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(801) You should not take human life for granted.

Listen! Why do we do things that will destroy? It is a very precious life which was created out of many
You can’t create yourselves. Then why should we be anti-society processes.
ourselves? I can’t understand what all these politicians are doing It was created with great difficulty.
today. Fighting. For what? To create more destructive forces, more Don’t forget that you have to become the Spirit without which
horrible things to destroy innocent human beings. They don’t your life is a waste!
understand why they are to be dead tomorrow because some people, Nay, the whole creation is just a waste because you are the epitome of
who are sitting at the helm of our affairs, have gone off their heads. that creation.
That is how the negativity grows within us. We become negative. Both And what are you up to?
are negative attitudes because they negate god. We have to form nucleuses that will talk openly about God.
Negation of God is the first crime we have committed. I was amazed to see that in this country (England), people do not like
We are not afraid of God. to talk about God!
He is Compassion, He is Mercy, He is Everything. Can you imagine such a state of affairs where you cannot talk about
But, in his Mercy only, He is going to destroy the world. He won’t allow your creator, or that religion means nothing?
any more sins to be committed against Him. Even otherwise He Vol 3. no 16. Jul 83. p17.
destroys. What is cancer? What are all these diseases coming up in
our bodies? They are nothing but our own destructive forces we have
built within ourselves. There is no fear from outside ourselves, no star,
no extraterrestrial attack. No, there is none. It is within us that the
attack is built, of which we should be aware. Vol 3. no 16.
Jul 83. p16. (803 A)
We have to have our attention on the Spirit, which is the giver of the
(802 A) ultimate in life. But as soon as you begin to talk about something
In the name of freedom we have gathered within ourselves all the spiritual, people think it is a lot of trash which should not be listened to.
germs of destruction. It is an in-built process we are not even aware They want to hear the same mundane political broadcasts again and
that these attacks are coming, that they are there. We are quite again, but if someone says, ‘No, this is all artificial, you have
satisfied with ourselves, our artificial life, etiquettes and superficial something more worthwhile within you and hearken to it’, they think
mannerisms. they have not come to hear all these things. ‘What is it that this
Innately, within us, resides the Spirit, which wants to enlighten Mother is telling us?’ But now awaken and arise. A star is shining
you, to give the Peace, the Bliss and the Joy of our being. within us and is our Spirit.
This beautiful lamp of yours has been created with a purpose. It has to No need to mortify yourself.
be enlightened. Respect yourself. We have to respect this lamp which Christ has already done it and He has worked for us. He is to be
has the light of the Spirit and it should be enlightening. And let us be enlightened within us and that is how we are to get our realisation.
that lamp which shows the Glory too. It is such a beautiful world that That is the most important thing today. As human beings are it is not
God has created for us, but we, in our ignorance, in our so-called going to work very fast. I have tried My level best. Like mountains you
freedom, have ruined so many things. It is shocking to see where have to raise the Kundalini. You feel so tired and worn out, but then
people are going – just towards hell directly. For a Mother it is a thing they don’t want to appreciate it. So do not feel disappointed; do not
of great concern. get hurt about it.
How to stop this fall? How to get them out of it? How to make them Vol 3. no 16. Jul 83. p18
understand what is their worth, their value? Vol 3. no 16. Jul 83. p16. (803 B)
(802 B)
Slowly and steadily I am sure, in your own eyes, people will see how You are king, and you should order your five organs that you have
your life is transformed into Joy and Bliss and understanding. They will been tolerating them, and now they should behave.
see how loving and delighted you have become and then they are When you command yourself like this, then only you become a good
going to believe that there is a better life for you. Some people (in Sahaja Yogi. Otherwise, your mind goes somewhere and you say, ‘
France) are so disappointed they have given up, jut finished, discussing Mother, what to do? I can control my mind so much, but still it goes
about the collapse and imminent destruction of the world. It is so there’. Then what is this mind? It is a living force, it will go. It will only
desperate. I am bothered about it. Even the Sahaja Yogis sometimes go at that place where it should go. Our organs will be awakened, and
get very upset and become extremely desperate saying; ‘Give up we will never like to wander here and there, and we will give up many
Mother, we have finished with it and no more’, but I do not know how things. Among all the things we must remember only one:
to remove My attention from the Spirit. If you try your level best to Keep our hearts cleans – means, Dedication.
remove it, you cannot, for you are there. So, whatever it is, you will Those people whose hearts are clean have very few problems. You
fight to save as many as possible. So, all these Sahaja Yogis who get cannot grow in Sahaja Yoga if you lack in Dedication, or if you think
frustrated at certain intervals I have to say, you should not be that you are some kind of special person. Only that person is powerful
frustrated. You have to keep your courage and understanding if you who is keeping himself in full command.
have feelings for others, and if you show concern for them, they will Vol 3. no 16. Jul 83. p19
understand you and you will be able to get more and more people
saved, emancipated, and they will enter the Kingdom of God.
As you are enjoying, they will also enjoy. (805 A)
Vol 3. no 16. Jul 83. p18 You must understand that you will only grow by dedicating your life in
Sahaja Yoga. Only then will you go deep. You don’t lose anything by
(803 C) doing that; on the other hand, all well-being comes in you. You should
You have to work hard. devote the whole life to Sahaja Yoga. You should give every moment
The only snag is that you will feel so many are still lost. It does not to Sahaja Yoga, that means living spontaneously.
matter. We have to understand that there are negative forces which Where will the spontaneity come from? It comes from the Living Force
are pulling them down. They are ignorant and they do not know there which is ever present within you. You should not think of anything
is a life beyond this mundane strife, else. Even otherwise, you cannot enjoy.
The Eternal Life of Beauty and Glory, but gradually, I am sure, it will Only God is the Enjoyer.
work out. This meeting (Hampstead), the whole thing was You are under the wrong impression that you are enjoying. God is the
discouraged, but one must still understand that God’s work is blessed Enjoyer and He alone is the Creator. You are just in between, you are
by God. He will bestow all his blessings and help on you, so that you just like pipes. If at all you enjoy something, it is God who has
will perform your desired duties. unending Love for you. This is the truth, with which you can remain
The time is passing; very little time is left now. It is running out ever Blissful. You can never get Joy from anything else. Whatever may
and that is why there is increasing desperation. The desperation itself be the thing, He is the Enjoyer. Vol 3.
has brought for the advent of Sahaja Yoga on this earth, and you no 16. Jul 83. p20
should feel more strong to fight these obstructions that, you feel, are (805 B)
around and work out the Ultimate Goal of this Creation. So, the point is, today, you get something you want, but you are not
Vol 3. no 16. Jul 83. p18 happy. Tomorrow, you would like something else, and even though
(804) that is given to you, you will not be happy. Thus, you will never
You should be like a king sitting on his throne. become happy from worldly things. Paramatma is the Enjoyer and
Instead, you are sitting on the throne and weeping and begging! therefore you should desire Him. We should enjoy the God who is the
What should be done to such foolish people? enjoyer of everything. If we start enjoying Him, what else do we need
to enjoy? We should enjoy His Bliss; what is God’s creation, what a have received it to some extent, and are using it in many ways. I was
beautiful world He has made, how many things He has given us. Now telling you that light of that great power of Love will spread all over the
we have become Sahaja Yogis, God has given this Shakti in us, now we world. The first lamp will be lit on that day. But night of Diwali is blind,
can know our Atma and recognise the Spirit in others, how much it cannot see the lamps. In this Kali-Yuga, this work will be done only if
unending grace God is showering on us. With these thoughts you many lamps are lit.
should grow in inner happiness. Whatever is God’s love, it will be over. Hence all should be alert and
If you start enjoying God like this, then you will find that your heart is awake and also awaken others. Marathi Letter 1979
growing and you feel as if it is encompassing entire creation.
Vol 3. no 16. Jul 83. p20 (806 B)
My life is dedicated to you. All I want is that pure gold should
(805 C) enlighten human history while getting heated in the hell of Kali
Today my message to you is: Yuga.
Start enjoying the Paramatma, My blessings are: may this lamp be kindled in every home, may its Joy
Leaving aside all other things, enjoy God, have that Joy everywhere, of spread in the society, may the cheers of its victory resound countries
what God has given you. and may this power of Brahma fill in every molecule of the universe.
What are the things He has given you? Be joyous about them, then I have to be away from you for a very long time, but your brothers and
you will find that your attention has stabilised. sisters are living here and also in other countries. You will meet each
In this way you will progress in Sahaja Yoga. other in the course of time. But I often feel that one day of such great
Every minute you should appreciate, ‘I have received this, I have Joy should dawn in our life. Whatever you desire will happen.
received such and such blessings, etc’. Otherwise your complaints will Therefore, your attention should be fully on Sahaja Yoga. I have
never end, and your aggression will also not stop. offered, My body, mind and wealth, everything.
Vol 3. no 16. Jul 83. p20 You have to take care only of your Chitta, because only that will be

Always remembering you, your separated Mother

Marathi Letter 1979

This is the day for us to remember that Christ was born on this earth as a
human being. He came on this earth and the task that was before him was to
(806 A) enlighten human awareness, with the sense of understanding that we can see
its actualisation within the awareness of human being, that they’re not this
Once I told you that Sahaja Yoga is beginning from Navaratri this year body, but they are the Spirit.
(1979). That is, Satya Yuga, for which you were so far preparing, will The message of Christ was his resurrection, that is, you are your Spirit and not
now be seen. As a tree has to sprout first in the earth and then its your body, and He showed by his resurrection how He ascended into the realm
sapling peeps out, in the same way, on the first day of Navaratri, i.e. 8th of the Spirit, which He was, because He was Pranava! He was Brahma, He was
April, the whole sapling of Sahaja Yoga will be seen. Mahavishnu, as I have told you about His birth. And He came on this earth in a
It is a day of great Joy. Whole nature will now have new life. body, like a human being. He wanted to show another thing, that the Spirit
You must understand that the importance of this day will be know only has nothing to do with money, has nothing to do with power.
if the whole mankind is enlightened with vibrations of Love. In this It is all-powerful, all pervading, but He was born in a stable, not in a palace or
world Brahma Shakti was awakened from the very day of My birth. You to a king, but He was born to a very ordinary person, a carpenter. Because, if
you are a king, we say in Hindi language Badshah, then nothing is greater, He came like a morning flower to make you happy, to give you Joy. You see
higher, or can decorate you. All the worldly things are just like the dry grass! any child, at least I know Myself, I do not know about the funny people here. I
Tranavat! So He was kept in the dry grass! Some people are unhappy and mean, to them, flowers look like thorns. I don’t know how they manage.
sorry for Christ, but to such people it does not matter. They are so detached, Y3.V13.Jan 83. p6
completely in Joy. They are Masters of themselves, nothing can master them.
Y3.V13.Jan 83. p5
(810 A)
See a child anywhere, any child, such a joy-giving thing it is. This is the child
of the Divine, that came on this earth as a child, the most joy-giving thing,
(808) that’s why Christmas, for all of us, for the whole universe, should be a festival
You have to rise beyond thought, to a higher level, into thoughtless awareness, of great joy.
where you are not in thought, but you are in the centre of thought, in the sense For he brought light for us, by which we can see there is someone called God,
that one thought rises and falls, and there is a place in between. Another there is someone who is going to remove this ignorance. This was the first
thought rises and falls, you are in the centre of these thoughts, Vilamba, beginning. So for us it is necessary to be joyous, happy and relaxed, and not
as we call it. The time where you pause. Then you will understand to take everything as seriously as we do, because Divine life does not make
Christ. He was here, partly, of course, to save us, because He had many more you serious, because it is all a play. It is Maya.
aspects. This is another. Human beings demanded that they must be saved. I have seen, in all the rituals people follow, in all the so-called religious people,
Why? Why should they be saved, all of them? What have they done for God? they are too serious to be religious. A religious person is bubbling with
How can you demand from God that He should save us? Can you? You cannot laughter. He does not know how to hide his Joy and he does not know how to
ask for that. control his laughter when he sees people unnecessarily serious. I mean,
He came to create the passage between, as you see here, the Vishuddhi and nobody is dead. The way people say it sometimes; just don’t know what to do
the Sahasrara, is this Agnya in the Primordial being, the Virata. He was born with ourselves. There is nothing in this world for a person like Christ to feel
there to open that door … In evolution every incarnation has come to earth to sad about.
open a door within us and to create that opening or that enlightenment in If you really believe in Him, then first of all please give up this silly sadness and
our awareness. So, Christ came precisely to open this small, little door, sulking and sitting down and becoming morose, not talking to anyone, silent
which is constricted by our ego and our superego. bores all over. Y3.V13.Jan 83. p6
Y3.V13.Jan 83. p6 (810 B)
(809) This is not the way to look at Christ, see how He went and talked to
He came (Jesus) to make that gap, to cross that gap and that’s how He multitudes, how He opened His heart to all the people around and how
sacrificed Himself, His body. For you it is a very big thing of remorse and He tried to give them happiness. He has said that you are to be born
repentance, but for such people it is not. It’s a play that they have to play a again, i.e. He had to do this work and that you have to get it
certain role. That’s why I don’t understand why you have to show Him to be sometimes. He has promised that you have actually to be born again.
so, hanky-panky miserable creature, he was never miserable. Such people can Christ is to be born within us.
never be miserable as you are. This is another concept, that he should be
hanky panky, tall and skinny, starved, bones coming out, count them one by
I do not know what Christians understand out of this. How do you
one, horrible I tell you. become ‘born again’? Not by going through the ritual of baptism.
From His childhood till His death He was a joyous person, He was happiness, Somebody coming from theological college cannot make you a
He was Joy, to make you all happy, to give you the light of happiness by Christian. You have to be a person who is authorised by God. Unless
enlightening your source of Joy, that is your Spirit, in your heart. he came on and until you are authorised by God you cannot give Joy. I do not know
this earth not only to save you, to give you happiness, but also to give you Joy, why, after Christmas, or after a funeral, people celebrate with
because human beings in their ignorance, this tomfoolery, are, unnecessarily, champagne, how can you celebrate Christmas by insulting Him? He
beating themselves and destroying themselves. came to enlighten your awareness, because He respected your
Nobody has asked you to go to pubs and get into troubles. Nobody has asked awareness, the point at which it had reached, but you are trying to put
you to go to races and become bankrupts. Nobody has asked you to go to
it down. Is this the way to understand Him? He has promised that you
horrible gurus and get into troubles. But you seek you destruction voluntarily.
are to be baptised, you are to be born again and now, in Sahaja Yoga (813 A)
this promise is being fulfilled, so be joyous that here at the Agnya You will be judged by the way you receive your realisation, the way you
Chakra again Christ is born within you and He is there and you retain it, the way you respect it.
know how you can ask for His help always. You have to That’s the way you are going to be judged, and not by the kind of
become a Christian, Brahmin, Pir, through your Kundalini dresses you are wearing, by the type of matching you do, or by the
awakening only. There is no other way out. hairdresser you go to; not by the positions you occupy and the big
Y3.V13.Jan 83. p7 politicians or big bureaucrats you become; not by what kind of houses
you have built, and what kind of so-called Nobel prizes you have won.
(811) You are not, also, going to be judged by your philanthropic
Your last judgement is also now. work. By that, you think you have given so much money. If you have
Only through Kundalini awakening God is going to judge you. How is given so much money, there will be a big ego somewhere hanging and
He going to judge you otherwise? it will bring you down your scale. This is a judgement in which a little
Here is somebody sitting to judge you, how? By how many feather is going to weigh more, much more, than a ship.
hairdressers you have been to? Or, how many suits you have had It’s a different type of judgement of a personality. We can see how
stitched for Christmas? Or what presents you have bought, or how Christ was judged by human beings, and how He was judged by God.
many cards you have sent, and to how many people you have sent He came and lived in the dried straw like a feather. His Mother never
some other things which may not be very palatable? That’s not the felt the discomfort. In the same way, those who have not, by their
way. behaviour, oppressed others, or taken offence, are going to be
Or is it the price that you have bought things for? judged as first class!
The things, the way we are particular, which way are we going to be Y3.V13.Jan 83. p8
judged by God? (813 B)
Y3.V13.Jan 83. p8 In the Kundalini awakening itself there are inherent defects – some
(812) defects – due to previous Karma.
Which way are we going to be judged by God? Because, what you have accepted as reality, what you have been
Not superficially, people say. So what depth have we got? doing in this lifetime, which is just a concept, because, when you have
Let us see how far we can go in our depth. At the most, we reach a not known the Absolute, whatever you will be doing – that will be born
point where we are a concept again. of ignorance.
So whatever depth we have got goes only up to, only rationality, up to Whatever you have done in darkness will have a particle of
the concept point, beyond that we cannot reach. darkness in it.
So how can we be judged? How people are judged if you go to the So, without having Realisation, if you have propagated that we are
doctor? He has the instruments, he works it out, puts the light in, sees great saints, this, that, you will have no chance.
for himself and says, this is the position. If you think that you are a Divine personality, and you are a realised
And how is your Spirituality going to be judged? saint – no chance.
How a seed is judged? By sprouting it. All the priests of all the religions will be the last to get realisation.
When you sprout the seed and when you see its germinating power, Maybe some are genuine, but now the time has come to judge the
you know, it is a good seed or a bad seed. right and wrong. You cannot crucify anymore. You cannot. Everyone
In the same way you will be judged, by the way you are is going to be judged through Kundalini awakening.
germinated. Y3.V13.Jan 83. p8
Y3.V13.Jan 83. p8
Now you should know there are three categories of human beings. I do a person has been cured by Sahaja Yoga, no doubt we can cure kidney
not know which way to start, not to shock you. trouble, but a person who has been on the machine, you try, but you
One, is the human beings as we are, they are called as Nara Yoni. cannot cure. We can give him longevity, but he cannot be cured. But
The second category is Deva Yoni, those who are born seekers or to cure people is not your job by any chance. You must remember
realised souls. this. No Sahaja Yogi should take to curing people. They can
And the third ones are called as Rakshas. These are called as Ganas, use my photograph, but not tot take to curing because it means you
but we can say the species among human beings are Rakshasas, are are a big philanthropic personality.
the people who are evil. I have seen people who have been curing get into such a mania of
So we have evil people, excellent people, and we have in between curing that they forget that they are also catching something and they
people. Excellent people are very few. They are born realised. I don are also getting into trouble, and they never cure themselves and,
not have their problems much, but one has to deal with the people who ultimately, I find, they also get out of Sahaja Yoga. But, with the
are in the centre. They are looking towards good, but have photograph you can cure people. Do not think it is your duty, that you
something hanging on to them which is not so good. So for are a great physical benefactor, or … No, you are not.
these people there are inherent defects in the Kundalini which we must You are a Spiritual benefactor, but as a by-product, the body of the
understand. person improves because, if Christ has to be awakened, if God has to
The first of them is physical bad health, especially in England people come in this body, then this body has to be cleansed.
suffer too much from cold, due to over calcium in the water. In the It is done by the Kundalini.
same way according to the countries, you have your problems, But it does not have a separate work like hospitals.
sthanivishesh, as they call it. Y3.V13.Jan 83. p10
Y3.V13.Jan 83. p9 (817)
(815) I have known people who went so mad with the power of curing that they
Like in our country we have certain problems, in your countries you started visiting regularly the hospitals, and they ended up in the hospital also.
have certain physical problems, according to the country where you They would not even come to the programmes; they would not come and see
Me. So this is one of the greatest hurdles of God, is the Vyadhi – is the bodily
have taken birth. Most of you have decided to take birth in a particular ailments. And the bodily ailments should not keep you down too much. If you
country. That’s why you are identified also to such an extent, have some problem, forget it, gradually it will improve. For some people
sometimes you think there is no defect. Every country has a it takes some time to get alright, but then the main thing is to get to your
variety according to which you suffer a certain amount of Spirit … so do not always say:- ‘Mother cure me, cure me, cure me’, but just
setback in your health. say:- ‘Mother, keep me in the Spiritual life’.
So, for a Sahaja Yogi one should know that health is a very important You will be cured automatically. It may take time with some people, but you
thing, because this body is the Temple of God and you have to look have been sick all your life. Specially in this country, the liver and this gout
after your health and you know also that the first thing that happens and all this troubles. We have remedies for all these for which we have to work
when the Kundalini rises is that your health improves, because of the it out, as a duty towards your body, towards the temple. And that should not
be the end of your life, that is a very little part. It becomes a sort of real
para-sympathetic fulfilment. Because the para-sympathetic gives you
Sahaja Yoga, and the rest, which is the most important thing to God. Health is
enlightenment which flows into the sympathetic and your health important, but attention should be on your Spirit because it is your
improves. attention which goes into these various directions and gets stuck up. You must
Listen to my lectures, then you will know how the Kundalini helps to allow it to work out and it will work out.
cure most of the diseases, except for those that are being tempered by Y.3.V13.Jan83.p10
human elements – like kidney trouble.
Y3.V13.Jan 83. p9 (818 A)
(816) The second hurdle which I feel is called as Akarmanyata, as they call it,
meaning a person who doesn’t want to work it out. Of course those people
who are useless and do not want to get the realisation, forget about them, but, madness of doubting. For example, out of all of you who been here, say, at
even after getting realisation, is an innate problem with people that they do least, I do not know how much percentage, have come out the second day with
not want to work it. In simple words, they are lazy, that is very much in this a very great statement: ‘Still I am doubting’!
country (England) surprisingly. In Sahaja Yoga we have to be alert. What Is that the sign of wisdom? What are you doubting? What have you found out
exactly happens in Sahaja Yoga when people come here? They get their so far? From where does this come?
realisation, they get the cool breeze and it’s lost again. The reason is that It is Mr Ego about which I have given lectures after lectures. It is Mr
they do not want to work it out… This is another danger, Akarmanyata. Ego which is doubting it because he does not want you to find the
When it is lost, after one year, they come back, ‘Mother we do not believe in it Absolute.
but I have some pain in my stomach, will you cure?’ Instead of you becoming You are identified with your ego and you do not want to find it because this Mr
so equipped with all the powers that you have, become a useless person, Ego has been guiding your life throughout. Now you want to doubt. Doubt
coming here to take my time. These powers are all within you. This is your what? What are you doubting? You feel the cool breeze? Alright, sit down
property, this is the property of your Spirit which is caring inside, which is then. Now humble yourself down at this point. Humble down in your heart, ‘I
bound to manifest, but because of such hurdles that you accept, it does have not known myself. I have not got the Absolute.’ This is one of the
not. This is Akarmanyata, we can say, which is not working out, not knowing greatest hurdles of Kundalini awakening, called as Sanshaya.
about it, not understanding it, what Sahaja Yoga is, how to manipulate this, Y.3.V13.Jan83.p11
what vibrations are, how it works out.
… The people get possessed and get ideas into their heads. They
(818 B) start singing songs, this, that. I am so embarrassed. I do not know
Work it out, face reality, open you eyes! what to say. I see a devil speaking through them, but I just don’t know
People just say, ‘Oh, it is too much’, because they do not want to face reality
how to tell them, ‘Oh, please stop’. Even praising me, I know what it is,
because, as soon as your Kundalini comes up, as soon as the light comes in,
before the eyes are closed, you see suddenly the light comes in, and you do but they will just come up and say, ‘Mother, we want to sing a song to
not want to open your eyes, because it is too much, for you were sleeping. you’, Alright, I cannot say anything because they do not know from
Even if you open your eyes a little bit, Oh God, you do not want to face the where they get this knowledge. It’s something else doing this.
light because you are identified with that state, you do not want to open your Because of all these problems, you get possessed. The other day,
eyes. somebody feeling very cocksure did something very high-handed. First
Kundalini opens your eyes, no doubt, but again you close it down. So it is in he saw the possession coming into him, and then he did it in a very
your freedom to give up Akarmanyata. Now this also can be very collective, bad way. Everybody is angry with him I know, but I am not, because
the husband or wife can succumb to the domination of their partner, so both it was done in possession.
two have lost it. Instead, both of them should be very well realised, and could
You do not know what madness people may do when they get
be very well, if there is one who could put down his will: - ‘No, I will check I
have eyes to see, I must give a chance to myself’. If they accept it, then it possessed. I mean they should end up in a lunatic asylum, but
works and then they go to the second step. because of being Sahaja Yogis they do all these things, but still they
Y.3.V13.Jan83.p11 are not stationed where they should be.

(819) Then there are two more states in which a Kundalini which rises also
You must do your work. Everything cannot be just like a jet liner, sit down here falls down.
and next moment you are on the moon.
This is an inherent danger in a person. Many people have asked me,
Even if you are on the moon you may start with the third danger which is
the Sanshaya, which is the doubt. I do not know how to describe this ‘Mother, if we get realisation, does it stay?’ It does stay, part of it.
Sometimes it is a very thin part of it; sometimes the whole thing is Humility is the only way to know that there is an ocean before you.
sucked back. If so, then you will say, ‘We start doubting’. You have got into the boat alright, but you have to know a lot. You
Where is it written that you be lifted up and put into something great, have to understand a lot, and you still have to attend to your attention,
whatever may be your problems? Is it possible? to your Chitta, to your awareness. And you have to still to work it out
Even from here if I have to go to India, I have to get inoculations and in such a way that you really establish yourself as a full fledged Sahaja
vaccinations, get my passport, go through an interview. When you Yogi, by which collectivity becomes a part and parcel of your being, by
have to enter into the Kingdom of God then you are going to be which you have no doubts left.
judged. From thoughtless awareness you jump into doubtless awareness.
Y.3.V13.Jan83.p14 Unless and until that happens to you – it is not My – but it is a state in
which only the Kundalini will rise whenever you raise your hands. Do
not be lazy. Meet people, talk to them. The more you talk about it, the
more you do it. The more you give it, the more it will flow. If you do
your Puja at home it will stagnate. You have to give it to others.
(825) (826 B)
When you have to enter into the Kingdom of God then you are going to … thousands of them have to have it.
be judged, not only judged but, even, when supposing you are given a And that’s why it is important that you do not get bloated with the idea
grace mark and allowed to get into the plane, maybe they ask you to that you have all the powers of the world already manifesting. Never,
get down. when these powers really manifest, you are aware of them.
This happens with some people that the Kundalini falls down. It is a Absolutely, I mean imagine the sun saying, ‘I am the sun’. Does he say
very, very dangerous sign. he is the sun? What is there, if you go and ask the sun, ‘Are you the
It comes through problems like wrong Gurus and going to wrong sun?’ He will say, ‘Yes, by the way, I am, what can I do about it?’ It’s
places, also going to spirits and doing black magic. that simple. You become a very simple person. Absolutely simple,
Also, bowing before people who are not incarnations and worshipping because there is no camouflage, no complication. You are that. So if
the wrong type of Deities and also doing mad rituals, fasting and anybody asks you the funny question, you say, ‘By the way – what is
ritualism and chakras and connections and complete synthesis of there to ask? It is true. I mean, I am a realised soul. I am. What does
Sahaja Yoga. it matter?’ With this understanding we have to go about Sahaja Yoga.
In some people you have seen that Kundalini rises and I must say I am surprised how it is working – miraculously – and it is
immediately falls down. This is a very dangerous thing. Really working out, but it’s you who can settle it within yourself. Really
it is very troublesome also. establish yourself in the collectivity.
Y.3.V13.Jan83.p14 Y.3.V13.Jan83.p14

(826 A) Now, among you, there are some who are only on the periphery. We
Last danger which you should know is that you start feeling that you keep them on the periphery. That you know very well. Some of them
have become God, or like an incarnation or something. This is the come in the centre. And there are some, very few, who are in the
biggest danger. Then you start taking the law into your own hands and inner circle. All of them are in a state where they can be thrown out
start ordering others or doing all kinds of high-handed business or get like a tangent goes out, you see, and then you do not understand why
over satisfied with yourself. This is a very big danger. a Sahaja Yogi behaved like that. If you see some Sahaja Yogi behaving
like that, going at a tangent, you know that you might do the same. So
be careful. Today at this juncture, when we are celebrating a great You have understood all these, but you should experience
event in Christ’s, let us know Christ is born within us. them.
You do not have to go to Bethlehem. It is within us. He is there and You should have steady mind and surrendering your heart, become
we have to look after it. It is still a child. free from the illusion.
You have to respect it, and you have to look after it so the light really These are My Blessings. Ever yours, Mother Nirmala
grows, and people know that you are realised souls. Nobody will doubt Marathi Letter.
that you are not.
May God bless you all.
Y.3.V13.Jan83.p15 (829 A)
Hindi Letter
(828 A) Let this Diwali enlighten you with the light of love. You yourselves are
(Read Mother’s letter from Marathi, points 1-6.) the lights which burn high and don’t get pressed by the cover. They
How has this Universe been made? Why made? Is Paramatma become much more powerful than the cover. It is their own asset.
existing? These doubts are basic. Even Gods (Devas) have not When they are hit upon, they are disturbed and extinguished.
understood them. But what I have told, is right or wrong, can be Why are our lamps disturbed? You should think it over. Is there no
ascertained on vibrations. For that vibrations should be good. transparent sheath around them?
When you will learn with your experience that love and truth are one Have you forgotten your Mother’s love and therefore you are so
and when, with your experiences you will realise your very subtle disturbed? As the glass protects the lamp, in the same way, My Love
Brahama-tatwa, then your illusion that Brahma is detached will will protect you.
go. Divine Principle, ie Brahma, will blossom within you as lotus and But the glass should be kept clean. How can I explain? Have I to say
its fragrance will spread. Impurities will go from physical, subtle and like Shri Krishna, ‘Leave all religions and surrender to me’, or as Shri
causal bodies, when you Chitta becomes Brahma – then the illusion Jesus, ‘I am the way, I am the door’.
due to unreal, will be destroyed. I want to tell you that I am that destination.
Although Brahma-Tattwa (Divine element) is like the sun, its rays But will you people accept it?
reflect on the unreal (water), and disturb your attention. It will not be Will this fact go to your hearts?
disturbed when your Chitta becomes Brahma (sun) itself. This illusion Hindi letter 21-10-76
will go, by meditation, in the company of ever-loving Bhagawati.
(829 B)
Although what I say is distorted, the Truth will always stand. You
(828 B) cannot change what is; only you will remain ignorant and backward. I
(9) You have become collective consciousness, which is awakened am unhappy because of that. Diwali is the day of real aspirations.
within you. This power is Brahma Shakti and it is present in the Invoke the whole universe.
universe, in different forms and even in molecules. Many lamps have to be lit, and looked after.
It is the solidity (Jada Shakti) in solids, Add the oil of Love, Kundalini is the wick, and awaken the Kundalini of
In living beings it is beauty (Saundarya Shakti) others with light of the Spirit within you.
In waking state it is the power of Bliss, The flame of Kundalini will be kindled, and one within you will become
In Sahaja Yoga it is the power of consciousness Bliss, the torch. Torch is not extinguished.
In Param Yoga it is supreme Bliss Then there will be spotless sheath of My Love.
And within Bhagwati, it is the power of being Brahma (Brahma – It will neither have any limits nor any end.
bhootwa Shakti). I will be watching you.
My Love for you is showering as many blessings.
Your always-loving Mother (830 C)
NIRMALA. But all unreal does not fall off with the self-realisation. It can be broken off
Hindi letter 21-10-76 gradually. If, with firm conviction, you deny from your heart all that is unreal
(830 A) (Mithya), you will have the realisation of the Self (Atman) in its pure form.
It is a very good sign to feel a pull on the Sahasrara, because only through Thereafter it is established within you, albeit the same mortal human Chitta is
Sahasrara endless rays are poured in man’s heart and new doors of inner drenched in that which is of the nature of love, truth, having no beginning and
being are opened. end, verily the Shiva, Human Chitta is mean for realising that reality. This
But before this Grace descends in, there should be a pull in Sahasrara. We Chitta must become one with that Atman. Only that Chitta which progresses,
understand the pull of heart which is also silent, but lopsided, that is renouncing all unreal (Mithya), breaks all known and unknown bindings and
emotional. But pull of Sahasrara becomes all-round. There, man in his becomes verily the self.
integrated state, in that Dharma (righteousness) and awareness implores for Atma is never disturbed or destroyed. Only human attention (Chitta), in
Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) that is God’s Love. pursuit of desires, leaves its inner path. This is Maya (illusion). She has been
This happens spontaneously, although it is the skill of your Kundalini, your intentionally created. Without her the attention (Chitta) would not have
personality should strengthen the Kundalini. You earned that quality in developed. You should be afraid of Maya and should recognise here so that
previous lives, and hence this life is great – that gems of persons are she will illuminate your path. Cloud hides the sun, as also makes it seen. In the
available for My work. same way, once Maya is identified, she moves aside and the sun is seen. The
If you understand that although my physical being is here, I am all over. It sun is always there, but what is the purpose of the cloud? Because of the
should also be realised that even this body is an unreal (Mithya) cloud you have an urge to see the sun which shines for a moment and again
appearance. It is difficult to come to this stage, but if gradually unreal is hides somewhere. It gives strength and courage to your sight to see the sun.
discerned, the Truth will be established effortlessly and great waves of Bliss Mithra, Marathi Letter, 5.5.1975
will envelop your being. I am explaining in this letter, what is unreal (Mithya).
It should be read out to all and assimilated by all. (830 D)
Mithra, Marathi Letter, 5.5.1975 Man has been created with such great efforts. Only one step on his feet and all
(830 B) is successful, but still it is not becoming possible. Hence, I have come as
Unreal starts soon after birth in this world: your name, village, country, your MOTHER.
horoscope, forecasts, many such things get attached to you or others attach Write your problems to me in letters. Sit down in meditation. Discuss Sahaja
them to you. Once Brahmarandra is closed, many types of illusory ideas Yoga, even amongst each other. Attention should be kept going deeper and
become part of your mind. False thoughts, like, ‘it is mine, or they are mine’ deeper within. Forget outside as much as possible. Have confidence that
identify with outside objects! Besides man-made bindings such as ‘My body everything about it is taken care of.
should be healthy and beautiful’ are inculcated, then, unreal relationships like, Then, in whatever you do, your Chitta remains in one-ness with the Self.
‘He is my father, he is my brother, she is my mother’ are on your head. Many All bindings of sin (pap) and merit (Punya) are snapped. Distinctions like
officials and politicians become egoists (donkeys). As ego develops, foolish worldly and non-worldly vanish, because that wicked darkness, which has
ideas such as, ‘I am rich, I am poor, I am helpless’, or, ‘I belong to a high created all the discriminations, ends.
family’, etc come in your head. Then there are anger, hatred, forbearance, Everything becomes auspicious in the light of true knowledge whether it is the
separation, sorrow, attachment under the cover of love, and temptations in the destruction done by Lord Krishna or the Cross of Shri Jesus. All this will not be
guise of social status. Man, with great affection keeps clinging to this unreal understood by explaining. Just showing the path will not help. The path will be
way of life. If you think of getting rid of all these, and make efforts, what you known only after walking on it. When I come we will see how many of Virata’s
get is the illusory knowledge – because the attention (Chitta) moves along channels (Nadis) you have opened. When fully developed it will spread in all
Pingala channel, and then you are involved in Siddhis (Powers), and other countries and directions to you all.
temptations. A vision of Kundalini and Chakras is also illusory because there is Many blessings and infinite love to all. Ever yours. Your Mother. Nirmala.
no gain from it, on the contrary, it is harmful. Whatever self-controls and Mithra, Marathi Letter, 5.5.1975
mortifications you insist on practicing effectively, all of them add to the (831)
limitation on your Chitta. As such there is no way for liberation. Understanding the Self, without mental understanding, rationality,
Mithra, Marathi Letter, 5.5.1975 through our intellect, which in itself is a limited thing, so we enter
another understanding, which is still very limited. If I tell you that To tell you that you should become a very quiet and serene person
there is a self which resides in our heart, and that there is a power would be absurd. To tell you that you should be master over your
within us which is all the time waiting for an occasion to give you your passions and your lust and your greed, that nothing should sort of
second birth – if I tell you that, then you will only understand Me dominate you, is like giving a big lecture to you, it has no meaning.
mentally. This has all been said already, what is so new about it? At You have gripped it yourself, these things, and how will you leave it
the most I can give it in a very modern fashion, something quite when your grip is so strong? You have to grip something else.
intellectual which will make you have more mental feats to go round It is simple, common sense, if you find something much more valuable,
and round. You will sit down and analyse and reach nowhere. much more dynamic, much more Joy giving, establishing your sense
I say, there is a power, no doubt, which is called Kundalini, of security, you will give up all these nonsensical things.
within us. So many say that – because it is written long time back, Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p4
thousands of years back – Christ has said it – that you are to be born
again, that you are to be baptised, not by theological college people,
but by somebody like John the Baptist, who had the authority from the
Divine. This power does like dormant within you, but everybody
writes differently about it, very few really agree, such a confusion.
While you are genuine seekers of ages, who don’t know where to go,
and what to expect, and you jump into problems. Falsehood is
falsehood and Reality is Reality.
Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p3
(832) And when the reality stands before you, you crucify that. How do you
Demystification and scepticism of Indian Gurus. explain all this? And the acceptance of reality is your
You will know now how you have been misled, deceived for money, glorification. Are you going to add anything to reality? Supposing I
which you cannot understand, because you have gone beyond it now, wear a diamond necklace, it is going to adorn me, not to the diamond
you are seeking beyond money. You know very well money is not necklace.
going to give you joy, but, those who have not yet known, that still This is billions and billions of times more brilliant than all
they are climbing up the cusp, they have not seen the ditch below. It these things which adorn us.
is a very shameful affair. I feel myself. But that does not mean there is If you accept that, you will be glorious, you will be lustrous.
no reality. Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p5
If there is no reality, how can we have copies of that? If there are no
flowers, how will you create plastic flowers? So, if you find somebody
so unreal, you must know that you have to find out the Real. And
when you are finding out the real, you must know that you must keep
yourself absolutely alert about it, that you are not going to accept
anything but the Real. But you can be hypnotised, you can be
brainwashed, because you do not know all these things. (835)
Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p3 We are not aware still that his is the most important, the most vital, time in the
(833) history of human beings. The Last Judgement has started. We are facing the
But you must know that there is Reality and that it exists within you last judgement today. We are not aware of it. And all the satanic forces have
come out, like wolves in sheep’s clothes, and they are trying to attract you,
and that there is Self within you, and once discovered, you find and you do not judge them. You only sit down and judge the reality. It has
your Absolute. started, it is a fact, it has started. And, to judge you, God has already place
the whole magistracy within you. All the magistrates are already sitting down will accept it, but first of all you should know my Mahatmya
there. Christ has said, ‘Those who are not against me are with me’ (importance), I do have some Mahatmya.’
These are the magistrates and they have settled down within you on different Nala said, ‘What importance can you have? You create confusion in
centres in your spinal chord and in your brain. It is very interesting and all the minds of people’. He said that, ‘When I will be ruling’, i.e. when
these seats are like a panel sitting in your brain, and when the light of
he will be, as in these modern times, ruling means creating
Kundalini rises through these centres, when these centres are enlightened
within you, you start enlightenment being manifested on your fingers, the end confusion in our minds. Everything has become relative now. We
of your fingers gets enlightened, the sensitivity of your fingers tell you what talk like that, ‘Yes it may be alright, it may not be alright, may be good,
centres are there affected within you. The Kundalini comes up. many not be good.’ That is the time when confusion will be reigning on
Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p6 this earth, that is Kali Yuga (the modern times (1982). Then those
great Saints, and those great people, the Seekers, the Sadhakas, who
have been search God in the hills and dales, and in the caves, will
(836) come back as ordinary householders and they will get the
Now let us see from God’s point of view how He is going to judge you. Reality.
It is quite easy to say that we do not believe in God. Very easy to say we don’t
Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p7
believe in this Government, but if you do anything wrong, then you know there
is a government acting. In the same way it is very easy to say that we do not (837 B)
believe in god. He is so compassionate, He is so loving, He is so kind, that He In the confusion of Kali Yuga only they are going to get the Vision of
ahs given us our freedom to know ourselves, and we rely on Him. We take Him Reality, they are going to Become the Reality.
for granted. He has made us human being from amoeba to this stage; He has They are going to get their self-realisation. And Nala forgot his
spread out such a beautiful world around us. He has done all that, but there is vindictiveness and his anger and what Kali had done to him. He said,
a judgement which we have to face now – and the judgement that is going to ‘On this point I forgive you because I respect them so much. For that
come from God. It is not going to be the way that we understand – that He sits collective good I give up all my personal problems. Let this happen’
like a magistrate and calls you one by one, ‘Come along’, and then you have a That only in Kali Yuga, the sun of Sat-Yuga, the World of Truth, the Age
pleader there sitting.
of Enlightenment is going to come, and those Saints who were
But, in a subtler way, He has already put the judging forces within you. See, in
the evolution He has worked it out. In the evolution, how beautifully He has seeking the Reality in the forests are born today in this world.
worked it out. You are to love your self and adore your seeking, and get your You can see them, they are saintly. They can see the joke of artificial
fulfilment. As your Mother I must tell you this is a very serious matter. There life so clearly. They know it is all absurd, but then they do not know
is no guru-shopping going on here; you have to get your realisation. It is what is real. But the time has come and it has to be worked out, and it
fortunate that you took birth now, because you are seekers of ancient times, as will be worked out.
I told you. Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p7
Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p6
So it is very necessary for you to understand, for definite purposes, that the
(837 A) judgement has started, and for that, Kundalini is placed within you. But I must
It is written in one of our scriptures in India, called as Nala-Akhyan. say she is a great judge, you will not find such a judge anywhere in the
When Nala, one of the souls tortured by Kali, caught hold of Kali, - it is Universe, because She is your own Mother, and She is Niryaj, She is just giving.
She does not want anything from you, nothing whatsoever. She wants that
said that now is the rule of Kali. Kali is the sinister fellow, the one who
you must get your property. You must get your Self. You must get all your
brings all confusion and confuses people. … He confused Nala, by that powers. She doesn’t want anything from you. That you should know your Self.
he got separated from his wife - so when Nala got hold of this Kali, he That you should become your Absolute. That is what She wants.
said, ‘Now I am going to kill you once for all, so that you do not create She is your Mother, born again, and again, with you. She has recorded all your
confusion into people anymore’. So Kali said, ‘Alright you can kill me, I problems you have created for yourself for Her ascent. She knows everything
about you, and She judges you on this point:- How much you are sincerely and this desire rises within you, enlightens you, but it does not force
wishing your ascent – that’s all. you, it does not take away your freedom.
She knows you out and out. When She rises, She shows those symptoms, She It enlightens you to see. You have freedom to be in this room. It
shows what is wrong with you, but She is your own, absolutely your own. is not forced that you sit here or there or walk away. Nothing is forced
There is no one greater your own that She, She is your friend and She judges
upon you, but you are given a room which is enlightened. So you use
you because you must get the Best; because She knows what is the Best for
you. your freedom in a better way, with more understanding, because you
Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p8 are enlightened, you can see, and then you know what to accept and
what not to accept. Y2. Vol 7. Jan
82. p9

(839) (841)
She (Mother) Loves you in the purest form, where you do not expect anything First thing is to enlighten you. Unless and until you are enlightened
from the other person. And such a power lies dormant within you, which is just you are in confusion. You cannot see through. Then it is left to your
waiting for an occasion that when She rises, when she sprouts, like the
freedom to decide. So, she cures you, She improves you, She bestows
germinating power in a seed, when She comes up, then there should be
someone who should look after you. There should be someone who could all the blissful things upon you.
guide, there should be someone who could decode, and tell you what you feel She takes you away from the worries of grosser level, like after
on the fingers means, and what is happening to you. Otherwise you will not realisation many people have solved their material problems. not that
know your moorings, where you are going, and you will fall into a trap of they have become Mr Ford or someone like that, but the attitude
ignorance, or maybe you may be still there not knowing much. changes and the material problems get solved. Husband and wife
So, She wants somebody there as a mouthpiece. It is that the Unconscious has problems get solved, so you are freed. Your grip over these things that
to speak through someone, and that person has to be a person of the nature as worry you is released, and now you can see with greater freedom
the Kundalini is. Those who make money from you and extort you, and leave what you have to choose, what course to take. After giving all
you in the lurch, how can they be called as Gurus? They are the thieves
these concessions and all these advantages, and all the possible help,
standing outside the door, just waiting for an opportunity to catch hold of you,
because they have already been judged, discarded, and they are going to the then you are judged.
jail, and they want more people to go with them. Can you think of any magistrate that generous?
This Kundalini, when she rises, first soothes you physically, and as a by-product Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p9
you get cured and your get your health. (842)
Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p8 And such a thing exists within us.
(840) We have to be very thankful to God for what He has done for us.
Some people sitting down here have been cured of many types of bad We have no idea. We have taken Him for granted.
physical problems. With all these things you are faced with, the Divine We have not been able to thank Him for what He has done for us, and
Love of God, His Desire, Desire of the ocean, of the compassion of how kind He has been to us.
Love, that He wants to bestow his Kingdom upon you – that he For a small thing we try to get rid of Him from our hearts. Still He
wants to make you the Prince of His Kingdom. exists, the Kundalini exists within us.
This is a very, very serious thing, and we have to concentrate upon this Try anything against it, She exists.
point. The judgement has to be done, and there is a power within us I have seen some people having Kundalini which is beaten up, there
which is to judge. This power is the Desire of God, of that God who is has been horrible marks of pain and anguish, and She is just turning
Almighty, who has given us our freedom. Her sides in anguish – but still She exists – for that moment when She
He is not going to challenge it. will give you what She is there for.
His might, His strength, His powers are not going to stand against our What a Blessing!
freedom. But His Desire is within you, existing on the Kundalini, Where can you find all this?
It is all within you, which has to work out. (844 B)
Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p9 I have to work it out through you. I cannot work it out alone. If
I could then there would have been no difficulty. If God work out just
like this, give them realisation, just finished. Establish them, alright.
(843) But it will not. Because you have the freedom. Why do you have the
But some people with no self-esteem, even when they get their self- freedom? Because without your freedom you cannot come to that
realisation, they just disappear. Can you imagine? Perhaps you do not calibre by which you are raised. We do not realise where we are today.
know that in this country (UK) I have worked on seven or eight people Some people are slaves of watches. Why are you saving time? For
for four years. Can you believe it? what? You are saving time for ‘becoming’, because you are a
What has happened to your saintliness? diamond. You are to be chiselled out of yourself. You are not saving
Why so flippant? Why so superficial? Why don’t you touch it deeply? it for wasting, you are saving your time, not to waste it, you are
Why don’t you understand your Self? saving it for something precious, extremely vital and
I respect you and I love you very much, because I know you from ages, important, something that you have been seeking – but I do not
you are the Lost Children. know how to keep you on that level of depth.
I know that, but I don’t know how to establish that within you. Some aren’t decided still. Still no proximity or sensitivity towards the
Sometimes my condition is the same as that of your Kundalini. Reality, they cannot feel. Maybe it will work out. I am sure it will work
We have to be in great haste to get it. out. I am the most optimistic person that you can ever see. Optimism
You have to become absolutely dynamic and blow it out, and talk to is My nature. I believe it is going to become. Only thing, your so-called
the people that this is the situation and emergency. freedom comes in the way. So try to understand that this freedom is
Can’t you see what is happening in the world? given to you so that you can become your Self. Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82.
Can’t you see the confusion? But the situation is taken for granted. p7
Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p9 (845)
(844 A) You should become your Self and not that you should become an
You are the chosen ones, who have to receive it, and it has to animal. An animal – what is the use of giving realisation to a chicken?
happen. Can I give also? That is the point. Many people say, ‘Mother, I have
But to take Reality – you think a hundred times – and to get into a done lots of good things’.
dirty, filthy circle, it just clicks. Who should I blame for this? These I ask, ‘What?’
horrible Gurus, or these horrible people who have put up a show for ‘I don’t eat chicken’
you, or is it your attitude towards morality? Now I say, ‘What are you saving chickens for me? You better save
I shudder to see things the way the things are sometimes, and the way yourself.’ All sorts of funny ideas they have.
people are taking things for granted also. It is you, the Seeker, the buds on this beautiful Tree of Life –
It is your responsibility today, the ones who are supposed to be the they are the ones for whom this creation is created.
seekers, to see that you bring forth the Reality to the people They are the ones who have to get it.
and tell them that please see, and get it. They are the ones who have to have it.
Because you are their fellow beings, you are their kith and kin. How The whole Universe has blossomed into them – and they want to
can you leave them? Even if you get your own realisation, even become what? Worms?
if you enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, you will not forget Just think about it.
them, you will think of them and you cannot be happy. Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p11
Even when you get your realisation, unless and until, all those Saints (846 A)
who, out of their ignorance, are Lost, you will think of them.
Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p10
By God’s Grace we start the programme of realisation, which may Evolution, spacecraft and the five capsules.
perhaps take a split of a second, it might have already worked out. Let In this system, we have used a very wonderful system, of putting 5
us see how much you are using that power that is flowing. capsules one into another, and the first capsule, the lowest one,
Now, after realisation, you have to take it up seriously, you have to explodes and triggers the movement of the rest of the 4 capsules.
work it out because, after finding it also, it is not that you suddenly When the second one explodes, it gives an acceleration many more
jump onto the moon. Even going to the moon, what did you get? You times than that with which it was already moving, the speed increases
could not understand anything. in such a tremendous way that suddenly we find that the acceleration
So you have to go into all the areas of your being, because the is a very high multiple of the first one. Then the third one, when it
movement will start inside. You have to take your attention to all the explodes, gives another push to the capsule. Next, the fourth one
areas within you. You have to settle down your attention and lose the explodes, then the fifth one which contains the spacecraft. Through
grip over nonsensical things. All the priorities will change. this kind of explosions from one to the other, through that built-in
The greatest thing is that when IT pierces the Sahastrara, the mechanism, we have been able to achieve a very high acceleration for
Joy starts pouring and you start feeling the cool breeze coming the spacecraft.
through your hands – the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost and you In the same way our evolution has taken place. We got this idea
start feeling everywhere. You can find out. Now you can judge without even knowing about our evolution, from the unconscious. We
yourself and others. You can help others automatically. You have not have come to know how it has happened, but we cannot correlate both
to go out for that, you have not to get medicines, you don’t have to get these together.
anything. In the same way, a human being was created out of the elements.
Just you being there, you help others in their Salvation, as if July – Sept 1980 p8
the whole mechanism starts working. Y2. Vol (847B)
7. Jan 82. p11 In the same manner (as spacecraft), we can say that we were made
(846 B) again of 5 capsules.
When you start seeing the whole thing you will be amazed. You have The First one is the Physical, our physical being.
to know how to work it out on your own self and others. (Inside the physical being is the emotional being.)
It is great fun. Inside the emotional being was kept the Spiritual being.
We are all in the Great Fun mood and you should also enjoy with us. And inside the Spiritual being was kept the Spirit, or our attention.
It is wonderful. We can say that Kundalini is the one that triggers, that is the one that
No time for misery. explodes. So Kundalini force is in everything, but in the most effect,
Only thing ones feels is that – why are these people doing like this? the best, the highest form, it is in human beings.
Like grown ups and mature people – we look at little children – why are It is this force which exists in everyone and evolves everything, say
they putting their hands in the fire? from carbon to amoeba stage; and from amoeba to animal stage; and
Y2. Vol 7. Jan 82. p11 from animal to human stage.
Even in elements it exists, because the elements also evolve. We do
not know how they evolved, but it happens in Nature. Changing from
elements to fish, reptiles, mammals, primates, monkeys and then
human beings. How many are destroyed? How many remain? How
many are transformed? Nobody has kept any account of it.
July – Sept 1980 p8

(847 A)
Today we talk of population problem; perhaps many animals have God has created this Holiness to protect His creation. This atmosphere of
taken birth as humans. You can see the effect of that, the way people Holiness, He created to protect all the people and all the creativities which are
are behaving; you can be sure that many animals have taken human there and which are being created by Him, otherwise nothing would work out.
form and they have yet to go through a lot of evolution and training as Just think, if one of the oceans was even deeper, even by 10 feet, the balance
of the Earth would have toppled down, just imagine what a speed this Mother
a human being to understand the value of human life. A human being Earth has, it revolves with such tremendous speed, goes round the sun
starts developing within himself. Now we have been human beings, as regularly, in a proper way, not in a round way, but in a special style as you
they say, for 14,000 years, and we have been growing inside through known. She creates day and night for you. Day to work and night to rest. How
our freedom. Human beings are the only people who get freedom to she herself has created this beautiful atmosphere for you and has maintained
evolve themselves and to understand what is wrong and what is bad. the balance and the temperature that was given to Her, in only done by the
This freedom is granted because without freedom you cannot go any power of Holiness – that was created first.
further. By this development only you can teach other people who are July – Sept 1980 p8
coming up.
This is the way evolution has been.
July – Sept 1980 p8 (851)
Now, man, in his foolishness, is challenging that Holiness. He thinks he
can challenge God, that is the sign of his awareness. If he had risen to
(849) that height where he could feel God pulsating in everything, he would
So far you have not felt your evolution from amoeba to this stage. You do not never have done that, but, before he could reach that stage of
know how you became a human being, you take it for granted. Even your eyes perfection, he has started talking about God. Who is going to
are such a complicated organ that if you start studying them you will be challenge the authority of this stupid man who does not want to
amazed how things are made. If you just prick a pin in my finger, immediately achieve his perfection and wants to talk big?
there is a reflex action. It is so nicely built, so nicely arranged, so quick, so All pervading power is of Holiness which corrects, which
efficient, that one is surprised and amazed at the wonders of this organisation
that is this human body.
guides, which co-ordinates, which Loves and which organises
(But you see what human beings are, they are inefficiency personified. I sent 4 everything for you to get this awakening within you. So, one
telegrams to my daughter in India and today she says she received 1 telegram must understand how Kundalini awakening is the most
after one month!) important thing that has to happen. Kundalini awakening is
Human beings have been given freedom to understand, to develop their own the only way you are going to know your Spirit. This is the
efficiency, to receive the ultimate knowledge of the Creator of this creation and most important happening in the history of creation. It is like
the powers of the Creator. laying out the garden, then you plant the trees, the trees have
That is why the Kundalini is place in the human beings alone – although there lowers and now the time has come, the fruits must appear.
is Kundalini force and there is Kundalini, in another form, in everything that Every individual who is seeking the TRUTH will know it.
exists. Only in human beings, this force is kept in the triangular bone in
July – Sept 1980 p10
dormant state, to trigger their last jump into the unknown. Now this Kundalini
exists, this is there.
July – Sept 1980 p8 (852)
So, as soon as you become super human being, through Kundalini
awakening, you become aware of yourself within, and you become
(850) aware of others within.
But to begin with if I say, before starting all this creation, who was created first, This is the collective consciousness; this is what Sahaja Yoga is.
it is most interesting and may not be very congenial to the mind of a scientist. Sahaja Yoga is the system of Nature.
It is much beyond science I am talking now, that much before anything was The way this creation took place is also Sahaja.
created on this earth – Holiness was created, that we call the Pavitrata. ‘Sah’ means ‘with’ and ‘ja’ means ‘born’; Sahaja means ‘born with’.
Sri Ganesha is the Deity of that Holiness.
Everything is built in within you, like a seed. If you see a seed, it has a
primule within it to sprout. Seed has the complete power of the tree it
is going to be. The whole thing is in the seed. In the same way, in the
human seed, the whole picture of what he is going to be, is built in, the
whole mechanism is placed within.
July – Sept 1980 p8
(854 B)
The human being must find out his fulfilment.
If he cannot find out his fulfilment, he cannot find perfection in any one
of his endeavours.
God Himself will not rest until he does that, for who would like to
(853) destroy ones own creation?
Now there are undercurrents of your being, which I will be describing to In thousands and thousands of years of time this has come to
you. What are the forces built up inside human beings? fulfilment and, if it is to be cone by Me, if I am the person who is
Only thing I would like to say – that you are like a computer, you are supposed to trigger your Kundalini, why should you have any
already made like a computer, only thing is that you have to be put to objection?
the mains. If you are put to the mains then the computer starts Thank God I was not a scientist, otherwise I would have finished my life
working by itself, but it is the way you understand a machine. making an atom bomb. Thank God I am not a psychologist, otherwise I
You are human beings. You know what is Love. To a scientist I cannot would have gone mad listening to mad people. Thank God I am not a
talk of Love. I am talking of Divine Holiness, the Love of God which politician, you know how they are.
wants you to know Him. Thank God I am none of these, I am just your Mother, concerned,
Through science you cannot do that. Every scientist must be loving absolutely concerned, about your ultimate well-being, and not about
somebody, if not his children, at least his dog, flowers, horses, but he superficial things. May God Bless you all.
knows what is love. And if he can understand that spark of love, from July – Sept 1980 p11
where it has come – Love that I am talking about, is a synthesis of all (855)
these powers. My dearest Sahaja Yogis, My Blessings to you all,
July – Sept 1980 p10 News has been conveyed to me that a new centre is functioning in
Muskwadi village (Rahuri), where thousands of people are getting
(854 A) Realization. The achievement has been made only because workers
Science deals with only a very little portion, I will also tell you which over there have knit themselves in bond of wonderful Love. They
part of this power deals with our physical being and out of which, how never try to complain to anyone about anything, but instead overlook
much a scientist knows. and ignore in case someone commits what may be described as an
You will be surprised that, if knowledge is an ocean, the scientist knows error.
only a drop, and to know the ocean, the drop is to be dissolved in the This broadmindedness is the quality of a human being and gets
ocean. multiplied with the awakening of the Kundalini.
But a drop cannot, by its own effort, become the Ocean; the This is the manifestation of Divinity.
Ocean has to dissolve the drop. And that is what the Ocean has to But those people who remain in artificial environments only, they
do; it flies (?) creation has to have its fulfilment, and His beautiful cannot enjoy the Bliss.
creation is manifesting in the human being. Your Kundalini has been awakened, and it has pierced the apex of the
July – Sept 1980 p11 brain (Brahmarandhra), but still the heart also has to feel awakened.
In case ones heart is like a stone and he is unable to shower love on
anyone, he uses unpleasant language in conversation with others and
is particular to stress that he himself is really someone special, then he
is not fit for becoming a Sahaja Yogi.
Letter from England to India, May 1977 (857 B)
Her Holiness Sri Mataji says:
To get rid of illness or negativity,
(856) ‘While you see My Agnya Chakra through flame (of a candle), your
Such is the nature of certain people. illness passes from your eyes, and gets burnt into the flame’.
Many a time I have observed that, before Myself, some of you try to Letter July- Sept 1980 p22
push others, or frown upon the with anger, etc.
When someone speaks harshly to little children, then I feel a stab on
my heart.
Tell me, in Sahaja Yoga, should not there be exhibition of loving
feelings? People who are offspring of the same Mother very often fail
to realise that they are the children of their Mother in reality. This fact
is well known to you. Then why should you have the feeling that
someone else is superior or inferior to you?
Letter 1977 (858)
The name itself is so beautiful – Brighton. It has to brighten the whole
country. I have been here twice before also, and I always felt that if a
(857 A) chance is given to me in this place, we can really start Sahaja Yoga in a
Are you without blemish? Are you capable of being a judge? People big way, and one day it can become a place of pilgrimage.
talk of ‘universal brotherhood of man’, but is this feasible if we don’t There are mixed vibrations in Brighton. You have the sea; also the
love each other as we should? Mother Earth here has special significance. But when something
At the moment, all I have to say is that you must use introspection and Divine starts emitting itself, the evil comes in a disguise, accumulates,
discrimination and rid yourself of such ‘poison’, as it is only then that and starts fighting with the Divine; and that’s how I feel mixed
you will make a real Sahaja Yogi. vibrations at Brighton. But on the whole it is a very good place where
In case a Sahaja Yogi comes to your place, invite him as if he is one of Sahaja Yoga can prosper.
your brothers. Look after him nicely. This will purify your household. I Advice given at Brighton (UK) 1979
cannot understand how and why Sahaja Yogis form ‘groups’ as with
every passing moment your position improves or deteriorates. Such
formations can lead to total annihilation of the Self. You should try to
own what ever is good in others and ignore what is not, so this can be
looked into by Me. In meditation, you will realise that this is the door
into eternal Bliss.
One who remembers you always, Mother NIRMALA.
Letter 1977

They must have told you about Sahaja Yoga. Sah is ‘with’, Ja is ‘born
with you’.
This is the Yoga, the union, you are seeking with the Divine, that is India people have meditated much more. They did not have to fight
born with you. It is within you. Everybody has said, ‘Seek Him within the Nature, like we had today, which coming to this hall. The
yourself’ Even Christ has said the same. That means you have to seek. atmosphere is so nice and warm there, people could sit and meditate
It is your freedom, which cannot be challenged. under a tree. In their long meditations they have found lots of things
You have to ask for it. for which they have used Sanskrit language.)
E.g. if God could, at this stage of human awareness, without your So, this Parabrahma, or you can say, ‘The Absolute Silence’ was
coming into that play, he would have done it long time back. But He awakened, got awakened because It itself got awakened, like we sleep
cannot, you have to choose Divine in your own freedom. and get awakened.
Advice given at Brighton (UK) 1979 And then the Silence became what you call Sadashiva. When it was
awakened or when this Sadashiva started breaking, in the sense that
‘It’ wanted, ‘It’ desired to create.
As we say that the morning sun is breaking through the dawn, in the
same way when this Desire started manifesting, the Desire became His
Power and got separated.
Advice given at Brighton (UK) 1979

Now whatever I say is just a story for you. You need not believe it, but
I will reach a point which you can believe into, and then, step-by-step,
(860) you can believe into this theory. This is just a hypothesis for you. So,
You are seeking, definitely. use – when this desire became a power, this power was called Shakti,
Perhaps you do not know what you are seeking, but one thing is or Maha Shakti, or Adi Shakti, means ‘primordial power’.
definite, you are not satisfied with things as they are. There is This primordial power assumed a personality and entity; it had to, if it
something beyond, which you have to seek. There is something was to act. If you only have a desire in your heart, it is not good. We
beyond, no doubt, which has been told to you by all the prophets, by have to transform it into a form; we can say into an entity, which we
all the scriptures, by all the incarnations who came on this earth. call in the Bible, the Holy Ghost and in the Sanskrit language, the Adi
It has been promised also that you will be judged one day. Shakti.
But the first judgement will be your own. This desire then created out of itself two more powers, one to
You yourself will decide whether you are seeking the Divine, or some act and the other to improve upon its own creation. So, three
frivolous things. powers started acting, and thus these three powers were
If you are seeking the Reality and the Truth, then only you are created.
going to be chosen, then only you are going to be the citizen of Advice given at Brighton (UK) 1979
God’s Kingdom. (863)
Advice given at Brighton (UK) 1979 So, as we know, that people have not talked much about the Holy
(861) Ghost in the Bible. Any scriptures that have talked about the Father
Now, let’s see who is this God and what I am talking about. In the have not been able to talk about the Holy Ghost, specially when
beginning, it was just a silence, Complete Silence. And out of the Christ’s Mother Herself was an incarnation of the Holy Ghost. He did
Silence, when ‘It’ awakened, the Silence was awakened. The Silence is not want to endanger Her life. He did not even say that She was an
called Parabrahma (I’m sorry I have to use Sanskrit language, it does incarnation of Holy Ghost. He did not want to endanger Her life
not mean it is something Hindu. These ideas you must get rid of. In because, if they had crucified Her, He would have come out with His
power, with His own destructive powers, but the drama was to be If you were not seekers, you would have been happy attending a
played and She remained a silent person. dinner or a ball somewhere, but no, there is something beyond,
So, this Holy Ghost is important for us, because Father is just a witness. something that is promised, something that you feel, the existence of
He is witnessing the play, the game that the Holy Ghost is which you are aware of, but you have so far not reached the source.
playing. That is why you are seeking.
He is the only witness of that game. Brighton (UK) 1979
He is going to enjoy Her creation and She is trying to please
Him by creating this because it was His desire to create.
Brighton (UK) 1979

Now, there are three powers within us.
On the left hand side is your Love, is your power of desiring, by
which we desire, by which we express our emotions; and when this
(864) desire is no more left in us – in the sense that when this power
So, She created with these forces, that we have got, which are called: disappears within us, then we also disappear.
The first one, the Desire (Mahakali) In the centre is the Spirit, which is the reflection of the Father
The second one, the Action (Mahasaraswati) God or Witness God, who is within our heart.
and the third one, Sustenance/Evolution (Mahalakshmi). On the right-hand side is our Power of action.
These three powers acted to create us, human beings. These three powers have created like a curtain between our attention
Here we have reached this stage, when we can talk about this. Even at and between Him.
the time of Christ one could not talk of the Holy Ghost. What could we This curtain exists in the void.
do with these fishermen? Just tell me, how could you tell them about It is sustained by our liver, and that’s how the 3 curtains keep us away
these things? That was just a preparatory thing, but you know, what a from that Spirit.
mess they have done. Quite a mess there is and people can’t Brighton (UK) 1979
understand those who call themselves religious.
How could they be fanatic? Fanaticism and religion are at daggers
ends. They can’t be one thing. You see now in Iran, anywhere you can (867)
see where people are fanatics, how irreligious they are, because We cannot see that Spirit, nor can we feel it.
religion is Love. God is Love. We cannot manifest it. We know there is someone who knows. In Gita,
Brighton (UK) 1979 it is called Kshetra Gya, who is the knower of the field. So, we know
(865) that there is a knower and the knower knows all about you, is tape-
God is Love, and none of these ‘religious people’ have expressed that recording all that you have been doing, your seeking, your mistakes,
love in a way that it should be expressed, nor have they taken the your turbulence, all kinds of things you have done. And that tape-
work of ‘seeking God’. But other things they are doing, like recorder is placed down below there in that triangular bone and is
philanthropic work, collecting funds, having jumble sale etc. That’s not called Kundalini. This is the residual energy of our desire, the
the job of a person seeking God. Under these circumstances, when we Adishakti; after creating the whole, She remains whole and She is
are face to face with people who have organised religion, and fake complete.
people, we really get absolutely frustrated. We flabbergasted and we Brighton (UK) 1979
do not know what we are to do, because we are born seekers, we
might have made mistakes in seeking, but we are definitely seekers.
devised now. It is a spontaneous thing – Sahaja – spontaneously it
I mean, supposing somebody comes to me and says, ‘Can you
guarantee that my Kundalini will be awakened?’ I would say, ‘No Sir, I
am sorry, may be, maybe not. If you don’t argue too much then it will’.
(see 870)
Brighton (UK) 1979
(868) (870)
It is very easy to understand; you can say, supposing there is a light Why? What happens with arguments?
here and a film there, the whole film is reflected, but the film is intact. I don’t mean you should not argue. You must, because I know you
In the same way, after projecting itself, whatever remains is the have a problem. You are too identified with arguments.
residual energy, is this Kundalini. Doesn’t matter. But when you argue, you use this power which is on
It means that you are the complete projection of that Kundalini, the right hand side. By thinking, what happens? You create that
that power, that is desire power, which manifests in two powers; the yellow stuff there, and that yellow stuff, in common words is Mr Ego.
right side power which is called the power of action, and the central And when you think, this ego rises like that and goes on pressing the
power, which you have achieved up to a point, and the rest is a void – other one, superego, which comes from your conditionings. So this
as the power which is responsible for your evolution from amoeba to ego, when it sits on this one, like that, how are we to raise the
this stage. Kundalini? Because there is no place, no space left.
Brighton (UK) 1979 It has to be balanced like that. So, by arguments, I cannot raise the
Kundalini. That’s why I say, ‘Let me see about it. Do not argue just
now.’ But then people don’t like it. You see, they feel challenged. So I
say, ‘Go ahead!’ But what happens when you argue, the thoughts go
on pressing you, and that is why you cannot do it by arguments or
reading a book.”
Brighton (UK) 1979
(869) (871)
We should ask a question, ‘Why did we become human beings from You cannot pay for it. It is absolutely impossible to pay for it. God
amoeba to this stage?’ doesn’t have a shop. No. He doesn’t know shopping, nor can you
Supposing I have some bolts, nuts, etc and I gather them together, organise him. We cannot organise God. He has to organise us. So any
then anybody can ask me, ‘Why are you doing this?’ sort of an organised thing cannot work out.
I will say, ‘I am making a microphone’, but even this microphone has a It is absolutely like the sprouting of a seed, you must put it in some soil
thread here, it has to be put to the mains. Unless and until it is put and put some water. As I say I put some water of Love, I give you
to the mains it is not going to work. This is what we have got. some water of Love, then it sprouts by itself. You have a seed; you
These three powers and the residual power which is the desire power have a sprout inside it (Primule) and everything is ready.
which is just sitting down there, which is going to desire your rebirth. It has to happen. By getting angry it does not work out. By anything
She is your own Mother, and when She desires it, she comes into that you can do, you cannot work it out. You have to be effortless. You
action, only when She sees an authority, someone who has power to cannot put any effort for sprouting a seed. You can’t even transform a
raise Her, who loves the same way as She loves you, then only She single flower into a fruit.
rises. Not by any tricks, by standing on your head, or doing some Actually, we do not do much. What we do is dead. Whatever is dead
exercises, or beating people, or doing all sorts of things they have we change into another. That’s all. We have done nothing living. This
is a living process and all living processes are achieved through
Brighton (UK) 1979

(872) Actually in this country (UK) I’ve seen that there are very beautiful
So, spontaneously it rises. It touches your Sahastrara and you start people born – genuine, honest and humble. Very great seekers of old
getting a cool breeze in your had. Apart from the Indian scriptures times a, and the blessed to be born here and in America.
where it is described as Saleelam Saleelam, i.e. the cool breeze, comes But they became impatient, and in their impatience, they have tried to
on you like a wave, in the Bible also you have read it as the cool destroy themselves, and that is how they have spoiled those
breeze. psychosomatic centres, there will be a problem for a short time. But
So, the whole power is the power of desire which has manifested into 3 you have to have it, you are born for it. This is the evolution which has
powers of Adishakti – as the cool breeze and it is all-pervading, and to take place. You have to know your Self. You must get it.
when this Kundalini rises, it passes through those centres and touches Brighton (UK) 1979
These centres are the subtle centres below our plexuses which we
know in our medical science as the plexuses we have within ourselves.
And then you become Self-Realised.
Brighton (UK) 1979

Know yourself. Get your self-realisation.
But way is not demanding, but asking for it, ‘Blessed are those who are
(873) meek’, has already been said. That meekness, and not arrogance is
I cannot give you a lecture on how you become self-realised. I cannot needed. If you sit on My head and say, ‘Give us realisation’.
brainwash you. You become collectively conscious. It’s actualisation, Then I would say that I am not the one who is giving but it’s
that we should seek. It has to happen within you, so that you become you who is receiving it.
that. Like the River Ganga which flows, if you throw stones at her, you
It is not by branding anybody that you are a Sahaja Yogi. It cannot be cannot get water out of her. You have to take a pitcher, a hollow
done like that. A Sahaja Yogi has to get the real baptism. His fontanel pitcher, and dip it inside her. It will fill up by itself.
bone has to become soft, and his Kundalini has to pierce it, then only So it is your own asking which receives fulfilment and you have
he is a Sahaja Yogi. to find out that fulfilment.
You cannot have membership; you cannot have anything like that. It is Without that you cannot be happy.
so spontaneous, and if it has not happened within you, then you are Brighton (UK) 1979
not a Sahaja Yogi.
Till it has happened you are still seeking, but it takes a split of a second
in some people, like children. It can take quite a lot of time in some (876)
people, who have harmed themselves. We have Sahaja Yogis in London of course, and we are processing with
Brighton (UK) 1979 the pace of an ant. The reason is reality. You see all other
organisations spread because you pay the money and become some open you eyes – it’s called unmesh, means open your eyes to
great minister of state there, something like that. Then you wear a that beauty that is your Self. For this you should be ready. And
locket and become the great disciple of a great fake guru or something there should be no doubts about it because they are not worth it. But
like that. It is very easy to do isn’t it? But to become a Sahaja still, if you have any doubts, I will like to attend to them, definitely.
Yogi, you have to face yourself, you have to see yourself, and More over sometimes we get good questions and give me idea of as to
then the beauty, when it dawns upon you; you can see that it what is the problem. So that will also be welcome. But do not sit down
is the truth, that you have to receive and I have to give. with the attitude of doubting Toms. Sahaja Yoga is a very big subject,
You should not feel obliged, because that is my job. and it is rather difficult to explain the whole of it. It is by which you get
You can say that I am paid for that. your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual integration, because all
Giving your realisation is My own job. I have to do it. the centres come into play, and brings enlightenment onto all the four
Your job is to take it because that is what you are here for. aspects of your life; into the totality, so that you feel your
It is no question of obligation. It’s just Love, just Love. wholesomeness in collective consciousness.
I have to Love you and you have to receive that Love from Me. It is quite complicated sentence I have said in short, but if you have
It just flows, it just emits. any problem about it, you can ask Me without any fear. I am your
Brighton (UK) 1979 Mother, May God Bless you.
Brighton (UK) 15 Nov 1979

(879 A)
(877) In Sahaja Yoga, all the religions are respected because all the
I am just telling you how to receive it incarnations and previous prophets are in us. We know it for definite
But your human love, you see, is so aggressive, that we cannot that they exist within us on our centres. First, before starting the
understand anyone who says, ‘I love you’. We run away – ‘You love marriage, we had to ask them to come and be present on this function.
me, then I’d better run away’, because human love means possession, This is called Avahan. Now they were all there so now we are going to
domination, is aggressive, thank them, that you have been here and the marriage has been
but this Love is just Love, successful.
that soothes you In Sahaja Yoga we are going to break all the barriers which make
that raises you to a new awareness, religions and people separate.
by which you feel on your fingers the complete enlightenment, and All fanatical nonsense, old ideas which have popped up to make money
your hands can tell you what centres are catching, in you and in out of religion, all these we are going to completely abolish, and make
others. one religion for all the humanity, which is the religion of God, the
religion of our evolution.
There are so many blessings of Sahaja Yoga. May God Bless you all.
Brighton (UK) 1979 HH Mataji on the marriage of Catherine and Gregoire on 1st Jan 1981 at

(878) (879 B)
You have not to pay for it. It’s something that’s just flowing. It is After Realisation
something no one knows of in this world – just flowing, something 1. The awareness space of the conscious mind has increased. Ego and
beautiful. If you have somewhere seen a beautiful scene, you just superego gradually drop down and are sucked back into Pingala and
watch it. If with that attitude you come, just to open your eyes to it, Ida.
2. The ascended Kundalini establishes a direct link with the Nirmala Vidya. That technique, once mastered, by surrendering
unconscious. It manifests as the flow of vibrations. to it completely, obeys absolutely.
3. The Deities on the chakras are awakened. They are the reflection of But it is Ganesh Shakti, the Shakti of Innocence, is the power called
the original Deities on the Adi chakras of the Virata, and they Innocence. So the Innocence takes over, which manages, that’s how it
‘organise’ our awareness accordingly. works out.
As they are linked together by the ascended Kundalini, the personality Jan 81. p20
becomes integrated. They decode and respond to messages from the
Holy Spirit. They read other human beings as awareness systems.
They direct our spiritual growth.
4. Collective consciousness is achieved. The attention is drawn inside
because of the inward happening of the Kundalini’s rise.
5. In a fully mature realised being, the Deities ascend, from their place
of work in the chakra, to their own seats within the Sahastrara. This is (882)
the stage of complete Divine integration. When it goes on rising and is called Para Shakti, beyond power, then
The Advent, 111-4, 92 comes Madhyama and all that. It comes up to the Vishuddhi at the
(880) left. There you become guilty. Because of your guilty nature you say
Nirmala Vidya things that are harsh. Left Vishuddhi is the match of the Ganesha
It is the special power by which we do All Divine work, even forgiving. Shakti.
When you say, ‘Mother forgive us’, the technique by which I forgive Ganesh is the sweetest thing you can think of. Even when you look at
you is Nirmala Vidya. The technique by which all the Mantras are Ganesh, this Kautuk, this innocent admiration, starts flowing. Just
manifesting themselves and are effective is also Nirmala Vidya. think of Him, you feel so happy. That innocence becomes harsh on left
Nirmala means ‘pure’, Vidya means knowledge, or the knowledge of Vishuddhi, so to overcome your left Vishuddhi, all of you are to use
this technique. It creates loops and creates also different energy sweet words. Your language should be sweet to everyone; especially
formations by which it acts, and draws all that is not wanted, impure men must speak sweetly to their wives. Now that sweetness will cure
and fills it up with its power. It is a Divine technique, because your your left Vishuddhi.
instrument does not do that, you don’t have that instrument. Jan 81. p20
Jan 81.

Sweetness will cure your left Vishuddhi.
Always speak very sweetly, try to find out all the sweet words, the
sweet methods of addressing is the best way to cure your guilt,
(881) because, if you say anything harsh to anyone, you may say as a matter
But now you see how subtle it is. Only by saying ‘Nirmala Vidya’, you of habit, or maybe because you just feel happy by saying that, but as
just invite that power, the whole thing, the whole technique to attend soon as you say it, you say, ‘Oh God, what did I say?’ That is the
to you, and it attends to you. You don’t have to worry. It never biggest guilt. One has always to try to find out sweet words. Now the
happens in any government or anywhere in the world. You just birds are chirping. In the same way you have to learn all the sounds of
address the Government, and the whole thing goes into work, in the everything by which you make people happy by your sweetness.
whole, the entire universe, every creation. That technique is called
It is very important. Otherwise, if your left Vishuddhi grows too much But Sahaja Yoga is a very different type of living process. Perhaps you
you will develop a way of talking by which your lips will get distorted might have noticed it, that, once you receive your realisation, firstly it
towards the left side. starts transforming you.
Jan 81. p21 Then it starts transforming others.
By your presence, you start transforming them.
By your existence you start transforming the atmosphere, the subtler
problems of negativity, they all work out.
Jan 81. p21

(884) Like a tree when it is blossoming, the fragrance of the blossom creates
When the flow starts higher, in the Agnya Chakra, there the Ganesh a different type of aura around itself, that it attracts all the bees
Shakti becomes the Greatest Power of Forgiveness. When it rises around to gather the honey. In the same way, when a person is
higher into the limbic area, where Ganesh Shakti goes above the realised, is enlightened, the area spreads and you start getting people
Surya, the superego comes up, and this power is that of the Moon, and attracted towards you. You have to remember a few points about
this Moon is Spirit, this becomes Spirit, and it sits on the head of Sahaja Yoga:
Sadashiva, that is the same. that you receive the light first,
The whole Ganesh Shakti’s evolution, you see, it is so beautiful. So this the second step is that you generate the light.
way, our desire itself becomes the Spirit, your desire and Spirit become It is never done in any other process, that you generate the light on
one, but this hurdle can be very bad sometimes. You have seen that, your own, with your will, with your understanding, with your freedom.
all of you who have left Vishuddhi, when you speak harshly, you must For example, a tree may give rise to seeds and seeds might become
know it is not you who is speaking. trees. But seeds do not regenerate, the do not have a will. Because
So because you are the Spirit, Spirit cannot say anything harsh or here the seeds are human beings, only the human beings have the will.
destructive. Now you’ve been enlightened with your will, with your will you can
It will only say harsh when it is necessary to little bit remould, but that regenerate or, you would say, you can generate, on your own, Sahaja
you don’t take over. That will be done by somebody else. Yoga, to go further.
Jan 81. p21 Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p5

The New Age
You can pick out people who are very seriously interested in Sahaja (887)
Yoga, who are dedicated, who have a passion for Sahaja Yoga, who feel It’s a very subtle understanding, that when a light comes into this
that it is the most important thing of life. Now you must have realised candle, it cannot regenerate, of its will, any other - somebody else has
that you are the people who are the men of God and the women of to take it to that.
God, and that you have to be prepared to take this banner of New Age, So your will is very important in Sahaja Yoga. ‘What do you will?’ That
of transforming Sahaja Yoga into Maha Yoga, into a vast area of is very, very important.
Spirituality. You are the channels, and you are going to generate this Now will does not mean desire, Will means desire put into action,
energy. If you were just channels, then your responsibility would have so what you do is to desire, and then you put it into action.
been much less. You can do it.
First of all you have to know that we must have desire. That is there, For example, you are walking on the road thinking of God; suddenly I
no doubt. You are categorically seekers. I mean you are at that found a gold ring, so my faith was substantiated, that it was God who
category, you are born as seekers, you cannot get our of it, you are has helped me to get the ring. Or, say there was divorce and I prayed
seekers, whatever may be your problems, from whatever source to God and the divorce did not take place – it is God’s help. But this
you might have come, whatever mistakes you make, commit – kind of praying can have another side. People can that that the people
but you are seekers. SEEKERS ARE SEEKERS. who do not believe in God at all are quite successful. Then how do you
Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p6 explain that? They have no faith, they are actually heathens, they are
very successful in life. So how do you explain that side?
Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p6
(888) (890 A)
Everybody is not a light, you are the light givers, and it is going to work Sahaja Yoga has another very great thing, this it is a revelation
out through your will. So how powerful our will should be? How of all the great terms that were used before. Because people
dedicated we should be about our will? That one has to know. were not given realisation, one could not talk of faith or blind faith and
You have to fathom out that will within you. Once you start the real faith. Because if they do not have their eyes, how can you tell
doing this Sahaja Yoga, then you recognise how important is them about the light and the darkness. So that time the faith was
Sahaja Yoga, that it gives a real meaning to the whole sustenance, how do you sustain yourself. The second was to have faith
creation, in the eyes of God and Divine Power. That has to work that you will be resurrected, that you will be your Spirit.
out, that’s the Purpose of Life, and, surprisingly, it is left to Now the third stage is today, to know that realisation gives you
your will, not My will. experiences and then your faith is established.
I’ve no will. I’ve no action. So it is your will which is going to work it Not blind, but open, enlightened, Faith.
out. So you have to dedicated, and you have to weigh yourself: how Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p6
much I’m willed. The seminars help you to see how much you really
will that Sahaja Yoga should be successful. This is the second thing, to
make it successful, what should we do? We must understand the
basics of Sahaja Yoga and try to see within ourselves, do we (890 B)
understand the basics, and do we have those qualities by which we If you come into this house and see for yourself what it is, then you
sustain those basics? have faith in that, that it is so. Believe in that, that you’ve seen it, now
Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p6 you’ve seen SAKSHAT. To have Sakshat means to get the whole thing
which you’ve felt through your organs, five organs of perception.
It’s as clear as sunlight to prove it. So this way is the real thing, not
(889) conjecture, no just talking about it.
The first basic of Sahaja Yoga is that you have to become your So all these words that were used in the scriptures are a revelation.
Spirit, so that your body emits the powers of Spirit alone. This It means in actual life, you’ve seen these things happening.
is the first basic of Sahaja Yoga. Like I say, ‘Ha’ and the Kundalini goes up, you’ve seen it many a time.
So far in all the religions, all the great books, even Bible or Gita, it is I say ‘Ha’ and you start feeling that only by saying Ha and Hoo and
written that you must have Faith. Faith word was never clarified in any Hee, you get the vibrations. It is absolutely there, now you can see for
one of these books, and mostly people thought blind faith is the only yourself. There is no just – that it would work out, or may not work out,
way to believe – is to have blind faith. It should have been clarified, may be true, may not be true.
but it was kept a great term as ‘faith’. So the people started working it All these things are not there.
Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p7
So the Second point is the integration of your attention. Integration comes in
when you do something, you wish the same thing, you enjoy the same thing. If
(891) you want something else, then you find integration is also wobbly in your
attention. But if you want your Spirit, you just want your Spirit to be happy.
But first and foremost is, you have to become your Spirit. Spirit is always happy. How are you going to make the Spirit happy?
Without knowing the Spirit you cannot know God. Only thing when you say you want the Spirit to be happy, what you are saying
But the Spirit itself is a sensitive thing. It is there no doubt. It stays is this, that you want your attention to be happy. If you keep your attention
there not doubt, but that it should shine in your attention, you have happy and cheerful, completely integrated with your being not with
to know that your attention has to be congenial to the Spirit. your ego, this is where the discretion has to be used.
If the attention is not congenial then the Spirit does not shine. So, from balancing and integration, we go to the third point, is discretion,
Spirit will shine on an attention which is steady. because you are very senior members of Sahaja Yoga, very senior students,
Steady it, by balancing, you bring a steady stage. Balance it’s easy to criticise others, say they are wrong, but it should be easiest to
your thoughts, balance your eyes, balance your desires. Try to see what is wrong with you, because you cannot correct others, you
can only correct yourself. It’s as easy as that. It’s the easiest thing to
balance it.
correct yourself, if you could look at your ego which is stopping it. So, with
Ego and superego, you balance it. discretion you will know how to correct yourself, even rationally.
Attention is balanced very much like that. Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p8
Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p7

Now, how do you do with your will? First of all, you Desire and then (894)
you act. Where am I going? What am I doing? Just try to think about something and you will get the answer. That’s all in your
brain. It’s opened up. Only think that I said, ‘Develop your discretion’. If you
I am a seeker. Is this the thing I have to do as a seeker?
are indiscreet, then you must develop it, you must grow up, you must mature.
Immediately balance will come. So then we go from discretion to understanding, that when we discriminate
So this balancing has to come, foremost thing is to balance yourself. and find out things, what you have to do is find your own faults, correct them
Any extreme behaviour must be balanced. Any extreme attitude discreetly. Why tell about others? What are we to do? If you people are of
towards life must be brought down. that level, that you catch from even a butterfly flying around you, and a little
Now, here we find that the will acts to oppose, and in an opposite leaf falling from the tree, I mean if you were that level, then I would never have
direction. put you into this test.
For example people become obstinate. They do not want to accept But you are not – you are capable of much bigger tests than this – and it’s nice
that we have to balance and they say, ‘Oh! I am alright’ and they’ll to play with these isn’t it? Otherwise, why should anyone do hitchhiking? Or,
why should people swim? I mean, better to sit on the bank and see everything.
give all explanations to show they are alright.
Even, why go near the river? You may catch cold, better sit in the house. Why
For whom are you giving the explanations? even put on the light, you may see something frightening. So better to sleep,
You are fighting with yourself why sleep? You may dream! So that situation is there, that ‘touch me not’
Why? Because you are not yet integrated fully within yourself. business, then I can tell you, we cannot count.
Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p5 Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p8
(895) So for the Spirit to be absolutely enlivened within us, we have to know how do
We are soldiers, and we have to develop immunities from all kinds of badhas, we articulate with others? How do we talk to others? What is our way of
from all kinds of people. From all types of Sahaja Yogis coming in, because this judging?
is a wide gate, where everyone has to come, all sorts. They may have 100 But, of course, as I said, there are people about whom you should not bother at
bhoots or they may have 10,000…’Come along’ - Whatever type of bhoots all. They are not interested in Sahaja Yoga. They are anti-God. They are anti-
there are, we know how to handle them. Because I cannot give up any. I Christ. Forget them. They have started another movement towards hell, you
have to give chance to everyone. It is you who discriminate between these, cannot stop them.
and you through people away. I just can’t do that, I’m sorry. First start dealing with simpler people. But if anybody comes into My
Some people will come, shout at Me, insult Me, trouble Me. Alright – doesn’t attention, then you have to accept that person. But on your own you
matter. They’ll be alright. I can put them out of circulation when they are don’t go wasting energy with them. I do not say that you go to one of these
absolutely useless, but till the end I will have to try and if I find the slightest bhoots’ places and you just go and fight with them. If possible, try if it works
improvement, I’ll catch on to them. I may have to work much harder out, but do not waste your energy with people, as Christ has said, ‘Don’t cast
with them. They may be much closer than other people are. If they pearls before the swine’, because in the swine all kinds of parasites live.
are lost people I have to look after them. So you must know that it is Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p9
your responsibility that you should take your charge and look after all
the other things that Mother has no time to look after. That’s what
the quality you people are. All the gods and all the angels bow to
you. They are in attention to you. You have seen, even the Sun has
come around in these clouds, He is there … then you have to come up. (898)
Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p8 People who are possessed sympathise with another possessed person. The
collectivity has to be with the Sahaja Yogis, not with the others.
Because it is not there, it is a fake thing. It’s like, ‘We are brothers and sisters’,
(896) How are you? You are not feeling. It’s not awakened within you. If a leaf says,
And a small thing like collectivity, it’s the beginning of Sahaja Yoga. If you do ‘I am a flower’ does she become? Leaf is a leaf and flower is a flower. Among
not want to become collective – Sahaja Yoga is not meant for the flowers there should be collectivity, because that’s the natural thing
individuals. This is must have said at leas 6 years back, or 7 years back in that’s there, existing, not with others. This is one thing which people do not
England and must be 10 in India. Here you are coming to become a know – how to discriminate. You are all one together, but you’ll fight among
collective being, because Spirit is the collective being. The quality of each other, and when, as soon as others come in, ‘Come along, come along, sit
Spirit is that it is a collective being. down’. Surprising! I have seen this happening. It’s you who are My
It is part of the collective. It is absolutely one with the collective. It is so children. It’s you who speak the same language. It’s you who know
collective that you cannot imagine on human level, how much it is collective. everything, you are the people who are coveted. You are the Princes. They
For example, yesterday I was criticising Gita, and Vishuddi was opened. still have to become. That’s a different point. You sit in your glory. The idea
Krishna is sitting here and talking through Me. that all the saints should go to the feet of every third person. It’s not that you
There is not difference at all of that. are kings, you live like kings (but that) you have to main distance from others
It’s just the same. who are commoners. Don’t allow your ego to develop, of course, but
And I am Krishna, I am Mataji and I am Christ. know that you wouldn’t enjoy your kingdom unless and until you get
So much one, that you can’t imagine how much oneness is there. more people into it. You’ve got to get more and more but keep your
It’s such a Union that exists. dignity, poise and assume ones powers with no pride. You are Saints,
Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p9 realised souls, finished. How to be conscious of it, you are THAT.
Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p10

(897) (899)
You are all knowledgeable. Once you realise that, then discriminate, will work
out much better. That you don’t put down anyone, you don’t discard
anyone. But they are not the same as you are.
This principle you must know.. you are not saying that lower or higher or
anything, but you and they are different. And they have to come and join
you. They have to become, you cannot become like that, but they can
become like you. So discretion is very important, trust Sahaja Yogis,
never trust a non- Sahaja Yogi compare to a Sahaja Yogi – Sahaja Yogi is your
brother, sister companion, is everything. All others are another party. They
are not your enemies. They can come to this side. This must come into you.
So the collectivity will grow strong. You should know, by fighting, by
getting angry with each other, you are reducing the power of Sahaja
Yoga. Imagine if the channels start fighting each other, how are you going to
channelise the energy? So, first of all, make your channel alright.
And understand that we, all the channels put together, are going to
do the work better. We all have to be together. Togetherness is to
be felt.
Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p10

When the collectivity is disturbed what is the centre you catch? Can you tell?
Vishuddhi and Sahasrara – because I am the collectivity of all the Gods.
And all the centres are in the brain, in the Sahasrara. And thirdly, when it goes
beyond a certain level, then you catch on your Heart.
So, Vishuddhi, Sahasrara and Heart; this combination starts. If Agnya, left or
right, any one of them, joins in, you develop Ekadasha Rudra. Now, how,
through left and right Vishuddhi we spoil other people? It’s so evident.
Supposing you have right Vishuddhi problem. In Japan, I went there, Japanese
people have certain ideas in which shyness and shame have no meaning. A
gentleman, chairman of an international company came to see me in a hotel,
wearing a big white thing on his mouth and nose. I saw his right Vishuddhi was
very badly caught, still I couldn’t understand. So he said, ‘I am sorry for this
Madam, but this there because I’ve caught a cold’, because when you have a
cold, others catch, so if somebody has a cold he says, ‘Don’t come’. So if you
have to give an excuse to someone you say, ‘I’ve got flu, don’t come’, nobody
bothers. So this is the right Vishuddhi, you can see it very clearly.
Vol 5. No 30. Nov 85. p11