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Heidelberg helps all print shops towards an integrated Printshop


 Prinect-S paves the way for lean print production

 All necessary functions of an integrated Printshop workflow solution
 Can be upgraded to a comprehensive integration solution at any time

Fierce competition in the market is leading many small and medium-sized print shops to look
more and more at saving time and money, not only in the pressroom but also in prepress.
Outdated workflow or RIP systems should be replaced with highly automated systems utilizing
the latest technologies and processes. Prinect S delivers these goals.

Prinect S not only delivers integration between prepress and the pressroom but it is also
possible to accept job data from MIS systems, which gives the potential for boosting
transparency, productivity and reducing costs. Importantly, job data is entered once and used by
all applications and operators in a Prinect integrated workflow environment. Not only does this
save time but also minimizes errors – everyone sees the same job data right through the
production process.

Prinect-S offers automated prepress with PDF processing, layout creation, and proof/plate
output plus management of the printing of a job, including ink presetting. As with other Prinect
solutions, the system uniquely works in the way you work – a job-specific approach – not in the
old-fashioned sheet or flat-based ways. What’s more, a Prinect Cockpit enables users to check
the status of all print jobs in prepress and the pressroom at any time.

To output data as a proof or on a printing plate, Prinect-S uses another new product which was
unveiled at IPEX 2010 – the Prinect Renderer. This innovation supports all the screening
processes familiar from Prinect MetaDimension as well as all the unique Prinect features like
Plate on Demand, ink savings and calibrated multi-color separations.
All Prinect-S functions can be installed and operated on a single computer or from multiple
computers for larger Printshops. Like other Prinect solutions, the system is operated using a
common interface – the Prinect Cockpit. And the Prinect-S installation and training requirements
are simple and cost effective – its reduced complexity adds to savings achieved from the very

“Prinect-S is a response to the wish expressed by many small and medium-sized print shops for
a cost-effective and straightforward gateway to integrated print production. The compact system
offers users all necessary functions, enabling them to process print jobs efficiently and
transparently,” explains Marcel Kiessling, Member of the Heidelberg management board.

Heidelberg offers customers with Prinect Prepress Interface an attractive migration package to
Prinect-S – making sure all customers can take advantage of the latest technology and

If desired in the future, Prinect-S can be easily upgraded with a full range of highly advanced
Prinect functions like Printshop reporting (Prinect Analyze Point), or Print buyer integration
(Prinect Remote Access), to name a few among many options available in Prinect.