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Volume VI, Issue 7 · Early April, 2011

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Athey retires -

Barking for the Redistricting

Dog Park 6 chaos 10, 17, 18

carries state’s
hopes to Houston 7
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8 ball, corner pocket – Clatterbuck reminisces at Breaktime

No mean feat when local champion took world’s ‘Player of Decade’
Carol Ballard
Warren County Report

Last Monday afternoon at Break-

time Billiards, owner Jake Buracker
and champion pool player Matt
Clatterbuck relaxed to take a trip
down memory lane – it ended up
being our own local equivalent of
Hollywood billiard classics like “The
Hustler” and “The Color of Money”
– without the Hollywood intrigue, if
not the big-game drama.
Both men have played in pool
rooms all over the region, but Matt
ventured out on the national pool
circuit in his younger years. “When
I got out of college, I spent two years
making a living playing pool. Some
older friends of mine and I would Jake Buracker, Breaktime Billiards owner, and Matt Pool champion Matt Clatterbuck at Breaktime Bil-
travel to towns and play their best Clatterbuck. liards.
players for money,” said Clatter- His experiences didn’t match the and Jake advised, “If you pull up to real future in it, and it came to a stop longer an amateur. It gave me a paid
buck. dramatization of pool players in the some redneck place and see some when I found out I had a kid on the entry into the professional Super
He said that news of good players movie “The Color of Money” and in old cars with bent-up doors and way,” Matt said, and added, “I need- Billiards Expo 10-ball event this year
traveled ahead of them by word of the places he went, the players knew the parking lot full of beer cans, it’s ed to settle down and not be away and I won cash and finished in 17th
mouth and players showed up who what they were doing and knew probably not a good place to go in.” from her all the time.” So he took place out of 72 players.
liked to play for money. He said, pretty much what to expect from Matt and his friends traveled as a full time job with United Parcel In the first round, he drew World
“We’d walk in, and usually the best the game. He also said they didn’t far west as Oklahoma, as far south Service and has much more time to Class player Mika Immonen, who
player would get up, and if they pretend to be bad players in order to as Florida and as far north as New spend with his daughter Lexi, who is has won two out of three Opens.
didn’t want to play, they would di- set people up. York, pursuing the dream of making seven years old now. The Finland native was the world’s
rect us to a place where someone “We would know the name of the a living playing pool, but those days number one for two years in a row
would play. We never had one close people where we played and there are temporarily over for him. “It was The upset and has been named the Player of
call.” was no hustling,” Matt explained, a blast, a lot of fun, but there was no the Decade – no small competition

He still finds chances to enter there!
tournaments, and still competes on “It’s a huge upset that I beat him.
Simplify your loved ones lives.... occasion. Last March, the 31-year- I work at UPS full-time and can’t do
old won at the Super Billiards Expo this as a profession and can’t prac-
Amateur Open held in Valley Forge, tice as much as that. I was playing
Pa. competing alongside 835 play- against 72 guys who do this as a liv-
ers. “By doing so,” he said, “I was no ing. I’m proud of that,” said Matt.

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Memory Lane uated from Warren County High to another once a month, and played ship with her, but if it worked out I 9 p.m. if they are with family. “We
School in 1997 and then went to 25 to 75 players. would do it again for a week or two. don’t have explicit lyrics on the juke
The pool-playing roots of the two Bridgewater College where he ma- Matt is proud of these wins: first It’s definitely fun, and if it paid like box,” he said, and added that their
players who talked with us go back jored in business administration, place in a Pro Am mix of 32 ama- golf, I’d be a millionaire,” Matt said. hourly rates are the most reasonable
to their childhood and hold good played baseball from spring to the teurs and professionals; first place Breaktime Billiards is located at rates in town.
memories for them-memories that end of fall and graduated in 2001. He in two Maryland state 9-ball cham- 460 S. Commerce Ave. and hosts You may reach Breaktime Billiards
include both of their fathers. played shortstop for the Front Royal pionships; becoming 2008 Virginia full leagues three nights a week and at 540-636-8424
Jake actually bought Breaktime Cardinals in the summer of 2000. State champion in a tournament tournaments on Saturdays, Sun-
Billiards because he loves pool. Pool was usually a winter sport for held in Virginia Beach; and winning days and Tuesdays. Sundays are for (To watch Matt play against Mika
“When I found out this place was him because he was busy playing four or five regional matches. league players only. According to Immonen online visit:
closing I thought I’d keep it open so baseball the rest of the year. “I don’t regret my decision to settle Jake, they’re open from 11a.m. to watch?v=bpe1PS7KIZQ
my friends and I would have a place When he was about five years down and take care of my daughter. midnight, and it’s pretty much fam- To read more about Mika “The Iceman”
to go. There’s not a lot to do in the old, his dad opened a pool room on It would have affected my relation- ily-oriented. Kids can come in after Immonen, visit:
town and this is a good place to be,” Main Street and Matt filled in the
he said. time waiting for his dad by standing
He said his dad used to shoot pool on milk crates to reach the table and NOW Available
years ago, was pretty good and would trying to hit some balls, but he really
take Jake along with him to Ramey’s started playing when he was around
April 5th!
Grocery in Bentonville, where they
had two tables. “We used to play as
11 or 12. His dad was working at
Front Royal Family Billiards and DVD
partners. Dad set it up so the cue Matt would play by himself for five
Many movies are NOW EXCLUSIVES and WILL NOT be available to rent through other services for WEEKS
ball was in place and I didn’t have a hours at a time. He started playing
hard shot. We played for money,” he
in smaller, local tournaments when
he was 13 or14 in Front Royal, Win- WHY WAIT???
Jake also said that in all the years chester, and Middletown. The Place that gets ALL the Movies First! Hundreds of newer Wall Movies now .99 rental!

shenandoah video
he’s played, “I’ve never seen talent Even though the days of riding the
like Matt has. It’s shocking what he pool circuit all over the east coast
can do with a pool stick,” and added, are over, Matt still plays at Breaktime
“He stomped me all over the place Billiards about two or three times a
when I was around 22, and he was
12 or13. He beat me like a baby.”
Matt was born and raised in Front
week and competes in regional tour-
naments that he can drive to within
an hour or so. In the Planet Pool
Across from Martins • 415A South Street • Front Royal 636-1400
Royal and has family here. He grad- Tour, he went from one pool room www.shenando a h v i d e o . f o r m o v i e s . c o m
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Virginia yet to see dangerous levels of radiation from Japan

As precaution Virginians advised not to drink cistern-collected rainwater
By Erica Terrini tive material in the U.S.,” Remley water; by the EPA, the U.S. Nuclear and Gov. Bob McDonnell on the
Capital News Service said. “To date, none of Virginia’s • The VDH was scheduled to con- Regulatory Commission, Domin- status of monitoring and levels of
multiple monitoring systems has duct routine quarterly radiologi- ion Virginia Power and the U.S. radiation detected.
RICHMOND – As radiation detected a level of radioactive cal health division monitoring military. On the Web – for more infor-
readings at the Fukushima Dai- material that would pose a pub- and is moving up that schedule The VDH also continues to ad- mation about radiation monitor-
ichi nuclear plant in Japan wors- lic-health concern.” by one week to begin on Monday vise the state’s secretary of health ing in Virginia, visit www.vdh.
ened Sunday, March 27, health Remley said the EPA has found [March 28]. This routine moni- and human resources, Bill Hazel,
officials said Virginians are not in “elevated levels of radioactive toring checks radiation levels in

Radon Gas
any danger. Monitoring systems material in rainwater in Penn- air, drinking water, vegetation and
across the commonwealth “con- sylvania and Massachusetts.” But milk at multiple sites throughout
tinue to show no levels of public that had been expected, “since ra- the state;
health concern,” according to the diation is known to travel in the • The department is working
Virginia Department of Health.
State Health Commissioner
atmosphere,” she said.
“However, we are not seeing
with the state’s laboratory to
implement the proposed base-
A Home’s Hidden Risk
Karen Remley said the U.S. En- that in any of the monitoring data line testing plan for rainwater, Second leading cause of lung cancer
vironmental Protection Agency for the state.” drinking water, vegetation and Nearly one out of 15 homes have elevated radon
has been monitoring the air in Even so, the Virginia Depart- milk. Further testing will follow if Is your home at a safe level?
the United States since a March ment of Health is taking steps to warranted by the baseline testing
11th earthquake and tsunami address concerns in Virginia: and ongoing monitoring. This is Call Drummond Inspections, LLC
devastated northeast Japan and • The VDH is advising residents a standard VDH response when
crippled nuclear plants there. that the state’s drinking water routine monitoring indicates a
“As a result of the incident with supplies are safe but that, “out of need to test further;
the nuclear power plant in Japan, an abundance of caution,” Virgin- Besides the VDH’s routine ra-
Radon Measurements • Radon Mitigations
several EPA air monitors have de- ians should avoid using rainwater diological monitoring, studies Home Inspections
tected very low levels of radioac- collected in cisterns as drinking are being conducted in Virginia
Licensed • Insured • Certified

Restaurants Can Let Customers Bring Wine

By Alexander Chang
Capital News Service
Restaurant owners are divided over the idea.
A restaurant could lose customers if it doesn’t of-
Dispose saFely
of your old or expired
fer a corkage fee option, said John Van Peppens,
RICHMOND – Under a new state law, Virgin- owner of Fleming’s Richmond, a steakhouse and
prescriptions and medications
ians will be allowed to bring their own wine into a wine bar. But the restaurant could lose wine sales
restaurant – if the dining establishment allows. if it does offer one.
Senate Bill 1292, which takes effect July 1, will al- Moreover, corkage fees may be higher than cus-
low any ABC-licensed restaurant to permit cus- tomers expect because they must offset broken
tomers to bring a bottle of wine into the estab- stemware and other expenses.
lishment and drink it on the premises. “When a guest calls me to bring in a nice bottle
Restaurants that have such policies will be able of wine and we have to tell them that it’s going
to bill customers a “corkage fee” – a service charge to be a $20-$30 corkage, the guest is going to
that usually ranges from $10 to $75. wonder in their mind, ‘Why do I have to pay that
Currently, 26 states, including North Carolina much money for a bottle of wine I paid for and
and the District of Columbia, have corkage fees drink it in your restaurant?’” Peppens said. “To
laws, according to Sen. Jeff McWaters, R-Virginia me, there are a lot of negatives before the guest Medication Disposal Day
Beach, who proposed SB 1292. He said the legis- even arrives at the front door.”
lation will benefit both patrons and restaurants. At the same time, corkage fee laws can help small, Thursday, April 21, 4–7 p.m.
“People who are collectors of wine (will) have independent restaurants compete with chain res- Warren Memorial Hospital
to make the choice: Stay home, cook dinner, mess taurants. Outpatient Center
up the kitchen and drink that bottle of wine; or Ted Doll, owner of Zeus Gallery Café in Rich- 120 North Commerce Avenue in Front Royal
take that special bottle of wine to a nice restau- mond, said chain restaurants fear corkage fees
rant and have them cook for you,” McWaters said. because a lot of their revenue comes from selling Community residents can bring any old,
“We’re the fifth-largest state in wine production, wine purchased directly from wineries. expired or unused medications and drive up to
but we’re the only state (among the major wine “What chain restaurants do is basically ensure drop them off for safe disposal.
producers) that doesn’t allow for this.” to a winery that they’re going to sell X amount
McWaters said Virginia restaurants have been of cases a year, and buy it nationally and cut out A community service brought to you by the Warren County
losing business to neighboring states that have two middlemen before paying for a product,” Doll Sheriff’s Office in partnership with Warren Memorial Hospital
legalize corkage fees. said. Independent restaurants, on the other hand,
McWaters’ bill stirred a little controversy during can make a profit by letting customers bring in For more information, call 540-636-0396
the General Assembly’s recent session. It passed wine and charging them a corkage fee, Doll said.
27-13 in the Senate and 78-18 in the House. “It might be some of the purest money I can
Gov. Bob McDonnell signed the bill into law last make, in that I don’t really have to stock anything
week. except for a glass and a corkscrew.”
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Warren Co Report BW 4-1-11 10.25x12.5.indd 1 3/2/11 11:56:05 AM

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$100 fine for flicking a cigarette butt?

Morrisey’s legislative initiative – just the butt of a bad joke?
By Alexander Chang In February, the House Commit- butts can kill fish.
Capital News Service tee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and “Tobacco product litter, particular-
Natural Resources voted 11-7 to ta- ly cigarette butts, has been shown to
RICHMOND – Flicking that ciga- ble the measure. Opponents said the be toxic, slow to decompose, costly
rette butt out your car window or bill could result in fines of thousands to manage, and growing in volume
tossing it on the ground could cost of dollars. For example, if somebody – a trend that appears to be exacer-
you $100 if Delegate Joe Morrissey, dumped an ashtray with 50 ciga- bated by the increased prevalence of
D-Highland Springs, has his way. rettes, the penalty would amount to indoor smoking bans,” the group says
His bill to impose such a fine got $5,000. on its website,
snuffed out during the General As- Smokers’ rights advocates said that The group says cigarette butts are
sembly’s recent session. But Mor- the bill was an attempt not to help “the No. 1 littered item in the world”
rissey plans to reintroduce the idea the environment but to score politi- and the most common item picked
during the 2012 legislative session. cal points by targeting smokers. up on beach cleanup days in the
He said he is optimistic the legisla- “If legislators were serious about United States.
tion eventually will pass because of clean air and pollution, we’d be But Kimberling said there are ways
growing concern for the environ- changing from fossil fuels to ethanol to address the litter problem without
ment. more adamantly,” said Karyn Kim- imposing a $100 fine for every ciga-
“Every single cigarette butt is filled berling, president of the Virginia rette butt.
with toxins, and there are 5.2 trillion Smokers Alliance. “I think people should put trash in
cigarettes a year,” Morrissey said. “If legislators were serious about the trash can,” Kimberling said. “If
“The biggest single pollutant to the clean water, we would make sure legislators put out appropriate recep-
James River is cigarette butts, and large chemical companies were not tacles, then people will probably use
the idea of the bill is to change their dumping toxic sewage into our water them but they aren’t.”
(smokers’) habits.” supply. Even Styrofoam cups release
Morrissey represents House Dis- toxins when they decompose. So if On the Web:
trict 74, which includes Charles City
County, parts of Henrico and Prince
legislators want to claim environ-
mentalism as a reason to support the To read or comment on House Bill
George counties, and parts of the cit-
ies of Hopewell and Richmond. The
bill, then it’s hypocritical.”
The Cigarette Butt Advisory
2344, visit www.richmondsunlight.
com/bill/2011/hb2344 Tractor Trailer Parking
James River flows through his dis- Group, a project based at San Diego For more about the Cigarette Butt
trict. State University’s Graduate School Advisory Group, see www.cigwaste.
House Bill 2344 would have im- of Public Health, has been studying org
posed “a civil penalty of $100 for the environmental effects of cigarette For more about the Virginia Smok-
each improperly disposed of ciga- butts. In a 2009 study, the group said ers Alliance, visit www.virginiasmok-
rette butt.” the chemicals in filtered cigarette

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“Best in Show” and the celebrity guest at a March 29th reception at the new Great Snack Bar!
WC Community Center on Villa Ave. The event marks efforts by dog lovers to Proceeds benefit SWVFD, a non-Profit Org.
raise the final $22,000 of the $60,000 project cost to establish an off-leash, - $15 Admission
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Warren State sports

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County Report
Virginia Press Association
McDonnell gets on the Cap-City Ram bandwagon
Friday and Sunday, immediately takes on Butler in the semifinal
after the games ended, students round of the Final Four in Hous-
Readership: and other fans poured into the ton.
20,000 and growing streets surrounding VCU’s Mon- “VCU is a great university with
roe Park campus. a well deserved reputation for ac-
Warren County’s On Sunday night, police block- ademic and athletic excellence,”
aded some streets (including McDonnell said. “We all look
leading newspaper West Broad, Lombardy and Har- forward to cheering them on in
122 W 14th Street, Box 20 rison) and monitored the crowds the Final Four next weekend. I
Front Royal, VA 22630 in cars and on horses. Thousands know they’ve got two more big
Press releases should be of fans attended a watch party wins left in them. Head Coach
emailed to: at the Stuart C. Siegel Center on Shaka Smart and this group of
West Broad Street and then con- talented student athletes are do-
tinued their celebration outside ing a tremendous job represent-
and in nearby restaurants and ing their school and community.
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief:
Daniel P. McDermott
bars. Go Rams!”
(540) 305-3000 “People were right out there in the center of streets,” said Rich-
mond resident James Murphy. Lucky
Managing Editor and Reporter:
Roger Bianchini
“Cars stopped and played mu- Star
sic, people were dancing in the
(540) 635-4835 streets and on top of cars, and Lounge others were hanging out of win-
That’s right “Dickie V” - RAM your bracket - CNS pho- Music
dows chanting.” Calendar
Copy Editor: to.
Laura Biondi
Several hundred fans fil- Apr. 1 - 145 Blues By Erica Terrini Kansas University Jayhawks,” tered into the VCU Compass, Apr. 2 - From the Heart
Capital News Service McDonnell said. “Virginians are in the heart of the campus, on Apr. 4 - Chelsea McBee
News Reporter: celebrating their victory all across both game days. Some students Apr. 5 - Tim Walls
Carol Ballard RICHMOND – Onward to the commonwealth.” brought instruments to match Apr. 6 - Mark T the Final Four: Gov. McDon- The VCU vs. Kansas game trig- Apr. 7 - Ralph Fortune
the screams of pride erupting
Apr. 8 - Band of Unkown
nell showed his support after gered the second round of mass from the crowds. Sunday’s chants Origins
National & Agency Advertising: the VCU men’s basketball team gatherings that have occurred in included: “Final Four,” “We want
Dan McDermott
Apr. 9 - Shortness of
defeated Kansas, 71-61, in the Richmond as the Rams continue Butler,” and “Let’s go Rams!” Breath
(540) 305-3000
NCAA tournament’s Elite Eight to make their way through the Along West Broad Street, some Apr. 11 - Ralph Fortune
matchup Sunday. tournament. people cheered on Sunday’s mas- Apr. 12 - Tim Walls
The governor issued a state- “This is a big step in the right sive gathering from their apart- Apr. 13 - Dave LeFleur
Advertising Sales Representatives: Apr. 14 - TBA
Alison Duvall ment commending the Rams as direction for VCU,” said junior ment windows as individuals
Apr. 15 - No Drama
(540) 551-2072 thousands of fans celebrated on mechanical engineering ma- climbed on the tops of cars and and around the VCU campus. jor Patrick Jackman. “Everyone the rooftops of buildings. Fans 540-635-5297
Angie Buterakos
This is the first time in its 43-year
history that VCU has reached the
knows that VCU is the best at
supporting our team, and our en-
held signs and banners; one even
sprayed a fire extinguisher into
(540) 683-9197 Final Four. ergy after the game proved it.” the crowd.
“I want to congratulate Vir- The first breakout of street cel- Virginia’s governor said he
Billing Coordinator: ginia Commonwealth University
on their historic win against the
ebrations came Friday after VCU
beat Florida State, 72-71. On
hopes there will be another cel-
ebration this Saturday after VCU
Joe Lake’s
Pam Cole

Graphic Design:
Production Manager - Jeff Richmond
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Ad Design - Paul Speary In the K-Mart Shopping Center Next to Radio Shack
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The Chain Reaction Repairs, Sealing
Bring us your
Ryan Koch, Cartoonist Extraordinaire unwanted jewelry, Stop by for & Stripping
Tony Elar, Cartoonist Extraordinaire FREE Estimates
Kevin S. Engle, Humor Columnist
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old gold, broken a FREE Ring
gold, vintage watches Accepts most major
If you are interested in contributing and coins, and we Cleaning... credit cards
articles to our paper, please e-mail: will turn them into NO PURCHASE
Call Lil’ Joe
This publication is proudly CASH!!! “Bill Tanner / Jeweler /
Gemologist / Your Friend In The
Expires 4/30/11
printed on 100% recycled paper Jewelry Industry”
with soy-based ink. Open Mon. - Sat. 10 til 6
On-Site Jewelry Repair and Engraving.
Many Repairs Done The Same Day.
540-636-7210 Licenced & Insured
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Groucho and his brothers’ story ends Wayside season

Earning a cigar for creative ingenuity as Boyer becomes Groucho
By Malcolm Barr, Sr. ers story, really - while Vaughn Ir-
Warren County Report ving handles the dual roles of Chi-
co and Harpo Marx with dexterity,
Groucho Marx - scion of vaude- particularly that of Harpo, the “si-
ville and the early movies - was lent one,” who adds the element
chosen to close financially wob- of slapstick comedy to Groucho’s
bly Wayside Theatre’s 49th season ratatat of often sexist, often raun-
before it sets sail on its Golden chy one-liners. He helps carry the
Jubilee year in June. Not the real tale of Groucho’s complicated life
Groucho, of course. He died in - both personal and professional
1977, leaving behind a wealth of - and the theatrical lives of his
comedic history that is captured brothers, through to the sad con-
in this play by his son and told clusion.
through veteran stage actor Peter Intern Kathleen Yacko ends a
Boyer who IS Groucho, if only for rave intern year at Wayside play-
a couple of hours. ing five roles, while Thomasin
Vaughn Irving, appear-
The balding – bald? – Boyer is Savaiano, resident leading lady,
ing as Harpo Marx among
an unlikely Groucho Marx until plays four. Heather Reid, the the-
others, is appearing at
he performs magic with make-up ater’s technical director and scene
Wayside Theatre produc-
and wig on stage, not once, but designer, rounds out the cast in an
tion “Groucho: A Life in
a couple of times. It is one of the unaccustomed spot on the other
Revue” March 27 through Katherine Yacko, Heather Reid, Peter Boyer (Groucho),
clever nuances of “Groucho - A side of the footlights in a not in-
April 23, 2011. Call (540) Vaughn Irving, here as Chico Marx, and Thomasin
Life in Revue,” by Groucho’s son considerable role.
869-1776 for reserva- Savaiano are appearing at Wayside Theatre produc-
Arthur Marx and Robert Fisher. Music director Steve Przbylski
The show is quick and clever, so unobtrusively plays a miscellany tions. Photography by tion “Groucho: A Life in Revue” March 27 through
quick that often the audience is of 1930s tunes on piano; costume Westervelt. April 23, 2011. Call (540) 869-1776 for reservations.
left hanging at the end of an ob- director Tamara Carruthers pulls Photography by Westervelt.
designer is Wes Calkin.
vious applause line. Five actors out the clothes indicative of the era On the tightest of budgets, artis- plays through April 23 at the Way- (Malcolm Barr, Sr., is a former
seamlessly play 14 roles! to great effect; and Lynne Harris is tic director Warner Crocker pulls side Theatre in Middletown, VA. board member of the Wayside
Boyer plays just one, telling the stage manager for her second and yet another rabbit out of the hat. For tickets, call (540) 869-1776. Foundation for the Arts, and a re-
Groucho story - The Marx Broth- last time at Wayside. The lighting “Groucho - A Life in Revue” The box office is open Monday- tired journalist)
Friday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

For A Fitter Planet Week Program inserts contain lots of info – don’t
miss the scoop
Featuring New Music and Moves in The Wayside Theatre’s current program has developed into an
attractive, information-packed booklet that could be the envy of
our Group Exercise Classes! many small theaters. For those who don’t read the inserts -- and
many do not - here’s a summary of what is there for you.

April 4th - April 10th First, Wayside’s announcement of its upcoming Golden 50th
Anniversary Season and its 2011-2012 line-up of plays starting
June 4 with “Reunion,” a musical set in the Civil War era. Six oth-
er plays are described, including “Glory Bea! A Shenandoah Val-
ley Christmas Story” by Skyline H.S. teacher and sometime actor
Richard Follett, and former Wayside cast regular Larry Dahlke
485 South St. Front Royal (Nov. 26 - Dec. 24).
(Kmart Shopping Center)
Then there’s a fund raiser April 16 at Lord Fairfax Community
540-636-3400 College featuring the popular Robbie Limon & Friends. Call the
Wayside box office (540-869-1776). You may also call the box
office for information on Steve and Wendy Pieper’s Car Palace
Bring in this ad function on May 7 - “A Wayside Theatre Thank You.”
See “Macbeth” presented by Wayside’s Emerging Artists’ Pro-
and workout for ductions at Warren County Middle School April 8-10.
Buy a subscription for all of the historic 50th anniversary shows
FREE (special prices for kids and seniors).
Buy a brick for as little as $100 on Wayside’s “Sidewalk of Fame”
to help build the theater’s “Foundation for the Future.”
all week long! Become a member of the “Patrons’ Society,” yet another way to
Must be at least 18 years of age, first time visitor, and local resident with a valid ID.
Other restrictions may apply contribute to the future of the second oldest theater in the Com-
monwealth. See what you missed?
Read all issues in their entirety FREE on Early April, 2011 • Warren County Report • Page 

To advertise in Warren County Report:

Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072 Wayside & Limon - ENCORE
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

‘Robbie Limon and Friends’ Benefit Concert for Wayside

Popular musician has played Buddy Holly, Hank Williams Sr. at theater
Wayside Theatre Artistic Direc- forward to kicking back and hav-
tor Warner Crocker announced ing a great time with some great
on March 31st that Robbie Li- talent.”
mon, who wowed our sold-out GOD’S GOT A WORD FOR YOU.
audiences in a concert last No-
vember and as Hank Williams
(From a release)
in Hank Williams Story- Lost
Highway and Buddy - The Bud-
dy Holly Story and in Southern
Crossroads, will be appearing JENN ERATIONS Hair Studio
with his band, in the Robbie Li-
mon and Friends concert for a
Salon, Spa & Barber services
Benefit performance for Wayside Royal Plaza
Theatre on Saturday, April 16th Shopping Center
at 7 PM at the Corron Center,
Lord Fairfax Community Col- Front Royal
lege, Middletown, VA 22645. The
event is sponsored by First Bank, 540.631.1177
BB & T Bank, United Bank, Vir-
ginia National Bank, and Davis
Family Dental.
Crocker said “We are in a
countdown to our 50th Season.
Sunday - Wednesday
Various events have been played
to launch Wayside Theatre into Miracle Healing Revival Services
their Golden Anniversary Season.
And the most anticipated event is Main Street • Front Royal, VA
Showtimes: 622-9997
Robbie Limon and Friends con-
cert at Lord Fairfax Community Saturday, April 9
College.  It is a 60’s Theme Party
6:00-7:00 p.m.
* Birthday Parties! *
with great entertainment and (Prayer Service)
food. There will be a reception at
6:00 PM with Hamburgers, Hot-
dogs, and fries catered by Schaf-
fer Catering of Woodstock.  Cash
Now Sunday, April 10
Bar provided for Beer, wine and Showing 9:45 a.m., 10:30 a.m.
sodas. The performance is 7-9:30 6:00 p.m.
PM. The cost is $40 per person,
which includes the food and per- Punch Monday-Wednesday
formance.” April 11-13
The concert will be held in a 6:30 p.m
larger venue, the Corron Center
at Lord Fairfax Community Col- Now
lege, which can hold approxi- Showing
mately 400 people. The show will
feature performances by Richard HOP
Parker, Richard Follett and The
Chordwood Band (formerly the
Rhonda Sager Trio), The Duo of
Bill Foster and Rich Burnette, Now
Aaron Mann, Forrest Limon showing
and The Robbie Limon Band.
Diary of a
Tickets Corron Center and are
Wimpy Kid:
available by calling the Box Of-
fice (540) 869-1776 to make your
reservation for Saturday, April
Rules 25 years preaching the
16th for the 6:00 PM reception
and 7:00 -9:30 PM performances.
According to Crocker, “I expect it
to be a rousing night of great mu- Dynamic Life Praise & Worship Center
sic, great fun, great laughs and 1600 John Marshall Highway • Front Royal
perhaps a few surprises thrown
into the mix. We’re really looking (540) 636-9595 •
Page 10 • Warren County Report • Early April, 2011 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on

“Following discussions with my family and my colleagues in the General Assembly over the last several

State-local months, I have decided not to seek the nomination of my Party for a sixth term representing the citizens
of Warren, Frederick, and Fauquier County in the Virginia House of Delegates.” – 18th District Del. Clay

Like Super Bowl MVPs - Athey opts for Disney World

Back from Florida, Athey announces retirement from district that no longer exists
or take, is now split into Athey’s 18th
District (18,267), Shenandoah Coun-
ty-based Todd Gilbert’s 15th District
(9,629), and Beverley Sherwood’s
29th District (9,679). Like Athey,
those other two House incumbents
are Republicans (see related Athey
statement on redistricting).
However, having seen these re-
districting numbers, local Repub-
lican activist Tim Ratigan reacted
with a shock probably reverberating
throughout Warren County’s politi-
cal sphere.
“What the hell is going on in Rich-
mond? It’s like they dropped a bomb
in the middle of Warren County and
detonated it,” Ratigan, organizer of
the Coalition for Ethical Candidates
for Front Royal Now, told us.
The shock expressed by Ratigan
Clay Athey in file photo at a Legislative Day session Matt Tederick making a point at a past town council and other county Republicans, gen-
at the WCGC with 26th Dist. State Sen. Mark Obens- meeting. He reiterated one of those old points - he erally off the record at this point, is
hain, seated. doesn’t like Bret Hrbek in commenting on future of that their own Party’s redistricting
proposal has essentially eliminated
By Roger Bianchini of no return to the ballot for a state
18th District.
Warren County and Front Royal as a
Warren County Report delegate’s seat he has held for five trict and Warren County up into anyone else seeking to replace him potential dominant power base from
two-year terms – of course it appears three separate pieces. The split of this November. which to seek the House of Delegates.
He’s said for at least the past two that district no longer exists. Athey’s “hometown” base of some Formerly the 18th was comprised Prior to his successful run for a seat
election terms, if not longer – “I’m Athey’s March 29th retirement an- 20,000 voters means Front Royal and of Warren, southern Frederick and once held by county political stal-
not sure I’m going to run for re-elec- nouncement stressing family values Warren County is no longer a district western Fauquier Counties. Warren wart, the late Andy Guest, perhaps
tion this year, Roger – you know how and a desire to spend more time with power base for the incumbent – or County’s population of 37,439, give ironically after the 2000 redistricting,
it is, I’m not sure I can do it anymore his young children, perhaps ironi-
…” cally came the same day Athey’s fel-
“Bull!!! I’ll believe it when you’re low Republican Delegate Chris Jones
not on the ballot come November. released the Republican plan for re-
It’s in your blood now,” I reply every mapping the 100 State House Dis-
two years to someone I’ve known for tricts.
nearly a quarter century.
But this year, five-term Virginia Local political chaos
18th District State Delegate Clay
Athey apparently reached that point That plan carves Athey’s 18th Dis-

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Read all issues in their entirety FREE on Early April, 2011 • Warren County Report • Page 11

“What the hell is going on in Richmond? It’s like they dropped a bomb in the middle of
Warren County and detonated it.” – WC Republican Tim Ratigan on Republican House
redistricting proposal
eral Assembly over the last several cision, Athey added an endorsement As for Athey’s endorsement of the
months, I have decided not to seek of political life for others. “Although I political life to young people – we
the nomination of my Party for a am not seeking re-election, our fam- suggest they get out of the way or
sixth term representing the citizens ily remains committed to public ser- risk being trampled in the stampede
of Warren, Frederick, and Fauquier vice as a high calling. Without ques- of older men already immersed in the
County in the Virginia House of tion, Stacey and I would recommend not-always-so-holy waters of politi-
Delegates,” the former Front Royal a life in public service to any young cal life.
mayor and councilman stated in his person of high ideals.” We developed a local short list
March 29th press release. WOW – this reporter and Pub- – Warren County Supervisor Tony
“In the forefront of this family de- lisher Dan McDermott said to each Carter, Front Royal Mayor Tim Darr,
cision is the fact that our children, other over the phone as we plotted former Front Royal Vice Mayor Bret
Madagan and Clayton, who will turn out which local politicians to call Hrbek, Front Royal Councilman
five years old next week, will be at- and which ones to ask who might be Tom Sayre, maybe even popular but
tending Kindergarten at A.S. Rhodes maneuvering to replace Athey on the deposed Front Royal Town Manager
Elementary School beginning in Republican ticket. Michael Graham, and – pregnant
September. Since another term in
Richmond would require me to be
away from my children more than
I am willing to endure, Stacey and
I decided that standing for re-elec-
tion at this time would not be in our
‘Oh yea? - Sticks & stones maybe,’ Bret Hrbek may family’s best interest. To stand for re-
have been thinking the last time he was publicly lam- election when I believe my children
basted by Matt Tederick. He doesn’t think much of need my undivided attention would
Tederick’s latest effort either. be contrary to the values I learned
by example from my parents, Phyllis
Athey was a Front Royal Town Coun- firmed the content of the press re- Madagan Athey and Lynwood Athey, 1- acre lot in Lake Front Royal, use for recreation or to
cilman and Mayor. Athey pointed lease and said the delegate would not as a young boy growing up in the build home. Enjoy the lake privileges for only...

out to us on March 30th that his first likely be returning calls that day on Shenandoah Valley.”
unsuccessful state run for Guest’s the heels of his family’s return from a
former seat against Allan Lauterbach week-long Florida vacation to Disney
Virginia Wright
What comes after?
came prior to the 2000 redistricting. World.
Associate Broker, ABR, GRI
In conversations with this reporter This is serious, I thought – a split After expressing appreciation for
Licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia
over the past several months, Athey district AND the announcement the public support that kept him in Weichert Realtors • 67 W Lee Highway • Warrenton, VA 20186
has denied both that redistricting comes after an idyllic family week office for five terms and elaborating • 540.219.9531
might alter the 18th District in a way away from the political trenches of on the family life he says drove his de-
not conducive to his reelection or Richmond. Athey’s personal com-

Springtime Garden Center

that he would eventually move to- ments to us in recent months – of
ward the 26th District State Senate course old acquaintance or not, he
seat of fellow Republican incumbent still knows he’s talking to a reporter –
Mark Obenshain should Obenshain have been accompanied by, “My kids
make a rumored run for Lt. Gover- are getting older and I don’t want to
nor. miss them growing up.”
On March 29th, Athey officially
Family focus elaborated on that sentiment in an-
nouncing he would not seek reelec- TRUCKLOADS OF SPRING STOCK ARRIVING WEEKLY!
At Athey’s hometown legal office of tion.
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New Sunday Hours 12:30 to 5pm
You With Many Business
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Page 12 • Warren County Report • Early April, 2011 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on

“First of all, I would like to thank all those who…have e-mailed me since the announcement of Clay’s retire-
State-local ment who have encouraged me to run for his position. I am considering my options and several factors will
way into my decision, one of which will be redistricting.” – WC Republican Matt Tederick

pause – that hibernating “800-pound political retirement was what would lican ability to hold his district seat. Local reactions ance) while trying to step into those
political gorilla” in our mist, Matt come after him as far as the politi- Now it appears that struggle will shoes.
Tederick. cal struggle to determine a successor be diluted into three districts, none Sayre After exploring the dynamics of
One thing Athey recently told us within his own Party and the impli- dominated by Warren County’s pop- that redistricting plan, Sayre added,
gave him pause when considering cation of that struggle on the Repub- ulation base of almost 38,000 and its We first reached Front Royal Town “In my opinion, the proposed redis-
approximately 20,000 registered vot- Councilman Tom Sayre within hours tricting plan by the General Assem-

ers of Athey’s announcement. Sayre, who bly House of Delegates is not good
Our bet is realigned district or received both an endorsement and for the citizens of Warren County
not, it won’t take long for the politi- campaign contribution from Athey and Front Royal. Overall it appears
cal gamesmanship to begin. – Our during last years’ Front Royal cam- that the political clout of Warren
second bet is that an extraordinary paign, said he was aware new House County has been diminished and this
amount of that maneuvering will Districts were being posted that day. is unfortunate.”
continue to go on right here in River While declining to speculate on the
Authentic Mexican Restaurant City. impacts of that redistricting or any Carter
Magic shows and Balloon animals It seems we were right – even with
locals with an eye on Athey’s old
potential run for a state district seat
himself, Sayre said, “Clay has done a After some e-mail cross-ups, Tony
Presti Entertainment - Home of Joe the Show seat still reeling from the proposed fantastic job and it would be a chal- Carter got us this reaction to both
destruction of Warren County as a lenge for anyone to fill his shoes.” Athey’s announcement and the redis-
power base for any single House Dis- That’s for sure – and they’ll appar- tricting proposal – “Yes I was some-
trict. ently need six feet (two for each dis- what surprised. But Clay has served
trict to maintain their political bal- us well during the last ten years. And

April 14th from 6pm-8pm with his kids starting school, I can
certainly understand his wanting to
spend more time with them.
bring your family, friends and neighbors. “I think that the redistricting is a
Magic shows every 2nd Thursday each month somewhat complicated process that
has some very specific parameters
Follow us on Facebook that must be met. The district still ex-
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kinder for him (Athey told us he be-
FREE appetizer • Insurance Rate Reduction
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lieves they would have been).”
As for the redistricting impact
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Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072 State-local
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and Gilbert and a soon to be deter- nouncement early enough to not re- into my decision, one of which will to take a political potshot at a fellow that he did not want and we just
mined third delegate representing ally disrupt the nominating process be redistricting.” county Republican and possible fu- can’t have a delegate in Richmond
our county, we will have three voices and give all interested candidates ture political opponent. who calls himself a conservative but
in Richmond. Another positive is enough time to consider and jump The battle joined “Another factor is if Bret Hrbek de- has a very liberal fiscal policy, not
that the three districts are very simi- in.” cides to run,” Tederick wrote. “Bret to mention his questionable AMP
lar in nature. I believe we are better As for any consideration of seek- Tederick then took the opportunity has never come across a tax increase Ohio bond trading. So, I may decide
served with the proposed boundary ing that nomination himself, Hrbek
lines, than if we were put in a more noted that he has the same family
urban district. 
“One issue that is being overlooked
somewhat is that the state has shifted
three delegates from rural areas to ur-
dilemma Athey cited in leaving the
political arena. “My children are 6, 4
and 2. I have to consider how much
time I can devote to the job and to
Front Royal
Golf Club
ban areas. That has potentially more my family. Jessica and I will take our
impact on us than the redistricting.  time to consider it,” Hrbek said of his
What this means, is that the rural own in-house discussion with the
areas will have less say in where the home front boss – his wife.
money goes. This could have a huge
impact on how and where VDOT
spends its money.”
Come play the
Out of town on business, Matt Ted-
erick replied by e-mail early the next
best 9 hole course
Former Vice-Mayor Bret Hrbek, a
day. “First of all, I would like to thank
all those who have left me messages
in the Valley!
Republican who did not benefit from and have e-mailed me since the an- One of Virginia’s oldest continuously
an Athey endorsement in 2010 – and nouncement of Clay’s retirement operating golf courses is still one of the
lost – responded later in the day, say- who have encouraged me to run for
ing, “I wish Clay the best and thank his position. I am considering my op-
best golf values in all of the Shenandoah
him for his service. He made his an- tions and several factors will weigh Valley. Front Royal Golf Club is under the
operation, direction, and management of

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the County of Warren.

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Page 14 • Warren County Report • Early April, 2011 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on

To advertise in Warren County Report:

State-local Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

to run to stop Bret’s ego and to stop runs and wins will no doubt bring it Assembly, where he has become a and Public Safety committees. His and steady stewardship of the Civil
his desire to increase our taxes. Rest to Richmond as well. Matt Tederick meaningful player in the state politi- energetic, focused, and strong lead- Subcommittee of the House Courts
assured, if Bret decides to run and accusing another person of having cal arena. ership on a host of issues throughout of Justice Committee, of which he
if I decide to run, I will devote my an ego problem is the pot calling the “Although I will certainly miss his tenure has been highly effective also was Vice Chair, garnered well-
time, my savings, and my network kettle black. working with all of my friends at the in protecting the interests and safety deserved praise on both sides of the
to ensuring that ‘tax and spend’ Bret “It is Matt’s MO to make false ac- General Assembly beginning the sec- of his constituents and Virginians aisle,” Howell stated. “He also has
loses.” (Writer’s note: Hrbek spoke cusations and continually lie about ond Wednesday of each January, I am statewide. Clay’s passion for public been a long-standing advocate for
at the March 28th Front Royal Town people. He did it during the cam- heartened by the knowledge that the service and his keen intellect will be government reform, especially in the
Council meeting in support of a 2- paign and is doing it again, unpro- close friendships forged during times missed in the General Assembly, but vital areas of transportation, educa-
cent, post-reassessment equalization voked.” (Writer’s note: during the of crises and accomplishment over will serve as a lasting inspiration to tion and health care. His success in
increase to the Front Royal Real Es- 2010 town campaign, Tederick re- the last ten years can never be ex- all of those with whom he served. I these and many other policy areas
tate Tax rate, as well as a 2-cent ac- peatedly blasted Hrbek publicly over tinguished. I will always respect and wish Clay the very best in his future have resulted from his uncanny abil-
tual increase. The increases would be the vice mayor’s possible role in his admire my colleagues in the General endeavors, and thank him for his tre- ity to listen and bring people togeth-
the first tax hikes in Front Royal in 12 employer, Edward Jones, issuing Assembly for their commitment to mendous service to the people of the er around sensible solutions to the
years to either the real estate or per- bonds related to AMP-Ohio power public service and I am sure that the Commonwealth.” every day challenges faces by hard-
sonal property taxes. The $460,000 of projects. The town attorney’s office heartfelt feelings of friendship and working, law-abiding and tax-paying
revenue produced by the 2-cent hike eventually found no impropriety by loyalty we have for our General As- House Speaker reacts Virginians and their families.”
would be earmarked to help pay for Hrbek and no personal connection sembly family, on both sides of the “Clay Athey not only is a princi-
three specific capital improvement to bond issues on AMP projects the aisle and in both bodies, shall endure House Speaker William J. Howell, pled, fair-minded and trusted leader
project – a police station and two town was or may have been involved for the rest of our lives.” a close political associate of Athey’s but a person of the highest character
cross-town connector roads long in). in Richmond also responded with a who is genuinely committed to serv-
on the town’s road infrastructure As for Tederick’s assessment of Governor reacts March 29th press release. ing others. That’s why I and so many
improvement plan. The total im- his fiscal outlook, Hrbek said, “I did “Clay has been a true champion for more of our legislative colleagues will
pact on the average valued $130,000 not know that Matt was the arbiter The personal sentiments were im- the interests and values of the citizens miss him in the House but certainly
Front Royal home would amount to of what makes a good fiscal conser- mediately returned by prominent he ably has represented from War- understand and respect his very per-
$26 per year, supporters have noted. vative,” adding, “Unlike some in the state Republicans, including Gover- ren, Frederick and Fauquier Coun- sonal decision,” Howell added.
The tax hikes were approved by a 4-2 community I’m not willing to sell my nor Robert McDonnell in press re- ties since 2002. His legal acumen
vote, with Tom Sayre and Chris Hol- soul for higher office. I will do what I lease issued later the day of Athey’s
loway voting no.) believe is the best for the community announcement.

Hrbek, reprise
and if the political gods don’t like it
and it costs me the ability to advance
“Clay has been a trusted represen-
tative of his constituents in Warren,
Goldizen, Riley & Co. Real Estate
to Richmond or even Washington, so Frederick and Fauquier counties, a
We asked Hrbek if he wanted to re- be it. The only votes or actions I re- valued associate, and a good friend
spond to Tederick’s personal and fis- gret are those made for purely politi- during his decade of service to the
cal attack on him as a potential state cal reasons,” Hrbek concluded. Commonwealth in the Virginia
delegate candidate. House of Delegates,” Gov. McDon-
“Matt Tederick seems to have Fond adieu nell said. “Clay has been a solid lead-
an unhealthy obsession with me,” er and advocate while serving as the
Hrbek began in an e-mail reply. Away from such political infight- vice chairman of the Courts of Justice
“Matt brings the worst of the politics ing, in his farewell statement Athey Committee, and as an active partner
of personal destruction common in turned fondly retrospective on his on the Education, Health, Welfare
Washington to Front Royal and if he experiences in the Virginia General and Institutions, and Militia, Police

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“For me personally, the representatives here are my closest friends in the legislature. I think for the average
citizen it’s the best that could be done under the circumstances. If you live here and want to run for state
office, it’s not as good.” – Clay Athey on redistricting proposal
Athey talks

Athey reacts to rumors, leaving - and the future

“The last two years I’ve been think- pie, Athey explained “best under phens City in Frederick and portions
ing about it (political retirement) and the circumstances” as maintaining of Clarke, were being absorbed into
with my children hitting this age that essentially Northern Valley-based districts dominated by some of the
put it over the top. It got to where we representation for all three proposed larger, more urban counties to our
would have to start home schooling portions of his district. He pointed east.
them, or take them with us and split out that sections of other nearby The reason, Athey explained, was
their schooling up between here and counties, apparently including Ste- that some rural parts of Virginia lost
Richmond. Also, you know I’ve got
that Little League experience in my
past, and I’ve been coaching a little
T-ball – I enjoy that. And at some
point your dreams have to switch to
their dreams,” Athey said as his chil-
dren hit school age.
Speaking of dreams, we com-
mented that a lot of Warren County-
based Republican politician’s dreams
of succession to state office seem to
have been dashed by the proposed
realignment of his 18th District and
his home county’s split into three
separate districts.
Clay Athey talks with FR Councilman Shae Parker Athey began by reiterating a point
in front of the WCGC in this 2009 file photo. Athey he made in his earlier press release
mentioned both Parker and Hrbek favorably in com- on the redistricting proposal that
menting on the next generation of county-based poli- seems to have created political shock
ticians. waves among many Warren County
By Roger Bianchini have to consider it – but like all spec- “For me personally, the representa-
Warren County Report ulation, it’s just that – speculation.” tives out here are my closest friends
However Athey did admit that in the legislature. I think for the aver-
As the reactions and rumors began some of his colleagues in the state age citizen it’s the best that could be
flying within 24 hours of the one-two house have suggested in the past that done under the circumstances. If you
punch of Clay Athey’s announce- he would make a good judge – so, live here and want to run for state of-
ment he would not seek re-election should we read anything into these fice, it’s not as good.”
to Virginia’s 18th District House seat colleague perceptions? While his district was cut up like
– and the proposed splitting of his “The governor hasn’t called me and a good old portion of mom’s apple
home county into three districts, we offered me anything; so again, it’s just
made one final attempt to contact speculation,” Athey, who has a busy
the suddenly elusive Athey on March corporate law practice in Front Roy-
30th. al, concluded.
Funny thing – he called us back. But rather than sitting by his phone
We expanded on our original mes- anticipating such a call, Athey said he

Empty Bowl Supper

sage – there are rumors floating out was pursuing other closer-to-home
here we’d like a reaction to and all hell options for some new-found spare
is breaking loose on the redistricting time.
So, is he now poised to replace re-
“I’ve thought about teaching some,
a political science class. I’m leav-
2 Parts – come to either or Both!
tiring Judge Prosser in the 26th Judi- ing my options open. I think teach- Part #1: Create a Bowl
cial District? ing would be interesting, so we’ll see
“If I got a call from the governor, I’d what happens. From now until April 16, Creative, Loving friends of House of Hope can go to Hands to Create, 409 E. Main Street (across
from the Gazebo) to paint/glaze a bowl for $15.00. The beautifully decorated bowl is then fired and donated to House of
Hope for the supper. For studio hours, please visit the Hands to Create website:

Part #2: Come to Supper

COST: $25.00
DATE: Saturday April 16th
TIME: 3:30
PLACE: Calvary Episcopal Church
Fellowship Hall
• Guns, ammunition, accessories and shooting supplies 132 North Royal Avenue
for sport shooting and hunting. Front Royal, VA 22630
• Full ser vice gunsmith and custom shop on Participants will experience a soup line and select a bowl to fill with your choice of gourmet soups donated by individuals
premises. and family and local businesses. Then participants can take the bowl home as a momento of the event.
• Our friendly staff welcomes beginners as well as • THERE WILL BE A SILENT AUCTION OF DONATED ITEMS
922 John Marshall Highway Ticket Price: $25 per person (tickets must be paid in advance) Call for info 540-635-2466
Front Royal, VA You may purchase your tickets by mail up to April 9, 2011. Simply mail your payment to:
(540)635-1113 House of Hope, PO Box 1624, Front Royal, VA 22630. Thank you for your Support!
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population and were absorbed into “People always think there are oth- things you probably won’t live to see. man in a limited fashion. dependent and a Republican he has
districts dominated by those high- er reasons – that’s just the way it is,” So, there’s something to be said for “I think that [Front Royal Town butted heads with in the past.
population counties, which faced the now lame-duck representative of turning things over to the younger Councilman Shae] Parker has some “I am not saying I would never run
other realignment issues themselves. a suddenly lame-duck 18th Virginia generation. potential – and even Bret Hrbek may for political office again – the ques-
– “Clarke was split two ways, Fred- House District said. “But I don’t live “I think we’ve been on an upward straighten out a bit,” Athey said of tion would be do I think anything
erick three ways,” Athey points out and breathe politics – however pub- trajectory here for a long time. I’m the youngest active politicians in his needs to be done that’s not getting
to overwrought Warren County resi- lic policy is interesting to me. When I encouraged about Warren County’s hometown, perhaps ironically an In- done,” Athey concluded.
dents. got out of law school I never thought future – and south Frederick’s too.
“All the counties adjacent to Loud-
oun were impacted – Loudoun was
I’d run for office – but I did – and
now I’m 50 years old.
There is more commercial devel-
opment here to allow us to pay for Pam’s European Skin Care
the fastest growing county in the
country, and there was fear that the
“Actually, I’m kind of glad,” Athey
said of reaching and finally announc-
things we need and this is still the
most beautiful place in the world,” 540-683-1675
rural counties would be absorbed ing his decision to leave the political Athey said with a veteran politician’s
into districts dominated by those arena. “There’s a certain relief – and flair. April Special 10% off our 21 point facial
urban counties,” Athey noted. And less pressure.” “I’m a family-oriented person, a
while federal law allows a 5 percent Athey then recounted some politi- friend-oriented person. So, I’m kind
deviation on population shift guide-
lines for redistricting, Athey said the
cal advice from another former Front
Royal mayor, the late Bob Traister.
of looking forward to becoming a
Warren County guy – to take the
Engle’s Angle: Making the World a Safer
House plan keeps those deviations “Bob Traister told me in politics time to get re-involved with my local Place, One Mile at a Time
within one percent. the key is not to stay longer than roots. Maybe become an elder states-
“I think if I ran, I could have held people want you to. I’ve had some By Kevin S. Engle me a better driver. But beyond
that seat,” Athey said. detractors – not too much – so the TRADE IN Your Old Warren County Report that, there are tangible rewards
Which seat, we wondered – the time might be right. There’s not too as well.
Outdoor Wood Furnace
18th, 29th or 15th? Where he lives in much left of my original goals here Whenever I reach 100 points, I
the northern part of Warren County – we have $40 million committed 2500 off a
For up to $3500 My wife is a better driver than
new E-Classic me. I know it. She knows it. can go to the mall and get a Cin-
appears to be poised for Beverley to replace the South Fork Bridge
And now so do you. nabon. Extra frosting is another
Sherwood’s 29th District. in the next six years; the regional 540-722-8005 five points.
But Athey hypothesized that with jail money is committed; and we’ve Arnette Landscapes, Inc. But I’m a lucky guy, because
an incumbent’s pull had he been run- had the industrial and commercial Winchester, VA 22603 that means I have a personal Two hundred points and I’m
ning the House redistricting proposal development on Warren County’s Stonewall Industrial Park driving instructor, one who’s playing nine holes of golf.
for the 18th might have been drawn north side that provided the money more than willing to share her And the ultimate BDP reward?
up a tad differently. for the new schools – not that there Five hundred points and I get a
expertise with me anytime I want
Heading off a Valley Republican isn’t more that could be done. “No chore Saturday”.
bloodbath with Sherwood or Gilbert, “You start out planning for things
it. And even when I don’t.
“You’re getting too close to that We were in Washington D.C.
we wondered. you will live to see. But after you’re
DARN Clay, with the Republican there awhile, you start planning for car.” recently, trying to find our way to
political fur already flying in Warren “I see brake lights ahead. a parking garage.
County that could have been fun – at You’d better slow down.” “What’s that?” I asked as I
least for us independent journalists.
Front Royal’s “Are you paying attention to spotted a large building I’d not

Fussell Florist
the speed limit?” seen before.
Life after “Are you paying attention?” “I don’t know,” my wife replied
That’s how it used to be when- without looking. “Just keep your
As for the speculation about his eyes on the road.”
future we began the interview with, Commerce Ave. Across from the Front Royal Fire Dept. ever I was behind the wheel.
But not anymore. Minus two points.
Athey observed that he’s heard a lot Too busy to stop in? Not since we’ve adopted the “What’s going on over there?” I
of it lately, in addition to our already
floated Obenshain Senate seat one. Visit us online 24 hours a day 7 days a week BDP. wondered when I saw a crowd of
“There’s the one that I’m going to The Better Driving Program. people carrying flags and walk-
run against Bob Goodlatte; or that
I’m going to move across the coun- You see, I respond best to pos-
itive reinforcement, and that’s
ing around.
My wife sighed.
ty line into Frederick and run for Another deduction.
what the BDP is all about. De-
Commonwealth’s Attorney there;

635-1334 • 635-4193
signed by both of us, it rewards “Whoa!” I said as I hit the
or that now that I’m leaving the
me for good driving behavior brakes to avoid the car in front of
General Assembly, I’m going to run
against Glenn White (a Democrat) in while also taking into account me. “What was that all about?”
the North River District in Warren 202 E. 2nd St. the times when I mess up. Minus five.
County. Front Royal, VA For example, if I can keep it My driving instructor was not
between the lines, I earn one pleased.
point. And neither was I. I wouldn’t
EXCELLENT SCENIC SPRING & SUMMER RIDES If I stay within five miles of the be having Cinnabons any time
soon. And I didn’t see my golf
Front Royal Warren County Airport speed limit, that’s another one.
Don’t run any red lights and I game improving much either.
At least I’d be getting a lot done

Cass Aviation
get two more.
CFI Not cursing at any of my fellow around the house.
WANTED drivers, three points.
(540) 635-3570 • WARREN COUNTY AIRPORT/FRONT ROYAL And the biggie, maintaining my •••
composure when the jerk beside Mr. Engle will soon be talking
Airplane Rides Year Around For 20 Minute Scenic Flights $55Per Person me cuts me off. Five points. I’m with his wife about something
GIFT CERTIFICATE AVAILABLE, Intro Flight Training$99, still working on that one. she may be interested in. The
If I do slip up, infractions be- BCP. The Better Cooking Pro-
See Gliders every weekend! come deductions. gram. Then again, maybe now’s
Run a red light, minus two not the time.
• Group Discount • Flight Training • Glider Club • Charter Flights • New Hangers points, etc.
• Aircraft Rentals • Photo Flights • Tie Down Avail. • Gift Certificates • New Taxiway Obviously, the goal is to make
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“I don’t have any comments on specific districts because I haven’t looked at the plan and my role is to look
at that after the General Assembly acts. My over-arching concern is to make sure that it is a lawful plan,
that it follows the statutes, the Constitution and the Federal Voting Rights Act.” – Gov. Bob McDonnell on State

Gov. McDonnell on redistricting, Athey – and VCU

By Roger Bianchini Assembly will start meeting in com- minds in the General Assembly now it is a lawful plan, that it follows the and they’re sending me the T-shirt
Warren County Report mittee on Monday so I haven’t looked for a decade. He was very helpful to statutes, the Constitution and the so I’ve got the right uniform for the
at the plans and really won’t weigh me, advising me on everything from Federal Voting Rights Act. How game – but what a great story of hard
Below we print portions of a March in until after the General Assembly business to rural policy issues during they do that is really a function of work and determination and over-
30th interview by Publisher Dan Mc- does its work. I just want them to the campaign. He was a force on the the General Assembly but what they coming odds and all the naysayers
Dermott with Virginia Governor follow the law. I signed an execu- Courts of Justice Committee and I should do is to the maximum degree who said that they didn’t belong in
Robert McDonnell during the gov- tive order saying that the plan needs think will be sorely missed but that’s possible is to preserve communi- the tournament. It’s a great American
ernor’s trip to the Lynchburg area. to honor communities of interest; it part of - talking about redistricting ties of interest so that a community, story. They have represented Virginia
Included are questions and answers needs to have districts that are com- - that’s part of the vibrancy of our whether it is Warrenton or Fairfax or and their school incredibly well and
concerning redistricting, 18th Dis- pact and contiguous and honor the republic. People come and go. Since Abington or Lynchburg, essentially I’m going to be there Saturday and
trict Del. Clay Athey’s decision not to Voting Rights Act. That’s what the I got elected twenty years ago, about has one legislator that can represent Monday to see them win it all.
run for reelection, and the governor’s law requires. There are any number 90 percent of the General Assembly all of that. That’s the goal but math-
plans for viewing this reporter’s alma of ways to do that but that’s the mini- has turned over and so people go but ematically it’s not always possible
mater, Richmond-based Virginia mum threshold so I haven’t looked there are new people like Clay Athey because you have to have one man, PINOCCIOS
Commonwealth University’s NCAA at specific districts. I’ve just read late that are brilliant public servants that one vote and sometimes things have CLOCK REPAIR
Final Four appearance this weekend last night that Lynchburg and Cen- will come in and take his place and to be split so I’ll take a look at that ■ Authorized Service
in Houston: tral Virginia actually had some Sen- I think that’s why we’re a great state. next week. Center for Howard Miller
ate districts combined. That will be But he’ll be missed. & Sligh
Question: The Governor’s bipartisan a subject of discussion in the Senate. Question: Are you going to Houston ■ Licensed and Insured
■ House Calls Available
commission is getting ready to bring At this point I haven’t looked at the Question: Some folks in Warren are to watch VCU play?
■ Antique or Modern
its recommendation out. Is it going plans. concerned because the county has ■ Serving the valley for
to have any impact on the House been split into three separate legis- Gov. McDonnell: I’m going. Go Rams! over 36 years
plan that combines two Democrats Question: Governor, I’ve got one lative districts I guess with the fore- All the way! I’m going Saturday, yeah.
into one district and the Senate plan non-local question. Sorry everybody sight that he was going to step down. I talked to Coach Smart last week to (540) 636-7369
that puts Republicans in the same but for the other paper. Del. Clay It just hadn’t been announced yet and congratulate him and President Rao
district? Athey is a friend of yours. He was an it was announced the same day the
advisor to your campaign. Was [his plan came out. Some folks in Warren that invariably wins the day.
Gov. McDonnell: Well for the last decision not to run] a shock to you? might be concerned that a county of LIBRA (September 23 to October
30 days I’ve just been focusing on What are your thoughts? 35,000 people is going to now be split 22) You usually can win over the most
900 bills that I’ve had to review and and have less influence, arguably.
stubborn skeptics on your own. But
amend and sign and veto in the bud- Gov. McDonnell: I had talked to Clay What are your thoughts on that?
get and I’ve just finished that at mid- over the last couple of months and
this time you can benefit from support-
night - that was my deadline. So I he told me that he was thinking of Gov. McDonnell: I don’t have any ers who have been there, done that and
know that the House and Senate put entering a new phase in his life and comments on specific districts be- are willing to speak up on your behalf.
forth bills yesterday. I think the com- retiring and concentrating on family cause I haven’t looked at the plan ARIES (March 21 to April 19) It SCORPIO (October 23 to Novem-
mission that I chartered is supposed and law practice and so forth and so I and my role is to look at that after isn’t always easy for the rambunctious ber 21) You win admiration for your
Aries to give a second thought to their determination to do the right thing. • On
to make its recommendations today knew this was likely to come. Clay has the General Assembly acts. My over-
often spur-of-the-moment choices. Don’t be distracted from that course, statesm
or tomorrow and then the General really been one of the smartest policy arching concern is to make sure that
But aspects favor rechecking a deci- despite the offer of tempting alterna- Benjam
sion before declaring it final. tives that might suddenly turn up. at age 8
and tec
Mark your calendar! TAURUS (April 20 to May 20)
Information emerges for the busi-
ness-driven Bovine who feels ready
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to
December 21) While you still need to
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the Fra
and the
to restart a stalled project. Be prepared ation, a new development emerges, • On
to make adjustments as needed at any making the task easier and the out- Bonapa
time during the process. come potentially more rewarding. cates th
GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Part CAPRICORN (December 22 to Fontain
of you wants to complete plans for January 19) New factors might have a iterrane
an upcoming event, while your other positive effect on a still-pending mat- age 52
self wants to see how things develop ter, but only if the information proves stomac
first. Compromise by moving ahead to be credible. Trusted colleagues ries con
with your plans while being open to might be able to offer needed advice. • On A
change. AQUARIUS (January 20 to Feb- sea, M
Saturday, April 16, 2011 CANCER (June 21 to July 22) An
unexpected change in a relationship
ruary 18) The week favors modera-
tion, especially if a health problem and pr
8 a.m. – 12 p.m. could open up a problem or could
lead to a much-needed and too-long-
is involved. Resist the impulse to do
more than might be good for you at good po
Warren Co. High School delayed reassessment of a number of this time. You can catch up later. nearly 1
matters. The choice is yours to make. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) pletely
55 Westminster Drive, Front Royal • On A
LEO (July 23 to August 22) Time for You could feel more than a mite upset
the Lion to total the plusses and minus- by someone or some people who might zerland
es resulting from recent personal and/ be creating problems for you. Find out chemis
Take advantage of free and low-cost Sponsored by or professional decisions. See what why they won’t change their ways. 25, a s
worked, what didn’t and why, and base Their reasons might surprise you. in 1938
screenings, plus visit with more than 60 the me
your next big move on the results. BORN THIS WEEK: You know
community health & wellness agencies. VIRGO (August 23 to September how to inspire others to do their best compou
22) The clever Virgo can make persua- by setting a persuasive example of called
Kids will love the Expo, too, with face sion work by presenting a case built on your own. begin u
hard facts. Sentiment might touch the • On
painting, crafts, clowns, games and more. leader
heart, but it’s good, solid information © 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.
cious s
no inte
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State Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
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What does the destruction of ‘WC’s 18th’ mean?

House of Delegates. Each House of Delegates district or vetoed by the Governor. If there the prospect of being on the radar
This meant that the Republicans has about 80,000 people so instead is a deadlock, the state courts will screen of three different legisla-
in charge of redrawing the lines of being almost 50 percent of one draw the lines. In the unlikely tors? Or is it a time for lamenting
for the 100 members of the House district, Warren citizens will make event the plans are shown to vio- the prospect that Warren County
didn’t have an incumbent to pro- up 12 percent of the 15th and 29th late the federal Voting Rights Act, will be a collection of much small-
tect in Warren County. districts and 23 percent of the the federal courts will become in- er legislative district add-ons?
Out came the scissors. 18th. volved. Time will tell.
Warren’s conservative voters That’s a big drop from half. But for now, the House plan has
would be chopped up and added It’s also a big downer for any Re- a good chance of becoming law.
to nearby districts. publicans planning on ‘running So is this a time for rejoicing in
As we take a closer look there is for Clay’s seat.’ It doesn’t exist any-
cause for optimism and fear. more.
The good news is that there will
now be three delegates who have
I spoke with a senior legislator a
few minutes ago and he said that Redistricting – not so bad?
a vested interest in advocating for these portions of Warren County
Warren in the General Assembly. are still big enough to matter to a Editor,
That’s about all the good news. I politician.
thought I’d get that out of the way We hope so. The citizens of Warren County have been fortunate over the
first. Gerrymandering, the process of years to have the needs of our community represented to the
The bad news is that instead of drawing lines to protect members State Assembly by elected officials that reside in our community.
Warren comprising about half of of your own party and punish your On the surface it appears that the recently proposed redistricting
a single delegate’s electorate - and opponents, has a long history in might take away this focused representation from our commu-
thus his or her’s strong attention Virginia. Patrick Henry, in charge nity.
- we now face the prospect of be- of designating Virginia’s first con- The proposed plan for Warren is to divide the county into three
ing a small part of three different gressional districts in 1788 drew separate districts. Warren will become a smaller part of a larger
legislators’ regions of concern. the 5th district in such a way as and diverse representation of community interests.
Here are the numbers: to prevent his political opponent The upside to this situation will be that the citizens will have
Under the Republican plan as James Madison from winning. (It three votes in the Assembly representing the needs of our com-
put forth by Delegate Chris Jones didn’t work.) munity, which does not sound all that bad in the long run.
(with input from all of the other Traditionally, the House doesn’t Also it means that our future local candidates or delegates will
Republican members) Warren interfere in the Senate’s redistrict- have to work harder and be better qualified in order to gain sup-
would be split as follows: ing plans and vice versa. But this port in these other communities.
Was Gov. Bob McDon-
1. 9,629 people in the Ben- is the first year that Virginia has One might also conclude that this change could be the begin-
nell thinking about grand
tonville, Browntown, Fork Town, gone through the once-a-decade ning of a change in the election of the “good ole boy” network
openings or approving the
Otterburn and Watterlick pre- post-census process with a divid- that has controlled our community.
recommended cutting up
cincts would be added to Todd ed legislature. The House is firmly Who knows, just maybe, the next change will come with the
of Virginia’s legislative
Gilbert’s 15th district. in Republican hands and the 40 moving of the town elections to November. We can only hope.
districts? - CNS photo. 2. 9,679 people in the North member Senate is controlled by a  
By Dan McDermott River, Reliance, Riverton and West Democratic majority of 22. Jerry Scholder
Publisher Shenandoah precincts would be Whatever plan is passed by the Front Royal
Warren County Report added to Beverly Sherwood’s 29th General Assembly will be signed
On Wed. March 30, Gov. Bob 3. 18,267 people in the East
McDonnell told me that Del. Clay
Athey had indicated two months
Shenandoah, Happy Creek, Lin-
den and South River precincts
“Serving The Valley with High-tech
ago that Athey was probably going would stay in the new 18th dis- Dentistry and Old-fashioned Service”
to step down from his seat in the trict.

Thomas Family Dentistry, PC

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33820 Old Valley Pike (Rt. 11) • Strasburg, VA 22657

9 Commerce Avenue • Front Royal, VA 22630
Read all issues in their entirety FREE on Early April, 2011 • Warren County Report • Page 19

“Going into this redistricting, I feared that with the incredible population growth in Loudoun, Fauquier
and Prince William Counties that the Shenandoah Valley may be represented by Delegates and Senators
who did not live here and share our values.” – Del. Clay Athey (R-18th)

Athey lauds state House redistricting proposal

Continued Valley-based representation cited by outgoing delegate
By Roger Bianchini the Shenandoah Valley. Athey’s Counties that the Shenandoah Assembly, including my experi- position in the House, serving
Warren County Report statement in its entirety reads: Valley may be represented by Del- enced mentors Delegate Sher- as Deputy Majority Leader. This
Richmond VA - Del. Clifford egates and Senators who did not wood and Delegate May. Both experienced group of my friends
Shortly after adding to our ef- L. “Clay” Athey, Jr. (R-Warren), live here and share our values. I Delegate Sherwood and Del- will ably serve Warren and Fred-
forts to reach 18th District Del. Chairman of the House Repub- am comforted that, although the egate May serve as Chairpersons erick in the House and permit
Clay Athey, we received this lican Policy Committee, an- district lines have changed, my of standing committees in the me to continue to have input on
March 30th reply by e-mail from nounced today that he was elated closest personal friends in the House and on the Appropriations public policy matters important
his secretary Crystol Hiserman: that his close friends and col- House and Senate, with whom I Committee. to my constituents throughout
“I have received inquiries re- leagues Delegate Beverly Sher- converse weekly, will now be di- “In addition, my constituents Warren and Frederick Counties.”
garding the redistricting lines wood (R-29), Delegate Joe May rectly representing my constitu- in Warren County will also have “In addition, I am thrilled that
and have consulted with Clay (R-33), Delegate Todd Gilbert ents in Warren and Frederick three voices in the House of Del- my good friends, Senator Mark
regarding same. He dictated the (R-15), Senator Mark Obenshain County. egates, including Delegate Sher- Obenshain (R-26) and Senator Jill
attached press release over the (R-26) and Senator Jill Holtzman “As a result of the redistricting, wood and my close friend and Holtzman Vogel (R-27) will con-
telephone to me and asked that I Vogel (R-27) would be represent- Frederick County will now have ally, Delegate Todd Gilbert who tinue to represent the Shenando-
forward to the press. He remains ing portions of Warren County three advocates in the General has quickly risen to a leadership ah Valley portion of my district
on vacation with his family and I and Frederick County currently ably and ethically in the Virginia
am told not to disturb him unless within the 18th Legislative Dis- Senate.”
our building was burning down.” trict in the Virginia House of Del- “In conclusion, it is a great re-
That press release indicates egates. lief to know that although I may
support for the redistricting that Delegate Athey commented: not be in Richmond advocating
has split his home county power “Going into this redistricting, for my constituents directly next
base into at least three House I feared that with the incredible year, my closest friends who have
districts but kept the old 18th population growth in Loudoun, helped me represent my con-
District’s representation based in Fauquier and Prince William stituents over these last ten years
will now be my constituents’ col-
lective voices in Richmond. I also
Coalition of Ethical Candidates for strongly endorse for re-election
each of these outstanding conser-
Front Royal NOW founder unhappy vative legislators who are seeking
re-election in November in the
By Tim Ratigan newly configured districts.”

The thought that comes to mind in regards to Delegate Clif-

ford Athey’s comments in regards to the redistricting of Warren

County is this: It is almost as if ‘Daddy Athey’ is going on an
extended trip and he has hired three baby sitters to watch over
his children during his absence. Mr. Athey, your “Children” con-
stituents are not happy!”
Warren County has been carved up into three pieces and hand-
ed off to different Districts making it nearly impossible for any
politician in Warren County to launch any attempt at a delegate
seat in the near future. “I happen to believe equal representation
in State Government. Carving up Warren County into three sec-
tions and handing it off to three districts is not Equal Representa-
tion. It sounds more like dividing up an entire County to prevent
that County from having an affective voice in State Government.
It begs the question, ‘What does Richmond have to fear from
Marshall Midwifery and Birth Center,LLC 637 N. Commerce Ave.
Warren County?’ Front Royal, VA
The question that this one-time loyal supporter of Delegate At Marshall Midwifery and Birth 540.622.8055
Clifford Athey has is this - Did you stop to think that maybe War-
ren County would not be satisfied with three ‘Collective Voices’ Center, we offer pregnant women
and that maybe Warren County would want to decide her own
out of hospital, birth center births
destiny? Beauty Designs
and home births!
It is sad that if this redistricting takes place Warren County’s
ability to voice concerns, assist in the direction of the Common-
Where Midwives help babies out!
by Lorie
wealth, or even introduce legislation, and run a candidate for the
House of Delegates will be severely hampered for the foreseeable Jeannie Henry
8434 West Main Street Tierney O’ Brien Dovan, CPM
future. Wed, Fri & Sat 9 - 3 • Thurs 12 - 7
Marshall, Virginia 20115 Lori Murafka Orme, CPM
This is not good news for Warren County and the Citizens of
Warren County should be demanding that this redistricting plan 540-364-0376 Licensed Midwives Nails by Terri
We are Certified and Licensed Midwives giving quality care to women and babies Wed 10 - 5 • Thurs 10 - 6
be tossed out and the Delegates responsible for this sent back the 10-A Cloud St. Front Royal
thru out the childbearing years! Visit our website:
drawing board! 540-636-1280
Page 20 • Warren County Report • Early April, 2011 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on

“I think this is appropriate – no one likes taxes … [but] we’re asking citizens to invest in
Kilimanjaro for a cause the future of the community.” – Tom Conkey on new town tax rates

Council approves tax equalization, 2-cent real estate hike

Commitment to the future cited as council votes for capital costs revenue
he agreed will be needed in coming “And $300,000, $400,000 isn’t go-
years. ing to get you across the street,” Con-
To make his point, Conkey refer- key added of Sayre’s assertion that
enced gridlocks he has seen in other the town had that money in the bank
communities that allowed residential in committed VDOT road funds (if
development to overtake its ability to those funds don’t get cut off by the
move the associated traffic from that state for a failure to comply with the
development. July 1 UDA designation deadline

South Street Grille

Open Everyday From 7 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Shae Parker, left, and Tom Sayre came down hard on opposite sides of the tax
rate and revenue reserves debate - council sided with Parker by a 4-2 vote to
raise town tax rates for the first time in 12 years - an amount equal to $26 per (Monday - Wednesday 5 p.m. till Close)
year, per $130,000 of real estate value. • 55 & Over- Dinner Entree (drink included) $6.99
By Roger Bianchini
Warren County Report
Avenue wondered if that person had
ever tried to make a left turn across
early stages of each project, likely
for ROW acquisition or engineering
• Kids Eat for $1.00 Children’s Menu 11 & under • Specials cannot be combined
Limit one child per adult w/purchase of a dinner entree

Alert the media!

or onto Royal Avenue at various
high-volume times of day.
“It is time to move forward,” Car-
Call out the dogs!! Shae Parker, who proposed the son Lauder said in support of the MON - THURS
Give me CPR!!! $240,000 of revenue generated by real estate increase. Lauder also at- ONLY $4.99 (includes drink)
On March 28th, after almost 12
years, the Front Royal Town Council
the tax increase be earmarked to the
three specific projects, also made the
tempted to soften the emotional
and economic crisis several of the 540-636-6654 • 424-A South Street Front Royal, VA
approved an actual tax increase – 2 motion to approve the second and fi- four anti-tax speakers and approxi-
cents – to its real estate tax rate of 7- nal reading of the increase. mately eight to 10 other tax oppo-
cents per $100 of assessed value. Ac- Parker and Tom Conkey pointed nents present appeared to be facing.
tually after an also approved revenue out the town will need a lot more Lauder pointed out that in the new SPRING EQUINE EXTRAVAGANZA
and tax neutral 2-cent equalization than the new revenue alone to pay twice-a-year tax billing system the DISCOVER DISCIPLINES AND BREEDS FROM
hike to 9-cents per $100 of assessed for the three capital improvement increase on a $130,000 home prop- AROUND THE WORLD
value, the town’s real estate tax rate projects – and that the time to begin erty was split into two $13 payments.
is soaring – sort of – to 11 cents per setting money aside for the multi- – “You can spend that on one trip to HOSTED BY:
$100 of assessed value. million dollar projects is now, not McDonald’s [with the kids],” Parker
We don’t know whether to gnash later when construction is imminent pointed out. SKYLINE RIDERS HORSE AND PET 4H CLUB
our teeth, as four anti-tax citizens and even larger revenue amounts “I think this is appropriate – no
appeared ready to do claiming a will have to be produced. one likes taxes … but we’re asking Come to the Warren County Fairgrounds
reckless council initiative to raise A third of the increased revenue citizens to invest in the future of the & spend the day learning about your favorite breed
taxes “for no reason” during the pub- total, $80,000, will be committed to community,” Conkey said of projects or learn a new discipline.
lic concerns portion of the meeting;
or, cry over the foiled attempt to get
Fairgrounds Rd., Front Royal, VA
to the 12-year mark of no across-the-
board tax hikes to maintain services It’s Spring! Time for your air conditioner’s April 3, 2011
Rain date ~ April 10, 2011
or fund capital improvement plans
long on the town drawing board.
tune-up and inspection. FREE Admission ~ Festivities start at 10:00 A.M.
The teeth gnashing is over a – as
one opponent said, “27-percent” hike Please call us today Here are just Some of the exhibitions being featured:
– which is the equivalent of $26 an- toPlease
nually to the average assessed town appointment!
us today to • Mounted Drill Team • Freestyle Bridle-less
home value of $130,000. $59.95 • Driving Riding
According to Tom Sayre, who schedule
If scheduled in May Demonstration • Mini Pandemonium
along with Vice Mayor Chris Hol- your
$69.95 • Gaited Horses
loway voted against the increase, the • Therapeutic Riding
town has plenty of money stockpiled Ifappointment!
scheduled in June • Roping
• Side Saddle
everywhere to pay for just about any- Demonstration
thing anybody could ever want. If scheduled in July • Re-En-actors of the
Those long-discussed wants – or Civil War
the “nothing” one speaker referred to
– include two new roads, a west side Various venders & booths to include: Boarding, training, summer
connector (Foster Drive) and east
camps and lessons in the area. Bring a chair, some seating provided.
side connector (Leach’s Run Park-
way) and a new town police station. Breakfast, Lunch and Bake sale items available for sale.
As for one tax opponent’s comment 540-631-9670 For more information or if you would like to participate, please call:
that existing traffic did not justify Locally Owned and Operated Debbi Garrett - 540-422-1625
new connector roads, two reporters by LCI Services, Inc.
present whose offices straddle Royal or Aletha Craig - 540-671-0466
Read all issues in their entirety FREE on Early April, 2011 • Warren County Report • Page 21

“It is time to move forward.” - Carson Lauder on new town tax rates Kilimanjaro for a Town

– see related story). property valuations had dropped valuation figures were, Burke replied proving the 2-cent real estate equal- pointed out to us after the meeting,
Acting Town Manager Steve Burke from $97 million in 2010 to $88 mil- he had gotten them a week earlier. ization, 4-cent personal property is a county resident.
noted that annual VDOT funding lion this year. However Town Finance Director equalization, and 2-cent real estate “Yeah, but she’s got that in-town
didn’t actually come directly to town “My estimate is $95 million – there Kim Gilkey-Breeden, the source of increase was completed another business property in the Happy
reserves, but was rather put in a “road is that disparity again,” Sayre said, those numbers, corrected Burke. lone boo rang out in the meeting Creek Industrial Park to pay the
fund” from which VDOT draws on “And that disparity is what that 4- Gilkey-Breeden pointed out the room. This one came from Seton town on – that may knock her taxes
as necessary locally and regionally. cents [personal property hike] is numbers Burke was using were two Home School Director and Warren up another $100 or so,” I replied.
In his economic treatise on all the aimed at.” weeks old. County Republican Committee Sec-
reserves the town has accumulated Asked by Sayre how recent his auto When the 4-2 roll call vote ap- retary Mary Kay Clark, whom it was
that make across-the-board tax
hikes for the foreseeable future un-
necessary to his mind, Sayre pointed
to the town’s 3-months reserve fund; Free Admission!
the so-called “rainy day” fund; and
Free Parking!
Enterprise Fund reserves.
Staff has often explained that a 3-
month Reserve Fund is money every
9th Annual
community tries to keep on hand to
keep municipal services viable dur-
ing unanticipated revenue breaks.
The oft-referenced “rainy day fund”
is kept aside for unanticipated major
projects, and Enterprise Fund re-
serves are monies set aside to keep
specific utilities and departments
operational for upgrades, repairs and
unanticipated emergencies. Staff also
repeated that Enterprise Funds are
not transferable to other Enterprise
Come out for more events all day starting at 9! Saturday, April 16th
or the General Fund.
Parker said that council in recent
Come enjoy the day at the 9th Annual Redbud Festival in scenic downtown Browntown. This
years has been very fiscally conser- annual event benefits the Browntown Community Center (Old Browntown Schoolhouse).
vative, declining to equalize the per- Tour the homes, bid at the Silent Auction, buy a Handmade Craft, buy some plants, watch the
sonal property tax for two years at
7 cents, as most municipalities did ducks race and enjoy the wonderful food.
when auto assessments crashed with
the economy in 2008. After two years A great time for all!
of losing money on reduced personal
property tax revenue from vehicles,
a 4-cent personal property equal- Photo Contest Highlights Events
ization was also approved in this
budget. This equalization reduction • Home Tours • Gooney Creek Duck Race 12
Vote for your favorite
from 7 cents reflects a partial rally in • Gooney Creek Duck noon Race Time!
“Browntown Views” photo.
used car values. Race $5 per ticket. Available at:
So, of the two years of no personal Winner receives $100 and the
cover of the Browntown • Flower and Plant Sale O.J. Rudacille General Store:
property equalization, Parker point-
Calendar. The top 12 after that • Silent Auction 636-2149 and
ed out, “We have been saving the
• Craft Sales and Buracker Construction: 636-1879
citizens money. will be featured pictures in the
Demonstrations Also at the Browntown
“Mr. Sayre talks about all those months of the calendar. • Amazing Grace the Community Center on the day of
projects that have already happened Entry deadline April 9th. Mule the festival.
– they happened with tax money
• Petting Zoo
we’ve already paid,” Parker added. For information and entry form • Bake Sale • Steve Foster and Amazing Grace
Completing his reasons for support-
contact: • 2nd Annual Car Show 1 p.m.
ing the increase, parker drew a lone
“boo” – from Sayre’s wife Carla, ob- Joanne Cherefko sponsored by: See Grace the Mule
serving from the back of the WCGC or call Jack Evans Chevrolet perform some of her
meeting room. 540-622-6304. • Full Kitchen Menu! famous tricks!
Perhaps buoyed by his wife’s out- • Photo Contest From Today Show Fame and she
Applications for Car Show Entry, Craft/ • Civil War Reenactors starred w/ Robert Duvall in the
burst against Parker’s rationale
Vendors, or Sponsors please contact: Encampment
that tax money was what made all movie “Get Low” a Shenandoah
projects viable and that adequate Martha Buracker at 636-1879 • Browntown Museum Valley original!
reserves were not in place for the Open
or • Live Outdoor music
town’s long-term future, Sayre reit-
Jackie Hodgkiss at 540-636-3588 beginning at 10am - 3pm
erated his belief that completion of
the Royal Village Project specifically,
coupled with his estimate of per-
sonal property valuations freed up Browntown Community Center Association Shenandoah National Park
enough money to negate additional 96 Browntown Rd. 75th Anniversary
personal property tax revenues now. Browntown, VA 22610 Sanctioned Event
– “Maybe 61 cents but not 64 cents,”
Sayre said of even a two-year belated
personal property equalization hike.
Sayre disputed a local personal
Buracker Construction LLC
property valuation estimate cited
Crow Country Restorations
by the Acting Town Manager Steve INSURANCE Sunflower Cleaning
Burke. Burke noted that personal
Page 22 • Warren County Report • Early April, 2011 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on

“Since it is the law now, I think this is a good plan. It is market driven – if the market doesn’t force
Town-county it, property owners may decide to go ahead and develop their land with less numbers. And then
we’d just have to replace that land in our plan.”- County Planning Commissioner Mark Bower

Town, county planners quickly concur on UDA plan

Mandated 674 acres designated for county growth recommended for town land
councilman, Tom Sayre, have also was Stewart Schwartz, Executive Di- percent less for utilities, and 5-per-
urged caution in proceeding with rector of The Coalition for Smarter cent less for housing than sprawling
UDA designations. Growth. development. A comparison of two
However both town and county Schwartz told the supervisors that future development futures – one
planners have pointed out that prep- a coalition of sponsoring groups of spread out and the other compact –
aration for the state UDA mandate the UDA plan, including his, the Vir- for the rural areas east of Charlottes-
has been on their respective tables ginia League of Conservation Voters, ville showed that the compact village
for nearly two years. the Southern Environmental Law pattern and rural land conservation
In an attempt to ease concerns Center, the Piedmont Environmental would save $500 million in transpor-
UDAs are a “recipe for disaster”, at Council and the Shenandoah Valley tation infrastructure alone.”
the end of a December Richmond Network had issued a joint statement
General Assembly Legislative Re- directly addressing questions gener- Baton passed
port to the county supervisors, 18th ated in Warren County and explain-
District Del. Clay Athey was asked by ing their support of UDAs, as well as While the county and town plan-
fellow Republican and Happy Creek the reasoning behind that support. ning commissions took only 22 min-
Supervisor Tony Carter about pos- A statement prepared for the utes to agree upon a recommenda-
sible misconceptions about UDAs. Warren County supervisors by the tion to utilize the UDA directive in
Athey, who has been deeply involved environmental advocacy coalition the hope of Comprehensive Plan-
in the UDA initiative headed by state represented by Schwartz, stated, “A ning that will achieve such savings
Speaker of the House William How- summary of 40 years of fiscal impact from directed growth in the com-
ell since 2007, said he was aware of studies across the U.S. showed that ing decade, it remains to be seen if
the debate in his home town and more compact development typi- their elected boards can agree upon
county. cally consumes 45-percent less land, a plan – or even the basic premise
Athey pointed out that the UDA costs 25-percent less for roads, 15- surrounding that plan – within the
plan, attached to the Commonwealth
Transportation Plan in an effort to
Town Planning Director and “the map” - proposed
UDA areas are highlighted.
reduce statewide road costs, received
bipartisan support at the state level,
having passed the House by a 99-0
By Roger Bianchini it is prime UDA territory. vote and the Senate by a 39-0 vote. 637 N. Commerce Ave., Front Royal
Warren County Report The plan the two commissions Athey briefly revisited the rationale
agreed on designates the 674 of UDA of focusing future growth around al- OFFICE: (540) 622-6353 • FAX: (540) 622-6364
On March 24th the full planning acreage within the town limits be- ready developed growth centers such JEFF’S CELL: (540) 551-2245 • SUE’S CELL: (540) 683-1014
commissions of both Front Royal and tween John Marshall Highway and as towns and cities so that the Vir-
Warren County took only 22 minutes the Happy Creek Road area. The ginia Department of Transportation
Jeff Springfield & Sue Kinyon
to agree on a plan to designate 674 county’s projected growth to the (VDOT) will have less future trans- w w
acres of town land as county Urban 2020 census is 6,931, which would portation expenses helping fund
Development Areas in order to meet require an additional 2,696 residen- new road construction to develop- AN INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED LICENSEE OF LONG & F O S T E R
a state-mandated July 1st deadline. tial units. UDAs can be earmarked ment spread across rural areas of the
Failure to meet that deadline by for a variety of densities from four county. Athey asserted the UDA plan
the town and county’s elected boards single-family units to 12 apartment is not only viewed as “smart growth”,
would jeopardize the great bulk, if or condo units per acre. but also supports conservationist ef-
not all of future state road funding A majority of the County Supervi- forts to preserve Virginia’s rural farm
to Warren County. And with some sors – Chairman Archie Fox, Glenn lands.
$40-million in Virginia Department White and Linda Glavis – have ex- At that Dec. 21st meeting Athey
of Transportation money slated to pressed skepticism or outright hos- deferred further comment to some-
come the county’s way to replace the tility to the UDA state mandate. A one he observed brought less politi-
South Fork Bridge within the next six former town mayor and councilman, cal baggage to the discussion. That
years, as well as several major new Stan Brooks, and at least one sitting
connector road projects brewing,
such a threat holds some weight.

$20 OFF
As a municipality with a census-
period growth rate above 15 percent
over the past 10 years (20.82 per-
cent-7,207 people-2,804 new units),
Warren County is among Virginia

municipalities required to designate
property to accommodate projected
growth over the next 10 years. As a
means of reducing infrastructure
costs statewide, the General Assem-
bly has mandated UDAs in higher One coupon per purchase.
growth areas to focus new growth Not to be combined with any other offers.
adjacent to existing development, Expires 4/15/11
roads and utilities.

While due to a smaller growth rate
Front Royal is not required to des-
ignate UDAs, as the portion of the
Warren County with the most exist- 203 E. Main St.
ing development, utilities and roads
Read all issues in their entirety FREE on Early April, 2011 • Warren County Report • Page 23

“It’s a Comprehensive Plan designation – nothing more than a Comp Plan

overlay.” – Town Planning Director Bruce Drummond Town-county
14 weeks left before VDOT-funding cial development.
“midnight” strikes on July 1st.
“Since it is the law now, I think
this is a good plan,” County Planning
Wiggle room? Entertainment
Commissioner Mark Bower said. With such loose ends and final ap- Fridays ~ Live Acustic Music
He also observed that designating provals necessary by both the county
higher-density growth areas didn’t board of supervisors and town coun- April 1st ~ Tim Walls 6-9
mean that growth was imminent. cil, Assistant County Attorney Dan
“It is market driven – if the market Whitten was asked if the county April 8th ~ Walls of Clay 6-9

Karaoke Contest!!
doesn’t force it, property owners may might receive a deadline extension
decide to go ahead and develop their from the General Assembly to act on
land with less numbers. And then final approval of a UDA plan.
we’d just have to replace that land in
our plan.”
“There may be a little wiggle room
… but I’d rather be safe than sorry.
Mondays: April 4th, 11th 18th and 25th
“It’s a Comprehensive Plan desig- We don’t want to be the only county 2 Winners chosen each Monday - they will
nation – nothing more than a Comp
Plan overlay,” Town Planner Bruce
not to have designated UDAs by July
1,” Whitten replied, adding he be- Spring Specials! compete in a ‘Face Off’ on the 25th
Drummond added of the potential lieved every other impacted munici-
legal impact of the designation. pality statewide had either already Lunch: The final Winner receives $100,
As for 40 acres of required com- designated their UDAs or were on Any Sandwhich or Salad...
mercial development required to the verge of doing so. $5.00 Cash prizes also awarded to the
coincide with the 674 acres of UDA Three months earlier on Dec. 21st,
residential development, Drummond Athey told the supervisors the same $7.00 Burgers... 2nd and 3rd place winners
told the planning commissioners that
other than existing commercial cen-
thing – that it appeared Warren
County was the only impacted mu- Anyway YOU Bully Bling Promo Party!!
ters and perhaps 10 privately-owned
adjacent acres, no town land was
nicipality that might seek an exten-
sion or not meet the July 1st deadline. Want!!! Friday April 22nd - 8pm.
available. However, redevelopment
of existing town commercial centers
During December discussions before
both council and the supervisors it New Menu coming ‘Free Samples and Door Prizes!’
might be a way to accommodate that
requirement within the town limits,
was pointed out some regional mu-
nicipalities have had UDAs in place
mid-April! Music ~ Bar Code 10 til 1am
he said. The other option is to utilize
nearby county land for the required
for years.
540.551.9953 • 101 W. 14th St. Front Royal
40 acres of corresponding commer-
Page 24 • Warren County Report • Early April, 2011 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on

“[Kilby] said that’s hogwash, about, you know this stuff about being something about the May local elec-

Town tions – he actually likes the May local election. But I just hate to see them throwing that (history of racial
discrimination) out because I strongly think…that God created Adam and Eve as our first parents…” - Tom

Did radio appearance push Sayre off the fence?

Kilby disputes councilman’s description of support for May elections
By Roger Bianchini weeks. his ongoing verbal harangue, albeit tions was the driving motivation same – less voter participation
Warren County Report Maybe anxious to read the tide from a “50-50 political fence post, to keep them today. and easier control by special in-
of public opinion Sayre went door against November town elections Rather, as both Tim Ratigan and terest or “good, old boy” political
Three days after using the name to door for three consecutive days and told the media he is no longer Linda Allen told us in our research networks.
of local minister and long-time and got a scientifically valid cross on that fence, but now a staunch for our “Late March” exploration While Sayre insisted his obser-
civil rights activist James Kilby to section upon which to base a final supporter of the switch from May of the subject and as Hrbek com- vations were issue neutral, we
seemingly dismiss the notion May decision. to November. mented during their radio discus- countered that the context within
elections were ever part of a state Or perhaps just two weeks after We discussed his sudden com- sion, the end result is simply the which he presented them sounded
political machine effort to limit the sending a cryptic “Letter to the mitment to November elections
voter participation of black Amer- Editor” to several media outlets three days after a radio appearance
icans and that May elections are about hoping journalists observed during which he appeared to indi- Editor,
very “likable,” Front Royal Town the Eighth Commandment edict cate both he and his neighbor pre-
Councilman Tom Sayre pulled an not “to bear false witness,” Sayre ferred May elections. Sayre insist- I am deeply saddened to hear that another character assassina-
abrupt about face. realized he had been caught at the ed he said only that Kilby “liked” tion has been launched on a person who has served as a public
On March 21st Sayre culmi- least misrepresenting the witness May elections and had responded servant in our community. We cannot stop bad things from being
nated over a month of constant of others during his radio appear- negatively to the notion that cur- said about good people, but we can as a community cultivate the
lobbying about why May is better ance. rent reasons for May elections had attitude that we do not support these kinds of attacks and refuse to
than November for town elections nothing to do with “Byrd Political give value to them. Until we do, we will be unable to attract qual-
with a radio representation of his Not accurate at all’ Machine” maneuvers against black ity people that are willing to step forward to help our community
neighbor Kilby’s preference for Americans. grow and prosper. As the old saying goes, it takes 20 years to grow
May elections. Sayre also alleged On March 22, Rev. Kilby re- As for the contention his “Byrd a tree and 10 minutes to cut it down.
the remark “hogwash” to describe plied to our phone message about issue” remark was aimed only at
Kilby’s opinion that the historical Sayre’s radio statements about current reasons for May elections, Sandra Charles
Byrd Political Machine had uti- their conversation. Yes, Kilby told we reminded Sayre that neither Front Royal
lized May municipal elections to us he was familiar with those ra- Hrbek during their radio debate, Town Planning Commission
consolidate political power and dio comments of the previous day. nor anyone we have reported on
limit the participation of black And while saying he preferred to has indicated a belief the original
voters in municipal elections. emphasize “love” over “conflict” in impetus for May municipal elec-
Four days later the Northern Vir- all his personal dealings, Kilby did
ginia Daily ran a front page story say that Sayre told him Novem-
in which Sayre fell off his self-de-
scribed “50-50” fence to express a
clear-cut preference for November
ber town elections were “a bad
idea” due to the number of other
elections and electoral issues that
elections. would face voters.
But three days earlier during his And Kilby said he did want to set
WZRV “Valley Today” radio ap- the record straight as to where he
pearance with former Vice-Mayor stands on November elections in
Bret Hrbek, a supporter of the his hometown of Front Royal. On
switch to November, Sayre con- the record Kilby said that Sayre’s
tinued to express his own personal radio representation of their con-
V i b ez.c
preference, as well as that of oth-
ers, for May municipal elections.
versation “is not accurate at all.
– And when I fill out my survey it Vall ey The
“What will make you vote to will be for November elections.” Valley’s Largest
have it in November?” Hrbek Two days later Front Royal Town Adult Products Store
asked Sayre. Councilman Tom Sayre stopped
“I think it’s nicer to have our
own election in May – I’ve actual-
ly heard from a former judge who
said that as well – but on the other Donahoe’s Florist
side we will save some money,”
Sayre replied.
“So, which one is it?” Hrbek
Planning your wedding?
“At this point to be honest with Let Holly help you
you, I really am 50-50 – I’ll have to make your wedding
see what more people have to say,” beautiful!
Sayre concluded. Call today for your
So what pushed Sayre off his po- consultation.
litical fence three short days later
when he spoke to a daily reporter? 540-635-2815
It certainly wasn’t the result 1-800-806-5182
of the citizen opinion survey he 250 South Royal Ave Auto • Home • Business • Life
lauded on the radio, the results Jean Rudacille, Owner
of which will not be known for
Read all issues in their entirety FREE on Early April, 2011 • Warren County Report • Page 25

On the record Kilby told us on March 22nd that Sayre’s radio representation of their con-
versation “is not accurate at all. – And when I fill out my survey it will be for November
far from neutral. The councilman the 1930s move to May municipal a part of the first integrated class preference of others, including back from many people and, it is
begged to differ with our percep- elections across Virginia. After a at WCHS in 1959, Kilby told us on Rev. Kilby, for may elections. truly a honor and a privilege to
tion, stating he told Rev. Kilby lengthy and unrelated description March 22nd he had a very nega- Rather than draw conclusions serve the citizens of Front Royal,
“you would do this.” of conversations with two 10th tive perception of the “Byrd Politi- from either our or Councilman whom I consider intelligent and of
Do what?” we asked. District Republicans, including cal Machine” and its influence on Sayre’s perceptions, we suggest good will, and the location thereof
“Nitpick and … make something one black candidate from Manas- Virginia politics. readers go online (www.theriv- the very best in America.
out of this,” Sayre replied. sas City whom he said told him However a day earlier Sayre told, listen to the “One factor that swayed me was
the town would “regret” returning a Northern Valley radio audience, March 21 WZRV podcast and the cost – it is more cost efficient
‘Hogwash’ its elections to November due to “Also, I did talk to Rev. James Kil- decide for themselves the context to have our local elections in No-
multiple electoral and partisan- by, head of the NAACP – or for- within Sayre delivered his state- vember. And more people would
What exactly are we nitpicking ship issues, Sayre finally returned mer head of the NAACP – and he ments about May elections. come out to vote in November.
over and what exactly did Sayre to the “Byrd issue” and Rev. Kilby’s said that’s hogwash, about, you Did this outweigh the negatives,
say about Kilby’s perception about opinion on the matter and May know this stuff about being some- Off the fence … for example, more partisan and
the election date issue during his elections in general. thing about the May local elec- local issues not receiving the ap-
March 21st radio appearance? As might be expected since it tions – he actually likes the May As for why he decided to fall propriate attention to detail prior
“Talking about this Byrd issue,” was heavily involved in Virginia’s local election. But I just hate to see of the political fence so abruptly, to the election?
Sayre began after Hrbek refer- “Massive Resistance” effort to them throwing that out because I Sayre indicated he simply made “In the end, however, after hear-
enced the “tainted” and “ugly” his- block federally-mandated public strongly think that we were cre- his mind up due to the weight of ing and listening with numerous
tory of “Byrd Machine” politics on school desegregation when he was ated by Adam – that God created the $6,000 in cost savings and his good people, and conducting some
Adam and Eve as our first parents own private polling. of my own research, and weighing
and all this stuff about skin color So within three days of his radio the issues, I feel the positives will
Specialized Mobility is just ridiculous, I mean we’re all
equal, so.”
appearance, aware of this report-
er’s discussion of his radio re-
outweigh the negatives by moving
the election to November.”

and Contracting, LLC Here Sayre abruptly concludes

his far-ranging discussion of the
marks with Rev. Kilby, but weeks
prior to the results of a town-wide … On the fence
issue, centering on not only his citizen survey being known, the
New and Used Stair lifts preference, but also the alleged councilman concluded, “I heard From the most recent work ses-
sion comments, council now ap-
Mountain Fence
Wheelchair lifts pears deadlocked 3-3, with Sayre

joining initial supporters Tom

Bathtub lifts E S T I Conkey and Shae Parker for No-

vember elections – with an as yet
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undecided Mayor Tim Darr on
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Page 26 • Warren County Report • Early April, 2011 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on

In the face of past admission problems, reduced fees this year – $5 individual and $25 family – and ongo-
Town ing expenses, several councilmen and the mayor have questioned why Turner has so steadfastly clung to
downtown as a potential money-making location for his festival.

Celtic Festival returns to downtown Front Royal

Lack of clear-cut guidelines on downtown festivals propels approval
pearance – blocked downtown business owners. downtown for at least this year.
streets and all – in the East Main However, Darr added that lack Councilman Tom Conkey,
Street-Chester and Peyton Street of clear-cut guidelines on a down- owner of the Killahevlin Bed &
area surrounding the Town Ga- town festival policy swayed him Breakfast and festival supporter,
zebo and Village Commons. to support the festival locating said he feared that without clear-
After a core of six speakers,
some with their own Celtic roots,
added their support of the Celtic Meado
M wbrook Farm at Huntly
Festival, the Front Royal Town 9.5 mi. south of Front Royal on Rte 522
Council voted 4-2 to allow the
festival to remain downtown for • English and western riding lessons
at least one more year. Voting no
were Shae Parker and Vice Mayor • Pasture and stall board
Chris Holloway. Those two con- • 200 acres, arena, trails, jumps
tinued to support the festival, just
not the location. 540-622-6234
Support centered on the impor-
tance of the Scot-Irish heritage in
the Shenandoah Valley and the
Celtic Festival organizer Michael Turner and Down-
presence of other festivals, public
town Front Royal Executive Director Jim Martin are
and private, that have tradition-
all smiles following the council vote of approval for
ally been allowed downtown.
Celtic permit after DFR’s lack of opposition to this
Mayor Tim Darr told a crowd of
year’s festival permit application
about 15 Celtic Festival support-
By Roger Bianchini town where it might have a nega- ers, many of whom also appeared
Warren County Report tive impact on business tenants to be present to express their op-
and owners. position to any non-equalizing
The embattled Celtic Festival But after Downtown Front Roy- tax hikes committed to infra-
(see related story) survived what al Executive Director Jim Martin structure improvements, that his
appeared to be a council major- told council his organization “did concerns expressed a week earli-
ity consensus it should remain in not object” to the Celtic Festi- er during work session discussion
Front Royal – just not in down- val special permit application weren’t personal, just an expres-
the way seemed to clear for the sion of concern for private event
festival’s second consecutive ap- impacts on tax-paying downtown

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Used with permission. All other rights reserved. License #L 0010002
Read all issues in their entirety FREE on Early April, 2011 • Warren County Report • Page 27

Support centered on the importance of the Scot-Irish heritage in the Shenandoah Valley
and the presence of other festivals, public and private, that have traditionally been al-
lowed downtown.
cut policies to turn the Celtic and prosper.” percentage paying for admission
Festival down while others were However festival organizer to the festival.
allowed might seem “arbitrary Michael Turner reiterated that Turner told council the pre-
and capricious” – a code word he did not want an alternate lo- vious week he personally lost
for municipal legal trouble brew- cation despite taking a financial $1,400 on last year’s festival, he
ing. Conkey added that from his bath last year due to problems estimated spending $10,000 on.
discussions with councilmen on collecting entry fees. In the face of past admission
both sides of the issue, he was According to Vice Mayor Hol- problems, reduced fees this year ,LLC
sure any council opposition was loway the festival took in $4,700 – $5 individual and $25 family
not, in fact, arbitrary and capri- in gate receipts last year at $10 – and ongoing expenses, several Find affordable
cious, but rather based on legiti- per person or $30 per family. councilmen and the mayor have designer dresses
mate concerns about conflicting Those numbers would indicate questioned why Turner has so for your
business and private organization only 350 to 450 people of what steadfastly clung to downtown as
interests. Turner estimated were 3,500 at- a potential money-making loca- Bridal Gowns
In expressing his continued tendees actually paid to get in last tion for his festival. Bridesmaid
opposition to the location, not year. Even at other estimates of Flower Girl
the festival itself, Shae Parker, a 1,500 attendees, it is still a dismal Mother of the Bride
downtown businessman himself
(Hanna Sign Company) said, “Es-
sentially it is 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. – we
have bricks and mortar business- Tuxedo Rental
es that are going to suffer. I think Big Bertha’s Babies Formal Wear
we are extending what the Ga- Back to basics Accessories
zebo area is meant to be … and in Infant care (Prom, Homecoming
excluding people from their own 6am - 6pm Mon - Fri & Special Occasions)
downtown [if they do not pay a Openings for Infants 6wks -6mos

540-622-2486 Front
festival admission fee].” 3343 Valley Pike #600 • Winchester, VA
Parker said he believed a loca- 152 Richmond Road 540-686-7932
tion move of several blocks to
a park area like the one utilized
Royal, VA 22630
Ask for Judi Melrath Hours: Tues., Fri. 10am-5pm, Wed., Thurs. 10am-6pm, Sat. 10am-3pm
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Page 28 • Warren County Report • Early April, 2011 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on

“Why put us on the periphery of town? It’s like saying ‘We love you Celtics but we’re
Town going to push you to the side.’ … It’s like separate but equal.” – Celtic Festival organizer
Michael Turner

Celtic Festival’s benefit to downtown questioned

Alternate sites suggested as compromise to keep event here
some similar spacing issues, were
usually more downtown based
events than privately sponsored
specialty events are.
“Why does it have to impact
downtown at all? It’s a private,
little festival,” Soranzo asked.

Show me the money

Another issue for several coun-

cil skeptics was a perceived lack
of transparency about last year’s
Celtic Festival financial records.
Facing questions about his fi-
nances, Turner said he lost money
last year but would have to access
his books, which he did not have
with him at the work session, for
Michael Turner pleads his Celtic Festival case to DFR Executive Director Jim Martin, standing, Celt- details.
Councilman Hollis Tharpe following some tough ques- ic Fesitval organizer Michael Turner and downtown After details of his 2010 records
tions during March 21 town council work session. businesswoman Kathy Soranzo put their heads to- appeared in another local me-
gether seeking a mutually beneficial solution to pri- dia outlet, Turner said while he
By Roger Bianchini and potential customers being
vate, specialty festivals in the downtown business didn’t provide those records to
Warren County Report charged a fee to enter downtown
district. that paper, he would give them to
Front Royal have given several
A March 21st work session in- councilmen and the mayor pause for Downtown Front Royal by later, he said he was simply ask- us at the scheduled March 28th
dicated trouble for a private fes- as they approach a March 28th DFR Director Jim Martin, the is- ing to be treated like other annual council meeting and public hear-
tival organizer seeking to utilize vote on festival permit approval. sues of outside vendors, blocked downtown festival events. How- ing. However, prior to that meet-
downtown Front Royal’s core The event is planned for June streets, storefronts, as well as ever the DFR reps noted those ing Turner said he had decided
business district for the second 18th from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. fees to potential customers was other festivals, while presenting not provide those records to this
consecutive year. That trouble might be brewing raised. Martin also observed on
Michael Turner was success- for Turner and his application last year’s necessity to move the
ful last year in having the Front
Royal Town Council approve
blocking off the East Main Street
surfaced before his permit re-
quest even hit the work session
table. During discussion of an an-
downtown Farmer’s Market from
its normal weekend Village Com-
mons area location.
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trial Park area. 540-635-1408 Tag Sale!
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with the festival and concerns of 540-660-1131
downtown businesses forced to Owners: Michelle Phillips & Melissa Ramsey
compete with outside vendors Licensed and Insured


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call Tammy for a quote.
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Read all issues in their entirety FREE on Early April, 2011 • Warren County Report • Page 29

To advertise in Warren County Report:

Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197
Dominion dollars
Dear Editor,
reporter. He also declined to re- year at a $10 per person and $30 sion, Mayor Darr queried Turner About a week ago I sent $8,352 to the Department of the Trea-
spond to this publication’s post- per family rate? about his festival organization, sury to cover my 2010 Federal income tax.  Actually I count my-
2010 festival questions about Turner was also questioned non-profit application and fi- self as very fortunate, having retired on government pensions.  As
whether he made or lost money. about a pending application for nances, commenting, “I could an 81 year old single “person”, I take pride in helping to support
At the work session and during 501-C3 non-profit status – wasn’t make up the Tim Darr Founda- our essential public services -- such as health, education, food,
a subsequent phone conversation, that application also pending last tion … but would it be a benefit environmental protection, national security, justice and commu-
Turner estimated losing about year, he was asked. No, Turner to the community as a whole?” nity safety.
$1,400 personally. Of expenses, replied, the application for non- During the work session Soran- But I am not proud of General Electric, the largest Corporation
he cited performer fees of $200 profit status was new. zo told council that downtown in our country.  I understand they paid no corporate income tax-
to $500 per act. He said he spent During the work session discus- merchants were told the festival es in 2010. – Shame on them.  Corporations were declared “per-
about $700 on insurance, about sons” by the Supreme Court in Citizens United, decided January
$2,300 on an assistant festival co- 21, 2010, which permitted them to contribute as much money as
ordinator paid by the hour, and
$933 on a vendor coordinator.
(540) 635-2156 they want to political campaigns.  So why aren’t they willing to
pay their fair share in income taxes as “persons”?
As for revenue, Turner esti- Nor am I proud of the trend in corporate payments.  According
mated that while 3500 people to the tax code, U.S. corporations apparently paid an average of
may have attended last year’s 30 percent of annual net income during the Reagan Administra-
festival, not all paid the $10 per tion, and now pay an average of only 6.6 percent.  Last year, cor-
person or $30 per family entry porate profits grew at their fastest rate since Harry Truman was
fee. Other revenue was produced President (1950).
by vendor fees ranging from $80 Even Warren County overlooked greed.  We recently patted
to $140 for 42 to 45 vendors, he ourselves on the back for securing a few dollars from Dominion
said. On March 28th Vice Mayor 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 LTZ
Power on a new contract.  I’m sure its CEO Thomas Farrell II
Chris Holloway cited a gate take Limited, Leather, Nav, DVD, Sunroof Leather, Sunroof, Ext Cab
laughs all the way to the bank.  In 2010 his “salary” was valued at
of $4,700 from the 2010 down- 45k Miles 31k Miles
$14.9 million; he also received a nearly $5.84 million performance
town event. #591051 $22,982 #30682 $36,711 based bonus, plus stock options, stock awards and personal
Mayor Darr said he personally “perks”.  This compensation package did not even count pension
witnessed one gate encounter benefits.  It would be interesting to know what Mr. Farrell’s Do-
with a citizen who refused to pay minion Power paid in income taxes for 2010 (as well as what he
to enter downtown, telling festi- personally paid)?  Dominion’s filings - in particular the Form 10-
val staff that since he paid taxes K filing with the SED in the sections regarding taxes - it is like
as a citizen of the town, he wasn’t another language.  It is simply impossible to determine what, if
going to pay an additional fee anything, the company is paying.
to enter downtown. The citizen According to the 2004 Survey of Consumer Finances, wealth
was allowed in without paying, is concentrated in the hands of a small number of families.  The
Darr observed. So the question 2002 VW Cabriolet 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 3500
CONVERTIBLE, Leather, Auto 1 Ton, Reg Cab, Low Miles
wealthiest 1 percent of families owns roughly 34.3% of the nations
remains, if town citizens can’t be net worth, the top 10 percent of families owns over 71%, and the
64k Miles 54k Miles
forced to pay to enter their down- bottom 40% of the population owns way less than 1 percent ... 
town other than to purchase #500331 $8,542 #30680 $17,882
The effective tax rate on the nation’s richest 400 Americans has
sanctioned alcohol, how can a fallen by about half since George H.W. Bush was President 20
private festival organizer ever be years ago.
assured of making money based I believe the budget, and how we pay for our services, is a moral
on entry fees? issue.  But I also believe, as we have in the past, that we can pay
Darr also questioned the logic our bills and support our safety net by eliminating corporate sub-
of Turner’s plan to charge less sidies and tax loopholes for the rich, by reducing military spend-
this year - $5 per person and $25 9 Commerce Avenue • Front Royal, VA 22630 ing, and by supporting progressive Federal pension reform.
per family, if he lost money last Tax, tags, title extra, plus $95 processing fee.

Tina Hobson
Front Royal

Ivy Lodge
Daily Sub
101 Chester Street
Front Royal, VA
(540) 636-1446 Blue Ridge Technical Center and Samuels Public Library
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Page 30 • Warren County Report • Early April, 2011 Read all issues in their entirety FREE on

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would attract 5,000 to 10,000 that estimate at 3,500, with other of other Celtic Festivals were
people downtown last year. Hav- estimates as low as 1,500, Soran- Scottish Games, something lack-
Fresh Kielbasa is Back!! ing fallen considerably short of zo noted that a major attraction ing from Turner’s event.
“What’s the attraction?” Soran-
Try our 2 Fat Butchers mild Sausage
Check out our Fresh Meat Pkg! Beth Medved zo wondered of a Celtic Festival
without Celtic “games.”
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich Waller, Inc Turner later said he was not in-
terested in adding games, which
only $2.99 540-671-6145
he said would require additional
sanctioning. Rather, it was Celtic
239 C. South Street Top Producer 2007-2010
folk music, performance art, and
Front Royal, VA 22630 goods his event would continue
#1 Agent in Sales and
to focus on.
Phone: 540-635-6900 Sold Listings

Fax: 540-635-1900 DON’T LET THIS MARKET Alternate location PASS YOU BUY! After a council poll indicating

Please call me for information about the United a majority – Parker, Holloway,
Tharpe and Lauder – against the
Way Day of Caring on April 15th! It’s a one-day downtown location this year, an
437-A South Royal Avenue annual event where volunteers gather to help alternate plan seemed to gain
Front Royal, VA 22630 those in need in our community! momentum. That plan was a
Thanks for another great year! non-Main Street business district
540-635-9808 #1 again with 9.5 million SOLD in 2010! location. Prominently mentioned • Fax: 540-635-7128 • Toll Free: 800-292-3548 sites in or around Gertrude Mill-
er Park or the athletic stadium
309 HONEYVILLE AVENUE • STANLEY, VA and the old WCMS location on
Shows like a new 15th Street.
home! Just a few “Neither of these proposed lo-
years old with 2 cations would require street clo-
car garage and sures,” Parker later said. However
a full basement in an effort to welcome the event,
with washer/dryer if not to downtown, Parker sug-
hook-ups. This gested a parade leading to the al-
ternate event site.
home features tray
“Again I welcome the Celtic Fes-
ceilings, berber
tival to the Town of Front Royal
carpeting, kitchen
and wish to work with them on a
island and light suitable location for their event,”
woodwork. Level in town lot. Listing Agent: Sam Snead Parker said.

Of a potential second year
MLS#PA7492086 • downtown, Parker added, “The
Gazebo Commons area of the
Town is one of the few downtown
public parking areas and contains
only two small grassy parcels,
Mountain Mystic one of which will be occupied on
Patio Showcase the date requested by the Down-

Saturday April 9th

Trading Company town Farmer’s Market. Given the
highland games which generally
coincide with Celtic events it has
RAIN DATE will be SUNDAY APRIL 10th been suggested that the organiz-
First, the “Showcase” will feature: ers consider other more expan-
• 2 beautiful paver patios built at two different homes. sive and suitable locations.”
The third project available for viewing (all 3 sites on the same day) When Parker suggested pass-
features: ing on the downtown location
• A concrete patio that we overlaid with pavers that also includes a in favor of one of these “more
newly built paver walkway off the new driveway to a new oval fronted expansive locations” near the
Our Mystique Has Grown!
porch that we also built of pavers. conclusion of the work session
All the work listed above is “dry laid” meaning there is no concrete
discussion, Vice Mayor Chris
within the project, nothing to crack in yrs. to come thus creating total Offering a wide variety of sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, Holloway said, “I’ll second that;”
non maintenance projects. chimes, rock and mineral specimens, books, cards, journals, relax- Hollis Tharpe added, “I agree;”
and Carson Lauder concluded
The projects will highlight such amenities: ing and meditative music, tapestries, candles, incense, fragrance
• firepits • columns with lights of the majority consensus, “I’m
and essentials oils, stickers, antique jade carvings, and so many
• seating walls and curved • bull-nosed steps sorry to say I agree too.”
more one of a kind items!
Light refreshments will be served. For more info call 540-869-2004. Favoring the request appeared
10 am to 4 pm on the Bowling Green South Golf Club. to be Tom Sayre – “It was well at-
152 & 189 Karst Valley Road and 552 Bowling View Road 215 South Street • Front Royal • 635-6318 tended - I thought it was a good
Front Royal, Virginia Open everyday from 10-6, except Sunday from 12-5 and closed on Wednesdays
festival;” and Tom Conkey. Con-
Read all issues in their entirety FREE on Early April, 2011 • Warren County Report • Page 31

To advertise in Warren County Report:

Contact Alison at • 540-551-2072 Town
or Angie Buterakos at - 540-683-9197

key, whose Killahevlin Bed & ing ‘We love you Celtics but we’re to be pulled into a political sce- narios” are the nature of the paying businesses, property own-
Breakfast seems to share a Celtic going to push you to the side.’ … nario; I don’t want to be pulled beast when one seeks municipal ers and citizens.
theme at least in name, said he It’s like separate but equal.” into a Michael Graham scenario; approval for a private enterprise We’ll see how it plays out on
had already received inquiries Turner said he had been taken I don’t want to be pulled into a that directly impacts other tax- March 28th (see related story).
from potential attendees from aback by the initial negative reac- Tom Sayre scenario; I don’t want
out of the area and would hate to tion to this year’s permit request. to be pulled into a Shae Parker
Del. Clifford L. “Clay” Athey, Jr.
see the festival leave the commu- “They never asked me for my scenario,” Turner concluded of
nity. books before – essentially they playing the political angle of such 18th District House of Delegates
But Parker’s alternate location called me a liar – I was shocked. I permitting requests. Serving Fauquier, Frederick, and Warren County
solution would seem to address do believe this festival is good for But Michael, love it or hate it,
both Conkey and downtown the community. But I don’t want we’re afraid such “political sce-
merchant concerns.
However Turner, despite a loss

Stonewall Jackson
of money from entry fee collec-
tion issues last year, seemed less
than enthralled by the notion of
being pushed out of downtown Restaurant
Front Royal. Steak • Seafood • Pasta • Chicken
“Why put us on the periphery ABC on
of town?” he asked. “It’s like say- 915 N Royal Ave
Front Royal, VA 22630
March 28, 2011
KFWS • MindGym

Stacey & I thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Weekly Entertainment!! If I can be of any help, please contact me at (540) 635-7917,
in Richmond at: (804) 698-1018,
Tuesdays ~ Karaoke by E-Mail at:,
or by mail at: PO Box 406, Room 510
Wednesday ~ Open Mic Richmond, VA 23218
Fridays ~ DJ Music
“Fernan- 1. Who threw the last Red Sox no- Saturday ~ April 2 ~ Souled Out
hitter before Hideo Nomo in 2001?
2. Who holds the record for most
home runs hit by a pitcher for a sea-
April 9 ~ Ted Garber
April 16 ~ Shotgun Shiver
Reliance Woods
er,” why son? Choice home sites
? 3. What was the last bowl game in available at drastic price
“Don’t which the Temple Owls football team reductions to savvy
played before 2009’s EagleBank
Bowl? dB buyers who act quickly.
ed “If I ture uilde
4. In 2010, Atlanta’s Josh Smith Great Food ..Lots of Fun! ea


Dog Zig- became the youngest player in NBA Build now or later using
history (24) to block 1,000 shots in Purchase 2 dinner entrees and receive our suggested builders

his career. Who had been the young- or yours. All lots have
n 1975. est? approved perc sites and
to other 5. In 2010, Ottawa defenseman Ser- are ready to go.
he charts gei Gonchar became the sixth Rus-
sian to play in 1,000 NHL games. 2nd Entree with this coupon Connie Smallwood
Name three of the first five to do it.
6. Name the last time a non-Ameri-
expire 4-30-11 excludes alcohol • 540.551.2162
he street can male won the Olympic 200-meter
se in Los butterfly.
7. How many majors did golfer Lee (Expires 4/30/2011)
wants the Trevino win during his PGA Tour
Laura a career?
tragedy Answers
shes. 1. Dave Morehead, in 1965.
. On his 2. Wes Ferrell of Cleveland hit nine
ong was home runs in 1931.
3. The Garden State Bowl, in 1979.
was on 4. Benoit Benjamin was 25 when he
Stone.” hit the 1,000-block mark in the 1989-
ed Cher 90 season.
hip in a 5. Sergei Fedorov, Alex Kovalev,
Slava Kozlov, Alexei Zhitnik and
Sergei Zubov.
nc. 6. Russia’s Denis Pankratov, in
7. Six — two U.S. Opens (1968,
‘71), two British Opens (‘71, ‘72) and
two PGA Championships (‘74, ‘84).
© 2011 King Features Synd., Inc.
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Humane Society president reflects on tough two years

Competition expected for three board seats up at Annual Meeting
By Roger Bianchini Running for re-election to the hu- “We had some ambitious plans burner, which is where they should lia Wagner Shelter and the animals
Warren County Report mane society board is Billy Chapman, originally but the recession hit the be,” Barr said. “I believe that with Fox boarded there for hundreds of hours
a retired chief deputy of the Warren animal shelter hard, just as it did at the helm and fresh faces on the and savings to the county and its
After two terms as President of the County Sheriff ’s Department. Run- everything else,” Barr said. “We put board of directors, the shelter is in taxpayers to the tune of thousands
Humane Society of Warren County, ning for election along with Chap- a spay/neuter clinic on the shelf but good hands.” upon thousands of dollars. He is one
Malcolm Barr, Sr., said he would not man for three vacant seats are Denise opened a large-animal compound. He said he was particularly grate- fine young man who wanted to make
run again for the board of directors. Eastham, a nurse; Virginia McKinnon, We now have a stable and dedicated ful to the Sheriff ’s Department which some payback to his community, and
In announcing the HSWC annual a teacher; and Amy Russell Thurman, staff, and we receive excellent support last year began sending up to three to make life better for our animal
meeting on Tuesday, April 12, 5:30 an airline pilot. Kelly Walker will not from the county.” He said despite her “trustees” – county prisoners who population.”
p.m. at The Apple House, Linden, seek re-election, choosing to put her physical trials, his wife encouraged work full shifts – to the shelter. It is Smith announced his imminent
Barr said he was satisfied that he was efforts into developing a dog park in him to stay on through a difficult fi- a program which Barr said is work- resignation as shelter veterinarian
leaving HSWC “in far better shape Front Royal that HSWC supports. nal year at the shelter and complete ing to the benefit of all concerned, about a month ago.
than I found it, and in good and ca- Barr, 78, joined HSWC in 2002, ran the two-year commitment he made including the taxpayers of Warren Barr also thanked current and past
pable hands.” for the board in 2008 when a previ- to the society and its shelter. County, the animals, and hopefully board members for their support.
He singled out the appointment of ous board was recalled by an over- Barr said that this year, Fox, sup- the trustees as well. He also paid The 2010-11 board comprises: Carol
Carol Ann Fox as executive director whelming vote of the membership, ported by the current board, is con- tribute to Dr. Kent Smith, DVM, Goddard, vice-president; Tammy
about six months ago. Barr called then took over as president in April centrating on fund-raising and vol- shelter veterinarian, who worked as Darr, treasurer; Peggy Heyden, sec-
Fox “a businesswoman and commu- 2009. Last March, his wife was diag- unteerism. He asked the public to an unpaid volunteer for the shelter retary; Gene Gaudioso, Billy Chap-
nicator who eventually will do all the nosed with “inoperable lung cancer.” call the shelter on both counts to of- for more than four years. man, and Kelly Walker.
things that need to be done to ensure Last month, after chemo therapy and fer help. “Kent Smith is the person who Barr announced the recent ap-
continuing care for the unwanted and surgery, she was pronounced “cancer “Both the need for funds and for will be missed, not me!” Barr said. pointment of Winchester-based at-
abused animals of Warren County.” free.” volunteer workers are on the front “He has dedicated himself to the Ju- torney Anna L.K. Hammond as at-
torney for the HSWC. Hammond,
a county resident, succeeds Nancie

Kid Pan Alley comes to ASR Shenandoah Mutual

Fire Insurance Company
Kie. Kie resigned to devote time to
her run for Commonwealth’s Attor-

and Mtn. Laurel

ney in Rappahannock County.
Mary Ann Weakley, Agent The annual dinner for members
and people interested in the society
Insurance at Competitive Prices
Paul Reisler, founder of the Kid Pan Alley children’s songwriting Home, Renters, Farm & Fire Policies and stray county animals’ welfare be-
project, will bring his talents as songwriter, composer, and per- gins at 6 p.m. following registration.
Lady Robin Hood, Inc. A business meeting and election of
former to children at A.S. Rhodes Elementary School and Moun- 8552 Winchester Road H-(540)631-0163 officers follows at 7 p.m. call the shel-
tain Laurel Montessori School in Front Royal, VA, from April 4-8, Front Royal,VA C-(540)671-9177 ter if you plan to attend, also for din-
2011 for an intergenerational songwriting residency with Loving
Arms Assisted Living. Lynchburg-based singer/songwriter Paddy Accessible 7 days a week! ner reservations ($15). Phone (540)
Dougherty will join Reisler for the workshops and concert.
During the week, seniors from Loving Arms will share stories
with the children about growing up, and then each class and the
seniors will work with Reisler and Dougherty in two 45-minute Samuels Library Foundation presents county with $25,000
sessions to brainstorm ideas and a melody for their songs.
The students and seniors will perform their songs together in On March 25, Samuels Library Foundation
a free concert for the community on Friday, April 8 at 7:00 pm Board member Ron Llewellyn presented War-
at Skyline High School, 151 Skyline Vista Drive, Front Royal, VA ren County Administrator Doug Stanley with a
22630. This residency is sponsored by Loving Arms Assisted Liv- check for $25,000. The amount is the most re-
ing, Blue Ridge Arts Council, and a grant to Kid Pan Alley from cent of the Library Foundation’s payments on a
the NAMM Foundation. loan from the county to furnish the new Samuels
Public Library on Criser Road.
“On behalf of the Samuels Library Foundation
Board we are pleased to again be in a position
Enjoy the Benefits of Working with a to present to the County another check in the
Local Mortgage Company amount of $25,000.” In a press release, the Li-
• 100% financing Available brary Foundation said, “Over the last four years
• Government Approved Lender this board has raised and paid back to the county
more than $334,000 for the county’s initial funding for the construction of our new state-of-the-art
library now located on Criser Road.
540-660-1333 “Needless to say these last four years have been extremely difficult when it comes to trying to raise
540-635-1457 funds for any organization. Our community has continued to support our library and the many ben-
efits it offers to our citizens The Foundation Board of Samuels Public Library wishes to express our sincere appreciation to all those who have generously supported our library and hopefully will con- tinue to do so.
Royal Plaza Shopping Center
“Anyone wishing to make a contribution to the library can do so by making out their check to:
Samuels Library Foundation Inc.
Rich & Sally
Spiewak P O Box 1938
Licensed by the Virginia State Front Royal VA 22630
Corporation Commission, MC-3749
(Info from a release)
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DJ Donnie Haircuts $9.99

DJ Donnie Blue Ridge Barber Shop
DJ Donnie
DJ Donnie Royal Plaza Shopping Center
Credits Cards Accepted / Gift Cards Available

For bookings call Open 7 Days A Week

415 - B - South St. Front Royal, VA
540-551-2447 540-635-9552

The “Classics” of Country

Simply Cedar Log Homes • Linden, VA •
For more information on beautiful, energy-
Music can be found on
efficient cedar log homes call Simply Cedar
Log Homes at (540) 636-8400 or email us at

Offering: • Student Classroom Your Hometown Station for over

• Behind-the-Wheel
• Re-Examinations 60 Years is proud to be the
Now Enrolling for Early Spring session
36- hour Classroom
home of all the Country Classics.
New Students and Re-exams
Johnny Cash, Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks,
Call for more info Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Patsy Cline, Alabama,
214 East Jackson Street • Front Royal, VA
George Jones, Barbara Mandrell, Tammy Wynette, Mickey
540-622-6900 Gilley, Ronnie Milsap, George Strait,
Merle Haggard, Johnny Paycheck, Dolly Parton,
Marty Robbins, Kenny Rogers, The Oak Ridge Boys,
BUDGET SELF STORAGE Alan Jackson, Mel Tillis, Tanya Tucker, Eddie Rabbitt, Charlie
Pride, The Judds, Vince Gill, Hank Williams Jr., Conway
Twitty, Randy Travis, Crystal Gayle,
and many more!

The home of the award winning News at Noon and

The Valley Today Programs, the best music, local
news, up-to-date weather with local meteorologist
First Month FREE! Kemp Miller, Warren County and
Skyline High School sports…
with 1 Month Paid Rent & Security Deposit
With Coupon *Subject to availability
It’s all right here!!
INCREDIBLE PRICES! Serving Front Royal and Warren County since 1948
540-635-4000 • 800-296-0044
Rt. 619 & Corner of Airport Rd • Front Royal
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Friday, April 1, 2011 Front Royal. Today is Preschool Story all boat operators by July 1, 2016. This Wednesday, April 13, 2011 questionable heels to class to use while
April Fool’s Day Time. Theme: Guess How Much I Love class is available at no charge. All par- learning. Cost: $20.00/ 2-hr. class. More
Forecast for 22630 (47° | 37°) You? ticipants should bring a bag lunch. For 3:30pm - 5pm Chamber Board Meeting. Info: (540) 635-7750 or (540) 636-7608.
more information about the education Chamber Office.
11am - 12pm Samuels Public Library, 12:30pm - 1pm Warren County Business compliance requirements go to www. Friday, April 15, 2011
Front Royal. Today is “Time for Baby” - On The River 95.3. to register or contact the 6:30pm - 7:30pm Smithsonian Lecture Tax Day
a 30-minute nursery rhyme program for Community Center at (540) 635-1021, Series. Samuels Public Library, Front
babies and their parents. “Time for Baby” 6:30pm - 7:30pm Smithsonian Lecture Monday -Saturday, 8:00am - 10:00pm Royal. Tonight is the Smithsonian Con- 8am - 4pm Day of Caring. Front Royal.
is designed to develop pre-reading skills, Series. Samuels Public Library, Front and Sunday 1:00pm - 9:00pm. servation Biology Institute’s Lecture Today is the United Way’s Annual Day of
socialization skills, speech and motor co- Royal. Tonight is the Smithsonian Con- Series: “Ecological Restoration: Linking Caring! Each year, the Front Royal/ War-
ordination. servation Biology Institute’s Lecture Se- 11am - 12pm Library Event. Samuels People to Solutions by Dr. Nicole Caven- ren County United Way helps local low-
ries: “Thinking Outside the Toy Box” by Public Library, Front Royal. Today the der. As part of the mission to advance sci- income families with home chores that
1:30pm - 2:30pm Education Committee. Heidi Hellmuth. Enriching the lives of the Knitting Club meets. For ages 9 and up. ence, education and personal experience, may include painting, yard work, hauling
Chamber Office animals at the Smithsonian’s National Please register. “the Wilds,” a 10,000 acre conservation trash, landscaping, minor plumbing or
Zoo and the Institute involves more than center on strip-mined land, has been en- electrical work. All the work is preformed
2pm - 5pm Vino E Formaggio Wine Tast- just giving them objects to interact and 2pm - 3pm Park/Recreation Event. Warren gaged in the research, management and by volunteers. If you are interested in
ing. 124 E. Main Street. Always Free, play with. Enrichment is an integral part County Community Center, Front Royal. creation of habitat to support local native volunteering, please contact the Front
Always Fun! of animal care based on the animals’ CONVERSATION - THE ART OF SPEAKING wildlife and provide nature immersive Royal/Warren County United Way at
(540) 635-2812. natural history and behavior. Ms. Hell- - Speak with confidence! Whether you experiences. Dr. Cavender will discuss (540)636-3636.Office hours are Tuesday
muth, curator of enrichment and train- are going on a college interview, apply- restoration projects geared at pollinator and Wednesday from 9:00am - 3:00pm
Saturday, April 2, 2011 ing, will share some of the creative ways ing for a job or just talking with family & improvement, invasive plant manage- and Thursday from 9:00am - 2:00pm. You
Forecast for 22630 (55° | 37°) she uses an animal enrichment program friends, this is a wonderful opportunity ment, forest restoration, native wildlife may also visit the website at www.fron-
to help provide the highest level of care to improve your conversation skills. This monitoring and the creation of large-
8am - 4pm Warren County Fair Flea Mar- possible for the animals. class will provide everyone the opportu- scale high diversity grassland. She will
ket. Warren County Fairgrounds. For nity to discover personal speaking errors explain how restoration can begin small Saturday, April 16, 2011
more information: (540) 635-5827 http:// Thursday, April 7, 2011 while learning about the most common scale in our own backyards and continue speaking errors. Be prepared to talk! at large scales using landscape-level 8am - 4pm Warren County Fair Flea Mar-
9am - 10am Tourism Committee. Cham- Cost: $20.00/2-hr class. More Info: (540) habitat management. She will also talk ket. Warren County Fairgrounds. For
2pm - 3pm Library Event. Samuels Pub- ber Office. 635-7750 or (540) 636-7608. about how these ecologically beneficial more information: (540) 635-5827 http://
lic Library, Front Royal. Today the “Teen activities can provide aesthetic and per-
Creative Writing Club” meets, for ages 12 10:15am - 11:15am Samuels Public Li- Sunday, April 10, 2011 sonal fulfillment.
and up. Please register. brary, Front Royal. Today is Toddler Story 8am - 12pm Wellness/Safety Expo. War-
Time. Theme: Guess How Much I Love 8am - 4pm Warren County Fair Flea Mar- Thursday, April 14, 2011 ren County High School, Front Royal. To-
Sunday, April 3, 2011 You? ket. Warren County Fairgrounds. For day is the annual Community Wellness
Forecast for 22630 (56° | 41°) more information: (540) 635-5827 http:// 9am - 3pm Customer Service Program. and Safety Expo sponsored by Valley
11am - 12pm Samuels Public Library, Quality Inn, Front Royal. Today is the Health. There are over 60 vendors pro-
8am - 4pm Warren County Fair Flea Mar- Front Royal. Today is Preschool Story Front Royal Visitor Center’s 3rd Annual moting wellness and safety. More in-
ket. Warren County Fairgrounds. For Time. Theme: Guess How Much I Love Monday, April 11, 2011 “Great Customer Service Comes from formation is available by calling Warren
more information: (540) 635-5827 http:// You? the Heart” Program. Two sessions are Memorial Hospital at (540) 636-0151 or 11:30am - 12:30pm Golf Tournament. offered (9:00am- 11:00am and 1:00pm e-mail Kim Shirley at kshirley@valley-
4:30pm - 5:30pm Samuels Public Library, Bowling Green Country Club North, Front - 3:00pm). Superior customer service is
Monday, April 4, 2011 Front Royal. Today is Big Kids Story Time. Royal. Today is the Front Royal Rotary an organization’s or individual’s ability to 9am - 10am Arbor Day. Radham Street
Theme: Library Week. Club and Northern Virginia 4-H Educa- consistently and constantly exceed cus- in Front Royal. Today the Town of Front
7pm - 8pm Work Session. Town Hall, 16 tional Center’s 13th Annual Golf Tourna- tomer expectations. The reward for your Royal/ Warren County Tree Stewards
N. Royal Avenue, Front Royal. Tonight is Saturday, April 9, 2011 ment to benefit the 4-HCenter and the efforts is a loyal customer who returns celebrate Arbor Day at the Arboretum
the Town Council’s Informal Work Ses- Rotary’s Educational Scholarships. Regis- again and again to purchase your prod- located on Radham Street. 9am - 4pm
sion. It is held in the 2nd floor Town 8am - 4pm Warren County Fair Flea Mar- tration begins at 11:30am. Play begins at uct or visit your destination. To earn your KIDS FISHING DAY. Happy Creek near
Hall Conference Room. For a copy of ket. Warren County Fairgrounds. For 1:00pm. The deadline is April 8. For more customer’s repeat business you need to Bing Crosby Park, Front Royal. Today
the agenda please contact the Clerk of more information: (540) 635-5827 http:// information: Roy Boyles (540) 622-3022 focus on Attitude, Consistency, Service is the 14th Annual FREE Kids Fishing
Council at (540) 635-8007 or check the or Nora Belle Comer(540) 635-7171. and Teamwork. Program objectives: iden- Day at Happy Creek at the Bing Crosby
Town of Front Royal Website at www. tify why customer service is beneficial to Park, for children ages 2-15. Sponsored Public is invited. 9am - 12:40pm Harmony Place Event. 7pm - 8pm Council Meeting. County of your business and your community; iden- by Northern Shenandoah Valley Chapter
Warren County Community Center, Front Warren Government Center. tify and practice positive behaviors that of Trout Unlimited, Warren County Parks
Tuesday, April 5, 2011 Royal. Harmony Place is sponsoring a enhance customer service skills; learn to and Recreation and Virginia Department
“Keeping Children Safe from Predators Tuesday, April 12, 2011 treat your co-workers as your INTERNAL of Fish and Game.
12:30pm - 1pm Tourism Tuesdays. 95.3 “event. It will offer information and pre- customers; give front-line employees
- the River radio station. Hear the latest sentations from the VA State Police, Front 12:30pm - 1pm Tourism Tuesdays. 95.3 the confidence and support they need 11am - 12pm Samuels Public Library,
tourism related news and events every Royal Police Department, Warren County - the River radio station. Hear the latest to shine as hosts and lead by example. Front Royal. Today is Family Story Time
Tuesday at 12:30! If you can’t listen live Sheriff’s Office, Warren County Public tourism related news and events every Speaker: Bobbie Walker, Partnership featuring Don Richards.
check out the podcasts at http://www. Schools, Safe Sanctuaries and other al- Tuesday at 12:30! If you can’t listen live Marketing Education Director for Virginia lied professionals/ organizations in the check out the podcasts at http://www. Tourism Corporation. Please register by 2pm - 3pm Easter Egg Hunt. RES Youth
community. Childcare will be offered at emailing Jennifer Keck, Front Royal Tour- Center, Front Royal. Today is Warren
2pm - 3pm Ambassador’s Club. Cham- no charge for up to 20 children of event ism Director at County Parks and Recreation’s Easter
ber Office. participants. Feel free to attend all or part 5:30pm - 10pm Annual Meeting of the or calling the Visitor Center at (540) 635- Egg Hunt. Hunt begins at 2:00pm; how-
of the event. To register please call (540) Humane Society of Warren County will be 5788. ever, doors open at 1:50pm. For children
Wednesday, April 6, 2011 635-9194x 23 by March 28, 2011. held at The Apple House in Linden.  The 10 years of age and under. $5.00/child
business meeting will begin at 7 p.m.  6pm - 7pm Parks/Recreation Event. includes a picture. Limit: 50 children. For
8:30am - 9:30am Small Business Com- 9:15am - 5:30pm Boat Safety Course. Prior to the meeting, dinner will be avail- Warren County Community Center, Front more information: (540) 635-7750.
mittee. Chamber Office. Warren County Community Center, Front able beginning at 5:30 p.m. There is a Royal. WALKING IN HEELS - As women,
Royal. The Warren County Parks and cost of $15 per person for the dinner and we frequently drool over those gorgeous 2pm - 3pm Library Event. Samuels
10:15am - 11:15am Samuels Public Li- Recreation Department in conjunction each member is welcome to bring one heels worn by models in fashion maga- Public Library, Front Royal. “Butterflies
brary, Front Royal. Today is Toddler Story with the Department of Gaming and In- guest. Call (540) 635-4734 for details zines; but what good is spending money with Jerry Schneider.” Children in grades
Time. Theme: Guess How Much I Love land Fisheries will be holding a Boat VA and to make dinner reservations. on those shoes if you stumble or clump Kindergarten and up will enjoy learning
You? Class for anyone 14 years of age and while walking? Take this opportunity to about butterflies and making a butterfly-
older today. This class is a Boating Safety 7pm - 7pm BAR Meeting. County of War- learn what heel height is best for you and themed t-shirt. Please register. Children
11am - 12pm Samuels Public Library, Education Class that will be required for ren Government Center Front Royal. how to properly walk in them! Bring those should bring a white t-shirt to paint.
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Dear Stewart; to form a very successful ecosystem or These invasives do so well in their The Front Royal/Warren County
I notice increasing interest in native plant community. An example of this new environment that they end up Tree Steward program has been in ex-
trees and other plants. What exactly is where plants rely on wildlife to assist crowding out the natives ant totally istence since 1997. With 24 certified
is a native tree? Does it refer to a tree in the pollination process. take over. Examples of well-known tree stewards and 7new interns, they
being “born” in the USA , or Virginia Examples of native Virginia trees invasives in Virginia are the Ailanthus are volunteers dedicated to improv-
? Can a tree imported from another include Virginia Pine, the Hickories or Tree of Heaven, Mimosa, and Royal ing the health of trees by providing
part of the world become a native-- and other various nut trees, several Paulownia. Actually, the Norway Ma- educational programs, tree planting
like people--through subsequent gen- varieties of Oaks, and of course, the ple is classified as an invasive, as well. and care demonstrations, and tree
erations? Why is there concern for na- Flowering Dogwood. Note, I did not Some good examples of the above maintenance assistance throughout
tive trees and other plants? mention the Kousa Dogwood, which invasives can be seen along our own the community. Through classroom
Ed, a new Tree Steward is an introduced tree. Happy Creek in Front Royal. There training and hands-on practice, Tree
Introduced trees are brought into are so many Ailanthus trees that you Stewards learn the basics of tree biol-
Dear Ed, this region, sometimes on purpose, cannot see some of the more natural ogy and physiology, tree identification,
That’s a great question! Trees or such as a way to embellish one’s land- trees along the stream bank. planting, and maintenance techniques.

plants are considered “native” if they scaping with a new type of tree from There are many resources that list Tree Stewards make a commitment to
are naturalized to a given area in geo- another area. Sometimes it is acciden- the recommended native species to improving and protecting their com-
logical time. Geological time is a very tal, where seeds of a plant are carried help you in your landscaping plans, munity forest. Each month Steward

long period, unlike “people time”. in on a vehicle or boat from overseas. including the Virginia Dept of Forest- will answer a question from our read-
These plants have developed or oc- For the most part, these introduced ry. You can also check with your local ers. If you have a questions regarding
curred naturally in a particular area trees adapt to the environment and Tree Steward members for additional tree planting, care or maintenance,
or region. A very interesting thing is coexist with the native plants. How- help. Have a great Spring! please forward it to “Stewart” in care
that these native plants work coopera- ever, some become invasive, causing of and
tively, sometimes with other species, serious damage to local ecosystems. Stewart we may publish it in a future issue.

Humane Society of Warren County

Monday thru Sunday 10 am to 4 pm- Closed Wednesdays • 1245 Progress Drive, Front Royal, VA • 540-635-4734 •
Please ask about our low cost spay and neuter program. Please be sure your pets at home are spayed/neutered
and up to date on vaccinations. Rabies Clinic Sat. April 30th - 10 to 4pm. Dog adoption available on Sat. 10 - 2 at Petco. Cat adoption
available on Sat. 10 -2 at Southern States. Check out our other adoptable pets on
540 635-4734

Chyanne is a 5 year old female Ozzy is a 10 month old male

Riley is 2 year old Beagle Pete is a 2 year old male Lab. He
Rottweiller mix who was aban- American Bulldog/Hound mix.
mix. He is housebroken and loves to play with other dogs and
doned by her owner. She is He has been neutered and is
housebroken, crate trained, and good with children, cats, and knows “sit” and “paw.”
very good with children.
good with children. smaller dogs.

Chyanne’s ad sponsored by: Ozzy’s ad sponsored by: Riley’s ad sponsored by: Pete’s ad sponsored by:

Parkers The Thom Miller

Wanda Snead Automotive & Team
Martins Foods Property Management Towing Weichert Realtors®
409 South St. Serving the area for 16 years 226 E. 7th St. Buyer, Seller and Troubled Loan Speicalist

Front Royal
Sam Snead Realty

540-635-2249 “We Count On Our Tows!” 540-974-2554

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, the adoption fee is $145 and includes the spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, flea/tick treatment and deworming. Thank you for your support of the
Humane Society. With your help we have been able to place thousands of animals in good homes. Contact Alison @ 540-551-2072 if you would like to become a pet sponsor too!
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 Roofing
 Drywall
All lines of insurance:
* Leaf Removal * Light Bush Hogging  Carpentry
 Excavating and Hauling
* Bobcat Service * Spring & Fall Clean-Ups
 Painting  Auto  Health
We want to do our part to help the local LAWNCARE SERVICES
 Business
 Energy Conservation Specialist
* Walkways * Annual Contracts Available
economy. If you live in the town of Front FRONT ROYAL,VA
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(540) COUNTY
Emergency Service
MENTION THIS WARREN 132 Hillidge St, P.O. Box 452, Front Royal, VA 22630
11 Water Street · Front Royal, VA (540) 635-8401

Royal Family The World’s Largest Circus Under the Big Top!

Bowling Center
Behind Gateway Plaze
Rt. 522 So., Front Royal

Come out & play in the dark

Friday & Saturday 11pm-1am

Xtreme Special! Hey K i d s ! d er

Fill Out This Word Find Correctly
and You Could Win 2 FREE Tickets
To See The Circus!
14 & Un
When You’re Done, Cut This
$10 per person, unlimited
Out and Turn It Into:
bowling including shoes!
Skyline Insurance Agency
Come check out our new 310 N. Commerce Ave.
light show!!! Front Royal VA • 540-635-1288
Between the hours of
M - F 9:00am - 7:00pm
We are now a
Sat. 10:00am - 1:00pm
nonsmoking facility with a
smoking lounge Name:


RENT-A-LANE $10 per
person Contest ends 4/20/11
Sat 2-4P.M. Sun 12-2p.m.&3-5p.m.
Up to 8 people per lane
Winter Special!
Show Times
Apple Blossom Mall
“Monday Dollar Day”
Fri. Sat. Sun.
$1 Game
$1 Shoes Apr. 29 Apr. 30 May 1
$1 Hot Dogs 4:30 pm 10:00 am 1:30 pm
$1 Small Drinks 8:00 pm 5:00 pm 4:30 pm
$1 Fries! 8:00 pm
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“The Works”
Package Buy one Oil & Filter change, for $29.95 $100 off
$49.95+ Tax And Get the Next 3 For ANY
• Oil & Filter Change
Based on retail of price. Not to exceed 10% off
up to 5 quarts of motor oil
• Tire Rotation & Balance total parts and labor. Excludes retail parts, tires,
Oil change coupons expire 24 months from the date of the original lube, oil & filter purchase at participating Chrys- collision/body shop parts and service.
• Replace Wiper Blades ler Group LLC dealers only. (Up to 5 quarts only. Additional charges may be applied for HEMI® and fluid disposal.)
• 23-Point Inspection Service Contract Essential Care oil change offer is made by the dealer, who is solely responsible for it. Plan offered See service advisor for details.
Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees.
Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees. on 1995 & newer to current year vehicles (excluding Crossfire, Viper, Prowler, Diesels, SRT10® and all other vehicles One coupon per visit. Coupon must be present prior to service write-up.
One coupon per visit. Coupon must be present prior to service write-up. Offer ends January 31,2011. Not valid in conjunction with any other coupons or in-store specials.
Offer ends January 31,2011. Not valid in conjunction with any other coupons or in-store specials. that require synthetic or semi-synthetic oils.) Competetive makes also apply. Good only at MARLOW MOTER COMPANY.

Expires April 15, 2011 Expires April 15, 2011 Expires April 15, 2011

The Top 2 Fuel Savers: Fuel $aver Service Specials

• Checking Tire Pressure
• Replacing the Air Filter $
• Increases Tire Life • Improves Braking
• 24 Hr. Emergency • Lost Key & Lock- and get 15% OFF
up to 30% and Handling
Towing out Service
• Improves Fuel • Reduces Running
• 24 Hr. Emergency • Theft and Hit & Recommendations
Economy Tire Temperature (Within 30 Days Of Report)
Road Service Run Protection
• Reduces the • Reduces Wheel
• 24 Hr. Emergency • Trip Routing
chance of Tire Corrosion
Delivery Service Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees.
One coupon per visit. Coupon must be present prior to service write-up.
Failure by up to • Maintains Proper
• 24 Hr. Emergency • Trip Interruption Offer ends January 31,2011. Not valid in conjunction with any other coupons or in-store specials.

50% Tire Pressure Good only at MARLOW MOTER COMPANY.

Battery Service Reimbursement
Expires April 15, 2011 Expires April 15, 2011

Buy 1 BG Fluid Flush at Regular

99.95 EXTENDED SERVICE HOURS: Price and get 50% OFF

$ + Tax the Second
• Hand Wash & Wax Exterior Monday thru Friday: 7:00 am ‘til 7pm Includes: Brake, Transmission, Power Steering,
Coolant, Differentials, and Transfer Case Service.
• Vacuum & Shampoo Interior
• Clean & Protect Leather Saturday: 8am ‘til 5pm Ask Your Service Advisor about the BG Protection Plan.

(If equipped)
Clean Engine • Clean Trunk We’re Here When You Need Us!
• Treat All Exterior Trim
Plus any applicable tax, shop supplies and environmental fees.
One coupon per visit. Coupon must be present prior to service write-up.
Offer ends January 31,2011. Not valid in conjunction with any other coupons or in-store specials.

Expires April 15, 2011 Expires April 15, 2011

2004 Nissan 2007 Nissan Xterra

Pathfinder 4WD S
83,583 Miles 46,991 Miles
#11GJ80B #A918A

$17,649 $18,180
2005 Mercury 2008 Mercury
Sable GS Mountaineer AWD
60,282 Miles 44,079 Miles
#10JP261C #A928A

$9,440 $22,486