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I am saying, ‘you will’, I say you are already drenched into that bliss. Prayer to the Almighty
Keep it up. You must pray to God and ask what you want. Ask for:
Now, how to do it? ‘Complete satisfaction in my heart,
Actually in everyday life how to kill the memory of the past? To kill Joy in my heart,
the memory of the past is to have new memories. You must Bliss in my heart, so the whole world becomes blissful.
remember when you first got your realisation. Always think of Give me Love, Love, that I could love the whole world, and the whole
it. world becomes one in love.
Whenever any such memory comes to you, try to think how you got Give Salvation to the entire humanity which is suffering.
your realisation. Any memory that is troublesome or so-called elating, Take me to Your Feet.
you just try to remember how realisation has come to you. When you Cleanse me with Thy Love.’
feel aggressive about something, just try to remember how you Now see if there is God or not. You can feel it within yourself. He
felt the joy of surrendering. hears you. He is the Glory of all the Glory.
Just think of that joy of surrendering, of dissolving yourself. So the new He loves you, He protects you, He guides you, He has created you to
memories must be built up. be really His Love, but accept it.
If you start building up new memories, then you will start collecting Any time any thought is coming to you, pray, and you will be moving in
moments, to establish other moments which have such memories, like the way of that Ocean which is the unconscious mind, which starts with
a memory when you tried to help somebody; you raised the thoughtless awareness.
Kundalini of someone. If you cannot become thoughtless, you pray to Him:
V4.20.Mar 84.p25 ‘Forgive me for what I’ve done, and forgive those who have done harm
to me.’
Shri Mataji, Bombay 9 Feb. 1975
Now, the problem would be that when you would be raising the
Kundalini of others, you would be in thoughtless awareness – there
wouldn’t be any thought – and thought is the only thing which
But that time you can record the joy of raising the Kundalini.
If you could record the joy of raising the Kundalini of others,
you will feel a new wealth of these beautiful moments, will be
accumulated and all these moments which were giving you
confusion or fear, or so-called unhappiness or happiness will
drop out, and pure joy will remain.
Because now most of the experiences you have had are more
of joy.
Joy has no thoughts.
It is just an experience – Pratyaksha.
That is why I said, ‘keep your eyes open’
I hope you’ll understand what I meant by that.
May God Bless You all.
V4.20.Mar 84.p25 (704 A)
The quality of attention changes according to the state of your realisation you can pay attention through your other centres also, you
condition. So where is the attention place in a human being? It is not do pay. This is a very big difference between a person who is realised
a fixed point. We can say attention is the surface, or the edge of and who is not realised or you can that, you can become effective
awareness, wherever we are made aware, the attention gets diverted through your other centres by paying attention to them. You
to that point. Wherever we are attracted our attention goes there. It is can feel the centres which are obstructed in your body, which you
existing in the whole body, in the sense that it can be delivered outside never felt before.
the body. Also inside the body, in case there is any pain or trouble. It Not only that, you can feel the centres of other people, that means
floats over the nerves, over the whole nervous system, but there is a your central nervous system is being blessed by a new awareness, by
controlling centre in the brain, if it is hit, then we can remain which it can convey to you, communicate to you, the Attention paid by
conscious, but without any attention. your centres, and also it can take your Attention in a subtler way into
Also if something is hit on the Vishuddhi chakra, or even the lower the centres of others. So the first thing that happens to you is that
chakras, that part will lose its attention because you cannot feel in that your Attention becomes subtler, means you start understanding
part. But there is a point in our being, if that is hit, then we cannot deeper things. For example a bird can see a flower but cannot feel the
even think. We are just lying unconscious, eyes open, hands and legs beauty of a flower, and an unrealised person can see the beauty of a
moving. That point is the Vishuddhi chakra, if you draw a line from flower but cannot see the vibrations of a flower. So you become
here to the point where is the pitha of Vishuddhi chakra, is inside the subtler. Your Attention becomes subtler.
brain, along that line, if you are hit anywhere, you become You definitely are at a higher evolutionary stage than the other people
attentionless. This line also passes through Agnya Chakra, because are.
when this point is connected with the Vishuddhi Chakra at the back, if V4.20.Mar 84.p27
here, and at the pitha inside, a kind of triangle is formed, and this line (705)
on this area can affect your attention. Your heart and limbs are Just enjoy!
moving but you cannot pay attention anywhere. Some of you, not understanding that you’ve become somebody else,
V4.20.Mar 84.p26 take it for granted already, ‘Mataji has been very kind. She says I am a
Paar (realised soul), but how am I to believe?’
As if by believing they are going to give some money to Me, or, I don’t
know what, they are going to give.
‘I can see the vibrations comings, but what is the use of getting the
vibrations, why did She give us Vibrations?’
Again, come back to the gross idea of utility, because that has been,
that is what human nature has been so far – to make everything into
utility. Everything must be utilised.
Man thinks no end of himself, so he starts putting his realisation into
utility. Everything must be utilised, ‘What utility it has? How many
people are going to get it? What is to happen? What is the schedule?
What is this? What is that?’
You have been given this subtleness to Enjoy!
V4.20.Mar 84.p27

You’ve been given this subtleness to enjoy. Like if we enjoy the beauty
(704 B) of a flower, we just enjoy. Do we go to the books and find out what we
So when you pay attention to something, actually you pay attention should do about this enjoyment of ours? No, to enjoy this flower and
normally, when you are not realised, through your brain centres. After then what to do? And who has described about the flower so that we
can see if this is fitting into that? But it is done very commonly and I is the result of that? Their chakras were broken and finished. When
really don’t know what to day, because it’s a foolish thing and I am they fixed their attention onto Agnya Chakra, you’ve seen that Agnya
only afraid that sometimes if I say they will feel hurt. Chakra is broken. You have not to fix any attention but you have to
And as human beings are, they get hurt for nothing at all, that’s very make your attention subtler and subtler. As I told, that a magnet when
foolish. brought near the stones, nothing happens to the stones, they are just
Children are very sensible that way. there, you move the magnet any way you like, but when you take it to
Once they get it they start enjoying it, they just enjoy, they just sleep the iron filings, only the filings are attracted towards the magnet. In
off, they are not bothered. They think that something is to be enjoyed, the same way, the attention of a Sahaja Yogi should be so subtle that
let us enjoy it. he should feel the vibrations; he should think of vibrations; he should
V4.20.Mar 84.p27 eat vibrations, drink vibrations – and enjoy them. V4.20.Mar 84.p28
So, at the very outset, it happens like that, and a man doesn’t know (709)
what, how he has ma\de himself even much more gross than he ever Today’s subject is relationship between Kundalini and Kalki. The word
was in this Kali Yuga – in these modern times. By organising things Kalki is actually an abbreviation of the word Nishkalank, means the
according to his own ideas and conceptions, he has become so same as my name is, which means Nirmala, that means it is spotlessly
unnatural, so foolish, that discrimination between joy and ugliness he clean without any spot or marks.
doesn’t have, he is so confused. Now, this incarnation (Kalki), has been described in many Puranas, and
So, first of all, it is not only one reason, but there are many reasons, will be coming on this earth on a white horse, in a village of
and as I described to you, inherently it is the human, gross activation Sambhalpur, as they call it. It is very interesting how people take
before realisation. If he understands the disease from where it has everything literally, the word Sambhal means bhal, is forehead, means,
come sometimes it is easier to correct it. You cannot just correct this at that sage, that means Kalki is situated on your Bhal. Bhal is the
disease without understanding the history behind it. If you are a forehead and here his going to be born, that is the real meaning of the
student of History you will know how human beings have behaved. You word
just start wondering what’s wrong with these people. God created one For us, in between Christ and this destroying incarnation of
world. Just think of a person like Me, coming on this earth, suddenly Mahavishnu, called as Kalki, there is a time given to human beings
you will find there are so many countries being created. All right, to rectify themselves, for them to enter in the Kingdom of God,
separate countries you can have, if you cannot manage the whole which in the Bible is called as the Last Judgement. That you will be
world together, but then the fighting goes on, killing each other, all judged, all of you will be judged on this earth. The population of
kinds of problems for nothing at all. I mean, it is such a madhouse. the world is maximum, say, because, all those, practically all those
So, historically, if you see how man has made himself mad, it is not who have aspirations to enter into the Kingdom of God are born in
easy to compile all that into one lecture, there are already volumes of modern times, and are going to be born very soon.
historical background which has spoiled your attention. Y2.V12.Nov82.p5
V4.20.Mar 84.p28
(708) This is the most important time because Sahaja Yoga is the last
Those who come for physical handicap, or are sick, if they get the relief judgement. It is fantastic to have this, but that’s a fact and is the
there is a little shadow of joy. But once they get the relief they truth, though you can understand that Mother’s Love makes it very
disappear, not understanding that there is something greater than this easy for you to get through your realisation, and that the whole story
to be tasted and enjoyed. And the physical enjoyment in Sahaja Yoga of the last judgement looks such as horrifying experience, has
itself is sufficient to keep your attention subtle. You do not have to fix been made very beautiful and very tender and delicate and
your attention, but you have to get subtler and subtler in your does not disturb you.
attention. Fixing up your attention, as you know, as you know, is a
very wrong method that was done by some yogis and, you know what
But this is the last judgement, I tell you, and you are all going to be Because in the city people are supposed to be very busy. They think
judged through Sahaja Yoga, whether you can enter into the Kingdom other things are much more important than seeking God and wasting
of God or not. your time in such pursuits like seeking god.
Now in Sahaja Yoga people come in with different kinds of attentions or Under such circumstances Sahaja Yoga takes its roots, very sweetly
Chitta. There could be people who have too much of Tamsivrati (left into the hearts of all seekers.
sided) and what you call inertia or the more sort of sluggishness or It works very spontaneously; you get your realisation without any
slow movement temperament. These, when they are exaggerated, difficulty, without any efforts, without paying for it, without going into
people take to an addiction, or take to alcohol or some such things, any sort of strenuous exercise.
which take you away from reality and make you numb. Y2.V12.Nov82.p6
When we talk of Kalki we have to remember that between
(710 B) getting our realisation and entering into the Kingdom of God,
The other side, as you know, is right-hand-sided people who have got we can falter very much.
too much ambitions. That extremely ambitious people they want to This is called as Yoga Bhrasta Sthiti. People take to yoga, enter into the
win the whole world, and they want to become something yoga, and are still enchanted by their Pravaruttis – e.g. an ego-oriented
independent, on their own – malignant and cancerous. man, or a money-oriented man, who wants to dominate, can form a
They do not want to keep their relationship with God. You see in group of people whom he will dominate by his ideas, can go in for a
Kaliyuga, how people have gone to extremes. Some of them are very fall, and the rest of the people will also go with him, in Sahaja Yoga
much indulging into the too much of alcoholism or you can call it itself.
something – running away from your awareness, or from your self, This has been happening in Bombay very often. This has been a
from truth and beauty. common thing that is going on, but this is know as Yoga Bhrasta,
The others are denying everything that is beautiful, and are ego where a person falls from his Yoga, comes down from his Yoga,
oriented. So we have people who are super ego oriented, very much because Sahaja Yoga gives you all the freedom, whether to fall or
conditioned and lethargic and lazy and absolutely revolting. The other come up. But if you go to any other Guru, doing other sort of yoga in
side people, who are extremely ambitious, dominating and are which purification takes place, and where people are trained and
destroying each other by their competition. disciplined from their childhood, in that yoga the Guru sees that you
These two types of people, of extremes nature, are rather difficult to are somehow or other you are injured or hurt so badly that you have
enter Sahaja Yoga. no connections with anybody else; like an operation, they take out that
Y2.V12.Nov82.p5 person and throw him out.

(711) (713)
But people who are in the centre are easily absorbed in the Sahaja In Sahaja Yoga it is left to your freedom to understand that you have to
Yoga. Moreover people who are less complicated, simple-hearted – as keep to the mains, you have to keep to the growth, you have to keep
they are in the villages – are very easily absorbed by Sahaja Yoga and to the whole and not on one person here and there who is trying to
they take to it without any difficulty. overpower the rest.
In the city you can see the result of so much work of mine that there In Sahaja Yoga anybody who tries to come up too much is put down,
are hardly 200-300 people here today, but if I go to the villages, the because in nature you must have seen that nothing grows out of
whole village of 5,000 to 6,000 people come round and all of them get bounds, like human beings are of certain height, trees are of certain
their realisation without any difficulty. heights, everything is controlled.
You cannot show off in Sahaja Yoga, neither can you make groups of
some special thing. Specially I have seen in Sahaja Yoga that there are
people who come up and ask others to touch their feet. It is more Do not try to harm others.
surprising that invariably such people will get exposed in no time and Do not try to take advantage of others, and do not try to show off your
one knows that they have gone out of Sahaja Yoga. It is because their own powers.
chakras are caught, very badly caught, thought they may not feel it for Because once this destruction starts in your life you won’t know how to
a while, their vibrations may be there, but they come down and down stop it.
until they are completely finished. Y2.V12.Nov82.p7

This time that we have got is a most precious time and one has to be
very careful and alert about oneself.
(714) One should not depend on any other person for help in this, but should
This Yogabhrasta Sthiti is the worst thing that can happen to any try to completely consolidate ones own being into the kingdom of God,
Sahaja Yogi. First of all you don’t get your Yoga, and if you get Yoga and occupy the highest seat in the heart of God Almighty.
and then jump into this sort of condition – about which Shri Krishna has Because, when Kalki will come, he will slaughter all these people
described –that you go to Rakshasa Yoni. without any compassion. He is devoid of any compassion.
Those who come to Sahaja Yoga must know that you have to stick on There are Eleven Rudras in Him; means there are eleven destructive
one thing properly, otherwise what is the yoni you get if you die powers, absolutely settled in Him.
without Yoga? When I see all that, because I can see all that, and this emergency
May be that you will be born again as a human being, may be, but this grows into Me, and I tell you, beware of Him. Don’t play fool with Him.
life is wasted. Don’t take it easy and do not compromise with these nonsensical
If you try such tricks after coming to Sahaja Yoga, and try to impress people. Stick on to the right.
on others that you are a very great realised soul, that you have Otherwise the day is very near when Kalki is going to come.
achieved this and achieved that, all this nonsense that you have doing Y2.V12.Nov82.p8
before getting the realisation – then there is a very serious offence and
you are punished for that. (717)
This is the Power of Kalki which is secretly working behind Sahaja Yoga. The other type of people are … who think through their intelligence.
Y2.V12.Nov82.p7 They have denied God. They say, ‘Where is God? There is not God. It
is all nonsense, science is everything.’ What has science done so far?
(715) Let us see that science has done nothing so far.
Kalki means there are eleven powers which are guarding the beauty of It has only done dead work.
Sahaja Yoga. Anybody who tries to play around with Sahaja Yoga is It has made you ego-oriented. They are finding all the methods of
harmed very badly. committing sin. (How to commit worst sins, there are some gurus in
So, today is the day of telling you about the dangers of playing with the India who supply them knowledge of how to commit even worst and
Divine. worst of sins) – so they can easily go with two easy jumps to Hell.
So far people have been taking them for granted. They have tortured Whatever is wrong is wrong.
great saints; all the time human beings are tortured. Now I am Whether it is today, tomorrow or yesterday, or thousands of years
warning them in almost every lecture of mine that, don’t try this trick back, whatever is wrong with your Dharma or sustenance, is wrong.
today because Kalki is already on. The New phase is, ‘What’s wrong in this? What’s wrong in that?’ The
Don’t try to trouble anybody who is a saintly person, who is a good question will be answered by Kalki only. I am just telling you that it is
person. Be careful about it because Kalki is on. And once this power wrong. It is extremely wrong. It is against your Ascent. It is against
comes on you, you would not know how to hide yourself, not only to your being, and then you will not have time to repent and will not have
the Sahaja Yogis, but his I am telling the world today that, ‘Be Careful!’ any time to ask this question, ‘What’s wrong?’
You will be chopped off. That is what is the Kalki incarnation. He is
going to come on a white horse they say, it’s a tremendous thing that
is going to work out.
In Sahaja Yoga it is very easy to desert and, even in London, I know (719 B)
who is going where and what they are doing! I write to them, I tell One has to understand that such an incarnation (Shri Kalki) is imminent
them, don’t do it, just don’t do it. Immediately you must understand and Sri Krishna’s powers are given to Him, which is only Hanana
that, ‘our Mother knows these things. She knows and if She has told, Shakti. Brahma Deva’s powers, which are only Hanana Shakti, are
then it is to be done.’ It is not to be argued. Did you get your given to Him. Shiva’s powers, which are also Hanana Shakti, i.e. part
vibrations by argument? But still in Sahaja Yoga you can falter, and of His Tandav is given to Him.
that is the worst thing you can do. Similarly, Bhairava’s Khadaga, Shri Ganesha’s Parshu, Shri
Because Yogabhrashtas are the most condemned. Where will they go? Hanumana’s Gada and the Siddhis which are going to destroy, are
I have to warn all the Sahaja Yogis who are here, because Sahaja Yoga given to Him.
is the last judgement, not only that you will be judged, that you are Buddha’s forgiveness and Mahavira’s Ahimsa are going to be turned
entering into the kingdom of God, but you become the citizens of God, upside down.
is correct. All these eleven powers are going to come on top of us when we will be
Apart from that, you are capable of being there, where you have the finished with Sahaja Yoga; when we will be absolutely sorted out, and
complete surrendering and understanding of Divine Love. Even if you the last killing will be done by Him.
are belonging to, say, India, and you are a citizen of India, and if do Y2.V12.Nov82.p11
thefts and commit criminal offence, you will be punished even then.
So, if you are a citizen of God, you have to be very, very careful about
Y2.V12.Nov82.p11 (720 A)
(719 A) I wish it is just a killing. It is not going to be ordinary Hanana like even
The second thing I would like to tell you about is the destroying powers the Devi has done. Devi has killed all the Rakshasas, thousands of
of Kalki. years back, but they are back in the seat again.
Today’s lecture is going to be very sharp for you because the Now the problem is very different at the present moment, which you
incarnation you have asked me to speak on is a very sharp should try to understand. In the old days, during Shri Krishna’s time,
one. Is the sharpest of all. when He said, ‘Sanskrit’ means to destroy the cruel people, or the
We had Krishna’s incarnation, for example. He has Hanana Shakti. He negative forces, and to save the saints.
has killed Kansa, so many Rakshasas, you know, as a child also, He has I am going to come again and again! But the problem of Kaliyuga
killed Putana, but He had Leela also. is that there is not a pure and simple person as a Sadhu or Rakshasas.
He had love and He did give concessions to people, He forgave people. So many Rakshasas have entered into your brains. You side with so
Christ is the embodiment of forgiveness. many people who are wrong and who are doing wrong, all sorts of
Forgiveness of Christ is nothing but is the power of sustenance things in the name of religion, of politics, progress and education and
within Him. all that.
If He explodes, the whole forgiveness will come on us as a big disaster Once you have sided with them, then they are in your brains,
if you are not able to understand the value of His forgiveness. He said they are within you. When you are having them within you –
very clearly that, ‘Anything against Me will be tolerated, but a word how to destroy the negative forces? You may be a good
against the Holy Ghost won’t be tolerated’. person, but you may be destroyed because you are having
No you have to understand that Holy Ghost is Adishakti. them in your heads.
Y2.V12.Nov82.p11 Y2.V12.Nov82.p11
(720 B) When you see that there is a not more chance of having any
So, there is not a hard and fast rule to say who is a real negative and more people coming in this time – Kalki will come down.
who is a real positive person. Let us see how many come in!
Only Sahaja Yoga is going to cleanse you and make you But for that there is a limit also. So I will request you to go out in the
absolutely positive, positively for the good and positive people. world, call your relatives; call your neighbours, all of them. Tomorrow
This is the only way, when your Ankura (sprouting), when it starts is the last day of my programme of Navaratri, when they are going to
giving you realisation, you feel your self, and not this mirage. You have a little felicitation of the Mother. To me the greatest felicitation
start enjoying that Self. will be, that in this Bombay, I will find more people realised, taking to
When you start enjoying it, you give up all the things that make you Sahaja Yoga seriously. After coming to Sahaja Yoga do not indulge in
compromise and make you a horrible mixed-up person. backbiting and small petty mindedness and getting angry with each
All this confusion will then go along. So it is essential that you take to other, but being loving and wise.
Sahaja Yoga in a most dedicated manner and free ourselves of all the It is most surprising that those who are supposed to be the cream of
wrong doings, and also the others whom we know. This is the only the nation, the most sophisticated people are so petty minded! I have
thing we can give to our friends, relations and all the world around. to tell you these things because of the immediate emergency that is
Y2.V12.Nov82.p12 coming forward before me. Beware of this nonsense, following one
man and getting lost!
What God has done for Bombay people! And what they have to do for
(721 A) It is a very, very sad affair, extremely sad for the whole of this country,
Champagne, whisky and presents are the religion now. because people like to follow this Bombay. Many people like to follow
But where is Christ on the day when He was born? actors and actresses than to follow God. This is the trouble with our
They cannot understand God. superficial temperaments.
How can they, when they have made god according to their own Tomorrow we have a very good programme of releasing the book,
conception of falsehood? ‘Advent’ written by G. de Kalbermatten, who is the son of a Baron, a
As a Mother I have to warn you. Be careful! Don’t play about with Swiss boy. When he came to me I could see clearly that he is a seeker,
your Self! I had to work hard with him for a year to bring him round to his normal
Do not go down, but come up! Come up! Come up! senses.
I am here to work for you day and night. But when there is not any seeking within you, and when you go back,
You know that I work very hard for you. what will happen to you? I don’t know.
I spare no efforts, to help you, and do everything that is possible to So be careful, be very careful!
make you alright; to make you pass the examination of the last Today is the day of warning you, because you have asked me
judgement, but you have to co operate with Me, and you have to go to speak on Kalki.
headlong about it, and devote most of your time for Sahaja Yoga and Y2.V12.Nov82.p13
for imbibing all that is great and noble.

(721 B) (723)
Kalki is a very big subject. If you see Kalki Purana, it is such a book. He is placed on our forehead.
When is the time coming? When the chakra of Kalki is caught up the whole of the Murdha, which
If this is a living process, when will the work be finished? is on the top, goes out of order. In the Kundalini awakening, we find
that if the Murdha goes out of order, the Kundalini doesn’t rise. The the wrath of your Father because, if He comes on you with that wrath,
whole head becomes logged. nobody can slip it. Nobody can stop it!
Such people do not allow the Kundalini to rise about the Hamsa chakra. And the compassion of your Mother will not be listened to, because He
At the most, they might try to raise it up to Agnya but then it drops may say that, ‘You have spoiled your children by giving them too much
down. There is another reason also, as I have said, that if you put your looseness’. So, I have to tell you, please don’t do anything that is
head on the feet of wrong Gurus, you suffer. Too much thinking also wrong, and do not make Me feel bad about it, because for Mother it is
creates problem, at the right-hand side, and one of the aspects of Kalki very difficult to tell these things. It is very hard for a Mother who
gets spoiled: there is imbalance created on this side. has a tender heart, a kind heart for you, to say all these things, but
The whole forehead, if it is full of lots of bumps, then we must I have to request you, ‘Don’t play about, because your Father is full of
know that the Kalki chakra is out of order. wrath. he can punish you for doing anything wrong. But if you do
If it is out of order then the person is about to go into some sort of very anything for Him, or for your own being, or for your self-realisation, you
bad calamity, it is a sign on a person when he is going to get it when will be placed in the highest position. The most important thing is
the Kalki chakra is caught up, all your fingers start burning, on the where you are as far as God is concerned. That relationship you must
hands, on the palms, and at the same time in your body, you get establish by first finding out your Self, your Atma, to Sahaja Yoga and
terrible burning. then relating yourself to that.
Y2.V12.Nov82.p13 May God Bless you all. Y2.V12.Nov82.p14
(724 A) (725 A)
So the Kalki chakra must be kept all right. Agnya means the witness. Was created in the human being when
There are at least eleven Sukshma Chakras in the Kalki Chakra. Out of he started thinking. Ego is on the left-hand side (of the head) and
that, at least try to keep some of them alive, so that others can be super ego on the right-hand side. Conditioning is on the right-hand
restored. If all the eleven chakras are ruined, then it is very difficult to side and gives us the fears and dangers. There is no need to have a
give realisation. thought about the past or the future. Humans think about everything
What is the thing that one should do to keep the Kalki all right? To and think it is wise to sit down and think. It should be spontaneous,
keep your Kalki Chakra all right you must have an awe for God. like inspiration, it should just come to you.
If you do not have an awe for God, if you are not afraid of God, if you Thinking is the playing of the dead.
are not afraid that if you do wrong, He is there with his wrath, and that Agnya is the centre of Christ. He resides in this centre. He
he is a wrathful God, that he is full of poison for us if you try to do developed into Maha Vishnu. Actually Christians don’t know
anything wrong, if there is not fear of that … Not that it is to be hidden anything about this becoming, how He became Christ and why God
from Me or from anybody else, but you yourself know that you are didn’t come down Himself and do the job.
doing wrong. It’s a most important incarnation. He (Christ) is the principle of
If you are doing something wrong, and in your heart of hearts you Creation Tattwa. Ganesha resides in the Mooladhara chakra gradually
know it, then please don’t do it, otherwise Kalki will go out. evolves to be Christ at this stage. He is the Principle.
When you have that awe for God, and when you know that God is all Y2.V12.Nov82.p17
pervading, all-powerful … He has the powers to raise us to this state of Caxton Hall 18:12:78
higher being and also He has powers to bestow all the blessings that
He has. (725 B)
Y2.V12.Nov82.p13 What is our Principle?
The Kundalini you can say.
(724 B) Creation, the whole creation, is the Principle and support. At this
He is the most compassionate God, or, we can say, the compassionate creation, He represents the essence of creation, i.e. in the family, the
Father that one can think of. But, in the same way, he has a wrath, husband and wife and child. The child is the essence of the husband
and a wrath that, when if falls upon you, be very, very careful about and wife, the essence of the house.
Until they had the child, there was no meaning.
Like Christ was the essence of the first sound, ‘Om’ This centre sends messages:
When the Primordial Father and Mother separated, they made that ‘Hum, Hum, I am, I am, you are Hum – don’t be afraid’.
sound. He is that sound, that supports and looks after, more the You can discriminate between the two types: one are very aggressive,
support of all the Universe. Because He is just the essence, the one are subordinated, frightened. Say Hum, the vibrations will drive
essence never dies. away the fear.
My essence is Spirit, the Spirit never dies. The body dies but the It’s how you can get help from the Divine by saying Hum.
essence is there. Y2.V12.Nov82.p18
He is the most important Incarnation.
(727 A)
Clear the Agnya and have pure eyes.
When you are realised, and when you glance at someone, you might
suddenly get a headache or feel like a dart has just hit your head, you
(726 A) might feel you’re blinded by someone, that’s how important your eyes
He, Christ, is placed in our Agnya in the centre where the optic nerve are. Everything, all nervousness, can be cured if you have pure eyes.
and optic thalamus cross; it’s a very subtle point. It’s such a vicious circle, that all the bad is gathered in the Agnya and
It creates two sounds, Hum and Kshum. you have to clear the Agnya to clear the eyes. We have to ask for
Hum on the right-hand side superego and Kshum on the left-hand side forgiveness. We have to bring Christ into our Agnya. We have to give
ego. Hum and Kshum create two kinds of vibrations. up drugs and intoxicants, which will come naturally in Sahaja Yoga.
The Hum sound creates the vibration, I am, I am. Eyes express the whole of your being: brains, bodies, limbs,
Hum, this comes from our existence power, that we know we have to everything. If your Agnya is all right, then your eyes are
live in this world and we are not going to die. perfectly all right. They emit nothing but Love wherever they
Any human being who tries to kill himself is considered not normal. glance. Only a glance of your eyes can raise a Kundalini. With
Normally, every human being or animal tries to retain its life, that is a glance your eyes can cure people, bring Joy into the
through the power of Hum, I am, the superego on the right-hand side destroyed, ruined people; with your eyes, the window of your
and ego on the left-hand side is Kshum. being.
Y2.V12.Nov82.p18 When the Kundalini rises, your eyes become dilated.
There is a tremendous difference between a realised soul’s eyes and a
non-realised soul’s eyes. A realised soul’s eyes sparkle like diamonds.
If your eyes are not pure, your Spirit will not shine through.
We have to respect our eyes.
(727 B)
Mother is a living example of this. Liberate your wisdom and
(726 B) intelligence. These poisons, inside and out, throw them away. Every
This superego, you are conditioned by so many things, that you have human being is a store of joy unlimited. That store of all the
worried, because these experiences make you the kind of person to beauty and wealth which is in every human being, every moment it is
have fear in the mind, and this fear is settled in the superego. bubbling.
It starts from your amoeba stage and until today, store there, you are For Agnya, it’s a good thing, a time when Shri Mataji has to wish us a
afraid of police, this and that. happy Christmas. One must know what to order and how to obey.
Some people are not afraid of these things but are afraid of something Obey the Divine. Obey our elders. Obey your Self, and not your ego.
else. Whatever have been your conditionings, your experiences, all are Then you can also order others. Not only human beings, but the sun,
in the superego. the moon and the winds. If you know someone is going to do
something wrong, take his name to your Agnya and he won’t do it. It’s Sant), realised souls, the saints who have realised the Brahmananda,
a trick for realised souls. But your Agnya must have Christ there; your the Joy of Brahma, by this new yoga, and they won’t have to go into
Agnya has to be clear. Because you have the great support awakened Samadhi. Samadhi is where people just sit down and go on meditating
within you, which is all pervading into all small molecules and atoms for hours together and the ants grow on them, and all that! Just
everywhere, into everywhere you go. So, try to master your Agnya. without doing anything like that they will get their realisation,
Mother wants us to have the most powerful Agnyas, so when people enjoy the Joy of Brahma. This is Sahaja-Samadhi.
see you they will know Christ is reborn again within you. (729 A) Sahaja-Samadhi
Y2.V12.Nov82.p24 Amongst millions, first one will get realisation.
(728 A & B) So you understand your own position. You see the way sometimes we
(These words of HH Mataji were recorded at Sholapur in Jan 82 when fritter away our attention in nonsensical things, you realise that among
She spoke about predictions done long ago about Her Advent and millions you are one. This is written here. We fritter away our
Sahaja Yoga in ‘Narthi Granth’ by Acharya Kaka Bhujander attention in useless things like my wife, my husband, my children, this,
Satwachary.) that. It is written here that among millions only one will be selected.
About 2000 years back, one of the great astrologers of this place, a Do you follow that point?
little downward in Karnataka, has described it so clear-cut that you will Then all the human race can get over their death, i.e. destruction,
be amazed. He said that this Great Yogi will come on this Earth on through this Yoga.
Pisces – and so I am born just on the cusp of Pisces and Aries, but that You will have to lead a life, a married life, a normal life, you may not be
is not so important. Then he says, gradually we will start seeing some married, but life a live of a normal householder, otherwise you cannot
miracles from 1964 – 1966, but the real change in the age (Manvatar) get this Yoga.
will start from 1970, and by 1980 it will take its grip. That time by this Like if you become a big saint or Sadhu-Baba or a Guru, then you
new method, new age will be formed; the old one (Vaivasta) will be cannot get this Yoga.
over. You see we have the Yugas. One of the Yugas will be over and Sansarik means living on this earth, living down to grass roots level.
that Yuga is Kali-yuga. By 1970 Kaliyuga will start receding back, Y2.V9 May 82
and a new age of ‘Active Divinity’ will start – Krita-Yuga. That
time the Sun will rule in a new way. The axis of the earth will be
reduced gradually, and at that time a great MahaYogi will be born who
will be completely Parabrahma – that’s Me. (JAGAT MATA NIRMALA (729 B)
DEVI KI JAI) Then all the diseases will disappear, so fast, in this Yoga, that you will
(728 B) The new great MahaYogi will possess all the powers to do or not need anything like a hospital. Great. In the beginning this Great
not to do, that means Mahakali and Mahalakshmi – all the powers. Yogi (now you people also) only by touching people, can cure people.
Before this people used to go into Bhakti (devotion), Gyana means This is a fact, like an Ardhnarinateshwara (is like Shiva), that will be
reading Pantajali Yoga and then they used to get their Mokshas. But this thing for human beings.
with this new method that this MahaYogi will bring in the pure power The old age will disappear, their body will remain as it is, and they will
within you, in your Chakras, will rise, and as a result the Kundalini have a body which is Divine. What a promise! So don’t worry too
Shakti will be awakened and will be enlightening. Because of this new much about your bodily comforts. All right, maybe that some of you, if
method of Mahayoga, you will see with your own eyes and you will get you want, can fly in the air also with that body. Also they can become
in this body, in your lifetime, the realisation, the Joy of realisation. subtle and enter into the body of others to get them cured. That you
Imagine, 2000 years back! He is greater than Blake I must say. His are already doing.
name was Acharya Kaka Bhujander Satwachary. They will not be touched by the fire and by any weapons. Also you will
You don’t have to sacrifice this body. Many people, great saints, be able to see these subtle things with your own eyes.
sacrificed their body in living condition. They went into a cave, shut You can see them. This will not only happen in India, but all over the
themselves in, and died. That is not necessary with this new method. world.
You won’t die either, means you will achieve your Spirit (Sakshatkari Y2.V9 May 82
Unless and until it happens that you share the love in your marriage it
has no meaning, no meaning at all. So first test of a Sahaja Yoga
(730 A) The value of marriage marriage is how much have you been able to share, by this marriage,
Sahaja Yoga is first to start your germination, then it grows. In that growth you love with other people. Now, for example, in a normal marriage, man
have to become a wider personality. With a marriage you develop even a is the person who is head of the family, as you say, now, he has to be
better personality. Now why is marriage necessary for Sahaja Yogis? First and the head for certain reasons, there is nothing wrong with man
foremost it is the most normal thing to do, is to marry. God has give you this
desire to be married for some purpose, but this same desire, if you do not use
becoming the head, it’s all right, you become the heart. Heart is more
it for the purpose it is given, it can become a perversion, it can become a nasty important than the head. Perhaps we do not realise that, how heart is
thing, it can be very detrimental to your growth. So one should understand important, you see, even if the head fails the heart can go on. WE can
this desire within us to have a marriage. always go on up till the heart is going on, but if the heart fails, the
Marriage means wife who is part and parcel of your being, a wife on whom you head fails too. So, you are the heart as the woman and he is the head
can depend. She’s your mother, she’s your sister, she’s your child. She’s of the family. Let him have that feeling that he is the head; it is a
everything. You share all your feelings with your wife, so it is important that feeling, just like a feeling. Like the head always feels he decides, but
the wife should be such that she should understand that this is the need of a the brain also knows that it is the heart one has to cater for, it is the
marriage. heart which is all-pervading, is the real source of everything. So the
Now, in Sahaja Yoga, as you have seen, all of you have problems either of the
woman’s position, if she understands how important it is, she would
left or of the right. Now when these marriages will take place, most
spontaneously, it will happen, by Nature’s plan itself, that you marry a person never feel let down or dominated, if she knows she is the heart. I think
who is complementary personality to you, because if you are a left-sided this is the point people, women especially, in the West, have lost and
person and you marry a strong left-sided person, it will compensate and make have forgotten and have not realised. If they had realised this point
a good marriage. there would have been much less problem.
Y2.V9 May 82 Y2.V9 May 82

(730 B) (732)
But for a good marriage, one thing is important, that you must share. You Now see, it is not the way people think they control others, or
must share life, every moment of it, every bit of it. If you do not know how to dominate others, or sort of try to suppress them. It is not that way. It
share life it’s going to be very difficult. When it comes to love, how do we
is heart which really governs everything. Heart rules out everything
express our love? By sharing all our joys, all our pains, all our problems… But
in Sahaja Yoga it is a little more, I think quite a lot more, much more. Here else, it is heart which has got the power to envelop the brain, to soothe
you have to share the community. The marriage is not for individuals it. Brain is a headache, you know, it works, works like mad, but heart
in Sahaja Yoga, not at all. If anybody has a feeling a marriage in Sahaja is the one which really covers the body with its love and can soothe,
Yoga is between two people, is a wrong thing. It is two communities, it can be give it joy and happiness.
two nations, it can be completely two universes. So it is not to be enjoyed It is the heart which contains the Spirit.
between yourselves. If you are a good husband and wife to each other, it is So heart is a very important thing, which is the power of the body, like
not sufficient in Sahaja Yoga. That love should be enjoyed by everyone else in ultimately you have to become the Spirit which is in the heart.
the society, in the community. If you cannot do that then you have not Y2.V9 May 82
achieved Sahaja Yoga marriage, it is just an ordinary marriage, as people have,
just that, nothing special. Sahaja marriages should be able to give chances for
very great souls to come on this earth. A person who is married in Sahaja
Yoga, who are Sahaja Yogis, who are sharing their love equally with the Sahaja
Yogis and the society that is Sahaja Yoga, then only Great People will be born.
Y2.V9 May 82
With brain you notice, and that’s why man has to become the head, he
has to go out, he goes to work, he has to deal with people, he is an
extrovert, as you call it; and a woman has to work sometimes if there’s All right, I’m walking, I’m just enjoying, I many have to go this way only so…’
difficulties and troubles. then he starts thinking, ‘you know that? Is it true? Is it correct? Is it really?’
But the woman should not feel dominated if the man says, ‘All right, Or maybe, ‘because She has instincts?’ You see, because She has intuition,
you don’t work’, but if he says it in love! Now, if the brain starts She has got so many things. She gets that, what you call a hunch, they get a
hunch of it, and that’s what it is.
dominating the heart too much, what will happen? Then there will be And once they start understanding that the hunches of the wife are correct,
dryness, you see, like many men are very meticulous, very particular, then they follow you? It’s wrong I think. There’s no need for him to
they are headaches, absolute headaches to themselves, to others and follow…‘You go this way’ … what need is there to do all that? We are going the
to the whole society. same way, but we must know somebody is on the left, one is on the right. The
Such people can become extremely dry, and they can be all the time, left has to be on the left, supposing the left wheel starts going to the right!
you see, like they can never enjoy their wives, they cannot enjoy their There are two wheels need to give it balance, but we are going the same way.
children, they cannot enjoy anything whatsoever, because, you see, These people don’t realise.
they are so particular. Like, they say, ‘Come at 5.10’, if you reach at Y2.V9 May 82
5.9 or 5.11, you have had it. They are just watching time, just to find
out the faults. You see, as soon as the wife comes in they’ll be
shouting, ‘What! You come so late!’ How many? 45 Seconds lost. (735)
You see the wife is coming, the expectancy, the meeting of it, the joy In a marriage, there are no two ways about it, there are two wheels needed to
of it; you are going to meet your own heart! It’s lucky! give it balance, but we are going the same way. These people don’t realise.
You miss your luck! Y2.V9 May 82 They think one wheel has to go to the right; another has to turn to the left. So,
(734 A) imagine what will be the condition of such a family. We are going the same
Now this brain can go all off the rule, you see it, it can go off and it can way. Only understanding is needed, that one has to live with the powers of the
be very, very taxing, it creates tremendous problems with it. So, heart heart, and another has to live with the powers of rationality, of understanding.
must be respected, heart must be obeyed. That’s the point, heart Now, when it comes to rationality, ultimately it will turn to heart, because it
reaches a point when it does not know, you see, then it comes to heart.
must be obeyed. But that doesn’t mean that the women should
Once women realise this, that they have this within themselves – but you must
dominate men! It doesn’t mean that. Obeyed means, you must nurture your power of the heart.
understand what your love says. You see, do it in love, it is very good. But you compete with them in everything, if he goes on a horse, he can drive,
For example, I am lecturing you morning till evening, you are not tired, he can do this, why can’t I? You see, wisdom lies in doing many things, by
you are not tired of my lectures. Normally people should be, ‘What’s avoiding them. You see, for example, I don’t drive, so everybody drives me
this sermon going on? This lady all the time talking to us..’ But you do around; I don’t type very good, everybody types for me.
not mind it, for one reason, why? Because you know I love you very But I do some things which nobody can do as well as I do, like I can cook very
much. In the same way the woman must establish the role – that she well, so when it comes to cooking they have to come to me. But you don’t do
loves. The man may become a little funny, but he’ll come round. He’ll everything that men want to do, or men don’t do everything that women want
to do. Men cooking and women driving is a wrong thing.
go a little astray, but he’ll come round. But do not judge him in
Y2.V9 May 82
outward dominations … like you see if he says, ‘this colour is not good’
– ‘all right, whatever you like I’ll put it’. Then he’ll say, ‘Oh, I think the
one you have put was good, you know I was really foolish.’ He would
say like that. You just agree to them you know. Men should know all manly things and women should know all womanly things.
Y2.V9 May 82 They must learn. They must put their hearts into it. I mean, women can be
(734 B) equally intelligent, men can be equally intelligent. Women can go on the right-
It is not necessary for women to dominate men. I mean I have experimented had and men can go on the left-hand, no doubt about it, but you put imbalance
this in my own life. I have done it. For example, my husband doesn’t know to the whole universe by that, that’s the point. Is not that by doing that you
much of roads. So, supposing we are going somewhere, and he says, ‘I think are in any way less or more; this idea should go out of your minds absolutely,
this is the way you have to go’. I say, ‘Oh, all right, you can go ahead and I’ll that men think ‘I am the man who ears the pants’, all right, wear the pants, but
walk with you.’ But I said, ‘You know, I think it’s not the road, I’ll have to walk we wear the beautiful skirts, all right? That’s the way it should be looked after.
back again. I know for definite, but all right, if you want I can walk with you. You see once this goes away, Sahaja Yoga will work out better.
The domination is felt, only when there is no Love! a man, but for a woman it does, because she is a gracious thing. But
You see, sometimes people like to dominate, isn’t it? there are some things a man cannot do you see, like taking an interest
For example, they say, ‘Now come along, have this food, you must have this’, in women. Some men are so hot, you know, horrible, absolutely. I
and you like it because somebody cares for you, there’s a concern, somebody cannot understand the way they take an interest in women, what
loves you, wants you to have this, and wants you to do that, you like such a
person, you want somebody to do that, you do not want to be left to the dogs
dresses women wear, what perfumes, all this sort of rat-like behaviour
that, ‘Do whatever you please’. That kind of thing is no good, and once you is horrible and cannot be manly. That means they are such slaves of
develop that feeling, ‘Oh that person cares for me’, you see that person loves, women (People from Australia wanting to buy Mrs Kennedy’s
then you start also caring for the feeling of that person. underwear), they are just worse than earthworms, I don’t know where
Y2.V9 May 82 they come from. A man has to be a man like Rama.
Y2.V9 May 82 p11
(737) (739)
You also start to understand about the role of men and women. (Now again So a man has to be a man, a man is a man like Rama. You have heard
the guilt is working, now will you stop feeling guilty about anything. I do not about his life, how he was, you see how He loved his wife, respected
say these things to make you feel guilty, but just to understand you have to be his own chastity. A man who cannot respect his chastity is not a man,
in a very light mood.) This balance has been created a long time back, say
he is absolutely an earthworm. So this is what it is, a man has to have
even when Radha Krishna existed. Radha was the Power and Krishna was the
One who was expressing it. It’s, as you say, the potential and the kinetic. character, he has to have the chivalry in him, he has to have that
People only know about Krishna, but Radha was the power. When He had to courage in him, he has to have the protective thing. If thieves come in
kill Kama, he had to ask Radha to do it. It was She who did everything. She the house, the man tells the wife, ‘Oh you go and open the door and
had to dance, and He pressed Her feed and He said; ‘Now you must be tired’. I’m going to hide’, and when the thieves go away he says. ‘I’m going to
Why did She dance? Because without Her dancing the thing could not work dominate’. That’s not the way. The man has to protect. The man has
out. to look after.
So it is to be interdependent, as you cannot have only a wick and you cannot That’s why doesn’t matter if he is a little crude sometimes, doesn’t
have only the light. You cannot have these two things separate. If you can matter, because he has to face, he’s, you can say, he’s like a thorn and
understand that, then this balance is completely harmonious, it is between God
women are like flowers.
and his Power: absolutely One. You cannot imagine how it is One with God and
His Power! No in the thorn and the flower, you (women) would like to be the
His Power, His Desire, is the same as God – there is no difference at all. flower, isn’t it? But in a man and woman you would like to be a thorn,
Y2.V9 May 82 p 10 so it’s wrong.
He has to protect, he has to look after the invasions on family life and
other things. Y2.V9 May 82 p11
So everything has two sides, you can see clearly. If it is done in love it
is perfect, but if it is done in domination it’s nonsensical. Why
(738) dominate? I mean I don’t understand the word domination. When
But in human beings you are disintegrated people, your desire is there are two wheels do they dominate each other? Can they? If one
different, your thinking is different, your asking is different, everything dominates, say one becomes bigger than the other, kit will go round
is so disintegrated. That’s why marriages are disintegrated. The and round, won’t it?
complete integration is intermingling. If the wife has to work, one need There’s no question of domination in this, but is a question of
not worry; if the man has to work it does not worry, as long as there is integration and understanding and complete co-operation with
complete understanding of integration, of balance, within you. themselves, which must permeate into the society, into the family.
Of course women are responsible - the grace of the family. She has to The marriages which are not helpful to the society are of no use; they
be gracious, it doesn’t look nice for a woman to behave like a man, are just a waste, you see. We have so many marriages like this,
because a man need not be that gracious as a woman, he is, after all, a people get married, live well, happily among themselves, and finish off!
man, so it’s all right in his behaviour – he need not be atrocious but I These are the marriages which are going to change the society, with
mean, sometimes if he swears sometimes, doesn’t matter in a way for
their joy, happiness, make a home where everybody is expected, look
after them, do for others.
You see, there are many people who think, ‘nobody’s doing anything
for us’. What have you done for others? Have you done anything for
them? This, once you start deciding and understanding, it will be very
good. (743)
Y2.V9 May 82 p12 You see, how can you be dominated? You are the Spirit.
(741) Your ego can be hurt, you are the Spirit, it cannot be dominated.
Normally a woman is, if not brought up properly … can be very, very But you are the Spirit. Are you feeling your Spirit?
conceited and can be very selfish and self-centred. Man can be also, If you are feeling your Spirit, it can never be dominated.
but women can be, because if they’re not brought up properly, I am No one can dominate you.
saying they might not like to spend their money on others, they But if you feel that way all the time, that you are dominated, you will
wouldn’t like others to come into the house and share this and that. become a very, very nervous person, you can be a horrible person, you
But again we have to judge it, is it done in love or not? Like the cannot face people. So it is time that you realised you are the Spirit,
husband, you see, brings his friends and they might not like the friends and your husband also is Spirit; or if you are the husband, you must
coming in because it means money, you see; they would like to have know the wife is also the Spirit, and a mutual respect must grow in that
more ornaments to themselves, than to have some friends for their level because both of you are saints, you are Sahaja Yogis.
friend. Can be like that. Some men could be like that also, but both the You must respect each other because you are Sahaja Yogis.
things are wrong. This should be shared to be understood, and the You should be conscious of that, but do not become vain.
whole thing is that you must lavish your love on others. Need not Others are children of the same Mother, more so when you are
spend money for that, need not, you can just be kind to them, nice to husband and wife. There should be a competition in being trusting,
them, a little money too, you see there’s no harm in spending a little honest, being kind and being in service, then you’ll achieve results,
money for others – and expressing your love. instead of dominating, being afraid and all that nonsense.
You see, we are still very meticulous in our Sahaja Yoga, as far as Y2.V9 May 82 p13
money’s concerned, as far as love is concerned, we are very, very (744)
cautious, we have so much fear inside us. That’s another thing which I must point out – which happens to a
Y2.V9 May 82 p 12 married couple and which is very, very wrong also, that both of them
take the role of very miserable people, the Les Miserables, you see.
(742) They sit down crying, boo-hoo-hoo, for nothing at all you see, the
Now domination should never come in Sahaja Yoga at all. For whole world is collapsing before them. Now there are some great
example, when I am telling you anything, an outsider might think that I poets, like Lord Byron maybe or someone, horrible people who have
am dominating you, because really I am touching very sore points written horrible poems like that and then they will recites those poems,
within you if you see it clearly. ‘Oh, the sweetest poems are those…’ and all sorts of nonsense.
(It is there putting the Left side too much, you are all feeling guilty, Now for Sahaja Yogis, you are not to indulge into this kind of nonsense
that’s not good, come along …) of sitting down and indulging into this kind of enjoying the miseries of
So the … this is also an escape, you see, that you start feeling guilty each other.
and then you just don’t cure yourself. For the present you have no miseries, whatever has been there is past
Just don’t feel guilty about anything. and finished.
You see, I am just telling you this because I have to tell you. Now you are new people, with new awareness, with new
Now, once can felt his is domination if they do not see the love behind things, you have no miseries. So forget all those things and try to
it, the beauty behind it, the compassion there. enjoy each other’s company. And if you start that, sitting down and
So, never to feel that anybody dominates you, it is the best way. enjoying the miseries, you get out of it immediately and say, ‘Oh we
Y2.V9 May 82p12 are getting into the same play of Lord Byron’.
I do not want to crate Lord Byrons out of Sahaja Yogis any more. Krishna we have to understand is the Yogeshwara, and the second aspect of
Y2.V9 May 82 p13 him as the Virata.
(745) Yogeshwara means the Lord of Yoga, or the Power of Yoga. He is called
So please remember that, don’t sit down and discuss and analyse your that because He reached the optimum that one has to reach as a Yogi. As if
He is the ideal you have to reach. Now, as a Yogi, He was born of a royal
miseries, you have no miseries of any kind. family but He lived in the jungles, in the forest, with the cows, with the
You are the Spirit, you are the source of Joy for yourself and for others, ordinary people. He used to sleep on the ordinary places, like sometimes on
and you have not business to sit down and to cry and weep. the stone, on the grass, when He would go with His cows for their feeding.
I don’t know what’s happening; I don’t know why you don’t know your He was very aware, very, very aware, absolutely aware of His Powers without
Spirit. Don’t you know your Spirit? You know? Then why don’t you any ego. He had a special power called Samhara Shakti by which He could
know? You have your vibratory awareness, and why is it you are destroy all those people who tried to harm the Divine manifestation –
saying you do not know. You have to know everything, it has to be a expressed as the Chakra (Sudarshan) in His hand, and the Gada (mace) in His
very positive act to be happy, to be fragrant with Joy and to hand. These two Powers within Him, and He acted according to the power of
give Joy to others: that has to be with you otherwise everything has Radha, because She is the one who sustained the power of Shri Krishna. The
proof of that is this, that when He was in Gokul with Radha he did all His
no meaning.
Samhara work; afterwards He just became a chariot driver for Arjuna.
You see, I try my level best to make every marriage a very beautiful Vol 3. No17. Sept 83
thing, but ultimately, what do I find? Two crumpled people sitting
down there, you know, sulking… Then image the children who are
going to be born! They will think, ‘What! These sulking parents! Oh
God save us from these crying babies.’ So don’t put all my hopes to a
completely shattered stage by this kind of attitude. Now if you have
any questions ask them. (748)
Y2.V9 May 82 Then another great quality of Yogeshwara was complete discretion
built in. So He know who was a devil and who was not, who is good
Today we are celebrating here in this Holy land (Switzerland) the birthday of
Shri Krishna, the ultimate of the fatherhood that I described to you before, who
and who is bad, who is possessed and who is not possessed, who is
came on this earth and illustrated the ultimate of that. innocent and who is not.
So on this Earth, the highest fatherhood is Shri Krishna’s awareness, but in the This was built within Him, this power of complete discrimination. And
Kingdom of God, we can say in the Heavens, or even above everything else, He had a capacity more expressing His witness-hood as a Sakshi. He
resides Sadashiva who does not take incarnations. He, Shri Krishna, had the capacity of witnessing the whole world as a play. At the time
is one of the aspects of Sadashiva which is the Father; and the Adi of Rama, Rama was the one who got involved into His problems, to
Shakti or the Holy Ghost, is the other aspect of Sadashiva, which is show as if He is a full human being, so that human beings should not
his Power. say that He was God, so how could we accept God, because He was
So when Shri Krishna incarnated on this Earth, an aspect of this Adi Shakti
God after all?
came on this earth as Radha. She is the same who came as the Mother of
Christ, and She gave the name of Christ as the surname of Shri Krishna, as if it
Now, this capacity in Him to witness has to be seen in every Yogi.
is Krishna’s name, from Krishna. The element He controls is ether. We call it Akasha in Sanskrit.
He’s called as ‘Krisht’ in Indian languages, Krisht, and I have told you before Vol 3. No17. Sept 83
why He was called as Yeshu or Jesu (from Yeshoda). So today we are going to
see to the two aspects of Shri Krishna, which were the manifestation of his
Divine birth. (749)
Vol 3. No17. Sept 83 The ether, Akasha, as you know, we are using for our television, for our
radio, for every sort of collective work.
(747) So we have to be in charge of the ether element as yogis, and that is
In Rama’s life they showed a man, a Purushottama, the best of the father in
worldly affairs, and in Shri Krishna’s life they showed Him the highest
the subtlest of all, in the sense that you permeate everything with that,
fatherhood as in Yogeshwara, or in Divine work. So, the first aspect of Shri and is above all.
Like plastic also permeates into everything, into matter, into you are worried, ‘you give up and become one with Me, so I look after
everything up to the air, but it cannot enter into ether. you.’
So the negativity cannot enter into ether. So when you enter into your Give up the responsibility to Shri Krishna, so the complete integrated
ethereal zone, you actually enter into the area which is thoughtless Divinity will start expressing through you – means, if you say that you
awareness. have to be responsible then He says, ‘All right, go ahead, try!’
So to achieve your ethereal stage, you have to expand your But if you say that, ‘You are responsible, I’m just an institution or
thoughtless awareness, and the sustenance of that is done by Christ, an instrument in Your hand’, then you start manifesting it well, and
by the Spirit. So you can realise now, as a Yogi your state of mind that is how your Vishuddhi chakra gets opened up.
should be ethereal. This is some part of the Yogeshwara I have spoken to you, but as He is
Vol 3. No17. Sept 83 the brain within us, He becomes the brain within us; we have to know
all the qualities of a Divine brain are within.
Vol 3. No17. Sept 83

(751 B)
So, whatever we do with our brain, like intrigue, the deception, all
(750) which are bad things by your brain, as they call it, are done by Him for
And what should be the state of your superego? This is the ego part of the Divine purpose, without getting any blemish upon Himself.
it, that you should be in ethereal state, and as superego you should And the other side of it, so-called positive, like politics, like diplomacy,
see it as a play, you should see the play of the negativity. or like leadership, all that is His own doing, like even the thinking of the
Negativity will run away, but don’t get involved into it, don’t play into future and all that. He does planning, thinking, all those things,
their hands, then the negativity will separate from you. So the ego and administration, as a play, everything is done as a play because He’s
the superego both rise from the Vishuddhi chakra. They can be the master, as we call, a Sutra dhara, the one who does the prologue in
receded by the Agnya chakra, but have to be sucked into the a drama, the one who plays with the strings with the pantomimes.
Vishuddhi. Vol 3. No17. Sept 83
The greatest quality of Yogeshwara is that He is not at all involved into
it, detached absolutely. If He eats His food, He does not eat it; if He
speaks, He does not speak; if He sees, He does not see; if he hears, He
does not hear, it has not effect on him, no retention on Him, no action
on Him. Whatever He is, He is complete; sixteen petals is complete
moon, sixteenth day of the moon is the Purnima.
That is how one has to be, complete in oneself, complete confidence in
oneself. But confidence should not be confused with ego. But
confidence is complete wisdom; it’s complete dharma, complete love,
complete beauty. That’s what it should be.
Vol 3. No17. Sept 83 (752)
Now the other thing that we have to understand about Shri Krishna at
this stage of Sahaja Yoga, that it is the Virata Shakti that is
(751 A) manifesting at this time and not the Shri Krishna Shakti which was at
Now, when He said that ‘You give up all your dharmas and surrender to His time, and that the power that is working here is no more that
Me’ in Gita, what He was meaning is that all other things about which of Radha or Mary, but of Viratangana.
That’s why the knowledge of Sahaja Yogis is much wider than the be respected, love and he can be given the highest, if he’s a proper
knowledge of all the saints of ages, but it is not deeper than them. Sahaja Yogi.
If you can deepen your knowledge, this wider knowledge will have So you should understand today that Virata Shakti is, we are going to
proper roots within you. worship that Virata Shakti which has given fruits. As a result of that all
so the brain ‘are’ the roots, here are the roots of the whole tree of life. these different churches, fanaticism, atheism, communism, and all that
Actually, Kundalini comes up and waters the brain first, so that the -ism will neutralise because they will see their benefit in it. But you
whole tree of life is drenched in the Divine Bliss and Divine Knowledge. have to become that, that is the biggest one has to know, to bend
Vol 3. No17. Sept 83 down towards Mother Earth. Be humble, absolutely. The humility
inside is going to give you the complete value of Sahaja Yoga Fruits.
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83
(754 B)
Those Sahaja Yogis who boast about themselves are like the fruits
(753) which are getting ruined on the tree. Only the fruits that bend down
So this Virata Shakti that we have to work out gives us the sense of are accepted as good and matured fruits, and not those who assert
collective consciousness first. First we understand it through our that they are the highest. But some of the negative people should not,
brainpower. But the whole brain power is to be guided by the by any chance, take advantage of this and say that they are good
Heart, is to be watered - but in Sanskrit is a very beautiful because they are bending down. It’s not the logic. Some of them pose
word, sinchan, like dewdrops, spray – with the Love of God. as humble, even a rotten fruit bends down, but the mature fruit shows
So the integration of this brain has to take with Heart, and with your its humility by its weight.
liver. Then only the Virata-Shakti takes another form. The weapons That is the Guru Tattwa weight.
of killing become the weapons of forgiveness. Every sort of So from the Viratangana Power you get the power of maturity,
destructive power is used for the construction, as if it is tricked. up to the fruit, and then we become blessed by Guru Principle.
(Like now, I told them a trick, how to trick these Gurus. The power Those who are still involved in getting to better sunshine,
they have can be tricked against them as it is said that their teeth better water supply, or all these things, are not yet matured,
must be put into their necks, into their throats. Instead of taking out because the fruit doesn’t need anything anymore. It doesn’t
their teeth, better put them back in their throats. And, if you can do need anything from Mother Earth nor from the elements, but it
that, then there is no problem as far as their effect on us is concerned surrenders, it bows to the Mother Earth. So the Sahaja Yogi who goes
because you are more powerful and more tricky.) Vol 3 on asking questions to Mother, bring personal problems, stupid ideas,
No17 Sept 83 negativity, all those people are still not yet the fruits.
(754 A) Vol 3 No17 Sept 83
Because the Virata Shakti has not taken that form, like the tree when it (755)
grows, it grows upwards. But when it is laden with fruit, it comes But the matured people are those who surrender, who bow to Mother
down. First it is attractive by its flowers, by its timber, by the other Earth. So the capacity to bow is the best judgement of yourself, and
parts of its body, and people try to destroy it for it. But when the fruits leaving everything to the power of gravity of your Mother to do every
appear, they want to preserve it, and the tree bends down with work for you. And, leaving all your small, little worries behind, you
humility – is very valuable. have to rise above these distracting powers and achieve the
So you are the fruits, that Viratangana Shakti, you are the fruits completion of this Virata Shakti which ultimately becomes a Madhura
because you are so valuable that those people who wanted to ruin or Shakti.
destroy the Divine power from this Earth will start thinking that they Madhura – there is no word like it in English language, but it means
have to gain something out of these fruits. So the Virata Shakti has ‘sweet power’. Like the fruit becomes sweet, that’s how you all have
given you a great value because people see that by having one Sahaja to become very sweet.
Yogi with them it is so precious. Say one ordinary man gets his Krishna tried to make everything very sweet in the sense it was all a
realisation, then he develops his value. In that, his own value, he can Madhura Shakti that was acting, all His play, all His dancing, all His
stories, if you read is nothing but Madhura Shakti, towards Gopas and
Gopis, towards other Sahaja Yogis.
So you have to keep your mother pleased by pleasing other Sahaja
Yogis and not other people. They are not important.
So, today we are going to shorten the Puja, that’s why it took so much (758)
time upstairs! So time lost is time gained forever and ever. Now when we talk, les us see how I see your ego expressed in your
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 talk, so that you will understand how to address Me and judge yourself.
For example, shaking your necks too much is a sing of Mr Ego shaking
(756) head for nothing at all.
I wanted to speak more about the Vishuddhi Chakra and Shri Krishna’s Like many people have a habit, ‘Yes’, if it is said, they will go on like
aspect within us; there is no end to it because it is the centre of the this for ten times. There is no need.
Virata. One has to realise that the message of Shri Krishna was to Actually, you should move only once, with humility, the head, ‘Yes,
surrender. Now the surrendering that we think of in the gross way is Mother’, is all right. You must move your neck with respect and with
like an enemy surrenders to another enemy, so when the word understanding that Shri Krishna is sitting there, with Dignity.
surrender is spoken we build up our barriers by thinking that we have But we forget it all the time and we start using it to assert ourselves
to surrender something to the other part. when we talk to someone, and we shake it too much or we push it in
But when Shri Krishna was talking about surrender, He was saying that, such a way that another person is sort of dominated by it.
‘Surrender your enemies to me so that I will get rid of them’. Now the Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 11
worst enemy we have is our ego, and with the ego starts all kinds of
other problems, because it is the biggest barrier for our growth, and
the ego starts from the Vishuddhi Chakra, and can be sucked into the
Vishuddhi Chakra.
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83
Now there is another method when you talk to Me, like saying, ‘No
Mother’. It is very common if I say anything, the first reaction of people
could be, ‘No, Mother’. After all, you see there is a course going on,
(757) even when I’m speaking it is a mantra, when I’m not speaking,
Now let us see how is Vishuddhi Chakra made. All the vowels we use is a mantra flowing and suddenly you come along with your ‘No
come from Vishuddhi Chakra, and, like in Deva-nagri language, it is a Mother’, you create a ripple back in the whole thing. Now, at
ang-aha. So, as you know, you cannot compile a word without a vowel, that time, if you just listen to Me, what I’m saying, the saying
it is so important. A consonant is weak, without any strength, without itself will work it out, you don’t have to do anything.
the vowel, so the strength of a person comes through his speed you Now another way is the style in which you talk to Me, also I can see the
surrender; words or a mantra are as effective as good, effective, right Vishuddhi acting. It is when we talk normally to each other, if we
efficient weapons. have to say ‘Yes’, we’ll say, ‘mhm’, that is very common here, ‘a-a’,
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 11 this style, they say, ‘hmmmm’, as if you see it clearly. It is, you are not
receiving anything in it, but you are trying to put it to an equal
pressure on the flow.
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 12
(760) (762 A)
The humility is the best way of conquering this ego of Then the human mind has another capacity, to be jealous, to be
Vishuddhi, and when talking to others try to develop sweet methods, jealous of others. This also comes of unwise understanding. If you
unhurting other people, and you will be surprised that Vishuddhi will surrender your jealousies at the Lotus Feet of God, I mean, you are
immediately start behaving in such a sweet manner, because the doing all rubbish actually. The stupid jealousies that you have are, as
bhoots don’t like sweetness, they are quarrelsome, they are you know, of no value, either in this world or in that world. The most
harsh, they are always trying to say something to hurt. surprising thing is that Sahaja Yogis feel jealous of each other! And I
So this Vishuddhi, on the Right side is to be controlled by surrendering still can’t understand how can it be. If you are standing in the
as it is said. Actually, you surrender your ego to begin with, and this sunshine, then you are all jealous of your shadows! Somebody’s
ego, when you surrender, it has to be done from the heart, it should shadows are big, somebody’s shadows are small, so you are jealous of
not be a lip service. each other? Sometimes I give a present to one person, can’t give to
From your heart, ‘I don’t want this ego any more. I want Reality.’ others, then they get jealous!
‘Let the Reality be seen by me, felt by me, enjoyed by me.’ If I give more time to somebody, the others are jealous! I only give
And once you start doing it from your heart, you will be amazed that more time sometimes to people who are really getting lost. So one has
your voice will become sweet. to understand those who are not realised, they are jealous of Sahaja
Apart from that you will have the Divine Power flowing through it, that Yogis, and they try to make them fall! Instead of becoming jealous
is what we say that you have now, Wakshakti, means the power of they should become like Sahaja Yogis!
speech. Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 13
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 12

(761) (762 B)
So when you surrender your ego, what you do actually is to say that, In Sahaja Yoga also I’ve seen some very funny things happen and
‘I’m not doing anything, it is You who do everything’. So that a little incidents, like a person came to me and was very angry that, ‘Mother
drop has now become an ocean. you spent so much time with that particular person, and I’m very
Now, the second thing you have to surrender is the pride, or jealous, and you said I have to be like the people about whom I’m
vanity. Now the vanity can be of many types which are artificial things jealous, so I would like to know how to be like the person who was with
absolutely. you for such a time.’
Before God, what is your property? What is your money? So I said, ‘That fellow is really a lunatic! You want to be a lunatic?
What is your position? What is your family? What is your Have you no discretion?’
education? A Sahaja Yogi must have discretion if his Vishuddhi is all right. You
You see, everything has no value in the presence of God. The should understand that what I’m saying is to be used discreetly, not
possessions that one values so much have no value! So one has to blindly, so you can understand. Without discretion, whatever I say
realise that if we are the possessions of God, we should be proud of how funnily you can use it, so detrimental to your growth.
one thing only, that His vibrations flow through us, that He is So another offshoot of ego is called as hot temper. Of course, it is aid
proud of us. to be used against people who try to insult your Mother; you have to do
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 12 that, that must be used for people who go against the Holy Ghost, as
Christ has said.
In the same way, you should not tolerate any nonsense against Me
from anyone whatsoever, not even ‘this’ much. But you can tolerate
other Sahaja Yogis in other matters.
Another enemy we have is greed.
I mean material greed, and also human greed like possessing your Children, if you se, they know exactly, if there is a man, if there is a
wife, possessing your children, possessing this, possessing Mataji also. lady, how to behave. So the innocence is not stupidity, it is complete
This also must be surrendered. wisdom, and very mature, some in its full form.
And this could be very dangerous in Sahaja Yoga also; this is my It just knows how to be with people without indulging into any one of
carpet, this is my camera; this is my tape recorder; my job, or my these enemies.
business, or my enterprise. Each enemy is sufficient to finish not only one person, but
Once you start understanding what is mine is not the truth, nothing is billions and billions.
mine, that’s the Truth. So best way to develop that absolute nature of your Vishuddhi Chakra
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 13 is to witness the whole thing with a detached mind, and to develop
love for your Mother in your Heart, so that She cleanses all these
enemies in such a way that when you are faced with them, you are a
powerful person.
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 13

(765 B)
Mentally, I think most of the Sahaja Yogis understand that Obedience
(764) to the Divinity is the only way, mentally, rationally. Now even if you
So the greed, also the lust of other women and indulging lust too understand something mentally, and it’s not your innate nature, so,
much, giving too much importance to the agencies of lust, that creates what I told you about yesterday, when you accept something mentally
great problems, not only for Sahaja Yogis, but, on the whole for Sahaja and you cannot do it, you feel guilty about it.
Yoga also. Then you become your own Guru and punish yourself and try to make
It is expressed in both types of people; those who are living in a very this as your innate nature. It’s a state, it clicks.
free world as well as those people who are over-suppressed. Once it clicks you can see immediately. I know who is surrendered. So
I know of people, those who are supposed to be brought up in very so- Shri Krishna has said, ‘Sarva dharmanam…’ He has said, ‘Give up all
called religious atmosphere, exposed to women, suddenly they get too your dharmas and surrender them to Me, surrender to My dharma
much attracted towards them. only’.
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 13 So the Dharmas we have in our country, as we say it is a pitra dharma,
what you owe your father; matru dharma, what you owe to your
mother, then what you owe to your husband, like that you see, that
relationship in which you owe to them. But, when he says, ‘Surrender
all these dharmas’ He is meaning to say, ‘You should only know what
you owed to Me’, meaning the Divinity.
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 14

(765 C)
(765 A) Now Shri Krishna is not there, it’s Me who is Shri Krishna, so
See, it is that maturity of your innocence that must be developed, that you must know what you owed to Me.
keeps you a very religious, dharmic person, and the innocence to know I only changed My language, He used to take out His finger and to say
how far to go with men and women. that, ‘Give up everything and surrender everything to Me’
That’s the wisdom of innocence.
I don’t do that in that way, I give a big lecture and bring you to a point created a long time back, but hey are all destroyed by nature, as they
so that should not divert your attention from the right goal that you could not stand the impact of Kala, i.e. the destructive power of time.
have to achieve by surrendering. So, at that is sustaining, all that is nurturing, all that is ennobling,
And it is going to work out very well with you people here, I’m sure and comes to us from this sense of Love which is within us very developed,
one day I’ll find the whole Germans surrender at the Lotus feet of the but within others also who are not yet realised.
Divine. Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 16
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 14
Now Saraswati’s blessings are so many that one cannot describe in
such a short time, and the Surya (Sun) has given us so many powers
that it is impossible to tell them even in ten lectures. But how we go
against Surya, and Saraswati, while doing the worship of Saraswati is
to be seen very clearly within ourselves.
Western people are very fond of the Surya because they have no sun,
but they go too far with it and create complications within themselves
(766A) Shri Saraswati Puja of Surya, but the main that one has to achieve through Surya is the
With Love, all kinds of creative action takes place. light, Vivek, the light within.
And as love will increase, your creativity will develop. So the basis of And if Surya Chakra, at the Agnya level is occupied by Lord Jesus
all creativity of Saraswati is Love. If there is no love, there is no Christ, then it is even more essential that the purity of life, what you
creativity. It is even in the deeper sense, you see, people who have call Niti is the morality of life. Now, morality itself has become very
crated all the scientific things are also out of love to the masses, not much a sort of argument in the West. People don’t have any sense of
for themselves. Nobody has produced anything themselves. absolute morality. On vibrations you know, but they have all gone
If they make something for themselves it has to become for universal against it because you cannot be a Surya if you don’t have a proper
use, otherwise it has no meaning. Even is you say Atom bomb, and all sense of morality and holiness. The Surya itself brings light to see
these things created from science, they are also very protective - if everything clearly. Those who are the worshippers of Lord Jesus, of the
they had not been created those people would not have taken their Surya, of the Saraswati, have all gone against the powers of Surya, just
minds from war. disobeying it. So many qualities Surya has got. It dries up everything
Now, nobody can think of having a big war. Of course they are having that is wet, dirty, filthy, parasites, horrible cults and things which have
cold wars, but that also will gradually stop when they will be fed up. So come into those countries which are supposed to be full of light, and in
all the activity on the right side of Saraswati, basically, has to end up in that darkness they exist.
Love. Starts with Love, ends up in Love. Whichever does not end up in Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 16
Love, coils up and finishes off. It just disappears.
So, you can see that even matter, which is not used for love, just (768)
finishes off. The basis has to be Love. In countries which are supposed to be full of light, in that darkness
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 15 they exist; darkness about the Spirit, darkness about their own
(766 B) knowledge and darkness about love. These three things have taken
Now, this love that we talk of, the great Love of God we talk off, we over in the places where you are supposed to love light.
know that it’s for definite through vibrations. All people who do not Light does not mean what you see with your gross eyes, light means
have vibrations, but still they can feel the vibrations in a very from within, the light of Love – and it is so soothing, so sweet, so
unconscious way. All the great paintings of the world have beautiful, so enamouring, it is so abounding that unless and until you
vibrations. Only those which have vibrations have been sustained by can feel that light within you, that light which is of pure love, of purity,
time, otherwise all other things are destroyed. There must have been pure relationship, pure understanding – if you can develop that kind of
monuments and horrible statues and horrible things that have been
a light within yourself, then the whole thing will be cleansed, ‘Wash me that is working out this ascent. Now the perfection of the rest of the
and I shall be whiter than snow’. universe takes place in various directions but today we have to
This is what happens to you when you are completely cleansed. The consider the Mahalakshmi Principle. (See 771)
purest form of Nature is within us, our chakras are made out of the Vol 3 No16 Jul 83 p 3
purest form of Nature. We are the only people who are spoiling it by
our mental thinking against the same Saraswati power. You are going (771)
against Saraswati itself. Saraswati cleanses all that is impure in Nature Now, Mahalakshmi, as I told you, is a perfect principle.
while, with our brain activity we are spoiling all that. All our brain It’s a perfect principle; it’s perfect, it is born perfect, will remain as
activity goes against pure intelligence, one has to understand that this perfect, will be always eternally perfect, so that it is not necessary to
pure intelligence is not to be soiled by our thinking, which can make us be corrected.
Now this Mahalakshmi’s thing I am discussing here, because you may be able
so bumptious, so ego oriented, so impure, that we can really eat the to go today and see the temple of Mahalakshmi. Now when you go there, you
poison and say, ‘what is wrong in it?’ - just the opposite of Saraswati. have to know that this Deity has come out of the Mother Earth in this particular
If She is within us, She gives us Subuddhi, wisdom. place. That means this place has got the capacity to give you a force,
Vol 3 No17 Sept 83 p 17 you can say and additional force, or an intensive feeling of evolution, if you are
sensitive enough, you can see that, you can feel it and you can do it. If you are
(769) Letter of Shri Mataji, London 11 July 1980 not so sensitive, you are still so conditioned and still outside, that may not
I suggested in My earlier letters to think of Atma Tattwa, because you work out.
are Atma Swaroop, your mind, intellect and ego should be enlightened I mean, all kinds of things can be done but if somebody wants to remains a
by the Atma Jyoti. stone you cannot do anything about it.
(So this Mahalakshmi principle is working out in this place, Kolhapur. Normally
The light of wisdom shines in the intellect only when Atma-Jyoti
this place should be very, very warm because of its position, but even in
illumines in its fullness. summer this place keeps very cool because of its vibrations from the temple
Then, mind emits fragrance of love and ego does great and noble work. that is emitted. The people in this place may not be so aware either as
You should be able to rely on Atma Tattwa, accommodate others in it, negativity has come forward. There are lots of sugar factories and alcoholism
but first stabilise it. going on here, but we have to take best advantage of every place created
Qu. Oct-Dec 1980 p3 specially for a particular purpose. It is a pilgrimage. Mahalakshmi starts at the
Nabhi and is surrounded by the Guru Principle)
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p3

(770) Now the Guru Principle within us, if it is upset, if it is juxtapositioned,
Today again is New Year’s Day. Every New Year comes because we placed in juxtaposition where … if it is not properly embedded within
have to take something that is new. It has been so arranged that the us, to the nerves, if it is not emitting through our character and
sun has to move for 365 days, and again a New Year has come. behaviour, Mahalakshmi Tattwa cannot be established.
Actually, the whole solar system is moving in a spiral way, so there is Mahalakshmi Tattwa is strengthened through Guru Principle. Now we
definitely a higher, higher state of this solar system. Every are lucky today because there was the birthday of Datta, the
year it is rising higher in a spiral way. It has moved a step forward, Dattatreya, just the other day when we had the Pooja, and today is this
higher than what it was. Mahalakshmi puja. So to have the Guru principle all right we must
Now we can see that in awareness, human beings have definitely risen make our Dharmas correct.
much higher than what they were, say, about 2000 years back. But Look after these ten Dharmas in a very careful manner.
the first system that started the whole universe was the first model, Vol 3 No16 July 83 p4
you can say ‘was created’, and that model has to be perfect. And that
was a perfect model which then started perfecting the rest of it. So,
that is the perfect model which is in the principle of this ascent, and
come up. He may be your brother, sister, anyone, but try to be away
from a person who is not positive. It causes a lot of problems.
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p4

I have been telling you this (not to have anything to do with a negative
person) and I have been requesting you, but conditioning is such that
(773) still, though you have become a guru Tattwa, you don’t understand
Now these Dharmas, as I have told you many times, are ten, and we that you have to be detached.
should look after these ten Dharmas in a very careful manner. These For a guru there is no brother, sister, or any other relationship, except
are expressed outside, but whatever is inside comes out. Now I find the relationship of the Mother. There is no other relationship.
when you people talk, and you say things, I know that this person is This principle is to be understood. Very important I feel is for all of you
negative, that person is definitely positive. There are so many ways of that, ‘Our relationship is only to Mother and to Sahaja Yogis, and to any
expression of positivity but how I know that I cannot tell you because I relationship which has come to us, whether through Sahaja Yoga or
don’t know how to tell you that, but I just know that such a person is whether through anything else’.
definitely positive and such a person is negative. Now this I have been explaining because our Mahalakshmi Tattwa is
The positivity lies in understanding why we are here first of all, not all right.
why are we on this Earth? Why are we human beings? That is whey we get, sort of… fritter away, lost into these things.
In understanding, what are we going to do about it? Vol 3 No16 July 83 p4
Why are we Sahaja Yogis? What a Sahaja Yogi has to do?
What is his responsibility as a Sahaja Yogi?
Then he moves forward to understand: why Mother is so kind to me?
Why have I got vibrations? Why am I among the very few who have (776)
got this special blessing? And the Mahalakshmi Tattwa has to be like an ascending force,
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p4 all put together. Like my father used to give an example that,
(774) supposing you have collected lots of wheat and you spread it on the
Why am I among the very few who have got this special blessing, the ground, it will be all lost. It will be spread out like this, this side, that
special knowledge of vibratory awareness? And then ask yourself, side – it will all be lost. But, if you put it in a bag, it will rise in height
what am I doing about it? Am I still very much embedded in my naturally. It will have those Maryadas; it will rise and it will go higher
sheepishness or my childishness, in my stupidity, in my harshness, in and higher.
my aggressiveness? In the same way, this principle of Mahalakshmi can spread just across
We always see these things in other people, not in ourselves, so we are like that, and can destroy all that Mother has given us , and all that we
not Sahaja Yogis. have had all these years, only by spreading it out.
We should understand at that point, when se start seeing these things Now to collect it inside (Mahalakshmi Principle) is to pay attention to
in other people, then we are not Sahaja Yogis. We should see in our yourself. First of all try to clarify your ideas and your
selves and emit pure compassion to others, but always people see understanding, in brain, is important because Mahalakshmi
that, it is in another person this exists. Whatever I try to say they Tattwa ultimately works in the brain. Is enlightenment of the brain, is
always see in another person. done by Mahalakshmi Tattwa. It gives you Sat, the Truth, you see. So,
Now, supposing there is a negative person amongst us, you need not in the brain you must clarify, reach logically. Logically we must reach
be compassionate to that person. On the contrary, better be away. the conclusion, ‘I don’t have to do these things, I have to ascend. This
Get rid of that person. As far as possible don’t have anything to do, is is why I am here. What am I supposed to do now?’ Logically, you
a definite sign of great compassion to yourself, if not to other. Better convince your brain first of all. It is very important now, after
not having anything to do with a person who is negative, if you have to realisation, because if logically your brain does not understand it
will always be cheapish, childish, undignified, harsh, horrible 2) And another point is how much magnetism you have. So you reverse back
oppressive – could be one of these. to yourself. The magnetism is the magic, the magic of a person. A
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p5 person is magnetic because he has a certain magic. Now, this magic comes
(777) from your own personality. So the basis of magnetism on the left-hand side
starts, and that basis is Shri Ganesha. So, your innocence is the best way
So in Guru Tattwa there are ten elements. Five of them deal with to have that magnetism. Magnetism you cannot explain in material way, it
weight. ‘Weight’, Guru is the weight, the weight of a person. is not material stuff, but it is something abstract which comes from the quality
1) How much weight have you got? of Shri Ganesha. Such a person is magnetic; means such a person attracts
The gravity as we call it, person has a gravity. When he talks, how another person because of the weight and quality of that person. Such a
much balance has he got? See in Indian music, we call it vazan, means person attracts, but not for lust, greed and nonsensical things, but because of
the weight. The weight of the person means when he is dealing with the fragrance of love in the subjects. Not is always confused because it is
himself or with others, how much weight he carried. In English also such an abstract thing, so one must understand it in a very subtle way, what is
they use this ‘weight’. ‘How much weight he carries with others’ this magnetism. You see, there are some gestures people use artificially,
means how much he can really impress others. If you impress which they have been using just to attract other people: the way they walk,
dress, the way they live. All these things are of no use. It is something so
too, all right, then the person will say, ‘Oh it is too much’, that is a very
inner, that fragrance is so inner which must be developed. But in
big quality with Western people, ‘Oh it is too much!’, ‘Oh She is too Sahaja Yoga I have seen people just do not bother about it; they think the way
much!’ they have been living as English, French, Indian, Kolapur, they will be like that.
I move slowly, slowly - ‘It is too much for me’, it is very common. It is First these ideas must be curbed off because they fragrance spreads
very common reaction. everywhere through, first of all, the Ganesha Principle within.
So, how much weight do you have? Vol 3 No16 July 83 p5
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p5
(778) Now a Ganesha person is not a person who is absolutely a remorse type, or a
The second one is the quality of Magnetism: two things, weight and person who is such a gone case that even if you beat him up and make him
magnetism. into a complete minced thing he will bear it. It’s not like that, it’s not that. On
first is the quality of weight; how dignified you are, how you talk, how your the contrary, the quality of magnetism is such that it attracts you to a point
language is, how your behaviour is. You should be Human, but sometimes, where you are not disturbed.
even with me, I find people talk in a very funny manner. I just don’t Now, this is a very important point we should know. You see, if you other
understand how is it that always they say the wrong thing? I mean, even if loves, love like carnal love and all other love you have, then that love, you may
they have to say one sentence, they will say the wrong thing. it is absolutely attract another person, then that person can destroy you, and it destroys you
with them. It is also Vishuddhi, which is also Nabhi. Comes from Nabhi, always, but this attraction does not destroy, does not destroy. The
because you must know that Vishuddhi Chakra is the ascent of the attraction is up to that point that you are not destroyed because you being
Nabhi Chakra. So, what happens that a person, whatever he is, is much higher, much deeper and much weightier, you cannot be
expressed through his language, through his behaviour, through his destroyed by a thing that… whom you are attracting. The greater
face, through his nose, his eyes, everything, through the Vishuddhi magnet attracts the smaller magnet, and that is what one should
Chakra. So the ascent of the Nabhi is expressed, shown, through the understand. The magic and this charisma, charismatic temperament of a
Vishuddhi Chakra. Now whatever you have in the Nabhi is shown here. person, comes by, first of all, the Ganesha Tattwa, innocence; and secondly by
Supposing now a person who has the Mahalakshmi Tattwa properly developed, complete dedication and devotion. Those who are completely dedicated and
such a person will have a way of dealing with another person where he will devoted to Mother, not to anything else – Ganesha Tattwa again; not to your
have the weight as well as the understanding how to go with that person, how wife, husband, sister, country – not to anyone but Mother. Complete
far to think about it, how much importance to be given. That is one point, it is dedication gives you that charisma or that attraction. In Sahaja Yoga
very important. such a person because really attractive and such a person has it.
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p5 Vol 3 No16 July 83 p6

(779) (781)
Now, some people think that if you are a very passive person, an ‘if anybody Innocence works out everything you see because everyone has a little
says anything to you, you don’t mind’ sort of a person, you are charismatic, it bit of innocence in everyone, isn’t it? So you can, … it is like a
is not. People like you because they can dominate you. Now if you think that fifth column you see, He (Ganesha) will work on your fifth column
by your aggressiveness, shouting and screaming at these people you will and will make you all right.
achieve that charismatic temperament, you cannot. You cannot achieve that
height. So, how do you achieve it? By becoming innocent. Now, how
When you give bandhan to others, what happens, you actually
innocence develops in a person is by not thinking about it. Like, you see, bind him by your innocence and the poor fellow does not know.
somebody asked my ‘How do you manage your income tax?’, I said, ‘By having He has his innocence within Him; you capture that innocence,
no income at all’ Car problem? By not having any car of my own. House that is all you have done, that’s how you manage.
problem? By having no house of my own. ‘Nihi, Nihi’ - everything Nihi for me. It is very simple to work out things.
Then how do you, sir, solve this problem? By not having it. Don’t Only principle, the Tattwa, the whole thing rests on that Tattwa –
take headaches upon yourself. is nothing but Innocence.
See, when you take headaches upon yourself, then only the innocence is Vol 3 No16 July 83 p7
reduced. Headaches like this: this is my shawl, my sari, my this thing.
But only one thing is that: ‘this is my Mother and I have to proclaim Her’,
that is all. If that is the way, then the innocence starts rising like Shri Ganesha,
and by having no other headache.
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p7 (784)
(782) So try to develop this by all these things saying ‘Not this, not this’
This is mine, that is mine; this ‘mine’ business causes the problem I (Neti, Neti) to all your faults.
think, personally, I think this ‘mine’ business must be the reason. ‘Not this, not this, not this’ – you reach there.
Somebody told me a very good argument: whatever is ‘mine’ is not ‘Not mine, not mine, not mine- you reach there.
‘I’, means not Sahaja, my body, my head, everything my – she And that is how it is, and you see the whole material world is not
gave me this idea; ‘I’, what is ‘I’? Then ‘I’ is separated. attacking the innocence, because they are frightened.
Whatever is not ‘mine’ is ‘I’, so what remains is your Spirit. Innocence cannot be destroyed. It cannot be destroyed.
Somebody gave me this good argument to work it out, then whatever Innocence is something is all pervading, so whatever people
remains is the ‘I’, and that is the one we have to see to. So you go on may try, it cannot be destroyed, but it can be covered, it can
reducing all these ‘mines’ so the Pure Spirit of innocence will recede, but it cannot be destroyed. It will act in its own way.
rise. So try to develop that innocence which is the basis of Mahalakshmi
So the idea about Spirit also, people think that if you become spiritual, Tattwa, we should say, or that is the essence of Mahalakshmi Tattwa.
I mean, I don’t know what people think about spiritual people, but the So the outward things, the weightage, the weight, the dignity, the
idea is that you have something terrific, like a bull, or, I don’t know, behaviour, everything – it is the outward thing and the inside thing –
you have to be sharp like a fox or an intellectual like Freud or the Tattwa, the Principle, on which it is based is Innocence. Now if it is
something. All sorts of ideas people have. No, it is not, Spiritual this, if we understand Mahalakshmi Tattwa within us, how it has to
person is just innocent, just innocent. work out – again I would say I don’t want you to project your intellect
There is no intelligence, nothing, just innocence. So whatever one says into it, just remain where you are, and you will find the answers coming
it comes through, innocence not intellect, reading understanding, to you, automatically – just don’t project your minds into it, just you will
analysing. It is just pure and simple innocence. It is so clean. It all get answer to every question just like that.
works out very well. It just says what it knows, and what it Vol 3 No16 July 83 p8
knows is the Highest.
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p4 (785)
(783) Because innocence in everyone is the simple answer – where all the
The answer is here. complications drop out, innocently you will get the answer to every
So even the atmosphere is innocent, the whole situation is so innocent question, and that is what is the Love of God; is the Love of God.
that the solution is presented by innocence to innocence.
So don’t confuse this with love, will all your nonsensical love, ideas you again your mind goes out. I will tell you about it. I have deliberately
have about people and identification – misidentification – this is Pure avoided the name. He was born again and he was pitched out!
Love within us. The purity, the innocence, is Love, and which is Life So this is the place where Kolhasura was killed, where this was
itself, we should say, is a part of that, the prized. established. So Mahalakshmi incarnation came in, and that is how this
But Pranashakti (Power of Life Force) is not Mahalakshmi. So place has a special value, that we have come here for a pilgrimage and
Mahalakshmi is the essence, and the essence of everything, because if let us be in a humble way – think about it.
creation has to take place, also if ‘Desire of God’ is there, and if there Actually these things could not take place in the West because even if
is no Mahalakshmi Tattwa, then what is the use of having desire? Is they had come out of Mother Earth, who would have recognised them?
finished. Who would have known about them? Who would have respected
Supposing, even if you have creation and you don’t have Mahalakshmi them? Who would have worshipped them?
Tattwa, how will it work out? You cannot work it out. You have to Vol 3 No16 July 83 p9
have Mahalakshmi Tattwa because otherwise there is no (786 C)
meaning. That is why it did not happen in the West so often, but it is there, little
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p8 bit is there, no doubt. But here now we have all these temples and the
(786 A) attack on the innocence has come from the tantrikas. And so the
So, outwardly it is Mahalakshmi Tattwa, but inside, inside is, we can tantrikas rented out this temple and they tried to establish themselves
say, there are three cores. The first core is Mahalakshmi Tattwa; and, gradually, they are being neutralised and cleaned out. These
outside to look at, you see the growth all right. tantrikas have gone into every temple of all the Goddesses and they
But inside is the Creation, that is all the elements being created and all will be gradually all out, straight out. So this is the attack that came
that. But inside that is the desire, and inside the desire is the half-one, through and that is how these Brahmins came down and settled in
you can say is Ganesha. So this Ganesh Tattwa ultimately overpowers these places, so-called Brahmins – and tried to preach about tantric
everything and permeates through everything, and this is, I would say method and things, here in the temple and they really spoiled the
that, just don’t think about it, just allow your innocence to grow. atmosphere here. So may God Bless you all. I want you people to
Simple innocence and your Dignity, that is very important, you have to develop concentration of mind so that you rise above all other
have your dignity. Like some people think if they wear tall clothes and misidentifications, and get identified with the Pure Spirit, through your
walk about on the street and all, they are big Sanyasis. It is wrong. Mahalakshmi principle.
Why? You are not being dignified and God has given you so much May God Bless you.
why should you try to show off that you have not got anything? Vol 3 No16 July 83 p9
Just to show off that you have not got anything God has given. (787)
This is just a sort of thanksgiving to God; you have given me so much Spirit is the most precious thing that we have within ourselves. The
you have to wear the best. Like in puja, if you see the ladies here, ear preciousness of your Spirit is immeasurable and that is why it
all their nose-rings and all their ornaments and everything, in the is called the thing of eternal value, because it is infinite. We
temple they wear, and in the same way men also wear their very clean cannot measure. Now, God the Almighty we say is Sat-Chit-Anand.
dresses, whatever they have, but no ostentation. It is just a thing by Sat means Truth. The truth we understand in human terminology is
which you express that God has give you this, ‘Oh God I thank You.’ relative, but the Truth I am telling you is absolute, from where all the
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p8 relations start.
(786 B) Example I will tell you how to understand: this earth has got oceans
It is such a great day today to be the New Year to be here on and rivers and all kinds of waters you say, but the earth is enveloping
Mahalakshmi’s place of Kolhapur, and this is also called Kolhapur all of them. If the Mother Earth was not there, there could not have
because Kolhasura was killed here. Kolhasura was a horrible fellow, been any of these existing. So we can say that the Mother Earth is the
like a fox, and he was born again, now he is again dead. Thank God! support of all the things that exist on earth. She is enveloping us. In
He was here and now he is dead. Kolhasura died. Don’t think about it, the atoms she exists, because the elements are part of that earth.
In the same way is God Almighty. The Sat part of Him, the Truth is the gross, dormant or dead, then it reaches the second stage of creation.
support of all the things that are created or not created. Another All these things go deeper and deeper, grosser. That is one part of the
example: you try to understand how the Sat is the Purush, is the God parabola.
who does not take part, actual part, in the creation itself but is Vol 3 No16 July 83 p10
a catalyst. The example can be like this, that I am doing all the work,
I am creating everything, but I have a light in my hand. Without the
light I cannot do anything. Light is the support of my work, but
the light does not in any way do anything about what I do. In
the same way, God Almighty is just the witness, like a light. (790)
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p10 Now another parrot of the parabola starts when you are attaining back
(788) God Almighty. That process now gradually starts becoming higher and
But His… another quality is the Chit. It is Attention. When it is excited higher, subtler and subtler, finer and finer. In the refinement,
(In Sanskrit there is a good word for ‘excited’ – ‘it is the pulsation’ or ultimately the light works for the evolutionary process.
‘when it is pulsated’), His attention, or, when it pulsates through His Gradually the grosser parts start becoming enlightened. You
Attention, He starts creating. find the lower animal is not so much enlightened as the higher animal.
And He has a third quality which we call Anand, is the feeling of Joy Gradually even the Joy starts becoming subtler and subtler.
that He gets by His perception, by His creation, the Joy that He gets. We can call it beautiful. Human joys are much more beautiful
All these three things, Sat-Chit-Anand, when they are at zero point, than that of animals. So the joy also starts changing their
where they meet, then they become the Principle of Brahma. manifestation in the sense you start more and more and wider
When these three things are one, where there is complete range of Joy comes into your hands. To a dog beauty and decency
silence, has no meaning, so at a stage when you reach, when you are a human
nothing is manifested, but the Joy is one with the Attention, being to that extent you develop your Sat, which is awareness,
because the Attention has reached to merge into Joy, your Joy and creative action, now you see how the creativity of
and Joy has become one with the Truth. God passes into the hands of man when he turns out, how the
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p10 Joy of God passes into the hands of man, and how His Light
comes into the heart of Man as Spirit.
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p11
This combination of three qualities separate and create three types of
phenomena: Anand, the joy inwards, merged with His creation and with (791)
the Truth. When Joy starts moving with the creation, the creation Because of that Light we talk of religion, we talk of God and we talk of
starts moving down from the first, the Sat or Truth stage to Eternal things. But it is really a precarious stage, that is to be a
Asat, i.e. untruth, to Maya, i.e. illusion. human being, because at this stage you have to jump only a little bit
And that time, the creation starts on working gout, and when it starts that side, while you start jumping this side and that side, because this
working out the Joy, which is on the left-hand side, the emotional side jumping is not possible unless and until the awareness reaches
of God – also starts becoming grosser and grosser, till they reach the that stage where you become independent. As long as you are
stage where there is, we can say, a complete darkness of Tamo-guna, a slave, or under bondage, or something that is gross, how can
the complete cessation of the creativity and the complete you enjoy that Eternal Joy that is within you?
sleeping of the Joy. So it is for you to expose yourself more to that Joy, by opening
Is it clearer? out your Self more and more, and getting subtler and cleaner,
You will understand now, Mahalakshmi, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati. so that you feel that Divine.
That is why Christ has said, ‘I am the Light’ because He represents the Vol 3 No16 July 83 p11
Sat, the Light of God. And when the Light of God becomes absolutely
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p12

I am so happy and joyous to be here (Paris) with so many Sahaja Yogis
(792) and so many of them are very new, not very new to Me, perhaps I have
Once you know this point, after getting self-realisation, unless and until these known all of you thousands of years back!
three things start merging together, you cannot feel that you have established In Sahaja Yoga, you all have to understand one simple thing,
your Self. that you are the Spirit and whatever is not the Spirit is not
The Joy within you must be felt through your awareness, otherwise you cannot your Self.
see it. Suppose you have no eyes, then how can you see? We can compare the Spirit with the sun; the sun can be covered with
If you were not aware to see Me, how will you see Me? clouds, there can be superimposition on the sun, but the sun remains
If you are not aware to hear Me, how will you understand Me?
And once that awareness comes to you, then only the Joy awakens within you,
as it is at this point. You cannot enlighten the sun, it is illuminated by
because only through these subtle feelings of awareness you are going to itself. Now, when the clouds are removed, the superimposition is
absorb the Joy. Just now you felt, you said, ‘What a beautiful thing it is’, you removed, the sun shines through the atmosphere. So, our Spirit is also
felt very happy, you are feeling the Joy of creation at this stage, and man is the superimposed by ignorance, as long as there is superimposition, you
summit of creation, but only the crown part is such a little thing, very little it is. cannot see the Spirit, and even when a few clouds disappear, the
Very little distance it covers in no time, but only thing is that, three things have superimposition exists. One has to have a clear sky to see the
to be combined, and that is why you find, even if you realisation, you do not light of the Spirit shining through.
feel the Silence, because you have not become the Light. Vol 3 No16 July 83 p13
You do not feel the Joy because you have not become the Anand.
That is the Left side of you.
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p11
(793) There are many ways by which we can try to remove the clouds. The
In everything there is Joy. As a human being you start seeing Joy in patterns. first and foremost thing is the assumption, the faith, that we
You see a key box, you open it out, you see the patterns. You call it the are the Spirit, and the rest is superimposition; you have to
veneer, roughness, smoothness and the harmony of it. You start feeling the assume that within yourself - after realisation, it should become very
matter, the Joy of His Creation. But after realisation you start Feeling the easy – that you are something much more, something very different
Joy of creation. The summit of creation is the human being and that is from what you have known so far.
why for a Sahaja Yogi he must realise if he tries to be friendly or so now the new situation arises, that you do not have blind faith, but
interested or involved in a person who is at a lower person, he can
you have a faith that has come out of an experience, so your intellect
never get the Joy from that person. Only thing he can do is to raise that
person higher to his own level, and make him also feel the same joy as you are should not fight it, it should not try to challenge it, or again you will go
getting. Supposing a man who is an artist marries a blind girl, what is the use? down.
She cannot enjoy the arts created by this man. In the same way, if you are Even if you get the glimpses of a star in the sky, then the scientists
interested in your family people, in your relations, friends, the first, believe there is a start. So, in the same manner, if you get glimpses of
finest and greatest thing you can do is give them self-realisation, your realisation you have to at least believe that you are also the
which means the Joy of your Spirit. Expose them to the Joy of their Spirit. You go on, sticking to that experience, and keeping
Spirit, which is the most precious thing, and this is the reason why people your attention on the fact that you are the Spirit. Tell your
flicker, fiddle and feel uneasy and lose their joy very easily at small things that intellect not to cheat you any more.
has parts of it – and finished. It is like the ocean before you, where I am
You can turn the face of your intellect by this.
there and I want you all to come into it and enjoy. It is for all of you.
Whole thing was created for your enjoyment. You have to become Vol 3 No16 July 83 p13
subtle. You are wasting time here on very gross things, you have noticed.
misidentifications, these superimpositions of the Spirit are
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p14

(796) (798 A)
Now your intellect will start working for the pursuit of the Spirit. This is Now, you cannot think about Puja. These are things which
what faith means. Faith gives rise to Pure Intelligence. Now, once you happen into a realm which is beyond thinking. So you have to
have seen the clouds removed, still there are clouds. understand that you cannot rationalise the Puja. You should have the
So you have to use the wind to remove the clouds – wind of the maximum advantage of your chakras. For that, you must fully
Holy Ghost, and that you know there are many ways of taking concentrate on the Puja and how the Wind is blowing. And the
advantage of the Wind. So the wind comes from some other source. Wind will see to it that it drives out all the clouds.
That is the source of the Holy Ghost, your own Kundalini! So your only work is – your only method is- just to concentrate
And also you have, in person, the Primordial Kundalini before on the Puja and witness. You are a seer.
you. Seer has a double meaning, the one who sees only, just sees, and he is
Compared to many other seekers who came before you, you only knowledge, he is the seer.
are very fortunate. For me sometimes it is burdensome because there should be some
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p13 parity between you and the Deities, some balance must be there.
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p14

Worshipping any vigraha, any statue of self-crated vibrations of Mother
Earth, people had big problems. They had to first of all do a meditation
which was called as Sarvikalpa Samadhi, that means in that state you
have to concentrate on such a statue, and then you go on looking at
that statue, and try to raise your Kundalini. And Kundalini used to
come up to Agnya, but the jumping beyond the Sahasrara was (798 B)
an impossible task because one has to go from form to Here you are, saying all the mantras, and the Deities are awakened,
formless, and it was difficult to get out of form, to formless, and even and there you are, who do not want to receive anything within your
to concentrate on abstract or formless was another impossible task, as heart, so I am the one who ahs to stock up all the extra energy
Muslims did or many others tried to do. Under these circumstances that is produced in My body. So it would be better if you all
it was necessary that the formless had to take a form so that keep your hears opened, and watch the Puja without thinking about
there were no more complications. As soon as you it. Today we will reverse the method of Puja. First we will do the
concentrated on the form, you became formless. Havan, and then the Puja. It will be better because by that we will
(Like if you have ice before you, as soon as you start touching the ice, evoke the fire element which burns away all the evils.
it melts away and you start feeling the cool, so the problem is very When you wash My Feet you do the same thing, and even when
easily solved now.) you evoke the Fire, you do the same thing.
Puja is one of the things by which you can excite the forms into You can wash Me with Water, or with Fire. The essence of Fire
the formless. Now, your centres are the centres of energies, but they is the Glow.
have a guiding Deity sitting on all these chakras. They are also All that is wrong, all that is evil is burnt off, and then the Glow shows
formless made into forms, and when you do the Puja, the forms on the faces and the bodies of the seekers, and also the atmosphere is
melt into formless energies, and these formless energies start charged with beautiful vibrations when you have the Havan.
flowing, and then blows the Wind! And that is how these May God Bless you.
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p15
(799A) Freedom has to be used properly. Without that training, without that
I realise that when something is important from God’s point of view, all education, it is no use giving freedom to human beings. You have seen
the negative forces work out their plan on how to delay, how to put the free countries, in their freedom what have they achieved? Atom
obstructions, or how to bring hindrances. It is very surprising. bombs to kill ourselves! It is stupidity. It is foolish. It is absurd, but we
Today it would be best if I tell you about God’s will and how we, the have done it. We are proud of it and are still busy on how to make it
human beings, go against it all the time. worse and worse for ourselves. This is how we move.
God’s will is extremely simple. The awareness that was our own, human awareness, was given to us
He is Divine Love. for our freedom, to be tested, to be experimented and to be seen, and,
He is compassion and He is the Ocean of Mercy. finally, to have the ultimate freedom by which you become the Spirit.
He created this world and then created human beings, just to You have to become the Spirit ultimately, but as we start growing
give them the highest thing in life – Joy. in our awareness –so-called – our concern is not for the Spirit.
Joy, which is a simple thing, does not have that duality like borrowed I would say that we are like a tree which pushes its roots down
happiness. But how are we anti-God and anti-joy and how does it into the earth so as to stand and grow, so also the roots we
happen? Our awareness, as you know, grows, through our brain, have are in our brain, and then we start growing upward s and
downwards, and what starts growing downwards takes us away from upwards till the leaves emerge, flowers bloom and fruits are
God. created. But, on the contrary, before reaching the fruit stage what
Ultimately we have to achieve God, but first we go al little away happens to us is that we start creating artificial leaves and enjoying
from that awareness of being one with God, just to understand that them. We take to artificiality. Once this identification with
freedom has to be used properly. artificiality starts, we begin to move away from Reality to
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p15 negative thoughts, or to over-positive thoughts, which are
actually anti-God because it is with them that we make atom bombs
and all that.
Vol 3 No16 July 83 p15

So, there are really two branches into which we branch off. Some
(799 B) people like to go towards the left side or the negative attitude. They
destroy themselves, trouble themselves and do all kinds of things by
which they can die and in the most miserable manner. They get all
kinds of diseases upon themselves. They torture their body; they
torture everything that they have.
Then, on the other side, is the right-hand side in which they move to
torture others, to overpower others.
Both the ways are away from God, His mercy and His grace.
The concern throughout should be towards the Spirit. Only then is the
movement in the right direction.
But this concern breaks up very easily in human beings because they
have the freedom to do it. In their ego they break it up so much that
when you develop the artificial way of life then even the consciousness
of God is lost; that He exists, that He is the One who is running the
We become so conscious of ourselves that we think there is nothing
wrong. We do this, do that and plunge into all kinds of problems.
What we are doing is really against ourselves, and ourselves means
God, because God has created us and He loves us.
We don’t love ourselves. If we had loved ourselves we would not have
abused our body and our own systems, and everything that we have
by saying, ‘What is wrong? Why not do it?’
You must love this body of yours, this mind of yours and this society.
You must love everything that you have because God created you in
His love.
It is such a beautiful world God has created for us, but we, in our
ignorance, in our so-called freedom, have ruined so many things.
Innately within us resides the Spirit, which wants to enlighten you, to
give you the Peace, the Bliss and the Joy of our being.
Vol 3 No16 July 83