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SFU Summer


SIMON FRASER publishing

VA N CO U V E R workshops

Scan these pages to find a
workshop for you, whether
you work in mainstream
publishing, the corporate, magazines
institutional, or government
information sectors, or are Developmental Editing: Fiction
exploring the fascinating and Non-Fiction July 21–22 p.50
world of e-publishing. Launching or Relaunching an
Online Magazine July 26 p.36 new!

13 Elements of Editing for Magazines

July 26–27 p.34

Marketing Magazines Online:

books Communicating More Effectively
with Your Audience July 28 p.41
Book Design Intensive 
The Art of the Pitch: How to
July 2–4 p.60
Create Story Ideas That Sell
Authors and Editors: the July 28 p.38 new!
Partnership and the Process
Magazine Packaging with a Punch
July 9 p.49
July 29 p.39
Indexes and Indexing: an Overview
Magazine Publishing: a Crash
for Editors and Publishers
Course in the Basics, the
July 10 p.48
Necessities, and the New Realities
Digital Publishing 101 July 29–30 p.40 new!
July 10 p.48 new!
Digital Strategy: Editors’ Intensive
Marketing through Social Media August 6–9 p.70 new!
July 11 p.68
Digital Strategy: Designers’
Book Publishing Immersion Intensive August 6–9 p.72 new!
July 11–24 p.14 revised!

Getting Published: a Candid

Discussion with an Agent and a
Publisher July 12 p.24
Book Proposals: Building a Road editing
Map to Success July 14 p.26
Plain Language: Building Results
Self-Publishing in Canada: July 5 p.44
Designing, Printing, and Selling
Your Book July 15 p.28 Clear and Concise: Guidelines for
Style July 6 and July 24 p.45
Symposium on the Book
July 18 p.29 sunday event! The Secrets of Syntax
July 7 p.46 new!
Developmental Editing: Fiction and
Non-Fiction July 21–22 p.50 Copyediting and Proofreading
July 8–9 and July 19–20 p.47
The Business of Book Publishing
July 22–23 p.32 Authors and Editors: the
Partnership and the Process
Book Editing Immersion July 9 p.49
July 25–31 p.54
Indexes and Indexing: an Overview
Digital Strategy: Editors’ Intensive for Editors and Publishers
August 6–9 p.70 new! July 10 p.48
Digital Strategy: Designers’
Intensive August 6–9 p.72 new!
Expand your knowledge. This table shows workshops in each of
the six topic areas in date sequence.
Build the skills you need Workshops relating to multiple topics
to boost your career. will appear more than once.
Learn from some of
the industry’s best and
brightest publishing and
information professionals.
new media
Copyediting and Proofreading
July 19–20 p.47 Digital Publishing 101
July 10 p.74 new!
Fundamentals of Grammar
July 21 p.51 Marketing through Social Media
July 11 p.68
Developmental Editing: Fiction
and Non-Fiction July 21–22 p.50 Marketing Magazines Online:
Communicating More Effectively
Punctuation and Mechanics with Your Audience July 28 p.40
July 22 p.52
Digital Strategy: Editors’ Intensive
Usage Woes and Myths July 23 p.53 August 6–9 p.70 new!
Clear and Concise: Guidelines Digital Strategy: Designers’
for Style July 6 and July 24 p.45 Intensive August 6–9 p.72 new!
Book Editing Immersion
July 25–31 p.54

Elements of Editing for Magazines

July 26–27 p.34
Digital Strategy: Editors’ Intensive writing
August 6–9 p.70
Mystery Writers’ Retreat
June 7–12 p.81 new!

59 Authors and Editors: the Partnership

and the Process July 9 p.49

design Getting Published: a Candid

Discussion with an Agent and
Book Design Intensive a Publisher July 12 p.24
July 2–4 p.60
Writing the Romance Novel:
Intro to Adobe Photoshop CS4 from Soup to Nuts July 13 p.80 new!
July 5–6 p.61
Self-Publishing in Canada:
Intro to Adobe Illustrator CS4 Designing, Printing, and Selling
July 7 p.62 Your Book July 15 p.28

Intro to Adobe InDesign CS4 Screenwriting: an Interactive

July 8–9 and August 3–4 p.63 Workshop July 16 p.76 new!

Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Finding the Funny: Humour

August 5–6 p.64 with a “U” July 17 p.78 new!

Digital Strategy: Designers’ Symposium on the Book July 18 p.29

Intensive August 6–9 p.72 new!
How to Write a Thriller with
Adobe InDesign CS4: the Next Michael Slade July 19 p.79 new!
Steps August 7 p.65
The Art of the Pitch: How to
Create Story Ideas That Sell
July 28–29 p.39 new!
Build your publishing
career. Get the most
up-to-date training
in Canada.
The sfu Summer Publishing Workshops offer opportunities
to learn from and work with more than 100 of Canada’s
top editors, writers, marketers, designers, publishers,
and new media moguls. They will challenge and guide you
through one of the most intense and valuable educational
experiences you may ever have.

immersion workshops intensive workshops

Hands-on projects, lectures, and Three-day and four-day workshops

roundtable discussions in our in digital publishing and book design
one- and two-week immersion run from 9 am to between 6 and 9 pm
workshops challenge you to each day. Participants are required to
dive into the practical details submit application forms and details
of editing and publishing. of their publishing experience.

Get ready! Immersion workshops Intensive Workshops 2010

start at 8:30 or 9 am and run until ✧✧ Book Design Intensive p.60
10:30 pm each day—with breaks ✧✧ Digital Strategy: Editors’
for coffee and meals. When you
Intensive p.70 new!
✧✧ Digital Strategy: Designers’
have finished, you will be ready to
Intensive p.72 new!
succeed in the publishing world.
Program directors will begin to
Immersion Workshops 2010 review applications to the immersion
✧✧ Book Editing p.54 workshops on Monday, May 10, 2010.
✧✧ Book Publishing p.14 revised! After that date, applications will
continue to be accepted until the week
Applicants to our immersion before each workshop and, if necessary,
workshops will be assessed on waiting lists will be maintained.
the basis of previous publishing
experience; relevant experience Mystery Writers’ Retreat new!
and training in areas other than See p.81. Please note: this
publishing; a short essay; computer workshop runs June 7–12 and
literacy; and references. applications should be received
no later than May 14, 2010.
Program directors will begin to
review applications to the immersion Apply & Register
workshops on Monday, May 10, 2010.
After that date, applications will Complete information about
continue to be accepted until the week the application process for the
before each workshop and, if necessary, immersion and intensive workshops
waiting lists will be maintained. and an application form can be
found on pages 83 to 90.

Participate in real-world industry simulations. Work in
state-of-the-art labs with up-to-the-minute software
and technology. Learn by participating in courses
tailored to reflect the evolving industry landscape.

Boost your career. Mix. Mingle.

Network with the best minds
in the business.

software & seminar workshops

Looking to focus on a smaller piece of Printing, and Selling Your Book p.28
the picture? Check out our innovative ✧✧ Finding the Funny: Humour
software and seminar workshops, with a “U” p.78 new!
which give intensive training in ✧✧ Symposium on the Book p.29
specific skills related to publishing. ✧✧ How to Write a Thriller with
The seminar and software workshops Michael Slade p.79 new!
do not require an application, but ✧✧ Writing the Romance Novel:
early registration is recommended. from Soup to Nuts p.80 new!
✧✧ The Business of Book
Software Workshops 2010 Publishing p.32
✧✧ Intro to Adobe Photoshop CS4 p.61 ✧✧ Developmental Editing: Fiction
✧✧ Intro to Adobe Illustrator CS4 p.62 and Non-fiction p.50
✧✧ Intro to Adobe InDesign CS4 p.63 ✧✧ Fundamentals of Grammar p.51
✧✧ Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 p.64 ✧✧ Punctuation and Mechanics p.52
✧✧ Adobe InDesign CS4: the Next ✧✧ Usage Woes and Myths p.53
Steps p.65 ✧✧ Launching or Relaunching an
Online Magazine p.36 new!
Seminar Workshops 2010 ✧✧ Elements of Editing for
✧✧ Book Design Intensive p.60 Magazines p.34
✧✧ Plain Language: Building Results p.44 ✧✧ Marketing Magazines Online:
✧✧ Clear and Concise: Guidelines Communicating More Effectively
for Style p.45 with Your Audience p.40
✧✧ The Secrets of Syntax p.46 new! ✧✧ The Art of the Pitch: How to Create
✧✧ Copyediting and Proofreading p.47 Story Ideas that Sell p.38 new!
✧✧ Indexes and Indexing: an Overview ✧✧ Magazine Packaging
for Editors and Publishers p.48 with a Punch p.39
✧✧ Digital Publishing 101 p.74 new! ✧✧ Magazine Publishing: a Crash Course
✧✧ Marketing through Social Media p.68 in the Basics, the Necessities, and
✧✧ Getting Published: a Candid Discussion the New Realities p.42 new!
with an Agent and a Publisher p.24
✧✧ Book Proposals: Building a
Road Map to Success p.26 Apply & Register
✧✧ Screenwriting: an Interactive For registration information and the
Workshop p.76 new! registration form for these workshops,
✧✧ Authors and Editors: the Partnership please see pages 83 to 85 and 91 to 92.
and the Process p.48
✧✧ Self-Publishing in Canada: Designing,

about the facilities

1 SFU Harbour Centre campus

2 Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue
3 Segal Graduate School of Business
4 SFU Woodward’s

Simon Fraser University, best Unless otherwise indicated, all sfu

known for its professional education Summer Publishing Workshops
programs, is easily accessible by will be held at the Harbour Centre
public transportation and borders campus in downtown Vancouver.
the vibrant Gastown restaurant These workshops are non-residential,
district. It occupies five floors requiring participants from outside
of the historic Spencer Building, the Vancouver area to arrange
which today sits over a mall with their own
accommodations and
shops and a food court. A famous meals (see Accommodations
Vancouver revolving lookout and in Vancouver on p.12).
restaurant tops the building.
Workshops are based on the Mac
sfu’s Harbour Centre campus is at computer platform. However,
the hub of electronic communications access to the Windows platform is
technology in Vancouver, with also available at drop-in labs, and
the city’s primary fibre-optic translation software is available to
communications trunk originating move files from one platform to the
at the site. The entire campus is other. Participants are welcome to
networked with the highest quality bring their own laptop computers
computer technology and technical to the workshops, but should advise
support. By combining the publishing Summer Publishing Workshops
technology at sfu with technology staff ahead of time and indicate
supplied by Apple Canada, Document their intention on the registration
Solutions, and Adobe Canada, the and application forms. Please note
Summer Publishing Workshops that sfu cannot provide technical
offer participants a chance to learn assistance for outside computers.
publishing techniques using state-
of-the-art equipment and software.

e nts
1 Workshops by Topic

C o n t 2
Information about the Workshops
About the Facilities
6 Workshop Faculty, Staff, and Adjunct Faculty
10 Financial Assistance
12 Accommodations and Travel

14 Book Publishing Immersion
24 Getting Published: a Candid Discussion
with an Agent and a Publisher
books 26 Book Proposals: Building a Road Map to Success
28 Self-Publishing in Canada: Designing, Printing, and
Selling Your Book
29 Symposium on the Book
32 The Business of Book Publishing

34 Elements of Editing for Magazines
36 Launching or Relaunching an Online Magazine
38 The Art of the Pitch: How to Create Story Ideas That Sell
maga 39 Magazine Packaging with a Punch
zines 40 Marketing Magazines Online: Communicating More Effectively
with your Audience
42 Magazine Publishing: a Crash Course in the Basics,
the Necessities, and the New Realities

Plain Language: Building Results

45 Clear and Concise: Guidelines for Style
46 The Secrets of Syntax
editing 47 Copyediting and Proofreading
48 Indexes and Indexing: an Overview for Editors and Publishers
49 Authors and Editors: the Partnership and Process
50 Developmental Editing: Fiction and Non-fiction
51 Fundamentals of Grammar
52 Punctuation and Mechanics
53 Usage Woes and Myths
54 Book Editing Immersion

60 Book Design Intensive
61 Intro to Adobe Photoshop CS4
62 Intro to Adobe Illustrator CS4
design 63 Intro to Adobe InDesign CS4
64 Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
65 Adobe InDesign CS4: the Next Steps

67 68
Marketing through Social Media
Digital Strategy: Editors’ Intensive
new 72 Digital Strategy: Designers’ Intensive
media 74 Digital Publishing 101

Screenwriting: an Interactive Workshop

78 Finding the Funny: Humour with a “U”
79 How to Write a Thriller with Michael Slade
writing 80
Writing the Romance Novel: from Soup to Nuts
The Mystery Writers’ Retreat

83 General Application and Registration Information

89 Application Form
91 Registration Form
faculty Randy Chan Director of Marketing,
Random House Canada | Book
Publishing Immersion, p.14

Brian Charles Designer and

owner, io media Intro to Adobe
Photoshop CS4, p.61; Intro to
Caroline Adderson Writer
Adobe InDesign CS4, p.63; Adobe
Book Editing Immersion, p.54
InDesign CS4: the Next Steps, p.65
Suzanne Anderson Writer/Publisher
Neelan Choksi CEO, Lexcycle
Self-Publishing in Canada: Designing,
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14
Printing, and Selling Your Book, p.28
Kristin Cochrane Publisher,
Haig Armen Creative Director,
Doubleday Canada; Vice-President,
Lift Studios | Digital Strategy:
Random House Canada | Book
Editors’ Intensive, p.70; Digital
Publishing Immersion, p.14
Strategy: Designers’ Intensive, p.72;
Marketing through Social Media, p.68 Peter Cocking Designer | Book
Design Intensive, p.60; Book
Sharon Bailey Production
Publishing Immersion, p.14; Book
Director, House of Anansi Press
Editing Immersion, p.54; Digital
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14
Strategy: Designers’ Intensive, p.72
Michelle Benjamin Consulting
Mark Coker Founder, Smashwords
Editor, Greystone Books | Book
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14
Publishing Immersion, p.14
Jennifer Conroy Designer
Tom Best Vice-President of
Intro to Adobe Illustrator CS4, p.62
Marketing, H.B Fenn | Book
Publishing Immersion, p.14 Dean Cooke Partner,
The Cooke Agency | Book
Rebecca Bollwitt Co-owner,
Publishing Immersion, p.14
sixty4Media | Marketing Magazines
Online: Communicating More Amy Cormier Director of Publicity,
Effectively with Your Audience, p.40 Simon & Schuster Canada | Book
Publishing Immersion, p.14
Gail Bowen Author
Mystery Writers’ Retreat, p.81 Sean Cranbury Writer
and Broadcaster | Book
Brian Brett Writer
Publishing Immersion, p.14
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14
Mark Critch, Actor, This Hour
Kathy Buckworth Author
has 22 Minutes | Symposium
Symposium on the Book, p.29
on the Book, p.29
Mark Busse Visual strategist
Gary Crompton VP and Buyer,
Book Proposals: Building a
Book Warehouse | Book
Road Map to Success, p.26
Publishing Immersion, p.14
Alison Cairns Promotions
TJ Dawe Author | Symposium
Coordinator, Douglas & McIntyre
on the Book, p.29
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14
Mark Dennison, Performer
Charles Campbell Freelance
Symposium on the Book, p.29
Writer | The Art of the Pitch: How
to Create Story Ideas That Sell, p.38 William Deverell Author
Screenwriting: an Interactive Workshop,
Margaret Cannon Mystery
p.76; Mystery Writers’ Retreat, p.81
Reviewer, the Globe and Mail
Mystery Writers’ Retreat, p.81 John Eerkes-Medrano Editor
Book Editing Immersion, p.54

Will Ferguson Author Sharman King Owner,
Symposium on the Book, p.29 Book Warehouse | Book
Publishing Immersion, p.14
Jesse Finkelstein Digital Assets
and Foreign Rights Director, Vlad Konieczny Freelance Writer
Douglas & McIntyre | Book Fundamentals of Grammar, p.51
Publishing Immersion, p.14
Chris Labonté Associate
Nancy Flight Associate Publisher and Acquiring Editor
Publisher, Greystone Books of Fiction, Douglas & McIntyre
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14 Book Publishing Immersion, p.14

Dinah Forbes Editor, Brian Lam President and

McClelland & Stewart Publisher, Arsenal Pulp Press
Mystery Writers’ Retreat, p.81 Book Publishing Immersion, p.14

Steven Galloway Author Jill Lambert Writer and Editorial

Authors and Editors: the Partnership Consultant | Book Proposals:
and the Process, p.49 Building a Road Map to Success, p.26

Noah Genner President and Mark Leiren-Young Author

CEO, BookNet Canada | Book Finding the Funny: Humour with a “U,”
Publishing Immersion, p.14 p.78; Symposium on the Book, p.29

Joy Gugeler Vice-President of Brian Leroux Software Architect,

Publishing, | Nitobi | Digital Strategy: Designers’
Launching or Relaunching an Online Intensive, p.72
Magazine, p.36; Developmental Editing:
Fiction and Non-Fiction, p.50; Digital Naomi MacDougall Designer ,
Douglas & McIntyre | Book
Strategy: Editors’ Intensive, p.70
Design Intensive, p.60; Book
Kevin Hanson President, Publishing Immersion, p.14
Simon & Schuster Canada
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14 Robert Mackwood President,
Seventh Avenue Literary
Robyn Harding Author Agency Book Proposals: Building
Symposium on the Book, p.29 a Road Map to Success, p.26

Sally Harding Partner, The Lisa Manfield Writer and Publishing

Cooke Agency | Getting Published: Consultant | Marketing Magazines
a Candid Discussion with an Online: Communicating More
Agent and a Publisher, p.24 Effectively with Your Audience, p.40

Donna Hayes Publisher and CEO, Boris Mann community manager,

Harlequin Enterprises | Book bootup labs | Digital Strategy:
Publishing Immersion, p.14 Editors’ Intensive, p.70

Michael Hayward Systems Brad Martin President and CEO,

Consultant, sfu | Intro to Random House Canada | Book
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, p.64 Publishing Immersion, p.14

Trish Kells Sales Representative, John Maxwell Assistant

Random House Canada | Book Professor, sfu | Digital
Publishing Immersion, p.14 Strategy: Editors’ Intensive, p.70;
Digital Publishing 101, p.74
Ruth Kelly President and CEO,
Venture Publishing | Magazine Robert McCullough Publisher,
Publishing: a Crash Course in Whitecap Books | Book
the Basics, the Necessities, and Publishing Immersion, p.14
the New Realities, p.42
Dot Middlemass Sales
David Kent President and CEO, Representative, Kate Walker
HarperCollinsCanada | Book & Company | Book Editing
Publishing Immersion, p.14 Immersion, p.54

Peter Milroy CEO and Todd Sieling Product Strategist
Publisher, UBC Press | Book Digital Strategy: Designers’ Intensive,
Publishing Immersion, p.14 p.72; Marketing through Social
Media, p.68
Julie Morris Digital Projects
Coordinator, Douglas & McIntyre Michael Slade Author
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14 How to Write a Thriller with
Michael Slade, p.79; Mystery
Kerry Morrison Designer | Digital Writers’ Retreat, p.81
Strategy: Designers’ Intensive, p.72
Scott Steedman Publishing
Kathleen Moynahan Designer, Consultant | Getting Published: a
Habañero consulting group | Digital Candid Discussion with an Agent and
Strategy: Designers’ Intensive, p.72 a Publisher, p.24; Authors and Editors:
the Partnership and the Process, p.49
Richard Nash Publishing
Consultant | Book Publishing Chris Stone Interaction Design
Immersion, p.14 Lead, Pulse Energy | Digital
Strategy: Designers’ Intensive, p.72
Suzanne Norman Acting Director,
sfu Summer Publishing Workshops Jim Sutherland Editorial
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14 Consultant | Magazine
Packaging with a Punch, p.39
David Pakman Partner, Venrock
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14 Carolyn Swayze Owner,
Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency
Naomi Pauls Editor | Indexes
Mystery Writers’ Retreat, p.81
and Indexing: an Overview for
Editors and Publishers, p.48 Michael Tamblyn
Vice-President of Content, Sales,
Frances Peck Editor | Clear and
and Merchandising, Kobo | Book
Concise: Guidelines for Style, p.45;
Publishing Immersion, p.14
Plain Language: Building Results,
p.44; Punctuation and Mechanics, Meg Taylor Editor | Book
p.52; The Secrets of Syntax, p.46; Editing Immersion, p.54
Usage Woes and Myths, p.53
Monique Trottier President,
Susan Renouf COO, Boxcar Marketing | Digital
McClelland & Stewart | Book Strategy: Editors’ Intensive, p.70
Publishing Immersion, p.14
Jan Underwood author
Linda L. Richards Author Symposium on the Book, p.29
Mystery Writers’ Retreat, p.81
Hal Wake Artistic Director, VIWF
Pam Robertson Editor | Book Symposium on the Book, p.29
Editing Immersion, p.54
Kate Walker Owner, Kate
Jorge Rocha British Columbia Walker & Company | Book
Representative, Friesens Corporation Publishing Immersion, p.14
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14
Sarah Wendell Author;
Nicole Rycroft Founder, Co-founder of Smart Bitches,
Markets Initiative | Book Trashy Books blog | Book Publishing
Publishing Immersion, p.14 Immersion, p.14; Writing the Romance
Andrew Savikas Vice-President Novel: from Soup to Nuts, p.80
of Digital Initiatives, O’Reilly Media Rebecca Wigod Books
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14 Editor, The Vancouver Sun
Symposium on the Book, p.29
Mary Schendlinger Editor
Book Publishing Immersion, p.14;
Book Editing Immersion, p.54

Kevin Williams President, David Kent President and
Talonbooks | Book Publishing CEO, HarperCollinsCanada
Immersion, p.14; The Business
of Book Publishing, p.32 Mark Luk past President and
operations manager, house of anansi
Ruth Wilson Editor | Copyediting
and Proofreading, p.47 Robert McCullough
Publisher, Whitecap Books
Shelley Youngblut Editor-in-
Chief, Swerve magazine | Elements Susan Renouf
of Editing for Magazines, p.34 COO, McClelland & Stewart

Janice Zawerbny Senior Editor, Margaret Reynolds

Thomas Allen Publishers Executive Director, Association
Book Editing Immersion, p.54 of Book Publishers of BC

CS Richardson Creative Director,

Random House Canada
Suzanne Norman Acting Director Scott Steedman,
Publishing Consultant
Michael Hayward, Brian Warsing
Technical Coordinators Michael Tamblyn
Vice-President of Content, Sales,
and Merchandising, Kobo
Advisory Board Meg Taylor Editor
Michelle Benjamin Consulting
Editor, Greystone Books
Adjunct Faculty
Tom Best Vice-President Canadian Centre for
of Marketing, H.B. Fenn
Studies in Publishing
Suzanne Brandreth Michelle Benjamin
Partner, The Cooke Agency
Tom Best
Kristin Cochrane Publisher, Robert Bringhurst
Doubleday Canada; Vice-President, Phyllis Bruce
Random House Canada Kristin Cochrane
Peter Cocking Designer, Peter Cocking
Peter Cocking Graphic Design Dean Cooke
Jack David
Dean Cooke James Douglas
Partner, The Cooke Agency
Nancy Flight
David Davidar President, Douglas Gibson
Penguin Group (Canada); CEO, Kevin Hanson
Penguin (International) David Kent
Nancy Flight Associate Allan MacDougall
Publisher, Greystone Books Robert McCullough
Peter Milroy
Kevin Hanson Stephen Osborne
President, Simon & Schuster Canada
CS Richardson
Lynn Henry Craig Riggs
Publisher, House of Anansi Press Michael Tamblyn
Rodger Touchie
Jack Illingworth Executive
Director, Literary Press Group
Paul Whitney
John Willinsky
Thomas Woll

financial assistance

Funding for Canadian- could not attend this workshop and

owned Book Publishers who intends to become active in the
Canadian book publishing community.
Employees of Canadian-owned
For further information contact:
and controlled book publishers may
be eligible to have tuition, travel, SFU Summer Publishing Workshops
and accommodation costs incurred 515 West Hastings Street
in attending the Summer Publishing Vancouver BC V6B 5K3
Workshops partially funded by the T 778.782.5241  F 778.782.5239
Department of Canadian Heritage. E 
This program is administered by the W
Association of Canadian Publishers.
For further information, contact: Deadline for applications is June 4,
2010 and successful applicants will
Association of Canadian Publishers
be notified by June 18, 2010.
306–174 Spadina Avenue
Toronto ON M5T 2C2
T 416.487.6116 ext.231  F 416.487.8815 The Simon & Schuster
E  Marketing and Sales
W Internship Award
Simon & Schuster Canada is offering
The Garner Book a three-month internship (including
Publishing Award a one-week placement at the head
office in New York) and $5000 cdn
Applicants to the Book Publishing
to a graduate of the Book Publishing
Immersion workshop may qualify
Immersion workshop. The participant
for funding from The Garner Book
must successfully complete the
Publishing Award that recognizes
workshop and demonstrate an
the foundational commitment of
aptitude in the sales and marketing
one professional entering the book
of books. Participants will be asked
publishing industry in Canada.
to apply and sfu faculty will
Eligible participants will have a
forward a list of potential candidates
demonstrated commitment to the
to Simon & Schuster Canada. For
Canadian book publishing industry as
further information contact:
well as financial need. This bursary
of $2295 cdn will cover the cost SFU Summer Publishing Workshops
of tuition for the Book Publishing 515 West Hastings Street,
Immersion workshop and will be Vancouver BC V6B 5K3
awarded yearly to one applicant T 778.782.5241  F 778.782.5239
who, without financial support, E 

Bursary Funding for Federal, Provincial,
Magazine-related and State Funding
Participants are encouraged to
The BC Association of Magazine contact their federal, provincial, or
Publishers may offers funding to the state governments to inquire about
staff of member magazines to attend training assistance programs that may
recognized magazine workshops. apply to the sfu Summer Publishing
Individuals who wish to inquire about Workshops. Past participants who
such assistance should contact: qualified have received funding
through the Department of Human
BC Association of Resources and Social Development,
Magazine Publishers (formerly Human Resources
Heidi Waechtler, Project Coordinator Development Canada), Washington
20–318 Homer Street State Career Training Programs,
Vancouver BC V6B 2V2 and several provincial government
T 604-688-1175 F 604-687-1274
programs across Canada. Any
documentation required to support
applications will be supplied by the
sfu Summer Publishing Workshops.

accommodations & travel

Staying in Vancouver Delta Vancouver Suites

Delta, located directly across the
street from sfu’s Harbour Centre
Vancouver is a popular tourist
campus, is an all-suite business hotel
destination in the summer, so
offering comfort and luxury in the
accommodations in July and August
waterfront district of downtown
can be difficult to find at the last
Vancouver. Please ask for the sfu
minute. Plan early for your stay.
Summer Publishing Workshops’
Participants in the immersion corporate rate, starting at $199 cdn
workshops are encouraged to find per night, (not including taxes).
housing in the downtown area,
T 1.888.663.8811
since courses run well into the
evening. Rooms at special rates are
available at some facilities near
the Harbour Centre campus. When Please identify yourself as a student in
contacting the facilities below, the SFU Summer Publishing Workshops.
please be sure to indicate that you
will be attending the sfu Summer The YWCA Hotel
Publishing Workshops. To receive For men and women and five blocks
the workshop rates, participants from campus, a single room with
must book their accommodations hall bathroom is $69.13 cdn per
themselves, rather than through a night. A single room with a double
travel agent. All accommodations are bed and private bath is $125.99 cdn.
subject to availability. Please note And a single room with a double
that some hotels have pay parking. bed and a semi-private bathroom is
$94.77 cdn (prices include taxes).
The Ramada Limited
Downtown Vancouver T 1.800.663.1424 
The Ramada is just one block from W
the sfu Harbour Centre campus and Please identify yourself as a student in
offers single and double occupancy the SFU Summer Publishing Workshops.
rooms, including deluxe continental
breakfast, for $120 cdn per night
(not including taxes). Extra guests Getting to Vancouver
are $15 cdn per person per night.
Travel Cuts on SFU’s Burnaby
T 1.888.389.5888 campus is the official university
W travel agency. It can help you book
travel to the workshops and offer
information on flight options, seat
sales, and transportation from
Vancouver International Airport.

Susan Fraser, Travel Cuts

T 778.782.4110 

Related 14 Book Publishing
48 Indexes and Indexing: Immersion revised!
An Overview 24 Getting Published: a Candid
for Editors and Publishers Discussion with an Agent and
49 Authors and Editors: the a Publisher
Partnership and Process 26 Book Proposals: Building
a Road Map to Success
50 Developmental Editing: Fiction
and Non-fiction 28 Self-Publishing in Canada:
54 Book Editing Immersion Designing, Printing and
Selling Your Book
60 Book Design Intensive
29 Symposium on the Book
32 The Business of
Book Publishing

Learn everything you need to know to thrive in book
publishing—from negotiating e-rights to formatting
for digital sales and exploring new print channels.

book publishing
$2295 CDN
includes course materials,
July 11–24 symposium and reception,
Sunday–Saturday, two weeks and boat cruise on July 24
SUMM 413

weekdays 8:30 am–10:30 pm Max. 30 participants

saturdays 9 am–6 pm
REGISTER pp.83–90

sunday, july 11, 6–8 pm Registration at Book Warehouse,

1068 Homer Street, Vancouver
saturday, july 17 Symposium on the Book Reception, Pub Night
sunday, july 18 Symposium on the Book

Challenging. Invigorating. list, including acquisitions, editorial

Industry-driven. development, costing, production,
design, marketing, and sales.
Immerse yourself in the full publishing Emphasis is placed on financial
process—from acquiring a manuscript
and management concerns such as
and pitching to dealing with sales reps.
projections, profit and loss statements,
The book publishing industry is and all aspects of sales, including
developing at a rapid pace, and for subsidiary and international rights.
two exhilarating weeks you can be
part of that energy. You will work Print. Digital. E-readers.
side-by-side some of the industry’s New markets.
most successful professionals You will create print and digital
in a combination of stimulating books and will have to meet real
lectures, hands-on workshops, industry challenges head-on to
and group and individual book keep your publishing house in
publishing projects at sfu’s Harbour business and ahead of the curve.
Centre campus in the heart of
beautiful downtown Vancouver. Each day you will hear keynotes
on all things digital. You will learn
Learn. Apply. Succeed. about the latest in e-readers and apps
from the creators themselves, hear
You and your colleagues will work the challenges of moving into digital
in a simulated publishing house. formats, and listen to case studies
You will cover all aspects of the from some of the most successful
development of a complete publishing e-publishers in North America.

Faculty-to-participant ratio in "Last summer I had a draft of
sfu’s Book Publishing Immersion my memoir After Her Brain
workshop is the highest of any Broke, Helping My Daughter
publishing program in North America. Recover Her Sanity, and
In addition to working day-to-day wondered how I could ever
with some the brightest minds in
get it published. I took several
the industry, you are invited to
workshops through your program
take advantage of private half-hour
conversations for additional practical and learned key strategies in
guidance on advancing your career. approaching publishers. Now my
book is about to be launched.
Intense. Educational. I'd love people who are in my
Inspirational. situation to know how truly
valuable SFU's program is."
The interactive lectures and short
projects provide a structure into Susan Inman, author, After
which industry faculty weave Her Brain Broke. Helping my
Daughter Recover her Sanity
personal anecdotes and experience
and share their publishing philosophy,
skills, and knowledge. Topics
covered include deciding to publish,
Meet. Mingle. Network.
negotiating contracts, developing and
maintaining author relationships, As in real-life publishing,
incorporating new technologies, and teamwork is an essential part
learning about project management, of this workshop, and you can
book costing, pricing, marketing and expect to work long hours with
sales strategies, and book design. You your group to complete daily
will also be involved in philosophical assignments and several longer-
and practical discussions on topics term projects, such as presenting
such as public funding, ethics and your books to a panel of industry
responsibility, legal issues, the future consultants and working through
of publishing, and much more. creative briefs with designers.

Whether you need to move up, over, or in,
the Book Publishing Immersion workshop
will accelerate your career.

“The sfu [Book] Publishing This immersion workshop is suitable

workshop was one of those pivotal for newcomers, self-publishers,
experiences that set me on a new and both junior and experienced
career path. In those exhilarating, members of the industry. It is
exhausting, inspiring days I found the most comprehensive and
out there was a place in the world effective educational opportunity
in the publishing industry.
for my passion for books, peopled
by an impressive cast of like Applicants should have an interest
minds. I’ve never looked back.” in, and a familiarity with, the book
Yvonne Hunter, Vice President, business and a desire to think like
Publicity and Marketing, Penguin Group a publisher. Basic word processing
(Canada); Book Publishing Immersion and page makeup skills are useful.
graduate, 1997
Internships. Awards. Aid.
Your final challenge will be presenting Participants are given an opportunity
a complete publishing list—including to apply for a three-month internship
book concepts, sales and marketing at Simon & Schuster Canada.
plans, covers, and catalogues—before The internship is in Toronto and
a panel of industry experts. Feedback includes $5000 cdn and a one-
from experienced faculty will be week visit to Simon & Schuster’s
offered daily; you will also have head office in New York. See
frequent opportunities for valuable page 10 for more information.
conversations with faculty members
and enjoyable social interactions Potential applicants are reminded
with your fellow participants. they can apply for the Garner
Book Publishing Award, which
covers the cost of tuition. See
sfu Vancouver at
page 10 for more information.
Harbour Centre.
A dedicated classroom offers Employees of Canadian-owned or
comfortable seating for lectures, panel controlled publishing houses are
discussions, and demonstrations. Each eligible to apply for funding from the
group has a fully equipped breakout Department of Canadian Heritage.
room—its publishing office—which See page 10 for more information.
includes networked computer
workstations loaded with the most
current publishing software. Daily “The sfu publishing workshops give
refreshments, a Symposium on the current and aspiring publishing
Book, pizza night, and a spectacular employees a transformational
closing celebratory boat cruise on learning experience with leading
the Burrard Inlet are all included.
industry practitioners. We recruit
from sfu because we know that
if the students thrive there, they
will excel in Canadian publishing.”
Kevin Hanson, President, Simon &
Schuster Canada; Book Publishing
Immersion faculty since 1996


Sharon Bailey started in the book at H.B. Fenn and Key Porter Books.
publishing industry in 1994 as He is former president of the Book
a production Publishers’ Professional Association
assistant at Key and the Canadian Give the Gift of
Porter Books. Literacy Foundation, and is past
Since then she chair of the national and Toronto
has ridden the Word On The Street boards. He is
wave of emerging a board member of the Frontier
technologies from College Foundation and a founding
stat cameras and Letraset through to member of (and still active on)
CS4 and XML and is now production the Giller Light committee. He
director of the Cross-Media Group is an adjunct professor of sfu’s
at House of Anansi Press. She has Master of Publishing Program.
also held positions at Random House
Canada and Raincoast Books. Brian Brett, poet, fictionist, critic,
and journalist, is the author of
Michelle Benjamin is consulting 10 books. He has
editor with Greystone Books. She been publishing
joined Polestar Book Publishers as co- since 1970. His
publisher and co- acclaimed memoir/
owner in 1991 and poetry diptych,
became sole owner Uproar’s Your Only
and publisher in Music, was released
1995. In 2000, she in 2004, and his “talking songs” have
sold Polestar to been recorded on a CD called Night
Raincoast Books, Directions for the Lost. His latest book,
where she was publisher for six years. Trauma Farm: A Rebel History of Rural
She has served on the boards of the Life, recently won the Rogers Writers’
Association of Book Publishers of Trust award for best non-fiction book
British Columbia and the Association in Canada. He lives with his family
of Canadian Publishers, and is an on his farm on Salt Spring Island.
alumna of the Banff Book Publishing
Workshop (1989) and the Banff Alison Cairns has been working
Editing Workshop (1991). She has in writing and publishing for nine
been involved with the sfu Summer years. After
Publishing Workshops for many years, graduating from
both as program director and faculty. the sfu Master
of Publishing
Tom Best has worked in book Program in 2005,
publishing for 30 years. A graduate she delved deeply
of the Radcliffe into the vibrant
Publishing BC publishing industry during her
Program, he time at the Association of Book
has worked at Publishers of British Columbia. She
Van Nostrand currently sits on the board of the
Reinhold, Stanton West Coast Book Prize Society. She
& MacDougall, has been working in marketing at
Raincoast/BookExpress, HarperCollins Douglas &McIntyre in Vancouver
Canada, and CDG Books, and is since 2007, running its website,
currently vice-president of marketing podcasts, and online campaigns.

Randy Chan is the director of Peter Cocking is one of Canada’s
marketing for Random House Canada. foremost book designers. He has
He has previously received numerous
held publicity and awards for his
marketing roles at work and, as an
Penguin Canada, art director, has
HarperCollins guided other
Canada, and designers to award-
House of Anansi winning results.
Press. Some of the authors he has He has designed a wide variety of
worked with directly are Miriam materials, including annual reports,
Toews, Bret “Hitman” Hart, Christie airline tickets, snack food boxes,
Blatchford, and Elizabeth Hay. He lives CD packages, corporate identity
in Toronto, where he occasionally programs, newspapers, and a
teaches at Ryerson’s publishing national satirical magazine. He is
program and George Brown College. currently the art director for Douglas
& McIntyre. In addition, he teaches
Neelan Choksi is CEO of Lexcycle, print and typography at the Emily
the company behind Stanza, one of Carr University of Art + Design
the most popular and in the Advanced Typography
e-book readers for program at Langara College.
the iPhone and
iPod Touch. Prior Mark Coker is the founder of
to joining Lexcycle, Smashwords, an e-book publishing and
Choksi was COO distribution platform
at SpringSource serving thousands of
and co-founder and president of independent authors
SolarMetric. He has also worked for and publishers
TechTrader, Andersen Consulting around the world.
Strategic Services, and Exxon Research Smashwords
& Engineering. He currently serves on provides a free
the board of Tasktop Technologies. He service that enables authors to
is a graduate of MIT, Stevens Institute publish their e-books in seconds and
of Technology, and the University of make them available for immediate
Chicago Booth School of Business. . sampling, sale, and distribution to a
worldwide audience via major online
Kristin Cochrane has been in the e-book retailers and smartphone
publishing industry for nearly platforms. Coker is a contributing
15 years and is blogger to the Huffington Post’s new
currently publisher books section, where he blogs about
of Doubleday e-books and the future of publishing.
Canada and vice-
president of Random Dean Cooke has worked in publishing
House Canada. Prior for over 25 years, for Doubleday
to joining Doubleday Canada, Lester
in 2005, she held senior sales roles at & Orpen Dennys,
HarperCollins Canada. A graduate of Bantam Seal, and
Queen’s University, she has completed The Cooke Agency,
the Book Publishing Workshop at the which he founded
Banff Centre for the Arts and has in 2002. In 2007
been on faculty with the sfu Summer Sally Harding joined
Publishing Workshops for many years, as partner, and in 2009 they created
once serving as co-director. She has a new company, The Cooke Agency
also served on the boards of the Book International, which represents
Publishers’ Professional Association subsidiary rights for other agents and
and Word On The Street and was publishing companies around the
a co-founder of Frontier College’s world. Cooke was the founding director
Giller Light event committee. of the Book Publishing Immersion

Workshop at sfu, where he is now an Nancy Flight is associate publisher
adjunct professor. He has lectured in of Greystone Books. She has worked
Canada and the US on a wide range with such authors
of publishing related subjects. as David Suzuki,
Evelyn Lau,
Amy Cormier is the director of Wade Davis,
publicity for Simon & Schuster Canada, Candace Savage,
where she has Bill McKibben,
worked directly Harry Thurston,
with Stephen King, and Rick Bass and was the recipient
Frank McCourt, of the 1988 Tom Fairley Award for
Dave Eggers, Kathy Editorial Excellence. She has taught
Reichs, and Chuck at the Banff Book Editing Workshop
Klosterman. Prior and the sfu Summer Publishing
to joining Distican in 1998 (which Workshops, as well as in the sfu
was acquired by Simon & Schuster Writing and Publishing Program
in 2002), she worked in the music and the sfu Master of Publishing
industry in international/domestic Program. She has also served as
marketing and national artist/ president of the Editors’ Association
media relations for Virgin Records. of Canada and the Association of
Book Publishers of British Columbia.
Sean Cranbury is a Vancouver writer,
broadcaster, and media/marketing Noah Genner is President and CEO,
consultant for non- BookNet Canada. He has an extensive
profits. He is curator background in
and host of Books independent
on the Radio, a bookselling, software,
radio show and blog and business
dedicated to new ideas development.
in book publishing. He As the leader of
has been involved in the book trade for BookNet Canada
20 years as an independent bookseller, he orchestrates a skilled team of
editor, and publisher. He was an technical, policy oriented, and client
organizer of BookCamp Vancouver focused staff to provide new data
2009 Unconference and works with management services and supply-
the Canadian Interprofessional Health chain initiatives to the Canadian
Collaborative and the Vancouver publishing and book retail sectors.
Biennale to build online communities
and develop their digital brand. Kevin Hanson is president of
Simon & Schuster Canada. He has
Gary Crompton is vice-president worked within
and buyer at Book Warehouse, an the Canadian
independently owned bookstore book publishing
chain in Vancouver. He has been industry for more
involved with bookstores and than 20 years,
book selling since 1969. including serving
as vice-president
Jesse Finkelstein is the digital
of sales and
assets and foreign rights director at
marketing for both HarperCollins and
Douglas &McIntyre
Penguin Canada, and as the chief
in Vancouver. A
operating officer for Madison Press
graduate of sfu’s
Books. He has a Master of Business
Master of Publishing
Administration from the University
Program, she has
of Toronto and a BA (Honours)
held previous
from the University of Alberta.
publishing positions
at Raincoast Books, Véhicule Press,
and Montreal Review of Books.

Donna Hayes is publisher and Europe, and in 2009 he was a guest
CEO of Harlequin Enterprises, the of the Australian government for
global leader in the Visiting International Publishers
series romance at the Sydney Writers’ Festival.
and one of the
world’s leading Sharman King is founder and
publishers of president of Book Warehouse, BC’s
books for women. popular chain
A 20-year-plus of discount
Harlequin veteran, Hayes is the bookstores. He
first woman to run the company is active as a
since Harlequin was founded in board member of
1949. She spearheaded Harlequin’s the Downtown
industry-leading level of innovation Vancouver
by incorporating forward-looking Association, Vancouver Musicians’
technology (e-books, downloadable Association, National Youth
audio, and mobile phone applications) Orchestra of Canada, and MusicFest
into its business model. She has Vancouver. He is on the advisory
served on the board of governors committees of Vancouver Community
of McGill University and is a College and Douglas College, is a
member of the board of directors member of both the finance and
of the TD Bank Financial Group. facilities committees for Vancouver
Opera, and is a voting member of
Trish Kells began her career in the both the Canadian Academy of
publishing industry as a college sales Recorded Arts and Sciences and
representative the Canadian Music Centre.
for Holt, Rinehart
and Winston in Chris Labonté has been working in
Edmonton.  She the book and publishing industry for
has been employed more than 12 years.
as a sales He is associate
representative publisher and
with Random House Canada for acquiring editor of
almost 20 years, responsible fiction at Douglas
for a large variety of customers & McIntyre,
including independent booksellers, where he has
grocery chains, library wholesalers, worked for over eight years. He
warehouse clubs, and electronics has worked as a bookseller, editor,
stores across Western Canada. magazine publisher, and writer and
holds an MFA in creative writing
David Kent is president and CEO from UBC. He lives in Vancouver.
of HarperCollinsCanada. He has also
been president Brian Lam is president and publisher
and publisher of Arsenal Pulp Press, a literary
of Random and trade book
House Canada publishing
and president of company
Doubleday Canada, established in
as well as president Vancouver in 1971
of William Collins & Sons Canada. He with over 200
represents the Canadian Publishers’ titles currently
Council on the Freedom of Expression in print. He joined the company as
Committee of the Book and Periodical office manager in 1984 and became
Council, and he serves on the board of co-owner with Arsenal co-founder
directors of ABC Canada, the national Stephen Osborne in 1992. He has a
literacy foundation. He has been a BA (Honours) in creative writing from
guest lecturer at university writers’ the University of Victoria. He is also
programs in Canada, the US, and a former president of the Association

of Book Publishers of British somewhat eclectic. With a flair for the
Columbia and a former board member dramatic, he promises to entertain
of the Association of Canadian with his tales of success and woe.
Publishers, the Literary Press Group
of Canada, and the Association for Peter Milroy began his career in
the Export of Canadian Books. 1969. He worked with McClelland
& Stewart and
Naomi MacDougall has been Methuen Canada
working as an in-house designer as acquisitions
at Douglas & editor, general
McIntyre since manager of the
2006. During her college division, and
tenure at Douglas editorial director
& McIntyre she for the college, trade, and school
has designed over divisions. He later joined Carswell
50 titles, winning Legal Publications before starting his
several Alcuin Awards for Excellence own consulting company. In 1990, he
in Book Design, including three was appointed director of UBC Press, a
top placements in the Reference position he has held since then, with
category for her work on a one-year leave of absence in 2000,
cookbooks. She has a Bachelor of when he was director of publishing
Communication Design from Emily at the Canadian Medical Association.
Carr University of Art + Design. In addition to being director of UBC
Press, he is its publisher, rights
Brad Martin began his publishing officer, and the principal architect
career in 1980 at McClelland & of its distribution business.
Stewart. He joined
Penguin Canada Julie Morris is the digital projects
in 1984, where coordinator at Douglas & McIntyre.
he became vice- She has been
president, sales integral in the
and marketing in development of
1989 and president its BookRiff and
in 1996. In 1998, he joined Bantam continues to work
Doubleday Dell. When the company on developing
merged with Random House Canada the company’s
later that year, he became executive digital platform. She is a graduate
vice-president, director of sales and of sfu’s Master of Publishing
marketing for the entire company. In Program and holds a Bachelor
2004, he was appointed the additional degree in photojournalism from
role of COO and was named president the University of Missouri.
in 2006. He is past president of
the Canadian Publishers’ Council Richard Nash is a publishing
and sits on the board of directors consultant and entrepreneur,
for McClelland & Stewart and the presently
Frederick Harris Music Company. developing a
startup portfolio of
Robert McCullough is publisher social publishing
at Whitecap Books, one of Canada’s communities.
top 10 privately owned publishing For most of this
companies. He started as publisher’s decade he ran
assistant, became marketing director, Soft Skull Press, and in 2005 he was
and has done everything in between. awarded the Association of American
He publishes in excess of 30 books Publishers’ Miriam Bass Award for
a year on the subjects of food, wine, Creativity in Independent Publishing.
and gardening, as well as young In 2006, Publishers Weekly picked
adult fiction and non-fiction: his Nash as one of the 10 editors to
list, like his personality, can be watch in the coming decade. In 2009,

Utne Reader named him one of their Stewart as vice-president, associate
50 Visionaries Who Are Changing publisher, and chief operating officer.
Your World, and Mashable chose Her authors have included Dennis
him as the number one Twitter User Lee, Farley Mowat, Modris Eksteins,
Shaping the Future of Publishing Linda Spalding, Marq de Villiers,
Maude Barlow, Helen Humphreys,
Suzanne Norman is the acting and Jessica Warner. She has always
director of the Summer Publishing been active in publishing industry
Workshops at advocacy, having served as president
Simon Fraser of the Association of Canadian
University, Publishers and currently serving on
where she has the executive of the Organization
been coordinator of Book Publishers of Ontario.
since 2001. She
is a graduate of Jorge Rocha is the BC representative
Memorial University of Newfoundland for Friesens Corporation, a Manitoba-
and holds a post-baccalaureate based book
diploma in communications from SFU, manufacturer with
where she is completing a Master sales offices across
of Publishing degree. Over the years Canada. He works
she has worked as an investigative with established
journalist, a newspaper editor, and and entrepreneurial
an editor of young adult fiction. publishers, as
well as writers and designers from
David Pakman is a partner at across BC. His main role is developing
Venrock in New York, where he cost-effective estimates on hardcover,
focuses on early trade softcover, black and white, and
stage venture full colour book production. He also
investing in manages the production schedule,
Internet and digital from digital design through to print
media companies. production and distribution.
He has been
CEO of eMusic Nicole Rycroft is executive director
(one of the world’s leading digital and founder of Markets Initiative,
retailers of independent music), co- a non-profit
founder and president of Business that works
Development and Public Policy at with Canadian
Myplay, and vice-president at N2K book, magazine,
Entertainment. He was also co- and newspaper
creator of Apple’s Music Group. He is publishers to
a graduate and member of the board transform their
of overseers at the University of environmental footprint. She was
Pennsylvania School of Engineering awarded a Canadian Environment
and Applied Science. He has a degree Award in 2006, is a recipient of the
in computer science engineering. Ashoka Fellowship, and named one of
Canada’s 50 Most Influential People
Susan Renouf managed professional in Graphic Communication. She sits
theatre and non-profit arts on the steering committee and boards
organizations before stumbling into of numerous organizations and has
her true calling of publishing. She spoken at international venues and
started in Vancouver with Douglas & conferences, including Stanford
McIntyre before moving to Toronto Graduate School of Business and
as editorial director and marketing Melbourne Institute of Technology.
manager of Doubleday Book and
Music Clubs, editorial director of Andrew Savikas is vice-president of
Kids Can Press, and president and Digital Initiatives at O’Reilly Media
editor-in-chief of Key Porter Books. and program chair for O’Reilly’s Tools
In 2004, she joined McClelland & of Change for Publishing Conference.

He leads the digital Group and an adjunct professor for
publishing and the Master of Publishing Program
e-book program and at Simon Fraser University.
strategy for O’Reilly
Media and is an Kate Walker started her career in
adviser to Safari publishing in 1976 with William
Books Online. He Collins & Sons in Vancouver. In 1978
sits on the board of directors of the she was offered a sales rep job with
Book Industry Study Group and is on Stanton & MacDougall. When Mark
advisory boards for Bookshare and the Stanton and Allan MacDougall’s
University of Michigan Press. He holds Raincoast Books began to publish
a Bachelor of Science in media studies as well as distribute books, Stanton
from the University of Illinois at and MacDougall recognized there
Urbana-Champaign and an MBA from might be a conflict with their
Northeastern University in Boston. agency publisher and sold Walker
He is the author of Word Hacks: the company, which, in 1994, was
Tips & Tools for Taming Your Text. renamed Kate Walker & Company.

Mary Schendlinger has worked Sarah Wendell co-founded and

in publishing since 1972. She was manages the romance blog Smart
managing editor at Bitches, Trashy Books. She and co-
Harbour Publishing founder Candy Tan
for 10 years and co-authored Beyond
has edited for many Heaving Bosoms:
British Columbian The Smart Bitches’
publishers. She is Guide to Romance
co-founder and Novels, published in
senior editor of Geist magazine and 2009. Wendell has
has served on arts juries and designed spoken at RWA’s national conference,
and taught courses for SFU’s Master Romantic Times BookLovers
of Publishing Program, Writing and Convention, and several RWA chapter
Publishing Program, and Summer conferences. In 2009, she spoke at the
Publishing Workshops. She is the first academic conference devoted to
author of Prepare to Be Amazed: the romance genre (held at Princeton
The Geniuses of Modern Magic and University) and at the Digital Book
many articles, stories, and comics. conference of the International Digital
Her work-in-progress is The Jewel Publishing Forum. She is a return
of Dunbar, a graphic memoir. speaker at the 2010 O’Reilly Tools of
Change for Publishing Conference.
Michael Tamblyn is vice-president of
content, sales, and merchandising for Kevin Williams is the president and
Kobo. From a start majority partner of Talonbooks. He
in independent has been in the
bookselling as a book business for
magazine and small 30 years: 10 years
press buyer, in as a bookseller
1996 he co-founded and 20 years in in distribution
partnership with Bell Sympatico. and publishing.
Indigo Books & Music purchased He was a long-time executive at in 1998, and Tamblyn Raincoast Books, serving at various
moved to the chain as VP of online times as executive vice-president
operations. He later consulted in of business development, publisher,
technology and media sectors before vice-president of sales and marketing,
becoming the founding CEO of vice-president of international sales,
BookNet Canada in 2003. In addition and vice-president of operations.
to his role at Kobo, Tamblyn is a He holds a BA in communications
director of the Book Industry Study from Simon Fraser University.

“This course provided great insight into the trends,
practices, and inside workings of publishing
a great book.” Akou Connell, Goose Lane Editions

getting published
A Candid Discussion with an Agent & a Publisher

$225 CDN

July 12 includes course materials


Monday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp 91–92

If you are working on a manuscript This one-day, interactive workshop

and looking to land a publishing will cover the following topics:
contract, this workshop will
✧✧ Preparing your manuscript
help prepare you for the
for submission
negotiations that lie ahead.
✧✧ The role of the agent
Completing your manuscript and ✧✧ Deciding which publisher
getting it ready to present to a to approach
publisher is a big accomplishment, ✧✧ Catching the attention of
and the road that follows is filled an agent or publisher
with bumps and blind curves. If ✧✧ The acquisitions process
you are a writer who is planning to ✧✧ The role of the editor
pitch your manuscript to agents or ✧✧ The role of the publisher
publishers, you need to know how ✧✧ Understanding the creative
the business side of publishing works, rights in your work
including what you can expect to ✧✧ Negotiating a book contract
get for your work, where the pitfalls ✧✧ The author’s involvement in
are, and how to avoid them. marketing, publicity, and promotion

These topics will be explored through

lectures and discussion. You will
“The instructors were really
leave this workshop with a realistic
approachable and enthusiastic— understanding of the process required
[publishing experts] I would to get a manuscript accepted by a
otherwise never have had the publisher and what you can expect
chance to meet.” Sarah Wayne to get in a publishing contract.

Sally Harding is a co-owner and Scott Steedman is a publishing
literary agent at The Cooke Agency. consultant and an adjunct professor
She has worked at sfu. He
in the book has worked
industry for in publishing
16 years, first since 1987 in
in editing, the UK, France,
bookselling, and and Canada,
publishing in including spells
New Zealand and at Raincoast
Australia, and, Books and,
since moving most recently,
to Vancouver in 2001, as an agent. as associate publisher at Douglas
In 2005 she started her own agency, & McIntyre. He has edited dozens
The Harding Agency. The fledgling of books, including many award-
agency’s rapid growth led to the winning titles, and has also
merger with The Cook Agency in written a dozen children’s books.
2007. New Zealand-born, Harding has
a very international perspective, and
her clients and the publishers with “The secret of being a member of
whom she works are from around the faculty at the SFU Summer Books
world. Her clients include two Giller Publishing Workshop is that you
Prize long-list nominees, Kenneth J. get as much out of the course as
Harvey and Claire Mulligan, historian the students do. The environment
Peter Clarke, environmental author is stimulating, the ideas are
Alanna Mitchell, and prize-winning
flowing and the enthusiasm the
fantasy authors Holly Phillips and A.
students bring to publishing is
Lee Martinez. She is president of the
board of directors of BC Book Prizes. invigorating for everyone. . . .
It’s an experience like no other.”
Kristin Cochrane, Publisher,
Doubleday Canada; VP, Random
House of Canada.

A good proposal can get you a great publishing deal.
A lame proposal will get even the best project rejected.

book proposals
building a road map to success

$225 CDN

July 14 includes course materials


Wednesday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp 91–92

A business plan for a book. Creating a good proposal can be tricky,

even if your manuscript is close to
A proposal is like a road map. You
completion. Many authors stumble
can follow the path to a publishing
when it comes to marketing their
deal or self-publishing success.
own work. But there are some steps
Creating a proposal can help you to
you can follow to make the process
build a well-organized manuscript
simple and the outcome successful.
with structure and narrative arc.
You can use it to identify and In this workshop, we will pull apart
articulate the key selling points of the book proposal and see what
your work to agents, publishers, makes it tick. Then we will figure
and directly to your readers. out how to put one together. We
will take an inside look at how
A book proposal is a bold proposals are used by acquiring
declaration of intent. editors. We will explore how they are
used by self-published writers. And
It is a key component of the we will establish the components
publishing process, especially for of a successful proposal. If you
non-fiction. Clear proposals are have a proposal you are wrestling
important for the acquiring editor. with, bring it in for some friendly
But, increasingly, their function goes attention. If you have an idea, this is
beyond the traditional publishing a great chance to start to express it.
process. If you want to write, edit,
publish, market, and sell your
own book, a good proposal can
be an enormously helpful tool.

faculty Guest Speakers
Jill Lambert is a professional writer Robert Mackwood is president of
who especially likes to write about Seventh Avenue Literary Agency
food and art. in Vancouver,
Her book A representing over
Good Catch was 40 writers with
published in 2008 rights sales in
by Greystone. Canada, the US,
In addition to and the UK, and
her own writing translation sales in
work, she helps over 15 countries.
people create His 25 years in
proposals publishing include senior positions
for books, television, and films. at Bantam/Doubleday Canada, and
Lambert worked in publishing Stanton & MacDougall/Raincoast Books.
for 15 years, as an acquiring
editor at Doubleday Canada and Mark Busse is a visual artist,
Macmillan, and as rights manager strategist, and writer, having led
at HarperCollinsCanada. She taught identity and brand development,
substantive editing, line editing, and implementation,
copyediting at Ryerson University. and marketing
campaigns for
both national
and international
clients. He is
a member of
New Media BC,
ACM SIGGRAPH Vancouver and is
the past president of the BC Chapter
of the Society of Graphic Designers
of Canada. He is also a sessional
instructor and faculty adviser in
the Foundation Visual Art & Design
and Digital Design programs at
Vancouver Film School and speaks
regularly at local design programs.

Do you dream of being a published author? Want to make
money and have control over your book at the same time?
Then self-publishing could be the right choice for you.

in canada
designing, printing, and selling your book

$225 CDN

July 15 includes course materials


Thursday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp 91–92

Self-publishing is rapidly gaining faculty

popularity in Canada and has become
Suzanne Anderson chose to self-
a viable choice in the publishing
publish her first book in 1997. At the
game. As the trade publishing houses
time, there was
cope with financial and marketing
little information
stresses, a large niche is opening up
on how to
for those of us who want to do it
self-publish in
ourselves. With today’s technology
Canada and she
and the Internet, publishing a book
decided to rectify
can be relatively simple. But you
that. Her book,
can make expensive mistakes unless
Self Publishing
you know how to do it right.
in Canada:
This one-day interactive workshop A Complete
will cover the following topics: Guide to Designing, Printing and
Selling Your Book, is based on both
✧✧ What topics can be successful personal experience and extensive
✧✧ Designing your book inside and out research, including courses through
✧✧ The legal page and other Simon Fraser University’s publishing
technical details program. She has made presentations
✧✧ Finding the right kind of printer at The Word On The Street, the Pacific
✧✧ Pricing your book Festival of the Book, and Victoria’s
✧✧ The business of self-publishing Literary Info-Fair. She conducts
✧✧ Publicizing your book workshops on writing and publishing
✧✧ Media kits and press releases for Vancouver Island University.
✧✧ Selling your book

This is a fast-paced, informative

workshop that will answer your
questions and allow you to decide if
self-publishing is right for you. You
will receive plenty of information
and handouts to take home.

How does a writer translate the “funny” from life to
print? Are humour writing skills innate?

2010 symposium on the book

what’s so funny?
everything, when an unbridled
imagination hits the printed page

$75 CDN
SUMM 467

includes six books—one

from each author
July 18
Sunday, 9 am–4 pm
book signing 4:15–4:45 pm
REGISTER p.83–85 and pp 91–92
See also: Finding the Funny:
Humour with a “U” p.78

Laughter, they say, is the best “A brief note of congratulations

medicine: the act of laughing and appreciation to all concerned
lowers blood pressure and at sfu for the . . . Symposium
releases endorphins, making on the Book presentations. The
us happier and healthier. choice of presenters was first-
Do you ever find yourself chuckling rate, and their presentations on
out loud as you read a funny piece writing, publishing, and reviewing
in a book, blog, or story? It may be . . . were highly entertaining
startling at first, but never unpleasant. and very informative. ”
How does a writer translate the M. Wayne Cunningham
“funny” from life to print? Are humour
writing skills innate? Do you have
to be funny to write humorously?
Robyn Harding; the satire of Mark
Literary laughter is one of the Leiren-Young; the stage-to-print
pleasures in life, and this symposium humour of TJ Dawe; the exploits of
will explore the ways in which blogger, TV personality, and author
this form of writing is created, Kathy Buckworth; and a satirical look
developed, and executed. Through at the monotonous lives of monsters
commentary from the authors and in a novel from Jan Underwood.
panelists we will consider fiction,
non-fiction, parody, satire, and Humour writing instructor Mark
opinion. And we will have an inside Dennison will give some tips and
look at how stand-up comedy makes tricks of the craft, Rebecca Wigod
the journey from stage to book. will explain the process of reviewing
humour writing and the always
In this one-day symposium we will thoughtful and perceptive Hal Wake
look at many examples of humour will lend perspective. This Hour
in print: the award-winning national has 22 Minutes’ Mark Critch will
humour of Will Ferguson; the day-to- keep the peace and the participants
day parental challenges of from rolling in the aisles.

authors won the CBA Libris Award for Non-
Fiction Book of the Year. He lives in
Kathy Buckworth is an award- Calgary with his wife, Terumi, and
winning writer, television personality, their two sons, Alex and Alister.
and public speaker,
with numerous Robyn Harding studied English
publishing literature, journalism, and marketing
credits in both in Vancouver before
national and local embarking on a
magazines and seven-year career
newspapers. Her in the advertising
monthly column industry. After
Funny Mummy appears on over 25 stints in Calgary
websites across Canada, the US, and and Australia,
New Zealand, as well as in print. she returned to
Vancouver with her husband and two
TJ Dawe has written and performed children. Her first novel, The Journal
10 solo shows and participated in of Mortifying Moments, was published
over 80 theatre and in 2004. It was followed by The Secret
comedy festivals. Desires of a Soccer Mom, Unravelled,
He has co-written Chronicles of a Midlife Crisis, and My
and/or directed Parents Are Sex Maniacs . . . A High
other shows, School Horror Story. Her first non-
including The fiction book, Mom, Will This Chicken
Power of Ignorance, Give Me Man Boobs?, was published
which was in 2009. Harding has also been a
published and spawned a companion columnist for Granville magazine.
piece humour book and The One
Man Star Wars Trilogy, which played Mark Leiren-Young is a humour
for five months Off-Broadway in writer whose bestselling comic
New York and has been touring memoir, Never
since 2002. In 2004, he was named Shoot a Stampede
Touring Artist of the Year by the Queen: A Rookie
British Columbia Touring Council. Reporter in the
He has a podcast series titled Totem Cariboo, won the
Figures, and he blogs and writes 2009 Stephen
articles at www.beamsandstruts. Leacock Memorial
com. He continues to perform, direct, Medal for Humour.
dramaturge, tour, and collaborate. His comedy short The Green Film won
several awards and has played at over
Will Ferguson is one of Canada’s two dozen festivals around the world.
bestselling authors. His debut novel, He has won a National Magazine
Happiness™, has Award as a humour columnist,
been published in and his columns have appeared in
24 languages and newspapers and magazines including
31 countries around the Hollywood Reporter, the Globe
the world and was and Mail, the Toronto Star, the
shortlisted for the Georgia Straight, and The Tyee. In
Commonwealth 2009, his satirical comedy duo, Local
Writers’ Best Anxiety, released an eco-comedy
First Book Award (Canada and the album, Greenpieces. He has also done
Caribbean region). It went on to satirical stuff for CBC Radio and NPR.
win the Stephen Leacock Memorial
Medal for Humour and the Canadian Jan Underwood is the author of Day
Authors Association Award for Shift Werewolf, which won the 28th
Fiction. With his brother Ian, he Annual International 3-Day Novel
wrote the wildly successful humour Contest. She was born in Pennsylvania
book How To Be a Canadian, which and has also lived in Canada, Mexico,

and France. She Rebecca Wigod has been the books
now makes her editor at The Vancouver Sun for nine
home in Portland, years. The job
Oregon, where she involves deciding
teaches Spanish on which books
at a community to review and on
college. She is who should review
working on her them, editing
second novel. the reviews, and
authors with new books out. She
panelists has been a writer and editor for
Mark Dennison has been both a daily newspapers for over 30 years.
performer and writer of comedy and
humour for the
past 25 years.
His classes look Mark Critch is no stranger to the
at the mechanics Canadian comedy scene. Anchor and
of the creative reporter for the
process, as well 16th season of the
as the philosophy Gemini award-
and psychology winning This Hour
of humour. Some call it “creative Has 22 Minutes,
problem solving.” He can often Critch has also
be found frolicking in the fields been co-host of the
near Vancouver’s Brockton Oval. East Coast Music
If you approach him quietly and Awards for CBC TV, has appeared at
in a non-threatening manner, he The CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival,
may take food from your hand. and returns this fall as host of CBC’s
Ha!ifax Comedy Festival. He has
Hal Wake has been engaged with received eight Gemini nominations,
the literary community in Canada has won a Canadian Comedy Award
for more than for his writing on This Hour Has 22
30 years. In the Minutes, and has written for Just for
mid-1980s he was Laughs. He has performed in Russia,
the book producer China, and Afghanistan, as well as
for CBC Radio’s across Canada and the United States.
Morningside with
Peter Gzowski.
He has hosted or
moderated hundreds of literary events
at festivals in Vancouver, Victoria,
New York, Whitehorse, Sidney (BC),
and Sydney (Australia). His reviews
have appeared in the Georgia
Straight and The Vancouver Sun.
He is currently the artistic director
of the Vancouver International
Writers and Readers Festival.

A two-day crash course in the business fundamentals
of book publishing.

the business of
book publishing
$450 CDN

July 22–23 includes course materials


Thursday and Friday

9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp 91–92

This workshop will review the Finally, we will look at sales and
business aspects of book publishing. distribution, from the title information
It will survey establishing an sheet to sales conference and sales
editorial position and setting a channels. Our last subject will be
mission statement, and will look at marketing: planning and techniques.
planning and organization. We will
review copyright and discuss the
acquisitions process, which will be faculty
followed by a thorough review of the Kevin Williams p.23
use of the profit and loss statement
(P&L) in the acquisitions process.
“Kevin was excellent: he is an
We will then review income authority on the material and
statements and balance sheets, tailored it to meet students’
and will closely examine budgeting needs. He gave us lots of practical
and planning for cash flow. and applicable information.”
Nicole Caldarelli, Firefly Books

Related 34 Elements of Editing
for Magazines
50 Developmental Editing:
Fiction and Non-fiction 36 Launching or Relaunching
an Online Magazine new!
68 Marketing through
Social Media 38 The Art of the Pitch:
How to Create Story
Ideas that Sell new!
39 Magazine Packaging
with a Punch
40 Marketing Magazines
Online: Communicating More
Effectively with Your Audience
42 Magazine Publishing:
a Crash Course in the Basics,
the Necessities, and the
New Realities new!

For anyone with an interest or background in magazines, for
editors who want to refine their skills, and for writers who
want to expand their skills or improve their manuscripts.

elements of editing
for magazines

$450 CDN

July 26–27 includes course materials


Monday and Tuesday

9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

A skilled editor can lift a magazine “Apologies for not offering

story from a mere accumulation of constructive criticism for you
details to a memorable experience. to use, but I had a completely
In this two-day intensive workshop wonderful learning experience
you will learn how to take a piece
and didn’t wish anything
apart and put it back together, find
to be different. It made me
the hook, develop a through line,
flesh out hidden ideas, and—having stretch, and I feel fortunate,
nailed an ending—create a fully more skilful, and inspired to
developed magazine piece that lives go further with editing.”
up to the potential of its initial idea.
You will then learn how to take that
finished printed piece and develop from a top writer and art director.
its online counterpart, enabling You will leave with a thorough
readers to delve more deeply into understanding of the editorial process
the content and interact with you, from pitch to polish and an informed
as well as explore multimedia links. enthusiasm for the magazine process.

Magazine editing calls on both specific Specific topics will include

techniques and the storytelling the following:
instincts we all have. This workshop ✧✧ The real secret to success:
will draw on these hard and soft what makes a great idea
skills—including developing ideas, ✧✧ The art of matchmaking: marrying
editing from first draft to final ideas to the right writers
manuscript, working with writers ✧✧ Magazine Psychology 101: how
and art directors, and refining to manage your writers’ quirks
packaging—to produce feature ✧✧ Cracking open the tool box: it
articles. Instruction will feature is not just about the words
brainstorming, hands-on activities, ✧✧ In fact, it is often all about
and large and small group work, as the visuals: working with your
well as readings and guest lectures partner, the art director

✧✧ Magazines are all in the magazine, T.O.,
details: fact checking, at 25. Since
copyediting, and line editing then, she has
✧✧ By any other name: how to seduce been part of the
readers with great heds and deks launch teams for
✧✧ The best of both worlds: how to the Globe and
tell stories in print and online Mail’s magazines
✧✧ Making the most of what little Toronto and West,
you have: editing on a shoestring Nick Jr,. and ESPN
the Magazine,
This workshop is designed for which she worked as a features
for anyone with an interest editor in New York for a decade,
or background in magazines, editing some of the best writers in
editors who want to refine their the business. She created Seventeen
skills, and writers who want to magazine’s 50th anniversary issue,
expand their marketable skills or as well as Cosmopolitan’s All About
improve their own manuscripts. Men, and is the author of three sports
books. Her stories have appeared
faculty in Entertainment Weekly, Martha
Shelley Youngblut is the editor- Stewart Living, Salon, the Globe
in-chief of Swerve, Calgary Herald’s and Mail, and National Post. The
award-winning weekly magazine. weekly pop-culture commentator for
Winner of the Lifetime Achievement ABC World News Now and Canada
Award at the 2009 Western AM, Youngblut was a featured
Magazine Awards, Youngblut created commentator on CBC Radio’s The
her first magazine, VOX, at the age Point and is now the weekly current
of 20 and was editing her first city culture columnist on The Homestretch.

Finally getting around to rebooting your onsite
presence? This workshop will help you shape your site
and attract readers and revenue in the process.

or relaunching
an online magazine

$225 CDN

July 26 includes course materials


Monday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

Are you ready to move from blogger value proposition or call to action
to magazine publisher? Do you immediately? Is your brand extended
have a print magazine that needs a or diluted from print to online?
stronger presence and business model
online? Are you ready to launch Specific topics will include
a new editorial venture and put the following:
your content online exclusively for
✧✧ Assessing volume, length,
readers? If so, this two-day intensive
breadth, and quality of new
will offer a comprehensive overview
or existing/archive content
of the considerations and options
✧✧ Reviewing content sections or
worthy of review before you go
channels for comprehensiveness
public with a debut or new design.
and appropriateness
The course will use your own case ✧✧ Renaming, removing, and adding
studies to typify key issues and to features with keywords and
identify pivotal items for audit before intuitive behaviour in mind
proceeding, including analysis of ✧✧ Optimizing for 1-2 click navigation
statistics (pages viewed, referring for tabs, tag clouds, linking,
pages, traffic source, keywords breadcrumbs, and so on
searched, length of visit, and click- ✧✧ Learning best practices for serving
through and conversion rates), reader photos, text, and video, as well as
behaviour, and your own editorial considerations for e-commerce
and commercial goals for the brand. ✧✧ Enforcing your mission and vision
for both print and online audiences
We will approach the existing ✧✧ Supporting and/or driving
or potential site as a browser/ new readers and revenues
searcher and as a subscriber, and ✧✧ Choosing a business plan
we will ask questions related to the and model according to needs
“offer.” Does the site allow for quick and historical behaviour
survey and navigation of content or ✧✧ Budgeting for lean programming,
services? Can readers home in on the ad, and design costs

✧✧ Retooling editorial content in print sites and grew
for online readers and search traffic, content,
✧✧ Keeping content refreshed with and the paid
user-generated submissions writer network
or supplementary staff with an AdSense
The course will also touch on editorial business model.
tools and communication onsite, She continues
design elements and considerations, to freelance
promotion and branding, and and consult
efficient and affordable plug-and- for the print book and magazine
play applications that can save publishing industry where she
you from reinventing the wheel. worked for 13 years, editing nearly
100 award-winning fiction and
This workshop is designed for anyone
literary non-fiction titles at ECW
currently considering launching,
Press, Raincoast Books, Beach Holme
redesigning, or extending their online
Publishing, and Quarry Books.
magazine presence and who currently
Gugeler has been a literary journalist
holds an in-house or freelance
for CBC Radio, The Vancouver Sun,
position with this job description.
Ottawa Citizen, and the Globe and
Mail, and she has co-edited Room,
faculty Quarry, and Arc magazines. She
has taught various kinds of editing
Joy Gugeler is currently vice- across formats at Ryerson for eight
president of publishing at NowPublic. years, and in Simon Fraser’s master’s,
com (with five million monthly undergraduate, continuing education,
visitors), following four years in the and summer publishing programs
online magazine industry as editor- since 1998. She continues to sit on
in-chief at both Orato and Suite101. industry boards and on provincial
com, where she relaunched both and national prize and grant juries.

Successful freelance writers have one thing in common:
they have mastered the art of pitching their stories.

the art
of the pitch
how to create story ideas that sell

$225 CDN

July 28 includes course materials


Wednesday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

This workshop will help you improve faculty

your ability to develop story ideas
and sell them. In the evolving Charles Campbell is an award-
world of magazines, newspapers, winning Vancouver writer and editor.
and the Internet, this class will He edited the
provide practical guidelines and Georgia Straight
exercises to develop and present for 12 years,
pitches for everything from short worked for The
front of book stories to major Vancouver Sun as
features or even book proposals. an editorial board
member and
We will examine how to identify what entertainment
different publications want and why editor for five
they want it, how you can develop years, and is
creative partnerships with editors a contributing editor to The Tyee
at a wide range of publications, website, where he developed the
and how you can effectively exploit Books section. Campbell is a former
your particular areas of knowledge Southam fellow at the University of
and interest. The workshop will Toronto’s Massey College and was the
also explore emerging industry inaugural Harvey Stevenson Southam
trends and insiders’ tactics for Lecturer at the University of Victoria,
navigating the world of periodicals. where he taught a class called News
Barons versus Internet Geeks in
Students are expected to the professional writing program.
submit in advance six to 10
story ideas targeted at a range
of real-world publications.

Master the art of editorial packaging.

with a punch
$225 CDN

July 29 includes course materials


Thursday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

Editing a print magazine is hardly A few of the things we will examine:

about editing at all, at least not
✧✧ The holy trinity of hed, dek, and art
in the way that most people
✧✧ Strategies for a better front of book
understand it. Yes, you might shift
✧✧ The beauty of standing elements,
the odd comma now and then, but
and how to develop your own
most of your time should be spent
✧✧ Approaches to packaging a feature
conceiving and assigning an ultra-
✧✧ Seven sexy secrets to writing cover
alluring mix, then wrapping it all
sell lines (numerals and even
together in an irresistible fashion.
sex not necessarily involved)
This workshop is about the latter.
The charts. The sidebars. The art.
The display. The regular one-pager
that has readers checking their Jim Sutherland is a freelance
newsstand or mailbox for your writer and magazine consultant
magazine the week before it arrives. who has edited
Western Living,
Here is where your left brain and right
The Vancouver
brain duke it out. Yes, the packaging
Sun’s Saturday
has to be creative. But it also has to be
Mix section,
rigorous. And it has to be consistent
and Vancouver
from front cover to back page. 
Writers, editors, designers, publishers, which under his
bloggers, students: the day will direction won
unfold in a way that lets all of you the National
learn and experience, with lots of Magazine Award for best
exercises, examples, and interaction. magazine. In 2007, he received
the Western Magazine Awards’
Lifetime Achievement Award.

You know your core publishing businesses but need to
get up to speed on what is happening online.

magazines online
Communicating More Effectively with Your Audience

$225 CDN

July 28 includes course materials


Wednesday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

In this one-day workshop you Marketing is more than the

will review the basics of online message; it is about engagement and
marketing for magazines focusing conversation. Learn to add value to
on social media strategies. You will the conversation rather than just
receive expert tips on developing a push your message. Review value-
web strategy, marketing plan, and added content options such as blogs,
optimized content. You will also learn podcasts, video, and e-newsletters.
best practices in marketing, writing,
and editing for the web. You will leave Web marketing does not happen
knowing the top 10 things you can do in isolation. Learn strategies for
today to drive traffic to your website. working with partners, clients, and
affiliate networks. Review budget
Having a website does not mean requirements, potential work flows,
that people are visiting it. Learn how metrics (ways to measure campaign
to find your audience, how to build success), and branding and positioning
buzz, and how to generate traffic that on the web. Learn strategies for
leads to repeat visits. Understand gaining buy-in, contribution, and
how to find your online community, commitment to online campaigns.
how to join the conversation, how
to monitor the web, and how to We will discuss case studies and
provide value to the community. look at how these lessons can
be applied to specific situations
represented by participants.

faculty Guest speaker
Lisa Manfield has worked in print Rebecca Bollwitt has been blogging
and online publishing for 14 years about Vancouver on
as managing since 2004, and
editor at Orato. she has been
com, marketing podcasting
manager at since 2005.
The Tyee, Listed among
contributing Vancouver’s
editor for leading web
Backbone influencers,
business and was voted
finance editor at, Best Vancouver Blog by Georgia
associate editor at CGA Magazine, Straight readers in 2009. Bollwitt
and editor of Realm magazine. As also co-founded sixty4media to offer
a publishing consultant, she has website development and social
developed print and online content, media consulting services. In 2009,
marketing collateral, and courseware she was nominated for Woman
for Canada Wide Media, UBC, Entrepreneur of the Year by the
CBC TV, the Knowledge Network, Impact Entrepreneurship Group.
WorkSafeBC, the BC and Alberta
Magazine Publishers Associations,
and Magazines Canada. She was a
member of the editorial collective
of Room for eight years and on the
board of directors (three years as vice-
president) for the BC Association of
Magazine Publishers. She also teaches
Writing and Editing for the Web for
sfu’s Writing and Publishing Program.

If you wish to start a publication, start here.

a Crash Course in the Basics, the Necessities,
and the New Realities

$450 CDN

July 29–30 includes course materials


Thursday and Friday

9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

Whether you produce a print, digital, faculty

or online publication, business
principles still apply. In this Ruth Kelly is president and CEO of
comprehensive two-day course, we Venture Publishing and publisher and
will discuss the following topics: editor-in-chief of
Alberta Venture.
✧✧ The business case for your
She serves on
magazine: how to analyze the
the boards of
opportunities and the competition
the Institute
✧✧ Building your budgets and
of Corporate
financial modelling
✧✧ Editorial and design mandates
✧✧ Setting advertising rates and
chapter), the
identifying your targets
Banff Centre
✧✧ Creating your circulation/
Leadership Development Programs,
audience development strategy
Edmonton Expo 2017, Travel Alberta,
✧✧ Marketing your magazine to
Dollco Printing, and on the President’s
readers and advertisers
Advisory Council for NAIT. She is
✧✧ Ancillary products and activities—
also president of the Edmonton
are they right for you?
Business Council for the Visual Arts
If you wish to start a publication and a member of the national Task
or are in the early stages of your Force on Financial Literacy. Kelly has
publishing career, this workshop will been recognized as a Global Woman
give you the fundamentals you need of Vision (1998) and has received
to make decisions with confidence. a YWCA Women of Distinction
award (2003), the Advertising Club
of Edmonton’s Fellowship Award
(2004), an Alberta Centennial Medal
(2005), and the Canadian Women in
Communications Woman of the Year
Award (2008). She holds an honorary
degree in business from NAIT.

related 44 Plain Language: Building
34 Elements of Editing
for Magazines 45 Clear and Concise:
Guidelines for Style
70 Digital Strategy:
Editors’ Intensive new! 46 The Secrets of Syntax new!
47 Copyediting and Proofreading
48 Indexes and Indexing: an
Overview for Editors and
49 Authors and Editors:
the Partnership and Process
50 Developmental Editing:
Fiction and Non-Fiction
51 Fundamentals of Grammar
52 Punctuation and Mechanics
53 Usage Woes and Myths
54 Book Editing Immersion

Build documents that speak to their intended audience.

plain language
building results

$225 CDN

July 5 includes course materials


Monday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

When a document exists to deliver to Clear and Concise: Guidelines

information to a reader, it must for Style (p.45). This workshop offers
be tailored to that reader’s needs. pointers in stylistic editing that will be
But all too often, the key messages helpful to anyone attending the Book
of informational documents are Editing Immersion workshop (p.54).
obscured by poor organization,
improper tone, jargon, wordiness,
off-putting page design, and faculty
other barriers to readability. Frances Peck is an editor, writer,
and instructor with clients ranging
This workshop teaches you how to
from government
break down those barriers and create
a document that is readable and
to national and
usable. We will start by examining
what plain language is and what
it is not. Next we will discuss how
She began teaching
to define a document’s objectives,
editing and writing
identify its readers, and determine
over 20 years ago
their reading levels and preferences.
at the University
We will review the seven best
of Ottawa. Now
techniques for creating plainer
she delivers workshops across the
language, and finish with a look at
country, including for the Editors’
layout and ways of testing readability.
Association of Canada, and teaches
Exercises throughout the day will help editing with the Print Futures program
you apply plain language to real-life at Douglas College and the Writing
passages. You will also get handouts and Publishing Program at sfu. Peck
and a list of recommended resources. co-authored the popular HyperGrammar
website; recently completed Peck’s
Plain Language: Building Results English Pointers, an e-book for the
will benefit writers, editors, and federal Translation Bureau; and is
communications specialists who work a regular columnist for the journal
on informational documents. The Language Update. She is a partner
workshop is an excellent companion with West Coast Editorial Associates.

Practical techniques for clarifying meaning,
creating flow, cutting wordiness.

clear and concise

guidelines for style

SECTION 1 — 477-1
SUMM 477

July 6 $225 CDN

Tuesday, 9 am–5 pm includes course materials

SECTION 2 — 477-2
July 24 REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92
Saturday, 9 am–5 pm

“I enjoyed the reference to rhythm pointers in stylistic editing that will be

in writing. Frances presented ‘old helpful to anyone attending the Book
information’ in a new way. It made Editing Immersion workshop (p.54).
things more interesting for me.”
Tina Homsy-William
Clear, concise style is the backbone Frances Peck p.44
of good writing. It is also the
product of cold, hard revision.
This one-day workshop presents a
variety of revision techniques that
improve consistency, clarity, flow,
and conciseness. We will look at
how to eliminate sloppy shifts, link
ideas seamlessly using parallelism
and subordination, and identify
and eliminate wordiness. Through
discussion, examples, and exercises,
we will examine tried and true
methods for making every word count.

Clear and Concise will benefit

writers and editors who want to
know the best practical techniques
for streamlining prose. The workshop
is an excellent follow-up to
Fundamentals of Grammar (p.51),
Punctuation and Mechanics (p.72),
and Usage Woes and Myths (p.53),
and a good companion workshop to
Copyediting and Proofreading
(p.47) and Plain Language: Building
Results (p.44). This workshop offers

Harness the power of word order.

the secrets
of syntax

$225 CDN

July 7 includes course materials


Wednesday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

We have all flipped a sentence The Secrets of Syntax will benefit

around, or dismantled it and then writers and editors who want a more
recombined it, only to discover greater systematic understanding of how
power, clarity, emphasis, or flow. reshaping language can make it clearer
Why does that happen? How can and more powerful. This workshop
we get better at manipulating word is an excellent follow-up to Clear
order, or syntax, to make writing and Concise: Guidelines for Style
easier and more pleasurable to read? (p.45). The workshop offers pointers
This workshop looks at syntax from in stylistic editing and rewriting that
various angles, including how to will be helpful to anyone attending
shape it for different documents and the Book Editing Immersion
audiences. Topics covered include workshop (p.54) or Elements of
subordination and coordination, Editing for Magazines (p.34).
periodic versus cumulative sentences,
proximity of subject and verb, echo
words, and special techniques faculty
such as ellipsis and isolation. Frances Peck p.44

“Not a moment to snooze for a topic that could lead
to naps if taught by a lesser personality.”
Gareth Kirkby, Editor-in-Chief,

copyediting and
SECTION 1 — 404-1
SUMM 404

July 8–9 $475 CDN

Thursday and Friday, 9 am–5 pm includes course materials

SECTION 2 — 404-2
July 19–20 REGISTER
Monday and Tuesday, 9 am–5 pm pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

Copyediting and proofreading Copyediting and Proofreading

skills are fundamental to many is an excellent complement to
positions in publishing and Fundamentals of Grammar (p.51),
corporate communications. A well- Plain Language: Building Results
prepared, error-free document is (p.44), Punctuation and Mechanics
not only a sign of professionalism, (p.72), Usage Woes and Myths (p.53),
but also an effective vehicle for and Clear and Concise: Guidelines
impressing clients and customers. for Style (p.45). It also offers a
good warm-up for anyone interested
This two-day workshop is ideal for in attending the week-long Book
anyone wanting an introduction Editing Immersion workshop (p.54).
to the world of publishing or
communications, or for anyone
currently called upon to improve the faculty
writing of others in their organization.
Ruth Wilson has over 25 years of
The class incorporates group
experience managing words. She was
discussion and hands-on exercises
managing editor of Self-Counsel Press
while covering the following topics:
before starting
Copyediting her own editorial
✧✧ Editing marks services business,
✧✧ The copyeditor’s responsibilities working for
✧✧ Finding and noting mistakes in major publishers,
spelling, punctuation, and grammar professional
✧✧ Striving for consistency associations, and
✧✧ Preparing style sheets private sector
Proofreading She also leads
✧✧ Proofreading marks seminars and workshops on editing,
✧✧ The proofreader’s responsibilities proofreading, publishing procedures,
✧✧ The proofreading process and plain language. She is a partner
✧✧ Technology and proofreading of West Coast Editorial Associates.

A good index guarantees that all the hours of research,
writing, and editing invested in a title are not wasted.

indexes and
an overview for editors and publishers

$225 CDN

July 10 includes course materials


Saturday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

Does a good book make a good faculty

index, or is the reverse the case?
Naomi Pauls wrote her first back-
Find out why, even in an era of
of-the-book index in 1998, soon after
e-books and searchable text, there
establishing a
are many valid reasons for well-
freelance editing
written indexes—chief among them
business. She
usability and marketability. Learn
has since written
about the process of indexing, how to
about 40 more,
find professional book indexers, and
for books from
how to evaluate the end product.
A (anthropology)
This journey into the arcane to Z (zoology). She
world of indexing will also was a member of
include the following topics: sfu’s first master
of publishing
✧✧ A potted history of a class. She is a long-standing member
venerable tradition of both the Indexing Society of Canada
✧✧ Discussion and examples of and the Editors’ Association of Canada.
the different types of indexes
✧✧ Style, usability, and
taxonomy issues
✧✧ The role of software in
the indexing process
✧✧ Hands-on exercises in
index editing

The author and editor relationship can be one of the
most rewarding components of the publishing process.

authors and
the partnership and the process

$225 CDN

July 9 includes course materials


Friday, 9 am–4 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

An editor can be the best reader faculty

an author will ever have: a crucial
Steven Galloway is the author
ally in the long and often painful
of three novels, most recently the
journey from first draft to printed
book. How should writers take
bestselling Cellist
advantage of editors, and how
of Sarajevo. His
can editors get the best out of
work has been
the writers they work with?
published in over
In this day-long workshop, we 25 languages
look at how to create a successful and optioned for
partnership built on trust and a film. He teaches
common goal: the best book possible. fiction at the
Topics include author and editor University of
responsibilities, approaches to British Columbia.
editing fiction and non-fiction, and
the editorial letter. Case studies, Scott Steedman p.25
in-class exercises, and opportunities
for participants to ask questions of
a seasoned editing professional are “I’ve been in the field of creative
features of the workshop, which will process in many mediums
be of particular interest to editors
for many years. But I really
relatively new to book editing.
did appreciate the honesty,
humour, and insight of every
moment of this workshop.”
Ruth DeGraves,
J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing

Learn not only how to evaluate the text,
but build and shape it.

fiction and non-fiction

$450 CDN

July 21–22 includes course materials


Wednesday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

Learn to develop fiction and non- Topics will include the following:
fiction work to suit the writer’s vision,
✧✧ Understanding the writer-
the publisher’s requirements, and the
editor relationship;
format and audience for which it is
✧✧ Developing a concept proposal;
best suited. Start with an outline or
✧✧ Completing a market analysis;
annotated table of contents, or an
✧✧ Creating a checklist for
early draft, and ask good questions
fiction and non-fiction;
to improve the strongest and most
✧✧ Writing a reader’s report;
most distinctive elements to build
✧✧ Completing a manuscript
the work to a satisfying conclusion.
Whether you are an in-house ✧✧ Prioritizing editorial to-do lists;
or freelance editor working in ✧✧ Tracking and communicating
these genres, or a writer with a changes.
nascent manuscript ready to be
This workshop is designed for anyone
taken to the next level, learn how
currently in a junior, entry-level,
to assess the work’s readiness
or new editorial position within
and potential, its strengths and
a publishing house or working in
weakness, possible structures, and
this capacity as a freelancer, and
how to leverage the draft to most
for writers who want to know how
efficiently get to publication.
to take a manuscript idea from
This two-day intensive workshop will concept to finished work for book,
demonstrate how assessment criteria, magazine, or online audiences.
a survey of alternative options, market
research, and some astute analysis
can turn a half-baked idea into a fully- faculty
cooked work that reaches readers. Joy Gugeler p.37
The class uses examples taken from
students’ own works and before-and-
after demos of real books and edits.

One of the best ways to increase confidence as a writer
or editor is to gain a good command of grammar.

of grammar

July 21 $225 CDN


includes course materials


Wednesday, 9 am–4 pm
Early registration
recommended REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

One of the best ways to increase faculty

confidence as a writer or editor is to
gain a good command of grammar. Vlad Konieczny, BA, MA, is a
If you find yourself occasionally freelance writer and former director
confused by participles and gerunds, of publications
puzzled by dangling and squinting and foundations
modifiers, and confounded by which for Simon Fraser
and that or who and whom, this University’s
one-day workshop is for you. You will Advancement
spend the morning reviewing the Office. He has
parts of speech, as well as phrases more than
and clauses, punctuation, and 25 years of
sentence structure. The afternoon experience
will be devoted to analyzing and in writing
correcting common errors. and teaching
and regularly teaches courses in
Fundamentals of Grammar is an composition, proposal writing,
excellent follow-up to Copyediting and grammar. He is also the
and Proofreading (p.47) and a author of Struggling for Perfection:
good warm-up for anyone interested The Story of Glenn Gould and
in attending Punctuation and Glenn Gould: A Musical Force.
Mechanics (p.72), Clear and
Concise: Guidelines for Style
(p.45), Usage Woes and Myths
(p.53), and Plain Language:
Building Results (p.44).

Drowning in details?
Make sense of the current rules and styles.

and mechanics
$225 CDN

July 22 includes course materials


Thursday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

on commas (necessary, unnecessary,

optional), semicolons, colons, bullet
points, quotation marks, italics,
apostrophes, and dashes (the em and
the en). We will discuss instances
when more than one approach
is correct, and we will examine
some of the leading style guides
available. Be prepared to practise
throughout the day, and bring along
your picky questions for discussion.

Punctuation and Mechanics will

benefit editors and writers who
need a refresher on the tricky areas
of punctuation and mechanics. The
workshop is an excellent follow-up
to Fundamentals of Grammar
(p.51) and a natural companion
Anyone who has agonized endlessly workshop to Copyediting and
over a comma or a hyphen knows Proofreading (p.47). The workshop
how tricky the details of punctuation will also interest those who
and mechanics can be. Confused take Usage Woes and Myths
by the many rules out there? Then (p.53) and Clear and Concise:
this one-day workshop is for you. Guidelines for Style (p.45).

We will take a systematic and detailed

look at the most troublesome areas of faculty
punctuation and mechanics, focusing Frances Peck p.44

What is accepted, what is not?
Get the latest on English usage.

usage woes
and myths

$225 CDN

July 23 includes course materials


Friday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

Word usage is an ever-changing world. contentious points of English usage.

First it is wrong to use impact as a Come prepared with your own usage
verb; then it is acceptable. You think questions to share with the group.
you are clear on beg the question,
but then you wonder. What is the Usage Woes and Myths will benefit
current wisdom on much-debated editors and writers who need an
words like hopefully and presently, intensive review of recent changes
and troublesome pairs of words and errors in word usage. The
like may and might? Is it true that workshop is an excellent follow-up to
you should never start a sentence Fundamentals of Grammar (p.51)
with however, but, or because? and Punctuation and Mechanics
(p.52), and a good companion
If you are intent on preventing workshop to Copyediting and
(not avoiding) word errors and Proofreading (p.47) and Clear and
avoiding (not preventing) usage Concise: Guidelines for Style (p.45).
myths, this workshop will help.
Through discussion, examples, and
exercises, we will review some faculty
of the most misunderstood and Frances Peck p.44

Develop your editorial skills by working closely
with some of Canada’s top editors.

book editing
$1600 CDN
July 25–31 includes course materials
Sunday–Saturday Max. 16 participants
Early registration
SUMM 412

REGISTER pp.83–90

sunday, july 25, 6:30–7:30 pm Reception

200–341 Water St., Vancouver
monday–friday Lectures 9 am–noon; group exercises and individual
meetings with faculty 1–5:30 pm; individual work on editorial
assignments in the evenings
saturday Lecture 9 am–noon; sales conference and
final assessment 1–5 pm; wrap party 6–8 pm

“It was beyond my expectations in manuscript, you will complete key

terms of scope. . . . The workshop tasks, including a reader’s report, a
is intense and the learning is substantive edit, and a stylistic edit.
broad and deep. The faculty After listening to presentations
have a wealth of knowledge and on editing skills and strategies
experience, which they shared every morning, you will work on
without hesitation. And they your own in the afternoon, with
provided excellent feedback.” twice-daily feedback from your
Bev Lennox
adviser, to apply what you have
learned to your manuscript. In the
late afternoon, we will meet as a
group for informal chats on topics
In this six-day immersion workshop, reflecting your particular interests.
you will be editing manuscripts by
published authors, working one- By the end of the course, you will be
on-one with faculty advisers, and familiar with the following topics:
attending classroom presentations ✧✧ Evaluating manuscripts for publication
by faculty and guest speakers. ✧✧ Developing successful working
relations with authors
You will be paired with a faculty ✧✧ Organizing content with both
adviser, who will supply you with an publisher and reader in mind
original manuscript for a published ✧✧ Editing text for clarity and style
or soon-to-be published non-fiction ✧✧ Preparing sales and marketing
book. In the role of editor for that materials such as catalogue copy

“I learned so much this week. In addition, the faculty will
The hands-on nature of the discuss how editing fiction differs
assignments, the low instructor- from editing non-fiction, and
will provide guidance on editing
to-student ratio, the informal
other genres such as memoirs,
interactions with other
children’s books, and graphica.
students, and the supportive and
encouraging environment—they This workshop is designed for
all made for a career-changing editors, both in the publishing and
educational experience.” communications industries, who
want to develop and consolidate their
Dave Mitchell, Briarpatch Magazine
skills. This workshop is a chance
to build credentials and network
with other people in the industry.
The instructors are top notch,
To maintain a high adviser-to-
yet incredibly approachable
participant ratio, enrolment is
and laid back. I continue to be
limited to 16. Preference will be
impressed by SFU’s Summer given to candidates who have at
Publishing Workshops.” least one year of editorial experience
Jessica Antony, Fernwood or who have taken or will be
Publishing; Book Editing Immersion taking a course in copyediting.
graduate, 2009; Book Publishing
Immersion graduate, 2008 Assignments will be mailed to
participants in early July.


John Eerkes-Medrano began his Meg Taylor has worked in trade

editing career with a Toronto law and scholarly publishing since 1979,
book publisher when she was
in 1972 and has offered an editorial
been a freelance position in Tokyo
editor of fiction at Weatherhill, an
and non-fiction American publisher
trade, educational, of books on Asia.
and academic After returning to
books since 1980. North America,
His clients have included Douglas & she worked as a freelance editor for
McIntyre, Greystone, Harcourt Canada, scholarly presses. Since 1989 she has
Knopf Canada, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, worked in Toronto, both freelance
University of Alberta Press, UBC and in-house as senior editor at
Press, and many federal and Ontario Doubleday Canada and at Key Porter
government ministries. Among the Books. She teaches structural and
authors he has worked with are Anita stylistic editing at Ryerson University.
Rau Badami, J.L. Granatstein, Taras She has served on provincial literary
Grescoe, Derek Lundy, Andrea Mandel- juries (Manitoba Book Awards and
Campbell, Roy Miki, and Timothy Trillium Book Award) and has led
Taylor. He is a two-time winner of the workshops at the Ontario Writers’
Editors’ Association of Canada’s Tom Conference and for the Book
Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence Publishers’ Professional Association.
and now edits from Victoria.
Janice Zawerbny has worked as an
Pam Robertson is a freelance editor editor in the Canadian publishing
who has been in the book industry industry since
since 1991. She 1992. She began
joined the editorial her publishing
department of career at Coach
Random House House Books,
Canada in 1999, followed by
where she was positions at Lester
able to work with Publishing and
many of Canada’s Descant magazine. She has worked
leading authors. Since relocating to as an in-house editor at Somerville
Vancouver in 2002, she has worked House Books and Key Porter Books,
as a freelance editor for clients such and is currently senior editor at
as Annick Press, Douglas & McIntyre, Thomas Allen Publishers. Some of
and Random House Canada. Recent her recent authors include Karolyn
authors include Mark Abley, Drew Smardz Frost (winner of the 2007
Hayden Taylor, Hal Niedzviecki, Governor General’s Award for
Emily Pohl-Weary, Duncan Thornton, non-fiction), Ken Coates (Winner
and Tanya Lloyd Kyi, who won a of the 2009 Donner Prize), Ray
BC Book Prize for The Blue Jean Robertson (finalist for the 2008
Book: The Story Behind the Seams. Trillium Book Award), and Marq de
Villiers (winner of the Dartmouth
Book Award for non-fiction).

guest speakers

Caroline Adderson is the author Dot Middlemass has worked since

of two internationally published 1993 as a trade sales representative
novels (A History with Kate Walker
of Forgetting and & Company, a
Sitting Practice), national firm that
two collections of sells to the book
short stories (Bad trade, libraries, and
Imaginings and specialty markets.
Pleased to Meet The company’s
You), and three client publishers
books for young readers (Very Serious include Broadview Press, Douglas
Children; I, Bruno; and Bruno for Real). & McIntyre, Harbour Publishing,
Her work has received numerous McGill-Queen’s University Press, Orca
prize nominations, including the Book Publishers, and Raincoast Books.
Scotiabank Giller Prize, the Governor Middlemass has been responsible
General’s Literary Award, the Rogers for sales in various regions of British
Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize, and Columbia, and currently her territory
the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. includes the Lower Mainland,
A two-time Ethel Wilson Fiction northern Vancouver Island, and the
Prize and three-time CBC Literary Okanagan Valley. She is an avid reader
Award winner, Adderson was also who got her start by spending lots of
the recipient of the 2006 Marian time in bookstores. She was the 2008
Engel Award, given annually to recipient of the Libris Award for Sales
an outstanding female writer in Representative of the Year from the
mid-career in recognition of her Canadian Booksellers Association.
body of work. Her third novel, The
Sky is Falling, will be published Mary Schendlinger p.23
in 2010 by Thomas Allen.

Peter Cocking p.18

60 Book Design Intensive
61 Intro to Adobe Photoshop CS4
62 Intro to Adobe Illustrator CS4
63 Intro to Adobe InDesign CS4
64 Intro to Adobe
Dreamweaver CS4
65 Adobe InDesign CS4:
the Next Steps

72 Digital Strategy:
Designers’ Intensive new!

Learn book design with an expert
in this hands-on, project-driven course.

book design

$480 CDN

July 2–4 includes course materials


Friday and Saturday, 9 am–6 pm

Sunday 10 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–90

At first glance the book seems like This workshop is not for beginners.
such a simple object: an image and You must have completed, or be
a title on the front, some words enrolled in, a degree or certificate
on the back, and a lot more words program in design, or have the
(maybe even some pictures) on the equivalent amount of professional
inside. But creating a well-made, and/or educational experience. You
well-designed book is much more must also have a good working
complex than it appears. It is an knowledge of InDesign and
art and a craft with a long history, Photoshop on the Mac platform.
and it forms the cornerstone of
the world of graphic design. You are required to submit a
short résumé and a six- to eight-
This three-day intensive project-based page portfolio of your design
workshop uses in-class, hands-on work in PDF format after you
lab work and frequent critiques to register for the workshop. Please
teach the fundamental practices and send to
processes that underlie successful
book design. Each participant is
expected to complete a book design faculty
project, composed of both a cover and Peter Cocking p.18
a series of interior sample pages. You
are encouraged to bring your own Naomi MacDougall p.21
book projects to the course; if you do
not have a specific project in mind,
the instructor will provide one.

Take a picture. Make it better. From photo cropping
to eye-popping special effects.

intro to adobe
photoshop CS4
$450 CDN

includes course materials & textbook

July 5–6

Monday and Tuesday Max. 20 participants

9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

Adobe Photoshop remains unrivalled faculty

in the world of computer graphics
software. Whether you wish to simply Brian Charles is a multimedia
crop a photo or apply one of many developer, graphic designer, and
special effects, Photoshop allows owner of
you to manipulate the appearance of io media
any image on screen. You will learn productions,
the basics of Photoshop by working a multimedia
through instructor-led projects on an design and
individual high-end Mac computer. production
service. His
By the end of day one, you will know projects include
how to import graphics, work with print, video,
software palettes, make selections, and DVD
adjust light and dark values, production for UBC; as well as
manipulate layers, and save files. Brodie Bicycles’ website, which
On day two, you will learn about was recognized by Applied Arts
some of the software’s advanced magazine as one of the best websites
layer techniques, filters, masks, and in 2001. In 1996 he was honoured
channels, as well as photo retouching, by Multimedia Producer magazine
colour correction, and special effects. as one of the top 100 multimedia
A course textbook will be provided. producers in North America. He
teaches a variety of courses in
You should have some knowledge new media, video production, and
of Photoshop prior to attending motion graphics in Vancouver.
this workshop. It is ideal preparation
for a number of other Summer
Publishing Workshops, including
Book Publishing Immersion (p.14).

Paths, curves, shapes, and blends. Explore your creative
vision with the industry standard in vector graphics.

intro to adobe
illustrator CS4

$275 CDN

includes course materials & textbook

July 7

Max. 20 participants
Wednesday, 9 am–5 pm

REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

Adobe Illustrator is an unsurpassed faculty

design tool, used for print and the
web in everything from corporate Jennifer Conroy works in the
logos to illustrations and snowboard Design Group at sfu. She is an award-
graphics. Unlike layout files or winning print
Photoshop graphics, vector graphics designer with ten
are infinitely resizable without an years’ experience
increase in file size or loss of image in publishing
quality. Illustrator lets you create and design for
graphics that are easily reproduced education, arts,
across different media and that and community
integrate seamlessly with other engagement.
programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. She was the
This workshop is an introduction to writer, and content developer for a
the basics of Illustrator. Beginners youth-focused website and interactive
will gain hands-on experience using teaching tool for the Vancouver
the program’s core functions—paths, Coastal Health Authority. She is a
points, curves, strokes, and fills—to grad student who is interested in
develop their ability to create and typography, art theory, and hand-
manipulate shapes, and to explore made approaches to art and design.
with confidence more complex She ran her first half-marathon in
techniques such as layers, masks, February 2009.
transparency, and blends.

Participants may also be interested in

attending Intro to Adobe InDesign
CS4 (p.63) and Adobe InDesign CS4:
the Next Steps (p.65).

A new approach to desktop design and production.
Powerful. Fast.

intro to adobe
indesign CS4
SECTION 1 — 444-1
$450 CDN
July 8–9
SUMM 444

includes course materials & textbook

Thursday and Friday
9 am–5 pm Max. 20 participants

SECTION 2 — 444-2
August 3–4
Tuesday and Wednesday REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92
9 am–5 pm

InDesign is Adobe’s advanced InDesign, make complex tables, and

publishing software suited for apply precise typographic control
the creation of graphics-intensive using the multi-line composer. At the
documents. InDesign is tightly conclusion of this two-day workshop,
integrated with Photoshop and you will know the benefits of master
Illustrator and provides unparalleled pages, type-fitting techniques, and the
precision and control as a production use of layers, hanging indents, styles,
tool, including sophisticated and many time-saving shortcuts.
typographic features not found
in competing products. You will work on an individual
high-end Mac computer. Although
familiarity with the Mac operating
“Brian is extremely talented,
system is recommended, no
experienced, patient, and earlier experience with InDesign is
makes everyone comfortable. necessary. This course is suitable
I look forward to ‘InDesign: the for those considering InDesign as
Next Steps’ to learn even more.” an alternative to QuarkXPress.
Kathy Chelew Participants may also be interested
in attending Adobe InDesign
We will begin with an overview of CS4: the Next Steps (p.65).
the InDesign workspace. You will
use instructor-led projects to learn
how to set up publications, import
graphics and text, edit graphics in Brian Charles p.61

Build professional websites.
Use cascading style sheets, JavaScript, and more.

intro to adobe
dreamweaver CS4

$450 CDN

includes course materials

August 5–6

Thursday and Friday Max. 20 participants

9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

Dreamweaver’s user-friendly No earlier experience with

interface and rich feature set has Dreamweaver or HTML is required.
made it the dominant web page Although some experience operating
editing tool for web professionals. a Mac computer is recommended, it
By combining a powerful wysiwyg is not essential for this workshop.
environment with an extensive
feature set, Dreamweaver allows
you to see your web page as you faculty
create it without having to learn Michael Hayward is a systems
complex programming languages. consultant with Client and Research
The results are attractive, interactive Services at Simon
websites that welcome exploration. Fraser University
and is also the
On day one, you will use a set of director of the
simple exercises to create a multi- Himie Koshevoy
page website prototype, incorporating Publishing Lab.
graphics, styled text, and hyperlinks, He has worked
while learning about and exploring and taught in
different methods of layout control. the computing
In the course of building the site, field for more
the underlying HTML tags—the than 20 years and was one of the
basic website building blocks— first graduates of sfu’s Master
will be introduced and explained. of Publishing Program. Hayward
On day two we will explore some has been building websites and
of the more advanced features of teaching web publishing courses
Dreamweaver—its cascading style at sfu for a number of years.
sheet style editor, as well as its
template and library item functions—
building on the simple website that
we began on day one. Other topics,
including Dreamweaver’s support
of JavaScript through its Behaviors
panel, will also be addressed.

Learn more. Go faster. Earn more.

indesign CS4
the next steps

$275 CDN

includes course materials & textbook

August 7

Max. 20 participants
Saturday, 9 am–5 pm

REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

InDesign is Adobe’s advanced

publishing software suited for
the creation of graphics-intensive
documents. InDesign is tightly
integrated with Photoshop
and Illustrator and provides
unparalleled precision and control
as a production tool, including
sophisticated typographic features
not found in competing products.

This workshop is a continuation

of Introduction to Adobe
InDesign CS4 (p.63). We will use
object libraries, anchored objects,
snippets, mixed and nested styles,
books and tables of contents, table
formatting tips and techniques,
and data merge. We will also
create interactive pdfs as well as
print documents from InDesign.

By the end of the workshop you this workshop as a follow-up to

will know the benefits of layout Introduction to Adobe InDesign
adjustment, custom print settings, CS4 (p.63). This course is suitable
and InDesign’s proofing tools. for those considering InDesign as
an alternative to QuarkXPress.
You will work on an individual high-
end Mac computer, and familiarity
with the Mac operating system is
recommended. You may consider Brian Charles p.61

Friesens’ environmental
commitment is based upon
making the best use of all our
resources, and by minimizing
our ecological footprint.

We use resources as carefully as vision

possible, reusing and recycling
Friesens will lead the
whatever we can. Any waste that
book industry in eco-
leaves our plants is recycled in such
education and measurable
a manner that it can be used again. environmental practices

At Friesens, it is our intention to

protect our people, customers,
community and our natural goals & tactics
environment in order to help sustain
Help customers succeed
global human development. We do in an environmentally
this by taking steps to prevent or friendly future
lessen any adverse impacts that
might result from our operations Increase sales of
and products. We regularly environmentally
evaluate compliance with all friendly products
environmental law and regulations,
and introduce best practice Reduce, Recycle, Reuse
standards throughout our firm.

We have long been a steward to our

environment, and we will continue
to be a leader in the new world
of environmental stewardship.

Protecting the environment

is everyone’s business.

Curwin Friesen, CEO

new media
68 Marketing through
Social Media
70 Digital Strategy:
Editors’ Intensive new!
72 Digital Strategy:
Designers’ Intensive new!
74 Digital Publishing 101 new!


What is social media? The new model of web
communication is a dialogue rather than a monologue.

social media

$225 CDN

July 11 includes course materials


Sunday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

What is social media? Web users Learn strategies to leverage social

today not only consume content but media to market brands and
share it by contributing opinions, products. Topics include commonly
insights, experiences, and different used social networking features, a
forms of media (text, photos, videos, survey of the content management
and so on). Social media describes systems that make social media
the online technologies and practices possible, and how to encourage the
that people use to generate this exchange of user-generated content
kind of social interaction. about your brand or product.

The new model of web communication Understanding the differences

is a dialogue rather than a between traditional media (print
monologue. Public relations in publishing, television, radio) and the
this new era needs to be focused dynamic nature of social media is
on listening in order to facilitate crucial to help your company drive
conversations between companies traffic to the web, engage its visitors
and their market communities. in dialogue, and increase return visits.

Through case studies and group The workshop is aimed at

activities, we will go behind the publishers and marketing directors.
scenes on each company and product, An understanding of common
from conceptual development to marketing concepts and basic
market implementation, and hear website strategy will be an asset.
about the successes and challenges
each company has experienced.

faculty Guest Speaker
Haig Armen is the creative director Todd Sieling is a Vancouver-
of LiFT Studios. As one of Canada’s based user experience designer and
most respected product strategist
and innovative specializing in
digital designers, the social web
Armen has and iPhone
been designing applications. With
and developing a keen interest
branding, in technology’s
advertising, intersection
and interactive with psychology, ethnography, and
projects for sociology, as well as experience
15 years. He has won three Webby designing for and managing online
Awards, two Prix Italia for Web communities, he strives to create
Arts and Drama, a Gold Medal software that reflects and enhances
from the Art Directors Club of New the social reality of personal and
York, and a CBC MICAM award professional life. 
for Innovation in Technology. He
lectures on design and interaction
at Emily Carr University of Art +
Design and Simon Fraser University.

Develop a working digital strategy for your organization.

digital strategy:
editors’ intensive

$600 CDN

August 6–9 includes course materials


Max. 24 participants
Friday to Sunday
9 am–6 pm
REGISTER pp.83–90

Having trouble making sense of At the end of this workshop you will
digital workflows? Need to re-think know how to do the following:
operations to produce print, e-books,
✧✧ Strategize marketing and
and digital copy? In this four-day
promotion online
intensive workshop, participants will
✧✧ Use XML without a degree
work collaboratively to conceive and
in rocket science
develop editorial strategy, decision-
✧✧ Produce e-books without
making, and process organization.
wiping out your margins
Lectures will cover strategies,
✧✧ Work effectively with freelancers
tactics, techniques, and tools for
and off-site collaborators
streamlining the publishing process.
✧✧ Manage and archive your works
The materials and resources used with the future in mind
will be gathered and organized ✧✧ Develop a working digital
online as a collaborative effort strategy for your organization
among the participants; this process
This workshop is ideal for editors
will put some of the tools and
and other publishing staff who
techniques discussed into practice.
are looking to streamline or
reorganize editorial workflows
with the digital world in mind.

Participants should bring a working

project and their own laptops.

faculty developer communities, helping put
on BarCamps, DemoCamps, and the
Haig Armen p.69 Open Source CMS Summit on multiple
continents. Mann is a Permanent
Joy Gugeler p.37 Member of the Drupal Association.
Boris Mann is a noted Vancouver He holds a BSc in computer science
technology evangelist and open from the University of Victoria.
source specialist. John Maxwell p.68
In 2004, he co-
founded Bryght, the Monique Trottier is president
first commercial of Boxcar Marketing, an Internet
company focused marketing company in Vancouver. As
on the Drupal open the former Internet
source content marketing manager
management of Raincoast Books,
system, and helped grow the she spearheaded
Drupal community to a worldwide major marketing
ecosystem of businesses and campaigns,
developers. Previously, he ran a including online
boutique tech consulting firm in promotion of
Ottawa and worked with Nortel’s Harry Potter and
system engineering team, helping the creation of the first Canadian-
to build technical and economic publisher podcast and blog. Her
models for new technologies like expertise spans web design, email
VoIP. He has a passion for engaging newsletters, search marketing (PPC
communities, from distributed open and SEO), online media relations,
source teams to the local innovators and writing for the web. She tweets
in Vancouver. He is one of the on marketing and technology at
founding organizers of Northern and
Voice, the first Canadian blogging blogs at
conference. He also is active in many blog and

Learn what processes, tools, and techniques
work in day-to-day practice.

digital strategy:
$600 CDN

August 6–9 includes course materials


Max. 24 participants
Friday to Sunday
9 am–6 pm
REGISTER pp.83–90

This is the decade that digital comes

of age: designers need to be prepared,
and publishers need to master
content streams to be effective.
Learn first-hand from leading
designers and creative professionals
what works: the processes, tools,
ways of thinking, approaches,
and techniques for expressing
strategy in day-to-day practice.

We will go from requirements to user

experience, master the tools of the
digital trade, consider best practices,
rationalize design decisions, design
behaviour-accessible touchpoints,
and document the design process.

This workshop is ideal for experienced

designers who are required or who
want to develop their skills designing
for online and electronic publications.

Participants may (but are not

required to) bring a working project
to the workshop. Participants should
also bring their own laptops with
Adobe CS3.

faculty Kathleen Moynahan is a senior
user experience designer at Habañero
Haig Armen p.69 Consulting Group
and has over ten
Peter Cocking p.18 years’ experience
Brian Leroux is the lead software designing for
architect at Nitobi, where he focuses a variety of
on delivering apps. communication
The list of his channels.
accomplishments Combining
is lengthy and traditional artistic and user-centered
the acronyms design practices, she approaches
to sufficiently each design project as a discovery
annotate his process to conceptualize engaging
array of skills and elegant interfaces. Moynahan
are dizzying. Suffice it to say, is an sfu alumnus with a BFA in
Leroux believes that the future of visual arts and has studied design
the web is mobile and will rely on at Emily Carr University of Art +
open standards, free open source Design and Langara College. She
software, and hackers like you. is a professional member of the
Society of Graphic Designers of
Kerry Morrison has held several Canada and teaches web and print
senior positions in Vancouver’s high- design fundamentals at Vancouver
tech and creative Film School and Langara College.
industries before
co-founding Todd Sieling p.69
Reason, including Chris Stone is interaction design lead
creative director at Pulse Energy, a Vancouver company
with Cap Gemini leading the charge
Ernst & Young, in collecting,
one of the analyzing, and
world’s largest management and IT communicating
consulting firms. Previous to Cap real-time energy
Gemini, Morrison held positions monitoring. Prior
as development lead at Brainium. to arriving at
com, development consultant for Pulse, he led the
Telus Communications, and designer UX team at Nitobi for just over two
and producer for Grey Advertising, years and successfully delivered
where he helped establish Grey’s products across mobile, desktop, web,
Vancouver office. Morrison is an and interactive display platforms.
accomplished strategic thinker and A short list of clients includes
brings to the table an extensive, the Vancouver Aquarium, PayPal,
hands-on knowledge of the design Nokia, Sierra Wireless, Palm, Toura,
and interactive industries. and TckTckTck. Stone is active as
a founding member and organizer
of the Vancouver chapter of the
Interaction Design Association and
spoke at Interaction10 in Savannah
(Georgia) in February. He began
his career in UXD by making the
transition from print design to
interactive media back in 2004.

What you need to know to get started.


$225 CDN

July 10 includes course materials


Saturday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and pp.91–92

Wrestling with the morass of faculty

standards, technologies, and “acronym
John Maxwell has been involved
soup” of the digital publishing
with the Internet and new media
world? Here is a one-day primer for
since the early
publishers who want to understand
1990s, in web
the range of digital options open
design, content
to them. We will introduce a range
of topics, provide examples and
demos where possible, and then
focus on your own contexts: how
to take these technologies home
and implement them effectively.
and virtual
Specific topics include the following: communities.
After working on educational
✧✧ E-books: formats and technology at the Open Learning
production processes
Agency in the late 1990s, he
✧✧ E-readers and reader experience
completed a PhD in education
✧✧ Digital rights management:
pros and cons at UBC, focusing on the cultural
✧✧ XML-based production and trajectories of “personal computing”
editorial workflows over the past four decades. An
✧✧ Marketing-oriented digital strategy alumnus of the first year of the
✧✧ The role of social media Master of Publishing Program at
in publishing today sfu (1995–96), Maxwell is now an
assistant professor in the program,
where his focus is on the impact of
digital technologies in the cultural
sector, the history of computing and
new media, and contemporary myth-
making in the face of digital media.

related 76 Screenwriting: an
24 Getting Publishing: a Candid
Interactive Workshop new!
Discussion with an Agent 78 Finding the Funny:
and a Publisher Humour with a “U” new!
28 Self-Publishing in Canada: 79 How to Write a Thriller
Design, Print and Sell with Michael Slade new!
your Book 80 Writing the Romance Novel:
from Soup to Nuts new!
49 Authors and Editors: the
Partnership and the Process 81 Mystery Writers’
Retreat new!

Connect the images, emotions, and words that will
bring a writer’s visions to life on the screen.

an interactive workshop

$225 CDN

July 16 includes course materials


Friday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and 91–92

Many writers are attracted to the idea Novelists, short fiction writers,
of writing for film, often because they memoirists, and even poets
“see” their stories unfolding on the are attracted to the idea of
screen or because they are attracted writing for the silver screen.
by the romance of participating
in one of the most popular
storytelling modes of our culture. Achieve a deeper understanding
of screenwriting practice and be
Special skills are needed to develop
empowered to pursue your own
story ideas and salable concepts, to
pitch them, and to create outlines, script development projects.
treatments, and the various
drafts a typical screenplay passes
through. Other skills are required
You will come to the course with a
to connect the images, emotions,
concept in mind for your film. You
and words that will bring a writer’s
will know your main characters and
visions to life on the screen.
your main story line. You will pitch
In this introduction, we will kick-start it to the instructor, who will play the
your development as a screenwriter role of producer/director in assessing
by taking you through the early its quality, its flaws (if any), and its
birth pangs of your creative effort, possibilities for being transformed
using an interactive model that will into a successful movie. Your fellow
balance work and enjoyment. You students will join in the discussion
will learn that screenwriting, unlike and, through the process of critiquing
the reclusive art of writing short and enhancing your idea, you will be
or long fiction or poetry, is often a encouraged to redraft and improve
result of creative group effort. it. Each student will take a turn.

In the second phase you will expand faculty
your concept to a basic outline of
about 500 words. The instructor William Deverell won the $50,000
will be available to give one-on-one Seal Award for his first novel, Needles,
advice. Depending on the number which drew on
enrolled, we may instead choose his experiences
to develop some selected concepts as a lawyer. He
(by choice of the instructor in has published 14
collaboration with you), and these further novels and
may then be worked on cooperatively. one non-fiction
book, and has
Finally, you will be instructed on the won the Hammett
form and content of the treatment Prize for literary
and the screenplay itself: its typical excellence in
structure, length, and format; the art crime writing in North America and
of constructing scenes and settings; two Arthur Ellis Awards for best
writing dialogue; and maintaining crime novel. He wrote the screenplay
an acute awareness of the camera. Shellgame for CBC TV drama; created
its series Street Legal, which has run
Some recommended reading: in more than 80 countries; and wrote
Adventures in the Screen Trade the screenplay for a feature film
and Which Lie Did I Tell?: More based on his novel Mindfield. His 2008
Adventures in the Screen Trade. novel, Kill All the Judges, was a finalist
for the Stephen Leacock Memorial
Medal for Humour. His latest novel,
a political romp, is Snow Job. Please
visit his website at

That’s not funny. Or is it?

finding the funny
humour with the “u”

$225 CDN

July 17 includes course materials


Saturday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and 91–92

If you check any personal ad or dating The workshop will also be driven
site, the first thing on everybody’s by the participants’ goals for the
wish list is “sense of humour.” day. Pre-registered participants are
Okay, sometimes the first thing is encouraged to contact the instructor
“non-smoker,” but still. . . . For most with questions and suggestions.
people, “sense of humour” is a must
in someone they are looking to spend There will be handouts, samples of
time with. It is also a decent way classic comedy, and, it is hoped, a
to convince people to spend time few laughs.
with a story, play, movie, or article.
Please bring a pen, paper, and your
How do you find the funny? And sense of humour.
how do you make it part of your
writing? Here is one suggestion:
start with whatever makes you
want to cry, scream, or kick Mark Leiren-Young p.30
a hole in your television.

This workshop will explore the

following topics:
✧✧ Finding and developing your
sense of humour, in your voice
✧✧ Different types of funny—satire,
topical, surreal, sweet and sour . . .
✧✧ Telling humorous stories versus
lacing your stories with humour
✧✧ Finding the right comic role
models for your writing

A wide-ranging workshop
on how to write a mystery, in all its forms.

how to
write a thriller
with michael slade

$225 CDN

July 19 includes course materials


Monday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and 91–92

The three elements of suspense: faculty

fear, hope, and time. Five Ws and an
H: Who is involved? Who is at risk? Michael Slade, in real life, is a
Where is it taking place? When will criminal lawyer. He has acted for both
it occur? Why is it happening? How the defence and
will it be resolved? Ten rules for a the prosecution
thriller: how to perch readers on in more than
the edge of their seats. Subgenres: 100 murder
soft-boiled, hard-boiled, and “Just the cases. He argued
facts, ma’am.” Which comes first, the the last death
plot or the sleuth? Whodunit tricks penalty case in
and traps: creating a riddle wrapped the Supreme
in a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Court of Canada.
Flatfoot and gumshoe: elements of From Headhunter
the police procedural. How much sex (1984) to Red Snow (2010), Slade
and violence? Blood runs cold: shock is the author of 14 bestselling
and horror. Research: how to live your mystery thrillers. Visit the Morgue
plot. Suspending disbelief: injecting at his website:
verisimilitude. Skeletons in the
closet: writing historical mysteries.
Screaming pitch: building a story arc.
Write the good fight. Genre bending.

Explore the romance genre.

writing the
romance novel
from soup to nuts

$225 CDN

July 13 includes course materials


Tuesday, 9 am–5 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and 91–92

Using excerpts, examples, and full- ✧✧ Hybrid subgenres (science

colour cover images featuring manly fiction, fantasy, and thriller all
men and assertive women, this find their way into romance)
workshop will explore the romance ✧✧ The absolutely essential
genre: what it is, what it is not, and elements of the narrative
what it has not been for a long time, ✧✧ Doing it well, and doing it
despite rumours to the contrary. horribly (with fun examples)
Romance is a multi-billion dollar ✧✧ To have sex or not to have
industry, a narrative history of female sex (a big question)
autonomy and independence told
through courtship rituals, and one This workshop is ideal for anyone
of the few domains wherein female hoping to write a romance,
sexuality is portrayed in a positive particularly someone who is not
manner. Romance is also among as familiar with the genre. It will
the most maligned forms of fiction. also serve as a history for those
This exploration will discuss why, who read romance and would like
and how, romance is so popular, and to try their hand at writing one.
will include the following topics:
Bring a pen and paper, and leave your
✧✧ An overview of the inhibitions about admitting that you
structure of the genre adore romance novels at the door—in
✧✧ The history of the romance genre this workshop, we all love romance.
in the contemporary definition
✧✧ The financial foundation faculty
of the industry
✧✧ The varying subgenres within Sarah Wendell p.23
romance, and how they operate
independently of one another

One week. Salt Spring Island. Mysteries. Start writing.

mystery writers’
$900 CDN

plus accommodations (see below)

June 7–12

Monday to Friday Max. 24 participants

9 am–8 pm
REGISTER pp.83–85 and 91–92

In this inaugural residential workshop, editor and agent in the publishing

some of Canada’s best mystery process, self-publishing, and the
experts will guide you through the steps to getting published.
craft of writing crime fiction.
At the end of the week, four selected
This workshop is designed for writers participants will be asked to read
who have completed or nearly from their manuscript at an open
completed a manuscript within the mike session to which the public is
mystery genre. You will be required invited. Moderated by well-known
to submit a sample chapter and an mystery author William Deverell,
outline with your application. this event will also feature readings
from other faculty and guests.
You will be paired with a faculty
adviser, who will have seen a All lectures and group work will take
sample chapter and outline of your place at the Cedar Beach Resort (www.
manuscript. In one-on-one sessions,, and
the adviser will act as your editor there will be some off-site events.
and guide, providing you with daily Evening meals and morning coffee and
feedback and work assignments. muffins will be provided. Participants
will be expected to make their own
Each morning you will listen to arrangements for other meals.
presentations on writing skills,
mystery specific strategies, and sfu has reserved a block of cabins at
the basic rules for writing in this the resort. Accommodations are based
genre. You will work on your own on single, double, triple, and quadruple
in the afternoon, with twice-daily occupancy. If you know one or more
feedback from your adviser, to apply people interested in attending the
what you have learned to your retreat and would like to be in the same
manuscript. In the late afternoon, we cabin, please make your reservation as
will have informal chats on topics soon as possible. The accommodations
reflecting your particular interests. cancellation date is May 1, 2010.

In addition, the faculty will discuss Please contact Suzanne Norman

the different subgenres within the at 778-782-5241 or pubworks@
category of mystery, the role of the for additional information.

faculty Dinah Forbes was born and educated
in England. She has been an editor
Gail Bowen is widely known at McClelland
for her mystery series featuring & Stewart for
Joanne Kilbourn, many years
a university and is currently
professor, executive editor in
sometime political part responsible
columnist, and for McClelland &
wife, mother, and Stewart’s crime
grandmother. The fiction program.
first six books in
the Kilbourn series have appeared Linda L. Richards is the founding
as made-for-television movies with editor of January Magazine, one of
worldwide distribution. The Nesting the most respected
Dolls, the 12th book in the series, voices for books
is being published by McClelland on the web. She
& Stewart in August. In June 2008, is also the author
Reader’s Digest named Bowen of five novels,
Canada’s Best Mystery Novelist. including Death
Bowen has had plays produced at Was in the Picture,
Regina’s Globe Theatre, the Manitoba published by St.
Theatre for Young People, and The Martin’s Minotaur. Richards was born
Grand Theatre in London, Ontario. in Vancouver and lives on the Gulf
Islands. She loves talking about books
Margaret Cannon has been the and authors and enjoys working with
crime fiction columnist for the Globe writers to help them reach their goals.
and Mail for over
20 years. She
replaced the late Guest Speakers
(and great) Derrick Carolyn Swayze is one of Canada’s
Murdoch, whose top literary agents, representing
encyclopedic fiction and
knowledge of non-fiction. She
mysteries was established her
unsurpassed. Cannon, the daughter agency in 1994,
and granddaughter of mystery fans, when W. P. Kinsella
read her first mystery novel, The persuaded her
Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson to leave her law
Burnett, at the age of seven. She practice and sign
has never looked back. She taught him as her first client. Her background
courses in crime fiction and popular included a previous life as a freelance
culture at York University for 19 writer, (humour, business, and literary
years and began her writing career fiction), a novelist (a genre mystery
in 1979 at Maclean’s magazine. She published in 1977 in the US and a
often speaks to groups on various literary novel, publication of which
aspects of crime writing and loves was aborted when the Canadian
to advance the cause of Canadian publisher declared bankruptcy
crime writers. In 2003, she was in 1984), and a rather scholarly
awarded the Derrick Murdoch Award biography, published in 1987.
by the Crime Writers of Canada.
Michael Slade p.79

William Deverell p.77

apply &

n ow!

how to apply and register

Software & Seminars

Phone or fax
Register for software and seminar
For credit card or purchase order workshops by phone, fax, mail, in
payments only. Please have your person, or online. No processing fee
VISA, MasterCard, or purchase or application procedure is required
order number ready when you call. to register for seminar or software
workshops; however, payment of
Information and the workshop fee is required at the
Registration Services
time of registration. Please note that
Monday to Thursday  10 am–7 pm
registrations are taken on a first-come,
Friday  10 am–5 pm PDT
first-served basis, so early registration
T 778 782 5000 F 778 782 5060 is recommended. Registrations will be
accepted until one business day before
each workshop begins and, if necessary,
in person waiting lists will be maintained. The
Registration Form is on page 91.
Come to our Information and
Registration Services desk on the Immersions
main floor (Hastings Street level) of
Simon Fraser University Vancouver, Apply for immersion workshops by
515 West Hastings Street, during fax, mail, or in person. The application
the office hours noted above. form must be accompanied by a
$30 cdn processing fee and the
written component of the application
by mail (see page 86 for full details). The
Application Form is on page 89.
Mailed registrations and
applications may include a
cheque made out to Simon Fraser Mystery Writers’ Retreat
University, the appropriate This workshop runs June 7–12 and
credit card numbers and expiry applications should be received no
dates with a signature, or a later than May 14, 2010. Please
purchase order number. Send your see page 81 for more details.
payment with the appropriate
registration or application forms
and supporting documents to:
Payment of fees for the SFU Summer
SFU Vancouver
Publishing Workshops can be made
Office of the Registrar
SFU Summer Publishing Workshops by invoice (with a purchase order
515 West Hastings Street number), cheque, credit card, or money
Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3 order. Please include the workshop
number (for example, SUMM 404).


If You Must Cancel workshop begins, but we are pleased
to accept substitute participants. We
To hold a seat, accepted applicants
regret, however, that we are unable to
in the Book Editing and/or Book
transfer registration fees to another
Publishing immersion workshops
workshop. We require your original
must submit a $200 cdn deposit
tax receipt to process any refund.
per workshop. This deposit must be
received by sfu within two weeks of
acceptance to the workshop and will Tax Benefits
be deducted from the workshop fee.
Tuition fees over $100 cdn
The balance of the workshop fees is (cumulative from the same
due at least four weeks before the institution) are tax-deductible and
start of the workshop. If you must all fees include gst. An official tax
cancel, every effort will be made to receipt will be mailed to you for
find a replacement participant to fill each payment of registration and/
your seat. If a qualified applicant or application fees. Please retain
is not available to fill the seat, the your receipt(s); there is a charge of
deposit will not be refunded. If you $5 cdn for each duplicate receipt.
must cancel less than one week
before the start of an immersion
Please note
workshop, we regret that the
workshop fees cannot be refunded. Simon Fraser University reserves
the right to substitute faculty or
Cancellation of your registration from cancel workshops without liability
a software or seminar workshop at for cancelled accommodation and/
least three weeks before the workshop or transportation costs incurred
start date will result in a full refund. by participants. If a workshop
Cancellation between one and three is cancelled by sfu, every effort
weeks before a workshop begins will will be made to give adequate
result in a refund, less a $100 cdn notice to registered participants.
administrative fee. No refunds are Please note that only processing,
possible for registrations cancelled deposit, and workshop fees can be
less than one week before the refunded for cancelled workshops.

Don’t delay!
Register early to
avoid disappointment

applying for
Summ 413 Book Publishing Immersion

summ 412 Book Editing Immersion

Summ 540 Book Design Intensive

Summ 555 Digital Strategy: Editors’ Intensive

Summ 556 Digital Strategy: Designers’ Intensive

Book Publishing and Book Editing 3. Applicants who submit their

are based on an immersion model applications before the first review
of teaching. They start at 8:30 and date of Monday, May 10, 2010,
9 am respectively, and run until will be notified of their acceptance
10:30 pm with breaks for coffee status beginning Tuesday, May
and meals. For those who wish to 18, 2010. Applicants who submit
apply for more than one immersion their applications after the first
workshop, please note there is review date of May 10, 2010,
no break between workshops. will be notified within 10 days
of receipt of their application
Book Design, Digital Strategy: as to their acceptance status.
Editors, and Digital Strategy:
Designers are based on the 4. To hold a seat, accepted applicants
intensive model of teaching. They in Book Editing and/or Book
begin at 9 am and end between Publishing must submit a $200
6 pm and 9 pm each evening. cdn deposit per workshop. This
deposit must be received by sfu
1. The application form must within two weeks of acceptance
be accompanied by a non- to the workshop and will be
refundable $30 cdn processing deducted from the workshop fee.
fee (cheque, credit card, or
5. The balance of the workshop fee
money order) payable to
must be received at least four
Simon Fraser University.
weeks before the start of the
2. Program Directors will begin workshop or the seat will be offered
to review applications to the to an applicant on the waiting
immersion workshops on list. If a qualified applicant is not
Monday, May 10, 2010. After available to fill the seat, the deposit
that date, applications for will not be refunded. (Please see
immersion workshops will the cancellation policy on page 85.)
continue to be accepted until
6. All immersion workshops are
the week before each workshop
non-residential and require
begins and, if necessary, waiting
participants to arrange for their
lists will be maintained.
own accommodations and meals.
(See page 12 for information
on accommodations.)

Written Component 2. A current résumé, including
education and work history.
All applicants to the Book
Publishing and Book Editing 3. Your current job title and a brief
immersion workshops must submit description of your duties. If you
the following items: are not currently employed, please
outline your career interests.
1. A completed application form
(see page 89 of this brochure or 4. Submit a 6–8 page PDF of recent
download the PDF version of the design work to
application from our website
at All applicants to the Digital
Strategy: Editors and
2. A current résumé, including
Digital Strategy: Designers
education and work history.
intensive workshops must
3. Answers to the following submit the following items:
points typed, double spaced, on 1. A completed application form
8 1/2-by-11-inch paper with (see page 89 of this brochure or
your name on each page: download the PDF version of the
(a) List your current job title application from our website
and write a brief description at
of your duties. If you are not 2. A current résumé, including
currently employed, please education and work history.
outline your career interests.
3. Answers to the following
(b) Please write a brief essay (500
points typed, double spaced, on
words or less) outlining your
8 1/2-by-11-inch paper with
primary interests and skills
your name on each page:
in publishing and why you
want to take the workshop(s) (a) List your current job title
for which you are applying. and write a brief description
of your duties. If you are not
(c) Please indicate your computer
currently employed, please
skills (beginner, intermediate,
outline your career interests.
advanced, hacker) by
describing the type of work (b) Please write a brief essay (500
you produce on your computer words or less) outlining your
and the software used. primary interests and skills in
digital publishing and why you
(d) List the names, titles,
want to take the workshop(s)
addresses, and phone numbers
for which you are applying.
of three references.
(c) Please indicate your computer
All applicants to the Book Design skills (beginner, intermediate,
Intensive workshop must advanced, hacker) by
submit the following items: describing the type of work
you produce on your computer
1. A completed application form and the software used.
(see page 89 of this brochure or
download the PDF version of the (d) List the names, titles,
application from our website addresses, and phone numbers
at of three references.

Note: Reference letters are not required.



immersion and
intensive workshops

Please check the box(es) below to SUMM 540 Book Design

indicate the workshop(s) for which Intensive July 2–4, p.60,
you are applying. $480 cdn

SUMM 413 Book Publishing SUMM 555 Digital Strategy:

Immersion July 11–24, Editors’ Intensive
p.14, $2295 cdn August 6–9, p.70 $600 cdn

SUMM 412 Book Editing SUMM 556 Digital Strategy:

Immersion July 25–31, Designers’ Intensive
p.54, $1600 cdn August 6–9, p.72 $600 cdn

Return this application form Program Directors will begin to

and written components with review applications on Monday,
a $30 cdn processing fee to: May 10, 2010. After that date,
SFU Vancouver
applications for immersion
Office of the Registrar and intensive workshops will
SFU Summer Publishing Workshops continue to be accepted up until
515 West Hastings Street the week before each workshop
Vancouver, BC  V6B 5K3 begins and, if necessary, waiting
lists will be maintained.
T 778 782 5000 F 778 782 5060

Please print

Su r n a m e Fi r s t n a m e I ni t i a l

O rg a ni z at io n (i f a ppl ic a bl e)

T i t l e (i f a ppl ic a bl e)

A d d r e ss

Ci t y Prov i nce /s tat e P os ta l / z i p co d e

Day ph o n e E v eni ng ph o n e

Fa x Em a i l a d d r e ss

(Continued over) 89
Although you may bring your own status beginning Tuesday, May 18,
laptop, please be aware that there 2010. Applicants who submit their
is no technical assistance provided applications after the first review date
by sfu for personal computers. of May 10, 2010, will be notified within
10 days of receipt of their application as
forming workgroups to their acceptance status. If necessary,
To help us form workshop groups in waiting lists will be maintained.
Book Editing, Book Publishing,
Digital Strategy: Editors, and To hold a seat, accepted applicants
Digital Strategy: Designers, we in Book Editing and Book Publishing
request that you supply us with the immersion workshops must submit
a $200 cdn deposit per workshop.
following optional information:
This deposit must be received by
Female Male sfu within two weeks of participant
acceptance to the workshop and will
Year of birth _______________ be deducted from the workshop fee.
Will your employer be paying for all or The balance of the workshop fees must
part of the fees and expenses required be received at least four weeks before
to participate in the workshop(s)? the start of the workshop or the seat
will be offered to an applicant on the
Yes No waiting list. If a qualified applicant is
Employer _________________________ not available to fill the seat, the deposit
will not be refunded. If you must cancel
less than one week before the start of
Note an immersion workshop, we regret that
Applicants who submit their the workshop fees cannot be refunded.
applications before the first review An application processing fee of $30
date of Monday, May 10, 2010, cdn, payable to Simon Fraser University,
will be notified of their acceptance must accompany this application.

The $30 CDN application processing fee is enclosed by

Cheque/money order (made payable to Simon Fraser University)

Purchase order number
VISA   MasterCard

N a m e o n cr edi t c a r d

Cr edi t c a r d n u m ber E x pi ry dat e

Sig n at u r e o f c a r d be a r er

I affirm that all information supplied is complete and accurate, and

that accompanying application materials represent my own work.

We respect your privacy. We do not

share or make available our application,
registration, or mailing lists to other
organizations without your permission.
A ppl ic a n t ’ s sig n at u r e

See pages 83 to 87 for full application information. Please see page 87 for
details about the written component of this application.

please clearly circle the workshop(s) for which you are registering. If it
is held twice, indicate the section. you may also register by phone: 778 782 5000

software Summ 496 Marketing Magazines

Online, July 28, p.40 $225 cdn
Summ 431 Intro to Adobe Illustrator
CS4, July 7, p.62 $275 cdn Summ 499 Book Proposals, July 14,
p.26 $225 cdn
Summ 444-1 Intro to Adobe InDesign
CS4, July 8–9, p.63 $450 cdn Summ 511 Usage Woes and Myths,
July 23, p.53 $225 cdn
Summ 444-2 Intro to Adobe InDesign
CS4, August 3–4, p.63 $450 cdn Summ 518 The Business of Book
Publishing, July 22–23, p.32 $450 cdn
Summ 451 Intro to Adobe Photoshop
CS4, July 5–6, p.61 $450 cdn Summ 520 Developmental Editing:
Fiction and Non-Fiction, July 21–22,
Summ 455 Intro to Adobe Dreamweaver p.50 $450 cdn
CS4, August 5–6, p.64 $450 cdn
Summ 531 Indexes and Indexing,
Summ 497 Adobe InDesign CS4: the July 10, p.48 $225 cdn
Next Steps, August 7, p.65 $275 cdn
Summ 538 Marketing through Social
seminars Media, July 11, p.68 $225 cdn

Summ 404-1 Copyediting and Summ 541 Screenwriting: an

Proofreading, July 8–9, p.47 $475 cdn Interactive Workshop, July 16, p.76
$225 cdn
Summ 404-2 Copyediting and
Proofreading, July 19–20, p.47 $475 cdn Summ 544 Authors and Editors,
July 9, p.49 $225 cdn
Summ 449 Magazine Publishing,
July 29–30, p.42 $450 cdn Summ 545 Self-Publishing in Canada,
July 15, p.28 $225 cdn
Summ 450 Fundamentals of
Grammar, July 21, p.51 $225 cdn Summ 546 How to Write a Thriller,
July 19, p.79 $225 cdn
Summ 463 Magazine Packaging with
a Punch, July 29, p.39 $225 cdn Summ 557 Finding the Funny:
Humour with a “U”, July 17, p.78
Summ 467 Symposium on the $225 cdn
Book, July 18, p.29 $75 cdn
Summ 558 Digital Publishing 101,
Summ 469 Elements of Editing for July 10, p.74 $225 cdn
Magazines, July 26–27, p.34 $450 cdn
Summ 559 The Art of the Pitch,
Summ 476 Punctuation and July 28, p.38 $225 cdn
Mechanics, July 22, p.52 $225 cdn
Summ 560 Launching or Relaunching
Summ 477-1 Clear and Concise, an Online Magazine, July 26, p.36
July 6, p.45 $225 cdn $225 cdn

Summ 477-2 Clear and Concise, Summ 561 The Secrets of Syntax,
July 24, p.45 $225 cdn July 7, p.46 $225 cdn

Summ 479 Getting Published, Summ 562 Writing the Romance

July 12, p.24 $225 cdn Novel, July 13, p.80 $225 cdn

Summ 490 Plain Language: Building Summ 565 Mystery Writers’ Retreat,
Results, July 5, p.44 $225 cdn June 7–12, p.81 $900 CDN

(Continued over) 91
Please print Use this form to register or phone 778 782 5000

Su r n a m e Fi r s t n a m e I ni t i a l

O rg a ni z at io n (i f a ppl ic a bl e)

T i t l e (i f a ppl ic a bl e)

A d d r e ss

Ci t y Prov i nce /s tat e P os ta l / z i p co d e

Day ph o n e E v eni ng ph o n e

Fa x Em a i l a d d r e ss

I will bring my own laptop Mac PC

Note Cancellation of your registration Full payment of registration fees or

at least three weeks before the a purchase order number from your
workshop start date will result in a full organization or company is required to
refund. Cancellation between one and reserve your seat in any of the workshops
three weeks before a workshop begins listed on the reverse of this form. Return
will result in a refund, less a $100 cdn this form with the appropriate fee(s) to:
administrative fee. No refunds are
possible for registrations cancelled less SFU Vancouver
than one week before the workshop Office of the Registrar
begins, but we are pleased to accept SFU Summer Publishing Workshops
substitute participants. We regret, 515 West Hastings Street
however, that we are unable to transfer Vancouver, BC  V6B 5K3
registration fees to another workshop. T 778-782-5000 F 778-782-5060

total $_____________ CDN is enclosed by

Cheque/money order (made payable to Simon Fraser University)

Purchase order number VISA   MasterCard

N a m e o n cr edi t c a r d

Cr edi t c a r d n u m ber E x pi ry dat e

Sig n at u r e o f c a r d be a r er

I affirm that all information supplied is complete and accurate, and

that accompanying application materials represent my own work.

We respect your privacy. We do not

share or make available our application,
registration, or mailing lists to other
organizations without your permission.
A ppl ic a n t ’ s sig n at u r e

92 See pages 83 to 85 for full registration information

As well as the corporate sponsors and patrons listed
below, the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing
and Simon Fraser University would like to thank
the many other people and organizations who have
recently supported the Master of Publishing Program
and the sfu Summer Publishing Workshops.


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