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MOCK EXAMINATION 2010/2011 12.

One of these is not a basic swimming stroke (a)

P.H.E J.S.S 3 TIME 1HR 30MINS breast stroke (b) crawl (C) dog paddle (d) back
1. Freedom from disease, ability to endure, 13.Which of these is not postural defects? (a)
strength and ability are visible signs of _________ lordiosis (b) scoliosis (c) stiff neck (d) kyphosis
(a) physical satisfaction (b) physical fitness (c) 14.The following are stick games expect_________
physical alertness (d) physical education (a) hockey (b) polo (c) table tennis (d) golf
2. Which of these is health related physical fitness 15.Scoop is a term used In the game of ________(a)
component? (a) balance (b) co-ordination (c) basketball (b) voleyball (c) cricket (d) hockey
flexibility (d) speed 16.A strain occurs in the ________ (a)bone (b) blood
3. One of the following is not a funtion of food (a) it (c) muscle (d) net
promotes good health (b) it reduces strength (c) 17.The equipment for pole vault include (a) football
it develops body muscles (d) it makes the body (b) net (c) cross bar (d) tennis board
grow well 18.One of the following is not a career oppurtunity
4. Dislocation is a displacement of two bones ends in physical and Health Education (a) coaching
at the __________ (a) head (b) joints (c) body (d) (b) trading (c) teaching (d)physical trainer
leg 19.Which of the following is the first step in
5. A wound caused by a sharp object is __________ learning how to swin ? (a) diving into water (b)
(a) contuised (b) puntured (c) lacerated (d) floating on the water (c) jumping into water (d)
incised walking in the water
6. The damage to skin that may allow the escape 20.The shoes worn by athletes for running is called
of blood is _________ (a) wound (b) injury (c) cut (a) canvas shoes (b) spiked shoes (c)tennis
(d) sprain shoes (d) boot
7. The term ‘service’ is not common to one of 21.Blocking is a skill in _________ (a) cricket (b)
these games (a)tennis (b) badmion (c) volleyball (c) badminton (d) tennis
volleyball (d) cricket 22.Which of these is not a type of wounds? (a)
8. The change over-zone in a 4x100m relay race lacarated (b) sprain (c) punctural (d) incised
measures 23.Children learn to cooperate with others through
9. Staggered start is used in one of the following taking part In _________ (a) group activities (b)
_______ (a) 110m (b) 100m (c) 800m (d) 400m individual activities (c) stimulation activities (d)
10.One of the following scores is deuce in tennis (a) interesting activities
30-30 (b) love all (c) 15-15 (d) 40-40 24.Which of the following is not a general aim of
11.A sudden event occuring without volition physical education ? (a) emotional development
through carelessness, producing an unfortunate (b) mental development (c) philosophical
result is _________ (a) a mistake (b) a jam (c) an development (d) physical development
accident (d) a hold up
25.How many seeds are placed in a pocket at the 36.Which of this is not a right of consumer (a) right
start of ‘Ayo’ game? (a) 2 (b) 5 (c) 4 (d)6 to fight (b) right to safety (c) right tolife (d) none
26.In performing forward roll, you will start in a of the above
_________ (a) lying position (b) squatting position 37.A judo practitioner is called __________ (a) fighter
(c) standing position (d)sitting position (b) student (c) judoka (d) judoism
27.Ths system of the body responsible for taking in 38.The mat used in judo is called ________ (a) mat
of food , digestion , and absorption is _________ (b) carpet (c) tatanu (d) rug
(a) absorption system (b) digestive system (c) 39.Karate – do was formally called __________ (a)
blood system (d) nutrition system okinawa – te (b) okrika-te (c) funakoshi (d) all of
28.The next score by the server after a deuce in the above
tennis game is _______ (a) advantage – in (b) 50- 40.What Is the length of astandard swimming pool
40 (c) 5-4 (d) advantage –out (a) 50m (b) 60m (c) 40m (d) 30m
29.The following are component of school health 41.Which of these is not an health implication of
programme expect (a) school health programme human trafficking (a) enjoyment (b) unplanned
(b) health service (c) healthful school living (d) pregnancy (c) back pains (d) depression
school community relationship 42.The marriage between one man and two or
30.The father of handball was ___________ (a) Mr. more wives is called __________ (a) monogamus
carlschelenz (b) Prof. Erazmus (c)Mr. korand (b)marriage (c) familymonous (d)polygamous
koch (d) Major Wingfield 43.Which of this is a type of family ? (a) extension
31.A standard tennis double count measure _______ (b) nucleated (c) mother (d) extended
(a) 40m by 20m (b) 23.77m by 6.10m (c) 44.Grieving after a lived one’s death is known as
232.77m by 10.97m (d) 28m by 14m _________ (a) dying (b) teaching (c) death (d)
32.Which of these is not a type of enviroment bereavement
pollution (a) air pollution (b) land pollution (c) 45.There Is a high proportion of protein in (a) bread
school pollution (d) noise pollution (b) gari (c) millet (d) meat
33.Factors responsible for poor postures include 46.Another name for activities done on the ground
the following expect __________ (a) accident (b) is __________ (a) rings (b) ropes (c) vaulting (d)
adequate diet (c) fatigue (d) illness stunts
34.One of the following is not a gymnastic activity 47.Freedom from disease, ability to endure,
_______ (a) cartwheel (b) filling (c) headstand (d) strength and agility are visible signs of _________
arabspring (a) physical alertness (b) physical satisfaction
35.Right to choose what a consumer want is among (c) physical fitness (d) physical superiority
rights of a _________ (a) consumer (b) thief (c) 48.Which of the following is an outdoor activity? (a)
producer (d) all of the above camping (b) chess (c) crafting (d) folk-table
49.Movement that involves leaving a place for
another is called _________ (a) locomotor (b)
locomotive (c) non-locomotor (d) flexion
50.Community health is concerned with the
following expect ________ (a) giving loans (b)
providing portable water (c) disposal of refuse
(d) prevention of water pollution
1a. what is posture?
b. List three advantages of good posture.
c. Mention four postural defects
d. State three causes of postural defects
2a. What is Recreation ?
b.state three values of recreation
c. Define dance
d. State three reasons for traditional dances
3a. What is aquatics in sports ?
b. List three importance of swimming
c. What is drug abuse.
d. State three reasons why people take drugs