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Organizational Behavior

Case „Andrew Jones“ – 14th November 2010

Jacek Jasinski

Andrew Jones

Andrew can not control Fester and feels emotionally disturbed by his presence
and behavior at work

Root causes:
Fester is employed without proper consulting it with Jones as a project manager
This shows lack of trust and recognition from Jerrold to Jones and lack of communication from above

Fester is an individualist even though they have to deal with the team project, this shows lack of job
description for this position and weak recruiting system
Jones is not able to understand all parts of the project and he does nothing to make his colleagues
explain it to him – this shows lack of horizontal communication and clear directives from Jones but
also not enough team leader skills (self assertion)
Based on this he is unsure and sees Fester as a competition not support
Lack of clear directives from Jerrold to Jones; from Jones to Fester what to do and what to achieve
(laissez faire) – all employees do what they want because Jerrold and Jones are accepting it
Jones sees Jerrold and Fester often together and perceives it they are closely together and he is
loosing something
Jerrold is more concentrated on his potential fame and reputation and would do everything to achieve
it no matter what the costs are
Jerrold does not communicate the importance and prestige if the project as a motivation tool
Jerrold does not see the negative group dynamic – no communication to shop floor
Jerrold perceives his relation to Jones as warm and fruitful (his perception) - no feedback on all levels
Jerrold planned Fester for new project already without informing Jones and others-
lack of communication and feedback

Solutions Building:
Before Festers arrival:
Support and training for Jones as a team leader
Clear description of the project with specialists are needed to manage the project;
Clear job descriptions for the specialists
More focus during recruiting period on team-orientation
Communication of the prestige and importance of the project (additional motivation)
Regularly meetings but organized well and related to the topic including Dr. Jerrold
Clear reporting and feedback system
Joining of new team members should be discussed and clear communicate to existing team

After Festers arrival:

Official introduction to the team with clear message what he will be focusing on
Fester is informed about his task and knows the reporting system
Fester has a clear guidance at work

Before Jones’ notice:

Jerrold should talk personal to Jones about his reasons to leave and motivate him to stay