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Welcome to Sage 50 AccountsThis chapter describes how to install the software onto your PC.creating and processing recurring transactions. and a description of the administrative and maintenance tasks. HMRC’s website). As we have written the article. we own thecontent of it.If we refer you to non-Sage information sources (for example. managing fixed assets. including nominalaccounts. You will only need to carry out thosetasks which are appropriate to your organisation. Customer TasksThese include: setting pricing and discounts. this is known as “copyright” and our ownership is shown as “© Sage (UK)Limited. July 14. handling quotations and proformas. It is intended to be read by all users of theSage 50 Accounts software. how to register it. and clearing down and compressing old data.This chapter also gives you an overview of the tasks involved in setting up Sage 50Accounts ready for use. setting up.The first two chapters are concerned with installation and helping you get started using thesoftware.Sage (UK) LimitedNorth Park Newcastle u on T ne NE13 9AA Line50. It also provides aguided tour of the Sage 50 Accounts desktop. preparingIntrastat declarations and VAT returns. and is designed to guide users through all the tasks associatedwith installing. customers and suppliers. for example to ensure that the results obtainedfrom using the software comply with statutory requirements. reconciling Page 3 Tuesday. 2009”. New users will need to carryout the tasks described in these chapters in order to provide the software with the informationit needs to satisfy the accounting needs of your organisation. July 14. They are intended mainly for new users. and thesupport and training options available to you.The next three chapters describe how to set up Sage 50 Accounts. transfers.which need to be carried out from time-to-time to help keep it running smoothly.Chapters 6 to 12 cover the full range of accounting tasks. products. which fall into logical groups. and projects. preferences and defaults. payments. Setting up Sage 50 AccountsThis chapter describes how you define various system settings. salesorder processing. and managing petty Page 2 Tuesday. The content of each of these chapters isdesigned to match the way in which the functionality of the software is divided into modules. 2009 8:17 AM Banking TasksBanking tasks include: recording receipts. . Setting up your Chart of AccountsThis chapter describes how to set up and maintain a chart of accounts. Existing users will carry out thesetasks from time-to-time. You should also consider takingprofessional advice when appropriate. bank accounts. Setting up RecordsThis chapter describes the tasks involved in maintaining records.The guide is divided into a number of chapters.We always do our best to make sure that the information in the article is correct butdue to being general guidance we don’t make any promises about the accuracy of thearticle’s contents for your particular needs. Getting Started with Sage 50 AccountsThis chapter describes how to access the software for the first time and how to use thedemonstration data to get used to the way in which the system works. We hope it willbe read by and helpful to lots of our customers and because of this it is written asgeneral rather than specific guidance. If any non-Sagetrademarks are used in the article. and running the system. carrying out month end andyear end processing. Company TasksCompany tasks include: prepayments and accruals. entering scale charges. This means you may not copy. modify or distribute the article (eitherelectronically or otherwise) without asking us first. to help keep their information up-to-date. handling invoices. thisis because we want to be helpful but as we don’t have any control over the contentsof those non-Sage sources we can’t accept responsibility for them. we acknowledge the ownership of them by therelevant to help you to use the software it relates to. entering journals. 2009 8:17 AM Read This FirstThis document is the Sage 50 Accounts User Guide.Line50.

applying costs. Sage 50 Accounts for CharitiesThis guide explains how to tailor Sage 50 Accounts for a non-profit making organisation. as .We hope you will find the documentation comprehensive. along with detailed instruction on how to use ClientManager. nominal ledger.and credit Page 4 Tuesday. July Transaction EmailThis guide explains how to set up. and managing credit notes. Project Tasks (Accounts Plus and Accounts Professional)Project tasks include: setting up a project. after installation. and completing the project. who carries out constructionwork in the UK as a contractor. and are available as optionsfrom the menu displayed when you start installation of Sage 50 Accounts and. 2009 8:17 AM Instructions in This GuideSage 50 Accounts is a fully Windows compatible product.dealing with recurring transactions. July 14.from the Help > PDF Guides menu Page 5 Tuesday. If you want to send us yourcomments. Sage 50 Client ManagerThe Client Manager is an accountant tool. which allows you tosend and receive paperless invoices and orders. so that you spend lesstime entering data and more time running your business. which means that all the usualwindows elements are used. please email the Sage SBD Documentation Team atSageR&DTechnicalAuthors@sage. and allocating and issuing stock. handling shortfalls andstock returns.and learn about key accounting concepts. ReportingSage 50 Accounts provides a wide range of financial and management reports. and includes the use of the Foreign Trader feature andthe Foreign Bank Revaluation Wizard. Supplier TasksThese include: supplier pricing. and use Transaction Email. project records. and providesan overview of Accountant Link. analysis and reporting. recording adjustments in and out. product transactions and fixed asset records.Line50. working with purchase orders. This guide is written for accountants. suppliers. and how it is integrated withSage 50 Accounts. receivingcustomer payments. 2009 8:17 AM Other Sage 50 Accounts documentationIn addition to this User Guide.The final group of chapters describes particular tasks.It focuses particularly on fund analysis and SORP reporting. processing purchase orders. Sage 50 Accounts Opening BalancesWith this guide you can explore the process of entering your opening balances.enquiries. payments. Sage 50 Accounts Credit ControlThe Credit Control features within the software are fully described. This User Guide also uses the same terminology and instructionconventions that are used in .PDF files. Working with Foreign Currencies and AccountsThis chapter contains information on how to handle foreign currency accounts andtransactions in Sage 50 Accounts. entering invoices. Getting Started with Excel Integrated Reporting for Sage 50 AccountsThis guide aims to introduce the basic concepts of integrating Microsoft® Excel with yourSage 50 Accounts Page 6 Tuesday. These include: Support ToolsSupport tools are options and utilities designed to save you time. Product Tasks (Stock)These include: stock taking. 2009 8:17 AM These documents are supplied in electronic format. designed to exchange accounting data withusers working with Sage 50 Accounts. providing you with allthe tools to manage customer and supplier debt and optimise your cash flow. and is registered to the Construction Industry Scheme(CIS). the following user documentation is also provided. both on yourCD and in the software from the Help Menu: Introduction to AccountsUse this guide to explore and understand the fundamentals of double-entry bookkeeping. Sage 50 Accounts Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)The Sage 50 Accounts CIS module is designed for anyone. Data Import in Sage 50 AccountsThis guide explains how to import CSV and XLS files using the Data Import wizard for thefollowing types of records: customers. register. managing bills of materials. The guide describes the features of the CIS module.audit trail transactions.The information provided in these guides is intended to complement the material provided by Line50. billing the customer. which can be performed using Sage 50Accounts but which may not be required by all companies. July 14. stock.

Note:If during a procedure you are asked to type specific text into a box. telephone or email. Your company name. 2009 8:17 AM Sage 50 Accounts User GuideSageCover Online SupportIf you have SageCover and access to & sage. this text isalways shown in boldface. a step by step procedure always starts in thesame format and continues as a series of numbered steps.ieThe Sage UK website. It will help to have the following informationavailable: Your serial number. It s a convenient place to buy Sage products. for example 16. click Page 20 Tuesday.Line50. seven days a week.We are constantly adding new features to the website.the basic elements of Windows are described in this chapter. so visit regularly to             . is a valuable resource available to you 24 hours a day. You will notice that the key you needed to press in step 3 above. If you are not. July 14. From Help > About > System Information > Directories. print your latest invoice from us or signup for a free newsletter. In Settings > Company Preferences > Reporting. this key is shown in note your software version buildnumber. So. find out how to get helpand advice locally from a Sage business partner and much more. For example. select Help > Email Support and follow theon-screen instructions. A suitable method of contacting you for example fax.Line50. Select Customers > Invoice List. www.You can find information on our products and services.16.exeand then press ENTER. if you are familiar with Windows. from the Sage 50 Accounts menu bar.4.Italic textis generally used to refer you to other sections of the guide. Often the Support Advisor you originally spoketo will be unavailable to contact you so you should include sufficient information for anothermember of Sage’s support staff to resolve your query. step-by-step. note your you ll find a wealth of business advice as well as tips on how to get themaximum benefit from your new software. A suitable time to contact you.At or www.3.sage. such as recording apayment or running a for those users in the Republic of Ireland). these instructions are writtenusing the following conventions. the ENTER guide takes you through many different procedures. is the Use Data Path for Reports (UDPFR)check box ticked? If Windows User Guide. as shown below.To do this. July 14.0. as shown in step 3 below. In the Command Line text box typed:\setup.sage. A brief paragraph explaining your problem. 2009 8:17 AM Welcome to Sage 50 Accounts sage.Note:This instruction should be read as "select the abc module from the navigationbar on the left hand side of the window and then select the xyz Task or Link option". seeManaging your VAT onpage 261.your last Check Data date.0.Business advice includes several hundred expertly written articles on topics ranging from Howto write a marketing plan to How to write a contract of employment. To print your VAT Return. Data andSettings directories.If you are required to press a specific key on the keyboard. and your Windows version (All Programs > Accessories >System Tools > System Information).is written in capital letters. Select a record you want to delete from the Records list. Examples1. For more information.What Information to Have Ready Before Contacting SupportA little bit of planning and preparation of relevant information on your software and PC will helpSupport to help you more quickly and efficiently.2. for example:5. what is the path? Number of Companies and Users Your . Any relevant error messages. Click Delete. Your last backup Page 7 Tuesday. you can send online queries to SageCover support. size and path .NET version (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools) Your budgeting method All relevant printouts and reports. To make it easy for you to will already know how to navigate around your Sage 50 Accounts software. From Help > About > General and > System Information.

......Finally. Croydon..69Administrative / Maintenance Tasks... The Sage Logon box is displayed..55Finding Transactions... in which you can practise usingSage 50 Accounts......To access the website...60Using ActiveSearch. Sage has also developed a range of self study products............... Glasgow......... 2009 8:17 AM Accessing Sage 50 AccountsThis section describes how you access and log in to Sage 50 Accounts.. double-click the Sage 50Accounts desktop icon..... Reading. MANAGER......There are training centres in Birmingham..MANAGER.........Line50............. you must log in as MANAGER....................along with a complete Practice CompanyMode... Swansea and Leeds..... please contact one of oursales advisors on 0800 33 66 33.29Sage 50 Accounts Window Types ... Bristol... is created without a password............. North London... the Password .............63Getting Help ..........For further details about our Training products and course availability. this chapter outlines the tasks youneed to perform to prepare the system foruse and describes the administrative andmaintenance tasks which you will need tocarry out from time-to-time.. Thereafter.. Before youstart to set up data for your are ready for a quick tour.. For further information on settingup access rights..Changing your Page 22 Tuesday..... without compromisingyour real company’s data.. Newcastleupon Tyne.This chapter will help you become familiarwith Sage 50 Accounts..65Video Tutorial Simulations.................. July 14.. from your Sage 50 Accounts menu bar.. you should create a password for it... including on-line training courses. You can then set up access rights for the otherusers who need access to your Sage 50 Accounts data. designed to enable youto make the most of your Sage software packages......... select Settings > Change Password.68An Overview to Setting Up Sage 50Accounts......35Using the Search to Find Records... From the Sage 50 Accounts menu bar..24The Practice Data Mode... 2009 8:17 AM In this chapter:Chapter 2Getting Started with Sage 50AccountsNow that you have installed Sage 50Accounts and run the ActiveSetup Wizard....Accessing Sage 50 chapter also describes the layout of the Sage 50 Accounts desktop and howyou use the various window types...........66Wizards ...............62Function Keys.............. interactive CD-ROMs and workbooks withpractice data... you must log in using the default user name............... afictitious set of accounts included withSage 50 Accounts for example purposes... seeSetting Up Userson page Page 23 Tuesday. July 14.... You will find outwhat Sage 50 Accounts can do and youwill learn about the demonstration data..... You do not need a password. all offering a range of training coursesevery month... the default user Page 21 Tuesday....... Manchester.25Using Sage 50 Accounts DemonstrationData .Sage TrainingSage offers a portfolio of classroom training courses for all of our users...............The first time you open Sage 50 Accounts... and how tochange your user password...... 2009 8:17 AM Sage 50 Accounts User GuideLine50.For customers who prefer to study in their own time..28The Sage 50 Accounts Desktop....Note:If you already have a password..To change your password1..70Line50..... Every Sage training course is written andpresented by staff who know and understand Sage software..... July 14.. youshould change your password regularly in order to ensure continued security...... select WebLinks > sage..Starting up Sage 50 AccountsTo access Sage 50 Accounts from your Windows desktop........take advantage of our online services...Note:To be able to set up access rights...

2009 8:17 AM Sage 50 Accounts User GuideThe software opens in a clean Page 26 Tuesday.Entry window appears askingyou to enter your current password here. by electing to go with the second option Open Practice Data. you are presented with a choice of threeoperating modes: Open Your Company’s Data Open Practice Data Open Demonstration DataNote:By using the Don t show these options on start-up check Page 25 Tuesday.when you click Start Practising.Line50. you are presented with the Welcome to Practice Mode window. 2009 8:17 AM Sage 50 Accounts User Guidelevels 591product activity report 315product profit report 315product valuation 315records 212shortfall 593transfers 602Stock Issue 616Stock Levels 593Stock Postingsprojects 630Stock Returnsdamages in 604damages out 604write off 604Stock Shortfallstock levels 593Stock Transfermake 602Suggested Payments 580Supplierprice lists 536refunds 585transaction history 582Supplier Aged Balancessetting up supplier 150Supplier Codesplanning 204Supplier Defaultsageing tab 151record tab 150Supplier Payment on Account 390Supplier Payment Window 576Supplier Payments 576recording 576Supplier Price Lists 536importing 538overview 536Supplier Refundpay by card 586 Suspend Posting 387. click OK. Refer toUsing Sage 50Accounts Demonstration Dataon page 28 for more information about this Page 18 Tuesday. 393Suspensecontrol accounts 191Swap 43TTab 51Tasks and Links 31Tax Breakdown List 476Tax Code Setup 100Tax Codes 99Tax Ratescis 136Tax Total 351Technical Support 19Telephone Callsinvoicing for 499setting up default charge 119Telephone Charge Default 119Timeinvoicing for 499Timesheetsfor projects 616.3. you can switch to either your Company s dataor the Demonstration Company data from the File menu.Stationery & PC Mart UK.4. click Cancel.When working in Practice Mode. Selecting the first option and then clicking OK.You can rehearse the various tasks and Page 24 Tuesday. 419Updateledgers 507User Assistance Centre 35User-configurable Function Keys 64Using Windows 35V Valuationproduct report 315VAT analyse 279archive 283calculating 269hmrc bank accounts 291ledger       .2. the software opens with the fictitiousdemonstration company data .Note:While in this mode. July 14. opens your Sage 50 Accounts software withyour own company s data. and then choosingOK. To save your new password. commas or full stops. the Backup and Restore commands are disabled in the File menu. To exit without Discard. 2009 8:17 AM IndexTransferbank 750product 602stock 602Trial Balancereport 716Triangulation 294UUnit Price Discount 155. However. you can avoid this windowon subsequent occasions. if you wish. You cannot savethis password until the entries in the New Password and Confirm New Password arethe same.3. gain confidence in the various terms. and you can proceed to work on your own data.methods and routines required.1.When you are finished working in Practice Mode. supplier or product records created. 2009 8:17 AM Getting Started with Sage 50 Accounts The Practice Data ModeWhen your Sage 50 Accounts software starts. with no customer. the Welcome window reminds you that you are in this mode. #. July 14. July 14. safe in the knowledge that you are not compromising your ownreal company data. 628Timeslips Link 121Toolbar 42Total Discounts 430Total Required Postings 387. By choosing the third option and then choosing OK. or a mixture of both. for example =. To begin entering your new password again.You can use letters or numbers in your passwords. 393Tour of Line 50 23Track project budgets 246project costs 246Training 21Transaction Activitycustomer 522supplier 582Transactional Based ManagementReports 722Transactionsamending 84Line50.2. Howeveryou cannot use special characters. enter your new password again. enter your new password.The Change Password window appears.Line50. In the Confirm New Password box.Line50. July 14. !. In the New Password box.

Add a CommentSubmitshare:Characters: 400Ads by GoogleBusiness accounting software Find the Best Accounting Solutions Read Reviews and Full Descriptions www. Free e-invoicing Easy e-invoicing for everyone. p. p. please follow these directions to submit a copyright infringement notice. receive & manage invoices with Tradeshift for free. p. p.Report Cancel This is a private document. p. p. 278totals 279UK cash accounting 272VAT cash accounting 279view previous 301VAT Window 263VAT3file access in Vista 283VIES Return 297Viewhmrc responses 288VAT archive 283 Line50. p. p. 686VAT Audit Reportsaudit assistant 687overview 302VAT Cash AccountinUK VAT return 272VAT Control Accountsclearing 284VAT Discrepancies 678VAT on Purchases 190VAT on Sales 190VAT Rates 99VAT ReconciliationEI standard VAT 274EI VAT cash accounting 276standard VAT 270UK VAT cash accounting 272VAT Registration Number 117VAT Returnanalyse 279calculating 269calculation 270checking 278EI standard VAT scheme 274future transactions 284irish republic 283late transactions 284manual adjustment 280overview 270preferences 264printing 282republic of ireland 274saving 283standard VAT scheme 270. p. p.263manual adjustments 280offline payment 288online 302online payment 289payment 290preferences 130.visualaccounts. Page 20 Tuesday. Free Trial! www.More from this userPreviousNext789 p. Sage 50 Accounts User GuideDownload this Document for FreePrintMobileCollectionsReport DocumentReport this document?Please tell us reason(s) for reporting this document Spam or junk Porn adult content Hateful or offensiveIf you are the copyright owner of this document and want to report it. .GetApp.GetApp. Page 19 Tuesday. Ratings and Descriptions www. July 14.Rated:Copyright:Attribu tion Non-commercialFollowrishiladShare & EmbedRelated DocumentsPreviousNext p. p. Info and RatingReads:346Uploaded:11/30/2010Category:Uncategorized. July 14. Invoice Software 2. 264tasks 263totals 280VAT Audit Check Free Invoicing Software Download free software to create invoices on Windows or MacOS. 582Views 31WWagesjournal entries 332processing 332Website Address 21Welcome Page 38Welcome Window 35Wildcards 58Windows 51Windows Control Panel 64Wizardsubmissions 286Wizards 68ActiveSetup 4Wordexporting to 696Work Area 32XXML File 283Y Year Endchecklist Visual Accounts Easy to use Home Accounts that Saves You Time & Money. p. 2009 8:17 AM Ads by Google Book accounting software Small Business Accounting Softwares Reviews. p. p. p. p. p. tradeshift.0 Send. p. 2009 8:17 AM Sage 50 Accounts User GuideViewing 570customers 522goods despatched notes 467nominal accounts 197previous VAT returns 263products 596project activity 632project budgets 246project costs 246project costs to budget 637stock 596stock allocation 607suppliers 582transactions 522. p. p. p. Send & receive e-invoices for free tradeshift.

Full Syllabus LSBF ACCA Tutors . Publish your documents quickly and easily..visualaccounts. Why Sign up?Discover and connect with people of similar interests.. Share your reading interests on Scribd and social sites. Finished? Back to Document Sign upUse your Facebook login and see what your friends are reading and sharing. All rights reserved We have written this guide to help you to use the software it relates to.moderated privatepublic locked: only you can add to this collection. and only you will be able to view itSave collectionCancelYou have not created any collections yet.Email address: You need to provide a login for this account as well. www. Free Trial! www. Analysis. Print this documentHigh QualityOpen the downloaded document. Sign Up Privacy policy You will receive email notifications regarding your account activity. You can manage these notifications in your account settings.cpasales. We will send you an email with instructions on how to Invoice processing for AX Electronic invoice processing addon for Microsoft Dynamics AX. We hope it will be read by and helpful to lots of our customers and because of this it is written as general rather than specific Online ACCA Course HD Video Course. but others can view it public moderated: others can add to this CPA & EA Firms For Sale 28 yrs accounting practice sales. CPA s working for Small Business Accounting Compare Accounting Software Vendors Reports. Already have a Scribd account?email address or username password Log In Trouble logging in? Login SuccessfulNow bringing you back. and select print from the file menu (PDF reader required). We promise to respect your privacy.Pass 1st Time! StudyInterActive. Contact us..nchsoftware.www. From: rishilad Uploaded: 11 / 30 / 2010 Reads: 377 This is a private document.Download and Print Add this document to your Collections 789 and occasional account related communications. but you approve or reject additions private: only you can add to this collection. Ratings & More! TechnologyEvaluation. Sage 50 Accounts User Guide Copyright © Sage (UK) Visual Accounts Easy to use Home Accounts that Saves You Time & Money.Other login optionsLogin with FacebookSignupI don t have a Facebook account email address (required) create username (required) password (required) Send me the Scribd Newsletter. « Back to LoginReset your passwordPlease enter your email address below to reset your password.+ Create a New CollectionName:Description:Collection Type:public locked public . so it may only be added to private collections. 2009. Login: Submit     .

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