(301) In the presence of the Divine, what is a managing director, or even a king?

What has the brain achieved so far? Just look at it. You must understand. What have we achieved by this brain? For example, ask this stupid managing director, ‘what good has he done for anybody? What does he know about Spiritual life? What does he understand about Christ’s life?’ But if he sends a letter any newspaper is ready to publish it. Look at the stupidity of the whole thing. They do not understand that anything that has to go to the masses must be sensible, from a sensible man who is said to be an authority on Spiritual life. What good has this fellow done to anybody? But if I write something or any Sahaja Yogi says that by coming to Sahaja Yoga he has given up his bad habits, or has got his cancer cured, or diseases, then nobody wants to listen to you. Nor does it make any news. On the other hand, they think you are mad! But a man like him, if he writes, they publish it. So it shows clearly we are contending with people who are not only mad but also absolutely foolish. Who have no sense at all as to how they have to live and how they have to conduct themselves.
V4.19.Jan84.p30 (302) Even when you get your realisation you are sometimes in a growing stage up to a point. Like you’re nourished by the Mother Earth all the time, but you’re not aware of it. In the same way the womb of Sahaja Yoga nourishes you to grow into beautiful human beings. Still you have to come up to a point when it has to click in such a way that you start feeling the awareness of that unbounding love. In the small children it clicks very fast because they’re so innocent and uncomplicated and in some people also I’ve seen it click very fast – as soon as they get their realisation. Feel the awareness of that unbounding love. V4.19.Jan84.p38

Some Sahaja Yogis I’ve known have been boasting that, ‘I’m the one who is going to establish Sahaja Yoga here and I’m this and I’m that. I’m a separate person and Mother is specially selecting me.’ Anyone who thinks like that is no more a Sahaja Yogi. It’s like he’s holding on to a tree and thinking that by holding on to one leaf he is going to dominate the whole tree. Such a person will just have that little leaf in his hand which will also die out after some time. You have to run in the way of the roots, of the branches, of the leaves, of the flowers and of the fruits. You have to be the essence of the tree that nourishes and not just the outward leaves with wrong ideas about yourself. And the people, with superego, who are limited by their small personal problems, also must know that they will have the same fate in Sahaja Yoga. Put the problems of the tree always ahead of the problems of the leaf. V4.19.Jan84

(304) But if you have a problem, you see that ‘it must be some lesson for me. That is to teach me some experience.’ It is the manifestation of the Deity itself. For example, a lady feels she is going to have an abortion. Take no position; So, one person who is not yet in Samadhi Avas or conditioned will say, ‘ Oh God, I such a Sahaja Yogi, I went all the way to Pulborough thing and despite that, see, this is the problem.’ But another would say, ‘alright let me try. I’ll go and tell Mother’ (on the photograph, or maybe telephone, or something), and he will find to his surprise that it’s all done, it’s perfectly alright. This is only possible if you are a realised soul. V4.19.Jan84.p41

(305) The level of Sahaja Yoga has to come up, go higher. But Sahaja Yoga is such a cosmopolitan thing that we have got the worst Bhoots to the highest, on the same plate. (303)

Now, some of them are round ones, which are the ego-oriented ones who roll all the time. We don’t know how to raise the plate. If you raise the plate, they’ll roll down. So you are frightened you’ll have to hold them. And there are some who are square ones are carrying other square ones on their head, like bhoots, so if you raise them, they may all topple down, or maybe the bhoots might fall off, God knows. But there are a third type who are prisms, more like pyramids, who are nicely settled down, whatever level you raise them they are stuck there. V4.19.Jan84 (306) Ego and superego. Man is still in a transitional stage, little more he has to jump and he becomes that for which he has been created. Human brain and heart are the most evolved things. Human heart also has to be correlated with the brain. From our stomachs fat rises into our brains passing through all the centres, evolving to be the cells of the brain. The fact, to become the brain, has to evolve, i.e. to achieve certain amount of changes of human awareness. Human brain has a dimension, which animals do not have, a mental or emotional dimension, with which we understand love. We understand how to receive and how to reciprocate. We understand beauty and poetry; and we also understand how to create these. Brain is triangular and prismatic in nature. When the rays of God’s Divine power flow in, they get refracted into different angles, and by the principle of a parallelogram of forces, a part of the power escapes to left side and a part to right side. Therefore man can think of past and future, but animals can’t. V5.19.Sept.81.p4

Every activity has a reaction. If you say ‘No’ to something, the reaction is ego. If you accept something, the reaction is superego. V5.Sept81.p4

(308) Ego and superego completely cover fontanel bone and separate you from all pervading power, giving you freedom to act as you like, to use your brain as you like to learn; because if the evolution has to go any further, you have to try. So whatever God has done is for your good. He has not given you ego and superego to get spoiled and finished. You must have ego and do not fight with it. Your ego should become one with that of God. Once you are awakened, once your light has come, then you can do it. V5.Sept81.p4

(307) In the transitional period it is necessary to protect the brain carefully and make it independent of God’s will, and make it used by itself so that it develops another dimension of wisdom. For this purpose the system of ego and superego has been created which is the by-product or reaction of human activities.

(309) It is an erratic and funny heart which swells up in ego. And whatever one may talk, this is another reading people have, that whatever you tell them, that time, seriously they listen to you, and second moment it has no effect on them. So, this is another thing we should see, that if it is within us, let us understand that what we lack is disciplining. And that disciplining has to come, otherwise our calibre cannot improve. V5.26 Mar.85.p6

Then you realise that you are working for that great power of God which is His Divine Love, which is all pervading, which is doing all living work – and you have become part and parcel of it. V5.26 Mar.85.p25 (310) You know, people ask me; how is it these people who are so affluent are so miserly? Why are they so miserly? People can’t understand you know. For one ‘p’, if it is dearer, the whole England would be ablaze, you see. All the time – what you hear is nothing else – that so much percentage rise in this thing and that, and they are going for a strike for this. I can’t understand how you keep account of all that. If somebody asks me what is the price of this sugar here and there, I wouldn’t know, but I would just know it is cheaper than the other place. Because I am innocent I get things absolutely cheapest, always. I have seen that, I always get things cheapest. Because I am so innocent. V5.26 Mar.85.p16 (312) Because you are so involved with your different roles, you are playing into the hands of negative forces. They are not less than any atomic bombs built within yourselves. Now what is the way it works out? I think people don’t realise it’s a very subtle method. Let’s see, the bomb, hydrogen bomb, what do we do with that? They will separate something which should not be separated. We break atom, which is not divisible, into its divisible parts, so we put a pressure to break them and when that break for – that’s aggression, I would say, is worked out, that becomes another destructive force. So whatever effort we have put in multiplies – it’s not the same force – and that we use for destruction. I mean, this only human beings can do, to create things to destroy ourselves. But this force which works within our minds, within ourselves, within our being, where we actually really hate ourselves – sometimes I feel, the way we are destroying ourselves. This force we build within ourselves, thanks to many nonsense writers and conditioners and people who talk of conditioning, really condition you much worse. This is the way we are going to destroy ourselves. No other way. And to fight it one has to bring in that light of the Spirit which integrates. V5.26 Mar.85 (313) Darkness always disintegrates. For example, there is complete darkness, alright? I can’t feel you, I don’t know who you are, where you are sitting, we are also separated, I don’t know where is the window, where is the door. I will hold this and say, ‘This is the truth’. Disintegrated personalities always see aberrations, different things, different auras. Not it’s a very vicious circle that we try to think about it, which is limited. The more you think about it, the worse it becomes. Another way could be, people may try to solve this problem; to think that we are disintegrated is to talk of big things: - ‘We are all brothers and sisters, let’s form UN Council, let’s do world organisation’, will end

(311) So, when nobody is the other, then where is the compassion? Because, supposing this finger is paining, and if I try to rub it, am I doing any compassion to this finger? – because it is a part and parcel of Me. So, the difference between the reality and the concept is this: that with the concept we develop egos or we develop another system by which we feel obliged or anything, but with reality you just do it, it just works. You start speaking in the third person. Like you say, ‘It does not work out’, ‘It works out’. What is this ‘It’ that is working it out?

up at most as labour department. That’s all. With all these institutions working in the big name, where are we? Actually, when we become aware we don’t need them at all. So this awareness is nothing but is the light of the Spirit within you which is missing. V5.26 Mar.85.p31 (314) So these forces of Ekadasha are built within us of negativity, when we go to the extremes of negativity. So in the Kundalini shastra (science) we can say that the left side and right side when used too much, you build up these forces in the head, of eleven Rudras, of eleven destructive forces. A cancer patient develops it, but even before developing cancer, people can develop it and there are so many things that can create this, that sometimes one would feel in this vicious circle that – how are you going to patch up the whole sky? And there’s only one thing that will save the situation – is Selfrealisation. All other things are destroying, are absolutely confusing. But there is only one thing if you can do it, save the whole. Like putting on the light, finished. But people don’t understand the importance of Self-realisation. V5.26 Mar.85.p32

(316) God wants you to enjoy His creation, as the citizens of His realm and the kingdom of His Grace. Do we go to see someone who is highly placed with a morose face, do we? That day we will specially brush our hair, make our hair into a beautiful thing, make our face nice, dress up well to look that we are well, but that’s outside. Inside if we just feel, ‘How kind He is, how He has worked out meticulously this blissful life of a human being’. I mean, think how much He’s done for us. Instead of that, if you are all the time going to say, ‘I am very unhappy in life’. I mean, think of someone who does everything for you, and you just come back saying, ‘Oh, I am a very unhappy person’. What is He going to feel about it? No gratitude. Count your blessings one by one. V5.26 Mar.85.p33

(315) And how are we to be saved? Is weeping the only solution? The one and only method that we have, which has already been told and prescribed and has been prophesised – nobody teach it. See, now in the Bible, ‘You have to be born again, Christ is to be born in your heart’. But it is not the Christ of the Bible you have to find but Christ of today must be born in your heart. It is my job to give you Realisation, but it is your job to clear yourself out and make a beautiful soft hammock – a nest – for Him to be born in your heart. V5.26 Mar.85. & Chelsham Rd 81

(317) How much God has done for you. I mean, none of the animals were that comfortable, as you are, they don’t know the idea of comfort, I mean, they’ve never had even chairs to sit down. It’s easy to say, ‘Nice to be like animals’ but just go and see the way they live, poor things. You know, even the King of the forest, how he lives, one should go and see. But he’s happy; he’s full of joy. Oh, he has to kill an animal, he’ll kill it, with his dignity, eat one or two days, finished. Then he lives for ten days without food. Whenever he feels hungry, he goes. He’s not bothered. He doesn’t feel guilty for killing anybody, he’s hungry, he has to eat, he eats, finished. But human beings are, they will eat someone without the need, and then feel guilty. This is the problem. He has made you in His own image. He had done everything beautifully. After realisation you start understanding your Self and

enjoying your Self as you enjoy others. The fragrance of others you start enjoying. Self-realisation is the only way you can get the light in Enlightenment. V5.26 Mar.85.p33 (318) Everybody talks of Enlightenment. Enlightenment for some people is that you start jumping. Is it enlightenment to be abnormal like that? Or take out your clothes? I mean, just think, how does it go into their brains? I can’t understand. That doing all these nonsensical things, how can that be enlightenment? Or taking to alcohols, drinking or drugs, or anything, how can it give your enlightenment? Has it given to any so far? It might be some sort of funny, strange experience you might get, but not enlightenment. In Enlightenment you get integrated, you see your way through; you know where you are standing and how you are moving in relationship to others. So the illogical method, I would say, unwise method, the way we deal with life, becomes a kind of possession, and we are possessed by that negative force which is eating off us. And we go on living with that idea, that we are miserable people, or we are unhappy, enjoying that idea that we are helpless. I mean, I have seen people sitting on the streets discussing, ‘Oh thank God, there are going to be eight stars coming in and we will all be destroyed!’ I mean, just imagine! V5.26 Mar.85.p33 (319) But we have to think about the one who has created us. Is He waiting for your destruction? Will He be happy with that? How much are we co-operating with Him? With what care and love He’s created us, with what hopes, whatever it is. What does He want to do for us, that we are sitting down feeling guilty? And now I have to tell you openly, that it has come to you through other vehicles, apart from the psychologists, psychoanalysts. Psychoanalysts! The other day we had a girl. She came to see me and she said, ‘The psychologists, the made me mad’. I said, ‘Why?’ ‘They said I have a bad relationship with my father, bad relationship with every third person. I don’t have. I have absolutely pure relationship. They tried to put that idea into my head that there’s something abnormal or pathological about me, which I am not. And they are making my brother’s relationship with me also funny by telling him that I have bad relations with him’.

This is it. She hit at the point of pure love. Disintegrate. You can’t have a good relationship with your own mother, father, sister, brother, nobody, because you cannot love except that you are sex point, you just have relationship of sex. Even animals have better relationships than we have if you have to accept these psychologists, taking money, putting nonsensical ideas into your heads. I will face them later on. V5.26 Mar.85.p6 (320) Psychologists have put ideas into your heads that you are a person who has no purity. That you are a sinner, you are a damned person, and any person you look upon, you have only sex relationship, nothing else. I mean, are we sex points? With all the evolution god has made into a sex point – that’s what we have done to ourselves. Reducing ourselves to that point only. He has created you in your own glory, and in your own dignity. He’s not created you to be only wasted like this. V5.26 Mar.85.p6

(321) Many people don’t believe in Christ. ‘We don’t believe in Christ’. You don’t believe in Christ, but under what circumstances? Why? Why don’t you believe in Christ? ‘Because we don’t think he existed. How can it be possible? We don’t believe in Moses, we don’t believe in anyone.’ Alright. Do you believe in yourself? Perhaps that is missing, because the Self is not there. If you know your Self, you will believe in them. Because when the Kundalini rises, at this point, you will be amazed, at this point, whether you believe in Christ or not, the Agnya chakra, where you see the crossing of it, you have to say the Lord’s Prayer. You have to take the name of Christ; otherwise your Kundalini doesn’t rise. V5.26 Mar.85.p35 (322)

God exists. He is active, He is the truth, He does everything for us. It works in all details, in small details also. Now Sahaja Yogis have seen the miracles of Sahaja Yoga. They cannot explain. You cannot explain also. When you become realised you are surprised how you are helped, how you meet people, how you get to things, how things work out so smoothly, you just can’t imagine. Even to the smallest detail it can work out beautifully. But you have to establish yourself in the Kingdom of God. Not with these fanatical ideas, like you go to the Catholic church and they say, ‘now you must confess’. I don’t know where did they get this idea. I don’t think Christ would ever have said that you better go and confess to these priests who are not even realised souls. What are they going to do by confession? And then the answer came to me from a priest, a nice man; he is a realised soul now. He told me, ‘the reason is, in the bible, it is written that whatever is corrected on this earth will be corrected in heaven, that’s why you better correct it by talking to the priest.’ Now by any logical means, do you think this priest can correct you, telling them anything? Whatever is to be corrected on this earth is your Kundalini and your chakras. V5.26 Mar.85.p36 (323) The language of the Bible has been extremely guarded, especially the Old Testament. It was a security measure. Like the tree of life is nothing but the Kundalini which is enlightened. Absolutely it is that, it looks like that, like a tree. They were describing about Moses and this was the tree of life they said. And my grandchildren said, ‘See the Kundalini’. You can see in Sahaja Yoga what is changed, what is wrong, what is falsehood; you can see all these things. So to disintegrate you, these things are again created in the name of religion – so-called. I mean, these people are here for God or for making you feel guilty? Like, say, Jews think that Christ was not a saviour; they are still waiting for two thousand years. It’s not true. He is the one. Without Him you cannot raise the Kundalini. One should understand that He is the Mahavishnu described. Christ and Moses are one. V5.26 Mar.85.p36 (324) So religion is another way to disintegrate you. You hate each other, fundamentalists fighting. For what? Fundamental differences you know.

Can you just imagine what is the fundamental of these religions. Is the Spirit, isn’t it? Is there difference between the Spirit of one and another? Fundamentals are: ‘That God is one. He has created us.’ And what are you fighting about? Fundamental difference – where there exists no difference at all. So we have psychologists, we have religious leaders teaching us how to fight and hate God, and you, and fellow beings, in the name of God. This is another disintegrating thing that sets into us. So, you people who are thinking should understand that, ‘Anything that creates such limitations within us, any kind of fanaticism, is dangerous, not only you, but to the whole society, and, if you support even this much, you are supporting that destruction.’ With Sahaja Yoga we can establish this – that anybody who is a fanatic has a problem, suffers from many diseases which normal people don’t. V5.26 Mar.85.p36

(325) Then there are another type of people who say that, ‘Alright, we don’t believe in God, because how can God create this fanaticism?’ How can you blame God for fanaticism? I just can’t understand. He never created it. Actually he never created any difference between people, just a variety, just to make it look beautiful, that’s all. He didn’t create England separately, this separately, to that extent, the way you think. But He created them because they are different organs of the body of God. Do we take out an eye and say, ‘this is any eye so I do not have anything to do with it’ Can we? It is like that! It’s simple as that, it’s so simple! The truth is so simple, and so starkly before you. That we are doing all these things - fighting, quarrelling all the time, within ourselves and without. V5.26 Mar.85.p37

(326) Now for that, Self Realisation, God has placed this wonderful thing, Kundalini, within us, very beautifully in the best possible position. It could not be better anywhere. To create this happening within us, in our awareness, the Kundalini has to rise to give us realisation.

Now, people ask questions to God also, can be they say, ‘Why did he do it? Why didn’t he make us wise to begin with?’ There are many like that. ‘He should have made us wise, just from monkeys dipped into some wisdom powder and pushed us out as ‘wise people living in the Kingdom of God.’ Why didn’t He do it in our evolution, why did He make us so stupid? One can say to God, you see, why did He create these problems? But who are we to ask Him questions? He does what He likes. V5.26 Mar.85.p37

So, there are only two types of people one sees: some who are being victims, and some who are victimising. So, to have balance in the centre, to stand in the centre, God has created this little time where you to just learn how to weigh your freedom. He gave you freedom to know and this freedom has crated all the problems you face, not God. God has not created any problems for you. No. He wanted to make a very smooth ascent. He has made your machine so beautifully. V5.26 Mar.85.p36

(327) But there is a reason. If you have to enter that complete freedom you must know how to be free. If you are just abandoned people, you have no sense of freedom, you don’t know how to be choosy about the good and the bad and you do not understand the value of your own wisdom, and if you are put in charge…. imagine some mad people put in charge of the government, what will happen?! So you have to grow up to that point, to feel your freedom, that in your freedom you are righteous, in that freedom you are kind, in that freedom you are absolutely balanced. And when that happens to you, then only the higher freedom is given to you, because that is completely free. And once that higher freedom comes into you, then you can feel the responsibility. The responsibility to be responsible for your freedom. To put this beautiful responsibility on to you, you have to know how to use your freedom. V5.26 Mar.85.p37 (328) Know how to use your freedom. This is the only transition which has led all of us into this feeling guilty business or this aggression, can you imagine? If you could have waited for a while, without feeling so sick, I mean, sometimes I feel the people are going for a funeral, the way they look miserable. The rest are busy creating such people.

(329) Despite all the problems of having to weigh your freedom, you do get your Realisation, no doubt. But, because of your habits, you may run down again into it, again you may have ascent, again go down. It happens with some people, doesn’t matter. But, if you are steady, it is going to work out. It has to work out. God has to save His creation. He has to do it. Only thing, how many are going to co-operate and take advantage of His compassion is to be seen. That is the most important thing, how many are going to be wise, to see to their own advantage, to their own ascent? Is the only choice. V5.26 Mar.85.p37

(330) Are you one of those Sahaja Yogis doing Sahaja Yoga at your own convenience, by the way, when you get the time? People arriving at different times for Sahasrara Day. I was amazed. It’s typical Western mind. ‘By the way’ Sahaja Yoga is to be done, mostly ‘by the way’. It should be convenient. It should be a weekend when, ‘just by the way’ for a holiday we can go to Vienna. There, of course ‘by the way’, we’ll be enjoying the blessings.

No sacrifice can be done for God. Not time, they have no time. Everything is ‘by the way’. It’s rather amazing, for war people give up their lives, for destruction they work hard, day and night, but for construction of humanity, for the ultimate goal of Divinity, in the West, how many are there who really surrender? If it suits them we’ll be there. This is Sahaja style. There are still many who take that kind of an attitude towards Sahaja Yoga. It is sometimes surprising for me. V5.26 Mar.85.p37 (331) So, you become the compassion. This is the point, is to be seen when we talk of the 4th dimension, we talk of ‘the beyond’. And when we talk of the beyond, we have to project our mind, to see what we expect ourselves to be when we become something of the beyond. Are you going to be the same mean, aggressive, complicated human being? Or are we going to be something like a saint? So, this projection is to be brought into the minds of the doctors. Unless and until they project their mind to that extent to see if we have to be at a higher position, we have to accept that we have to be better people. Now Sahaja Yoga is the synthesis of all the three powers that are within us: The first is the physical power. The second is the emotional power. The third is the evolutionary power. You become the synthesis of all three powers. It’s not the analysis, but medical science is the analysis. V5.26 Mar.85.p40 (332) You are the synthesis. But medical science is the analysis. So, it just analyses physical side, goes on analysing, so that you have one doctor for one eye and another doctor for the other eye. But a doctor has to understand that there is no solution for many problems that we have. So they have to raise their eyes higher to see that there must be something missing that we have to look for. Of course, medical science is very important because once you get your realisation, even you may not be a doctor and you become an established Sahaja Yogi, you can cure people. But with medical

science you can prove that it has been cured. So medical science also has its purpose. And the basis of medical science, that is the compassion, is now expressed through the human being who now becomes the embodiment of compassion. It’s not poetry, it’s not some sort of abstract thing, but is the happening of evolution that has to take place, and this is the last breakthrough about which many people – scientists, also doctors, we can say psychologists – have talked about; though they are not taken seriously. V5.26 Mar.85.p40 (333) So now there is time for us to think seriously about it, and to know that we are not only this body, mind and ego, but we are something beyond. That is the 4th dimension. And what are we there? We are the ‘auto’ and the auto is called as Self. Unless and until you project your mind higher, and do not get contented with what discoveries you have made on a physical, gross level, you cannot see the point of Sahaja Yoga. And what is there to argue about when Sahaja Yoga is curing people? Why do you argue? Why don’t you see how it is curing? Supposing a doctor is practising and people go and argue with him, ‘How do you cure?’ He will tell them, ‘What do you mean, I’m not supposed to tell that, but I do cure’. Now you have a certificate, say, from a medical college, so you think you are a doctor. But supposing somebody has a certificate from the Divine itself, then why not see? Why not keep your eyes open? Why not be a research student in Sahaja Yoga also, and see for yourself that you really achieve that state, you have to become that state. V5.26 Mar.85.p40 (334) One should not be too attached to the body. As it is we have too many wrestlers and bowers. Now what we need are saints. Not physically over-healthy people who will try to boss over others, but people who are saints, who help - without charging any money, without any aggression, out of compassion – endlessly, those who are suffering. But there is another barrier, which must be told very frankly. That when you become a Sahaja Yogi, the vital forces of a new dimension start pouring, effortlessly, and you do not charge any money for that. You enjoy your own compassion. Compassion is the

basis of medical science, so that state, maybe doctors may not like to have, but there are many, many people who cannot be cured by Sahaja Yoga, and they can come to doctors, so doctors should have no fear about it. How many people can be helped by Sahaja Yoga cannot be said, but those who come to Sahaja Yoga can be helped. So it should be at least accepted as a higher type of redemption, or a curing power which must be accepted. And those who can be cured must be given a chance. And there should be no barrier about it. V5.26 Mar.85.p41 (335) Now, the Spirit is expressed in the heart, is reflected in the heart. (The centre of the Spirit, we can say, is in the heart.) But actually, the seat of the Spirit is above here, above the head, and that is the Spirit of what we call God Almighty, say, whom you call Parvardigar, you call Him Sadashiva, or you can call Him the Rahim, and you can call Him many names which are said about the Lord who is God Almighty. Niranjan, they call him Nirankar, every sort of words which start with Nir, Nihi. Now at every centre of the body you receive a different type of Joy. Every centre has a different type of Joy and there are names for every type of Joy you receive at every centre when the Kundalini rises. But when the Kundalini comes into the Sahasrara, then the Joy receive is called Niranand. Niranand. The Ni means nothing else but AnandJoy – Niranand. Also my name is Neera – also means Mary, Marium, because it means marine, Neera is water, Neer means water in Sanskrit langue. It’s called Niranand in the Brain. V3.15 May.83.p4

then this unfoldment in the brain takes some time. So, we start reading books and, though people have told that – for seeing the vibrations and then read the books, still we will say, ‘Oh, what’s wrong? We should read other books.’ You go down on sake and ladder, as I have said. That is one of the snakes. We think that, ‘What’s the need to do meditation? I have no time’, this thing, that thing. You do not progress. V3.15 May.83.p5 (337) (……) If you don’t like to be in Sahaja Yoga, it’s better you go away. If you are trying to play tricks and games, you suffer and look funny and strange, then people will say, ‘What’s wrong with Sahaja Yoga?’’ so we will unnecessarily suffer because we cannot show you in the mirror, that this man has been very, very disloyal. So, first of all it will bring a bad name to us all and, secondly, you will be harmed, then also we will have a bad name. But if you are honest about Sahaja Yoga, and about your seeking, you don’t know how much God looks after you. Anybody who tries to do any harm to you will be very badly harmed and removed from your path. God protects you out and out and He looks after you with complete attention and care, and He is so loving that description of His compassion cannot be given in words, but can be only felt and understood.But after realisation, those people who are of great valour and strength ascend so fast that all the problems of the stars, your Nakashatras (Birth-stars), constellations, everything, disappears and you become a Sahaja Yogi, means newly born, absolutely a different personality. It has nothing to do from where you have come, like an egg becoming a beautiful bird. V3.15 May.83.p7 (338) So, the Kundalini when it arrived here, the first hurdle the Kundalini has to enter the Sahasrara is ‘Ekadasha Rudra’. These are 11 Shaktis, 11 destroying Shaktis, placed here: five on this side, five on the other side and one in the centre. These are obstructions within us, built by two types of sin we commit. If we bow our heads to wrong type of gurus and submit ourselves to the vicious ways, then we develop Rudra problems on the right-hand side, these five go out (left). If you have bowed down – because I’ve never bowed to anybody wrong – to someone who is a wrong type of person and who is anti-God, then the problems comes on this side of the thing, on the right side. If you have the sense that, ‘I can look after myself, I am my own guru, who can teach me, I don’t want to listen to anybody and I don’t believe in God, who is God, I just don’t care for God’ – all such feelings, then your right

(336) Now, what do we do when we get our vibrations? We have different, different reactions. Some people do not understand the value of vibrations. Some people try to learn what it means. And some people suddenly think, oh, now they are realised souls they can go on giving realisations, this and that. They go on a ride of an ego trip. When they go on a ride of an ego trip, they find that they have failed and they have then to come back, from the very beginning they start. It is like the game of ‘Snake and Ladder’. So, reaction to vibrations should be very humble, receptive reaction. Now, on the gross level, as I have told you, that the brains I one which holds the Father in it. So, if we commit any sins against the Father,

side doesn’t catch, but your left side catches. Because right side moves this side and the left this side. So, these 10 things and one is Virata Vishnu, because also in the stomach we have got 10 Guru Sthanas (places), and one that is of Vishnu. So, the seeking is also wrong, as well as these 10 Gurus are out. Then you develop the Ekadasha Rudra. V3.15 May.83.p7 (339) Now, those who think, ‘I’m better than anybody else. I don’t care for God, I don’t want God, I have nothing to do’, all such people develop a left-side Ekadasha, and left-side Ekadasha is extremely dangerous too, because such people develop the problems of the right-side – heart attacks, physically, I’m saying, and all other problems of the right side. So, one of the greatest hurdles of Kundalini entering into Sahasrara is this Ekadasha-Rudra, which comes from the Void and which covers the Medha (is the plate of the brain), and that is how it cannot enter into the limbic area. Even those who have been to wrong gurus, if they have reached the right conclusion and surrendered themselves to Sahaja Yoga, accepting their mistakes and saying that, ‘I am my own Guru’, they can be cured. And those who have been speaking that, ‘I am above all, I don’t believe in God. Who is God? I don’t believe in any prophets or anything’ – anything against God or the prophets is the same – anti-God person talks like that develops the problems, gets alright if he humbles down himself and accepts Sahaja Yoga as the only way of entering into superconsciousness. I’ve seen Tantrikas and people who have done all kinds of wrong things be saved. But it is difficult to convince anyone that whatever they have been doing wrong and they should come to the right path. V3.15 May.83.p7 (340) So, a star came to play its part with Pluto, and this star is the one which has brought cancer-disease because, Pluto is the one that cures cancer, or all such diseases which are incurable. (Mother said later, ‘like AIDS’ which can be cured by Pluto) So, those people who just go headlong into wrong path suffer from funny type of heart troubles, palpitations, insomnia, vomiting, giddiness, all sorts of, we can say, irrelevant talking. It is a very serious thing to go to a wrong guru and bow to him. Sahasrara becomes a closed area for such a person. The person who are against Sahaja Yoga have a very strong Sahasrara, like a nut, in the sense that it is such a strong shell that you just cannot break it – the strong shell, like a thick nut – even if you want to use a hammer, you cannot break it.

V3.15 May.83.p8 (341) Today the time has come that you have to recognise Sahaja Yoga; you have to. You did not recognise any saint, any prophets, anyone, any incarnation, but today, the condition is that you have to recognise one. If you do not recognise it, your Sahasrara cannot be opened because this is the time when the Sahasrara was opened and you have to have your realisation. It is very important thing that, that you have to recognise Sahaja Yoga. There are so many people who say, ‘Mother, why to believe in Sahaja Yoga this way? We can just call you Mother, you could be my Mother’ Alright, doesn’t matter, but you can’t get your realisation and, even if you get it, you cannot retain it. You have to recognise; RECOGNITION is the only worship of Sahaja Yoga. Recognition is the only worship when you want to know God in Sahaja Yoga. All other Ganas, Devatas, Deities, Shaktis are one, in unison in Sahaja Yoga. And anyone who does not recognise Sahaja Yoga, they are just not bothered about you, what sort of a person you are. V3.15 May.83.p8 (342) So, Sahasrara takes charge that it makes you recognise, it convinces you, it proves to you that if you are not recognising Sahaja Yoga you cannot get your realisation. But those who recognise, also recognise partly, they take liberties; behave in a funny manner, without understanding that who is this ‘Person’ who is here. I’ve seen many a times, I’m talking, people are just putting their hand up, raising Kundalini, they are just talking, chit-chatting – I’m surprised. Because, if you have recognised, then you should know whom you are facing, because it is not for My good; I’m not going to lose anything, but only you, in your ascent have not recognised. And the way some people monopolise Me also, is absolutely wrong. There’s no need to monopolise Me; nobody can monopolise Me. There are some people who say that, ‘Mother must have misunderstood’. I never misunderstand, there is no question. Or some people try to tell me, ‘do this, do that’, that also is not necessary. Try to open yourself to this protocol which is very important in Sahaja Yoga, which I have told for this first time today, that you must try to recognise in a full way. And if you do not recognise, I’m sorry, I cannot give you the realisation

which will sustain – and it may start, but it will not sustain. V3.15 May.83.p9 (343) Now, the essence of Sahasrara is integration. In Sahasrara all the Chakras are there, so all the Deities get integrated and you can feel their integration. That means, when you get your Kundalini in Sahasrara, your mental, emotion and spiritual – everything – being becomes one. Your physical being also merges with it, then you have no problems as to, ‘Yes I love you Mother, but I’m sorry I have to steal this money’; ‘Yes, I know, I recognise Mother, She is great, but I can’t help I have to tell Her lies’ or ‘I have to do this wrong thing because after all I cannot help it.’ There is no compromise with Me. It has to be completely integrated. Your Dharma should be corrected. You cannot do anything wrong and then say, ‘I’m a Sahaja Yogi’. YOU CANNOT. V3.15 May.83.p9

So, this is what it is – simple, that you are integrated. By integration you get the power to do what you understand, and you have the power to feel happy with what you understand. So, you come to a state where you develop this Niranand. And this Niranand you develop when you are absolutely the Spirit. In Niranand state there’s no duality left – is Advaita (without duality), is one personality. That is you are completely integrated and the joy is not anymore dented, it’s complete. It hasn’t got a happiness and a sorrow aspect, but is just Joy. The Joy is not that you laugh loud; the Joy is not that you are always smiling. No, is the stillness, the quietude within your Self, the peace of your being, of your Spirit, that asserts itself into vibrations which you feel, that when you feel that peace, you feel like the light of the sun, the whole rays of that beauty spreading. V3.15 May.83.p10 (346) But, first of all we are cowed down by our own personal, selfish, stupid ideas. THROW THEM AWAY. We have them because we were insecure; because we have wrong ideas, throw them away. Just stand alone ONE WITH GOD and you will find all these fears were useless. Our cleansing is very important, and that cleansing comes only when you really practise the cleansing as told in Sahaja Yoga. The Sahasrara is the blessing of the heavens, I should say. It has worked out so well. It is very difficult to break the Sahasrara, and when I really broke it, I did not know that it would be so successful. First I thought, it is still premature because there are so many Rakshasas (Demons) still on the street selling their goods, and there are many fanatics who are calling themselves by the so-called religions they are following, not the real religions of the Atma. But gradually it has taken its roots. Now let this truth take its roots within yourself through your Sahasrara and, once this truth becomes absolutely the light that guides you, the light that nourishes you, the light that enlightens you and gives you a personality that has the light, then only you should know that your Sahasrara is completely enlightened by your Spirit. Your face should be such that people should know that there is a personality standing before you who is the light. This is how Sahasrara is to be looked after. V3.15 May.83.p10 (347) For looking after Sahasrara is important that you should try to cover your head during wintertime. It is better to cover your head so there’s

(344) But, for this, strength comes from within; your Spirit strengthens you. You must just put in your will power that, ‘Yes, Let my Spirit act’, and then you start acting according to the Spirit. Once you start acting according to the Spirit, you find you have no slavery of anything. You become Samartha, means ‘equal to your meaning’ - Sam+Artha; also Samartha means ‘powerful personality’. So you develop that powerful personality which has no temptations, which has no wrong ideas, which has no catches, no problems. Swarthi (selfish) people trying to play tricks are really harming themselves, not Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is going to be established. Even if there are only ten people in the boat, God is not bothered. It is only My botheration as a Mother. As a mother, I want many people to come up in the boat, but don’t try to jump back by doing dishonest things. V3.15 May.83.p9


no freezing of the brain, because the brain is also made of Medha, means fat, so it should not be frozen. Moreover, you should not take too much heat on your brain. To keep your brain alright you should not sit in the sun all the time as some of the Westerners do. Then your brain melts and you become a crazy person – is a sign that a person is going out for madness – is something which I have told you many a times, that you do not take too much heat on your head. Even if you are sitting in the sun, keep your head covered – is very important – but occasionally, not all the time, because you put a very heavy band around your head then the circulation becomes poor and you may have trouble with bad circulation. So, it is an occasional opening of the head to the sun and the moon occasionally. Otherwise you will sit in the moon and land up in the lunatic asylum. Anything I tell you, you must know that in Sahaja Yoga we have not to go to anything Ati (extreme). V3.15 May.83.p10 (348) Do not go to extremes. Even sitting in the water, some people will sit for three hours. I’ve never said so. Only for ten minutes you have to sit, but that with a full heart. If I tell them anything, they will go on doing it for 4 hours; there is no need. Do it for 10 minutes. Give your body different – different types of treatment, not all the time the same thing. The body gets bored or absolutely over-burdened. Now, if you tell somebody, this is your mantra, alright, is it to be used until you get rid of your chakra – finished? Suppose some screw is to be put here, alright, what you do, you put the screw to get fixity, you do not go on screwing even when it is fixed. Are you going to screw more and more so the whole thing gets spoiled? It is better that you use wisdom. And for this wisdom we must know that Shri Ganesha or Jesus Christ, who are placed on both the sides – Here is MahaGanesha (back Agnya), here is Jesus (front Agnya). Both of them help you to correct your vision, understanding and give you wisdom. V3.15 May.83.p10

And if you could do it genuinely and honestly, not worry too much about your money and your family and other mundane things, just don’t worry about it, you don’t have to worry just give a bandhan. If it does not work out, doesn’t work out, finished. What’s that wrong? If it works out, well and good. (It’s) Not that your desire is important but ‘Thy will be done’. First you say, ‘Thy will be done’ – it is so surprising that your wills change and whatever you say is done. But when this also comes up, people develop an ego, so be careful. It’s all done by the Shakti and not by you, by your Atma and not by you. You have to be the Atma and once you become the Atma you become into Akarm (beyond good and bad deeds) where you don’t know that you are doing it, it just works out. You don’t feel, you are not aware. V3.15 May.83.p11 (350) I wish after all these lectures, most of your Chakras have been opened, but this is all My work. You have also to do some homework and you have also to work and see for yourself. Be alert. Try to face yourself in the mirror and see for yourself how far honest you have been, how far clean you have been, how much friend you have been in collectivity – which is a very important point in Sahaja Yoga. If you are not collective, if you are funny, if you are strange, if you cannot communicate with others, there’s something wrong. And then you should face yourself as you are and try to correct you because you separate you from yourself. Like I separate my sari from myself and try to clean it, in the same way, you separate you from yourself and try to clean it. This is the way Sahaja Yogis are going to ascend. V3.15 May.83.p11

(349) Now what happens actually that you get stuck with one thing, that is your Atma (Spirit) and the whole of your being floats like a Ratang (kite) does, or a kite that floats, goes all over the places, everything, but you are stuck to only one thing that is your Spirit.

(351) When the Sahaja Yogis will ascend, the rest of the thing will also ascend. Many Sahaja Yogis of this kind will impress so many people that they will also ascend, so the whole thing can ascend very fast. But you people who are rising higher should try to rise higher without being aware of it – that’s very important.

Those who think that others are higher than them are also sadly mistaken, because that’s not so, because it is the whole that is rising. Nobody should feel that way inferior or in any way low or feel insulted that somebody thinks him low. Let somebody think, doesn’t matter, Divine doesn’t think so. So all these little things you should be careful about, and otherwise very easy in this Kritayuga to achieve the ultimate goal of Atma Sakshatkar (Self Realisation) V3.15 May.83.p11

Let love flow from your hearts. Love is unlimited. Your attention is on material things and you are talking about eternity. Your attention should merge in eternity so that you will have eternal life. V3.15 May.83.p12

(352) Man wants peace, wealth, power, etc, but God is the provider of all these. Why should there not be desire for God? Why should there be no aspiration and ambition to meet the God. We should pray to the God for peace and keep the desire to meet the God who is Peace itself. This should be the difference in satisfaction of a common man and that of a Sahaja Yogi. One should be ready to surrender the very desire to meet God at the God’s holy feet. All attention must be on Him. For that one must have dedication, determination and concentration (tapasvita) and in that all material attachments should be destroyed. What is there in this world to cling to? You must realise the Glory of those feet in which all fades and become peaceful. Only then you will have your glory. V3.15 May.83.p12 (353) Why should one brag of one’s achievements? You must realise that whatever is being done by you, is all God’s power, i.e. the working of the Adi Shakti, and you are only the witnesses to these miracles. For achieving that stage you should pray ‘May our I consciousness fade away, may the truth, that all of us are smaller parts of your being, be assimilated within us so that your Divine Bliss would resonate every particle of our bodies and this life would be filled with beautiful melodies enchanting the whole mankind and would light to the rest of the world.’

(354) You are all officials of God’s Kingdom, then why are you sulking? All Deities are your elder brothers in this Kingdom. They are present in many forms along the path of the Kundalini. You should recognise and attain them. Kundalini is your Mother. Learn to remain always under Her care. Be Her child and She will take you to the Ultimate. Once you attain that from where everything is born you will have the rest very easily. But you are not consistent in the practice of meditation, love and peaceful life, you are talking casually, even to Me, but how eager you are in worldly matters! How you become adamant on having what you want! Why are you not casual in that respect? Do not run away from the reality because I am Mahamaya. Attain Me, I am yours. I am for you. I have given you that which has been beyond the reach of very great sages and saints. How will you use it? You have been given a big asset. Thousands of stars and planets were created with its just one wave. There is great significance in your rebirth! V3.15 May.83.p12 (355) But you have to achieve that; find the meaning of Swa (Self). Sahaja Yogis can do it. It is a big contrivance. I have told you the secrets, but what is to be achieved? Nobody sulks having been benefited. You are unhappy means that you have not been benefited. If you achieve the trick, you will open the gate of Joy and forget yourself while enjoying that Bliss. Nobody becomes happy from worldly matters. I have given you the key to the treasure, which others haven’t got, but you must work to open the door.

You have taken everything casually. You want Mataji to feed you, to wake you up in the morning and make you sit in meditation, to clear you of your anger, hatred, etc. What have you given Me? V3.15 May.83.p13

Get over your inaction to act. You are to be captains. Let God’s melodies be sounded from your flutes. V3.15 May.83.p13

(356) Today is the day of Guru Puja. What Guru Dakshina (gift to the Guru) have you given Me? Understand that your money is not worth the dust on the feet of your Mother Guru. You should give your hearts; only clean and holy hearts. You must clean your physical beings, do not be lazy in that. Make a vow. You must get up in the morning and spent at least one hour on meditation and worshipping. Perform Arti and meditation in the evening. Satan’s disciples work hard at a funeral place. I cannot understand why you are taking everything so casually. Stop all gossiping. Leave all jealousies and quarrels. Time never waits for anyone. Do you want to go empty handed despite having the key to the treasure? V3.15 May.83.p13

(357) Satan’s disciples work hard at a funeral place, if you do not accept God’s Kingdom, Satan’s kingdom will come, and you will have yourself to blame for it. Remember, because you Sahaja Yogis are dear people, you have been selected as officials. If you ignore it, on one hand, you will be deprived of great sense of Joy and, on the other, you will lose your authority due to incomplete knowledge of Sahaja Yoga. Hence, be wise and stand firm. Every movement has a thousand directions. Let your rays spread in different directions. You will do the welfare to the whole world.

(358) Transcend in your feelings about those who have not been realised and blessed and God’s Kingdom will be yours. May you get that auspiciousness. All My efforts are for that. You have been made like temples. Keep it clean. Some of you are enjoying in the ocean of Bliss. My blessings are that all of you should be happy. Your worldly life and satisfaction should be of the same level. Sahaja Yogi’s satisfaction and the circumstances he is in are balanced. Our both legs grow together. If one leg is shorter than the other, you will become lame. I do not want to tell you to lower your circumstances if contentment is less, but Sahaja Yogi’s satisfaction does not depend on circumstances. He is happy in the circumstances that are prevailing. If he is not, then his satisfaction is superficial and not from within. May God grant you eternal place at his feet. V3.15 May.83.p13 (359) The Living Force. Being a living force we should try to find out, are we the living force or a dead one? Living in the world, if we start thinking about comforts, where to live, what to do, we are thinking of the dead. But when we think of a house or an ashram to do some living work, then you are giving life to that place. Now, this is a very subtle thin, which very few people understand, e.g. somebody brings me a photograph of Shri Ganesha and says, ‘Should I worship or not?’ First of all, we have to see if vibrations are coming from it or not. Supposing you take a house. You must see that the house is giving good vibrations. We see the comfort, even if it is good for other people to come in, but we do not see the house from a vibrations point of view. For anything that we do, we have, now, to think in terms of vibratory awareness, which means awareness that is working upon living things.

Once you are realised you have got that living force within you. This is the living force you feel. So, you have to know how to use this living force to keep your body, mind, ego, superego, and everything in the enlightened state by understanding the planning of the Living Force. V3.15 May.83.p14 (360) On the left side, the problem starts from left Swadisthan, because that is the first chakra that starts emitting the negativity within us. Now, left Swadisthan is actually under the control only of Shri Ganesha because Shri Ganesha is the beginning of life, and also the link between life and death. So, Shri Ganesha is the one who gives the balance, the Vivek, the understanding to you, by which you know how far you can go with things. But this left-sided thing can also come from own desire for wrong things, desiring some dead thing. A dead thing is that which cannot move by itself, so the ‘self’ part does not remain in it. The best way to look at all dead things is not to go too far with them. But when we start expanding our dead possessions it is very much bad, then our attention goes to the dead. That is how we move into our subconscious, then over to collective subconscious. Then it moves higher to the left Nabhi and we start becoming crazy about these dead things. Time is a dead thing. It is not a living thing. It has nothing to do with living thing. V3.15 May.83.p14 (361) It’s that you can give and give up. The tags of mundane life are to be cut off. You must understand. It’s a progress of people like slaves tied up to chains; chains of desire, of complacency, chains of lethargy, chains … when I say this I find suddenly the ego coming up automatically. On the contrary, to surrender, to fill up your vessel with the Bliss, the Bliss of Divinity, so that when you go to others you pour on them the beauty and Love of God, it is for you to understand yourself very well and not others. Don’t blame anyone. It’s so precious that no words can describe the greatness of these moments which we are spending together. You have to feel within yourself the assignment that is given to you through your own Spirit, through your own state. No one can give you this assignment.

But lack of faith in yourself cannot give you surrendering powers. Surrender is the opening of the Sahasrara, keeping it completely open so that Nirvikalpa state is established within us. There should be regular progress or improvement, regular progress to the opening. 4 May 1985 Vienna (362) By seeing to the needs of the Spirit you can overcome the left side. You start looking after your Spirit from which, you know, that if your Spirit is happy, you get your vibrations, if it is unhappy, you do not get vibrations. People should overcome their left side by putting their attention away from the dead things. You should watch from the centre when you are on the left side. You do not see what you want to see. Watch from the centre. V3.15 May.83.p15

(363) In Sahaja Yoga some things are prohibited – that nobody should touch anybody’s feet and no Sahaja Yogi should allow anyone to touch his or her feet. This is one of the great Bandhans for all Sahaja Yogis. No one should touch others’ feet and nobody should ask other to touch his or her feet, whatever may be your quality. Those who will touch will lose vibrations and those who will get salutations will also catch on the heart. We are all growing together. We are part and parcel of one personality. Nobody is higher or lower. One who thinks even the slightest like this will go down faster. This is the left side conditioning where people falter very much. So you must have wide desires in Sahaja Yoga – that all of us must help get realisation, say, as many as possible. We should try to improve ourselves, as far as we can improve, and have so many Blessings. V3.15 May.83.p15

(364) Thoughts can come to you from the left side also. Like if you have some bhoots in your head that can give you the thoughts, ‘Oh you are useless and good for nothing’. Now raise your right side and put down the left. Now, why do we do this? Because from your right side you get the Grace and put down the left side. Such people who suffer from the left side should try this one more thing – is that when these ideas come to you, that you are good for nothing, etc., it is better to beat yourself (i.e. your name) with shoes. Go and sing the praise of the Lord and say, ‘I am so happy, I have got everything around me’. V3.15 May.83.p15

(366) If the heart is catching, such people can never progress. The Heart is the source of light; it is the source of Brahma Shakti. Heart is the seat of Atma. If in the heart there is no living force, then how can you progress? You must know what to choose. This is what Sahaja Yoga should make out of you. You should grow mature to that point where you know what to choose. This is growth. Then you do not ask Mother, you do not ask anyone. This development should come to you, that what I do, I should know what I am doing. I should know what is correct, what is not correct I should know how to correct it. I should know ‘I’, here, is the Spirit and not the ego. No more ego exists, no more superego exists. It is the Spirit which guides you. V3.15 May.83.p15 (367) The God is the Enjoyer. You do not enjoy. You can enjoy God and it is the greatest enjoyment to feel what God has created for you. What a beautiful life He has given you in Human awareness by which you can know how much He has loved you, how much he has worked for you. He has brought you to this level, what he has given you, you can give to others and make others happy. If you think like that, immediately both of your sides will be settled, and you yourself will be filled with Divine Vibrations. V3.15 May.83.p15

(365) In the right side, mostly you catch on Swadisthan. This is because you think. This is another kind of thinking that gives you catch at right Swadisthan. Thinking – whether it comes from right or left will first give problem to your liver. The worst comes when both sides are involved. So, one must understand that, in Sahaja Yoga, you are developing that sharp edge, that central point from which you do not deviate to the right or the left, and to balance it you have to watch yourself carefully. If going to the right, come to the left. If going to the left, come to the right. Now, come to the centre, you just separate yourself, you detach yourself all the time. Use this point just to see and guide yourself. Guidance is very different from getting lost. Living force knows how to guide itself. In the same way you will learn to guide yourself, if you have learnt, if you have mastered Sahaja Yoga. V3.15 May.83.p15

(368) Sri Ganesha is the tremendous purifying power, because it cannot be contaminated by anyone. Whatever you may try, it cannot be contaminated.

Only thing is, it may recede back, it may not manifest, but whatever it is, it is in its Absolute Form. If you know how to use it, you can purify everyone. So, the responsibility of Australians, one must understand, is very clear, because they are living in a country which is ruled by Sri Ganesha so, first they have to maintain their purity. Purity of their being. Many people sometimes think that purity is limited to the gross side, that purity of their sex life is sufficient, it is not so. That is why Christ has said, ‘Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes’, meaning your eyes should be clear and – as you know – eyes represent both your ego and your superego so, when He said that about your eyes should be clear, He meant that your thoughts should be clear. V4. 19 Jan.84 (369) Now, what is the generator of your power? We have to go deep into it and see how thoughts are created. The brain of human beings, as you know, is like a pyramid. It’s elevated through a central point in a conical way, it’s the epitome, it’s the Brahmarandra, and when the mind elevates to that stage in human beings it goes into a tremendous change of its reactions to its environment. For example, an animal, if it sees a thing, it doesn’t think about it, there’s no reaction created. But only in human beings this reaction takes place because of its conical brain. We can say that this attention that’s coming in, goes into a parallelogram of forces because we have two types of densities in our brain. There is also refraction and, because of this refraction, this parallelogram of forces acts in such a way that your attention goes out, reacts, and, when it reacts, thought waves start coming in to us. You must have seen a lake. If you drop a stone in a lake, the waves start and they come to the shores of the lake and then it is the shore that gives it another wave that goes back. In the same way, when human beings look at anything, they put attention to it; there is always a reaction that comes to you. V4.19 Jan.84.p3 (370) This is the adulteration, that when you look at things there is nothing to think about – what is there to think? Whatever is, it is; but we think that by thinking we solve the problems. Also, this kind of myth exists among human being that when you look at something, or you think

about something, then you solve the problem. It’s not true; it’s a myth, because thinking is just an empty process of the mind. It’s like a wave passing towards the shore and thinks that it can just engulf it – or dissolve it completely. So the thought is just an empty vessel which carries nothing. It cannot do anything; it cannot bring forth any fruit whatsoever. Sometimes this statement might look very big and you might think, ‘how can that be, Mother? We’ve done so much by thinking, and this and that.’ But, you’ve not! Whatever you have done is through spontaneity because the Unconscious has helped you, has given you the ideas, the inspiration; you have done everything through inspiration, not by thinking. V4. 19 Jan.84. p4 (371) So, sometimes people think Sahaja Yoga is a very Victorian sort of system in which you can’t lead a life like this, and the freedom we have achieved and abandonment we have achieved we cannot enjoy in Sahaja Yoga. But this virtue or righteousness that we have condemned so far, is really the sustainer of life, is our quality, is our gold, is our wealth, is our property, is our security… which we have lost, and we have to just, again, have a cleansing. It is there because if it is fundamentally eternal, it cannot be lost, it cannot be permanently destroyed. V4. 19 Jan.84. p3.

(372) You have to get to your virtue. It is like you have seen a brass metal or something like that, which gets covered with atmosphere, is black, red, yellow, every sort of a colour and ruined but, again you polish it, out it comes back to it.

But if it is gold, it is untarnishable, but if gold is allowed to rust in the dirty gutter or something you cannot see it, it is covered with all kinds of things and you think it is just finished now, it is not there. It exists all the time. Our innocence exists within us, it’s not lost, it’s there, only it’s covered. Just like the sky can be covered with clouds, it is covered now because of the atmosphere, because of the way we try to deny it, and do all kinds of things to it. That’s why I say don’t feel guilty, because if you feel guilty, then you have a hand which is weak, a mind which is weak, a mind which is wobbly, and then you don’t want to cleanse yourself. But it exists all the time within us, untarnishable, it exists within. You just have to get to it. V4. 19 Jan.84 (373) Now, Shri Ganesha is the one who does that job for us. He is the one who cleanses it. Not that He is the embodiment of purity, but He does that job. Only a person, or only the Deity which is the embodiment of purity can do it. As, like you can see a soap; soap is the one which is in a quality, is a pure thing, and it purifies too. Supposing it is not pure, it can become contaminated, in the same way our innocence is absolutely pure so it is our innocence which cures ourselves. Just see this. The One which is lying under, which we have always repressed, which we have undermined, which we have not respected, comes to our help, and shines within us. It’s such a great blessing that we have so many eternal things existing within us; otherwise human beings would have finished a long time back. There would have been no trace of human beings, the way they have been playing about with their chastity, with the real power of their character. V4. 19 Jan.84.p5 (374) So, when it is very much always impressed in every religion that you have to lead a proper life, a sane life, the reason is – this gold that is within you must be made to shine – and the brilliance of such a face you can see. You can see a person who leads a fast life, as you call it, this sallow face, the sad life, and kinds of unhappy lines on his face. But a person who starts shining ones own being with that

wisdom and purity beams, absolutely beams with the lustre of Shri Ganesha, the innocence of Shri Ganesha, His Joy, the way He enjoys Joy, the way He manifests Joy. V4. 19 Jan.84.p5

(375) Now the Puja part of it one should understand. It is important in Sahaja Yoga, but everybody should not be exposed to Puja to being with, from two points of view. Sometimes the people who come to Puja are not really worthy of it and then they react to Puja. They think, ‘Why this Puja?’, and this is subservient and all sorts of things because they are not worthy of it, they have to find out some excuse to justify their unworthiness. So, we have to first find out if the person is worthy of Puja or not. If the person is not worthy, it is better to leave the person alone till he becomes worthy of the Puja, because doubts and all those things can obstruct the flow of vibrations to other people and such a person can create a problem for others. So it is not civil of that person also to be in the Puja, if the person has not got an open heart and understanding of what Puja is doing. V4. 19 Jan.84.p5

(376) Doing Puja to any Deity as such is not an easy thing, especially to Shri Ganesha. Those people who do Puja to Shri Ganesha should know that, of course, it has to be a Swayambhu – means the one that is created by Mother Earth. No other than Ganesha should be worshipped. And if they are not a realised soul they can never worship Shri Ganesha, they cannot even think of Him, they cannot even take His name, it is so difficult to reach Shri Ganesha. But after realisation the first thing you have to do is to worship Shri Ganesha because that’s the base on which you got your

realisation. He’s the One first who got His crucifixion then His resurrection and it is the One who opened the path of realisation for you. So you have to worship Him before any other Deity with the greatest sacrifices. The greatest evolutionary ascent He achieved for your sake, to become a human being to die and to suffer like a human being so that you should not find it difficult to get your realisation. Today when we say, ‘It’s so easy, how do you get it’, we forget that people have done a lot of work to achieve it for you, to create the path. V4. 19 Jan.84.p6 (377) Many people have sacrificed for us. We are so privileged to use their sacrifices for our benefit. We take it all for granted. In the same way in spiritual ascent when we say it’s easy, it’s not as easy as you think, because it has worked out since ages in a very deep way, and even your Mother has worked very hard to achieve it. So somebody has done the job. So, if it is easy, you should thank your lucky stars that it’s not difficult for you, instead of doubting why it is s so easy that you want to contribute something to it, alright, you can, but first take advantage of what is available, and then you can contribute something more to it. If you have not known an ordinary aeroplane, how are you going to build a complicated one? So, first know that whatever is achieved is Self-realisation and the cleansing power of Shri Ganesha. Establish Shri Ganesha within you. First of all you must establish Him and then you can use it for others, for yourself and bettering the methods of Sahaja Yoga that you have learnt. That’s how Shri Ganesha is so important for all the Sahaja Yogis to be understood in all its aspects, but this principle is very enormous I should say. V4. 19 Jan.84.p6 (378) The principle is very spread out. It’s very subtle, so to understand it in all its aspects is not an easy thing. The only thing you can do is to become one with it like the ocean. If you become One with ocean, you become the ocean. Just become One with it and that’s how it works out. But if you use your brains to understand it, your brain cannot even capture a wink of it. So the best thing is if you just become humble about the whole process, just try to become One with it, and those who can achieve that will realise that they have become Joy themselves and they have

those joy-giving qualities, they have those qualities by which they just give bliss and peace to others. Just them being there is enough to create this feeling. V4. 19 Jan.84

(379) I always have great hopes on Australia. And I’m sure that one day it will happen here in a big way and when it happens here we’ll achieve greater results in other places. I have to work hard and you have to work very hard to understand the importance of this country, your importance as Australians … So a great message to Perth, and this centre is the door. This is the door of Shri Ganesha and you have to find more people who are true seekers and don’t quarrel with people who are doubting Sahaja Yoga, just don’t quarrel. Gradually, all of them have to come and if they don’t come, don’t despair, that’s their luck. We also have another method of convincing them, of giving them a bandhan, of all the Nirmala Vidyas that you use. So you don’t despair or get angry with them because they’re ignorant, and you must know your past also, how you behaved toward Sahaja Yoga in the beginning and then you be kind to them. Be kind. Gradually everyone has to come, those who are seekers. We’ll see that they’re all in before we close the doors. V4. 19 Jan.84.p12 (380) The School. One thing to remember is that nobody shall make any recommendation for admission to the school. This rule should be strictly observed. So also any interference in this behalf that the student is the son of your aunt or your nephew or such other relation would not be tolerated. Someone may say that he has paid so much money and therefore his son should be admitted. This reason also will not be accepted. Admission will depend on merit. How is the boy? Are there any vibrations? Is he Par (realised)? How is his conduct? The answers will determine the issue. We are going to admit students who are pure and innocent, whether they are the children of the rich or the poor will not make any difference. The main consideration would be innocence of the student, his innate goodness, his humility and his willingness to learn. A careful scrutiny

of the parents would also be made. What is the use of admitting a student whose father is a drunkard and mother a quarrelsome woman? Such a student will follow his parents and even if admitted he will have to be returned to his parents the very next day. Therefore, it is in their interests that the parents come to Sahaja Yoga and get self-realisation. No person who is imperfect or silly has any place in Sahaja Yoga. How can such students be admitted? V4. 19 Jan.84.p10 (381) Discipline in the school. Another thing I want to impress upon you is that the use of a cane in the school shall be totally prohibited. Tell the teachers who are habituated to use the cane that this school is not the proper place for them. The emoluments here will be good, so also other conditions of service. The teacher shall in no case use the cane or shout at students to make his point. He should rely entirely on love for his work and not violence. If any erring student does not mend or behave properly his name shall be removed, but in no case should the teacher beat the students or shout at them. The attitude towards the students should be one of respect for them. If you extend to a student the courteous behaviour as you would towards a Maharaja, the students would start behaving likewise. If you behave with courteousness and respect, the students will behave accordingly. V4. 19 Jan.84.p11

God. Once our school is established in Maharastra, it will have repercussions everywhere outside. Let us first start the school here. All other projects will be started later on. V4. 19 Jan.84.p11 (383) Many people have given money for this school. The donations should be utilised with the greatest care. It is meant for the work of God and not one paise should be spent without due consideration. The continuous work should be neat and nice. It should be done with great care and consideration. Our children behave as we do. We say that there is corruption everywhere. Therefore the school should be constructed and run so that the students develop a sterling moral character. But the origin thereof is in the home, in the school and then it spreads elsewhere. We want good children here; it should be noticeable in them. It is these children who will rule over the world tomorrow. We do not desire to produce businessmen and politicians. You go and tell the people in the surrounding villages to help us in this project. Assure them that we intend to help them. We will educate their children, especially those of the Chowk village. They have a right to be admitted to this school, they are connected with this land. You shall also keep the rights of all others in view and do this work thoughtfully and with love. Many experienced teachers have offered their services. V4. 19 Jan.84.p11 (384) Mother Earth. To say something about the connection of Sahaja Yoga with this Mother Earth. It is very important that we must understand the value of Mother Earth. She has been very kind to all of you. She has been sucking your vibrations; otherwise, also, She has given you everything you see around. So today we have to understand the connection, and the symbolic expression of the Mother Earth ourselves. I have told you before also that Kundalini which is in three and a half coils, is placed within a triangular bone. Now this abode of the Kundalini is called as Mooladhara, and is represented in this universe as Mother Earth. Or in the Puja is represented as the Kumbha. V4. 19 Jan.84.p13

(382) Sahaja Yogis should not behave in a trivial manner, or jokingly. All work should be done with due solemnity and in a thoughtful manner. Any person devoid of these qualities will not be eligible for Guruhood. Inculcate graveness and solemnity then pass on these qualities to the students. But in no case should the element of fear or awe be introduced to achieve this objective. WE are going to provide here an ideal and altogether unique system of education. The students are going to be model citizens of tomorrow, of this and other countries. We will make every effort to provide the requisite facilities on this land. Where the students study in those pleasant surroundings there will be noticeable change in them. The residents of the village Chowk will also feel the improvement. They will get jobs. They will become orderly and systematic. Not only this but they will experience the power of

(385) So far, in the movement of our consciousness, we have been trying to understand the God Almighty, and all other five elements that we call as important. And also the consciousness has been moving towards the understanding of all the other four elements but the Mother Earth. That had to be such because, unless and until there is understanding of all these four other elements are brought to a certain degree, the Mother Earth cannot express Herself. Like, if all your four chakras are caught up, you cannot raise the Kundalini, you cannot give Self-Realisation. You cannot have a mass evolutionary process. That’s why we had Yagyas, all other methods of exciting the four elements. They worshipped the water, air, sky, the firmament – the light. V4. 19 Jan.84.p13

No use competing with men in their stupidity, the amount of stupidity has been created for us quite sufficiently. The whole world is today expressing the nonsense that they have – the competition, the aggression, the oppression. So the other side, of the woman, which was called as the dominated one, the dark side, the oppressed, all that has to express itself in a different way. The whole mode, the style, has to change. See now in Christianity, one should understand why Christianity, even Judaism, any religion, even Hinduism and all that – but it’s more in Christianity surprisingly – they just had no place for Mother Mary. And Muslims crowned it by completely cancelling Fatima. And, on top of that, you will see that among Christians, I think ordination or what you call that, is not given to the ladies, to woman, whilst Christ was not born of a man. But that does not in any way mean that you compete with men in their foolish enterprises by which they have practically brought the world to such a ruinous state. V4. 19 Jan.84.p14 (388) So today we have to understand that it is the time for the Motherly qualities to develop. Even a man, when he becomes motherly only, becomes a great man. Like Christ, when He had compassion, He was called as a Saint. So the quality of a woman as a Mother-Goddess is always as a Mother – and She is the power most important to ignite Sahaja Yoga. Now, how She ignites, I’ll tell you. I give an analogy, but analogy should not carry it too far. Say there is a zero; it has no meaning. In the same way God Almighty has no meaning ‘till you put some sort of one or two before it. It’s a zero, it has an existence, but it has no capacity or a power to express itself. So if it’s a zero like that we should say the masculine growth is a zero. V4. 19 Jan.84.p14

(386) But today when we are in this modern Sahaja Yoga, we are actually at the level of the Mother Earth, because this is the age of Aquarius and Aquarius is the same as Kumbha – is the Mother Earth. So we are at the level of Mother Earth. You can also see in the consciousness of human beings – I’m saying not only men, but women also, and men - the consciousness is moving towards the feminine expression of life. But, as stupid as human beings are, the feminine has also become very stupid, that they are fighting on the level of rationality, of economics, of politics – all useless things. Equality on these things, if they are to be sought, you become men, just like men. If you are argumentative, if you are rational, if you talk like a man, it’s a masculine development. The feminine development is not equality in the way men have been stupid. V4. 19 Jan.84.p13


(389) If you see high power wires going over your head they are harmless, only if earth is connected with that, then you will have a problem. But earth is very different from this dynamic power that is flowing through those wires, which are zero, which mean nothing.

In the same way, in a woman, the womb of a woman is the Kundalini. Now, what is a womb? If that is the Kundalini, that expresses the Kundalini in the gross; that means the Mother Earth is also like the womb. Now, what does a womb do? It receives the sperm. It is just a frivolous act of man, or you can say, just aggression, and She then nourishes it and looks after it, corrects it and allows it to grow, not in an aggressive way, in a very compassionate and sensible way, till it is expelled out of the womb when it is grown up. So, the idea of womb is that the expression has to be in such a manner that it does not dominate. It does not dominate the embryo. If it dominates, how can it grow? So it nourishes it, and makes it. This is what today’s Sahaja Yoga is. That now the Mother Earth is the one who is symbolised within you as the Mooladhara, symbolised as the Adi Shakti here, is sitting down before you to nourish you, to make you grow into new personalities, into mature personalities. This we must understand. V4. 19 Jan.84.p14 (390) So the women of the West must understand that the nonsensical ideas they have taken from men must be completely discarded. They have to become women. Those women who just are talking like men can never help in Sahaja Yoga. They have to be like this Mother Earth who allows you to do what you like with Her. I mean you humans have been so stupid to exploit Her to the maximum, not only that but also She bears a lot of nonsense upon it. But then a time reaches where She becomes explosive, then She starts consuming people inside Herself. Then you see the earthquakes, droughts, people get engulfed and start blaming Mother Earth. The problems that human beings have created out of aggressive nature even towards Mother Earth, they have to pay the dividend for that, and they are paying. Now, to stop this kind of a movement of aggressiveness which brings all kinds of disturbances, one has to recede back and should develop a sense of totality or compassion. Total, the complete, the whole – that’s the womb of your Mother. As long as you try to be individualistic you cannot be a good Sahaja Yogi. You have to become One with the Whole. V4. 19 Jan.84.p15 (391) When you say, ‘This is mine, this is yours, I must have my privacy’, then you are gone to another realm of aggressiveness. It was alright when you were not Sahaja Yogis, to have your privacy, because you have to grow in privacy at that time. But, after Sahaja Yoga, you have to become One with everyone else – that is very important.

Before Sahaja Yoga you were very different and after Sahaja Yoga you are different. The whole concept must change after Sahaja Yoga, that now you have become One with the Whole, and to feel that you are One with the Whole you should try to give up your individual attitudes. That’s very common now to hear, ‘ Yes, I like this, I like that’, it’s very common, ‘I like it’, very common, but doesn’t behove a Sahaja Yogi to say such a thing. V4. 19 Jan.84.p15

(392) A mother who has to bear a child, look after the needs of the child, protects the child, trains the child, how can she say, ‘I like this, I like that’? Where is the time, where is the energy left for that? Where is the attention? The attention is on the upbringing of the child. Now in the same way a Sahaja Yogi must know that the child within him is born – the Spirit. Spirit is the child which has been born within him, now he has to nourish it, through the Kundalini. He has to water it, he has to make it grow, he has to look after it. Now where is the time for other nonsensical things? You have a child in hand. You are all mothers looking after the child that’s your Spirit. So where do you have the time for all these things? What attention should be: ‘what can I do to make this child happy, to make this child grow, to make this child completely manifest myself?’ The mother replaces herself as soon as the child becomes a mature child. So, now, in you, the Motherhood must take over than the Fatherhood. Motherhood towards yourself. The attitude should be like a Mother towards the child, how her attention is towards the child. V4. 19 Jan.84.p15 (393) Where is your attention? You can see in every day-to-day life how we behave. I have seen people very much interested, even now, in food. Now, where is the time? Where is the attention? How can you be so worried about your food? Worried about your sleep. Worried about your health. Worried about this, that. I mean, here you are to worry about your child which you have got not within, and that’s why the child is neglected and

sometimes you find the child becomes sick or goes into a coma, or may die away also. So the situation is different now for Sahaja Yogis: how to treat themselves. Those who are still running after food and all these nonsensical things, how dedication can come in a person who is so much dedicated to food habits? Like we have seen, you might also have seen some of you, Ajanta caves were built in ten generations, and they built in a place where there was not even water available, to begin with. And day in and day out, thousands of people, without getting any payment, without getting anything, built it. No food – no question! They used to eat some fruits somewhere here, there, but their dedication gave them the power to do it. V4. 19 Jan.84.p16 (394) But this dedication can only be developed if you realise that you have to Mother your child. That, if the mother is ugly the child will be ugly too. Because it is the mother who is expressed in the child. She does not dominate, alright, but she definitely can corrupt the image of the child. And that’s exactly what happens when we, the Sahaja Yogis, are not bothered as to look after our Spirit and our spiritual growth. Even now, you will be surprised, fifty per cent people write letters to Me, ‘Mother, I am still possessed, I have worked with lemons and chillies, I am coming to You for this and that.’ It is a very low-grade business I think, even after so many years you are possessed, then I think you should beat yourself every day 108 times. It’s a very low grade behaviour I personally think, that after your Mother has worked so hard on you, you are still just the same, coming back with the horrible idea of bringing all kinds of problems to your Mother, that means that You have not looked after your child. V4. 19 Jan.84.p16 (395) Now in Sahaja Yoga it is not a child which is an individual child you have to look after. This is where we miss very much, especially the intellectuals. They think that is their own child which should be alright, doesn’t matter about other children … or if you have connection with others or not. It’s very common, rationality gives them that sense – ‘Oh, my Spirit is alright, my vibrations are alright, so it’s alright if I don’t go to Puja, help with any collective work, or if I don’t take any responsibility of Sahaja Yoga.’ Because once you become collective, you take responsibility.

So, you are never satisfied with yourself that, ‘It is good that I need not take up any responsibility. All the Sahaja Yogis are bad! I have nothing to do with them, and this and that.’ But once you become collective you take up responsibility. V4. 19 Jan.84.p16

(396) But in Sahaja Yoga as it is, the Motherhood is universal because, if you are nose, somebody is the eye, the ears, the lips. So, it is essential for you to understand that if anybody who is a Sahaja Yogi is in trouble, you are in trouble. It is a threat to your growth, because it is the whole that is growing. Of course those who are absolutely useless will be thrown away gradually, that’s what Mother does. They can be thrown away, so much far away that they will never return. But you don’t have to worry about such people. They will be given some chances, some more credits will be given, some graces will be given but, ultimately, they will be thrown away, so you don’t have to worry about them, but, you must worry about the Whole, and you have to take up the responsibility. Those who don’t take up the responsibility are not the people who have yet matured their child – i.e. the Spirit. Every type of responsibility that you can take, think of what responsibilities you can take. V4. 19 Jan.84.p17 (397) This is why most of us have bad Vishuddhis, because we do not take the responsibilities. We have to be much, much more responsible than ordinary government servants are. So one has to understand that the child is your responsibility, you have to look after the child (Collective Spirit), and the Whole is also your responsibility. Now, to establish the connection between your Spirit, or, to keep the connection on, between the Spirit and the womb, or the Kundalini, is the biggest problem we all face; that our connections are very loose, and that’s why this Kundalini cannot look after the Spirit.

I wonder if you have noticed one thing in Sahaja Yoga, that you can manoeuvre the Kundalini, but not the Spirit? You can raise your hand, the Kundalini will move, you can give it a bandhan, it will go round and round. But what about the Spirit? You cannot manoeuvre it! V4. 19 Jan.84.p17

On the contrary, it’s just the other way round, like a man comes home, she goes on ordering, ‘You have to put it right, why did you spoil my carpet? Why did you do this? Clean it up, get that thing, do that…’ All his mechanics of emotions are finished. Once his mechanics of emotions are finished, he is useless, and you are useless as it is. And men should not do women’s jobs. Let them do their own jobs. V4. 19 Jan.84.p18 (400) I think this is one of the biggest problems of the West today, that men are neither men, and women are not women. I find this quality so horrid that I don’t know how to deal with the mixture. You must understand this very simple thing in life that, if you are a hybrid stuff, you can’t have the quality of a Sahaja Yogi. If you mix it up, it’s a very funny thing, isn’t it? So, a woman must try to be a woman and a man must try to be a man. V4. 19 Jan.84.p18

(398) There is only one mantra to waken the Spirit – in the sense that to please Him you have to say you are the Spirit, but you cannot manoeuvre it. You have to bring in Kundalini to look after it, you have to take Kundalini there, to the heart, so that this child, which is the little offspring just now, has to be carefully developed and matured. So, on both sides, men and women, we have to understand that, if you are a dominating man, it’s alright. But, if you are a woman and you are dominating, then it’s a difficult thing for Sahaja Yoga to cure you, because you have lost your quality of being a woman. At least you have to be a woman to begin with. If you are not even a woman, then what can you do with these third persons who are neither man nor woman? V4. 19 Jan.84.p17

(399) A woman must be nourishing. I will tell you a simple example of my own granddaughter. She wants to be an airhostess. I said, ‘Why, what’s so great about an air hostess?’ She says, ‘That’s the only time you can give food to someone’. You see, a natural instinct of a mother that, ‘let me see them eat’, you see, they don’t eat themselves, they want others to eat. But this is not in the conception of the western woman, I tell you. They can’t understand this. ‘Why? I have done this, so he why not he does this, this?’. It’s your privilege to do these things properly. But supposing someone is a good mechanic, the woman will also become a mechanic. ‘I’ll do the mechanical things’ She is not there for doing the mechanical work, she is there for the mechanics of the emotions!

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