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Betsy Berns Korn

President, Board of Directors


Howard Kohr
Chief Executive Officer

August, 2021

Ms. Korn and Mr. Kohr,

We are Jewish Americans writing to condemn AIPAC’s recent online ads targeting
Congresswomen Cori Bush, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib. These
social media ads are dangerously misleading and risk inciting bigotry, harassment and violence
against these lawmakers. We call on AIPAC to immediately discontinue these ads and
apologize to the Congresswomen.

The ads in question began running online in early August and pluck from their original context
individual words or phrases used by the Congresswomen in statements related to Israeli
government policies or official Israeli conduct in events arising from the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict, labelling them “vicious, dangerous lies” and “hate.” An additional ad targeting Rep.
Omar implores the Congresswoman to “Stand with America” and falsely asserts that “For Ilhan
Omar, there is no difference between America and the Taliban / Between Israel and Hamas /
Between Democracies and Terrorists / Tell Rep. Omar: Condemn Terrorists, not America”.

While we may not all agree with the Congresswomen’s views and characterizations on issues
related to Israel and Palestine -- nor with one another’s positions on these subjects -- we are
united in condemning these ads as not merely misleading, but dangerously so given their
potential to incite or inspire bigotry, harassment and violence against the lawmakers they target.
Displayed and amplified on media platforms that have been used to disseminate other
misinformation that has helped radicalize some groups and individuals to the point of committing
deadly violence, these vitriolic and divisive ads against women lawmakers of color who have
been disproportionately subject to misogynist, racist hatred and threats are particularly reckless.

As Jewish Americans who care deeply about safety and respect for our community and for other
communities targeted by extremism and bigotry, we call on AIPAC to cease running these ads
and to apologize to the Congresswomen they unfairly and dangerously target.


Logan Bayroff, Vice President of Communications, J Street

Peter Beinart, City University of New York

Laura Birnbaum, National Political Director, J Street

Jackie Blank

Rabbi Sharon Brous, Senior Rabbi, IKAR

Benjy Cannon, Former President, J Street U

Madeleine Cereghino, Director of Government Relations, Americans for Peace Now

Josh Cohen, Principal, New Heights Communications

Laura Derman, Boston Workers Circle

Sophie Ellman-Golan, Director of Strategic Communications, Jews For Racial and Economic

Erica Fein, Senior Washington Director, Win Without War

Zach Fisch

Lara Friedman, President, Foundation for Middle East Peace

Sharon Rose Goldtzvik, Founder + CEO, Uprise

Leah Greenberg, Co-Executive Director, Indivisible

Dan Kalik, Senior Political Advisor, MoveOn

Morriah Kaplan, Director of Political Education, IfNotNow

Libby Lenkinski, Vice President, New Israel Fund

Rafi Letzter

Ezra Levin, Co-Executive Director, Indivisible

Yonah Lieberman, Communications Director, IfNotNow

Carinne Luck

Stephen Miles, Executive Director, Win Without War

Prof. David N. Myers, President, New Israel Fund

Hannah Nayowith

Udi Ofer, Deputy National Political Director, ACLU

Kevin Rachlin, Vice President of Public Affairs, J Street

Jimmy Rothschild

Emma Saltzberg, USA Deputy Director of Strategy and Outreach, Jerusalem Declaration on
Antisemitism Project

Audrey Sasson, Executive Director, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Prof. Paul Scham, President, Partners for Progressive Israel and Director, the Gildenhorn
Institute for Israel Studies, University of Maryland

Ilya Sheyman, former Executive Director, MoveOn Political Action

Rafael Shimunov, Director of Communications, Athena

Debra Shushan, PhD, Director of Government Affairs, J Street

Benjamin Silverstein

Daniel Sokatch, CEO, New Israel Fund

Catie Stewart

Hadar Susskind, President & CEO, Americans for Peace Now

Levi Teitel, Rural Communications Coordinator, Progress Michigan

Katie Unger

Eli Valley

Dylan Williams, Senior Vice President of Policy & Strategy, J Street

Ben Winsor, Deputy Digital Director, J Street

Rabbi Alissa Wise

Simone Zimmerman, Director, B'Tselem USA

* Professional titles and organizational affiliations are given for identification purposes only and
do not indicate organizational endorsement of this open letter