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System Modeling Course - 2010


Notes for the assignment:

 This is an individual assignment, every students must submit their personal paper
 You must write the answer in a folio paper, hand written
 You may use either English or Bahasa for your paper and please be consistent, don’t mix it up
 The Submission deadline for this paper is Wednesday, October 20 th 2010. 1pm in front of
Department Secretariat window


Western National Bank wants to provide a drive-through window for its customers. Management
estimates that customers will arrive in their cars at the rate of 15 per hour. The teller who will staff the
window can serve customer at the rate of 20 per hour.

Assuming Poisson arrival and exponential service, find the:

a. Capacity Utilization of the teller

b. Average Number of cars in the waiting line
c. Average Number in the system
d. Average waiting time in line.
e. Average waiting time in the system, including service.


a. The average capacity utilization of the teller is.

µ = 20 customers/hour

λ = 15 customers/hour

ρ= = = 75 percent

b. Average Number of cars in the waiting line

Lq = = =2.25 cars
( ) ( )

c. Average Numbers in the System

L= = =3 cars
( ) ( )

d. Average Waiting time in line

Wq = = =0.15 hr = 9 min
( ) ( )
e. Average waiting time in the system, including service.
W= = =0.2 hr = 12 min
( ) ( )
System Modeling Course - 2010


1. Make Kendall notation for following condition.

a. Hairdressing salon with 3 hairdressers and 5 waiting chairs
b. 6 machines to be maintained by 1 mechanic with Poisson distributed service intensity
c. Airplanes waiting for a runway
d. Queue in the faculty canteen with exponentially distributed arrival intervals and
constant service times
2. For each of the following queuing systems, indicate whether it is a single-or multiple-server
model, the queue discipline, and whether its calling population is infinite or finite.
a. Hair Salon
b. Bank
c. Doctor’s office
d. Airport Runway
e. Mainframe Computer
3. The ticket booth on Tech Campus is operated by one person, who is selling the tickets for the
annual Tech versus State football game on Saturday. The ticket seller can serve an average 12
customers per hour; on average, 10 customers arrive to purchase tickets each hour. Determine
the average time a ticket buyer must wait and the portion of time the ticket seller is busy.
4. During registration at State University every semester, students in the college of business must
have their courses approved by the college adviser. It takes the adviser an average of 2 minutes
to approve each schedule, and students arrive at the adviser’s office at the rate of 28 per hour
a. Compute L, Lq,Wq,W, and Utilization Rate
b. The Dean of the college has received a number of complaints from students about the
length of time they must wait to have their schedules approved. The Dean feels that
waiting time 10 minutes to get a schedule approved is not so unreasonable. Each
assistant the dean assigns to the adviser’s office will reduce the average time required to
approve a schedule by 0.25 minutes, down to a minimum time of 1 minute to approve a
schedule. How many assistant should th dean assign to the adviser?

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