Adam  Feber  


3951  San  Pablo  Rd.  South  ●    Jacksonville,  FL  32224    ●    (904)  626-­‐4768    ●     SUMMARY  
Experienced  new  media  project  manager  with  success  developing  strategy,  design  and  architecture  for  variety  of  web  and  social   media  projects.  Demonstrated  skills  in  organizing  project  workflows  from  planning  stages  through  implementation.  Successfully   manage  development  teams  to  best  capitalize  on  the  primary  competencies  of  team  members.  Breadth  of  business  development   knowledge  includes  product  development,  user  interface  design,  project  management,  budgeting,  vendor  relations,  and   marketing/sales  strategies.    

EXPERIENCE   Group  Interactive  Solutions,  Inc.                          Gainesville/Jacksonville,  FL   Senior  Project  Manager   December  2008-­‐Present   • Advise  management  and  peers  on  feasibility,  scope,  and  budget  requirements  for  various  projects  and   prospective  client  proposals.   • Develop  the  site  architecture  and  user  interface  for  custom  programming  solutions  and  communicate  the   functional  specifications  to  the  development  teams  (internal  development  teams  and  outsourced  development   teams  in  India,  Pakistan,  Russia,  and  the  United  Kingdom)   • Manage  development  teams  responsible  for  programming  and  implementation  of  web-­‐based  membership   management  software,  websites,  database  implementation  projects,  and  social  media  application  development   to  ensure  timelines  and  desired  features  are  achieved  and  tested  properly  while  adhering  to  allotted  budgets   • Oversee  development  teams  on  all  company-­‐wide  ecommerce  projects  with  experience  integrating  with,  PayPal,  First  Data,  and  Elavon/VirtualMerchant  application  programming  interfaces  (APIs)   • Train  and  support  clients  on  websites  and  developed  systems  –  some  travel  required   • Sole  liaison  between  the  customer  service  department  and  developers  for  troubleshooting,  updates,  and  feature   requests  for  our  core  product,  The  GIN  System  (,  used  by  over  2,000  organizations   • Responsible  for  the  development/launch  of  over  600  websites  and  custom  programming  projects  since  2008   • Responsible  for  all  new  server  contracts,  managing  server  set  up/maintenance,  and  all  server  updates  for  over  40   dedicated  servers  (Windows  and  Linux  systems).         • Research,  implement  and  manage  vendor  relationships;  providers  included  Sprint,  AT&T,  8x8,  Assembla,  Zendesk,   4info,  Atlantic.Net,  Constant  Contact,  Vistaprint,  and  Commission  Junction.  Review  contracts  and  recommend   opportunities  for  financial  savings.   • Responsible  for  updating  and  maintain  company  website,,  and  all  satellite  sites   • Travel  to  conferences/conventions  to  stay  up-­‐to-­‐date  on  trends  and  opportunities  in  our  industry     Vice  President  of  Marketing  and  Sales                                                                                                                                                                                    June  2007-­‐December  2008   • Designed  and  implemented  marketing  plans  to  increase/strengthen  market  presence  within  the  United  States   • Interviewed,  hired,  trained,  and  managed  sales  staff  and  interns  receiving  college  credit  at  the  University  of   Florida  (5-­‐10  per  semester)   • Collaborated  with  management  and  peers  on  setting  sales  goals  and  tracked  team  performance   • Coordinated  and  administered  client  and  prospective  client  databases   • Traveled  to  conferences/conventions  to  demonstrate  products  and  services  to  potential  clients  and/or  maintain   relations  with  existing  clients  and  provide  training  on  implemented  systems     • Maintained  ongoing  relationship  with  current  clients  to  ensure  their  continued  use  of  products  and  services   • Implemented  and  maintained  online  social  media  presence  on  Facebook,  Twitter,  and  Vimeo   • Overhauled  the  company’s  website  design  and  developed  new  content  (     Business  Analyst  (part  time)   Launch  Funding  Network,  Gainesville,  FL   June  2007  –  November  2008   • Reviewed  and  critiqued  business  plans  for  entrepreneurs  seeking  venture  capital  through  the  Launch  Funding   Network  in  Atlanta,  Georgia   • Determined  if  business  plans  were  ready  to  seek  investors,  in  need  of  alteration,  or  had  serious  flaws   • Offered  insight  to  entrepreneurs  in  order  to  obtain  adequate  capital  to  reach  anticipated  financial  goals    

Director  of  Marketing     TutoringZone,  Gainesville,  FL   January  2004  –  May  2007   • Awarded  the  2005  Alachua  County  Business  of  the  Year  Award  presented  by  the  Gainesville  Area  Chamber  of   Commerce     • Increased  profitable  services  offered  by  determining  a  demand  in  the  market  and  implementing  value  added   services   • Decreased  the  need  for  print  advertising,  thus  reducing  marketing  costs  and  leveraging  on  more  effective   methods   • Created  and  executed  promotions  for  GMAT/GRE/LSAT  test  prep,  textbook  rentals,  and  class  review  sessions,   resulting  in  a  200%  increase  in  revenues  from  2004  to  2007     • Managed  day-­‐to-­‐day  operations  at  9,000  square  foot  facility,  including  the  training  of  5-­‐10  interns  per  semester     EDUCATION   UNIVERSITY  OF  FLORIDA  –  Hough  Graduate  School  of  Business   Gainesville,  FL   Masters  of  Science  –  Management     June  2006  –  May  2007   Received  Certificate  in  New  Venture  Creation     GPA:  3.65     UNIVERSITY  OF  FLORIDA  –  College  of  Journalism  and  Communications   Gainesville,  FL   Bachelors  of  Science  –  Advertising   July  2002  –  May  2006   Outside  Concentration  in  Business   GPA:  3.48     COMPUTER  SKILLS   Programs   • Microsoft:  Word,  Excel,  PowerPoint,  Outlook,  Publisher,  and  Project   • Adobe:  Photoshop,  Illustrator,  InDesign,  and  Acrobat  Professional   • Online  Training  and  Webinars:  Adobe  Connect,  WebEx,  TeamViewer,  and  Skype   • Video  Editing:  iMovie,  Camtasia,  and  Final  Cut  Pro   Software  as  a  Service  (SaaS)   • Assembla,  Zendesk,  Animoto,  Freshbooks,  Google  Docs,  and  Google  Calendar   Website  Content  Management  Systems   • Joomla,  Ektron,  and  Wordpress   Social  Media   • Facebook,  Twitter,  YouTube,  Vimeo,  Digg,  Delicious,  flickr,  Picasa,  Foursquare,  and  LinkedIn     LEADERSHIP  ACTIVITIES   Honorary  Inductee   Phi  Delta  Theta  Fraternity   June  2010   • Inducted  into  the  Fraternity  at  their  2010  78th  Biennial  Convention   • Awarded  membership  into  the  True  Blue  Society       Internal  Communications  Coordinator   Alachua  County  Emerging  Leaders  (ACEL)   August  2007  –  December  2009   • Served  as  Communications  Coordinator     • Organized  and  disseminated  information  relating  to  ACEL  membership  and  events  to  over  300  members     • Awarded  member  of  the  year  award  in  December  of  2007     Masters  Program  Ambassador   Hough  Graduate  School  of  Business  at  the  University  of  Florida    July  2006  –  May  2007   • Promoted  MSM  (Management)  and  MAIB  (International  Business)  masters  programs  to  potential  students   through  advertising,  information  sessions,  and  word-­‐of-­‐mouth  referrals     • Coordinate  leadership  activities  for  the  class  of  2007    

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