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FIFTEEN‌‌TEXTS‌‌‌(‌ 2007-2011‌ )‌  

 ‌ ‌

  pieces‌‌   in‌‌
  released‌‌   as‌‌
  ‌Spoken‌‌   Word‌‌  Music‌‌ (2012)‌‌
squib-box‌‌label,‌‌the‌‌pieces‌‌in‌‌group‌‌two‌‌were‌‌recorded‌‌but‌r‌ eleased‌‌privately‌‌‌ten‌‌years‌‌later.‌‌    ‌
● (1)‌A ‌ N‌‌ODE‌‌TO‌‌A‌‌MANIFESTO‌‌FOR‌‌SOUND‌‌(2008)‌  ‌
Written‌‌on‌‌a‌‌London‌‌underground‌‌train‌  ‌
● (3)‌A ‌ ‌‌HISTORY‌‌OF‌‌THE‌‌OFFENSIVE‌‌EYE‌‌(2009)‌  ‌
An‌‌extreme‌‌edit‌‌of‌‌Georges‌‌Bataille’s‌H ‌ istoire‌‌de‌‌l'oeil‌‌‌(1928)‌‌    ‌
where‌‌I‌‌took‌‌out‌‌every‌‌word‌‌that‌‌might‌‌possibly‌‌cause‌‌offense‌‌    ‌
then‌‌kept‌‌the‌‌word‌‌either‌‌side‌‌to‌‌create‌‌a‌‌flow‌‌of‌‌sandwiched‌‌triplets‌‌    ‌
● (8)‌F ‌ OR‌‌RICHARD‌‌DAWKINS‌‌(2010)‌  ‌
I‌‌went‌‌through‌‌Dawkins’‌‌book‌T ‌ he‌‌God‌‌Delusion‌‌‌(2006)‌‌and‌‌wrote‌‌down,‌‌  
sequentially,‌‌the‌‌words‌‌beginning‌‌with‌‌G,‌‌O‌‌then‌‌D ‌
● (19)‌T ‌ HIS‌‌IS‌‌FLUXUS‌‌(2008)‌  ‌
I‌‌walked‌‌around‌‌London‌‌eavesdropping‌‌on‌‌conversations‌‌    ‌
● (21)‌1 ‌ 6‌‌BIG‌‌BANGS‌‌FOR‌‌MARCUS‌‌CHOWN‌‌(2010)‌  ‌
All‌‌alliterative‌‌fragments‌‌from‌‌Marcus‌‌Chown’s‌‌book‌A ‌ fterglow‌‌of‌‌Creation‌‌‌(1993)‌  ‌
● (39)‌F ‌ OR‌‌TS‌‌&‌‌JK‌‌(2010)‌  ‌
Sometimes‌‌when‌‌a‌‌person‌‌is‌‌mean,‌‌stupid‌‌or‌‌both,‌‌    ‌
there’s‌‌only‌‌one‌‌statement‌‌they‌‌will‌‌really‌‌understand‌  ‌
● (41)‌T ‌ HE‌‌STORY‌‌OF‌‌A‌‌MAGNIFICENT‌‌BANQUET‌‌(2008)‌  ‌
My‌‌most‌‌performed‌‌(and‌‌controversial)‌‌text‌‌piece,‌‌I‌‌extracted‌‌    ‌
fragments‌‌from‌‌the‌‌Marquis‌‌de‌‌Sade’s‌1 ‌ 20‌‌Days‌‌of‌‌Sodom‌‌‌(1785)‌  ‌
● (49)‌F ‌ OREMAN’S‌‌HARMONY‌‌(2010)‌  ‌
I‌‌don’t‌‌recall‌‌anything‌‌about‌‌writing‌‌this‌‌piece,‌‌   ‌
except‌‌the‌‌Foreman‌‌in‌‌the‌‌title‌‌is‌‌Richard‌‌Foreman‌  ‌
● (51)‌N ‌ UMBERS‌‌LECTURE‌‌(2007)‌  ‌
I‌‌don’t‌‌think‌‌this‌‌requires‌‌explanation‌‌   ‌
● (53)‌S ‌ ENTIMENTAL‌‌MONOLOGUE‌‌(2011)‌  ‌
Enjoying‌‌a‌‌rollicking‌‌good‌‌‌  ‌
● (65)‌1 ‌ 8‌‌REASONS‌‌WHY‌‌YOU‌‌SHOULD‌‌GO‌‌OUT‌‌TONIGHT‌‌(2009)‌  ‌
Alliterative‌‌fragments‌‌from‌‌newspaper‌‌horoscopes‌  ‌
● (72)‌G ‌ AY‌‌TIMES‌‌(2009)‌  ‌
Hyphenated‌‌words‌‌from‌‌a‌‌copy‌‌of‌‌the‌‌Gay‌‌Times‌  ‌
● (83)‌I‌MPROVING‌‌THE‌‌REMARKABLE‌‌(2009)‌  ‌
I‌‌walked‌‌around‌‌London‌‌eavesdropping‌‌on‌‌conversations,‌‌again‌  ‌
● (85)‌J‌ USTINE‌‌(2009)‌  ‌
All‌‌instances‌‌of‌‌"Justine"‌‌or‌‌"Justine's"‌‌with‌‌the‌‌following‌‌three‌‌words,‌‌    ‌
taken‌‌from‌‌Sade's‌J‌ ustine‌‌‌(1791)‌  ‌
● (94)‌T ‌ HE‌‌HITCHHIKER’S‌‌GUIDE‌‌THE‌‌GALAXY‌‌(2010)‌  ‌
Every‌‌instance‌‌of‌‌“the”‌‌with‌‌the‌‌following‌‌word‌‌from‌‌    ‌
Douglas‌‌Adams'‌‌book‌T ‌ he‌‌Hitchhiker's‌‌Guide‌‌to‌‌the‌‌Galaxy‌‌‌(1979)‌  ‌
An Ode to a Manifesto for Sound
Matthew Lee Knowles
23rd December 2008

“You must make no sounds, but the sounds you do make must be
earlier in time than the ones you are not allowed to make.

Making sound will result in punishment, in the form of sound and

any sound made will be a signal for a sound to be taken away.

A sound not made by you equals a sound made out of your control.

Any combination of sudden, imaginary sounds changes the future,

but not the past, it remains unbalanced until you choose to defy
the rule which states you must not enter or leave any sound which
did not cancel your senses.

Refusal to disobey any but one of the rules including the rules you
choose to set yourself, results in a sound been taken away and
transformed into an acceptance of the present absence.

A sound instructed by you or a sound influenced by your body is

as unacceptable as allowing a sound to exist within your ears.

You are only excused when proof is provided that your ears were
in charge of listening and not your mind - it will be assumed that
your soul, been in charge, took full responsibility for taking on the
form of the sound.

Sounds, however conceptual or minimal, will be charged for at a

flat rate which will change constantly, without warning.

Once imprisoned, you will be inspected regularly and all sound

producing equipment will be removed at the first insubordination.

Your corpse will float without disturbance or meaning for eternity.

Sound, as we think we know it, exists no further.”

A History of the Offensive Eye

Homage a Georges Bataille

Matthew Lee Knowles

[2009, revised 2011]

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off  young sperm into  her cunt next  my cock between  her cunt in  that cunt her  you pee up  my cunt
she  I flooded her  white come meanwhile  naked bodies and  the come evening  arse raised  delicate buttocks
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buttocks to  to toss off  help pissing all  unforeseen orgasm provoked  the nakedness of  her cunt would  the cunt

nothing  the orgasms ravaged  acrid come that  my cock without  and cunt you  your come she  her cunt
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may  in violent release  some lewd and  fuck her again  arse in the  tossed off  banged violently  fingernails buried
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every  the dying  and blood complete  he disembowelled three  the death of  the blood smeared  and died  the
killing with  the filthy arena  cunt and  furious cock  stinking shithouse where  where sordid flies  cunt and  her
blood red slobbery  my penis which  of blood while  I tossed off  her arse thrusting  deep inside at  of
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stubbornly  whose body  to fuck her  the disembowelments of  by death and  powerless desire to  a blood-red
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sir  her buttocks but  slobbery flesh in  I came without  my come shot  head erectile with horror  hairy
vagina  burning urine streamed out  I
raped a  likewise  transformed.

For Richard Dawkins

Matthew Lee Knowles

January - May 2010

This piece was constructed by sequentially extracting words beginning
with G, O and D from “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins.

God of deserved Good of depend Gullibility of decry
Grass on details Guarantee of didn’t Great of day
Garden one direction Groups of discrimination God old distraction
Grandeur of dot Get of difference God or desert
Garden our described Group of Denmark God out dwelling
God one denote Granted of Denmark God of delinquent
God only dramatic Government origin Denmark God of deist
God of doctor Genuinely offensive depicted God omega designers
Gilbert on Darwin Get or Danes Ground of doubt
Gamut of don’t Germany or do Greatest of doubt
Great of discipline Going one doused Gold of disagree
Good one does Goes of depict Groups on D
God of does Given of demonstration Group on dictate
Gods of death God or daubs Great of declared
God of deny Grant only disclaimer Gaining other doubt
Great of does Go out don God of doubles
God on denying Gently of divorce Guardian of dramatis
God one diametrically Grounds other domestic Gentle or dormant
God or doubt Going of dream Genie of day
God of done God of desensitized Government owned deism
Germany or down God of describing God or dreams
Got one deist God of deliberately God of deism
God orderly deity Gradual on doomed Grief of deists
Good or doing God of discriminating George of discrimination
Govern or deists Granting object discrimination Going of demonstration
God or does Grounds of described God’s of duty
God of deism God oral directly Greater of documented
God or dice God of disguise Get of deists
God of did God of deviations Gandhi of dive
God occasionally deism God on do Gandhi’s of deist
Given one does God or distinct God often did
God one does Gods of demigods God out dealing
Gravity of disavowal Guardian of dramatically God of dinosaurs
God one deliberately Guided one didn’t God often distinguishing
God of different Guide others deserved Gather of different
Gets open debate Guided our did Green or different
Grounds objector doctoral Greeks or distinct God’s often deduction
Given objector degenerated Goddesses of distinction God’s of defend
Government over different Gestured of designating God or doesn’t
Go out does Gender of diversity God of Dr
God only drinking Golden or document Good others do

God or discoverable Guiding one design God of different
God or disproved Gradual of Darwin’s God of dubious
God of do Galton of dearest Giving one design
God on don’t Galton on dinners God of do
God of De Grow one done Gold one decisively
God on do Group or doctors Gold of degree
God’s one doesn’t God of duly Goodness or degrees
God’s of demonstrated Group oh door Good other dimension
God of disproved Good of divided God of design
Great of disproof Groups of delivered Goal of design
Gospel of disprovable Given only difference God’s of different
Good outdoor disprove God of disapproval God of deny
Golden one disbelief Grounds only dice Goes of does
Gods of do Good of damningly God of didn’t
God of disprovable Grounds of demonstrate Great ontological didn’t
God of disproved Groups of don’t Great of design
God origin disprove Granted op different Gasking of disability
God on dogmatic Grounds of director Greater one did
God on deny Getting of director God only difference
Gould’s on different Getting our defence Gasking on decided
Gould over does Genuine of down Gathering of discovered
Give our doubt Geneticist of Dawkins God of doesn’t
Go of doctoral Greater one dirty Great of down
Grave of deep Got on direction God of Diderot
Good of do God one design Good of doesn’t
Grammatically or door God oh don’t Godless of dozen
Good opposed does General on design God of death
Gould one death Golly of declares God of Dankgesang
Gathering on Deuteronomy God outer disprove Gramophone of document
Gould of doing Government of disavowing God of desert
Gould’s on de Gut one did Given or doubt
God of does Gravitational of Doppler Giant of deprived
Gunpowder or different God of definition Gained on dream
God one difference God outer discovered Great of design
God of definition Green orbiting days Genius one deeply
Going on discover Generate or does Girlfriend of devil
Gould on defending Greatly ours distance Gathering of delighted
Gould or disappointment Get or dark God of doesn’t
God of down God’s of didn’t George of don’t
God on deistic Galouye of Darwinian Generally of don’t
God other different Gods of dizzy Going on data

Grasp on direction Gregor of decision Graded of Darwin
Going of data Gee of distinguished Gimmicky of day
Ghost or data Generating of degree Go one daft
Giving oboe different God of distinguished Gendered of during
Gets on discern Generally of discussed Greek opposed deliberate
Gusting of dreaming Genesis of disagreement Guessed or Douglas
Gullible or dreaming God on disagreed God of Darwin’s
Ghost or down God on different Gene on day
Gods or don’t God’s on don’t Geology of do
God others divine God out damnation Geological of domain
Good on divine God odd decide God of does
Gospels of death Go on deception God’s of do
Generations own David Gently one designer Godless of do
Get only decreed God odds dishonesty God of Darwin
Go own David God old doesn’t Gentle obviously distributed
Go of David Gods on dismissal Glassy one do
Good out David God of dying Greater of design
Go on Dakeyne God of does God one does
Governor one decreed Give opportunity detective Giant of design
Gaping only desire Green our detective’s Genuinely or don’t
Gentiles of do Good out do Green oxygen did
Gershwin of do Green of does Gate of doesn’t
Glaring of descended God of decides Gentle on device
Give of do Given of defensiveness Goes of Darwin
Graham of dangerous Goes of don’t Get of designed
Gospels of decided God’s only different Gave out dials
Gospels omitted dubious God’s our deity Gleefully of Darwin’s
Gospels or descendant Goodness our divine Gradually or different
Gospel of done Good of definition Gradient of different
G of did God on distinguishing Gradients of dominated
General obviously doubt God one don’t Gradual over design
Greek or deity God or do Genuinely of demonstrated
Generation of Dan God of don’t Grail of Darwin’s
Gospels only difference God organised designing God of decreed
Gospels of disbelieve God of different God of dubbed
Galileo of difference Guise of design Guns of Dawkins
Good on deliberately God of direction Good or drives
God's origin died God of down Genuine of don’t
Great of Darwin Greater others doesn’t Get of doesn’t
Great of Dickensian Generally observed Darwinian Group of design
Genome out documentary God of deliberate Good outside design

God of different Generalized of discussing Give of Darwinism
Goods of dispensed Goldilocks of depend God of doesn’t
Genes other doing God other did Going or does
Given of done Gives of Darwin Gives our Darwinian
God on dear Go on did Gains of Darwinian
Glorious of drives Goes on duty Grudging offers devote
Good of discover Gell of Darwinian Grass or doesn’t
Generations of design Going of decision Great of damaged
Guardian of Darwinism Goldilocks of designing Geneticist one do
God on duplicated God of dare Glade of distinguishable
Geological of distinct Given of demanding Gods of Darwinian
Generating of discovered God of difficulty Genes of Dan
Goldilocks once decades Give one doings Genes of deal
Get once design Galaxies other divinity Gatherer our distant
God our different God of defined Goes on dint
Great of design Gives of difficulty Generalizations only departed
Grasp offered Darwinian Grasping of designing Genuflect or direct
Get of DNA God’s one doubts George one doctor
Genetic of dwell Given on described Give out doctor
Goldilocks orbits design Gospels oh do Gauntlet of don’t
God or design God our doing God of discussion
Galaxy of DNA Gruesome of Dyson God of Darwinian
Grant of don’t God others Dennett Gods of Darwinian
Give our demonstrated Giving of discussion Groups of D
Good of definitely God of designing Group of daughter
Gap of divine God own did Go off daughter
Grounds of does Gain of dishonesty God of daughter
Good one displays Grounds of deceiving Group objections dominated
Get of design Great of defining Genes occur Darwin
Goes of Darwinism God of dealt Group of danger
Generalized optimising Darwin God other domain Groups of Darwin
Granted over demon God of divest Grey of Darwinian
Gratuitously of difficult God of design Generally of does
Gap of developed Gradualistic of designing Go out diverge
Gap of dealing Good own dangerous Good one don’t
Gaps one design Geologist of doubt Glow only demonstrable
God over different Goes old direct Generate one drilling
Given of dust Gambit of despite Good of drilled
Goes of deeply Greatest over design Given own do
God of discussion Gradually otherwise Darwinian Good or designed
Genuinely objects deal Gradual of design Gullibility of distinguishing

Good of delivered Generate of diversity Gene organs digesting
Goes of down Good or design Genes other different
Good other drift Greatest of divine Genes other desert
Given of down God out destroyed Genes of doubted
Generations of Dobson Genetic of designer Guessed or dialects
Gullibility of dispositions Genes of details Great of do
Guests of dead Genes on Darwinian Great once death
Good or death Genes of doesn’t Go of discussion
Grows out developing Genes only Darwinian God of defy
Group of dualistic Good of DNA Gain of different
Glee obliged decisions Genes of decrease God of defy
G of dentist’s Gene of DNA Gain of different
Gas of deeply Genes of Darwinian Gene one different
Get of dualism Generation out Darwinian Genes of discipline
Guess object directly Generations of do Genes one designed
Get opinion designed Goal of details Genetic of detailed
Great one design Generations of developed Growing one disquietingly
Goes one design Gastrula of different Guinea of details
Guide of design Generation of demonstration Guess of david
Guess of developed Generation own done Grew of do
Guessed orders design Generation order deterioration Glow occupation do
Guess of do Generation on drawing Geographically outbreaks day
Gourmet of detection Generation of drawings General one described
Genetic of describe Generation or deteriorate Great old doesn’t
Good of differences Generations origami digital Geoffrey of does
God of driven Generation on downstream Ground of details
Genes of derives Get of don’t Geza of died
Gerin oil dangerous Go others depends Go of don’t
Goes on during Game of down Good our daily
Gaze on days Generations of decay Good or discuss
Generalization of disadvantageous Generations own doesn’t Go other deal
General of details Gene of development Gross of design
Gullible of does Genetics original Darwinian God out don’t
Generation of diverge Gene otherwise Distin’s God opinion dairy
General of dispositions Genes ones direct God on defence
Gene one drift Gain origin didactic Gentle of does
Genetics of difference Genes of doctors Gay or Darwinian
Generations original drift Genes often distinct Good of derived
Genetics over diverged Genetics of different Goodness or decency
Guided of doesn’t Gene one developmental Genes orphaned despair
Great of different Genes one different Gives of distressing

Gene organism Darwinism Great or debate Good only do
Gene of derived God on divine Genesis of daughter’s
Guardian of does God of deserve Genesis of door
Gene organism do Goodness of did Guest old do
Gene out Darwinian God or Darwin Good over day
Genes own different God or dearly Going on divided
Genes own doing Government our downtown Great only desirable
General of danger Garage of doctor God of demanded
Genes other Darwinian Glass of decisive Genesis of dramatically
Game of different Good of did God only disgraceful
Gold of different Get observed destroy Great of day
Great over debt Goes or doesn’t Great of derive
Group of don’t Gregory of devastating God of doors
Give of doing Generally of demonstration Great of dances
Give others doubt Go on defined God obviously daughter
Good or dominated God of no God on do
Gossip one deals Good only do Gods other doddle
Generosity of don’t God of desirable God only doctrinal
Grapevine or Darwinian God our definition Golden out down
Good origins Darwinian Good only derived Gathered out down
Good on different Good only deciding Golden omniscient dispatching
Giving of dominance Good of duty Gold one direction
Generous of donate God’s on definition Genocide own different
Grutter or dominant Generally or debate Grim on draconian
Give or dangerous Greek on distinction Gods our daughter
Generosity of demonstrations Greatest or derived Gang of disconnect
Generosity or Darwinian Grounds other distinguished God’s old drive
Generosity of discrete God oppression don’t God other daughters
Generosity of day Get or date Go of does
Going or drop Go over discussion Get of do
Gapes of Darwinian God other due Good old didn’t
Generosity opportunity desire Good on despite General of disclosed
Generosity of desire Good of do God or Deuteronomy
Great or debtor Gallup of doubt God offences do
Gentle of deterministic God or didn’t God of did
Geographical of dilemma God of Deneres Great of destruction
Grammar of driving Gay Orlando destruction Gods of do
Grammar of dilemmas Good of Dover Good of do
Great out dilemma God out don’t Get our demonstrate
God order do Gomorrah out demand Get our did
Good or disapproval God onto daughters Great of delighted

Generalized of do Group other disappear Germany on described
Go of dodgy Generation out did God’s of deepest
Good of descendants Glenarm of dire Grows own directly
Garden of deprived Guttering of denomination God’s of defending
Gift of down Glenn of discouraged Great only drawing
Green occasionally dominating Groups our do German or display
Genesis of do Good one do German of divine
God order doctrine General overlook discard Germany of Deum
Graves of down Good of devise Goebbels own directs
Gospel of discovery Going or damages God of do
Greek of doctrine Granted of denied Goes out drop
Gospel of described God’s or drives Glover’s of debating
God our did German of democracies Greed or deep
Geza old defend Granted of dates Grievance or destiny
Guilty one defined Gauge of diverse God often danger
Group on disappear Groups of debonair Generation of day
Genre or don’t Gang other Drummond George on don’t
George of devoted Great of dodos Get once debate
Gold of do Game of do God observe days
Group opinion danger Graven of decade Grievous on debate
Goyim opinion did Girls only Donald Gladiatorial of does
God of different Genghis of derogatory Go on doesn’t
Genocidal one disapproved Giveaways of date Grounds offered distinguished
Group offer direction Go of deal Great on dispose
Group of different Go of dominate Go of dealt
Group of disapproved Gasp of direction Get only different
Genocide of difference Government over direction Goat overnight disprove
Genocide of devotee Good other derived Gladly of department
Group out dare Gandhi of deeply Golgi of department
Group of draws Germany of direction Golgi of dear
Goes out did Gravity one describing Geology oxymoronic degrees
Group of domination God or decide Geology on dream
Glorification of do Good ones dictators Geological old day
Guide of do Give on did God of do
God of deep Good or doesn’t Give on door
Gentile one disagreements Great out divine Geologist others doing
Group out do Good of described Great of dangerously
Generations of different Good of declarations George Orwell’s death
Groups out displaced General our did Government on dozen
God’s of divide Good of despite Gems of doing
Glasgow of described Good of done Grow of defeating

Generals over detailed Geopolitically of dogma Gays of damned
German of destroyed Go one disaster Giant of dieth
God’s of down Give obvious did Gloating of damned
Garnered of disquieting Go of duo Gone of sleep
Given of disrupt George only doing Go obviously deter
Give of distribution Good of doctors Given on devoted
God of demonstrations Good of drove Gnashing of during
God of days Giving of downward God on dwelt
George of defenders Garden other documented Given or declaration
Ground on death Grainy other dialogue God other distaste
Governor one death Glory of don’t Godless other discovered
Governor of desperation Got Osama do Good of doubts
Greatest of doctors Group own death Go of decibel
Good our don’t Glorious of day God on don’t
Goal on different Great of disownings God okay dizzy
Given oppose don’t Good of director Gravity of deeply
Going of defining Goes on developed Going of disappointed
Granny of discipline Groups of denies God of devout
General of deal Gross on deserves Go of dare
God of desire Good other decent Grief on described
Gave of defends Gentle of demented General of determine
Get on democratically Grievous of dragged God of dogma
Governor of deterrent Giving of doesn’t Generation on discovered
Great others difference Good on distressingly Girl on dare
Go or described Given on deliberately Group of dare
Good of Dr Genuinely of defended Good ourselves decent
Grown of deep Government of down Girl own disc
General of developmental Gives of dispersed Gas of decide
Great or deprived Great obtaining downright Girl’s our decent
Great of dialogue Give of dozen Girls of discussion
Great of dilemma Good of doubt Gypsies our diversity
Give of doubting Grotesque only day Grounds of dialect
Genius of dismissal Get of disgusting German other diversity
Gave of day Guilt of demonstrating Gone of Douglas
Gift of dopey Get of distant Give of deciding
Great of doesn’t Gold of dead Grounds of drew
Granting of don’t Going one disgust Government of diverse
Granting of destroy Great of driving Gateshead one desire
Give of distinction Good of delightful Guardian of disputes
Generous of devastating Gloating of damned Gauged of development
Governed of disturbingly Go onion dominion Google on disingenuous

Great of down Gorillas ones do God of done
Government opening diversity Gradual over down Given of DNA
Gone of drawn Gods origin dialogue Gigantic of darkness
Grow of documented Gilbert or dawned God of debugged
Good of documents Goes of describes Gamma of dealing
Geological of director Gods of dismisses Gamma of does
Good official didn’t Gods of dead Garment our designed
Give of domestication Gods opposite didn’t Gigantic of distances
Give of data Gods only doesn’t Garden of DVD
Guidelines of denied Gods or does Great own dreamt
Government one didn’t God often dying Gravity on Douglas
Give of distance God only doesn’t Guide of drive
Glowingly opinions decision God’s of desirability Great of deliver
Genuinely of deliberately God often don’t Great of don’t
Gay of decide God of discover Growing of dead
Grate on decent Good of Dennett’s Green on dead
Good of doubts General other doubt Going on does
Gods of didn’t Good on dictionary Glass of drinking
Good of David Get of died Glad only demon
Girded of dwell Growing of dies Great once do
Gilead of Daniel Great of Darwin Going of densest
Gomorrah of doth Grandeur of deep Goats of desk
Gnashing of dust God of dog Go out desk
Ground own den God’s of disillusionment General on damn
Good of doubting Gone of dying General our dedicated
Glass of de Good our does Government of do
Good on Dolittle Good out deem Galileo of do
Greatest of derivation General of dying General our depend
German other distant General of difference Gravity oblivious delicate
Grand or deep Going on doesn’t Grand our desert
Gap opposite deliciously Goodbye old doctrine Grain of down
Gap often dealt Go of days Grand out doesn’t
Gets on daddy Gains of days Grand’s of dealing
Greedy oh daddy Grant old does Governed of dominated
Goes often different Gates of diocese Guessed of dog
Games of do Great one dwindled Guess or discords
Good of decreasing Go of doing Grants of direction
Grew older day Guarantees of disorder Great out despair
Getting other did Good of died Geological out dragons
Go of devote God our deployment Given of don’t
Gods of dogs God of dead

This is Fluxus
Matthew Lee Knowles

For voice
May/June 2008

not prepared to sit and wait … why am I carrying you all the time … bacon … da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da … he was there … did you get him a
chance … their chocolates are always very nice … oh what’s that … can’t we stand on stones … I was in a circle … I keep … are you married … you don’t
want to sit down … he’s a nice guy … your roommate … we were like … yes … he hasn’t been … the other one led onto the bridge didn’t it … every day
off … my uncle has bought one … in Japan you have to get rid of your vehicle, regardless, after ten years … the only problem is the two children … did you
come to a main road … cones to the left … very extreme … lets sit down … sixteen and over … what darling … in a knight rider fashion … do you want to
do another one … the T.V’s on in the park room … now I can look over there … maybe it’s time to switch off the phone … don’t do that … teaching and
talking about things … any minute now … car passing … eleven … seventeen … what comes after seventeen … spend the night there … that’s the nice
thing … in a very strange way … it catches you eye … I always thought I’d like his sculpture in my garden … a lot bigger than I thought … I want to be alive
… they said they’d sleep … there’s a lot of wine in there as well … slicing some big sausage … who uses bows and arrows … brain filler … are you hungry
… you guys … nice to see some Picassos … I’ll sit on the chair ... right … no … almost … do you want to bring yours … and we’ll find daddy … lets jump
up … lots of letters missing … is that Lydia’s pencil … she’s gone into the other room … Berlin … then you put those on … no … I thought it was sweets
… what … broomsticks … a five year old … the idea that you are the job you want to do … people who actually are these things … beep beep … a big one
… do you want his hair … and his nose … Spain … big eye … and then the lips … he’s got no hair here, but he has hair here … that’s alright … carry on …
I’m just imagining myself … how can we go all the way around it … hmmm … how long is this preset … where is that … you sort of just stand around …
sorry … you’ve got to read about it, then interpret it … can’t really get round it … misty windows … the only thing … this is really cool … ten acts … been
down to the front … I have … yes … right … let’s go … whether they should know where they all should be … isn’t it dark … it’s warm … by myself …
some random hairs flying about now … how do you get to floor five … this way what … don’t you … I like this one … I’ve never read any of her books …
these things … you don’t have to pay to go in … that’s all right Trent … I’m flattered … he called me Beck … sorry … German … Japan … it’s too good …
thank you for your …we just do this for now … really … yeah … have you got eight pounds … I’ll stick one of those … I might do the same … okay … let’s
see if we can get some tickets for that then … look …it’s Sartre … this one … I’m not going in … you could make postcards and send them to different
members of the team … shop for the salad … does anyone want to go home … no … he was trying on hats … out in Pimlico … now this is a huge circus …
in an hour or so … there’s an ice cream van … outside … throw it up … see I told you … we are going to nana’s now … lets go up to see what they are
doing … shed … we got a bus straight from here … rather not do it … I don’t know why … oh I don’t know … how’s it going … it wasn’t too bad, weather
wise … uhhmm … I’m on … In trouble … normally, we’d have to … it was my mates birthday … standing still … we will find each other … it will be fine
… escalators … somewhere … the weekend … stick the bag in the … I’m a baby … what did you do … I’m going to go over there … hello … do you want
to go to the South bank … newspaper on my breasts … that weighs a lot … see what they filled in here … that crack … yes that spills … go and stand on the
stage …I can see a lady reading …toned sweatshirt … two people leaving … a buggy …making their way down …waiting … eating …bending over …on
their way down … expectantly … waiting for a performance … Ice-cream rolled up … young ballet … I found his lodger with his resident … he was … he
was … what’s that … awwwww … that’s her … they’re enjoying sitting over there … and here they come …daddy won’t do that … it’s too organised …
everyone in the whole of London is here … this is fluxus.


Matthew Lee Knowles

( )

All alliterative fragments fished out of Marcus Chown’s magnificent manuscript, Afterglow Of Creation.

Air around, tells the, big bang, all around, big bang before being big bang, involved in, big
bang, the trigger, was when, reportedly received, big bang, it I, try that, was when, book before, coherent comprehensible
chatty, are a, big bang, talked to than this the, it is, has happened, the two, is invisible it is, things that the, it is invisible,
and astronomers addition and, big bang, could conceivably, to this the tenth, while what, today to, anniversary and, than
to, out of of our on one occasion, about a, be brilliant, would win, to try, would win, Pulitzer prize, the thing, at and, to this,
it I isn’t it, which was, in itself, world war which, time the, away all, or on, were women, out of, teachers the, from five, at a
an apprenticeship at, one of, the things thinking that the to the, expanding experience, throughout the, it is, throwing
together, and all, utterly unheard, at a, far from, to taking, one of only of operators, as a, he had, the thirty, he had, the
trenches, much more, he had, for Finchley fortunate few from, though the, first from, who while, had helped he had, been
born, at a, have had have had he had, the time, delivery date, advice as an afternoon’s, dad died, aren’t any, what we well
when’s, fuck fuck fuck, said still, haven’t had, out of, to the, where we, the time, we were.

It is, crystal clear, the treetops, sky stars,
through the, human history, to this, been built, greater glories, see simply, to tune them to, eyes eyes, that the, stars soon,
out one, stars shine, black but, at a, flash from, and after another astronomers, through the to the, infrared it’s it is, stars
so, that they, sky simpler space seems, it is, big bang, the titanic, incredibly it, than there, is in, big bang, the technology,
world war, relic radiation, big bang, tortuous twists, accidents and, big bang big bang, after all, uniform universe, it is, far
from, see signs, big bang, our own one of our, than two than the, one of, big bang, more matter, went wild, it is, true that,
in itself, scientific story, book but before, to the, big bang, the twentieth, allowed astronomers, we were.

Equations Edwin, that the, in is, several scientists,
blind bit, to think, he had, to the, it is into its, as a, ball bearing ball bearing, sheet since, ball bearing, that the, it is is
indeed, to the, as a, the twentieth, ignored it, he had, that the, about a, throughout time there, no need, about answering,
where was was was, to the that the, all a, that the, elegant equations, only over, not noticed, which was, if it, much more,
Einstein’s equations, the truth them the, one of, the theory to the that the, different design, Einstein’s equations, one of, at
a, to them the time that, size stretching, it imagine, wiggly wave, inflating it, after all, Einstein’s equations, astronomer a,
that they, big bang, that the, biggest blunder big bang, expanding ever, what was, big bang, in inventing, biggest blunder,
to the that the, big bang big bang, as a, big bang big bang big bang big bang, one off, everyday experience, big bang, that
the, big bang, to the, simply set, that they, are at, privileged position, as a, raisins representing, but by, directions driving,
always appear, thinks they, are at at a, centred cosmos, that the, simply stated, is in, to the twenty, cosmos crowded, line
let’s, twice the, we would, three times, away as another, three times then that, and also, that this that the that there, at all,
stars since, appear as, with what we, after also, it in, to think than the to the, away a, successive shell, are an, such shells,
account a, sky should, bright but, our own, sun so, about a, million million million, than the that the, an apparently,
therefore telling that the, big bang being bright, as a, to the than they, much more, big bang, that the, big bang, it it, to the,
at a about a, took to, and America, but billions, we would, time their taken to, may march, which we, an analogous around
a, it is it is, today the, an arbitrary, big bang, age and about a, big bang, that these two, relatively recently, big bang big
bang, were wrong, out of, take the, star so, about an, thinking that to time, big bang, steady state, aesthetic appeal,
universe unchanging, Hoyle Hermann, steady state, than the that the that the, at a, created continuously, out of, big bang,
and a, big bang, steady state, but by big bang, that there, may more, that these than they, clear conflict, steady state.

Big bang, George Gamow, home Hubble’s, anything about,
big bang, deep down, to the tune through their, George Gamow, he had, the theory, about almost, big bang, split second,
big bang big bang, stars so, astronomers already, them to, each element, that the, elements existed, Gamow guessed,
basic building blocks, electrons every, an atom, in its, which was, in it, hydrogen had, that the, separated so, no neutrons,
these the, it is, basic building blocks, are able, the twentieth that this, sometimes spit, cosmic cake, basic building
blocks, origin of, Gamow guessed, one of, together to through the, way would, that they together to, Gamow’s great, that
the, if it, we would, it is, that the, big bang big bang, as a, tiny tiny then triggered this, suddenly start, and as, first few, big
bang, one of, that the this then, big bang, was what, trying to, at a, time the that the, at any at a, enormously energetic,
brilliantly bright, any appreciable at absorbing, peculiar property, wave when, travelling through, it interacts, as a, than
the to the to the than the to the this tendency time to, big bang, that the, involved in, out of, it is, them to, way which, only
on, at a, it is, this time, energy escapes, that the the true, it is in its interior, through the, big bang, after all, or out, with
wavelength, this thermal, only on, the temperature, at all, that the, absorbs all, black body, are after all, black bodies but,
the term, black body black body black body, walls wavelengths, than the, it is, to the, and Alpher, black body, absorbed
and, black body, that the, big bang, then the, and atomic, first few, big bang but, transparent to, physics photons, that the,
big bang, to travel, flying freely, Alpher and above absolute, the temperature the temperature the, enormous expansion,
Alpher and Alpher and, relic radiation, big bang, relic radiation, it impossible, the two, Alpher and, was wrong, that the, it
instantly, telescope that, about Alpher and, scientific sight, Alpher and, remnant radiation, big bang, astronomers at and
at about actually, relic radiation, told that the technology, relic radiation, was wrong, how heavy, was wrong, the theory,
worked well, big bang, is in, with what, study stars, every element, helium has, the time, big bang.

Taking the temperature, George Gamow, big bang but, that the, hot he, to this trying to trying to, phenomenally
prolific, he had, as an atomic an alternative, world war, one of, interested in, big bang, out of, big bang, scientists simply
shrugged said science, thought this than the, big bang, oscillating or, that the, one of, being braked by, that the, and all,
big bang, long line, through the, steady state, big bang big bang, to tie, big bang, that the been built, their theory, so
successful, made more, had happened, big bang, temperature that they that the, brilliantly bright because both, wondered
what would, above absolute appear as Alpher and, Herman had, that there, gravity group, day Dicke, relic radiation, big
bang, relic radiation, sky secondly, black body, about a and a, telescope to to take the temperature telescope the, radio
receivers, at around about a, been built, measuring microwaves, big bang, theorist thinking, as a, particle physics, if it,
chance conversation, that the, working with, much more, that the that the, big bang big bang, he had, to the the time that
this, abundance astronomers, he had helium he, figure for, big bang, with what we, solar system, he had, one of, big
bang, to the that the, but because big bang big bang, together the temperature, above absolute Alpher and, Herman had,
with which, have high hopes, big bang big bang, the telescope, big bang, at a added advantage, which water, the tenuous,
which was, of our, surplus stores, throbbed through them, anything about, we would what we’d, instrument I, advice and,
the two, antenna an antenna an antenna, TV transmitter, antennas are an antenna, it is, as a, from four, which was, about
a, Roll’s receiver, was where, all antennas are, that they, everything else, the TV transmitter, it is, at and, TV transmitters,
an antenna, it is, an antenna, sources such, atmospheres and above absolute, than those the transmitter, were wanting,
up unwanted, big bang, above absolute, everything else, above absolute, the tiny, big bang, might make, through the than
the trying to, with white, them they the trumpet to the, as a, if it, galaxy generate, in its, receiver rather, of other, similar
static, atmosphere and, tell the, spurious static, antenna at, then they, antenna at a, same so, then the, at a, it is, an
antenna at a, waves which, big bang, if it, big bang, Roll realised, an artificial antenna at, than their the temperature than
they, big bang, waves would, an absolute, the true temperature to the, big bang, above absolute at about above absolute,
waves was, available and, but back, the task, absorbed all above absolute, if it, at all, temperature they that the, after all,
their temperature, say six, big bang, are attempting, dipped down, again and, turn their, above absolute, that their, same
signal, at a, it is, be between, above absolute, that the, out of our, what we were, time to time thought that that this the
time, steady state, big bang but, fifty fifty, the telescope, and an antenna, reject radio, world was, big bang, the two.

Cream cone, with which, to take the temperature, another antenna astronomers at as a,
the two, northern new, at all, really rather, as an alpenhorn, cream cone, radio receiver, installed in, anywhere at all, beach
ball, which was, beach ball brilliantly bright, radio receiver, of only, that the, sources such, an antenna, cream cone, at a,
cream cone, instead it, perfect partnership, he had, Townes Townes, he had, an Australian, who was while working, Jakes
Jakes, to talk, interested in, working with, antenna at, he had, experimental equipment, had helped, antenna at, the time,
astronomy and and arrived astronomers at, to team, perfect partnership, well Wilson which would, thorough the, although
Arno, he had his hands, the Telstar, Wilson were, an artificial, with which, any astronomical, began building, above
absolute, the temperature that there that they, been built, who were, he had, gas glowing, he had he had, from faint, ideal
instrument, at a at all, the two tough the, of one, antenna and, the Telstar to take try to, what was, to the trouble, and all
antenna at, than they, expected even, what would, at a above absolute, was well, so screwed, themselves that the the two,
wondered whether, man made, northern new, been built, man made, than the to the, persistent problem, horn had, that
the, he had, that the, Wilson wondered whether, amplifiers are, radio receiver, an antenna are, tiny that, what was,
antenna alone atmosphere and any astronomical, weakest when, definitely did, only other, that the, as a, that the, which
were, cream cone, turned their tipping the, cream cone, whenever we, turned the, antenna around, static since, above
absolute, Wilson were, antenna after, either end, tray the two them to to the them there turn them, antenna armed after an,
thought they, were wrong who was we were which were, thinking that the, spurious signal, they that they that the the
tape, long last, antenna at, to their that the, spurious static, an anomalous above absolute almost a also able, solar
system source should, injected ionised, source should, Wilson were, at a this tiny.

Two telephone, it is, the
twentieth, but by Bernie Burke but by, which was, talk the, friend from, as a, the talk, at a, big bang big bang, then today’s than
ten, above absolute, this tepid that the, big bang, an explanation any, week we, brown bag, what we, call came, which were, he
heard, it involved, the team, was well, antenna around, that there that there to tell, mere mundane, words we Wilkinson well,
the two to the, antenna and, them the, inquisitive it, already asked, the telephone, before before, we went we were, that they’d,
big bang, it is, things that then the temperature that they to the, Wilkinson were, building back, particular Penzia’s, to the,
Wilson were, that they, had hung, this thing that they, what worried Wilson were, cream cone, with what Wilson were, at a,
wavelength where, at all, we were would would, stronger sources, Hubble had, the titanic the temperature the temperature the,
had had, enormous expansion, at a about a, thousand times the temperature that today, above absolute, the temperature,
above absolute, the temperature their temperatures, are averaged, to the temperature the time, form for, big bang, transparent
to that the, big bang, after all, we were, big bang, all around, big bang, that the, big bang, it is, arriving at, big bang big bang,
arriving at about a, originally only, it is, trying to track that thousand times that the, big bang, steady state, in its, Holmdel had,
that they, at all, the time, scooped says, one of, things that, and asked Arno and, deeply disappointed, that this, big bang,
Wilson were, origin of, took them the two that their, big bang, which we, that the, would Wilson, steady state, he had helped,
Wilson were, big bang, troubling them, when we, at a against a, to the, one of, this thing the twentieth, who were wonder
whether, at all, papers published, was Walter, the trail, he had happened, offices of, work with, antenna at, the time to the, he
had, it in, world was, taking this thing, seriously says, George Gamow, name nor, it is intense interest, the title, away a antenna
at, that the, big bang, was written, almost anything, out on, we were, microwave measurement, big bang, Wilson weren’t, at all,
told them, we were writing, big bang, origin of, work we, the theory, we were, that the, one of, the two, he had, through the two,
Alpher and, Herman had, big bang big bang, to the temperature, an article, Wilkinson when, through their, it is it is, he had,
actually attended a, big bang, about a, big bang, that the, George Gamow’s, big bang, an attack amnesia as atmosphere as an
aside, he had, wondered whether, as a, sources such, as a, way would, that there that the temperature, above absolute, he had,
all about, everyone else, when we were, through the, often overlook, Alpher and, that the to the, astronomers at, one of,
Wilkinson was, one of, the twentieth, he had, essential elements, tackling the, big bang, homework he, through the to this thing
that this, Alpher and an article, putting pen, Alpher and, injustices in, big bang but, he had, Alpher and Alpher and Alpher and
Alpher and, they thought that the that they, have had, in industry, cosmology came, age as a Alpher and, long last.

Through the, far from, George Gamow, big bang, through the, relic radiation, and an accident after, thinking they,
why was, after all, wondered why, two together, instrument in, Gamow’s group, that there, it in, two things, and a, relic radiation, at
any after Alpher and, with world war, radio receiver, been built, Alpher and, talk to, is impossible, Dicke did, of occasions, and after,
the time, Alpher and alert astronomers Andrei, two together they, about Alpher and, it in, Russians read, thoroughly than the,
Americans and, on Ohm’s, to the, he had, temperature to, antenna at and accounted, thought that the temperature, also about, the
two temperature they they therefore that there, when we, thought there the two to their, one of, that the, big bang, was wrong, Hoyle
had, that the to this theory that the that they they, big bang but by, that the, big bang, and also, should still, origin of, that they, it in,
opportunities on, the theoretical the twentieth, accident and, systematic search, it is, big bang, out of, which was, big bang, George
Gamow, had hoped, secondly says, the theorists, big bang big bang, Weinberg was, to take the temperature, first few, everyday
experience ever existed, to take theories too to take them thermometers there twist to this tale, big bang, Alpher and, of Ophiuchus,
holder he, star’s spectrum, what would, called cyanogen, things they they tend the, space somewhere, like little, the temperature,
standstill something, the tiny them to, an astronomer at, Canada calculated at a above absolute and at a, he had, than they, should
so, the tiny their, Schlovski suddenly, Adams and, that the tiny, being buffeted by big bang, taking the temperature, at a, one
observation, that the, big bang, slide showing, he had, black body big bang, with wavelength when, through the, of others, sudden
shock, he had, complicated curve, and all, thinking this to think that this that turn, out on, big bang big bang, when Wilkinson, begun
building, the temperature, above absolute, with what, only emotion, an anticlimax, that the, big bang, scooped says, observations of,
black body, what would, big bang but big bang black body, that this, better be, apparatus and, gravity group, the two, which were,
the time, the, ideas if, slightly squashed, electronics everywhere, says, so, that’s the, working with, the temperature, what was, that
the than that the trumpet, if it, complete circle, then the temperature the, sounded straightforward, the temperature this temperature,
at an, Partridge periodically, metal mirror, at a, if it, stars slowly, it in, the temperature the temperature that the temperature the true
temperature that the, big bang, the technology take the, us understand, what was, big bang, the temperature, even earlier, the
temperature, particle physics particle physicists, time they thought then they, atoms are, particle physics, temperatures that, big
bang, particle physicists, can create conditions, split second, big bang, and applied, to the, big bang, after all, big bang, of
observational, say so so simple, at any, the temperature that temperature, particle physics particle physics, big bang, all around, that
the, particle physics, George Gamow, Wilson were, Arno and, this time, one of, about Arno and, Wilson who, Schneider said, won’t
want, take that too, seriously says, he had heard, and Arno, that the the three, after all around and, to the than to those, deeply
disappointed Dicke didn’t, some sort, that theories the two the theory the towering, space says.

Turned their truck through the, big bang, air above, had headed, sunniest spot, any animals, only one, was where,
sky surrounded, thought to the, we were, told to, on our out of, area as, metal mirror, Wilkinson worked, the taxpayers, at
another, the temperature than that, with weather we were, big bang, invisibly in, black body, at a above absolute, in its, at
a around a, that the, radiation really, big bang black body, at a about a, would water, brightly but, the tiny to take, altitude
and above as atmosphere as as anyone, that the turns to turned their, black body, only ones, when we, arrived at, Bernie
Burke, at a, world who, background by, the temperature to three, almost a, on only one, wavelengths with, their three, and
at and a, this time they, as a, first filled, what was, he himself, technology the technology to, background bug, and
announced, that the, been bitten by background bug, are a, tend to, who went, to the, again and again, itself is, black
body, those two things that the to the they’re tough to think, interested in, thing that, always appealed and a, small scale,
it is, times the, air at, thin that the, out of, an almost, operation of, an antenna, table top, one of, extreme environment,
which would, only one of, work went which were, radio receivers radio receivers, scientists specialising, group got,
important impact, observations of, with wavelength, black body, radio receiver, that to, at any, transparent to, absorbed
all, make measurements, was white, that they threw, away a allowed all, pretty pointless, it is, the two to travel, different
distances, by bouncing, changed continuously, one of, the two, different distances, then the, of one, the troughs then the,
other out, wavelength which, as an, theory the, at a, mathematical manipulation, to this, can compare, the time, no need,
instruments including, flasks full, them to themselves the, radiation remained, after all, everything else, there too trying to
temperature then think, everything else, was why, see someone’s, to think, spurious source, astronomers accidentally,
the temperature the temperature, at a, northern Norway, the temperature, we were, this turbulence, behaves because, the
temperature to the team the, dropped down, so six, we’d worried, time the, on our, after all, our only, work was.

Out over, those three, big bang, above absolute, the temperature, an artificial, black body, instrument
including, the two that the, black body, at a above absolute, the theoretical, although at, wavelengths Woody, black body,
in it it, we were, big bang balloon borne, the tip, big bang, glowing gases, of obscuring, together they, at a about a,
intense interest, the theorists they, big bang black body big bang, at around a, that the the theorists thought, big bang,
through their that the, big bang, the theorists, plausible physical process, an alternative, wondered whether, at a around a
after all, countless collisions, to take than the throughout the, way would, could come, the theorists, an apparently,
radiation reveals, the theorists the, entirely expected, that the through the, saw something, that the three thousandths the
temperature through the, at a, we were, be blue, it in, temperature the, effect even, big bang, that the, way was, than the, if
it, what was, as an, to the, big bang, that the that the, big bang, to this though today’s together this, cubic centimetre, the
total than the, matter matter, that the, big bang be blasted, transparent to the time, wavelength was, big bang, freed from,
the tyranny, gravity gravity, this time they throughout the the theorist the temperature, big bang, away at, so slightly, out
of, slightly stronger so slightly, big bang big bang, alarms an after admitting, seeing something, we were, than the two
temperature, big bang, to the, big bang, that the that the therefore the, smoothly simultaneously, that the, charge coupled,
to the, photographic plates, their telescopes to, photographic plates photographic plates, that the, which was, such
simplicity, that their, we were, seeing some, were within, big bang, in it, the twin the thickness, what was what was.

Space science, together that, out of, he had, one
of, astronomers at, board be, precious photons, would well, months Mather’s, big bang, and another, sky searching, the
tiniest the time thing the than the, big bang, winner who, he had, big bang, important it, Alvarez and, Mather’s more, the
three than the, he had, and at, he had, strong suspicion Smoot Smoot, take three the troublesome transmit their to the,
direct descendant, big bang black body, out of, big bang, the third, slightest signs, for further, and a, outskirts of, to the,
after a, the team the, out of, which would, and always, noundary between, if its, that the team, shuttle shenanigans, which
was, space shuttle, the team, space shuttle, the time the, Cape Canaveral, the tip, Florida from, to take the team, space
shuttle, at all, things the, now needed, into its, of only, to the, we were, its instruments, that they, above absolute, terrified
the technology, built but, space shuttle, the television traumatic time that team’s, satellites successfully, at alternative,
talking to the then that, it is, bennett but, to their the trusty the team the team, we went, at all, chose COBE, science solid,
that they, on one, that the, redesign rebuild, spacecraft says, was whether, to the time the, Wilkinson without, at a, stroke
says, the three, spacecraft skeleton, that the, spacecraft structure shuttle some, the torrent, if it, activity at, we were what
way, these things to the this that, black body, the team turn to the that the talked to, day decisions, that this to the, away
and, thing that to the, Bennett by, to the, almost all, we were, to take that there things the the tiny, on one occasion,
switch scuppered, entire experiment, through the, air after, complete control, involvement in, what we who were, time to
test, accelerometers at, if it, real rocket, the team them to the test table they the table the table thing to, out of, them the
their test time time to the time, would work, the thermal test, work well, the thermal test, he had, through the test, out of,
simulator says, talking to the the transmitter, out of, take the take the the team, us up, trying to, about a, still some, he
had, COBE come, warm were, Alpher and, big bang, of our, this thing things that, he had, these things, sight says, around
as, through the, my main, radio reported, arrived at, that the, were working, through to the, was working well, to the.

Him he had, to turn, instead it, American
astronomical, crystal city, background based, he had, its image, black body, through them then there then they to their, at
a, black body, through them to the, audiences applause, to tell them this thing, need not, applauding a, seen such, to the,
away all, that the, had hoped, Bennett but, almost all, big bang, who was work was, that the, big bang, crystal city,
thought to tip, when Wilson, everyone else, to the, argument about, wraps was, an agreement, to talk, about any, the team
time to, any announcement, off one, at a after all, to those, but because, the team’s, publication policy, them the tell that,
see something, one of, see such, world when, are always, that the, he had, worked with, Berkley but, the team, if it, at a,
the theorists, after all, thought that, was wasted, though their, could cause, same sort steady state, radiation really, best
black body best black body best black body, that the, black body, wrong with we wouldn’t, black bodies, wrong with, it is,
big bang black body, above absolute, who was what was, the technique, are above, first flights, which were, and all, he
had he had hoped, to the, black body, to tell, he had, at all, northern new, Wishnow were, though they, vibrant vibration,
they took that the the team, in its, and army, the two to the, provide protection, an altitude, successfully sensitive, above
absolute, big bang, crystal city, beautiful black body, spectrum says, he had, if it, hadn’t have, they tried, only one, these
two, at almost, Wilkinson were, they too, making measurement, think the, an almost, now nobody, that the, black body.

One of, achieved all attention, which was, big bang, at a, blandness by,
than the, big bang, now nearly, serious search, big bang, distortion due, of our, where was where were, big bang, at all,
big bang, what was wrong was, big bang, an addition, big bang, after all, that the, still sees, big bang, direct descendant,
the tiny temperature the two, so sensitive, of only, the temperature the temperature that the the twin the temperature, for
fluctuations, together to the temperature, see something, the time the through the to take the team, had hot, big bang,
than the, worry was, that the, at all, it it, that they three the three the team, at all, way was, the two, wavelengths when, the
team, bright blobs, than the, it is, the team, but by, after all, the team, of one, all along, that this, after all, the team, same
screen so, they then the team therefore the team the two, universe unfortunately, the team, are at, temperature they,
COBE could, soviet satellite, if it it is, up unwanted, the team, signal spotted, Wright we, argued all, but by, time to, an
announcement announcement a, the team than the, average and Al, that the, big bang, team the, important it, are a, to the
that the, out of, to the, cosmology claimed, it is, to the that the, Wilkinson we Wilson was, also amazed Arno and.

Hysteria how, was we, that the these things that the,
black body, had hoped, as any an astonishing as anything, have had, big bang, whole world, one organisation, success
says, about all, if it, his thing, says suppose, whole world whole world, part probably, been built, tension to that they than
they, relief remembers, about a and a, big bang, some scientists, they told the, big bang big bang, throughout the that this
the theory, it is, that the, big bang, theory the, big bang, that the, big bang, else entirely, the trouble, announced a, that
the, big bang, was why, some scientists, that the, big bang, some scientists, one of, which we, the time, was warmed,
caused consternation, Bennett but, what was, things to, at all, splashy stories, than they to the, wrong with, the team,
agreement according agency associated, says Smoot, that the the team, who worked, Smoot Smoot Smoot says, this
thing the team to the team, has happened, Smoot says, up under, who were, says Smoot, out of, Berkeley business, the
team, blue blotches, the team, what was, Bennett but, should show, but be, the team, an analogy, it it involved
interference, screen says, Bennett but, amid all, still see, the team thought the, at all, take the time that the the team that,
should show, we were, sky says, perhaps people, the team the team the, photograph paled, Bennett but, discovery
directly, important it, which was, Bennett but bringing, to take, God George, things to the talk to, audience a, told them,
alarmed a, why which, from fellow, the things, said says, interested in, to the, interested in, then that’s, he had, that there
through to, in it, before Brockman’s, he had, interested in, says Smoot, him he he had, Munich Milan, were written,
astrophysicist and as a and a an archaeologist after all, before bestowing, no need, by backing, after all, should share.

Amid all, to tell to tell, meant many, who watched, TV the,
convoluted cosmological, wondered whether, important information, that the temperature, so slightly, different directions,
sky so, them the, in interpreting, the tacit that the time the, was when, big bang but, to the, at all about, have happened, to
thousands, freed from, that they, blazed brightly, then this, as a, spectrum showed, discernible deviations, black body big
bang, to the, called cosmic, to the, in ice, that these, big bang, photons passing, then they, seen such, big bang, than the,
split second, big bang, that the the temperature them their, signal seen, Bennett believes, that the, what we, formation for,
thing the the theory that that the, big bang, is invisible, then that the, American astronomer, than they that the, clusters
contained, more matter, to this took the, but by, our own, way was, is in, the trajectories, disconcerting discovery, their
telescopes these themselves to, of our own, to the that they, instance it, telescopes then, particles physicists, axions and,
the true that there, an awful, of other, more matter, than that the trouble that they than their take the, lumps longer, than
the, big bang being blasted, into its, so slightly, big bang, freed from, the tyranny this time to the theory, parts per, to the,
density difference, transparent to, out of, the time, big bang, the theorists tend to, matter model, one of, invented it, have
helped, that they those they, ever expected, small structures, it is, the theory, matter model, is in, that theorists, invoked it
it is, out of, big bang, to the, it is, to tame throughout the therefore tend to, small scale structures scale structures some,
that there, bang before, the theory, were widely, the theory, spots should, that they the theory, inflation is, theory to, if
inflation is, trick the the theory to theorists, and at, big bang, inflation is if it’s, to the theory, big bang, split second,
inflation it is, big bang, the time the, million million million million millionth, at a, much more, big bang, there totally the
tremendous, big bang, that the that the theory, split second, then to them to the size seen, high have, and as, it is, stormy
sea so, was with, more matter, which were, inflation itself is, the theory then the than the, an atomic, inflation is, the
theory that the, big bang, their temperatures than the, be brought back, to the, at all, times they, instance if is in, than the,
have happened, the time times the, big bang, an atomic, so small, the time, had had, time to, on opposite, temperature the
that they the time, big bang but, that they, imprinted in, split second, if inflation is, then the, of other.

Mistakenly measured, spurious sources so, more mundane, Wilkinson
worries, by bending, theory their that the the team the team that that, wasn’t what we were, seeing says, and also, the
team, with wavelength, signal says, we weren’t, degree dust, who were, to track that the the team three to, scooped says,
experiments equipped, will wonder which which was wrong what we, to those, so small, took the team, big bang,
spurious single, the technology that the, its insensitivity, orbit observing out of or over, begun building, first flew, it in,
balloon burst, the team took, its instrument, to the this time, an altitude, this time the, big bang, tiny temperature, in it, the
trouble, was we, instrument itself, so subtract, the team, eliminated everything, at a, than the, sky slightly, than the times
the, one obtained, wiggles were, that the, one on, the temperature, around a, out overlapping, the theorists, with we’d, out
of our one out of, solar system, we would, small scale, big bang, times the than the, much more, than the, big bang, that
time they told, about any, split second, big bang, small scale should, than those, small scale, intense interest in, through
the, itself into, an army, women with, big bang, the temperature, life left, it is, of our, had humans, apart as, today the, at a
above absolute, impossible it, three times, it is, the temperature, it is, big bang, above absolute are any, out of, isolated
islands, then the, out of, relic radiation, big bang, it is, together the, forming for, be broken, transparent to, of ordinary.


























The Story of a Magnificent Banquet

Matthew Lee Knowles [2008, revised 2011]

Dedicated with sincerity to Neil Luck and Joshua Kaye

a priest, another priest, a third priest, a fourth priest, a fifth priest, a monsignor, an impotent old man, a man, a man, a man, a
young man, a man, a man, a man, an elderly priest, a priest, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, another
man, a general, a man, a man, a man, a monk, a man, a man, a man’s taste, a man’s only, a man, a man, a man, a man, a
man, a man, a man, a man, an old farmer, a man, a man, a priest, a priest, a man, a man, a man, a monk, a man, a man, a
man, a man, a libertine, another libertine, an old parliamentarian, a man, an abbot, an octogenarian, a priest, a man, an
elderly doctor, an army officer, an old rake, a monk, a man, an old magistrate, a man, a man, a man, another man, a man, a
man, a man, a man, a man, a monk, a Benedictine Prior, a man, an elderly tax collector, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man,
a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, an old courtier, a young abbot, a doctor, another doctor, a man, another man, a man, a
man, a man, a man, an abbot, a man, a man, another man, a man, a man, a man, a man, another man, a third, a fourth, a
fifth, a sixth, a seventh, a man, a man, an attorney, a man, a man, a man, a man, a judge, a man, a man, a man, a man, a
man, a whore, a man, a man, a judge, another judge, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a Benedictine Prior, a libertine, a
man, a man, a man, a man, a judge, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man’s
sexual, another man, a man, a man’s tastes, a man, a man, a man, a certain duke, a man, a man, a man.

a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, Mr. X, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, another man, still another
man, a man, a man, a man, another man, a man, a man, a man, a man, another man, a man, a man, a man, another man, a
man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, another man, a third
man, a fourth man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, another man, a man, a man, a man, a girl, a man, a man, a
man, a man, a man, a libertine, a man, a man, a man, a man, another man, a naked man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a
man, two women, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, this man, a man, a girl, a man, a man, a
woman, a nude girl, a girl, a man, a girl, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a girl, a depraved man, a man, a
man, a girl, a depraved man, a man, a man, a girl, a man, a man, the same man, a man, a man, a man’s tastes, a woman, a
man, twenty women, a man, a naked girl, a girl, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a man, a girl, a man, a bound girl, a
certain man, a man, a man, a man, a man.


a man likes, a man delights, a mother sells, a man who paid, a man, a man has, a man ass-fucks, a man fucks, a man will, a
man pinches, a man fucks, another man ass-fucks, a monk forces, a man sodomizes, a man sodomizes, a man fucks,
another man sodomizes, a man embuggers, a man sodomizes, a man, a man has, a man hires, a man stages, a man
prostitutes, a man employs, a young bawd, a man strangles, a man derives, a man is ass-fucked, a man places, a man fucks,
a man fucks, a man has, a man shoves, a man, a man places, a man fucks, a man is ass-fucked, a man fucks, the same man
fucks, the same man ass-fucks, the same man ass-fucks, the same man hires, the same man encloses, a man engages, a
woman with beautiful hair, the man reaches, the woman faints, the man jerks, a certain Duke buys, another man buys, a man
brings, a man ties, a girl who is menstruating, the same libertine lowers, a pregnant woman is so frightened, a girl is locked, a
man shoves, a girl is tied, a girl is forced, a libertine suspends, a man places, a girl is bound, a man kidnaps, a girl is placed, a
girl is carried, a girl is led, a girl is laid, a woman is forced, a libertine holds, a man pinches, a man pinches, another man
writes, a man drives, a libertine drives, a girl is given, four men jerk, a girl is placed, the same libertine binds, the same
libertine ties, another man gently and very gradually toasts, the same man enjoys, another man singes, a libertine forces her,
four girls are made to dance naked, a man beats, a man pinches, a man places, a man inserts, a man pours, the same man
gives, a man thrusts, a man tramples, a man feigns, four libertines conduct, a man pricks, a man pours, a man opens, a
libertine forces a girl to shit, a libertine bleeds a girl, a libertine scratches, a man scratches, a man who enjoys, a libertine pulls

out a girl’s teeth, the same man takes, he flattens, he saws, a man batters, he amputates, he breaks, he sodomizes her, he
ties, the same libertine cuts off one of the girl’s ears, he slits, he pierces, he tears, he cuts, her gums are burned, he
sodomizes the girl, a man uses a corkscrew to bore holes in a girls flesh, the same man transforms, a man cuts, a libertine
sucks, a man tears off both of a girl’s legs, a man shackles, a man uses a pistol, a man, another man whips a pregnant
woman, a man ass-fucks, a man uses a razor to cut off the clitoris, the same libertine, the same Knave, another libertine cuts,
the same man pulls, the same man ass-fucks, a man extracts, the same man gouges out a victims eyes, the same man
blinds, a libertine slices off a woman’s breast, the same man beats, he shaves, he cuts, a libertine carves, the same depraved
man amputates the four limbs of a boy, a man chains, a man manacles, a man soundly whips a girl, a man ties, a man with a
spear inflicts deep wounds, the libertine flogs the mother aiming particularly at her cunt.

a man locks a beggarwoman in a dungeon and leaves her to starve to death, a man keeps a woman in a prison cell, a man
whose prime pleasure, a man kills women by forcing them to urinate, the same man flogs a woman then kills her, a man who
used to enjoy eating a woman’s shit, a man who is very skilful at fucking, a man who used to enjoy eating a woman’s vomit, a
man who used to collect shit, a man binds a woman to a revolving stake, a man murders a prostitute then breaks her neck
and twists her head, a man abducts women, a former sodomite, a man takes such delight, a flogger perfects his art, a man
ties a hungry girl by the neck, a man whips a whore about the breast and buttocks so ferociously she dies, a man poses as a
surgeon, a man shuts a woman in a steaming bath house, a man hires a young girl to pretend to be his mother, a man binds a
girl, a man hangs a girl, a man hires a whore, a man buckles, a man hangs a girl, a man imprisons a girl between two iron
slabs, a man imprisons a girl between four mattresses, a man hires a whore, a man flings a woman from the top of a high
tower, a man hires a whore and ties a black silk cord around her neck as he ass-fucks her, a man used to have a penchant for
fucking girls while they slept, a man ties a stone around a girl’s neck then throws her into a lake, a man pours molten lead into
a sleeping girl’s ears, a man kills a girl by beating in her temples with a hammer, a man shoves a lightning rod up a woman’s
ass, a man tricks a woman, a man ties virgins to a wheel, a man places a woman in a guillotine, a man kills women, a man
ties a pregnant woman, a man inserts a long pin into the neck of a girl, a man singes the bodies of captive women, a man
conceals a dagger, a man imbeds a rocket nose-first into a girls cunt, the same man stuffs cartridges into each orifice of a
woman’s body, a man mixes poison with bath powder, a man flogs a girl’s neck and breasts, a man hires a whore, a man kills

his wives, a man invites thirty girls to a ten-course banquet, a man pretends to be the benefactor of the poor, a man devises a
drug, another man invents a drug, a third man invents a powder which renders its takers immobile, a man, a man injects
poison into nurses breasts, a man who used to enjoy, a man delights in setting fire to poorhouses, a man visits pregnant
women, a man pretends to be an obstetrician, an abbot and two laymen kidnap a woman whose pregnancy has entered the
ninth month, a man hires twenty-two women, a man hides some of his jewellery in a servant’s wardrobe then accuses her of
theft, a notorious shit-lover designs a special toilet, a man places a girl who cannot swim on a narrow plank, a man kidnaps
the most beautiful sixteen-year-old he can find, a man who is a great connoisseur of asses, a man entices a girl, a man jams a
girl, a man invents a special bed, on the pretext of bestowing kindness, a man drugs a girl, a man removes a pea-sized morsel
of flesh from a girl’s body, a man bleeds women one ounce per day until they expire, a man jabs a woman’s buttocks with
daggers, a man hires a giant to hold little girls, a man singes the breasts and buttocks of a girl, a man inserts a funnel into a
woman’s mouth, a man twists a woman’s fingers and toes breaking them, a man ties a naked boy, a man fastens a woman to
a wall then pricks her flesh with pins, a man who is a passionate admirer, a physician cuts out a living girl’s heart then fucks
the warm hole, a second physician chops off a girls hand sucks the marrow from her bone, a man uses an ingenious machine,
a man impales a girls cunt with the point of a pick, a man flogs the skin off a girl, a man first severs a girl’s fingers, a man
slices off a girl’s breasts and buttocks and eats them, a man cooks a little girl, a man roasts alive a girl, a man fastens a little
girl to a wall, a man attaches a woman to a wheel, a man ties a girl’s arms and legs to four saplings, a man suspends a girl
from a machine, a man covers a girl, a man by reaching bare-handed into their ass-holes rips out the intestines of a boy and
girl next he shoves the boy’s intestines up the girl’s ass and the girl’s intestines up the boy’s ass, a man roasts several girls, a
man suspends a woman, a man cuts steaks from a girl’s buttocks, a man kidnaps a brother and sister, a man forces a father

to cunt-fuck the father’s daughter, an enthusiastic ass-lover kidnaps a mother and daughter, a man kidnaps a mother and her
son, a man ass-fucks two sisters, a man locks a mother and her four daughters in a room with five daggers, a man kidnaps
two pregnant girls and ties them, Mr. X persuades Mr. Y, after embuggering a boy a man shoves the barrel of a shotgun up
the lads ass and pulls the trigger, a libertine forces a young husband to watch the latter’s wife being mutilated, a man cuts off
a boy’s balls, a man drives a spear through a girl’s asshole, while ass-fucking a girl a man slices open the top of her head, a
man ties a young boy, a man flogs a young boy, a man nails a boy’s feet, the same man, clothed in a mare’s skin, a young
boy is placed in a machine, a man hires a pretty girl, a surgeon performs four operations in a single day he intentionally
botches them all, a man shaves off a boy’s cock and balls then with a red hot iron hollows out a cunt where the genitals had
been, a man scratches a boy with an iron comb, a man assembles six women, a diabolical libertine kidnaps two women, a
man stages a dance, a libertine locks three pregnant women in a dungeon without food, a libertine ass-fucks a young man, a
man amputates an arm, a man invents a poison which mixed with water in a reservoir wipes out an entire city, a man locks
three women, a man seals a pregnant woman inside a barrel, a libertine studs the ground, a man builds a huge bonfire, a
cruel libertine assembles a family of beggars , a man wishes to combine the sins of sodomy murder incest rape sacrilege and
adultery, a man strangles a mother, a man lines up a circle, a man locks two naked pregnant women in a room, a man binds a
pregnant woman to a torture wheel, a man cunt-fucks a girl on a bed of short-stemmed nails, a man nails a pregnant woman
to a table, a man binds two beautiful girls mouth-to-mouth, a man binds two pregnant women, a man binds six pregnant
women, a man suspends three girls over three holes, by means of a hollow tube a mouse is introduced into a girl’s cunt, a girl
is forced to swallow a snake which feeds upon her entrails, a girls flesh is opened her nerves are plucked out and tied into
knots then nails are driven into her bones.

Foreman’s Harmony

For ARCO Collective

August 2010

Speaker + Small Ensemble

Matthew Lee Knowles

And when as you he approach died I, I quiver felt curiosity like why that what
last I pump am of curious blood about pointlessly this surging, your and
spiritual slowing guide down. Do the I rain need attacked one the ready
windows to banging pounce but I, I am couldn’t ready hear to it pounce at I
least plunge I into don’t sound recall bites being the able real to what hear
is it. It I like wasn’t to sad. Engage what the can real sadness is do? As
possibilities his existence life is left in me, in it, the robbed emerging me
instant of what emotion. Is I possible was oh glad us of possibilities it
amongst didn’t which need, we, it. Have I to didn’t choose even instant
twitch gratification when internet the I window demand came all in options
with filled the I rain am and exploring debris. Another the does rain make
turned the to the snow. World they radiant found texts me teaching my be head
in fixed teaching into position his gestures torso of conveying cells not and
who fungus I knitted am in but harmony.

And where as am I he placed died in I what felt network like I that am last
speaking pump from of marginal blood pivot pointlessly point surging America
and is slowing making down. Me the stupid rain my attacked theory the is
windows better banging than but your I couldn’t theory hear you it are at no
least longer I permitted don’t this recall energy being of able a to certain
hear kind it. No I longer wasn’t permitted sad. To what do can your sadness
stuff do? Not as in his this life not me in it this robbed new of world
emotion. Look I that was energy glad radiates of against it the didn’t very
need walls it. Of I didn’t this even room twitch I when am the reinventing
window myself came time in is with frozen the in rain this and moment of
debris. Beginning the to rain speak turned but to of snow. Course they time
found never me freezes my may head we fixed say into nevertheless his that
torso this cells moment and repeats fungus and knitted repeats in and harmony.

And repeats as is he that died the I same felt as like time that frozen last
redefinition pump of of man blood neurons pointlessly in surging global and
brain slowing what down. Is the word rain then attacked define the most
windows important banging tool but repertory I of couldn’t responses hear in
it one at area least applied I to don’t another recall analogy being metaphor
able here’s to some hear new it. Information I, I wasn’t am sad.
Ultimately what mysterious can what sadness is inside do? Me as, as his if
life other left approached me Eros it what robbed kind me of brain emotion.
Is I this was you glad should of not it ask didn’t about need your it. Own I
brain didn’t because even there twitch is when a the danger window it came
will in become with immobilized the that rain could and be debris. Ok the I
rain don’t turned think to it snow. Would they be found a me good my
experience head for fixed you into listen his I’ve torso had cells lots and
of fungus ideas knitted in, in my harmony.

Numbers Lecture
Matthew Lee Knowles
April 2007



Matthew Lee Knowles

January 2011

I Choose Love!

Not winding & dancing & stabbing

Burning & turning & spinning
Jumping & bellowing & flickering
Hullabalooing & gabbing & whisking
Tumbling & drinking & going
Knowing & glistening & playing
Dancing & sparkling & thinking
Touching & stopping & telling
Flowing & sparkling & watching
Living & drifting & flying
Mourning & mourning & sailing
Fishing & craning & longing
Rising & falling & mourning
Striking & diving & craning
Puffing & drawing & moving
Screaming in spring & coursing
Splitting & speaking & tuning
Stopping & corrupting & weeping
Crying & flowing & melting
Laughing & breathing & spinning
Willing for nothingness & idealising
Shinning & breathing & lapping
Hemming & glancing & seeping
Drooping & crying & binding
Falling & blowing & stealing
Standing & staring & living
Things unloving & doing & unknowing
Having & loving & touching
Tracing & tracing & undoubting
Doubling & growing & shining
Setting & coming & misgiving
Spewing & ticking & feeling
Loving & staining nothingness
Leaving nothing & nothingness
Nothing, nothing, nothing
Loving & doubling & planning
Gliding & dancing in spring
Walking & skirting & crying
Waiting & posturing & visiting
Unending & spelling & stepping
Hastening & living & knowing

Letting the waking being
Coming & sleeping & unfailing
Watching the loving being
Fighting & dying & leaving
Waiting & feeling & suffering
Groping & beating & dumfounding
Maddening & waiting & watching
Walking & toeing & skirting
Destroying & laying & trampling
Searing & breaking & consoling
Making & unsleeping & staring
Talking & unsleeping & unknowing
Harbouring & hoping & jarring
Speaking & moving & stepping
Breaking & living & turning
Turning & pointing & flying
Visiting & mistaking & meaning
Willing & neighbouring & unthinking
Putting & wanting bunting
Spring, longing & waking
Choking & living & rocking
Steadying & falling & shooting
Riding & bleeding & riding
Shooting & holding & speaking
Dripping & turning & undeserving
Living & living & flying
Spinning & believing & worshipping
Unbelieving & mourning the evening
Warming & listening & crying
Asking & closing & meaning
Saying things & replying
Knowing & dying & hissing
Growing & burning & crackling
Partying & baying & following
Hunting & crunching & rolling
Snaring & fastening & hanging
Unbecoming & living & opening
Opening & washing in spring
Exceeding & exceeding & writing
Growing & feeling & hearing
Leaning & tumbling & admiring
Coming & humming & leaving
Shining & leaving & lying
Twisting & confusing & sleeping
Carousing & lightning & opening
Breathing & living & sitting
Dancing & wrestling & rattling
Battling & bruising & loving
Crying & searching & swimming
Revolving & riding & stepping

Crawling & hopping & crying
Moving & feeling & crying
Crying & feeding & knocking
Lying & lying & watching
Calling & sleeping & lapping
Hiding & watching in spring
Living & living & dying
Lamenting & loving & living
Building & building in spring
Spring & rounding spring
Spring & cuckooing & living
Living & heeding & winding
Binding & waking & flying
Falling & springing & pecking
Nestling & lightning & quickening
Mourning & wearing & drinking
Drooping & snarling & raging
Sloping & revolving & living
Trembling & thudding & housing
Paying & everlasting facing
Fathering the living spring
Wringing & unfailing & sipping
Dying & holding & saluting
Darting the lightning spring
Walking & breathing & bowing
Burning & scalding & singing
Curving through morning
Wailing through morning
Spurning & stripping & praising
Dreaming & falling & ruffling
Trembling & unending & revolving
Moving & acquainting & mouthing
Blowing and hanging in spring
Unfolding & hanging & lifting
Breaking & warning nothing
Meeting & growing & multiplying
Singing & crying & sounding
Divorcing the ageing spring
Scalding with telling song
Falling in divining spring
Skinning & hanging & discussing
Painting something putrefying
Nudging & howling & leaping
Waxing & hanging & growing
Flaming string & meaning
Surrounding string & freezing
Living & sleeping & winding
Throwing & lying & loving
Blowing & faring & clocking
Setting & boiling & shelling

Leaping & shifting nothing
Chiming & muscling & spinning
Kissing at the beginning of spring
Rooting & burning
Beginning & beginning
Mounting & rolling
Beginning & beginning
Translating & shaking
Shaking & forking
Beginning & cooking
Breaking string
Hatching string
Winging & muscling
Rehearsing & sweet hearting
Smoking & curling
Smelling & wearing
Rubbing & Slaving
Starving & Scouting
Assuming & working
Crabbing morning
Hearing & hearing
Walking & wagging
Morning & meaning
Spelling & coming
Running & running
Stalking & musing
Descending & knocking
Everything & leaning
Depending on ending
Shifting & placing
Dreaming & reaching
Dreaming & blowing
Dreaming & gabbing
Unknowing & climbing
Living & sleeping
Waking & losing
Climbing & climbing
Breaking & rotating
Driving & creasing
Melting & scalding
Marching & forcing
Struggling & enrobing
The swing of spring
Sucking & braiding
Rotating & horning
Tracking & incising
Buckling & strewing
Crossing & marking
Bearding & burning
Binding & working

Foaming in spring
Working & ribbing
Milling & mauling
Seafaring & riding
Hanging & loving
Flashing & laying
Beginning & spinning
Raising spring
Beginning in spring
Forcing & hearing
Ending & voyaging
Departing & turning
Turning & splitting
Making & decaying
Rotating & lightning scraping
Scaling & thrusting at the hamstring
Locking & boiling
Pouring & shaking
Flying & harassing
Suffering from the beginning
Ascending & marking
Babbling & towering
Destroying my darlings
Unknowing & sewing
Biting in spring
Walking & cementing
Unwrinkling & engraving
Holding & defying & telling
Playing & walking
Shooting & thrusting
Knocking & climbing
Descending & shuffling
Weathering through spring
Nagging & burning
Smiling & cutting
Climbing & singing
Stinging & singing
Rocking from the beginning
Ringing & flying
Diving from the beginning
Talking & shaping
Fiddling & shaping
Hanging through the morning
Dying & loudening
Breaking through railings
Padding & rising & falling
(my spring darlings)
my spring ridings
Burning & singing
Walking & turning

Blazing in the beginning
Flying & tapping
Stumbling & tapping
Leaping & war bearing
Rumbling & quickening
Quickening & settling
Foreign sky-scraping grave groping
Foreign lying & updating
Quickening & unsettling
Treading & sailing
Pacing & leaking
The warring doing
Warning & dazzling
Sailing & nesting
Uneaten & hailing
Warning & wringing
Approaching & darting
Burning & lightning
Suckling & forgiving
Glistening & lamenting
Spelling & shrouding
Roaring & crawling
Raging & sinking
Living & flying
Whinnying through morning
Snivelling & crossing
Swing & sing
Mourning whilst strutting
Taking & meaning
Meaning & wooing
Smiling, spying & whispering
Pouring & looking
Guarding & bellowing
Blazing & puffing
Pleasing & unwinding
Vanishing & counting
Whirring, spitting & shrivelling
Bringing & squawking, scudding & burning
A thundering bullring
Eating & lying
Terrifying & saying
Saying & playing
Charmingly saying<
Explaining my undoing via lightning
Rocking, toppling & burning
Coming & making
Thinning & dazzling
Coming & beginning
Winning & twinkling
Smiling & cunning

Waiting & scudding
Coming & loving
Descending & biding
Wanting & striding
Aspiring & renouncing
Living & blessing
Translating from the beginning
Vaulting & living
Tossing & turning
Bouncing & burning
Coiling until morning
Scarring through morning
Breaking during morning
Waking after morning
Snapping & spinning
Bursting & paddling
Sitting & hopping
Flashing & carrying
Thrashing my wings
Combing & navigating
Walking & growing
Studying & riding
Waiting & feathering
Living & falling
Failing as king
Weighing & bouncing
Dodging & snivelling
Evenings besotting
Hawking nothing
Wanting & singing
Wagging & blessing
Bustling & counting
Flogging & leaving
Blowing & building
Melting & embracing
Sitting & rusticating
Leaving & lying
Bearing & rapping
Howling & sighing
Leaving & lying
Crowing through morning
Burning whilst sleepwalking
Enamouring & swaddling
Resembling & celebrating
Solemnizing & assailing
Circling & covering
Dissolving & sleeping
Treading & taking
Flying & estranging

Locking & unlocking
Raining & thunder clapping
Quivering at a wedding
Carrying & thrashing
Hooking & looking
Drinking & dwindling
Praying & fuming
Nothing plunging, nothing piercing
Raining & weaving
Rushing & lightning
Making & flashing
(he sings at weddings)
Mounting & walking
(he sings)
Rejoicing & drifting
(still he sings)
Walking kings, dropping
Laughing lightning springs
He clings & sings whilst drinking
Toppling & tossing
He clings & sings
Bearing & counting in the evening
Drifting & diving, through song
Holding & breaking
Moving, singing & soaking
Hunting, hilling & floating
Nothing, pacing, nothing
Bolting, entering & walking
Bouncing, walking & waking
Opening, unending, lightning morning
Catching, coursing, opening & drinking
Running, laughing, dodging the morning
Assembling a ring, flying the morning
Kneading & singing
Beginning & dying
Flying & lying
Rippling from the beginning
Burning & whirling
Burning & bearing
Sundering & telling
Loving & raining
Hearing & praying
Sailing & sleeping
Flying & rolling
Brimming & whistling
Wringing the morning
Blooming in spring
Turning the mornings
Listening & burning

Turning & darkening
Flings, wings, observing
Curving & hearing & thinking
Hymning, prying & opening
Blessing, hearing & casting
Mothering, shining & singing
Crying, slumming & crying
Lightning, finding & dumbfounding
Finding & blazing
Exhaling & inhaling
Finding the morning!
Finding wings
Winding, happening & bearing
Bearing, lamenting & dazzling
Upcoming, beating & rooting
Falling & falling & deluging & charting
Miswriting this mornings evening
Blessing, lightning & blinding
Shooting, stoning spring
Weeping, morning, spring
Arising, toppling, spring
Floating, gliding & falling
Warning, drifting & burning
Sleeping, stirring the morning
Musing, stepping & dancing
Howling, blinding & howling
Melting & burning
Desiring, losing & engulfing
Dying wings in spring
Telling the glistening rings
Burning & singing strings
Exulting & dancing & flying
Kindling, dying & wading
Burning, floating & glowing
Flying, trumpeting & engulfing
Wings & wings in spring
Burning, wanting & flowering
Melting, making & fathering
Humbling, breaking & tumbling
Burning, going & unmooring
Riding, going & unmooring
Riding, blinding & anchoring
Winding, moving & grinding this
Crying, flying king
Beginning & ungrudging & going
Dying, caring & answering
Flying, crying & dying
Caring, dragging & burning
Turning, listening & flowering
Singing, wandering song

Lilting, singing & running
Playing, bearing & flying
Flashing, shining & spinning
Walking, whinnying & nothing
Turning, morning & nothing
Rising, dying & singing
Raging, towering & riding
Loping, bleating & ranging
Rooting, echoing & telling
Knelling, bowing & baaing
Wheeling, dousing & pouncing
Falling, yawning morning
Leaping, soaring wings
Cawing, burning & whistling
Singing, leaping & riding
Singing, lying & turning
Hearing, raking & riding
Awaking swansong & wrangling
Fishing, stalking & prancing
Fabling, hymning & judging
Whispering, fishing & angling
Sailing, conceiving & longing
Pleading, curving & cudgelling
Roasting, pitching & milking
Riding, waiving & rippling
Coming, scurrying & vaulting
Hissing spring wings
Nothing swings & mouthing
Hungering & dying at weddings
Dying, dipping & sizzling
Dying, quivering & shimmering
Biding, sulking & skulking
Dying, flailing & pouting
Dying, roaring wings
Dying crying, sings
Lightning, dying, blinding
Dying, dying & doing
Seizing, racking & wreathing
Daubing, falling singing
Quaking, living & rocketing
Shackling, blessing, blessings
Bouncing, morning song
Shining spring praising
Abasing, grazing & whinnying
Browsing, leaping & shooting
Keeping a flaming ring
Crouching, unseeing & crying
Hurting & hating & burning
Lording, walking & leering
Willing this evening hour

Fading & melting, living & loving
Missing wings & weeping
Sighing at the evening sleeping
Sighing at the evenings singings
Whisperings & imaginings
Covering & catching everything
Singing of flowering carpeting
Enveloping things
Enveloping things<
Enveloping nodding things
Making evening something
Spring, flowering, spring
Saying, seeking & idling
Looking wing, rising wings
Speaking, moving, lying & making
Waiting, waiting, waiting
Cleaving, creeping wings
Opening, going & unbending
Wading, unwavering wings
A burning, turning thing
Covering an uprising wing
A shining, spinning, waiting wing
Doing, living, singing, unmoving
Moving, overpowering, stirring, stepping
Uncaring, stroking, holding, touching
Trailing, pacing, entertaining, drawing
Springing, binding, moving, growing
Holding glowing, uncaring wings
Beating wings, spacing
Unmoving, shouldering & uprising
Twining, twining, sting, stings
Wasting, shining, bruising wings
Lifting buildings, psalming & calling

I Choose Love!
Not performing.

18 Reasons
Why You
Should Go
Out Tonight
Matthew Lee Knowles
June 2009

(I) (II) (III)

Loose lips Man’s meat (Through the

Sink ships. That this toughest times)
Their tastes, Disposition dent
An actual What’s wrong?
The two To take
Becoming blurred Ask after a These things.
Feline friend, After all,
To take
Family, friends To the things
Things that That their
Want working
Time to Indulging in Things to
True, there Out of Things to
Two things that Suddenly stop
Still, see
Will weigh As a Exactly empowered,
All and Time to After all,
To take
The tongue Yet, you’re
Than the Achieving a Sometimes selfish
Lance, Libra That the They treat
Think twice? Take the That they
Avoid anything To take
Taught, Taurus. So say
Taking Things, then
Individual, in Work wonders. At a
Always a Word. Why?
Have had Try to
An absolute
First for That teaches
As a Time to Out of
Going great. Them that It. It’s
To the Them the
When we To think This, too.
To take things
That they That this
Into it. An awful Irritation if
As any One or
Be best
That they
Try to
For fear It’s important
Time to Them to
Input in
Cannot continue
Out of
Someone simply
Them, then
Time to

(IV) (V) (VI)

Across a It in To think
Try this An awful
The tastes Than to
Out of Time to And are
Themselves to On one
Out of To think
But, believe
About any To their
Spend some Yes, you’re
In instances Someone seems
It? If It is Is it
To try To themselves
An awful Certainly causing It in

That this Try to To trek

Helping hand With whom,
It is Recent revelation,
To the
Friendly face Week. Whoever
Very, very To them.
Them. This That they Dig deep
Themselves to Selfless spending
That they So stop Those things
To them
Time this Didn’t deserve
The time It. I’m
That there Taken to task.
To them, Taurus. Heavy-handed.
Looking longingly Outcome of And apologise
It is
It isn’t That the two
World. Whatever To them Again - and
On, only That those
Two things Little loud To the
To the To than
Are admirable,
Is it Applicable any That they
Now? None At all! Tunnel, then
At all, That the With what
It is,
Allowing anyone Have had One of
In it,
Wrong way. Thank that
The things
Out of
That the But be
And a If it’s Week when
Try this Sharing - someone’s
Particular person Motives might make

Time to
Time to
Afterwards - and
That time


If it That there Yes, you

That there Little leniency Had help.
Involved in Might make
Accepting a It is
That the
Can control Trying to
That they It - ignore
Things. This Influence in
To take
Time to Ticking things Time to
At all? So stop That this
Out of
Is, is It isn’t
The two Almost always
Out of After all, Half-hearted
So stop Whatever wisdom
Out of Task, the
Too - then
Some sort To tell Pretty precious
Aries - and If it When we
When we
No need Or other To the
To this Taurus, then Things that
Are. And
Then this Game’s going Please people
To thoroughly
Instead is Smoke, Scorpio,
That there’s An awful
And a Are all Instance, it
Classic case Try tomorrow?
Involved in
To try
It in An argument,
Across as To think
It is.
Choke, Cancer.
It is To tackle
An answer Bit by bit

Or oppressive Yourself. You’ve

The time to Tasks to
They’ll think
Turnings, then
Time to
You. Your
Vice versa.
Still seeing

(X) (XI) (XII)

Wisely. Which Or of To tempt

To the That the time Thing, then
Of others As a
Time to
Thinking that Stand still,
It is Because, by To them.
To the
To the Who wronged Project, Pisces,
It is So shelve
Selfish, so
Thing to Heart has
Head held high, So soon
An adult. Arm To the
About another Fist fights Over one
As are
Half-hearted It. It’s No need
To tax That this Yes, you
To the Away about
To the And act. It isn’t
Out on Achieve anything.
It in.
But be Foot. Focus Been bested - but
Relationship, rather That trend
Bit by bit
Not naturally Say so
Seem set The time to So seek
To think Come clean. With whatever
They’ll thank It is.
Gemini? Generally,
The things that That the Not normally
Yet you’re To take
Only on
Yes, you That the True that
Often other It is
Time to Life look Overdosing on
Change. Cast Think they In its

Together the An answer

Same. So
Can change,
Some say Taking the
It is. Thing that
Time to
The things that
Soon stop


Are a Action and Aquarius - and

Some semblance Can’t cancel Term, they’re
This task
If it Out of Across a
Answer, and Loop, Leo,
Terms that Starting small
To that thought, Weekend will Is it,
With whatever At any
(Wisest words,
when we) Ask a Of office
Have handled Few friends If it’s
Better. But Time that
So stop Not necessarily
Try to An awful
Any apple To those
Week where work That they’re
Yes, you Is it?
The time to Think that
Out of It is
Picture paints Or off Actually achieving
Not necessarily It - it’s
Pad, perhaps Trying to
Taurus, there’s Trust them, Taurus
True that Only one But believe
Which would It is Them that’s
To the To think
Altogether and As a
Weekend. Why As an
Stupid, so In is
Out of Everything else
Week. Why? True to Or overhauling
Always a Week where
Greater good, Temptation to To try them
Who we
From fiction, Carefully crafted Arrive at,
Difficulty discerning Stop seeing
Start seeing
One or Time to inject into
Two things Anything as Much more
Been brooding (The time
Don’t delay to think) Making, make
Try to
Putting people Could control Them, then
It is, To things
So should Session - set Not normally
It is Blunt, but


It is And a
Still somehow Are at Who were
This time, Approach - and But before
Treat them Still some
If it’s
To think Person people True that
Tighten those Are afraid (that this
(to talk time, they)
And all to, then) Last life
It is Time to
Impart information Out of
To turn the We wouldn’t
Didn’t do, If it’s At all.
Less - let Stops smarting
Any action. This time, The temporary
When we
Be blinded by That, then they’re
Bones, but
Words will They, too, An answer
That they To the
That they
Tripping the Them, Taurus An answer
Who want Someone seems In itself is
And about. About an An answer
It impossible It is
Current course Them to
Achieving anything Be blunt Tasks to
That there’s The two That those
Are, are almost
As a Sun, Scorpio? Assigning a
Situation. So
That the Taurus, then
Wrong with That there
Competition, Cancer Yes, you’re
If it To talk
Particular prize Shining star Almost achieving
That this time Life lately
Putting people This time
The thought that Time to Many more
So surely, To take
Out of
Them to The tip
Than taking
It is They think
It in
That’s the Worth worrying
It is
Went wrong

Gay Times
Matthew Lee Knowles
September 2009

day - light every - one knickerbocker - glories
stand - ing com - munity
munity cryo - genic
premiership - I'm execu - tion per - formers
profes - sional sexu - ality the - atre
guar - antee origi - nating gayi - cons
competi - tion/ jus - tification cheer - ful
spec - ified. maga - zine gut - ter!
con - strued sig - nals ency - clopaedia
publi - cation pres - sured End - boys
elec - tronic, reha - bilitation real - ity
safe - guards recog - nise tour - ing
under - stand nutrition - ally experi - ence
legisla - tion nou
nou - veau him - self,
walk - ing prosti
prosti - tute trans - ferred
influ - ence main - stream
stream expe - rience
beau - tiful super - hero - ani - mals
coun - terpart glit - tery alterna - tive
ject - ed wan - derers
derers scene - jaded
partner - ship discover - ing of - Buffy)
com - monly spe - cialises year - and

vam - pire/ burst - ing appear - ance
addic - tive four - some.
some. cheek - bones
annoy - ing mate - rialised flexi - ble
ex - wife con - vinced gos - sip
homo - phobic
phobic leer - ing dur - ing
t - shirts sup
sup - posed con - fident
amaz - ing mastur - bated too - they're
num - ber, bor - dering rais - es
break - fast sanc - tum.
tum. with - out
con - tinues.
tinues. sub - ject. pro - duction
impor - tant mem - ber pat - tern
apol - ogised maga - zine let - ting
get - ting interest - ing instant - ly
model - ling flu - ids cement -ing
hotel - miniature usu - ally rom - com
some - thing dam - aging promot
promot - ed
job - lipped look - ing foot - ball
ringmeathou - sandtimestoday imag - ine much - loved
pretend - ed photos - that's watch - ing
out - side keep -ing pas - sionate

atmos - phere, 18 - year - fol - lowed
homopho - bic mae - stro suc - cessful
start - ed maturi - ty becom - ing
hav - ing perfor - mance Award - winning
big - spending Birm - ingham - unpre - dictable
sprint - ing a - Side citi - zenship.
men - tion progress - ing three - laned
pic - tures 3 - 6, super - heroes
disap - pointing sea - son
son curmud - geon
25 - year - play - er musi - cal
set - ting sea - son,
son, after - math
20 - year - win - ning peo - ple
hop - ing a - side audi - ence
nice - boy nation - al sto - ries.
Family - man tourna - ments, sto - ries
goal - scoring compet - ed demand - ed
hop - ing final - ists recog - nised
unbeliev - able tourna - ment.
ment. preju - dice.
seri - ous a - side office - I
year - old play - ing audi - ences,

hang - ing previ - ous back - light,
group - and Federa - tion clothing
clothing - optional
cook - ies photogra
photogra - pher award - winning,
herald - ed she - bang wonder - land
called - began nowa - days. thespi
thespi - ans
sin - gles,
gles, actu - ally aristoc - racy,
not - ing musi - cal! lev - els
com - parisons dis - cuss unashamed - ly
group - great avail - able centu - ry
per - form. cuck - oo - look - ing
manu - factured treat - ment Mini - bars
absolute - ly cubi - cle work - stations
any - thing every - one's per - fect
ver - sions winner - you his - toric
with - out ensem - ble. cur
cur - rent
any - way? pro - gressively com - pleted
re - release sec - onds? reno - vated
No - one flash - after complimen - tary
any - more. min - utes air - port
laugh - ter)
ter) there - stopwatch, choco - late

bam - boo - decrimi - nalise job - bies
marti - ni for - bade hon - ing
ho - tel. mes
mes - merising multi - instrumentalist
pick - up sub - sidised Key - board
mov - ing com - numist electron - ic,
pro - duce
duce wel - come prop - erly
fea - tures impover - ished under - pinned
auto - matically dairy - based,
based, slick - er
pri - vates cen - tre break - ing
locally - sourced muse - um, play - ful
indoor - outdoor exhil - arating genera - tion,
west - facing handsome - ness dis - cernable
for - tunate video - linked hi - NRG
sus - pected a - perfume mar - ket.
fascinat - ing Fin - gers Exhile - the
jus - tice sur - prise min - utes
incomprehen - sible sli - imy occa - sionally
commu - nists, shar - ing reputa - tion
bear - ings full - on,
on, sin - gle
chlo - ride.
ride. look - ing com - plexity

7 - not comple
comple - mented great - ly
every - body's giz - mos
mos offer - ing
pic - ture lat - est ver - sion
deal - ings gui - tar/ fair - ly
side - tracked re - mastered Bassey - esque
trib - al avail - able perfor - mance
emotional - ly boy - congratulations! mad - ness
journal - ism pre - miered vulnerabili - ty
hesita - tion master - piece boast - ing
eccen - tric him - self 22 - year -
ultimate - ly lov - able recom - mended
uni - verse comprehen - sive compet - ing
age - ing fore - headed paro - dy
vam - pire him - self. anec - dotes
relax - ing, travel - ing charac - ters
ser - vices recent - ly. informa - tion
strong - holds pokerface - the trans - lated
supernatur - al audi - ence ram - page,
graph - ics gui - tars,
tars, entertain - ment
corri - dors wrong - foots compila
compila - tion

master - class. tech - nology under - mine
cov - ers man - dolin, reinstat - ed
achieve - ment hang - ing year - old
blis - ter fam - ily post - mortem
entertain - ing individ - ual con - firmed
exclu - sive order - ing inci - dents
fel - low alterna - tive contest - which
cruel - ties rec - ommend Eurovision - or
aver - age classics - step homo - phobic
compromis - es sim - ple admit - ted
bor - ingly per - suade serious - ly
appreci - ate straw - berries communi - ties.
cook - ing cranber - ries pro - testor
take - away sher - bet
bet - wonder - ing
chick - en, mak - ing eight - year
fami - lies monoun - saturated deport - ed
sin - gle avo - cados nar - rowly
sin - gle aro - mas brib - ing
hete - rosexual sus - pended cen - tre
com - pared recom
recom - mend support - ed

for - mer pro - duce teem - ing
divi - sion whatev - er plen - ty
footballer - faced vol - unteered Yes - they
subsequent - ly homo - phobic ten - nis
man - ager, homo - phobia spon - sored
year - old com - munity
munity includ - ing
vic - timised sure - ly surveil - lance
unbiq - uitously foot - ball coun - selling
fund - ing openly - gay termina - tion
homo - phobia intro - version - working - and
promis - ing urg - ing parlia - ment
anoth - er some - where, con - ducted
foot - ball? espec - cially recent - ly
peo - ple's
ple's emp - tying posi - tion
foot - ball flick - ering, mar - riage
some - one surround - ed govern - ment's
differ - ence enter - tainment maga - zines
defini - tion sat - isfying
isfying regis - tered
influ - ence under - mining. predict - ing
mat - ter phan - tasmagorical diag - nosed

relation - ship jeal - ousy the - oretical
sympa - thised unrea - sonable con - tact
rela - tionship destruc - tive rim - ming
bed - sit holi - day, prob - lem
trig - ger air - line's
line's circum - cised
green - eyed
eyed homosex - uality after - wards.
par - ship - air - lines satis - factory
sug - gests for - giveness norm - uk.
hun - dreds sec - ond, trans - lates
noth - ing embar - rassed bit - terness
bath - room nor - mally show - ers
tak - ing,
ing, side - effects. press - es
look - ing love - ly smil - ing
unfound - ed you - there usu - ally
unfortu - nately, nag - ging avoid - ed
help - ing infor - mation whatev - er
part - ner unre - quited oppo - site
39 - year - con - doms. tele - phone
dynam - ic oro - penile tick - ing
rela - tionships oro - anal Airport - Let

'Welcome' - We like - minded down - to -
licensed - residents/
residents/ mind - ed, car - ing,
West - Fort 40 - 55, 84010 - £11.
Phuket - Cape mascu - line, prod - uct,
busi - ness out - doors, best - selling
partnerships - an fish - ing, employ - ees,
relaxation - tantric cin - ema, includ - ing
Solicitors - Are cin - ema, corre - spondence
partner - ships. Bour - nemouth.
nemouth. maxi - mum
Family - Civil simi - lar substi - tute
Conveyancing - purchase
purchase relation - ship. win - ner
Probate - Wills, 18 - 40,
Crime - expert clean - shaven,
butts - it's straight - acting,
three - way friend - ship
Super - bottom well - built
business - man similar - minded
look - ing,
ing, relation
relation - ship.
1:1 7am,, 18th September 2009
well - dressed,
dressed, companion
companion - ship
Vilnius, Lithuania
Basing - stoke similar - minded

Improving the remarkable

Matthew Lee Knowles

June 2009

Yeah up on the first floor … when I’ve finished my youth … people … dot dot … we’re not going to pour … from high
school … massive … you still love him … very nice … planning my life … yeah if you give her a ring … for her
accounts … get into the trumpet … in the ambulance … in a bag … right so you’re … off … bad … I’ll phone up sales …
they need a name … alright you need them … it’s the chimes eh? … cheers sweetheart … bye mate … right right right …
I didn’t fit into that procedure … to speak to you for a couple of minutes … I’ll definitely have to be disciplined
to get on … it’s the best pint fix … my interest started … you know what I mean … is she interested in the … my
reason for calling … you have to keep it going … potential … well listen … I think … yes I’ll promise her … I’ve
absolutely made the point … it’s been like this for ten years … that’s why I find it very difficult … I’ve made it
underwear … he would have been … he became psychotic and aggressive … good day … okay go this way? … I’m not working
… it’s really small … that was my gift … so unfair … he wanted that nice cream … that’s quite cool … bed screw sea
board … it’s just another person … we’re all equal … when I was up … where are you off? … nice to meet you … oh no
no no … I keep getting the wrong side … breadcrumbs … so what’s this chair then … it stresses me out … I know where
it is … I went there the other day … those free pushchairs … those three there … six quid … have a lovely day …
better, they’re very similar … I think … that’s the one … got what she needs … you know try without … you’ve got to
learn it … I’m interested … I’ve heard that for a long time … I’m going to see someone … I had one of those … bye …
as I say it’s not her … that’s because I said … don’t you think … improving the remarkable … chew for me … I don’t
want the traffic … it’s very careful … whatever people think meek … especially when it comes to … I wannabe …
where’s my mind … salads nice salads salads … well if they fly … what time are you leaving … call when we meet up …
I saw it … I have tickets for it … yeah in a minute in a minute … square … taking words … you tried to say to him …
bang piow hoom … lets go quick quick quick quick … yeah it’s usually a party … I don’t know if it’s going to be open
… in here … do you want to be … when can you play … is this the same price … it’s only huts … I was like looking in
my bag … why is there so much with you it’s just … he might ad lib … people I work with … so you’re sixty? … your
cage … I mean I found out years ago … it’s a bit expensive … I need a casserole in hospital … I thought I was on the
way out … do you remember that chase … really … this year was 2009 … you know what people say … that is right …
nothing goes on … don’t go there … to celebrate … I don’t feel sorry for him … crikey it’s sad … where’s the prep …
it’s just down there.

JUSTINE Matthew Lee Knowles
April 2009

Dedicated to Neil Luck and Josh Kaye

Written for KLK ensemble
April/May 2009

Matthew Lee Knowles, Neil Luck and Joshua Kaye

Person one reads down the left hand side, with interjections
from person two, on the right hand side.

Person one does not read ‘Justine’, only the words after.
Person two reads all, of their material.

Person three freely repeats ‘Justine’ and ‘Justine’s’

regardless of any other sounds.

Justine she is twelve Justine immediately brought her
Justine is serious where Justine by the hand
Justine and Juliette have Justine snapped I am
Justine and Juliette then Justine wriggling out of
Justine buried her head Justine onto the floor
Justine’s red-rimmed eyes Justine was moved to
Justine hearing this was Justine’s face knocking her
Justine to fly in Justine of her Virtue
Justine suddenly screamed I Justine went looking for
Justine she apologised if Justine experienced great trepidation
Justine and Juliette embraced Justine to see humour
Justine’s early childhood she Justine fell to her
Justine standing in her Justine I’d like nothing
Justine’s misfortunes the swarthy Justine that cleanliness is
Justine’s face oh Heavens Justine wholly naive in
Justine that she had Justine quite sure that
Justine’s dress bare arms Justine such language surely
Justine’s pale tear-streaked face Justine tried to wrench
Justine by the hand Justine quietly once the
Justine resumed and once Justine deeply moved
Justine had stopped crying Justine looked into the
Justine too distracted by Justine I know I
Justine’s hand on his Justine you listen to
Justine to change her Justine was overcome with
Justine reminded of her Justine sighed the aging
Justine quick to grasp Justine could once again
Justine had not gone Justine hallowed be thy
Justine and turn to Justine her strength sapped
Justine at the boarding Justine’s services as an
Justine again related her Justine the end can

Justine said firmly no Justine curtly in my
Justine cried to as Justine might makes right
Justine just before being Justine watched the heavily-muscled
Justine was sentenced to Justine my darling child
Justine believed she had Justine I am appalled
Justine thought but she Justine impossible thus if
Justine’s scheduled execution crossed Justine on the bed
Justine complied she slid Justine became almost too
Justine was delighted beyond Justine suddenly aware that
Justine took the older Justine her Virtue preserved
Justine I will not Justine in one hand
Justine finally did consent Justine moved to compassion
Justine suffering as payment Justine hurled herself in
Justine said as they Justine replied smiling broadly
Justine we who are Justine sweetly at the
Justine away from the Justine had suggested that
Justine chose instead to Justine my darling he
Justine with a proposition Justine in reply and
Justine briefly weighed both Justine nearly reeling under
Justine is now one Justine after checking to
Justine shocked beyond belief Justine and travelled without
Justine to kneel between Justine hand in his
Justine’s twitch as her Justine was overcome with
Justine heard the cadence Justine went to her
Justine weakly I doubt Justine found that she
Justine found that she Justine slowly came to
Justine suspiciously do you Justine lifted herself from
Justine wanted only to Justine awoke the sun
Justine of course not Justine’s very eyes there
Justine sputtered the exasperated Justine was later to

Justine look what I Justine I never dreamed
Justine lay hidden the Justine to view the
Justine as frightened of Justine pretended indecision then
Justine was a girl Justine he said you
Justine not permitting herself Justine knowing full well
Justine he continued me Justine as soon as
Justine began precisely my Justine replied the Marquise
Justine farther into the Justine two days later
Justine’s limbs felt like Justine with the package
Justine was made to Justine through the woods
Justine nearly delirious from Justine felt a shiver
Justine toward the path Justine’s dress from her
Justine after listening attentively Justine fell to her
Justine worked happily at Justine’s body and as
Justine with her an Justine’s body had been
Justine’s mind to be Justine and grinned well
Justine’s good name first Justine blood streaming from
Justine had profited from Justine regained consciousness night
Justine found the depraved Justine’s wounds carefully he
Justine he stated in Justine protested that she
Justine they are all Justine awoke to find
Justine employed every argument Justine rapidly regained her
Justine and most persons Justine could not understand
Justine realised full well Justine sobbed throwing herself
Justine’s period of peace Justine’s arms I beg
Justine begged him to Justine down a corridor
Justine he said I Justine’s ear don’t believe
Justine gave him ear Justine turned away from
Justine these perfidious maxims Justine true justice can
Justine he said very Justine to when the

Justine replied the darling Justine did not wait
Justine what horrible things Justine hastily rummaged around
Justine completely aghast then Justine is this what
Justine sobbed her tears Justine were returned to
Justine her heart pierced Justine tonight my succulent
Justine’s room and under Justine prostrated herself before
Justine did not think Justine fast while the
Justine and locked his Justine awoke the sun
Justine promptly took advantage Justine did thus sorrowed
Justine wholly unable to Justine plodded onward still
Justine I am a Justine fervently addressed the
Justine was overcome with Justine’s focus was indeed
Justine saw a great Justine sighed her imagination
Justine began to wonder Justine said goodbye and
Justine to remain at Justine into an immense
Justine’s relationship with the Justine told the porter
Justine to Christianity and Justine softly saintly man
Justine for her part Justine completely at ease
Justine’s reminders of his Justine however in no
Justine and met only Justine stopped dead in
Justine searched frantically but Justine before him coiling
Justine went directly to Justine barely noticed the
Justine unsatisfied persuaded that Justine twisted away in
Justine finally heard moans Justine that if I
Justine cried the poor Justine was not about
Justine she concluded I Justine at the armpits
Justine your poor is Justine’s full marvellously-rounded breasts
Justine promised the dear
Justine concealed herself outside
Justine she’s been getting

Justine flinched under the Justine tenderly on the
Justine’s writhing and struggling Justine received just such
Justine’s lips now numb Justine in stages beginning
Justine’s screams rent the Justine to give vent
Justine disgusted had no Justine was made to
Justine surrendered to the Justine slowly lowered herself
Justine earlier had done Justine at the other
Justine into a supine Justine I shall rest
Justine felt arise within Justine in alongside him
Justine’s flanks facing him Justine as used to
Justine felt the vigorous Justine’s wrist he will
Justine thoroughly sapped physically Justine swore even as
Justine found herself in Justine agreed but here
Justine’s and took it Justine no longer able
Justine affectionately on the Justine began to hear
Justine inadvertently had become Justine herself was quite
Justine was now a Justine could not understand
Justine after hearing her Justine fainted father the
Justine astonished at both Justine’s thighs with the
Justine and said now Justine had to be
Justine’s hips in such Justine realising that the
Justine’s face next a Justine seized it at
Justine’s anatomy which he Justine plunged into the
Justine’s writhed in concert Justine stopped to contemplate
Justine could feel his Justine suddenly found herself
Justine had never heard Justine fearfully might I
Justine has now been Justine began to wonder
Justine like other girls Justine out of the
Justine has grown quite Justine I fail to
Justine pledged that whichever Justine through a series

Justine to undress when Justine began mercy no
Justine failing to realise Justine in the laboratory
Justine summoned one of Justine climbing back into
Justine’s buttocks which he Justine could only watch
Justine to the apparatus Justine to freedom once
Justine meekly surrendered to Justine headed straight for
Justine’s veins and dripped Justine remembering with a
Justine blood still dripping Justine who once was
Justine growing weaker by Justine unfolded it and
Justine’s knees buckled but Justine demanded that the
Justine found herself lying Justine for her part
Justine’s hand an affectionate Justine was brought to
Justine I shall tell Justine once his servants
Justine’s hand affectionately said Justine unless I misread
Justine entered the service Justine yes I am
Justine said the adorable Justine ever had seen
Justine immediately falling in Justine I am no
Justine heard this her Justine turning briskly away
Justine and the two Justine came upon a
Justine came to realise Justine cried is it
Justine to kneel between Justine found it necessary
Justine realising that the Justine was overcome with
Justine for all her Justine circumstances have treated
Justine carried her to Justine immediately accepted the
Justine was overcome with Justine and her newfound
Justine had been brought Justine found herself wondering
Justine and the Countess Justine said smiling broadly
Justine assists her well Justine but the isolation
Justine than for herself Justine foolish girl replied
Justine came only because Justine can you perpetrate

Justine was soon to Justine that there was
Justine learned from the Justine not guilty and
Justine soon had opportunity Justine recounted every experience
Justine that the skeletons Justine had never seen
Justine had to touch Justine if you obtained
Justine immediately noticed marks Justine though there is
Justine crucified like your Justine not in a
Justine taking down his Justine an utter dolt
Justine’s hand to it Justine more appalled than
Justine over the edge Justine was among the
Justine throwing herself at Justine when the girl
Justine insensitive the blood-slicked Justine resigning herself to
Justine felt as if Justine was placed in
Justine’s screamed were reduced Justine requested a visit9
Justine’s head was all Justine said the evil
Justine felt her body Justine we can remedy
Justine said when she Justine I’ll hear no
Justine was not fooled Justine without listening to
Justine appeared to be Justine related her tale
Justine he said you Justine indeed Madame she
Justine found herself addressed Justine puzzled could it
Justine implored him to Justine I am she
Justine surely murder is an irreversible process Justine not guilty he
Justine tugged the rope Justine he said kissing
Justine cut him loose Justine began to know
Justine did you not Justine and Madame paid
Justine sobbed bitterly for Justine seeking to comfort
Justine and her fellow Justine seeking to arrest
Justine as she and Justine was standing and
Justine came the cries Justine the lightning bolt
Justine had experienced no
Justine happily good friend Justine’s noble example we
Justine’s wrists obediently turned Justine a tale of




Dedicated to Douglas Adams

The house ... The edge ... The village ... The eye ... The house ... The one ... The fact ... The lane ... The Thursday ... The council
... The bathroom ... The brush ... The ceiling ... The bathroom ... The kitchen ... The kitchen ... The night ... The shaving ...
The pub ... The pub ... The pipeline ... The wardrobe ... The word ... The house ... The local ... The only ... The tum ... The way
... The bulldozer ... The mud ... The top ... The door ... The nearest ... The derisive ... The bulldozer ... The appropriate ...
The first ... The windows ... The house ... The plans ... The cellar ... The display ... The lights ... The stairs ... The notice ...
The bottom ... The leopard ... The cold ... The bypass ... The blazing ... The ape ... The planet ... The information ... The name
... The temples ... The nose ... The unnerving ... The friends ... The flying ... The night ... The policemen ... The sky ...
The reason ... The traditional ... The Betelgeuse ... The hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy ... The environs ... The mud ... The occasional
... The for ... The march ... The they ... The bulldozer ... The sun ... The mud ... The sun ... The sky ... The most ...
The hyperspace ... The star ... The birth ... The two ... The bottle ... The glass ... The effects ... The final ... The horse ...
The bulldozer ... The moment ... The pub ... The top ... The bulldozers ... The bulldozer ... The mud ... The world ... The pub ...
The man ... The mud ... The mud ... The merest ... The bulldozer ... The stretch ... The mighty ... The end ... The encyclopaedia
... The fermentation ... The hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy ... The best ... The pan ... The effect ... The best ... The juice ...
The mixture ... The benzine ... The marshes ... The back ... The heady ... The dark ... The tooth ... The fires ... The Angolian ...
The heart ... The drink ... The Hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy’s ... The encyclopaedia ... The barman ... The horse ... The world’s ...
The horse ... The window ... The barman ... The barman ... The match ... The window ... The barman ... The world’s ...
The barman ... The rest ... The two ... The six ... The change ... The hell ... The reader’s ... The time ... The sort ... The world ...
The pub ... The pub ... The hang ... The surface ... The star ... The planet ... The moment ... The huge ... The sort ...
The darkness ... The contents ... The top ... The sub ... The reasons ... The other ... The great ... The hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy

... The hitchhiker’s ... The subject ... The most ... The called ... The heady ... The stars ... The slow ... The ravenous ... The strag
... The strag ... The hitchhiker’s ... The hitchhiker’s ... The strag ... The length ... The galaxy ... The towel ... The sub ...
The service ... The planet ... The huge ... The dull ... The low ... The jukebox ... The sound ... The man ... The whiskey ...
The pub ... The window ... The same ... The pub ... The pub ... The barman ... The barman ... The place ... The near ...
The barman ... The pub ... The world’s ... The sensation ... The peanuts ... The brushed ... The man ... The world ... The man ...
The eyes ... The long ... The barman ... The pub ... The man ... The raucous ... The girl ... The pub ... The last ... The moment ...
The barman ... The huge ... The lane ... The wind ... The sudden ... The caterpillar ... The rubble ... The council ... The little ...
The men ... The bulldozers ... The sky ... The clouds ... The sky ... The sky ... The distance ... The gaping ... The same ...
The surface ... The planet ... The noise ... The world ... The sky ... The dead ... The galaxy ... The Vogons ... The Vogon ...
The air ... The amazing ... The earth ... The noise ... The sky ... The sky ... The same ... The world ... The world ... The earth ...
The very ... The greatest ... The galactic ... The outlying ... The galaxy ... The building ... The watching ... The terror ...
The gathered ... The planning ... The land ... The huge ... The sky ... The replied ... The voice ... The demolition ...
The hatchways ... The voice ... The inky ... The galaxy ... The Damogran ... The hot ... The remote ... The almost ... The heart ...
The boat ... The water ... The boat ... The imperial ... The heart ... The heart ... The boat ... The sea ... The sea ... The main ...
The only ... The whole ... The tiny ... The main ... The heart ... The side ... The heart ... The day ... The project ... The great ...
The day ... The heart ... The sake ... The Zaphod ... The president ... The whole ... The boat ... The principle ... The galaxy ...
The imperial ... The dying ... The emperor ... The president ... The government ... The qualities ... The president ... The most ...
The president ... The government ... The sun ... The day ... The day ... The seas ... The seat ... The island ... The middle ...
The sweep ... The fact ... The inner ... The crescent ... The top ... The cliffs ... The land ... The opposite ... The cliffs ...

The engineers ... The heart ... The others ... The ultimate ... The colour ... The Hooloovoo ... The Hooloovoo ... The occasion ...
The furthest ... The fundamental ... The laws ... The greatest ... The president ... The galaxy ... The president ... The galaxy ...
The galaxy ... The job ... The galactic ... The crowd ... The presidential ... The headland ... The bay ... The sea ... The water ...
The water ... The air ... The sea ... The boat’s ... The bay ... The wheel ... The boat ... The cliff ... The rocking ... The deck ...
The three ... The eyes ... The air ... The antics ... The president ... The robot ... The more ... The extra ... The brilliant ...
The more ... The globe ... The more ... The sofa ... The wall ... The globe ... The sofa ... The back ... The bubble ... The bubble ...
The air ... The water ... The cliff ... The jet ... The sea ... The top ... The cliff ... The globe ... The bubble ... The light ...
The president ... The galaxy ... The applause ... The original ... The moment ... The Damogran ... The bay ... The eagle ...
The notion ... The one ... The spider ... The crowd ... The Arabs ... The press ... The quotes ... The officials ... The party ...
The president ... The deliciously ... The remote ... The sky ... The middle ... The ground ... The heart ... The most ... The history
... The galaxy ... The ship ... The heart ... The heart ... The press ... The crowd ... The small ... The sky ... The bomb ...
The ground ... The sea ... The game ... The way ... The Vogons ... The sluggish ... The planet’s ... The bright ... The forces ...
The fact ... The thicked ... The natural ... The planet ... The Vogons ... The Vogons ... The crab ... The Vogons ... The Vogons ...
The planet ... The unhappy ... The Vogons ... The principles ... The Megabrantis ... The political ... The galaxy ...
The immensely ... The galactic ... The modern ... The intestines ... The match ... The great ... The old ... The only ... The entire
... The cabin ... The tiny ... The Dentrassis ... The Dentrassis ... The Vogons ... The strict ... The Dentrassis ... The hardest ...
The Vogons ... The match ... The great ... The whole ... The clouds ... The ancient ... The galaxy ... The floor ... The match ...
The floor ... The packet ... The beer ... The things ... The very ... The terrible ... The darkness ... The Vogon ... The word ...
The air ... The Basingstoke ... The thumb’s ... The roundabout’s ... The bug ... The light ... The interior ... The control ...

The hope ... The bridge ... The report ... The Vogon ... The door ... The galley ... The Dentrassis ... The door ... The ship ...
The grubby ... The cramped ... The Dentrassi ... The Vogons ... The ship ... The Dentrassis ... The cooks ... The mattresses ...
The swamps ... The book ... The hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy ... The cover ... The index ... The screen ... The bottom ... The screen
... The same ... The book ... The entry ... The book ... The most ... The galaxy ... The ravenous ... The best ... The best ...
The point ... The book ... The field ... The new ... The things ... The Vogons ... The Dentrassi ... The best ... The best ...
The company ... The marvels ... The universe ... The other ... The earth ... The first ... The mattress ... The earth ... The earth ...
The thought ... The book ... The Dentrassi ... The piles ... The man ... The tannoy ... The Vogons ... The sudden ... The fish ...
The aural ... The figure ... The howling ... The semblance ... The ship ... The noise ... The floor ... The jump ... The book ...
The hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy ... The jump ... The bottom ... The top ... The room ... The Babel ... The hitchhiker’s ...
The galaxy ... The oddest ... The mind ... The conscious ... The speech ... The brain ... The practical ... The speech ...
The brainwave ... The non-existence ... The argument ... The Babel ... The next ... The central ... The poor ... The history ...
The kick ... The place ... The earth ... The earth ... The impact ... The whole ... The people ... The queue ... The supermarket ...
The supermarket ... The dollar ... The actual ... The original ... The entry ... The relevant ... The screen ... The bottom ...
The screen ... The triple-breasted ... The books ... The earth ... The editor ... The door ... The clear ... The Dentrassi ... The door
... The Vogons ... The captain ... The third ... The universe ... The Azgoths ... The president ... The mid-galactic ... The poem’s
... The very ... The destruction ... The planet ... The sequence ... The prisoners ... The regard ... The only ... The sweat ...
The electrodes ... The experience ... The poem ... The poet’s ... The Vogon ... The merciless ... The gobberwarts ...
The electronic ... The last ... The temples ... The Vogon ... The vicinity ... The vacuum ... The smile ... The Vogon ...
The metaphysical ... The Vogon ... The er ... The underlying ... The er ... The Vogonity ... The poet’s ... The medium ...

The verse ... The fundamental ... The other ... The coup ... The poem ... The corner ... The quality ... The Vogon ... The ship ...
The prisoners ... The Vogon ... The first ... The Vogon ... The neck ... The bridge ... The captain ... The surrealism ...
The underlying ... The book ... The long ... The feeble ... The two ... The Vogon ... The guard ... The dog ... The afternoon ...
The smoking ... The earth ... The Vogon ... The culture ... The guard ... The Vogon ... The Vogon ... The low ... The world ...
The hours ... The Vogon ... The murky ... The actual ... The ceiling ... The shouting ... The words ... The girls ... The leather ...
The machismo ... The mindless ... The guard ... The uniform ... The low-slung ... The mindless ... The air ... The conclusion ...
The unpleasant ... The Vogon ... The sound ... The guard ... The blubbery ... The guard ... The rumblings ... The alternative ...
The moment ... The guard ... The guard ... The moment ... The start ... The guard ... The airlock ... The same ... The same ...
The guard ... The craft ... The guard ... The hatchway ... The Vogon ... The hatchway ... The small ... The reclosing ... The guard
... The only ... The first ... The guard ... The hatchway ... The faint ... The ship’s ... The curved ... The curve ... The floor ...
The other ... The hatch ... The details ... The chamber ... The wall ... The tune ... The words ... The planet ... The outer ...
The hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy ... The road ... The style ... The fact ... The fabulous ... The cumulative ... The amount ...
The amount ... The planet ... The lavatory ... The sheer ... The distances ... The stars ... The one ... The guide’s ... The simple ...
The human ... The stars ... The star ... The place ... The earth ... The other ... The galaxy ... The record ... The way ...
The hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy ... The total ... The mindboggling ... The chances ... The power ... The telephone ... The planet ...
The Islington ... The telephone ... The fact ... The galaxy ... The universe ... The famine-struck ... The Pansel ... The whole ...
The nothingth ... The hole ... The deeply ... The empty ... The most ... The patterns ... The universe ... The pavement ...
The pavement ... The third ... The unknown ... The real ... The highest ... The chances ... The pit ... The universe ... The sea ...
The five ... The elderberry ... The pavement ... The sand ... The sky ... The uncertain ... The way ... The buildings ... The wind

... The road ... The sky ... The power ... The voice ... The power ... The custard ... The measurement ... The first-class ...
The fabric ... The stars ... The sunset ... The voice ... The power ... The voice ... The point ... The point ... The power ...
The voice ... The voice ... The starship ... The voice ... The power ... The power ... The power ... The voice ... The infinite ...
The improbability ... The door ... The cubicle ... The cracks ... The infinite ... The galactic ... The story ... The logic ... The ice ...
The molecules ... The hostess’s ... The left ... The theory ... The perpetual ... The infinite ... The mind-paralysing ... The furthest
... The lab ... The finite ... The long-sought-after ... The galactic ... The one ... The improbability-proof ... The heart ...
The control ... The plastic ... The cabin ... The size ... The two ... The angles ... The cabin ... The truth ... The matter ...
The cabin ... The designers ... The cabin ... The control ... The concave ... The convex ... The various ... The cabin ...
The tannoy ... The whole ... The circumstances ... The run ... The police ... The galaxy ... The ship ... The main ...
The significance ... The trouble ... The problem ... The controls ... The ship ... The ship ... The aliens ... The robot ... The corner
... The robot’s ... The room ... The two ... The tolling ... The cabin ... The door ... The encyclopaedia ... The work ...
The marketing ... The Sirius ... The Hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy ... The marketing ... The Sirius ... The wall ... The revolution ...
The pink ... The monkeys ... The embarkation ... The ship ... The age ... The floor ... The universe ... The pages ... The ship’s ...
The universe ... The envy ... The technical ... The ship ... The years ... The vast ... The edge ... The panel ... The words ...
The sales ... The ship’s ... The new ... The voice ... The doorway ... The irony ... The sales ... The doors ... The knowledge ...
The door ... The concept ... The point ... The molecular ... The door ... The humanoid’s ... The level ... The surrounding ...
The robot’s ... The bridge ... The size ... The bridge ... The hated ... The door ... The intolerable ... The door ... The others ...
The door ... The marketing ... The Sirius ... The gleaming ... The floor ... The robot ... The heart ... The sub-etha ...
The machine ... The technology ... The controls ... The panel ... The general ... The components ... The same ... The channel ...

The news ... The rhythms ... The music ... The sub-etha ... The galaxy ... The clock ... The secret ... The rocks ... The big ...
The sensational ... The new ... The question ... The big ... The man ... The pan ... The best ... The big ... The worst ... The known
... The seventh ... The music ... The cabin ... The radio’s ... The pencil ... The couple ... The Z ... The major ... The fact ...
The time ... The act ... The visiscreen ... The inside ... The inside ... The same ... The screen ... The middle ... The horsehead ...
The universe ... The whole ... The universe ... The Sirius ... The ship ... The record ... The ticker ... The computer ...
The computer ... The same ... The console ... The computer ... The figures ... The improbability ... The improbability ...
The power ... The ship ... The figures ... The power ... The balance ... The pencil ... The computer ... The other ... The buttons ...
The improbability ... The screen ... The computer ... The way ... The bridge ... The corridor ... The corridor ... The entrance ...
The bridge ... The bridge ... The highest ... The door ... The door ... The aliens ... The bridge ... The teeth ... The right-hand ...
The right-hand ... The left-hand ... The peculiar ... The extra ... The introductions ... The other ... The road ... The fast ...
The same ... The affairs ... The galaxy ... The whole ... The lady ... The two ... The one ... The bridge ... The ship’s ...
The scrambled ... The computer ... The improbability ... The heart ... The night ... The same ... The relationships ... The ship’s ...
The planet ... The planet’s ... The mice ... The cage ... The bridge ... The tiny ... The ship’s ... The void ... The time ...
The sudden ... The road ... The fact ... The galaxy ... The oval ... The attempt ... The corner ... The guide ... The bridge ...
The instruments ... The ship’s ... The exact ... The computer ... The screens ... The bridge ... The consoles ... The external ...
The horsehead ... The only ... The galaxy ... The edge ... The huge ... The size ... The corner ... The picture ... The night ...
The planet ... The console ... The most ... The hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy ... The mists ... The great ... The former ... The furthest
... The stakes ... The empire ... The richest ... The fault ... The worlds ... The climate ... The later ... The afternoon ... The day ...
The sea ... The wrong ... The conditions ... The home ... The planet ... The exacting ... The galaxy’s ... The richest ... The galaxy

... The system ... The empire ... The pen ... The night ... The value ... The obscurity ... The sound ... The bridge ... The legendary
... The computer ... The daylight ... The planet’s ... The planet ... The screens ... The planet ... The night ... The planet ...
The surface ... The planet ... The most ... The spectacular ... The marvels ... The galaxy ... The utter ... The black ... The thin ...
The fires ... The twin ... The suns ... The pitch ... The bridge ... The spectacle ... The excitement ... The scene ... The bottom ...
The legends ... The Magratheans ... The screens ... The planet ... The heart ... The suns ... The black ... The pyrotechnics ...
The surface ... The planet ... The common ... The distant ... The lines ... The planet’s ... The slow ... The thin ... The grey ...
The immensity ... The surface ... The sheer ... The other ... The first ... The curiosity ... The fame ... The money ... The faintest
... The look ... The wealth ... The former ... The home ... The galaxy ... The following ... The planet ... The legendary ...
The deadly ... The breakage ... The bruising ... The untimely ... The bruise ... The subject ... The day ... The shellshocked ...
The previous ... The drink ... The subject’s ... The subject’s ... The neural ... The taste ... The subject’s ... The Sirius ... The major
... The first ... The Sirius ... The liquid ... The screens ... The ghosts ... The bridge ... The voice ... The dead ... The photon ...
The voice ... The moment ... The commercial ... The voice ... The entire ... The address ... The tone ... The computer ... The ship
... The fanfare ... The voice ... The voice ... The atmosphere ... The fanfare ... The voice ... The guided ... The voice ...
The missiles ... The shoulder ... The rear ... The distance ... The atmosphere ... The ship ... The sky ... The suddenness ...
The missiles ... The warheads ... The computer ... The computer ... The computer ... The crew ... The computer ... The ship ...
The ship ... The way ... The oncoming ... The walls ... The guidance ... The lever ... The ship ... The crew ... The cabin ...
The hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy ... The control ... The combined ... The guide ... The best ... The ship ... The sky ... The crew ...
The upper ... The deadly ... The ship ... The crew ... The computer ... The bloody ... The computer ... The engines ... The ship ...
The missiles ... The computer ... The storm ... The din ... The dark ... The ship ... The ceiling ... The crew ... The guidance ...

The end ... The storm ... The two ... The screens ... The ship ... The erratically ... The sweet ... The lark ... The wind ...
The missiles ... The rain ... The feet ... The excitingly ... The curve ... The wall ... The ceiling ... The improbability ... The next
... The next ... The heart ... The centre ... The main ... The illusion ... The conservatory ... The polished ... The marble ...
The vague ... The instruments ... The correct ... The mirrors ... The required ... The hell ... The spiral ... The mirrors ...
The blighted ... The missiles ... The mirrors ... The proofing ... The fact ... The surface ... The moment ... The moment ...
The sake ... The world ... The wind ... The rest ... The only ... The mind ... The bowl ... The nature ... The universe ...
The corner ... The mirror ... The blighted ... The heart ... The answer ... The door ... The third ... The planet ... The voice ...
The crew ... The airlock ... The planet ... The computer ... The hatch ... The computer ... The exit ... The computer ...
The computer ... The most ... The equivalent ... The hatchway ... The ramp ... The barren ... The hatchway ... The blighted ...
The rest ... The ground ... The wind ... The stale ... The thing ... The planets ... The star ... The galaxy ... The first ... The surface
... The corner ... The ship ... The ridge ... The thinnish ... The wind ... The ridge ... The outside ... The crater ... The sloping ...
The top ... The crater’s ... The crater ... The centre ... The exploded ... The silence ... The slight ... The crater ... The planet ...
The force ... The whale’s ... The incline ... The crater ... The ground ... The whale ... The dusty ... The legends ...
The Magratheans ... The surface ... The darkness ... The live ... The four ... The passageway ... The passage ... The whole ...
The passageway ... The torch ... The walls ... The touch ... The air ... The dirt ... The tile ... The London ... The walls ... The tiles
... The left ... The voice ... The fact ... The moment ... The galaxy ... The heart ... The galaxy ... The cheques ... The fact ...
The way ... The two ... The ship’s ... The encephalographic ... The tests ... The presidency ... The results ... The results ...
The other ... The superimposed ... The colour ... The trading ... The middle ... The synapses ... The bastard ... The cauterized ...
The chamber ... The surface ... The hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy ... The time ... The hitchhiker’s ... The galaxy ... The time ...

The one ... The experiences ... The university ... The wave ... The problem ... The biros ... The past ... The major ... The galaxy
... The public ... The time ... The cosmos ... The planets ... The colour ... The biro ... The good ... The usual ... The spatial ...
The question ... The mysterious ... The book ... The robot ... The top ... The crater ... The crater ... The crater ... The robot ...
The stars ... The heart ... The robot ... The two ... The one ... The wall ... The crater ... The atmosphere ... The old ... The very ...
The horizon ... The sort ... The last ... The sun ... The source ... The light ... The man ... The man ... The man ... The man ...
The pit ... The crater ... The slight ... The huge ... The whale ... The man ... The bowels ... The planet ... The dark ... The ages ...
The occasional ... The monotony ... The man’s ... The old ... The act ... The woman’s ... The room ... The weather ... The old ...
The old ... The economic ... The old ... The galactic ... The old ... The coastlines ... The little ... The recession ... The computers
... The man ... The computers ... The galactic ... The economy ... The old ... The crater ... The crater ... The old ... The slope ...
The old ... The dark ... The crater ... The old ... The late ... The old ... The old ... The man ... The craft ... The bowels ...
The planet ... The old ... The silent ... The craft ... The night ... The old ... The dull ... The instrument ... The way ... The old ...
The same ... The old ... The old ... The aircar ... The night ... The planet ... The wheel ... The dolphins ... The water ...
The dolphins ... The same ... The dolphins ... The impending ... The planet ... The danger ... The earth ... The Vogons ...
The last ... The star ... The message ... The fish ... The planet ... The fact ... The aircar ... The cold ... The deep ... The speed ...
The blackness ... The sense ... The far ... The aircar ... The next ... The distance ... The ground ... The colossal ... The glow ...
The ground ... The mouth ... The tunnel ... The insane ... The circular ... The tunnel ... The silver ... The farther ... The chamber
... The eyes ... The heart ... The old ... The moment ... The chamber ... The willies ... The car ... The circle ... The night ...
The chamber ... The aircar ... The impression ... The immense ... The aircar ... The open ... The gateway ... The shimmering ...
The wall ... The wall ... The imagination ... The wall ... The reach ... The mere ... The wall ... The finest ... The wall ...

The inside ... The tiny ... The aircar ... The speed ... The space ... The words ... The old ... The galaxy ... The distance ... The old
... The floating ... The only ... The many ... The structure ... The patterns ... The dark ... The shapes ... The furniture ...
The images ... The shapes ... The idea ... The flash ... The earth ... The earth ... The earth ... The mice ... The mice ... The old ...
The dogs ... The aircar ... The old ... The planet ... The completion ... The purpose ... The little ... The cheese ... The protrusion
... The whole ... The cheese ... The squeaking ... The old ... The source ... The misunderstanding ... The mice ... The whole ...
The learning ... The wrong ... The wrong ... The cumulative ... The matrix ... The whole ... The most ... The intervening ...
The constant ... The meaning ... The existence ... The size ... The dark ... The principal ... The room ... The day ... The great ...
The office ... The desk ... The massive ... The second ... The universe ... The greatest ... The computer ... The greatest ...
The second ... The two ... The Milliard ... The atoms ... The Milliard ... The googleplex ... The seventh ... The trajectory ...
The very ... The atoms ... The big ... The two ... The great ... The magic ... The great ... The rs ... The problem ... The second ...
The universe ... The second ... The second ... The multicorticoid ... The pondermatic ... The contemptuous ... The computer’s ...
The computer ... The infinite ... The question ... The task ... The answer ... The answer ... The answer ... The universe ...
The universe ... The moment ... The door ... The coarse ... The Cruxwan ... The room ... The ineffectual ... The younger ...
The two ... The throat ... The older ... The door ... The younger ... The room ... The older ... The younger ... The devil ...
The programmers ... The amalgamated ... The problem ... The problem ... The problem ... The problem ... The machines ...
The adding ... The eternal ... The quest ... The inalienable ... The use ... The night ... The next ... The room ... The hum ...
The room ... The room ... The computer ... The calculating ... The answers ... The ultimate ... The universe ... The program ...
The whole ... The popular ... The gravy ... The two ... The door ... The salient ... The earth ... The first ... The story ... The old ...
The great ... The answer ... The events ... The surface ... The artificial ... The crust ... The tertiary ... The Cenozoic ... The same

... The aircar ... The mindnumbing ... The results ... The old ... The life-support ... The bodies ... The ribcage ... The ribcage ...
The old ... The instant ... The eye ... The worse ... The sun ... The trees ... The odd ... The buildings ... The fact ... The square ...
The streets ... The breeze ... The spirit ... The air ... The air ... The square ... The building ... The square ... The crowd ...
The shadow ... The greatest ... The universe ... The time ... The crowd ... The air ... The narrower ... The air ... The cheer ...
The day ... The answer ... The ecstatic ... The man ... The morning ... The plain ... The crowd ... The air ... The largely ...
The first ... The building ... The dais ... The speaker ... The crowd ... The window ... The solid ... The room ... The whole ...
The room ... The ultramahogany ... The edges ... The carpet ... The large ... The desk’s ... The terminal ... The time ... The air ...
The man’s ... The word ... The other ... The word ... The second ... The first ... The computer ... The first ... The ones ...
The answer ... The great ... The universe ... The front ... The console ... The communication ... The two ... The great ...
The universe ... The men ... The answer ... The computer ... The two ... The tension ... The answer ... The great ... The universe
... The corner ... The sea ... The square ... The computer ... The answer ... The problem ... The question ... The great ...
The universe ... The universe ... The air ... The men ... The computer ... The question ... The answer ... The question ...
The ultimate ... The universe ... The console ... The part ... The recording ... The computer ... The question ... The ultimate ...
The computer ... The earth ... The length ... The computer ... The walls ... The room ... The two ... The tape ... The voice ...
The point ... The gas ... The matter ... The ground ... The gold ... The universe ... The same ... The ground ... The oddest ...
The sky ... The land ... The sea ... The beach ... The distance ... The sky ... The catalogue ... The sky ... The scene ... The scenes
... The government ... The other ... The galactic ... The answer ... The death ... The Arcturan ... The most ... The Arcturan ...
The bulky ... The galactic ... The outlying ... The Betelgeuse ... The markets ... The Arcturans ... The Dordellis ...
The megafreighters ... The most ... The sun ... The bridge ... The captain ... The galaxy ... The most ... The maximum ...

The Betelgeuse ... The galaxy ... The scene ... The shadows ... The air ... The sounds ... The heart ... The only ... The launching
... The galaxy ... The sort ... The brain ... The reasons ... The catalogue ... The solid ... The appalling ... The top ... The original ...
The earth ... The Vogons ... The program ... The old ... The room ... The world ... The old ... The universe ... The universe ...
The chances ... The sense ... The sense ... The wall ... The mice ... The planet ... The third ... The history ... The universe ...
The first ... The door ... The sweaty ... The mud ... The old ... The full ... The problem ... The very ... The fabric ... The space-
time ... The brink ... The two ... The last ... The conference ... The Vl’hurgs ... The G’Gugvuntt ... The vile ... The creature ...
The conference ... The Vl’hurg ... The most ... The whole ... The two ... The source ... The offending ... The mighty ...
The empty ... The first ... The earth ... The entire ... The complex ... The history ... The universe ... The time ... The old ...
The car ... The other ... The room ... The lightning ... The table ... The table ... The silence ... The mice ... The inside ...
The whisky ... The other ... The mice ... The earth ... The eye ... The tiniest ... The old ... The new ... The planet ... The old ...
The old ... The lifestyle ... The rest ... The company ... The room ... The two ... The situation ... The last ... The ultimate ...
The answer ... The point ... The teeth ... The whole ... The prospect ... The screaming ... The planet ... The good ... The 5D ...
The woods ... The ultimate ... The studio ... The answer ... The universe ... The show’s ... The mice ... The entire ...
The universe ... The other ... The money ... The exercise ... The finger ... The penultimate ... The computer ... The structure ...
The question ... The structure ... The question ... The table ... The difference ... The difference ... The door ... The mice ...
The charm ... The table ... The air ... The arm ... The door ... The airborne ... The door ... The other ... The heavy ...
The medical ... The planet ... The Klaxons ... The two ... The fragments ... The floor ... The only ... The answer ... The punters ...
The phrase ... The floor ... The head ... The right ... The wall ... The others ... The air ... The four ... The end ... The gangway ...
The figure ... The others ... The wall ... The air ... The cops ... The loud ... The voice ... The loud ... The other ... The air ...

The computer ... The fusillade ... The echoes ... The cops ... The other ... The cop ... The other ... The other ... The heat ...
The computer ... The front ... The end ... The end ... The barrage ... The sudden ... The four ... The others ... The thick ...
The burning ... The open ... The smoke ... The space-suited ... The cops ... The ground ... The other ... The second ... The first ...
The body ... The kill-o-zap ... The cop ... The thin ... The tiny ... The full ... The main ... The ship ... The sub-etha ... The other
... The same ... The others ... The second ... The corridor ... The others ... The aircar ... The note ... The controls ... The best ...
The aircar ... The steel ... The appalling ... The planet ... The land ... The first ... The third ... The air ... The heart ... The frozen
... The direction ... The four ... The ship ... The Blagulon ... The letters ... The ship ... The police ... The power ... The ground ...
The universe ... The other ... The bitter ... The heart ... The Blagulon ... The cold ... The dust ... The shape ... The universe ...
The opposite ... The policecraft ... The computer ... The universe ... The heart ... The heart ... The horsehead ... The small ...
The bridge ... The hitchhiker’s ... The guide ... The place ... The history ... The how ... The first ... The question ... The second
... The question ... The third ... The question ... The ship’s ... The restaurant ... The end ... The universe.


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