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Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection
and the life. He who believes in me will
live, even though he dies; and whoever
lives and believes in me will never die.”
John 11:25-26
Mothers Of Preschoolers

Danica Giffen
Speaker Spotlight: Kate Watkins
618.581.5183 Growing up 44 years ago in the small town of Franklin, TN, Kate can recount two lessons which
she still strives to forget…Jesus is found at church
and you should smile even when it is a lie.
Mandy LeFevre After graduating from college with a B.S. in
615.830.4373 elementary education, Kate married Larry and was blessed with both a son and a daughter, Baker
and Molly Katherine, now young adults. Several
Moppets years into their marriage, Kate’s facade of having
Jennifer Ellis a relationship with the Lord derailed and she knew she had to get serious about a walk with Christ…
Jesus could no longer be “just for Sunday.”

Check out our Blog: With residue from a decade long eating disorder, Kate shares her life story in public school settings, juvenile detention centers, women’s
events, and youth groups. She has co-authored a chapter in a Nevada High School text
book pertaining to self-esteem and eating disorders and has made guest appearances on
national Christian radio programs. Yet her eating disorder does not define her ministry, it is
God’s relentless pursuit of her which she boldly declares. She also partners with Larry in
their counseling ministry teaching marriage events, parenting seminars as well as writing
CORNER Christian articles.

Today the Moppets In addition, Kate’s love and reverence for the Word is apparent as she recounts stories
will be learning about from twenty years of her parenting experience. When her adorable children transformed into
eccentric teens, demanding “righteousness” did not create the heart which she sought for
God’s Creations and them in prayer. Her seminary training struggled to meet the reality of her experiences. With
making a Spring craft. that…she found the Word to be more fresh and revealing than ever. The process was painful
but the result has been a promise which the Lord has fulfilled. Her stories are captivating for
every mom who has ever prayed for her child.
Moppets Birthdays:
4/4: Rider Kuhl Kate, M. Div., can honestly say that “God has taken my past pain and turned it into my
4/4: Greyson LeFevre passion.” He has promised that He will take my shame and replace it with a double portion
of honor (Isaiah 61:7). Beauty for ashes is His promise (Isaiah 61:3).
4/17: Willliam McGlacken
4/21: Harland Leighty Kate loves to laugh, dream, and ponder where she has been and where God is taking her…
4/25: Savannah Cooley Jesus is not just for Sunday and the smile she wears today is truly authentic.
4/30: Rowan McGee

Please note these important
upcoming dates:

March Events: April 15th: Money for Moppet Teach Your Child the
teachers’ gifts are due. $10 True Meaning of Easter
April 8: Let It Shine 11AM per child. $25 deposit is due to
*lunch afterward hold your spot for the fall. The Resurrection Eggs—teach your
$25 WILL NOT be deposited children the true meaning of
until September Easter with a unique dozen
Mary 16:3
Kay: July Accessory/Home of interactive eggs, each
Nicole S: July Swap
16 ***EMAIL RECIPES TO DAVONE containing an item pertaining
FOR MOPS COOOKBOOK*** to the death and resurrection
Emily: July 22
of Jesus.
Beth P: July 24
April 29: Destination Day
Michelle A: July 29 April Birthdays: The Book Benjamin’s Box—
4/1: Bethany Leighty this book goes along with the
Resurrection eggs and tells the
4/21: Jen Cannon story of Benjamin, a boy who
4/29: Melanie Parker is living in the times of Jesus
Christ and how he learns the
Good News of Jesus.
SPEAKERS Snack Schedule:
4/15: Jen’s Table Make Empty Tomb Cookies
April 15: MOPS Moms with your children and read
April 29: Destination Day!! the scripture that goes along
with each step.

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