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St Augustine’s Primary School Bulletin: Monday 4th April 2011

• I hope that everybody enjoys a lovely Easter break and thank you for all your hard work this term.
• Please encourage the children to get lots of sponsors for the sponsored silence. They should bring
their form to school by Thursday, please sign it depending on how many minutes they have
completed, and send it home. We will expect the money after Easter.
• Electric Meters are being changed on 12th April – some disruption expected to electricity during the
• John Piper will be working 8 – 4pm during Easter Holidays
• School will be closed on 19th, 20th and 21st April
• Overtime Claim Sheets: The next cut off date for completed claim forms is 10th April

Monday 4th
Russell Wilson, Premier Sports away – John Robinson to cover

Amy Needham, BCCS, in school all day

Occupational Therapist in school

Mr Jan Choeanec (Guitar Teacher) in school

Mrs Moody in Infant Office

9.30am Mr Roca-Mas to observe Miss Bergin

10.30am KS1 Headteacher Assembly

10.30am Mrs Anthony to visit St Patrick’s School

11am Mrs Doyle to meet with parent

2pm Mrs Doyle to meet with prospective parent

3.00pm KS2 Headteacher Assembly

3.30pm Spanish Classes – Mrs Neale

3.30pm Pupil Progress Meeting - payback

No Basketball Club

Tuesday 5th
Mrs Bari away – Mrs Neale to cover 3b

Mrs Donovan in Infant Office

9am Progress meeting in Mrs Ranjan’s Office – Mrs Colville, Mr Monk (Mrs Brannan and Mrs
Tyson to cover), Mrs Ranjan to attend

9.30 – 11.30am Extended Schools Meeting to be held at St Augustine’s in SMT Room

Mrs Doyle and Mrs Anthony to attend. Mrs Martin and Mrs Donovan to
arrange refreshments

10.30am KS1 Hymn Practice

Pm Mrs Valentine PPA – Mrs Anthony to cover

1pm Miriam Craddock, Essex Educational Psychologist to meet with Mrs Ranjan,
Mr Roca-Mas in SMT Room- followed by observation / assessment of Year 5
1.20pm Mr Firman, Guitar teacher in school

1.20pm Mr Tim Eaton (Woodwind Teacher) in school

3pm KS2 Deputy Headteacher Assembly – Miss Bergin to lead with pupils from Redbridge Mini

3.20pm Choir – Junior Hall

3.20pm Hockey Club

3.30pm Mrs Doyle and Mrs Valentine – Progress Meeting

Wednesday 6th
All children taking part in Lithuanian Assembly will need to go to lunch at either 12.15pm
in KS1 or 12.30pm in KS2. Mrs Daniel will collect Junior children at 1pm to
prepare for assembly.

Mrs Christou to attend Feast of Stories INSET at Roding Primary School –

Miss Stacey Humphrey to cover

Mrs Bari away – Mrs Inayat to cover in Nursery

Mrs Moody in Infant Office

Am Miss Ubsdell 1:1 tuition

9 – 12noon Mr Roca-Mas and Mrs Anthony to attend UNICEF Rights & Responsibilities
Course at Barley Lane – Lyndsey Bush to cover am

9am Progress Meeting for Year 5 pupil in SMT Office – Mrs Ranjan, Mrs Vorbel and Mrs Harris
(Mrs Holden to cover) to attend

9.00 – 3.45pm Violin Teacher in school.

10.30am KS1 CAFOD Assembly – Mrs Bow

11.15am KS2 CAFOD Assembly – Mrs Bow

Pm 8 Year 2 pupils to attend sports event at Caterham High School

Miss Bergin to accompany children (Lyndsey Bush to cover 3a pm)

1.00 – 3.30pm Cello Teacher in Youth Hall.

2pm KS1 Lithuanian Assembly

2.45pm KS2 Lithuanian Assembly

3.30pm Middle Leaders to meet in SMT Room – Mrs Anthony and Mrs Holden to lead

3.30pm Netball – Year 5 & 6

3:30 – 4:30 Instrumental Ensemble KS2 Hall

3.30pm Mrs Doyle and Mrs Pearce – Progress Meeting

3.30 – 4.30 No Film Club

Thursday 7th

CAFOD Sponsored Silence – This will take place at approximately 1.30pm

Early Years and perhaps KS1 should decide how long they want to keep the
children quiet for. Teachers should sign the sponsor forms and send them
home at the end of the day.

Mrs Donovan in Infant Office

Mrs Bari away

9.15am Gary Gale, SERC, to work with Year 4 pupil (ICT)

9.30am RB to Gants Hill Library

10.30am KS1 Assistant Headteacher Assembly

11.00am RA to Gants Hill Library

11.15am Booster Classes – Mrs Doyle and Mrs Anthony to take

pm School council to feedback to classes

pm Shirley Rooney to visit Nursery and Year 1 pupil

3.30pm Spanish Classes – Mrs Neale

3.30pm No general staff meetings due to Pupil Progress Meetings

3.30pm SMT meeting in SMT Room – Margaret Harris to feed back to SMT re recent
RE monitoring, SEF

Friday 8th

Mrs Donovan in Infant Office

Mrs Anthony away from 11am

Mrs Neale away

Mrs Bari away

9.30am School Mass

Hot Cross Buns to be distributed by PSA following mass

2.30pm Year 1 pupil review meeting – Mrs Ranjan, Miss Heath to attend
(Mrs Tyson to cover)

2.45pm Class 5b Assembly

3.30 – 4.30pm Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 Football Training – KS2 Playground