rtJiII,a:t I ID'rd!ered
_ltJ~. II,. q__ A.:!' .













~I __ ,_,




»It wa5 narrated ~)J .Ah:m\~1' iii Ai }(Ju:sn(J:il(31484) (485) Ad Darmi (1'144) and ..42 Zawaid (813.1 J) and' said: ''he chain aj" its nanotors ts t:'l1_€ sam« as the' ,'laflin (Af .B~~;:klJ:alij) xcept Sl1:oh}.· h lJ1 f!tlw$,hap l~,ho'is corm },fi,en:'d ,a e

",-TI',r -'" ", M;-·usnoa~I' OJ' ift.i"n;n

'd. U':r ~. it'~ StJL,:,tl.f B' ~. ti~e cnain OJ' ~!,mn:SJ~UllS,lOI1 18 'w,e'Qli [QS .1":-..1 HlifthJ said, thrt httdith h'Cl;j" {hm~' Q correct €!vidence tn the:
li:f ."'. ~', /,

rnJia.ble: r1lJ"jf'tl,tar


'~~Qinyf thg schulars oj' .had~'/Jh o have
~d-!"0:111· h"~ -d
T •. . ~ '.~ ~ J ,Q/J,g:, (lUI

~' ',11:., iJ ,J" d'· i ~W;ll"_',-~ 8(J.UHc~·lra,:l:lJ(}n,"~ ~n

ilia hal/llh

d' ·tL., ana otne rs:, S'" ".,(} ts c()~1sfder~Ni wit It all U.S evtdenc« QS bemg

A r-l /l::ar~1 ,:,~u iI}l


L... ;r;. ~;~OW,"fbest.

163)n :ll?rtJ(lnn A.'isl~,m, (mlly }\J~I~h, :p\~letuu~d,y,i·th hel") '1fh, be repo:rted ,£ ilat tfu!' Mes;slm,gl!!r 'iJf' A1lab (OII,a,), P e'a:tJe and ble.s:s:lngs! ef A~hdll, be upun bbnl) nked: the ':for,e1e,1 (bee2use ri' its: 'ta,!i'Unress.). But beeause meat \va~ o:IfiI~ly ,m!v::d IIbl!e l{u!c3si onaUy" a:ad ,th[:s. iPortiJIJD ~f ~be. :ml~at looGi!cd IlJ,Iluh~:1ld3r, ,AI ~:a.b".s Ap Is;Ue ~:~SlO 111~:kedl: as ~I: s aved t~Dille 31]Id b.e fould 'iit I",e'lurn q IIIicJdy to bb; du":iles~,

except firJ'rn this aCC(J,m'j'l, The Jcholars of hamth said: Its isnad consains F:faUij.l})i,I1 SI~lafJ,l'~'an~ 1I4~hQis ,~~eliabl,€J; m'akeJJ Q lot of nd{$,~alC(!s, As AI' .Httflth sai,d;' btu j.,J' ..• ,~,". 11,gap " '.iI... L.'·~-".r· _.. - .. "tiers],~ . B eS~,r.;Ie",~tnere IS I'ngua ~1 :. U2 me.. Crlatn: o~.t1~"OnsfJu betlilre,e'n' #.zis'norraor CIJ'ld 1~'iiJgramfat:h'e.l~,Moreover this hadUh comradic is i"/'B correct ha:difh (tn'(J/. tnrJ Mes tie rtger

U 'WCI~~nanoted by' A.r 'lirmidhi in th(!.' book of foods (4118'3,8) and it is said: It is ./7rJdi'th gnu}'l/) and '~~e 't doo






n~m, AltJdlll,UI hi bbll ,J~d·a.r',vbo, ;saiiid That In:: :h'od IIen rd th'e i.\1es~enger of AUa ~ (Ofil ay peace and bl.e8si'lil:gs 'of
164).~ A.lla,h be UP(J!lit h:~nll) :s:a,:yblg: The best nil@srt is [bat ,~fth.'~ baclt p ort!~l1nll.,
,it., iFiJI.., -, vy , JJ,~H ": aJan U1. t~JleJ; book of foods (213308) ,CJ!1,ci' l"u:n~~; htJ'trltl in his: A Musnad (112 Ol~)" It was 'CJ1~(J m:!n~itjrred in ,AZZCFl:f~£ljd (j/16). ,1" 10vas also ,~~'Clrl"a$t~d byA.t' "Tcib,ara''li w,uh a weak ""n.

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,If,j' "U

, 1~~"',~ nal'l"lTf,e 'd"
'Cl, .. - ~ '~'







cha§~7 because oj" Asram bin HCmlShabwho is Mat1~uk. A!a
'~i,1!eU ,Qf8 tJ;'i~i' thc're is a Itl'NliJ 'QU!Jt l1~,/1\QS~ HClJrUiJ J;~' lli!1,Io1'own


in tts is:ncrd (chain) there

not m,e.11l,lo'rJe"

narr:atnr' Wi1>OlW n:arw,€ is the ,h.atlUh is w~ak as ShailrJJ ,Albani

,A' is:lJa (may ,AU ah be pleased 'w:~'ill:h,er)1 who sa~d: The, M'e8s,eo:g:tlr If ,AIlJI1'. (RUty peace and b.h!~Cs;sbl:gs ,of ~'DaI:lJ be. upon ,111m) &lid~ VUl~r:ii s ,u, ~al amd_munt., m,t5.5),u Frem

'was I1lJnwle'd by AI~'J~SUJ~i in the book of driJ~kj (3/ J 6411 62,/) and ,At Tinllitll!i tn the' bool: of f(J.(Jd~ (4/1'840) and said: it is' h'crdi~hl1asan s,($hil~ gh;arib.

(21 ·()49) 011' the, ,Q,tl't/7ori,l}l 0.1 A ,(!."e'lt(J/~d (Matfi) so lhie h:aclUh ts correct:

'~1~' Cl~ also nan~tlt-{jd by 1/)11 Mojali' W


th« book of tJ~'e'
tt1fd il




l66)~II' JF'~om ,'111m, H':m,a:~d (In,ay A:~hdl Ile ]jl'~frlsed: "lith hlln) 'wbj) ~I,'id,: The M,MseOI,e'f" o'f' A~llh (,m:m.ypeaee n;t' be u It" iH,i'"I,m 1ITi,;'1JiijJ-1 ea,mf: t(i)l me lil1(!!1 II; - --- -IIIJ 1!U:I ," ,'lil,Qh,~I," -,'"
,,,",ol'<iI,IIII ••~~





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