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“Bringing Christ into the Marketplace and Winning the Marketplace for Christ” Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and

Professionals Mactan Chapter

April 2011

Mactan and Bogo Leaders Attend Training
Message for the Month: "Not everyone who calls Me “Lord, Lord” will enter Heaven, but only those who do My Father’s will "
Special points of interest:  Apr 3— Feeding  Apr 9 — Chapter Retreat  Apr 17-23 – Holy Week  Apr 30 — Regional Men’s Breakfast Inside this issue:
Regional Breakfast Feeding NAC31

The picturesque Mountain View Park in Busay became the venue of the Leadership Training attended by Mactan and Bogo Leaders on March 05, 2011. In attendance were the governance team, the Unit Leaders and the Action Group Leaders and their assistants. The purpose of the overnight activity is to refresh leaders of their roles and responsibilities as well as spend time to

The Leaders-Participants attentively listening to a talk

bond together in fellowship. Kuya Eton Apao, assisted by wife Ate Veron, was the Course Leader .

The following are the speakers and their topics: Talk 1 - Nelson Dauz on A Heart for God
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BCBP Bogo Starts Its BCLP No.9
In its bid to go full chapter this year, Bogo Outreach launched its 9th Brotherhood Christian Life Program (BCLP) on Mach 12, 2011. The first session saw 4 couples, 3 men and 4 ladies who responded to God’s invitation to attend the BCLP. The on going BCLP is blessed to have the full support of our chapter through the speakers and dedicated servants who drive to Bogo every Saturday afternoon. As in any undertaking, our prayers are needed by the BCLP participants and servants. We request all members to include the success of Bogo BCLP9 in your daily prayers.

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One of the Discussion Groups

Ms. Heidi Mendoza 6

CH Martin Pusta welcoming the participants

A blessing is not something that we have asked for, it’s already there. All we have to do is count them and thank the One who gave it.

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Mactan and Bogo Leaders...(continued from page 1)
The venue: Mountain View Resort, Busay

The Speakers

The group discussions

The Fellowship

Talk 2 - Edwin Casinillo on The Role and Responsibilities of the Action Group Leader Talk 3 - Boy Tampus on the Role of the Unit Leader Talk 4 - Louie Bolquerin on The Action Group Meeting and the One on One Talk 5 - Jun Gula on the Action group Leader’s Manual and the AGM Record The animated group discussion and reporting took the drowse away from the participants as each contributed his share during the workshop ses-

Of course a half day of brain activity is always followed with a night of music and songs, dancing and laughter. Who says community life is boring? Not at all, with the talented leaders that we have like Kuya Nelson, Kuya Tex, Kuya Luie, Kuya Gel, Kuya Eddie, Kuya Eton, Kuya Ramil, and Kuya Martin you got to have a lot of microphones. Spicing up the melodies for the night were Ate Grace and Ate Carol, the wings that help our leaders soar.

Regional Breakfast at Marco Polo
Greeted by brothers in coat and tie, the Regional breakfast last March 05, 2011, hosted by Cebu North, indeed lived up to the world class setting of the venue, the Marco Polo Hotel. The breakfast was graced by more than a dozen first timers and three priests. They, together with the many brothers and sisters from all the chapters filled the place to overflowing. The very powerful sharing of Col. Ariel and Pong Querubin filled our hearts with mixed feelings. It opened our minds to the many faces of abuse and corruption in government while making us see how God saves and protects His people. Attending a beautiful and exhilarating regional breakfast like that makes one exclaim ―I’m glad I came‖. So, Kuyas and Ates see you in the next Regional breakfast.

The sharers: Col. Ariel and Pong Querubin

The fully packed venue!

A beautiful life does not just happen. It is built daily in Prayer, Humility, Sacrifice and Love. May that beautiful life be yours today and always.

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Chapter Head’s Message : AVAILABILITY When it comes to being called to serve, one’s ability is not of primary concern. We do not particularly ask, ―Are you good at this?‖ or ―Are you good at that?‖. There is nothing wrong with having some special talent and skill. That is very welcome. But the call of the Lord exists whether or not one has the talent. It is not so much ability, but availability. In 2 Corinthians 10:18, the Word says: ―For it is not those who commend themselves that are approved, but those whom the Lord commends.‖

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The Heart of a Servant Leader
THE SECRET If a person has the servant’s heart, then the Lord will do His part. But it is not just a willingness to do anything for God. That willingness should be accompanied by cheerfulness, wholeheartedness and generosity. Being cheerful means you’re not grouchy or grumpy. It is to say, ―Oh, how nice to do this work for the Lord‖

WILLINGNESS From among those who are available, the Lord will call those who are willing to serve. It connotes that a person is willing to do anything for God – whether it is a humble kind of work or something that requires effort and physical stamina. God will not be able to use you if you have terms. So the best way to approach service, if you are really desirous to serve God, is to tell Him, ―Lord, I want to serve You in what ever way You want me to serve‖

CH Martin and Agnes Pusta “It is not so much ability, but availability.”

Mission Unit Feeds Children of Lupâ
Every First Sunday of the month is a special opportunity for our community to reach out to poor children. Last month we fed the children of sitio Lupâ of baranggay Pajac. The unit Mission prepared 3 kettles full of delicious Pospas. There was a major obstacle in going to the site. The Lite-Ace truck of the parish was not operational and we were informed that the road going to Lupâ is very rough and steep. But nothing can stop God’s work. The Holy Spirit led us to the baranggay hall to ask for assistance. We were readily provided with their service truck with a driver. The Unit Mission fed more than 50 children. All the 3-kettle full Pospas were consumed. The experience made us aware of the dire living condition of the poor in our midst and sensitize our consciences to their need. The unit Formation is the sponsor for the feeding on the first Sunday of April, and the children of Pajac-Proper will be fed.

The children lining up...

Serving the Pospas...

A brilliant mind is useless without a humble heart, because in life’s challenges, you can make an impression with what you say, but you make a name with what you do.

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Schedule of Activities
May 6, 2011 (Fri) 9:30 AM - Registration and Distribution of Kits at Macias Sports Complex 12:00 NN – Lunch break 1:00 PM - Registration and Kits Distribution resume. 4:30 PM – Early Dinner will be served. 6:30 PM – General Assembly at the Negros Oriental Provincial Convention Center 7:00 PM - Praise and Worship, to be led by Pres. Larry Veloso 9:00 PM – All delegates back to quarters for the night. May 7, 2011 (Sat) 5:00 AM – Wake up call 6:00 AM – Breakfast at Convention Center 8:00 AM - BCBP Breakfast Sharing 9:30 AM – Breakout, tours 4:00 PM – Gather back 4:30 PM – Holy Mass (Sunday anticipated) 6:30 PM – Dinner 8:00 PM – Program Presentations 9:00 PM – Socials, Fellowship and live band music 11:30 PM – Back to quarters May 8, 2011 (Sun) 5:00 AM – Wake up call 6:30 AM – Shuttle to airport and seaports. Sports: Golf and tennis - can be arranged. Guided Tours can be arranged. Kindly make reservations at least one month early. Dear Brothers & Sisters, Following our meeting and consultations with BCBP President Bro. Larry Veloso, and some members of the BOT-ManCom, we wish to announce this clarification regarding the sale of MEAL TICKETS for the NAC31 event. BCBP Members participating in the event don’t just have to buy meal tickets for themselves. They have to officially register, and be accorded all the privileges of a delegate/participant. A BCBP member who will not register, but will only buy meal tickets, will not be entertained. Meal tickets will only be sold to a BCBP member’s companion(s), who is a non-member. Examples are: children, accompanying adults, parents, relatives, or the kid’s yaya. This notice is issued to clarify the issues regarding the sale and use of Meal Tickets during our National Anniversary Celebration. We hope you will enjoy your stay in Dumaguete in May. NAC31 Committee
A better life is when we expect little, attempt big, do more, need less, smile often, laugh a lot and pray always. Have the best of life.

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Ms. Heidi Mendoza: Help Me in Making a United Stand vs. Evil

BCBP BOT Chairman Bobby Atendido has requested that we post this letter of Ms. Heidi Mendoza on the BCBP website. He says, ―I believe we should support Heidi in her quest for the exposition of corruption and upholding truth and honesty. Several years ago she spoke to BCBP Mancom and BOT about this case of Gen. Garcia and even during that time, I already noted her guts and fortitude. She has character.‖ LETTER FROM MS HEIDI MENDOZA Greetings of Peace! In the middle of the raging controversies that our country is facing, one glaring truth cannot simply be ignored. There is a brewing tension between good and evil and I believe now is the time for a baptized Catholic and a Christian public servant like me to run to my mentors and seek the comfort of the church. As many of you would know, I accepted the General Garcia case not as another audit engagement sometime in October 2004. It was a result of prayerful discernment and a series of consultation with guardians of my faith. I went beyond the call of duty and closed my eyes to my personal fears, guided by the thought that my heart is in the right place. The assignment just like any Christian experience is not smooth sailing. There are challenges coming from the very institutions that are supposed to protect the interest of the people. I stood firm though I cannot deny that there were several instances when convictions and beliefs simply failed to sustain me. As history will tell, then, Ombudsman Marcelo resigned, I was left to seek help from my own office the Commission on Audit. The response is again a challenge to ordinary faith. No less than the former Chair convinced me to simply return the documents my team gathered and close the case. ―Christ himself failed to save the world so how can ordinary mortals like us dream of succeeding in the fight against corruption when obviously it is a fight between good and evil.‖ Perhaps I am not willing to give up my flickering hope and diminishing faith inside that I just decided to quit from a 20 year old job. In March 16, 2006, on the birth of my father who has painstakingly shown me the values of honest and dedicated public service, I filed my resignation. In October 2007, the state prosecutors handling the case, begged me to help the government and with minor convincing, I agreed. I appeared at Sandiganbayan for more than 16 times and in between those hearing, I felt the absence of the public support which I think is critical to cases such as this. In one instance, in open court hearing, I was astounded when the defense lawyer slapped before my face the copy of the letter of the COA chair denying the creation of an audit team that took care of the investigation. It’s the biggest test to my faith. No less than the accused told me that I am a liar and that there will be a reckoning day for me.‖ It is in this particular time that I sought for a God with His mighty arm that will simply strike the opponents of truth with his blazing sword. At the same time, I sought for the wounded and agonizing face of my savior so I can draw some strength and the passion to go on. I felt so alone that prayers alone are not sufficient to console me, I was then literally reaching to a God whom I can hold, I can touch, I can embrace! He did not deprive me of this longing, when you texted me on that date, I realized that God has gone high tech and invaded the virtual world. I thought that the challenge was ended, the moment I completed my appearances before the Sandiganbayan. I was wrong. Last March 12, 2010 I personally saw the signed plea bargain agreement but I must admit that I have been weakened by my own experience and already afraid to give up the comfortable life that I have. Still however, I searched my conscience and shared these with few trusted friends. As a consequence of my fear, we now have a seeming triumph of evil versus the truth.
A day is lost if one has not laughed. Always enjoy the beauty of the day that is being given to you. Laughter reduces the stress in you.

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A Blessed and Holy Day
I woke up early on March 26, 2011 to attend the 6am Mass, at SHJ Parish, Pajac with Jun. From the church, I dropped Jun at the Crown Regency and proceeded to Sacred Heart Center to join Cebu North Ladies Breakfast that started with a Holy Mass. I arrived at the venue in time for the homily of Fr. Bonaventure Valles, the celebrant. I felt so blessed to see Fr. Valles again after his assignment in Brazil for 8 years. Father shared on the extravagance of God’s mercy and forgiveness stressing the need to avail of the sacrament of confession not only during the season of Lent. In fact Father recommends that we go to confession weekly or at least once a month. A very short sharing by Emma de Guzman, the visionary, followed. Exuding an aura of holiness, Emma shared God’s call for us to be instruments of love, peace and joy. After the sharing, Emma prayed over the assembly gathered in the hall.

Nery Gula

Emma De Guzman

“Father shared on the extravagance of God’s mercy and forgiveness.”

I was privileged to be one of the cancer patients personally prayed over by Emma on that blessed morning. With a heart full of thanksgiving I kept praising God for such a blessed and holy day.

Ms. Heidi Mendoza...(continued from page 5)
Last December 23, 2010, I filed my resignation from my current employer in response to a conscience call. It is my Christian calling that I cannot ignore that is why I went out of my comfort zone and together with my entire family heed the call to embrace this cause with the same passion when I started it. I seek your assistance, I am reaching out for help in making a united stand. Sinners as we are, I am confident that God will bless the pure longing of our broken heart if we are willing to make a sacrifice. The government that we have right now is certainly not perfect, but I think it is the only Government that we have and the government that we deserve. The plea bargain happened during the dark years of the previous administration. Together we need to inform our people, we need to make a united stand. In ending, let me express my gratitude to the only people I looked up with so much faith and respect. The recent events have shown me that the truth is unveiled not in the brilliant minds of men but only in the hearts of men burning with Love and Faith. I would like to apologize, if there are any courtesies which I have not observed. I am asking for prayers not only for my family but for the entire country. Marami pong salamat! Heidi Mendoza
A good person is like a lighthouse. It doesn’t ring bells and fire guns to call attention to its luminance. It simply shines.

“the truth is unveiled not in the brilliant minds of men but only in the hearts of men burning with Love and Faith”

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Excellence is not being the best, it’s doing your best. Time is your most valuable personal resource. Use it wisely because it can’t be replaced.

Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals

Our Vision: “Bringing Christ into the Marketplace and Winning the Marketplace for Christ”
The BCBP is a community of like-minded Christian Businessmen and Professionals who have consciously decided to band together to bring about the transformation of the marketplace. Mactan Chapter

Chapter Head:

Martin B. Pusta

BREAKFAST Venue: Crown Regency Suites Weekly Schedule: Saturday 7:30 - 10:00 AM 1st Wk: Men’s 2nd Wk: Joint (Men’s & Ladies) 3rd Wk: Men’s 4th Wk: Simultaneous (Men’s & Ladies) Contact Person: Doxie Cabasagan CP# 0920 4766218

March Breakfast Sharers
Tony and Aida Villamor BCBP Cebu-North “My once so distant God is only a prayer away”
Tony is a lawyer labor-arbiter of NLRC Cebu

Jovan Bueno BCBP Cebu-South “When I am down He lifts me up ”
Jovan is a retired US Navy serviceman

Ric and Luz Borgonia BCBP Balamban - Outreach Head “Vengeance is not ours. Overcome evil with good”
Ric is the Regional Director of DEP-ED Region 7 A life filled with love must have some thorns, but a life empty of love will never have roses.