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NMSU HEAD COACH EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT Football Program ‘This Head Coach Employment agreemant (the “Agreement is made by and between the Regents of New Meaico State University ("University or “NMSU") and Doug Martin (*Coach’) (ollecively, the “Parties, ands effective ‘upon the signature ofboth parties. The Parties agree that, subject to the terms and conditions ofthis Agreement, University will employ Coach asthe head coach of University’s Intercollegiate Football Program (the "rogram), and Coach will serve University in this capacity ana ffl the duties and responsibites specified in this Agreement, Coach epresents and warrants that he/she is fully qualified to serve and is available for employment. The University and Coach further agree to the Defined Key Terms and the Termsand Conditions of Employment eet forth below, DEFINED KEY TERM Commencement Date oF Employment Ty aoag (Section 2.1) ‘Bpiration Date of Employment ian (Section 2.1) eons ‘One year extension automaticaly granted upon each 7 ae ‘occurrence of winning six (6) gamesin a season during oe ‘the 2018, 2018, 2020 and/or 2021 seasons (maximum 4 ee ‘one year extensions) _| FY 2018-2018: $419,540.40 Fy 2019-2020: $422,000.00 Bate Annualind Salary: #2020 2021; $429,000.00, (Section 33) FY 2021-2022 and during any automatic earned extension: $437,000.00 F¥.commences on July 1 ond ends on June 30. Performance incentives: (Section 33) ‘Additional Beneit= | (Section 3.4) See Schedule A attached, See Schedule B attached, ‘Marie Meda, NSU Director of Athletics Telephone: (575) 646-7630 Emaik: mocciagnmsu.edy fast eaanaeluiains Jo fice of General Couns! satan Vady noo 50 Wedel Rod weesuce rotocsnt Las Cruces, NM_ 88003-8001, Doug Martin Email: dovgman@nmsueds Telephone: 575.649.9687 3113 Moonlight Ridge Arc Las Cruces, NM 8011 ‘Coach Notification Address: (Section 68) MSU Fotall Head Coa ployment Aenea Matin (Coster 0212018) Page 1 of “EERMS AND CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: Section 1: Employment Duties 4.1 Reporting and Institutional Control. Coach wil report directly to University’s Director of athletics (the Director") and will confer with the Director or the Director's designee an all administrative and technical matters. The parties recognize that the Director is responsible to University’s Chancellor forthe operation, budgetary compliance, review and periodic evaluation ofthe entire athletics program at University. Coach recognizes and acknowledges the importance of maintaining and observing the principles of institutional control lover every aspect ofthe Program. Cosch agrees to recognize and respect those relationships and the organizational structure of University, and more specifically, agres to follow the verbal or written instructions ofthe Director or desgnees. Within tis strcture, the Director and Coach will mutually cooperate to achieve the goals of the Program and the purposes ofthis agreement. 1.2 Program Management. Within the authority granted by University and subject to the instruction of Director, Coach wil faithfully perform the customary duties of ahead coach, Including managing and supervising ‘the Program, and will perform such ther duties in University’s athletics programs, consistent with his/her status, ‘as head coach, asthe Director may asign. Coach wil devote his/her fulltime and bes efforts tothe performance of such duties. Such duties willinclde, without tation, coaching Unvesitys team against major Division 1 college ‘competition na quality program. Coach's dutes wil include general responsibilty for recruiting, taining, supervision, ‘evaluation and performance ofstudentathletes and all other duties and tasks a assigned by the Director. Coach. ‘expected and required to operate the program within the budget established by the Director. 1.3 NCAARules and Compliance, Coach understands thatthe University nd the University’s Athletics Department ‘are committed tothe sprt and the letter of the Rules and Regulations af the National Collegiate Athetic Assciation (NciAA) and the Athletic Conference (“onference") of which Unversity isa member (collectively Rules"). Coach will. conduct himsel/ersef with honesty and good sportsmanship at al imes, So that Coach and the rogram will represent the honor and digit of far pay andthe generally recognized hgh standards assocated with competitive sports. To the extent any provision of this Agreerien is inconsistent with any ofthe ules, the Rules il control and wil be deemed a part ofthis Agreement. 42) ules and Regulations. Coach agrees to comply withthe Rules, as wellas all applicable laws, andthe policies, rules and regulations of University (as such may be amended from time to time), and to Supervise and take apprcpriate steps to ensure that Coach's asistant coaches, any other employees {or whom Coach s administratively responsible, and the members of the Program's tetm know, recognize ‘and comply with all such laws, policies, rules and regulations. Coach wil comply wth and will not ‘rowing or deliberately volte, or krowingly alow the violation ofthe Rules by other coaches, student athletes, University personnel, and/or boosters. Coach will ot be involved in improper arrangements or ‘other violations ofthe Rule, or the polices and procedures of University and is Athletics Department ‘Coach represents that he knowledgeable ofthe Rules and agrees that he will main informed as such rules and regulations maybe changed or interpreted during the term of ths Agreement. Coach understands that his/her agreement to comply withthe Rules sof utmost importance, and a material term of this Agreement. 1) Compliance Education. Coach wil regulary attend compliance rules educational meetings conducted by the "University’s Associate Atheties Director for Compliance and Eligibility (AADCE) to ascuss and ensure strict, adherence tothe Rules. Crach wll asist in the periodic education of coaches, booster, high school and Youth coaches, and othersregarding compliance with the Rules as may be requested bythe Director and/or the AADCE or designees. { Notieation and Cooperation. Coach agrees to Immediately report to Athletics Director and the AAOCE any known or posible or suspected NOAA infraction, ar any act of non-compliance wit the Rules or with [NSU Fotal Head Coch Employer Apnement Doug Main (Costner 012018) Page? of University rules, polices, r procedures, whether by Coach or other team coaches, or anyother individuals ‘orteam. Coach wl cooperate fully withthe AADCE 4) Prohibited Endorsement. Coach wil nt use, crectly or by Implication, the NCAA's name or his afilation withthe NCAA n the endorsement of any products or services without te prior writen approval from the NCAA and the University’s Chancellor, or designee. 14 rimary Educational Purpose. Coach understands that a primary goa ofthe University sto provide a high {ality educational opportunity to all ts students including student athletes, and that this goa s paramount to the oaks of any ofits atheties programs or sports teams. Consistent with this primary goal ofthe University, Coach wil ‘observe and uphold al academic standards, requirements and policies of University and encourage Program's team members to consistently attend al classes in which the student-athlete is enrolled and to devote sutfcent time and attention to their academic studies to successfully pass those classes. Coach willfully cooperate withthe student athiete support services staf, all academic counselors or similar persons designated by Unversity to asist. student-thletes, and will use his/her personal best efforts to encourage and promote those efforts Coach will not contact any ofthe student-athletes professors regarding the student athlete's academic status, Coach recognizes that the goa of University is thet every student-athlete obtain a baccalaureate degree, and agrees to support fully the attainment ofthis goa. The parties recognize that a student-athlete may be suspended from the University nd/or declare ineligible for competition (1) for academic reasons, (2) because University believes the student-athlete ‘would not be an appropriate representative of University under university policies, (3) asa disciplinary sanction Under University’s Code of Student Conduct, or (4) because University believes that the student-athlete is ‘ot eligible according tothe Rules oor simile reasons 45 Personal Conduct and Pubic Statements. Coach agrees to represent University positively in public and private forums and will not engage in conduct that reflects adversely on University o its athletics programs, {Coach will perform his/her duties and personally comport himself/herself at all times ina manner consistent \with good sportsmanship and withthe high moral, ethical and academic standards of University and ts Department of Athletics. Coach agrees that any public or external statements or comments he or she makes about University policy, Director, or senior administrators must be postive and constructive. and understands ‘hat any negative or critical statements constitute a material breach of tis Agreement. Coach agrees that he ill ot use, and will not allow his staff or team members to use, any tobacco products during team practice, team events and meetings, or team competition 416 Sportsmanship ang Social Conduct. Coach will use best efforts to ensure that both the coaching staf and the studentathletes exercise good sportsmanship and appropriate social conduct a all times, Coach Is ‘esponsible for providing team leadership and ensuring that student athletes abide by the University's Student Athlete Code of Conduct as set forthin the Student Athlete Handbook. Coach's inabilty to control the behavior of the staf and student-athletes inthe Program, as represented by significant o repeated violations of University ‘ules or the Student Athlete Code of Conduct, i a breach ofthis Agreement, 17 Intentionally left blank 18 Additonal Duties. in addtior to the Employment Duties set forth in tis Section 1 ofthis Agreement, Coach grees to fulfill the more detaled duties and responsibilities a st forth in Section & Section 2: Term 2.1 Specified Term. This Agreement i for @ specified term appointment commencing on the Commencement Date of employment indicated inthe Key Terms, and terminating autometicaly, without further notice to Coach, on the Expiration Dae of Employment indicate in the Key Terms,_if not previously terminated in accordance with Section 5. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the tec of the employment ul be automatically extended upon the occurrence ofan event specified in the Key Terms forthe period of time speciied in the Key [NMSU Fol edCouch peyton Dove Matin (Coster 0212018) Page of 4 “Terin, without further action by elwer party. Under this agreement, Coach is employed on a 1.0 FTE (full time e-auvalent), and is required to devote his fll time and best efforts to this employment. newal or Extension or Hold-Over Employment. Except tothe extent otherwise explicitly stated in the Key Terms, this Agreement may be renewed or extended only upon agreement of both parties, which must be evidenced by @ written agreement signed by both Coach and University’s President. This Agreement does not {rant Coach any claim to tenure in employment or any right to renewal ofthis Agreement whatsoever. Hf this

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