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(601) That’s what one has to do.

Is to have complete understanding that He

Hindus believe that without Yoga there is no sense. is God Almighty, He can do anything that He likes. And we are the
‘Yoga Kshema Vahamyaham’, Krishna has said that all the time you recipient of All His Might.
seek Yoga, what are you seeking? He is the Ocean of love and we are the recipient of His love.
All these treatises and all the big books and all the scriptures are Let us feel that within ourselves, and understand logically with
aiming at what? Even those who talk, ‘You must live with dharma, you wisdom. If this sets into your mind, I think that’s the best conditioning
must live balanced lives’, for what? Why do we do it? What is the we humans can have.
destination? … What you call in Sanskrit, the ‘susanskara’, means the auspicious
And the destination is the Spirit. conditionings. You see, we don’t have only conditioning and ego; we
And today the background is so black and so dark that his solution is have a third thing also, called good-conditioning.
the end of everything. But do we realise this? The conditionings that have ruined your chances of enjoyment let it be
On the contrary, the vicious circle builds within us. All the time, ‘Oh, brought round, and see for yourself. Logically you can see how much
see how the world is miserable. How can I be happy? I am so unhappy He’s done for you.
in life.’ I have yet to come across a person before realisation saying He has made you in His own image.
that ‘I am a happy person’. Maybe ego-oriented people might say that He has done everything beautifully.
‘I am happy’, meaning ‘my ego is’, you see, if he goes in a smart car or After realisation you start understanding your Self and enjoying your
something like that, he is very happy, on top of the world, after ten Self as you enjoy others.
minutes you see him… and this vicious circle has set in. Another The fragrance of others you start enjoying. Self-realisation is
vicious circle and another, we go on from one to another, moving on the only way you can get the light in.
the wheels after wheels, without realising where we are going. Enlightenment. V.5. No26.Mar
And this vicious circle has to be broken, by one faith, by one 85.p33
understanding: That God is forgiveness, God is Love.
V.5. No26.Mar 85.p32 (604)
The other day we had a girl, she came to see me and she said, ‘The
(602) psychoanalysts made me mad.’ I said, ‘Why?’…
When we feel lover for anyone without any lust or greed, that is God’s ‘They said I had a bad relationship with my mother, a bad relationship
love within us. with my father, a bad relationship with every third person, I don’t have.
That he is the embodiment of that Pure Love, which just loves, which I have absolutely pure relationship. They tried to put that idea into my
has given you this beautiful human life and wants to make you more head that there’s something abnormal, pathological about me, which
beautiful. I’m not. And they are making my brother’s relationship also funny, by
He created all this creation for you. telling him that I have bad relationship with him.’
And that He wants you to enjoy the counties of this creation. He wants This is it. She hit at the point of pure love. Disintegrate. You can’t
you to enjoy the citizens of His realm, and the Kingdom of His grace. have good relationship with your own mother, father, sister, brother,
V.5. No26.Mar 85.p33 nobody.
Because you cannot love except that you are sex points, you have just
relationship of sex.
God has created you in your own glory, and in your own dignity, He’s
not created you to be only wasted like this. V.5. No26.Mar

Count your blessings one by one.
(605) A The other day somebody was saying that Rama is a fiction. I said ‘How
Then the second thing that disintegrates us very much more is the idea do you say?’ He said, ‘Because it looks like a fiction.’
that we are to here to live in a gross way. Somehow fighting, political, I said, to human mind, they cannot understand God, who has millions
economic, all this nonsensical progress we are making. And all and millions of hands and eyes to work out His plan. So naturally,
destructive forces are explained in the name of political and economic Rama is fiction, Krishna is a fiction, everybody is a fiction. It’s not that
growth. I don’t know if it is growth, but definitely it is not love. The it is a fiction but we are incapable of grasping that it is miraculous,
economics and politics of God have to be understood. In his which is Divine and that’s why He just call it, ‘Oh!…’. No, Everything is
economics, generosity is the key not. He enjoys His generosity. true.
Material things are to express your generosity, isn’t it? What are they Believe me, Everything is true.
for? The most enjoyable thing is to give, and when you will give you Now, Rama’s case let us take. Indians become English, westernised,
will your economic problems will be solved completely. Because you don’t believe in Rama nothing, it’s our old style of thinking.
are to give and not to take. The problems are because you want to But he exists, and He is within us.
grab. Once you start giving you get as much as you want, because if Can be proved with your Kundalini awakening.
there is no outlet, there is no joy, there is no happiness; there is no A person who has got asthma catches on the right heart.
relief from the material domination on you. But giving is the way you You have to take the name of Rama to cure him, nothing else can cure
can get rid of that material domination on you head that you give him. It’s simple. We don’t believe in Christ, we don’t believe in Moses.
away. Give away everything that you have and you will be surprised Do you believe in yourself? Perhaps that is missing. Because the Self
how it flows. is not there. If you know yourself you will believe in them. 26. Mar85.p34 26. Mar85.p35

(606) B
(605) B At the crossing of the Agnya chakra you have to take the name of
Now, when I say that it is fantastic the way it acts, it is fantastic the Christ, you have to say the Lord’s Prayer, otherwise the Kundalini
way it acts, I mean it’s easy to sort of say that Mother is saying doesn’t rise.
something which is miraculous. But what do you think of Moses In the Nabhi, in this void, if it is hanging, you have to take the name of
crossing the sea? Moses, whether you are a Jew or not, or you are a hater of Jews, or
You mean it was miraculous, or it was a false story. What do you think whatever you may be, you have to take the name of Moses. The whole
of it? It was absolutely true, that he did cross the sea; with the help of movement of the Kundalini is to integrate all the truths which are
God he could do it. treated as miraculous. Some people think it’s a falsehood, is good for
What about Christ walking on the water? He did, because by His nothing, useless – all these things are proved by the movement of the
nature he did it. Kundalini in your Central path.
What about all the miracles that were done by these incarnations? And the greatest thing that is proved is that God exists.
It’s absolutely true. Not only exists, but He is active, that He does everything for us, that it
I am here to prove all of them. is He who is the Truth and is His Power, the Brahma, is the truth. The
But you must get your Realisation. Not before that, I can’t prove it. rest is all falsehood and nonsense.
You must enter into that realm of awareness otherwise I can’t prove it. Even to the smallest detail it can work out beautifully. But you have
It’s true. to establish yourself in the Kingdom of God. 26. Mar85.p35 26. Mar85.p35

(606) A
(607) So this is the 4th dimension, is a great potential, becoming a kinetic
The fourth dimension and the parasympathetic. force, like an egg becoming a bird. So the egg, we can see the egg has
… the fourth dimension that they mention about, what do they mean no way of flying out, but a bird can.
by that? (they call it that, the transcendental state), but what? There’s a tremendous difference between an egg and a bird. So such a
- they cannot describe it. person who gets realisation and gets established, is no more a person
Supposing somebody has a low heartbeat, low pulse-rate, or has a low who can be tested with these machines and all that, because these
consumption of oxygen or anything – that’s not a transcendental state machines deal only with the physical side. but it is he who can test.
because you are still in a state where your attention is on your body, so Even a child who is a realised soul can test another person. You don’t
it is not transcendental. You have to trans – transcendental means use any machine for that.
you have to jump on the parasympathetic. He becomes the one who diagnoses.
You see we have 4dimensions you can say: He becomes the one who cures.
One is the dimension of the left sympathetic. He becomes the person who can soothe.
Another is the right sympathetic. Not only that, on physical level, but somebody who is emotionally
Then we have got the central nervous system, which is the disturbed, then such a person knows precisely which centre is
conscious mind. disturbed. He also knows how to put the centre right. You do not have
And the fourth one is the parasympathetic. to go to a lunatic asylum to get cured. But a person who has 4th
In Sahaja Yoga we jump onto the parasympathetic, means your dimension can cure that person of sickness, because he knows
attention starts controlling the parasympathetic nervous system. precisely where the trouble is and how to put it right. 26. Mar85.p38 26. Mar85.p39
Now, how do we prove it, that we become the 4th dimension? First (610)
thing is, the person who becomes the controller of the parasympathetic So all the diseases which are only physical can be cured, which are
becomes the auto. He can do things, like he can tell that another psychosomatic can be cured, the combination of both can be cured by
person is suffering on these centres, without going to any laboratory, a person who is an established Sahaja Yogi. But in case a disease has
any medical check-ups. On the fingertips. gone so far that it is irreparable, or something artificial has been
So the person who becomes the 4th dimension, he become the auto, introduced in the body, as they put steel sticks and all that – then
which is the autonomous nervous system, you see, the auto part of it. Sahaja Yoga does not work on dead things, it works on living.
He controls the parasympathetic, now, he controls the supply to all the If the organ is still living it can work out.
centres through certain movements, through a certain kind of But if it is not living, then it does not work out.
technique. For example, some person is suffering from a disease of It works on 80% people, but the 20% of people on whom it cannot work
the heart. Now a normal person who does not have a 4th dimension will out, are the people who do have the basic foundation to be a human
not know that he is suffering from heart trouble. He will have no idea. being. They are like animals – even worse than animals.
He will never feel his heart or anything till he suddenly gets the attack 26. Mar85.p39
and he dies.
But at the very onset of it a person who is in the 4th dimension, that is,
a realised soul, can feel that something is wrong with his heart.
Also, he knows how to cure himself – the technique of curing himself.
Also he knows that he is the source of the medicines that he has to
give – is a vital thing. (611) 26. Mar85.p39 So, a state that could be the ‘so-called’ 4th dimension would be where a
(609) person would be no more a human being. He becomes either a devil
or satanic person. This has to be accepted by medical science that
there are people who can be very devilish, and they cannot ascend methods to subvert people – as we have many gurus who take money
further into the 4th dimension. and destroy many people, just for money’s sake.
The 4th dimension is not a mechanical process, but it is a living process Such people cannot go to the 4th dimension, why should they talk
of evolution by which you evolve to a higher being. But for that you about the 4th dimension.
have to have some basic foundation. Such people have to be something so extraordinary –
A person who is an alcoholic can be cured of alcohol, but a person who they have to become righteous, virtuous, compassionate and very
is cheating himself, cheating other people, is cruel to others, or, say, a dynamic people. They have the greatest quality – is of compassion –
person like Hitler, he cannot exist. He has gone beyond that state to which, though we accept in our ordinary life, in medical science we do
where we cannot cure him. We can cure animals, we can cure human not accept it. But on what basis is medical science? Is on compassion,
beings, but not people who are abnormal – there is no word for that but so you become the compassion. This is to be seen. When we talk of
satanic people. So that’s how it does not work out in some people. the 4th dimension we talk of the beyond, we have to project our mind to
Also the cases which have gone very down, into the state we can say, see what we expect ourselves to be when we become something of the
now, absolutely out of order, the Sahaja Yoga allows such a body to beyond. Are we going to be the same mean, aggressive, complicated
take another birth and try. human being? Or are we going to be something like a Saint? 26. Mar85.p39 26. Mar85.p39
Lonawala, 82
Today, first of all we have to establish our desire within ourselves, that
we are seekers and that we have to achieve our full growth and
(612) maturity.
So, because it is a 4th dimension, we cannot take medical science as a Today’s Puja is for the whole universe.
vehicle to express everything, because this is higher than that. The whole universe should have to be enlightened with this desire.
But in many ways we can medically show that people have been cured Your desire should be so intense that they should emit out the pure
of asthma, of cancer, of leukaemia, of everything, through the vehicle vibrations of Mahakali Shakti
of parasympathetic nervous system, which doctors cannot handle, which is the pure desire of attaining the Spirit.
because they have their own limitation, they cannot jump onto the That’s the real desire. All other desires are like a mirage.
parasympathetic nervous system. You are the people who are chosen by God specially, first to express
And that is why they cannot cure a patient who has problems of the desire and then to achieve that intense desire of purity.
parasympathetic. You have to purify the whole world, not only the seekers, but even
those who are not seekers. 26. Mar85.p39 You have to create an aura around this universe of desire to achieve
the Ultimate, the Spirit.
Without this desire this universe would not have existed. This desire of
(613) God is the one that is the Holy Ghost.
All problems can be solved through parasympathetic, It is the all pervading power; it is the Kundalini within us. Kundalini has
in cases (when) the basic conditions are fulfilled. only one desire – it is the Spirit and anything else if you desire, the
In medical science, people will even treat Hitler. There is no Kundalini doesn’t rise.
discrimination. But as you go higher and higher, even in evolution, you Only when It knows that this desire is going to be fulfilled by somebody
become more discreet. who is facing the seeker, It is awakened.
And at this stage you cannot treat a person who is a hypocrite, or who If you do not have the desire, no one can raise It.
is a cruel man, or who is aggressive to others, or who is practicing Y3.V14.Mar.83.p5

In India especially, where people are too much attached to their family,
(616) it is a very big problem.
A Sahaja Yogi should never try to force his desire on other people. If you give realisation to one person, you are amazed to see that all the
The first hurdle that you face as soon as you get your realisation is that relationship they have is with a big bunch of bhoots. And you give
you start thinking of your family. realisation to one person you are in for trouble and all the bhoots walk
You start thinking, ‘My mother has not got it, in slowly, torturing My life, wasting My energy and absolutely of no
my father has not got it, use. It should happen to you to understand that this is not auspicious.
my wife has not got it, If you want to waste your time, I will allow you to waste your time. but
my children have not got it.’ if you want to have the ascent, fast, first of all one must remember
You must know that these relations are worldly. that these relations, which are absolutely worldly – this is not your
Sanskrit is Lokik, they are Alokik, they are not beyond the worldly pure desire.
relations. These are worldly relations, and these attachments are Y3.V14.Mar83.p6
So, if you play into that force, as you that Maya Shakti allows you to
play with, you go ahead as long as you like.
People bring me on their relations, their parents, this and that, and,
ultimately, they discover that this was a very wrong thing they did.
They lost so many precious moments,
so many hours,
so many years,
wasting their energy on people who never deserved any attention of
the Mother.
Y3.V14. Mar83.p6 (619)
So try to separate your pure desire from your worldly desire. It does
not by any means suggest that you give up your family, you give up
(617) your mother, you give up your sister. Nothing, but you witness them
Sooner you realise the better, that this desire may be in you and may and see as you would see anybody else, and see for yourself whether
not be in any one of your so-called worldly relations, makes no they are really desirous or not. If they are, well and good, they should
difference. not be disqualified because they are your relations. It works both
As Christ was told that His brothers and sisters were waiting outside, ways, as they cannot be qualified because they are your relations; they
He said, ‘Who are My brothers and who are My sisters?’ cannot be disqualified because they are your relations.
So, one has to realise that those people who involve themselves into In Sahaja Yoga you make your desire a pure desire.
the problem of their family all the time and attract My attention – you You have to get out of so many things,
must know that I am just playing about. but for people who are attach to their family,
It is of no value to you. and are bound by their family,
For your ascent it is important first of all to have no desire, the pure they have to see to it that they do not force Sahaja Yoga on any of
desire in your kith and kin. their relations.
This is the first principle of establishment of Mahakali power. At least do not force them on Me.
Y3.V14.Mar83.p6 (622)
But you try to purify your desires away from the worldly problems that
are facing you.
So, if you extend it more, then you start thinking –
(620) ‘Mother, what about the problems of our country?’
Now this desire within us, which is the Mahakali power which is Alright, give Me the map of your country.
manifesting, comes across in so many ways. Finished. That is more than sufficient.
As I told you, first of all comes to us after realisation, because you are Then, purify yourself – the desire that you have, you leave it.
all Sahaja Yogis, to do something about our relations. And once you are purified, that area will be covered through your
Then, the second desire that comes to us, that let us try to cure people attention.
who are our relations. This is the second desire. It is very interesting.
You should feel yourself and see that this has happened to many of When you get over it, then only you can throw light.
you. So, right from leprosy to any small thing like cold or sneezing, But if you are inside, your light is hidden.
whatever they have, they think that they should bring to Mother. And There is no light emitted.
all the worries of the family should be brought to Me – simple thing like Y3.V14.Mar83.p7
pregnancy or sneezing, very simple things which are so natural, are
brought into your attention.
So when you have them in your attention, I say
‘Go ahead with it; try to solve it if possible.’
But if you don’t have any of them in your attention then they You have to rise above desires about your family and your country.
are in My attention. You have to rise above that desire.
Y3.V14.Mar83.p6 Every time you get a desire, rise above that,
(621) till your light is emitted on that wider problem that you are facing,
You leave your family in My attention. which you think should be solved by Me.
I will manage that. These are all My headaches, which you are putting on yourself.
But then it is a vicious circle, it is a very subtle projection of the mind YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO ONE THING,
that thinks, ‘Alright Mother, we don’t have this thing in our attention, IS TO BECOME THE SPIRIT. THAT’S ALL.
you better look after it.’ But this is not the way. IT IS SIMPLE THING; REST OF IT IS MY HEADACHE.
We should have only one intense desire within us, ourselves, Y3.V14.Mar83.p7
Have I become the Spirit?
Have I achieved my ultimate?
Have I risen above the worldly desires?
PURIFY. Once you start purifying, whatever falls out, I look after that.
This is just one assurance, but not a guarantee.
If it deserves My attention, I will definitely look after it. (624)
YOU HAVE TO VALUE YOUR ATTENTION AS I VALUE MINE. Now, the problem that should take your desire on to the collective
I think you have to value much more of your attention than Me should be very different.
because I can manage things very well within Myself, because To substantiate your purity, to be fragrant with your purity, your
everything is in My attention. attention should be on the other side.
See, the whole attitude will change.
The attitude should be: what can I give? Every one of you is worth the whole universe, if you want to rise to that
How can I give? height.
What is my mistake in giving? Universes of universes can be thrown away at your feet, if you want to
I have to be more alert. rise to that height, to that magnitude that is within you to foster.
Where is my attention? Those people who still want to live on a very low level cannot rise. The
I have to be more alert towards myself, what am I doing? attention is to be kept pure. If it is not pure, then this desire will
What is my responsibility? always be attacked by all petty nonsensical things, which have no
You must desire that you should be pure. meaning in your ascent.
You should be pure desire means you should be Spirit. Y3.V14.Mar83.p8
But what is your responsibility towards yourself?
You should desire that your responsibility to yourself should be
manifested, should be complete.

(625) What I am saying is about you. Work on yourself!
Then what is your responsibility to Sahaja Yoga? Now, a person who is a good Sahaja Yogi is not bothered about his
- which is the work of God, clothes, what others say to him, what others are talking to him, how
- which has started they are behaving towards him.
- and you are in My hands. The attention is not on that criticism, that this person is like this, that
You have to do the work of god and you have to fight the anti-God person is like that. Nor there is the aggressiveness of anyone else
elements – the Satanic elements. because nobody is the other.
You are not responsible for your family anymore. Those who are, are But the problem is, when I say that, no one thinks that I am saying
half-baked Sahaja Yogis – I said are useless, absolutely good for about you, each person.
nothing. All such will drop out, their families will suffer and I know this Those who are aggressive take the role and those who are non-
is going to happen. aggressive think the other way.
Because now, the forces are gathering in such a way that sorting out Like, I say something for a person who is aggressive, the non-
will start. aggressive will immediately think of the person who is aggressive, not
Y3.V14.Mar83.p7 about himself.
You immediately start shifting your mind to another person, finding
fault with other people.
(626) So, this desire becomes gradually lower and lower and lower because
It is your responsibility to yourself to be the Spirit. of the loads that are put on it.
- your responsibility to Sahaja Yoga Y3.V14.Mar83.p8
- your responsibility to understand Me better and better and
better (628)
- your responsibility to understand this mechanism that is within So the alertness if very important,
you – how it works out and behaves. complete alertness, Satarkta, that we should keep our attention
Responsibility is how to become a Guru yourself. purely for the sustenance of our pure desire.
Your responsibility to be a glorified and dignified personality. Desire comes from your heart
Responsibility to be a respectable personality and not a cheap and you are so built that your Brahmarandra (Sahasrara) is also the
personality. heart. If you do not have a clean heart it won’t keep clean.
For the people who think if they talk about Sahaja Yoga big and all is the source of everything that is sublime, noble, all that is nourishing,
that, they are all right. all that is elevating, emancipating, your are cutting us from our roots.’
But they are cheating themselves if the heart is not open. You have been dealt with, I think, as an animal-like creature and he
So try to open your heart. wants all of us to go down to that lower level of human beings which
I hope today when you do this Puja and you do the worship of Mahakali exist as pathological cases, I don’t know.
and this special Yagna, we will definitely establish this aura and So, it is important for you to understand all attacks that come on you,
enlighten the world. and be alert,
But your outlook should be: how much have I contributed to this? and don’t be identified with any one of them.
Am I still thinking of other people? Y3.V14.Mar83.p9
Am I still thinking of petty small problems, (631)
or am I thinking of my Spirit? When you arrive in India you will see that people are too innocent.
Y3.V14.Mar83.p8 They cannot understand Freud. You cannot talk to them, it is beyond
(629) them.
So, the left side starts and ends with Sri Ganesha. They are higher type of people in this respect, because they are not
Sri Ganesha has only one basic quality, that He is completely attacked, while you are higher in a way that, although you have been
surrendered to his Mother. He does not know any other God. attacked, you have come out of it.
He does not even know his father. He only knows his Mother and You just turn your faces and you are on the other side.
completely surrenders to Her. That is something great.
But this pure desire has to have action and about which I tell you later Let us establish within ourselves at our subtler level, the desire to be
as we will be having more Pujas and more Pujas. pure and to be cleansed out of all the barriers and unclean things that
But today let us establish ourselves into that pure desire to be the are within us.
Spirit. Desire to be great Sahaja Yogis.
Now, as the Western mind will say, how? Desire to be responsible Sahaja Yogis.
It always comes, how to do it? Should I tell you? It is very simple! Desire to be surrendered to your MOTHER.
Sri Adi Shankaracharya wrote Vivek Chudamani and so many other It is not difficult, that is the ego, the last one to go.
books and treatises and then all these big intellectuals got after his life Because what do you surrender? I don’t want anything from you
and they said, ‘Have this and have that and have it.’ And he said, except that you accept My Love.
‘forget these people’. The he wrote Saunarya Lahiri – just the Surrender just means that you open your heart to accept MY
description of his Mother and his devotion to Her. LOVE.
And every couplet that he wrote is a Mantra. Give up this ego, that’s all, and it will work out.
It is not the surrender of your mind through your mind, but the I am trying to push Myself into your heart
surrender of your heart. and I will definitely settle down there!
It is absolutely the surrender of your heart. Y3.V14.Mar83.p9
Be Alert!
Western Sahaja Yogis know very well how there have been attacks and (632)
attacks of negativity upon them, specially when the horrible people like Old Marathi Letter. (1)
Freud came to destroy their basics, the roots. And how the west My dear Modi and other Sahaja Yogis,
accepted it blindfolded and put them on the path of hell. All that has Many blessings. Received your letter. I am very glad to know that you
to be brought out. That is all nonsense, is wrong, absolutely, and that Ida Nadi has become clean and I hope, Ida Nadis of all have become
is the anti-God activity. Then you will realise that you will rightfully clean, at least to some extent. Here I had told all that I work, while
say, ‘This is the destruction of our basics, our roots. When our Mother under anaesthesia, to clean the Ida channels of all. I worked for 3 days
cleaning it – be vomiting nearly 50 times every day, and it is nice that
the cleaning has become possible. This physical being has to be used
for the mission for which it has been taken, and therefore I am not
bothered by the illness and other troubles. (634) A
On the contrary, all such and different experiments with this After cleaning the Ida channel I am awakening the Pingala Nadi.
incarnation have to be performed. Sahaja Yogis had become rather lethargic due to the conditioning of
Why are you so anxious about it? the Ida Channel.
What else is the use of this body? I never have any pains. Laziness and a tendency of avoiding work was dominating in them.
All I want is that, in the laboratory of this body, some work or the other Their attention was being frittered away on avoiding the work. But I
must go on. have now started the work of awakening Pingala Channel. All of you
Time is short, while the work to be done is very big. should raise your right hand from right side over your head and leave it
Y3.V14.Mar83.p10 on the left side;
but, while doing it you must apply your willpower
so that your desires will materialise.
With the awakening of collectivity,
you will have many people to share your work,
which you are doing alone.
You cannot do the cleaning of Ida channel only on the strength of your (634) B
realisation. I knew that it had to be cleaned from within. In ancient The sphere of Sahasrar envelops your heart.
days all seekers had to do this action (Kriya) constantly, right from When conditioning of heart is reduced, as if the glass of a lamp
their childhood, at the residences of their gurus, at isolated places. becomes clean, rays of ever-resplendent Spirit awaken Sahasrar
The seekers had to do it, individually, in many lives. Because, now you sheath and the light of bliss spreads, which is felt in Sahasrara.
have attained the state of collectivity, I have done it in collective This light enlightens all sides of Colourful Heart,
consciousness. Although you say I have done it, the distinction of you and decorates it with the qualities which can be describe as pleasing,
and I should not be there in collective consciousness. blissful, etc.
Mantras ‘Twam Bhawani, Twam Durga, Twam Ambika, etc’ are good for Gradually this state will grow and become stable within you. Most of
Ida channel, but when you are established in Sahaja Yoga, you will the Sahaja Yogis should try this method, but there should not be
have to say ‘Aham Bhavani’. merely the mechanical movement of the hands.
However, this Mantra can be said only when your purity becomes one Whatever you do, it should be done with the faith that you have in
with that of ‘Aham Bhavani’ worshipping, zeal of a warrior and sensitivity of an artist.
and I tell you now itself, that this will happen. There should be complete purity in the recitation of Mantras to awaken
Y3.V14.Mar83.p10 the Deities and your heart must be involved in it. Only the awakening
will take place. You should understand a simple principle. How can a
big fire be lit with a small matchstick? Will a wick hold the flame if the
water is mixed with oil? How can those Sahaja Yogis have
enlightenment, who are using Sahaja Yoga to solve their own petty
problems? And why should God give them enlightenment?
Lighthouses do not show light to themselves even for a moment.

Negativity attacks Sahaja Yogis It is so great to be with you Australians on this auspicious day (Birthday
Sahaja Yogis of Bombay have great responsibility and therefore had to Puja). You have proved to be very good Yogis and have progressed in
face many attacks. The first attack came when I was in USA. At that a very speedy manner in your spiritual life. I could not believe, ten
time many Sahaja Yogis were affected and many fell away. Later on, years back, that we could achieve this result. Even to create one saint
when an attack was on, all London Sahaja Yogis collectively followed will require thousand lives to pass, and so many have become
wrong path which was full of dangers and harms. Many wicked people prophets, it is a very big thing for you.
from that part are still hiding themselves in some Sahaja Yogis in the Let us forget about what ‘dents’ we have within ourselves. We have to
form of badhas. know that we are prophets.
You have to vigorously use Sahaja Yoga methods against the. These This assumption has to be established – that we are prophets.
‘wickeds’ attack you from Agnya and Heart. From Agnya they send If you could just assume what you are, what you have become,
anti-Sahaja Yoga ideas in your mind, and from Heart they make you’ll emit the Glory of God!
complaints. If you identify them they will become ineffective. There is Like a flower when it blossoms, it has its fragrance which flows
one remedy for it which can be applied only after realisation, because automatically, but it is only human being who have freedom even not
if your car does not start, your breaks and accelerator are of no use. to assume, to deny or to assume what they are.
But if you do not use the accelerator even after it starts, how will the Even if they have become prophets they still linger on with what they
car move? are not in imagination, and are still ego-oriented.
(See No. 636 for remedy) 3.V14.Mar83.p11 Is falsehood. Is not your true nature.
It’s like acting in a drama, becoming the actor. Like somebody is
(636) acting like Shiva-ji, so he becomes as if he is Shiva-ji, the whole
The remedy that is to be used is: lifestyle changes, he becomes like Shiva-ji. But the same person, if
Your attention should be on ME, and you should make the following he’s acting as Hitler, becomes like Hitler. Both are artificial. Artificial
conditioning of thoughts on your Agnya – ‘How fortunate we are to they become.
have been realised! We are Sahaja Yogis. God has chosen us. How You are a Prophet, assume what you have become.
can we work if we remain weak? Adi Shakti has given us the power to V4.20.Mar84.p5
redeem the whole of mankind. We can do it and we will do it.’ (638)
On Heart, you should criticise with these thoughts: Now when you are really prophets you find it difficult to be the real
‘How deep is God’s Love for us! He has given us the realisation. He is person what you, not the artificial, which has gone back, which is no
the ocean of mercy. Ignoring all our mistakes, He is working hard day more there, all finished.
and night for our welfare and, instead of praying for our forgiveness of The sinner is dead, the egoistical is not there,
our mistakes, we are making complaints against Him and blaming the frightened one is gone for ever. You are a prophet..
Him.’ Rise in the Glory of that personality.
The following thoughts will please your hearts: People who are not prophets are not godly, who are doing anti-God
‘O God, please give the power of your Love. May I be the drop in the activities can assume to be prophets.
ocean of Your Love that is enveloping the whole universe, so that its But those who are really Prophets do not want to assume the situation
loving pulsation vibrated through my life and I remain engrossed in that they are. It must go to you people also, that despite all the
that bliss’. hurdles and problems you had, you have ascended. Ascended so far,
May your live be flooded by the waves of Divine Love. and have become beautiful prophets. You are so transformed that
Always loving you, much more than myself. little more, just to assume what you are, will make you feel so sweet.
Your Mother NIRMALA V4.20.Mar84.p5
Y3.V14.Mar83.p11 (639)
As soon as you assume, you become that.
(637) We must, today, get over this kind of a play our mind has being doing
so far. All falsehood has to drop out. Of course, as I said, I could never
have dreamt in ten years I’ll achieve these results, with so many devils Second is, which you have, most of you, have done it, is to retract
around to entice you. your attention from perversion. Most of you have done it. Your
Despite all hurdles and problems you had, you have ascended and eyes are better now, steady. But you are still egoistical.
become beautiful prophets, so transformed that a little more, just Vanity. Still people are jealous, competitive.
assume what you are, will make you feel so sweet. You still have some lurking materialism.
I talked to my granddaughter, elder one, and she’s just a little girl, only A new thing that is coming, you are getting attached to your families.
11 years of age, but she told her mother, ‘Now I can’t talk to Nani So we have to change it for now, for a different use.
(grandmother) because She’s a Goddess. How can I talk to Her? I feel * 1 & 2 - no 641
shy.’ At that age. And Rustum told me that there are vibrations 3 - no 644
emitting from her. And she’s so humble. That’s how you have to grow. 4 - no 646
V4.20.Mar84.p5 5 - no 650
6 - no 651
Cure - no 654 V4.20.Mar84.p5

Same thing can be used for doing God’s work.
(640) They can be used as the six hands of Sahaja Yogis.
That’s how you have to grow. The first one is the anger. You have to be angry with yourself when
First of all you have to Know that you are Prophets and you you do wrong things. And not to feel guilty, but angry with yourself for
must Know that I am the Holy Ghost. I am the Adi Shakti. I am doing wrong things. Guilty is the best way never to get rid of it. It’s
the one who has come on this earth for the first time in this like a storehouse kept for personal archives, locked up. I have suffered
form to do this tremendous task. a lot because of your guilty business, very much. And they out one by
The more you understand this the better it would be. one so you have to be angry with yourself when you feel guilty.
You will change tremendously. ‘How can I feel guilty? Why did I do such a thing? I’m not going to do
I knew I’ll have to say that, openly, one day, and we have said it. But it it.’ So, develop your anger against yourself and not against others.
is you people who have to prove it, that I’m that. And anger could be reserved for the day of war.
Christ had disciples who were not even realised souls and they have Otherwise, when the war will break out, all the Arjunas will drop their
spread Christianity – whatever it is. bows, and it will be said that Arjuna was a great warrior till the war
Under such circumstances that Christ was crucified and they were left broke out. So we are not going to waste our energy in warring with
high and dry, just twelve people struggling, but they put it up. They things which are just like shadows.
were very humble people, their quality was extremely humble, and Not to fight the shadow.
they knew they difference between them and Christ and the Mother. V4.20.Mar84.p6
Also they knew the difference between them and others and they took
to lives which were Pure, illumined by the name of Christ. They were (643)
not realised souls. They cleansed themselves and kept their lives Sex (outwards), the perversion, has to be diverted towards your family,
beautiful. your wife, and you have to respect your chastity, you lead a chaste life.
V4.20.Mar84.p5 Not to be like a dog, but to be like a human being. All that attention
(641) has to become chastity, which is your power, which is your
So Sahaja Yoga can’t afford to have these six enemies.* protection, which is your connection with the Divine. Not
First of all, the temper which really doesn’t behove. Compassion. forced chastity, but a chastity of balance and understanding.
Replace temper with compassion. With your family, with your wife, in a very chaste way you can live.
Today is 60th birthday and we have to just fight only six enemies within Same with women – more with women, I would say. They should not
join hands with other men who talk against your husbands, or who But when you have been given your Spirit, you should be proud and
teach against your husbands. not behave like recluses. Some people feel, ‘I shall not take any job
All such men should be thrown out of Sahaja Yoga who try to now. I’ll not go out. I’ll sit at home and meditate.’
tell women against their husbands. This is a very sanctum There’s no place for such people in Sahaja Yoga. ‘I can’t do this.’ The
santorium place, where you should not interfere against any husband. word ‘can’t’ should go away from the dictionary of people who are
Nobody has the right. If there is any problem you should let me know. supposed to be Sahaja Yogis. You just can’t say, ‘I can’t do it’.
Is a sign of stupidity. V4.20.Mar84.p6

Then the Vanity must be made into pride. (646)
You should be proud that you are Sahaja Yogis, really proud. So the self-esteem will give you that kind of a dynamism within which
Raise your hands with pride that we are Sahaja Yogis. is needed for Sahaja Yoga, a discreet dynamism, a wise dynamism. I
Pride is never oppressive. It’s a glorious thing to be proud. But vanity won’t have to solve your problems any more.
is.. Actually pride is nothing but the expression of self-esteem. The quality of competition and jealousy should be brought round.
Begging, borrowing, mimicry, all these things come from the less There should be competition between yourself, the one who
understanding of yourself. you were, and what you are..
So, Vanity should be the pride, Who wins? whether your past or your present.
and the pride should be the expression of self-esteem. Your present should go fast, faster and faster, leaving your past behind
Self-esteem is very different from ego. you as much as you can.
One is reality, another is complete artificiality. There should be no competition between Sahaja Yoga in acquisition.
Men should behave like men and not like women, those, like slaves to Sometimes I have also seen competition in shouting, screaming and
be tied with a rope whenever their women want them to. They have to being harsh to others – there’s a big competition on.
lead the society. For the women’s rights in India, the women never Let us have competition, in mildness, in sweetness, in
fought with the men. beautiful behaviour.
They never fought with the men, because the men are also fathers and Who is more cultured, who is more gentlemanly, who is deeper?
brothers, and they are concerned about the welfare of the women. Keep somebody and ideal before you like that who you think is a very
Women knew once they start this politics of fighting men there’s no gentlemanly person, or a lady who is really like a lady.
end to it. Even in America it was Abraham Lincoln who fought for the V4.20.Mar84.p7
liberation of women. (647)
V4.20.Mar84.p6 If you have a lady who behaves like a man as your ideal, that is also
(645) not right. Or a man who behaves like a woman, that’s also not ideal.
So, you have to be, not egoistical, but proud. Or the other way round, a woman who tries to show that women are
Proud that you are Sahaja Yogis, proud that you have been born in different from men, and women must get this …
such time when you have to carry on the duties of God’s Work, In Sahaja Yoga there is nothing like women and men, that women must
that GOD has chosen YOU. get this and men must get that. Because you are the Spirit.
So that you should come up to that level. But the cover that you have, the body that you have,
Like, some people, I find, suddenly become morose, recluses in Sahaja the lamp that you have, is a different thing, and to keep the light on –
Yoga. a woman has to be a woman, and a man has to be a man.
They will never be forgiven because God has given you so As I told you yesterday, that an apple should not try to be a mango,
much. and mango should not try to be an apple. It looks nice to be the best
Supposing somebody gives you a diamond, you are proud, you put it apple and and the best mango.
on, and show off.
So the recluses, those who say you have to get out of it, behave really
not like human beings (I don’t know what animals do that way). Like
when you get your doles you cannot become indolent, you cannot. As
far as possible I don’t like people taking doles. Not a sign of good
Sahaja Yogis. You should all be hard working, have good qualifications,
be good people, on top of everything. Good students, good cooks,
good mothers, good fathers, good administrators. We cannot be
dishwashers can we?
So the competition between men and women must be stopped.
Women must have their own place and men have their own place. And
women must know that men are their hands.
If you are the Shakti, they are the machines, and don’t kill your
machines by shouting at them, by screaming at them and by
putting down, making them diffident. We’ll have no place.
We have to encourage them to do God’s work. You have to
support them because they are the machines, they are the
hands and you are the power.
Of course, if these hands go against the power they will suffer. So
there should be no competition between children and you – my child,
his child, there should be no such competition, take out your mind from
there. There should be complete sharing. So the competition
should end in sharing. How we share? How much can we
(653) I was always there, same age, I’ve always been a child like this, mature
This mind of mine, this mind of Mr so and so. Is better to address like this, just like a young girl and an old woman, all put together and
yourself as Mr or Mrs or Miss. ‘So, Miss, will you please get up now?’ every year, every time.
Better address yourself. Children talk like that, like a third person. But I’ve definitely matured in understanding of human beings.
You’ll be amazed, you will see the joke behind the whole thing, you’ll I’ve definitely got better understanding and maturity as far as my
know how to laugh at yourself. ‘Oh Mr so and so, come along now, knowledge of human beings is concerned, because they are …
he’s behaving like this.’ And you’ll really become Master of When I was born, they were strangers to me, just strangers, imagine
yourself, because you know how to handle this baby. It will give that that the Adi Shakti should say this, but it’s true.
sense of maturity. So, to say, this is my child, this is my wife – of Despite I have created you, I was absolutely a stranger.
course you have to look after your wife and your children because But know:-
they’re your responsibility, but do for other children more than you I’ve grown,
would like to do for your own child. I’ve understood you very well,
So this complete identification with your children, over- Know you are My children,
protectiveness, will give you trouble. You have to believe that I know how much you love Me,
your family is the family of your Father, and your Mother is and much you are close to Me.
looking after it. If you think you can look after your family by
yourself, go ahead. So don’t be overprotective, don’t be too worried, (that bhootish child crying, such a big child can’t go to the toilet, just to
too upset about your family, and keep a very sociable temperament so disturb. You must really give him two slaps on the face, not very hard,
that your children also don’t become like that – tell them how to share. but let him know you don’t like it, because they’re bhoots and they
Many people have a habit to serve your child first – is absolutely very have to go away.)
vulgar, shows bad breeding. Must serve others first, then your own V4.20.Mar84.p9
family. Keeping something back for your children is a sign of a person
who is like a frog, who lives in a small well. Get over it. (656)
V4.20.Mar84.p8 Now, whatever I said yesterday about children,
(654) Be careful. You have to make your children assets and not liabilities on
You (Australians) must start writing to other Sahaja Yogis. Those who Sahaja Yoga.
have lived in London, how many are writing to people in London? Have So try to train them up properly.
they made any friends or anything? Nothing of the kind, they are so Bring them up, they deserve a good hand to handle.
busy with their own problems they’re not bothered to create that In the beginning you have to be very strict and punish them if they do
bondage of Love, as if they have not interest in Sahaja Yoga. They anything wrong, so they know what is right, what is wrong.
stayed in the ashram in London, how many of you are writing letters to And once they grow up you’ll be amazed what an asset they are.
London people? Now you have met them in this programme, I hope as Some of them are very good children, but if the influence of the bad
soon as you go back today you should all write letters about today’s children comes up too much, they might spoil the good children also.
birthday, how it has been celebrated in a beautiful way. Ladies must So better encourage children who are good, have been very sweet.
write to ladies and men must write to men. Write to them about your V4.20.Mar84.p10
Mother, what you think. Don’t write letters to me especially, but write
nice, sweet, poetic letters, they’ll feel happy; it’s like sending flowers.
This will overcome these six enemies and make them your slaves
and use them for your purpose. Then they’ll become great things.
Then they’ll be your assistants, then they’ll be the commanders of your (657)
army, they’ll be your decorations. So I think of my young age, of my childhood,
It’s all in your hands, with wisdom, you have to do it. and the dream, how it has come true.
V4.20.Mar84.p9 Whatever I have dreamt is beyond my imagination.
(655) It’s done now as far as I’m concerned.
At this time, at the age where I’ve reached –
You don’t need me much any more. I’ve told you whatever was ‘Varshata sakala mangali Ishwarnish – thānchi māndiyālī
needed for your counselling. I have taught you the method Anavarata bhūmandalā bhétatū bhūtā’ - when you will meet us,
how to redeem others and comfort them. You know there will be a shower of blessings and, of course, of Chaitanya’ . ‘when
everything. Now just become masters in this art. Forget your you will meet us’ – that’s ME.
past. ‘Chalá Kalpatarunché āravá’. This is the description of the Sahaja
You are all great people, all of you. So when, next year, I should see Yogi, you must listen to this. That they will be like forests, you’ll see
you sitting on this seat, not in my lap. On your own, teaching children. many thousands, like moving forests of huge trees giving blessings.
Let the second generation start now. Trees that give blessings and give Kalpatarus, are trees that give you
The first generation is ready, now the second generation has to come whatever you want. So they will be like moving forests; means all of
and you have to look after the second generation. you are like that – great. That you will be like the great trees, which
I want to be a real grandmother of very grand children, that’s a special are moving but which are bestowing blessings upon others, giving
privilege and real promotion and maturity. them what they want. Kalpataru.
(Look at this rain, is pouring down, He’s going to flood your Parramatta V4.20.Mar84.p12
river in Sydney.)
Because I have said now, ‘I’m the Holy Ghost’. (660)
Everybody seems to be over happy and joyous. ‘Bolaté jé pīyūsanché’: They will be now, ‘you people’; they will be
V4.20.Mar84.p10 the ocean of talking (oceans of talking or bubbling). ‘Amrita’. Amrita is
the nectar, the nectar of life. You will be the oceans of bubbling nectar
(658) which are talking. Like this ocean is here. See the trees and the
You are specially favoured people, ocean. Ocean that talks in a way that it just emits nectar, the nectar of
and I hope you’ll favour me special too. Bliss. That’s you people.
This year, I hope all of you are going to take up a new role and a new ‘Chandramé jé alānchana’: They will be like the moon without any
style of life where you become mild people, not docile men, but mild spot on it – immaculate moons, which have not spots, no blemishes,
people and docile women. Women have to be more docile, more without any blemishes.
domesticated. They’ll look nice. They become gentle, they’ll smile ‘Mārtanda jé tāpahīna’: Like the sun without any heat in it – that is
better, they create such joy. We are here to create joy and not to you.
enjoy some rights which are artificial. ‘Té sarvāhī sadā sajjan soyaré hotu’: All such people who will be
How much joy do we create? How much joy do we give to others? So, righteous, who will stand for the right, for the truth, are going to be
today, on this great occasion, we have to feel our joy within our heart. related to each other.
Very deep down within us lies that source of joy. So, we have to go Going to be related to the whole world.
deep down within ourselves and feel they joy of this sixty year old V4.20.Mar84.p12
Mother of yours, that I have within myself. Go deep down, it’s there,
enjoy it and then give it to others.
Like a fountain of joy you should give. May God bless you. (661)
Declare to all the nations now, that I am the Holy Ghost, and I have Now with this beginning we understand that of the great saints of
come for this special time, that is the resurrection time. Maharastra at that time. The greatest was Gyaneshwara because he
V4.20.Mar84.p11 saw the future that is to come, and he told people about you, that the
(659) ‘men of God’ will become prophets and they will have powers to make
All the badha of the past, karma and negativity will be brought up to others prophets.
the surface, where it will wither in the face of a Spirit completely Now we do not realise what are we when we become Sahaja Yogis. We
surrendered to the Great Mother of the Universe. become so much, still worried about things which have no value. If you
‘Vishwa swadharma suryé pāhó’, – the whole universe will see the see, in the ultimate, all these things have no value, these are so
light, the sun of One Universal Religion. temporary.
‘Jo je vánchila to te láho’, - whatever you will desire, whatever they And if you go on wasting your energy about things that have no
will desire they will get it. ‘Pránijāta’- all the human beings spiritual value – that doesn’t matter, you are going to waste your life
because you have that which is described: ‘The oceans which are
talking nectar.’

(662) Internationally, you are all related to each other, and to nobody else,
Oceans of talking nectar. internationally.
Nectar, not the nectar that we understand; nectar of spiritual bliss, you You are all relations to each other. These are the relations which are
are that. relations of deep friendship.
And when you are that, what is expected of you, about yourself? Friendship has no bias, has no lust, no greed, no nothing.
Just find out, just find out yourself. Reflect back, ‘what is expected of It’s just friendship. Pure relationship. And we are that.
me, myself? What am I doing about it? I am worried about this (I just don’t understand. Am I talking just – I mean – it has any
nonsense, that nonsense, and I’m supposed to be the ocean of Blissful meaning or not, in your hearts? Or am I just talking without any
Nectar! I’m supposed to be the forests of the Kalpatarus – the trees meaning? Sometimes I don’t understand if I’m talking to real Sahaja
that give the boon to the people, huge big trees. And then what am I Yogis or I’m talking to some walls here, who are not bothered what I’m
doing?’ talking.)
‘My giving capacity is so low! What can I give to others? Bring down your attention to what I’m saying. It’s important.
I don’t even have attention that can absorb the energy of the Otherwise, how are you going to learn this? Where is your attention?
Divine. Instead of that my attention is on wrong things, and So, it’s alright to say, ‘It is all Love, it’s all affection, it’s all goodness.’
what am I doing?’ It’s all very sweet thing, you see. But you must know that you
V4.20.Mar84.p13 have to come up.
The trees have come up after a great struggle against the whole
atmosphere, against the whole surroundings.
They have come up on their own, except for the Mother Earth, to which
they are connected.

So you people must know that you are all here to come up to fight
(663) yourself, to find out what’s wrong with you.
What do I do about myself is that – Where is your attention?
I’m not trying to manifest that special quality, the highest quality, the First of all, the attention has to move in such a manner that
one that I am. outward you grow,
I’m born after ages; I’ve been born so many times. and inward you hold fast to your Mother. With complete
I’ve been a saint; I’ve been going round seeking God. respect.
I’ve been going round, and gain, when I’m born in this lifetime Those who cannot are absolutely useless.
for such a tremendous task, I’m again lost with the same If any tree doesn’t try to hold fast to this Mother Earth, it will fall out.
nonsense. I mean that is what it is doing and for what it is rewarded.
I’m still moving with the same nonsense… It is nothing to do with Mother Earh.
If you understand that, then you’ll know what importance it has today This Mother Earth has this speciality.
on this day of our International Seminar. And if this Mother Earth is not going to be linked y you, by
V4.20.Mar84.p13 your purposeful adherence, continuous identification, you are
going to fall off! Like a dead tree.
V4.20.Mar84.p13 through other gurus,
and our own mental projections are going to be extremely dangerous,
(666) for every individual Sahaja Yogi, and as a whole, it will effect.
So, it’s very important to understand that you are great, no doubt. V4.20.Mar84.p14
These trees are great. They have fought through, they have come up; (668)
but where is your attention? And what are you here for? What is So we have to take a vow today,
needed? that we are going to behave in a manner which behoves our Advent –
Sticking to things that are against your own growth, bothered about not Mother’s – our Advent, at this time, which is being described and
things which go against you all the time – prophesised.
The first and foremost thing that goes against us is our own Prophecy was made from a long time back. If we understand that
nonsensical ego. we have come on this Earth for that purpose, we really
We must understand this is the one, the greatest, barrier within us. separate ourselves from all the rest of the nonsense that goes
And we have to get out of it. on, and try to rise towards the sky – as these trees have done.
The Kundalini has to rise like the tree has risen up. You should not follow any other Sahaja Yogi in all anti-growth activities.
And the ego is the biggest hurdle for most of us. And anyone who tries to create a kind of group, or tries to impress you
It appears in many ways. by saying that he can teach you something higher, lower, all kinds of
We fight with the Mother Earth which is giving you the source. techniques, and this and that, you have to forget it.
You are the very being of that Mother. First of all you must know that Sahaja Yoga is a growth within and that
She has created you, She has made you. Because of Her you have growth expresses itself outside. So, that within growth is to be done by
come up. You are fighting Her! Arguing Her! Going against Her! This is you fully, with full understanding. Then I don’t have to tell you about
you ego. How will you grow? anyone. You won’t be vulnerable to nonsensical talk and jabbering.
And once you start growing, the sun can help you, the sky can help V4.20.Mar84.p14
you, everything can help you; the Nature can help you. (669)
But you must have the complete desire to rise above your You have some people who are intellectuals.
dwarfishness, above your selfishness, above your conditioning Intellectuals have a bad habit of intellectualising everything.
and specially your ego! Intelligence is nothing for God, because God created it.
V4.20.Mar84.p13 So you have to see through that.
(667) There are some people who are very emotional, and try to express
All this when we say that you are ‘this’. There’s no need to be puffed themselves emotionally. You have to get out of these ideas, and you
up, you see, if I tell a little tree that you are going to be a big tree, have to understand that emotions can play a very dangerous role in
doesn’t mean it has become a big tree. One has to become the big life. Now, we have decided to have so many marriages in Bordi, which
tree by pushing forward. is a very nice thing and auspicious thing.
And that quality like Gyaneshwara, like Tukarama, like Ramadasa, you I am very happy that we are going to have so many marriages.
all have to become that quality. It is auspicious.
They never saw Me; I just nourished them without them seeing me. Because marriages are supported, blessed by God.
But they nourished themselves: Yours is special, because I’m sitting here before you for these
on their own virtues, marriages.
on their own qualities, V4.20.Mar84.p15
on their own greatness.
You have to be great like that.
Instead of that, if you live with false notions about yourself, artificial
things, absurd ideas, all nonsense that we have gathered:
through our upbringing,
through our rationality,
through our reading,
(670) Today is a Puja of a great day, and a great time today.
But don’t make a fuss out of marriage. At this time a big reservoir has to be opened up.
Don’t create a problem by being superficial about marriage. But it has to be channelised through people.
These are marriages of Brahma-ekatva, where one feels the Oneness And how can I channelise it through people who are filled with vanity,
of the Spirit, of the all-pervading power. Try to know that these with stupidity or with small-mindedness>
marriages are done among saints and not among ordinary people. Try You have to be large, huge, big hearted, great people.
to respect the inner quality of a person. If somebody is a Sahaja Yogi You are all ‘born again’, who were great, today again.
of a high quality that must be respected and that must be loved. And But somehow you are still mixed up with your surroundings.
not the outer qualities. The outer qualities are nonsensical. You must So try to understand your own importance and the importance of the
respect each other when you marry, because you are all saints. You time, is, to worship yourself.
are saints of a very high quality, I’ve told you, and the potential is so To worship, but to be worshippable!
great, which is already described to you – that only your assumption V4.20.Mar84.p15
can fetch you that greatness. The whole world is hoping this thing to
happen, that they should get such people on this earth, those which
are described. And where are we? Where are we? Our progress is so
slow. We’re worried about stupid things, material things, superficial (673)
things, artificial things. You all think that only by dressing up properly or by putting up any
V4.20.Mar84.p15 show like that, we become worshippable. We do not!
(671) We should be worshippable to ourself.
So one has to understand that you are here today for this International To see, whatever we are doing, it has that grace and beauty, the love
Seminar to promise me (everybody seems to be younger than me in and the greatness of the Saints, who are very great Saints, not
this group) but you have to promise that, ‘Mother, we will work with ordinary, but tremendous Saints.
the same zeal, with the attention as You are doing, and try to settle It is being described, actually Gyaneshwara, in this power has really
ourselves.’ worshipped you. I wish we had people like Gyaneshwara, but they are
Quieten yourself, be silent. We talk too much. Talk too much, do inside my body. You are all outside.
nothing. And whatever he said has to be fulfilled. Not only that, but whatever
Try to reserve your energy in that silent dignity. he said is the truth.
You must have full idea of what you are. You must understand what For all these Pujas you must have that depth, that greatness,
you have been up to, what have you done about it? Talking, talking, of those great Saints who came on this earth, worked for you,
talking! That’s not the way it is going to work out. created this atmosphere.
The atmosphere is nice, everything is fine, the future seems very Think of them, what they have done. They have fought all the time.
jubilant, But the highest above everything is The hope of your They were tortured. They had none of these facilities that you have.
Mother that you are going to emancipate the whole world. They had nothing of this enjoyment, nothing of the kind.
Give attention to that. Think about it, that you are going to do it! While you have got it all, everything on a plate.
You have to be walking, talking, moving forests of that Divine Love, So, be deserving people, authorised people, and work it out in that
that Ritambhara Pragya. way.
I hope you understand that today is a very important day. I feel that if Otherwise, this world we cannot change. V4.20.Mar84.p16
this Bordi session works well maybe we might achieve a lot next year.
V4.20.Mar84.p15 (674)
This Puja has very special significance, according to me, and has to be
done by people who know that they are these great personalities. It
has nothing to do with your so-called positions in life, or anything that
is outside. It’s the inside. In this seminar one must not talk too much
about outside things, but just talk about God, your Mother or Sahaja
Yoga, so it works out both the ends, it works out better. It is the simple organised religion it is even more difficult to get out of it. And that’s
thing one has to understand that God has been so kind to you, so kind. what we don’t understand. We want to bring everything to that which
You don’t have to fight for your Saintliness, nothing. is gone, and which is being perverted, spoilt and misrepresented. So,
You are all brothers and sisters. You are all here, so much try to have your own understanding of the whole thing of the past.
close to each other; you are not alone. You are so great that You are now entering into another life of marriage, and it’s a great
you can know what you are. Who told them? Who looked after responsibility on all of you to see that you make your marriages
them? Who helped them? successful. And you have to see that you behave in such a manner
Today you are just like VIPs. So please try to understand that you have that you create a proper Motherhood within yourself, and such a
to have a very humble attitude towards all the Saints, and towards discipline that you want your children to imbibe and your husband to
Sahaja Yoga. Try to absorb as much as possible. Be kind to yourself … have.
so keep that dignity, that feeling that you have come here in a very big V4.20.Mar84.p17
position. And so keep that understanding within yourself. (677)
‘May God Bless you All!’ V4.20.Mar84.p16 So, now the first thing is that you have to have perfect discipline of
(675) your temperament, and is a sight that you are the people who
Now, people who come from Christian ideas, you see, identify with represent this Mother Earth, who has a special wisdom and a special
Christ. Christ is Me, now, sitting before you. It is all said about Me. I power to express that wisdom. So all of you have to be extremely
can feel the attention. It’s all said about Me. I have to say one thing, careful that whatever you do will be reflected in the whole family and
that when we are identified, say, Hindus are identified with some in the whole Sahaja Yoga system.
books, but, because Christianity has been, like Islam and all that, an Now, when you get married to your husbands, try to
organised religion, the identification is much more in the brain. It’s understand that you are the Mother Earth and you have to
very difficult to get out of it, and you do not know that the Bible itself give.
has so much discrepancies. And because you have power, you can give. Because you have so
Every chapter is full of discrepancies, one chapter says Christ was born many Shaktis within you, you have to give. That means you are
before John the Baptist, another says after. superior in a way, that you can give. So that your ego should not stand
So, there is a kin of an attack, even on the scriptures. We must up all the time and say, ‘Why should I do it? Why should I?’
understand as Sahaja Yogis because we are standing with the light in And then you start enjoying your womanhood.
our hand, that all these books have attacks of all the negativity. Like in So try to be good mothers, good wives and responsible Sahaja Yoginis.
our Indian temples, you’ll always find negative people going there and Those who, after marriage, try to deviate their husbands from Sahaja
doing all the Tantrik-Vidyas and all the base things. Even in the Yoga are really the most cursed ones. You should have sweet tongue
churches you know we have got people who call themselves for others, you should careful what you talk, you’ve to be responsible.
‘charismatic’. You are special people that are married in Sahaja Yoga. I hope you’ll
So this is going on, and they are going to their own doom by taking to keep this in mind.
this kind of a wrong attitude. So it is to be understood that you should V4.20.Mar84.p17
be so much conditioned by those things. (678)
V4.20.Mar84.p17 Today I am going to talk about Attention.
What is Attention, what is the movement of Attention, and what are the
(676) ways and methods of raising our Attention? Keep it in broad ways,
You should keep yourself above to see what is the truth of every alright?
religion, that they belong to the same principle, and we should not But when I am saying all these things you must know that I am talking
adhere to something because we were born in that, or we are to you individually. It is not about others.
conditioned into it, that’s not the sign of a Yogi. A Yogi has no religion Always the first thing human beings do when I am speaking to you, you
outside. He has no nationality. He is rifted of all these things. So, try try to find out about whom Sri Mataji is speaking.
to understand that you are a Yogi and you need not adhere to these This is the best way of putting your attention on to something else. If
psychological conditionings that are being created in your mind. You you put your Attention to yourself – that ‘this is for me, and me and me
understand that, then you’ll rise much higher. Because of the alone’!, then it will have an effect, because these are mantras and that
is why it is wasted, because whatever is given to you is thrown onto V4.20.Mar84.p18
another person.
So the Attention that you have is the only way to know reality. Your
own Attention is important, not the Attention of others, or your
Attention on others. This must be clearly understood. If you
understand this point, that the whole thing is to be consumed by you,
through your Attention, to raise yourself to a higher situation. (681)
Otherwise, it is like giving food to you and another person is getting So, our Attention is just a pure, completely pure, canvas, and is acted
nourished. upon by the three Gunas we have, to begin with. And the three Gunas
V4.20.Mar84.p18 come to you, as you know,
(679) One from your past,
You should know that your Attention should absorb all that I am saying One from your future sense,
– it is not meant for anybody else. You better sit in thoughtless and one from the present.
awareness, that’s the best way, so that it goes into you, otherwise it’s Now, whatever have been your experiences about a particular thing, or
like a lecture, you know. That you listen to me has not the effect. a particular occasion so far, is completely recorded in your memory.
Every lecture will transform you because after all I am speaking, but, For example, if you see black colour, all that goes with the black colour
because you always think o others and you think of your problems, all is recorded in your memory. As soon as you see this black colour,
the time something nonsensical is going on, about which you are quite a lot of it comes out. That means as soon as you see this with
worried – and the Attention is so overloaded that whatever is said to your Attention, your Attention gets muddled up, or you can say the
you does not go into you. Go now, utilise it by being attentive and Attention gets coloured with all the memories about this black colour.
knowing that all these nonsensical things have no value. And then your Attention takes place according to the way your
It is your Attention that has to come up, and has to grow. So, Attention Attention is affected. For example, just now something was burnt by
is the whole canvas of your being. Complete canvas. How much you these flames. Now, all of you became aware of it. Next time, when
have gone into it, how much you have discovered it, how far you have you see a flame, first thing that will happen will be that you will be
raised it – is a different point. cautious about it. It is not going to happen again, but the whole
V4.20.Mar84.p18 memory will come to you, and you will try to be cautious and warn
others because your Attention will become aware of that. That canvas
of your Attention will start throwing out these pictures, through your
past experiences. This is a living canvas.

(680) This is a living canvas.
Attention is Chitta and God is Attention. Or maybe that if you have got some ideas, which you have
How far you have been enlightened is a different point. premeditated or thought of, of the future, for example, you must have
thought of somebody, ‘that if I meet that man I will tell him like this’ –
But your Attention is God; if you become enlightened to that as soon as you meet that man, your Attention will start bubbling out
extent. with those ideas that are coming about this man and you will start
It is like a canvas, you can say, which is spread out for a film, and addressing him accordingly.
whatever aptitudes or, you can say the ‘drags’ or ‘movements’ of your It is all stored up within you, whether it is about the future or the past –
Attention shows on the canvas. is given out of the Attention through that bubbling process which
depends on your ‘dragging’ nature. Where you are dragged, that is
I do not know what is the word for ‘Vritti’ in English language. It is not called ‘Vritti’, but I do not know what you call it in English language. I
‘aptitude’ but a person gets ‘prone’ to, or his Attention is dragged to – I do not know. ‘What you are prone to.’
do not know if there is a word in the English language for Vritti. V4.20.Mar84.p19
But after you get your realisation, you are still not identified with that
state of mind in which you see your ego and superego as myths. Still
(683) you get caught up into your ego and superego, and that is why your
Vritti is a very neutral word. attention is still in a mess. In a pure, simple way of Attention, in an
It does not mean anything bad. It means, where you are drawn to. innocent child, he sees everything in Pratyaksha, means in actual
Vritti means a temperament by which you are drawn to. Whatever is experiencing of something, for a child, because he has no memory. So
your temperament, it acts like that. he will have to burn his hand to feel that this burns, and touch
For example, if you see a man walking, say, blindly, he cannot see something cold to know that it is cold. So, into the actual experiencing
things. of it he lives, but that that actual experiencing becomes the memory,
One person may get angry with that person. and once the memory is built up stronger, the whole personality is
Another may have pity for that person. affected by memory. All the conditioning of all kinds comes through
Third man may come forward to help him out. that. Even the whole atmosphere can come to you, smelling a soap or
Is the vritti, is the temperament you have developed through your a rose; you may feel really elated, happy or unhappy, because of
three Gunas. memory. This memory might have given you superego, or might have
That is why this Attention becomes identified with you, and when you given you ego. This ‘canning’ might have taken place – if it is
are identified with this, your vritti, your temperament satisfying your ego you feel very happy; if it is superego, if you are
– then you are still in a misidentified area. suppressed by this, then you feel very unhappy.
V4.20.Mar84.p19 You have to go beyond the myth.

So, both things, like happiness and unhappiness, are the states where
you are still in the myth.
Still the myth exists. You have still to go beyond.
So, if you feel happy about some situation, you should know that you
are only happy before realisation, because it is giving some support to
(684) your ego to bloat.
Let us take the case of somebody who was possessed before. Now, And if you are unhappy, then you should know that there is some sort
coming to Sahaja Yoga, his possession goes away. of suppression on your ego and there is superego developing.
But the memory remains in the brain – that he was possessed – and So both situations have been of no help to you.
the memory is stronger in a person, left side is stronger, then that Of no help to you for your growth. Both these institutions develop so
memory lingers on and as soon as that person comes into contact with much that you are away from the real experiencing.
anyone which has got something to do with the past possession it The real experiencing stops because your Attention is so muddled up.
clicks, and the whole thing starts coming into you, bubbling out, and So, on one side,
you think you are again possessed. if you move on the left side, your Attention is muddled up with fear,
It is the memory which gives you, it is a myth, it is the memory that with pain, with unhappiness, with hopelessness of dejection.
tells you ‘Oh, you are again possessed’. Because your left side is The other side, if you indulge too much, on the right side, you start
weak, means – you always live in your memory, your memory is getting elated, excited, over dominating.
stronger than yourself. V4.20.Mar84.p20
(687) (see 686)
If you could make yourself stronger than your memory – The colour of the left side is blue,
nothing can possess you. and the blue colour starts changing to black.
V4.20.Mar84.p19 While on the right hand side it is, to begin with, yellow,
light yellow, or, you can say, golden. Because if you move too much that side, you have seen that it
Then yellow, then orange and then red. becomes blood.
So you go to aggression on the right hand side. It is difficult for people to understand how, when we become very
On the left hand side you go into a complete state of, entropy, you can religious minded, like now Iran, the movement is on the right, all the
call it; or a state where you are separated from yourself into complete austerities, all that, everything, now, bloodshed.
frozen state. Christians also did the same.
So, on one side you become completely frozen, Brahmins did the same in India.
on the other side you become completely heated up. Buddhists did the same, even though they talked of non-violence, they
Both these things are again movement in the wrong direction. got to bloodshed because movement started right-hand side.
V4.20.Mar84.p20 V4.20.Mar84.p21

Left-hand side movement will take you to very sly and dark methods.
So right-hand sided people like big nations who are supposed to be
developed nations, they justify war, ‘We must have weapons to face
each other.’
(688) But you all, each other, are the same people from God’s point of view!
Even in the centre, when the Attention is kept, that you keep your Why are you fighting? I mean, God asks you, ‘Why are you fighting?
attention more in the centre; there also, because it is a very sensitive What is the need? Why do you not sit down properly and listen to each
point, it does not stay there. other? What are you fighting about?’
For example, when we, say, use fire, we can use it for burning the You are fighting about land. Is it your father’s land?
house. In the same way, we can use it for creating smoke. It belongs to God!
But we can also use this fire it its proper way, if we use it in its proper God has created this land. Why are you fighting?
proportions, for cooking the food, for giving us light. But your Attention is such that immediately you say, ‘Oh, this is my
If it is too much it can burn like a big fire. land, this is my motherland, this is my fatherland, this is my
If it is too little, it can burn like smoke. brotherland.’
But in the centre, when you know how to balance it, then you can use But what about your land which is within you? Is it not your own?
it for your own purpose: So, if you go on telling these people that we should have no war, they
For cooking, would not listen. Realisation is the only way. By realisation your
or for giving light, attention gets higher and separated from that strata where these
and then for a Puja too. things ‘bubble’ in. You understand my point now?
V4.20.Mar84.p20 V4.20.Mar84.p21
By Realisation, the strata goes higher.
The Attention goes higher. At a higher state –
(689) and these things that used to bring in, by right side movement, you get
So, in the same way, when we really balance our Gunas properly, then (vikshepa) confusion. Must you get confusion?
we become gradually the master of the whole situation. The Attention Every intellectual, whatever brilliant he may be, he is confused. And
does not get dragged into things that we have been doing, or that we the more confused he is, the more he asserts himself. This is the
have understood through our memories, or through our experience, thing, this is the thing. I mean, if it is so, why should you assert it? But
whatever that is. he goes on asserting. Then, understand that he is now going towards
And it is not also dragged towards too much on the right side, that we lunatic asylum. Absolutely. ‘We must all do this’ – and he convinces
try to overpower, or try to dominate someone. many others who are much more confused and they find somebody
who is not so confused, outwardly.
They depend on him, they stick onto him, he becomes a leader, and all A person who exposes himself too much to planning, and doing
of them get to war or some sort of bloodshed, they want to see blood. that and doing this, and doing all this can land into very great
They become heartless, passionless. difficulties.
Compassionless, you can say, Compassionless, Loveless people. So, you have to balance that side also, and this side, and you
V4.20.Mar84.p21 have to be in the centre, in the equilibrium.

The other movement is the blue side, the blue is like the blue
So, further romanticism starts, you see. Sitting in the moonlight, you
see! The ideas start coming from Lord Byron, and they come into your (694)
attention, then it becomes a very strong passion with you! You think, Now this word – equilibrium – does not exist in our day to day life, it
‘Oh, I am still, you see, I have to find out my loves, you see’, and you exists only in fiction, or maybe in the so-called scientific research. But
go in search of your loves, and this and that. as far as human beings are concerned, they do not know what
These things really are not giving joy. That is why so many poems equilibrium is.
have been written, that love is the most painful thing, is worse than Because of this, the Attention – though after realisation it comes up,
death, and all sorts of poems are written like that, so why do you get in still on the sides they just go down, this side or that side, according to
it? your vrittis.
I mean it is already written down, books after books! And when these identifications still act in them, they are prone to go
Still why do you get into it? down again in their attention, and again start bubbling out the same
You have to be in equilibrium. thing they had.
V4.20.Mar84.p21 Now one has to become lighter in ones own mind and should think, ‘We
have dropped all that, why are we there?’
One should become lighter with all that load flowing out, because you
are here to raise your Attention to higher and higher so that
you come up to a point where you become One with the
Attention of God.
(693) (695)
You are already warned about it, that don’t go after love. Love is Already your Attention is sparkled, because, through your Attention,
deception, love is this, that, it is very temporary, it is for the little while you can see what is wrong with you, what is wrong with others, and
that you get that. how far you are going with yourself. But, the progress is retarded,
…By chance, if somebody could stop at a point, by marrying somebody because you do not know that this Attention is pure form, and all that
who is sweet enough and realise that love and marriage and all these you get into this Attention is mythical stuff, is a myth. If you drop
things are in the centre; are like the fire in the kitchen, are like the fire the myth, gradually treat everything as a myth, and not depend
in the temple, looks after it, does not overdo something about it, then on becoming unhappy or happy, just seeing the thing, your Attention
may be that this may be utilised. will take a flight, and it will be at a much higher level residing there.
In the same way, right side movement of the Sun-line, if people think Instead of that every movement you go this way or that way, you see,
that ‘Yes, sun is important. We have to sun in the use’. But you are not it goes on like that, and the movement upwards is much less. Even in
to become naked and insult the sun and get skin cancer. But if you Sattwa-guna, when you rise, you can go much worse in that condition
overdo it, it is also dangerous. also, for example, if you say that, ‘I am trying to be Sattwa-guni’ - In
Sattwa-guni it is that you start seeing everything,
discriminating through your understanding – not through
vibrations, through understanding – ‘ should we not, somehow or
other, take out our Attention from here? Should we not give this up?
Should we be charitable? Should we go and serve the people?’ Then
there are people who think, ‘Oh, we are going to do something great’,
like your Salvation Army. Let them be salvaged by themselves, I do
not know what salvation they are going to do. So these ideas of
Sattwa-guna can also immobilise you and can really freeze you down
once and for all and can work you in such a sly, secretive manner you
will not feel it. Once you work in a charity association, your Attention is
finished. V4.20.Mar84.p22
But, if your Attention goes higher, say my Attention is ‘I am only
nothing but a charity, I mean – what am I?’ It just flows, you just
become the charity. So the difference between a person who is
realised and a not realised is this – that the Attention which
was giving myth as reality to you is gone now, is gone higher.
It can see that it is myth, the Attention can clearly see that it is myth,
and you can see yourself, and you can remove yourself. That, of
course, I have to give you a push, no doubt, and I am working hard on
that, to give you a push, but you should also know that mythical things
must be dropped out, otherwise you will not grow.
All mythical things must be dropped out.
And the best way to do it is to be in thoughtless awareness; because as
soon as you transcend these three Gunas you become thoughtlessly
aware. You have to cross Agnya, and once you have crossed Agnya,
these three Gunas, absolutely, you go into a state where you are
‘Gunatit’, you are beyond Gunas. So, you do not deliberately do
anything, but it works out.
(697) (699)
But analysis is one of the diseases of the West. What are we analysing, Still you identify.
sitting down here? Now they have analysed for a purpose, also done for Because, if I ask you anything, ‘How are you?’, means what?
God. Through their analysis now my things are recorded. Through their Means you are still confused. Alright?
analysis I can go to the TV – if they allow me any time. Because of Confusion should go.
analysis it does not fit into me, they wouldn’t allow, they may not, it One confusion was there that, ‘This is Realisation or not?’ I hope that is
might be expedited, but, say, for example, if you had not discovered over now with you people.
these things, for example, take it like that, and science was not At least now you believe it is self-realisation, I had to tell people, ‘No,
discovered, your Attention would have been at least better off. Because no, you are self-realised now, you are’, still they would jump up like a
of science, your Attention is also very much in confusion. So I do Jack-in-the-box. They will say, ‘No, we’re not Mother. How do you this
not know which one to praise, whether the science or the primitiveness. is realisation? We expect this out of Realisation, and that out of
See, when you raise yourself to science also, you got to another Realisation, that we’ll be flying out of the door if we are Realised’, or
extreme, as usual. some nonsensical thing like that.
Till you burnt out your complete Attention you were not satisfied. I mean, Thank God these ideas have gone away.
if you had kept your balance in science also it would have But when we are Realised, there is a light that has come in us,
helped, but the balance was lot there. Give anything to human beings we have to grow it, only by separating our Attention from the
and they know how to make the worst out of it. They will go to the myths. V4.20.Mar84.p24
extreme. You give them a horse, they cannot go ordinary trotting or (700)
galloping, they must have double gallop, till they fall and die. The Mastery
Everything, you see, they are just on the run all the time. So, first thing It is all mythical. I also play with you.
needed is to steady down yourself and tell yourself – now, all these Because, unless and until you are sure, I am not going to give you a
mythical things I am not going to allow to come to my Attention. wrong idea about yourself. I want to see how far still you Attention is
V4.20.Mar84.p24 moving. and I know, still you are not sure. Still you are not sure of
(698) yourself. That is why the confidence is not there.
You are giving too much Attention to myths, taking them a bit too First of all you have to learn to drive, then you are tested. There will be
seriously, they are just mythical. So now, for you, because you are five stones put together, and the distance will be only that hardly a car
enlightened, your Attention has to move to a higher space. can pass through and the fellow will say you, bring it zigzag, and you
Now, actually what has happened in realisation – Your Kundalini has cannot do it. Why? That is how he makes you the master.
risen and has come up just like, you can say, a small thing hair, one The mastery of your attention will come when you start seeing
hair, say, and that has broken your Sahasrara. And now, the Grace is that it is all a myth that upsets you. It is all a myth that upsets
flowing into it. But it is a very small movement that has taken place, of you. Just throw it away. Just throw it away and understand
course, which is a very difficult movement, no doubt; but it has taken that you are the Eternal Attention, that you are the Eternal
place. No you have not expanded like this. Your Chakras are only Life. That only thing that keeps you away from it is ignorance,
pierced in the centre, but the rest of the Attention is still intact, that you and ignorance is too simple to understand, that you have
do not even feel that it is pierced. Now you have to expand that, accepted myth as truth.
open it out so that more strands of Kundalini can rise and your Just drop it, it is all a myth. You will be amazed how your Attention will
Attention, which is in these centres, expands. By expansion it rise, all the nonsensical things which used to frighten you or elate you
drives out all that is mythical on the sides. will drop out and you will just smile at it. Then only you are going to
On every centre we have our Attention, which is being enlightened in the enjoy yourselves fully because your Attention would be completely
centre through the light passing through. But the light is too small drenched into the bliss of Self. I am saying you will, I say you are
for the darkness that you have collected. Specially for the people already drenched into that Bliss. Keep it up!
of the West. I should say your confusions – you must get rid of them, but V4.20.Mar84.p24
still you identify.