Importance of Continuous Teacher Training

Challenges in the Classroom Teachers are often faced with the challenge of instructing students at various levels of academic progress. Knowing how to connect with all students regardless of their aptitude level is critical to ensuring that the educational material is effectively disseminated to each student, on each level. Ongoing teacher training can be a vital tool in ensuring their success. Maintaining Academic Standards Armed with the knowledge of how to instruct students with different capacities for learning, teachers can more readily maintain academic requirements necessary to comply with district and state standards. The resources available at can help teachers implement techniques to ensure that less advanced students keep up with the tempo of the class. This results in a more uniform performance and allows schools to uphold their academic integrity. Advantages for Students While it's important not to overlook the needs of students who may be lagging behind, it is also important that students who excel are not held back from reaching their full potential. Achieving this balance in the classroom can help teachers become more effective at fostering the academic progress of their students. is a resource committed to helping teachers overcome these and other obstacles. Here teachers can gain valuable training on how to help their students succeed, while enhancing their own professional development.

Benefits for Teachers
Overcoming Obstacles At, our goal is to generally increase teacher effectiveness. Our courses are designed to help teachers properly assess and overcome challenges in the classroom in order to become better teachers. Ongoing Professional Development and Increased Skill Base Noncertification-based training courses like those at allow teachers an affordable way to continuously develop their expertise. Teachers can gain access to unique and specialized material that will expand their overall skill base and help them stay current with educational trends and instructional methods. Enhanced Professional Performance

Ed) and several other teachers's training courses. teachers not only acquire skills to develop their expertise. Therefore there are different teacher's training institutes offering Basic training certificate (BTC) junior basic training (JBT). Having well-versed teachers in the classroom raises the level of instruction provided and therefore turns out more prepared and educationally advanced students. the primary teachers and secondary teachers are required to take up different teacher's training Primary teachers training (PTT).com we are committed to providing the highest standard of noncertification teacher training. As teachers become more adept at instruction. Therefore it is very important to have professionally qualified teachers to ensure the right development of students. Knowledgeable and Adept Teachers At TexasLearn. At present there are several colleges and institutes offering Teacher's Training Courses in India. they gain valuable knowledge to help their students progress. but are also responsible for inculcating the right values and principles to their students. Seeing a student succeed is one of the most rewarding aspects of the teaching profession. Benefits for Schools and Districts Increased Test Scores Among Students With more knowledgeable teachers in the classrooms. Bachelor in Education (B. . Test scores among students are generally linked to the overall level of teacher effectiveness. leading to a rise in the academic distinction of the school and district. students are likely to perform better. Teachers can take courses that relate directly to their specialty or broaden their skill base by exploring a new subject.Equipped with the necessary skills. They play a vital role in the overall development of the students. Since the needs of the primary students are different from the secondary students. The importance of teachers is especially enormous during the formative years of children when they first join school. teachers can become more proficient in their role as educators. Not only are they responsible for imparting academic knowledge. The resources found here can help you drive your students to advance in measurable ways. schools are better prepared to hold their students to the required standards. Our courses are a great way to improve overall teacher performance. Teacher Training Courses Even though often less acknowledged. the importance of a good teacher is enormous in India. Satisfaction in Seeing True Student Advancement At TexasLearn. Diploma in Education (D.Ed).

.I. Bangalore. Kollam Al-Kateeb Nursery T. The education system in India is supposed to be the second largest and welldeveloped after America but in the rural areas.T.P. Bangalore Qualifications for Teacher Training Courses : Pre Primary and Primary school teachers have to pass 12th standard with at least 50% marks aggregate.P. Dehradun. Karnataka Indian Association for Pre School Education.T. Thiruvananthapuram.P.Institutes offering Teacher's Training Courses in India There are several teacher's training institutes in India that offer training for pre-primary.T. Karnataka Children Educational Society's TTI for Women. Karnataka Dattatreya T.TMA Pai P. Kerala Nehru Smarak Vidya Kendra Nursery Teachers Training Institute. Kunjibettu.T. the candidates must have a post graduate degree in the subject they wish to teach in. the number of drop-outs at the elementary level is .. Udupi. Chandigarh A.T. (Uttarkhand) Kasturba P.T.T. Please click on the below mentioned links to know more about the Teacher Training Courses in India y y y y y Elementary Teacher Education Course Basic Teacher Certificate Course Master Of Education Course Diploma in Education Course Junior Basic Training Course y y y y Primary Teachers Training Course Junior Teacher's Training Certificate Courses Physical Teacher Training Courses B. Karnataka Asharafee Teacher Training Institute.I. Some of the leading institutes in India are: y y y y y y y y y y y Technical Teacher's Training Institute. primary education as well as higher education.I.P..S. Bhopal (TTTI) National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training and Research (NITTTR). the personal aptitude and skills are also important.. Karnataka Dr. In addition to the academic records.T. To join Secondary and Senior Secondary Teacher Training course.I.Ed Course Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) in India Elementary Education refers to the education imparted to children between the age group of 4 to 14 years.

However. teachers also go through practical training courses. But the sustenance of a vibrant educational system depends to a large extent on the quality of teaching at the elementary level. The growing need for trained teachers for the proper functioning of the schools have compelled private institutions to start various courses in elementary teacher education in India. Please click on the below mentioned links to know more about the Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) in Indiay y y y y ETE Training Institutes in Andhra Pradesh ETE Training Institutes in Delhi ETE Training Institutes in Haryana ETE Training Institutes in Karnataka ETE Training Institutes in Punjab y y y y ETE Training Institutes in Pondicherry ETE Training Institutes in Rajasthan ETE Training Institutes in Tamil Nadu ETE Training Institutes in Uttar Pradesh Basic Training Certificate (BTC) The quality of the education system plays a major role in the development of the country as it builds up the human resource of the future. is taking steps to enhance the scenario and has been creating programs that would make education easily accessible to everyone and also ensure that they continue with higher education. thus. candidates willing to pursue an elementary teacher education course in India need to fulfill the admission criteria as mentioned by the respective institutes. The course includes all the major aspects of the field of study. The government.quite high. Basic Training Certificate courses are set up in almost all the states in India so that maximum number of teachers can avail the training and help improve the . It is. very important that teachers acquire proper training in order to handle children at the elementary level. In order to improve the quality of the teachers. Candidates who have qualified their 10+2 examination or equivalent from a recognized board with the minimum percentage of marks are eligible for admission to this course. Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) in India Elementary level education lays the foundation of learning in a child. The institutes providing BTC. However. In order to strengthen elementary education in India it is also essential to provide proper training to the teachers entrusted with the duty of educating the students. teaching when compared to other professions is less lucrative but it is the mental satisfaction attached with the profession that draws the attention of individuals. Apart from the theory part. There are quite a number of institutes that conduct elementary teacher education (ETE) in India. however. Comfortable hours of working and paid vacations are considered to be the main reasons behind the popularity of teaching as a profession. the government of India has set up various institutes that provide BTC:Basic Training Certificate after the successful completion of a course in teacher's training.

) courses. The M. It is a government body in charge of . BTC Courses in India for teaching at the elementary stage. Institutes offering BTC: Basic Training Certificate Courses in India There are several institutes that offer Basic Training Certificate. This has also helped in the growth of the M. New Delhi. Uttaranchal Trident College of Education.Ed. Department OF Education On completion of the Basic Training Certificate (BTC) Courses from an institute in (Master of Education) is mainly offered by institutions that are recognized by National Council of Teacher Education.Ed Courses in India are generally pursued after the successful completion of the Bachelor of Education (http://www. Here is a list of some of the institutions offering BTC courses in India: y y y y y y y y y Vivekanand College of Education.) is increasingly becoming a preferred career course for many Indians. Uttar Pradesh Aligarh Muslim University.Ed (Master of Education) As the education sector is attracting adequate attention in the age of structural adjustment and economic reform.indiaedu. Uttar Pradesh District Institute of Education & Training. Uttar Pradesh District Institute Of Education & Training. UP Lovely Institute of Education. Master of education (M. Almora. Uttar Pradesh Institute Of Teacher Education. one can apply to various primary schools.Ed.Ed. Career Colleges in India. Please click on the below mentioned links to know more about the JBT-Junior Basic Training in Education courses in different states of Indiay y y BTC Institutes in Punjab BTC Institutes in Uttranchal BTC Institutes in Uttar Pradesh M. It is a Post Graduate degree course offered at most of the District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) centers across India. The basic training certificate courses in the field of education are increasingly becoming popular as recruitment boards of primary teachers in various Indian states regard the BTC as a part of the minimum eligibility criteria for appointment of primary teachers.quality of education in India. Uttar Pradesh District Institute of Education & Training. Punjab Cosmos College of Education.html) (B. In India M.

Ed Colleges in West Bengal Diploma in Education (D.Ed Colleges in Goa M. Institutions offering D.Ed.Ed Colleges in Madhya Pradesh y y y y y y y y y y y y y M.Ed Colleges in Orissa M.Ed Colleges in Haryana M. Raipur. India include the following: y y y y Adarsh Junior College of Education.Ed Colleges in Gujarat M. M.) As elementary education plays a very important role in a person's life and also in the development of the nation. the need to train the teachers is increasingly been realized.Ed Colleges in Jammu & Kashmir M.Ed.Ed Colleges in Chhattishgarh M. Ed.Ed Colleges in Arunachal Pradesh M.Ed-Diploma in Education.Ed Teacher Training Courses in different States of India y y y y y y y y y y y y y y M. This diploma in education would help the teachers in developing their cognitive skills and also in taking care of the psychological needs of the students. In every state in India there are several institutions that offer Master of Education courses. D.Ed.ED from a reputed institution in India.Ed Colleges in Assam M. Mumbai Basic Training Institute.Ed Colleges in Uttranchal M. The eligibility criterion for admission to this course is that candidates must pass their Bachelor of Education B.Ed Colleges in Maharashtra M.Ed Colleges in Himachal Pradesh M.Ed Colleges in Bihar M. The D. courses if you are interested in pursing a teaching career.Ed Colleges in Tripura M. is considered an important course as it helps the students to learn the education systems and patterns more profoundly and comparatively. In India there are different institutes that provide Diploma in Education.Ed Colleges in Jhakhand M.Ed Colleges in Punjab M. Please click on the below mentioned links to know more about the M.Ed to be eligible for appointment as teachers. The various institutions offering D.Ed Colleges in Andhra Pradesh M.Ed Colleges in Chandigarh M.Ed Colleges in Uttar Pradesh M. Junior College of Education. It is essential to pursue the M.Ed-Diploma in Education in India Teacher training in India is offered through a number of institutions across the country.Ed Colleges in Tamil Nadu M.improving and implementing teacher education programmes in the country.Ed-Diploma in Education.Ed Colleges in Meghalaya M. Mumbai Aryan Education Society's Vanita. Maharashtra Adhyapak Vidyalaya.Ed Colleges in Rajasthan M. India is gaining popularity as various states have made it compulsory to have D.Ed Colleges in Pondicherry M.Ed Colleges in Karnataka M. Madhya Pradesh .Ed Colleges in Delhi M.Ed Colleges in Manipur M.

The junior basic training Institutes (JBT) have come up in India mainly to train the teachers who are actively engaged in imparting education to the tender aged children. y y JBT Institutes in Andman Nicobar JBT Institutes in Assam . Haryana Hindu College Of Education. Candidates with a bachelor's degree seeking admission to this course should have a minimum percentage of 45% marks. Students who have passed their 12th standard board examination or equivalent are eligible for taking admission in this course. Please click on the below mentioned links to know more about the DED-Diploma in Education Course in different states of Indiay y y y y DED Institutes in Goa DED Institutes in Gujarat DED Institutes in Haryana DED Institutes in Madhya Pradesh DED Institutes in Mahrashtra Junior Basic Training in Education The concept of JBT-Junior Basic training in India is a result of the realization that education received at the elementary level shapes the human personality in more ways than one. A certain number of seats are also kept reserved as per the rules and regulations mentioned by the government. Eligibility and Admission Criteria for JBT-Junior Basic Training in India In some of the states in India the JBT or Junior Basic Training course is conducted for a period of two years. Entrance test is also conducted for the admission of students to this course. Candidates should be between seventeen to twenty eight years of age. the minimum qualification required is completion of 12 years of basic education.y y y District Institute of Education & Training. In some of the states in India a minimum percentage of 50% marks in 10+2 examination is essential for the students willing to join this course. Five years maximum relaxation in the upper age limit is given to the reserved category candidates. Apart from the government institutes there are quite a number of private institutes that conduct junior basic training courses in India. Also 50% is the minimum marks required in the qualifying examination to be eligible for Diploma in Education. Haryana Padmashree Academy for Creative Teaching. Ambala. Bangalore Qualification: For admissions to the D.Ed-Diploma in Education at various institutes in India. Please click on the below mentioned links to know more about the JBT-Junior Basic Training in India. It is therefore in the interest of the students that they be taught by trained teachers who can develop the cognitive skills and also take care of the emotional needs of the students.

However. Because of theses reasons Primary Teacher's training (PTT) is made compulsory in various states for appointment as primary teachers.a page that concentrates on providing the best information on PTT institutes in India. We have tried to provide as accurate information as possible while compiling this list of PTT institutes in India.-y y y y y PTT Institutes in Arunachal Pradesh PTT Institutes in Bihar PTT Institutes in Jharkhand PTT Institutes in Sikkim PTT Institutes in West Bengal .y y y y JBT Institutes in Chandigarh JBT Institutes in Delhi JBT Institutes in Himachal Pradesh JBT Institutes in Punjab Primary Teacher's Training (PTT) in Education. We would welcome any kind of feedback that will improve the quality of this page. On this page we have tried to cover the institutes in India that offer the Primary Teacher's Training (PTT) courses. if you come across any discrepancy or error. Please click on the below mentioned links to know more about the Primary Teacher's Training Institutes in different states of India. As they need to take care of the emotional needs along with developing the cognitive skills of the students primary Teacher's training is regarded as essential. India Well-trained teachers are capable of improving not only the quality of education in India but also the quality of life as they are actively engaged in building the human resource of the future. Primary Teacher's training is even more important as elementary education plays a very important role in a person's life. do write to us about it.

While the eligibility criteria for admission to this course is a pass in 10+2 level with a minimum of 45% marks . However. You can also enroll in a CPED College in the state such as Swaminarayan C. Teachers trained through JTTC are expected to be actively engaged in the whole process of producing enlightened citizens of the country. Junior teacher's training certificate courses are designed to impart training to the teachers so that they can make the students confident enough to face the challenges of the future. If you are interested in studying CPED. Interestingly enough many education trusts conduct this course in the state. The seat capacity for the course may vary from one institute to another. Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training emphasizes on considerable improvement of mental as well as physical health of a child through training in extra-curricular subjects such as Physical Education since the initial days of schooling. We have tried to provide as accurate information as possible while compiling this list of JTTC institutes in India. Features of CPED Institutes in Gujarat Several Physical Education Colleges and Education Colleges in Gujarat offers higher certificate course in this field. We would welcome any kind of feedback that will improve the quality of this page. Thus. On this page we have tried to cover the institutes in India that offer the Junior teacher's Training Certificate Courses (JTTC).a page that concentrates on providing the best information on JTTC institutes in India. you can scroll down this page. training of teachers is very important so that they can take care of the differential needs of the students. Please click on the below mentioned links to know more about the Junior teacher's Training Certificate Courses in different states of Indiay y JTTC Institutes in Meghalaya CPED Institutes Gujarat y While the Sports Authority of Gujarat provides extensive support to the secondary schools for organizing sports events. To know more about CPED Institutes in Gujarat. jobs for Physical Education instructors are aplenty in this state.Junior teacher's Training Certificate Courses in India As schools bring together students from different sections of the society. do write to us about it.Ed. if you come across any discrepancy or error. College. you will find many options in this state. You can go for a lucrative career option in Physical Education training after acquiring requisite skills and knowledge in the field. Several institutes across the state offer certificate. Kids are thus given adequate training in Physical Education apart from general academics in the schools in Gujarat since the elementary level.P. higher certificate and diploma courses in Physical Education.a higher certificate course in this field. which exclusively offers a CPED course.

Manekba Vyavam Vidya Bhawan Address Itola Baroda 391240 Ambawadi Ellisbridge Ahmedabad 380006 Adlaj Gandhi Nagar -380006 Eligibility Phone/Email ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* Bachelor of Education. you need to have the Bachelor's degree. To achieve this. Once a person completes the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed Colleges Teachers play a very important role in a student's life. this B. Online Bachelor Degree in Education is also a great idea.for the general candidates. Ed was introduced. So. Vyavam Vidya Bhawan Smt. we have tried to list all the B. Almost every central and state university offers degree in B. B. then move forward and complete a year's course on Bachelor of Education (B. If you have the passion for teaching and want to take teaching as your profession. Ed).N. You can also undergo Bachelor of Education through Distance Learning Degree Programs offered by many distance learning universities. Whether you are an arts or a science graduate. Ed degree is considered compulsory. Ed) coaching or training. It is. If you think you have the qualities to be a teacher. to a great extent. On this page. Bachelor of Education or B. it is 40% for the applicants who have taken part in the sports events at state or National level.Ed. which will teach a person about teaching and the various aspects associated with teaching. then he is awarded with a B. it is very necessary to be adequately equipped with resources that will make the teacher a perfect role model to the students. Below mentioned is a list of Training Institutes offering Certificate Course in Physical Education in Gujarat CPED Institutes in Gujarat Name Arya Kanya Shikshan Mahavidyalya Sheth C. the teachers who decide the shape a student's life will take.Ed B. Ed colleges that provide teaching training and coaching in India. . Ed degree.

Top B. y y y y y You become efficient in teaching subjects of your specialization on the basis of accepted principles of learning and teaching. it is always prudent to seek admission in some of the reputed B. There is a separate section in this course where you learn to guide the children and counsel them in solving their personal and academic problems. Pandalam Indian Universities offering B. y y y y y y y Annamalai University Bangalore University Jamia Millia Islamia Institure of Post Graduate Studies and Research University of Kerala. Maulana Mohammed Ali Jauhar Marg. Teachers College. Department Of Education. Institute of Distance Education University of Madras Maharishi Dayananad University Mother Teresa Women's University . Kozhikode NSS Training College.G. Ed course. New Delhi A. The course also teaches you about the attitude and makes you skilled in coming up with innovative teaching techniques. Visakhapatanam University of Bombay St.Ed colleges in India : If you are willing to have a strong foundation of teaching. y y y y y y y Jamia Millia Islamia. The course develops your skills and widens your understanding so that you can impart quality education to your students. Ed colleges in India.Ed course Correspondence courses: Besides the above mentioned colleges. Ahmedabad Himachal Pradesh University. Shimla D. You become more competent in understanding psychological principles of growth and development and individual differences of the students you teach. Xaviers College of Education.Why study Bachelor of Education? There are some important reasons as to why one should opt for B.College of Teacher Education. there are some universities which offer integrated course on Bachelor of Education.M. Patna y y College Of Teacher Education. Imphal Andhra University.

The quality Teaching Jobs School Teacher Jobs Career in Elementary Education Preschool Teaching Online Teaching Degrees Online Teaching Jobs Teaching Jobs of education in any educational institute hinges on the availability of good teachers. As the educational institutes are vying for the best faculty. we would bring to your notice the teaching jobs that are available in India and teaching jobs available abroad. Moreover once you are qualified as a teacher. A good teacher not only shows the right path that the students should follow but also prepares the human resource for the further development of the nation. y y Teacher Education in China(I) 2004-10-27 .y y Patna University SNDT Women's University The demand for qualified and trained teachers all over the country has made the students choose B. Therefore in this section. Apart from being a secure professional career a teacher's job also entails shorter working hours and regular annual vacations. you can also earn some extra buck by offering private tuitions or opening up a coaching institute. teaching jobs have become attractive more than ever before as the salaries of teachers are also rising. Ed to ensure a good teaching job. Some people find teaching jobs appealing also because it entails engagement in various extracurricular and other activities of the institute. It would include the details of schoolteacher jobs. teaching jobs not only offer an opportunity to earn one's living but also to engage in one of the oldest and noblest professions. College teacher's jobs. jobs in Universities and other teaching jobs in various organizations and institutions. Teaching as a profession has attracted quite a good numbers of young people in the recent years as the number of private and government educational institutes are increasing at a very high pace in India and the world. Therefore. y y y y y y y y y Teaching jobs are regarded as the noblest of all the professions in the world.

Competent persons in the society and graduates of other specialites should be recruited to teach. the governments at different levels have given priorities and great cares to teacher education. Basic Statistics of Specialized Teacher Training Schools in 1998 Schools Normal universities and colleges Secondary teacher training schools Educational institutes In-service teacher training schools 229 875 190 2087 Enrollments 693600 921100 212000 371000 Freshmen 251100 319300 82200 121600 Graduates Teachers 196800 3058000 66200 168200 76600 6340 18700 46300 The State Council promulgated Regulations on Teachers Qualification in December 12th. threeyear teacher training colleges and secondary teacher training schools primarily conduct preservice education. They train respectively teachers for senior and junior secondary schools and primary schools kindergartens and special education institutions. in which the standards for recruiting teachers are strictly regulated and teachers must have certificates before taking their jobs. in-service training programs for teachers at secondary and primary schools are provided through correspondence education programs. In-service training is conducted respectively by education institutes and in service teacher training schools for teachers of secondary and primary school (kindergartens). Teacher Education In China(III) Pre-service Training of Primary and Secondary School Teachers General Higher Teacher Education .A Survey of Teacher Education in China Teacher education is an important part of Chinese socialist education system. China has established on the whole a teacher education system that meets the needs of basic education of different types and at different levels. satellite TV education. In the last 50 years' of development since the founding of the People's Republic of China. education departments in regular higher education institutions and all kinds of teacher training classes including TV programs were also set up to train secondary school teachers. and examinations for self-directed learners. In addition. This system fits the specific Chinese situation and consists of independent teacher training institutions as the principle parts supplemented by other educational organizations. 1995. evening schools. At the same time. Four-year teacher training institutions including normal universities and colleges. Teacher education in China is composed by two parts that is pre-service education and in-service training.

Psychology. In accordance with the regional education needs. Mathematics £¨including Methodology of Mathematics Teaching in Primary Schools £©. English. At the same time. Educational Technology. Furthermore. Music. The specialties are as follows£º Pedagogy. Geography. Psychology. Pre-school Education.000 enrollments£® In addition. teaching practice and extracurricular activities. postgraduate programs are offered in general higher teacher education institutions.61 for pre-school education and 3 for special education. teacher-training institutes and teacher training colleges enroll graduates from senior secondary schools. Russian. Biology. Secondary pre-school teacher training schools enroll graduates from junior secondary schools. Normal universities. Ideological and Political Education. The courses are made up of 4 parts£ºcompulsory courses.000. Computer Science. teaching probation and experimental teaching. Chemistry. there were 229 general higher education institutions in China with an enrollment of 690. science and technology. Physics. Special Education. Basic Audio-visual Education.2-year or 3 year programs are mainly to train teachers for junior secondary schools. The extracurricular activities are conducted by means of lectures. kindergartens and special education. Teaching practice includes visits to primary schools. 000 enrollments. organizing special interest groups and conducting social surveys to educate students in disciplines. History. History. general higher teacher education institutions are playing active parts in providing in-service training for secondary school teachers. Japanese. In 1998. Chemistry. Chinese Language and Literature. Physics. and offer either 3year programs or 4-year programs. optional courses. Fine Arts and Physical Education. optional courses. Chinese £¨including Methodology of Chinese Teaching in Primary Schools£©. educational survey. Languages and Literature of Minority Nationalities. and Basics of Computer Application. Pedagogy for Primary School. Fine Arts. there were 811 regular secondary teacher training schools. Mathematics and applied Mathematics. Laboring Skills. offering 3-year or 4year programs. Besides. Out of these 875 colleges. --The main task of secondary pre-school teacher training schools is to educate kindergarten teachers. Music. Biology. Four-year programs are offered for training senior secondary school teachers. In 1998. such programs are offered in some regular secondary teacher training colleges and vocational senior secondary schools. Regular Secondary Teacher Education Regular secondary teacher education aims mainly at training teachers for primary schools. --The main task for regular secondary teacher education is to prepare teachers for primary school education. Compulsory courses include £º Ideological . vocational and technical subjects are offered to meet the requirements of the local economic development. Physical Education. the optional courses include subjects that help broadening and deepening the students' knowledge and fostering their interests and aptitudes. Geography. arts and sports. there were 61 secondary pre-school teacher training schools in China with 58. teaching practice and extracurricular activities. there were 875 regular secondary colleges of teacher training in China with 920. Compulsory courses are£ºIdeological and Political Education. In 1998. The curriculums consist of 4 parts £ºcompulsory courses. They enroll graduates from junior secondary schools.General higher teacher education in China aims mainly at the training of secondary school teachers.

get-togethers and social surveys. they enroll graduates from junior secondary schools and the schooling lasts either 4 years or 3 years. The country encourages the expansion of teacher education for minorities to promote the . Mathematics. Design and Instructions of Preschool Educational Activities. and vocational and technical subjects to meet the demands of local special education. Physical Education. Chinese. Physical Education and Laboring Skills. Extracurricular activities are intended to promote teaching in science and technology as well as in arts and sports through lectures. History. Pedagogy. Introduction to Special Education and Laboring Skills£® The specialized ones are separately offered for the abovementioned three specialties. including subjects that are helpful to broaden and deepen students' knowledge. Physics. knowledge and develop their interests and special skills. Biology. Teaching practice includes visits to local kindergartens. Chemistry. Basic Psychology. on-the-spot observation of kindergarten children's mental and physical growth. get-togethers and social surveys. Altogether there are 22 specialized compulsory courses. Mathematics. Teacher Education for Ethnic Minorities China is a unified multi-ethnic nation with 56 ethnic minority groups£® The population of these minorities is 108 million accounting for 8. Basic Audio visual Education. for the blind and for the mentally retarded£® Normally. Geared to the requirements of local kindergartens. Geography. arts and sports through lectures.there were 33 secondary special education teachertraining institutions in China. educational surveys and student teaching themselves. The compulsory courses are classified into two categories £º public and specialized compulsory courses. and services for kindergartens. Fine Arts. The public ones include Ideological and Political Education. Extracurricular activities provide education in science and technology. Secondary teacher training institutes for special education offer three specialties£º education for the deaf. The courses are made up of 4 parts that are compulsory courses. Biology. History. probating and assisting special education teachers to organize activities. Health Protection for Kindergarten Children. In addition. Methodology and other courses for prevention and examination of deformity. Basic Pedagogy. Fine Arts. groups constitutes an important part in the national education undertaking.and Political Education. and through organizing students to coach voluntarily in special schools and local educational organizations. Geography. Chinese. Music.98£¥ of the total. They include Psychology. Music. optional courses are designed to broaden the students. -The main task of secondary special teacher. Dancing. Education of minority ethnic. Physics. optional courses of special education are offered in regular secondary schools of teacher training so as to enable their graduates to meet the future challenges of having handicapped children to study in the main stream. In 1998. Teaching practice includes visiting. preschool Psychology. teaching practice and extracurricular activities. Survey of Preschool Education. Chemistry. 3 out of which were fully devoted to special education institutions. The optional courses are based on the local needs for special primary education. to develop their interests and special skills. teaching probation and student teaching schools is to educate special education teachers for primary schools. optional courses.

pdf www. Teacher Training Center in the Northwest and English Teacher Training Center in the Southwest are established in the regions where the minority people www.hku. The reform of minority teacher education is undergoing continuously and it is on the way to train versatile teachers with practical Parts of the nation's institutions and comprehensive universities also offer programs for training minority education Home Education sunzi.texaslearn.indiaedu. A group of higher teacher training institutions and colleges and secondary teacher training schools are responsible for teaching and training minority .lib. Home Education np.lib.development of education in the regions where minority peoples reside.hku.pdf sunzi.china-embassy.

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