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Support Handover for ICT Services
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............. CONTENTS New or Existing Service....DOCUMENT HISTORY Document This document is only valid on the day it was printed...............................3 ................ This document should refer to technical support guides and implementation documents as appropriate................ Loc The source of the document is: atio n Revision History Revision date Author Summary of Changes New Version Distribution Name This document has been distributed to: Title Date of Issue Version PURPOSE The purpose of this document is to assist a smooth handover for a new or upgraded system into support services....................................

1000+ Internal or External this a year-round service or are there certain ‘peak’ usage times anticipated? . postgrads Estimated No of Users i. Purpose of Service Describe….e. 100-1000. <10. User Information User Group i.e. <100. if this is an upgrade then describe the new functionality in context to the existing service.SUPPORT TEMPLATE FOR CHANGED SERVICES This document should accompany any technical support documents on the new or upgraded system. large workgroup. New or Existing Service New  Provide the Service Name (the name by which the ‘users’ will call the system): (This can be in the Marval format of: <High level descriptor><Service Name><Sub-category> Or simply a descriptive name) Existing  Is this a category of an existing Service? No  Existing Service and category name: Yes  New category name: SERVICE DETAILS If the service is new then describe in detail using the following sub-headings. cross-dept. students. staff. important to understand if non-College members will be seeking assistance Scope or Scale of Service (small workgroup. campus or college wide) Service Criticality Calendar .

. network. These will be service-specific questions which you would like checked prior to being asked to further investigate an issue. jobs will be assigned to local support teams (2nd line) or in some cases directly to specialist support teams (3rd line). e. Where this is unsuccessful.SUPPORT QUESTIONS FOR SERVICE DESK Provide a list of suggested support questions for Central Service Desk to ask before assigning to expert team for further analysis. RELEASE PLAN Indicate any special arrangements in place during implementation/release and relevant dates. Should support calls for this service bypass 2nd line and go direct to 3rd line (default is NO). mention critical times when you would like the priority raised for example. 3rd line specialist support team for this application. and b.g. DEPENDENCIES ON THE SERVICE List dependencies. other services on which this service is particularly dependent. KNOWN ISSUES Provide details of Known Issues and standard resolutions/workarounds (or link to web document) Outstanding Bugs Workarounds In Place DEFAULT PRIORITY Suggest default priority for jobs logged against this service (4 is standard).g. Please indicate: a. SEQUENCE OF SUPPORT RESOLUTION Normally 1st line help will attempt to resolve issues logged at time of call by referring to the above information. Activity Date Owner Support Handover Deploy to PRD Environment Sanity PRD Testing PRD Sign-off User Access POST GO LIVE – CRITICAL INCIDENT What should the support team do if a critical incident occurs within x weeks post go live? For example: . Do not include universal dependencies e.

If a data issue. specific training requirements etc. present options to xxx Where is the back-out plan stored – did it get handed across to Support and PRD? Who would be the key decision makers? TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION What supporting documentation has been completed? Has this documentation been handed over to support? Is there any other project documentation that may be useful? Where would this be stored? Please add any further information relevant to supporting this service. Document Name Status Handed to Support Technical Support Guide Yes / No User Training Guide Yes / No Implementation Document Project Security Requirements Project Network Requirements Project Platform Requirements Data Model document Etc…… ATTACHMENTS .. eg URL for support documentation. assemble the project team to assess options.