Vision Of The Steel Mill

Mitt Jeffords
Who shall stand at his appearing?

"I found myself in the middle of a steel mill, and all around me were the sights and the sounds of one would expect to see and hear in a steel mill that was in full production. I saw fiery sparks every where I looked, and the sound of "shhhhh"; the sound that hot iron metal is dipped in water to be cooled. The only thing missing was the mill workers; for there was not one man to be found anywhere. I then noticed that not far from me was a molten mass just laying on the floor; and it had no shape or form to it. The outside of this mass appeared burnt black and crackly, appearing just like the lava that I have seen in pictures from the volcanoes in Hawaii. Though the outside of this mass appeared cool and hard, I could tell that the inside was still molten hot. I was studying this molten mass when all of sudden it started taking on a form; it was a simple upright form that was about 4 feet high and 2 feet across; other than be upright, it had no other characteristics to it. The outside of this mass still appeared as black and crackly as lava. I was amazed because though I saw this mass taking shape before my eyes, I could not visibly see who was doing it. For about 15 minutes I had been trying to figure out what this form was before me when all of sudden, starting at the top, all of the burnt outside pieces began to fall off this figure. It was not until the bottom pieces fell away before I could what this form was. It was the figure of a man who was bent over at the waist, with head straight down towards the floor, his arms were running parallel to his legs, and he appeared to be made out of sterling silver. I hardly had time to consider what this new form was before I could discern that this figure was about ready for another. I then observed as this figure changed from sterling silver to liquid silver. Once it became liquid, this figure then stood completely upright. After this figure stood upright, it then hardened again; this time the figure appeared as the most clear sparkling crystal that I have ever seen. I do not know how I perceived this, but I knew that this new man was completely filled with all humility and boldness, having all confidence and faith in God. It was then that I woke up from my dream. When I opened my eyes, there standing at the foot of my bed was this very figure of a man that I had seen in my dream. He leaned towards me and said, "I stand corrected"; and then he disappeared. Immediately the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me that which is written in Malachi, "Who shall continue in the day of his coming? Who may abide in the day of his coming? For he is like a refiners fire and a fuller's soap; and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver so that they may present before the Lord an offering in righteousness". I then shook at the reality of


what the Lord has shown me; for many, many are looking for the coming of the Lord, but who is he who has gone through the fire of the Lord’s corrections? I then asked the Lord, "Who does this man represent, Lord. Is it me?". And the Lord then answered and said, "The man that you saw in your vision, he is your inner man; your heart, your mind, and your soul. The inner man is he which no man has power to correct or to change of himself. The man who attempts to correct himself, he is the man who does so that he might be found pleasing and acceptable in the sight of men, as well as in his own eyes. He who loves me, he it is who humbles his heart before me, presenting himself before me, asking for me to correct him. I correct all those whom I love because they desire to for me to change them into my own image", says the Lord. "When I correct you, I change things in you; for I do that which is impossible for any man to do. Only I can transform your minds, giving unto you the peace and the life that you have always desired to have. Only I can open your eyes to see and perceive the truth of my words so that your may be set free from all of your fears, doubts, and unbelief. I desire to deliver you from all of your fears and doubts so that you can serve me with gladness and joy. Only I am able to open your ears to hear and understand the secrets and mysteries of God, so that you may know me; for he who is ignorant of me, he has no desire for me. Only I can tame your tongue, so that when you open your mouth, my words will proceed forth; words that are spirit and the give life. Only I can increase your faith, making you confident that I am well able to perform all of my promises and words for you. Only I can work in your belief, giving unto you the belief that all things are possible with me. I will also work in your belief so that you will know that all of my words, as well as all of my promises and blessings, they were all intended for you. I also desire to correct your unbelief and doubts so that you may know that I am always with you, no matter what the circumstances or situations may try to dictate to you. Only I can give unto you the trust and the patience that will allow for you to work in your hearts, being still until I have finished the work that I had started in you. Only I am able to destroy your wisdom, the source and the cause of every evil work; freely putting my wisdom in the hidden man and my truth in your inward parts. Only I am to circumcise your hearts until you love me with all of your heart, all of your soul, and all of your mind. Only I am able to give to you the heart and the mind of the faithful and loving bride who has long awaited for her bridegroom to come. Let me correct you so that you may believe and know that I truly do love you with all of my heart",


says the Lord. “When I correct, I cleanse, I change, I sanctify, and I make whole, all those who present themselves before me. You are my workmanship, and only I can finish the work which I have started. Only I have the power to change your heart and your mind; only I have the power to correct. Do not be afraid of my correction; for my correction is the change that you desire; for my correction brings forth the fruits of life and peace. My correction is your salvation from the torments, the unrest, and the miseries of the carnal mind. Liberty and freedom, peace and life are my gifts to those who present themselves before me, trusting in me to correct them in love. My correction is by my power. My correction is in love, gentleness, mercy, and compassion. Therefore, do not put your own hand forth to your own correction, lest you bring forth the lies of hypocrisy, that outward image that only appears right in the sight of men. Trust me; present your-self before me. Rest and be still. Watch me work. Watch me bring forth life in you; watch me bring forth life abundantly. I will make you that new creature which cannot be made by the hands of man", says the Lord. “I will make you pleasing and acceptable in my sight. I will be pleased with you and you will be pleased with the work of my hands. No blemishes in your love, your faith, your trust, or in your belief in me. I will do this work in you because I love you, and when you allow for me to do this for you, you will love me, and you will love the life that I give you. So now I ask you, “Who is ready for my coming? Is it not all those whom I have made ready for my coming through the work of his own hands. I am asking you to acknowledge my presence in your life, believing that I am sovereign over all of your body, your soul, and your spirit; for without this belief, I will not able to change you, giving unto the life that I yearn to give to you. Thus says the Lord your God, “I have not left you without hope. The hopeless have no hope to see anything better than what they can see. They are blind; they do not know me, nor do they know of my power or my goodness. I am revealing unto you the work that I desire to do so that you may have hope to see me perform all of these good things in you. You have heard that it is written that many righteous men and prophets have desired to see those things that you see, and to hear the things that you hear, but they never saw nor heard them. Do you see and believe on Me? Do you hear and understand my words? I desire to correct you so that you may see all truth, and I desire to circumcise your ears so that you may hear and perceive My truth. You have not yet seen the truth, but I am opening your ears so that you may hope for my truth. My truth is my word, and my word is so powerful, that in its presence, all evil is going to be destroyed. You have not yet seen this truth, but I yearn and desire to give it unto you. All that which I have prophesied unto you has


always been centered around my truth. All of your fears, all your doubts, all your unbelief, all of your ignorance, as well as all your pride is of this world and all of these things are only subject to the ruler of this world, Satan. It is Satan who has ruled over you with fear, and unbelief, and ignorance, and doubt, and pride. Only when the fullness of my Spirit comes shall you be set free; and I am that Spirit, and where I am there is liberty. It is Satan who has ruled over the whole earth with his staff, lies. My truth breaks his staff and destroys all of his power over you. Seek diligently for my truth, for it is a treasure above all that you can imagine; and it is eternal. There can no evil continue to dwell when my presence comes to destroy. Seek for me to step in you; seek for me to be your inner man. Do not forsake the right way. Continue in my promises, in all that I have declared unto you, in all that I have taught you, in all that you have seen and heard, and in all that I have prophesied unto you. Who is going to abide in the day of my coming? Who shall stand when I appear? I cannot yet come into this present world that you inhabit, for in the glory of my presence, all lies, all darkness, and all evil would be destroyed; and those who are joined to such things through their belief of these things will also perish at my appearing. The presence of my glory is going to destroy everything, and this is why I cannot yet come into this world. It is the darkness that rules this present world. I have asked you to seek for the truth. I have asked you to believe and to trust me when I said unto you that you do not yet know the truth. There are many things that you do not yet comprehend because you have not yet asked to understand them. If you ask diligently and if you will focus your eyes on me, and not on your own self, your own emotions, your own reasoning, your own vision, or on your circumstances, then I will show you the truth. If you will seek my goodness, in all that comes upon you, then I will reveal myself unto you. Do not think it strange nor be dismayed at the fiery trials which confront you. Remember, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, for just as I was with them, so also am I always with you. Look for me in the fire, for you are not alone. Believe on my words, and look for the good that I desire to bring forth in all that you go through. Remember that which is written, “Happy is the man whom the Lord corrects”. I AM; I Am a consuming fire. I desire to baptize you with my fire. I am that fire. I am that fire that you must pass through to return to paradise, the kingdom of God. The kingdom which is about to appear on earth. But who shall stand when I appear except those who have been corrected? Are you ready for me?” says the Lord.