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com> Subject: [LAMOREAUX] Lamoreaux Family Members In Missouri, Ohio & Illinois To Nauvoo - 1838-1842 Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 00:38:39 -0700
Posted on: LAMOREAUX Biographies, Census, Family and Location Records (Various Spellings) Reply Here: 99 Surname: Lamoreaux, Lamoureux, Losee, Leithead, Smith, Pratt ------------------------John McCord Lamoreaux and at least three of his sons David Burlock Lamoreaux, Andrew Losee Lamoreaux & Henry Earl Lamoreaux and two sons-in-law left Kirtland, Ohio with the Kirtland Camp in 1838. At some point they left this camp and stayed in Springfield, Illinois Chester, Dayton & Quincy, and St Louis, Missouri. I think our people left the camp at this time and stayed in Springfield. Our family except for the Leitheads & maybe Andrew, seemed to have stayed in Illinois for a time. This section of my work deals with their travels from Springfield to Nauvoo, Illinois. akrc Kirtland Camp " At times they were allowed to pass on in peace, and then threatened with violence; and at times actually assaulted. Their toils and sufferings' their faithfulness and rebellions, their rejoicing and sorrows, their preaching the word in the wilderness, their hunger, fatigue, sickness, deaths, and final arrival of the travel-worn remnants of the camp in Far West and Diahman ..." "A spirit of murmuring was frequently manifested, much sickness was in camp, and because of their disobedience, evil spirits plagued them by getting possession of their bodies." "... they spent the summer in journeying to Missouri, where they arrived late in autumn." [More on Kirtland Camp in the previous entry. "Lamoreaux from Toronto to Kirtland" akrc] Source: The Missouri Persecutions, B. H. Roberts, 1964, p 195 It appears that John McCord Lamoreaux & David Burlock Lamoreaux& family left the camp before entering Missouri & Andrew left after arriving at Far West. Is this why John was expelled? Edith I Lamoreaux says: "Since leaving Canada they had stayed together." No reason is given for separation. "David B Lamoreaux & remainder of John Mc Lamoreaux family moved to St. Louis, Missouri OR Springfield, Ill. "In this year the family separated." Does this refer to David & Andrew or the rest of the family who stayed in Ohio? There were other Lamoreauxs here & in Kirtland. [When the Lamoreaux family left Kirtland they were headed to Missouri. The next entries are included to explain why the Saints went to Nauvoo

and not Missouri. They also may add insights into persicutions and why the Lamoreaux Family was where they were, when they were there. akrc] "When the camp arrived at the Mississippi River in September, they were informed that war had broken out in western Missouri between the Mormons and their enemies, that all Mormons would soon be driven from the state, and that if they continued their journey, they would be attacked and would suffer a similar fate. Several members of the camp refused to enter Missouri as a result of these treats. But most of them passed on." Source: Church History in the Fullness of Times, p 179 *1838 - Kirtland Camp ... John Lamoreaux was "Expelled." [I assume from the Camp. No reason given.]... Also Andrew L Lamoreaux was "Expelled from Far West, soon after arriving" [NOTE: This actually refers to the Latter-day Saints being expelled from Missouri late in 1838 under the Extermination Order signed by Governor Lilburn Boggs - mlrogers] Source: Biographical Note from Kirtland 150 Year Reunion *1838 Oct 2 - Missouri - "Governor Liburn W. Boggs infamous extermination order stated in part, The Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the State if necessary" Source: "Our Heritage, A brief History Latter Day Saints", 1996, p 46 *1838 Oct 21 - Extermination order issued by Lilburn W Boggd, Governor of Missouri is answered in D&C sec 124. Joseph is told to go to Washington, Build temples, Baptize for the dead. *1838 Oct 30 - Missouri - Hauns Mill Massacre Source: "Our Heritage, A brief History Latter Day Saints", 1996, p 46 *1838 Dec - Missouri 1 - The Prophet and others were sent to Liberty Jail after being arrested and ordered killed at Far West. From there they were taken to Independence, and Richmond then to Liberty Jail in Clay County. Source: "Our Heritage, A brief History Latter Day Saints", 1996, p 50 "While their Prophet remained imprisoned, over 8,000 Saints crossed from Missouri east into Illinois to escape the extermination order. They were forced to leave in the cold of winter" Source: "Our Heritage, A brief History Latter Day Saints", 1996, p 51 *1830s and/or 1840s - Lamoreauxs are listed as land owners in Missouri: [Where & when?] "John & Abigail Lamoreaux (& son A W) David B Lamoreaux, Andrew L Lamoreaux, Henry E Lamoreaux, Sarah Lamoreaux, Abigail Lamoreaux." Source: Mormon Land Ownership in Missouri ... 1831-1841, Wayne J Lewis 1981 (A Thesis) [What are his sources?] *1839 - St Louis - David B Lamoreaux & remainder of John Mc Lamoreaux family moved to St. Louis, Missouri. (In this year the family separated. Since leaving Canada they had stayed together. No reason is given for separation.)

Source: History of D B Lamoreaux -handwritten E I Lamoreaux ~Isabelle's notes *1839 - Illinois, Springfield - David B Lamoreaux & family choose to stay with John Mc Lamoreaux. These two families move to Springfield Source: History of D B Lamoreaux -handwritten, E I Lamoreaux ~Isabelle's notes "The Latter-day Saints who made their way to Illinois received a warm welcome from generous citizens in the town of Quincy. Following the return of the Prophet Joseph Smith from his confinement in Liberty Jail, the Saints moved up the Mississippi River about 35 miles. There they drained the large swamps in the area and began to build the city of Nauvoo beside a bend in the river. Church members lived in relative peace secure in the fact that a prophet walked and labored among them. Hundreds of missionaries called by the Prophet left Nauvoo to preach the gospel. A temple was constructed, the temple endowment was received, wards were created for the first time, stakes were established, the Relief Society was organized, the book of Abraham was published, and significant revelations were received. For more than six years, the Saints displayed a remarkable degree of unity, faith, and happiness as their city became a beacon of industry and truth. Source: "Our Heritage, A brief History Latter Day Saints", 1996, p 55 *1839 - Illinois, Springfield - Abraham Lincoln lived "Upstairs at Spells Store"(Sprngfld) between 1837-1860, 1842 md Mary Todd, lived above Globe Tavern. 1847 elected to congress (Washington.) 1837-1860 - Abraham Lincoln is in Springfield, Ill. [What was he doing about all this injustice? He was sympathetic but not as sympathetic as Douglas.] Source: "Abraham Lincoln" video by Dan Dalton *1839 - Abigail Ann Losee Lamoreaux died probably at Springfield Illinois. Source: LDS, Archive Family Group Record [Abigail is listed as a property owner in Missouri 1831-41. She died after that. Find out when & where that was. Why are they not on any census in 1840? akrc] *1839 Feb/Mar - Illinois, Quincy - "Previous to our sickness in Quincy, my husband sent Bro. Lamoreaux to Missouri, under strict instructions to see Joseph & Hyrum Smith, or find out where they were before he should return. ... Br Partridge and Br Morley came to our house from Lima to see if Brother Lamoreaux had either written or returned. ...he arrived in Quincy & sent word that he had seen neither Joseph nor Hyrum." [This is probably David Burlock Lamoreaux. akrc]"... the spirit ... spoke peace to my soul,/ ... I exclaimed, in tears of joy, 'I shall see Joseph & Hyrum before tomorrow night.'" Source: History of Joseph Smith by his Mother, Lucy Smith p 30 *1839 March - Missouri - Joseph Smith and associates are still in Liberty

Jail - D&C Sec 121, 122, 123 revealed. These sections are about Trials, Persecution, the Lord's strength, Righteous power *1839 Apr 22 - Joseph Smith was "Reunited with family at Quincy, Illinois. Source: The Papers of Joseph Smith, Dean C. Jessee p xlii [Parley Pratt & the Smith Families were in Quincy, Ill. in 1838-39. Some Lamoreauxs appear to be in Quincy, Feb-Mar 1838. Did the Lamoreaux' follow them there or go directly to Springfield?] *1839 May 20 - David & Mary Ann Lamoreaux first child, Jane Ann born in Illinois, Springfield. [Dies the same year.] Source: Family Group Record 1839 July 22 - "As the Saints began to construct homes and to plant crops, many of them became ill with the ague, an infectious disease that included fever and chills. The sick included most of the twelve and Joseph Smith himself. On 22 July 1839 the Prophet arose from his bed of sickness with the power of God resting upon him. Using the power of the priesthood, he healed himself and the sick in his own house, then commanded those camping in tents in his door yard to be made whole. Many people were healed. One of the great days of faith and healing Source: "Our Heritage, A brief History Latter Day Saints", 1996, p 56 *1839 Oct 29 - The Prophet Joseph Smith left Nauvoo to present Mormon grievances to the federal government. Source: The Papers of Joseph Smith, Dean C. Jessee p xlii *1839/1840 - Ohio, Dayton - Andrew L Lamoreaux swore, "that in 1839 or '40, while President Joseph Smith, Elder Rigdon, Judge Higbee, Orrin P. Rockwell & Dr Robert D Foster were on their way to Washington, called at witness' house in Dayton, Ohio; that the evening was spent very agreeably..." Source: Doc. History of the Church, vol 6: 21 The "Nauvoo Expositor" 440, 3 *1839 - Ohio, Dayton - Joseph Smith, the Prophet blessed Andrew Lamoreaux concerning his future mission to France and his death. Source: "Short History of Andrew Lamoreaux *1839 - "... Joseph Smith, during his tour to Washington in 1839, stopped with [the Andrew L Lamoreaux Family] in Dayton, Ohio, and before leaving laid his hands on Elder Lamoreaux and blessed him, and prophesied upon his head, that he would go on a mission to France, learn another tongue and do much good, but that he would not live to return to his family, as he would fall by the way as a martyr. The Prophet wept, as he blessed him & told him these things, adding that it was pressed upon him & he could not refrain from giving utterance to it, ..."

Source: A Letter to George A. Smith by Erastus Snow quoted in Jensen's Biographical Encyclopedia, 3 p 666 *1839 Nov 28 - The Prophet Joseph Smith arrived in Washington, D.C. Source: The Papers of Joseph Smith, Dean C. Jessee p xlii *1840 - David B Lamoreaux family moved to Liberty, Illinois. ? ? ? Source: History of D B Lamoreaux (handwritten) E I Lamoreaux ~[Isabelle's Notes] *1840 - Andrew, Mission to Ohio (There is a mission to Ohio listed in 1838. [Is this that same mission?] Source: Film #250,236 Miss Rec *1840 - Ohio Census Record lists John Lamoraux(20-30) wife, 2 girls(5-10) [NOT MY JOHN] Ohio, Lake, Kirtland who is this? Same John, & wife Rebecca, is an attorney in Ohio 1850 census 1840 - Jacob Lamoreux(20-30)wife, 2 girls(5-10) Henry Earl(40-50) with a male(70-80), wife, 3 boys (0-15), 6 girls (0-15) Archibald Wright(40-50), wife, 3 child 1840 - Ohio Census Record lists in Chester, Geau Co, Joshua Lamoraux (20-30), wife, 3 child Isaac Lamoreux [Still there in 1850] [NOTE: I find no census for John McCord Lamoreaux age 60, David (20) or Andrew(27) in Ohio, Missouri, or Illinois. Where were they?] *1840 - Illinois, Nauvoo - Deborah Leithead does temple work for Joshua & Elizabeth Lamoreaux. Source: "Nauvoo Bapt for Dead", Film #183,376 p 102, 117 *1840 Oct 23 - Illinois, Adams Co, Lima - John Lamoreaux & David Losee [Abigail's brother.] +4 more Losee's attend conference at Lima Branch, Hyrum Smith presiding. - "John Lamoreaux Eld Recommended." [John is the only Lamoreaux listed.] Source: "Record of Members of the Lima Branch" Film #007,646 p 7 *1840 Dec 13 - David & Mary Ann Lamoreaux second child, Sarah Jane born at Illinois, Springfield. Source: Family Group Record [David & Mary Ann Lamoreaux seem to have stayed in Springfield May 1839 thru Dec 1840. However, they are not on Illinois census. Or any census that year, for that matter. akrc] *1840 Dec 17 - Ohio, Warren, Dearfield - Andrew L Lamoreaux is serving a mission in Ohio & writes of his ministry from July 1838 till 17 Dec 1840. He is also listed as an agent for the Times & Seasons. Henry Lamoreaux is also an agent for the paper. Source: "Times & Seasons" v2 #9 339, 11

*1841 Apr 25 - Ohio, Kirtland - "the case of J Lamoraux was presented to the quorum for ordination it was voted he should be ordained to the office of an Elder" [There was a Jacob, a Joshua, & 2 John's. Which is this?] Source: Kirtland Elders' Quorum Record p55 Lyndon W Cook & Milton V Backman Jr *1841 May 11 - Ohio, Kirtland - John Lamoreaux "a charge was preferred against Elder John Lamoreaux for unchristian conduct manifested to different females by F Knapp the case was taken up and tried. The right hand of fellowship was withdrawn and he had untill the next sabbath to make restitution. The quorum met the following sabbath. Brother Lamoreaux came forward and made his confession the hand of fellowship was restored." Source: Kirtland Elders' Quorum Record p55-6 Lyndon W Cook & Milton V Backman Jr [There were at least two John Lamoreaux's here at this time. Also, two months later F Knapp was charged with "slander" against another Brother, found guilty and censured. Also our John left Kirtland in 1838, unless he returned, this is not ours.] *1841 Spring Missouri, Adam-Ohdi-Ahman - Elder John Taylor met in a conference to advise the saints to leave & see if they needed help. Source: The Diary of James Leithead* *1841 Fall - Adam-Ohdi-Ahman, Missouri - James Leithead, [married to a cousin of David B Lamoreaux] drove his family in a wagon "300 miles through a country of hostile people.." as they fled Adam-Ondi-Ahman to come to Nauvoo. "I moved to Nauvoo, bought a lot and built a small frame house and worked at anything I could get to do, assisted to build the Nauvoo Temple." Source: The Diary of James Leithead* *1841 - Deborah Lamoreaux Leithead does temple work for Joshua & Elizabeth Lamoreaux, Grandparents; James Lamoreaux, a brother, Joshua Lamoreaux, a cousin. She did not do her parents, Joshua & Ann Cross Lamoreaux's work. Source: Nauvoo Temple Bapt Rec. *1841 Fall - "Father [John Mc] Lamoreaux" called on Mission to Cincinnati, Ohio. Andrew was there too. Source: Dau of Utah Pioneers v5 p 302, "Diary of Reddick N Allred *1841? - David B Lamoreaux felling trees [Edith Ivans Lamoreaux says the accident was this year in Iowa. I dont think he was in Iowa till late 1840s. See entry for Spring 1843 in the next posting. akrc] Source: History of D B Lamoreaux, Edith Ivans Lamoreaux ~ *1842 May 21 - David & Mary Ann Lamoreaux 3rd child, Abigail Ann born in Illinois, Liberty. [There is a Liberty in Clay Co.] Source: Family Group Record

*1842 - David B Lamoreaux moved to Nauvoo Source: History of D B Lamoreaux, Edith Ivans Lamoreaux ~ ~ Edith I. Lamoreaux was the daughter-in-law of David Burlock Lamoreaux. She listened to David tell his life story and that of his family. She wrote them down in the History of D B Lamoreaux,. We owe her a debt of gratitude for preserving the stories as well as she did. In researching David's and the Lamoreaux's history I find some inconsistencies in chronology. The events she chronicled are correct, they actually happened. The sequence and times and places sometimes seem out of order. She's usually close in time and place, not always exact. There is a hand written copy and the published copy. When they differ, I assume the published copy to be the most correct. As a daughter-in-law, listening to my father-in-law tell his stories, I found that I didn't always have enough background to accurately record events. Sometimes I didn't even know enough to be able to ask the right questions to find out details till I did some research. Edith has given us, in some cases, our only written record of events and times. In my research, I assume she is correct unless I find proof of something different. akrc Edith says David B. Lamoreaux spent eight years in Ohio. [Is this possible?] They left Canada 1837. His family was in Lima, Adams, Illinois in 1842. Did they return to Ohio? Andrew went there on a mission. Several family members stayed in Geneua Co. * Diary of James Leithead, was written by James Leithead, who was married to Deborah Lamoreaux, the niece of John Mc Lamoreaux. They joined the Church in Canada about the same time as John & his family. They seem to have left Canada a year later than John and went to different areas. However, their paths crossed, their lives were similar and they both did temple work in Nauvoo. akrc If you have comments, questions or additions, please post them here or contact me at April Coleman, PO Box 31184, Mesa, AZ 85275 or email me at

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