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FAQ Updated Must Read For Apple


Contents :-
A] FAQ Page 1
B] How to use Apple Therapy 9
C] Supporting Evidence 11
D} Reporting Form 12

E] Abstract on Mass Scale trials 13

F} Table of 42 case histories Results 16
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Use of Apple for sugar control is a NOVEL finding

A case study for using Apple Therapy is given at the end of these FAQ. In
case you have used this remedy and benefited from it, please send me your
experiences and observations in the form given with the case study by e-mail
or post. It will be useful to others.

These answers and information is based on my experiments performed on

myself, and discussions with people who have used this Therapy, similarly on
themselves. Please adopt it under competent medical supervision. Or on your
own responsibility.

Now a days Diabetes has become an Epidemic and continues to take a

painful toll on our lives. Families are losing their loved ones at alarming
rates, and millions are facing the overwhelming challenges of living with
diabetes, with no positive remedy in sight. It is haunting people with
fear and making them helpless
After publications of two letters in most popular Paper”Sakal” of Pune,
Maharashtra, on Dec 7 2009 and 11 Jan 2010 , in Mukta Peeth,
Thousands of people have adopted this Novel Apple Therapy, their blood
sugar was coming to
normal level in about 10 to 15 days time, Eliminating Pills and
is word has gone around due to mouth to mouth publicity and people wanted
more details, therefore I have updated the FAQ giving all relevant information
to be followed, including a Case study of 42 people
For more details visit my web

Before starting this question and answer, let me give you some important

Our body is a product of miracle of Nature, It has an inherent capability to

heal by itself and possesses an in-built Automatic repairing system, mostly
controlled on its own and also to a great extent on the strength and
determination of our mind and our actions. It is so adopting, that it will give
response to the mindset and actions you are taking, and recover or repair the
metabolism, and will bring the body functions to almost normal level,
provided you act and respond to it properly, even otherwise it tries to bring
things to normal conditions, but we only are responsible to act against its
repairing system and abuse it like anything.

My request to you is, responding to body language and singes in time, and
body will respond accordingly.
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The best example I can quote is, that of a woman, whose fasting blood sugar
is always 160, but during the Ramzan period, she says, her sugar will come to
normal level, even without any medicine. This could happen only because of
her faith in God and will power, and with her ultimate determination. Let us
think over it and take a lesson.

A) FAQ:-

• Use of Apple for sugar control is a NOVEL finding

1) Is Diabetes now completely curable?

A- No, till today Diabetes is not completely curable.

2) Do medicine /insulin cure diabetes?

A- No- it only controls the blood sugar but not the basic process of Diabetes,
which continues without interruption within the body, that is why, one has to
increase the doses of medicine or insulin regularly, which, if not monitor
properly, may lead to Hypoglycemia, that fear is always in the minds of
patients, when he takes the medicine.
Medicine does not take part in the process of Krebs cycle like Malic Acd
present in Apple
3) Do these medicines or insulin has any side effects?
A- Yes, very much.

4) Do we know the exact reasons or original causes of diabetes?

A- No, So far nobody knows this, it is only various assumptions
Viz. Obesity, eating more carbohydrate diet, taking of antibiotics, Some
infections, Tensions, sedentary life style, over sex and Lack of exercise. Etc.

5) What is the reason of diabetes becoming, as an epidemic, now a days?

A- Nobody knows the reason. In my opinion over sex, ethical or non
ethical, Impaired digestion, no exercise, or a major and serious, but deep
rooted fear, tension, or a nagging worry/problem, in the conscious or in
subconscious mind, which is not seemingly possible to solve.

6) Can the blood sugar be controlled by herbs?

A- Yes, but the process is not yet standardized. People give so many
remedies but no exhaustive data is available, some herbs act like medicine
and reduce the sugar, so there is always a fear of going to Hypo, similar to
medicine or Insulin.

7) What are the effects of fear of diabetes?

A- Any fear including of Diabetes, increases the stress, which in turn triggers
the secretion of Adrenaline, [Epinephrine] which increases sugar in blood,
apart from it, stress increases heart rate and stroke volume, dilates the
pupils, and constricts arterioles in the skin and gastrointestinal tract while
dilating arterioles in skeletal muscles. It elevates the blood sugar level by
increasing catabolism of glycogen to glucose in the liver, and at the same
time begins the breakdown of lipids in fat cells. Like some other stress
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hormones, Adrenaline/epinephrine has a suppressive effect on the immune


8) In your opinion does the diet, digestion and sex affects the diabetes?
A. Yes, My own experience and my discussions with others, these factors
have positively increased blood sugar, leading to increase in doses of

9) What is the major difference between Apple Therapy and all other
Medicines, including Alternate Remedies?
A- The major and foremost difference is:-
Apple never takes you to hypoglycemic conditions
instantly, because of having Glucose in it, at the same
time it reduces sugar to a normal level, even by
reducing pills and Insulin completely.
This is a miracle of the nature
Vitamin B Complex can cure diabetes temporarily by stopping the process of
diabetes or by INFUENCING the impaired metabolism or by changing
Morphology of insulin, or increasing the secretion and thereby controlling
blood sugar to a normal level, thus avoiding the side effects of diabetes, as
well as that of medicine. Normalcy will depend on the duration and chronic
condition and other complications .
Normally Malic acid and Citric acid present in the Apple which take part in
Krebs Cycle and creates ATP which is the form of Energy, thus Apple
consumes the sugar and imparts the energy also.
There is one thing for Diabetes to recover, that is one should have plasma
Insulin level between 8 to 86 mg/dl

10) What are your probable reasons for onset of diabetes ?

A- In my opinion, the main probable reasons are,
* A measure problem/worry, which cannot be solved but, it is deeply rooted,
in the mind or in subconscious mind and is a continuous nagging type, by
which one becomes helpless.
* combined with sedentary life style
* Over sex, that too, ethical or unethical type of sex.
* Chronic Indigestion for a long time.
* Infection of Candida
* Infection of virus etc
* Heredity
* Factors affecting the Immunity, like, Stress, constant fear, lack of sleep, and
some intake of Toxins. Which may affect the sufficient quantity of insulin?
One of these or in combinations may trigger Diabetes.

11)Is it possible to control level of blood sugar with apple?

A. Positively Yes, It controls blood sugar and eliminates pills and Insulin
.mostly by acting similar like insulin and in addition, as said above forming
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ATP by taking part in the KREB’s Cycle in the cell, thereby reducing sugar
and giving energy. This probable fact is established by experimenting on me
and with others by getting positive results with factual data. It is also
experimentally proved, that apple controls blood sugar, even in a healthy and
normal person. Please Ref. “Supporting evidence” link, given bellow on page
12) How to follow this Therapy?
A- Before adopting Apple Therapy, remove the fear of diabetes, stop taking
sweets and all fruits completely for one month or till your sugar comes to
normal level, stop over- eating and sex, at least for 3 months and stop other
medicines except Allopathic, other medicine being organic like apple may
increase blood sugar in combination with apple. This is required because if 2
chemicals particularly of organic nature combine together it forms a third
compound and the results might get automatically affected, for this reason I
am requesting to take only apple and Allopathic medicine. For how to use
this Therapy please see page 11
Anybody having 8 to 86 mg/dl plasma insulin can control blood sugar with
Apple and with Vitamin B Complex. After taking apple early in the morning
on empty stomach, before taking anything and walking about half an hour
after it, gives faster and better results within few days. If you have
intolerance of fructose, then do not take apple, sign for this is, you start
vomiting as soon as you eat apple or there is bloating in the stomach, or
loose motions. If you have these signs then do not take apple.Stop it
immediately but this found in rare case.

13) How many apples one has to eat? When? And how?
A- Take one full apple daily or if the size is big then even half will do, of
any variety [avoid China variety, because off late, it is noticed, that for few,
it increases blood sugar, so check it for you] early in the morning before
taking anything i.e. on empty stomach,, cut it and eat it, with or without
peeling, It is not necessary to cut and eat one apple for 4 times daily, take
juice or puree of apple, if you cannot eat because of some oral/dental
troubles. if you are in habit of taking water in the morning, then take apple
after 15 minutes or before 15 minutes.

14) Is it possible that after getting good control, it may again start rising the
sugar level? If so what are the reasons?
A. As I said, diabetes cannot be fully cured till today. Once you have achieved
the normal level of sugar with apple, which eliminates medicine/insulin, then
Apple has done its work, now it is up to you to maintain this normalcy, by
observing moderation in all respect, more so particularly observing sex
control, eating sweets unlimited and regularly and adopting earlier life style.
As soon as you become normal body has to adjusted to lower sugar level so
it takes little time ,till then take sweets sparingly otherwise sugar will shoot
up and it will take again time for apple to bring to normal level. Sugar is a
best media for bacteria to grow, so control it.

One gets relaxed when you get normalcy and becomes over confident and
returns to earlier lifestyle, starts over eating any type of food, reverts to
eating sweets, or sugar in tea, neglects exercise, starts drinking, late nights,
unlimited sex, neglects digestion etc, and thus starts abusing the body, these
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things if not kept under moderate control/ level, then sugar starts rising
again. And you are again a pray for medicines/insulin and for all side effects.
It is different thing that, sometimes because of infections or weakness, sugar
count also increases for some duration but comes back to normal with

In this second phase, your digestion becomes weak due to diabetes and over
eating, even then you feel hungry, which is a false hunger, this hunger has to
be controlled with a great effort, and needs determination of highest level,
and then only you can revert to normalcy. Try to eat only whenever you are
really hungry.
At this time take nutritious food like eggs, chicken ,Chicken soup or Almonds,
Mari Biscuits etc.and other dry fruits but not Dates or other sweet ones,.
Similarly if one wants to start with apple therapy, and if sugar does
not come down within a month or two , then one has to avoid all
these above things first, and then only sugar will come to normal
level or if you are taking any medicine other than allopathic, then
also sugar may not come down, so you have to stop these medicine
and start this Therapy, even then if sugar increases then maybe you
have always some tension or fear which also does not allow sugar to
come down, or may be many other illnesses or some other factors,
which may play part in increasing sugar. so in such cases Medical
advice is essential.

15) How to know that you are really hungry and it is not a false hunger?
A When you feel hungry, [in spite of higher sugar level] to test that
whether it is a false hunger, then try to engrossed or be occupied in your
liking work, where you can forget time and everything, then you will be
surprised to see that, you can pull on for hours without the food and still
nothing happens, If you try this detection of false hunger method,
regularly, then you can keep the sugar under control easily. Never
attempt this experiment of working during false hunger, if you are on
16) What is second Hypo:-In many cases the second hypo is developed due to
chronic Condition of diabetes, in which sugar is at much higher level, say
about 200 mg/dl onwards for a long period.
This phenomena occurs due to maintaining high sugar count continuously
over a period of time by which body gets adjusted to high sugar level, and
while we try to bring the sugar down it is difficult for the body suddenly to
adjust to lower sugar level, so we have to give some time to adjust till
then locate your hypo level at which sugar level you get the signs of hypo
and that is your pseudo hypo.
This may vary according to each individual case, sometimes it goes to
even 160 mg/dl level. But majority of people may not have this type of
hypo, but it is better you should be on watch out.
So at such time one has to be careful and has to take precaution of not
doing rigorous exercise, taking rest when you feel tired etc, and this stage
will go slowly say within 15 to 20 days and your normal hypo level will get
adjusted automatically.
So keep sugar always with you during this period. During these periods
you may not tolerate bright light, so wear Goggles.
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You have to judge properly the point of starting second hypo level, which
normally rises once you get rid of medicines, Medicine makes you get
adjusted to higher level of hypo and because of this you do not stop
medicine and thus you get addicted to medicine, otherwise you feel
In trying this, do not exert more or stretch it for long, go slowly and build
up your stamina. Take rest if you get tired, slowly increase your stamina
and you will be able to control second hypo level of diabetes, and avoid
side effects. And slowly come to normal health.
This may also happen to you if you immediately start taking more sugar
or sweets as soon as you become normal with apple.This your action will
shoot up the sugar so give some time to stabilize the metabolism.
17) How much sweets one can take when he becomes normal:-
People like sweets more so if one is a diabetic. you become crazy for
sweets like tobacco. Once you are normal you can take sweets say after 3
months now and then in a very little quantity, by experience you will be
able to decide this, if sugar increases no doubt apple will bring it down. To
reduce pp sugar take 10 to 15 minutes walk after breakfast, this will
control pp sugar. At such time “Diastix Glucose Strips” will come to your
help to find sugar counts in urine several times with minimum cost, rather
going to lab or spending on glucometer strips.
This will also indicate you how much you can eat sweets and how much
time it will take to reduce it, this exercise will warn you to take care.
If sugar increases after you achieve normalcy then you can try to reduce it
by :- You can reduce sugar by walking, by apple and by diet so mange
with all
three factors, or you can also skip one meal or prolong the interval
two meals, but do not over stretch it. It is better to avoid sweets and
sugar if
you can. Simple formula to take sweets is, suppose you are consuming
2000 calories, then if you take 300 calories of sweets then take only other
food of 1500 to 1600 calories or even less which will maintain the sugar
Once your diabetes has gone, you have a new life so why not learn and
sugar and sweets so that it will not recur

18) What about exercise and Yoga practice?

A You have to take regular exercise daily at least for one hour, it is a
must, you can do it in parts during the day also, but positively 15 to 20
minutes after taking apple, you can do more if possible. Exercise
increases blood circulation and sufficient oxygen supply to all organs
along with Malic acid.
You can also do deep breathing for 30 to 100 times in a day, which will
also help in lowering the sugar to some extent because of more intake of
Oxygen. During sedentary life your intake of Oxygen is very low, so all
organs do not get sufficient oxygen. Which is a bad sign?
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If your fasting is normal but pp is high, then walk for few minutes after
breakfast so that it will reduce pp sugar and if fasting is more walk in the
night after dinner. Try to keep Fasting sugar as low as possible so that
whole day sugar will remain at lower level

Yoga definitely helps, but not to cure diabetes, it gives enough strength to
a great extent to sustain the side effects of sugar, and this may also give
a false idea, that you are cured of diabetes.
These exercises which I have given in my web site are very useful for
computer syndrome and for old age group. Benefit is you can control
balance while walking in old age.

19) Can apple control diabetes type- I?

A At present I have carried out an experiment on diabetes type- I and
getting promising results. in one case, who is a MBBS Doctor and she could
bring down her Fasting sugar from 180 to 100 and PP from 280 to 180
within 3 months.
And insulin dose is reduced from 40 units per day to 20 units, see case no.
29 on page 19 .

20) How does one know whether sugar is more or less in the blood?
A- After doing all these experiments, you develop a Body language,
This roughly indicates you the symptoms of sugar in the blood, e.g. if
sugar is high, you feel sleepy, drowsy, legs will pain, there will not be
appetite, and will not feel like walking, will feel laziness but you must walk so
that sugar will be lowered and you will feel fresh.
If sugar is less you feel uneasy and giddy and will have fainting like
sensation, will be sweating, and will feel weak, will be hungry, so It is better if
you cannot judge then keep Diastix/ Glucometer.
You can test Urine sugar now and then on Diastix, which is indicative and
cheaper to use. On Diastix sugar should show as absent

21)What are the normal sugar levels for a person who does not have
A Levels are 80 to 110 mg/dl of fasting and 140 after two hours of
Meals. Above age of 60 little more counts can be tolerated. I have
also observed that for diabetes person pp sugar comes to normal not in
two hours but it may come after three to three and half hrs,

22] What is A1C?

A. The A1C is average glucose level of 2 to 3 months period-
A1C is hemoglobin that has been glycated, or modified by the addition of glucose. It
is sometimes referred to as glycated hemoglobin.Glycated hemoglobin that is usually
elevated 6.5%–7.0% or higher in people with diabetes mellitus. And Normal range
is 4%–5.9% A1c does not replace daily self-testing of blood glucose
For a normal person A1c is 4 to 4.5 % while for a diabetes it is tolerable, if it
is 6 to 6.5.Normally one should not cross 7 or above.
If your daily average mg/dl is 140 [i.e. fasting+pp+night=total 420 divide by
3=average for the day is 140 if this is about constant for 3 months then your
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A1c is 6 % if this is 160 [total of the day will be 480] then it is 6.5 and if it is
170 [total 510] then it is 7% beyond that you are entering in danger zone.
These levels are more important than you’re day to day up and down levels
but many time it may increase or decrease, but if you maintain these
averages then you will not have side effects of diabetes. Take your sugar
readings from a reputed and standard Lab, if you feel there is something
wrong then take second opinion.
By the way after you become normal within a moth take a test of urine to
see normal working of kidney Check blood, urine and sugar etc every year.
Take fasting sugar counts before eating Apple.

23) How does a physician decide whether you have Diabetes?

A. Physician decides your diabetes on this counts of A1C or on Glucose
Tolerance test.
Most Importasnt
I will advise to give apple to young people regularly so that if there are any
hidden symptoms, apple will take care in time, because before symptoms
appear diabetes process might have started already without our knowledge.
This has to be taken care of for particularly those who have history of
heredity of Diabetes. And who are on borderline of diabetes. This will be the
best preventive method.

24) Why one should follow this apple Therapy?

A. I have carried out several and exhaustive experiments on my own body,
and based on this self experience and factual data, observed that apple
positively controls blood sugar effectively like insulin action. If it gives me
good results, then obviously it should work for other also. I do not take any
medicine for diabetes, and still maintain normal blood sugar and healthy life
for the last twelve years, even at 83 years of age. Thus it is possible once you
have achieved normal sugar level by apple, then you can continue with it by
controlling on diet and exercise without any medicine.
The measure benefit is, apple does not take you instantly to hypo condition,
as it has sugar in it, at the same time it reduces sugar and gives good
energy. , including in normal parson; this is a miracle of the nature.

25) Is there any difference between diabetes II, from person to person?
A Yes, According to Ayurveda, there are about 23 types of varieties in
Diabetes, and most of them can be controlled by Apple.

26) Once you control sugar by Apple then, in what form if sugar is taken then
blood sugar increases fast?
A. My own observation is, white sugar alone or if taken with fats, like
sweet meats,Begals, Pedhas, Burphy, Ladus, etc. Increases sugar very fast,
Even in illness or in over sexual activities or in tension sugar rises fast.

27) Do you think Diabetes originates from an upset stomach?

A. To a great extent yes, because majority of diseases originate from
stomach, that is what my father use to say,[he was a physician]. He always
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used to give a mild purgative and patient was almost cured of many
Off late this practice is almost abandoned, one should take mild purgative at
least per month ,if not at least once in 3 months, this will keep our bowels
clean and keep us healthy.

28) Does faith in God, Determination, and Will power improves diabetes?
A. Yes, to a great extent, it helps to improve, because mind power controls
body metabolism. to a great extent. So try to keep mind calm and serene in
most of the situations, but you cannot completely get rid of diabetes.

29) Why diabetes mostly starts after middle age or at an old age?
A Diabetes II starts at this age, because the aging process decreases the
power of our organs and metabolism and immunity level is reduced to a
great extent, unless we take care of general health from our early days. At
this age almost all organs work bellow their peak efficiency,
So many a times the digestive system is quite sluggish and lot of good
nutrients may not be fully absorbed, so it is better to have a good soup taken
in the morning, having all sorts of vegetables, even mixed with chicken
pieces, this soup will be absorbed by digestive system easily and can give
good strength.
In case if one has poor digestion, which is always the case in old age, you
can keep ready a mixer of, Lemon juice with addition of grated ginger and
rock salt, in equal parts, this is a good recipe for digestion and is good for
liver even if taken, a quarter of tea spoon. If you can afford you can have dry
fruits, protein rich diet, eggs , and things which will replenish Vitamin B
Complex, and minerals, including B12.It is better if these are available
through organic food, rather than synthetics .Good and effective supply of
nutrition is very important in old age. Do not make habit of taking B
Complex, take whenever you feel week or sugar is high.

30]) Thank you for your time spent. Please remember that Diabetes is a
dangerous disease. Controlling it is like controlling a tiger so, do not take it


B) How to use Apple Therapy

• Use of Apple for sugar control is a NOVEL finding

How-to start Apple Therapy.

1) Take first, fasting sugar, and PP, and A1c before starting Therapy.
Your main base and target is to reduce Fasting sugar, because once you
lower the fasting sugar, then for the whole day sugar remains low.

If you have intolerance for Fructose then stop this Therapy. A clear sign to
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Whether you have Fructose intolerance or not is seen by:- vomiting as soon
as you eat apple, or there is diarrhea, gas/bloating in the stomach etc.
2) Another important thing is, stop Ayurvedic and Homeopathic and any
other Local medicines, Powders etc. which in combination with apple may
increases sugar.
Take Allopathic medicines only and Stop completely taking sugar, sweets,
other fruits, Papaya Oranges, Carrot and Beet root etc, in which there is sugar
present. This is a must for a month or till you get normal sugar level.
During this treatment you can eat regular food except anything is sweet
3) Start taking apple early in the morning before taking anything i.e. on
empty stomach , Take in any form, and go for a walk for half an hour, and
then take Tea or breakfast Depending on your conditions normally sugar
starts reducing within 10 to 15 days time , if it does not come down, then
there may be some other factors responsible , like long duration and chronic
condition of diabetes, tension, stress, digestion, or other complication and
problems etc. in that case it may take even 1 to 3 months maximum if not
you have to find out in consultation with your doctor.
If you are in habit, of taking water, take it 10 or 15 minutes before or after
taking apple If you are taking Insulin then you have to be more alert for not
going in to Hypo, because apple reduces sugar very fast if you are on Insulin.
4) If your fasting sugar is say 160 mg/dl and if you take Insulin, 20 units in
the morning and 20 in the evening, then by taking apple, sugar will come
down to say 120 to 130 in about 3 to 5 days time. This you will have to judge
it .it may come even early also, so keep sugar always ready to avoid hypo.
To find this sugar level of 120 by yourselves,, you can use” Diastix Glucose
Strips or Glucometer“
As the sugar comes down by taking apple to 120 to 130 mg/dl, then in that
night reduce Insulin by 5 units, so that next morning sugar may rise again to
160 or so , but again apple will reduce it to 120 to 130 in 3 to 4 days time or
even earlier.
Similarly go on reducing the insulin by 5 units each time, to eliminate
complete insulin , thus after eliminating all the insulin start with reducing
the pills by half the pill every time from night onwards, thus eliminate all the
pills, keeping Fasting sugar at 120 to 130 level. Keeping sugar at 120 to
130 levels will avoid hypo condition, this you have to monitor carefully, keep
the sugar at hand if sugar goes down fast.
First reduce insulin, step by step and then start with pills, first reduce from
night and then go for noon and then morning.
Do not reduced all Insulin or pills suddenly, at one time, but do it step by
step as mentioned above at 120 to 130 level of fasting sugar.
5) Once you got rid of pills/insulin, then sugar will be stable within normal
level but some people[ not all] may feel weakness, because of their prolong
diabetes, their new hypo level may get settled at higher level, say at 130 or
even 150 level or even more, depending on the chronic conditions, and
duration and basic health condition etc. of diabetes and other factors. So in
this situation you may feel uneasy or dizziness, even if your sugar is higher
but coming down bellow pseudo level, so try to reduce the exercise and if
you feel hungry ,eat some food, or keep sugar ready in case you feel like
having hypo symptoms.[ but do not go on eating, Sweets or sugar]
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Slowly this stage also will be improved by apple. Many times if you feel
hungry but, if you test for sugar, it will be much higher, even then you feel
hungry, so try to manage without eating anything, but don’t overdo it, follow
the body signs.
You have to increase your stamina slowly and carefully by controlled exercise
and by taking nutritious food or medicine and come to normal health
condition; this may take about a month. There after you can be almost
normal, if you are moderate in all respect. This may not happen to
During this stage, due to weakness you may develop BP also, so take care of

6) Now once you have normal sugar with elimination of Pills and Insulin.
with the help of apple, then you have to manage or keep the sugar daily at
normal level, only by exercise and diet alone, and Apple [you can take even
half or one fourth if Apple is of big size], if sugar increases then walk for 15 to
20 minutes and sugar will be down, and if sugar is low eat some food to
increase the sugar, because, in diabetic patients, glycogen is not converted
to sugar by liver, so as to avoid hypo condition, you have to increase sugar
by taking food only [but not taking by sugar or sweets] otherwise you will be
again reverted to pills or insulin. Apple will not instantly take you to hypo
because of Glucose in it. Normally in day time and if you are active enough
then after 4 to 5 hours you need something to eat. or take food or snacks.

• Facts:-
• Use of Apple for sugar control as above is a NOVEL

• Once you have diabetes then till today, it is not permanently

curable, but with Apple it is cured temporarily without any need of
medicine or Insulin. So there are no side effects of medicine or of
• Once you got rid of medicine or Insulin, and your sugar comes
to normal level by apple, then you have to keep the blood sugar
normal by Diet, Exercise and if you can afford, by apple.[even half
apple is enough] At this stage apple is trying to rejuvenate the
health, so support it by controlling, sweets and sex and be moderate
in all respect .

• One more Important thing, if you try to eat sweets or sugar

during diabetes, or immediate after normalcy then you are risking
increased level of, secondary hypo
• For Diabetics Liver does not supply you sugar, so you have to
get it from food.
• Change your life style, start regular exercise, eat good nutritious
food and be Moderate but do not fear diabetes, do not abuse your
body again, apple has given it back in good health
Take reading of blood sugar and urine periodically and Take fasting
sugar counts before eating Apple.
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Keep in mind that, your sugar and BP may increase temporarily, if

have any infection or illness,
• You can use “Diastix Glucose Strips” several times to know sugar level,
Normally it should show Absent sugar, it is less costly and gives you
good warning if it shows beyond Tress level,

C] Please see the supporting evidence bellow

Results of Trials taken on healthy and normal persons by a medical team in

And published in a reputed Medical web site.
Figure 9: Effects of Food Processing on Blood Glucose Levels
One classic study examined the effects of eating apples in one of three
different physical forms: as whole apples, as applesauce, or as apple juice.
Even though the same number of calories was consumed from each
preparation, eating the apples kept blood sugars steadier than drinking apple
juice or using applesauce alone. The change of blood sugar levels through a
period time after eating apples in the three forms is shown in Figure 9: The
level for the apple juice consumer fell the lowest, to 50. The level for the
applesauce eater went down to 61, while the whole apple eater had a high 66
level as his lowest point. Note that the blood sugar levels peaked for all three
at the same level 30 minutes after eating. Then all levels decreased as
sharply as they rose, but each to a different low point. The raw apple eater’s
level stayed constant at the high level for the remaining two hours, while the
level for the other two stayed at lower values. Although this study was
done in non-diabetics, the blood sugar peaks are more pronounced
(higher) in diabetics consuming the juice or sauce in comparison
with the whole apple, thus indicating that the natural whole apple will
produce a steadier blood glucose that the body can more easily handle. This
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study demonstrates that eating food in its natural state is the safest and—
ultimately—the most satisfying way to enjoy sugar..From-
Supporting Evidence from:- Report from PEACE HEALTH web site dedicated to
exceptional medicine and compassionate care
PROOF POSITIVE: How to Reliably Combat Disease and Achieve Optimal
Health through Nutrition and Lifestyle by Neil Nedley, M.D

Form for recording the results which you have experienced personally.
Please try to send it to me ,it will be useful for others.
Before starting this Therapy read all the literature given in this FAQ and
my web site:-

D) Reporting Form

1] Full Name of the Patient ----

Age- --- Male/Female- --- Address-----
Phone: - Landline—--- -Mobile-----
Diabetes since------years

2)Information before starting Apple Therapy:-

Fasting Sugar-----------mg/dl PP sugar -----------Date HB- A1C if
Dose of Insulin------------------ No. of pills------Give nos. and
names for both

3) Date of Apple Therapy started:-:------Date

4) 0Information after Sugar became normal

Sugar became normal Date -----------

Fasting sugar --------- PP ------------A1c

Dose of Insulin now --- ----Pills Now----

5) Any other ailments like Blood Pressure, kidney trouble Heart
trouble etc..
6) Your Remarks; ---------------------------
7) Patients Signature------

8) Patients Remark/suggestions/opinion:- [ You can use back side

also. ]

I have taken up this treatment knowingly on my own responsibility and

with proper Medical help

Conditions:-Patient will not take any type of sweet or fruits for one month or
till sugar comes to normal, No Sugar, No Medicine, or local or herbal products
except Allopathic.
He will take Apple in the morning on empty stomach, before taking anything
and walk for half an hour which is a must
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Reduce insulin by 5 units as soon as when Fasting sugar reaches 120 to 130
mg/dl first Insulin will be reduced continuously from night dose on words.
After insulin is eliminated, similarly half a pill will be reduced from night on
words at every 120 to 130 level.
Never reduce all doses of Insulin and all number of pills all of a sudden in the
beginning itself, reduce it progressively as stated above.
Patient will take Vitamin B Complex after dinner. And will take normal food
without any type of sugar or sweets..

You can send this form on line also, to

9) E-mail this form to: < > or

Post: to: D. P. Parkhe, A-10 Swapna nagari, Karve Road, above Alurkar Music
Pune --411004 Maharashtra, India.
Thanks for sharing your experience with us, This will be useful to others as

E] Abstract for:- Apple Controls Blood Sugar in Diabetes type II

and Mass Scale Trial Results

Lastly I am not a person of medicinal Faculty so, this information is written
only for informational purpose and if you want to use it, then use it on your
own responsibility or with proper medical help.42 Case report and summary
is given bellow)

Now a days Diabetes has become an Epidemic and continues to take a

painful toll on our lives. Families are losing their loved ones at alarming rates,
and millions are facing the overwhelming challenges of living with diabetes,
with no positive remedy in sight. It is haunting people with fear and making
them helpless

Recently people from Maharashtra India, have started using this therapy and
got good results. I am providing Representative 42 Cases for your

Now with these good results people themselves requested me, to try this
Therapy on insulin dependent Diabetes ie. . Diabetes type 1 and to my
surprise I observed good and promising results.[ Case no. 29]

For more information please visit my web site
In particular read FAQ
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Here is a brief summary on how I have achieved these results:-.

I had diabetes at the age of 69,{ now I am 81}. My blood sugar was 355
mg/dl. Being a research worker, I decided to fight this disease and find
solution. First I wanted to collect data on how my sugar varied in 24 hours,
so I took blood sugar reading and urine sugar readings every half an hour.
Then I plotted a graph for both the values against time. Then I used this
information to design sugar wheels which gave me an idea of high and low
positions of sugar in my body. I also did more experiments by superimposing
various other factors like diet, exercise, fruits, number of meals etc, This
gave me further incite to try out a fruit in which there will be a balance of
reducing and balancing quality of sugar. So I tried apple and got the expected
Thus I could find out an important inherent quality of apple, which is
controlling blood sugar to a normal level even in diabetes. I found Apple
alone does not take you instantly to hypo. Then I found that 30 minutes walk
and Vitamin B Complex, 2mg has given booster action for apple. I also found
out that apple gives a little delayed action to reduce sugar. Thereafter I have
tried this Therapy on my diabetic friends and got the similar good results.
Normally Chronic cases are taking about 2 to 3 months but otherwise apple
controls sugar within 15 to 20 days. The delayed action of apple, may be due
to, time taken to improve our impaired metabolism. The Apple has about 60
vital organic ingredients which are very important for our body metabolism.
Due to these ingredients apple is able to give good results for various other
major diseases. Apple has mainly Malic acid which takes part in ATP
production and takes part in Krebs cycle. For the last 12 years I am able to
control my sugar to a normal level with apple without any side effects of
diabetes. That too taking sweets and sugar in moderate quantity..This may
be because apple controls symptoms as well as cause of diabetes to a great
extent so there will not be side effects

I think, unfortunately Apple was not recommended so far, for sugar control in
Diabetes, because of fear that, sugar in apple may aggravate the diabetes. I
have written 6 detail articles on this topic which gives all details

Lastly I am not a person of medicinal Faculty so, this information is only for
informational purpose and if you want to use it, then use it on your own
responsibility or with proper medical help.

• The summary of Trials from 7 Dec 2009 onwards:-

• Out of 42 cases, 42 achieved normal sugar, with fasting and pp counts

,and are now without any Medicine or Insulin. Persons on pill will be
free in 15 days as per program. The result of medicine and sugars are
constantly changing for better, every week.

• Looking to the fast recovery and getting free from medicine, results are
most significant.
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• Fasting sugar came to normal within 10 days {325 to 103 } in

case,no.13 and PP came within 9 days [417-167 ] in case no.27

• All sugar counts given by most of patients are from certified Pathological
labs and few of them are from their own Glucometers.

• Ages are from 31 years to 77 years,

• For the exciting Remarks of patients please ref the table

• Summary of Result is, as on 30 March 2010

Bellow is Summary followed by Case Histories

F} Table for 42 case histories of Apple Therapy

Total Durati- Highest High PP Insu Insuli On Fully Became Recov Insulin
Cases on of Fasting BS lin n Normal as on ery depended ie.
Diabet BS free Pil 30 March Within Diabetes 1
-es Before Before cas s 2010 month
Trial trial es s Case 29
42 3mont 325 417 4 1 2 Out of 42 , 42 in 3- FBS=180--
hs to have become m-3 100 PP-280—
22 Case Case Normal in2 180
years no.13 no27 m--4
1m - Insulin –from
----------- -------- 6 26 to 21

Normal Normal Bello-

achieve sugar month
d achieve -17

Name- Duratio Fasti PP Insulin Pills Days Remarks by

Age-Male-Female n ng Sugar before befor requir Patients
Mobile- Email Of Sugar Before & after e & ed for
Diabet Before & After after normal
es &
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1 D.P.Parkhe age 83 I have done

M 12 124 135 Nil 0--0 experiments on
-M-9767173860 yrs myself and
dpparkhe@hotmail.c invented this
om Therapy
For more details
please visit my
web site
2 Joshi S.R. 9 ye rs 170-- 200--150 45 -0--0 15 days Apple reduces
. Age 70—F 100 Now nil sugar and gives
24228423 good energy

3 Beskar M E. 17 136-- 260--112 Nil 2 -- One

57—M Years 107 nil month

4 Mawal S.D.—M---59 12 Yrs 180-- 260--127 0--0 2-- 30 I thought

9922801680 108 half Days Diabetes can not
be cured but
Apple has proved
5 Dafal S.B. 7 years 127-- 220--- - 2---0 One OK
62—M 96 132 month

6 Patil Sindhu 5 yrs 300— 350--129 NA 4- 0 3 Apple reduces

39—F 70 months the sugar and
34464644 gives energy

7 Patil M.R.#31-M 4 yrs 175— 400--136 - 0--0 2 Apple has helped

9850900385 95 months me a lot
controlling the
sugar and kept
me fresh all the
8 Katdare Rekha-61-F 3yrs 100-- 160--94 -- 1- 0 14 --
020-25436481 92 Days

9 Prof. Padalkar R.K. 6 205— 230-105 - 0---0 22 days Excellent results

63—M months 98 -
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10 Vavhal N/A.57—F 3 Yrs 124-- 148-148 -- 1--o 20

9763399023 ? 132 Days

11 Barve Anil—62-M 2 Yrs 90--86 130--121 -- 2 --0 28 It is very nice

9403185502 Days Therapy and
Letter published in works positively if
Sakal Paper for sugar intake is
achieving good avoided
results on 11 Jan
12 Joshi Mugdha--F— - 162-- 185--135 -- 0 - Referred by Dr.
Dr Dange 116 Dange

13 Mrs Chavhan –S.R. 1 Yr 325-- 325-- - 0 15 days Apple works very

51—F 103 121 well and gives
24449995 energy

14 Sabale S.B 55-M 1 yr 186-- 295--108 - -0--0 30 It is miracle in my

9869286608 110 Days life

15 Damle63-M 4 107- 218-123 - 0---0 1 Apple Therapy

020-24537639 months 105 month has reduced
9403133198 sugar to normal

Dange S-47 –F HbA1C 186- 0--0 Dr. Dange’s

16 9422526143 7.4— 131 [MBBS}Wife
6.3 Pl
17 Dhavale M.B.78—M 7 150-- 156---88 - 1-0 22 days Apple therapy
9861123660 months 81 is good, sugar is
reduced Thanks
for Parkhe

18 Sri Ghosale—M 7 Yrs 228- 345-140 -- -0--0 2 Information

Mahadeo-- 88 months given on Phone
9422031646 on 4 th April
2010will fil up
form shortly
18 Chaudhari D.R. M About 256- -not - 0--0 20 Parkhe is Doing
A Deputy 2 yrs 104 mention Days good work
commissioner ed in his without any
Labor and Wellfare letter expectations
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19 Mrs ArwaleH—45—F 4 years 147--- 165--163 - 3-0 46

9604862147 116 Days

20 Shekh Roshan bi 10 150-- 175--- - 3- 0 40 Pills are

57—F- years 111 145 Days stopped,
9822015520 Apple reduces
the sugar and
feels energetic
21 Dandage M.V. 53— 5 Years 274— 359--192 1 mg-0 1--0 10 Very use full
M 84 days

2 WarakeA.C.530M 10 yrs 150-- 296--157 -- 7--0 22 Feel energetic,

2 9753715662 120 Days wonderful

23 Dharmadhikari P. M- 4yrs 145-- 180-138 - -1--0 20 days We really are

M.46-M9881622274 108 Thankful to
Parkhe for such a
24 Patil Ganesh-34-M 2 yrs 122- 140--135 --- 1--0 1—45 Experiencing
9890007199 104 days quite positive
I have reduced
tablets by half
each time
25 Joshi P.V. 67-M 20 Yrs 138-- 358--173 24- 20 3-1 2 Thank you for
9860675600 78 months your treatment

26 Sharma J.M.—M—55 4 yrs 219- 325-212 0--0 2--0 16 days Apple is working
9960641955 96 to control sugsr

27 Gosavi A.D. 3 261- 417-135 0--0 0--0 12 days 27

• 58—F months 105

28 Dr. Satarkar 10 230— 300--180 0--0 2--2 About I am of the

64—M— Years 107 2.5 opinion that if
9922915945 I Months you take apple a
day without
sweets and half
of brisk walk in
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the morning, your

sugar level will be

29 Dr. Purandare 15 Yrs 180- 280--180 26 0--0 2.5 One must try for
MBBS 100 =21 Months longer time then
• 77-F Diabet only one can
91-020- 24230660 es- 1 give definate
Dr. is Insulin
dependeant case

Diabetes I

30 Kadam S.B.—50M 7 yrs 96--85 149- --- 3--3 9 Days Kadam S.B.—50M
9822991690 — 120-- - 9822991690
Operated on
Pancreas to
divert insulin
31 Sasnkal M.S. 20 210-- 300-145 Nil 3—0 About Apple Therapy
61-M years 125 3 very effective
9096568302 Months

32 Mulani A.V. 2 years 167-- 287—16 Nil 1 -nil 1 Good Therapy

59—M— 127 0 Month and is useful.
9922801680 Stopped my

33 Phadake K F-70 12 yrs 161-- 275-160 - 1--0 2 6

020-24232198 111 months

34 Panse Alka F-59 4 yrs 150- 200-- - 2-0 25

9527528018 96

35 Vaidya V F57 6 yrs 170-- 265-145 - 2---0 34 days Apple has given
9822012883 107 Reduce good energy
in 9 sugar has
days become normal
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36 KulkarniS.V.-54-M 1 yr 210- 315--150 24-8- 2--2

9844064653 160 nil

37 Kajarekar M.D.63-M 1Yrs 90--70 188--140 -- 2-2 2

9822080131 months

38 Prabhune PP-50 –M 2 110- 168--140 -- -0--0 1

9850577112 y 101 month

39 Bhave JJ—M—35 2 Yrs 125-- 180132 0---0 2.5--0 2 :- It is

9004690569 124 Months working but
slow in my
case. At times,
I was not
regular in
taking apple
due to

40 Mrs Bhandare F-70 2 125-- 242--145 0--0 0--0 1 Good results

9970914411 Months 98 Months because of

41 Alashi A.M—M-65 -22 99-- 275---- 22-- 4--0 17 Apple Therapy is

9850646694 Years 123 150 10-- Days helping in curing

42 Palkhede YR.M-50 11 141- 202--102 0---0 2--0 3.5 -----

9881496345 years NA months

If you adopted this Therapy and got results, then please fill up the report
form and send it to me.
The conditions to use Apple Therapy by a person is given bellow:-
Page 23 of 23

I Declare that I have taken up this treatment knowingly on my own

responsibility and with proper Medical help. I will not take any type of
sweets or fruits till my sugar come to normal. No sugar, No Medicine
including any type of powder or extracts for one month or till I attain normal
blood sugar. I will take only Allopathic medicine or Insulin as directed by
I will take Apple in the morning, on empty stomach, before taking anything
and walk for half an hour which is a must for me...
Once the fasting sugar reaches 120 to 130 mg/dl, by taking Apple,
Insulin will be reduced step by step from night dose onwards by 5
units,. After insulin is eliminated, similarly half a pill will be reduced
from night onwards. Patient will take Vitamin B Complex[2mg] after
dinner. I will not reduce all doses of medicine at any time only, but
will reduce as mentioned above, step by step. I will take normal food
without any type of sugar or sweets or fruits.
Link- Main article on Diabetes- 9 - Google Docs
Back ground of Innovations-and read more.doc-9.doc - Google Docs
Apple for Diabetes T .doc - Google Docs
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