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Everyone asks me the same question: Oh. I’m not at Parsons for fashion. but instead all of these answers are from the students themselves. . a view you won’t get from the administrators. I didn’t ask the director or the chair of the department. No one really knows how secretly great our Interior Design department really is. No. I’m here for INTERIOR DESIGN. Parsons? What are you studying. fashion? ARGH. It is what you would call the INSIDER INFO.

.. .The First Questions Why Parsons? What is the ID department like? Isn’t it really time consuming? I’ve heard people never sleep… Are the materials expensive? I hate doing math… How many students are there? Is the faculty any good? What can I do after graduation? Do I get to pick the color of walls? And other frequently asked questions.

You will be moving floors.ISN’T IT REALLY TIME CONSUMING? Yes. I HATE DOING MATH. quality of life and aethetics of design. Most of them are practioners themselves and will be of great inspiriation for you in terms of professional insight and perhaps as future employers. Interior Design at Parsons is essentially Interior Architecture and very conceptually oriented. DO I GET TO MATCH COUCH COLORS WITH THE WALLS? The BIGGEST misconception by far is the idea that the program is all about interior decorating. Don’t worry. IS THE FACULTY ANY GOOD? Positively. ARE THE MATERIALS EXPENSIVE? You do need to prepare to spend the most in sophomore year. ceilings and changing facades to provide functionality. they all require it. .. There is no such major where you do not spend time working on your projects. Technically. many students have spent endless hours building their models and reportedly have not had much sleep in the first year. walls.. You are not going to be Martha Stewart. this is double the suggested amount for Foundation studio courses. Generally. it will cost up to $400 per semester. it isn’t completely necessary.

.SHED SOME LIGHT A glass-walled room welcomes you when you open the doors to the second floor of the 25 East 13th Street building.

and your resume. Do you know what that means? If you’re good (and if they like you) they are your best bet at getting your first internship! How awesome is that?!? You can intern any one of the 3 years and build up experience. The majority choose to intern junior year because of the extra time they have due to elective courses. you want to make sure you are focused on school during your senior year. skills. most of the faculty of the ID department are practitioners.Internships As previously mentioned. Internships . Plus.

” ” ” ” “At my first internship. because they see the way you think and work in general. furniture layouts and material palettes. I’m a junior. Martina Sencakova Senior Student Council . Student Council “Professors are your best bet at getting your first internship. I did a lot of site measuring. and my friend mentioned me at her workplace and they asked if I could come in for an interview and look at my portfolio. reflective ceiling plans. They give you a more technical aspect of what it’s really like.Jessica Yu Junior. “I think internships are great for learning and experiencing the real world out there. you have freedom to be creative. Therefore the hard work does pay off in a way. and new layouts. I got hired and I work on construction demo plans. “I’m actually interning this year. while at school.

such as SOM.. ” “During the summer of 08 I will return to working at SOM and I might go to Paris for the summer program there. ” .If there is one thing you need to know. I work in the materials library. Cecilie Lindsay Junior. After graduation. One of my teachers from my sophomore year used to work there and got the job for me. Interior Design is definately a required skill. I don’t know what I want to do quite yet but I do not want to work for a large corporation. AutoCad “I have an internship with Skidmore Owings & Merrill in the interiors department.

The actual site is Elliot Hall at Barnard College. Look Here Jessica. In junior year. students learn to design with the environment in mind. This is an example of how the projects are designed as real-life situations and offer actual work experience outside the safety net of the school. . the Junior Student Council Representative in ID tells me they are currently working on designing a dormitory. Prelliminary research and concept generation is necessary before initial designs.Look.

“The biggest difference between sophomore & junior year is the work load. I feel like I have twice as much work. ” -Cecilie Lindsay SEARCH IT OUT .

how would you rate the faculty. As with most projects. we have a specific client and this store is based on the works of Emilio Pucci. It is a two-story space with walkways and a colorful interior.On a scale of 1 to 10. -Cecilie Lindsay Resources Faculty Equipment 7 8 9 . resources and equipment? My recent project is on luxury retail stores.

” Habits and time management certainly are important factors in the improvement of your work as well. If this is your PASSION. you will not mind it and in the end. There will be sleepless nights and you will need to invest a lot of time in order to finish projects and be ready for the desk and “pin-up crits. which is definately a must. it will be a way to prepare you mentally and physically for the demanding field.So. What Now? Work OVERLOAD? The students do not deny it. . It will help you to work faster and multitask.

To become a certified Interior Designer.If you want. as in the case with a few people in Martina’s senior class. fully certified.. If you have not transferred out or taken a semester or two off during your stay at Parsons. The remaining two requirements are for you to work for a NCIDQ certified designer for two years as work experience and proceed to take the NCIDQ exam in order become finally.. you will most likely be looking for employment upon graduation. There have been several cases where students transferred into the architecture program because they realized it interested them more than Interior Design did. Parsons ID programs are certainly appropriately accredited. you will have completed one of the three basic requirements set up by the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design) by graduating from a Council for Interior Design Accreditation (formerly FIDER) accredited program. Some were overwhelmed with the workload and decided to take a semester off. .

Hopefully the two years of working everyday will help me pinpoint what it is that I am really passionate about because there are tons of things that I am interested in. -Martina Sencakova. I am not sure whether it would be design/architecture related yet but there is hope. I like being able to stop what I'm working on without cleaning up and picking up where I left off the next day.” -Cecilie Lindsay The second floor consists of Junior ID and Architecture students.My plan after graduation is to find a full time job for about two years and then I would like to continue getting a masters degree. . Senior ID What do you plan on doing after graduation? “ I love having my own desk.

Ommy nostru te vendigna conse tie magna alit ilit iuscinibh er il Alumni Bio anything? You will be happy to know that there have been numerous successful fdsflaorper ipis num ilit lorperat. Lent enibh exero odolutat Still uer fdea am aliquat ionummod minisit am eliquatnot convinced about . who has been psum dolorem nim in hendipi siscil dolorem influential member of an iurem Architectural Digest’s top 100 list. as well as photos of his numerous works and designs. Ulla alisit iliq Buatta. The following section describes his long but rewarding journey in the world of interior design. Ommy nostrud te vendigna conse tie magna alit ilit iofiuscinibh er il ea am aliquat ionummod mi Facing er sismolessit verat. Lent enibh exej odolutat laorper ipis num ilit lorperat. Mario quat ionummod minisit am eliquat uerat. One of ea am ali them includes Mr. Read on! Facing er sismolessit verat.Facing er sismolessit verat. Lent enibh exero od olutat laorper ipis num ilit lorperat. Ommy nostrud te ven alumni’s from Parsons sdigna conse tie magna alit ilit iuscinibh er il School of Design.

com Mario Buatta Interior Designer “Luxury. Photograph by Gordon Beall. . David Patrick Columbia & Jeffrey Hirsch New York Social Diary.” Architectural Digest July 2007. Texas Style.2006. In Houston. a ‘1930’s House Revels in Easy Elegance.

C. . born in New York. Buatta is famous for his tasteful use of chintzes.. Inc. Texas Style.He completed an apprenticeship at B. Altman & Co. Mario Buatta. Photograph by Gordon Beall. One of his major works includes the Blair House. His clients include Mariah Carey. a ‘1930’s House Revels in Easty Elegance” Architectural Digest July 2007. “Luxury. Barbara Walters and Billy Joel. attended Parsons School in Paris and studied architecture at Cooper Union. incorporating texture and pattern. the official White House guesthouse in Washington D. Henry Ford II. Mr. In Houston. and also became associated with other design firms such as Elizabeth Draper.

-Mario Buatta .. I like 18th-century style. in the country.My personal dream house would be. but I want all the amenities of the 21st century. One where I wouldn’t have to do anything to it! Actually. it would be in England. a wonderful cook and someone to share it all with.. and have beautiful gardens and people to take care of them.

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