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Science of Spirituality – 29



Vethathiri Dasan
Prof. Dr. Madhavan Ph.D.,
VethathiriDasan - Prof. Dr. Madhavan Ph.D.,


Study of Nature by self is natural science. Study of self by the self itself is spiritual
science. Many of us forget that self is also natural. Present day scientists conveniently
keep the self out side their scope of study, differentiating matter from mind, which is also
a matter of subtle nature.

When Reality is one, perceptions are many. When the object is one the understanding
are many. For example when we look at the moon, it is an inspiration for poets, it is a
satellite planet for scientists, it is the face of his loved one for a lover and it is like a
chapatti for an hungry person.

Then what is moon really? God only knows. Therefore to perceive the reality one must
become God; Think like God, Talk like God and Act like God. This is where Man
becomes God and the true meaning of Vedic Maha vakhya – Aham Brahmasmi..


Advaitha Philosophy says, not two, but one. Practical Vedanti of recent times, Swami
Vivekananda, spoke in London, that the emerging spiritual science is – Advaitha.

According to President of the Royal Society Lord Rees, told The Sunday Times: ‘A “true”
fundamental theory of the universe may exist but could be just too hard for human brains
to grasp.

'Just as a fish may be barely aware of the medium in which it lives and swims, so the
microstructure of empty space could be far too complex for unaided human brains.’

Lord Rees’s prediction has been prompted by the failure of scientists to reconcile the
forces that govern the behavior of the cosmos with those that rule the ‘microworld’ of
atoms and particles.

While Einstein used mathematical calculations to build his 1915 theory of general
relativity and 20th century physicists devised quantum theory, no scientist has since
found the tools to unify the two.

Lord Rees added: ‘Some aspects of reality – a unified theory of physics or a full
understanding of consciousness – might elude us simply because they’re beyond human
brains, just as surely as Einstein’s ideas would baffle a chimpanzee.’
'There are powerful reasons to suspect that space has a grainy structure but on a
scale a trillion times smaller than atoms. Solving how this might work is crucial for 21st-
century science,’ the royal astronomer said.

The Neo Scientist Stephen Hawking – in his new book, co-written with American physicist
Leonard Mlodinow, says that God was not at the root of the Universe. Because there is a
law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing. It is not
necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.”


It is said in Psychology that ‘we are born to win; but conditioned to loose’. The very
nature of science is fragmented by divisions of specialization like Physics, Chemistry,
Biology, Psychology, Sociology, and Theology. Though such a differentiation does not
exist in nature and it is holistic is rarely understood and appreciated.

We have been conditioned to believe that genetics do not function like an electronic chip;
so also an electronic guy has no knowledge about the functions of a Bio cell. They live in
their own world differentiated by the Scientists in the name of specialization.

The laptop screen is LCD – Liquid crystal display has a membrane with full of gates and
channels that display graphics according to the electro magnetic charges. Similarly the
membrane of a single cell is also affected by the environmental electro magnetic charges
caused by environment that decides not only its behavior but also impart a change
function for its survival.

Science narrow down the mystery of nature, may be true; how about the mind of
scientists? One thing great about science is all its accepted theories are not 100% correct
and those rejected theories are not 100% wrong. Rules, regulations, laws and hypothesis
may condition an idea but spirituality breaks all the conditioning to demonstrate the
holistic nature of universe and beyond.

Vethahtiri Maharishi in one of his poems has said ‘Now you can say boldly, confidently
without hesitation that consciousness is God in the Universal magnetism without any
least doubt’. Energy is more than 99% in the Universe and Mass is less than 1% in the
Universe is an accepted scientific fact. Like wise more than 90% of living organism live in
water and less than 10% live on earth like you & me. Maa is zeroed on to energy. Now
what energy will be zeroed on to?

Mass & Energy is already linked as one by Einstein. Incidentally Einstein in German
means Single Stone – Oneness. In the same way the days are not far off to say that
Mass, Energy & Consciousness are linked to be one and the same. It takes Biologists,
Neuroscientists, Computer / Electronic Scientists and Physicists all to come together and
prove it. Then we would have bridged the gap between Science & Spirituality.

“May the Whole World enjoy Prosperity, Happiness, Wisdom and Peace”.
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